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The illusion of see and avoid Until recently, collisions between aircraft were rare, supposedly because pilots used See and Avoid. But now ADS-B information displayed in our cockpit on the iPad reveals that this explanation just wasn't correct.

"Raise the Flying Carpet: Shipwrecks over Arizona," Remembering Clive Cussler, Greg's legacy Flying Carpet column Clive Cussler!” I said, “He writes the Dirk Pitt novels, like Raise the Titanic and Inca Gold. And he discovered the Confederate submarine, Hunley.”.

Hot chicken, icy wings Depends on the day, I guess. We took off from runway 2C and got into the clouds at around 2300 feet. The leg to Nashville did quite a lot to make me more comfortable flying in IMC, so as we went into clouds, I told Gary that I was far less nervous now than I was when we started out.

1911: The Worlds First Air Mail Delivery Gets Off the Ground in India - Transportation History February 18, 1911 The world’s first official mail delivery via airplane took place in the northern area of the present-day Republic of India. At the time, this region of India was under British rul…

Daredevil Flat-Earther Mike Hughes Killed in Homemade Rocket Launch Mishap Modern-day daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes died in a mishap while flying aboard an amateur-built rocket, apparently after a mishap with his parachute. The crash took place near Barstow, California, in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

ADS-B Update 2020 The following is an overview of what ADS-B is, which countries already require ADS-B and those who have upcoming mandates:. ADS stands for "Automatic Dependent Surveillance" - a surveillance capability used for tracking aircraft. There are two commonly recognized types of ADS: ADS-B and ADS-C.

Kobe Bryant Crash Fallout. Three Things The Public Still Doesn’t Get - P&P Kobe Bryant crash fallout: The helicopter accident that killed the superstar and eight others, was the result of forces beyond the knowledge of non-pilots.

CubCrafters NX Cub: Revolutionary…& Polarizing With brilliant tech and stunning performance, the NX Cub seems to have it all. But does it have one thing too many for some backcountry pilots?

Alaska: if I can do it… He didn't see that one coming. He is long gone but his stories remain. For a lifetime I've always been fascinated with anything that flies. It doesn't have to go fast or shoot things down, but the idea of soaring, gliding, climbing or hovering has never escaped me.

The Ladies Love Taildraggers' Pilot Community!! Yes, we're a true community of lady taildragger pilots and it's apparent in this simple post. As an organization, we come from many different aviation backgrounds - or none at all, and yet we've all come together to focus and highlight the incredible joy that comes from flying a taildragger.

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Light Sport Aircraft aren't selling well, but the LSA rule has still worked Have Light Sport Aircraft taken off in popularity since then? Are Sport Pilot certificates more common now that the economy is stronger? At the risk of provoking another argument, my review of the data suggests no. The Light Sport world is still alive, but it's a niche industry with few breakout winners.

One day private jet charter - PrivateFly Blog If you're looking to plan an extra-special day trip, here are just three ways private jet charter can make every minute count. Search for flights. Around 10% of our flights at PrivateFly are same day returns. In today's time-pressed world, a flying getaway is something that more and more private jet travellers are looking for.

Monday Morning Inspiration: Flying Sports Car 2.0 Http://

Two Cessna 210 Thunderstorm Accidents - Plane & Pilot Magazine An awful lot of people were shocked when legendary test pilot Scott Crossfield was killed on April 19, 2006, when his Cessna 210A crashed at Ludville, Georgia, after having flown into an area of intense to extreme thunderstorms, leaving the rest of us to ask how it could happen to such a highly respected and experienced pilot.

2019 Aircraft Sales: It Was A Great Year, Relatively Speaking, Anyway GAMA released its 2019 aircraft sales figures for last year. It was a mixed bag, though one company, Cirrus, stood above the rest.

Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week: Dash Cam Near Miss With SR20 This week's Plane and Pilot Photo Of The Week is one that you might have seen, from a seconds-long video snippet captured by a tow truck's dash cam as a plane, out of control, flashes past, scraping a wingtip as it travels toward what we figured was certain tragedy.

Jet-Powered Human, Ground Launched And Landed! You Will Not Believe What You're Seeing With his flight last week of a rigid-winged, jet-powered, weight-shift controlled aircraft, 36-year-old Vince Reffet set the aviation world on its ear, though word of the achievement, which spread like jet-powered wildfire through the human flight community, has only started to trickle out in the general aviation world as a whole.

Friday Photo: the Rio Grande The view: The Rio Grande. The pilot: Jason Harrison. The airplane: Cessna 182. The mission: Flying from Albuquerque to Las Cruces, New Mexico, for my sister's wedding. The memory: A clear view of the varied landscape of the Southwest. Want to share your "Friday Photo?" Send your photo and description to: [email protected]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow… Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly And the dreams that you dream of Dreams really do come true” — - Isidore Hochb…

Plane Facts: Rocket Planes Rocket planes are the poster child for this kind of obsolescence, as very high - powered turbojet, turbofan and ram jet engines have taken their place in the world, and the experimentation that they once allowed is more easily and cheaply done with other kinds of machines.

A long cross country and a lesson learned About an hour into the trip I received an alert from the multifunction display that the cylinder temperatures in my left engine were into the red zone. Checking the engine monitor, I saw that my fourth cylinder was indeed well above the red line. Oh boy!

The Big Push You're actually, really, truly going 60 percent faster than that. Your true airspeed, in other words, is somewhere around 500 knots. The plane, though, is stupid, and it only feels like it's moving at 260 or 280 knots.

Rodney's Aviation Ramblings Contact Wellington Aero Club. They are very happy to help you fly this or one of the other aircraft in the fleet.

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