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Texas Trip 2019 Gallery I was scrolling through my files yesterday and totally forgot I shot a bunch of photos while I was in Texas with Ruff Bike Co last year. Footage from that trip hopefully coming soon!

Baja Lines Trailer This video is beautifully shot and will speak to fly anglers and mountain bikers alike! In remote Baja, Mexico childhood friends stumble upon an untapped Mecca for two dissimilar passions - stalking striped marlin on the fly and progressive, freeride mountain biking.

Paul de Valera Does it All at Atomic Cycles Paul de Valera does it all, he's the mechanic, manager, buyer, PR, HR, ride leader, ride organizer, social media expert, designer, illustrator, coaster brake extraordinaire at Atomic Cycles. Paul doesn't have a cell phone, still uses a yahoo email address, and hand draws every single one of his flyers.

Tour Down Under themed Allez Sprint for Bora-Hansgrohe riders at Schwalbe Classic criterium Both of the Specialized sponsored men's teams taking on the Tour Down Under will ride the brand's celebratory Allez Sprint frame in the preceding Schwalbe Classic criterium.

Melbourne to Warrnambool cycling history on display at Flagstaff Hill 125 years of the 'Warnie' bike race memorabilia on show at Flagstaff Hill.

What equipment should be in a triathlete's swim bag? Yes, we know that you know you need one. Where we're coming from here is that you want a quality, training-oriented swim suit. Nothing baggy that will act like a parachute, slowing you down and making it even more difficult to maintain good form. Pull Buoy.

Matt Reyes NYC 2019 Totally missed this one from last week! Matt’s been making so many videos that I can’t keep up. This is probably one of my favorites among all the sick videos he’s been making as…

Wheel Talk - Dead Malls The Wheel Talk crew hits some wheelies in the streets of SF in classic Wheel Talk fashion. Still trying to figure out what malls have to do with bikes but I’m here for it.

The Readers Write: the New York Pizza and Dynamo Society The Readers Write is a short-form feature where readers can write about their local rides, submit photos, and course routes, lowering the barrier for entry with sharing stories here on the Radavist. It's a new feature we're implementing in 2020 but have yet to set up the infrastructure for submissions, so sit tight!

Seeking New Frontiers with Wahoo and Ian Boswell After a successful career racing the European pro circuit on teams including Trek-Livestrong, Team Sky, and Katusha-Alpecin, American pro cyclist Ian Boswell has decided to transition from the road calendar to a new challenge - racing for Wahoo Fitness on a circuit of his own design that will include gravel and endurance mountain bike events.

Ride with GPS Has a Mobile Route Planner When Ride with GPS began developing their new mobile route planner, they had a whole list of things in mind. For one, they wanted to utilize a smart phone's tapping feature to allow the creation of a route.

Sand and Snow: Bikepacking to the Salton Sea from Palm Springs and Then Some! The Salton Sea first appeared to me back in 2016, a couple of days into the Stagecoach 400 bike packing trip with the Borrachos. It appeared to me then as it appeared on this passage, an out of place body of water in the desert landscape, planar and mirage inducing.

Colin Strickland chose Dirty Kanza over Paris-Roubaix and EF Pro Cycling. Here's why: After Colin Strickland won the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200, EF Pro Cycling invited him to join the WorldTour in 2020 to race Paris-Roubaix. Here's why Strickland declined the offer.

Amir Mini Fixie Edit Amir going in on the LDG MINI fixie! Solid tricks!

Specialized to Donate $100,000 to Australia with the Down Under Collection Specialized's new Down Under Collection looks to the fauna Down Under, specifically the Australian Budgie. As 500 million animals have been affected by the massive bushfires, Specialized is donating $100,000 USD to WIRES, the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization.

Jamis Renegade Comes in Two New Models for 2020 the C1 and C2 Jamis' Renegade received an update after being announced in 2016. With two new models, the C1 and C2, both competitively priced, the brand offers up two different carbon layup designs and the versatility of Shimano's GRX component groups.

Dances with Kyrgyz Wolves – Ryan Wilson "You're sleeping in a tent out there? Aren't you worried about them?" a girl from Kyrgyzstan's capital city who was enjoying a weekend trip to the local favorite Song-Kul lake asked us. I thought to myself wondering what she might be referring to. After a moment she realized our confusion and clarified… "The Wolves".

Path Less Pedaled Hacks a SRAM MTB and Road Derailleur for Eagle Range Lots of people have expressed the views shown in this video by Path Less Pedaled and with good reason. Why should you have to buy an "AXS Mullet" configuration to gain Eagle gear range with your drop bar bike? Russ from PLP walks you through the process of how to mate an NX cage with a Rival rear derailleur… but how well does it work?

What Races Would You Like Seen Covered Here on the Radavist? We cover a lot of gravel races here at the Radavist and while most of them are in the Western United States, we'll be returning to the Mid South this year for an in-depth look at Stillwater, District Bicycles, the new race, and a look at the racer's bikes.

CAKE's Ösa e-Moto Gets You and Your MTB to the Trails with 0 Emissions In a perfect world, we'd all live pedaling distance from our lovely mountain bike trails, but the reality is, most of us have to drive to them in order to get a pre or post-work shred in. CAKE, the makers of e-motos, introduces the Ösa today, an electric motorcycle with built in bike rack to get you to the trail with 0 emissions.

The Length Of Time. Inside The Tour Divide Ryan le Garrec, one of our contributors here at the Radavist, followed cyclist Josh Ibbett during his 2019 Tour Divide attempt. This is his story. Watch this documentary here and be on the lookout for a photo gallery later this week.

Salsa Warbird Gets Updates for 2020 Feast your eyes on the new Warbird, in its highest-end build spec with GRX 810 Di2 in 700c. For 2020, the Warbird is only available in 700c wheel kits but if $5699 is too rich for your blood, there are other GRX builds ranging from $3199 and an Apex build kit for $2599.

Into the Clouds Kona's sponsored riders Barry Wicks and Eric Tonkin take on two beastly climbs in Maui for the brand's latest video.

Wade Simmons Shreds the Marzocchi Z1 Coil I've been riding the Marzocchi Z1 for a few months now - albeit not with a coil and not nearly as steezy as Wade Simmons - but I've been damned impressed by this more-affordable option from Fox/Marzocchi. Coil shocks intrigue me and it doesn't hurt to see Wade crush some North Shore dirt.

Cam's 1979 Lawwil Knight Pro Cruiser is a Coaster Brake Blast From the Past! Mert Lawwil had already been a legendary motorcycle racer for years and was building and selling Harley Davidson flat-track racing frames with Terry Knight when they got the idea to weld up a batch of BMX bicycle frames.

Mxa Race Test: The Real Test Of The 2020 Suzuki Rm-z450 That popular aftermarket pipe purchase may make your RM-Z450 closer in power to its competition, but that is only if they don't buy the same pipe, gain the same horsepower and lose the same weight as your RM-Z450 did, in which case you spent $9999 to maintain the status quo.

Crazy Bike Tricks By The Bicycle Ballerina Practicing the 130-year-old sport of artistic cycling, Lea has learned to ride her bike in many unconventional ways-from the handlebars and beyond. Having won a dozen national competitions in Germany, Lea's taking her bike to the streets! Cycling races began to hit their stride in Paris, 1868.

INSIGHT-U.S. bike firms face uphill slog to replace Chinese supply chains Bike firms face uphill slog to replace Chinese supply chains.

Ride What Ya Brung Deane Parker recently took on a 250km bikepacking trip in the Canterbury high country of New Zealand and has a nice video short showcasing the tour.

Pro Koryak Dropper Post is Fun to Install, Easy to Operate The Pro Koryak mountain bike dropper post has proven to be easy to install and offers solid and reliable performance on the trail. While it doesn't excel in any one area - it's not the fastest, lightest, or flashiest - it's very, very good at what it does.

Raaw Announces Madonna V2 with Updated Frame Design & Geometry I was hoping for a less travel version of the Madonna since it's release. Just love the style and the ideas behind it. I love this bike and the design principles but for the trails I have available 150 F / 140 rear is about right. Not sure if it's the rawness or the attention to the details, maybe both!

