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Cape May Brewing Announces Release of Crushin' It Cape May Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the release of Crushin' It, an IPA brewed with orange juice, to their release of core summer offerings.

These Are the Best American Whiskeys, Bourbons and Ryes of the Year, According to Experts The yearly San Francisco World Spirits Competition revealed its full list of winners for 2020. Here are its picks for American whiskeys.

Kölschy Kölsch My homebrew club had a kölsch-style ale scheduled as our March contest beer. Well…world events meant that we couldn't get together. But, I could still do my own tasting at home! I decided to go for a super-simple beer, with a minimalist grain bill.

Many News New system, new beer style… I'm learning the ins and outs of the Ss Brewtech 3V system I recently acquired, and want to share a bit of my second batch experience, which was my first shot at brewing a New England IPA. Often while brewing, I'll practice my bagpipes while waiting for the mash or the boil to finish.

Top free online learning tools for bartenders during lockdown If you're struggling to fill the days that stretch ahead during the coronavirus lockdown, these free online courses for bartenders will keep you sharp.

Yeast Comparison: Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast vs. Safale US-05 American Ale Yeast - exBEERiment Results! It's commonly said that brewers make wort while yeast make beer, and as any brewer knows, there are various types of yeast available that produce different characteristics.

Dundee sour beer firm Vault City Brewing expands production The founders of a young Dundee-based brewery say its success to date has "massively" exceeded their wildest expectations. Vault City Brewing was started in Edinburgh just over two years ago by IT consultant Steven Smith-Hay and brewer Johnny Horn - both experienced homebrewers with a passion for making sour beer.

Wildfire IPA I love IPAs, but I'm also a bit burnt out on brewing them. Often if I want this style, I'll just buy a four - or six-pack, and that will satisfy my temporary craving. There are tons of really good IPAs out there, but they start to blend together after awhile.

What's Brewing? March Edition March has been an…interesting…month for brewing. I didn't have much activity during the first half of the month due to busy weekends, and there hasn't been much brewing during the second half due to a global pandemic. Nonetheless, there are a few newsy bits.

Ellon's Brewdog opens online virtual bars The internet sessions will give spectators the chance ask questions, enter giveaways and purchase exclusive merchandise from the Brew Dog online shop. BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: "Community has always been at the absolute core of what we do. "And the role that community, and great beer play in our society is now more important than ever.

Earn Amazon Digital Rewards Credit When You Choose No Rush Shipping - YMMV For select orders Amazon may offer you a digital reward if you choose No-Rush Shipping. Reward amount and availability can vary. That digital reward can be used for Kindle e-books, movies and more. YMMV = Your mileage may vary. MORE ABOUT FREE NO-RUSH SHIPPING + click "Check Your Prime No-Rush Rewards Balance" to check your balance.

How to Brew Schwarzbier - Homebrew Challenge As history has proven time and time again, dark beers have been around for a really long time, Porters and Stouts usually take the price when novice beer drinkers begin to think about the wide color spectrum of beers. The one that hardly is ever mentioned is the classic German style Schwarzbier.

Have a pint at a Newcastle pub when it virtually opens its doors on Friday Independent craft brewery, BrewDog has announced the opening of 102 BrewDog bars - including ours in the city on Dean Street, but this time it's taking them online.

Brewbound Podcast: Vitamin Sea's Dino Funari on Staying Humble Through the Hype "It's just madness. There's so many people showing up, and there's a line before we open, and we go through the same process." Now, those people are lining up at a social distance in mind due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

BrewDog Sheffield launches virtual online bar BrewDog Sheffield is to open online as a ‘virtual bar’ in response to the coronavirus pandemic which forced them to close their doors.

Meet the Changemakers making Britain feel better From those who are making sure rough sleepers can do preventative hand-washing too, to small businesses diverting their resources to help local vulnerable people, to people simply showing a little extra kindness to their neighbours, these are the selfless Changemakers making an impact in the ongoing crisis.

The Hop Chronicles - US ProvOAK Hops are known to impart a plethora of characteristics ranging from earthy and spicy to floral and fruity, which is a function of the oil composition of each individual variety.

Best Beer Bottles for Your Homebrew There are two types of beer drinkers: those of the casual sort, and self-proclaimed "beer snobs," who, at least according to them, have the ability to identify the number of hops in their cold one with one fell sniff. But the mark of a true beer connoisseur is whether or not they brew their own beer.

North-east beer giant BrewDog makes going to the pub a virtual reality during coronavirus lockdown North-east beer giant BrewDog has announced the opening of more than 100 bars this week - the only difference is they are online. The new virtual bars will be replicating the experience of every one of its bars across the globe giving customers the chance to get together with their friends, enjoy a beer, and socialise.

Beer giant BrewDog makes going to the pub a virtual reality during Covid-19 lockdown BrewDog has announced the opening of more than 100 bars this week - the only difference is they are online. The new virtual bars will be replicating the experience of every one of its bars across the globe - giving customers the chance to get together with their friends, enjoy a beer, and socialise.

2020 TRI-LAKES GUIDE - Monument tasting rooms abound with flavors and variation If you care for an evening out tasting local, handmade liquors or a midday sip of something cold and intoxicating, Monument has several options. The town's tasting rooms include the 3 Hundred Days of Shine, 279 Beacon Lite Road, No. G, new guy in town Lee Spirits Company Distillery, 303 Hwy.

BrewDog to turn all 48 UK bars into virtual pubs amid coronavirus lockdown Scottish brewery BrewDog is recreating all of its closed UK venues - and many beyond - as "online bars" in response to the coronavirus lockdown. The company has revealed that it will build BrewDog Online platforms for every one of its 48 UK bars, as well as for its locations in the US, Germany and Australia.

Cranberry Wine Recipe - Bright And Fruity Cranberries are quite a seasonal berry. It gets to a certain point just around November when cranberries start appearing in all the shops. This is, of course, a great time to source cranberries for winemaking.

A virtual pint: BrewDog takes its bars online The idea is replicate its 102 BrewDog bars across the world - from BrewDog Camden to BrewDog Oslo and from BrewDog Cincy to BrewDog Edinburgh - and allow consumers to continue to 'visit' their local. The bars will open this Friday and allow anyone in the world over 18 to take part in a series of events.

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