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The 5 best skins to grab in Fortnite: Battle Royale There are over 100 different skins available in Fortnite, so whittling them down to just five was no easy task. We decided to do a mix-and-match of our top five skins based on the most popular ones that we enjoy the most. With that in mind, here are five of the best skins to grab in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Over 1,000 Fortnite World Cup Cheaters Squashed With Mighty Banhammer Cheating is undoubtedly a problem in Fortnite; Epic Games has released a report that shows that over 1,000 players were banned for cheating during the Fortnite World Cup event. However, some of the players accused of cheating deny the accusation.

Disney's biggest competitor isn't Netflix - it's Fortnite Chances are that if you're reading this article, you grew up in a vastly different media environment to kids today. The reason we're so excited about Disney+ is because it appeals to us, our interests and our sense of nostalgia. But if you're eleven years old today, your world isn't one of Marvel and Disney Princesses.

Fortnite Jigsaw pieces, Paradise Park Treasure Map, giant phones and ALL Week 8 challenges FORTNITE fans can unlock new rewards and bonus XP by completing Week 8 challenges.

Fortnite, the Sack of Runes Begin to Move The mysterious Fortnite Runes of Sacking Runes have begun to move on the game map, is a new event coming? Let's find out the details. Fortnite Battaglia Reale is certainly one of the most famous games in the world today: it has become so thanks to strange, curious, bizarre live events that it has proposed to its players over the last year.

Tfue cries with laughter as xQc smashes desk in Fortnite rage The two streamers provided a host of funny moments as they paired up in game.

Fortnite’s World Cup Creative challenges builders instead of shooters this summer 20th April 2019 / 10:00AM. Fortnite Battle Royale is feeling more and more like a misnomer of late. Its most recent foray out of the genre is a competitive Creative World Cup, five trials based around specific challenges created by famous Fortniters, with a final running alongside the regular World Cup finals this July.

Fortnite Item Shop 20th April - New Nitehare Easter Fortnite skin, Steel Carrot Pickaxe, Bunny Hop Emote The Fortnite Item Shop has updated for the 20th April. Here are all of the skins, pickaxes, emotes and gliders available today. Today's shop includes the brand new Nitehate Fortnite skin, Steel Carrot Pickaxe and Bunny Hop Emote.

All unreleased Fortnite cosmetics as of v8.40 Fortnite patch v8.40 has gone live with the new Infantry Rifle variants. Here you can find all unreleased cosmetics that are currently present in the files. Many Fortnite fans are interested in seeing what Epic has up their sleeves, before it is officially released or revealed.

Bunny Hop and Daydream Emote Dance, Floppy Skin in Fortnite Shop This was the case when the daily Fortnite item shop updated on Friday, April 19th with the debut of the Bunny Hop emote dance, Daydream emote dance, and the Floppy skin.

Fortnite Item Shop Purchase "Undo" Feature Coming In Season 9 A confirmation for purchasing items in the Fortnite Item shop will be added to in Season 9. The Fortnite Shop is where players are able to purchase cosmetics with the Fortnite currency, V-Bucks. The cosmetics players can purchase are skins, pickaxes, gliders, emotes and wraps.

Fortnite and Smash Bros. Ultimate - Switch 'My Way' commercial Ultimate - Switch 'My Way' commercial.

Fortnite Concept to Make Contrails More Useful Here is a concept that will give contrails another use in Fortnite Battle Royale. Contrails are a cosmetic that were initially added to Fortnite Battle Royale in the Season 4 Battle Pass and they can be seen in-game when players jump from the Battle Bus.

Fortnite Loot Lake Rune Season 8 Live Event Time and More This reveal of the Loot Lake and the appearance of a mysterious rune has led the Fortnite community to believe that one of Epic Games' signature live in-game events for the battle royale game is on the horizon for Season 8 and will take place at a time in the near future.

CouRage JD will be casting the Fortnite World Cup The former OpTic Gaming streamer who has a background in Call of Duty casting will be taking those talents to the Fortnite desk. CouRage JD is a popular streamer in the Fortnite community. He is a key member of the streamer group that includes Ninja, DrLupo, TimtheTatMan and others.

Epic Games disables Reboot Van in all Fortnite competitive modes Epic Games has announced that it will be disabling the Reboot Van from all competitive modes, and will be looking to re-release it on a future date. Epic is removing the Reboot Van because the team has discovered an issue where the van will affect scoring in competitive.

Fortnite players are pushing a floating alien rune across the island Fortnite appears to be gearing up for its next in-game event, and it may not surprise longtime fans to know that this one is again focused on Loot Lake.

New Leaked Fortnite Nitehare Easter Skin, Pickaxe and Back Bling A new easter themed skin, pickaxe and back bling has been leaked from the Fortnite files. New files are typically added in Fortnite updates that require downtime and in the v8.40 update, there weren't that many cosmetics that were leaked as it seems Epic are encrypting some files to ensure data-miners do not leak them once they have been added.

Everything we know about Fortnite Season 9 A mysterious vault, floating runes, and ruin—find out when Fortnite Season 9 releases, what kind of map changes we expect, and everything else we know so far.

Fortnite Update 2.16 Live Now, Resolves Some Minor Issues The 2.16 update fixes players experiencing increased hitching toward the end of games, extra buttons on mobile devices not functioning properly, bushes not appearing in any game modes after playing a match in the Air Royale, as well as several other things.

Fortnite Deep Fried - What is the new Fortnite Deep Fried LTM? The new Fortnite Deep Fried LTM mixes Food Fight with the Floor is Lava. Players must protect their mascot while avoiding the constant rising lava.

Leaked Fortnite Battle Royale 'Nitehare' Easter skin is terrifying The new Easter cosmetics aren't what you'd expect.

Fortnite's Loot Lake Mystery Rune Device Could Actually A Massive, Buried Flying Saucer I think we are seeing the top of a giant flying saucer buried in the Fortnite map. One that could very well rise out of the earth and rip up a huge chunk of the map as it does so. Why do I think this? Two reasons. First, what we're seeing with our own eyes.

Ninja loses it with TimTheTatman yet again after hilarious Fortnite fail Is this Fortnite Battle Royale loss Ninja or Tim's fault?

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