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Some like it hot: fire up the spiciness of your chilliesThere are three secrets, one of them is all about being lazy... by James Wong.

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Gardening: Your questions answeredMany readers in this area have gardens which back on to beaches. Lovely in theory, but very problematic...

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A pony tale&Minutes ago I was up to my forearms in purple gloves, digging in cow manure for an earthworm.

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Unemployed? Try WWOOFing!Are you unhappy with the paltry wage that you’re being paid? Do you want a change in your life?

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10 Healthy Herbs You Can Grow in WaterHave you seen those 5 min craft videos and wonder if some of the stuff they do is real?

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How do you make a dry garden?The UK's most famous dry garden is at the Beth Chatto gardens in Essex.

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Let's Talk About Personal FinanceI feel the need to preface this by saying I am by no means a financial expert.

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Enjoy a glimpse at south Essex gardensWITH extra time on our hands due to lockdown restrictions, gardens have never looked so good.

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Gardening: How to give your garden a seaside feelAward-winning garden designer Joe Perkins, who lives close to the sea in Brighton, and Lynette Talbot, chairperson of Sidmouth In Bloom, offer their tips on how you can recreate beach vibes in your outdoor space...

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Gardening: This has been the best year yet for my hydrangeasTHIS week has seen me spend a bit of time tidying up the beach garden.

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Bumper crop features in Echo's Your GardensGARDENERS at one of the most spectacular allotment sites in the country would usually be throwing open the gates to welcome visitors, but this year have had to make use of technology to show off their green delights.

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People in Blackburn with Darwen have among 'smallest' gardens in BritainHand pinning rosemary tree branch for cutting in garden on soil in pot. good herb for healthy living lifestyle ; Shutterstock ID 1382705762; Purchase Order: Herald Magazine ; Job: Feature ; Client / Licensee: Herald and Times.

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Zucchinis AboundToday, August 8th, is Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors Porch Day. Totally appropriate considering the amount of zucchini I have.

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Chocolate Chips and WritingIm making brown butter chocolate chip cookies with pecans tonight. We like to make a batch and freeze them, so we can have a couple on the weekends without going crazy.

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HEALTH Is In the SPICECloves a natural wonder is used to treat bronchitis, back and abdominal cramps, pain, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea and used topically kills ringworm and repels insects including mosquitoes.

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Peach CobblerLast night I decided to throw together a peach cobbler as I was waiting for dinner to cook in my instant pot.

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Hurricanes  sadly not the drink.Hello friends. I was just watching the news and they mentioned that this year is slated to be a super active hurricane season.

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Longing for a Cool Space.Last week was a busy one, with the first side of the garden now sporting a smart new fence.

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New Garden NemesisSaw a pretty moth the other day. Went back and took a picture so I could identify it.

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New adventures, again!Well, this is exciting. We are starting a new adventure  in the hopes that it will grow into a FARM!

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9 August, Browning XXII: Above the stormsRosa Veilchenblau I realised yesterday that six months and more had gone by with these posts in the drafts box.

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Lilies #7484ar, 7479br, 7480br And 7485arAugust 8, 2020 Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family.

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Six on Saturday: Bees and BirdhousesIts the blue-skied, breezy sort of day that lures you outside to just sit a spell and enjoy summers final days.

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What am I up to?A friend in Kansas asked on one of my Facebook posts how am I doing and what do I do for fun.

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Six on SaturdayIm back at this, after a couple of weeks off. Two weeks ago, I had a migraine and couldnt face either the bright sunlight outdoors or screens indoors, and last week Saturday just got...

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Resistance Is FutileJudging from remarks in some of the gardening forums, we are all afflicted with a common addiction.

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Little ExtrasIve just come back from adding a second layer of Plasti Dip to the picnic table legs and rain barrel, before starting on cooking.

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How To Create A Mini Greenhouse's Made From Recycled Materials ️ National Allotment Week ️Its the start of National Allotment Week on Monday so what a way to start by sharing how I make my mini Greenhouse's using recycled materials asked for by my #blightwatch #shedwars #tomatobottles #, square foot gardening, no dig raised beds, pallet collars, giant vegetables, poly tunnel and greenhouse gardening and fruit trees and bushes.

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BeesMy favorite uncle was an animal behaviorist and entomologist and expert on a particular type of wasp and a lover of all social insects, especially bees and social wasps.

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How does the garden grow?I realized Ive neglected to take progress photos of some of our garden beds, so I got a few this morning.

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5 Easy Ways to Grow Food IndoorsHey everyone! I thought I would follow up on my last post about why you shouldn’t buy animals during the pandemic without doing proper research with some ways to help you feel more in control of your food.

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Gardening advice: What to grow in your garden this AugustGARDENING is a new hobby for many Brits who have spent more time in their gardens during lockdown. Shared .

Not used for a yearHow often do you do a job and then wish you’d done it differently? In my case, the Green Johanna has turned out to be in the wrong place.

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A Weekend Walk To The Lettuce FarmThis is a random post so I will be sharing with you some pictures of my walk to a lettuce farm about 40 minutes from my house by the Korle-bu hospital nurses flat.


