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Red Tide Kills Sharks and Countless Fish, Sarasota FL - 8/17/2018 Red tide continues to kill bull sharks and many other fish in Sarasota Bay at the Sarasota Manatee County border in SW Florida. Also, includes in over and underwater shots showing red tide infested bay water. Shot Description. 1-6) Six varied shots of dead bull sharks floating at marina on Sarasota Bay.

Amazingly Tranquil Atlantic Happy to report the Atlantic and surrounding waters are quite tranquil at this time.

August 1990 was a real scorcher The temperature record set in 1911 was broken early in August 1990, causing widespread disruption, including at a chocolate factory in Liverpool, where the entire stock melted.

'Please pray for us': Kerala experiences worst monsoon in nearly a century – video report Floods in the southern state of Kerala in India have left more than 320 people dead and more than 220,000 displaced from their homes.

Kerala floods: death toll rises above 324 as rescue effort intensifies 220,000 people left homeless in southern Indian state after unusually heavy rain.

Central New Mexico Weather: 8/17/18 Yesterday, the weather was partly cloudy, hot and humid all day. Parts of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho had rain, but I never had to turn on the windshield wipers along my path. This morning has been partly cloudy, warm and still. There was a beautiful sunrise:.

Kerala floods: man, neck-deep in water, appeals for help from inside his house - video Footage shared on social media shows an unidentified man appealing for help from his home in Chengannur, southern India. 'I reached out to everyone, including the MLA,' he says, referring to the Kerala state government.

Online security cameras let Californians livestream the burning of their homes As wildfires burn across the state, residents view the destruction first-hand: ‘That was a moment I’ll never forget’.

Aerial view shows scale of monsoon flooding in Kerala, India – video Roads have been damaged, mobile phone networks are down and more than 150,000 people have been left homeless after unusually heavy rain this month in the Indian state of Kerala.

Kerala floods: death toll reaches 86 in worst monsoon in nearly a century Extremely grave’ crisis in Indian state as 80 dams reach danger levels and more than 60,000 people are displaced.

Soaking Rains bring SOME Drought Improvement to Texas Soaking rains over the last week resulted in some improvement in drought conditions across Texas. The key word there is some. We're going to need much more rain before we can completely eradicate drought conditions. Extreme drought conditions are more localized but they do remain in several spots.

British Columbia declares state of emergency as over 500 wildfires burn About 566 wildfires are currently burning across the province, prompting the evacuation of 3,000 people.

Central New Mexico Weather: 8/16/18 Yesterday, the weather was hot and sunny in the morning, but then there were some afternoon clouds and a few drops of rain. When I returned to Rio Rancho, the ground was wet. This morning has been partly cloudy, warm and still.

Vawx Some weekend storms will occur but not much worth chasing More convection is expected across the Old Dominion this weekend with another weak front creeping through the Mid-Atlantic. However the associated upper level trough isn't closing off into a cutoff low as during the past couple events so this system will be a bit more progressive with less tendency to stall overhead.

Bird communities dwindle on New Mexico's Pajarito Plateau The study, conducted on those sites covering several hundred acres on the Pajarito Plateau from 2003 to 2013, revealed a 73 percent decrease in abundance of birds, dropping from an average of 157 to 42 birds. The diversity of bird species also dropped by 45 percent, from a mean of 31 to 17 species.

Two Dead in Kansas Flooding Tragedy has struck again; this time in my home state of Kansas last night. Yet again, a car has been swept off the road in flash flooding and two died. By far, the #1 cause of deaths in flash floods is automobiles."Apparently what happened, they hit the high water, the vehicle probably stalled.

World weatherwatch: Iberia's terral blows in with oppressive heat Hot dry air from Africa nudged up the mercury and then came flash floods and thunderstorms.

Frequent fires make droughts harder for young trees, even in wet eastern forests A drought-tolerant species. in Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois. The ability of young trees to withstand both stressors could predict the fate of the forests in a changing climate. "It's important to ask how fire will affect forests under warmer and drier conditions.

Breathing Fire: Wildfire Smoke Forcing Idahoans Indoors Working as an interpreter, she helps the hearing impaired by translating things like doctor's appointments and business meetings to and from American sign language. She was also born with asthma. Her work requires a lot of talking, something directly impacted by her condition.

Breathing Fire: California's Central Valley Bears the Brunt of Wildfire Smoke Since retiring to the forested foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range 20 years ago, the 74-year-old has cultivated a garden large enough to feed her and her husband well into the winter. For the past two years, smoke from wildfires has reduced the time she can spend tending to her vegetables before her asthma and bronchitis are triggered.

Next 5 years predicted to be abnormally hot Warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is not linear: it appears to have lapsed in the early 21st century, a phenomenon known as a global warming hiatus. A new method for predicting mean temperatures, however, suggests that the next few years will likely be hotter than expected.

Air Pollution Progress Still Undermined by Western Wildfires In more than half of the states in the American West, the largest wildfire on record for each state has occurred since 2000. Large wildfires damage landscapes, property, infrastructure, and local economies.

What would a heat-proof city look like? Cities are already up to 10C hotter than the surrounding areas. As the climate warms, here are four ways cities can cool down – saving lives and energy.

Queens, NY Evening Strong Thunder Storms Lightning Heavy Rains 8/14/2018 Strong thunderstorms moved through the NYC Metro during the mid/late afternoon with cloud to ground lightning, and torrential rains which prompted flash flood warnings. Shot Description. Shot 1: Ominous clouds and a possible wall cloud hover over a park in Queens, NY as strong thunderstorms approach.

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