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Encouraging life into your garden: planting for black cockatoos I just had one of those awesome moments, as I watched a black cockatoo drink from my new birdbath for the first time. And I thought I'd share some big tips for getting these wonderful and rare birds into your garden… Help save an entire species, and get free help in the garden in exchange?

Summer 2018 It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. It has been both a fun and a busy summer here, as you can tell by this neglected blog. I decided to take a minute and just give a snapshot of what has been keeping K's busy. This year the plants were able to be spread over three gardens.

Citrus Trees Are Really Good To Scatter Around A House Deciding which trees and shrubs to plant can be an overwhelming task. There are thousands of choices to pick from when visiting your local garden center or when speaking with a landscape specialist. We have 12 years experience in doing simply that. We help customers make their dream outdoor areas come alive.

Forced Perspective I saw this to great effect in the Portland Japanese Garden's "Flat Garden," where the foreground of the space was predominately white gravel. Objects in the mid - and background appeared much smaller than they were due to the eye's inability to judge the horizontal dimension.

Plant Profile: Passiflora 'Snow Queen' I purchase the majority of my plants on a whim. Hands up, it's one of my greatest weaknesses, not to mention greatest expenses. I am a self-confessed, unashamed plantaholic, but I am not alone. Admit it, you've been there, confronted by a plant you have no place for and you just have to have it.

A Favorite Flower of August Makes it's Reapperance I never heard of resurrection lilies until I was almost twenty. A lady I worked with told me about them and gave me a start. I don't have them at my present home, but whenever we go for a drive I see them everywhere. Thankfully people planted them in the past, and they are very hardy, as I've only seen them at one nursery in recent years.

Rose Rosette Virus So far I've devoted this blog to beautiful things in the garden, such as heritage roses and trellised arches covered in rambling blossoms. Today, however, we take a turn for the ugly to discuss a particularly virulent rose disease called Rose Rosette.

Indoor Gardening NewsWatch 12's Caitlin Harvey is with OSU Master Gardener Jane Moyer with tips on gardening in doors.

Gardening & Sewing Oh My! The two weeks or so I've been neck deep in projects. I had to finish up a baby quilt in about 10 days for a co-worker in my department. She's new and very likable so I wanted to make her something special. I can usually churn out a baby quilt in 10 days no problem but I had also taken on another project as well-a Park Plan Design!

Fall, a good time for planting Fall is around the corner, and it is a great time to plan and plant in the garden. There are as many different types of gardens as there are gardeners. No space? No problem.just use containers! You can achieve a huge impact as this picture shows. A window box or planter can be changed with the season to keep things interesting.

Saturday 4th August 2018 I managed to clear quite a bit of the one side of the allotment today which has made such a difference. It is all starting to take shape now and I can actually see where everything is going to go.

Homestead plans for next year When I start tiring of watering the garden each morning, I know I am at the end of August. I have a kitchen island filled with peaches, tomatoes, oregano and zucchini. I just filled the freezer with bags of raspberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches and rhubarb.

Growing the Goods I have a LOVE for gardening, especially now since we are in our own house. But learning what we are able to grow and what we can grow here in the Pacific Northwest has been a challenge! I can't even name everything we have grown this year, but it has been a ton of fun!

Sunscald on Tomatoes - Aaagh! When tomato fruits are exposed to direct sun in really hot weather, they are susceptible to sunscald. Sunscald is more apparent on plants with sparse foliage or those that have lost foliage due to disease.

Growing Concerns: Mums add fall colour with little work I recently drove past fields and fields of fall mums just about ready to burst into flower. Many gardeners use fall mums to add extra colour in their gardens for the fall.

Compostagem no quintal :: How to easy compost in your backyard Pra instalar uma composteira você pode comprar uma já pronta que geralmente é cara mas uma simples caixa de compensado feita por você mesmo funciona muito bem para essa tarefa ou, ainda mais simples, um buraco no chão também funciona genialmente.

How Does Your Garden Grow I was worried about how my potted garden was going to make out. I have tried to grow things in the ground here before to no luck. I had roses bushes that were over 6 feet tall that had very little branching and maybe one or two flowers a year. My rosemary I planted a few years ago never took root and died.

Good and bad flowers I am especially focussing on my basil and the kalanchoe plants in this post. They have undergone some major changes in the last two weeks with reference to their flowers. I am learning to look after the basil leaves. I didn't know that its leaves lose flavor and fragrance when the flowers bloom.

Making elderberry jam Finally after almost almost two months I am writing again from the desktop computer! I am almost finished with unpacking and setting up our new home, so today I finally have time to tell you about the new jam we made in the beginning of August! Remember in May that we made elderberry flower syrup and jam?

Ixora: flaming stars for your garden Reaching for the stars is literally impossible. Nor can stars descend from the heavens for us mortals. However, if one wants to have an illusion of stars brightening up one's garden, one should go for Ixoras, the multi-colored star-shaped blooms that have heavenly connotations to their name.

Some spring inspiration One of the things I love the most about the place I live is the wonderful gardens. Hilton is a gardener's paradise and with spring just around the corner I thought it was time to share some spring inspiration.

Trials and Tribulations in the Vegetable Patch Mid-August, and time for reflection. This year was to be the year of the garden, and I was going to give it all a momentous amount of effort, and become something of a Grow Your Own Queen. Then the weather stepped in, and it all went wrong! Here are my midpoint thoughts on my successes, and not successes, in my vegetable growing endeavours.

Know the 6 D’s of container gardening before you get planting this fall To be successful at container gardening requires more than just a pot and a plant. Perhaps that's why more than 80 people attended a recent class intended to teach the basic information and help these gardeners' efforts to thrive.

Leaf & Clay Shopping Spree Review If you're a succulent lover, you have most likely come across an advertisement or YouTube review for Leaf and Clay. Although I live in the heart of Texas, it's absolutely difficult to find succulents other than Echeverias in the local area. Not saying those are boring, because they are BEAUTIFUL.

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