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Ski day! I was able to go skiing with the older kids and Mark. And my mom babysat the younger boys. We had so much fun. The weather was crazy! So much fog, it kept us off some of the runs due to absolutely no visibility. It was literally a blizzard at times. But we still had a great time.

Homeschooling And Anxiety I've had the privilege of homeschooling since I was half-way through kindergarten. My mother disliked the public school system and pulled me out during my first year of enduring it. As I've mentioned in previous articles, around the age of 5 is when I started to first experience symptoms of anxiety and OCD.

Windsor Charter Academy loses game to Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool, 43-36 Windsor Charter Academy could not keep up with Holly, fall 43-36 on Tuesday. In their next games, Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool will stay home and play Golden View Classical Academy, while Windsor Charter Academy will travel to play Hyland Christian.

Homeschool 4-H photography club exhibits work at local restaurant VICTORIA, Texas - Students part of the Heritage Homeschool 4-H Club had their photography on display at Frances Marie's from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday. Students came by the studio along with parent and organizer Katy Kurth to talk about the photo exhibit.

That Door is Closed It's strange, the things that can kick you in the gut. In my homeschooling years, and beyond, I was very active in the homeschool community. I wrote articles. I spoke at conferences. I sold my books and my publisher's books at conferences.

Three-Sisters Casserole This is an easy one that our girls like to make. They all like it a lot, and so do their parents.

NSW in Focus - TAFE Update The simple eligible student criteria includes:. There is a specific fact sheet for home educated kids interested in a TAFE course or Registered Training Organisation here. The fees that students pay vary widely depending on a variety of circumstances.

Windsor Charter Academy fall to Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool, 43-36 Windsor Charter Academy drops game to Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool in 43-36 loss on Tuesday. In their next games, Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool will stay home and play Golden View Classical Academy, while Windsor Charter Academy will travel to play Hyland Christian.

Accountability Week 2, Day 5 The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. For he laid the earth's foundation on the seas. and built it on the ocean depths. Who may climb the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? Only those whose hands and hearts are pure,.

Week 21 There are some weeks when I can see how some families unschool and let their kids lead the way in their learning. I'm still convinced that route isn't what's best for us, but this week I saw self-directed learning from both boys. Judah has been desperately trying to finish the fourth book of Harry Potter so we can all watch the movie together.

Teenagers Need Play In Their Life Too! Today, we are going to discuss pre-teen play. Just because you hit the teenage years, doesn't mean play stops! It is still a very important part of development. I've always been interested in child development and even took courses in high school and college because of my interest.

Last Minute Additions for Burns Night… I've just added some fun last minute additions to our Burns Night collection of resources, including an original new word search puzzle based on the Selkirk Grace…

Reading CVC Words Activity If you are looking for a fun way to help kids being Reading CVC Words, you will will love this free printable activity for kindergartners! It is time to start reading. For the last few months, we have built words, replaced beginning sounds, changed the ending sounds, and filled in missing vowels.

H is for House and Home Book Descriptions and Activities. If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen. Description: A boy daydreams about what his house would be like if he designed it. A fun read. A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle. Description: A cute story of a hermit crab decorating his home.

2 years of free copywork? Yes, please! Copywork plays a key role in Language Arts in our homeschool. You can read more about how we tackle this subject area here. Copywork accomplishes so much in such a simple way. Obviously, it provides practice in the basics of handwriting when a child is first starting formal lessons.

Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool proves too much for Windsor Charter Academy, wins 43-36 Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool outlasts Windsor Charter Academy, winning by a score of 43-36 on Tuesday. Looking ahead to their next games, Denver Eagles Christian HomeSchool will play host to Golden View Classical Academy, while Windsor Charter Academy will travel to play Hyland Christian.

Did you study that subject? I often get asked "How can you teach a subject if you never studied it?" Hmm Well, if I am 100% honest most of the time I am NOT teaching the kids. Yip. Most of the time I am just guiding the kids while they learn and discover and I am normally involved in that learning and studying myself, so we often tend to learn together.

English 1 Lesson 80 Why do you think Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money? I think he was open about it because he wanted to tell people that the way he was getting his money was legitimate. In the book, he mentions politicians who weren't elected because the people thought they were getting their money illegitimately.

New Partnership Allows High School, Homeschool Students To Earn Credit Online Toward GU Degree GREENVILLE, IL - High school and homeschooled students across the U.S. will now be able to earn college credits online toward a future degree at GU, thanks to a new partnership between Greenville University and TEL Library, a non-profit curriculum and educational technology organization.

How to Easily Banish Winter Wiggles Long, cold days inside can leave kids with too much unspent energy. Try Chelsea's tips for banishing the winter wiggles and getting kids productively active. The often-monotonous cold season is in full swing now. This time of year is both wonderful and trying for us homeschoolers.

Using Picture Books to Teach Homeschool Math Using great picture books to teach math concepts is such a fun way to introduce math! Since most young kids enjoy great books, reading stories that feature math topics helps kids see practical ways to use math in real life. However, math can cover a wide variety of skills, such as:.

Week 19 - South America This week we continue our continent study and venture into the beautiful world of South America. We will explore Carnival, the rainforest and animals of this vast and colourful place!

Victoria in Focus - $ Vouchers for Home Educators? It really takes experienced politicians who have home educated their own children to stand up and speak on behalf of home educators and their needs. Ms Carling-Jenkins knows personally how much it costs to choose to educate children at home.

Herbal Household Remedies: Carrots Strain and store in the fridge. Use some to rinse and gargle each morning for antiseptic action. Carrots also help lower cholesterol in the body. Crunch a raw carrot, or have raw carrot salad whenever you eat fatty foods. Remember that the goodness of raw carrots can best be absorbed by the body when eaten along with some fat.

NSW in Focus - How many home ed students are there? 5,429 in NSW. NSW in Focus – What is the number of home educated students registered in NSW? 5,429 students.

Long time, no see It has been a while since I have written anything on here. I was sick and then Christmas happened and then I was sick again. J has been having trouble reading. He does so well when he's being read to but when he has to read something himself, he doesn't do so well.

Second Grade: Unit 22 - Ocean Layers, Ocean Animals, State Birds, Graphs, Fahrenheit Temperatures, States & an AWESOME science experiment!! Another unit in the books and let me tell ya - this was an awesome week! Let's start with math. J has been learning about Fahrenheit temperatures and how to read thermometers, and also how to put those temperatures into graph form. We've been working on line graphs as well as bar graphs.