Six on Saturday: Busy!As the globes of echinops begin to colour up they become a magnet for bees  but this busy bee was dining alone, his friends perhaps still being reluctant to dine out.

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Six on Saturday: The Risk of Falling LimbsI love our mostly shady backyard. Over the course of the day, dappled sunshine spreads across, giving light to different areas.

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Eamonn Holmes reveals Ruth Langsford's jaw-dropping gardening skillsAugust 08, 2020-17:12 BST Aisha Nozari Eamonn Holmes was relaxing in his garden on Saturday when he revealed that his wife, Ruth Langsford, is a seriously talented gardener.

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Online webinars to encourage bee and butterflies in Cumbria's gardensCUMBRIA Wildlife Trust is running a series of webinars to teach gardeners how to encourage pollinators.

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Something New! and more #gardening news.Today Im trying canning. My main problem is that everyone seems to be sold out of the canning lids.

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Set WinterThis week I potted up the winter pansy, and sweet William ready for the autumn baskets and troughs.

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Six on Saturday 8th AugustI’m popping in a little late this week with my Six because we were visiting the Confetti Fields in Pershore this morning.

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No dig gardening: How do you start a no dig bed?NO DIG gardening is growing in popularity - but how do you start a no dig bed? Shared .

BudsHi, apologies for being AWOL for a while. Lockdown has not left me feeling inspired to write or share any tips from the garden.

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GARDEN / GardenaholicThere are no Gardening mistakes, only experiments. A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display cultivation or enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.

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Update on the gardenHaving 4 dogs pottering around the garden does create a challenge in itself. For various reasons, the main ones being:.

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August 1: Peas and PumpkinsStop and just imagine for a second that plants just magically grew with little to now work&.

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Seeds For Fall 2020 And Spring 2021 Arrived In The MailWith covid preventing migrants from returning to the harvest fields, I ordered a bunch of seeds that might be hard to come by next spring.

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Mildly witty title would go here.Today I discovered a new word - anhedonia. Although the word may be new, I am sadly familiar with the condition itself: it's that feeling that nothing is fun or interesting, there's no point to anything, so why even bother?

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Not So De-VineSquash Vine Borer got you down? Josh is trying out some new strategies for taking out this pest - check out his solutions!

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What Happens When You Add WORM EGGS to a COW DUNG Pile?Self Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property / homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane - the climate is subtropical.

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Gardening With Angelo 8-8-20Angelo gives tips and tricks for your garden. Plus Angelo takes your calls.

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Gardening: How to reach a truce in the war with weedsIf you want to avoid chemical weedkillers but don't like the idea of hand hoeing or bouncing along behind a rototiller, you still have options to keep weeds from taking over your garden.

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Gardening: How to stop children getting bored and become inspired mini gardenersWith children on holiday it might be difficult to find interesting things to do but here are suggestions which will fill a few days and encourage young ones to take an interest in the garden.

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Happy SaturdayGood morning. Hope you are doing well, and are safe. Remember you are worthy of love, happiness, success, and positivity.

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How to get Extra from Your Vegetable GardenIt is harvest season! It's always so amazing to be able to bring in baskets of homegrown nutritious produce from the garden on a daily basis.

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Falkirk gardens are opening once again for charityScotland's Gardens Scheme will see more than 80 garden openings this summer.

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Fife gardens are opening once again for charityScotland's Gardens Scheme will see more than 80 garden openings this summer.

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Rt 376 at Zach's Way: Near Right HookAlthough I can rarely hang with real roadies, I can put the fear in 'em for a while, so the chase is on.

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Letchworth's Howard Park play areas set for faceliftThe play areas at Howard Park and Gardens in Letchworth are set for an upgrade - and residents are invited to share their views.

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5 Proven ways to earn Money Online in India during pandemic  2020Nowadays there are lots of opportunities to earn money online. Whether you’re looking to make money online full-time or you just want to supplement your income, you have a variety of options to choose from.

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Lettuce BLOOM + Grow Tent Update + Ph Acidity LevelsLet Me Help You Start Growing, Subscribe Now OF PRODUCTS I USE and YOU NEED TO GROW HYDROPONICS ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Best Air Pump ► Vinyl Tubing ► Tent ► Grow Lights ► Nutrients ► Containers ► Pebbles ► Wire Shelving Rack ► Fan ► Mesh Net Pot ► 8in Air Stone ► Cubes ► Station w/Heat ► Meter Digital Water Quality Tester...

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Squash BugsSquash bugs are YUCK and very annoying. Once they get a hold in your garden there is no easy way to remove them and keep them out.

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YOUR GLORIOUS GARDENS: 66 pictures from proud gardeners in Yate, Chipping Sodbury and Iron ActonAnyone who has been spending time in their gardens during lockdown is being asked to send in their favourite outdoor pictures.

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Six On Saturday: Hot stuffAll I can think about is the heat. I have been wondered what plants cope with this new British climate.

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Welcome, anglers and vegetable loversAT LAKE COUNTRY CONVENIENCE and Bait in Shieldsville, you can pick up a Heggie’s pizza, meat from Dean’s Smoke Shack, firewood, a fishing or hunting license, coffee, even a face mask, and much more.

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How to control aphids in your gardenHoverfly larvae devour blackfly, so welcome them by planting the umbels they love.

