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What3wordsAllotment plots do not have a fixed address, so in an emergency directions have to be given to emergency services along the lines of "Use the main gate and travel 150yards the lane and turn down the path on the right just before the blue shed, about halfway down you will see a huge polytunnel on the right, take the next path on the left after...

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Christmas light shows: 14 of the best for 2020Here are our top picks for the best Christmas light shows in the UK, to enjoy with friends and family this festive season.

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Can you put on lawn seed after core aeration?Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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Monty Don Urges Gardeners to Stop Buying Plants Grown in PeatGardeners' World presenter Monty Don is urging people not to buy mass-produced plants grown in peat, explaining that garden centres who stock them are "actively choosing to do harm".

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Half In Half OutWell the boffins were wrong – it didn’t rain at all this weekend, in fact it hasn’t rained in ages and the top 10 cm of unmulched, unplanted soil is bone dry. We haven’t had any significant rain in a couple of weeks and what we have had is that misty stuff that doesn’t sink in. The boffins are suggesting showers this...


11 Cadogan Gardens brings in new head chef for Hans' Bar and GrillLaunching an inventive new all-day menu at the 106-cover restaurant to coincide with his appointment, Rowen Babe replaces Luke Phillips who rejoins Chewton Glen.

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Tampopo closes Piccadilly Gardens restaurant that was ‘in the eye of the storm'Pan-Asian restaurant Tampopo has closed permanently its Piccadilly Gardens site, saying that its location meant it was ‘in the eye of the storm' of the Coronavirus pandemic. Shared .

Timesaving methods with no dig, and reliable harvests from my sowing datesTips for healthier plants and long term fertility. The book explains how you can save time in so many ways.

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LETTER: 'Gardens should be restricted to their boundaries'MY wife and I decided when we moved here that we would not own a car and walk as much as possible.

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Diageo unveils new Glenkinchie Distillery visitor centre and gardens near EdinburghTHE drinks giant says Glenkinchie will marry the story of the whisky with the story of its East Lothian setting, the aromas that make up its flavour and key aspects of its development such as its place as a 1930s hit in the history of cocktail making.

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Are You Watering Your Plants Correctly?Every plant is different, as is every plant environment. The same plant will need more water if it’s set in a sunny spot than it will in a shadier one, while older and larger plants will be thirstier than smaller, newer ones.


Apples  A To ZApple time is nearly over and each type of apple has its season. Our transparent apples, tart cooking apples, are the first to ripen, followed by the Gravenstein, a delicious eating apple.

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8 Reasons to Start CompostingGrowing up, my family didn’t compost, and I didn’t know anyone who did. Trash went in the trashcan, and recyclables went in the recycling bin.

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Floating gardens: More than just a pretty placeThe study, by researchers at Illinois State University, demonstrates that such constructed gardens can have a measurable, positive impact on water quality.

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Halfway through so much, but finishing nothing&Another weekend with lockdown postponing our visitors meant we had a head start on some of our jobs planned for later in the year. But even with a day off, it still feels like we’re not making a dent on our job list – we’re starting plenty but not quite finishing anything. At least rain made the.

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Episode 368. Listener's gardening horror stories.Join me in this Halloween edition of the podcast where I tell a few ghostly gardening stories received from listener's.

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New green space trend in city centers: Vertical gardensThroughout history, the world's population has lived in rural areas by and large. In the 1800s, at least 90% of the world's population lived in the countryside, while the urban population constituted less than 10%.

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PumpkinsPumpkins have many uses. See for privacy information.

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Colors of FallSavor the beauty that Fall brings. See for privacy information.

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Plant a TreeIt's not too late to plant a tree in your landscape. See for privacy information.

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Overwintering onions and garlicWe decided to put down some onion sets and garlic to overwinter in a new no-dig bed.

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Wild Wind With Stormy RainMONDAY 26th OCTOBER 2020 ~BLOG POST This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.Which can be found by following the link below.

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First Time Gardener on the Wind River Reservation heals from loss through gardeningA first time gardener and resident of the Wind River Reservation, Vernalyn Bearing has found success in growing vegetables her first year.

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Time is a thief, and he ravages our gardens&"It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war." - unknown If you follow my social media accounts, you will know that last week presented challenges for the Resistance Garden.

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Part-Time DucksOrdinarily, I’d be annoyed if the neighbour’s livestock made a habit of hanging out in my garden.

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Loose Incense at last!A year ago, around the Autumnal Equinox, we conducted a survey to find out what folx would like to see in our shop.

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How to Make Moss GraffitiMoss graffiti, also known as eco-graffiti or green graffiti, is a green alternative to the toxic and environmentally harmful spray paintings used by the street artists.

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Beginning Again, AgainWhite Point Its good to know that with so many things in life we can just start over.

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Tampopo shuts Piccadilly Gardens restaurant after two years spent 'in the eye of the storm'Its founder said the site has proven 'difficult', and negotiations with its landlord have broken down.

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Pumpkin seeds: what to do with pumpkin innardsCarving isn't the only thing you could be doing with your pumpkin this Halloween. Here's a few other suggestions on how not to waste your pumpkin.

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Gareth Carter: Gardening for warmer weatherLast week was a warmer week with temperatures rising above 20C each day. We have now passed Labour weekend, the most famous weekend of the year in the gardening calendar.

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I Grew My Own Luffa SpongeIt took me TWO YEARS to succeed growing loofah gourds, the plant with an interior fiber you use as a shower sponge.

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The Everyday GardenerMid-October in central Massachusetts and the days are fairly mild. A few light frosts have occurred by now, but most important, steady all day or night rains have returned!

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A change of mind is common in gardening, as in lifeTHERE are some things you grow to appreciate more as you age. For starters, I can think of wider...

