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Roses, Roses, RosesMay has been one of the sunniest on record and no rain either. It has been a fight to keep some plants happy.

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How to Grow Huge Tomato PlantsGrowing Huge Tomato Plants for a Huge Harvest starts at planting. In this video I discuss soil amendments and how to properly plant a tomato.

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Live Barking Wilmington Gardens updates as man rushed to hospital after being shotA Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: "Police were called around 14:14hrs on Thursday, 4 June to Wilmington Gardens, Barking, following reports of shots fired."

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Allotment Diary / How to Plant LeeksThis is the way I have always grown and planted out the leeks into the soil.

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The Wildlife Garden in MayIn the first week of May the weather in South Shropshire was warm and sunny and the whole garden looked green and vibrant.

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Hedgehog cafe mark IIMy new hedgehog feeding station is an upgrade of my previous hedgehog cafe. I've created a new design that is aesthetically more pleasing and has so far deterred every cat.

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City of Peterborough, GreenUp offering cash back to residents who plant rain gardensThe City of Peterborough and GreenUp have partnered to offer up cash to Peterborough, Ont., residents who plant a rain garden on their property.

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Border PatrolSo Spring is more or less done, depending on how you count it we are already in early Summer.

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Solace in the GardenAmid the distressing events of the past weeks and days - ongoing pandemic, massive unemployment, police violence, civic unrest, and horrible presidential leadership, I've found it challenging to concentrate and write.

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A Small Needful FactWhat's excellent, and what sticks with me personally, are two different criteria, I realize, and it's the latter that's the focus of The Memory Book Project.

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Garden Update 6/4/2020It's been a couple of weeks since a garden update so the plants may look a little bigger than usual!

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Is that poison ivy?Yes, the above picture is definitely of poison ivy. In this late spring / early summer season, the question "is that poison ivy?"

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Snakes of the Good Kind and One Bad KindSpring brings many critters to the garden, which includes snakes. I probably see more snakes in the Spring than any other time.

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Photo Blogging ChallengeI had a lot of pictures to share with this challenge because I tried to stay active by trying a lot of different things.

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The Garden May 2020 #garden #dogWe're back, now the month is over, to review how the garden has fared over the driest may since prohibition or whatever.

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Hospiscare Open Gardens event goes virtual as charity rethinks vital fundraiser due to Covid-19 pandemicHospiscare supporters can take a tour of glorious gardens without leaving the comfort of their own home after the charity had to rethink the fundraiser.

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Bloom where you are plantedIn December last year, a dear colleague of mine gave me few indoor plants. To surprise me, she left the tiny pots on my desk, way before I got to work.

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Universe-MakerTired of dreaming, there was only one way to wake up. One direction to move in.

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A new banjoI am waiting for a new banjo purchased it on-line sound unheard but I believe it is a beautiful instrument with an excellent sound the kind I like I have many banjos all have come to me in somewhat odd or picturesque ways most have a story attached to them often someone else's story that...

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12 Ikea gardening hacks to transform small gardensWant to get into gardening but only have a small space? These easy Ikea hacks are perfect.

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The Beginner Gardener Series: May 2020 ExperienceGardening is all about trials and errors. You will likely make mistakes, but also gain insights into being a better gardener.

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Protecting New Shoots From Slugs and SnailsAt this time of year new shoots and emerging bulbs are very attractive to slugs and snails, who are just emerging from their winter hibernation and seeking out anything green in the garden to feed on.

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A flower display of woodland treasures with herb-paris and an orchidBen Preston indulges his fondness for dark, inky tones and evergreen foliage in this striking early summer composition exuding mood and texture.

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Organic Gardening is Made Easy Using Worm Castings; Natural Fertilizer.Worm Castings work wonders as seed starters, fill your seed starting cups or other containment's with raw moist castings then plant your seeds directly in it; they start well.

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Meadow plants: best plants for a meadowStructural meadow plants recommended from a modernist meadow garden in California.

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Is Lockdown changing you?As we all continue in lockdown and it becomes the norm, so stress and anxiety creep back into my life.

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Parks and gardens to reopenFollowing clarification from government on 23 May that gardens in England could reopen to Historic Houses are opening their garden gates.

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Living Planet: Californians discover backyard gardeningSince the coronavirus crisis hit, videos have been sprouting up all over the internet demonstrating how would-be gardeners can grow their own vegetables at home, limiting their trips to busy supermarkets.

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Metal detectorist finds historic gold coin in field Gardener uncovers medieval treasureA LUCKY metal detecting enthusiast literally struck gold when he discovered a one-in-a-million medieval coin.

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4th May 2020My materials arrived this week. A whole pile of Concrete Blocks, some Mortar and to make life easier, pre mixed bags of Concrete, plus some lengths of pressure treated wood which I will use to make my artificial lawn.

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Garden UpdateHi all, Earlier in the week I put some crushed eggs shells that my Mum saved for me around some seedlings that were been eaten.