The First 2020 LA Tourist Race Was Massive! We've got Reportage on the way from this past weekend's LA Tourist Race but I just wanted to personally thank everyone that turned up at 7am on a Saturday morning to race 80 miles and climb over 10k in elevation! There was snow, beautiful weather, and lots of elevation to be had.

100% and MAAP S3 Shades Australia's MAAP and the US' 100% have teamed up to create two sets of the popular S3 sunglasses, one is predominately pink and the other navy. Both are marked with the 100% and MAAP branding and are in stock now at 100%.

Behind the Scenes of Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium Remember last week's video from Danny MacAskill? Well, here's the behind the scenes bonus video, showing what it takes to make a video with Danny.

A CX Nats Video Here's a fun recap video from USA Cycling's Cyclocross National Championships at Fort Steilacoom Park…

The Kosciuszko Alpine Classic: A Bikepacking Trip Before the Bushfires The Kosciuszko Alpine Classic is just a name I came up with for a ride I did with my two good mates, Ben and James. We had organised a week off work in late October to go and spend some time in the Australian Alps.

2020 Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro Review: eMTB For Motorcycle Riders That's precisely what the 2020 Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro is designed to do-tackle technical single-track, arduous climbs, and ripping fast downhills with the best of them. Your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, Ultimate Motorcycling is a motorcycle publication.

Wild Virtue Start 'em young!… and not just with racing, because there's so much more to cycling than racing! In the Summer of 2019, the Oregon Chapter of National Interscholastic Cycling Association took 18 of its riders bike packing along a section of the Oregon Timber Trail…

2019 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards: Winners announced! For the fourth year in a row, we've been been thrilled and moved by the entries in the Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards. Today, we're excited to bring you the 2019 winners, whittled down from over 1,200 images shot by photographers in 36 countries.

The Best CES Devices You Can Buy Right Now Most of CES 2020's flashy tech is months, maybe years, from hitting store shelves. Here are a few devices you can order now—and some extra deals we like.

The evolution of the fat bike In this era of unpredictable snow, the fat bike has quickly become a standard part of Alaska winter life. Biking on snowwas recorded as early as the Klondike Gold Rush but it is only in the last 30 years that bikes specifically made for thesnow have been developed.

RoadNats 2020: Criterium races in the rain provide thrills The rain made for some spectacular and challenging racing.

The Most Exciting Cycling Tech from CES Adding roughly 10 pounds to your bike and requiring no permanent alterations, the X1 Pro Gen2 claims to let you convert your ride to pedal-assist and then revert to analog, which is intriguing. However, installation appears to be more complicated than just swapping cranks, so it's likely not a change you'd make for a single ride.

Kyle's We the People Avenger Coaster Brake Cruiser Remember last week's story about the Coaster Brake Challenge? Well, this was the bike that Kyle from Golden Saddle built up post-haste for the last race of the year.

Why your next bike should be a fixie Almost all modern bikes have a freewheel, the ratcheting mechanism in the rear wheel that means you can stop pedalling and coast along. The earliest bikes had just one speed and if you were moving, you had to pedal.

In praise of local bike shops For many months I would visit my LBS with assorted problems - usually a mysterious creak emanating from a different part of the frame - and find myself trapped in the headlights as Steve or Paul who, not content with merely diagnosing the ailment, would also deliver a lengthy analysis of the probable cause and available remedies.

Reader's Rig: Nils' Custom FERN Chacco We head back to Berlin for this week's Reader's Rig, a custom FERN Chacco built especially for our buddy Nils. Find complete build details, lots of photos, and more here…

RoadNats 2020: Riders expect furious competition in Sturt Street criteriums "That feeling, the first 24 hours after, an emotional high, it's a lot of hard work that's paid off.

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Slumworm + Jball Power Hour I usually don’t find myself in LA very often, but lately has been different. LA also happens to be the newer home of Fixie legend Matt Reyes, so OF COURSE if I’m there and have my bike,…

RoadNats 2020: Criterium races - what you need to know There's a few road closures in place for the massive street party on Friday.

Scarab Cycles' RAUCH Santa Rosa Road Bike Is Based on the Work of Richard Diebenkorn Custom bikes with custom paint are one thing but the work of Richard Diebenkorn is on another level. Scarab Cycles is based in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, where cycling is taken very seriously! I found this story behind their RAUCH paint job on the Santa Rosa road model very interesting.

Start Where You Are: Fundraising Through Fun Racing with Leave It On The Road My friend Rebecca Gates once told me, "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can." She quickly admitted that this piece of wisdom came from tennis legend Arthur Ashe. Since then it has been at the top of my mind. There is power in this expression "Start where you are" eliminates steps to action.

Roadnats 2020: Ballarat cyclist in form to make big start to nationals Nick White is right in the race to collect another green and gold jersey in the Cycling Australia Road National Championships elite men's criterium in Ballara…

Whisky's New No9 MTN Boost LT Fork Isn't Just Another Carbon Fork… It's a solution for cyclists who have a hardtail designed around a 120-130MM fork. Was it a problem worth tackling? Isn't it stiff? Why not just get a steel fork? I thought about a lot of this when Ben from Whisky Parts Co was handing off a pre-production sample for me to ride, test and beat on.

Pesky Reservoir Shock In the Way of Your Bottles? Try the Wolf Tooth B-Rad Bottle Shift Cycling is all about millimeters. A few too little and things rub, a few too many and things rub. Modern mountain bikes play this game all year long and as shocks improve and frames get shreddier, space is on the rapid decline for things like water bottles.

Isao's Larkin Cycles 24″ Mini Velo Touring MTB We had quite the coverage of mini velos last year, beginning with this dude's personal bike. After having his Falconer for a full year, Isao realized he loved it for touring and for riding around the city - he lives just outside of Tokyo - but he didn't enjoy it as much as a mountain bike.

No Space? No Problem. These Folding Bikes Let You Ride Anywhere It sounds like a bike for a niche sliced as thin as graphene, but the RadMini has something for everyone: hunters who need a convenient way in and out of the woods, anyone who wants in on the e-bike action but is limited on space, and RVers who want something they can use to zip around the campsite.

Inside Pratt Frameworks We first ran into Max Pratt of the eponymous Pratt Frameworks at the 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show and immediately came away impressed with his simple in design, but strong in presence, steel road bike.

New Long Sleeve Tees, Pins, and Bottles in Stock Now We're inspired by what we see on our rides in Southern California and the Southwest in general! One of the joys of riding in the summer is catching glimpses of a local species of horned lizard, the Blainville's Horned Lizard - Phrynosoma blainvillii.

The Radavist 2020 Calendar: January This is the first layout of the Radavist 2020 Calendar, entitled "Mountainous" shot with a Canon 5D and a 70-200 lens in Darwin, California. "Layers upon layers.

Smc Rides Woodward West 2020 The boys rallied together at Woodward West last weekend to shred some FGFS and BMX at the famous skate camp. We were only there for a short time and we were only allowed to ride the indoor park, bu…

Juan Nieto - Fixed Gear Bogotá Juan Nieto is a newer name to the FGFS scene, but don’t let experience fool you. This dude has BIKE CONTROL. I’ve been following Juan on the good ol’ Instagram for a while now, bu…

More Fundraisers for Australia! The fires in Australia have decimated this ecologically diverse country and with them, 500 million animals have perished. A few more brands are working to raise money to help support the relief aid. - Kumo Cycles and Simon Riviere have teamed up on these great Purist bottles.

Bombtrack's New Cale Hardtail The newest bike to hit the Bombtrack lineup is their Cale hardtail, a 27.5+ or 29er frameset with extra cargo mounts, a geometry tuned for all-mountain riding and bikepacking. Highlights:: - MRP Ribbon SL 120 mm travel suspension fork with Boost spacing and 35mm stanchions.

Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium Danny MacAskill takes us inside his gymnasium for a dose of creative training…

The 34 Best Restaurants in Porto, Portugal Find meaty sandwiches like the francesinha, Porto-style tripe, and fresh seafood in all its glory at the best marisqueiras in Portugal’s spectacular northern food city.

