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12 Clever Gifts People Who Are Obsessed With Fortnite Are Sure To Love Whether your friends or your kids can't stop playing Fortnite, these are the perfect game-themed gifts to buy them this year.

Fortnite In Game Tournaments Are Beginning This Week Epic Games stresses that players from all platforms will participate in the competition "as equals." Whether you're on a mouse, a controller, or a touch input device, you'll each have the chance to best one another to rise to the top. You can read more about the tournament on Epic Game's site, and the tournament schedules, below:.

Fortnite live stream: Kangaroos v Tonga In round two of the live stream Fortnite battle involving players from the end-of-season Test matches in New Zealand, the Kangaroos will be looking to restore some pride against players from Tonga.

Fortnite is getting in-game tournaments in next update Epic has announced that it's introducing Tournaments to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode as part of the game's imminent 6.10 update. Tournaments will be open to everyone, and are described as a chance for players to "compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory".

Fortnite Daily Item Shop - Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 Here you can find the Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop for Tuesday, October 16th, 2018. Alternatively, you can turn on Tweet Notifications for @FortniteINTEL to be notified right when the Item Shop updates. Due to popular request, Item Shop posts will now be daily rather than weekly.

Fortnite update 6.10 confirmed with patch notes and downtime news by Epic Games "With the release of v6.10, we're excited to introduce In-Game Tournaments which will be located in the new 'Events' section of Fortnite Battle Royale. "In-Game Tournaments are open to everyone and provide an opportunity for every player to compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory.

Fortnite update 6.10 coming TODAY with PS4 and Xbox patch notes and server downtime FORTNITE UPDATE 6.10 is coming today and will include all the big changes for PS4 and Xbox one in the patch notes.

'Fortnite' is getting a new mode for the most competitive players, as it builds towards a $1.1 million showdown "Fortnite"/Epic Games. "Fortnite: Battle Royale" will add a new tournament mode to the in-game events menu, giving players across all platforms a chance to play against each other in a competitive format.

Epic Games announce tournaments all Fortnite platforms combined Epic Games have announced a new batch of tournaments in Fortnite, with a bit of a twist this time - anyone on any Fortnite compatible platform can participate, with the same rule set. Yes, that means keyboard+mouse vs controller vs touch.

List of Fortnite bugs and issues expected to be fixed in upcoming v6.10 update Epic Games have disclosed a list of the bugs currently in Fortnite Battle Royale that are expected to be fixed in the upcoming v6.10 update.

Epic Games Sues YouTubers, Says They Were Selling ‘Fortnite’ Cheats "Although he claims to be 'against cheating in competitive play video games only makes these videos for entertainment that it brings on channel,' Lucas is using the videos to demonstrate and promote the hacks he sells, and to direct those who watch the videos to the websites where he sells them.

Glitch Allows Fortnite Players to Shoot Through Small Gaps in Brick Walls An existing glitch for Fortnite Battle Royale has been discovered by Reddit user CleverD3vil which could turn the tide of battle if popularised. You cannot actually shoot through walls in Fortnite, even if they appear to have holes and gaps scattered throughout the builds you place.

FOX on Games: Fortnite Merchandizing The creator of “Venom” and “Spawn” is crossing over into video games. FOX’s Eammonn Dignam has the details in this edition of “FOX on Games.”.

Ninja livestreams Fortnite with Ellen, episode will air tomorrow Update: Ninja's livestream with Ellen was over more quickly than expected, but you can catch a clip of it below courtesy of Rod Breslau. The actual episode featuring Ninja doing his thing will air tomorrow. Original story:. Last week, Ninja made a quick appearance on Ellen, where he did his best to teach her how to play Fortnite.

It's possible to shoot through walls in Fortnite using a simple building trick The latest building exploits allows players to shoot through walls with the use of just two walls and a door.

10 Easy Halloween costumes 10 Multipurpose Halloween costumes. Quick, Easy and cheap.

A 'Tournament' mode will be added to Fortnite with tomorrow's update Over the weekend, Fortnite data miners found and leaked files that seemed to indicate that the game would be adding a tournament mode. These guys and gals are usually right about these things, and indeed, it appears this time was no different. Today Epic announced that "In-Game Tournaments" were coming to Fortnite with the v6.10 patch.

Fortnite in-game tournaments starts this week Last week, Epic announced that with the Fortnite Battle Royale's v6.10 update they will introduce in-game tournaments. The in-game tournaments are open to anyone who plays Fortnite and on every platform. Each tournament will have specific dates and start times with all players, from casual to pro, starting with the same score.

Fortnite In-Game Tournaments Are Beginning Tomorrow Initially leaked by accident on October 11, Epic Games officially made the announcement today on their blog that In-Game Tournaments for Fortnite are beginning tomorrow, October 16. The addition will come with tomorrow's 6.10 update for the game.

Here's When 'Fortnite' Servers Go Offline Ahead Of Epic's Next Big Update Epic Games just announced that Fortnite: Battle Royale is scheduled to go offline this Tuesday. Here's what you need to know.

In-game tournaments are coming to Fortnite tomorrow, here's how to join in Located under the battle royale events tab, these tournaments will be open to all players and, in the future, feature a scoring system which will "qualify you to win prizes." In-game tournaments will be cross-platform, so you'll need to opt into crossplay to participate.

Fortnite Crossplay In-Game Tournaments Coming With Next Update Fortnite still doesn't have a full-fledged competitive esports mode, and probably won't for a while, but Epic Games have just announced In-Game Tournaments will be part of their next update.

First 'Fortnite' In-Game Tournament Set To Begin This Week The first "Fortnite" in-game tournament, which is open to players of all ages and skill levels, is set to begin Oct. 16.

Fortnite Tournament Dates & Information Epic Games has announced the upcoming in-game Fortnite tournament system. The first Fortnite tournament starts soon - here's all you need to know!

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