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Ornamental Grasses are not just for Summer By late February, most gardeners are tired of winter and can't wait for spring. As we await the emergence of the first bulbs or the flowers of early-blooming shrubs, we appreciate any color that our landscapes can offer.

Propagating a Prickly Pear: UPDATE It's been a few weeks since I last wrote a post, which I should've been doing once a week. While I'm not buzzing about my missed targets, the time I've spent away from this blog means that I do have some good news.

Passion Prevails My childhood subconscious began manifesting my green thumb life long before I understood the benefit of my compost chore or using the excuse, "I'm thinning them out" when caught eating baby carrots. When you grow up surrounded by gardeners you're bound to inherit some level of love for the same hobby.

Blog 1 The Cantabric coast this weekend has a red weather warning for waves and an orange warning for strong winds. The above photo is snow at 200m from last week.

Spring, where are you? Here's a great little article about some special guests at the Writers' Institute in Madison, WI this year: Writing group shares success stories. For the past week, our weather people have been warning us of snow this weekend. I know, I know. Snow in MN.

Six on Saturday: Spring Cocktail I was out last night for a few cocktails with some of the mums at school, so with a slightly fuzzy head here are my Six on Saturday. Thanks to The Propagator for hosting this meme, which is just as much fun as the heady mix of elderflower liqueur, rum, kahlua and vodka I consumed yesterday, and much better for you.

Six on Saturday-March 24 Although we are once again snow-covered, my thoughts are still centered upon the garden and preparations are well-underway, although in somewhat of a holding pattern until Mother Nature wins over Old Man Winter. First on the agenda is the sweet potato, which has FINALLY decided to sprout!

The basics of mulching When the right mulch is chosen, it can reduce the amount of time homeowners spend watering and weeding their gardens and insulate plants from dramatic changes in weather. Gardeners may not realize that mulch also can prevent garden soil from becoming overly compacted, according to HGTV.

Perfect Service As Per Needed with the Landscaping Company With spring underway, it's now time to dive headfirst into everyone's favorite landscape maintenance tasks! If you enjoy this dirty, sweaty, and tiring chore as much as we do, you understand that this job comes with no finish line. As soon as you think you might be done, it's time to start all over again.

Humphrey Repton Matthew Boulton wrote 'Landskip Gardener' on the docket of a letter from Repton dated 21 September 1789. There are a couple of other letters from Repton to Matthew Robinson Boulton in 1795.

Six on Saturday - 24/3/2018 Has to be said that when I opened the cupboard of horticultural delights for this SoS it was looking pretty bare. It's a good thing that hopes, dreams and disasters are admissible because that's what's on offer from me this week. I'm counting on everybody else's contributions, linked from The Propagator, for an uplift.

Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre to start gardening project The Saturday sessions will take place at Yarl's Wood in Bedfordshire after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Emma Dagless, from community group Thyme 2 Grow, said she hoped it would "distract them from their worries that they are carrying so heavily".

Six on Saturday 24-03-2018 You could almost be forgiven for thinking it was spring these last few days. Temperatures just about in the double figures, sun shining, that kind of thing. I keep hearing rumours of winter returning over Easter.

The treasures of gardening I haven't written much about my garden this year, but it has quietly produced about twice the bounty of the previous year. Even the size of the produce has increased and is even more delicious.

GARDENING The slowest of the performing arts First, he explained that our tax dollars paid for hundreds of pounds of sunflower seeds to feed the squirrels. A well-fed squirrel is less likely to dig up tulips, he said. He also explained that the gardeners laid down chicken wire above the bulbs - but an inch or two below the soil surface.

Fans Think Beyonce And Jay-Z Ripped Off Motorcycle Motif For OTR II From Kim And Kanye When Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their second joint On the Run Tour with an Instagram post from Queen Bey, she shared a photo of herself and her hubby sitting together on a bike, with subsequent information revealing the couple will spend the summer playing stadium concerts in Europe and North America.

Spring Planting Still Couple Weeks Away - Despite a nor'easter snowstorm on the first day of spring, it may finally be safe to say "Hello, spring!" David Williams of Williams Nursery in Westfield talked with CBS2's Meg Baker about what to start planting and how to treat a lawn ahead of the warming weather.

Seed Sowing, Seed Saving & Mid-Week Planting I decided to try my hand at sowing seeds this week, rather than my usual option of buying started seedlings. I got myself some seed raising soil, plastic seed trays, labels, and got started!

At the Edge of the City: Manchester. Even London eventually comes to an end, an edge, though it's swallowing up more of the Kentish countryside and creeping ever nearer to Canterbury. Recently Mrs T and I were at the southern edge of Manchester, in Didsbury, and walked away from the houses, across the main road, into Fletcher Moss Park.

Growing Concerns: Overwhelmed by garden jungle? Hire a designer We are all getting the itch to be outdoors. I already have begun my garden planning for this season, but I know a lot of gardeners are a bit over whelmed by their property and don't know where to start. Whether it be a new home with nothing but lawn or an established garden, the feeling of being overwhelmed can happen to the best of us.

A little slow getting here Fortunately, flowers of 'Doctor Merrill' and 'Royal Star' magnolias, and 'Okame' cherry, are a bit late. In a mild winter, the magnolias can begin to flower in late February in this garden, and 'Okame' is usually in bloom early in the second week of March.

The joys of March Yes, there is a fair bit of rain, as there is today, but the clocks change and suddenly it's light until 7pm, the croci bloom and the sun shines enough to get me down to the garden to start getting things ready. Before getting started in the garden, I make a trip to the local nursery.

Fertilizing Spring Bulbs This week is the first week of spring, yeah! I celebrated spring's arrival by spending hours fertilizing emerging spring bulbs. If you have not gotten up off your gardening couch to look outside your window you ought to - little green fingers are popping up all over.

Gardening: Tips for starting your first vegetable garden Q: We moved last fall and this spring will be my first try at a vegetable garden. We would like to grow things like heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, string beans, carrots, parsnips, celery, Swiss chard and Greek herbs. I live on Sauerkraut Lane near Macungie; house faces south so the backyard has good sun exposure during summer.

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