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Animal Classifications for Kids Cootie CatchersPlay and learn Animal Classifications for Kids with 10 FREE printable Cootie Catchers! Print this fun science activity in color or black and white.

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Number of School Withdrawals Climb as More Families Turn to HomeschoolAs parents are faced with the decision of whether their children should have in-person or virtual learning in the weeks to come, more are choosing to take matters into their own hands by homeschooling.

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Planning Our Year-Round HomeschoolThis is the year - the year we get organized with homeschooling, make a plan, follow a curriculum, etc.

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Planning Our Homeschool YearIm pretty excited about the influx of homeschoolers this year! I love seeing their ideas and questions about planning out their homeschool year and their days.

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HomeschoolI have had a lot of friends reach out to me over the last few months regarding homeschool, and while I am most certainly not an expert, I wanted to compose something that I can easily share with those who are seeking further information about the resources surrounding homeschool, while sharing more about what we have found works best for us.Â...

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Sleep, Schoolbooks, and Being 11 Months OldThis year Ive mostly felt frozen in time, but it seems like were making small movements forward lately.

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Interest in home school increases amid pandemicIn a time of uncertainty, many parents are looking into the best ways to keep their children educated while also staying safe from the coronavirus; as a result, some parents have opted for another option, homeschooling.

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Second Grade!My middle daughters formal education got off to a rough start. On her first day of kindergarten, she had to use the bathroom at lunch time so she was told to use the nurses bathroom a...

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My Favorite Classroom Management tipI am about to share with you my favorite classroom management tip. I still struggle with this.

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Unit Studies: Political and Social Fashion StatementsThere is a nice series called Getting Dressed by Crows Eye productions that focuses on the way people dressed in various periods of Eurocentric / Western history.

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HomeschoolingI would just like to say, homeschooling was horrific. To start, it seemed achievable. I work part-time so am able to spend time teaching, right?

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Arrrgh Booked Live DiscussionI wrote a book! Learn how you can use Charlotte Mason's theories of home education in your modern homeschool!

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To Send or Not to Send Your Kids to School During this Pandemic&One of the common themes of my sessions these days seem to be the difficult decision ahead of many parents of young children and youth: Should I send my child back to school or keep him/her/them home in the Fall?

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The Clock of Eons, Montessori RDNatural History, 6-12 Clock of Eons - Geological Time Scale The Clock of Eons is an impressionistic and factual material developed to provide the child with a global understanding the immense preparation that the Earth underwent before welcoming humanity.

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Our Top 13 Sensory HelpsAs many of you know, we received Parkers High Functioning Autism diagnosis last year, but prior to that diagnosis change he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.

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Brighter futureSince my last post, we have had a few ups. We found a way to pay 75% of one bill.

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More parents consider homeschoolingThe COVID-19 pandemic has influenced thousands of New Mexico parents to consider homeschooling this fall.

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7 Perks of Being HomeschooledI was homeschooled almost all the way up. Heres what was great about it!

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Wilton Library reschedules homeschooling program to Aug. 14Due to the power outage affecting so many Wilton residents and surrounding towns, the following important homeschooling information program was moved to Friday, Aug. Shared .

Preschool Shark Week: Day 5Yesterday we found the right groove and were able finish shark week with flourishing success.

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Top Dollar Tree Homeschool SuppliesDollar Tree has some amazing finds for homeschooling. Come with me to Dollar Tree to see what my favorite Dollar Tree homeschool supplies are for back to school.

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Great grandmother chooses homeschool due to coronavirus concernsIt's a big decision this year - school in-person or online. Parents and guardians are weighing their options, but for one great grandparent in the Lake Area, the decision was easy.

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Minimalist Homeschool "Room"My first born just turn FIVE this past week. I honestly cannot believe she is five.

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Your kids are not normalWhy does anyone think that is okay to say that? And why do they think their version of normal is what I want my kids to strive for.

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What are we reading?Reading is actually a pretty big part of our day. I read to P while he’s eating breakfast, we read outside while playing, and we love getting new books and visiting the library.

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What if Chairs Disappeared?What if Chairs, if chairs disappeared, movies may be made smaller as people may not prefer going and standing for a long time.

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August 8-14, 2020: What do you want to learn today?SUGGESTED LEARNING IDEAS, RESOURCES, and EVENTS August 8-14, 202 Mindfulness ♦ Phenology ♦ Chemistry ♦ Biology ♦ Entomology ♦ Botany ♦ Family Dinner ♦ Social Skills ♦ Emotional Development ♦ Linguistic Skills ♦ Fractals ♦ Geometry ♦ Math History ♦ Fermentation ♦ Kimchi ♦...

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Newsviews: Homeschooling as education option during the coronavirus pandemicWhile school districts decide between in-person, remote learning or some mix of the two parents are weighing their options.

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20 Ideas to Make Hand Washing for Kids FUN!With the spread of the flu and germs, we are all becoming more aware of the need to make sure everyone is washing their hands frequently and thoroughly!

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FREE Community Helpers Book PrintableLearning about community helpers as you make your own, free printable Community Helpers Emergent Reader.

