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Longmont's Dry Land Distillers share their unique, local spirits in the 'Nog Off The folks at Dry Land Distillers in Longmont know how to buck a trend. Nels Wroe, Aaron Main and Marc Staats had long entertained the idea of taking their homebrewing hobby and opening a brewery.

The Hop Chronicles - Ella As the half-sister to Australia's highly lauded Galaxy hop, it might be easy to assume that Ella contributes similar punch-you-in-the-face fruity notes.

'Brewing A Revolution' Brings Craft Beer History To The Smithsonian Even while moderating their conversation I felt like I was able to sit back, listen, and feel amazed by their stories and their long perspectives," emails panel moderator and curator Theresa McCulla, who's using a grant from the Brewers Association and others to assemble the "Brewing a Revolution" collection.

By veterans for veterans: 3 Fayetteville Army veterans create craft beer for veterans It's more than just beer, the army veterans have created a sense of community through crafting cold brews. They've worked with the Fayetteville Visitors Center and Bureau to package and promote the beer for Homecoming Heroes Week.

The Pursuit of Freshness - Admiral Maltings in Alameda, California "Hops are the salt on the potato," says Ron Silberstein. "You know, you can add salt to your potato, but you don't eat salt alone." Silberstein sits in the center of The Rake in Alameda, a bar that's attached to the malthouse he started with Dave McLean and Curtis Davenport two-and-a-half years ago.

Homemade Spiced Pomegranate Wine This recipe for spiced pomegranate wine is from the book Artisanal Small-Batch Brewing by Amber Shehan of Pixie's Pocket. I love this book because all of the recipes are for one gallon batches! It includes mead, country wine, cider, beer, plus some recipes for using your amazing homebrews like beer bread and mulled wine.

Montana Brewery Inspired by Careful Artistry of Bonsai The founders of Montana’s Bonsai Brewing Project explain why staying small is important to their brewery.

3 beers you should try at Noblesville's new European-style brewery However, it always helps when bartenders and homebrewers offer to school me on "much better" beers without judging my little-to-none knowledge of craft brews. Compton and Palmer are really proud of this brew, and I was excited to try it. And let me tell you, it tastes like a campfire, and I mean that in a good way.

Superstar Craft Brewing Founders Talk Shared Memories at Smithsonian's 'Last Call' As the Museum of American History welcomes its new display celebrating American craft brewers, its Last Call event featured some superstar brewing pioneers sharing memories.

Best in Beer 2019 Readers' Choice: Homebrew Gear For our annual Best in Beer survey, we asked you about your favorite homebrew equipment, brands, and stores. The results are in.

Export India Porter? The Kernel Brewery is a brewery that every home brewer can look up to. Started by Evin O’Riordain underneath a railway arch it has become one of the most iconic and influential breweries in the UK.

Meet the Australian brewer taking pilsner to Pilsen Former Australian brewer Filip Miller is making pilsner in the home of the pale lager.

Natural Carbonation: Sucrose vs. Honey - exBEERiment Results! Most brewers are familiar with process of bottle conditioning where a sugary solution is used to carbonate beer, typically either corn sugar or table sugar.

After 3 years, Faklandia Brewing is getting a home in St. Francis After brewing its beer at home and on other breweries' systems for three years, Faklandia Brewery - launched in July 2016 by Nate Fakler and Ben Mantay - has finally found a home of its own. The two hope to convert a former industrial space at 2525 E.

Comet Pale Ale For our October meeting, my homebrew club decided to do a hop comparison test, with members brewing the same grain bill and different hops. At a recent homebrew festival, I had sampled an IPA with Comet hops, and rather liked it. My choice of hop was decided!

CO-Brew Homebrew Shop and Brewery Closing Amid Rising Rents CO-Brew, which had developed a double base of fans - both among the professional brewers who relied on the shop for last-minute supplies and ingredients, and hobbyists who enjoyed the central Denver location - cited rising rents in the area and "a decline in the home-brewing industry" for the decision.

Tourists 'nearly blinded' after drinking 'toxic' cocktails in Bali Two Australian tourists have claimed they were almost blinded after drinking a watermelon cocktail laced with methanol in Bali. Brianna Scott and Katie Linane, 21, from Ballarat, Victoria, bought the drinks during a night out while holidaying on the party hotspot.

Ex Novo took beers, benevolence and created something new: Portland Breweries Series "I decided to do this, to blend what I really love with other things I'm really passionate about." The result is North Portland's Ex Novo Brewing, a brewpub that also operates as a "benefit company" - a business that takes some profits and turns them back to the community in the form of gifts to nonprofits and other groups.

Meet the owner of Kanpai - the UK's first craft sake brewery The week after we meet, the brewery is due to bottle a sake that's been sitting in a red burgundy barrel for four months, and some of the brewery's sake has been maturing in barrel for up to two years.

Armenians of Colorado Celebrate 40th Anniversary A sold-out banquet gala attended by more than 200 community leaders, public servants, activists, and supporters celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of Armenians of Colorado at the Denver Aquarium on Saturday, November 2.

What's Brewing, Fort Worth? Like its many consumers, Fort Worth's craft brew scene keeps chugging along. There were many noteworthy beer-related events in 2019.

Festival Follies: An In-cider's View From panicked purchases of festival equipment to interesting encounters with patrons, it's been a nutty but all-round solid learning experience for us. Flash back to May 1, 2018 when Windfall's first production of cider was being packaged into kegs and cans.

Whetstone Craft Beers Announces New Crowd Driven Beer Experiment Brattleboro, Vermont - The brewers at Whetstone Craft Beers have created an exciting new way to enjoy one of the world's most popular beverages, with their Third Rail Beer Experiment: a "crowd-sourced" beer recipe experience.

A Parent's Guide to Homebrewing Parents of teenagers: Your precocious little scamps are going to imbibe Mötley Crüe-levels of beer at many points throughout their formative years. If teens don't exorcise that lust for sensation out of their developing little systems, they're going to be terribly boring adults.

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