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Growing Things: Gardening gift ideas for the green thumb in your life Yes, it's that time of the year when our attention turns to those who garden and what we can put under the tree for the green thumbs in your life. I truly enjoy writing this column because it gives me great pleasure to think of the joy you will pass along to the gardeners in your life with these great gift ideas.

Autumn Leaves A lot To Be Desired ~ Again It's that time of year and the gardener's gold must be gathered in. And so whenever I go up to the allotment, taking stuff for the compost bins, I then head up the lane to the woods behind the plots. Until recently the fallen leaves have been rain-sodden, but with a few rainless days they've dried off a bit and a bag full no longer weighs a tonne.

HMMS School Garden: Year 1 We really care about our garden. It lets us get outside every day. We enjoy caring for it. We can sell the crops and produce. Without our garden, our school would be bland outside…our playground is literally just two football goals and a large field.

The Story of the Mystery Mandarins Over 3 years ago, my son planted a Kishu Mandarin tree in our backyard. I love mandarins but get annoyed with the seeds so I really wanted a seedless variety that was more of a dwarf tree. For the first several years we had no blossoms on it whatsoever.

Global Gardening Tools Market Analysis by Market Key Player, Product Application & Geography Gardening Tools market report examines the short-and medium-term economic and profitability outlook for Gardening Tools industry. The Gardening Tools market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over XX% during the period 2019−2024.

Gardening or walking 'can cut men's risk of prostate cancer in half' Men who exercise regularly could cut their risk of prostate cancer in half, a new study has found. According to experts, daily activity - which can include gardening or walking - has a "far larger" protective effect than previously thought.

Chicago-based Guild Capital backs Pune gardening platform in second India bet Chicago-based early-stage investor Guild Capital has placed its second India bet with a deal to invest in a Pune-based online.

Global Gardening and Agriculture Equipment Market 2019 - Husqvarna, Honda Motor, Andreas Stihl, Briggs & Stratton, Ohashi Global Gardening and Agriculture Equipment market consists of complete analysis of Gardening and Agriculture Equipment Market by showing the current situation in the market. This report predicts the growth of the market size and share during the forecast period.

Roundup of gardening news for Dec. 5, 2019 Get ready for the holidays by learning to make your own table arrangement Dec. 14 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Geauga County OSU Extension Office.

Winter time is the time for dreaming Every late fall to winter the seed catalogs come rolling in like an assembly line of beautiful dreams. We all look through the catalogs putting stars by our favorites, making a list, and then checking it twice to see if it's a frivolous seed purchase or something useful.

More Buckwheat, More Butterflies When you plant California buckwheat in your home landscape, you bring immediate relief to butterflies and other pollinators searching for nectar and shelter. California buckwheats flower for months, enrich the soil with their tiny leaves, are easy to grow, and are evergreen.

Gardening and light walking can 'help slash prostate cancer risk by half' POTTERING around can help slash prostate cancer risk by half, a study suggests. Experts said gentle physical activity has a "far larger" protective effect than previously thought. In the biggest study of its kind, Bristol University researchers analysed data on 140,000 men.

Blog Seed Harvesting, Part 1 Our goal is to create a sustainable garden, so our seed crop needs to be as extensive as our food crop. Seed harvesting is a simple process, though growing plants for seed requires a different approach.

Citrus for Christmas As we head into the short, cold days of the winter solstice is there any food that so evokes thoughts of warm and sunny climes as well as citrus does? As a species, citrus has been cultivated since 3000 BCE and may originated in the area of the Himalayas more than 5 million years ago.

There has been tree buying I am old enough to remember 'plant a tree in 73' and the follow on 'plant one more in 74'; so here I am, doing my bit even after declaring to myself there would be no more tree buying…. yes, you've guessed it, there has been tree buying. All the trees I have bought, have been for practical reasons and replacements for losses.

Jack The Accidental Orchid Expert I accidentally stumbled onto the correct way to get an orchid to re-bloom. This is the perfect example of how I do everything. There are about six buds here, I think…I really have no idea what I'm looking at. Hello, Dear Rea…what? The bird mould?

Apples and Autumn No other fruit says autumn like apples, unless perhaps it's the pumpkin. But apples are more versatile, combining well in so many sorts of dishes, blending easily with other, stronger flavors. This year's Yankee Magazine, and a page I saved from last year's Vermont Country Store focused upon this traditional fruit.

Burlington County school introduces vertical gardening. SOUTHAMPTON - Having a salad for lunch might not be a hassle when half the ingredients are already being grown in the classroom. Southampton School #2 became one of the first in the area to introduce a tower garden in a classroom this week, where students will take care of the plants.

Gardening: A mystery plant and the dawn of a dinosaur garden Recently, I received an email from Jeff Harang of Calabasas with a photo of a plant whose identity he did know. I had first seen this plant years ago - before the advent of the Internet - but never knew its name and thought it might be a parasitic species, but I was wrong.

Doris Volz enjoyed baking and gardening Doris Jane Volz, 93, died on Wednesday, November 27th. She was born April 17, 1926, in Franksville, WI, the daughter of Edward and Lydia Baker. Doris graduated from William Horlick High School in 1944. Following high school, Doris worked at Massey Harris, Harris Metals.

First Sweet Potatoes So, I said I would keep you posted on my sweet potato experiment and this is the outcome. Eight tiny sweet potatoes that I was actually able to use. I cured them and they all emerged edible. A small win - literally. I started out by planting two whole, sprouting sweet potatoes.

The Pencil Parent If you're anything like me, you'll always have some gardening chores to do. And the best way to keep an eye on my little ankle biters is to bring them along with me.

Gardening Tools Market: In-Depth Gardening Tools Market Research Report 2019-2026 The global Gardening Tools market study presents an all in all compilation of the historical, current and future outlook of the market as well as the factors responsible for such a growth.

Global Gardening Equipment Market SWOT Analysis of Key Players : Honda Power Equipment Mfg. Inc, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Kubota Corporation New Research Study On Global Gardening Equipment Market gives detailed information on Market shares, growth opportunities, Industry Analysis and Growth Aspects on competitive landscapes. The report helps readers to clearly understand the current and future status of the Gardening Equipment market from 2020 to 2028.

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