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KiwiCo Review: Atlas Crate for 6-11 Year Olds  Introducing the WorldThe first thing activity that Miss 6 chose was making her own globe. This activity provides a great introduction to teaching continents, introducing concepts of Latitude and Longitude, and talking about 2D vs 3D representations of the world.

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Fundamental Movement TimeThese ocean animal movement cards were the perfect activity for our fundamental movement time. We introduced the movements and practiced them individually as well as a whole group.

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Week One Is A Wrap!You’re Amzing Just The Way You Are!

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Learning to Homeschool on the HomesteadHaving a homestead offers so many opportunities for kids to learn in real-life, hands-on ways, while building the family unity.

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Our first week of homeschoolCaroline is in 3rd grade and Claire is in 1st this year. Time flies! We went ahead and started this past Monday so we can take some time off this fall if we get some of those beautiful crisp October days.

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Parents look beyond school options to navigate start to the school yearWhen students and their parents got their first taste of school in the home back in March, Betsy Gambrill a former traditional homeschool parent in Summerville decided to lend her expertise.

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Jerry O'Connell Says Homeschooling Math Looks Like a 'Hawking Equation'Jerry O'Connell says homeschooling will be a challenge for him, especially when his daughters need help with math.

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Covid and HomeschoolThe worldwide pandemic that has completely overhauled life as we know it for 2020 has had a serious effect on homeschooling.

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Preschool Shark Week Day 4This week I learned that Thursday is our slump day. It is the morning that we struggle to wake up.

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HomeschoolingWe made the decision to homeschool our 7 year old this year. It was a tough choice as right now it feels like there is no perfect option - but this one is the right one for us, in this time, right now.

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Once Marginalized, Homeschooling Hits the MainstreamDIY approaches to homeschooling, learning pods, and microschools—are gaining popularity as public schools fold under pressure.

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4 Homeschool Lessons From "essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less"If you read only one book in 2020, make it "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less," by Greg McKeown.

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July 2020 Wrap UpI try very hard to only post about positive things going on with us. The internet is full of major negatives everywhere you look!

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Life UpdateHey there! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on the blog something that’s about myself and motherhood.

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Great grandmother chooses homeschool due to coronavirus concerns'When in doubt, throw them out': Experts say you should throw out onions if you can't identify where they came from – as 879 people and counting are now sick amid a salmonella outbreak.

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HighlightsOur first week back to schoolwork included many very exciting and lively debates, such as: Should Jan in this particular math problem be pronounced like the Brady bunch chick or like...

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Is It Over Yet?I am exhausted. Yet, I feel like Im getting nothing done. Today I realized that I couldnt remember the last time I watered the plants.

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Week 4, the rv editionWe had an usual week of school, but we still got in some good learning. We traveled last weekend, so we took Monday to recover. We also spent a morning at various doctor's appointments since our youngest thought sticking a piece of pencil eraser up her nose was a good idea. You can't make this stuff up!

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Unit Studies: Revolutionizing TextilesThe textile production industry is an excellent example of how technology impacts our lives in major, global ways.

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Homeschool Room TourFTC Disclosure: Mollie Ollie sent the Mimmo caddy to me in exchange for my honest review.

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Educator looks to develop homeschool model for familiesA musician and educator is looking to offer homeschooling to parents who may not be comfortable sending their children back to school but unable to homeschool. Shared .

Feedback loopA cesium atom oscillates 9,192,631,770 times every second. That never changes. What does change is the atoms’ energy state.

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An exclusive reading&There are new families joining the thousands who already make up the Home Educating community all the time and many have messaged me to convey their thanks for the books Ive produced to supp...

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin BreadNothing says fall like this delicious, family favorite Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread! It blends satisfying fall with kid friendly chocolate.

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App Developed by Local Moms Offers Homeschool HelpThe app is now offering a homeschool help option for parents as students return to school this fall.

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Astronomy Lab: High SchoolI did it! I just purchased our FIRST family telescope! Find out how I saved money, which telescope we chose, and WHY an ASTRONOMY lab is big BANG for your home-education BUCK!

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August Meal Menu and Newsletter is ReadyYou can download a copy under their respective names. Be sure you get the latest update of our childcare service.

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How We Homeschool: BibleRecommended reading: - Home Education, Chapter XIV Bible Lessons, - School Education, Chapter 13 Some Unconsidered Aspects of Religious Training - Towards a Philosophy of Education, Section I - Parents and Children, Chapter 10 Bible Lessons.

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Easy Pumpkin Chili RecipeThis Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipe combines healthy, fall favorite pumpkin and white chili to make a satisfying fall favorite soup that will fill and satisfy.

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Growing interest in true, hands-on home school options as school year nearsEducation experts say the move toward true home schooling is growing across the state, and right here in the Bay Area.

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Free Crack The Code PrintablesBecome a CVC Words DETECTIVE as you practice phonics skills listing for beginnign sounds and sounding out words with these Crack the Case Printables.

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Episode 200: News! Announcements! Managing a CM LifeCharlotte Mason's method of education creeps into our entire lives as educators - not just school time.

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The BEST Monster Cookie RecipeLooking for a yummy treat to make for your kids? You are going to LOVE this BEST Monster Cookie Recipe that is caulked full of yummy ingredients.

