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Aster la vista, baby I notice there has been insufficient propagating going on in this blog recently. I do mention it in passing on occasion, but I seem to have got out of the habit. This simply won't do.

Advent Thought For The Day: 11 My garden goes into limbo during December. It's trapped somewhere between autumn and winter, quivering in a chilled green aspic. All colour other than green has been drained by the cold and desiccated by the wind, leaving me with pots and borders that are either empty and grey, or overflowing with lush greenery.

Forcing Winter Vegetables As we enter the Holiday season, I often think of forced winter vegetables because they still feel special in a world where most everything travels by air over great distances to get to our markets. We live in a time where we have the great luxury was actually not an unusual thing in 1880.

Creative Limits, Kindness Infinite Dear Reader, there's something I've been meaning to talk about, I feel it's important enough to discuss, but also important enough to be careful of how I talk about it.

Consistency is Priceless In the spring of 2016 my rose garden was a mess. I could scarcely walk the paths. Tall climbers were slumped over after their tethers to trellises snapped. Overgrown bushes were tangled in each other's canes. Ornamental grass was snarled in the roots of two of my favorite hybrids.

Roasted Winter Squash with Buttery Marmalade Ironically, winter squash are actually grown during the summer, just like summer squash. Why the name then? Mostly because their firm flesh allow winter squash to be stored throughout the winter season. Good, because I bought a lot this year!!

Gardening activities you can do all year long Mary Weber and Ryanne Gill, with Davenport Parks and Rec, hang out with Brittany this afternoon to craft and talk about the activities for all ages going on at the Parks and Rec department all year long. For more information or to get involved visit

Dust to Dust I picked up two wheelbarrow loads of compost material this morning. As I was working I pondered the nature of compost.

Global Gardening Equipment Market Analysis Outlook 2027 -Global Gardening Equipment Market Trends. -Strategic recommendations for the new entrants in Global Gardening Equipment industry. -Global Gardening Equipment Market forecasts for a future years of all the mentioned segments, sub segments and the regional Global Gardening Equipment markets.

A Properly Pickled Pantry I've been thinking about my pickled pantry a lot lately, upon learning that one of my co-workers doesn't like vinegar, which apparently extends into the realm of pickles, anything fermented, and most condiments. I've been craving sauerkraut, pickled beets, dilly beans, and pickled onions daily since this discovery.

Tayhana gets winter gardening tips Winter is coming… and it's bound to get even colder, so we have some tips to keep your plants safe. Tayhana Garcia spent the morning at the Clovis Botanical Garden with a look at how you can keep your garden green through the winter. The Clovis Botanical Garden is located at 945 N Clovis Ave., between Nees and Alluvial in Clovis.

8 Gorgeous Flower Options to Breathe Life Into Your Winter Winter is coming and with it, a lack of color! But just because all those winter conditions bringing blankets of snow cover so much of the color that breathes life into our daily doings, doesn't mean we can't add in some cool hues of our own to have our homes looking spring - and summer-like all year round.

Another project - a slightly raised bed You might wonder why I've embarked on another project when the pond is as yet waiting upon completion. Well, this new project ties into the whole because I need to do something with the soil mountain which has piled up in the middle of the garden.

Fall and Early Winter Weather are Perfect for Planting! Perfect "sleeping weather" at night. Plant catalogs and landscaping "How-To" books piling up on the coffee table. It must be Fall! Fall and early winter are my favorite times of the year for so many reasons, not just the wonderful weather.

Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100 Many of the world's centenarians share one common hobby: gardening. Could you extend your life and drop your stress by taking up the pursuit, too?

Passion for gardening helps Merchiston pupil cope with Asperger's However, it has been a rough ride for this Merchiston Preparatory School Grade 7 pupil who is now set to take on the challenges of the next phase of his life. Nathan was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when he was two years old, yet despite the challenges, being born with Asperger's syndrome is not what has defined him.

There he goes again! A brother in Virginia emailed this fall that he was beginning to build another outbuilding that he designed. He's the brother who designed and built two other outbuildings in their beautiful landscape. If you're interested in checking them out, I boasted posted some words and photos about this one and about this one in earlier blogs.

More evergreens It occurs to me that in a recent listing of evergreens, several notables were left out, most significantly two Japanese Umbrella pines planted at the far corners of the front garden. I am uncertain what it is about the Umbrella pine that makes it treasured by so many, but there's something about it so that it's one of my favorites.

Dachshund Gives Winter Gardening Help Make sure you and your pet is happy and safe by preparing for the additional precautions winter brings for animals. From tips on how to walk to playing safe indoors. Do you enjoy videos?

Let's Talk: Eggplants / Aubergines I LOVE growing Eggplants. For one, they are a unique veg and not everyone grows them, so there's the novelty factor. Second, they are super expensive everywhere and the varieties are super limited. Third, they are delicious and, once roasted, freeze beautifully.

Gardening Equipment market set to grow according to forecasts Major growth in the industry can be held responsible for the factors: rising adoption in residential and commercial construction industries, technological advancements such as robotic lawn mower and other innovations.

Is concrete bad for your garden? We're building raised flower beds and fitting to the industrial raw look of our house we want to use concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are flexible to use, inviting to play Giant Lego, so we might even turn some of the top row on the side, functioniong as additional planters.

Diary of a Novice Gardener - Part 3 I'm not pretending to be anything close to an expert. Gardening is something I'm very new at. I just thought as I went, I'd shared my ups and downs and perhaps something I discover or find out along the way might help someone else who's starting out too.

Advent Thought For The Day: 10 What a pickle our country is in. We wanted out of Europe, now can't agree a deal that everyone is happy with. I don't understand why anyone is remotely surprised; it was always going to messy and unpleasant, and we probably ain't seen nothing yet. I think it's shown all our political leaders up to be singularly, depressingly, unimpressive.

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