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Fortnite players are literally fishing for bots now With the addition of fishing rods in Fortnite Chapter 2, players are using them actually fish for bots and bring them to their death. Most players think of a fishing rod as something that will be used to, you know, fishing for fish, but some are using as a way to actually fish for players.

Fortnite pro Bugha announces new FCS Squad Bugha announced that he was leaving his squad of Saf, Zayt, and Stretched. He has now announced his new squad for the FCS. Twitter was bubbling today with the news that one of the top Fortnite pros in the game, Bugha, was leaving his ream of Stretched, Saf, and Zayt.

Names and Rarities of All Leaked Fortnite Cosmetics Found in v11.01 Files - Skins, Back Blings, Pickaxes, Glider, Emotes / Dances & Wraps Here are all of the names and rarities of all of the leaked cosmetics that were found in the v11.01 Fortnite update, including Skins, Back Blings Pickaxes, Emotes and Wraps.

Epic Games respond to major Fortnite health bug in Slurpy Swamp There is a critical bug plaguing the Slurpy Swamp location on the new Fortnite Chapter 2 map, and Epic Games have finally spoken on the matter. Epic have announced that the issue with Slurpy Swamp has been fixed, and the Slurp Barrels will now again be giving health and shield when destroyed.

Giant Flopper fish are terrorizing Fortnite players No, the Fortnite Chapter 2 event hasn't started. That's just a giant Flopper fish running around the Fortnite map. Fishing has quickly become one of the essential strategies in Fortnite.

Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish is real and might be its deadliest weapon yet Have you heard tell of Fortnite's mythic goldfish? It torments fishermen, hoping to simply catch a glimpse of its gilded fins flurry by in the swift waters of the new map let alone catch the beast and change their fortunes forever. We weren't even sure the mythic goldfish was real, or even existed, until recently.

Fortnite WC winner Bugha looking for a new FCS squad after streaming debate One of the top professional Fortnite players in the world, Bugha, is looking for a new squad for the Fortnite Champion Series. Fortnite fans everywhere know the name Bugha. He was the winner of the first Fortnite World Cup solo competition, winning $3,000,000 and exploding in popularity.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 - 10 Settings You Need To Change On Console To Improve Your Battle Royale Ranking Explore the new Settings in Fortnite: Chapter 2 with these community-driven tweaks.

Fortnite data miner unearths new starter pack for Chapter 2, season 1 Another discounted bundle may be on its way.

Two New Fortnite Encrypted v11.01 Skins Leaked In-Game Footage - Final Reckoning Bundle & Pack In the v11.01 Fortnite update, there were many Halloween cosmetics that were leaked and it looks like data-miners have found two new Skins that are encrypted which will likely be in the Final Reckoning Bundle. Here is what they look like in-game.

Why isn't Epic releasing Fortnite patch notes? Epic has yet to release patch notes for Fortnite Chapter 2 or the subsequent update. This could be the reason why. Epic Games has been transparent with the Fortnite player base over the course of the first ten seasons.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Patch Makes Leveling Up Much Easier Following Fortnite: Battle Royale's latest update, daily punch cards and weekly challenges now give out considerably more XP, alleviating Chapter 2's heavy grind.

How to play Fortnite Chapter 2: Tips and strategies for beginners Fortnite, as well as games like PUBG and Apex Legends, is known as a battle royale game because it shares the same basic idea as the Japanese manga and movie "Battle Royale": everyone fights until only one person is left standing.

Fortnite v11.01 unofficial patch notes Epic has been reluctant to release Fortnite patch notes since Chapter 2 started. Here are the unofficial patch notes with all of the changes we know about. For some reason, Epic seems to have an ax to grind with people who want to know the exact changes they make to Fortnite.

Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish Is No Joke Most Fortnite players believed Chapter 2's Mythic Goldfish item to be unobtainable because of how rare it was, but new evidence has surfaced to show that it's indeed real and is actually quite the powerful weapon.

All Fortnite leaked skins, variants, and more for v11.01 A new Fortnite update means a new list of leaked Fortnite skins, emotes, pickaxes, and more. Take a look at all of the leaked skins for patch 11.01. Fortnite released the first real update of Chapter 2, which included a list of leaked skins for data miners to find and share with us.

Fortnite pro Bugha explains why he's looking for a new FNCS squad Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf has revealed that he's looking for a new squad for the FNCS, but he does have one condition.

'Fortnite' Patch Notes: Here Are The Changes In Chapter 2's New Update I'm not sure if this is going to be the policy going forward, but Epic seems to be doing something interesting here in Fortnite chapter 2. We saw this after the first update, and now we're seeing it again: the developer is declining to release official patch notes, instead just asking people to go forth, conquer, and see what's new.

The best Halloween costumes in 2019, from Star Wars to Fortnite This particular costume gets you the robes and tunic as seen in The Force Awakens, as almost everyone seems to have run out of his Rise of Skywalker get-up. Because it comes with a half mask, you could always grab the full helmet for less with this offer.

Logitech CEO says gaming business not reliant on Fortnite ZURICH - Logitech International said its gaming business had not run out of steam despite seeing its sales of its peripherals for gamers increasing by only 2% during its latest quarter, Chief Executive Bracken Darrell said on Tuesday.

V11.01 Update Fortnite Chapter 2 Unofficial Patch Notes - XP/Levelling Buff, FPS fix, Bug Fixes Here's the full patch notes for today's v11.01 Fortnite update which includes new content for Save the World and fixes for Battle Royale. Epic Games announced that they'll be releasing the v11.01 Fortnite update today with downtime to begin at 4 AM ET.

Fortnite digital revenue sharply declined in September, marking its worst month of sales since 2017 Fortnite's revenue slid in September right as Season 10 was ending.

Bugha splits from squad ahead of Fortnite Championship Series Solo Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha announces intentions to look for a new team just one week ahead of the Fortnite Championship Series. The news comes only a week after Bugha announced he would be playing with previous teammate Stretch alongside power-couple bromance Saf and Zayt.

Harvard MBA Students Pay $110,000 to Case Study Fortnite Creator Epic Games Fortnite has joined the hallowed halls of Academia after Harvard published a case study on its creator Epic Games earlier this monmth.

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