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Introducing the new Lists experience We're always striving to make better tools for the geocaching community. Here at HQ, we've been hard at work improving the entire Lists experience on Aiming to make Lists not only more useful, but also easier to use and more enjoyable, we have completed an overhaul that we're excited to share.

Featured CITO events that are sure to inspire Cache in Trash Out Events originated in an attempt to help preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. To date there have been 24,342 CITO Events worldwide attended by 466,538 geocachers, volunteering to make a difference in their home zone.

Berea Chamber Geocaching Event Berea is getting ready for the 6th annual Berea Chamber of Commerce Geocaching Weekend, which kicks on Friday evening, October 18. Geocaching enthusiast Jennifer Napier addressed the Berea Tourism Commission last week to highlight the event, which attracts visitors of all ages to the city.

New country souvenir, Vietnam, with Geocache of the Week: Ghost Park Traditional GC6GDTH by Scubabird Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2 Location: Vietnam N 16° 24.433 E 107° 34.685 Vietnam is a country with many facets to explore and we are excited to announce that it is n…

The highest awarded geocaching souvenirs There have been over 945 souvenirs in the 19 years of Geocaching but today we're focusing on the top ten souvenirs that have been awarded the most. Seven of the ten souvenirs have something in common, can you figure out what it is? Now, without further ado, the top ten highest awarded geocaching souvenirs:.

10 Of The Best Cities To Go Geocaching Geocaching is basically the modern form of treasure hunting, and there are some cities where it's better than you might expect!

Cathedral Cavern Cache - Geocache of the Week Traditional GC2CQB7 by Hattlebags Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 3 Location: North West England, United Kingdom N 54° 25.006 W 003° 03.519′ Finding a geocache after a long search can feel like there’…

How to conquer your creative blocks You're staring at the Geocaching map, viewing the perfect spot to place a geocache, and waiting for that light bulb moment of cache creativity…but it just doesn't seem to come. You've hit a creative block. It's a common scenario, and not exclusive to the geocaching world-but you don't need to be defeated by it.

Connect with geocachers from around the world Consider this your guide to finding #geocaching inspiration. The best way to find geocaching inspiration is by getting out and finding geocaches. The second best way is by following Geocaching HQ on social media. You'll connect with geocachers from around the world, see awesome photos and videos, read amazing stories, and more.

October 7 : Hatton, Warrington We’d spent the weekend playing in the National Scrabble Championships. Neither of us did well… Mr Hg137 just missed out on the prizes in the Plate, while I really struggled…

The Geocacher's Guide to Surviving a Zombie Outbreak In the event of a zombie apocalypse, being a skilled geocacher might increase your chance of survival. We've got your back with this guide to surviving a zombie outbreak:. What are your survival tips?

MSPCGT: Muskegon to Home Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: #MSPCGt, Earth Cache, geotour, Grand Haven, lighthouse, Michigan, MSPCGT, Muskegon Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

Selwyn: Lakefield library offers introduction to geocaching Popular outdoor activity is enjoyed by many families.

October 4 : Stretton, Warrington Many readers of this blog may know that both of us, that is both Mr and Mrs Hg137, play Scrabble relatively competitively as well as geocaching. During the weekend of the 5/6 October the National Scrabble Championships were being held in Stretton, just outside Warrington, and Mrs Hg137 had qualified for the main finals.

Don't Shock the Goat - Geocache of the Week Don’t Shock the Goat GC6JZ0Q by hyliston Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 2 Location: Massachusetts, United States N 42° 25.049′ W 073° 16.657′ Some goats faint when they feel a sense of…

MSPCGT: Orchard Beach to Silver Lake Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: #MSPCGt, dunes, lighthouse, Ludington, Mears, Michigan, MSPCGT, Orchard Beach, sand, Silver Lake, state park Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

September 28: Avon Traveller Our short caching trip around the disused part of Blackbushe Airport yielded a trackable: Avon Traveller, which we found in a largeish cache placed between the airport and the Castle Bottom nature reserve.

September 28 : Blackbushe : planes, cars and karts The summer weather had vanished immediately after our previous caching trip, on 21st September, and it had rained every single day since then. After a week, a day dawned when…

Overcoming obstacles For many people, tree climbing is a childhood hobby that becomes less attractive as they grow older. For me, the opposite happened. I grew up in an area without big trees, and played games that kept my feet on the ground. As an adult, I discovered geocaching and the thrill of trying something new: tree climbing caches.

Slapjais Kakis/Wet Cat - Geocache of the Week Everyone loves a geocache that can be found without too much hassle, but sometimes a geocacher craves something more. Sometimes a geocacher wants to spend all day on an adventure. Sometimes a geocacher wants to swim across lakes, jump between islands, and hike across bogs to make it to the logbook.

The top ten geocaches added to Lists From Favorite points to the number of Found It logs to being featured as the Geocache of the Week, there are a few ways to tell if a geocache is popular. Have you ever wondered though, which caches have earned the title of the most bookmarked caches in the world?

Five tips for planning your next vacation with geocaching Geocachers love showing off their locations-that's why geocaching is one of the best ways to discover new places! The next time you're on a trip, planning a trip, or daydreaming of a trip, try using one of these 5 tips to explore a destination through geocaching:.

Enjoy geocaching fun with your kids Go on a treasure hunt with the app - and the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone that's built for the job. You can encourage curiosity while navigating specific GPS coordinates with the goal of finding geocache containers while you bond and explore nearby terrain.

September 21 : Ash Green Meadows **** SPOILER ALERT *** The cache containers in the Ash Green Meadows are based on different book titles and are therefore unusual containers. If you wish to retain the element of surprise when you undertake this series - please do not read this blog! ***.

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