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Gardening tips: think outside the herb garden with marjoramPep up your borders with garden centre bargains and listen to Alice Vincent's audiobook.

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Six on Saturday 08/08/2020We are 🎼 Having a Heatwave 🎼  sorry I hope you dont have that song going around your head all day, like an ear worm!

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Quadgrow trial  part 1Let’s talk tomatoes. At the beginning of this year’s growing season I was lucky enough to be sent a Quadgrow planter, after spotting them at this year’s Garden Press Event in London . The Quadgrow display at the Garden Press Event,&.

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Egg Customer Letter 7/31/2020Good afternoon on this rainy Friday! Praise the Lord, it’s raining! Sometimes... but I will take it!

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Summer phone-in, plants for ground-cover and the lockdown gardenerJoin David Maxwell for a live phone-in Gardener's Corner programme. He'll be joined by expert guests Averil Milligan and Brendan Little.

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Six on Saturday 8th August 2020A mixed bag of updates &&. An odd mix of a week weather wise except for Friday which has been super warm again with quite a lot of sunshine.

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How to bring more wildlife into a small gardenDanny Clarke shares his advice on how to optimise a small space for biodiversity.

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Gardening family win UK-wide contestThe Mathers sent a picture of their made-over garden to a Wright's Home Hardware's Facebook competition and won.

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Coronavirus UK: Crowds pack beer gardens on day of high temperaturesHuge crowds of people were seen in bars and beer gardens yesterday evening as they cooled off after a day of scorching temperatures. Shared .

Six on SaturdayThis week is all about RHS Harlow Carr  I visited earlier this week, on a slightly overcast day but it still looked glorious.

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Enjoy these colourful Gwent gardensTHIS is the time of year we can sit back and enjoy our gardens.

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Six on SaturdayIs it me or have the past couple of mornings had a slightly cooler feel of late?

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Six on Saturday 08-08-2020Were back in my garden this week. I am still feeling a little on edge after significant changes I made to the Wisteria Border last weekend.

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Six on Saturday-8.8.20We made it out to visit a garden this week. I did consider featuring our trip to Wassand Hall for this weeks six but there was far more than six so this has featured as a post on its own.

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I Ain't Missing You at AllWell, things are undoubtedly easier: I can go out for a meal if I want to, I can go to the pub , I can go back to the gym, panic-buying is over, and my choir will recommence in September and delay-ridden Zoom meetings will be a distant memory.

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TODAY  SATURDAY Plant Sale  Saturday August 8th, 11am~1:30pm  by the Wolves Lane gate!Our very popular plant sale on Saturday continues! And there are always books for sale now too at Wolves Lane - children's book and gardening books galore!

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Eucalyptus and LavenderThe scent combination of eucalyptus and lavender is one that conjures up many memories of childhood in the Australian bush for me.

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Valley Gardens project in Brighton reopens to residentsPART of a major city centre development project has been opened up to residents after a dramatic transformation.

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Herald Campaign: Scots crime writer and gardening expert Theresa Talbot backs memorial campaign for coronavirus victimsTravel announcer Theresa Talbot has helped commuters get through their daily journey for several years, but lockdown offered her a completely different opportunity and has given her a chance to return to her first passion - gardening.

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Peach Chia Seed PuddingSo today is the first recipe from my #justpeachy extravaganza. If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I prepped this Peach Chia Seed Pudding last night.

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MeltingIt was a hot day to be taking my mother for her medical appointment in a van with no air conditioning!

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Shortcuts.Today, we summarise then repost a favourite bloggers work, musingsofanoldfart When taking a stroll for his health "rêverie d'un vieux pet," the "oldfart - who muses" equated a short cut with cheating, in this case cheating his better health, by taking fewer steps.

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Waddell Media delivers "Gardening Together with Diarmuid Gavin" to Irish broadcastersIrish broadcasters RTÉ and BBC1 Northern Ireland are launching a gardening series with garden designer and television personality Diarmuid Gavin.

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Canning season!Finally, canning season is upon us. I can not even begin to describe how much I love the smell of fresh cut watermelon and cucumber.

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Tolkein weatherIn recent days we have had torrential rains, blistering sun, hobbits, amphibians identifying as birds, volcanoes and insect plagues.

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Essential polytunnel, how to grow in a polytunnel, how to buy a polytunnel cheap.There are many reasons why you should have an undercover growing space, be it a greenhouse or polytunnel.

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Day 220: Tidying the Garden Ready for Family to VisitWe have some of my husbands family coming over tomorrow: mother-in - law, sister-in-law and five nieces.

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Fotd Photo ChallengeIts raining. All day. Rarely happens here. Found Cees Photo Challenge blog and it kept me busy for the day.

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Lame Lawn WorkHello and welcome to Lame Post Friday, my day of random observations and half-baked philosophy.  My first random observation is that our Brown-eyed Susans have started peeking up over the edge of our deck.

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Garden Experiment updateIt has been a few weeks since I gave a garden update. This photo was taken just before the tropical storm rolled through my area.

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Compost SakA review of my old compost tumbler and my new Compost Sak.

