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How to Help Your Homeschool Child Transition to College Are you concerned that your homeschool child might have a difficult time transitioning into college? Don't be! This blog post will help make sure…

20 Fun The Lorax Activities for All Learning Styles Looking for a variety of fun The Lorax activities? These ideas are perfect for celebrating DR. SEUSS's BIRTHDAY, EARTH DAY, and more.

The Practice of Oral Reading I'm sure we all encourage our children to read. Silently. But, how much time is spent on reading aloud? Oral fluency seems to be necessary for good comprehension and an enjoyable reading experience.¹ If we aren't already doing so, adding oral reading to our homeschooling routine might be of benefit.

How to Homeschool High School eCourse! Learn How to Homeschool High School! In this eCourse I'll be sharing my tips to help you successfully navigate homeschooling through high school! If you've been thinking about homeschooling through high school but don't know where to start you're not alone!

The longest job…tips for surviving! Being a mum was the longest job I ever had. It took me a few years to realise the implications of this, when a degree of restlessness was making me twitchy and at times less than happy.

Kings and Queens Book by Usborne With my daughter's current interest in the past British Kings and Queens I have been looking for a comprehensive book for her. We have a couple of books that deals with individuals or groups of Kings and Queens but nothing that covers all of them. I happened to spot the Kings and Queens at our local library and immediately brought it home for her.

How to Make a Fun Kids Root Viewer Giving kids a chance to really see what is happening underground really helps the idea of seed to plant take shape even more in their minds.

Resisting Neo-Luddism One of our biggest challenges with my staying home with our kids has been how to set up our house. Baby items naturally took over every space quickly when we brought home my oldest son and my husband's brain panicked.

Mind-boggling, isn't it? A million years ago, when my children were in school, I used to worry about a lot of things concerning their education. We lived in Manhattan and although we were not poor, we had to dip into savings to afford their tuition. When it came time for our daughter to enter Pre-K, we were forced to analyze our options.

The Multi-Tasking Myth - A Science Fair Project I hate to break it to you, but typing on the computer while listening to music, texting friends, scrolling through social media, and trying to tune into your favorite TV show may not be the best way to study. No matter what we're doing, in today's society we are always on.

Reminding myself not to overschedule I often worry about getting our home ed balance correct - the balance between weekly activities, one-off workshops, outings with friends and our home days. I think I have a tendency to worry about those home days. It is something we have always needed to include in our week as it helps the kids decompress and handle their sensory side of life.

FREE Printable & Editable Age Appropriate Chores List Want a chores list with chore suggestions by age and includes a FREE editable, printable chore chart template? Check out this age appropriate chores list!

English Lesson 30 Writing assignment: 500 words on this topic: "Describe the choices that led him to the failed assignment. Kourdakov's very first assignment with the secret police turned out to be a fail and disappointment. He just didn't know how to properly handle the circumstance.

Japan Unit Study: Life Cycle of the Macaque Monkey The macaque or "Snow Monkey" of Japan is a colorful monkey that lives in the colder regions of Japan, thus earning it's name. I thought it was the perfect animal to make a life cycle spinner to compliment our study of Japan. I sketched some simple drawings of various stages in a monkey's life and created my little life cycle spinner.

Snow Painting - Indoor Sensory Activity Here in Colorado we get quite a bit of snow at times. Sometimes it's just too cold for the littles to go outside and play, so I decided to bring the snow to them!

Week 27 Spring is almost here, and just in time for us to go spend some time in the snowy state north of us! On our hike this week, we were on the lookout for Spring, and I guess mud is a sign of spring, right? In the muddy mud, we could see deer, raccoons, dogs, and humans had been there before us.

2019 Standardized Testing Dates The Study Hall Education Consulting Company will be administering the Iowa Test of Basic Skills during the following dates:. The cost for our location, materials, results AND administration of the test is listed below for Group Testing. EPIC HSN members receive a 10% discount on all testing.

Japan Unit Study: Japanese Geography Our study of Japan would not be complete without a study of the geography of the country. I love using foam paper to make cut-outs of the different countries. My three year old loves comparing the different shapes of the countries during our units and I find the visual helpful as we learn.

Free Preschool Printable: Same and Different Birds Worksheets Last week I posted some Bird Matching Worksheets. Keeping with that theme this week, I decided to do some Same and Different worksheets. I made these in a way that they can be used as worksheets OR you can print them on cardstock, laminate, and cut them out to make clip cards or flashcards.

Our Favorite Faith-Filled Audio Dramas & Online Radio Programs Audio dramas are my new favorite resource to use within our family! Over the last few years, we've been on the lookout for new audio dramas because they're great for quiet time or traveling on-the-go. We enjoy them because we feel like we are listening to an action-packed adventure movie while still learning some powerful lessons from scripture.

Remembering Our Ancestor: Harvey Hamilton Lindsey Today, we wish to remember our great grandfather Harvey Hamilton Lindsey, father of Grandma Irene who is standing right behind her father in the family photo featured above. He would have celebrated his 155th birthday this week!

A little bit of this and that Way back in November, I wrote saying we're emerging from wonderful rest, blah, blah, blah. Y'all, after Christmas, our schedule got crazy! You guys may all be thinking "But you're super mom! You can handle anything!" Well I'm here to tell you I spike my morning coffee one drip at a time just like everyone else.

How to Start Homeschooling When can you start homeschooling? What are the qualifications as a parent to homeschool? What are the rules for homeschooling? Is homeschooling better than traditional school? Lets start with making the decision. Homeschooling is not for everyone.

TravelingThroughLearning - IRELAND Unit! March we started studying Ireland and are really enjoying it! The first week of the month we were on vacation in the Caribbean as a family, so we had a somewhat late start to our activities. I visited this beautiful country when I was five months pregnant with my oldest; it's hard to believe it's been four years!

Goal Setting + Homeschool Testing Setting goals in your homeschool is critical to success and progression. The best way to begin creating goals is to determine where you are right now. Right? We do this in everything.

JAPAN Unit: Kata - Gross Motor Martial Arts Activity When I was in college, I studied Zen Do Kai, a form of martial arts based on Shotokan, which originated in Japan. Both in practice and in testing, we performed "Kata" which are simulated fights. With the strong ties to Japan, I thought this would make a perfect gross motor activity for my daughter.

Homeschooling, Censorship, and How They're Connected We're living in a world today of mass censorship. Whether it's blocking dissenting opinions on mainstream social media platforms, removing information that goes against the status quo from websites like Amazon and Etsy, or discriminating against "conspiracy theory" videos on YouTube, one thing is clear:.

Learning Lately One of the things we have been enjoying this year has been being a part of the Read Aloud Revival group. It means we've had access to various author interviews and drawing classes - both things we've enjoyed immensely. We listened to Jonathan Rogers talk about Narnia and then enjoyed our very own dinner with the beavers.

Japan Unit: Counting in Japanese Years ago when I took martial arts, I learned to count in Japanese. I thought it would be fun to make some counting cards to teach my oldest how to count up to 10 in Japanese. With other country units, my salt tracing bin has been a big hit, and I decided to use it yet again to trace the symbols as we pronounced the words.

Japan Unit: Zen Garden Sensory Bin For each of my country units, I like to have a sensory bin or small world play - I believe that imagination is one of the greatest assets of childhood and hope to instill this in my kiddos. For our Japan unit, I thought a miniature zen garden would make the perfect inspiration for my sensory bin.

Japan Unit: Preschool Origami I've always been fascinated by origami, but haven't progressed over the years past a few basic designs. For our Japan unit, I wanted to show my preschooler how to fold a few basic designs. The Japanese word "Origami" is made of two smaller Japanese words: "ori" which means to fold, and "kami" which means paper.

