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Will Amazon's Wheel of Time show adapt the prequel novel New Spring? Even if production on Amazon's Wheel of Time show is stalled thanks to the coronavirus, an adaptation of Robert Jordan's mammoth, 14-book fantasy series is well on the way, and we're still teasing out new details. The Wheel of Time tells a sweeping tale full of adventure, magic and battle.

Best Game of Thrones episodes: the greatest GoT of all time The best Game of Thrones episodes revealed. These are the greatest GoT episodes of all time.

Jamie Redknapp says watching Game Of Thrones gave him nightmares Jamie Redknapp has revealed watching Game Of Thrones gives him nightmares. The former footballer was asked by fans which box sets he's been getting into recently. And he said that although he loves the HBO fantasy drama, he gets scared if he watches it too late.

Sean McVay is finally watching 'Game of Thrones' while under quarantine LA Rams coach Sean McVay is binge-watching "Game of Thrones" while staying home during the coronavirus crisis.

'Survive': Sophie Turner after 'Game of Thrones' hasn't iterated success but Quibi's thriller may change that Received an Emmy nomination for her exemplary performance. It has been a year since the show came to an end, however, Turner hasn't had much of a chance to reiterate her success.

Watch Conor McGregor's bare knuckle fight with The Mountain from Game of Thrones before he knocked out Jose Aldo Despite giving away one foot in height and around 230 pounds in weight, Conor McGregor's impromptu sparring session with 'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones helped propel the Irishman into the mainstream.

People from The Tiger King as Game of Thrones characters—A reasoned analysis Well, it depends on who you ask. The generous explanation is that she, unlike Joe, doesn’t believe in big cat breeding or private ownership of cats in general, and thinks it should be illegal.

Take the Black Live: Cameos, coronavirus and The Tiger King We check in on the battered entertainment industry, look into a peak Game of Thrones fashion moment, and talk about shows from Devs to The Tiger King.

George R. R. Martin reveals the costume he wore for his unseen Game of Thrones cameo Martin recently revealed the costume he wore for his Game of Thrones cameo that the fans never got to saw.

Mulan, Black Widow, A Quiet Place Part II and more get new release dates Movie studios have had to pull several big-name films from the release schedule thanks to the coronavirus, but don't worry: there's a new plan.

Pixels & Ink: Episode #307 - Social Distance Cast On a very special episode of the Pixels and Ink Podcast the CGM crew, consisting of Joe, Lindsay, Brendan and Alex to talk about games, movies, and comics you can enjoy while hidden away from the rest of the world.

The Magicians showrunners planned a sixth season, just in case There are a least a few people in the world who don't have to wonder, as the showrunners revealed to Entertainment Weekly that they had a sixth season planned, just in case SyFy wanted to bring them back. "We have a document that may someday be available on eBay that is the arc of season 6," said co-showrunner John McNamara.

Binge It! Secret Wars Is Marvel's Answer to Dune and Game of Thrones The Magicians Is a Modern Heartfelt Fantasy for Adult Nerds Secret Wars is a 2015 miniseries from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic. It's not directly connected to 1984's Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, though the two books do share certain characters and plot elements.

I have fallen for woman I met playing Game of Thrones online DEAR DEIDRE: I'VE fallen for a girl I got to know as we play the Game Of Thrones game online but I don't know how she feels about me. We talk online most nights while playing. I have met her and her eight-year-old son in person a couple of times. After the first time, I told her how I feel about her.

Doctor Who crew live-tweets famous episode along with fans Raise your hand if you were blown away by the 2010 Doctor Who episode, "Vincent and the Doctor." I still remember watching that episode and feeling all the emotions as the series tackled the story of painter Vincent Van Gogh, played by Tony Curran. Matt Smith was playing the Doctor back then, with Karen Gillan as his companion Amy Pond.

Ad Astra, ’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Credit Designers Explain How to Create the Perfect Title Sequence "Ad Astra" and "Game of Thrones" credit designers say the best title sequences feed organically into a project.

TNT moves premiere of Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer series up two weeks Bong Joon-ho's harrowing tale of class conflict - no, not that one - is getting a TV show on TNT, and we all get to see it early!

Stream Game of Thrones online: how to watch every season from every country So if you're interested in doing the same, then this is the place to find out how to stream Game of Thrones online or to enjoy it on your TV. The great news is that it's easier than ever to watch Game of Thrones online; there's no way one of the most successful TV shows of recent times was going to be hard to get hold of.

Negan talks with Alpha's daughter in clip from new Walking Dead episode What about what comes next? got its hands on a clip from the upcoming episode, "The Tower," where Negan has a heart-to-heart with Alpha's daughter Lydia about murdering her mother. It's awkward:. The Walking Dead season 10 airs Sundays on AMC.

You can now watch HBO shows and movies for free! HBO is giving fans reason to stay at home during this time of crisis by making some shows and movies available for free…not Game of Thrones, though.

How To Get Away With Murder Is 'A Little Game Of Thrones' In Final Episodes How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 seems to share certain traits with Game of Thrones, according to its showrunner.

First look at Game of Thrones star in Killing Eve season 3 Game of Thrones actress Gemma Whelan will be fighting a new battle on our screens soon, as she enters the fore in season three of British spy thriller series Killing Eve. The actress will play Geraldine - Eve's former boss Carolyn 's daughter - who is decidedly different in character to her spy mother and brother, Kenny.

George R.R. Martin: Pandemic gives me “more time to finish The Winds of Winter” That's also true of A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin, who's taking to his Not a Blog more and often these days to write about this, that, and the other, because you've gotta do something to pass the time in captivity, right?

'Game of Thrones' star Michael Huisman is a cult leader in clip from horror-drama 'The Other Lamb' In director Małgorzata Szumowska's just-released horror-drama The Other Lamb, Michael Husiman from Game of Thrones plays a cult leader whose followers are either his wives or daughters. Among the latter group is Selah who is portrayed by Vox Lux and Snow White and the Huntsman actress Raffey Cassidy.

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