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Plant of the MonthGeoff Hodge takes a look at the plant of the month for June.

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Beautiful blooming open gardens the first to reopen in Cambridgeshire since lockdownPicture: NGS.

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78: The Ice Shelf GardenAt the end of his isolation, as Paul eased his way back into society, he realised he had discovered some valuable life lessons which we could learn from as we go through the same motions.

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NSPCC urges 'green-fingered enthusiasts' to join virtual open gardens eventGreen-fingered garden enthusiasts across Northern Ireland are being urged to take part in a virtual open garden event to support the work of the NSPCC.

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Cold Frame ConstructionWhat is a cold frame? The best description is a mini glasshouse which is low to the ground.

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Picking TimeToday I had a couple of things to do with Jasper. His health problems have continued, so we made an appointment for him to go back to the doctor tomorrow.

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Thirsty ThursdayFolks, Ol' Wally is a bit behind on sharing wildlife coming and going to our local ponds.

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Full June Garden Tour 2020!Full garden tour for those of you who have wondered what all I've got growing on in the Epic Garden this summer.

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Day 155: What's the Most Efficient Way to Declutter, and What's the Name of This Flower?So, should I continue the way I am? As you know, I like to make improvements to the way I do things and don't want to make the same mistakes in the second half of the year.

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Amped Up BLTWith lettuce from the garden in ample supply, this recipe will put some of it to good use.

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Babies of a different sort, and wasted dayI just got back from a much needed walk outside, to do at least part of my evening rounds.

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Farm Life: First CutNow, I do wish to be clear that while working extra shifts at the hospital, we have had some time off.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Plants Cool and Thriving During Hot WeatherKeeping your plants cool cal and collected during hot weather will help them survive and thrive longer allowing you to enjoy them longer.

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Top gardening jobs for JuneThe danger of frost will have passed in all areas so it's safe to plant tender flowers and veg outdoors.

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Working from Home: Week 14Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.

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Chrysanthemums #273ARJune 3, 2020 Chrysanthemums, more commonly knows as Mums, are a member of the Asteraceae family of flowers.

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GARDENING: It's time to sharpen tools for the Chelsea ChopIt`s time for the June Drop and Chelsea Chop, two regular events on thegardening calendar.

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Episode 324. what we can do in the event of a drought.Blog, podcast and videos dedicated to edible gardening. Based in Littlehampton, West Sussex, U.K. With an allotment and vegetable garden.

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Why another gardening Blog?When I started working in IT over twenty-five years ago there was a common point of view that no-one chose IT as a career; if you surveyed a hundred IT professionals there would be frustrated Actors, Comedians, Chefs, Farmers, Singers, Musicians and occasionally even the odd Gardener.

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Gardening AdventuresHowdy Friends, It's been a while since I last posted anything. I guess I haven't had much to say about life.

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Victory Garden?During WWI and WWII the government encouraged people to plant ‘victory gardens', not only to supplement their rations but also to boost morale.

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Patience is a VirtueOf which I do not have." Years ago, I used to joke about this. It's still true about me today except I don't find it quite as amusing as I used to."

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Sun Prairie Public Works Team is Awesome!So, not one, but two big branches came down from my crab apple. Poor thing has enough trouble with fungal disease and whatnot.

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Gardening Makes You Happier According to Princeton StudyA recent study explores the results of a survey focused on emotional well-being, and shows that caring for a home garden can increase your mood.

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Its all about the beesDo you remember last year when times were simpler and none of our worries contained the prospect of spending months in lockdown?

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How To Guide On Rain Water Collection For Our Growing Spaces #shedwars #teamoverthepondWe haven't had any rain for a long time and we are due some soon, this is my rainwater collection system and the 12v pumps I us to move it around my growing spaces.

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'I'm Gonna Have To Grow It': New Orleanians Are Gardening Through Isolation And Economic HardshipA rising number of organizations, individuals and pop-up gardening collectives - like Green Light New Orleans, Lobelia Commons, Sprout NOLA and Docville Farm, to name just a few - are sharing and distributing free seedlings, advice and other resources.

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Nurturing Love for Nature in KidsThe love of gardening is a seed - ones sown that never dies. - Gertrude Jekyll Children are not only playful, they are very creative too.

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Does your garden appear in Wednesday's Lockdown Garden gallery?Another day, another collection of beautiful gardens from our readers across Suffolk and Essex.

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Wildlife WednesdayMany people have commented that Lockdown is resulting in perfect, crystal clear skies and a tranquil, traffic-lite soundtrack to outdoor activities.

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Sunlight and tacosBACK IN 1999, just before I packed two bags and moved over the southern border for good, an artist and gallery owner acquaintance who sold my stuff in Houston told me he had lived a spell in Puebla and that what most stuck in his mind was the light.

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Fresh PaintI discovered pandemic painting as a corollary to our current travel environment.

