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Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge Harding and Calvin Coolidge are the 29th and 30th presidents of the united states! Warren G. Harding, was involved in many scandals and many illegal operations. Coolidge wasn't really interested in that so, now he is labeled as a "weak" president. Warren G.

Authentic Materials to Teach American Culture through Music This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and I only post about courses that I use and love. Music is an authentic, natural way to get to know a country's language and culture especially the music related to national holidays and special celebrations that occur throughout the year.

Dance Comp Results! I'm back with my dance comp results! Happy Spring!. I have been waiting to post this for a while now, sorry if I kept you waiting… I needed to get all the pictures and awards ready. Wait! Hold on… I just wanted to show you guys a little boomerang my mom made when we ran the number for our lyrical team… If you want to see it, click here.

Lesson 45 Assignment - Peter the Great & Frederick William Peter the Great was a visionary that believed that Russia could be as advanced or even better than the Western World through social, political and economic reform. He wanted to stray Russia away from their traditionalist, backward way of thinking and advance into a more westernized, and scientific nation.

Mrs Mactivity Spring Fun I love themed activities. It just seems to add some fun to out learning activities, especially Maths activities that the kids need to practice. Last week I spotted that the new Mrs Mactivity site had some Easter Egg Number Bonds, but they were for number bonds to 10, they looked so cute but we have covered those.

Am I Doing Enough? - Homeschool-Your-Boys One of the biggest fears us homeschool moms have is that we aren't doing enough for our kids - or that we aren't making the right decisions for our kids. We torment ourselves with these questions:. At times, I struggle with these questions as well.

7 Shortcuts for Homeschool Moms That Will Change Everything Shortcuts for homeschool moms that will change everything? Really?! Pretty bold statement, I know. But I genuinely believe it. We homeschool mamas do a lot. More than the average person, I am utterly convinced. After having my mom spend the week with me recently, I realized just how busy both of us were the entire time she was here.

Shaking Up Our Homeschool Routine Getting into a Homeschool Routine. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website.

The only time I worry about the s-word For the past six weeks, our homeschool routine has centered around that dreaded s-word: socialization. In January, our family rescued a puppy. His name is Gryffin and he was born on October 30th in a hospital parking lot adjacent to a major freeway down in Louisiana.

A great week Some days I really have struggled, wondering if I'm doing enough, providing enough. I can really get caught up in the rough days. Sometimes life is a flurry, making it hard to slow down to really see and hear what the kids are doing. I guess it's easy to get into a mental space where I'm present, supervising, but still disconnected.

Are You Homeschooling An Anxious Child? I recently read online about a mother's struggle with getting her anxious child to school. The more I read, the more I wanted to tell her to try homeschooling. I didn't. I couldn't - I couldn't make comments on the site.

Today 3/21/18 Today we had planned to stay home, hang out, and do school. Alvin ended up working until 8am so I needed to take the kids out so he could sleep. Last minute planning at its best today. First we went to Michael's. They have the 12×12 paper on sale and we need more for our crafts.

A Week with Colds When we got back from our weekend away, we battled colds while Mike traveled. Micah got the worst of it, but even his cold only lasted about a week. He's still coughing now, but so much improved. We still plunged away at school, but we took it easy. Listening to "The Hobbit" motivated Ethan to begin a new book.

How To Keep Your Children Engaged During Storytime Everyday I read as much as I possibly can with the children. Be it children's books at bed time, reading my books aloud as they play, signs, magazines or even recipes. It's become second nature. Each day before we settle down to sleep we have story hour.

Fullness of Life Blog Welcome to my brand new blog, Fullness of Life. I am beyond thrilled that you have found me. I hope that you find inspiration, motivation, education, and hope within these pages. Let's begin with an introduction to who I am and what inspires me to live life to its fullest.

Hello spring! I didn't expect to still be having snowy hikes for wild+free at the end of March, but we did today! We met up with another small and mighty crew and hiked a mile around Beaver Lake.The kids were thrilled to be able to go off-roading this time, as the whole area around the lake is designated as natural play space.

NEW! Free Pearl Color Matching Activity Kids will have fun practicing identifying colors with this free printable Pearl Color Matching Activity. Grab this FREE Pearl Color Matching Activity from our sister site today! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Dr.

Austin Bomber Was Conservative Christian Homeschool Graduate Domestic terrorist: Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt was homeschooled by a conservative Christian family and contemplated going on a "mission trip" before becoming a terrorist.

Earth Day STEM Activities Are you looking for Earth Day STEM activities to celebrate in a lasting and meaningful way? Try out these 20 fun, hands-on STEM activities that will get kids thinking about the how our actions affect the Earth. They will learn about recycling, composting, plant growth, global warming, and more.

Homeschool Win: Fire Inspection Out of Bill, Data Collection Remains Hundreds of homeschool supporters rallied Monday on the Capitol steps in Sacramento, protesting a bill that would allow fire inspectors into their homes.

Cold I thought it was the cold that resulted in the weekend's snow that was going the be the feature of our week. That turned out to be nothing but a minor irritant though and didn't disrupt plans too much. Monday morning say maths, English and Computer Science done before we headed into Fareham.

Fun Hands-on Learning: One of my favorite resources! So I know it's been awhile! However I promise I have a good excuse on why there is such a big gap in posts. Previously I had mentioned that I was expecting baby #3 and through much drama pertaining to the hospital and a quick but eventful labor, baby Marshall made his appearance on March 9th, 2018 at 3:38 PM!

FREE Roll a Character Fun Writing Activity Getting kids to write, and enjoy writing, can be tricky. My kids respond best to run writing where they don't even think twice! Fun drawing prompts that lead to silly stories seems to be a great trick for them. These dice are set up to introduce really silly characters that they can use as a starting point in a new story.

Nation I liked Nation because of its interesting story and the characters. The book is about a boy called Mau who is sent off to an island to become a man. When Mau is on his way home a big wave hits his boat and when he arrives home he finds out the wave destroyed the tribe he was living with.

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