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Now Beer This: Brewing 101 Normally, I like to share with you my latest favorite brewery, an interesting beer style or beer/food pairing ideas. That's tons of fun. But have you ever wondered what, exactly, makes beer? Well get your paddle, grab your notebook and grow yourself a beer-d, because I'm going to walk you through brewing beer.

Hop Take: We Need to Talk About Beer Diversity Differently We need to move on from the 'white men with beards' narrative; some beer sales increased in 2018; and Sierra Nevada announced a $10 million grant.

Brü It Yourself - Kettle Sour Berliner Weisse Mit Hafer It wasn't until nearly a decade after I started brewing that I realized I enjoyed beers that possessed a more assertive acidity compared to the standard lagers and ales I'd been making. While the word "sour" was once squirm inducing, these days I consider myself among the growing group of trend-following craft beer nerds who pine for the pucker.

Barley However, barley is the most common grain used in brews. Barley is popular as a brewing grain because of its flavor, nutritional properties and benefits to the environment. What is Barley? Barley is a grain that is in the grass family. Barley has many uses as livestock feed, cereal grain, and brewing beer.

Getting to Know Night Shift Brewing The local and national craft beer scenes are constantly changing, and it is crucial for breweries to find the right balance between the core styles that helped establish their brewery and making beers that will appeal to the ever-evolving preferences of their customers.

Burned out with your job? CFCC offering classes in high-demand, high-paying fields WILMINGTON, NC - If one of your New Year's resolutions was to look into a career change in 2019, Cape Fear Community College is offering a number of new courses this spring to help you chart a new course. CFCC's spring course catalogue offers more than 400 classes you can take as well as a link to over 350 online courses.

Piney River Brewing Puts Tiny Town on the Map "When we signed our first distributor he said, 'I've been selling beer in this area for 50 years and I've never heard of Bucyrus, Missouri,'" laughs Brian Durham, who established Piney River with his wife, Joleen, in 2010.

Wheat Wine Is the Most Extreme Craft Beer Style You Haven't Been Drinking Wheat wine, a beer style that originated in the 1980s, is making a modern splash at some of the country's best breweries. Learn more about it here.

Murphy on economic development during State of the State: 'This is not a time for business as usual' The state of business and economic development in New Jersey were big themes in Gov. Phil Murphy's first State of the State address Tuesday in Trenton. Murphy made his point by bringing up the recent audit of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority by the state Comptroller's Office.

READ: Full text of Gov. Phil Murphy's 2019 State of the State address Phil Murphy on Tuesday delivered his first State of the State address to lawmakers in Trenton. Here's the full prepared text of the first-term Democratic governor's speech:.

Ingredient Spotlight: Melanoidin Malt Melanoidin malt is a specialty malt designed to impart intense malty flavor and aroma to beer recipes. But be careful, overusing this ingredient can lead to unpleasant results. According to Weyermann Malts, Melanoidin Malt is highly modified in terms of both starches and proteins.

Subarctic Scandinavian Cuisine Say What? 12 Reasons Why Swedish Lapland Deserves a Seat at the Table Thanks to a proliferation of ambitious chefs and upgrades to the culinary scene, Lapland is quickly coming into its own by reimagining traditional dishes, emphasizing high-quality local ingredients, and serving up engaging, extraordinary culinary experiences for visitors.

Gov's recreational marijuana plan would prohibit home-growing, regulate edibles Raimondo will also be proposing to expand the number of compassion centers from three to nine in her budget, the second year in a row she has proposed to expand the program. Birenbaum said the state would focus on improving the training for police Drug Recognition Experts, or DREs, who can spot impaired drivers via roadside evaluations.

Going green: Cider Riot relaunches Burncider Pub Draught in refillable bottles We covered Oregon's awesome BottleDrop Refill program from the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative in September of last year. The returnable bottle program was being embraced by craft breweries like Widmer Brothers, Buoy Beer and Rock Bottom.

Charlie Hoxmeier To open the brewery, I made a huge transition from public health scientist to brewer. While many of the microbiology and data analysis skills translate well between fields, I went from a biosafety hood to a brew deck. I adapted my homebrewing experience to our 7-bbl system with a lot of help from the other brewers in the area.

Go figure, my brother really likes beer, too It's an odd thing, family. We grow together and even in close proximity, maybe never really "get" what makes it special until well after the fact. Some of us, at least. I started getting into beer in my college days, but wasn't a Card Carrying Geek until around 2009 or so.

Cheesesmith making its debut Normally, interviews don't end up with me covered in plastic, much less alone with a man in a windowless room. Luckily for me, my visit to CheeseSmith didn't conclude in a Dexter-style murder. Rather, Peter Zien is a creator rather than a killer, and he's been sharpening his skills outside the brewhouse for another reason.

A Brief History of American Homebrewing, the Foundation of Craft Beer That's a direct result of the homebrew community that we have here." Brewing beer at home is not only a stepping stone for professional brewers, it is the very foundation on which the craft beer industry is built. According to Glass, homebrewing began in America when English colonists first settled in the New World.

Fermentation Chamber Build Part 3 For the last week I've been at it working on my fermentation chamber. It's taken longer than I anticipated, a lot of the issues cropped up in my assembly method. I think if I were to do this again, I would do a few changes to the actual wood frame of the chamber.

12/01/2019 The first full week of my plastic free resolution has started and I am still getting to grips with the magnitude of my New Year's resolution as I look for plastic free alternatives.

CES 2019: Automation comes to homebrewing - VIDEO Picobrew has created a tabletop machine to make beer brewing easy.

Podcast Episode 65: Highland Park's Bob Kunz: Building Unique Beers That Are True to Your Environment The Los Angeles brewer talks about his plan for modest growth, how he looks for international inspiration beyond just Germany and the Czech Republic when it comes to pilsner, and shares his advice for creating a wild yeast culture that will develop over time ensuring your beers can only taste like your beers.

Cider Riot Relaunches Burncider Pub Draught in Refillable Bottles Rings in the New Year with the relaunch of its Burncider Pub Draught cider in Oregon's new sustainable multi-use bottles. The locally made bottles are intended to be washed and refilled rather than crushed and recycled and craft breweries throughout the state have begun using them for beer.

Heritage Hill Brewhouse: A farm brewery at the farm Heritage Hill is one of the few breweries to up the ante by actually locating itself on a farm. We visited in late December to review the kitchen for Syracuse.com and used it as an opportunity to sample the beers on tap. Not everyone drinks craft beer and Heritage Hill has two regular taps appealing to the Bud Light crowd.

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