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Heavier rains will continue into Tuesday with flooding probable - including rivers / lakes Those who have stepped outside today are well aware that we're currently experiencing an early preview of winter temperatures. It is cold, dreary, and for some, quite wet. Yet the cold front that has now pushed through much of Texas is fairly shallow.

How much storm chasers really make However, before you decide to pursue your passion full-time, it's important to be realistic about the earning potential and the risks involved. Keep reading to find out more about this weird way to make money.

Westminster, CO, to Rio Rancho, NM Weather Today, we will drive south and return to Rio Rancho, NM, from Westminster, CO. This morning has been cold, mostly sunny and still. The NWS in Boulder, CO, forecasts a sunny day, with a high temperature of 43 F. The winds will be 4 mph from the south, becoming calm in the afternoon.

Scientists find missing piece in glacier melt predictions A new method for observing water within ice has revealed stored meltwater that may explain the complex flow behavior of some Greenland glaciers, an important component for predicting sea-level rise in a changing climate.

Deadly floods sweep through south-west France – video At least 13 people have died during heavy storms that cut off roads and caused rivers to burst their banks in parts of south-west France.

Heavy storms cause deadly floods in south-western France At least 13 people killed as flash flooding swamps towns and villages around Carcassonne.

Great Moments in Airport Security Airport security in Rome October 2 closed the airport because of… coconuts. Geez.

Hurricane Michael intercept in Panama City, Florida : October 10, 2018 And finally - in 2010 I moved from West Virginia to the Midwest, making Atlantic / Florida landfall trips more then a day's drive away - adding more baseline expense for each potential trip. And so, for 11 years I waited on the sidelines for a storm I felt was worth chasing.

From a Review of "Warnings" You can read that review and many more here. Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather Positives: 4. The history of meteorology in elegant, page-turning prose from a first person account. The evolution of the Weather Bureau culture, fascinating stuff.

'No one reported missing' - Tshwane EMS on suspected drownings in Apies River The Tshwane Emergency Services cannot confirm whether two people had drowned in the Apies River on Sunday because "no one has been reported missing as yet". EMS spokesperson Johan Pieterse told News24 on Sunday evening a community member told them about two bodies found on Sunday morning.

Weather Update: Rain clears up in Gauteng after stormy weekend The weather in Gauteng is expected to be partly cloudy following a weekend of severe storms, heavy rains and flooding across the province. The SA Weather Service said fog patches will prevail on Monday morning in some places, with otherwise partly cloudy and warm weather.

Westminster, Colorado Weather: 10/14/18 Yesterday, the skies were sunny all day, and it was overall a beautiful day. This morning has been snowy, cold, and still. There is a few inches of snow on the metal surfaces, but it is not sticking to the roads very well. Here is a photo of my car in the snow:.

Hurricane Michael: mayor hopes for 'miracle' in destroyed Mexico Beach Around 250 people stayed as Panhandle town was flattened but mayor Al Cathey hopes one death so far may be only fatality.

'Zombie' storm Leslie smashes into Portugal, Spain Lisbon - Storms packing nearly 180km/h winds hit Portugal early on Sunday, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power before carrying heavy rain on into Spain, authorities said. Twenty-seven people suffered minor injuries, civil defence commander Luis Belo Costa told reporters.

Strong Arctic Front Arrives Today / Overnight - Heavy Rainfall Expected Monday and Tuesday A strong cold front has pushed through most of the Texas panhandle region and is currently encroaching upon the rolling plains of northwest Texas. Temps will continue to plummet today resulting in most of the panhandle region seeing temps dropping at or below freezing by early afternoon.

WATCH: Nepal rescuers retrieve bodies of 9 climbers killed on Mount Gurja Kathmandu - The bodies of nine climbers killed on Nepal's Mount Gurja were retrieved from the mountainside on Sunday as rescuers tried to piece together what led to the freak accident. Rescuers found the bodies of the South Korean climbing expedition scattered across the base camp amid the broken remains of their tents and equipment.

UPDATE: Storms continue to lash Gauteng, thunderstorms threaten in other areas Storms continue relentlessly across Gauteng and are brewing in other parts of the country, the SA Weather Service said on Sunday. "We still have storms, mostly over the City of Tshwane," said forecaster Mbavhi Maliage. A warning had been sent out for flooding in Tshwane.

WATCH: Hurricane Michael death toll hits 17, officials say it could rise Panama City - Three days after the devastating passage of Hurricane Michael, search teams in Florida pressed their hunt for victims into hard-to-reach areas on Saturday, as the death toll rose to 17 and officials scrambled to deliver aid to those who lost everything.

Satellite Image of the Week #41 This week's Satellite Image of the Week shows Hurricane Michael, just before it made landfall in Florida. I had a number of friends chasing this storm, though I did not. You can see the strong and well developed eyewall. Thank you for reading this post!

More Heavy Rain, Severe Storms, and Winter Mischief with Strong Cold Front Tomorrow / Monday We'll have to deal with the possibility of a stronger storm or two across the Brazos Valley into East Texas for a few more hours, but the majority of the severe weather threat has come to an end for the day. Tomorrow will begin our second weather maker and its associated hazards.

SEE: Hail, flooding, strong winds batter Gauteng Extremely severe weather conditions have lashed parts of Gauteng on Saturday, with cars being caught up in flash floods and roads blocked by hail. The South African Weather Service issued a notice for severe thunderstorms across Gauteng. It warned of possible hail, heavy downpours and strong winds.

Winter Weather / Travel Advisory for the Texas Panhandle for Sunday - Monday Morning The first Winter Weather Advisory of the season goes into effect at 10am tomorrow morning for the Texas panhandle. A strong cold front will arrive early tomorrow morning with light precipitation in the forecast for much of the day Sunday into early Monday.

Floods and at least one death as storm Callum buffets Wales Police warn people to avoid swelling rivers as landslide in Cwmduad claims a life.

New Tornado Watch Issued for East Texas until 8 PM As expected, a new tornado watch has been issued to cover East Texas. This watch runs along and south of Interstate 20 from Tyler to Marshall, south to Madisonville, Trinity, Lufkin, to Hemphill. Strong to severe storms are moving into the watch area from the west.

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