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A lovely film about Cressingham Gardens Estate  the estate that Lambeth wants to flatten against the wishes of the residentsCreated by the Architecture Film Summer School, the film documents both the beauty of the Cressingham Gardens estate and the battle of its residents to resist Lambeth's plans to demolish the estate and build luxury high rise flats.

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Learning to Overcome Novice Gardener Mistakes in the KitchenWhen this self-proclaimed city slicker newbie gardener tries canning, pickling and more kitchen skills, she makes several key mistakes.

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Government by social engineering or ‘gardening'?Even today, overseas political discourse is still dominated by the conventional political division of left and right.

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Voting open for Saints awards ahead of unique Gardens ceremonyThe Carlsberg Players' Player of the Season award will also be voted on by the senior Saints squad, while those who have hit significant milestones of 50, 100 and 200 matches for Northampton this term will be recognised for their contribution to the club.

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Leaf MouldLast week I had my first go at making leaf mould. Well, when I say 'making', that's a bit of a grand claim, because basically all I did was collect up a load of wet leaves and put them in a couple of old plastic bags.

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Garden Media Guild Awards announces full shortlist for 2020This year's nominees for the Garden Media Guild Awards have been announced, with Gardens Illustrated nominated in several categories.

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Endless SummerAh, yes, that time of year where nobody knows what to do with all their outdoor plants now that the frost is here or approaching.

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HS2 Cubbington Pear tree lives on after being felledThe ancient Cubbington Pear Tree that was felled to make way for the HS2 development will live on in the form of saplings.

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Honey Bees Are in the RosemaryI also took an image of a Butterfly, a small white Butterfly, It is very hard to see.

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You are a seedI’m one of those people that really wishes they had a green thumb, but definitely doesn’t.

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344. Laughter YOGACathy's laugh is contagious and she's an actual Laughter Yoga Ambassador. Join us on Tuesday mornings live from Toronto!

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Garden chickens: keeping chickens in your gardenThey'll provide you with excellent manure, control pests and offer some of the tastiest eggs you'll ever eat, but sharing your garden with chickens takes careful planning, as long-time hen keeper Francine Raymond explains.

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I swapped hospitality business for gardening… and just love itTHE founder of a mystery shopper business in Henley has been forced to switch careers by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Can I seed the lawn into late October?Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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Britain's most enchanting secret gardens for autumn walksStep through the ornate brick archway into Felbrigg Gardens and you'll find a fragrant paradise Credit: ANDREW BUTLER / NATIONAL TRUST.

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Pale Green FingersThe crazy paving was sectioned The weeds were stoned on weed The roses were at war again I had to intercede But my good intent was thwarted When I was ambushed by a bush That tied me up in gardening twine Cut to length by a bush dwelling thrush I was thrown on to the&.

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Boiling PeanutsMy husband has been heating up the kitchen, giving our little window unit a real workout, as our grocery store has beautiful green peanuts for sale, perfect for boiling.

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Be Inspired: Farming Means Business: Ntando ThabetheI have always been passionate about farming, but I could not get on with it due to work commitments.

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Interview: Alison Melrose, headmistress, Princea€™s Gardens Preparatory SchoolAAlison Melrose tells us how, during lockdown, her new £10m school was built to become a pioneering space for learning.

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In a Vase on Monday: CountrystyleYet another vase idea has been hijacked before it could be carried out, kicked into touch by the bedding fuchsias lifted from a trough yesterday as part of a mammoth effort to get all my tulips planted regardless of the wet weather, a successful task well worth the resultant soaking!

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It Is The Season For PumpkinsCucurbita pepo is originated from Mexico. Yes, it is a fruit and is known for its hard skin dense pulp, and many seeds.

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A Sting in my TaleAnother week has passed and another piece of crochet is on the go! I’ll admit, I haven’t yet sewn the first cardi together but all of the elements are there, so I will get around to it!

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Monty Don addresses leaving Gardeners' World after filming equipment is removedMONTY DON, a gardener and presenter best known for hosting Gardeners' World, has given fans an update about the making of the BBC show, as he packed up the vast amount of filming equipment that had taken over his home and garden. Shared .

Gardening to support Education.In India around this time monsoon season ends and farmers harvest their monsoon crop. Here in California weather starts getting cold and most of the summer vegetable season ends too.

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Bicycles and gardens: Inspiring action and instilling hopeThe Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a number of urban projects that provide opportunities to build community.

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Newport gardener ticketed while helping old lady with shopping during lockdownA NEWPORT man who received a parking ticket while helping an elderly lady with her shopping during lockdown has said he will not pay 'out of principle' - despite the sum being doubled twice.

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SlatersSlaters, Roly Poly Bugs, Pill Bugs, Wood Lice  theyre all names for a group of little grey bugs that love our gardens.

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How to Grow the Sweetest Kale and Other Leafy Green VegetablesYou will learn 10 tips that should be used together to grow the sweetest kale Plant the Right Plants Plant at the Right Time Balance the Soil Mulch Proper Sun Exposure Water with Clean water and the Right amount Use trace minerals both insoluble and soluble Use Microbes to activate minerals and organic matter Weekly Foliar Feed Soil Drench Monthly.

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Back to GloryThe giant staghorn fern at the front garden is back to its beautiful glory. This second fern is the one that the pesky woodpecker made a hole when it tried to make a second home.

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World of Jebcraft #1I played some World of Warcraft Classic. The video game is rated T for "teen".

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Let's Continue the Gardening TrendKeney Park via In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic many people were searching for ways to fill the void.

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Take these essential steps to protect your gardening machinery from breaking this winterGet your garden ready for autumn and winter with our top tips for protecting gardening tools like lawn mowers, chainsaws hedge trimmers and grass strimmers.

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Masterclass 28: What is Permaculture in a changing world?We are experiencing so many interconnected and cascading crises around the world right now. It's no wonder that this can leave us feeling quite overwhelmed.

