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New Tool Forecasts Local Power Generation By enabling meteorologists to routinely inform their viewers about local generation of renewable electricity, the tool increases viewers' awareness that low-carbon energy sources are already practical and increasingly widespread.

Unexpected impact of hurricanes on Puerto Rico's watershed Researchers have found unprecedentedly high levels of nitrate, an essential plant nutrient, in streams and watersheds of Puerto Rico for a year after two consecutive major hurricanes in 2017.

A glimmer of hope for the world's coral reefs At the forefront of tackling global heating," said Prof Hughes.

Central New Mexico Weather: 12/10/18 Yesterday was cool, sunny and breezy. I did a little yardwork in the afternoon. This morning has been cool, sunny and a bit breezy. My weather station is down, so I can't say more than that. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a mostly sunny day, with a little patchy freezing fog in the morning, and a high temperature of 48 F.

The new abnormal: why fires like Paradise will happen again and again Of the traumatic consequences of climate change, scientist consider increasingly ferocious wildfires to be one of the most starkly apparent.

Satellite Image of the Week #49 This week's Satellite Image of the Week shows cold air draining off the continent, particularly on the east coast. This is the same effect as last week, but I found another good example of it. Thank you for reading this post! Source: College of DuPage - Meteorology.

'It appears he's playing both sides': Storm attorney responds to Rep. Todd Hunter investigation HOUSTON - "If somebody wants to leverage me, they can. There is nothing I can do about it," said State Rep. Todd Hunter in a Channel 2 Investigates report back on Nov. 27. - a powerful statement from a powerful figure in Texas politics. Channel 2 Investigates discovered storm attorneys using Hunter's political office to their advantage.

Central New Mexico Weather: 12/9/18 I had a smooth flight from San Diego, at least I think so. I slept the whole flight. This morning has been cool, sunny and a bit breezy. My weather station is down, so I can't say more than that. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a sunny day, with a high temperature of 50 F.

San Diego, CA, to Rio Rancho, NM Yesterday was perfect outdoor weather in San Diego. This morning has been mild, sunny and still. This afternoon, I will catch a flight from San Diego, CA, to Albuquerque, NM. The NWS in San Diego, forecasts a sunny day with a high temperature of 90 F.

VIDEO: Storm start slow in road loss A strong opening period, one that included three goals in a span of 2:27, helped the Soo Greyhounds to a 4-3 Ontario Hockey League win over the Guelph Storm on Friday at the GFL Memorial Gardens. The strong opening period wound up being the difference for the Greyhounds.

Stormy future could disrupt Hebridean lifeline The Western Isles depend on the CalMac ferry services for vital supplies and the service keeps going in all weathers. But climate change could mean trouble ahead.

Thundershowers, floods expected over the weekend The South African Weather Service warned of possible heavy rains and flooding across Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo over the weekend. Weather forecaster Vanetia Phakula warned that low lying areas in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo may be the most affected.

The Winter Storm Bust This past Sunday, the computer models were unanimously forecasting heavy snow would fall over southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma beginning this afternoon and continuing into Saturday night. The Governor of Oklahoma declared an official "state of emergency." Food flew off store shelves.

How ice particles promote the formation of radicals UV radiation generates radicals. The researchers irradiated the ice crystals with the attached molecules using UV light, which excited electrons in the ice particles in the vicinity of the molecules. These excited electrons ionised the chlorine and bromobenzene molecules.

Jon Davies Severe Weather Notes Last Saturday's 28 tornadoes in Illinois were an unusual event so far north in December. I've had several requests to write about it, particularly because it was associated with a cold-core midlevel low. As is typical in such settings, the storms were low-topped and photogenic, as were the tornadoes.

Southern California Weather: 12/7/18 Yesterday was a rainy, miserable day in San Diego. There were Flash Flood Warnings and deep water on quite a few streets. I personally walked through water that was deeper than my shoes. This morning has been overcast, rainy and cool. The NWS in San Diego, CA, forecasts a mostly sunny day, with a high temperature of 68 F.

Significant Flood Risk This Evening & Overnight - Accumulating Snow in West Texas Tonight Unlike my last two discussions, I'm going to strive to make this one a bit less of a novel. Getting more than five hours of sleep may have a bit to do with that goal. Anyway, there have not been any major forecast adjustments overnight.

Heavy Rains to Cause Widespread River/Lake Flooding This Weekend; Winter Storm Still On Track for West Texas Mother nature is certainly in a mood this week. The storm system that will bring impacts is finally moving onshore in the western United States. Up until today weather models have been 'guessing' the initial strength of the storm system. Bad data in will usually result in a bad projection coming out.

Behind the Scenes of President Bush's Funeral Train The video above is the President's funeral train as it departed Spring, Texas. Below is an inside look the train and its remarkable history. It is fitting that President Bush, given his love of trains, was transported to his final resting place in this way.

Cold Dry Weekend South Central Pa North Central Md, Snowstorm South Winter Storm Watches are up for parts of Southwestern Virginia and much of interior North Carolina to Eastern Tennessee. This is due to a storm that has moved into California and is headed for a track across the entire Gulf Coast.

Tomorrow's weather: Heavy rain for most of SA, floods for the Cape Most of SA is expected to be rainy on Friday as isolated showers of varying intensities make their way. Severe thunderstorms are also expected over the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape, the south-eastern parts of the Free State and the southern parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

Atmospheric scientists find causes of firenado in deadly Carr Fire These observations may help forecasters and scientists identify. and potentially warn. for future destructive fire-generated vortices. "This paints a clear picture of the sequence of events leading to the vortex development and intensification," Lareau said.

Rio Rancho, NM, to San Diego, CA Yesterday was cool, mostly sunny and still. This morning has been cool, mostly cloudy and still. Today, I will catch a morning flight from Albuquerque, NM, to San Diego, CA, just in time to miss the winter storm approaching New Mexico. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a mostly cloudy day, with a high temperature of 45 F.

Heavy rain, flooding to hit Western Cape, warns SA Weather Service The South African Weather Service is warning of heavy rain in the Western Cape, as a cold front makes landfall on Thursday night. The SAWS forecast indicated a 60% chance of rain on Thursday and an 80% chance on Friday. The wet weather is expected to clear by Sunday as the Cape Town temperature climbs to 23°C.

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