Five Family Friendly Audio Book Titles Guys, I can't tell you how much we love audio books in our house. They are amazing! We listen to them constantly in the car. It helps manage some of the drive time sibling conflict. We also all love listening to stories. Here are a few recent listens that really captivated our attention.

Updated Book of Centuries to 2029 Recently a mom wrote to me requesting that I add a few more pages to my free Book of Centuries download. I was shocked to realize that we end this decade this year! My, how time flies!

Is Homeschool Right for Your Family? To homeschool children is an option that many parents take for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a child may need to be homeschooled for health reasons that make them unable to follow a typical class schedule.

Freedom for Bron. An Anglo-Saxon story With our Anglo-Saxon theme I feel like we have stuck to the migration of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, the fighting and the different Kings but for whatever the reason the kids have not been that interested in the lifestyle part of the Anglo-Saxons as much.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App Concerned about what your child is seeing on YouTube? The SafeVision app lets you set YouTube parental controls to help keep your child safe.

How BookShark Helps Me Homeschool Even with a Chronic Illness We love to lose ourselves in a story and soak up information from the written word. We remember what we learn because of how we feel when we're reading it, so a stack of books is much more useful than a stack of worksheets in our home. I'm also a purist.

20 Springtime Crafts for Homeschool Kids Spring means it's time for all things bright colors, fresh new starts, and a chance to see the outdoors come back to life! It's such a great time to dive into some fun spring-inspired crafts too, to mark the new season!

MyFirstWorkout I recently came across a workout company that is designed for kids and since I have never heard of anything like this until a month or two ago I decided to check out their website href=” to s…

Homeschool at Rockrimmon: Apollo Anniversary Learn about the Apollo missions and create an Apollo Lunar craft. Most suitable for ages 5 and older. Registration required. 832 Village Center Drive, Colorado Springs Northwest / Rockrimmon CO var url = "/coloradosprings / homeschool-at-rockrimmon-apollo-anniversary / Event?oid=18762452"; var myStart = jQuery.attr == "sortSelect" ?

The homeschool dad He just turned Toby Keith on Spotify after a half hour of listening to Spamalot. We each have a glass in hand: Me with Spanish Temperanillo and Him a glass of Moosehead.

ARTistic Pursuits: Art of the Ancients, a Homeschool Art Option 2 Art of the Ancients Vol. 3 Art of the Middle Ages Vol. 4 Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance Vol. 5 Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism Vol. 6 Art of the Impressionists Vol. 7 Art of the Modern Age Vol. 8 Art in America. Each volume has not only a focus on the time period of history but also different mediums for art.

Free STEM Morning Board Printables Enliven your daily STEM education with these free printables that are perfect for a morning / breakfast board. Sign up to our newsletter to get your printables today. We know you are a busy homeschool parent, so we will send you only valuable content that will help you along this path of educating your children at home.

Outside-the-box homeschool ideas Looking for some suggestions for your homeschool students? Check out these out-of-the-box ideas:. For younger students:. Gameshow Contestant Alphabet race. Purchase magnetic alphabet letters and place them in random order on the refrigerator. Pretend to be a game show host and ask your contestant to retrieve a letter.

People With Epilepsy Can Be Business Owners It's an all too familiar scene for those of us with epilepsy; you begin to feel off, something doesn't seem quite right, you lose consciousness and before you know it you are coming too with several people around you and a shooting headache with no memory of what just happened.

Homeschooling High School: 3 Myths Through talking with others and going to EVERY single one of the classes on homeschooling through high school at a local homeschool conference, I realized that these concerns weren't valid at all, but were actually just three common homeschool myths. A lot of the classes your child will take, you also once took.

100 3rd Grade Reading & Literacy Skills Activity Worksheets 100 Third Grade Reading and Literacy Skills Activity Worksheets. These third grade reading and literacy are activities designed to help families reinforce reading and language arts skills. For each reading and literacy skill below, various activities are provided to help third grade students develop good reading and writing abilities.

Reading on the Underground Yesterday we went into London for a special exhibit which for us means about an hour commute - one train and then the underground. The whole way there my daughter read her book - well with a few breaks to keep me informed of the goings on. And I kept noticing the stares and I do means stares that she got.

100 2nd Grade Reading & Literacy Skills Activity Worksheets 100 Second Grade Reading and Literacy Skills Activity Worksheets. These second grade reading and literacy are activities designed to help families reinforce reading and language arts skills. For each reading and literacy skill below, various activities are provided to help second graders develop good reading and writing abilities.

The "Annoying" Seven-Year-Old Seven-year-old Zachary learned how to build a popscicle-stick catapult at a free library workshop last week. Over dinner that night, I "casually" asked my engineer husband if he knew the difference between a catapult and a trebuchet. A brief but interesting discussion ensued, and my son hung on to every word.

Time Is On Our Side Homeschooling is definitely different then public school. With every choice there are positives and negatives, but I feel like the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to homeschool. One of the first things I usually get asked when I tell someone I homeschool my kids is: aren't you worried about them socializing?

10 Methods to Help Boys Maximize Their Learning Potential As a woman, most days I just don't understand them. But I love learning about their unique ways of learning and how I can better facilitate this process. I'm not here to change them. They're fine as they are. I'm here to change the way I teach them. Now, I'm no newbie to research regarding learning differences between boys and girls.

New Law Threatens Homeschooling in Portugal I had harbored some hopes that the Education Ministry would issue more reasonable regulations. Previously the law recognized that it was the right of parents to choose home education, and as long as they enrolled under the oversight of a school, it was allowed.

Celebrate Maryland at Homeschool Day in Solomons SOLOMONS, MD - The Calvert Marine Museum and Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center are joining forces again to bring Homeschool Day to Solomons on Monday, March 25, 2019. This year's theme is Celebrate Maryland! Programs are designed for students in grades K-5, but all ages can discover something new.

Best Online Algebra 2 Course for Kids Who Hate Math Looking for a self-paced or live online algebra 2 course for high school that isn't dry or boring? Or an online summer course for upper math? Here you go!

Summer Road Trip Hacks for Homeschoolers But I knew in order to enjoy the trip, this Mom needed preparation. While everything on the road can't be controlled, there were certain details I could care for ahead of time. Maybe some tips will help your planning. At the time of our road trip, our family six included young children who wanted to snack often.

Cure boredom in your homeschool with family traditions The press of "school-ish" things is oh-so-real. Alas, some days I feel drowned in workbooks and checklists and "please-write-more-neatly"s. How do we stay true to the reason we chose homeschool in the first place? How do we reclaim the spark when boredom has overtaken us?

100 1st Grade Reading Skills Activity Worksheets For each reading skill below, various activities are provided to help young readers in first grade develop their reading skills.

Diagnosed at 14 We homeschooled our five children with ease - until we got to our fourth child. We knew Daniel was not learning like his siblings. By the time he was 8, his 6-year-old sister was reading circles around him. When Daniel was 10, we sought professional help.

100 Kindergarten Reading Skills Activity Worksheets 100 Kindergarten Reading Skills Activity Worksheets These reading activities are designed to help families reinforce reading and language arts skills. For each reading skill below, various activities are provided to help young readers develop their reading skills.

Science: Fossils Weeks 24 and 25 of school we learned about fossils using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 15. Cameron did not join us the second week because he was super sick with the flu. We fossilized a sponge with salt water. A few days later it was rock hard! We made a fossil cast.

A Day in the Life - An Ordinary Homeschool Day 10:30 am - Creative Writing. 11:00 am - Lunch. 11:30 am - Language Arts - Spelling - Reading. Short Break. 1:00 Math. A typical day in the life of this homeschool mama looks a little something like this. This is normally when I wake up. I am not a morning person by nature so I'm a little slow going.