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Early and Often.Yall. The snow situation here in northern Wisconsin has been a bit ahead of schedule and a bit too eager / aggressive for my liking recently.

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End of the SeasonWe've truly come to the end of the garden season. Let's face it, I abandoned my garden somewhere between the derecho, the eye injury, going back to work and the drought. But I did go check things out last weekend because I knew I still had a few things to harvest. I'm really glad I did that on Saturday before our snow. Especially since...

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Prince Charles praises work to make Castle of Mey gardens a year-round attractionPrince Charles has overseen a project to make the Castle of Mey gardens a year-round attraction, praising the "tireless work" of the gardening team.

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No denying it  Autumn is here!If the bright red maple or the bright yellow ginko across the street dont clue you in, then maybe the temps will wake you up!

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A worms' workIf only humans’ sense of worth Came less from gold, and more from earth.

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Mulching and Planting Our No Dig Beds For Winter ️ Green Manure ️ Spent Compost ️ CardboardI am trying green manure for the first time and to stop the mice taking them I have chitted them first and using materials that haven't cost me anything I cover the beds accordingly to what's going to be planted next #blightwatch #shedwars #tomatobottles #, square foot gardening, no dig raised beds, pallet collars, giant vegetables, poly tunnel...

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GREEN FILE: Fall gardening dos and don'tsThe frost is on the pumpkin. Jack Frost has visited your garden big time, which is a signal that we are entering the last phase of gardening activity before the ground freezes hard as concrete and your hydrangea flowers hang heavy with lily-white.

Contributed, Mark Cullen Shared .

Pandemic Pumpkin Project!Ive heard it said you should set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Shared .

It's fall all around hereThe mums on the front hill used to be all pink. They were planted about 12 years ago and the last few years, some have started changing color.

Sarasin's Thoughts……. Shared .

In C-MajorA jackdaw is pecking at buggy nibbles beneath the slim outstretched arm of an oak tree whose trunk is obscured by dark holly.

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A whimsical rain chainI finished the rain chain this week. It had a good testing in yesterday’s rain and it performed well.

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Manor Gardens secures Green Flag 2020 awardFour East Devon green spaces - including Exmouth's Manor Gardens - have been awarded a coveted Green Flag Award.

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"Gardening gives me Joy and Happiness" says Felicia D'souza… a passionate gardener from Aldona…Goa News : Latest Goa News Updates from oHeraldo, Goa's Largest Circulated English News daily.

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I Was 100% Sure Our Strawberry Beds DIED and then a Miracle HappenedWe planted out our strawberry beds with fresh plants, but as soon as we did a disaster struck.

MIgardener Shared .

Step back in timeWind chime we bought in Zihuatanejo years ago. Enjoying Sunday morn. Mexico switched its clocks in the middle of last night.

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Planting Comfrey 'Bocking 14'Thank you to everyone who can help can buy comfrey bocking 14 roots on amazon at.

Gardening Made Easy with Sean James Cameron Shared .

October 25Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe. I watered the plants yesterday. I got em all.

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Autumn in my little garden"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall." - Oscar Wilde The arrival of September brings a sudden end to sandals and bare shoulders and lazy laid-back afternoons, the shorter days and cooler nights announcing that summer will soon be over.

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Masts; Memories; Dust to Flesh.I cant recall a year like this. Never mind the pandemic, Im referring to our lovely Oak tree, draped over the barn roof.

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SWISS CHARD Best RecipeHow to cook Swiss Chard. I have adapted the Brazilian Farofa recipe to use colorful swiss chard picked directly from my garden.

Suburban Homestead Shared .

Greenwich master gardener shares gardening dos and don'tsDiane Lampert is a master gardener in Greenwich who aims to help others learn what works best for their gardens and personal styles. Shared .

Preparing Fuchsias And Geraniums For Winter Storage, Autumn Harvest.Castle hill garden. This week we prepared the fuchsias and geraniums for winter storage in the shed.

Castle Hill Garden Shared .

Gardens of the Future one step closer to realityGardens of the Future, an ambitious project to create a network of communal gardens in cities, is ready to take the next step to make their scheme a reality.

Cyprus Mail Shared .

The Free Garden FinaleWell, you are reading this in October because I think the last of the free garden Ive tried to cultivate this year is finally at an end.

The Pedersen Homestead Shared .

The Last Of The Tomatoes. Sept. 19, 2020Theres been a mystery ever since the two tomato plants leafed out well. I had bought two varieties named almost the same thing.

Living In The High Desert At 4500 Feet Shared .

Part 5-2020 Garden Journal: "& That's A Wrap! "After Labor Day we know we are getting close to the end of the gardening cycle.

Iamlifelonglearner Shared .

Dragon's Breath Celosia as a Cut FlowerSunday morning greetings! In my last arrangement show and tell blog I talked about using Dragons Breath celosia.

The Muse In Horticulture Shared .

Iowa City gardens: Fall is for counting successes in the gardenAugust is the only month without a holiday, but we did get a day away from the garden\u00a0this year, thanks to the derecho, which left gardens a mess.

Iowa City Press-Citizen Shared .

How to plant GarlicAllium Sativum also known as garlic is an easy thing to plant. First you must prepare the beds, garlic do best with soil that has good drainage.

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Gardening for all seasons: Author shares his sage adviceAuthor David L. Culp offers practical advice for those seeking to make the most of their garden through every season.

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Stones in PocketsOr The Weight of Garments in the Pull of the Stream) When we moved into this house, the old woman was digging turnips from the groundon a Sunday morning.

Ren Powell Shared .

Alan Titchmarsh: TV star's on-air gaffe sparked silence before show relaunchALAN TITCHMARSH once sparked stunned silence live on-air after he appeared close to launching a foul-mouthed rant on ITV, unearthed accounts reveal. Shared .

