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School Lunches All of grade school, middle school, and high school I was homeschooled. So most years, I didn't have to deal with sitting in boring classes and awkward school lunches. I just read my books, asked my mother questions and did my homework, although all school work was homework to me.

A pass for public school moms As soon as the snow days come the memes come and then the shaming. These awful moms can't even stand to be stuck home with their kids for a few days. This is not a helpful attitude. Its not them versus us. We are not superior because we volunteer to stay home with our children everyday.

18 Amazing Kids Subscription Boxes to Try Right Now There are several advantages to using subscription boxes in your homeschool, so let's take a look at the benefits and the types you can choose. One/Convenience: Subscription boxes are convenient because they are mailed right to your doorstep at a predictable time every month.

KJV Card Designer with a Cherry on Top! The assignment was given! The young people were challenged to complete an at-home project creating a hand-made Christmas card that shared the gospel message. ANDDDD she was off! - Not to the races, but to her creation station. Cardstock, glue, glitter, markers, pens, and a few ideas from Google and you'll never guess what happened!

Simple Ways to Overcome Bad Attitudes in Homeschooling Bad attitudes - from you or your kids - can derail your homeschool day. Try these simple ways to quickly overcome bad attitudes. Homeschooling is wonderfully magical. Full of smiles and giggles every day, right?

Keeping a Homeschool Bullet Journal: A Beginner's Guide Bullet journaling is an open-ended, flexible, and low-cost way to keep your homeschool records, your lists, and your goals all in one place. Here's how to get started!

Escape Rooms: a Way to Teach Critical Thinking to Homeschoolers Escape rooms are an engaging way for kids to learn critical thinking skills. Learn how to take advantage of these popular escape games with your students.

Co-ops, Umbrellas, Tutorials - Oh My! When starting to research homeschooling, the lingo often gets confusing. Seasoned homeschoolers are so used to the terms that they don't stop to define them unless asked. So here is the break-down of the terminology used for different groups that you might utilize on your homeschooling journey.

3 Practical Hacks for Homeschooling High School Over these past ten years, I've realized something about homeschooling high school:. Honestly, though, it's understandable. It's a big deal! What if we mess up?? The fear is all too real. So what do we do to ensure that won't happen? We overcompensate.

Quilled Shamrock Craft I have 7 scarves, 4 hats, and a shawl. Painting. At one time, my walls were covered in canvas masterpieces. Quilling? Yep. So, the quilling thing… What is it? Quilling is basically the art of rolling and shaping paper into intricate designs. These designs can be used to decorate objects or to create works of art.

Despite homeschooling, two Tennessee athletes feel like part of basketball team When senior Jamir Kyle and junior Nate Barnard show up for basketball practice every day at North Side High School, they are not walking into the gym from classes on campus. They come by car, pulling in the parking lot at 2:30 p.m. when most students are on their way home.

History: Slave Trade Weeks 22 and 23 of school we learned about the slave trade using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 14. We added to our timeline. We watched several YouTube videos including a documentary on the Middle Passage. We labeled the parts of the triangular trade route on a map.

Converting Body Measurement Worksheet Our measuring animal activity went so well that I thought it would be good to try to build on that so I had a quick search on the different websites that I use for another fun measuring activity and I found this - Converting Measurements activity on Twinkl.

Montessori Learning Space In A Small Apartment Due to the skyrocketing price tag of real estate all over the world, the ability to buy a house seems impossible most especially to young couples with young children. The best option is to rent an apartment, townhouse or condominium. Whatever situation you have or how small your space is, learning is universal.

Giving time and trust It has been six months since we moved to the countryside. We arrived in the heavy heat of August to parched grass and blackberries just on the cusp of ripening. Today, the early Spring sunshine is blinding me through my study window and I have delightedly spotted a two-inch high, yellow-green, conical protrusion in the bed outside.

Cultured Wednesday: Jacob More It appears as though his special quality was a strong sense of formal design, maybe acquired while he worked for the theater, that he combined with nature observations. Jacob More was born in Edinburg in 1740, but lived most of his adult life in Italy, from around 1773 until his death on 1 October 1793.

We want more! Yes, my kids want MORE WORK. I am completely blown away by that very fact alone. Very soon I will give a 1 week "update" and mention quite a few things I've discovered both researching before we decided to homeschool…and…then applying that research.

Reflections As I sat looking at this photo of myself, I couldn’t help but reflect on my motherhood journey so far. It was as if she knew I needed a reminder that despite the sleepless nights, stress, worry, se…

A Case of the Mondays I have no business writing a blog about homeschooling. Or worse, parenting. Because, seriously, I don't have any answers. Sure, we have good days for the most part. But we also have days that turn into a five-alarm dumpster fire. Before 8am. That's how yesterday felt.

Homeschooling Let's Talk Money I am fortunate enough to be able to homeschool my son, but this isn't the case for everyone. How do I do it? I've been working for VIPKID, an educational company located in China, for a little over a year. I get up at either 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and teach classes online before my children ever wake up.

Are You Showing Up for Your Homeschool? Chances are you're thinking about your kids' future and what you need to do to prepare them for it. College. Career. Business. Funds. Talents. Whatever your goal is for your children, it may weigh heavy on you daily. So much so that you forget to show up for the moments.

9 Simple Steps to Help Resolve Sibling Rivalry And if our kids are unfavorably comparing themselves to someone else, be sure to remind them of their positive qualities. Depending on their age, you can also help them to work on overcoming some of the more negative traits that are bothering them. 4 - Spend time with your kids.

Had Enough? 7 Reasons You Might Need Homeschooling Help Homeschooling is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming and isolating. Learn why you might need homeschooling help and where to find it. Homeschooling families tend to be a fiercely independent breed. We want to do our own thing without interference from anyone else.

Take a Break from your Homeschool Routine: 5 Hidden Benefits Planning purposeful breaks throughout the year is a great way to prevent your homeschool routine from becoming exhausting and a bit too boring.

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