English 1 Lesson 60 What are some memorable images from the narrative? Why are they memorable? I think one of the most memorable images from the narrative is when he made his student chop down some trees. In the book, it says that the students were responsible for clearing an area of forest for room of a farm.

Mid-Year Math Switch If you read my previous post you saw me mention that our chosen Math curriculum for Algebra 1 was not working well. He was not failing but he was averaging a C. He was unhappy and frustrated. While I don't push grades it is important they are learning and enjoying.

Sinning Against Each Other Yesterday, we had our homeschool co-op. After our class was done, the kids left for lunch and the moms remained to finish cleaning up the room. As we were cleaning, we were sharing about our lives, and this week I shared about my Monday failure. Monday, at home during the day with my children, I was grumpy.

Easy to set-up valentine water play for preschool It may sound contradictory to add water play to a day already filled with so much excitement but it is actually the perfect addition. Why? Because water play helps young children to relax, it relieves their anxiety, it invites critical thinking and conversation, and it promotes a sense of community.

English 1 Lesson 75 How serious was Plunkitt about patriotism's connection to obtaining a job after Tammany won an election? Plunkitt believed that obtaining a job helped very much so regarding patriotism. You see, Plunkitt was a politician, and back then it's was a politician's job to take care of his friends and voters.

Western Civ. Lesson 90 What was the Carolingian Renaissance, and why was it significant? The Carolingian Renaissance was a cultural boom in Carolingian Empire. The goal was to make a civilization that Ancient Rome would take pride in, but with Christian undertones. Charlemagne sought great artists and writers assist in this goal.

Western Civ. Lesson 100 Describe feudalism and manorialism. Manorialism was when a nobleman received land from either the king or a nobleman in a higher position. When he would receive this land, everything in it was his, including people. In return for living on this land, commoners would pay him either money or by working for him.

Why I love Comprehensions so much Comprehensions are one of those activities that I just love. I see them as a big valued added activity for the kids. Working through a comprehension means the kids are reading, practicing their writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

An Abundance of Year of the Rat Mazes! I've just added 16 new mazes to the website, all themed for Year of the Rat / Chinese New Year. You'll find 3 packs with 4 mazes each, graded by difficulty from easy to very tricky!

Around The World With Picture Books I have memories of playing with map board games and puzzles as a kid, committing the boarders to memory. When I was in my young 20's I had a conversation with a co-worker, in which I sketched a map of the world on post-it notes. So when I saw that Beautiful Feet Books had a new geography literature pack for early elementary, I was so excited!

1 Year of Homeschooling Homeschooling, a fancy word for “learning at home”, is a great way to explore the unknown. And homeschooling while traveling? What could be more fun, right?! I’ve been doing this…

Valentines Day 2020 Once upon a time when I was teaching, actually only about 18 months ago I was still teaching, I loved to celebrate holidays in the classroom, however I could. I would search Pinterest far and wide…

Morristown's Macculloch Hall Hosts "Homeschool Day"; Tuesday Jan. 28 MORRISTOWN, NJ - Macculloch Hall Historical Museum will be hosting a Homeschool Day on Tuesday January 28 from 1pm - 3pm. Students and their parents are invited to discover what 19th-century U.S. presidents served at White House dinners by examining their presidential dinnerware.

Home again, Home again! We flew back home on New Year's Eve. We had some friends stay in our home while we were gone and were blessed with sweet notes and lots of treats. Micah stayed up with Mike and I to ring in the New Year. Ethan stayed up for a while, but was ready to turn in by 10:30.

From The Velveteen Rabbit to the Pre-Raphaelites In just a few months I'm heading to England's beautiful Lake District for a home educator's conference. Yes, I'll be staying in Ambleside. I know. I know. What more could a Charlotte Mason mom ask for?! I am getting super excited!

History and Geography in our Homeschool I think diversity in publication date is as important as other types of diversity in one's reading life. This fall, as we finished up with Simply Charlotte Mason's Early Modern Curriculum, I ditched their spines for world and American history and started reading corresponding chapters from Story of the World.

Theogony vs. Genesis 1 Write 500 words on this topic: "What are the main differences between Genesis 1 and Theogony?" Here we have two very different accounts of the origin of the world and life. Hesiod's Theogony, the origin of the Greek god, and Genesis chapter 1, the story of how all things came into being.

Preschool Post #8 So I was really hoping to have finished our current units for Kindergarten and Second grade by today, thus having more awesome activities to show you. Unfortunately, I've been sick the past two days and I have 100% lost my voice! Ugh! So, obviously, since I can't read or talk to anyone, I was forced to cancel school the past couple of days.

Important events from Abraham to Moses Week 1 writing assignment: Write a brief overview of important events in Hebrew history from Abraham to Moses. One of the main and important figures in Hebrew history is Abraham. Abraham was called by God to pack up, leave his home, and travel to Caanon.

Element of Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3 Write 500 words on this topic: "Discuss the element of hierarchy in Genesis 1-3." Consider such things as Adam's relation to God, Eve's relation to Adam and God, and the serpent's relation to Adam, Eve, and God. Genesis chapters 1-3 discuss the creation of the world.

Native American Notebooking Templates This printable pack includes a title page and four different Native American notebooking templates. You can print as many of each template as you need! These American History Notebooking pages are available in our free resource library. Each of the notebooking templates has a place for the person's name, tribe, dates of birth and death.

Squanto Notebooking Page You can write about the life of Squanto in this free printable Notebooking Page. Squanto is the Native American best known for his interaction between the Mayflower pilgrims and the other local Native Americans. We also have several other Native American notebooking pages.

What is the difference between FLVS and FLVS flex? New homeschoolers often ask what the difference is between FLVS and FLVS flex. While many consider the curriculum itself to be public school at home, there are ways to use this curriculum as a homeschooler. Is FLVS right for your child? Would FLVS flex be a better fit?

Chief Joseph Notebooking Page When you are studying Native Americans, use this Chief Joseph Notebooking Page to write about his life. Chief Joseph led the Wal-lam-wat-kain band of the Nez Perce beginning in the 1870s. We also have several other Native American notebooking pages. Download.