Pumpkin seed oil and why you should be eating itIn a sunny corner of southern Austria, pumpkins are grown for the delicious and fragrant oil yielded by their seeds, an oil now celebrated for its healthy properties.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Garden Myth: You Don't Need to Water SucculentsSucculents may store water in their leaves and stems, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be watered!

Laidback Gardener Shared .

KBW Ventures invests in US-based organic gardening companyUAE-based KBW Ventures, the venture capital firm founded by Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, has participated in US-based startup gardening company Back to the Roots' seed round.

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The Hanging Basket JournalsRegular readers may recall that I have been having a bit of a thing about hanging baskets this year.

The Blackberry Garden Shared .

The Garden Of GriefWhen I lost my beloved Mamajee @adamdidam last year, my heart was shattered. I was lost.

The Pawsome Lion Shared .

Come Rain Come ShineAuckland is balanced on a fine wire between seasons. When I walk around Mt Eden and around my garden I can feel the teetering that is the spring of 2020. Shared .

October Garden Update 2020The garden is thriving and producing finally more than I ever allowed myself to get excited for.

Emily's Ardor Shared .

Unusual Front Gardens #32: Unexpected item in the parking areaThis is a new addition to one of the local routes I walk on a regular basis.

Veg Plotting Shared .

A GROWING CONCERN: Fall rains bring flood of gardening tasksJust look how early it is dark, how long it takes for the sun to rise and did you feel how cold it was the last few mornings as you went out to get your newspaper?

Peninsula Daily News Shared .

Don't worry about Latin names or Victorian rulesNo need to listen to too much good advice - just get stuck in and have some fun, says James Wong.

The Guardian Shared .

BBC Radio Ulster Gardeners' Corner team revisit some Autumn Garden Visits.David Maxwell looks back at some wonderful Autumn Garden Visits over the years. David takes in the splendour of Kew Garden, talks trees in Rathfriland, tries his hand at composting and Helen Mark goes potty with gardening expert Brendan Little.

Gardeners' Corner Shared .

In the momentA month or so ago, I complained to a friend that I had nothing to read.

Mimosa Mornings Writers Shared .

Despite the drought, the 2020 gardening season was one for the booksThanks to watering with a garden hose, both the flowers and vegetables flourished.

Press Herald Shared .

Mark and Ben Cullen, gardening, Sudbury, fall gardeningThe frost is on the pumpkin. Jack Frost has visited your garden big time, which is a signal that we are entering the last phase of gardening activity before the ground freezes hard as concrete and your hydrangea flowers hang heavy with lily-white snow.

Sudbury Star Shared .

How to choose and plant a garden tree for brilliant autumn colourAnd a tree is a big investment, both in space and money. There's nothing more frustrating than planting a tree and looking forward to it growing, only to have it die on you after a few years.

The Middle-Sized Garden Shared .

Half-term 'takeaway bags' from Charlton Community GardensCharlton Community Gardens are keeping in touch this autumn with a ‘Takeaway’ bag. Children, with a little help, can enjoy these activities at home.

The Charlton Champion Shared .

Gardening: Readers' problems solved by Brian KiddPlant in John Innes No3 compost. This will ensure the plant retains the correct leaf colours.

The News Shared .

Gardening: Unusual veg to have a go at growing in 2021From purple carrots to chocolate chillis and disease-resistant cucumbers to multi-coloured sweetcorn and weird-coloured beans, there are plenty of unusual veg out there which will impress your allotment neighbours.

Bournemouth Echo Shared .

Frances Tophill shares autumn gardening tips including how to grow herbs and vegFRANCES TOPHILL is the popular TV horticulturalist who has featured on the likes of ITV's Love Your Garden and BBC's Gardeners' World. Shared .

SURVIVE LEVEL 2"The physical act of working with plants can bring rewards and enjoyment through being creative, having a sense of responsibility through caring for a plant and learning to tolerate frustrations from things such as bad weather and pests," he said.

Central Western Daily Shared .

Walk-In Mobile Duck TractorSelf Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property / homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane - the climate is subtropical.

Self Sufficient Me Shared .

5 Plants for Gardening DummiesMy mom is an avid gardener and I have always been in awe of how she can make our front and backyard green and lush.

Purple Confetti Shared .

Pandemic Stress CookingThis year seems simultaneously quick-moving and interminable. Some days it feels like 2020 will last forever, and yet its difficult to believe were already nearing the end of October....

Lakebound Knits Shared .

Lilies #8607br, 8608br, 8609br And 8631brOctober 24, 2020 Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family.

TalkingLoudAndSayingNothing Shared .

Watering Wand from Chester County Home Gardening Company Named to Ezvid Wiki ListELVERSON, PA — The Relaxed Gardener announced that their 15" 8 Spray Pattern Watering Wand was recently named to Ezvid Wiki's list of the Top Watering Wands for 2020."

MyChesCo Shared .

1,000 new gardening plots to be available to public next year, Singapore News and Top StoriesGardening enthusiasts and more families can nurture their own small gardens as the National Parks Board is doubling the number of available plots to 2,000 over the next year.

The Straits Times Shared .

To Rake or Not to RakeThat was the title of today's email from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds. They actually recommend raking the leaves out of the beds onto the lawn, going over them with the lawnmower and then using the blower to redistribute the chopped up leaves back to the garden beds, leaving some on the lawn to suppress weeds next spring.

Curuba Shared .

Six on Saturday: the Good, the Bad and the Downright UglyMostly good, thank goodness, like these lovely nerines in the Coop, clockwise from top left: the ordinary Nerine bowdenii, then N bowdenii Alba, Albivetta and my favouri...

Rambling In The Garden Shared .

