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Busy Littles - Fine Motor Play I try to keep my littles busy during the day, but when it is so hot outside and we are stuck inside there are only so many activities you can do. To help extend play time I try to find as many was as I can to use the same materials. One of my favorite Instagram account to follow is Susie at Busy Toddler.

Considering or Planning to Homeschool Your Children? Parents who are planning to homeschool their young children are often eager to get a jumpstart on the process by implementing a rigorous preschool curriculum. This is especially tempting when the grandparents are a little skeptical.

CTCMath Review Math is one of the areas I tend to have anxiety about every school year. This year my son is trying out lessons using CTCMath's full math curriculum and I love that we have access to all grade levels with the Family Membership. We were given a 12 month subscription from CTCMath and has been working out great.

Poetry Resources We study poetry several times throughout the school year. Sometimes we read, occasionally memorize, and sometimes we create. The following is my resource list that I have used time and time again. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Christian Kindergarten and First Grade Home School Lessons I'm glad for the internet and living in this time where there's so much information online and on my computer. For some of my homeschooling with my kids I've designed a few lessons of my own through other books and other resources. Next Wednesday we will pick up again our homeschool lessons here on this blog.

Perfect Motherhood magnifies imperfections. It names us imperfect at the time we are trying to be our most perfect selves. It makes a mockery of the image we so carefully cultivated during pregnancy. I cradled my tummy and whispered beautiful lies to my unborn child.

How to Cultivate an Unschooling Lifestyle in Your Homeschool Learn how to cultivate an unschooling lifestyle in your homeschool with these tips from a veteran homeschooling mom. If you've been around homeschooling long, chances are you have heard of unschooling. Sometimes it is spoken of in hushed tones or with eye rolls.

Cultured Wednesday: Alfred Jacob Miller Miller painted what he saw, and his firsthand works provide a window into a life and time long gone but essential to the very nature of what it is to be American.

PPLD Homeschool Resources Fair proves popular Increasing clouds with thunderstorms developing this afternoon. Storms may contain strong gusty winds. High around 80F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Scattered thunderstorms during the evening. Partly cloudy skies after midnight. Storms may contain strong gusty winds.

Local couple seeks to open homeschool co-op at shuttered school A local couple, Larry and Rebecca Sampson, have filed an application to open a homeschooling cooperative in a classroom at the former Heath Elementary School, with plans to later start a branch of the Waldorf School.

The Work Smart Academic Planner Review One of the most common reactions I get to homeschooling is that of parents saying that their child won't work for them. Usually, those kids aren't doing great in school either, and it all may be an executive skills deficit.

First Day of School! It's our first day of school! I think the only one who was excited was Aaron, the one who's been waiting to join his brother for a long time. I got the kids up this morning and Michael was in full summer mode still - sleeping in, not a morning person, and just wanting to have fun.

Accounting - High School Elective Teach your high school student the fundamentals of accounting with this Accounting - High School Elective. Download the free syllabus!

What Your Year 3 Child Needs to Know - a Core Knowledge Book review I know I am writing lots of reviews at the moment but it is that time of the year when lots of people are looking for learning resources so I thought it would help if I wrote summaries for all of the Core Knowledge books that I own. The Year 3 book follows the same set-up as the other books in this range.

How to Be a Relaxed Homeschool Mom - Podcast #69 Are you stressed out by homeschooling this year? This podcast will give you the practical tools you need to become a relaxed homeschool mom! Subscribe via iTunes HERE: Subscribe via Stitcher HERE. Get my FREE Daily Homemaking Checklist HERE! Resources mentioned:.

Embracing the Positivity I have this friend who works in public education and has for…I think he said this was year 22. Last week he made the decision to use this academic year to focus on the positive things happening in the classroom, school, and district around him.

New School Year Interviews The time has come, the time is near. School is going to happen again. While we won't officially start until after Labor Day, I like to "interview" each kid before the year starts to see how they are feeling and what they are hoping to learn about.

Breakfast Basket We are officially on the two week countdown until school begins over here! Yay!! This week I'll be sharing all of our curriculum choices for this year! After what feels like months of searching, planning and prep, I'm so excited to share with all of you the fun and learning we are about to have.

10 Engaging William Shakespeare Books and Activities Overview: Looking for interesting and engaging ways to introduce your kids to William Shakespeare books this year?!? Here are some ENJOYABLE ideas! eval;.

Book Review-"The False Prince" by Jennifer Nielsen Four orphan boys kidnapped against their will have the terrible decision to live a lie or choose to die. A kingdom is on the precipice of war and a treacherous plan is put into action by a nobleman named Conner who kidnaps these four orphan boys.

Burney'sSmithfield, NC and back to school! The day stated off with me forgetting to take official first day photos!! So this is Wil… And Skye….turns out they don't want me to take photos in the parking lot. So they went off to their school day.

First Day of School, First Triathlon, NO CEILINGS, & First Day of the Rest of Mom's Life Today is the first time I have ever watched one of my children get on a yellow school bus. When people were awed that I homeschooled four kids, I used to tell them homeschooling wasn't much different than doing homework together. I take that back.

Chalk Pastel 2019 Platinum Sponsor You ARE an Artist with no fuss video art lessons for all ages. No expensive, intimidating list of art supplies. As an Artist Clubhouse member you will have access to what you need and you don't even have to be the art teacher!

Starting Year 7 - Science Resource Ideas Sticking with my starting year 7 resource idea posts this is what I have gathered for Science. I spoke to someone at Collins and they actually sent me their Key Stage 3 Science Student Book 1 as an option for Year 7 Science. Which looks like it is going to tick all the boxes.

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