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Crocus season Yesterday I took the afternoon off work to do a few chores, and as it was a lovely sunny day the crocuses were all open and doing their thing, which tempted me out into the garden with a camera. There are some non-crocus photos, though.

Oklahoma Gardening School, 'Growing Beautiful, Successful and Low-Maintenance Herb Gardens' Oklahoma Gardening School at Myriad Botanical Gardens, the annual horticultural symposium for home gardeners and professional horticulturists, garden designers and landscape architects, will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 9 at Devon Auditorium, 333 W Sheridan Ave., just west of Devon Energy Tower.

New life I love spring, the lengthening days, the promise of growth and warmth. Everything is clean and new, filled with optimism, all things seem possible. If the year does not live up to its promise, at least we've had the wonderful spring and the anticipation.

Six on Saturday - 23/2/2019 The weather is behaving like April and my head is still in January. I hadn't cranked up my slug vigilance, which cost me a pot of lettuce seedlings this week, and I'm struggling to remember to keep checking what needs watering. Yesterday evening saw the first torchlight slug patrol of the year; the other side sustained multiple casualties.

Six on Saturday: the Birds and the Bs We have woken this morning to a thick fog, but this week we have enjoyed mild temperatures and spots of sunshine, in which the garden has woken from its slumbers like a Sleeping Beauty. Bluetits are excitedly flitting around the garden like a blooming Disney film.

Six on Saturday 23-02-2019 It's so nice out during the day, no good to me for the most of the week as I'm at work, but still, it is getting lighter at either end of the day and the garden is responding accordingly. Six On Saturday then. Six things, in the garden, on a Saturday.

Gardening with Dave Allan: The decline in insects is worrying The environment is in crisis. New studies confirm that invertebrate populations, including insects, are in alarming decline and could be extinct…

Best to test old seeds before you plant them Depending on where you store them and what types of seeds they contain, your old, dog-eared seed packets may or may not be worth using this season. Seeds are alive; they do not live forever. Sprinkling dead seeds out in the garden or into seed flats is a waste of time.

A Sonoma County ode to gardening in the spring Through much of this month it has hidden the neighboring hills and valleys behind curtains of heavy showers, washing color and detail away, revealing only the spare rugged outlines poised in the distance. When the showers pause, every detail is washed so clean and fresh and shiny new.

Like Buses I don't think I have mentioned other than in some comments that we plant to open for the NGS for snowdrops and witch hazels from next year - as with the June openings, it just felt a shame to keep all that pleasure to ourselves.

Here’s the dirt on garden soil: You’re probably not spending enough money on it Gardeners talk about it all the time. In Kansas City, these discussions are not generally positive. It's no secret our heavy clay soils makes management difficult. Gardening success starts with the soil. Soil dictates which plants will grow and the level of success and beauty we will achieve.

Plant Profile: Garlic Garlic is one of the few plants that gets mentioned in historical accounts from multiple different cultures. From Asia to Europe to the Americas, each culture has records of it in their cuisine and medicinal practices.

Local dweeb gets Bunnings trilby because he's not enough man for straw hat A local dweeb has purchased a Bunnings trilby hat because he realised that he was not enough man to wear one of those wide-brimmed straw hats in the backyard. William Jensen made the difficult decision last weekend while dropping in to the hardware superstore to get some new seedlings for his flourishing garden.

This week in the garden This is what my weather looks like here for the next week. For the last week, there hasn't been a 48 hour period when we didn't get rain. Everything is a soggy mess. The problem, though, is that it is spring, or will be soon, anyway, and it is time to get some stuff done in the garden.

Nifty Nigella Late summer is harvest time for all sorts of crops. Nigella might be the most unusual one I harvested this week. Nigella sativa goes by many names: nigella, kalonji, black cumin, fennel flower, nutmeg seed, onion seed, and black caraway.

Try and try again Right, last year's experiment with growing plants from seeds didn't work out for me so well. I managed to kill pretty much all of the little seedlings, with the exception of small handful - couple of lupins, a gerbera and a gypsophila. All were eventually moved to the garden, but none flowered, although all survived the summer.

Growing Concerns: Succulents much more than cactus Succulents seem to be everywhere from little pots to big planters in all kinds of colours. It seems like every garden magazine or blog is talking about them. When I talk about succulents, I'm talking about more than cactus, which are not my favourite plant.

It is Friday! Time for some geeky plant stuff. But first, a rundown of my week. Feel free to skip to the pretty pictures. Well it has actually been on OK week.

Gardening: How to choose the right compost for the right spot NO time or room to make your own compost? So, how do you choose what's best for you from the wide range in garden centres? As spring approaches, we'll be sowing, planting, mulching and digging - but which compost do we need for each job? To keep things simple, be aware that there are basically two types of compost: Soilless and soil-based.

North West Lands Her First Solo Magazine Cover Nort West, the five-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, graces the cover of WWD Beauty Inc. magazine - her first cover without her famous family.

Growing Things: Watering tools and drought-tolerant plants offer low-maintenance gardening Q: We are part owners of a vacation rental property in Palm Springs, California. It is located in a three-storey building, and our unit is on the ground level, so we are able to do a little more gardening than the others in the building that only have balconies.

Some of my favorite gardening books and writers: Ruth Stout Do you expect to laugh out loud when you are reading garden books? Well, why not? Treat yourself. Read anything by Ruth Stout. Ruth Stout was a Connecticut garden writer and long-time contributor to Organic Gardening and Farming magazine, known for her 'no-work' garden method.

3 Favorite Front Yard Designs for Northern California Everyone wishes to have the nicest house on the block, whether its the shutters on the windows that draw the eyes of the passersby or the landscaping in the front yard. We design our homes not only for ourselves but for the aesthetic that it puts off when people drive around your neighborhood.

Winter Blues Theraphy🦋 This is my therapy for the winter blues…I visualize what my yard and garden will look like in a couple of months, or I even look at pictures such as these…just doing this post picked up my spirits!!!This is the same yard in the spring and summer…very hopeful🤗.

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