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Tornado Titans - Weather and Photography - Tomorrow: a pretty favorable supercell environment… Tomorrow: a pretty favorable supercell environment will exist along and S of the Red River. Not sure if you get a sustained storm but if one goes in the warm sector it’ll be in the late afternoon with…

Tornado Titans - Weather and Photography - For Monday: looks like a chase day. Veer-back… For Monday: looks like a chase day. Veer-back profiles in OK become much better down in Texas. Question on Monday isn’t if you get storms, it’s if you get too many and end up with a line vs individual…

Fri-Sat, March 23-24th Winter Storm Update #5 Further south, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely across portions of Central and Southern Illinois into the late afternoon / evening, before activity ends from west to east.

Clear Lake, IA Thunder snow and whiteout conditions - 3/23/2018 Convective snowbands caused thundersnow and heavy snowfall to much of northern Iowa on 3/23-3/24/2018. Shot Description. Shot 1-2: Thundersnow in whiteout conditions south of Clear Lake Shot 3: Power goes out south of Clear Lake Shot 4-7: Whiteout conditions on I-35 NB south of Clear Lake Shot 8-9: Heavy snow at gas station in clear lake.

Friday Evening Winter Storm Update Everything seems to be playing out as expected with our impending winter storm on the way for late tonight and through tomorrow afternoon as the overnight hours through late morning look to be "prime time" for the heaviest snowfall to occur across Illinois.

A warmer climate will lead to more storms with a sting Recent research explains why we should expect more weather bombs, with sting jets, such as the Great Storm of 1987.

Raining embers: it's a miracle no one died in Tathra's fires, say emergency crews As the clean up begins, questions are being asked why warnings failed to reach people or arrived too late to get out.

Updated Central IL Snowfall Forecast Thinking largely remains the same from yesterday with only minor adjustments to shift the heavy snow band a tad south. A heavy march snowstorm is forecast to affect portions of Central IL Friday ev…

Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record The Arctic's oldest and thickest ice. Most of the opening has refrozen but the new ice is expected to be thinner and more fragile, and a new opening might appear during the melt season.

Tornado Titans - Weather and Photography - #Supercell churning over Western Kansas in May… Supercell churning over Western Kansas in May 2016. #thunderstorm #kswx #stormchaser #stormchasing #nature #sky #stormy #badweather #instaweatherpro #natgeo #clouds #naturephotography…

PICS: Sinkholes, shacks damaged, as floods sweep through Gauteng Johannesburg - Informal settlements have been flooded, shacks have been damaged and sinkholes, large enough to swallow a car, have been discovered across Gauteng after heavy rains on Thursday. Informal settlements in Tshwane, Soshanguve, Mamelodi and Ga-Rankuwa have been affected by floods.

Extremely Critical Fire Weather Threat in the West; Big Weather Changes Arrive Monday Another high-end fire weather day is forecast today. The Texas Panhandle, West Texas, Permian Basin, Trans-Pecos, and the Davis Mountains are all under threat. Extremely critical fire weather concerns will be in the western two-thirds of the Texas Panhandle.

Driving to work in heavy rain? 'Employers have a responsibility to road safety' - AA The AA says: "Too often we hear stories of employees who go to great lengths, sometimes risking their own and other road users' safety, to get to work exactly on time. Employers need to understand that bad weather has an impact on traffic and that this will compromise their employees' ability to move around normally.

Please Don't Walk on Railroad Tracks!! Another senseless death; but maybe this time, some good will come of it.

7 driving tips for dealing with heavy rain in SA Johannesburg - The South African Weather Service has issued flood warnings for Gauteng, Free State and KwaZulu-Natal. Rainy weather usually brings a number of challenges to the roads. We look at ways motorists should handle heavy rain and flooded roads in SA.

Tathra bushfire: class action considered against government-owned utility Slater and Gordon says adequacy of power line maintenance will be a critical question in any litigation.

'Children's lives in danger': help still just trickling in for earthquake-hit PNG Government of Papua New Guinea says 270,000 people need urgent assistance, while aid agencies tell of continuing struggle to reach the stricken.

March 23rd-24th Winter Storm Begins Tonight Everything looks to be on track with our winter storm that will begin late tonight across northwest Illinois and eventually portions of central Illinois, along and south of 80 where Winter Storm Warnings are now in effect from the local National Weather Service offices.

Jon Davies Severe Weather Notes My wife Shawna has been bugging me to start up my severe weather blog again 😊, so I thought I'd do a post about the setting for last Monday's episode of tornadoes in northern Alabama.

Storm chaser gives presentation for Severe Weather Awareness Week ALTA — Eighteen-year-old weather enthusiast Kirk Langner, of Langner Storm Spotting in Schaller, used his expertise to keep locals informed about severe weather.

Tornado Titans - Weather and Photography - A lone windmill in the Texas panhandle during… A lone windmill in the Texas panhandle during sunset. Spring is here.

Early Spring Snowstorm Friday Evening-Saturday The snow will likely begin late Friday evening between 8-10 pm across far NW IL. The snow should push east across the remainder of IL overnight Friday. The southern extent of the snowfall is questionable at this juncture.

Tornado Titans - Weather and Photography - Some GIFs of the team from the first supercell… Really, I've always preferred more to be identified as a photographer and filmmaker who happens to have weather as one of my primary subjects - but the term storm chaser certainly does fit with what I do in a contemporary sense.

Late March Winter Storm Upate Over the last day or so, numerical model guidance has slowly continued the trend southward with the heaviest band of snow and it now looks like along and south of I-80, including portions of central Illinois will be in line significant snowfall accumulations which will be reflected in our forecast snowfall amounts below.

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