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& Beginnings&.Happy Friday my friends, goodness its been a busy last two weeks! Time at the beach with Joes great niece and nephew, then a seven day road trip with my niece and second cousin &#8212...

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Can we do it? Yes, we can!The last few weeks have been busy. All our hard work is beginning to pay off and we have moved into happy harvest mode!

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Please Don't Rock Your Yard!While we were in Colorado there was a trend to rip out anything that was growing and replace it with a gravel landscape.

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Petals of HappinessI dont have words to describe the beauty of this flower. The photo says it all.

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Gardening, Take OneWhat is the opposite of a green thumb? A purple thumb? You can call me that.

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Friends bean and tomato plants.Visited a friend who has some bean plants growing and some tomato plants. I was jealous, my tomatoes only have a couple of fruits on them.

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TOMORROW  SATURDAY Plant Sale  Saturday August 8th, 11am~1:30pm  by the Wolves Lane gate!Our very popular plant sale on Saturday continues! And there are always books for sale now too at Wolves Lane - children's book and gardening books galore!

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Turkeys! !The chirping started, oh so quietly on Wednesday. So quietly that I, in fact, thought I was hearing things, that it wasnt happening.

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Packaged Facts: Coronavirus Has Changed Consumer Home Gardening HabitsDue to the coronavirus, many consumers are changing their eating habits. About 30% of consumers agree they are eating less healthily, while 42% of consumers think they are eating more healthily, according to data published in Home Gardening Consumer Insights, a recent report by market research firm Packaged Facts....

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Monty Don heartbreak: Gardener's devastating torment over bringing up childrenMONTY DON revealed his heartbreaking regret over his fathering skills during his children's upbringing during an unearthed interview. Shared .

The July GardenThe sunshine of late July beckoned us to the woodlands and with it being such a busy month in the garden too, I am a little behind on my garden diary.

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Garden Update: Tomato FrustrationsAs anyone who has attempted to grow a vegetable garden can tell you, tomatoes can be some of the most rewarding, frustrating, challenging, and, at times, infuriating plants to grow. They can be temperamental, even fragile, and sometimes you can do absolutely every single thing correctly and you still lose your crop. There are bugs, fungi,...

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Achieving colour beyond summerHow can I achieve colour all year round?  is a question I get asked a lot by clients.

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Garden Progress Year 2Early spring the next year I started digging out the the big tractor tires. I emptied all the dirt out, added rotten logs, twigs, Â straw underneath, then replaced the dirt.

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15 lovely pubs with the best beer gardens in CambridgeshireFrom quaint village inns to city centre watering holes, we've found you a plethora of places to enjoy a drink outdoors.

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GardeningThere's plenty of work to be done at this time of year to keep your garden looking good.

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ORANGE Tabasco PepperPeppers Galore. The View from our Deck. Sage in the background Everyone who has used the Southern classic Tabasco Sauce knows that it is dark red.

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GQT At Home: Episode NineteenKathy Clugston hosts the gardening panel show, with Pippa Greenwood, Chris Beardshaw and Matt Biggs joining her to answer questions sent in by listeners.

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21 beautiful celebrity gardens: Victoria Beckham, Robbie Williams, Ruth Langsford, and morePhoto - Celebrity gardens: see the gardens of David and Victoria Beckham, Lorraine Kelly, Amanda Holden and more stars during the heatwave.

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6 Clever Items to Simplify Your LifeReal Simple's mission, through its 20 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.

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Nine gardening hacks you need to knowWhether you have a big green outdoor space or an 'indoor garden' on your kitchen windowsill - here are some of the best tips and tricks the internet has to offer.

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The Queen is opening her private gardens for the first time in 40 yearsCoronavirus changed everything about life as we know it, and with restrictions on socialising and many confined to home, social media became the method of The Queen is opening her private gardens to the public for the first time in 40 years.

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A time to sow leftover seedsFrom turnips to winter lettuce, and land cress, endive, radicchio, winter purslane, spring onions, rocket and corn salad, there are plenty of options for late summer sowing, says MAT COWARD.

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Tourist attraction Crook Hall and Gardens collapsed owing £688,000, documents showThe owners of the Grade I listed medieval hall and wedding venue said the Covid-19 lockdown triggered the destination's liquidation.

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Forensics officers comb church gardens after murder probe launchedFour people have been arrested following the discovery of a dead man at Wigan Parish Church.

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Kid Cooking: Zucchini FriesI am growing these beautiful ball-shaped zucchinis in my garden. Have I stuffed them? Have I taken advantage of their unusual shape?

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Why Don't I Get A Crop From My Blue Lake Pole Beans?Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

Your Gardening Questions Shared .

Subscribe to readNews, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication.

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The wildlife Garden in JulyThe second week of July saw continuing cool weather here in South Shropshire, plus it was often wet and windy. A small house mouse took up residence in my downstairs office and had to be coaxed into a live trap with a chocolate biscuit. It was relocated to an outside shed.

Dinchope Diary - Life In A Wildlife Garden Shared .

The Citizen Gardener: ‘We can do our bit to save water'Kate Poland on an impending water crisis in the UK, and what gardeners can do to help protect this precious resource.

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You get the feeling Spring is comingSalvia in flower, some sprouting broccoli flowering and going to seed, Wattle is coming into flower all about this area love the scent and the bees adore it.