Curriculum doesn't constitute education - it can even choke it! Parents who are fairly new to home educating often worry about curriculum. It's a common mistake to think that without it there will be no education. But a curriculum doesn't constitute an education. It is equally possible to become an intelligent and educated person without following one at all - as many home schooling families are proving.

What does a day in 3-K look like at home? Playing in a safe and comforting home just a few feet away from snuggles and kisses. That is exactly what this little one adores. She IS our cuddle bug.

Eighth Grade Homeschool Lesson Plans Today I'm releasing my Eighth Grade Daily Homeschool Lesson Plans! While some times people prefer to be spontaneous, other times I think it's better to have a plan to follow so things don't get missed or left behind. Planning ahead is especially important if you're a new homeschooling.

The Bread of Life for Toddlers In John 6:35 Jesus answers, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever comes to me will never go thirsty." When we first see this, we may think Jesus is simply saying he is our spiritual food that will sustain us. However, when we read into the context of his words, we see even greater depth to his preaching.

Holidays through the seasons March 2019 One great advantage of homeschooling is that we've been able to go on holidays when everyone else is at school. This not only gives me a delicious feeling of playing truant…in a legitimate sort of way…but also it's cheaper and campsites, countryside, beaches, museums etc are all quieter.

5 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Curriculum With so much going on in today's world, I have been thinking about homeschooling my son, once he becomes school age. If you are not already aware, homeschooling is the process of educating children inside of your home, instead of relying on a traditional school environment.

Connecting Science and the Scriptures Do you know what supersaturation is? I learned an interesting correlation between chemical supersaturation and spiritual supersaturation as I was homeschooling my kids. About a month ago, I was teaching my kids about unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated liquids because we were going to make rock candy from sugar crystals.

Put Some Spring in Your Step at Metro Parks I don't know about you, but I'm dying for spring to be here already. Seeing as how there's currently a bit of white stuff on the ground and temperatures have been in the teens, the fact that the first official day of spring is coming up later this month doesn't really bring much relief.

The Great Depression The Great Depression was an economic depression that affected in many countries, lasting from 1929 to late 1930's. During this period, unemployment in America was at an all time high, spiking from 3 million to 12 million.

Roaring 20's The Roaring 20's was a time period lasting from 1920 to 1930. It was a point where women in America broke many molds, and many people started doing things that would've been considered immoral years prior. Around this time, women gained the right to vote, and get jobs alongside men.

Classical Sunday: Ancient Greek Music They say that music influences our feelings. May this Sunday’s choice bring you enjoyment!

Earth Science For Middle School Text with Workbook & Teacher Edition Earth Science For Middle School Textbook, with editions for the Workbook, Teacher, Quizzes / Tests and Honors. Also, all answers are provided for this text in every chapter, as seen in the titles below. Titles of books to view and download:. Table of Contents of Earth Science For Middle School textbook:.

Muddling Through Life is not going well at the moment, it seems that everything that can break is breaking. Thursday was a day of waiting in for workmen and Friday was a day of tracking down my phone which I'd managed to lose and getting quotes for things that can't be fixed.

BC mother who started petition urging anti-vaxxer parents to homeschool their kids hits out at Facebook A B.C mother who launched a popular petition urging anti-vaxxer parents to keep their children away from schools has said Facebook is not doing enough to fight against misinformation about immunization.

Language Arts and Reading I remember my parents joking that I must have thought I had a daily word count I had to reach, and I tried to reach it sooner each day. My boys have followed suit. They both had words early in life and never stopped acquiring more. They have large vocabularies, and I hope that that has helped alleviate some of the frustration in their early years.

Home Educators and Students to Enjoy Homeschool Day at Cracker Country Carlton, Junior Cracker Country welcomes home educators and students to enjoy Homeschool Day on March 12, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Today's Been a Good Day Luke's tics are low, his spirits high. He woke up early and read an entire chapter book. He wrote a book report. He aced his Social Studies test. He whipped through Math. He carefully and neatly did his Handwriting. He cooked his own lunch. He cleaned his room.

She's a full-on Monet I was sharing with a friend the other night how weird it is to scroll through pictures in my phone or on facebook. It's as if there is this imaginary dividing line that only I can see. It divides before I lost my dad - and after.

Ten weeks left It's still winter here, all the way down to frozen creeks as we discovered this week at a nearby Metro Park. Despite the cold temperatures and frigid wind, we still hiked around the lake and the kids rammed sticks into the ice to see how strong they were.

Sample Homeschool Co-op Calendar Our families have found that meeting together weekly requires more accountability for older students who may need it. Gathering every week, however, can be quite demanding for parents. The consensus we landed on was meeting three weeks in a row, then taking a week off.

Anglo-Saxon Kings My daughter likes creating family trees and timelines showing how the different Kings and Queens are related.

The Journey of Homeschooling I shared this with our homeschool support group. I love this group. It has my heart. We have an amazing families in our group. I pray that each of you have had an amazing week with your kiddos. I know that some weeks are rough. Some weeks the tears flow from your kids because of their frustrations with certain parts of school.

How Homeschool Has Helped in Dealing with Food Allergies Homeschoolers are less likely to get into college. Statistically, that's not true. And because homeschool classes can be tailored to a student's needs and learning level, it's possible for homeschooled students to be ahead of those in some public schools.

Free Preschool Printable: Matching Birds Worksheets Here is another free printable for you. These bird matching worksheets are perfect for teaching your toddler, preschooler, or kindergarten to recognize things that are the same. Not only that, but they are great for teaching prewriting skills.

How to Maintain Scheduling Boundaries : 6 Simple Solutions When you homeschool, it can be difficult to set and maintain scheduling boundaries. Try Sara's tips to stay focused and avoid derailing your school day. Do you know the one skill all homeschooling parents need? The ability to set scheduling boundaries!

Remembering Our Ancestors: Antonie Lingemann Today we remember our grandmother on my paternal side, Antonie Lingemann. Antonie was born on 5 March 1882 in Haaren, North-Rhine Westphalia, the home-town of the Cappius-Clan back in the day.

So, #Homeschooling… As in Spanish for "F* Crazy" because I did not knew what I was getting myself into. We live in Puerto Rico, born and raised here en el Caribe. Eso de educar from home is not a common thing here. But anyways, after watching my daughter struggle en la escuela I made the decision.

10 Fun Things You Can Teach Using Geronimo Stilton Books Are you looking for engaging readers for your middle to upper elementary kids? It's hard to find books that get reluctant readers interested and finding Geronimo Stilton books was like finding buried treasure in the library!. These books were always a favorite in our house.

The Daily Passcode: Tips and Tricks Someone told me this yesterday at our community day…I think I was up to my elbows in a dirty diaper, couldn't find my phone and was just eating breakfast. It was 1pm. I thankfully accepted her compliment and assured her that while I appeared to have some things together, in some areas I needed plenty of improvement.

Winter of the Wolves - Anglo-Saxon Fiction I recently mentioned that my kids have become fascinated by the Anglo-Saxon time period. And if there is one thing I learnt last year it was the power of finding good Historical Fiction books for the kids to read. A good fictional story set in the time period they are learning about can really bring that period to life for the kids.

Life Cycle Of A Plant Lesson One of the best hands-on science lessons you can do with your kids is learning the life cycle of a plant. When my kids were little, they were amazed that they could start with a tiny seed in their hand, give it proper care, and then watch it grow into a large plant with leaves, flowers, fruits, and more seeds.

Typing for Kids Made Easy with the BEST Online Program The game knows where I am in the lessons and adapts to fit the keys I’m learning!”. I wasn’t looking for another thing for my sons to do every day. Already busy with math, writing, sword fighting and Lego I didn’t think they needed another task to complete.