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Saplings Part TwoDear readers, bloggers, gardeners and artists and writers, at last it's raining. Fresh leaves The leaves have begun to grow back after I replanted this tree in the middle of a very hot spell....

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Transplanting "Volunteers"Last year, I let dill go to seed by accident. Observers predicted a bumper crop of dill for this season, since dill tends towards prolific.

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A mystery solved and another one posedClark County now reports a total of 560 cases so far of the virus, up 50 since last week probably because of an outbreak in a food-processing plant in Vancouver.

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Episode 456: Lessons from The London Plane Flower Shop with founder Katherine Anderson and manager Jeni NelsonThe simple goal of keeping flowers in customers' hands is one I have been hearing continually over the past three months.

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A Chip Off The Old Block… Friday Fictioneers.The sea was churning back and forth in George's stomach. His eyes were turning green, and he didn't know which way to turn.

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Around the house: The value of virtual garden toursThis time last year I turned into a garden grinch, insisting that after 35 years of keeping the backyard plucked and pruned, I wanted nothing more to do with outdoor work.

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Herb of GraceNowadays there is so much buzz is going on about Common Rue - Ruta graveolens.

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Notes from the gardenCherry Blossom by E. Boardman What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.

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Social DistancingI typically don't preempt my journal entries with narrative, preferring instead that they speak for themselves.

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Lockdown Day 73My greenhouse door is working well, although we are now on v3.0 a variation on v2.0, which means the bubble wrap is taped directly to the greenhouse doorframe!

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Seedlings for sale: How home gardening has sparked a boom for these farms"This seems to be the year for home gardeners, that's for sure," says Chris Lester, whose family farm is keeping up with a huge demand for plants and supplies.

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Early June UpdateIt's early June and now all worry of frost has gone in the south of the UK.

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Gardening lessons are life lessonsEverything we ever do can teach us about life. Since taking up gardening as a new hobby, it's helped me see life more deeply and openly.

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General OperativesOur client is looking for General Workers to join their operations team based in York for an initial 6 months, on a wide variety of sites across York.

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Planet Alaska: Pandemic gardening folliesMy relationship to gardening is based upon previous follies. While living in Palmer, where people can grow just about anything, my mother-in-law razzed me out the back window of our house saying "How's the gardening going Farmer Vivian?"

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Our GardenMay 2020 was an extremely dry and sunny month and it starts to show in the garden.

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Midweek MusingsI just laughed at this. I ordered 2 bottles of liquid hand wash and the seller requested that I post a picture of it online together with my photo.


7 Reasons Why Every Vegetable Garden Needs a Spare Raised BedSometimes it is easy to get ahead of ourselves and completely fill up our vegetable garden planting plan, however, in this video, I go over 7 reasons why you should always leave a bit of the garden 'unplanned' to give you the freedom to do so many different things.

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Dad's Work Party Celebration CakeMay 29th was a big day in our household as my dad finished his job at a company where he has been working for 21 years.

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Jobs are MeaningWhat are we working for and towards? Most people are educated from the start to attend "skewl," where they sit in CLASS.

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Wordless WednesdayThis site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Why grow native?I'm not sure when or where my love affair with nature began, but a year 12 biology / geography camp in the Flinders Ranges may have really ignited the spark.

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Hmm, The Sharks are Migrating ThroughThe neighborhoods around Redquarters seem to be having a serious surge in the yard shark population this year.

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Remember, RememberMemories can often be the most tempting or entrapping of illusions.

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Little by LittleLooking into the bathroom mirror at Arnie's shaving-foam covered face, I stated emphatically, "You have to till our garden this morning before leaving for work." It was more a demand than request....

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Our Trespassing GardenIn addition to the three main phases of our luxury yard renovation, I've got a little side project that I'd like to share for the public record.

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Top Ten Favourite PlantsA notification popped up on my phone earlier this week reminding me that I was intending to write a post about my ten favourite plants.

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Sunflower Challenge: Week 9 June 3This has come from a great idea put forward by @GardeningGent. Sow sunflower seeds on April 1 and then report weekly updates.

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Try to Help Local Growers During PandemicYour Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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The Best Gardening Tools For City GardenersWhether you're lucky enough to have a big country garden or a modest terrace, we've put together a list of 18 gardening tools that'll help you get stuck in and forget about the muddy fingernails you'll inevitably get post-garden spruce up.

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Property must haves:home offices and gardens top home wishlists for life after lockdownHome office space and access to a garden have shot up the league table of property "must haves" since the start of the lockdown, according to a survey today.

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Diary of the Plague Year: Day 80 3 June 2020: A North windAfter a week of heatwave, a riotous North wind has arrived. It is rampaging through the garden and luckily I staked the new Delphinium I bought yesterday.

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Our garden in May « Our Dream GardenFollowing an unusually dry April, we've had an even drier May, with plenty of warm sunshine - great weather for sun-worshippers, but not so good for gardeners.