Echidna Home Shared .

Has the Gypsy Moth Met Its Match?Gypsy moth caterpillars often appear in their thousands! Photo: When I was a boy , I can recall the near paranoia about the gypsy moth in my area.

Laidback Gardener Shared .

82: The Great AnthropauseIn this episode, podcast producer, Sean Douglas visits the Isle of Wight to investigate reports of wildlife taking over the island while humans were away.

National Trust Gardens Shared .

Egg Customer Letter 7/24/2020Hello on a hot Friday afternoon! Farm fresh eggs are available this week! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

The Gentlewoman Farmer Shared .

Gardening: Late summer blooms keep your garden glowingIf your summer annuals are already looking tired, gardening expert Carol Klein suggests some late-bloomers to try, writes Hannah Stephenson.

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The woodpigeon's gateA woodpigeon came down my path wearing his woodpigeon stare it carried a gait a woodpigeon gait, a gait, that is, not a gate, as that would be strange and more so for sure for a woodpigeon, it walked with assurance as woodpigeons do bulky with grey and subtle brown hues as though just shopping checking the aisles for that special something to...

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Bluestone garden bed underwayBluestone-edged garden bed on Sherwood Road. Planting of the bluestone-edged garden bed on Sherwood Road has begun.

Friends Of Eaglemont Village Shared .

A small flare and easing back into workIt seems the cumulative stress got me in a small flare last week.  Id like to say I was smart and took a day or two to slow down into putter mode.

My Adventures In Selfreliance Shared .

Gardening above parSome of the best remnants of sandy heathland to be found in Melbourne are on a golf course.

The Age Shared .

More deer damage, and a medical updateWe had a really hot day today, so when things cooled down enough, I went out to water the garden plots and sunflowers.

The Re-Farmer Shared .

Caithness volunteers hand out 450 gardening kits to encourage families to embrace new hobbyCaithness volunteers are dropping off 450 bags of gardening essentials to encourage families to embrace the outdoors.

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A Trove of Garden Insight from Katharine WhiteWe’re spending some time in Brooklin this month, where I lived for a while in the early 90s and to which I have returned most every summer since, at least for a few days.

Maine Crime Writers Shared .

Shortlist to design Finsbury Circus gardens makeover revealedFive architecture practices are in the running to design Finsbury Circus gardens' long-awaited makeover following work to build the new Crossrail line.

Building Design Shared .

Gardening: Your jobs for the weekendPruning, sowing and germinating - virtually the whole gardening gamut is here this week. Off to work you go...

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Lazy days and river walksWe enjoyed a much earned lazy day. I finished unpacking and getting the laundry done from the cottage.

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Trentham Gardens to enforce four can booze rule for their movie night eventsAnyone who brings more than they should are being warned they will be asked to dispose of it - or will be refused admission.

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My Quarantine Project: A Compost BinComposting is something I have wanted to do for about two years now. I finally convinced my parents it was something we should do at our house.

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Vegan cucumber yogurt sauceBY ANDREW WARNER fashionfruit. Managing editor I have more cucumbers than I know what to do with.

Fashionfruit. Shared .

The day the internet went out&Thursday, 6 August 2020 I broke for lunch. Mowed ragweed on the side lawn and pulled what I couldnt reach with the tractor.

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Happy AntsIt is often said whatever that has been planted and cared for without using pesticides will be evident in the harvest; there will be worms enjoying the fruits of the labor.

Angieneering Shared .

Working from Home: Week 23Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning. ~ Winston Churchill The past week, Ive seen about a dozen deer roam through our back yard and neighborhood.

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Social Distance in Gardening, Part XXI: Outdoor EducationWe are fortunate to have a resilient and creative community of educators who are developing new approaches to provide productive experiences for eager young learners.

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Lilies #8479BRAugust 6, 2020 Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family.

Steven Spring Photography Shared .

Weeding MagpiesWe’re still getting to know the local wildlife at the new house. The marauding sparrows are pretty much the same—devouring young lettuce and chicken feed in large flocks.

Robinne Weiss Shared .

Gardening: Take stock now with notes and photos for the futureThe dog days of summer may be upon us, but now is a good time to take an inventory of the garden and landscape to make note of what changes you might want to make when the weather cools down.

Detroitnews Shared .

August Notes 2020I never understood why rainy weather is part of a low pressure system when I feel pressure dropping all over me like a lead weight.

The Dirty Sneaker Shared .

Coastal Gardening: August!OK, I am back online! While we were attending to personal commitments, our garden and the farm in general did not stop, not one bit :)Â Heres a look at the colors that are so abundant in the...

Beloved Farms Shared .

Water and Sunlight!Every year around Earth Day, I buy soil, pots, seeds for flowers and vegetables and begin this annual ritual of planting for this holiday around the world.

Magnific Mom Moments Shared .

Isaiah 58:6-8, 11Do you garden? Perhaps you have some beautiful landscaping in front of your home which you carefully tend, or lovely flowers cultivated throughout the years?

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Lavender Deters Evil Spirits!Lavender doesnt just smell great! Lavender is a favorite is my garden and it has many uses.