How gardening can help cancer survivors during recoveryPerri had a double mastectomy in April, the same week that COVID restrictions hit Queensland — and in the weeks following her surgery, she decided to plant a vegetable garden.

ABC Life Shared .

Jebcast #11FC 3000 details -Samsung Lm301b&Osram 660nm Leds, Meanwell Driver -High PPE up to 2.9 µmol/j -Balanced, full-spectrum light output -Energy saving with 50% lower power consumption than HID lamps -4 passively cooled bars provide broad-coverage lighting for full-term growth -Dimmable box -IP65 for Indoor, Garden, Greenhouse, Grow Tent.

Jeb Gardener Shared .

Lavender and LoopsHello and welcome to episode seven! I've been busy these past 3 weeks with my scrapbook and I also have a finished knitting project to show you too.

Lavender and Leeks Shared .

Skip Day and Thinking Ahead to WinterThank you to everyone who can help.

Gardening Made Easy with Sean James Cameron Shared .

Gardening: Honey mushrooms are world-class champs in natureThe largest organism in the world lives in Oregon and covers just under four square miles.

Post And Courier Shared .

A snail's taleIT WAS NO ORDINARY SNAIL; far larger than any familiar native species in my cold zone, and obviously out of place.

A Way to Garden Shared .

In the GardenWhether you plant in spring or fall, these measures are necessary to ensure successful establishment of woody plants and reduce the effects of transplant shock.

The News-Gazette Shared .

Dozens of protesters gather in Piccadilly Gardens to protest against government handling of Covid crisisCampaigners said Greater Manchester will not be 'bullied' into accepting Tier 3 restrictions.

Manchester Evening News Shared .

October 24Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe. Today is bright and sunny. Was outside already.

Several Deadly CINEs: Cinema, Writing, And Living Shared .

Gardening: Planting a beautiful birch tree introduces a flexible friendA birch tree is a joy for any autumn garden as winter hibernation sets in.

HeraldScotland Shared .

1,000 new gardening plots available for households; applications open till Nov 8, Singapore News and Top StoriesSingapore News - The additional plots will be spread across 18 parks. Read more at

The Straits Times Shared .

Gardening With Angelo 10-24-20Angelo gives you tips to prepare for Winter. Plus Angelo takes your call and answers your questions.

Gardening With Angelo Shared .

Gardening with Allen: Still time to plant hardy bulbsI had success with dahlias and begonias that I planted from started bulbs purchased in pots.

The Columbian Shared .

Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Free packet of seeds sparked love of gardeningI hadnt ridden my bike for some time, following a knee injury, but a few weeks ago I sensed the ancient Raleigh calling to me.

Times Colonist Shared .

Jeremy Clarkson hits out at Gardeners' World host Monty Don over killing UK's deerTop Gear star and host on The Grand Tour - has spoken out after reading a recent suggestion from gardening expert, Monty Don, to reintroduce wolves to Britain. Shared .

Growing pumpkins: How to grow your own pumpkin and squashThere is a huge variety of winter squash and pumpkins out there, all easy to grow in an allotment or garden if you know how.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Six on Saturday 24th Oct 2020Autumn has really set in and this is getting me down a little. It doesnt normally but these times for me personally are different.

Gardening My Way Shared .

Roger Mercer: Gardening symposium set for Nov. 7This year's Cumberland County Master Gardeners symposium will be a virtual event on Nov.

The Fayetteville Observer Shared .

Gardens of the World: A Great American TraditionColumnist Taylor Clem continues his series "Gardens of the World," this week looking at important gardening and landscape design influences in America.

The Gainesville Sun Shared .

GINGER GAIRDNER: Admiring Scotland's open gardensLike many of you, I've really enjoyed the extra time I've had to spend in my own garden this year, gardening with my family, says Brian Cunningham.

The Courier Shared .

Pumpkin pasties: spiced pumpkin pasties recipeAutumn is a time for comfort food, and home-made pastry with a sticky filling fits the bill.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Prince Charles praises work to make Castle of Mey gardens a year-round attractionPrince Charles has overseen a project to make the Castle of Mey gardens a year-round attraction, praising the "tireless work" of the gardening team.

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11 London pubs with huge gardens for social distancing drinks in Tier 2One option is a private garden, another is an outdoor public space or probably people's number one choice will be the pub garden.

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Six on SaturdayThe clocks go back tonight and Ive been drawing up a mental list of all the gardening tasks that I need to tackle to prepare the garden for the winter.

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Six on Saturday 24-10-2020I have the week off this week. I imagine therell be a certain amount of gardening done, I have big plans for the veg plot, but I fear there will also be a good deal of decorating.

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Year-Round Gardening: Is a pre-winter garden cleanup needed?As winter rapidly approaches, there may still be days when our warm Colorado sun allows us to spend time in the garden.

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Gardening: Why not use asters to brighten up your garden?They are located in full view of the kitchen French windows so by cutting back it allows me to display pots of bulbs with pansies on top, in amongst the area to brighten it up for the coming months.

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Book Review of Dyeing Season by Karen MacInerneyWhat do you get when you cross a Texas tornado with a murder, add a relatively young woman and her menagerie of farm animals, an Easter craft sale, and an interesting array of friends and neighbors...

Mystery Book Reviews By Penny Mason Shared .

Gardening: Avocados can be the pitsA fussy tree that hasn't produced fruit in a decade likely has a problem, and there's no better time to panic than the present.

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Guns Finding New Use in Gardening ToolsRetired Bishop Jim Curry has honed a new skill. "Part of our responsibility as the blacksmiths and toolmakers is to keep this going," said Curry, heating up...

NBC Connecticut Shared .

Master Gardeners: Finding science-based garden adviceThese days you can get gardening information just about anywhere. In addition to the internet, there are radio shows, books, TV shows and classes offered by various organizations to help you learn.

