We threw it away again!

Conversation started by Foxhouse

Foxhouse • Mar 6, 2016

With reference to the devastating defeat by West Ham yesterday, the question I would like to ask is, when Martinez is making these repeated bizarre "tactical" substitution decisions, what are his back-room staff saying and thinking? Do they have any say in the process, or are they just "yes" men, unable or unwilling to voice their opinions. Surely these decisions, viewed by the consensus of Evertonians as baffling and soul destroying, can only be the product of one mis-guided mind, and not a collective.

Rb#1 • Mar 9, 2016

I've no idea but he keeps making bad choices and doesn't seem able to address them...there was something about him on 5 Live the other day. Kinda sums it up don't you think?


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