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2019-2020 Homeschool Creations  School Year Finally ClosedToday, Ive turned in my childs report card to two schools, since we need to do a homeschool transfer.

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Transitioning care and HomeschoolingMy daughter will no longer qualify for the occupational therapy services she is currently receiving in about 6 months or less.

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Northwoods group highlights advantages of homeschoolSummer break is nearly over and the new school year is almost here. However being in the middle of a pandemic has parents looking at different options for their child's education.

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Pizza QuesadillaIf you like pizza, you are going to LOVE this simple, easy-to-make Pizza Quesadilla recipe.

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Yummy Banana PancakesYour family is going to flip over these Yummy Banana Pancakes! They are super easy to make, yummy, and healthy too.

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Former homeschooler said experience prepared him for college during pandemicThe only challenge Seth St. Onge said he and his parents seemed to face when he was homeschooled in high school was the application process for college.

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Parents are choosing to homeschool during pandemicOne mother is worried that if her child is exposed to the virus at school, she will have to quarantine from work.

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One of THOSE days&You know the days where you just want to go back to bed and start over?

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Homeschool Education Becoming Popular Option In Light Of COIVD-19 CrisisWhen it comes to home-schooling, unlike virtual options, parents are the actual instructors.

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How Do I Teach My Child to Read?Learning to read is a monumental milestone in a child’s life. Reading opens the doors to learn just about anything.

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10 Homeschool Organization Ideas That'll Turn Your Small Space Into a ClassroomTake it from parents who are used to homeschooling to find space-saving hacks and genius ways to organize any room.

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Homeschool: Fear GodBecause they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord, would have none of my counsel and despised all my reproof, therefore they shall eat the fruit of their way, and have their fill of their own devices.

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Homeschool 101: CurriculumQuestion: How do I pick a curriculum? What if I get the wrong one? This is probably the hardest question for any homeschooler, not just newbies.

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A Peek Into Our Homeschool: The RichesAnd here we get to the really beautiful part of what we do in our homeschool  the riches.

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Our Daily Homeschool ScheduleOur School Day Consists of Three Categories Morning Time. The first two categories, Morning Time and Read-Aloud Time, we do all together.

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Parents are choosing to homeschool during pandemicGood Samaritan dies while trying to save three children from drowning in California river.

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Ready, Set, Go!Get ready to pace yourself for the long haul. August is here and school is just around the corner.

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How to Choose the Right Homeschool Curriculum for Your FamilyHere are just a few among the many available options for families considering homeschooling.

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Preschool Shark Week Day 3Guess what? I am still running late. Yesterdays homeschool seemed to last all day. It might be because my pain levels are rising.

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LIVE: Zoo HomeschoolingIts possible that some parents might be forgiven, in these days of keeping kids at home, for feeling a bit like theyre keeping little wild animals of their own.

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Thinking of homeschooling due to COVID-19? Here's how.Chicago experts offer advice on how to educate your child safely while maintaining your own sanity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shared .

August 6, 2020  I dona€™t have a Teaching DegreeOne of the things that can be scary for moms making the leap from public or private school to homeschool is the fear that they arent qualified to teach.

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2020-2021 6th Grade Homeschool CurriculumYear at a Glance Calendar * WOL Champion Daily Bible Study * Teaching Textbooks * 6th Grade Reading List * Abeka : * Spelling You See * IEW Fix It!

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Bees and Honey Unit StudyPhoto by David Hablu00fctzel on Before becoming a homeschooler, I wasnt so impressed with insects and other creepy crawlies.

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Wyzant Launches Homeschooling Tutor Concierge ServiceWyzant, the largest tutoring marketplace in the U.S., today launched the Group and Individual Homeschooling Tutor Concierge Service to aid...

Wyzant Shared .

5 Ways Create a Culture of Literacy in Your HomeI just dont like reading. Im not a big reader. Reading is boring. Reading is hard. The number of times Ive heard this fr...

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Benefits of Raising Bilingual ChildrenThe most effective way to learn a language is to be immersed in it. If your husband’s native language is Spanish then all of his communication with your child would be in Spanish while you would communicate in English.

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What if Boats and Ships Disappeared?What if Boats and Ships, transport by water is cheaper than transport by air, if boats and ships disappeared, price of transported goods will increase sharply.

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Transformation! ? !It’s one of those days: neither hot or cold but a mission to clear the ground by the middle shed of gravel and herbs has given us lots of tasks.

Gardening Within LiMitS Shared .

10 Ways To Be A Better Homeschool MomCheck out the top 10 ways to take your homeschool to the next level - you'll be surprised!

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A Parent's Guide To Online Homeschool, Peachtree CornersA Parent's Guide To Online Homeschool, Peachtree Corners - Peachtree Corners, GA - As it approaches, many parents are struggling to decide whether to send their students back to school or enroll them in a homeschool program.

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HS Special Edition #3 Teens, The News, and Positive Screen TimeGetting your teens to engage with the news can be a challenge but we believe it's crucial for young students to understand what's happening in the world in order to develop critical thinking skills and discernment.