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Top Ten Worst Plant NamesIn my years of gardening I have been struck by the incredible amount of horrible plant names.

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On OptimismTo plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~Audrey Hepburn When I’m feeling off - and let’s face it, we’ve all got lots about which to feel off these days - spending a little time in my garden makes me feel so much better.

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There is NO Alternative to CompostIn this episode, I will explain why you should start with compost and why bagged soil isn't a good solution for starting a garden unless you have no other option.

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Greenhouse GardeningUse your greenhouse as a bountiful year round garden not just overpriced season extension.

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Concrete yard or garden?Its one of those everyday, standard gardening problems  how to deal with the backyard of the classic Victorian terraced house.

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Wassand HallToday we headed out to Wassand Hall. I havent been to the gardens for two years and never in high summer.

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Green Bay Botanical GardenWhen I first visited the Green Bay Botanical Garden, I felt as though I was transported to the garden of my dreamswith all the right paths, curves and hidden nooks.

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Sugar snap pea updateIt didnt take the sugar snap peas long to germinate. This is a photo a week after sowing, but they were starting to poke their heads through 3 or 4 days in.

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Call Me VinceFor some reason I thought I’d only get one shot with my butternut squash, but it’s proving me wrong in spectacular fashion.


Gardening: How to boost your veg patch through crop rotationFor National Allotments Week , Hannah Stephenson looks at veg you can grow together, and the benefits of crop rotation.

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Throw Together ScallopsI try to eat seafood two to three times a week around here, be it fresh fish or shelled and one of my favorites are sea scallops.

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How to Grow Celery, with the results in August from a first sowing in MarchSee Homeacres weather reports at explain watering and sideshooting. Spacing is 30cm/12in. See my Sowing Timeline for other sowing dates more about intensive and succession cropping in my online course 2 Growing Success advice on summer gardening, see my update of 25th July 2020 5th-6th August 2020 at Homeacres in SW UK, and edited by Edward...

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Gardening: Wonky veg, wonky peopleA wander through the Southsea Green garden is a reminder that gardens are not always pristine.

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YOUR GLORIOUS GARDENS: Pictures from proud Cotswold gardeners plus tips for container growingGARDENS are bursting out into glorious colour all over the Cotswolds, as this latest collection of readers' pictures shows.

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A Peek at My Fall Seed OrderMusic: "Heat" by Derek Clegg Seeds talked about in this episode: Sunflower ‘Zohar' Sweet Pea ‘Perennial Blend' Celosia ‘ Chief Red Flame' Ageratum ‘Blue Planet' Plains Coreopsis Poppy ‘Black Swan' Mustard ‘Red Giant' Carrot ‘Atomic Red' Showy Milkweed Common Milkweed Kale ‘Nero Toscana' Corn ‘Rio Grande Blue' Native Seeds...

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Beauty WithinI have been waiting for this event for so long. The blooming of the first sunflower.

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Flower Power Garden Hour 71: Listener Q&A…potpourriListener Q&A episode - Marlene answers listener submitted questions this week. Topics include:. Find Marlene over on and.

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Projects done!The closet looks bright and clean. We did move our space heaters to the barn and I have one box of I dont know what to do with stuff.

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203July sees the crops at their peak and we harvest Calabrese, lots of Beetroot and end with a final crop of Peas.

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Packaged Facts: Coronavirus Has Changed Consumer Eating and Home Gardening HabitsDue to the coronavirus, many consumers are changing their eating habits. About 30% of consumers agree they are eating less healthily, while 42%...

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Potato Plants can Kill youDon't ever eat the green fruits that appear on potato plants, they can kill you.

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The Garden Plot  chapter 11Hopefully the third times the charm. This is my third and final attempt at growing Brussel Sprouts.

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Vegetable gardeningThis year I decided to get a plot of land from out community garden to plant my own vegetables.

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Pride) Goeth Before a Fall-Part TwoBefore we could get to the 2020 garden season, we had to make it through the winter.

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Practice 1As I said recently, moving forward I will be focusing my creative efforts on surface pattern design and painting in watercolor.

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Allotment Diary / Quick Container Grown Potato HarvestJust another potato reveal and the results are a bit better this time with a better crop.

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Got Kids? Make a Watering CanA recycled watering can is a fun project to make. Actually, the fun begins when your little helper uses it. Recycle a laundry detergent bottle with a spout. Rinse it well.

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Police hunt thug who attacked man in Fountain GardensPolice are hunting a thug who assaulted a man in a public garden in Renfrewshire.

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The Friends of Leigh Library Gardens rebuild wall and welcome newbies to growing groupThe Friends of Leigh Library Gardens are not a group to let the grass grow under their feet and their most recent work parties have seen the retaining stonewall at the entrance to the Gardens by the bus stop on Broadway West repaired, cleared of weeds and the beds behind it planted with seasonal and perennial plants.

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Sufferin' Salad Stress!It’s perhaps the most privileged, most tone-deaf thing to complain about, but here we are, and I’m going to say it: I have too many vegetables.

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Organic Homemade FertilizerRefrain from brewing it in the kitchen; learning the hard way as some of us have done does not pay too well.

