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Regulator condemns ‘beast from the east’ water supply failings Ofwat says failings by privatised water companies left 200,000 households cut off.

Beautiful Supercell with a Brief Tornado In the Texas Panhandle to Western OK! There's so much more to share from this day but to get a quick recap together, this was a heck of a chase day that would've stood up as good even on a relatively solid year.

Forecast Rainfall: Now Until 7pm Wednesday Because of the extreme drought conditions, here is a zoom-in of where heavy rains are forecast in the Great Plains between now and 7pm Wednesday. Father south, heavy rains are likely in south central and southeast Texas. In the Houston area, rainfalls of around 5 inches are likely.

The Practical Use of Aviation Research Saturday, I discussed the critical research being done by Kansas State University to develop wheat that is more tolerant of warmer nighttime temperatures. Today, I would like to point you to important work being done by Wichita State University. Yes, there are serious problems with the F-35B aircraft.

Vawx Terrain enhancement of low level shear Apropos quote from this #wxtwitter entry:. "Terrain enhancement of wind shear might be important on this high CAPE-moderate shear severe weather day in NY. Channeling of flow up the Hudson Valley is evident in #NYSM Albany, NY profiler, with 25-30 knots of 0-1-km shear.

Rainfall in the Southwest From Bud; Forecast For More The southern High Plains, the rains were even more than were forecast and were much-needed. The second phase of the forecast rains should begin this afternoon and continue intermittently into the weekend. There will be localities that get too much rain but, overall, the rains are desperately needed in many areas.

Osaka hit by 6.1-magnitude earthquake during rush hour – video report A 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck Japan's coastal city of Osaka during Monday morning's rush-hour, killing three people and injuring more than 200.

Frog strangler likely along & adjacent to the coast this week A large area of showers and thunderstorms are occurring across the western and northwestern Gulf of Mexico this evening. This system is not expected to become a tropical cyclone. It is producing gale-force winds across the northwestern Gulf of Mexico along with high seas.

Yesterday's Storms I did not do a normal forecast post this morning, mostly because the weather was excellent, so we spent the day outside. Yesterday, however, was a different story. It rained off and on all day in Rio Rancho. We were receiving the tropical moisture from the remnants of Hurricane Bud.

Heavy storms lash the Cape, confronting reckless drivers - top motoring stories of the week From new models, Formula 1 to road safety, here is everything you need to know in the world of motoring. Porsche celebrated its 70th birthday this week by giving rewarding itself with a special edition 911 Speedster concept. New models and something funny.

Cooler With Rain Chances Throughout The Work Week Ahead! As we've been talking about for several days now, a tropical disturbance out in the Gulf of Mexico will approach the south Texas coast early this week bringing beneficial rainfall to much of our costal and central Texas regions over the next several days.

Update on Heavy Rain Forecasts for Rockies and Great Plains States Between now and next Sunday, heavy rains are forecast across the entire Great Plains and northern Rockies. In Arizona and most of New Mexico, the rains from Bud are about over. Below are the amounts of rain that have fallen, directly or indirectly due to the remains of Bud, during the last three days.

Hurricane Maria would have killed my mother – as it did thousands like her Hurricane Maria was followed by societal collapse. A portion of the blame must lie with the island’s own government.

How two storm chasers risked their life to get the perfect picture Trapped, stuck up against an over-turned semi-trailer and waiting to die, Daniel Shaw is lucky to be alive. In 2013, Shaw unknowingly drove into the eye of what is now known to be one of the biggest tornadoes in United States history.

Father's Day Sunday Fun: Tracking a Train and Storms on Radar Lots of Dads like trains and many meteorologists like trains. So, I have been saving this since June 6. While I have tracked trains on weather radars before, this is the first time I have seen a train on the same radar images as severe thunderstorms. The Union Pacific train was traveling southeast across south central Nebraska.

June 1, 2018 - Northern Nebraska June 1 was the first day of my 2018 chasecation which I had scheduled for the 6/1 through 6/10 period. It was looking like the first decent shot for significant severe weather since the first part of May.

Satellite Image of the Week #24 This week's Satellite Image of the Week shows the weakening Hurricane Bud soon after it made landfall. You can see the center of circulation and the long spiral rain bands. Here in New Mexico, we are receiving the precipitation from the remnants of this system.

Rain expected to grace most of Texas at varying points by Wednesday There have been a couple of changes to the rain forecast for the next couple of days. As I warned in previous posts, there usually are adjustments made to a forecast as we get closer to an event. The bad news is for those in the Concho Valley, Big Country, and North Texas who are going to end up between our two storm systems.

Central New Mexico Weather: 6/16/18 Yesterday was warm in the morning, but the skies clouded up early. It actually prevented some of the diurnal heating that I think the models suggested. Instead of widespread showers and thunderstorms, we got a few sprinkles and overcast skies. This morning has been overcast, rainy and mild.

Dangerous New Disease Emerging in China Whether it is this disease or some other, it is highly likely there will be a global pandemic in the next few decades…

How The U.S. Grows More Food at Less Cost We've discussed a number of times how the forecasts of doom made in the late 1960's and 1970's were completely wrong. What doomed the forecasts of doom were two things: warmer global temperatures and the Green Revolution. The latter was primarily due to the insights and research of the late Norman Borlaug.

Landspout tornado outbreak near Seibert, Colorado: May 28, 2018 SEIBERT, CO - With a target potentially in far northeastern Colorado and expecting early-afternoon initiation, I left my hotel at WaKeeney, Kansas early at 8am.

May 1, 2018 - Northern Kansas May 1 was my second chase day of the season. I had gone out the day before and ran into some golf ball hail in Central Nebraska, but nothing too exicting. So, this day looked like the better opportunity of the two and I decided to leave work early and head south into Kansas.

It's Gonna Rain! Good News for Drought-Ridden Texas; Not so much for Outdoor Plans The remnants of Tropical Storm Bud have brought beneficial rainfall to parts of Mexico today. What's left of Bud is moving north toward Arizona, New Mexico, and western portions of Texas. Severe thunderstorms aren't expected to become a widespread hazard.

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