Before You Start Homeschooling, Do This - The Homeschool Genius Many homeschoolers have neglected to take the time to complete this one crucial step to homeschooling.

How to Practice Affirmation with Valentines to Build Your Child's Character All good things that parents tend to weigh carefully when building the moral character of their children. Praise him too much, he may become entitled. Praise her too little, she may develop a low self-image. But we don't need to fear affirmation. Just think of it as a sweet ingredient like sugar.

Frugal Homeschooling: Bird Unit Study Let's be honest, homeschool supplies can get pretty expensive…especially when you're buying supplies for multiple students. With a little creativity, research and help from fellow homeschooling mom's sharing their ideas, it doesn't have to be expensive.

Memory Work Index I have to admit, this post is mostly self-serving. It’s the index page to our memory work binder that I never got around to making. So I thought, ‘…

Ten Life Skills to Teach your Kids Relaxing in front of the television after a long day, I was not thrilled when one of my children entered the room to inform me that a toilet was clogged. That's the last thing that I wanted to hear. Feeling quite lethargic, I considered my options. Did I need to deal with the issue right at that moment or could it wait a few minutes?

Is Cooking an Educational Activity? Is Cooking an Educational Activity? Cooking has long been an activity we do because we must eat. Often people see this task as a necessary part of life. Some of us even dislike cooking either because we don't know much about it or because it can be time consuming.

Mama is Back: An Update Comment below and share your ideas, please! I am not the greatest at celebrations. However, I think my kids would have so much fun with a party or fun day out to celebrate how far they have come. I am super proud of them. This post was just to update you and let you know that I have not quit blogging and sharing advice and reviews.

Cultivating a Love for Reading When I look back on my daughter's progress in reading this past year, I am rather dumbfounded. In March, she was reading Doctor Suess books with help from me. Today, she's reading The Tail of Emily Windsnap independently, only occasionally asking me for help in pronouncing some words.

Favorite Organizing Tools Organization has always been something I've strived to accomplish, but never fully did. In the last eight years since we've lived on our own we have accumulated so much shit. When I was pregnant with Ellie I began nesting at around 18 weeks and have never stopped.

John Manders' Blog Probably the Silk Road’s most famous traveler was Marco Polo. Marco’s family were merchants from Venice, Italy. His dad and uncle had already traveled all the way to China and back….

Embracing your authentic self The journey towards the SELF is the most beautiful journeys of all. Whenever I ask people to tell me a little about themselves, most of the time their initial reaction is like "Erm…" or "Huh…". I get it - it kind of feels awkward to talk about ourselves.

Who's monitoring who? I've been having a clear out and have come across something funny in my old files from our home educating days. It wasn't this report that the County sent to us after their visit regarding our provision for Charley. It was the one I sent them in return!

FREE Synonym & Antonym Worksheets Kids will have practicing literacy skills with these FREE printable Synonym and Antonym Worksheets for elementary age kids 1st-4th grade.

NSW in Focus - How to Register for Home Education You will need to follow a few steps as listed below in order to successfully register for the maximum first registration period of 1 year. Upon re-registration in 12 months time, you can apply for a two year maximum registration period. NSW home educators register through NSW Education Standards Authority also known as NESA.

"Toxic environment" in Elite Secondary School Just came across this Facebook post :. For convenience, the post is reproduced below. Although the school is not explicitly named, it is quite easy to guess from the description which school it is!. Just a disclaimer that "Toxic Environment" is a subjective term, one man's meat can be another man's poison.

How I Annotate Books Today I'll be sharing how I annotate my books. This is something that I absolutely LOVE doing, and I want to share my process with you all, just in case you're considering annotating books yourself and don't know where to start.

What is Phonemic Awareness? Phonemic awareness focuses on listening to and saying sounds, not on letter shapes. This allows children to learn how to decode words, understand word families and patterns, and eventually read fluently. When children can manipulate sounds in words, this is also phonemic awareness.

E.18 The Waldorf Method with Jean Miller Part three of four in the homeschool influencer mini series. Today's episode is a delightful conversation that I had with Jean Miller of Waldorf Inspired Learning. She explains the style and tenants of the Waldorf Method, and shares what she offers for homeschool parents on her website.

Online Homeschool Anatomy Curriculum This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. Copyright 2020 by Greg Landry. I remember when I was in school, taking the harder courses was overwhelming and intimidating. My worst class was STATS! I was dreading this from day one, until I entered the classroom, met the teacher and everything changed from there.

Earth and Space 1 Stage 4 Homeschool Science Day - Make Science Fun Home School Science Day - Earth and Space 1 Stage 4 - Years 7/8 - Ages 11 - 14. Date: Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th February 2020Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pmAges: Stage 4 - Years 7/8 - Ages 11 to 14Location: 33 Wycombe Road TerrigalCost: $60 per student Contact: Email preferred [email protected] otherwise Facebook Messenger.

Difference Between Home Education and Distance Education In home education groups online, there is often confusion over what the difference between Distance Education and Home Education entails. Distant Education is still school, but done in the home environment.

Chinese Proverb Worksheets for Older Kids I love these Chinese proverb worksheets - they are such an interesting activity for older children. Of course they are perfect for Chinese New Year - but you could use them any time. Find them here: Chinese Proverbs Worksheets.

Times Table Test Book = good practice workbook I know lots of us and our kids get put off when we see the word test. But sometimes tests just means good practice. Towards the end of last year I was looking for some extra times table practice for my youngest but I wanted something that had questions that would make him think a bit and were not just the straight forward 6 x 7.

Homeschool Pokemon League Attend the upcoming Homeschool Pokemon League event at Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs on January 22, 2020.

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Dog Treats Can I have another one, please?”.

Kindergarten: Unit 18 - Zebra's/Africa A just finished up Unit 18 which also concludes our zoology unit for this year. Our primary focus this week was zebra's with a brief study on African animals. Here's a peek into our classroom this week! Here miss A is working on her blend ladder.

2 recent funnies from my daughter I like to share the funny things that happen around here so I can find them again to enjoy in the future…and maybe someone will also get a laugh out of them. My husband and kids are a riot. Here's 2 more things that happened recently…these are from my 19yr old daughter who has apparently inherited my husband's sense of humor.

Thinking about 2020-21 I'll only have two kids homeschooling in the fall. Fritz will be in 9th grade and Adrian will be in 7th. Foster kids have to go to public school and even if we adopt kids, I'm planning to send them to public school for at least the first few years in case any issues pop up that need to be addressed.

