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Advanced Nutrients I decided to use Advanced Nutrients for many reasons 1) they have great reviews from way more users than other nutrient brands. 2) after adding nutrients and giving a good stir you are set to test the ph in the water. I bought a ph pen just to be safe as they say you don't need one because ADvanced Nutrient is ph perfect.

Today I have a new appreciation for landfills On Saturday afternoon I dug up lots of perennials and at one point went inside to put a FREE ad on Craigslist. I didn't hear from anyone and so put the plants in my garage to keep them out of the freezing temps. Someone responded to the ad at midnight saying he wanted the plants.

Blast from the Past This right here is quintessential dad. This pictures says so much about the man in my life and represents so much of what I will always carry with me when it comes to him. I was cleaning up an old computer in a fit of fall cleaning.

What Matters Most The long, dry summer of 2018 in the high desert of Northern Nevada was a record breaker. For 56 consecutive days the temperature hit at least 90, and on 20 of those days the mercury crept up to 100 or more. If that wasn't enough to make you hide indoors, thick smoke from historic wildfires certainly did.

Life's A Bitch and then you Write I'm taking a writing course called Life's a bitch and then you write, because writing's proved so difficult for months now, and I'm not sure why.

A change of seasons Remnants of Hurricane Michael were hardly to be concerned about in this part of northwestern Virginia, but a breezy night as the storm exited was enough to dislodge many loosely attached leaves of trees bordering the garden. Nothing that wasn't nearly bare has gone bare, but today there are mounds of leaves where there were none a day ago.

Tight on space for gardening? Try starting your own window sill herb patch A window sill herb garden is what you need when living in a tiny apartment means there's little space for gardening.

Pineapple Sage Salvias are a wide-ranging group of plants native to a variety of habitats around the world. What they seem to have in common are brightly colored, tubular shaped flowers that hummingbirds and butterflies just love. This particular Sage is no exception, and has the added bonus of sweet smelling leaves that give off a pineapple scent.

A Year in Ninewells Community Garden We're excited to announce a photo competition! We know many of our visitors take beautiful photos of the garden, so we'd like to celebrate these by creating a 2019 garden calendar. To enter, please send us a maximum of 4 high res photos of the garden - plants, animals, weather, people - it's up to you!

Mandala Monday - Apples I've been craving all things apple lately, but haven't had the chance to get to the orchard yet this fall due to the wet, rainy weather we've been having here. So I caved in the other day and went the boring route and bought some apples at a local store.

Courtyard Garden : Autumn Figs #gardening #courtyardgarden #figs #fruittrees Today, once the rain had stopped, I decided that now autumn is truly here, and most of the leaves have dropped from my fig tree, it was time to remove the unripened figs. Despite common myth figs are surprisingly easy to grow in this country.

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Meet Ugandan President, Hand Him A Pair Of White Sneakers - See The Pics! Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian met Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni, as the pair visited the East African nation on Monday. West, 41, gifted the leader, 74, a pair of white sneakers, with Museveni thanking the rapper on social media. He shared pics of the trio's meeting:.

Garlic にんにく 10/15/2018 We went to "Hudson Valley Garlic Festival" the other day. As you can easily guess, we found everything with garlic. Garlic jam, cheese, sausages, ice cream or whatever… Our purpose was to buy garlic to plant in our garden. Since we are beginners we talked with several vendors and got useful "how to" tips from them.

Wonderful things in small packages On Friday, I picked two butternut squash, which were small but most welcome. Then clearing up the vibes yesterday, I discovered another two, which were even smaller but still most welcome.

A Red And White Dahlia With An Exclamation Mark Gresgarth Hall has a walled kitchen garden where fruit trees and vegetables grow alongside flowers for cutting, depending on the season. I was about to describe the dahlia I photographed there as bicoloured, but could not ignore the flush of peach that gives it a sophisticated look.

In a Vase on Monday: What Goes Around… Comes around, and on Friday friends came around for lunch, bringing a nice bottle of wine and a pretty posy of flowers from their garden - so far, so to be expected. Apart from the sedum, though, all the flowers were picked from plants grown from seed or cuttings, provided by me!

Happy Places We all have a certain place that brings us joy. Whether that be a hidden destination that we escape to or the simplicity of enjoying some music in our downtime. There is always something that helps a person to escape the stress and constraints of everyday life and feel completely at ease.

Opportunities The Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs is an organization made up of Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies, and Speciality Plant Societies from 7 districts across Nova Scotia. Chester Garden Club is one of seven clubs in District 6, the south shore.

Yard work I've always enjoyed doing yard work. Starting when I was a kid, I helped my dad do his various projects around the yard and garage, and it's been in my blood ever since.

Features and how to use City Farming So you have looked and looked and you finally found the blog for you: City Farming. Next you wonder what City Farming has and how to use us.

How to be me? So far this year we have been on a roller coaster ride. I am trying to focus on the me I want to be, and how to achieve that. One thing that I miss about myself is planning things out and then doing them. I have been avoiding going places, and doing things out of fear or my anxiety.

Doctor Doom Reveals His Thoughts on Gardening in a Preview of Thor #6 Gardening is a hobby that many people enjoy, especially in their golden years. Not so for Doctor Doom, who despite surviving the death of most of the universe, has not developed a green thumb. So when Doom arrives on Earth to find that Thor has turned the wasteland that was once Latveria into a Garden, he is, to put it mildly, none too pleased.

Early Wonder camellia shakes the gardening world Login HereManage Your Account. At 'The Garden Guy's' house a couple of Camellia sasanquas have started showing a little color while at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens in Savannah they are already claiming the first Camellia japonica of the year.

Gifted These are the remains of a sewing basket that belonged to a dear and special friend of mine. Her name was Alva. She hemmed all of her own pants and fixed the holes in all of her older brothers work clothes. The last brother was Charles but everyone called him Peanut.

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