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Plants and cold weather: Tips from Earl May Gardening Center"Be sure to keep them separate from your other house plants so that if they have any insects you can go ahead and treat them and not have an infestation." Zakari Decker, Earl May Gardening Center employee said "If you have herbs and you still want them to produce you can actually dig them up and re-pot them take them inside put them in a window...

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This course will help you learn how to actually keep plants aliveWhether you want a greener thumb for growing basil, flowers or a botannical garden of your own, these courses are sure to help.

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Renowned gardening expert Martin fish is selling his Yorkshire home and the glorious garden he created thereRenowned gardening expert Martin fish is selling his Yorkshire home and the glorious garden he created there.

Yorkshire Post Shared .

Gardener's World: Monty Don makes rare comment on wife and childrenOctober 23, 2020-20:44 BST Francesca Shillcock The beloved TV presenter and horticulturist opened up about juggling his work and home life...

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MarsHydro Grow Tent 70 x 70 x 160 Unboxing and Build ️ My Personal Honest ReviewMy friends and unpaid sponsors from MarsHydro have sent me a grow tent to review over the winter months and today we do an Unboxing and build the links are below for you to have a look #blightwatch #shedwars #tomatobottles #, square foot gardening, no dig raised beds, pallet collars, giant vegetables, poly tunnel and greenhouse gardening and...

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Master Gardener: Learning from othersKandiyohi County Master Gardeners Becky West and Dale and Judi Lauer comment on their experiences in the garden this year.

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Five simple steps to transform gardens into 'hedgehog havens'Small changes to our outdoor areas and gardening habits can help create a 'hedgehog haven' and protect this iconic animal, announced Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss.

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Gardening: Clocks might be going back but spring really is coming!I went to the garden centre and bought some tulips and it never ceases to amaze me that the flower is already in the bulb.

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Yoga. Like a Garden.My partner Emily and I recently moved to Salmon Arm, BC. in the pursuit of a place to grow our own garden.

Matthew Carter Yoga & Fitness Shared .

Gardening Tips: Garden cleanupBefore I begin this weeks column, I want to mention a couple of insect pests that have been migrating into peoples houses with the onset of cold weather.

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Monty Don's peat compost warningThe much-loved green-fingered guru has accused garden centres of ‘actively choosing to do harm' by selling peat-based compost.

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GQT at Home: Episode Twenty-NineThis week the panel discuss plants inspired by women for a W.I. 100th celebration, give advice on a poorly String-of-Pearls, and give suggestions for winter projects in the garden.

Gardeners' Question Time Shared .

Good to Grow: Introducing Ralph and Maybelline, my two favorite scarecrowsI agree with Dorothy, the scarecrow is my favorite. The Tin Man, the Lion, and of course Toto are all great, but for me, its the scarecrow who wins my.

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A brief guide to mulch and how to use itFrom making compost from fallen leaves to care tips for spots on shrubs, gardening expert Helen Yemm explains the mulch dos and don'ts.

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Exotic planting brings Californian style to Adam Sykes's London gardenExotic evergreens provide structure for diverse planting in soft greens and whites, taking a London garden to West Coast America.

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Wrapping up gardeningWhew! The past week's "yo-yo" weather is something else. We've gone from frost to 70s, then back to 40s, tomorrow is forecast into the 80s for one day, before plunging down well below freezing over the weekend and into next week — maybe even some snow. Shared .

Houseplant Grow Room Setup Including StockingIn this episode, I show you what I did to set up my new indoor houseplant grow room.

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Random thoughtsWhat an ugly entry! A pretty day, after a couple of days of much-needed rain fell, so I finally became disgusted enough with the view of the potager to do something about it.

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Monty Don fury: Gardener's heartbreaking 'outrage' at funeral laid bareMONTY DON told of his heartbreaking 'outrage' during the funeral of his beloved golden retriever Nigel during a harrowing account in his new book. Shared .

Permaculture Song #2 by the Kakuma Permayouth, KenyaTake a listen to this amazing permaculture song written and produced by the Permayouth group in Kakuma Refugee Settlement for the 2nd Global Permayouth Festival in September 2020.

Morag Gamble - Our Permaculture Life Shared .

RHS Chelsea Flower Show to go ahead in 2021The RHS has announced plans to run the 2021 RHS Chelsea Flower Show over increased days but for fewer people.

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Autumn Garden Cleanup: Tidy Up Your Garden and Help Wildlife at the Same Time!It's that time of year again - the autumn garden cleanup! Clearing away the debris of the past growing season helps to keep the garden tidy and reduces problems with pests and diseases.

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GARDENING TIME: Plenty of jobs to do this October half-termHere's some handy ideas to help you tidy up and care for your garden this weekend and during half-term.

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Chelsea Flower Show 2021: Tickets, Dates, Location, GardensThe RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 will go ahead next year, from Tuesday 18 May to Sunday 23 May 2021, running over six days with reduced visitor numbers.

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Subscribe to readNews, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication.

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Still plenty of time to plant this fall.Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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The Botany of Gin by Chris Thorogood and Simon Hiscock, book reviewThe Botany of Gin is a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of this iconic drink, through the aromatic plants that are used in its production.

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Spirituality in a pandemic, overhauling the gardens and live musicRev Newey said he would like to thank the people of Rugby for the warm welcome they have given him and his family.

Rugby Advertiser Shared .

Street artists join forces to paint Upper Street mural of ‘nature and gardens'The theme of Jo Hicks and Dr Zadok's handiwork was chosen by Islington residents by a public vote.

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TOMORROW  SATURDAY Plant Sale  Saturday Oct 24th, 11am~1:30pm!Saturdays 11am to 1:30pm. Plants for Sale by the Wolves Lane gate!

