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Mountaineer Garden Club learns about container gardening Mountaineer Garden Club members; Kennetha Greenlief, Jean Long, Vivian Shomo, Dorothy Judy and Faith Moore Dorothy Judy and daughter, Becky, welcomed the Mountaineer Garden Club to their home on Kohler Street for an educational evening of viewing the results of their container gardening.

Win two tickets to the Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2018 A couple of months ago I visited Woburn Abbey for the first time and I instantly fell in with the place. I was aware that they have a garden show every year, but sadly for one reason or another I have never managed to visit. I have been kindly invited to go along to the Garden Show this year and luckily I am able to go.

The Rhythm of the Jungle There were points during February and March when I thought my garden might never regain its former glory. The Beast from the East had ravaged every plant with any sensitivity to cold, wet or wind. In the ten years since my garden was built I had not experienced such degrees of damage or destruction.

Northampton children learn organic gardening skills thanks to late Rep. Peter Kocot "He would have liked this." The school field trip was made possible by Kocot, who secured grant funding for gardening education in the schools before he died in February, Scibak said.

Harvest Monday-June 18 Happily, we've reached that time of the season when it's not "what can I find to harvest?" but "what do I want to harvest?" Of course, picking crops at their peak determines much of what comes to the kitchen. Today's harvest began with the peas, which definitely needed to be picked.

Urban Gardening 101: How to Deal With Contaminated Soil Urban soils are particularly prone to contamination. Fifty years ago, your yard could have belonged to a farmer, who, perhaps not knowing any better, disposed of old bottles of anti-freeze or contaminated diesel in a hole out behind the tractor garage.

Lessons from a garden Sometimes you think you have a really good idea, like planting vegetable gardens at your office. Full of enthusiasm, you put your family to work and spend an entire day tearing out sod, piecing together scrap lumber, and hauling in dirt. It is hard work but you feel proud.

Almost Summer! We are finally all planted! I feel like we have been planting this garden for months. Haha. Going away for two weekends during key planting time really threw off our schedule but we are done and it feels good to also have so much that is ready to be picked.

Flower Garden Update Top of the muggy Monday morning to ya! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We made out like bandits finding free tag sale stuff this weekend, but that's a blog for another today. It's been just about a month since I posted about our flower garden and I am amazed at how it's coming along.

Garden Update #8 It's been quite a while since my last update on the garden. We haven't had much rain lately-just a shower or two here and there, and then it gets hot again so fast everything dries up too quickly. But last night we had a good soaking, although it would be nice to get a few days of heavy rain.

Garden Events Let's get the unpleasantness over right away. Thursday night Noah was barking. Nothing new, right? But I went outside to hush him up, and then Chloe started barking and staring at something. Another rattlesnake in my yard : to see if he had any good ideas about what to do.

From drones to phones, new tech is making gardening easier New technology is easing the way we garden, store equipment, monitor watering and reshape landscapes. And some of those tasks can be done remotely, using phones or tablets. The innovations extend well beyond downloading a few apps.

My humble all-pot-ment My garden is like millions across the country - a bit of patio, a bit of grass 'for the kids to kick a ball on', and lots of fence! We are out in the garden a lot, so I wanted to make it better - more appealing to the littlies. I wanted to play WITH them, not just watch.

Touch stone: Onform 2018 Henry Moore once said that he found the principles of form and rhythm from the study of natural objects. Pebbles, rocks, twigs, landscapes even, showed him nature's way of working stone and resulted in his remarkable array of beautiful sculptures. How one medium can captivate and behold so much vision for one artist is fascinating.

In A Vase On Monday: Old Masters There is a trend on Instagram at the moment for creating floral arrangements in the style of Old Master paintings. I thought I would have a go for this week's IAVOM, joining in with our gracious host Cathy from Rambling in the Garden.

A Sunday in the Garden Yesterday started off cool at 9 degrees Celsius. With clear skies and the sun rising, it slowly warmed up to 23 degrees. However, that peak in temperature didn't arrive until late in the afternoon, around 4:45 pm. Usually, the temperature reached the days high between one and two o'clock.

Creating a natural space in an urban jungle part 2. If you read my previous post you'll know that I've been attempting to turn my damp, moss covered back yard into a more natural space.

Talkin' bout my generation As you all know, I'm a 'newbie' to the gardening world. I think it's the same case for a lot of people in my generation. I've always been intrigued but thought "where do I start?".

Exhaustion and the quiet of the suburbs. The alarm switched off the night before, being able to sleep in until the heady delights of 7am, when my bladder can't hold out any longer. There's the list of weekend chores to tackle, but I'm exhausted. I manage to wash up, put the school uniforms in the wash, start emptying the bins… by lunchtime I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

Too HOT to TROT! Caution you are entering a DROUGHT ZONE! Hello Friends, I'm taking a moment to prepare this post which is the first since mid May - I haven't had time to write ANYTHING, and even know I should be outside manning the garden hoses! Finland is experiencing a DROUGHT!

Wildflowers or Weeds? The last two I'm not really sure about, except that one of them is a planted flower peeping through from next door rather than a weed, but the bees seem to like it.

In a Vase on Monday: A Pair of Snips I have to confess that this vase was not created especially for IAVOM, but when the time came to create this week's vase I liked the existing one so much that I decided to share it with you. The contents literally are a 'pair of snips', having been snipped from their parent plants because of their over-exuberant growth:.

My first flower show - RHS Chatsworth Amazing to think even though I love plants, flowers, gardens and gardening I have never ever been to a flower show. Well thought it was time to put that oversight right especially when the RHS located one of their annual flower shows within 20 miles from my Buxton doorstep.

Seedling Experiment Results A few months ago I was itching to get a head start on some warm season goodies so I started some seeds indoors really early. I had the space so I figured I'd give it a try and see if I could get some cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe earlier than usual.

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