Epic Games - Fortnite game data loss

Conversation started by Daniel Love

Daniel Love • Nov 25, 2019

Has anyone had their games data lost by #EpicGames, well my sons has been and they cant restore from a backup, i work in IT and know how important it is to have data backed up in case of a server failure or corruption to webfarms, so when the account was un-linked on the epic games website, i raised a support ticket with them to try and find the account it was originally linked with, gave them all the email addresses that it could have possibly been linked with, the accounts then were earmarked for deletion - which i thought they would've stopped as i raised this ticket - I then managed to find the right account from fault finding but then a couple of days later it was deleted - i was absolutely gutted, for me and my son as he had built up his fortnite data over the last 3 years, not to mention the thousands of pounds i had spent on it. My son doesn't feel like playing it anymore due to the fact that everything he had built up is gone.
so accepting that they cant get the data back i asked if (as a good will gesture) they could credit a newly created epic games account to compensate for the loss of game data and save the world, guess what, they haven't replied, this is why I'm posting now to see if anyone else has lost any of their data???

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