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New country souvenir, Montenegro, with Geocache of the Week: Ledena pecina / Ice cave! Today we release a new country / regional souvenir for Montenegro! If you have found a geocache in Montenegro, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Talk about cool! Montenegro is a small yet stunning country located in southeastern Europe.

A Fool's Errand B and I have been Geocaching for about four years now. A few years ago we completed the Washington State Parks challenge. If you are in to Geocaching at all then you may know about challenges. Ways to keep up your momentum and well, challenge yourself.

Four tips for hiding quality geocaches In 18 years, geocaching has grown from a single container in the woods of Oregon to a global game with over 3 million active participants annually and more than 3 million geocaches. In the last year, Geocaching HQ Volunteer Reviewers published nearly 8,085 caches per week.

Pirates of the High Seas GeoTour The lost treasure of pirate Captain Dominique Youx is in Florida's panhandle and yours for the plundering. Travel from cache to cache and collect the pieces of Captain Youx's map.

Geocaching: A fun way to explore Maybe you want to start treasure hunting on your own, but how do you begin? Rising in popularity around the world is geocaching. It is a high-tech treasure hunt that encourages people to explore the outdoors and connect with new people.

RV 5.08 : Brugge - Geocache of the Week Waffles, beer, chocolate-what comes to mind when you think of Belgium? If you're one of the 6,000+ geocachers who have visited the busy city center in Bruges, you may remember the country for a different, highly Favorited reason: this Geocache of the Week!

Coming soon… What do these 5 locations have in common? Leave your best guess in the comments!

Show your cache some love Geocachers show their geocaching love in many ways. For some, it's as simple as finding and hiding geocaches. Others with trackable stickers and geocaching swag. Some geocachers even show love to each other through geocaching. There have been a lucky few who have used geocaches to propose to their significant other!

Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour Giddy-up geocachers, a new journey awaits! From 1821 to 1880, traders hauled manufactured goods from Missouri all the way to Santa Fe. There they traded these goods for silver coins, pelts, and mules. Known as the Santa Fe Trail, this trek spanned five states and nearly 900 miles of challenging terrain-the early pioneers sure didn't have it easy.

SNC's Geocaching Passports prove to be popular South Nation Conservation's Geopassport Series has guided thousands of users on real-life and high-tech treasure hunts across various portions of its 4,384 square-kilometer jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario.

Duckies Have Arrived! As reported, Geocaching HQ has somehow acquired my 2 missing duckies and retired them to me today. They have proxies in the wild already. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

Snag the Tag: Urban Ninjas Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Detroit, geocoins, Snag The Tag, snag the, Urban Ninjas Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

Submit a Geocache of the Week! Where has geocaching brought you? Maybe to the tops of mountains or deep underwater. Maybe into the vibrancy of a new city, or on a peaceful stroll through a wooded glen. Maybe you found the most dastardly of puzzle caches, a nerdy themed cache, or simply a cache with the most breathtaking view you've ever seen.

February 6 : Ottershaw, part 2: tigers, otters, and dogs We'd been to see the Lego animals at Wisley, and very good they were too. : : Afterwards, on our way home, we stopped at Ottershaw to finish off the cache series that we had started in mid-January, planning to find the caches in the northern half of the series, around Ether Hill and Queenswood.

Cue the Favorite points With over three million geocaches hidden under rocks, atop trees, and between logs, how can you make your geocache stand out? To give you some inspiration, we are sharing these videos for you, on how to create an extra special geocache container. How To Make a Cammo Can !

February 4 : Shanklin Town, Isle of Wight Our plans for the morning were thwarted by light drizzle, a gusting wind and a high tide. We had intended to spend the morning revisiting a multi-cache placed just above the high water tide. But the wind and rain meant the sandy beach was narrower than we would have liked so filed the cache away for a future visit.

February 3 : Shanklin, Isle of Wight On our previous blog we mentioned that we were going to Shanklin to play in a Scrabble Tournament. Sadly, by Saturday lunchtime, our Scrabble losses far outweighed our wins, so we decided to break off for a few minutes and locate a simple cache just 300 feet from the hotel.

Robyn's first find Toward the end of last year we were out Geocaching and Robyn found her FIRST Geocache. Robyn was super excited and it was unexpected as this Geocache was hidden in plain sight. Usually Sophie, Riley or Daddy end up racing towards it and taking the victory but not on this occasion as they raced past in excitement as to who was going to find it.

Creating story-worthy geocaches: Interview with cache owner jewilk1 In Beaverton, Oregon, cache owner jewilk1 and his son OmNom! create fun hides by using a 3D printer, puzzle logic, and googly eyes. You may recognize the name from this week's Geocache of the Week. They are examples of creative freedom in the geocaching world because they make both a simple cache and a puzzling cache memorable.

Things You Find After Geocaching In El Paso Earlier today I decided to try out what used to be a trend a few years ago here in El Paso. That trend is called Geocaching. It was a hell of an adventure and suggest you go with a friend. There were five locations me and my charming partner in crime stopped at.

Electronic Geocoin I used pcb-rnd to create a Printed Circuit Board with a "geographical" shape, the shape of the state of Florida, for a Christmas present of six assembled devices for my brother who lives in Ocala Florida and is an avid geocacher. His geocache handle is marked on the board as space to write a tracking number.

Hunter's Deceit - Geocache of the Week Traditional Cache GC4B6GZ by jewilk1 Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 2.5 Location: Oregon, United States N 45° 27.610′ W 122° 50.036′ “One of the more enjoyable parts of geocaching can be the…

5 easy conversation starters for geocaching events Starting a conversation with someone you don't know can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. Just remember, most people at geocaching events are expecting to meet new people!

Geocaching is my new favourite travel companion During my recent travels in the UK and Morocco, I was pretty damn excited to add geocaching to my list of activities. As I wrote last August, geocaching is my new hobby. It's a global activity, whereby people hunt for secret caches hidden pretty much anywhere, located by GPS coordinates and often a bunch of clues as well.

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