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GARDENING TIME: Water saving advice for the hot weatherThe sunny weather is lovely but prolonged dry spells can mean increased water useage. Here's some advice on how to save water.

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Nitrogen Fixing Plants in My GardenLaburnum in bloom - a nitrogen fixing tree. Nitrogen fixing plants play important roles in a permaculture garden.

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The best plants for shadeDiscover the best plants for shade with our collection of flowers for a shady spot in the garden, chosen from Chris Moss' garden designs.

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Great Dixter planting: how to get the lookAndy Salter's Kent garden is a beautiful tribute to Great Dixter with a planting style that is inspired by the garden's mixed borders.

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A Kent garden inspired by Great Dixter's bordersInspired by Great Dixter's mixed borders, Andy Salter has conjured a dynamic garden full of surprise on a plot in Kent.

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Wild Your Garden, by Jim and Joel Ashton, book reviewLearn how to turn your outdoor space into a haven for wildlife with easy-to-follow projects from The Butterfly Brothers.

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Compact coy plugsOver the past few weeks we have all had to find ways to garden creatively due to the Covid lock-down restricting how we can shop for supplies.

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Top tips for your garden in JuneBroadcaster, writer and avid gardener Toby Buckland offers up his top tips for tending to your garden this month.

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Tip 01: Potting Soil vs Garden SoilMake sure that if you are growing in containers, pots, grow bags, anything portable that is not in the ground, that you use POTTING SOIL and not GARDEN SOIL.

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Wash Those Please!Wonder why your mom would cringe at you for not washing your greens or your meat before cooking it when you were younger?

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BeginnerA fly decided to come die in my lemon tea this morning. Today I prepared a pot to plant some dry curry plant seeds and broke two too.

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Tip #00: Start Gardening! !So, as you can tell, per the pictures on this blog, I am not your typical gardner~.

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Adventures in Quarantine: The Potato FamineAt the beginning of orders / isolation, it seemed like everyone was using the time to develop some new skill or try some new activity.

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Street trees, bees and catmintBlack Tupelo trees on our sidewalk We planted four Black Tupelo trees on our sidewalk about 10 years ago with the help of Friends of Trees.

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Flowers in My BalconyWith summer finally arriving in my city, I see flowers blooming in everyone else's balcony. Shared .

Celebrating our growing flower garden!I am absolutely loving the view out my home office window these days. It has definitely come a long way since we moved in 2 summers ago!

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The Way of the Keyboard WarriorBy: Phil Pasco 06/02/2020 Hey permaculture ladies and gentlemen, Permaculture Bro here. I believe permaculture takes place not just in the garden or in the zones around your homestead, but in every aspect of our lives.

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The year's first update in picturesWith this first week of June 2020 comes our first update in pictures! At the very least, things are looking a little more interesting than "just dirt," so enjoy the gallery!

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So blah for slasaWe sold the car! Yesterday I got a new battery for the car and today we took it to some big box store and they bought it.

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Charles praises benefits of gardens in lockdownThe Prince of Wales is patron of the National Garden Scheme which opens up more than 3,700 private gardens in England and Wales to visitors.

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Gardening: Nothing beats taste of fresh, juicy berries sampled on the spotThere may be no Wimbledon this year, but at least we've still got strawberries and these are ripening now.

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Chrysanthemums #274BRJune 2, 2020 Chrysanthemums, more commonly knows as Mums, are a member of the Asteraceae family of flowers.

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I Make an Effort on Tired TuesdayFor this week's Tired Tuesday Post, I bestirred myself enough to walk outside and take a few pictures of my ever-changing yard.

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Chive Blossom VinegarEvery year I have a bumper crop of chives, regardless of the weather. I've started using the blossoms as I can't possibly eat all the chives themselves, especially if I let them spread their seeds everywhere.

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Easy Zucchini QuicheWith the hot weather setting in the mini greens in the hoop house are fading away.

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Biting the BulletAll the gardening experts recommend the ‘Chelsea chop', cutting back perennials to improve their flowering performance.

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Stronger When Broken DownThe rose garden smells wonderful if I'm not spraying feed. My cheap arch came, it was twelve Euro, it apparently had troubles with balloons and wind.

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Gardens large and small bring joySomeone in my gardening group had posted their flowerbeds almost sheepishly because they had a small garden.

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AlliumAlliums are members of the onion family. They come in varieties of purple, pink, and white.

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Thomas Hardy-The garden benchToday would have been Thomas Hardy's birthday. Known predominantly through his novels his poems are equally of note.

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GardeningWork today wasn't very scintillating. A few meetings, some mails, some tasks done or postponed.

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Who's garden appears in today's Lockdown Garden gallery?We have been inundated with your garden photos - has yours made it into today's gallery?

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Impact gardeningNow that garden centers are open and the weather is beginning to warm up, you may be thinking about sprucing up your landscaping or adding curb appeal.