Wolves Lane Centre - Locked Down (except Weekends) Shared .

Help grow May Project Gardens'Together we have explored eco-materials, danced gravel into the ground and worked out how to build a classroom that will support nature and not further destroy it.'

The Ecologist Shared .

Gardening jobs for this weekendSorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later.

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Green thumbs recognised in gardening competitionFour residents in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale have been recognised for their winning gardens in the inaugural SJ Garden Competition.

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Cultural Emergence with Looby Macnamara and Morag GambleCultural Emergence is a framework and toolkit that Looby is offering to enable us to design the world we want to live in - informed by indigenous wisdom, permaculture design and systems thinking.

Morag Gamble - Our Permaculture Life Shared .

What's Growing On: Master Gardener Program adjusting to pandemicThe Master Gardener Volunteer Program has had to make many changes due to the pandemic.

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First year gardens: what worked, what didn'tWith snow on the ground and a chill in the air, were already thinking ahead to what we can do next year.

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Growhouse Garden teaches downtown community about sustainable gardening through volunteeringKenny Barrett, the co-founder of Growhouse Urban Agricultural Center, has been providing knowledge to his Downtown neighbors on how to grow food in the desert since 2008.

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Why living with and tending plants is good for youMillennials and Gen Z love caring for indoor plants. But why? Lindsay Baker speaks to the ‘plantfluencers', and explores self-care - and the perennial appeal of the houseplant.

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Here's how a desolate rock in the middle of San Francisco Bay became a tourist hotspot—and horticultural haven.Alcatraz Island—once an uninhabited outcrop, later a military base and a high-security prison—has been home to carefully tended gardens for more than a hundred years.

National Geographic Shared .

Sonoma County experts answer your gardening questions during this virtual workshopA free Zoom workshop by the Sonoma County Master Gardeners will let you consult trained gardeners on everything from soil to seasonal maintenance.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Shared .

Tom Karwin, On GardeningCare for your garden A recent column included the announcement of a webinar on staging succulent plants.

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Prince Khaled Backs Organic Seed Brand Making Gardening More AccessibleBack to the Roots aims to make gardening 'accessible to growers of all experience levels and in all types of living environments'

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Gardening: Take care of your containers during winterWhat do you do when winter comes and you're left with a bunch of empty containers?

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Gardening: Time to fertilize your shrubs, trees and lawnsIt is time to think about fertilizing your shrubs, trees and lawns.

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Adding Worms To Bad Soil Won't Fix It…Here's WhyGrab an Urban Worm Bag: I get this question A LOT: "Can I just add earthworms into my bad soil to improve it?"

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Gardening: Tired of raking? Use a leaf blower insteadARakes don't work as well as a leaf blower on paved surfaces such as driveways, patios and rooftops.

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Gardening for HealthThese are the familiar bits of the witches’ poem in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Mysterious witches prophesied Macbeth’s ascent to the throne of Scotland, while chanting this haunting rhyme while brewing a potion in their cauldron.

Bay Weekly Shared .

New No Dig Raised BedThis video shows me putting together the second of the New No Dig Raised Beds and filling it up.

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Sean's Allotment Garden October Y3: Monthly TourThank you to everyone who can help.

Gardening Made Easy with Sean James Cameron Shared .

How to purge your lawn of a scourge of spurgePlus: Master Gardener Laura Simpson gives advice on when to cut back overgrown dietes.

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Morecambe Winter Gardens £50k fundraising appeal hits targetA £50,000 fundraising target towards essential renovation work at Morecambe's Winter Gardens has been met.

Lancaster Guardian Shared .

Back to the roots: Saudi's KBW Ventures forays into organic gardeningBack to The Roots plans to use the newly-raised capital to scale up national distribution and marketing for its seed packet line - ZAWYA MENA Edition.

ZAWYA Shared .

Morecambe gardener 'nearly has heart attack' after digging up skullChris Dickson said he was in two minds about calling the police when he unearthed what he initially thought was a human skull in a garden in Morecambe.

Lancaster Guardian Shared .

Name the hand-reared infant gorilla at Bristol Zoo GardensA male baby gorilla, that needs a name, is being hand-reared at Bristol Zoo after he struggled to get enough milk from his mother Kala to survive.

Gazette Series Shared .

Winter restoration project for Gardens of Easton LodgeThe volunteers who tend the tourist attraction want to restore the balustrade or ornamental parapet around the Countess of Warwick's lily pond.

Bishop's Stortford Independent Shared .

Unplugged Family Activities with Rachel Jepson WolfThe pandemic has led to cabin fever and Zoom burnout, so this week our conversation with Rachel Jepson Wolf inspires unplugged family activities that celebrate the seasons.

Gardenerd Tip of the Week Shared .

The Complete Guide to Preparing Raised Beds for WinterOne of the most important things a gardener can do is look after and cherish the soil they use to grow vegetables, and this video shows you how I do just that.

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Gardening: Bernadette Vangool is a volunteer par excellenceEarlier this year, Bernadette Vangool received the 2020 Volunteer Public Service Award of Honour from the City of Saskatoon through its Heritage Awards Program.

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Membrillo: Quince paste recipeDiscover what is membrillo, and the best membrillo recipe for making quince paste. Words by Lia Leendertz, photos by Jason Ingram, styling by Niki Goss.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Quince recipes: the best quince recipesA selection of the best quince recipes ranging from easy to moderate difficulty.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Baked quince recipeDiscover this simple way of cooking quince for a tasty autumnal treat. Words by Lia Leendertz, photos by Jason Ingram, styling by Niki Goss.

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Leader In Organic Gardening Back To The Roots Raises New Round Of Financing To Fuel Rapid Expansion Into The Seed Packet CategoryBack to the Roots, the nation's fastest growing organic gardening company, has closed a new round of financing to fuel the rapid growth of its...