March Reading List It's a new month, so you know what that means, another new reading list… Here's what we are planning on reading in March. Samuel. The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion - He is LOVING this series! The Prince Warriors and the Swords of Rhema. Dasean.

5 Reading Assessments That Will Rock Your Entire Homeschool Curriculum When you hear the term assessment in the general public it is often associated with the term standardized, which over the years has become quite the dirty word.

Thee Treehouse Christian HomeSchool Students in Creative Writing Classes Sharon Feldt, a retired public school teacher and magazine editor, is also the Creative Writing teacher for students ages 8-14 who attend Thee Treehouse Christian Homeschool in Yantis, Texas. Her class is called "The Write Stuff" and this particular assignment requires the students to compose a play.

Differentiated Lessons for Learning World Geography in Your Homeschool When selecting curriculum, it is important to incorporate differentiated instruction in all subject areas. Books, maps, pens and paper are great ways to learn geography, but technology can allow your child to literally open an entire new world. The Shifu Orboot Globe by PlayShifu has been a wonderful addition to our family's curriculum.

Homeschool Resources and Ideas for Math Month in April It's Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. If you didn't already have that on your calendar of homeschool observances, be sure to add it! Here are some great ideas for exploring and enjoying math during Math Month!

A Homeschool Mom's Journey from Lit-Based to Classical and Back Again Because all three stages can be implemented through BookShark, I don't feel like I have to straddle that fence between Charlotte Mason and classical education anymore. I get the best of all worlds! This first stage is the foundation of your child's education.

Scheduling Seasonally As I previously mentioned, I am prone to over plan…well, plan ahead, maybe is a better term. I plan really far ahead, and then change or adjust as needed as we get closer to using my plan. All that being said, I planned what we are using now over a year ago, and have adjusted often.

5 Music Fundamentals Textbooks These 5 detailed texts teach most of the basic areas of Music Theory for learners in classrooms and homeschool wanting to study and understand music. They include solutions to all the exercises.

This is my Classroom I dreamed of being a teacher ever since I was a little girl. My mother was a teacher and each year I would go into her classroom and imagine one day having my own.

Effective Read Alouds in the Virtual Classroom By engaging in conversations like this with my students on a consistent basis we are not only bonding in the virtual classroom, but sharing books and characters we love. Recorded sessions. I am required to record all of my live lessons with my students, which has turned out to be an incredible concept.

Forces Topic pack My youngest has been revisiting Forces, well, I am not sure how much he actually remembers, so revisiting might not be the most accurate word. But he has been rereading our Feel the force book and working through a workbook. His sister also wanted to join in but the Forces workbook was too simplistic for her, she needed to take a step up.

Area Homeschool Information FPLA Homeschool Study Group. Fort Polk/Leesville Homeschool Families. Vernon Parish Homeschoolers of Faith. Classical Conversations. Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families.

Mosby: Off-Grid Education Public schools can teach knowledge. Whether the knowledge they teach has any relevance to the real world, past the primary school grades, is open to debate, but the fundamentals of education: reading, writing, and arithmetic, the public schools CAN-and traditionally HAVE-done a reasonably good job of.

How Conventional. I have been homeschooled for ten years. I started in Grade 2 and ended in Grade 10. If you do the math, it's actually 9 years, but to be honest, the first year of homeschooling was really rough, and it lasted for almost 15 months.

Keeping A Digital Homeschool Portfolio We have to keep a homeschool portfolio for each child for each year that we homeschool. I have been keeping physical, paper portfolios for each year, only to scan the work my kids have done so that I can send it to our school board. This has gotten me to thinking that maybe instead of keeping a paper portfolio we should just keep a digital copy.

The Open Home Winter can be a challenging season for exploring nature and if I'm honest my enthusiasm for it was lagging a little at the start of this year. We persevered though and kept going outdoors and in the process discovered that beach combing and rock pooling really is the perfect nature activity for the cold winter months.

Jill Duggar's Critics Attacked Her For Homeschooling - Here's How She Responded "I totally get that it's not for everyone." The response showed Duggar's character; plenty of celebrities stoop to the low levels of their critics with some of their responses, but Duggar took the high road and accepted the opinions for what they were.

US Symbols Unit Study 'America Is Another Name For Opportunity.' ~Ralph Waldo Emerson. Educating a child outside of the box is sometimes the best way to learn. And Homeschool Complete Unit Studies: U.S. Symbols is an excellent teaching resource to focus on one specific aspect of learning.

Choosing to homeschool Watch Choosing to homeschool Video Online, on

Times Tales Review Have you ever found yourself at a loss for teaching something? Me too! And multiplication is no exception! Mind you, math was my favorite subject in school - it came easy to me! But have me teach it? THAT is another story. I'll try to keep this short.

STEM 3 Little Pigs Today after school we decided it would be a great day to do our 3 Little Pigs Activity. To prep for this I wrote down my ideas, did a bit of searching, and came up with my ideas. Here I have a few options depending on time and how it is going. The nice thing about this is I now have some ideas set for future days if needed.

Why Do I Homeschool? So I started something this past school year that I never would have considered if I hadn't had a bad experience in public school-homeschool. I didn't grow up doing homeschool and I didn't even have any friends who did it. This wasn't something I was pondering at all before.

13 U.S & World History Textbooks: Kindergarten - High School And World History Textbooks: Kindergarten - High School. These texts can be used as a primary resource or to enhance curriculum with additional resources and many activities to practice mastery of history and civics. They are a wonderful addition to both schools and home schools for understanding history and civics for all grade and skill levels.

Unit 17: Elephant Elephants have incredible memories. Not only do they remember things, but they also have a gentle and caring nature about them. So this unit we learned a lot about emotions! I took the opportunity to teach the stoplight approach - a simple method of understanding our emotions using a stop light!

Mobile Home Ed Not home ed on the go rather embracing technology. Today Sam had a group philosophy discussion done over a phone app. He was more enthusiastic afterwards than I've seen him over for a while. Was run through an outfit called Thinkers Meet Up. Has another session next week.

Madness has arrived! Round One is live, in the world's biggest bracketed children's poetry competition. Come enjoy the fun and creativity, and VOTE! Send a friend, too:. Here's my entry:.

Homeschool Burnout? 5 Things to Remember The discussion of homeschool burnout is alive and brewing all over homeschool communities. And for good reason-it can wear a sistah down!

Tax Credit for Scholarships Could Boost Homeschooling The federal Department of Education secretary recently promoted a plan to grant tax credits to people who donate to state school choice scholarship funds.

I'll Never Homeschool, My Kids are Fine, & Other Parenting Certainties That Have Gone Toe Up When I tell you that I had no intentions of entering my family into any form of homeschool whatsoever, I feel like this is basically the understatement of the century. Not only was I not planning on taking them out of public school but I was fiercely against it.

5 Fun Activities to Explore the Art of Georgia O'Keeffe with Kids O'Keeffe was planned for this week solely due to our mornings being filled with activities revolving around mummies, pyramids, and dances along the Nile.

7 Ways to Help Kids Use Up Their Energy Need ways to help kids use up their energy? If your kids are RESTLESS and BORED or you have a child with high energy, here are some ideas which will help!

The Best Homeschool Curriculum for High School It can be difficult to find the best homeschool curriculum for high school, but these were some of our family's favorites. The number of credits needed to graduate public high school varies by state. For homeschoolers, the amount required depends on factors such as state homeschooling laws and umbrella school requirements.

Guest Post - Learning About Perspective Last year, as soon as I spotted the dinosaur scene colouring pages, I printed them out. But not for colouring, I wanted them for drawing ideas. I really like the way the backgrounds have been depicted in these pages. The objects at the back are smaller and the objects in the front are bigger and more detailed.