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Ireland's growing love for gardeningWearing gloves when out in public has become more prevalent and so has pulling them on in the garden during lockdown, writes Ray Ryan. Shared .

Gardening leave: What is gardening leave?GARDENING LEAVE is what some employees will be put on during their notice period. So, what is gardening leave? Shared .

Little lettuce and more seedlings feat. CatsI feel like I'm having the worst luck with some seeds in the garden. So far I'm able to grow lots of lettuce and was successful with growing pumpkins.

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Get vegetable seedlings for free in Victoria, BCPriority is given to people who have been "disproportionally impacted by the pandemic and want to grow food at home, but that may be facing barriers to access to food plants and garden materials, or are facing barriers to access fresh, locally grown food." The city's website says this could include newly unemployed, Indigenous,...

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Post 300, Block Editor and Other NonsenseWell here I am. When I clicked on "Write" the same old classic editor appeared, so it seems the forced changeover to block editor is on hold.

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The product of successive sowingsWe've mentioned before that successive sowings of crops is a great way to spread out the length of time you are able to enjoy a particular vegetable.

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Council to enhance Piccadilly Gardens walkwayManchester City Council is pushing ahead with plans to revamp the covered walkway connecting Portland Street with Piccadilly Gardens, while LDA Design waits for sign-off to regenerate the rest of the city-centre green space.

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Is Life Too Short to… Make Rose Petal Confetti?A good way of excusing yourself from doing something you don't really want to do is to affirm ‘life's too short'.

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Cactus for GeyriOn a big uromastyx FB page, many people said that uros really like cactus. I'm constantly thinking of good foods for him.

Sarasin's Thoughts……. Shared .

Something new on the farmWhile working on the flowerbed around the koi pond this past weekend, Ted found this little guy.

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Gardeners create horticultural haven in honour of healthcare staff and key workersGARDENERS decided to dig deep as they created a horticultural haven in honour of healthcare staff and key workers on the coronavirus frontline.

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Thoughts and Actions in Sociable DystancopiaExtolling the virtues of a sanctioned general strike, AKA the stay-at-home order Edition 1: The Garden "I don't understand why she would tear up a beautiful lawn and plant vegetables!"

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Rutherglen gardening group hand out mini allotments to help locals during COVID-19 lockdownMembers of a Rutherglen gardening group are helping locals stay green-fingered during the Covid-19 pandemic - by giving them mini-allotments to develop.

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Happy at home #1This is the first of a series of blog posts to keep in touch, to inform, even to entertain you, while the Coronavirus is keeping us all at home.

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Moose's TurnThis is a late post even though I have been up since 7am. I covered a meeting last night so I got up early to write the article and send it out before I had to leave to take Moose to the vet.

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Repurposed Items as PlantersI am all about reusing and recycling, so I love the ideas people come up with for using repurposed items for planters.

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Waiting with GodotAnother week has been and gone and I have to admit that at the moment I actually wish the hot weather would do one for a bit, trying to tend the garden is becoming a lot more troublesome.

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JuneThe backyard nature, of course, has been in bloom and flight and digging and spinning webs and scavenging for food.

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A lovely garden begins with your potsIt is not just for holding your flowering plants or herbs, for me a flower pot also needs to stand beautiful by itself in my garden.

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Flower Power Garden Hour 67: Listener Q&AVisit our show sponsor - Wild Foods Co - at. Wild Foods is a nutrition company with a strict mission on utilizing real foods sourced globally from small growers.

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Top ways to enjoy gardening and keep your hayfever at bayIn an effort to make the best of a warm spring, almost half of the UK have taken to gardening during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Cosmos in the GardenOne of my old time faves! Those who possess a brown thumb, rejoice: cosmos flowers can grow in your garden in spite of you.

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Buds, Color and Sneak PeeksHappy Tuesday morning! I hope all is well in your part of the world. A lot of craziness happening in the world today, I do not plan on getting into details or posting my opinions on any matters, other than matters of flowers and dirt.

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Garden Time on the Farm"One plants, one waters, another pulls weeds. The sun shines. God gives the increase." c e hollis Heirloom Tomatoes We start early when seed catalogues come in the mail and we drool through the pages, making lists, and dreaming of how neat and full and wonderful the vegetable garden will be this year.

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My Little WorldI am aware that people are stressed out due to many events right now. we are caught in a pandemic, the world has changed and it is nothing as we knew it and maybe all of us have somebody to blame but it doesn't take away the fact that the damage is irreversible.

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Book Review: Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnultyI have bought books from Little Toller Books in the past and I enjoy that they are a small independent publisher who offer an eclectic range of books...

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Yards Wars: Episode 6My wife, Sheri, thinks a nice yard is relaxing and gives her a place to find contentment.

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Allotment Diary / Early June Veg Plot Update.A bit of a fortnightly update of the vegetable growing progress from the plot and at home.