Accountability 2020 - Day 4 Woke up a little late this morning. We had a wonderful time with our homegroup family and didn't seem to want to leave, and not just because it was so cold outside. Started my morning at 7 a.m. and jumped into prayer / journaling. Almost fully ready for the day and just need to start breakfast and wake up the kids.

Preparation for Zones of Regulation Lessons I have offered full-class Zones of Regulation lessons to grade 3 and 4 teachers in my school. Most lessons are about 30-45 minutes long. I have limited time, and the kids learn more if the skills are practiced every day, so I choose five main concepts to cover, and ask teachers to remain in the class to join the sessions and discussions.

Week 20 Another homeschool week is in the books. We’ve been enjoying Urban Adventures quite a bit. We have some neat families joining us as we explore natural spots in the cit…

The Silk Road I mentioned sometime back that a feature of civilization is that people like to buy and sell stuff. This is called commerce, where you trade something you have for something you want. The people of Western Europe traded with people of other civilizations-even as far away as China.

FREE Ancient Greece Printable Book Have fun learning about Greek history with this FREE Ancient Greece Printable; perfect for learning about other countries around the word and geography. Kids will love learning about Ancient Greece with these Free Ancient Greek Mini Books. These books help children learn about this ancient culture, their way of life and their interests.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Johanna Agnes Clemens Last Monday 68 years ago, our great-grandmother Johanna von Hinten passed away in Minden, Germany.

Preschool Post #7 A busy week it's been for little E! I've started a new preschool curriculum and so far it's been great! A couple of weeks ago I purchased Letter of the Week preschool curriculum. We've only done the first week so far but I have high hopes! This curriculum is a 26 week curriculum that goes through every letter of the alphabet.

Accountability 2020 - Day 3 But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and…

Practice Bullying with Kids When my friend’s husband called and asked for me to bring my son to their house for a few minutes, I happily loaded him into the car and drove over.There was a heaviness in the room when we walked through the front door and I began to sweat.

Sweet Maths I have been feeling like our Maths has been a bit dry lately and I always think fun maths equates to maths that is remembered. So last night while I was picking up some bread and milk I quickly grabbed some M&M's. Anyway the M&M's were perfect for some Maths so that is my excuse.

Adventures and Transitions in Parenting As a parent I find that my life has been in a constant flux for the last eight years. When my children were infants I felt as though I was trying to survive on interrupted sleep, coffee i.v. and cuddles; with the occasional adult time with my partner.

Relaxed and Playful Preschool Math for Homeschoolers Preschool math can be woven into everyday activities. Learn how! Confession: I never taught my children to count. To give some context, my three boys are six, four, and two, so it's certainly realistic that I would have taught my older children their numbers as preschoolers, and possibly my youngest as well.

Herbal Household Remedies: Natural Topical Pain Relief Cabbage is healthy when you eat it. But don’t throw away those big green outer leaves! They are great for topical pain relief.

Lassoed by the Would-Be Rancher-capturing a cowgirl's heart Shane Monroe wants so badly to save the little town of Second Chance for both selfish and unselfish personal reasons. He wants to put his expertise in business to work with creative ideas to attract tourists to the area.

Boys Basketball: Missouri HomeSchool 62, Applewood Christian 41 Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton and the Lake of the Ozarks. All of Mid-Missouri.

Dog Unit Study Use this post as a guide to create a fun dog unit study! Dogs are man's best friend, beloved family pets, serve as protection, and work as vital team members in law enforcement and military operations. No other animal has lived so closely with and been such a huge part of the everyday life of humans as dogs.

Early American History One of my first blog posts was a review of the Beautiful Feet Books, Early American History - For Primary Grades. You can read that first post here:. I so enjoyed my first experience with that curriculum, that I have worked through several other Beautiful Feet Books Guides in the last few years.

Homeschool Hub at Waterville library WATERVILLE — Homeschoolers are invited to meet at the Waterville Public Library every Thursday from 1:30-2:30 p.m. for games, crafts, speakers and more! There is an activity in the children’s department for attendees in grades 1-6 and an activity in the Bartlett Room for Teens for attendees in grades 6-12.

A simple way to celebrate MLK Day! The children's book "Say Something!" by Peter H. Reynolds is a great book for this special holiday. Let me tell you just a little bit about it. First, the book is all about encouraging children to speak up and 'say something' when they see something that they feel is important, beautiful, or just the right thing to do.

Seeking Students for Homeschool Student-Produced Print Publications The Journal for Homeschooled Creators. This print journal is to showcase the work of homeschooled students who create: writers, paint / sketch artists, crafters, designers, welders, sculptors, architects, photographers, coders, blacksmiths, etc. The Journal for Homeschooled Scientists.

Accountability in 2020 - Day 2 Everything I typed for the last 10 minutes vanished! Well, take 2 of day 2. This will make me be brief for sure! Becoming emotionally healthy, holding love and tenderness in balance with boundaries. Going to call Doctor Brock today to set up my appointment.

My Word Soup We are finally in the 1970's in homeschool history, and this will shine a spotlight on why - for us - homeschooling has been the best way to go:. Questions like the following will be answered for all of us:.

Children Around the World Worksheets Kids will have fun learning about Children Around the World using these free printable worksheets for kids of all ages. A fun and exciting way to learn about these different cultures and their traditions is with this Free Children Around the World Research Activity.

Cultured Wednesday: Hacker's Smithy in Winter A native of Saxony, Hacker appears to have lived in Munich, Bavaria from 1862 onward.

HEN - Home Education Survey Across Australia The latest survey run by Susan Wight of the Home Education Network also known as HEN, a national association for the promotion and support of home education in Australia. This year's survey saw the highest participation rates from outside of Victoria with a total of 592 respondents from every state and territory across Australia.

Paul Krugman Masterclass Review URL: Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society. Paul Robin Krugman is an American economist who is the Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and a columnist for The New York Times. His notable awards include the Nobel Prize for Economics!

Second Grade: Unit 21 - Fahrenheit Temperatures and Thermometers I'm not gonna lie y'all, I did not do a great job of getting pictures this week. We did have a few activities but sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment of homeschooling that I forget to document every now and again. BUT I do have just a few pictures for you.