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Dandelion Art ProjectNothing says summer like dandelions! Kids of all ages will have fun making this beautiful Dandelion Art Project with a fork, paint, and construction paper.

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EU237: The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide, Part SixThis week I'm sharing part six of the audiobook edition of my book, The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide.

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6 Tips for Creating an Engaging, Homeschool Environment For KidsTeaching kids at home is tricky. These ground rules make it easier.

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If You Give A Mom A Cookie&Anyone else ever have those days where it’s almost like your to-do list looks at you and laughs?

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Easy Crockpot Beef StroganoffThis main dish is creamy, satisfying, and quick to throw into the crockpot for dinner.

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Is homeschooling your child best for the upcoming school year?The uncertainty of how the 2020-21 school year will work all has many parents unsure what to do.

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A Peek Into Our Homeschool: Student EditionI have learned the messy way that part of organizing for myself also means planning ahead for how to keep stuff together for my students.

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A Qualified Homeschool Teacher?I am a certified educator who taught high school English in Texas and in England for a total of six years.

Waiting Passionately Shared .

Why I Bribe My Kids to HomeschoolI realize this is unconventional. In a perfect world, my children would be motivated to open their books, inhale knowledge, and graciously expound and pontificate.

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'An Explosion in the Homeschool Community': Public Schools Might See an Exodus as Parents Debate Ed OptionsAs parents across the country sort through educational options for their children this fall many are debating leaving their public school.

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Getting Started? What's Your Style?One of the first things I learned when starting out homeschooling, is that there are many homeschool styles.

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Homeschooling Resources for Preschool and Early ElementaryAre you new to homeschooling? Do you have children younger than Kindergarten age, and you wonder how you are going to focus on teaching your school-age children while the little ones are constantly demanding your attention?

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School district should pay Anchorage parents a homeschool dividendWe don't believe we have to choose to either keep our schools and communities safe or to effectively educate children.

Anchorage Daily News Shared .

Local homeschool co-op changes plans for the fallFinding Educational Alternatives in the Southern Tier, or F.E.A.S.T, is no longer meeting in person this fall due to the coronavirus.

WBNG Shared .

POLL: Are you considering homeschooling?Are you considering homeschooling your kids during the #pandemic #school #coronavirus #COVID19 #students #learning #education.

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6 Genuinely Useful Remote Learning Tips For ParentsWant to create an engaging, intellectually stimulating, stress-free remote learning / homeschool environment for kids?

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Homeschool Spanish Workbook From Homeschool Spanish AcademySearching for a fun, interactive way to introduce your young child to Spanish? This book makes it easy to teach your child Spanish.

Project Happy Home Shared .

Homeschooling this year?If you plan on homeschooling this year like many parents worried about COVID-19, you may be looking for ideas and suggestions to make your efforts more successful and productive.

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WALMART vs TARGETToday i am showing you where you can find the best prices and deals on back to school supplies.

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6 Reasons You Should Homeschool This YearI don't believe there has been a better time to homeschool than now. In the face of a pandemic and political unrest, there are new reasons to homeschool your children this year.

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Homeschooling HistoryAs parents make back-to-school preparations, I wanted to find a way to help those who may be overwhelmed with possibly homeschooling or supervising virtual schooling during this pandemic.

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Spiced Cherry JamThe season for fresh cherries at the market is absurdly brief. When they appear, I buy a few extra pounds for a big batch of Spiced Cherry Jam.

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Washington Homeschool Mentors looking to mentor parents about homeschooling, virtual learningThe group hosted its first event Tuesday evening - an informational meeting to answer parents' questions about making the switch.

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Tot School Binder️This time last year a sweet friend of mine named Raven introduced me to a thing called learning binders!

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Best Online Learning Platforms 2020: Homeschool and Learn New SkillsHere's a look at ABCmouse, Udemy, Skillshare, Rosetta Stone and much more, as we check out the best online learning platforms for whatever you want to study.

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What if Bicycles Disappeared?What if Bicycles, bicycles are cheap to buy as well as maintain, many people use bicycles as a primary means of transportation, if bicycles disappeared, these people will suffer, cyclying is a great way of exercising as well as getting fresh air, if bicycles disappeared, obesity levels might go up, people might develop respiratory problems in...

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My Daily Inner Monologue Regarding Back to SchoolI have been postponing writing anything about the 2020-2021 school year on here because I just dont want to think about it.

Reflect. Plan. Live. Shared .

HGTV's Breegan Jane shares her top tips for creating a fun, efficient homeschool roomMom of two Breegan Jane shares what she's doing to create a distance learning space, plus her best tips for parents doing the same.

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Homeschooling 2.0Hello, I’m Mrs Fuller. You might remember me from such things as Homeschool Horror  part 1, and Parents going Cray Cray&&.

Squizzygal Says… Shared .

Philippines For KidsJoin me as we take a virtual trip to the Philippines  a country in Asia that is made up of more than 7,000 islands!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

New to homeschooling? 5 steps to homeschool successCHANDLER, AZ — With all of the unknowns when it comes to COVID-19 and children being in a brick and mortar school setting, have you thought of homeschooling your kids?

