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Gardening: Your jobs for the weekend with Brian Kidd Our gardening expert’s weekly to-do list.

Tom Karwin, On Gardening - California succulent Dudleyas Local gardeners recently attended an absorbing presentation about a highly regarded native California succulent plant, the Dudleya.

Quick gardening fixes for Generation Rent Britain is a nation of gardeners, and it used to be a country of homeowners. But in the age of Generation Rent, where will all the flowers go? Few flat dwellers will have access to their own garden, and those who rent houses are unlikely to want to invest in planting bulbs and cultivating beds when their lease could be up in a year.

Backyard Garden Update It's been a minute since I've shared an update on how our tiny backyard garden is doing…between chasing bulldogs and holding babies, life has been pretty hectic!

Gardening: Yes, we have bananas "Yes! We Have No Bananas" was the rallying cry in the 1920s that kicked off the "Roaring '20s" and the "Jazz Age." That song galvanized a nation that desperately wanted more songs about bananas. And composers responded with the classic tune, "I've Got the 'Yes!

Garden Plot - chpt 2 I'm so fortunate to have a sister-friend that enjoys digging in the dirt, doing projects and visiting me. Pooh arrived Jan 10 and we wasted no time in tackling my new veggie garden project. First, we put in 12 cedar posts. Some of the posts were 10′ tall so we got to use power tools to cut them down to size.

Photographer Is Suing Kim Kardashian For Posting Unauthorized Photo Of Herself And Kanye West Kim Kardashian has found herself in the middle of another lawsuit. According to TMZ, photographer Saeed Bolden is suing the reality star with claims that she posted a picture he took onto Instagram without his authorization. Bolden filed Wednesday in New York federal court.

Grow These Vegetables To Improve Gut Health Do you want to improve your gut health by eating the easiest to digest vegetables, going organic to reduce toxins in your gut, and growing them yourself? This list is a perfect start to growing your own food if you have not always ate healthy vegetables and have gut health issues.

Plotting the lunar cycle - this week's gardening column ARE you a gardener who follows astrology? If so, you may be interested to know your garden could perform better if you plan your gardening schedule according to the path of the moon, through the zodiac each month. So says astrologer Jane Struthers, whose latest book Moonpower offers an introduction to lunar gardening.

Planting Asparagus This will be the fourth time I've planted asparagus crowns, aka roots, and these are two years old, which will give us a good decade of Asparagus spears every spring. This year, however, I have the secret weapon that my family used when I was very young, and that would be well composted chicken manure.

William Paca Gardens While in Annapolis last May - gosh that feels like such a long time ago! - we stopped by the William Paca Gardens as a short change of pace from all things Navy. I'd heard great things and seen beautiful photos online, so my expectations we reasonably high that we'd get a lovely historical garden tour.

Gardening: Are we pruning our trees correctly? The scalping procedure you have witnessed is known as pollarding, where all branches are cut back to within a few feet of the trunk, or even to the trunk itself. Candidates for pollarding include mulberry, box elder, elderberry, ash, elm, and eucalyptus species.

Gardening: Harvesting winter vegetables will boost plant production The more you harvest from leafy and podded winter vegetables, the more the plants will produce, especially if they are well fed and irrigated. Carrots planted last autumn are close to their peak now, and there is still time to put in another crop.

Who's up for a little gut gardening? A new study from researchers at San Diego State University suggests that ancient viruses called biophages may be just the set of garden tools needed to cultivate a healthy microbiome.

An unexpected side effect of gardening This is a picture of phytophotodermatitis. Fig 1 The patient was a 50 year old man with three days of erythematous blistering across…

Winter Gardening It's wet and cold outside with only occasional rays of sunshine, but that's the perfect time to start daydreaming about a bountiful garden-one that's bursting with colorful flowers and ripe with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Just Plum Crazy If there's one word that sums up my life right now, it's 'plums'. Harvesting plums, buckets of plums, sinks of bathing plums, chopping plums, trying to use and preserve ALL the plums. Well, the ones we haven't given away. And sometimes in 30degC weather too.

Roundup of gardening news for Jan. 23, 2020 The Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers will be hosting a free seminar Feb. 1 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Parks Garden Center, 9010 Youngstown-Salem Road in Canfield.

Gardening: Purchase seeds that fit your values and budget Spring is only a few months away and it is time to think about purchasing seeds. Wondering about the different pricing of the seeds? The cost of seeds is related to the length of time and labour it took to develop produce the seed. Open pollination means the plants were pollinated by insects, wind and rain.

1.22.20 Garden Update We did some good work in the garden this weekend, and I wanted to share a quick update on our winter gardening adventures! I'm going to include both a Bakersfield and Santa Barbara update, so stay tuned! Bakersfield:. Winter plants are coming along! I had two surviving Tom Thumb pea plants that are now producing pods.

Putting my mouth where my money is - a garden goal for 2020 For years, I've preached the gospel of Michael Pollan to anyone who would listen. All the while, the population in the U.S. is getting sicker - our life expectancy is actually going down.

Week two: parcel progress. The good news: it's getting dark later, giving me a half-hour after work to tackle invasive bush honeysuckle. The bad news: temperatures are falling again, back into the low teens. Bush honeysuckle isn't thorny. It's thick. Dense, arching stems you hunch under to get at the branches.

Doing the Digging That Got Left Undone The garden season will have begun. I will be able dig in the dirt, feel it under my fingernails, and smell the clean odor of a fresh garden. I will be able to plant the seeds, and wait impatiently for them to come up. I will try to refrain from digging the seeds up, to make sure they are still there, and growing.

Curator to headline February AMGA gardening seminar Gardening presentations and a farmers market-themed lunch will greet attendees at a gardening seminar Feb. 29 hosted by the Alpine Master Gardener Association.The seminar, which will run from 9.

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