Unschooling Myself I remember this moment clearly: I'm in the third grade. I sit in my desk in the second to last row when the teacher announces, "We are ready to begin learning our times tables." I think-This is it! The moment I've waited for! I begin drumming my desk and pounding my feet in excitement.

HP Instant Ink - the way to this home ed mum's heart Switching to HP Instant Ink has made me crazy happy. I know, I know who would have thought having an instant ink scheme would mean so much to me, but for this home education mum it truly is the way to my heart. We had been talking about switching to the HP Instant Ink scheme for a few months and then end of last year we just decided to go for it.

Life Skills that Matter This seems so obvious, and yet you’d be surprised how many things people will do without proper safety in place. I remember my my boss coming to work walking slower than usual. She had her arm carefully across her belly. “Are you ok?” I asked. Her face turned bright red.

Customize Your Own Textbook-Free History Curriculum You can bring delight to your homeschool by customizing a textbook-free history curriculum the whole family can enjoy together. Break free from the graded workbooks and explore the adventure of history across a wide age range!

How and Why You Should Celebrate Homeschool Milestones Do you celebrate homeschool milestones? Our kids work hard learning every day. Try Erin's tips for recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments. Do you celebrate homeschool milestones? Our kiddos work hard on their education every day, and their accomplishments should be recognized.

Poesie: Allingham's The Fairies Up the airy mountain, Down the rushy glen, We daren't go a-hunting For fear of little men; Wee folk, good folk, Trooping all together; Green jacket, red cap, And white owl's feather!

Wisdom from the Velveteen Rabbit But if a marriage is going to withstand challenges, we absolutely have to learn to accept each other, no matter what. Offences must be confessed, masks must be dropped…and I mean ALL of them. It can be hard to come out of hiding. Sometimes we're scared of rejection.

Homeschool Archery Classes Beginner Archery - This class is an introduction to archery and archery safety. Ages 8 through Adult. Beginner Archery - This class is an introduction to archery and archery safety. USA Archery certified instructors will teach you basics and how to be safe doing so.

Hex 4 I’m a couple days behind in posting our update, but we did start up lessons again last week. Some of the highlights? Courben started fractions in math. We checked out…

I'm Homeschooled, Not Unkultur#d - guest post by Owen G. I've got a special treat for you! One of my friends has graciously agreed to do a guest post. He runs a Youtube channel, raises little dinos, and…well, I'm going to let him introduce himself. Hi, I'm Owen Godbold, number five of eight children.

Loop Schedule - Art & Music Our loop schedule has some of my favorite subjects and I always love sharing it with you. Let's dive right in!! Let's start with our art project from last week. We started using a new book this semester. Last semester we finished up our Art Treasury book which was fabulous!

Become a Homeschool Mastermind Today - The Homeschool Genius If you're like me, you've tried homeschooling other peoples' way. You've tried implementing popular methods, incorporating popular curricula, and imitating popular homeschool influencers. Or, maybe you're just getting started and you're intimidated by what you see online.

Stop the Glorification of Busy When someone asks you how you are, do you automatically say busy, or tired? We wear our busy schedules like a badge of honor. Like we are better people, or parents, if we are scheduled to the max and burnt out from no down time. We are proud of how tired we are because look how much we can accomplish.

Why do we need more Women in Tech? 79% tech jobs at Google, 77% at Apple, 78% at Facebook, 70% at Netflix and 83% at Twitter are held by men. That means less than 30% of the tech jobs are held by women in these major companies! Unfortunately, that's the case in the entire tech field. The tech world is still majorly dominated by men.

Winter Rhymes This winter, work on rhyming words with your preschoolers with this set of mitten rhymes. This activity pack includes twenty-four sets of short vowel rhyming words. This low-prep activity is perfect for busy homeschool moms. Just print and laminate the mitten cards, cut them apart, and you're all set!

Our Own Dear John Ronald: Old Customs So we don't know what to do.' 'Well, Sam,' said Frodo, 'what's wrong with the old customs? Choose a flower name like Rose. Half the maidchildren in the Shire are called by such names, and what could be better?' 'I suppose you're right, Mr. Frodo,' said Sam.

Federal Government Funding Initiatives 2020 Blog Series #5 This is the fifth blog on Federal Government Funding Initiatives for 2020. Here are the next excerpts from the Australian Government Department for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development for 2020.

Wells - "A City of Bells" - Part 1 The city of Wells in Somerset, is the smallest city in England. I've lived within in its environs for about thirty years, so it holds lots of precious memories for me. It is still one of my favourite places to visit, each season offering some new perspective.

Simple & Committed I'm a little behind in this post, New Year's has passed and I'm just getting around to writing about what I feel my focus should be…but that's how it goes. When I sat to reflect on what I wanted to be mindful of as I embark on a new calendar year, two words came brightly into my mind: SIMPLE and COMMITTED.

Fuse Glass - Fun craft for everyone Last week the kids and I attended a Fuse Glass workshop held by the lovely Clare from Fused Glass by Clare Poore. She runs workshops from her home for kids and adults and we thought it would be a fun activity for the kids to try and something extra for them to add to their art award portfolios.

A sewing lesson My daughter and I took our first sewing lesson today. I have never had a formal class and she is finally at a good age to sit still long enough for a lesson and patient enough to complete a project. So, feeling like the time was right, during the Christmas break I signed us up for a class on French Seams.

Homeschool Day - Spring is Budding :: Community in North Carolina :: Out and About at Homeschool Day - Spring is Budding :: Community in North Carolina :: Out and About at

Living In India ~ a project learning study The first country in our "Around the World ~ Project Learning" calendar this year is India! We chose to do India in October because my daughter saw Diwali on the calendar near the end of the month. It is the Indian celebration of light and start of their new year.

Preschool Post #6 I had intended on sharing this with y'all yesterday, but we have several sickies in the house, and unfortunately I think mom is next! :S I thought I'd get these on here now before it really kicks in. Here E is working on some shape sorting. This is a fun activity that I often use in our co-op when we do our ocean unit.

Punctuation Workbook for Key Stage 2 One of the workbooks that I am currently using with my son is the Understanding English: Punctuation: KS2 English Study Book, Ages 7-11. It is part of their Understanding English series which consists of 8 different workbooks and so far we have been using the Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary ones.