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ISA Browns at Three MonthsPrima Ballerinas I knew that ISA Brown chickens grew fast, but these have gotten so big in such a short time that it's almost scary.

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Tower Garden Presents Non-Growers Guide for First-Time GardenersCOLLIERVILLE, Tenn., June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Gardening has become a newfound hobby for many during this extended period of self isolation, as well as a way for those to control their own food supply.

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Hatfield House's park and gardens set to reopen for visitorsThe stately home at Hatfield House will remain closed to visitors for the 2020 season but the estate's park and gardens are set to reopen on Saturday, June 20.

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Words: ZUIHITSU for a day when there should be no wordsTomorrow-no-the next day-tomorrow is Tuesday-my husband and I will sit in my study and wait for the computer tingle that signals our son's weekly call.

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The Home Planted Vegetable World in My Zone 5 RegionI am planting, and still planting. This is western Massachusetts, at a higher elevation than central-lower New England, but no where near as cold as long as is northern New Hampshire nor much of inland northern Maine.

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Alan Titchmarsh's brilliant hack for people with small gardens exposedALAN TITCHMARSH, the TV genius and green-fingered whizz, once revealed a gardening hack for anyone who hasn't got a big garden. Shared .

How To Build A Worm Compost Bin Worm Farm That Works!Check out our second channel "Plant Based Eats" here: what you'll need 38 Gallon HDX Tough Tote Storage Bins Cinder blocks Bricks Bag Of Granite / Rocks 1/2" Brass Spigot 1/2'' Plastic Coupling 5/8'' IN Rubber O Ring Some Kind Of Porous Material like Metal Screen, Old Trampoline, or Fabric Gorilla Tape Coconut Coir Block: Wiggler Worms: " Drill...

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Garden Hose Valve Wrench: ReinforcedAlthough Jason's comment suggesting carbon-fiber reinforcing rods didn't prompt me to lay in a stock, ordinary music wire should serve the same purpose.

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A Seedy UpdateApril, the last time I felt capable of putting pen to paper, feels all at once an eon ago and yesterday.

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Gardening a boost for physical, mental healthOrganic gardening benefits physical and mental health as well as environment.

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Starting a Garden From SeedsThis year in the beginnings of April mine and my mother's plans for a garden started its germination over conversations stimulated while drinking coffee in our rocking chairs.

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The Seaweed Dried, See the Difference.Mrs. Lebec's pride and joy is her Oregano Plant, this bush is doing wonderfully. It grows flowers, tiny blue ones that are difficult to see until one approaches closely.

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Sustainable Gardening: Eco-Friendly Tips For Growing Your Own Veg At HomeFrom alternatives to plastic plant pots to making your own compost, here's how to grow your own veg more sustainably.

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The Brown Thumb Struggles OnKate Flora: Confessing that today, with so much chaos in the country, I am finding it hard to write.

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Wynyard Hall Gardens set to reopen in full bloomThe gardens at Wynyard Hall are reopening in full bloom this week.

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Tips To Maintain A Beautiful LandscapeEverybody loves their own landscape. A well-organized landscape enhances the beauty of the property. However, it needs to be maintained and decorated properly.

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Monty Don confession: How gardener fulfilled life ambition after near-death experienceMONTY DON has three children and was last year gifted his first grandchild - a boy. Shared .

Making FriendsThe wooden frame in the header photo is one of three that Husband and I constructed on Sunday.

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Attack Weeds Now!Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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Bid to launch gardening group in Aberdeen communityA bid has been launched to set up a new gardening group in an Aberdeen community.

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Project Blackbird Snack BarI love projects, I have about sixteen on the go at the moment. Yes they are exhausting and yes it is a little sad when I consider that I will never finish them but they were so exciting in the beginning.

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West Lavington Manor amongst gardens to re open to publicOPEN gardens are starting to open up post lockdown. It will be done on a strictly pre-booked basis through the National Open Garden Scheme website.

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Cucumbers GaloreWe are picking 20-30 cucumbers every day. Jack will eat about 4-5 a day he read it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

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National Garden Scheme opens gardens following lockdownThe National Garden Scheme closed its gardens at the start of lockdown and will now begin to reopen them.

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Tim's keeping an eye on his broccoliHere's another update from our allotment man, Tim.

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Reducing Plastic Use in the GardenWooden handles and wicker basket - two items I use all the time in my garden to help reduce plastic use.

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Squirrels in My HeartThose cute animals that scurry around yards and up trees. Those sweet little bundles of fur with fluffy tails and adorable faces.

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Story of a saplingI was waiting imptiently for the weather to warm up a bit to make a garden shop run.

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Prophylactic self-isolation for moments of friendship appreciation. Day 82nd.That is how small tiny dreams come true - in a way you could not expect it: I always was looking for this plant with beautiful special pink blooming stem, but my mind always reminded me that I have enough indoor plants and there will be no place for new ones.

