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Fluffballs: The Himalayan Persian This breed of cat has the luxrious coat of the Persian Longhair and the exotic color pattern of the Siamese. Their eye color is less intense than in the Siamese. The Himalayan Persians need a LOT of grooming since their fur is long, thick and silky, with no wooliness.

Chinese Christian Homeschool Parent Faces Court Christian parents are watching a lawsuit filed by China's communist government against a Christian mother who chose to homeschool her child. The China Aid group says Fan Ruzhen refused public education for her child, choosing homeschooling or Christian schooling instead.

The worst year, and only 3 months in!-Time for a VENT! I'm going to do a bit of venting here. It IS my blog and if you can't vent on your own blog, where the hell can you?? My life has become completely overwhelming and I need to vent. So, here goes… So at the beginning of this year, our family was already struggling financially in a very big way.

New School / Playroom!! We have finally moved into our new house and are all settled in! While it seems like a bad time to move, it has actually been a blessing in disguise! If we are going to be quarantined at least it is in a new place, toys feel like new after being in boxes for a few weeks, and we have kept busy with plenty of time unpacking and organizing.

God of Miracles Our family has been singing and shouting out the song called Way Maker for the last month. It has been encouraging and fun.

38 Netflix Shows to Help You Homeschool Your Kids of All Ages Well, get all the information you need in the enlightening documentary, Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale. While at times uplifting and at other times heartbreaking, this documentary follows the fight to help a baby elephant that was orphaned in Botswana.

The Homesteaders' Spirit As part of our homeschooling, it's my intention to share great literature with my children; to give them a broad, Christian worldview, and to feed their imaginations with wholesome stories of virtue and faith.

ETN: Resources for homeschool challenges facing East Texans Anissa Centers talks to Kayla Lyons about setting up systems for home learning that will work for your child. Anissa Centers is a native East Texan whose award-winning career has taken her all over the Southeast. She most recently anchored the news at WSB-TV, the number one station in Atlanta, Georgia.

A New Reality DAY 18 since school closed - at this point, just cancel the rest of the school year. DAY 8 of "stay at home" order. Time to go to work! Took me about five minutes to get ready for work this morning. Just had to change out of my nighttime pajamas into my daytime pajamas and brush my teeth.

A Simple Homeschool Routine and Homeschool Favorites How incredibly strange is it to find ourselves in a season where pretty much our entire nation is homeschooling their children at the same time? We have all been thrown into the same boat, into unfamiliar territory in the middle of an uncharted journey and it's all very… unsettling.

Searching For Our "New Normal" With School Closures Ohio: All schools are now closed through May 1, ordered by Governor Mike DeWine. I doubt the kids will be going back at all for the remainder of the academic year. For so many parents, this will be the first time for balancing homeschool, working from home, and housework.

Homeschooling As we come into the last phase of our 14 days of 'Self Isolating' during the Coronavirus epidemic and the somewhat remnants of a crumbling initial week of Home School I wonder whether my child is this frustrated in school.

Please Don't Compare One of the most important lessons I have learnt while home educating is this. Every Family is different, what works for one is not going to be the blueprint for another so when it comes to home education every family is going to do it in their own way.

It's Ok If You Don't Homeschool Right Now Stress to a situation that is already untenable for so many. There is a level of stress we are all carrying right now that isn't normal. If you aren't worried for yourself, then more than likely there is someone in your immediate family you are scared for.

Tips For Homeschooling Your Kids For the First Time Homeschooling has its advantages, but it can also be overwhelming when you're just getting started. Besides fulfilling household duties and work obligations,.

Homeschool kids enjoy nature [email protected] On Thursday, March 12, a group of home school kids took advantage of the balmy spring weather and spent the late morning outside, learning about the natural world around us. Youngsters and parents from the Kindred Connections Homeschool Co-op gathered in Lee to explore the area around the pond behind Lee City Hall.

Tips for Teaching Phonics at Home Phonics plays such an important role in children's school lives, especially if they are in KS1. They would usually take part in a daily phonics session with their teacher to help them to practise and consolidate their sounds.

Homeschool mom has tips to minimize stress, maximize learning As parents and students make the transition to teaching and learning at home, one homeschool mom says a little patience goes a long way. Kristy Dodson says she started homeschooling her three kids two years ago. She says, if you have more than one child, it's important to focus on one at a time.

Not Knowing the Answer Makes Me a Better Homeschool Parent We think we can't homeschool-or at least can't do it well-because we don't know everything. But that seeming lack is precisely what makes us ideal as homeschoolers.

Weird Projects: To Save Yourself From Getting COVID-19 COVID-19, more commonly known as Corona Virus is now officially a worldwide pandemic and it has caused a great deal of trauma to everyone around us, including those who aren't a victim to this deadly virus.

Coronavirus Chronicles - Student 1 Up until this point, I have considered my life crisis-free. This pandemic, COVID-19, is the first real catastrophe I have experienced. The chaos that the world has been consumed in has my mind perplexed, stemming from the fact that all was well not even four weeks ago.

WFH-Day 10 We are 10 days in, at least in the Butler household, being in work from home mode. And we certainly had the ante raised today when the Governor issued the official stay home order. As he said, it was a recommendation to this point now it is a directive.

My Thoughts on Online Schooling It's been quite a while since my last post…I apologize for the radio silence! I haven't been focused on my blog, as I have been prioritizing different parts of my life. I hope everyone is doing well. I know that there has been a lot of chaos in recent events, with the spread of COVID-19.

Learn chemistry in a flash in day 2 of our homeschool for grown-ups Eventually, you are going to have to broach polymers. Your ignorance of electron shells will be exposed, your utter indifference to the distinction between alkanes and alkenes laid bare. You will realise that everything you once knew about the periodic table - and there wasn't much - has long since left.

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