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Your Mission… Well, I finally completed what is IMHO the best geocache ever: "Your Mission…" I started it back in September '17 and finished it just over a year later on the 10th of November. I didn't want to give anything away before but the owner has now archived it so I felt a celebratory post was in order.

Couple thoroughly enjoys leading the geocaching craze in The Villages What happens when you combine a scavenger hunt with a GPS and a downloaded app? You get geocaching, an activity that is available in every continent and country in the world except North Korea. Typically, a geocache is a hidden waterproof container with a small item, log sheet and maybe a pencil inside.

Cinque Terre - Monterosso-Vernazza - Geocache of the Week On the west coast of Italy, stretched along the glistening Ligurian Sea lie the Cinque Terre, or Five Lands. Dating back to the 11th century, these picturesque towns have, by virtue of their isolated locations, remained protected from the outside world.

40 Things To Do I'm not really one for lists. A terrible procrastinor and spontaneous at heart. Lists mostly spoil my fun. However as old age looms, I've been working on a more positive list. A list to help celebrate a milestone birthday. I know. How is that even possible?

Let's talk some more about geocache quality Earlier this year, we invited you to the beginning of a community conversation about geocache quality. Past projects such as the Geocache Health Score and introduction of Virtual Rewards were aimed at encouraging and rewarding high cache quality. Before considering new projects, we wanted to hear your feedback and ideas.

Whomping Werewolf Greetings everyone, how is your fall going? I recently drove my mom out to Northeastern PA so she could meet up with my aunt and grandmother for a weekend trip to the New York area. On my way back home I did some geocaches along Interstate 80 West with Whomping Werewolf.

Geocaching International Film Festival 2018 in review This past November, almost 18,000 geocachers attended Geocaching International Film Festival events. From movie theater seats and living-room couches, geocachers all around the world celebrated the 16 GIFF finalist films. We laughed a lot, sniffled a little, and remembered what we love about geocaching.

Trinity College Dublin - Geocache of the Week Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is a popular travel destination. People from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty of its lush, rolling hills and its world heritage sites Brú na Bóinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant's Causeway. It is also the home of over ten thousand geocaches, amongst them the oldest geocache in Europe.

You might be a Trackable Lover if… Introducing the next challenge in our four month series "You might be a geocacher if…" From December 3 at noon UTC through December 31 at noon UTC, use the Friend League to individually earn points towards the "Trackable Lover" souvenir. Keep reading to learn December's challenge below!

Guide to hosting an unforgettable Last/First New Year's event New Year's Eve is an opportunity to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next. While end-of-year traditions come in many shapes and sizes, this year you can start a new tradition by hosting an event with your geocaching buddies while earning two new souvenirs.

Porvoo GeoTour of Finland, GT7E Finland is known as "the land of a thousand lakes" and should also be known as "the land of thousands of geocaches" since it currently hosts 60,000 active geocaches, justifying their ranking as the happiest country in the world. But something else bumps up Finland's geo-happiness rating, and that's the Porvoo GeoTour, GT7E.

Geocaching at Parmelee Farm Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading! This morning I am in Killingworth, Connecticut to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I hope you are celebrating as well! For my celebration, I decided to hit the trails.

The Geo-Tourist's Guide to Europe's First Geocache - The Geocaching Junkie Since Europe's First is hidden in my hometown of Bray in north County Wicklow, I often receive requests for information and advice from geocachers planning to visit Ireland to target the famous cache. I always enjoy hearing from geocachers the world over who are planning on making the pilgrimage to Bray to make this historic find.

Black Friday of My Discontent I like to #OptOutside on Black Friday, but this year I decided that I wanted to prove something to myself by going out and finding local geocaches in downtown Delta instead of driving all the way to the Mesa. Black Canyon, the Monument, or Ridgway. Guess how many geocaches I found?

Arcade claw machines, mirrored illusions, and mazes: Interview with cache owner mrradach Everything from arcade claw machines, mirrored illusions, and mazes have been used by creative cache owner mrradach. To break up the monotony of his day job as a tram driver, he was looking for something with action, adventure, and a creative change-up to ease his ambitions.

Gc4tech - 11/23/18 I love coming CO's who make fun use of an interesting GC code they randomly receive by incorporating it into the theme of their cache, as in today's puzzle from Canada's Ontario province. I am generally pretty good with technology, I think, but I was really flummoxed earlier this week.

Chuchichäschtli Deluxe! - Geocache of the Week Welcome to Chuchichäschtli Deluxe! Did you pronounce that correctly? If not, don't worry you're not alone - trying to pronounce the name of this geocache is almost as puzzling as the cache itself. Swiss-German speakers can say this expression with ease, but we won't keep the door shut on the translation.

And the GIFF 2018 Award winners are… Blog post written by Geocaching HQ's GIFF guru, Erin. 16 films became finalists in the 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival. The votes have been counted and we are excited to present this year's film festival awards, The Signal Award and the People's Choice Award.

The magical world of Harry Potter caching Welcome to the magical world of witchcraft, wizardry, and geocaching! Harry Potter has captured the hearts and minds of millions of muggles and geocachers since its creation in 1997.

November 17 : Cranleigh and the Surrey Hills All summer, our caching routes had been determined by our walking quest for the year, from Sandhurst home to Sandhurst. We completed that in early November, and now we had to choose a route for ourselves. After a little thought, we settled on Cranleigh, at the foot of the Surrey Hills.

SALAR de UYUNI - ISLA INCAHUASI - Geocache of the Week Imagine, if you can, over 10,000 km² of empty, open, flat space. Visibility is clear for as far as the eye can see over the pristine, white ground. In the distance, you see a small land form. Is that a mirage? Not today-it's the Geocache of the Week on Isla Incahuasi amidst the Bolivian salt flats.

Guide to the Geocaching app's new navigation You're always looking for ways to move faster, find more geocaches, and get more out of each adventure. So Geocaching HQ has designed a new navigation that will help you do all that and more. The new navigation is based on more than six months of research into how cachers like you use the Geocaching app every day.

GeoTour Azores There isn't a more explosive GeoTour on our planet than GeoTour Azores. Located roughly 850 miles west of mainland Europe, the Azores consists of 9 volcanic islands with a whopping 150 geocaches scattered across the lush, mountainous islands.

Five Project-GC features you may not know about Geocaching API partner Project-GC is well known in the community for its advanced tools and personalized statistics. What you may not know is that Project-GC also provides dynamic notifiers so you can stay on top of your geocaching game.

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