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Texas Trip 2019 Gallery I was scrolling through my files yesterday and totally forgot I shot a bunch of photos while I was in Texas with Ruff Bike Co last year. Footage from that trip hopefully coming soon!

Baja Lines Trailer This video is beautifully shot and will speak to fly anglers and mountain bikers alike! In remote Baja, Mexico childhood friends stumble upon an untapped Mecca for two dissimilar passions - stalking striped marlin on the fly and progressive, freeride mountain biking.

Paul de Valera Does it All at Atomic Cycles Paul de Valera does it all, he's the mechanic, manager, buyer, PR, HR, ride leader, ride organizer, social media expert, designer, illustrator, coaster brake extraordinaire at Atomic Cycles. Paul doesn't have a cell phone, still uses a yahoo email address, and hand draws every single one of his flyers.

Melbourne to Warrnambool cycling history on display at Flagstaff Hill 125 years of the 'Warnie' bike race memorabilia on show at Flagstaff Hill.

What equipment should be in a triathlete's swim bag? Yes, we know that you know you need one. Where we're coming from here is that you want a quality, training-oriented swim suit. Nothing baggy that will act like a parachute, slowing you down and making it even more difficult to maintain good form. Pull Buoy.

Matt Reyes NYC 2019 Totally missed this one from last week! Matt’s been making so many videos that I can’t keep up. This is probably one of my favorites among all the sick videos he’s been making as…

Wheel Talk - Dead Malls The Wheel Talk crew hits some wheelies in the streets of SF in classic Wheel Talk fashion. Still trying to figure out what malls have to do with bikes but I’m here for it.

The Readers Write: the New York Pizza and Dynamo Society The Readers Write is a short-form feature where readers can write about their local rides, submit photos, and course routes, lowering the barrier for entry with sharing stories here on the Radavist. It's a new feature we're implementing in 2020 but have yet to set up the infrastructure for submissions, so sit tight!

Sand and Snow: Bikepacking to the Salton Sea from Palm Springs and Then Some! The Salton Sea first appeared to me back in 2016, a couple of days into the Stagecoach 400 bike packing trip with the Borrachos. It appeared to me then as it appeared on this passage, an out of place body of water in the desert landscape, planar and mirage inducing.

Colin Strickland chose Dirty Kanza over Paris-Roubaix and EF Pro Cycling. Here's why: After Colin Strickland won the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200, EF Pro Cycling invited him to join the WorldTour in 2020 to race Paris-Roubaix. Here's why Strickland declined the offer.

Amir Mini Fixie Edit Amir going in on the LDG MINI fixie! Solid tricks!

Specialized to Donate $100,000 to Australia with the Down Under Collection Specialized's new Down Under Collection looks to the fauna Down Under, specifically the Australian Budgie. As 500 million animals have been affected by the massive bushfires, Specialized is donating $100,000 USD to WIRES, the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization.

Jamis Renegade Comes in Two New Models for 2020 the C1 and C2 Jamis' Renegade received an update after being announced in 2016. With two new models, the C1 and C2, both competitively priced, the brand offers up two different carbon layup designs and the versatility of Shimano's GRX component groups.

Dances with Kyrgyz Wolves – Ryan Wilson "You're sleeping in a tent out there? Aren't you worried about them?" a girl from Kyrgyzstan's capital city who was enjoying a weekend trip to the local favorite Song-Kul lake asked us. I thought to myself wondering what she might be referring to. After a moment she realized our confusion and clarified… "The Wolves".

Path Less Pedaled Hacks a SRAM MTB and Road Derailleur for Eagle Range Lots of people have expressed the views shown in this video by Path Less Pedaled and with good reason. Why should you have to buy an "AXS Mullet" configuration to gain Eagle gear range with your drop bar bike? Russ from PLP walks you through the process of how to mate an NX cage with a Rival rear derailleur… but how well does it work?

What Races Would You Like Seen Covered Here on the Radavist? We cover a lot of gravel races here at the Radavist and while most of them are in the Western United States, we'll be returning to the Mid South this year for an in-depth look at Stillwater, District Bicycles, the new race, and a look at the racer's bikes.

CAKE's Ösa e-Moto Gets You and Your MTB to the Trails with 0 Emissions In a perfect world, we'd all live pedaling distance from our lovely mountain bike trails, but the reality is, most of us have to drive to them in order to get a pre or post-work shred in. CAKE, the makers of e-motos, introduces the Ösa today, an electric motorcycle with built in bike rack to get you to the trail with 0 emissions.

The Length Of Time. Inside The Tour Divide Ryan le Garrec, one of our contributors here at the Radavist, followed cyclist Josh Ibbett during his 2019 Tour Divide attempt. This is his story. Watch this documentary here and be on the lookout for a photo gallery later this week.

Salsa Warbird Gets Updates for 2020 Feast your eyes on the new Warbird, in its highest-end build spec with GRX 810 Di2 in 700c. For 2020, the Warbird is only available in 700c wheel kits but if $5699 is too rich for your blood, there are other GRX builds ranging from $3199 and an Apex build kit for $2599.

Into the Clouds Kona's sponsored riders Barry Wicks and Eric Tonkin take on two beastly climbs in Maui for the brand's latest video.

Wade Simmons Shreds the Marzocchi Z1 Coil I've been riding the Marzocchi Z1 for a few months now - albeit not with a coil and not nearly as steezy as Wade Simmons - but I've been damned impressed by this more-affordable option from Fox/Marzocchi. Coil shocks intrigue me and it doesn't hurt to see Wade crush some North Shore dirt.

Cam's 1979 Lawwil Knight Pro Cruiser is a Coaster Brake Blast From the Past! Mert Lawwil had already been a legendary motorcycle racer for years and was building and selling Harley Davidson flat-track racing frames with Terry Knight when they got the idea to weld up a batch of BMX bicycle frames.

Mxa Race Test: The Real Test Of The 2020 Suzuki Rm-z450 That popular aftermarket pipe purchase may make your RM-Z450 closer in power to its competition, but that is only if they don't buy the same pipe, gain the same horsepower and lose the same weight as your RM-Z450 did, in which case you spent $9999 to maintain the status quo.

Crazy Bike Tricks By The Bicycle Ballerina Practicing the 130-year-old sport of artistic cycling, Lea has learned to ride her bike in many unconventional ways-from the handlebars and beyond. Having won a dozen national competitions in Germany, Lea's taking her bike to the streets! Cycling races began to hit their stride in Paris, 1868.

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