High Desert Shredding with the Revel Rascall It was a rainy afternoon in Sedona. I finished my volunteer shift, and headed into the festival to try and get a demo. I had heard of this new company, Revel Bikes, that was supposed to have some real pretty and real fast carbon full suspensions. I wanted to try one of those bikes as soon as I could.

Technical FAQ: Calculating drivetrain friction losses Dear Kevin, SRAM road shifters do work with SRAM MTB derailleurs. However, you cannot use Magura brake calipers with SRAM levers. SRAM hydraulic brakes use DOT brake fluid, whereas Magura brakes use mineral oil. Those two fluids are incompatible.

The LA Tourist Race Returns This Weekend! Last year's LA Tourist Race brought challenging courses on familiar trails and this year's event is looking to up, up, up the ante in the Angeles Crest! This weekend is the first round for 2020 and here are the details. "Ok folks. These are your checkpoints.

Mino-giizhigad; Maazhi-giizhigad: The Marji Gesick – Alexandera Houchin Credit: 906 Adventure Team. Cable, age 9, carving out his legacy. Shakespeare insisted that a name held nothing significant; in fact, a name is but an arbitrary designator. A rose, "by any other name would smell as sweet." If the rose weren't called a rose, we would still swoon over the sweet smell.

PNW Components $69 Coast Handlebar Comes in 480mm and 520mm While mountain bikes have embraced the wider bar trend, there's still a lot of resistance to wider bars on drop bar bikes. Part of that is it costs a lot to try it out.

The Baja Divide Website is Now Available in Spanish Translation One of Lael Wilcox's dreams when it comes to the Baja Divide is to provide the route in Spanish. Well, thanks to Daniel Zaid, that dream has become a reality. The Baja Divide begins at the US/Mexico border and continues all the way down the Baja Penninsula, with the route describing each section in detail.

Bikes with Cheech and Nam Cheech and Nam, two ladies with tons of personality, experience, and opinions about bikes, just posted a new Youtube series they're working on. Watch on as they discuss everything from BMX to bikepacking and beyond. I can't wait for the next one!

Chris Akrigg's Best of Mongoose New years usually mean new sponsorships and this year, Chris Akrigg bids adieu to Mongoose. Let's look back at some of his most stunning lines from the past 12 years with the brand.

Good Times Roll Summer Tour The Good Times Roll is a group of friends that like to take on ambitious rides. This past summer they rode from Freiburg to the Bodensee, through Switzerland along the Rheinfalls, through Lichtenstein, over the Vorarlberg where they encountered snow and almost got lost but somehow made it all the way to the Königssee in Berchtesgaden.

Alex and His Miyata City Bike – At first glance, you might see this bike and think "sheesh, another $8,000 commuter bike made by someone in Portland." Rightfully so!

Climbers We Lost in 2019 His body was found December 21. We'll miss you, bud. -Margo Talbot. Also see an obituary for Ken Wallator that appeared on Brad Gobright. Photo: Brad Gobright.

Mxa Race Test: The Real Test Of The 2020 Yamaha Yz450f The 2015 YZ450F's SSS forks featured new valving, stiffer fork springs and redesigned fork-tube wall thickness. It had black anodized Excel rims, Dunlop MX52 tires, quarter-turn Dzus fasteners on the airbox cover, revised mapping and a 20-percent-lighter throttle return spring.

How to train for a Duathlon in 2020 with 6 Top Duathletes Duathlon is good for those who want to try to get into multi-sport race, but it may not be easy with an open water swim, or for triathletes who can't get in the open water during the seasons. During the race day, be sure to check the weather to dress yourself accordingly.

Shannon Malseed to miss Cycling Australia Road National Championships after Bay Crits fall Shannon Malseed has a positive outlook despite injury derailing her tilt at the 2020 Cycling Australia Road National Championships in Ballarat. Malseed was in…

GCN Looks at Sammi Runnels' UCI Squid 'Cross Bike Fans of Squid Bikes' Sammi Runnels will rejoice at the latest GCN video showcasing her professional 'cross bike. This is one of the most unique bikes in the pro circuit, since it's US-made and features a paint job. Like what you see? Follow Sammi on Instagram!

Australia Fire Relief: Jambi Jambi is Selling Shirts with 100% of the Proceeds going to Rural Fire Service These days it's hard to figure out where to send money and to whom when it comes to disaster relief. Australia is burning. Bad. The fires are in Jorja's - aka Jambi Jambi - backyard and right now, she's donating 100% of the proceeds from these Kook shirt sales to support the Rural Fire Service.

The Best Bike Accessories for Commuting in 2020 2020 is your year and it’s time to hook you up with the best bike accessories for commuting in 2020. Click to view our full list of accessories!

COOL HUNTING - Informing the future since 2003 COOL HUNTING uncovers the latest intersections of design, culture and technology. Curiosity fuels our ongoing quest for the discovery of true inspiration.

New Year, Fresh Build - RUFF BIKE CO SLEEPER REVIEW Bringing in the new year I decided to take some fresh pics of my current RUFF Sleeper build. While it's not exactly a fresh build since I've been running the same Frame and Fork since May 2018, the build got some fresh components since i first posted pics of the build.

Whisky Parts Co: Boost MTB 29r Fork The newest fork to hit the shelves over at Whisky Parts Co will interest you 29r riders, particularly those who love the ride of a singlespeed rigid or just a rigid bike. The Boost MTB LT fork is 500mm long, clears a 3″ x 29″ or 27.5″ tire, has just the right amount of cargo cages, weighs 680g, uses IS disc mounts, and retails for $549.99.

The Coaster Brake Challenge: And Y'all Thought You Were a Freak! Welcome to the beautiful dark twisted world of Paul de Valera and Atomic Cycles' Coaster Brake Challenge! A race I have known about for over a decade, a race that my mentor JimC would race religiously, but for some reason, I never made the time to attend.

Philly Bike Expo: Johnny Coast 700 x 32 Randonneur Brooklyn's Johnny Coast knows how to build a classic randonneuring bike. Every year, Johnny brings a classic example of these elegant machines, with so many details from his custom fillet stem, custom fabricated seat cluster lug, bi-lam construction, custom decaluer, an elegant fork, custom front rack, and as always, a paint job to dream about.

PAUL Component and Sierra Nevada Brewing Announce their Latest Collaboration: The Sierra Explorer. It's the third year of the Paul Component Engineering and Sierra Nevada collaboration bike build. This year, Paul pinged BTCHN Bikes for the Sierra Explorer. Read on below on this kick-ass project! Ken Grossman and Paul. It's no secret that Paul loves Sierra Nevada beer.

Les is More with Pivot's New LES Singlespeed Gordon Wadsworth walks us through the simplicity of Pivot's new LES Singlespeed complete bike. These light SS MTB 29ers are in stock at your local Pivot dealers.

Outside Online: I Loved Bike Touring-Until I Got Paid to Do It This read is one hell of a way to kick in the New Year. Got plans to do a bike tour? Don't monetize it! "In a race for your life from a belligerent madman, there is no worse getaway vehicle than a recumbent bicycle. Particularly on any sort of climb.

The Service Course: Tajikistan - The Not Knowing Over eight days of breathtaking riding and spectacular scenery, we follow Christian Meier and Peter Gaskill of The Service Course on their adventure through Tajikistan, weaving through the Wakhan Valley, over the Khargush Pass, along the Pamir Highway, into the Bartang Valley and beyond.

2020 Bmw K 1600 Gt We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the 2020 BMW K 1600 GT, part of BMW’s Touring lineup. See pics, news, reviews, and more!

A year's worth of the best submissions to our 'I Saw You' page I did a deep dive into 2019's "I Saw You" offerings in an effort to better understand the appeal, and these are my 10 favorite entries, capturing all the romance, petty complaints and surreal tangents you can find weekly:. Baseball Game Super Glue Accident: I'm sure you saw me.

RoadNats 2020: What's happening in Ballarat and when The party starts on January 8.

