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Sunday June 16th Severe Weather Outlook The squall line that pushed through north Texas late last night continues to drift southeast across the eastern half of the state, but we're not done with the threat for severe weather just yet.

Lance Storm Explains WWE Backstage References Fans Might Have Missed In The Firefly Fun House The Firefly Fun House segment had some obvious things in it that people recognized when Ramblin' Rabbit was smashed with a giant mallet for talking about the Fun House's secrets. Fans drew a lot of comparisons to AEW Double Or Nothing and Jon Moxley's shoot interview.

Flash Flooding And Stranded Cars, Wichita, KS - 6/16/2019 Intense rains from overnight storms lead to flash flooding across the city of Wichita, causing numerous motorists to get stranded in high water. Flooding was particularly bad in West Wichita where nearly 2.5-inches of rain fell in less than 2 hours. Over a dozen vehicles were stranded on West Street alone.

Putnam, OK Night time Tornado And Lightning - 6/15/2019 Medium shot of large tornado illuminated by lightning over Putnam 9. Medium shot of large tornado illuminated by lightning over Putnam 10. Medium shot of large tornado illuminated by lightning over Putnam 11. Wide shot of lightning-illuminated supercell structure near Putnam.

Global heating to inflict more droughts on Africa as well as floods New UK research predicts extremes of weather will hit food production.

Putnam ,OK Tornado and Tornado Damage - 6/16/2019 View of a large after-dark tornado and the immediate aftermath in northwest Oklahoma. Shot Description. Large tornado visible in the lightning strikes that illuminated the storm. Aftermath of damaged houses. SID: Chris McBee.

Tourist drowns in Lake Geneva as storm batters Switzerland Woman dies after sightseeing boat sinks as bad weather also damages vessels at annual Bol d’Or regatta.

Satellite Image of the Week 2019 #24 This week's image was taken this morning. It is an enhanced water vapor image over the southwest. This image shows the shortwave trough currently impacting the desert southwest. Notice the shades of blue making their way east into New Mexico and Colorado.

Severe Weather Outlook for Today & Sunday I'll keep this short and sweet since I need to get on the road for today's storm chase. The next couple of days will feature the chance of severe thunderstorms across parts of Texas.

Lincolnshire flooding: hundreds of homes to be evacuated Military helicopters are drafted in to repair broken bank of River Steeping in Wainfleet.

Central New Mexico Weather: 6/15/19 Yesterday was hot and sunny all day. I spent most of it indoors. This morning has been sunny, mild and still. The mid-level trough is bringing in slightly cooler temperatures and more moisture as it passes through our area. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a sunny day, with a high temperature of 88 F.

Valley Center, KS Severe Storm Damage - 6/15/2019 A line of severe storms ripped through southern Kansas after midnight Saturday morning packing winds over 70mph as they roared through. Damage was reported across the region, including at the Kansas International Dragway northwest of Wichita where an RV was flipped over with two people inside.

Only in Washington: People Who Are Supposed to Research Farmers Protesting Being Near Farmers The above photo is of Washington US Department of Agriculture employees, whose jobs are researching farming and agriculture, turning their backs on the announcement they will have to move to Kansas City to be near, you know, farmers.

Severe Storms hit Ivanhoe, MN 6/15/2019 Footage of Severe Storms, Gustnado and Snapped Power Poles and Live Downed Wires after near 70MPH damaging winds slam into Ivanhoe Minnesota this Saturday afternoon. Shot Description.

California’s wildfire season is starting and officials are bracing for the worst In anticipation, Cal Fire has identified 35 top-priority projects to thin vegetation in vulnerable communities.

China landslide sweeps cars away as floods kill dozens – video A landslide sweeps across a road in China's Fujian province, pushing cars before it. Days of rain have caused havoc, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and submerging vast swathes of farmland.

No direct link between North Atlantic currents, sea level along New England coast If the AMOC weakens, average sea levels rise considerably," says Chris Piecuch, a physical oceanographer at WHOI and lead author on the paper. "During the winter of 2009-2010, for example, we saw the AMOC weaken by 30 percent. At the same time, sea level in our region rose by six inches.

Britain battered as jet stream meanders Arctic ice melt has weakened the jet stream, and over the last week a low pressure system has been trapped above eastern Britain.

Weather update: Frosty and foggy Saturday for parts of SA The South African Weather Service. Temperatures in your city:. Northern Cape Tomorrow 's Weather overview: 15.6.2019 pic.twitter.com/jQVdqV1Mse. Kwazulu Natal Tomorrow 's Weather overview: 15.6.2019 pic.twitter.com/iN47jIT1fP. Gauteng Tomorrow 's Weather overview: 15.6.2019 pic.twitter.com/hhTmPmUMVT.

Central New Mexico Weather: 6/14/19 Yesterday was warm and sunny, but then clouded up in the mid afternoon. This morning has been sunny, hot and quite windy. A mid-level trough is moving into the state from the west, bringing with it breezy conditions. As the trough moves through the area this weekend, clouds and moisture will increase.

Photographing monsoon, storm chasing - Some striking images can come with monsoon. Photographers can capture beautiful photos of the fast moving storms and their lightening strikes. "When the clouds are moving like they are, you get the different colors, the sun popping through, and then a big bolt of lightening strikes.

"Why Don't You Point Out the Silly Arguments of the Anti-Global Warming Side?" Those who follow me on Twitter saw that question posted to me last week. It is a fair question. Most of the reason I don't post pro-CAGW information more often is that the science on the pro-catastrophic side is very weak. But, the most accurate to the scientists' question is in what I do not post.

Vawx Can you call 'em storms if there's no lightning? Today did yield a decent chase even though one of the concerns I had came true. I left home just after 12:30 to pick up my chase partner. Originally I'd considered heading north to the U.S. Route 460 corridor as conditions looked a bit better up that way.

Father's Day Weekend Warm Mostly Rain Free Until Late Sunday One Last Shower Thunderstorm Clouds Sun Wind Friday Father's Day Forecast. The rains from this morning moved in and out on time and the rain is over with. There is still a cold front to deal with as it moves east across Pennsylvania. Not much will happen for the rest of the afternoon with lots of clouds.

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