Back To The Roots Shared .

Gardening: Get late-fall chores done before freezing arrivesTwo weeks ago, we were basking in 70 - and 80-degree weather. Sunday morning, we are predicted to have a low of around 20 degrees and a high of 36. Shared .

Poached quince recipeA poached quince recipe from Francine Raymond's All My Eggs in One Basket. Words Lia Leendertz, photographs Jason Ingram, styling Niki Goss.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Quince fruit: what is quince?Quinces are perfect garden trees that bear pretty blossom in spring and heavy golden fruits in October.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Lamb and quince tagine recipeDiscover this simple quince and lamb tagine recipe for a hearty way of cooking quince.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Apple and quince crumble recipeDiscover the tastiest recipe for apple and quince crumble for an autumn treat. Words by Lia Leendertz, photos by Jason Ingram, styling by Niki Goss.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Report of man exposing himself to woman in Seafront GardensA man has been arrested in connection with a report of exposure at the Felixstowe Seafront Gardens.

Ipswich Star Shared .

AlstroemeriasBotanical name: Alstroemeria. A tuberous hardy perennial originating from South America). It’s only in recent years we’ve come across Alstroemerias.

Kit Domino's Garden Shared .

How to prevent Russian Sage from getting 'floppy'Fred talks Russian Sage tips on the latest podcast.

Your Gardening Questions Shared .

North Coast Gardening: Planting herbs makes good sense, scentsMost herbs mix well with sun loving perennials. Combine pineapple sage, catmint and golden feverfew in a planting to make a bright statement.

Times-Standard Shared .

Cheshire charity host summer of gardening funLive! Cheshire hosted a summer of gardening activities following lockdown for those with learning disabilities. Shared .

Hardy Kiwis for Cold Climate GardenersThe conventional kiwifruit is fine in mild climate, but you need extra-tough kiwis where winters are cold.

Laidback Gardener Shared .

Avid gardener creates attractive succulent gardenCroftdene resident and Silverglen Conservancy member, Rajesh Januk's love for nature and plants led to him successfully creating a haven for birds, butterflies and wildlife in his yard.

Rising Sun Chatsworth Shared .

Anemones: how to grow anemones and which to plantWe round up a selection of the best anemones, from Japanese anemones to woodland anemones, to feature in your garden, alongside tips on how to care and grow them.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

Gardeners' World award shortlist: How to vote for FalmouthA garden in Falmouth has been shortlisted for the prestigious BBC Gardeners' World magazine's People's Choice Award.

Falmouth Packet Shared .

Dumfries musician Grant Dinwoodie to bring live gig experience to region's gardens and doorstepsMore than 160 people responded to the offer of having the talented indie rock and folk singer perform for an acoustic session in their garden during October and a lucky random five, drawn from a hat, are to enjoy his "act of love and spreading joy".

Daily Record Shared .

Dumfriesshire gardeners asked to take part in Scotland's Gardens Scheme to raise money for charitiesDistrict organiser Sarah Landale is on the look-out for appealing private gardens to open their gates and make a difference for their local community.

Daily Record Shared .

Exbury excellenceOctober days are rather special at Exbury Gardens, not only for autumn colour, but also for their amazing collection of nerines.

Veg Plotting Shared .

Add late colour to your garden with hip-bearing roses and shelter with evergreen hedgesRosa moyesii bears charming, flask-shaped red hips in autumn, but it is huge — up to 4m. Shared .

Global Gardening Equipment Coronavirus Impact Editon of Insights with COVID-19 Impact Analysis by 2020Honda Power Equipment, Bosch Power Tools, KubotaRising number of corona virus cases has impacted numerous lives and led to numerous fatalities, and has affected the overall economic structure globally.

Re:Jerusalem Shared .

Revamping My Raised BedsRoom For Improvement I have only been successful with my cherry tomatoes for one “season”. I put the word season in parenthesis because I have no idea how long a season is supposed to last in Hawaii. Anyway, I wondered why my tomatoes would have such a hard time making fruit, battling diseases, and warding&.

Go With May Shared .

Gathering Moss Read-Along: Chapters 4-6This episode covers chapters 4-6 of Robin Wall Kimmerer's Gathering Moss! We talk about water and how much it is tied into the natural history of mosses.

‎The Garden Path Podcast Shared .

Potting mix warning: DHB says gardeners should protect against Legionnaires' diseaseThere had been 23 cases of the potentially fatal disease already this year in Canterbury.

NZ Herald Shared .

Movie NightEcologist Chris Baines joins us this week, Chris tells us about his award winning new film, The Living Thames, an examination of the River Thames, the many uses people have for it and the creatures who call it home.

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Lilies #8649BOctober 21, 2020 Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family.

Steven Spring Photography Shared .

GARDENING: ******** print headline in here ***************Far superior to any fireworks display and without the associated noise!

Northumberland Gazette Shared .

Hope for a Seed Business.Tender sprouts Super silver haze and Mountain green Haze. Legislation to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis sales — to become law without his signature.

KEV'S BLOG Shared .

First Time Harvesting Horseradish After 140 Days of Growing! How did we do?Hoseradish is a root vegetable known for it's pungent ordor and flavor. I personally love it and think everyone should grow it.

MIgardener Shared .

Autumn Is Not the End of GardeningAs the Northern Hemisphere moves deeper into autumn, the daylight hours get shorter and the weather colder.

VOA Shared .

Recycled Wooden Raised BedI moved in to my house in Spring so getting some veg growing in the garden and removing the weeds before they got growing was top of my to do list.

Joe's House Shared .

Irritating Plant of the MonthLast year I grew Dahlia Wizard of Oz, it has a nice pink pom-pom flower, more pom pom than I usually like and yet despite this I was pleased with it....

The Blackberry Garden Shared .