ArchivED: Gardiner Scholarships give students with autism a homeschool lifeline Every school day was a battle for Jared Wendlberger. The 7-year-old would come home in tears after his backpack and lunch were stolen by his classmates. Jared, who is on the autism spectrum, was placed in an emotional behavior disorder class in the second grade.

Homeschool - Session 3: Physics Fun Spark a curiosity for physical sciences with fun hands-on learning! During each homeschool session at Frost Science, students explore a science topic through hands-on lessons. Each homeschool program is four…

Geography: Heartland States This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. Week seventeen of school we did unit 10. Our geography topic was the heartland states. We did mapwork. We learned about the Great Lakes. We learned about Chicago's Great Fire. We learned some facts about Indiana.

35 FREE CVC Words Activities Help kids have fun while learning with these CVC Words Activities! Tons of worksheets, hands on activities to make learning FUN!

Jelly Belly Factory Tour - Fairfield, California This post includes two trips to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California. On the first trip, I took the kiddos and my mom. On the second trip, E and I took the kiddos. The self-guided tour is free and runs every 15 minutes or so.

Penguin Number Match with a Recycled Egg Carton and Bottle Caps Every month this year I want to do a general theme. I have an infactuation with themes going back to my kindergarten public school teaching days and I just can't shake it so I've decided to embrace it. We still follow our curriculum but the themes are done on the side and for enrichment activities.

Top 25 Chapter Book Series for Kids in 1st-3rd Grade Here are more than 25 great Chapter Book Series Book Recommendations your 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade student will love to read themselves or have read aloud to them. Sometimes it can be hard, really hard, to continually find great books for your kids to read.

Vegan Thumbprint Cookies You ask and you shall receive. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with different versions of a vegan cookie and each one is more delicious than the next!! I’m a crazy coo…

Trust and Acorns - Thinking big even when your dreams seem small. I have a story to share with you. It's a story about a mother, a daughter, some trust and a thousand acorns. Here goes… When I told my daughter that this acorn would grow into a mighty oak tree like the ones we were surrounded by, she didn't believe me.

TH Worksheets Have your child read the sentence and then cover up the picture that best matches what they read. There is a sentence that uses the word than in it. For this example, ask the child which one is bigger and let them cover up that picture.

Remembering Our Ancestors: William Southard Our 11th great-grandfather William Southard immigrated from England to the colonies some time before 1640.

Along For The Ride - Gifted Parenting I'm Madison's mom, and I'm just along her journey for the ride. I thought the past however many years we've been homeschooling was one major ride, but nothing prepared me for dual credit college courses. I knew this was the right path; I didn't realize how much 'more' it would be in comparison.

Kindergarten: Unit 17 - Kangaroos We are cruising through our zoology study and today miss A finished up our study of kangaroos! Here's a peek into our classroom over the past few days. We learned that kangaroos are native to Australia. Here miss A is finding Australia on our globe. She also found it on our huge wall map multiple times throughout the week.

How math teaches attentiveness… We've definitely had our struggles with homeschool math, and we have shed many tears. At times, I have lost my patience. Many times if I am honest. Patience is a virtue, and one I have struggled with over the course of my life. Now, through my children, God is teaching me about patience as we teach our children the habit of paying attention.

Harold and the Purple Crayon - Five in a Row Christmas Ornament I decided to remake an ornament that I had created in 2016 when I participated in a Five in a Row ornament swap. I bought 3 x 3 wooden squares from Michael's and painted them white. I used acrylic paint and a brush but I would recommend spray paint if I was making more than 3 or so.

How To Homeschool When You Want To Quit How did our homeschool life take such a nosedive? How do you continue to homeschool when you just want to quit? You see, I was the quintessential homeschool mama with the maxed-out library card, jaunting off on field trips, and thrilled at the thought of diving down another rabbit hole.

Homeschool at Rockrimmon: Explore Ancient Egypt 9, 2-3:30 p.m.Phone: 593-8000Price: an opportunity to discover a long-ago world where time is read by water, stories are written in pictures and the most extravagant buildings are tombs. Includes multiple activity stations. For ages 7-12.

Back to normal. Lulu takes an online writing class. She's starting her last semester of her 3rd year. Levi is enjoying his new math program. Isaac is always making us laugh. He is a hoot and my 3 year old buddy. I'm so excited that my kids enjoy chess. I was in the chess club a few years growing up.

24 EPIC Solar System Projects Whether you are diving into an astronomy unit in your homeschool / classroom or your child just has a natural curiosity about space, here are 24 EPIC Solar System Projects your kids will love! If you are teaching children about the solar system, you don't want to miss our hands-on science units.

Everyday Blessings This year, as part of our curriculum, we have been using #littlehouseontheprairie along with #allinonehomeschool Of course we wish it was all about just listening to and doing activities from #littlehouse… we just might only do that for the next little while…maybe… I took a much needed social media fast. Review I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Homeschool Life Homeschooling is getting more and more popular and there are more options and opportunities than ever before. Growing up I only knew of one other family who homeschooled, and now most of our friends were either homeschooled at some point in their education or they are homeschooling their kids.

Second Grade: Unit 20 - Plants, Seeds, Birds & Feathers, Ocean Animals and our Science Experiment complete! Another week of school is in the books! Here's a peek at our latest accomplishments. We finished up our plants and seeds unit over Christmas break with our seed experiment. As you can see the white beans and popcorn kernels sprouted very well !

Science Mill presents Homeschool Day In hands-on activities, students can examine images taken at four scales - macro, micro, nano, and atomic - visit the Nanospace Theme Park online and calculate the size of their hands in nanometers versus centimeters.

Homeschool Science Scholars: Light Waves Grades 4-6 Date/Time January 09, 2020 to January 09, 2020 01:00 PM untill 03:00 PM Description Challenge your mind and foster collaboration with our popular ongoing homeschool series! The focus will be on light space and space science. Learn about the different planets that make up our galaxy and about Edison's love for science and experimentation.

Homeschool Science Scholarss: Light Waves Grades 1-3 Date/Time January 09, 2020 to January 09, 2020 09:30 AM untill 11:30 AM Description Challenge your mind and foster collaboration with our popular ongoing homeschool series! The focus will be on light space and space science. Learn about the different planets that make up our galaxy and about Edison's love for science and experimentation.