New for 2020 KLIM And In & Motion Team On Motorcycle Airbag Vest Built into your daily driver is an airbag or system of airbags just waiting to inflate in an attempt to save you from injury and/or death. Unfortunately, street riding motorcycle riders haven't had similar protection until recently.

Is This The Most Misunderstood Man In Motocross? From 2002 through 2004 we had strong support from Honda in terms of parts, bikes and technical support from the race team. I do not know many other Amateurs who were able to get to that level where you are actually communicating with the engineers to get better performance, so that was an edge for us.

The Radavist’s 2019 Photographic Year in Review – Where do we even begin with this post? 2019 was a year that defies all previous efforts here at the Radavist. Never have the pages of this site been graced with more exceptional photography and words! While we're known for our full-res galleries, we really made a push to include exceptional writing this year.

11 Easy storage ideas to organize all your awesome new gifts Check our storage ideas for all of those gifts, or to organize your haul of goodies from end-of-year sales or Black Friday shopping.

This Austin man biked every street in the city An Austin man has accomplished what most of us have probably never even thought of: cycling on every street in the city. But between work, raising a family and cycling, Aaron Chamberlain was geared up for the challenge. "It all started during my commutes," he said.

Is Fox's Electronic Suspension Worth Thousands? That limited this test's variables to just one: whether computer-controlled suspension felt radically better than the tried-and-true setup. On my first ride, I initially noticed no difference, regardless of the setting I selected.

Land Run 100 Changes Name to the Mid South for 2020 The history of the Land Run is a sordid one, which you can read all about it our earlier Reportage from the 2018 event. This question comes up a lot these days: if we know better, are we supposed to do better?

The Radavist's Top Ten Beautiful Bicycles of 2019 In the past twelve months, we've shot roughly 300 bikes. From gravel races, to NAHBS, the Philly Bike Expo and our normal travels, we really captured some unique builds and we've got a good handle on the bikes the readers of the Radavist enjoy checking out based on some key metrics.

Path Less Pedaled Hacked a SRAM Road Derailleur for MTB Gearing Everyone wants SRAM road derailleurs to run the range of the brand's MTB gearing. We've seen a few hacks over the years but Path Less Pedaled has done something entirely different! What do you think about this?

Chris King Announces Micro Spline Driveshells After Shimano licensed Chris King the design for Micro Spline earlier this year, the brand has ramped up production for these new drivers, with pre-orders beginning on January 15th for release on January 31st. The King Micro Spline driveshell uses a new bearing and axle design making them their lightest ever ISO hubs.

Bicycle Gearbox Market Size, Growth Forecast 2020 to 2025 Latest Research Report on "Bicycle Gearbox Market size - Industry Segment by Applications, by Type, Regional Outlook, Market Demand, Latest Trends, Bicycle Gearbox Industry Share and Revenue by Manufacturers, Company Profiles, Growth Forecasts - 2025." Analyzes current market size and upcoming 5 years growth of this industry.

Editor's EDC Gear Overhaul - New Year, New Me Over the last month or so, I have made some significant changes to my EDC loadout - in some cases, ditching or altering gear that I have been using for most of the last decade. I figured that maybe some of the lessons I've learned, and the logic behind my changes, might be useful to some of you.

Your top 10 motorcycle stories of 2019 Stories about helmet safety and legalities, Arlen Ness and Charley Boorman, road rules, crashes, lane filtering and a big-bore kit attracted the most interest from our readers in 2019. With more than 300,000 readers a month, we have a pretty fair idea of what subjects are of interest to our readers.

Chase Davis Constantine Edit Chase and Jackson killed it so hard for the Constantine Tarck edit. As we all know, Chase is a madman on a bike, so of course all the skills transfer over to track. This is probably one of…

Wheel Talk - SF in December Andy, Matt and David cruising around rainy SF. What’s there not to love? Love the little commentary from Matt throughout the video. Gives it a nice personal touch without being a corny vlog….

Wheel Talk - Mike & Matt TOTALLY missed this one when it dropped a week ago. Matt and Mike shredding tarck bikes around industrial areas is now my new favorite genre of video. Also can we talk about Matt’s line at 0:…

Irish e-bike company seeking €400,000 investment An Irish-founded electric bicycle company is seeking a €400,000 investment in a bid to reach a sales goal of up to €14 million next year. Modmo, founded by Jack O'Sullivan when he was 17, has developed an electric bike with a 210km range with five levels of motor assistance.

Mildred Locke's gear of the year 2019 It\u2019s roomy enough to carry all the essentials plus whatever you need to grab from the shops on the way home. Or, if you\u2019re anything like me, you\u2019ll be enamoured with how perfectly it can fit a volume of The Walking Dead like a glove.

Must Watch: Chris Akrigg: Best of Mongoose celebrates 12 years of trials & end of an era As we rapidly approach the end of 2019, there's a lot to consider in the new year. For trials legend Chris Akrigg, that seems like it will include who will be his new bike sponsor as his 12 year tenure with Mongoose comes to an end.Advertisements eval;.

Could an F1 team or driver lose a title for spending too much? · RaceFans MS literally made a penalty-worthy mistake of iconic proportions in the history books of F1, and nothing Mac or Williams did that day takes that away, caused him to do it, nor comes anywhere close to a violation such as fixing a race that saw neither driver affected enough, for their agreement to stay out of the fight to have mattered.

Cloud Tape Vol 1 We had a lot of fun with this one. Deacon and I split the cost of a VX and he’s been putting it to work. Him and our BMX friend Nico went in for full parts…

Examine Global Track Bicycle Market forecast to 2025 A track bicycle or track bike is a bicycle optimized for racing at a velodrome or outdoor track. The track bike is a fixed-gear bicycle, thus, it has only a single gear ratio and has neither a freewheel nor brakes. Tires are narrow and inflated to high pressure to reduce rolling resistance.

My Decade in Online Dating I learned how to endear myself to bartenders for safety, how to switch to seltzer after two drinks, and how to keep a secret tally to make sure I wasn't the only one making me laugh.

The Birth Of Barcelona There was a lot of hype for our Barcelona trip video back when we took this trip in 2016. The question everybody has been dying to have answered: what happened to the video? To keep it brief, the trip organizer and filmer decided to hold on to the project and footage because it "wouldn't be worth putting out".

A Guide to Cycling Through Spain's Bubbly Hub Champagnes, Cava, and bubbly drinks of all backgrounds are historically celebratory, uncorked to celebrate mountains climbed or successes won, and after biking eighty odd kilometers through the hilly terrain, the glass of fizz on my last night feels just that.

Happy Holidaze From the Radavist! You might get tired of us thanking you for your time, thoughts, support, and comments each and every year but get used to it! We had a great year and from all of us here at the Radavist, we wish you a Happy Holidays!

The 2019 Pan Celtic Race On the 6th of July 2019, 84 riders arrived at the Scottish city of Inverness to take on the Pan Celtic Race is the longest ultra-endurance race in the British Isles.

Modmo has an ambitious plan to create the vehicles that replace cars Our Start-up of the Week is Modmo, an urban mobility start-up building personal electric bicycles, with a focus on creating transport that could replace cars. Modmo is the brainchild of 23-year-old Jack O'Sullivan, an Irish entrepreneur living in Vietnam.

There's No Such Thing as the "Wrong" Bike Because going through all that trouble just to see if you enjoyed riding on grass really wasn't worth it, the cyclocross-curious would do something that's almost unthinkable today: they'd just show up on whatever.

Philly Bike Expo: Zukas Cycles City Singlespeed Nate from Augusta, Georgia's Zukas Cycles brought this stunning city singlespeed to the Philly Bike Expo this year, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a show bike, but with durability for actual wear and tear in mind.

At home with Common People's Sophy Phillips and Chris King The shop has been many things in its lifetime - a few salons and a brothel. Apparently the cupboards we have in our colouring area date back to when it was a barber shop in the 50s.

Endura MT500 full-face helmet review The new MT500 is Endura's take on a lightweight, trail rider / enduro full-face helmet. At just 570g it's over 100g lighter than our category benchmark Troy Lee Designs Stage helmet, and also costs £85 less. Just like the Stage, the MT500 is fully DH certified and meets the ASTM F1952 full-face downhill helmet standard.