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Reading's Forbury Gardens attack: t-shirts worn and signed by football players sold to raise money for memorialThis money will go towards Phantom Brewing Co's Forbury Gardens Memorial Fund which is raising money for a memorial dedicated to the victims of the attack.

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COVID-19 Impact On Gardening Equipment Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2017 to 2022The Gardening Equipment Market is an intrinsic study of the current status of this business vertical and encompasses a brief synopsis about its segmentation.

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These are the plants people are buying for their gardens in lockdownWhether you’ve gone for food deliveries, interiors upgrades, or loungewear wardrobes, the temptation to buy a load of stuff to deal with lockdown boredom has been immense – especially if said stuff is tailor-made for how our needs and wants have changed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Shared .

How Pet Friendly Is Artificial Grass?Almost everyone in Thurgoona loves pets, especially dogs. Some homes even raise more than two pets, spending some quality time with them at their backyard.

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Sunny Sunflowers WreathIn gardening news& Lot's of my sunflowers are now to ready to pop into a vase, I hate taking them from the garden, and I have to keep reminding myself they are cut flowers grown for a reason 🙂 as always I will be saving the seeds of my favourite blooms, sunflowers are so easy!

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Will A Fig Tree Survive Ohio's Cold?Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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Pineapples  From Regal luxury to 70s chintz!A roaring trade in pineapple rental developed, where ambitious but less well-off folk might hire one for a special event, dinner party or even just to jauntily tuck under an arm on a show-off stroll in a manner we might rent a car for a wedding but never actually dream of owning a Rolls Royce or a Bentley.

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MembershipYesterday I was a couple of hours late in watering my tomato plants. And they had already begun to crumple.

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Work under way on gardens and beach at Dundee WaterfrontWork has begun to complete "pocket gardens" at Slessor Gardens as landscaping progresses around Dundee Waterfront.

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The benefits of re-wilding a lawn, and why it's not the same as giving up on gardeningTrinity College, Dublin has opted for a wild lawn, showing how pristine green grounds are a thing of the past. Shared .

The Weekly What's?At the end of each week, I like to ask myself a few questions on how my week went.

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Starting strawberry crops and winter bedding in your garden is easy with economical plug plantsSeedlings raised in plugs that are bought from mail-order nurseries are relatively inexpensive and come without the inevitable losses of seed-raising. Shared .

Regrowing Vegetables  LettuceApologies for the old planter. Didnt feel like editing it nor trimming the dried out ends of lettuce.

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Plans to grow allotment and gardening space in DundeePlans to create growing space for enough fruit and vegetables to fee a third of Dundee have been tabled.

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Gardening Has a Relationship With SkyAt special moments, the sky becomes a flower bed in the firmament. Adrian Higgins. THE sky has yet to fall, but if it did, most folks these days would wait for their smartphone alerts to inform them of the event.

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Roundup of gardening news for Aug. 6, 2020Catch up on local gardening news and events in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania and Stark County, Ohio.

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Gardener blooming fed up after being ordered to remove potsA green-fingered resident has accused a housing firm of "bullying" after being ordered to remove his colourful blooms.

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MELINDA MYERS: Tips to help your landscape beat the heatAdjust landscape care based on the weather conditions, each plant’s tolerance level and your gardening goals.

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'When I'm here, people don't see me as a madman'The charity helps people with a wide range of mental health issues get back on their feet.

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My Beautiful GardenToday we visit the outdoor havens of gardeners Jo Dolbear of Portland, Barbara Ireland of Chickerell and Deborah Goddard of Weymouth.

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Buried Wood Raised Garden Bed Fix and New Prepping Planting AreaSelf Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property / homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane - the climate is subtropical.

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What Causes Tomatoes to "Catface" and How to Prevent ItTomatoes are known to have an issue called "cat facing", where they get scarred, and sometimes have holes, pickets, bumps, and lumps that make them far from a perfect round shape.

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Guinea Pigs Loose in the Garden?There are people who claim that guinea pigs cant be kept outside. That is absolutely incorrect.

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Mid Summer City GardenAfter 4 months spent principally at the cottage, we are now back in the city for a bit.

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Hump DayWednesday, 5 August 2020 Im restless. I dont want to say Im bored because I have too many things to keep me occupied for the rest of my life and if I live to be 100 that is....

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My Insect FriendsIt is high cicada season. They are crawling out of the ground and slowly shedding their brown exoskeleton.

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HomegrownA few years ago, when I left the city for a house with a backyard, my brother and I started dabbling with the usual potted herbs and tomato plants. For two summers we enjoyed tasty tomatoes and enough basil and mint to last all summer. However, this year has been different.

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Flowers and Herbs to Deter Pests in Your GardenWe wanted to make our garden organic. When we read about the concept of planting flowers and herbs to help deter pests from your vegetable garden, we thought why not give it a try.Â.

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Le sigh&.My garden took a beating yesterday. That tropical storm actually blew, yes quite literally blew the petals off my roses.

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Wondering About WaterRainy days dont necessarily mean we dont need to water our gardens. Measuring and scheduling can help keep our plants green and growing.

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A new generationPeter's back with a warning about mystery seed deliveries, news of the new RHS President, some tips on how to deal with garden pests and growing your own melons, and Isobel Watson, recipient of the Midland Regional of the year award joins us for a chat!

