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Garden meditation "Everything that slows us down and forces patience; everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace." ~May Sarton. Our tiny backyard garden is a year-round source of peace and produce. Gardening is a form of meditation for my husband.

How To Change Poor Garden Soil Into Nutrient-Rich Soil A healthy garden starts with the soil. The soil feeds and nourishes plant life and if the soil is poor, all plants will perform poorly. Start with the dirt you've been dealt, then use these tips for both quick-fix and long-term solutions for changing poor garden soil into a nutrient-rich growing medium that will support garden plants.

The Bumbly Bees Got Drunk… Rudbeckia, one of my faves. Pretty sure this is Gloriosa. Gloriosa or not, it's a beloved garden perennial. For some reason, the lyrics from Fame keep rolling through my brain every time I look at this click. Baby, remember my name… And we shall be called Rudbeckia.

That person We all have that person in our lives, the one who is. incredibly hard to buy presents for. When they talk throughout the year I really try to listen and translate that into a gift. So yes today I did a Christmas thing. In August. Of course the question is will I remember where and what it is in 4 months?

Join The Newly Formed Secaucus Gardening Club To that end, the Secaucus Gardening Club was just recently formed. This is a brand-new club and looking for members; they just held their first meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 20 of this week. Their meetings will continue on the fourth Tuesday of every month, starting in September.

Jared Leto and Alessandro Michele Did Some Gardening-in Head-to-Toe Gucci, Of Course Farm to table, but make it fashion.

In the Vegetable patch: Mid August It's all go, go, go around here at the moment with the amount of produce the vegetable garden keeps throwing at us!

Hazel: Tree of Wisdom Hazelnut is one of my favorite flavors, especially for my coffee! And this month is the perfect time to talk about Hazel trees because Hazel is the Celtic tree of the month from August 5th to September 1st. It is a deciduous tree that is native to the Northern Hemisphere.

Ysgol Llannefydd gardening clubs wins awards at village show PUPILS who rolled up their sleeves to grow healthy crops at school have reaped rewards at their village's flower show. Ysgol Llannefydd's gardening club teaches pupils aged five to 11 how to grow fruit and vegetables, get rid of weeds and make a bug hotel.

The 'Sweet Shop' that is RHS Hyde Hall As a birthday treat we took ourselves off to RHS Hyde Hall last weekend. There's so much to see and explore in the gardens that I feel myself torn in multiple directions. Steve let's me run around from area to area, indulging my enthusiasm, while he sedately follows an efficient route on a map!

Words for Wednesday: love is blue Whenever I notice something blue, an old song from the late 1960's entitled Love is Blue, pops into my mind. To me, the music sounds somewhat ethereal, almost haunting. I can remember loving to play the piece on the piano as a teenager and I still have the sheet music somewhere.

Red House Plant Watering Ball I have quite a few house plants at home. When we travel my little "house pets" don't get anything to drink during that time and even when I'm home I tend to either not water enough or over water some of them.

How Many Monarchs Did I See Yesterday? - August 21, 2019 EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are a returning reader you can skip this introductory piece and jump to the HMBY Number. I will leave this here for the first 7-10 days for new people to understand what is happening. Welcome or welcome back whatever the case may be.

Real or Counterfeit? It seems that unwanted weeds that grow among cherished plants often look incredibly similar to the "real thing". Jonquils vs Onion Weed… which is the "Real", and which is the "Counterfeit"? Endeavouring to eradicate onion weed from among jonquils is a bit tricky.

This essential gardening tip you must know "It's time to prune whenever your pruners are sharp" is an old adage that applies only when removing diseased, dead or dying branches - the "three D's" of pruning that can be done at any time.

Bay garden guru shares hot tops for spring gardening I have been watching my hippeastrums every day eagerly awaiting for the flower spikes to form. The dutch iris and tiger lillies have also come up so I'll have the pleasure of their company again this year. I have left my bulbs and corms in the ground but the hippeastrums are the only bulbs I have that cope with this.

The bonderosa Home gardening is a rewarding endeavor - it is a connection with nature, a useful skill, and gets you involved in physical activity.

Kim Kardashian Gets Chased By A Pig While Vacationing In The Bahamas: 'I Was Scared' Kim Kardashian is in the midst of a family vacation in the Bahamas, and while enjoying a tranquil beach she encountered a group of wild pigs cooling off in the ocean.

Learn about heirloom vegetables and gardening in difficult times at Garfield Farm Museum show Aug. 25 25, learn from the backyard gardeners how their favorite old varieties of vegetables, fruits, and flowers fared in 2019 at the annual Heirloom Garden Show from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Garfield Farm Museum in Campton Hills. With a long winter, a wet and cool spring well into summer, and finally a dry spell, gardening was not a sure thing in 2019.

The DMZ 'gardening job' that almost sparked a war In August 1976, North Korean soldiers attacked a group of US and South Korean men trimming a poplar tree in the heavily-guarded zone that divides the two Koreas. Two US officers were bludgeoned to death with axes and clubs.

Captain Obvious says "less is more" is a good thing As enjoyable as it is to look out upon a garden that's blossoming to the nines with all manner of fruit and vegetable, the biggest takeaway from our attempt to take the "less is more" approach with the garden this year is the most obvious one. It's so much easier!

Some remedial work in the garden We have a problem with moss on the so called lawn in our garden and my husband has tried to get rid of the moss but with no success so we have decided to get rid of the lawn instead.This photo gives you an idea of how poor the lawn is so we are making garden beds with pathways instead.

Collecting Seeds Many of the flowers in our garden have seed heads right now. There are all shapes and sizes with the kids firm favourite being pinching off a poppy head and using it as a shaker.

Let it Grow My boyfriend and I hate grass. Not in a general sense, but in the specific way that so many beautiful plants, trees, and weeds are cleared out to make room for GRASS. Atlanta is the city of trees, but, here in the metro area, most neighborhoods are cleared down to the red clay.

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