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Glitter Bomb Bottles Totally not related to travel, but it will keep your kid entertained for a few sweet minutes. Many people have asked about my "Glitter Bombs", and they are so easy to make. I must disclaim this is not my original idea. If you do a quick search you will find thousands of links for glitter jar, glitter bottle, calm down jar, etc!

50% off day at the thrift store!! I discovered, through my homeschool momma's weekly Meetup park day group, that our family's favorite thrift store has a 50% off day each Monday!!! Say WHHHAAAATTTT??!?!? Even as broke as we currently are, I managed to rearrange a few things to take a trip and see what we could find.

Twinkl Go As Part of our Twinkl membership we were given access to the Twinkl Go activities and I must say the kids and I have been enjoying them. Twinkl Go is a digital platform, so it is all paperless and can be used by the kids on a computer or device. Twinkl Go is split into 5 sections - Explore, Listen, Play, Watch and Learn.

Waldorf Crayon Comparison Many of you out there are in the same spot that I am in for Waldorf supplies. Some items are expensive and there are different options out there that seem like a better fit but do they really compare? Today I wanted to compare two separate crayon brands, one brand Stockmar, and the other Faber Castell.

Feed the Turkey Educational Activity We have tried several Feed the Animal activites and they are always a big hit. There is something about feeding a pretend animal that makes pre-k kiddos super happy and excited to learn and play. And with Thanksgiving coming up soon this cute little turkey is a fun way to practice some basic skills.

Math Poems My 6.5 year old struggled with advanced math concepts when it came to addition and subtraction. He knows his number bonds, can add numbers well but when it comes to carrying forward or borrowing concept, he would have a brain freeze! We literally went through the concepts in multiple ways for over 6 months.

Chocolate!!! Grenada has some outstanding chocolate. We had the pleasure of taking a tour last week of the Grenada Chocolate Company and the Belmont Estate, and between the two, we saw the entire process of chocolate production. Cocoa trees grow everywhere here.

Great Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 For the Week of October 22nd Am I the only one who loves getting inexpensive kitchen gadgets? I love trying new ones too, especially when I can find them on sale! That is what I'm here to do today… share with you some great kitchen gadgets under $20 for the week of October 22nd.

Reading Challenges: Learn What Your Child May Be Missing Does your child face learning or reading challenges? Lindamood-Bell Academy teaches strategies that can help overcome those struggles.

2 Homeschool Scheduling Tricks that Help You Get it All Done Instead of throwing the schedule out the window in defeat, apply these two tricks for sticking with your plan—reduce the scope or binge on individual topics.

Fulfilling Our Civic Duty This leads to much of the chaos we see today. However, we must have something to inform our deliberation, i.e., when deciding how we will vote for a candidate or laws, we need some objective standard of ethics to guide us.

Sally Clarkson visit 2 This is the second instalment of our weekend with the lovely Sally Clarkson, in which I'll focus on the talks she gave to our Christian Home Ed group. Her website again is Anticipation had been building.

Holidays As home educators we have a lot of freedom around holidays. We don't have to take our holidays in school holiday time. This can mean cheaper holidays, which are obviously very nice. It can also mean quieter holidays. We've done Butlins out of season, which the boys loved.

How To Support Your Daughter's STEM Interests And in today's modern, high-tech world, more and more girls are embracing their love of science, technology, engineering and math, commonly known as the STEM subjects.

What Homeschoolers Need Most is What We All Need Most There are so many excellent resources for homeschooling parents, but how to choose? So many opportunities, but which ones to forgo? This is a big deal, and it must be done right! Right? Know your child via time with your child's Maker. You MUST pray for and receive the wisdom of God for each child.

Encouraging a Growth Mindset Through Homeschool Art If we are mindful in the art projects we create or present to our kids, art is ideally set up to foster a growth mindset, which in turn will help our kids navigate through their life in a spirit of constant learning. 'Growth mindset' is a term which stems from the incredible research of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck.

Homeschooling Multiple Grades This is one of the things that scared me the most about homeschooling. How was I going to teach multiple grades at the same time?! It seemed like a daunting task when I first started looking into homeschooling, however it doesn't seem that tricky now.

Yes, Your Child Will Learn to Read Not all children learn to read in the same way or at the same age. Learn ways to make teaching your child learn to read more enjoyable and less stressful.

Multiplication Pumpkin Math Puzzles These fun multiplication pumpkin math puzzles are a wonderful way to review multiplication facts for 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. All over Facebook, posts about fall weather and everything pumpkin has reminded me that September is drawing to a close.

Guest Post - Halloween Maths Ideas We have never done scary witches as such but both my kids loved Winnie the Witch and the witch from Room on the Broom. They always liked a friendly witch, one who would make funny mistakes.

3 important things you need to home educate I was thinking what the three most important things you need in order to home educate and I kept coming up with the same answer:. Respect. Respect. Respect. Respect came up in my last blog.

Homeschool wants to make exams less of a grind for students Our start-up of the week is Homeschool, an online grinds school for primary, junior and Leaving Cert students.

Are Your Boys Big Eaters? Here are 6 Healthy Ways to Curb Appetites It's a simple truth that parents of boys are quite familiar with. And the older they get, the more they eat. My sons are 16 and 17 and they are extremely tall for their age. My 16-year-old is 6'5″ and my almost 18-year-old is 6'6″. They've been hearty eaters since the day they were born.

5 Year Old Preschool Week 8 I'm afraid this may be a short week of school again. We are hopefully going to be in the field this week. I might try to teach school in the tractor! We'll see what happens. Sam started with a puzzle, again. He has fallen in love with puzzles. D is for Dad.

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