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As Syphilis Invades Rural America, a Fraying Health Safety Net Is Failing to Stop It When Karolyn Schrage first heard about the "dominoes gang" in the health clinic she runs in Joplin, Mo., she assumed it had to do with pizza. Turns out it was a group of men in their 60s and 70s who held a standing game night - which included sex with one another.

Alligator Roaming Miami's Little Havana Killed by Trapper An alligator possibly up to 12 feet in length found roaming around Miami's Little Havana neighborhood was put down by a trapper on Friday. A Miami Fire Rescue crew spotted the alligator at the intersection of Northwest 37th Avenue and 13th Street Friday night while en route to the station.

Treatment of grandchildren in The Villages As stated in a previous letter, we are heading back north after the Easter holiday. It has been wonderful seeing all of the grandchildren here for their school break and for Easter. Fortunately, these children aren't not treated with the same disdain as we snowbirds.

Tony Blair: migrants should be forced to integrate more to combat far right The former prime minister said that successive governments had "failed to find the right balance between diversity and integration", while the concept of multiculturalism has been misused as a way to justify a "refusal to integrate".

Billy Vunipola helps Saracens power past Munster into Champions Cup final Billy Vunipola scored a try for Saracens in their 32-16 Champions Cup semi-final against Munster, but was booed throughout the match.

Fake officer pulls over a real undercover officer in Florida - Authorities say a Florida man impersonating an officer flipped the red and blue lights on his SUV while unknowingly trying to stop a car with a real officer. The Tampa Bay Times reports 26-year-old Matthew Erris was arrested on a charge of impersonating a public officer.

Putting the east in Easter: Ukrainian decorated eggs - in pictures Easter egg decoration is keeping Ukrainian traditions alive.

Egyptians vote in snap referendum on keeping Sisi in power Polling stations across Cairo filled with people as Egyptians voted in a snap referendum expected to allow President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to remain in power until 2030. Six people told the Guardian that they had been bussed to the polls from working-class areas, and given bags of food in exchange for their vote.

Cardi B rejects plea deal after fight at New York strip club Fans gather as rapper attends court following incident last year, in which police say an argument led to brawl.

Arkansas officer who fired 15 shots into car, killing driver, faces no charges "The family disagrees with the prosecutor's decision and will be undeterred in our pursuit of justice." The video showed that almost immediately after Blackshire's car backed into a space in a parking lot, a police SUV arrived with lights on and stopped nearby.

Corporate America embraces 420 as pot legalization grows LOS ANGELES - Marijuana users have for decades celebrated their love of the drug on April 20, but the once counter-culture celebration that was all about getting stoned now is so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it.

Police: Attacker kills 1 woman, injures 2nd in NYC apartment NEW YORK - Police say a woman was hacked to death and a second woman is being treated for stab wounds after a killer who may have used an ax attacked them inside a Brooklyn apartment. Police say the carnage was discovered after the surviving victim hailed an Uber outside the Housing Authority's Bushwick Houses at 1:30 a.m.

Boy Injured in Mall of America Fall Is 'Showing Real Signs of Recovery' The family of a 5-year old boy who was thrown off a third-floor balcony by a man at the Mall of America last Friday say their son is "showing real signs of recovery," despite remaining in intensive care for over a week, NBC News reported. "We have good news to share with you on this good Friday.

NKorea issues mild criticism of Bolton over media interview SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea on Saturday issued a relatively mild criticism of White House national security adviser John Bolton for calling on North Korea to show more evidence of its disarmament commitment before a possible third leaders' summit.

The Thai children putting a brave face on the horror of sexual abuse When photographer Marieke van der Velden was asked by the Dutch charity Down to Zero to do an awareness-raising project on Thai children who had been victims of commercial sexual exploitation, she was uncertain how to proceed. For obvious reasons, her subjects' faces could not be shown.

Kacey Musgraves: from liberal misfit to country's biggest star "I might be warned, but that doesn't mean I'm going to listen." Golden Hour represents a change in her writing towards greater space and tenderness.

The 'debate of the century': what happened when Jordan Peterson debated Slavoj Žižek Peterson retreats into "the integrity of character" and Judeo-Christian values as he sees them. Unfortunately, this brief moment of confrontation of their shared failure couldn't last. They returned to their natural subject: who is the enemy?

Ukraine election set to deliver damning verdict on traditional politics At Friday's unorthodox debate between Zelenskiy and Poroshenko, held inside Kyiv's Olympic Stadium at Zelenskiy's insistence, the shallowness of real support for him was visible: while Poroshenko filled out his section, Zelenskiy was cheered on by a meagre contingent of fans.

ICYMI: Miami Housing Crisis; Hooded Burglar Here are some of this week's top stories from the NBC 6 Weekend Digest:. What Miami Is Doing About Affordable Housing Crisis. The City of Miami is creating a "master plan" to address its affordable housing crisis, with a goal of creating 12,000 affordable units by 2024.

11-foot alligator captured in Miami MIAMI - A Miami Fire Rescue crew came across an 11-foot alligator lurking around a Miami neighborhood. The team had noticed something strange during their drive back to the station near Northwest 13th Street and 37th Avenue, Friday night. At first, the crew thought the reptile was a body until they realized it was actually an alligator.

National Park Week kicks off Saturday with free entry The 2019 National Park Week has kicked off across the country. To celebrate the week, many national parks across the country will be allowing people in for free, Saturday. National parks will be waiving admission fees throughout Saturday, including the Everglades National Park.

Orlando State Reps Want Funds For Affordable Housing A national study recently ranked metro Orlando as the worst place in the country for affordable homes for low-income renters. The Sadowski affordable housing trust fund has more than $300 million in it. However, according to representatives, the fund is raided by lawmakers year after year for other things.

The board games turning science into playtime It was a problem that John Coveyou, a designer based in St Louis, Missouri, was keen to solve. A former chemistry teacher, Coveyou even went as far as to form a company, Genius Games, devoted to player-friendly Stem games.

We watched Notre Dame burn. Can we recapture her spirit? We need certitudes in life. They are the frameworks of our existence, the reasons we can endure hardship and survive traumas. Notre Dame was one of them. If Notre Dame, 850 years of history, can go up in flames in just a few hours, if Notre Dame can be destroyed, then everything can disappear: democracy, peace, fraternity.

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