KNXV Shared .

FREE Back to School Free Sudoku PuzzlesCelebrate back to school with this fun math activity for K-4th graders.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Intersections of art and numeracyExploring Venn diagrams through colour. This is one of my favourite activities from our ExperiSense NZ homeschool box that explores maths through art.

Flying Solo Shared .

Surge in parents exploring homeschool option for childrenThe National Center for Education Statistics said the top reason for homeschooling comes from concern of the education environments, including safety.

WHP Shared .

The Back To School ConundrumLike every other parent across the country, I have more questions than answers regarding the 2020-2021 school year.

New Schooling Shared .

UnschoolingToday during our lessons we baked brownies. Brownies start with B so it was the obvious snack, and any excuse we get to make brownies from scratch we take it!

Flock And Feathers Shared .

Home School in the Woods-U.S. Elections Lap-PakDisclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.

Tumbleweed News Shared .

Back to School 2020 Support for ParentsBack To School 2020 Resource 1 - If you are looking for homeschool start-up information during the COVID-19 pandemic era, and/or support for learning other options, this first resource in this series may be a helpful tool.

Butterfly Homeschool ™ Rebooted Shared .

Homeschool Facebook page sees thousands of new members during pandemicInside Mary Borchert's home are many makings of a traditional classroom: white boards, worksheets, textbooks and technology.

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HandwritingHandwriting matters. I couldn't care less if anyone's child has perfect handwriting, but after watching Avery struggle with a weak pencil grip, and then realizing that Parker literally didn't have the fine motor ability to hold a writing utensil correctly or with any sort of strength , I realized the critical nature of this often overlooked...

Mud On The Carpet Shared .

Mexico's students to be homeschooled with television instead of in-person classesSchools in Mexico will not reopen for the new academic year later this month, and children will instead be homeschooled using television during the coronavirus pandemic, the country's education secretary said Monday.

Fox News Shared .

Covid, Teachers Unions and HomeschoolingLet government provide the funding, but let the, not collectively—make the choices.

WSJ Shared .

Shark Week Day 2I hope you all dont mind these homeschool schedule posts. They hold me accountable for making sure I am meeting Hannahs needs.

Adventures With The Michigan Mama Shared .

Wilton Library Adds Homeschooling Program to its August LineupWednesday, Aug. 12 Homeschooling - Is it the right choice for you and your children?, 10:30 a.m. Shared .

Have Google Assistant Homeschool Your Kids So You Don't Have ToThanks to a new set of features that are being pushed out to Google Assistant smart displays and speakers.

Android Headlines Shared .

Homeschool plans for 2020We are just getting into starting a new homeschool year. My little boy will be grade 1 age and my little girl is beginning grade 3!

Just Another Homeschool Blog Shared .

Distance Learning Tips From Homeschoolers; Masks For People With Impaired HearingAs fall approaches, parents are strategizing about how to teach their children at home during the pandemic.

WBUR Shared .

Homeschooling In MississippiThere are many families that are making the decision to homeschool this year for various reasons.

Embrace Heart And Home Shared .

As Distance Learning Continues Into The Fall, Consider These Tips From HomeschoolersParents are strategizing about how to teach their children at home as distance learning has become more of a norm during the pandemic.

WBUR Shared .

Homeschool: Year 2, Week 1I hope everyone had a good summer break! We definitely made the most of ours and fit in a lot of family memories.

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Google is adding new homeschooling features to Assistant smart displays and speakersGoogle has announced a handful of new features for its Assistant-powered smart displays and speakers designed for families that have children at home doing schoolwork during the pandemic.

The Verge Shared .

Families turn to home-school 'pods' as COVID-19 risk continuesGabi Canales' 11-year-old son, Prax, wasn't like the kids who complained about hating school. Prax, an only child, looked forward to school because he could see his friends, play sports and run around during recess.

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August 4, 2020  How we use PowerHomeschoolId like to share the way we use a really inexpensive, super helpful, online resource.

Dr Vet Sonya Shared .

The Survival Mom: TEOTWAWKI has finally arrivedThe Survival Mom talks about some societal and cultural changes resulting from the pandemic in TEOTWAWKI has finally arrived.

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The Pandemic May Boost Sketchy Alternatives to Public SchoolThe pandemic has boosted interest in homeschooling and virtual charter schools. But both options are poorly regulated, and could leave parents and kids alike at the mercy of bad actors.

Intelligencer Shared .

Experts answer parents' homeschooling questions live on CBS 58There has been a surge in interest in homeschooling as Wisconsin parents must make a decision on how to educate their children this academic year.

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College Safety and Fun for Homeschool Graduates, Interview with Seth and Caroline TillmanCollege Safety and Fun for Homeschool Graduates Vicki's five homeschool high schoolers are all graduated from college now, even her youngest, Seth and his newlywed wife, Caroline.

The Homeschool High Podcast Shared .

US homeschool curriculum business AALP bought by Surge Private EquityDallas-based buyout house Surge Private Equity has bought US homeschool curriculum publisher All About Learning Press.

Mike Didymus Shared .

HS #248 Photographic Memory: Your Child's Greatest Resource with Dianne CraftToday we are going to discuss the most useful resource you can give to your bright, hard working learners.

