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The something garden It's been yet another busy couple of weeks. We had our 15 year wedding anniversary and had a lovely couple of days with a dinner at home with the girls on our actual anniversary and a night out in San Antonio the next night just the two of us.

The 3 Best Gardening Gloves For Poison Ivy After a day spent yanking weeds or laying down mulch, the last thing you want is to discover you've come in contact with poison ivy. Luckily, you can totally bypass this painful rash with the best gardening gloves for poison ivy.

Kim Kardashian Speaks Out On College Cheating Scandal, Opens Up About Decision To Become A Lawyer Kim Kardashian shares her views on the college cheating scandal in an upcoming interview with CNN's Van Jones, insisting that she would never take the route that's left stars Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin facing prison time.

Top spring gardening mistakes to avoid this holiday weekend This long weekend and for many eager gardeners it's the first time this year they'll be heading to their favourite nurseries for a much-anticipated gardening fix. CBC asked the experts for a few tips to guide gardeners. Don't plant too early.

Mason Bees A few years ago during spring, I noticed mason bees crawling into a gap in the rubber seal under our porch windows. A year later, the next generation emerged from there again, so I decided they needed a nicer home. I bought a mason bee house they now inhabit, resulting in the bee population multiplying considerably.

A bumper crop of tips for the budding gardener "They want to grow their own food or help pollinators or do something good for the environment: What we do when we garden has an impact on the natural world around us." As April winds down and we at last bid adieu to a winter that seemed endless, we can begin to imagine balmy days ahead.

Six on Saturday 20th April I won't be able to do a Six on Saturday definitely for the next two Saturdays so I thought I'd better knuckle down and do one today. Next Saturday we'll be on a plane on our way to Orlando and the Saturday after we'll be on a plane back.

Six on Saturday From Arley Hall Gardens 1 - This drift of Erythronium 'White Beauty' is calling out for a collective noun. An exhortation of trout lilies? or perhaps we need a water connection - a splash of trout lilies? The marbled foliage is enough to send me into raptures, as some of you may remember, so you can imagine my satisfaction when they are all topped with flowers.

Art, Gardening and Kittens! On my catching up with blogging timeline, were currently still in Spain. So let's jump back a few weeks to the beautiful Spanish sunshine and me rushing to get my artwork finished before my exhibition opening. In my last post, I mentioned being part of the ANA artist group and visiting one of their recent exhibitions.

Six on Saturday 20-04-2019 In a rare and unusual occurrence of historical significance, it will actually be beautiful weather this bank holiday weekend, at least round these parts. I have spent a few days in the garden, some welcome time off work, or not-gardening as I now call it.

Six on Saturday: 20.4.19 Ferns and fronds This last week has seen me unwrapping my tree fern from its Winter protection and the start of many of the fern fronds unfurling. Fresh fronds in Spring are one of the purest greens in the garden. They are a great joy to watch each year as they uncurl.

Year-round gardening: Going native by converting turf to native plants Maybe it’s the cost of water, or the mowing, or a desire to provide better habitat for native pollinators. Whatever the reason, you want to replace some of your lawn.

R is for Redbud Blooming in lines of pink across branches that Ms. Flora will not allow the rest of us squirrels to cross, Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis, is one of the most stunning of blooming trees. Or so says Ms. Flora, and she insisted we tell you that. Where we live in suburban Washington, D.

Gardening with Dave Allan: Worm composting Parrot Tulip Rococo has velvety red tepals, intricately fringed. Outside, the tepals are streaked with green and have a dusky bloom but, relaxed in the sun, they reveal sumptuous scarlet and a splash of yellow at the base.

Loaded "Guns" in Your Childish Hands Homeowners throughout the United States are wanting the grounds surrounding their homes to be aesthetically pleasing. So they invest in bushes, trees, flowering plants, hardscape, and maybe even a vegetable garden.

For plenty of delicious fruit, be sure to prune fruit trees If there's one group of plants that cries out for regular and careful pruning, it's fruit trees. Taste the sweetness of a perfectly ripe pear: That sweetness represents energy, and that energy comes from sunlight. With proper pruning, all the limbs of a fruit tree bask in sunshine.

Growing Concerns: Making a lawn seeding story short Mother Nature has been teasing us these last few weeks. We get beautiful warm days then, out of nowhere, the temperature drops and it feels like it could snow again. But let's be reasonable - it is still only April. But that does not stop us wanting to get outside and start prepping for summer.

The Three-Legged Stool of Disease Plant diseases can be a serious problem in fruit and vegetable crops. Diseases can stunt plant growth, reduce yields, and sometimes even kill the plant. There are many methods for keeping fruit and vegetable plants free of disease, but they all boil down to one concept.

Gardening tips: how to deal with nuisance bulbs Q My rockery is overrun with bulbs of Allium sphaerocephalon and Ipheion uniflorum, planted several years ago. I have tried digging them up, but they're hard work because the bulbs can be so tiny. What can I do?S Hartridge.

The Garden Has Been Calling It's cool and getting ready to rain right now, but for the past three days I have taken my coffee outside to sip while I watch the world around me grow. Some mornings were a tad chilly, but a towel on my bench and a blanket over my knees, hot coffee in hand - who cares as long as the sun peeps out from behind clouds?

Fetch Quests It's been a nice mixture of work recently, and last week I got a chance to pop over to Skye again for some Jimny-related jobs. Her MOT is coming up in May and there is a patch near the drivers side door that I discovered a few weeks ago that is probably in need of welding.

Administrative Errors And Random Plants Can't remember if I rescued these or not. Aquilegia. These came as mysterious white bulbs. Nearly ran riot in the garden. Spread way too much. Fine in pots. Bluebells or possibly Spanish Bluebells. I can't recall the amount of times I've upended this poor plant pot by mistake.

A great Good Friday I'm completely confused about what day it is! It feels so much like a Saturday because I haven't been at work. We even just had a Chinese takeaway for our dinner! I have to remind myself for the next half an hour that it's actually Friday because Gardeners' World is on, and it's back to hourly episodes tonight.

Glasgow! What to do with the four-day Easter weekend? Go to Scotland! In a fit of unreason I booked a 7am flight from Gatwick to Glasgow, which meant I had to get up at 3am to get to the airport on time. Since with work and packing and watching Fleabag I didn't get to bed until well after midnight, this was basically torture.

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