Share your homeschool day in the life! Our 9th annual day in the life series is nearly over, but first, we want you to share YOUR day - Tell us about what's working now and what rhythm your family likes to follow at home. Remember, each of us does things differently, and there is no one right way - we want to know what makes your homeschool unique!

10 Easy Nature Ideas for Your Busy Homeschool This means nature can be the most affordable part of our curriculum, but it can also be hard to teach. There's so much to learn and I want our kids to learn it all. My homeschool vision included hiking miles everyday, knowing all our native trees, and making meals out of the woods.

Oh, Hi! It's Been Awhile. When you've not typed a word on your blog in ages and are not sure if you even know the login and password of your site, it's a sign that you are not really being a responsible blog owner. Whoops. What can I say? Life is busy. There are a million blogs out there and I'm never convinced that anyone would want to read mine.

Busy Littles - Fine Motor Practice Sometimes as a teacher turned SAHM I feel like I need to plan out every activity and have everything perfect for my Tiny Tot to do "school". Do you feel like that too? Well, Y'all that is 100% false! It is hard enough being a full time mom without me adding extra pressure because I think someone would think less of me.

New Maths Nets Resources Last week we began a new section introducing 3D shapes. This week we've added nets for 3 of those shapes, as well as some interesting worksheets to reinforce them. Find them here:.

The BEST Homeschool Conference for Busy Moms Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Hi, I'm Bekki,. I believe that loving my husband and raising our children to walk in love and truth is worth dedicating my life to achieving.

Brand New Collection of Vocabulary Dice One of our members asked if we could make some vocabulary dice nets for her EFL classroom and we thought it was a great idea. Here are the first, and we will be rolling these through the website as new seasons and holidays come up this year. We've come up with some fun ways to use them too.

Spelling Workbook My son definitely needs a bit more guidance with spelling compared to his older sister. So we are adding more spelling activities to our normally weekly learning activities. I wanted a workbook that we could do together, slowly, something that could guide me and give me rules and exceptions that I could then work on with my son.

Last Chance Offer from Notebooking Pages Do you use notebooking pages during your homeschool time? Our homeschool has gone in cycles over the years with notebooking pages. While we don't use them exclusively, and we homeschool using a variety of learning tools, they are one thing that we do use consistently.

Am I Under Attack? The following article was written for our monthly PSP newsletter. With permission from our principal, we are sharing this with you; praying you are as blessed by the heart of his message as we were. Enjoy! Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go ballistic?

Rep. Carolyn Eslick sponsors homeschool student as House page Kyrie Kondracki, a homeschool student, recently traveled to Olympia to serve as a page in the state House of Representatives. She was sponsored by 39th District Rep. Carolyn Eslick. "It was an honor to sponsor Kryie as a House page. She is a delightful young woman.

Home Educate for the present You can't help but have noticed the massive trend for mindfulness at the moment. You rarely go into a bookshop without seeing a mindful colouring book or a manual of mindful prompts and practices. Many companies are pushing it at the consumer - the capitalism of which rather belying the point!

Mensa For Kids - 83 Lessons, Activities and Guides This is a wonderful collection of learning and educational materials for gifted children, all 83 Lessons, Activities and Guides are available in this viewing and download folder.

St Patricks Preschool Fine Motor Shamrock Paper Plate Craft Your little crafters will love this St Patricks preschool shamrock craft! They'll build hand strength and motor skills with this fun lacing craft. Kids will build hand strength as they punch holes for this craft. Then, they'll work on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they lace the yarn through the holes they punched.

2018-2019 Mid-Year Homeschool Curriculum Review Every year I like do a mid-year curriculum review just to assess our curriculum choices, make sure we're on track, and that the curriculum is performing well for us. Mid-year is a great time to make any curriculum changes, start something new, and just freshen up your curriculum!

March Sensory Bins I've been prepping a month of sensory bins all at once for a little while now, and it has been such a game changer for our sensory play! It's so much fun to spend a day getting everything put together and gives us so many play options to choose from! So today I'd like to share the 6 sensory bins I've prepared for LG for this month!

Homeschool Talks - Ideas and inspiration for your homeschool Homeschool Talks is an informative podcast about all things homeschooling. We feature exciting interviews with homeschoolers from all walks of life, and each episode is packed with down-to-earth guidance, inspiring stories, and more.

How to Easily Garden Plan With Kids Using LEGO How to garden plan with kids using LEGO is a way to sneak in some learning. My kids, like so many others, love to create and build with LEGO so it is just a great hands-on natural extension to learning. This time I applied it to a study on Garden Planning.

The Seeking of Quiet in the Midst of Loud Quiet is important to me. Having my own space to be alone so that I can think, holds value to me. I also really love being surrounded by my people. Having them near me, in the same room, while they do their own thing helps me feel the love we have for each other.

Readers respond: Don't vaccinate? Then homeschool 27 letter, "Measles bill doesn't honor Oregon's values." Fine, don't vaccinate your children. Just don't expect to send them to public schools. Unvaccinated children shouldn't be allowed in the public schools. And I don't mean to wait weeks before they have the vaccine.

Income Ideas for Stay at Home Moms One of the biggest problems I've found in implementing a traditional / National Socialist worldview in modern times is, the issue of finances. As I discussed briefly in 15+ Reasons Why I Don't Need Feminism, a dual income household is now required for the average family to get by.

Essential Life Skills - A Homeschooler's Other Curriculum Essential Life Skills - A Homeschooler's Other Curriculum.The advantage of homeschooling is that we can teach the whole child imeaning essential life skills.

Anglo-Saxon Maps We are started reading some Anglo-Saxon Factual Fiction Books. We are loving them but both my kids started getting a bit confused by the different characters and where they came from. So we started looking at where the Jutes, Saxons and Angles originally came from and which areas they settled in.

Fire Station The girls had a field trip today. It was to a fire station. Neither of them had been to one before. They learned all kinds of things. They started with a tour of the fire house. It included offices, a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and a gym. They got to see all of those things.

An Argentina craft tutorial: How to make a gaucho sombrero We are learning about Argentina this week, since we like to "Homeschool with The Amazing Race" and season 27 just raced through there last week…so I was looking for an Argentina craft tutorial…and had a very difficult time finding anything.

Don't Eat Pete Board - St. Patrick's Day I'm pretty fond of this new Don't Eat Pete board. I think it turned out nicely, so I wanted to share with you! Perfect for any Saint Patrick's Day party, this would work perfect with Lucky Charm cereal or rainbow Skittles for the treats! Click here to download the PDF: Dont Eat Pete Board - St Patricks Day.

Schedule Update So at the beginning of this school year, I made a post about trying out a new daily schedule. If you haven't read about it, you can check that out here. I had said I would come back and give you guys a report about how well or how poorly it is working for us.

Why 2 Year Old Homeschool Preschool As with anything else in parenthood there are plenty of opinions about the right time to start school. An age considered "too early" to start by some parents and educators is also considered "too late" by others. My intent for this post is not to share my opinion on what age is right or wrong.

I Just Wanna… 7 Year-Old Conversations. Nolan turned SEVEN years old recently, and although it's completely and utterly terrifying, that means he's approaching an age where we can begin to have deep, meaningful conversations about life, manhood, and all that comes with it.

When Siblings Become Best Friends People often ask me what made us decide to have so many children so close together. Having a family as large as ours is not unheard of, particularly in our part of the country. However, having less than a 2 year gap between each kid is much less common.

Always Something To Worry About Last year was a hugely busy one on the groups / socialising front and by Christmas last year we were stressed, burnt out and miserable. We just weren't enjoying home ed, everything felt like a chore. We scaled right back over Christmas and it's been a blessing.