And so it begins… Our first homeschool co-op of the new year was yesterday. The kids were SO excited to see all their friends, who were bubbling over with laughter and chatter. The moms, on the other hand, all looked a bit dazed. There were lots of hugs and catching up on all the holiday trips and activities.

2020, y’all. Happiest of New Years though!! It's 6:13. am. I've been awake for a while, as per usual. Online shopping, browsing Facebook, trying not to respond so early to messages I missed last night! Then this blog hit me. I've been trying to think of a way to combine what ultimately I feel are my worlds.

Mitten Beginning Sound Match This winter, your preschoolers can work on beginning sounds and letter recognition with this fun mitten matching game. This low-prep activity perfect for your upcoming winter homeschool preschool lessons. Print out each of the pages in this pack on cardstock.

Beautiful Feet Books - A Blog One of my very first episodes on Four In Tow Podcast was a synopsis of my favorite curriculum, Beautiful Feet Books. This company has been around since 1984. It was founded by Rea Burg to give homeschool families a curriculum alternative to textbooks.

Homeschool Hub at the Waterville Public Library WATERVILLE — Homeschoolers are invited to meet at the Waterville Public Library Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. for games, crafts, speakers and more. There is an activity in the children’s department for attendees in grades 1-5 and an activity in the Bartlett Room for teens for attendees grades 6-12.

New Year, New Plans Hoping you had a merry Christmas and are having a great start to the New Year! I have been looking forward to beginning a new year with Beloved Bookshelf as I enjoy the fresh start that a new calendar year provides. These are my plans and priorities for 2020:.

Homeschool Information Meeting Saturday January 11 2020: Are you or someone you know considering homeschool options? Is it possible to homeschool through High School? Have…

Homeschooling: Why We Chose this Adventure My son has been in public school since PreK. He has done a great job in school even though he has had to work twice as hard as other kids because he has some learning challenges. He is sweet, kind, generous, and his teachers have all told us that they love him.

Homeschool Science Scholars: Light Waves Grades 7-8 Date/Time January 08, 2020 to January 08, 2020 10:00 AM untill 12:00 PM Description Challenge your mind and foster collaboration with our popular ongoing homeschool series! The focus will be on light space and space science. Learn about the different planets that make up our galaxy and about Edison's love for science and experimentation.

The Best Resources for Christian Homeschool Curriculum The Best Resources for Christian Homeschool Curriculum - Erendira Ramirez-Ortega - Read Christian homeschooling help and advice with home school resources and Biblical guidance for home education.

Gathering Great Goals for 2020 My friends, LR from Returning to Paradise and JF from Of Progress and Purpose have inspired me to think about, write down, and share my new goals for 2020. So far, I had come up with one New Year's resolution: to read one grown-up book per month.

January Study Guide 2020 We took a bit of a break over the latter half of December but we're back in the learning saddle with a renewed sense of wonder and a yearning for learning. Holidays of note this month:. Martin Luther King, Junior Day is Monday, January 20. Chinese New Year begins Saturday, January 25.

Five Nutrition Secrets From a School Counsellor In schools in many parts of Canada, families are expected to feed their children breakfast and then send them to school with a packed lunch and snacks. Due to lack of resources, lack of knowledge, and/or commercial food marketing influences, many students come to school without adequate healthy food to fuel them through the day.

What is a Unit Study Approach to Learning? Well-designed, hands-on activities focus learners on the world around them, spark their curiosity, and guide them through engaging experiences while developing communication, creativity, and critical-thinking skills. It's really a lifelong habit of applying our learning to our daily lives.

Poesie: Tolkien's Noel Grim was the world and grey last night: The moon and stars were fled, The hall was dark without song or light, The fires were fallen dead. The wind in the trees was like to the sea, And over the mountains' teeth It whistled bitter-cold and free, As a sword leapt from its sheath.

Back To School We had an incredibly special Christmas break but all things must end. The kids had school today and it went wonderfully. Kookoo goes to public school but we are homeschooling Lunchbox and Eva. It seems that public school went well but I don't know first hand.

Feeling Overwhelmed? How to get your head straight as a home educator. Too often as home educators and parents we exist in the future, planning and pressuring ourselves for the next contact with the state or territory education department or the future university graduation day with honours of our child, when they are just 6 years old.

Microbiology - Homeschool High School Elective Schedule This Microbiology homeschool elective is designed to be completed over the course of 16 weeks or one semester. It took her 60-70 hours to complete, so we counted it as 1/2 high school credit. The class schedule is written in a weekly format with each assignment written for the entire week.

Field Trip!! - Aquarium One thing I love about home school is that you can count just about everything as A field trip. haha! During our break last week we took an awesome field trip to an aquarium while we were visiting family. A finished up her ocean unit a few weeks ago and J just started his ocean unit today, so this was perfect timing!

Homeschool STEM Class & Meet-up: Molecular Gastronomy Ice Cream Participants perform hands-on experiments in a lab setting that explore the molecular nature of matter. Experimentation culminates in the production of a particularly tasty crystallized concoction, better known as ice cream. A yummy experience! You must register in advance to attend this class.

Graduating Early Cameron turned 18 in October and he's chomping at the bit to be done with his senior year. Funny how senioritis even hits homeschooled kids. Cameron has completed almost all the requirements for graduation except eleven units of all together work. So we made a deal.

What Happens During a Homeschool Evaluation? New homeschoolers often wonder what happens during a homeschool or unschool evaluation. I receive many inquiries from stressed out parents worrying over this requirement for those using a letter of intent with their county in Florida. The good news is that evaluations are not complicated.

A recap of 2019 - future q & a It's the end of another year and the beginning of a whole new decade! 2019 was quite a year for me. There were so many milestones in my life and I think life became busier on the whole. Is it ever not busy ? Let's get on to the recap! Posts. January Recap.

Why I don't buy Homeschool Curriculuma When we first decided to homeschool almost 4 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices I had regarding curriculum. IXL, K-12, Time4Learning; I see the ads but how do I choose? And Who is Charlotte Mason?? What is Montessori?? More importantly how do I know which one would work for my children?!

Dog Eared Our Dog Eared review for January is Educated by Tara Westover. Let me just start off by saying that this is an amazing story! Do yourself a favor and run to get it right now!. Educated is the life story of Tara Westover. She describes her upbringing in rural Idaho by extreme Mormon survivalists.