Easton's CX Nats Video! Easton pulled together a great video showcasing last weekend's CX Nats.

For 2020 What Do You Want to See More/Less of at the Radavist? As we roll into the New Year and since we're always trying to make this website a better place, so all y'all enjoy browsing its galleries, we wanted to ask you, the readers, what you'd like to see more of? I feel like every year, we ask this and this year, we tried to follow through on many of your concerns.

Hope's HB.T is on Sale Today We feature a lot of balleur builds here on the Radavist and to be honest, I'm often very conflicted about that! Cycling is about seeing new places, meeting people that can change your life, and getting hooked on endorphins, not $8,000 gravel bikes.

Salsa's Cowchipper and Cowbell Bars Are Now Available in Silver If you're looking to build up an all-silver road, all-road, or gravel build but have been struggling finding silver bars in a shape that you like, well, look no further. Salsa's two most popular bars, the Cowchipper and Cowbell, are now available in silver.

Philly Bike Expo: Royal H Cycles 10-Year Anniversary Bike Bryan Hollingsworth from Royal H Bikes has attended every Philly Bike Expo since its inception to display his works of art under the Royal H brand. For the 10th anniversary, he knew he had to make something special, so with that goal in mind he built and displayed this beautiful lugged road bike.

Top cycling films of the decade Here is a list of some top cycling films we've watched this decade. This moving documentary follows Rebecca Rusch and Huyen Nguyen as they pedal 1,931 km along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to reach the crash site and final resting place of Rebecca's father, a U.S.

Ripton & Co. Skids into the Scene with their Action Jorts for Men and Women What a world we're living in. Just the other day I was talking to a friend about riding in Jorts during the Texas summers and he said the only bad thing is the swamp ass… I wonder if he's seen these Ripton and Co.

Nao's Own Tomii Cycles Chubby Road – John Watson Yesterday we took a deep dive into the shop of Tomii Cycles. Typically, builders use their own bikes to experiment and explore ideas, concepts, and construction techniques they'll later use on their client's bikes. This reasoning is why I always gravitate towards a builder's own bike when I'm visiting a shop.

Jones Bikes Releases the SWB Titanium Space and Diamond Frames with Truss Forks Without a doubt, there are no production frames like the Space Frame by Jones Bikes. These iconic bikes address all the needs of a modern tourer or singletrack bike with unique lines and most importantly, science to back their designs. Today, Jones announced the production SWB Titanium Space and Diamond Frames, in stock now.

Mxa Race Test: The Real Test Of The 2020 Kawasaki Kx450 A: It is if you are easily impressed by Bold New Graphics, because the only difference between a 2019 and 2020 Kawasaki KX450 is the Comic Book typeface on the 2020's radiator wing. Offsetting the total lack of improvement is the fact that the KX450 was all new in 2019.

How to ride your first century, double century or longer ride in 2020 Even if you don\u2019t plan on being out after dark, it\u2019s always wise to bring a set of lights with you. What if you have a mechanical failure and have to limp home to the nearest train station? What if your average speed drops a little and you\u2019re going to get back after dark?

Today is the Last Day to Get Your Orders Shipped! We've been working hard to keep on top of shipping your webshop orders all month but today's shipment batch is the last that can still make it to you in time for Christmas, although there are no guarantees! Thanks for being patient over the past few weeks, it's been a busy time for our webshop!

25 entrepreneurs set to shake up their industries in 2020 We have rounded up 25 promising entrepreneurs who are poised to disrupt their fields, whether they're focusing on fintech, edtech, medtech or - for one of these agritech experts - actual fields. As 2019 comes to a close, we can look back on a huge year for start-ups, both in Ireland and further afield.

A Look Inside the Austin, Texas Workshop of Tomii Cycles + An Interview with Nao Tomii My first experience with Nao Tomii from Tomii Cycles was via his old brand, 3RRR, which focused on small components like chainrings, developed in part with industrial design office 44RN. While in Boston, he learned to build bikes under the instruction of Ian Sutton, from Icarus Frames.

The 15 Best Things to Do in Miami This Week Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with holiday-themed scavenger hunts, reindeer games, music, food, prizes, and surprises. Don't forget to capture the magical memories in the photo area. 6 p.m. Monday at Gold Coast Railroad Museum, 12450 SW 152nd St., Miami; 305-253-0063;

VanMoof Electrified X2 review Based in the Netherlands, home to the world's tallest population, VanMoof makes two designs, with the conventionally shaped S2 recommended for riders between 170-210cm, while this cross-framed X2 should suit those between 155-200cm.

The Biggest, Stupidest Decade in Seattle History Over the last 10 years, some things in Seattle have improved while other things have gotten much worse. The Stranger's editorial staff recently gathered in a secret boxing ring underneath KeyArena to fight over the 20 essential news and culture stories of the decade-and then, just to drive ourselves crazy, we ranked them!

'This Girl Can' - Brunswick Cycling Club's women's program Brunswick CC is one of the larger cycling clubs in Australia and the velodrome offers an ideal environment to introduce people to riding without fear of being intimidated, or the risk of traffic accidents. "I've been riding for about three years," says Amelia.

Site Updates! In Case You Didn't Notice… When Grant Blakeman took over the arduous task of updating the Radavist, the only cycling site that posts a high-res gallery each and every day, we both knew it would be an undertaking that would take a long time.

The Scene at the 2019 Cub House Bike and Car Show! We got the keys to The Cub House 2.0 in June of 2017. We'd been at our original little shop in South Pasadena for a couple of years and I was extremely nervous about the move to much more "upscale" San Marino, even though it was only a few short blocks away.

Best single-speed bikes of 2020 in the market A breakdown of 2020’s best single-speed bikes along with what to consider before you buy.

Bicycle Gearbox System Market 2019 Key Manufacturers Pinion, Shimano, Campagnolo, SR Suntour, Rohloff In the latest market research study titled Global Bicycle Gearbox System Market Research Report 2019-2025, the analyst has calculated Bicycle Gearbox System market scope with the help of the bottom-up approach.

5 Unexpected Lessons From Bikepacking The Length Of Armenia I made a name for myself by cycling alone on unknown roads for vast amounts of time. This year I went on a ride that flipped this on its head. I was neither alone, nor cycling on roads. And the places weren't unknown, nor the journey particularly long.

Track Cycling At Herne Hill Velodrome by Isabella Rajwadi, Sydenham High School In 1891, an extraordinary velodrome was built, it hosted the track cycling events in the 1948 summer Olympics and was, for a while, home to the crystal palace football club during WW1. I have been cycling here since I was 10 and I absolutely love it.

Evil's Chamois Hagar Gravel Monster is Here! With what is the most unique profile in the drop bar universe, the Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar really shook y'all when we posted it during our Grinduro 2019 coverage. Well, this bike is now in stock at Evil and we're all impressed at the brand's bold move.

Win a Set of Portland Design Works 650 Beast Fenders! Got a gravel bike with 650b tires up to a 2.2 and would like some sleek fenders to go on your build? Look no further. This week, we've teamed up with Portland Design Works on a giveaway for their 650 Beast fenders. All you gotta do is enter your email for a chance to win!

Bicycle Gearbox System Market Is Booming Across the Globe - Explored in Latest Research 2025 The Report scope of Global Bicycle Gearbox System Market 2019 includes Market Trends, Size, in-depth analysis and Forecast till 2025.

Puritanically Soft Times: The 3rd Annual Nutmeg Nor'easter LAST YEAR: 8 pm, downtown Clinton CT. In an hour the 3 street lights will be set to blinking mode; the sleepy Connecticut shoreline town is doing just that… Sleeping… more like watching true crime TV in bed, but in bed nonetheless.

SSCXWC 2019 St. George: Ain't No Party Like a SSCXWC Party Because a SSCXWC Party Don't Stop November 23rd, 2019 brought the absurd to Santa Clara, Utah with the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. Less about racing, and more about chaos on a bicycle, the SSCXWC travels to a different destination every year to showcase a variety of terrain and whatever shenanigans the host city decides to throw at racers.