Homeschool Reading Activities It's vacation week for Samantha and I've been trying to plan out some activities for her that are fun and learning based. I have not shared this on the blog but Samantha now goes to preschool three days a week and does small group/ speech therapy two times a week.

Homeschool Will Not Save Them Over a decade ago, I made the life-changing decision to teach my child at home. Our guest room became a school room, our office turned into a library, and the big wide world was our field trip destination. I pored over homeschool catalogs, accumulating materials that honored God in all subjects.

So, You Want to Homeschool, Now What? There are various reasons a parent might decide to homeschool their child. From religion, to traveling, to just wanting a better learning atmosphere, many parents make this decision. But, what comes after making that decision? Where do you even start?

Free Preschool Printable: Button Pattern Cards Today I have some Button Pattern Cards. These are a great way to introduce, work on, and reinforce pattern making skills. This download includes AB, ABB, and ABC patterns. Each pattern comes with an "introduction" to show the child how the pattern works.

Siblings' deaths prompt bill to increase homeschool scrutiny The Savannah Morning News reports a House bill introduced Thursday would bar parents from removing children from public schools to avoid complying with attendance and discipline laws. If a withdrawal request seeks to circumvent legal requirements, the school system must notify investigative authorities.

March 2019 Writing Prompt Calendar Try our free writing prompts calendar for daily writing inspiration. Plus, check out our tips to help your student overcome the dreaded blank page and just get started writing. "Just get started." Three magic words from my college kid to you and yours about writing.

Online Homeschool Testing Can Simplify the Year-End Evaluation Process I was able to test all three of my kiddos on a higher level and this gave me more information about their current academic performance. As a result, if I choose to test later this calendar year or next year, I will be able to see each kiddo's unique academic progress.

Weekend homeschool links A round-up of inspiring weekend homeschool links to keep you and yours inspired all week long. Grab your cup of tea or coffee and come for a read!

Good Things Homeschoolers Miss Out On & What to do About It And, here is another way to do it. Join an online club! Registration for Techie Homeschool Club opens today, March 1 and ends March 9. There are two options: the popular Photography Club, plus the newer Graphic Design Club. Or, join both! These clubs are like homeschool co-ops, but online.

JAPAN Unit Study: Fauna - Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards We had such a great time studying some of the indigenous animals of Japan. It was pretty hard to find the appropriate corresponding animal miniatures, but I did my best. I also created corresponding Montessori inspired 3-part printables for these animals as part of our Japan Unit Study.

Adapting the Big History Project to Elementary Grades, Units 2.1 - 2.3: Astronomers, Aliens & Acceleration If you saw my previous post, you know that I am using the Big History Project as our core curriculum this year and that we are currently working our way through Unit 2: The Big Bang. In this post I'll discuss sections 2.1 - 2.3 and how I adapted them for my elementary age children.

9 Must-Haves for Every Home School Classroom I have been educating children from home for more than 6 years, now. I have tried many different concepts, manners, and products, each one I just knew would give me that 'ah-ha' solution to make my classroom easier more functional. Some did, and some did not.

What About Rough Days? How do you homeschool on rough days? I just had a baby. Sweet little Jacob is 4 weeks old. This means I have many sleepless nights and I spend the majority of my days carrying the baby around. Even when I break out my handy-dandy baby carrier sometimes I'm just too tired to do much for school.

Kindergarten Science Science is my son's favorite subject. It is one of those subjects that tends to be very hands on. Kindergarten Science can range from a walk outside exploring nature to experiments and games. We personally do them all! My son would be happy if we did science all day every day.

Ideas for younger children I recently had a bit of a clear out of our games and resources for younger children. Although I sometimes miss those years, it was generally with a grateful heart that I filled a nice bag for the charity shop! So, as we are slowly moving on from this season, I thought I'd jot down a little of what worked for us, and what I learnt from it.

An Interview with Willow City I've been listening to Willow City's amazing albums lately. So, I decided to contact them with the lovely Gracie @ Gracie Marchiani. We sent an email and hoped for the best. And guess what? They replied! Here's the interview:. I would like to thank Willow City for agreeing to the interview!

Perks Aplenty I was recently asked how my kids feel about homeschooling and if it's difficult to separate "mom" vs "teacher" or if there is no separation at all.

Free Times Table Booklets I was recently searching for some times table resources for my son and I found these times table booklets on the Teachit Primary website which are free to download. I have downloaded 3 different ones and they are all in the same format so I thought I would share some photos and links of what is included.

Pi Day Party Resource Round-up March 14, 3.14, is everyone's favorite Pi Day. Any excuse to celebrate gets me excited. Combine the glories of math with the deliciousness of pie ? I am All In! In this post you will find a round-up of amazing videos, books, art projects, music, recipes, and math activities to delight all ages.

Jill Duggar: Is She Even Qualified to Homeschool Her Kids?! Jill Duggar's followers are not a fan of her homeschooling methods. Some have even gone so far as to accuse Jill of criminal neglect.

February Homeschool Activities: What Kept my Toddler Busy this Month Since it's the last post of the month, I thought I'd show you what activities I've done with peanut for the month. For those who didn't know, I was a preschool teacher before I had my daughter, and we had to do lesson plans based on weekly themes. I went to what used to trusty lesson planning website, and took down some themes for each month.

Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities And Books Doctor Seuss Birthday is coming soon! I'm excited to share all our activities that are mostly from the stories of Doctor Seuss world-famous book collections. I started to collect Doctor Seuss books when Audrey was just one year old. Other Doctor Seuss books was a birthday gift from close friends who's also a fellow Montessori teachers.

March Science Calendar 2019 I designed the free monthly science calendars to be that inspiration. Each day has a link to interesting information and fun science and math activities. You can use the calendar as a fun way to start the school day or for a treat after the regular school work is done.

7 Tips for a Great Homeschool Graduation I can't do this, no… I have to do this. I can… ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" Those shrieking thoughts filled my mind as I skydived for the first time. "So," you may reasonably ask, "why in the world did you get on that plane?" Because I love my daughter and skydiving is her passion, of course I joined in.

Interesting Finds So, turns out I never got around to reading any of the books I said I would read over the weekend. Curse you, Nintendo, for making Breath of the Wild so, so pretty. But I had fun on my mini vacation! Most of it was spent driving, of course. Six hours of jamming out to whatever CDs I had in my car.

February Stories & Pics The boys and I spent Valentine's Day together, doing fun and tasty experiments, making homemade beer bread and listening to a good book. Ethan saved his Valentine's candy from Grandma Cleve's visit to eat on the actual day. His self-control is very impressive to me!!

Easy Seed and Gardening Unit Study for Kids Easy Seed and Gardening Unit Study for Kids.

Guest Post - Fun with Masks It does not matter if they are straightforward print-outs like the animal masks or fairy tale masks or if they are mask templates… either way my kids love the masks! The animal and fairy tale masks are great to include in the kids dress up boxes or just for a fun session of animal antics.

Beautiful Farm Girl Seeks Vegetarian Cowboy: A Homesteader's Tale Of Unconventional Love Three years ago I met Dingo, my vegetarian cowboy; the man who is making my dreams come true by building me an off-grid, sustainable community surrounded by nature with only his bare hands… and a bulldozer.

Topping Up Our Welsh Puzzle Collection It's just a few days to St David's Day, so these new Welsh-themed puzzles might come in useful!

The Sphere, the Cube, the Cuboid and the Pyramid… Are the first four 3D shapes taught with this new collection of printables and worksheets. Show children "real life" examples with our slideshow and flashcards, use our handwriting worksheets to learn to spell and write the words, teach their properties with our posters, and then have a go at some engaging worksheets to make sure it all sticks!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book #3 and # 4 Finding clean literature for my son can sometimes be hard for a 6-year-old reader. I was honored when WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Groupsent us The Great Escape and Journey to Jericho. This is the third and fourth books in the series, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.