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100 EPIC Science Experiments for KidsGet ready to make science fun for kids with over 100 EPIC Science Experiments for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students.

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Top Must-have School Supplies For Your Homeschool Classroom!If youve seen my most recent YouTube Video : Linked Here I shared a MASSIVE Home School Supplies Haul.

Gracee McCoy Shared .

Homeschool: Day 1Though I dont have any new publishing news, we officially started our homeschool year today.

Overcoming Imperfections Shared .

10 Self-Care Tips For Back-To-Homeschool TimeIt's back to school time and now, more than ever, it's important to incorporate self-care into your homeschool day.

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Number Tracing ActivityYou know those moments when you planned an elaborate learning activity for your toddler, but all she wants to do is color?

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Focus on the Good: Education Based on Strength, Not Weakness.Were taking a ride in my white mini-van, blasting the My Little Pony soundtrack and singing along just as loudly.

Schoolhouse Living Shared .

Homeschooling ResourcesDisclaimer: Im writing as a newbie to homeschooling. Ive never done it before but we decided as a family that it was our best option this year.

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21 years agoI was posting on instagram about our homeschool day. In that post I wrote that 21 years ago I was starting my first teaching job.

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A Thought For UnschoolingIts Week 3, and my daughter has lost interest. And Im panicking. I shuffle the schedule, a few times.

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The Boy of the Painted CaveThis story is an excellent addition to a hunter-gatherer prehistory lesson and it brings together themes that most children can identify with: struggles with coming of age, learning self-reliance, and overcoming difficulty.

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How our first day of Homeschooling failedWe had our first official day as a homeschool. We failed. We will try again.

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A Peek Into Our Homeschool: Teacher EditionAnd finally, here is a little peek into what our homeschool looks like! This will be a detailed, three-part series on how some of this comes together for us.

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What is Deschooling?Deschooling, on the other hand, is not an educational principle, but more like an intensive detox.

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Letter Recognition via Sensory PlayOne of the earliest pre-reading skills that Preschoolers learn is letter recognition. To be able to identify the name of each letter of the alphabet.

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No Guts, No GloryWith only a couple weeks left of our summer break, I wanted to get a couple more thematic learning opportunities in at home to break up the monotony of our endless tech saturated days.

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Tips and Advice for Busy, Working, Homeschooling MomsMany families are now thrust into this new reality where they have to work AND homeschool or do virtual learning at home.  How do you balance it all?


Happy Homeschool Tips From a Happy Homeschool MamaTo teach is to touch a life forever.” I don’t know who said that, but it was given to me on a beautiful heart plague over twenty years ago from one of my music students.

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Coronavirus: How pandemic pods and zutors are changing home-schoolingUS parents are resorting to "pandemic pods" and garden classrooms - but will it deepen inequalities?

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Tips for Virtual SchoolI had a pretty good experience with virtual school last spring. I will admit, the first couple of weeks were a little shaky, but then I implemented a few things that made the experience better for me and my child.

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Unit Study: EgyptThis post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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As schools announce reopening plans, many parents opt to homeschool i»¿As of July 15, there were 1,634 families that told the state they planned to homeschool.

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These Mom Memes About Kids Finally Going Back to School Are HilariousThe news about what's happening with our children's school this fall changes much faster than we can even write about it.

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My BirthdayToday is my birthday. Of course were in the middle of a pandemic called Covid 19.

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How to Homeschool High School with PEACETo be honest, I never intended to homeschool through high school when we started this journey seven years ago.

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Preschool Shark Week: Day 1After weeks of watching the news and the uptick of COVID-19 cases in our area, ,we have decided that sending our 4 year old to preschool is not the right option for us.

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Parents petition the school district to support their sudden homeschool statusOn July 30, the Anchorage School District notified parents the COVID-19 risk level is too high to reopen schools for the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year.

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Happy First Day of School!We officially started our homeschool year today, 7th grade, 3rd grade, Kindergarten, and preschool. I prefer to school year round, staying in on yucky, really hot, or really cold days to be able to take a break on the pretty days and go on outside adventures or trips.

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Learning In The Time of CoronaThe first day of school is August 17th. I told the kids this morning and it was met with groans and sighs.

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Unit Studies: American RevolutionWe studied the Civil War last summer, so learning about the American Revolution this Spring was a little bit out of historical order.

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Carbondale library to host Homeschool without Borders sessionsFlorida man arrested, charged with murder after fatally shooting Burger King worker over drive-thru delay, police say.

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FREE Printable Monthly Reading LogEncourage kids to read with these super cute, free Printable Monthly Reading Log for kids of all ages.

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The Sunny Side Of Homeschooling During A PandemicI have been agonizing for weeks over whether to send my kids back to school in the Fall.

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FREE Bookshelf Reading LogSuper cute, bookshelf reading logs for kids of all ages to get excited about and track reading.

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CoronaLand: Population, EveryoneI am a stay-at-home mom of three. My husband works full time. We reside in a Cleveland suburb, where we own a modest acre.

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I'm A Homeschool Teacher? ?Reading Rug and Informational Posters One thing I have learned in life is that no matter how much we plan  things can change in an instant.