Wheeltalk - Da Goon Cat Matt just posted up this SICK edit from a Goon Cat ride last July! This one was actually my first time making it out to one of these wheelie boy rides. It was cool to be able to mingle with a diffe…

Jacob Ruff #GCGETCREATIVE Jacob Ruff showing the process behind a cool lil line he thought up, very sick!

Choose Aventon's Affordable Ebikes, Save More The holidays are meant to be a relaxing time with your family. Don’t break the bank on ebikes that do just what our affordable ebikes do. Click to learn more.

Iozzio Cycle's Low Key One-Hitter Stem Cap the 'Shotgun' Iozzio Cycles, the brand that made their launch with those skewer lights, just launched a new accessory, for the 420-minded cyclists out there. The Shotgun is a dugout one-hitter, which allows owners in states were marijuana is legal to stash their flower in a compartment and a ceramic pipe in an adjacent compartment.

Montanus: The Wolf’s Lair Our friends from Montanus sent over this wonderful project that I hope stokes some weekend plans for you and your riding buddies! 'The Wolf's Lair' is a 400 km bikepacking route that winds through medieval castles, alpine scenery and ancient Italian villages in the Apennines mountains.

The Nordest Bardino 2 is a 160mm Hardtail This is not an XC race bike. This is not an XC race bike. The Nordest Bardino 2 is an all-mountain / enduro/trail bike and yes, it is a hardtail!

Wizard Works Has Designed a Very Unique Wald Basket Bag the Alakazam Remember that sick stem caddy bag Wizard Works made for Morgan and Stephanie? Well, the UK-based bag magicians have been very busy designing a new Wald basket bag called the Alakazam with some very unique details. Check out all the info below.

Philly Bike Expo: Mars Cycles Fatbike Rover with Iozzio Stem Cap One-Hitter 'Shotgun' Casey from Mars Cycles always brings bikes with personality. For the Philly Bike Expo this year, he brought this fatbike, with an all-over logo paint job, and one of those Iozzio stem cap one-hitters the brand is calling the 'shotgun'. I dunno about you but I love everything about this bike!

Fixed Gear Bike Market Forecast, Size, Strategies, Top Vendors, Trends and SWOT Analysis 2024 The Fixed Gear Bike Market report firstly introduced the Fixed Gear Bike industry basics: definitions, classifications, applications and market overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials and so on.

The 2020 Nukeproof Digger is More Dialed Than Ever! When mountain bike brands design cyclocross or gravel bikes, you never know what you're going to get. Some brands make controversial models, others play it safe, and while it's not an easy task to expand into new markets, we are lucky to have such diversity within the gravel bike offerings.

Pearl Izumi’s BLVD Merino Vest Pearl Izumi makes some of the most bomb-proof cycling outerwear. From thermal bibs to balaclavas, the brand knows how to keep you warm during the cold winter months. This year, they released the BLVD, a merino vest meant to keep your core warm. -Thermal Merino wool/Nylon fabric for comfort, odor control and natural body temperature management.

Soma's Take on Road Racing Tires: Crit King Soma, known for their city and touring tires, have entered the world of crit and road racing with their Crit King gum tread race tire. Unlike Soma's other offerings, this is a "race day" only tire, not a training or daily ride tire.

Flemish Hospitality: CX Style – Drew Liano & Balint Hamvas I was hardly surprised when he turned us away. After three seasons battling these neon-vested, parking fascists at Belgian cyclocross races, I'd come to expect rejection. Max and I were racing today, and we'd just tried to enter the Renner's Parking, the exact place for people like us.

B-HARD Ultra Race & Brevet B-RACE is a single-stage non-stop self-supported cycling ultra race, which follows a fixed 1200 km asphalt route on roads not closed for traffic with obligatory time controls at designated checkpoints.

Team Dream Holiday Drop For those looking for some fresh threads from Team Dream this winter, wait no longer for their entire holiday drop is live on their webshop now, featuring jerseys, vests, base layers, tees, hats, caps, and more. Head on over to Team Dream to check it all out!

Go Fast Camper's Truck and SUV Pop Up Rooftop Tents are Perfect for Car Camping I know this is a cycling site but over the years, we've covered so many events where car camping is a theme and have spent many a weekend in the wilds of the Southwest with MTBs in tow. I get a lot of questions about our setup, so I'm tackling a big part of it with this article.

Outer Shell’s New Hip Slinger It's the week of hip pack drops! Outer Shell just announced their new Hip Slinger hip packs, with a unique roll-top and hook design, as well as two zippered outer pockets, adjustable waist strap and a plethora of colors. These are made in the Bay Area and are in stock now for $90 at Outer Shell!

The 2020 Ruta Del Jefe Registration Opens December 13th! My favorite event last year returns for 2020 with a plethora of new activities. Rural Del Jefe takes place on Tohono O'odham and Hohokam lands, in the Sky Islands region of the Sonoran Desert and the US/Mexico borderlands in Southern Arizona.

Inside the Ultradynamico Pop Up at Blue Lug Kamiuma After a helluva a time getting through all the Tsunami craziness at Grinduro Japan this past fall me and the Salsa crew finally got back to Tokyo. The rest of the posse had to take off around 4 am the next day, leaving me with about half a day in Tokyo to myself!

ORNOT and Mission Workshop: Axis Hip Pack For Ornot's latest drop, they teamed up with SF's premier bag manufacturer, Mission Workshop to c0-brand their Axis hip packs in Ornot signature colors. These bags are made using a rugged, weatherproof 500d Nylon exterior and nylon coated interior floating liner, designed to protect gear from morning showers to afternoon thunderstorms.

8 Christmas presents for the designer cyclist There are loads of \u2018cycling specific\u2019 options from Park Tools or Muc Off out there but, if you really want the fancy-pants rider in your life to stand out, go for something classic from the likes of Dickies.\u00a0.

Winter cycling is good for your health and your budget They didn't try to squeeze me into the snow but you still feel kind of threatened and that is another thing that deters people from cycling in the winter." People ride year-round for a variety of reasons, health and fitness, environmental and economics.

Watch the Trailer for Onboard the Transcontinental Race Here! "The Transcontinental Race is rarely a race against fellow competitors, nor against oneself. It is, primarily, a race for oneself." Onboard is a film that has.

Curve Cycling's Walmer Drop Bar is Wide! With an overall width of 750mm the Curve Cycling Walmer drop bar is the widest in the world. Luckily for those of us that don't want to go that wide, there are other widths as well. The Walmer is available in 46, 50, 55, 60cm widths, with overall widths coming in at 61, 65, 70, 75cm.

Pru Life UK brings high-octane races to Clark in March PRU Life UK is set to launch another edition of PRURide PH, the countrys biggest cycling festival.

GMBN Interviews Starling Cycles Joe from Starling, the maker of that steel full suspension bike I loved so much, just got interviewed by Global Mountain Bike Network. They ask a simple question: is boutique best?

Philly Bike Expo: Engin Cycles Gilded Ti Hardtail Drew from Engin Cycles is a master of the craft that is designing, engineering, and fabricating titanium bicycles. At this year's Philly Bike Expo, Engin's hardtails commanded attention with this one, in particular, bringing the bling. Its incredible anodization and design work was done by Jake Beadenkopf.

E thirteen Announces New Lightweight XCX Race Wheels @vjunior21: Hey, they are trying desperately to squeeze into Enve's niche of the market… I also just want to point out that these are more expensive than Weareonecomposites wheels with a poorer reputation and insignificant weight savings. For 1555USD you can pick up a wheelset built with I9 Hydras and CX-Ray spokes.

LAST ONE STANDING 2020! Register now! Already for the 3rd time we organize the "8bar Last One Standing" during the Six Day Berlin in January 2020! Register now!

Best bike workstands for the home mechanic Scroll down to see Cyclingnews' roundup of the best bike workstands for the home mechanic available for 2020. The euro-style or race-style, bottom-bracket-supported workstands look good and put zero unwanted stress on areas of carbon frame tube or seatpost.