Exploring the Welsh Love Spoon Tradition With St David's Day coming up, we thought it might be fun to find out something about Welsh love spoons. These intricately carved spoons contain hidden romantic meanings!

Learning About David Attenborough This week we've been learning about a new Famous Person - David Attenborough.

Reflection Yesterday, as I was walking the dog, I was thinking about how things have changed over the last 2-3 weeks. It has gotten easier and easier to wake up early. And I feel more alive than I have in a while; like I have more control over my time. I am living with more intention instead of being tossed around by whatever is coming toward me.

After 15 Years, Victory in SD! The passage of House Bill 1040 means that homeschoolers, as of July 1, 2019, no longer have to score higher on the ACT than other students in order to qualify for the scholarship. Here are highlights of the many efforts by homeschool advocates to achieve this breakthrough.

Education is Education A prettier version of this popped up on my FB feed earlier and it got me thinking of a few conversations I've had lately. Jack was telling me about how he and many of his school friends ended up regretting some of their options choices, that he felt they were too young to make the decisions.

50 United States: Christian First Grade Homeschool Lesson 5 This is a Christian Home School Lesson Series for first graders on the 50 United States. I typically go over two states at a time since we teach our kids multiple subjects during the day and two states at a time seems to be enough. However if one is teaching one subject at a time I think going over four states at a time would be just right.

The Rookie Homeschooler Guide I recently dug deep and started asking myself why? why don't I replenish my soul on a daily basis? I'll tell you what I found… I didn't think I needed it or deserved it. I'm a Mom you keep going, you don't get a break, you owe this to your kids.

Cultured Wednesday: Moonlit Landscape by Washington Allston One man may sweeten a whole time.”, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said of Washington Allson.

What Type Of Homeschool Mom Are You? Sometimes I feel like an imposter when I tell people I homeschool. After all, when I think of homeschooling, I picture a super-organized, perpetually perky mom and her brood of perfectly polite, constantly clean, studious children.

The Magic Of Perspective: How To Be Rich Even If You're Poor My family and I live a hard and dirty life with very little luxuries. We live a life that, described from a certain perspective, might have most of you feeling a bit sorry for us. The fact is, we have very little money and we rarely buy new things. Our vehicles are so loud and obnoxious, we make a scene everywhere we go.

5 Activities That Explore the Art of Wassily Kandinsky With Kids How drab would the world be without a touch of oddity? Wassily Kandinsky works of whimsy were not simply a product of his imagination but instead simply a representation of how his condition of Synaesthesia allowed him to see sound.

Freedom Firstly my Dad is able to get out and about again thanks to his lift being fixed at long last. Having the only lift in sheltered accommodation out of action for 7 weeks could probably take up a full post if I started expressing my opinions on the matter.

This Blog is for YOU One of the biggest reasons people are so afraid to homeschool is because the thought of 'school at home' is daunting. This is also a big reason many people who tried homeschooling give it up and go back to public school. School at home.

Children Are More Trustworthy and Capable than People Think This post was originally published on Patreon in January of 2018. If you become a supporter for $1 a month you gain access to a brand new, patron exclusive post every month, along with the entire back catalog of Patreon posts. A few of them eventually make it onto this blog, but most remain available only to financial supporters!

And The Winner is…. Ever since I've been little, I've loved Hot Wheels cars and Monster trucks, so when the holidays arrived this past year, we were shocked to find itty-bitty versions - I basically fainted in the store. They came with baby size tracks and just like when I was little, we named them something totally RADICAL!

Get Mapmaking Book for kids I have mentioned a few times that my son is fascinated by maps. He loves creating maps for fantasy lands to go along with stories they are reading or stories / games that they have created. And I have loved watching him create his maps and really want to encourage it but at the same time keep it fun and creative for him.

Why?? Choosing to homeschool our children was a decision Ben and I made before we even started having kids. And even now that we are homeschooling seven children, we still wouldn't send them to traditional school for all the money in the world. But Why? When people find out that we are a homeschooling family, we tend to get two popular responses.

Guest Post - Enjoying Paper Games We had lots of grey drizzly days this winter, and it was hard to get out of doors. We also had a very long run of at least someone in the family having a cold, and so we needed a whole lot of activities that are easy to do with a mug of tea in one hand, and a box of tissues close by.

How I Taught My Son to Read Reading is quite possibly the most important thing I could teach my son, with so many options how do you choose? Research. I looked at alot of reviews and curriculum and decided to try Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons. You can use this if your child is learning letter sounds or just struggling with putting the letters together.

The 25 Best Books for 8-Year-Old Boys If so, please share them below. Thank-you! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website.

Exciting Homeschool Science Curriculum That Makes Teaching Science Easy If you're looking for thorough, easy-to-understand, biblical homeschool science curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school, check out Shepherd Science. Homeschool science options are plentiful for the lower grades but dwindle quickly by the time high school rolls around.

Louisiana Louisiana by: Amy Van Zee. Feliciana Feydra LaRoux: A Cajun Tall Tale by: Tynia Thomassie. Three Little Cajun Pigs by: Mike Artell. Trombone Shorty by: Troy Andrews. Freedom in Congo Square by: Carole Weatherford. Alligator Sue by: Sharon Doucet. Chicken Joy on Redbean Road: A Bayou Country Romp by: Jacqueline Briggs Martin.

Letter 21 - Time Back in 2016, I wrote a series of Letters to "my younger self" reflecting on thoughts, attitudes, ideas and approaches in my 20+ years of homeschooling, which I hope will be an encouragement to you in your homeschooling journey. So, picking up from where I left off, here's Letter 21 ~ Time.

The Questions asked a Homeschooling Mom. When we tell people, we homeschool we get a range of comments. Just a few being "How are they socialized", "How do they have friends", "How do they learn?", "What's wrong with public school?", "Are you part of a cult?", "Why would you want them home all day?

How to Keep Decision Fatigue From Stealing Your Homeschool Joy We all experience it, but rarely even notice it as the cause of our burnout and exhaustion. The daily grind of decision after decision wears us down into a huddled mass binge-watching Netflix. As homeschool moms, we live in a state of decision-making overload at all times.

When you feel alone in your homeschooling journey And I wondered if I'd made a mistake. I'd wondered if I'd been left behind; if my children had, too. School offers 8 hours of shared experiences daily; without the commonality, where would we find our community? How would we find our people? Were we all alone in this?

Is a Boxed Curriculum Right for Your Homeschool? With three children homeschooling this year, boxed curriculum has been a great time and sanity saver for our homeschool. Boxed curriculum might be for you if you don't feel comfortable to plan lessons on your own and you don't want spend hours and hours of prep work.

What Happens Without Government Schools? In 2014, there was a discussion concerning an obscene book in a local public school district. A friend of mine sent a message to each member of the school board at Cape Henlopen School District urging them to stand by their previous decision to remove this book from the recommended reading list at the school.

Acadiana Homeschool Key Club continues Mardi Gras food drive Each year, the Acadiana Homeschool Key Club group sponsors a Mardi Gras food drive at local supermarkets to benefit FoodNet Food Bank. Organizers say that collection has been increasing with 8,000lbs of food collection in 2017, and 13,700 lbs of food in 2018.

Homeschooling growth in Western Australia continues as parents seek more flexibility Homeschooling in Western Australia continues to grow with parents opting out of traditional schools for a host of reasons, including bullying, a better chance for gifted students to prosper and offering more personalised tuition for those with sensory processing disorders.

Homeschool Open Studio Writing Workshops Open Studio Writing Workshops allow both parents and students in the homeschool community a designated space to focus on writing for a variety of purposes through a combination of unstructured and structured time.