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Harrogate's Harlow Carr gardens to reopenGARDEN lovers have received a major boost with the news that the Royal Horticultural Society's Harlow Carr centre in North Yorkshire is reopening.

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How to Start a Garden from Ground ZeroEveryone has a gardener inside of us that is just waiting to sprout. How do you let it break free to start a garden safely off the ground with practically nothing but an adventurous spirit and a little forethought?

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Growing Indoor House PlantsIt's been super busy around here with the Garden, as you may know if you have been following me for a while.

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Five most common mistakes new gardeners makeBut the upside to gardening failures? They make you a better person, according to an expert who has made almost all of them.

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Growing a little GardenGrowing some new plants, I hope they're veggies!

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In the gardenGardening is not something I learned growing up. We moved to Texas when I was young, from a much different climate.

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The Garden is Finally Planted. I Think.You know those "find the difference" cartoons that used to appear in newspapers? The ones that featured two seemingly identical scenes and challenged you to find the different things in each one.

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Popular gardening stall to closeA GARDENING stall that has served the residents of Ulverston for decades is set to close.

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Award-winning Wynyard gardens are set to reopenTHE award-winning gardens at Wynyard Hall is reopening its doors to the public tomorrow.

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Organic is Another Word For LoveWhen we care for mother earth and only choose organic and GMO free food, cleaners and cosmetics, we are caring for ourselves and our environment which are all linked as one is connected to the other.

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5 Things My Garden Taught MeI have spent the past three years gardening, confiding my secrets to the great outdoors.

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Misfit Veggies and Food Waste, also, our Ceres ShrineWhile the world is going happily to hell, my household has been working to become more self-sufficient.

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Nothing Goes to WasteEver since the MCO started, hubby learned how to bake and as such, the eggs in the fridge are used up very quickly.

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Grass clippings: Get Your Vegetable Bed ready in a WeekWe get the vegetable plants and do not have soil ready. Also, most of us do the bi-weekly grass mowing.

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I was, I am, NaiveSilly me. I thought we were actually moving forward. I thought that living here, I was free from the fear of being burned in ovens, free from the fear of being killed for expressing my religious beliefs.

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How to Grow AloeAloe is an amazing house plant and is super easy to grow! It is edible and can be used to cure cuts and burns.

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ATT: Parents of Fur-babies! 10 TOXIC and NON-TOXIC PlantsI'm the proud parent of two pupperinos and when I first started my houseplant journey my first priority was to make sure the plants I picked up from the nursery suited the aesthetic of my room/house.

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The Garden Is Dead, Long Live The Garden!You might remember that I got my garden in recently.. If not, you can review my progress here: Blood, Bug Guts, and Cow Manure It was with great satisfaction that I put that last plant in.

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Your Basement Floods, Then Your Sump Pump DiesHow to deal with basement flooding? Erin and Eric tell their flooded basement stories and how a spare pump can save you.

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Garden Project No.1:Over the past three years, my wife and I have been able to re-landscape our small back garden to make some better use of the space and also make it a happy space for our old dog to roam.

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I Lived Off Of Gardening, Fishing, Foraging, and Bartering for 30 Days. Here's How It WentLast year, I gave myself 90 days to prepare to live off of my garden, fishing, foraging, and bartering for 30 consecutive days.

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Episode 322. What veg to sow in JuneJoin me in today's podcast where I shall be discussing what veg to sow in June.

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The Easiest Gardening Trick Ever: Vegetables You Can Regrow in Nothing but WaterYes, you can start an indoor vegetable garden from your kitchen leftovers. No soil required!

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Allotment #6 Beans beans beansNew on the allotment is our bean frame. We already have a number of bean plants growing in our back garden, but why not have more?

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If Red-Eared Sliders Ruled the WorldI was gardening today. When I pulled up weeds, sometimes worms or grubs would come along.

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Stinging NettlesAfter several years of talking about it, I finally got my hands dirty and started gardening.

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COVID gardeningI've been pottering in my garden. A combination of having time as I am not able to fill my days with other things and much better weather have wooed me out to the garden.

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Looking for treasureThis post is all about unexpected joys in difficult times; looking for treasure in the dirt.

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FLO and GO: "The Fight For Justice Continues"We recorded this Flo And Go two weeks ago, and from what was going on then, has a lot to do with what is taking place all over this country right now.

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Dahlia Bulbs Coming Up in the GardenBack when I ordered my Rheinland Astilbe dry root, I also ordered some mixed buttercup bulbs and some Myrtle's Folly Dahlia bulbs.

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Summer Garden Must-have: CucumbersCool as a cucumber - untroubled by heat or exertion Cucumbers are one of my favorite vegetables to grow.

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En plein airJuneathon 2020 off to a beautiful start as I took the stability ball and a mat into the garden for early morning open air core exercises.

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Permutations and ImpermanenceThe mango tree is still growing. Roses from a bouquet are still attempting to form a root system.