Prospective Saddleback buyer nears deadline to raise $2 million to close the deal Arctaris Impact Investors has given itself until Dec. 16 to raise the money through a nonprofit.

WATCHABACK Behind The Scenes FOAD posted up this raw behing the scenes vid from Jimmy’s latest edit, WATCHABACK. Reminded me how wild that edit was and makes you appreciate everything that went into it, good watch!

Ritchey Bicycles: Road Logic Disc Now Available in EU, US in January Ritchey stirred up quite the storm when they unveiled the Road Logic Disc this year at Eurobike. We teased the bike last week and today, Ritchey announced the Road Logic Disc is now available in the EU, with US stock arriving January 2020. Check out more photos and specifications below.

Dress up the Rigd Ultraswing with a Camp Table The Rigd Ultraswing, a spare tire carrier, and bicycle rack swingout system, just got a little more versatile as a car camping accessory with a camp table mount. Now when you finish a ride and return to camp, cooking on a camp stove just became easier.

COPPI Koffie Rotterdam - Spotted by Locals "COPPI Koffie" in Rotterdam is a nice cafe where you can also have your bike fixed or buy necessary accessories and equipment. Nice bike theme all around!

Alt Camp AKA Camp EF in Northwest Arkansas Our friends at Education First Pro Cycling, aka that cool team in pink, sent over a whole grip of images shot by Jordan Haggard from their team camp in Arkansas this past weekend. We were supposed to head out to experience this first hand but had prior engagements.

The World’s Fastest Human is Naked – Morgan Taylor Over the years Stephanie and I have visited some out-of-the-way frame builders, but Sam Whittingham's Naked Bicycles is one of the more out-there.

OutBraker Allows You to Modulate Your MTB Braking Power Whether you're new to MTB riding or have a loved one just getting into the sport, or perhaps you can only brake with one hand, Outbraker has a solution for your hydraulic brakes. The OutBraker was purposely developed to endos over the front wheel and provide stabile braking power.

Bikerumor Editor's Choice Awards 2019 - Cory's Best Bike & Gear Picks Still hunting a last-minute gift idea? This could be a good place to start, whether looking for a new bike, a new gadget, or a new adventure to share with a fellow cyclist in the new year. I'm a devout off-road rider, even if I put in a lot of time on dropbars.

Bombtrack at a Cyclocross World Cup Bombtrack accompanied their pro racer Gosse van der Meer to the UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Bern to gain insight into the grits and guts it takes to compete at this level.

Flash Flood MASH SF - By creating a small space here in SF, we have opened a door to our own community of riders, and to the global travelers who visit San Francisco everyday. From Cape Town to Osaka, from Berlin to Jakarta, we see the fire in the eyes of the riders worldwide.

Philly Bike Expo: Beardman Bicycles 26″ Rigid Tourer With clearance for a 26″ x 3″ tire and a bright, rambunctious color combination, this Beardman Bicycles was a real attention grabber at the Philly Bike Expo. The bright colors normally could distract from the details of a bike but it's impossible to glance over some of the unique features.

Last call: You probably can't get a Roomba under $200 again until Black Friday 2020 The Roomba 960 was the most talked-about robot vacuum deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since it’s always wildly popular when it dro…

Stay in Shape and Have Fun with Any of These Bicycles Regular exercise can, admittedly, be pretty tough to get started - especially if you're an adult with a 9-5 job, a family, responsibilities, etc. But there are plenty of ways to integrate workouts into your day-to-day life without actually switching things up.

A Sunburnt Hardtail: Andy's ​Velocraft-Painted Curve Uprock+ MTB I love a sunburnt hardtail. Influences come from many a place. A flicker, chirp or whiff that conveys a feeling and experience. Singlespeed's have influenced my riding since the turn of the millennium. I knew I'd be forever broke as a bike messenger if it involved maintaining a geared drivetrain year-round through London's woefully wet winters.

3 bizarre bike sports you've never heard of Well, I'm afraid to say that, no matter how weird you may think your chosen fringe form of cycling is, it doesn't even come close to these.

Wish One Cycles' SUB is Made in France Wish One Cycles is a framebuilding and engineering operation in France. They design, build, and paint their frames, with their most recent project being the SUB, a sport utility bicycle, which was tested in the high country in Colorado during the Steamboat Gravel Race.

Giro and Bicycle Nightmares Darken Up the MTB Race Kit You don't need to tell us how lame a lot of MTB apparel is. Fluoro colors, flashy graphics, and massive logos. Giro teamed up with Bicycle Nightmares to dress down and darken the MTB race kit… The collection will be on December 9th.

The Lighthouse: Tom Ritchey – Ryan Le Garrec Late August 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany. Schike Mutze, a bike shop, and cafe in Dussedorf organized a visit of Tom Ritchey and a gravel ride together with local cyclists and enthusiasts. they let me in on that beautiful day, the following is the account of a conversation and video interview with Tom Ritchey.

Clark ride to usher in PRURide Philippines 2020 - CLARK, Philippines - Pru Life UK is set to launch another edition of PRURide PH, with the next event expected to welcome more than 2,500 participants in the country's biggest cycling festival. Eighteen local and international professional teams race in 10 categories, with Pru Life UK bringing the event in Clark, Pampanga on March 11-15.

Fixed Gear Bike Market Research: Key Companies Profile with Sales, Revenue, Industry Share, Price and Competitive Situation Analysis Fixed Gear Bike Market Research study offers an in-depth overview of the Fixed Gear Bike market covering all major parameters which helps to boost their businesses.

Worldwide Analysis on Fixed Gear Bike Market Strategies and Forecasts, 2019 to 2026 The "Fixed Gear Bike Market" globally is a standout amongst the most emergent and astoundingly approved sectors. This worldwide market has been developing at a higher pace with the development of imaginative frameworks and a developing end-client tendency.

How to take the best Instagram photos of running, biking and outdoor adventures on your phone With just a few simple tricks, you can make your iPhone or Android pictures look like a professional's.

Fixed-Gear Bicycle Market Report Forecast by Capital Investment, Industry Outlook, Opportunities & Trends 2024 Fixed-Gear Bicycle market report examines the short-and medium-term economic and profitability outlook for Fixed-Gear Bicycle industry. The Global Fixed-Gear Bicycle Market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2017 to 2027. Fixed-Gear Bicycle market is the definitive study of the global Fixed-Gear Bicycle industry.

All-City's New Cosmic Stallion Lands January 2020 All-City's been pushing new models consistently over the past few months and people are already building them up in wild custom specs. The new Cosmic Stallion is landing in January 2020 at your local dealers and upon its arrival, you'll note a few updates.

A Plan with a Van: building trail with the Free Radicals If you haven't already been digitally or physically introduced to Mark and Will of the Free Radicals well now is your chance. Cut to: You watching the video. Yes cinema, the magic of the motion picture, the simulacra of modern life.

Lower the Heavens: Attempting to Summit White Mountain We had set aside that Autumn weekend months earlier, just after having briefly met at a bike race called Lost and Found in late Spring. Matt was planning an extended bike commute through my town and asked to camp in my backyard.

Review: 2020 Specialized Diverge Expert Gravel Bike Eval;Specialized first released its Diverge gravel bike with the Future Shock suspension system in 2017, and during that time, the design has already become a mainstay on the gravel scene.

Variety is the spice of gym life WEST Cork boasts some incredibly good gyms that offer a variety of training sessions. Circuit training, HIIT, TRX cables, bodypump, men's fit and 20-20 workouts are just some of the classes you can sign up to depending on what you're looking for and that's outside of all the personal training options.

The Best Bike Storage Solutions Of course, simply leaving a bike or three in the hallway is always an option, but in case your significant other isn't OK with that, these are some great alternatives. One of the more complex storage solutions on this list, a bike hoist is exactly what it sounds like: a way to lift your bike off the ground and store it in the rafters.

The Radavist 2019 Calendar: December This is the twelfth layout of the Radavist 2019 Calendar, entitled "Mojave Mob" shot with a Canon 5D and a 70-200 lens in Death Valley National Park, California.

