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'For The Win' on Netflix Sparks Joy By Embracing The "Greatest Sports You've Never Heard Of" He bellows triumphantly the first time he succeeds at a new activity. There's a lot of high-fives and backslapping bear hugs doled out to people he's just met, and you start to see how this camera-friendly human golden retriever has turned frisbee trick shots into a full-time living.

Video: Fixed Gear Ski-Bike Crushes Uphill In one of the more bizarre videos to come out of the cycling world recently, this biker appears to have assembled a fixie frankenbike for on-snow cycling. Eschewing the traditional fatbike, this maverick of the bike world somehow managed to find traction on steep and snowy Italian roads with road bike tires.

Podcast: Will Red Hook Crit continue? Advice from 24-hour veteran Without a major sponsor for 2019, Red Hook Crit organizer decides to take the year off, rather than decreasing the event's scale.

Mike Chacon on Throne The legend Michael Chacon still making moves in the bike world! Just announced he’s now riding for Throne, the track bike company. Wonder if they’ll try to work on any freestyle stuff.

PEZ Bookshelf: Tour de France Climbs from Above - PezCycling News "Tour de France Climbs from Above" is an excellent introduction to the legendary climbs, not only from the historical standpoint but for someone planning to experience the roads themselves. Living as we do in the digital world, Google is omnipresent, not only as a search engine but also a useful route planner.

Live blog: Yet another helmet study; Friday Leave V Remain poll - helmets, Gold jockey wheel, New £12K Pinarello Dogma F10, Helmets make no differenc Alice Wilson, 82, became partially blind four years ago and stopped cycling. The BBC reports that she has now started cycling on a tandem provided by the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library. "I never drove a car and I used to cycle everywhere," she said. "I didn't want to give my bike up, but I had to.

How To Backlash Here's some tips for learning how to backlash.

Red Hook Criterium will suspend its series in 2019 The Red Hook Criterium, the iconic race that popularized cycling's fixed-gear criterium format which began on the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn, will suspend its series in 2019.

Benefits of Owning An E-Bike There are a variety of reasons why anyone and everyone should own an e-bike. Some would describe owning an E-Bike as life changing and that it alters your way of living in the best possible way! There are truly no cons to owning an e-bike and if you are thinking of some cons we can almost guarantee that the pros outweigh the cons 100%.

Red Hook Criterium announces cancellation of 2019 races Organisers of the Red Hook Criterium series have announced that they won't host any of their popular fixed gear races in 2019. It's not the end of the road for the fixie crit series, though, organisers say they're using this year to focus efforts on developing plans for 2020 and beyond.

Red Hook Criterium organizers cancel events for 2019 Instead our efforts will be focused on raising support and developing plans for the continuation of the Red Hook Criterium Championship Series in the years to come," Red Hook Crit announced in a post on social media.

Fighting gravity, and the ordinary, at the Red Bull Bay Climb Back in September 2018, freelance journalist James Stout headed up to San Francisco to take part in the second edition of the Red Bull Bay Climb, a hill-climb race that pitted riders against the brutal Potrero Hill.

Red Hook Criterium cancels 2019 races Race series founder and owner David Trimble says higher costs forced him to temporarily suspend the events.

"The BLK Panel," Possibly Chicago's First-Ever Black Bike Summit, Happens on 2/23 Connecting people to information about how to improve walking, biking, and transit.

Experiencing the G forces on a velodrome Being forced to focus on your training, then getting off the track to refuel and rest, you can get a lot more out of the time you spend on the track. Related: Aero is everything: The science of speed. Time commitment. For someone looking to add track riding to their weekly training program, you don't need a lot of time.

8 of the Best Commuter Bikes Under $500 in 2019 Reviewed The best commuter bikes on sale which are economical and effective are here, click the link above to read more about the best bikes for architects!

I Tried Every Kind of Cycling. The 9 Secrets I Learned Can Make Anyone Better Fixie riding makes you a better roadie, which makes you a better dirt jumper, which makes you a better mountain biker, which… you see where this is going.

Proviz Sportive Convertible Men's Cycling Jacket / Gilet The Proviz Sportive Convertible Men's Cycling Jacket / Gilet is a clever convertible softshell garment.

Stillpourland - Andy Sparks Flatground wizard Andy Sparks’ part from the Stillpourland DVD!

I Rode It! Paul Robson at the 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris randonneur But then, in a world of ever more extreme challenges, where triple-Ironman events aim to out-tough transcontinental bike races or desert ultra-marathons, Paris-Brest-Paris remains aloof and in a class of its own. First run as a race back in 1891, it was PBP\u2019s success that inspired the first Tour de France.

Yorkshire gold: Barry Hoban profile More than 50 years before the Tour de France's highly successful diversion to the fells and dales of Yorkshire in the summer of 2014, a young cyclist from Wakefield made an unlikely journey in the opposite direction back in 1962, with a head full of cycling dreams and a heart full of Yorkshire courage.

Why millennials are killing for an ethical meal But at the same time as millennials discover a newfound interest in where food comes from, another trend is on the rise: hunting. After decades of decline, hunting has seen a small burst of popularity in recent years. Since 2004, the number of hunting licenses in the US has risen by 500,000.

I rode the 300-pound electric tricycle that could be the future of urban deliveries Piloting Rad Power Bikes’ hefty e-tricycle was intimidating at first, but it was quickly clear what an important tool it will be in replacing vehicles in cities.

The New Rules of Being a Millennial Fixing posters to your wall with bulldog clips ⟶ Buying exactly five plants then immediately putting "plant dad" in your Insta bio. Genuinely doing balloons ⟶ Ironically doing balloons.

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