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Watching these birds on the sky, I can see whyFuji apple Today's been going well, after I woke up and did my breakfast chores I fought the urge to get back in bed and instead started reading my house building book.

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Vermont Summer Series 6.1.20This past week we have been totally focused on completing the rejuvenation of our two raised beds located just outside our picket fence.

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Plants Eat Food, pt 1Part 1 of 4. Plants want to gobble up everything they can of 3 key macronutrients - Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

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GardeningWe found the only way to cope with weeds on the gravel was with spray however much I hate it, I imagine every symptom for weeks after using it, especially after our Bishop was whisked off to hospital after spraying his roses!

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Solidarity and Social JusticeWe are watching our cities in crisis as people struggle for justice during what feels like endless and senseless acts of violence against people of color.

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Blaenavon kids' lockdown gardening business for shielding neighboursTWO savvy and caring children from Blaenavon have donned their gardening gloves in lockdown to start their own vegetable boxes.

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Celebrities with amazing vegetable gardens! Holly Willoughby, Ben Shepard and moreZoe Ball, Jamie Oliver and more celebrities have shared glimpses at their stunning vegetable plots.

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Tips for Growing TomatoesI have been getting a lot of questions from new gardeners at the farmers market about tomatoes lately.

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Getting our First Garden PlantedThings are finally starting to warm up. I had really hoped to have most things planted out by May 21, but there were a couple freezes that dissuaded me.


I am not patient; or, when do my seedlings mature?Yes, you're supposed to trust that the processes of nature will run their course. But I get impatient waiting for toast to pop.

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CosmosAs the name says, this flower represents the beautiful side of this universe! These colors bring a tranquil vibe to my garden.

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Raby Castle reopens park and gardensRABY Castle has reopened its park and gardens to visitors as it responds to the government's easing of lockdown restrictions.

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My Top 4 Dishes of the Week!Chicken and Potato Curry. Sounds basic, right? This recipe is from my new favorite cookbook, Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia, and is a Laotian curry that tastes way different than any I've had in the past, thanks to the combination of Thai chilies, lime leaves lime when we moved out here, which now sits happily in...

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The Gardener's Nightcap"There is an hour just before dark, when the garden resents interference. Its work, no less than the gardener's, is done."

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More of your beautiful Lockdown GardensA bright and sunny weekend has made for some excellent photographs of Suffolk's best Lockdown Gardens.

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Coronavirus memorial gardens to be created at crematoriaMemorial gardens are to be created at two Wiltshire crematoria as tranquil places where people can come to remember loved ones who died during the Covid-19 pandemic and pay tribute to those who sacrificed so much to help others who were sick, isolated or vulnerable.

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Gardening 101Even if you weren't blessed with a green thumb, you can still learn how to grow the garden of your dreams.

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2 thoughts on "Greenhouse: tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers"Today we finished planting plants into our greenhouse. It's full now... but doesn't look so!

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Considering OptionsI was proud to see my state mentioned under peaceful protests this morning. The police in Flint, MI actually joined in the peaceful protest yesterday.

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Trying to be a happy camper in a time of sadness. Suz vlogs about rocks, naturally.Pollyanna might crack In general, I am ever the Pollyanna. But even this Pollyanna is struggling.

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Our First Year of HomesteadingWhat we have We have started seeds indoors with this greenhouse.. This year I am attempting to add to our gardening space by doing some plants...

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HowdyHello. Hope all is well, and y'all can be safe. Welcome to Monday. Yesterday it rained twice.

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Don't Toss Potting Soil Bags! Reuse Them In These 5 WaysIf you like to start your seeds indoors for transplanting later or need to top up your garden beds with a little soil, chances are that you have bought bags of potting soil, seed starting soil, compost, mulch, etc.

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Virtual RHS Chelsea Flower Show Inspires Brits to Get GardeningFor the first time in its history, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show went virtual this May, due to the physical show being cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Brits get gardeningFor the first time in its history, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show went virtual this May, due to the physical show being cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Blaenavon kids' lockdown gardening business for shielding neighboursTWO savvy and caring children from Blaenavon have donned their gardening gloves in lockdown to start their own vegetable boxes.

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Mandala Monday ~ Heart for the CitySome of you may know that I live in the city of Minneapolis, and you may have heard what has been going on here over the past week.

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Convallaria majalis var. roseaLike me, you probably think of Lily of the valley as being white but there's also a dainty pink form, which is quite rare.

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Saxifraga stolonifera: how to care for and propagate a saxifraga stoloniferaThe rise and rise of saxifraga stolonifera, a prolific and proliferate species. Words Jane Perrone, illustration Patrick Morgan.

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June Arrives With A ChillThis morning it is 40F along the coast of NH and snowing on top of MT Washington with a hard freeze for those in our north country.

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A flowerfall of rosesThe weather here has been perfect for the last few weeks. Blazing blue skies. Glittering sunshine.

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