The 5th Edition of the Rando Imperator: a European Randonnée from Germany to Italy Saturday, the 9th and Sunday, the 10th of May, 2020 brings about the fifth edition of the Rando Imperator, a European Randonnée from Germany to Italy. The event is part of the official Italian Audax calendar offering three different brevet courses: Munich-Ferrara, Munich-Bozen, Bozen-Ferrara and Bozen-Mantua.

The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Announces Mountains to Meadows and Gravelation in Quincy! The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship knows how to throw races. There's a reason we cover each and every one, year after year! The proof is in the puddin'.

The Postman We watch a lot of videos over here, yet few come close to this level of perfection! This is the Postman:. "Clinging to the frayed edges of the ragged shores of the Isle of Harris, a singletrack path navigates its way above cliffs, around bays.

ALL-CITY CYCLES Privacy Policy - All-City Cycles ALL-CITY CYCLES currently shares the following information with suppliers: account name, mailing address, and phone number. ALL-CITY CYCLES does not share email addresses with suppliers or other third parties.

Grinduro Expands to Six Events Worldwide and a New California Location This Year For 2020, Grinduro is continuing to expand throughout the globe, bringing the mixed-terrain event to California, as well as Wales, Switzerland, Japan, Quebec, and Australia. Its global support network brands, Giro, Fabric, Maxxis, and Rapha will team up with each event's hosting brands, Cannondale, Canyon, Devinci, and Salsa.

Philly Bike Expo: Bishop Bikes Item 4 Velo Classique Seeing his creations year after year at the Philly Bike Expo brings all the warm feels. This year he brought an Item 4 Velo Classique road bike to display clean and elegant detailing Bishop Bikes is known for… The Item 4 is Bishop Bikes and Metal Guru's collaboration project.

PRURide PH set for another exciting edition in March in Clark THE country's biggest cycling festival - PRURide PH - is set for another exciting staging next year in Clark, Pampanga. Happening from March 11 to 15, the cycling festival is expected to welcome more than 2,500 cyclists, including 18 local and international professional teams, who will race in 10 categories.

Growth of Travel Pillows Market has been derived from the growing CAGR 2019-2023 The report overviews market dynamics including factors, improvement, examples and estimates for the 2019-2023. Travel Pillows industry displaying investigation report explains every single viewpoint related with the Travel Pillows Market, that energizes businesses to create strategies to execute the diagnostic information to push the business.

Global Fixed Gear Bike Market 2019 report by top Companies: Giant Bikes, Hero Cycles, TI Cycles, Trek, Shanghai Phonex, etc. Fixed Gear Bike Market Industry 2019 Market Research Report analyzed in detail with all the vital data to frame tactical business judgments and propose strategic growth plans. This report offers a comprehensive insight into the development policies and plans in addition to manufacturing processes and cost structures.

SSCXWC in Utah Video! ENVE has pulled together quite the SSCXWCUT recap video! "Oh, the Single Speeder. Heroic, Athletic, Stout, Bibilous, and Brave. Each year SSCXWC brings together the greatest well-rounded riders in the world to test their mettle through Feats of Strength and the most demanding cyclocross courses known to man.

Chris King Bourbon is in Stock Now For those waiting on its release, Chris King has stocked the first run of its small batch bourbon components. This includes hubs, headsets, and bottom brackets. All in stock now and ready to ship. Head to Chris King now for ordering!

We Hope You Had a Great Holiday Weekend!… and You Can Win Some Stuff! Did you get caught in some snow? We'd like to open up the comment section to any photos you took of your long weekend rides and we'll pick some winners to send some care packages to. You've got all week to do so! We'll look at the number of.

Paul Component Engineering's Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Box Set! 30 years of making dang fine parts in Chico, California is something worth celebrating! Paul Component is celebrating three decades of millin' metal with this run of limited edition box sets. Included in the hand-numbered kit are 2 Short-Pull I.S. Klamper Brakes, 1 Pair of Short-Pull Brake Levers, 1 Quick Release Seat Collar, and 1 Bottle Opener.

High Above's New Minimal Hip Pack the Nexus Sometimes you don't want to carry a whole pack when you go for a ride. Sometimes your favorite mountain bike barely has room for a single water bottle. Sometimes a product comes out that you never knew you needed until you see it.

Ponied Up with Salsa Cycles' Rustler 150mm Trail MTB Alrighty, y'all today we are talking about the Rustler from Salsa Cycles, their new "ultimate trail bike" with 130mm of split pivot rear travel and a 150mm Rock Shox Pike taking care of business out front. Now that's about enough for numbers for awhile, I ain't no nerd talking about leverage ratios at an Interbike booth ok?

Bombtrack Presents the Veneto Trail 2020 With the Dolomites as the backdrop, the Veneto Trail is equal parts hard, as it is stunning. This year's route - which changes each year - totals 450km of distance with over 10,000 meters of elevation. Mark your calendars for June 27th, 2020!

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We the People's 27.5″ Avenger Has Old School MTB Vibes Klunkers and Cruisers, the early mountain bikes, took to the fire roads of Marin back in the 1970's. Klunkers had a derailleur and hand brakes while Cruisers had coaster brakes only. The disambiguation of these two terms doesn't count for much these days, as just about any bike that looks like this will be dubbed a "klunker".

The Hunt 1000: Bikepacking the Australian Alps The Hunt 1000 is an intense bikepacking route through the Australian Alps. This video, produced by Hunt Bikes, really showcases this breathtaking event. For a more in-depth and personal look, be sure to read Jorja's recap from last year!

Global Fixed-Gear Bicycle Market Competitor Landscape, Growth, Opportunity Analysis, Trends & Forecast 2019-2024 The Global Fixed-Gear Bicycle Market Outlook Report is a comprehensive study of the Fixed-Gear Bicycle industry and its future prospects. The Fixed-Gear Bicycle market accounted for $XX million in 2018, and is expected to reach $XX million by 2024, registering a CAGR of YY% from 2019 to 2024.

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Mom and pop bike shop's been around 93 years but it hasn't always been an easy ride And the family has stayed in the business for nearly a century by keeping its focus on basic bikes and basic repairs.

Abus MonTrailer Ace MIPS Bike Helmet Offers Solid Safety The Abus MonTrailer Ace MIPS mountain bike helmet boasts unique features like a transulcent visor and a simplified chin strap.

Australia v Pakistan: second Test, day one - live! Despite the loss of over an hour's play to rain David Warner and Marnus Labuschagne did not skip a beat in that session. Their proactive partnership is already in excess of 100 and during the last ten overs they've been rattling along at more than four rpo.

Pru Life UK launches UCI 2.2 PRURide PH 2020 Pru Life UK is set to launch another edition of PRURide PH, the country's biggest cycling festival. In 2020, Pru Life UK is bringing its high-octane races to Clark, Pampanga, taking place from March 11 to 15.

Marvel Gifts: Avengers, Spider-Man and More in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Young readers will love this cosmic adventure in which Captain Marvel, Iron Man and the Hulk facing off against enemies on the surface of the moon. For adults who grew up on Little Golden Books, they'll love introducing the next generation to the format that is packed with fun storytelling and great illustrations.

WeThePeople Releases BMX-Inspired 27.5″ Klunker BMX brand WeThePeople has come up with their own take on the classic Klunker mountain bike with their new 27.5" cruiser bike called the Avenger. Featuring a full steel frame and some decent size trail tyres, this bike is built for playing in the woods as well as street riding.

Atlas Mountain Race The Atlas Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race that starts in Marrakesh, crosses the Moroccan Atlas before taking riders through the Anti-Atlas and on to Agadir. The clock does not stop and there are no prizes.

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BLB x Squid x Spray.Bike So-Ez tracklocross takes fixed gear off-road, in custom paint Its geometry is said to be "designed for off road agility and sweet skids". What that translates to is geometry not far off from a World Cup level cyclocross race bike, but with a lot less bottom bracket drop so you might just have a chance of riding it around steep off cambers without a fixie pedal strike.

Trek Fuel EX 8 2020 Review The Fuel EX 8 is an impressively capable, versatile, and well-rounded trail bike that is ready for anything you are. Trek redesigned the Fuel EX models for…