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Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020  The HarveysMany years ago I had the privilege of being this amazing couples waitress on their very first date.

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The Poop ScoopOk hive mind, I need your help! I got my alpacas and I got my alpaca poop.

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Homemade Garlic PowderGarlic harvest was a couple weeks ago, and my garlic has been hanging from the rafters in the basement to dry. The first third of it has been peeled, sliced, and put in the dehydrator for 24 hours.

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Lilies #8500BRAugust 5, 2020 Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family.

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Gardening:There's no denying the ability of summer flower displays to raise the human spirit and put smiles on faces.

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Gardening SuccessKorean naengmyeon my wife made for dinner using the beans I grew. If you have never tried naengmyeon, it is super good, super cheap and super easy to make from kits sold at your local Asian food store.

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Early August Garden Updates, 2020Weve had a lot of things happening  it was really hot for the beginning of summer, so my garden was growing like crazy.

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Lemon herbs& Lemon verbena and Lemon balmI rave about lemon verbena most any chance I get. Meet a new gardener? I am bound to ask them if they grow lemon verbena, then I will start into a five minute mini-lecture on why everyone should grow the herb.

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Returning to our roots: Black Americans are redefining relationship to the land with gardening, farmingThough large numbers of Black people have historically been excluded from land ownership, an emerging group of Black Americans are turning to gardening, farming and agriculture as a means of empowerment, self sufficiency and tapping into their ancestral ties to the soil.Â.

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A visit to Swines Meadow Farm Nursery on the hottest daySo here I am, starting cautiously, carefully, venturing out into the world again. I was taking a few days off from work and after a chat with a frie...

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Build a DIY Plant Caddy for Under $30Simple pot holder and plant caddy project for you today! These are really handy to whip up if you like to move plants around, you grow in small spaces, you're elderly / mobility challenged, or you want to over-winter plants easily.

Epic Gardening Shared . Kew Gardens 10k adds socially distanced datesThe team behind the Kew Gardens 10K has also announced that online marketplace provider, is its new event title partner. Shared .

Here In The Real World by Sara PennypackerTitle: Here In The Real World Author: Sara Pennypacker Publication Date: 2020 The Plot In 5 Sentences Or Less: 11 year old Ware seems to be in for another depressing summer hanging out at the Community Rec Center while his parents are at work.

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GETTING THEREIf you are tired of seeing pictures of garden veggies, you just might as well skip this blog because that's basically all you are going to get for a while.

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Home schooling on the farmTwo questions. What lessons should they be learning? What lessons could they be learning? What a difference a few letters make.

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Gardening 101: Adding Summer Color To Your GardenWhen looking at ways to add summer color in your garden my thoughts go back to a visit at a California vineyard last summer.

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BeebombsAt the start of lockdown some months ago, finding myself with a lot more free time on my hands.

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The Fool, The Knave and The Improbable HarvestSomeone left in plums and well I had jam sugar so why not? A few mornings ago I ran out into the garden because Id forgotten to harvest the gooseberries.

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Water crisisThe situation In a previous post, we wrote about our well running dry and the loss of our water supply.

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Gardening?I dont do gardening. I dont do dirt, or bugs, or weeds or any of that stuff. I also dont do outside a lot  as in aimless walks through quote / unquote natur...

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Shedwars Monthly Fruit And Vegetable Allotment Harvest and Planting Purple Sprouting #teamoverthepondI have cleared the giant onion bed and found spaces for the Purple Sprouting Broccoli and we do a harvest in August #blightwatch #shedwars #tomatobottles #, square foot gardening, no dig raised beds, pallet collars, giant vegetables, poly tunnel and greenhouse gardening and fruit trees and bushes.

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PrideI have been an organic gardener for the better part of four decades. Each time I relocated, I would have to address problem soils, heavy adobe, poor in organic materials.

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Natural Insect RepellentNatural insect repellent made from essential oils of cedar, lemon eucalyptus and peppermint. Effect tick, mosquito and fly repellent.

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Pouring my heart outYesterday I was whining over the non-profit association I am participating in. And I kept on whining after I had finished writing, whining to myself, until I was really irritated.

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Growing BananaBananas with flower I had started growing banana plant with small one a friend gave it to me.

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Wildlife Wednesday  A slice of life at the Marjoram CafeI have Sweet Marjoram growing in several places in the garden and I am particularly fond of its golden form: Origanum vulgare ‘Aureum’, which looks good for months on end.

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What Happened in My Garden: July 2020July can be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, months of the warm growing season.

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My Garden Reading ListOne small benefit to spending so much time at home is I have actually started working through the many books I have bought over the years.

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Victory Journal Storm Diary EditionWe were extremely lucky overall. Isaias only slapped us around a bit. Plenty of rain, 3/4's to 1 inch - some areas are reported between 4 and 6 inches with massive flooding - and some fierce winds. Last night about 815 I was watching the storm rage in the fading light: the garden was very nearly horizontal. I thought we had lost most of...

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Out and about a bitLast time I checked the coronavirus statistics for the county, it seemed as though we had fewer new cases this week.

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August Still Offers Garden InterestAs the sultry air of late July passes into August, many plants in my perennial gardens are starting to fade.

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