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Greek Oregano No self-respecting Greek will return home from Greece without a large stash of dried Greek Oregano in their luggage. Try explaining that one to a customs officer. *A handy growing summary chart is at the end of the article.*. So what if you don't get to go to Greece on any kind of a regular basis to get your next supply?

White Fish Dressing for Herb Gardeners Here we have the remains of a Mahi Mahi breakfast flavored with herbs from my herb garden and local raw honey. The mint was beautiful with this steak-like white fish, and I think for those without a garden, mint jelly would be a fine substitute. Recipe:.

Hive Five For All The Dads! Helena and Matthew Sylvester have been partners long before they were ever married. As Helena's interest in growing food developed, Matthew encouraged her-from growing plants on their patio in Oakland to leasing a farm of their own in Sunol, California.

A Volunteer Plant - A Trillium When walking through my backyard it sounded like walking on a squishy, wet sponge for the past two months. Mowing the grass was not an option and oh did that grass grow! Reaching almost knee height before we were able to drive the mower without bogging down.

Gardening Dos Make Gardening Don'ts the Next Day I guess I did a bit too much in the yard yesterday. My back and shoulders are in some serious pain this morning. I was working on one of my reviews and got frustrated. So I decided to go and work in the yard to try to clear my head. Three or four hours later I'm still pulling and trimming away out there.

Sunday Homestead Update Another blessed week on the homestead! Garden. Our garden has been coming along nicely, albeit behind our normal schedule due to the cold weather and late spring. We have been enjoying the asparagus and rhubarb harvests, eating the asparagus fresh and baking the rhubarb into Rhubarb Struesel Bread a few times a week.

What's in a name? While there are half a dozen plants named after my home town in Devon, only one appears in the RHS Plant Finder bearing the name of the place I moved to in 1974 - iris sibirica 'Bracknell'. It was for sale in the UK last year, but not in 2019. Fortunately, a fellow gardener had it in her garden and gave me a piece several years ago.

A Father's Day Poem I have loved roses since the earliest days, when they spilled like flames over our garden walls, and you'd bring them, fresh cut, into the house, where they'd dwell like living embers singly or together and fill our mornings with the perfume of their song.

All because of the rain… This week I must admit to feeling just a tiny bit smug. Just about everyone I have spoken to seems, understandably, to be moaning that the recent heavy rains have battered and spoilt so many of the plants in their gardens, just when they were flowering and should be at their best.

Hasslehoff Potatoes, Cat Sit and Universal Homicide I've had an oddly potato-intensive day. Firstly, I just discovered hassleback potatoes. Good lord, these soft and crispy gifts from the gods, are a game-changer. I had one last night and have been plotting the next one ever since. Potato overdose may be on the cards.

Tropical Gardening: It's Father's Day - and time to show mahalo If you already found that special gift for Dad, then here is an additional gift he should appreciate. Most lucky fathers will receive something practical such as a new lawn mower, tools or maybe a box of cigars, but think about a living gift as well. Flowers are for Mom, but a living gift is something he can keep at the office or in the home.

Gardeners World Live 2019 - a pause in the rain You know when you think you have not been somewhere for a year or two, and then when you check you find out it is six years; well it turns out I have not been to Gardeners World Live for six years. I cannot even give you a good reason for this.

Man fined £7,000 for not doing the gardening for seven years A man has been fined a total of £7,000 for leaving his front and back gardens completely overgrown - since 2012. Landlord Leighton Dowding left the otherwise ordinary terraced house in Downend, completely empty - and didn't get anyone to come and do the garden for at least seven years.

13 beautiful ideas for your garden from BBC Gardeners World Live 2019 Many of the show gardens at BBC Gardeners World Live 2019 had almost all-green borders, with just one or perhaps two stand-out colours. Instead of mixed borders of flowers, interest came from the different shades and shapes of green leaves. It's a very calm and natural look.

My week in photos - week 24 I know that I say this almost every week, but it was a really good week. It was definitely a bit busier than normal. I had two doctor's appointments and went to yoga every day that I wasn't otherwise engaged. Justin's mom came to visit at the end of the week, but I'll share more about that next week.

My dad was a gardener. He taught me to use my thumb and finger to pinch the seed and plant it precisely in the crumbly soil - according to it's size. I had my own four foot square patch to grow carrots, radishes and marigolds, that I bought with my paper route earnings. At first we cleared stones, pulled weeds and tilled the ground.

With wildlife gardening getting royal backing, Felicity Clements encourages everyone to go wild about nature SPRING has most definitely sprung in this little corner of Wiltshire. The garden has never felt more alive with wildlife.

Saturday Homeschooling Lessons - Geography and Gardening Update Happy Saturday, dear ones! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I have to start this post by telling you all about Kayliegh's new favorite song, Fal$e Teachers by Shai Linne. I'll link to this song below, it's a rap of the theological issues of the prosperity gospel.

Les jardins du Coq I must admit that I get jealous when I read about the garden visits in the U.K. However, I found a garden to visit - open from April and one and a half hours drive away. It is also on our way to visit the orchids in St Maurice de Tavernole. So on a beautiful May day we paid the gardens a visit.

Blue Hydrangea Blues This took so much work and it's okay? I guess…I did it at least! How these managed to pop up in a bucket is a mystery. The lily season is upon us. Second to last miniature rose to bloom. Our twenty-something rose. Finally something grows in those planters!

Fresh Ferns Sometimes called a Soft Shield fern this one actually comes from Western Europe. Who knows why they name things like they do? This one is by our garage and has grown more slowly than one I'll show you soon. It's gotten quite large this year. Alpine Water Fern.

A Random Six on Saturday There is no theme to my Six on Saturday today, although if I could post fragrances that is what you be experiencing instead of six fairly random photos. I cannot even post pictures of the six things given me the greatest pleasure in the garden as there are just far too many of them to rank in any order of preference.

Six on Saturday: Newly Sprung in June With that title, obviously I'm starting with a red, red rose :And I'm going to sneak the Sterling Silver rose in here, as well; the Lamb's Ears that surround it are budding:2. The volunteer clematis seems to be blooming in two colors, unless there's another volunteer that joined it this year:3.

Gardeners' World Live: Water, Water, Everywhere… Water has been a key focus at this year's Gardeners' World Live, both in terms of garden design and the inclement weather.

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