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Lightning struck when a Royals player sat on Iron Throne from 'Game of Thrones' But there's a popular show he's not really interested in watching: HBO's "Game of Thrones." The irony is that Tuesday is "Game of Thrones" night at Kauffman Stadium, and the Royals will be giving out a bobblehead of Yost on the Iron Throne. "No, I've never seen 'Game of Thrones.' Not one show, I don't even know where it's at.

Emilia Clarke Says Farewell to Thrones & Kit Harington's Hair Watch Returns! The actors who have arguably become the stars of Game of Thrones in the last few years, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, may have finished-or may be about to finish-filming season eight, which would mean every scene with Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow has been shot… and that Game of Thrones may be wrapping up very, very soon!

Joe Dempsie talks 'Game Of Thrones' season 8: 'Your filming dates are on a need to know basis' "The offer for 'Deep State' didn't come too long after I had finished season 7. In between I went to do a little indie job in London.

Khaleesi Says Goodbye To 'Game Of Thrones' Fans may have to wait until 2019 for the end of @Game of Thrones, but cast members are already saying goodbye.

Game Of Thrones Overload As 2018 began so did a very sad realization, there would be no Game of Thrones this year. As if it wasn't bad enough that Season 8 will be the shows last season, HBO is making us wait for it. With no official release date all anyone really knows is that it will be in 2019.

Emilia Clark Says An Emotional Goodbye To 'Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clark, who may be better known as her iconic character Daenerys Targaryen, the Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons, has officially finished filming her scenes and decided to commemorate her time on Game of Thrones with a heartfelt Insta.

'Role' with the Punches While spending some time on this idea of roles, I quickly arrived at roles I also know are NOT mine. The hats I can't wear and the titles best suited for others. Let's play a quick game of "never have I ever":. My greater understanding for 'Role-ing with the punches' has immensely helped me be a better human being.

Season 8 filming: The Red Keep changes color again And at the moment, there are still things happening at the ginormous King's Landing set at Titanic Studios, specifically to a wall of the Red Keep the production built. That's what the wall has looked like for the bulk of filming. The Red Keep is painted red - who knew?

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Poised to Make an Emmy Comeback While nominations haven't yet been released, no one should be surprised if HBO's "Game of Thrones" rules over Emmy season yet again. While "Thrones" sat out last season due to its production and release schedule, new dramas leapt to the forefront to fill the void.

Emilia Clarke Is Here To Remind Us That "Game Of Thrones" Is Ending Sooner Than We Think She got sentimental on Instagram.

Kit Harington plans to cut his hair after finishing Game of Thrones It got to the point where some people were reporting on Harington's hair length, watching to see if was ever shorn, thus proving that Jon Snow really was gone. Of course, you know the end of that story. Harington didn't cut his hair and Jon Snow was resurrected.

Emilia Clarke wrote an emotional message to the 'Game of Thrones' family she will 'never stop missing' After almost a decade working on the show, "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke wrote an emotional goodbye to the "Game of Thrones" family. "Hopped on a boat to an island to say goodbye to the land that has been my home away from home for almost a decade," Clarke wrote.

Kit Harington Shares His Plan for ‘Getting Rid of Jon Snow’ After ‘Game of Thrones’ Ends Production The clock is ticking for HBO's "Game of Thrones." Emilia Clarke is already sharing goodbye notes to the cast and crew as production on the final season continues, and now Kit Harington has revealed some of his plans for what he'll do once production on the final episode ends.

Candidate wants to march corrupt politicians through the streets, “Game of Thrones-style” Saperstein is running to replace Pamela Harris, who recently resigned after pleaded guilty to stealing funds meant to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, among other things. Saperstein's proposal would only apply to future cases, though. Oh, and if you're wondering, neither nudity nor forced haircuts are part of Saperstein's plan.

Game of Thrones season 8: Why is Jaime Lannister teaming up with Davos Seaworth? Season eight of Game of Thrones will be bringing the epic A Song of Ice and Fire saga to a close with allegiances formed between the most unlikely characters. One of the most stranger partnerships will be Jaime Lannister and Davos Seaworth.

Winds of Winter: George RR Martin ‘REGRETS killing Game of Thrones character’ - who is it? But given that fans have been waiting for The Winds of Winter since A Dance With Dragons' release back in 2011, it's still more than feasible for the struggle to be The Winds of Winter-related. Martin confirmed in a blog post earlier this month that the new novel will remain his top priority despite new projects.

Emilia Clarke says goodbye to Game of Thrones after season 8 filming wraps The end is nigh for Game of Thrones fans - for its cast and crew, it's already come and gone. Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, wrote: "Sweet words. Love you and HOLY balls. #itistheend" John Bradley-West, who plays Samwell Tarly, commented: "It's been the best.

Emilia Clarke said an emotional goodbye to 'Game of Thrones' The 31-year-old actress took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal she had visited the set of the hit HBO fantasy drama - which will air its eighth and final season next year - in order to officially say goodbye to the show in which she has played mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen since the show's first episode in 2011.

Game of Thrones final season could bring the Dothraki back She's also teamed up with Tyrion, and her faithful retinue includes eunuch Grey Worm, Missandei and Jorah Mormont. Jon Snow's pal Samwell Tarly and his partner Gilly discovered some vital secrets about Westerosi history during their time at the Citadel, and you just know it'll all eventually come out.

Emilia Clarke Shares a Heartbreaking Goodbye to Game of Thrones And if you thought Clarke's note was a tearjerker, wait until you read her costars' responses. Jason Momoa, who played her onscreen husband Khal Drogo, continued his never-ending praise for the actress. "Love u. Proud of you," he wrote. Lena Headey, known as cold Cersei Lannister, offered a warm reply: "Sweet words.

Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Jorah Mormont’s fate revealed in hint you missed "Jeor requests that Sam tells Jorah that his last wish is that he becomes the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch." Jorah's father Jeor was the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, so could his son follow in his footsteps? The fan added: "I am very hopeful that it's foreshadowing.

Outlander author talks about George R.R. Martin’s struggles writing The Winds of Winter Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series and a friend of Martin's, recently backed up that idea when speaking with fans last week. We're not sure what question inspired her to talk about this conversation she had with Martin, but it was interesting.

Emilia Clarke Is Already Saying "Goodbye" to Game of Thrones "The human embodiment of a wonderwall. Thank you #liamghallager for the reminder." she wrote, sprinkling her post with a series of hashtags like "#90'stributebandlookalikes? #motherofsingalongs #heartbreakclub #almostover." The rest of the cast has also been preparing themselves for the end of the series.

Emmy Nominations 2018: Variety’s TV Critics on Their Dream Picks This year's Emmy nominations are almost upon us, and with the possibilities more scattered than usual, so are our opinions on who deserves to get a nod.

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