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Scared For School: 4 In 5 Parents Considering Homeschooling Kids This FallA new survey finds four in five parents are thinking about homeschooling their school-age children this fall due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Importance of Embracing the UnknownSo much is not going according to plan right now. For all of us. Learn the importance of leaning into whatever God presents and embracing the unknown.

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FREE Cars Themed BooklogsYour Lightening McQueen fan is going to get excited about winning the race of reading with these cute, FREE Cars Library Book Logs.

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Starting Year 8  History IdeasHistory is probably my daughter's favourite subject so we cover it in quite a lot of detail and we do end up watching lots of documentaries and reading lots of extra books just because she is so fascinated by it.

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Covid 19 and giving the family some space to beIve taken some time away from media over the last few months for family reflection  heres everything Ive learnt so far and how im going to use it to benefit our family life.

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FREE Super Hero Reading LogsGet kids excited about reading with these fun, FREE Super Heroes Reading Logs! Track reading, write down books read, or print a certificate.

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We're a Homeschool Family NowYep, we have made a change. Like every other family in America, school is going to look different for us this year.

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Homeschool Program Director Expects Increase in Program EnrollmentAHomeschool Program Director Expects Increase in Program EnrollmentÂ.

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Finding Chapter Books for my Eclectic HomeschooledIm starting to feel like a nit-picking nightmare mom. But the thing is, my kids are getting older, they really enjoy reading, and I want to encourage that with a beginner chapter book.

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FREE Animal Classification WorksheetsNo prep science worksheets for kids learning about Animal Classification. Add this fun, cut and paste activity to your science lesson for elementary students.

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Getting Started With HomeschoolThe year 2020 has exploded with new homeschoolers and for reasons I understand! It's hard to imagine your child wearing a mask, not playing at recess, learning from a teacher wearing a mask, eating lunch in their classrooms, etc.

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HonestySo, a few posts back I told you that I would share the good, bad, and ugly, right?

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Homeschooling Multiple Ages: My Top 6 Tips for Success!1.Combine group subjects, and switch between children for the restYou can easily do family subjects with all the kiddos at once but on different levels.

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I'm worried about corporate influence in education. You should be too.The people who are making huge sums on this are large educational corporations. Those include Edmentum, the company behind Monarch and the new Calvert; Pearson, the company you probably know as an educational textbook publisher; K-12, the company that runs online charter schools in most states; and Acellus, the company behind Power Homeschool,...

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That Homeschooling FriendA local mom is using her experience to help parents considering homeschool. She started a consulting business called "That Homeschooling Friend."

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B is for BearToday we started week two of our 26 week lesson plan! We start every week at the white board looking at our weekly subjects, then talk about what else starts with the letter.

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Our Favorite Homeschool BenefitsIndividualized Education After years of considering homeschool, what finally pushed us over the edge and helped us make the decision was the need to create an individualized education for our child...

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Homeschoolers gearing up for SSAC activitiesTo have an opportunity to go out for a team or to participate in any other extra-curricular activity, the law requires homeschooled students to register with their county board of education and prove through an accepted standardized test that they scored within or above the fourth stanine in each of five required subjects including science,...

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I'd Love to Homeschool, But&.A few weeks ago, we asked our social media followers to complete the sentence above with their main hesitation to homeschooling.

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New Business in Milford to Support the Growing Homeschooling PopulationHomeroom's model offers the peace of mind and flexibility families so desire! Between the little screen time requirement and recorded sessions for times when "life" happens and a roomie can't make it, you can rest assured that your child will have plenty of time for the other learning experiences provided in a homeschool environment. Shared .

Review of the Well Planned Day  Planner by wellplannedgal.comSince I made the decision to homeschool when the fall comes I’ve been on the hunt for a planner that will help keep my crazy life organized.

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Rain to end the hot weekend!We have been busy pulling up the weeds and I made the first prune of the trees next to the herb garden.

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Grown-up Book of the Month  August 2020So, I skipped a couple months of my 2020 Goal to read one grown-up book per month.

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Eternally Optimistic SlackerWill we get our act together and start tomorrow? Or will I turn out to be a total slacker for yet another week?

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The Austen GirlsI have been looking for good fictional books for my daughter to read as part of her year 8 academic year.

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What if Butterflies Disappeared?What if Butterflies, those colorful butterflies make for a beautiful sight in our gardens, if butterflies disappeared, our gardens would look incomplete without them.

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Kitchen-table lessons: Las Vegas mom of 7 opts for homeschoolingWhen it's time for school, Austin Okuda's seven children aren't rushing around the house searching for backpacks or scrambling to catch the bus. Shared .

How Much A Homeschooling Setup Cost A Family Making $47k A YearRaising a child supposedly costs you a quarter of a million dollars, but it can honestly be more daunting to face the idea of spending $80 on bottle nipples in a single month.

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How To Make 3D Photo Frame CraftI take millions of photos, forget hundreds of thousands of them, but I do print the best ones.

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Lucas vs The LinesDuring school, Lucas has some lessons where they write words that go with photos that their teacher shows them.

