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Humble Monk Brewing Co. Opens in Northside Specializing in Belgian-style beers, the Northside taproom - connected to the Bertke Electrical Services and Testing building - pours a mix of traditional Old World recipes with a healthy dose of experimentation. When you walk through the taproom's front door, you'll face a modest wooden bar.

John Roberts I can't think of another industry that works so collaboratively. Spicy Szechuan Gong Bao Ji Ding with a clean, crisp German Pils. My kids…how could there be anything more than that? I'd have to say Tropicalia from Creature Comforts. Thor thinks it's worthy.

The Impact Of Removing Hot Break During The Boil - exBEERiment Results! One of the main steps in the brewing process involves boiling the wort for a certain amount of time, usually between 60 and 90 minutes, during which numerous things happen.

Ask The Experts: Cleaning, Sanitation, and Sterilization Homebrew expert Brad Smith, author of the Beersmith homebrewing software and the voice behind the Beersmith podcast, addresses the question of the difference between cleaning, sanitation, and sterilization.

Classico Pale Ale Following on my series of IPAs and pale ales, I recently worked on a "classic" American pale ale. Again, I wanted to avoid the really tropical notes, and elected to highlight the Falconer's Flight blend here. It was a good success! Classico Pale Ale. Target Parameters.

Warrior's IPA Today's American IPAs are awesome-I love hops like Mosaic and Citra, to the point where I have been starting to hit fruity hop fatigue. The antidote? Make a beer with the most piney, resiny, harshest old school hops I could find. Warrior's IPA. Target Parameters.

"It's Malware Time" - A Bar Crawl from Skunked Homebrew to Rotten Apples - Erika Noerenberg NolaCon 2019 Recorded at NolaCon 2019. Back to NolaCon 2019 video list. Printable version of this article.

White Rabbit Brown Ale Recipe American Brown Ale is a classic of the early craft and homebrewing world, and in a perfect world, you’d have a great version of it on tap at all times.

Sonoma County hops growers share tips for growing at home Starting with only eight "hills" - mounds planted with one to three hops cuttings - he wound up with more hops than he could use. Now that he's growing commercially, he's doubled the number of hills to 16. But consider that ⅛ of an acre is 5,575 square feet, about the size of the average lawn in California.

The $50 Ham: Dummy Loads, Part 2 In the last installment of "The $50 Ham" I built a common tool used by amateur radio operators who are doing any kind of tuning or testing of transmitters: a dummy load. That build resulted in "L'il Dummy", a small dummy load intended for testing typical VHF-UHF handy talkie transceivers, screwing directly into the antenna jack on the radio.

Why is beer popular in Colorado? History Colorado's new exhibit explores how the state fell in love with brews. With a bevy of craft breweries operating across the state, beer has woven itself into the fabric of Colorado. But how did the beverage become so popular here? History Colorado Center aims to answer that question in "Beer Here! Brewing in the New West," which opens May 18.

Sheridan home-brew scene continues to grow No longer does Lee Feather fight through crowds, hoping to find that perfect gift for someone at Christmas time. The Sheridan native and retired pharmacist doesn't weed through catalogs or surf the web in search of a present for a friend's birthday. Feather simply starts brewing beer.

All you ever wanted to know about craft beer After a period of stagnation which lasted many decades, the Irish brewing industry is undergoing significant change in recent times and the craft beer movement is the catalyst for this shift. But what are the origins of the craft beer movement - and what exactly is craft beer?

Sustaining The Momentum… In Homebrewing I found myself contemplating this issue's theme one snowy February day in Moody Ales' taproom. I got to thinking: I've been a home brewer for twenty years. Many people try it and give up far sooner. How have I done it this long, and how I can sustain my momentum for the next twenty years?

How to Win Untappd - The Mad Fermentationist - Homebrewing Blog Posted by The Mad Fermentationist at 9:57 AM. Labels: Beer, Craft Brewing, Mad Fermentationist.

Top Tips For The New Home Brewer Clean all your equipment thoroughly with a sanitiser or steriliser. Clean everything that is going to come into contact with your brew, however don't get too stressed out about this. It isn't possible to eradicate everything in a home brewing environment but good levels of cleanliness reduce the risk of infection.

Barley Crusher Grain Mills - 7 and 15 lb models - Save 20% Off AND Free Shipping As of this posting Adventures in Homebrewing has a 20% off sale going for The Barley Crusher Grain Mill. The sale includes both 7 lb and 15 lb capacity models. Check AIH for current availability. Barley Crusher Grain Mill Sale at Adventures in Homebrewing!

Meet the 2019 Small Business Persons of the Year What are Your Biggest Challenges with CRM Software?.

Arizona Meadery Wins Small Business Award Over the last few years, Arizona has become a hot spot for craft beer and even has become one of the upcoming wine spots in America. But the alcohol producers in Arizona that were awarded Small Business People of the Year by the nation's Small Business Associations aren't beer makers or wine makers, but mead makers.

Confirmation - Bees and Beer are Linked So, how did I arrive at this epiphany? I am certainly one data point. I started brewing beer around 1991 and became a beekeeper 6 years ago. Ok, not a strong link, but I have more that I would like to offer up.

Fruit additions in beer really is not a new idea. There is evidence around 7000 BC a group of Chinese villagers created a beverage using honey, rice, Fruit additions in beer really are not a new idea. There is evidence around 7000 BC a group of Chinese villagers created a beverage using honey, rice, hawthorn fruit and/or grapes. Another sign of early use of fruit was contributed by the Egyptians, who used dates and pomegranates in their beer.

Sam Adams founder Jim Koch says the Dogfish Head merger is about more than beer At face value, the $300 million decision by Sam Adams maker Boston Beer Company to buy Delaware craft beer leader Dogfish Head might just look like another opportunistic move to snag a growing craft brand at a time when beer's overall popularity in the U.S.

The Benedict Hoption 4) Do you have any readers or contacts in brewing? I'm interested in you've talked to anyone else about how brewing might play a role in the Benedict Option.

Dogleg Brewing a "green" operation Nick and Christina Lumsden are testaments to how shared passions bring people together. They met while playing golf at North Carolina's Pinehurst Golf Resort and have been together ever since. Seven years ago, they packed up and moved to San Diego where they developed shared passions for craft beer and home brewing.

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