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Second Grade: Unit 17 - Plants, Earth's Layers, Farmer Boy, Subtraction Borrowing, & a Science Experiment. It's been a good week this week! We are cruising right along. Let me show you what we've been up to! Just before Thanksgiving we finished up our unit on the Earth's layers. J, being a lover of all things earth and geography, loved this unit. Here he is working on gluing all of the "layers" in order from outside to inside.

What Can Board and Card Games Teach Your Children? Playing a game is both a wonderful way to connect with your clan and, at the same time, significantly aid their development, in skills ranging from logical thinking to collaboration to perseverance…

Blending Homeschool Styles to Meet Your Child's Needs So how do we blend homeschool styles and methods when our child's needs aren't sufficiently met with "classical" or "delight-directed" homeschool styles? Blending the values and methods of different homeschool styles allows us to create an educational canvas for our child's specific strengths and weaknesses.

A grace-filled Advent - December 2019 As the season of advent approached this year I was determined yet again to move towards simplicity and a slowing down. The purpose of Advent before Christmas is as Lent is for Easter, a time of preparation, being still and even fasting. So different from our general experience.

Mid-Quarter 2 Recap I realized as I was about to write this my complete lack of photos to share. I apologize, during school hours it rarely crosses my mind to take a snapshot. I hope you enjoy the photos I do have to share from the past 14 weeks! We are finishing up week 18 of the year, about half way through Term 2.

Homeschool numbers in Virginia triple since 1999 A growing number of children across our region are getting their education at home.

November 2019 Wrap Up November was quite the whirlwind month. It seems like this time of the year is crazy busy and goes by so fast! We are always hard in the home stretch of harvest, the twins birthday, Halloween, the start of the major holiday season, it's just so busy it seems like November just blows by!

Kindergarten: Unit 14 - Horses For kindergarten today we finished up our farm unit, this time with an emphasis on horses. Here's a peek at our week! To finish out our farm unit, A cut out a bunch of pictures of different animals - some farm animals, some wild animals - and she then classified them and glued them onto their appropriate page.

Countering the Culture's message of Christmas: Building your Own Create your own traditions. Who wants turkey for Christmas? I ask. Nobody. Huh, I kinda like a turkey with stove top stuffing. Since we do it at Thanksgiving, we can try something different at Christmas. Everyone prefers beef.

The DeSchooling Period They say to deschool for one month per year the child has been in school. Four and a half months is a bit long for us, though. BUT, the concept and reasoning behind deschooling is sound, even if the one size fits all timeline suggestion is lacking. The idea behind deschooling is to reset the child and parents mindset around education.

Hypatia, the lady philosopher / mathematician/astronomer Sometimes writing about history is hard. At the beginning of this project, I'd envisioned a fun and slightly wacky tour through Western Civilization presented by a fun and slightly wacky uncle. The story of human beings is often violent and cruel, though.

The Open Home The autumn started with such promise, our conker hoard was large this year, but October proved to be the wettest October for many a decade and the rain persisted well into autumn making nature walks increasingly difficult.

Borax Crystal Christmas Trees Kids will be amazed with this fun and pretty Christmas Science Experiment growing crystals! Fun for kids of all ages to grow a Christmas Ornament!

Loop Scheduling I've been promising that I would post about our loop schedule and what all that entails, and today I am here to fulfill that promise!! In this post I will do my best to describe to you just how loop scheduling works and what it looks like for us.

Grace in Parenting A friend recently made a comment on one of my instagram posts that really resonated with me in a way that wasn't intended. She commented that Katie and I have so much fun together. It's a sweet, innocent comment, and it got me to thinking, that is what you see when you look at a picture on social media.

Boudica - Queen of Darkness Book Review Earlier this year we watched a documentary - 2,000 year History of London and they mentioned Boudica and how her revolt burnt London to the ground.

Christmas Book List One of my favorite Christmastime childhood memories is pulling out the box of Christmas books that were stored with the rest of the Christmas decorations. The books somehow seemed more magical because they were Christmas themed, and we only saw them once a year, and they smelled like the Christmas candles that were stored with them.

December Kindergarten Writing Prompts It's time for my December Themed Writing Prompts! These are perfect for kindergarten and first grades. They're no-prep, easy, and fun! In kindergarten and through first grade I like to start beginning writing skills. I don't do anything formal, but encouraging students to enjoy writing at a younger age is beneficial to their future writing.

Tips to Socialize as Homeschoolers It's not that hard to socialize as homeschoolers! With these easy tips, your kiddos will be thankful you took the time to make it happen for them.

The top 10 reasons why we homeschool Choosing to home school can be a big decision for any family. It was a decision we didn't take lightly. We thought long and hard about it, but in the end knew homeschooling was right for our family. Here's why:. 1.) Quality time spent with my children is invaluable.

The Crayola Experience Today was the first official day of homeschooling. Today was the first day in many years that my child woke up with a smile on her face, eager to face the day. As part of our deschooling period, we visited the Crayola Experience in Plano, Tx, being only 25 minutes from us.

Seek by iNaturalist Review My little and I started our homeschool journey this year, and it's had its ups and downs. We love to be outside in nature, and find it extremely freeing to be able to have "class" outdoors when the seasons permit. However, my little is terrified of bugs, and that can make being outdoors extremely frustrating for this momma.

Preschool Post #3 It's been a pretty productive week here in the lives of our preschooler. Let's dive right in! Color sorting! So, yes, I realize this is actually a B-I-N-G-O game, but I was busy with the second grader while E was doing school, so on this day I had her match the pom-poms to their color square on the BINGO board.

19 Creative Ways to Homeschool on a Budget Are you considering diving into the world of homeschooling? Have you already started homeschooling but aren't sure how long you can afford it? You've come to the right place. I'm a homeschooling mom of two currently, but when I started I was homeschooling all three of my kids.

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