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Facing coronavirus and an uncertain fall, some Maine families consider homeschoolingDriven by health concerns and seeking stability, parents who stay at home or are now working from home are exploring alternatives to sending their children back to school.

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Homeschools not immune from effects of COVID-19The Rowan County Home School Association organizes field trips, social events and its own sports teams for its member families.

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Homeschool becomes option for some as back-to-school uncertainty growsHUNTINGTON — As school districts across the country begin to release tentative plans to bring students back to the classroom in the fall, some families who had a taste of what homeschooling could be like during the COVID-19 shutdown may choose to become their child’s primary teacher this year.

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All the World's a SchoolMy eldest has had an interest in Shakespeare for a couple of years. This despite knowing very little about him or his plays.

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A Love for LearningWhen starting to plan my homeschool week I had Saturday and Sunday as our off days.

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How Firm a Foundation  August 2020About four years ago I was out in our backyard doing some gardening around a very old fruit tree.

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All About MeFingerprints Activity Preparation time: 5 minutes Things you will need: paint, paper, magnifying glass Did you know that your fingerprints are unique?

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The Most Recommended Books on HomeschoolingThere are almost an endless number of books to read and philosophies to consider when getting started with homeschool.

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Wet Hot American SummerIts hard to imagine what my excuse is for being this far behind in my writing, especially since Ive been more or less more at home since March, but lets gloss right over that a...

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GIVEAWAYThis video has LOTS of ocean themed activities to do with your kids. I have a variety of skill levels and activities that are budget friendly.

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Working and HomeschoolingOne of the most common questions Ive received, especially recently with COVID is about how I manage or juggle work and home schedules.

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Exploring Racism through Burial GroundsThis past Spring, we learned about voting rights. With the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment coming up, I thought it was important to understand more about voting and its place in our society.

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Catching up!Clearly I have been TERRIBLE at being consistent with blog posts. I intend to change that and make more frequent posts.

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"I want to homeschool but I don't know where to begin." Know your state homeschooling laws and what is required on your part. They vary by state.Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Here you can find the requirements you need direct from your state’s official government site.

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FREE Apple Life Cycle Printable PackLearn about the life cycle of an apple with over 60+ FREE Apple Life Cycle Printables for kids to learn about apples, math and literacy during September.

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August 1-7, 2020: What do you want to learn today?SUGGESTED LEARNING IDEAS, RESOURCES, and EVENTS August 1-7, 2020 Unseen World ♦ Time-lapse ♦ Slow-motion ♦ Electron Microscope ♦ Words Of Wisdom ♦ Astronauts ♦ Space Travel ♦ Social Isolation ♦ Human Connection ♦ Gaia Hypothesis ♦ Extinction ♦ Endangered Animals ♦ Invasive Species...

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Return to Learn: Experienced homeschooler shares advice for those exploring optionTracy Sealine has always had a love for teaching and when it came to homeschooling, she knew she wanted to do that.

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Homeschooled high school students can take UAB college courses for creditUAB has options for homeschooled students looking to get a head start on their college education.

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DIY Art SuppliesThis post may contain Amazon affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and make a purchase Ill earn a small commision at no added cost to you.

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More parents considering homeschool as return to traditional school remains unsureHundreds of central Texas families are scrambling as the plans keep changing for the start of the school year.

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Life Cycle of a Bee Sensory PlayWater beads are one of our favorite sensory bin fillers and if you havent experienced them yet, head straight to amazon and order some.

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COVID-19: Lethbridge parents, professionals give advice on homeschooling as classroom education loomsMany parents and guardians are exploring alternate options for their children's education, following Alberta's announcement that schools will resume under "near-normal" conditions in September.

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Pandemic SchoolingParents, Its that time of year again. Summer is over, and its time to get ready for a new school year.

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Expert: Many parents considering homeschooling option this yearThe pandemic is causing many school leaders to change back to school reopening plans. While parents weigh their options of whether to send their child back to class, experts tell WHIO that many families are considering homeschooling.

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Deep In ItToday was the first day since March 16th that I bought a bunch of junk cereal, mango tango, fresh strawberries and milk that was delivered at 8:30 AM from Safeway.

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Inquiry with ToddlersPurposeful and authentic learning is good for the soul. The mama soul AND the teacher soul AND the kid soul.

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Like a Tidal Wave  Never Ending.I am not entirely sure where to start so I will just begin& Lately my life feels like a tidal wave, I can see it coming but I cant get away.

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What your family needs to know to legally homeschoolAs school plans and the pandemic restrictions continue to evolve, more families are considering homeschool.

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Homeschool Help to the Rescue!Homeschooling Help is on the way via Joy, our evening front desk. Joy started Appletree Homeschool Consulting to help parents - she has 15+ years experience.

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More parents exploring homeschooling optionsThe COVID-19 pandemic has forced numerous changes to education. With the provincial government announcing earlier this week that many students across the...

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Some R.I. parents, wary of classrooms and dissatisfied with distance learning, plan to homeschool their kids this fallJessica Garcia admits she doesn't know the first thing about homeschooling, but she does know one thing: she is not sending her first-grader back to school when classes begin at the end of this month.

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