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SWAG For those of you who don't know, SWAG is short for Stuff We All Get. In the Geocaching terms it is trinkets you find in caches that can be swapped with your swag. Things you may find are toys, tokens, trinkets, tools, badges, figures and mini stationary.

How to solve Mystery Caches This article was written by Geocaching superstar and Geocaching HQ employee, Cathy. Do you look at Mystery Caches, also known as Puzzle Caches, and have no idea where to start? You're not the only one. Many geocachers feel overwhelmed by Mystery / Puzzle Caches, but they're not as scary as they appear.

GREETINGS OBX EARTHLINGS - Geocache of the Week There's a geocache in the Outer Banks of North Carolina that may eclipse the other geocaches on your find list. GREETINGS OBX EARTHLINGS landed on Earth on July of 2014. Prepare for a close encounter with the fourth kind while at ground zero. But it's ok, these aliens come in peace.

No service in outer space? No problem! Planetary Pursuit has officially launched and your journey through the Solar System has begun! In an attempt to relieve any turbulence throughout your expedition, Ground Control will be offering useful tips for smooth space sailing. Even though you may be roaming outer space, there's no need to let you data roam while caching!

The Next Move of God - Treasure Hunting Treasure hunting…how fun is that! When I saw my son and grandson out "geocaching," and posting their adventure on Instagram, the joy in me rose-up saying, "That is so cool!" I didn't realize it was still a thing out there! Isn't there something in you that finds the thought of hunting for hidden treasure left by strangers, truly stirring.

How to make the most of Planetary Pursuit It's Planetary Pursuit liftoff! Geocachers around the world will be leaving Earth on a majestic journey to every planet in the Solar System, geocaching and earning souvenirs now through April 8, 2018. As we kick off this geocaching journey, we talked with four Geocaching HQ employees to see how they plan to make the most of Planetary Pursuit.

Planetary Challenge Time! That will net us 885 of the 500 points needed to earn's 10 souvenirs during its 3-week Planetary Pursuit challenge. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

How To Get Into The World Of Geocaching Geocaching is an innovative outdoor activity in which participants hide and seek containers called "caches" at very specific locations marked by coordinates all around the globe.

16th Annual TXGA Challenge and Festival 2018 We've known since last year that the Texas Geocaching Challenge would be local, Denton to be exact. Sweetieheart has never been to a challenge or mega-event. The one I attended last was one of the first mega-events with over 1000 registered participants.

Learn About Geocaching in Buzzards Bay BUZZARDS BAY - Are you looking for a new way to get outside and explore Buzzards Bay's special places? Try geocaching: a modern-day version of treasure hunting. Geocaching uses GPS technology to lead you to hidden caches at parks, along trails, and in cities and towns around the world.

Geocaching - Why are we so addicted? If someone had said to me a year ago, "Do you fancy going on a really long walk?" I would have said no. Honestly, hand on heart. Walking was shied away from by me because I always wanted to do other things. Going outside when it was freezing cold was definitely not my idea of fun.

Pot o’ Gold geocaching expedition Maybe you'd rather not spend St. Patrick's Day getting blotto. Why not head for the invigorating wooded outdoors and pursue another popular Irish activity - searching for the leprechaun's fabled pot of gold. Venture Outdoors will be leading a family-friendly Pot o' Gold geocaching expedition in Schenley Park to find just such a treasure.

Symbol of Miyajima - Geocache of the Week This Geocache of the Week is located on Itsukushima Island, popularly known as Miyajima, which translates to "Shrine Island" in Japanese. The cache is located on the shoreline along the pleasant gravel walking paths, surrounded by lush mountains, gorgeous lake views, and dozens of curious sika deer.

Techie tinkering Today I received a large bill for next year's web hosting and I was so annoyed I rang up my provider and cancelled it. TBH I had already half-decided to bin the hosting; the website didn't get much traffic and I only really use the email service for geocaching so the invoice was a timely trigger for me to do something about it.

Types of Geocaching Accessories There are accessories you can get for your GC journeys. A few are Geocoins and travel bugs. Both are trackable items. You can send them on missions across your country or across other countries. I had one that is shaped like a globe, pictured below, that I sent on a mission to go out West in the US.

Women in Geocaching - International Women's Day 2018 In February 2014, I attended my third ever geocaching event. It was a lively affair in a Dublin pub and was probably the first time I could truly appreciate the fantastic caching community we have in Ireland. At this event, someone made a throwaway remark, which always stuck with me for some reason.

Book of Minnesota: A trackable journal Geocaching duo Abe and Carly set out to create a trackable that was both memorable and inspiring. As opposed to the normal coin or Travel Bug tag they came up with the idea to try and capture the handlers creativity and leave their mark on the trackable.

Don't stop at the end of the road I found a geocache a while back and I wanted to include a picture of it because I thought it was rather neat. I've been geocaching for years now and have found 100 something geocaches. This one was really quite clever.

Ultramafic Magnificence - Geocache of the Week EarthCaches are a special type of geocache. They are not physical containers, they are geological locations where people learn about how our planet is shaped by geological processes and how we manage Earth's resources. You can find them in many places - one might be at an easily accessible lake or a ravine in a forest near you.

The Journey Begins My first "cache" or geocache in Carrollton was today. To give you a little understanding there are alot of moving parts in finding one. It is easy once you know what to do. First of all, the best way to access the geocache or find information about where to find them, is from the app on a phone.

Planetary Pursuits Souvenir Promotion Explained - The Geocaching Junkie On 13th February, released a cryptic teaser across their social media, that had lots of us guessing what they were up to. All was revealed last week when Planetary Pursuits and the opportunity to earn 10 souvenirs was announced.

Planetary Pursuit: Explore beyond You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be among the first geocachers to visit every planet in our solar system, earning souvenirs along the way. Find different geocache types to individually collect points on the Friend League between March 19 and April 8 and earn up to 10 new souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer.

The top 10 "best" geocaching songs Epic geocaching adventures deserve an epic soundtrack, or at least some fun music when you're on your way to log a cache. Here's our Top 10 list of the "best" geocaching songs. Which songs get you movin' from cache to cache? 10. "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" by Jimmy Buffett.

One Day on Upper Table Rock 03-Mar-2018 If I'd bought into its warnings and watches, what proved to be an exceptionally nice day on Upper Table Rock would have been forsaken. With The LovedOne entangled in the skeins of the annual Rose City Yarn Crawl, some geocaching seemed like an appropriate way to fill the void.

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