Johnny Appleseed B is for Buckeye by: Marcia Schonberg. The Price of Freedom: How One Town Stood Up to Slavery by: Judith Bloom Fradin. Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania: The Keystone State by: Maria Lusted. The Liberty Bell by: Mary Firestone. The Liberty Bell by: Gail Sakurai.

The Sanity of Friendship Have you ever had one of those days when you just needed someone to talk to? Someone who would understand and sympathize; offer great advice and pray with you? Life can often be rushed. Between cleaning house, doing laundry, fixing meals, animal care, child care, ministry, and add homeschooling on top of that… life can get downright crazy!

Ha Long Bay-by Grows Up Before our time was up in Hanoi, I decided we would try to squeeze in one trip to Ha Long Bay. Simon had been there before, in 2008, when he was 10 months old, but he hadn't been back and certainly didn't have a memory of it. Here's the only photo I could find of our little Ha Long Bay-by in 2008.

Bringing you closer Occasionally in an evening when my eldest is walking home through the city after rehearsals she rings me. This is so I can 'keep her company' if it's a bit dark and spooky as she walks alone.

Let's Try Something New The best way to study language arts is to learn about something that interests you. Our kids are extremely creative and love coming up with new and exciting story lines in their free time/play time. It's so much fun to sit and listen to their antics while I'm feeding the baby or sorting laundry.

Seventh Grade Homeschool Lesson Plans Today I'm releasing my Seventh Grade Daily Homeschool Lesson Plans! While some times people prefer to be spontaneous, other times I think it's better to have a plan to follow so things don't get missed or left behind. Planning ahead is especially important if you're a new homeschooling.

Homeschooling in Real Life As homeschooling parents, it is easy for us to want to paint a perfect picture of our homeschooling experiences or highlight only the good aspects of homeschooling. In reality, however, homeschooling can pose serious challenges to families embarking on this endeavor.

What we're using in our homeschool right now… I am always changing and adjusting our homeschool method and curriculum as we go along. Increasingly I find that an eclectic approach suits us best, though there are a few curriculum pillars that I intend to stick with. Math-U-See is one such pillar.

When You Are Busy, How Do You Homeschool? I am not sure if that is a concern or a nosy question. Anyhow, I am at the busiest time of my life and yes, I am struggling with our homeschooling but I don't have any plan to change my mind. I am busy and we are homeschooling. As I told you, homeschooling is a matter of bonding and spending time together.

He restores us! What we were told in the instructions was that the first group would rapidly develop a greenish color similar to that of the Statue of Liberty and the second group, after being rinsed, would shine. I don't know why it was so hard to keep track of the coins but it was!

How Homeschool Students can Engage in Extracurricular Activities I used to be a homeschool kid, back when it was less mainstream and more unusual. Most people hadn't heard of homeschooling, and when I tried to explain it to them, they'd give that look. The look that said, "Why aren't you doing it like everyone else?" Then the questions.

Sons Crave Respect: 8 Important Ways to Respect Boys Boys, like their fathers, crave respect. If parents take the first step in showing their sons respect, then our sons will be much more likely to reciprocate. We need to model respectful behavior for them! This is a great step toward having more peaceful and loving relationships with our sons.

Why Our Hearts Matter More Than The Diploma I've been following some talks made by Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, and Warren Buffet. These are amazing people that are all leaders of their chosen fields and have big social responsibilities hanging on their heads. Amongst the talks, a common concern arises when they discuss the current model of our education system.

What We're Reading - Books for Learning to Read Little Bean is slowly growing in confidence with reading and has, I think, enjoyed learning to read. As I said in a previous post, the journey started and has been driven by her own desire to be able to read. However, her interest is shifting. She is much more focused on numbers at the moment and reading has taken a back seat.

Kitchen chemistry - solutions and suspensions - February 2019 In our continuing study of the properties of matter, we've been learning about solutions, suspensions, solubility and precipitates. To demonstrate this, and because we needed a break from our usual routine, we had a kitchen science morning, raiding the boys' IGCSE kit.

March Themed Activities for Kids You'll find all my unit studies and holiday posts listed by themes in my "Montessori-Inspired Unit Studies + Seasonal and Holiday Activities" post. You'll find more links for calendar observances in my "Enliven Your Homeschool with Some Calendar Fun" post.

How to Love Homeschooling When You Don't Like It When my husband and I first started dating, he told me that he was homeschooled. I didn't believe him. He was so normal! Ha ha ha. I told him that I loved public school and I had no desire to homeschool my children. He said that was okay. Fast forward 16 years, and I now homeschool our five children.

Luck of the Irish - Fun for St. Patrick's Day If you know me, you know holidays are a thing in my house. I'm not Catholic. I'm not Irish. I'm not Orthodox. But hot dang, I love a good celebration. I also enjoy history and food. So of course, as holidays approach, I work hard to create learning experiences that will appeal to my kids.

Transform Your Life By Embracing Incremental Change We think of CHANGE as being hard but it doesn't have to be so PAINFUL. Transform your life, and the lives of your kids, by embracing incremental change.

Parks One thing that I seemed to have a hard time finding in New York, England, and even Texas was a group of other homeschooling families in our area. Thankfully, it was one of the first things I found here. I found a Facebook group that did park days. These park days have been great.

Acadiana Community Homeschool hosting Mardi Gras Food Drive The Acadiana Community Homeschool is hosting a Mardi Gras Food Drive this week. The students are set up at Adrien's and several area Super 1 Stores until Ash Wednesday. The food they collect will benefit Foodnet Food Bank. "The homeless community is very large here in Acadiana," said Chloe Comeaux, ACH 4-H.

Flash Contest Detour: No Microcosms, No Problem! Each session of my 5000 Words class, we devote one week to flash fiction. The assignment is to enter a piece in Microcosms, which experiences a rather dramatic spike in entrants. This morning when I opened my email, I found Microcosms is having technical difficulties this week, the week my students are to enter their contest.

The Secret Dinosaur - Giants Awake ! Last week we unexpectedly received the first of the Dinotek Adventure Books in the post. Now I had never heard of or seen this series before but as soon as I opened the parcel and realized it was about metal dinosaurs that come to life I handed it to my son - He loves Dinosaurs.

Counting Buttons Clip Cards - Free Printable I know, I know, I've been on a button kick lately. But hey, they ARE super cute don't ya think? This weeks' freebie is Button Counting Clip Cards. These are great for working on number recognition. This pack includes numbers 1-30. They are simple to set up.

Parent to Parent: Angi DeLong It was so good connecting with my old friend Angi, who's been homeschooling her two kiddos for a long time. This interview offers so much wisdom, guidance, and practical advice into what kind of education is best for you, your kids and your family. Happy reading!

Remembering Our Ancestors: Mabel Tullar Today, we remember our 8th great-grandmother Mabel Tullar. She was the daughter of John Tullar, the American ancestor of the Tullar family in the United States, and Elisabeth Lewis, widow of Joseph Lewis, of Simsbury, Connecticut.

School Lunches All of grade school, middle school, and high school I was homeschooled. So most years, I didn't have to deal with sitting in boring classes and awkward school lunches. I just read my books, asked my mother questions and did my homework, although all school work was homework to me.

A pass for public school moms As soon as the snow days come the memes come and then the shaming. These awful moms can't even stand to be stuck home with their kids for a few days. This is not a helpful attitude. Its not them versus us. We are not superior because we volunteer to stay home with our children everyday.

18 Amazing Kids Subscription Boxes to Try Right Now There are several advantages to using subscription boxes in your homeschool, so let's take a look at the benefits and the types you can choose. One/Convenience: Subscription boxes are convenient because they are mailed right to your doorstep at a predictable time every month.