Never the same 2 days running Boykin's boxes are all set up. We sat down together yesterday and devised a study timetable for the week. His first exams are getting closer and without a structure in place, he has a tendency to procrastinate. I feel like we're both finding our feet with this new, highly structured approach but hopefully it will bear fruit.

5 Practical Ways to Help Your Homeschooler Write Better Are you a homeschool mom struggling to help your child become a better writer? It's not as hard as you think. Try Bethany's tips to help your homeschooler write better. Want to know a secret? Writing is a subject that many homeschool parents dread as much as their children do.

Winter Worksheets These super cute and FREE Winter Worksheets are perfect for teaching Preschool and Kindergarten age kids a variety of skills!

Our Own Dear John Ronald: Start to Finish It so happened that Michael was on holiday in Switzerland and Christopher in France, and neither could have reached his bedside in time, but John and Priscilla were able to come down to Bournemouth to be with him.

Free Homeschool Kung Fu Class Enjoy the benefits of a well-designed martial arts program in a daytime class! If you've never tried a Jing Ying class before, you can try your first class risk-free. If you decide not to continue, you do not owe anything. If you do continue, the class will be included in the session fee.

Federal Government Funding Initiatives 2020 Blog Series #2 This is the second blog on Federal Government Funding Initiatives. See here for a list of other blogs in this series as they are published:. Any support for home educators in Australia is useful. Over a few posts Ed Consult will list a series of Federal Government policy changes that may be of use to home educators if we ask.

E.16 Charlotte Mason Approach with Sonya Shafer To kick off the new year, I'm introducing our first mini series! This month I'm going to be releasing interviews with homeschool influencers who use specific styles of homeschooling. In this episode, Part One, I have the privilege of interviewing Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason about the Charlotte Mason Approach to homeschooling.

The Story of Ferdinand - Five in a Row Christmas Ornament I did not come up with this adorable idea. Our friends, the North family, from North Carolina made this for the Five in a Row ornament swap in 2016. I made a very similar ornament for a friend of mine. First, collect 4 corks per ornament.

IP Math Syllabus Sponsored Post / Advertisement. Buy Singapore Math Books. Education Website Directory. Privacy Policy.

Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum presents Homeschool Day The program includes a docent-led tour of the permanent exhibition, a special interactive Survivor experience and an activity where students get a behind-the-scenes look at creating an exhibit.

Curriculum Review : The Good and the Beautiful Pre-K Inside: A full review of Pre-K curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful. As you may already know, I began homeschooling our daughter, Arwyn, when she was 2 years old. It started out simply enough with some letter basics, colors, shapes, etc. But it quickly became apparent that she was ready for more.

Information Meeting for Classical Conversations Homeschool Group Monday January 13 2020: Please join us as we look at Classical Conversations, the classical model of education, and discover what makes CC…

Habits… Have you ever spent time thinking about your habits? I confess the only habit I ever really gave thought to before getting married and having kids was 'exercise'. I worked hard to have good exercise habits, because I knew it was important for my health to stay fit.

Homeschool Happenings Tuesday January 14 2020: Explore a variety of concepts from science to literacy focusing on a different concept each week and encouraging…

It's Time to Stop Pretending Isn't it sad how we have big plans for things sometimes and they just fall by the wayside? Or in my case, I don't think I was every really serious about the big plans that I made for myself. I will wake up one day with a huge burst of creative energy, and I will hit the ground running.

Key Stage 3 Collins History Books I wrote last year about the two Collins Key Stage 3 History books that my daughter bought after spotting them in a local bookstore. We started using the first one as her main History book but I kept feeling like I needed to find extra resources and questions for her so we switched to the Oxford University Press book - Invasion, Plague and Murder.

Farrah Abraham's Daughter, Sophia, Is Finally Hanging Out With Children Her Own Age Farrah Abraham of 'Teen Mom' fame is often dragged by followers for how she parents her daughter. Now, Sophia appears to be hanging out with kids her age.

Mac and Cheeseburger Here's a variant of the ever popular mac and cheese casserole. This time, it actually makes a complete meal if you serve it with a fresh salad on the side, or maybe some cooked green beans, or both. Incidentally, the topping suggested in the recipe can be substituted by Parmesan cheese.

Cheap alternative to Dyson Vacuum Though Singapore is a relatively rich country, many people still find Dyson Vacuum Cleaners unaffordable since it is well over a thousand dollars. Fortunately, there is a cheap and good alternative to Dyson Vacuum Cleaners : Xiaomi DREAME V9 Pro. For example, an actual review by a Singaporean states:.

Playtime is Over: The Odyssey, Emily Wilson translation My children are studying ancient history this year, and as part of that-and as part of my Cavalcade of Classics-we read The Odyssey aloud together. Emily Wilson's translation of Homer's Odyssey is awesome. Odysseus is such an arrogant jerk. He caused so many of his own problems yet Homer seems to love him all the more for it.

Rounding Out November This will be the remaining pictures I have for November, excluding Thanksgiving as that will have its own post! Here are some pictures from life at CC:. And some pictures from a field trip to the orchestra:. Life around our house:. Side note about the above pic of Ethan doing math - GRAPH PAPER CHANGED OUR LIFE.

Time for a Bush Fire Unit Study? Supporting Home Educators Across Australia.

New Curriculum is Here!! I hope the New Year finds you all well! My new year brought new curriculum! I thought I would share with y'all. Here it is, in all it's glory! haha! I think I've mentioned this before, but we use Masterbooks for all of our core subjects - math, science, social studies and language arts.

What Goes in a Homeschool Portfolio? In Florida, homeschoolers who use a letter of intent with their county must complete an annual evaluation. Most families opt to pay a certified teacher to evaluate their portfolio.

It's getting hygge in here We used to live in Minneapolis where we gained an appreciation for the Danish idea of "hygge". Even though Minnesota in general is more Swedish and Norwegian, the Scandinavian culture in general and weather definitely are conducive to a hygge-centric lifestyle.

2020 Word and Verse It has been a while since I've posted. Grief is hard and exhausting! More on that another day. Today, I wanted to write about this new year. For the past 3 years, our family has survived. We have had life thrown at us hard with a complicated pregnancy, a newborn, a broken ankle, my dad diagnosed with cancer, my dad passing away and then grief.

The Snowy Day - Before Five in a Row Christmas Ornament I got a post-Christmas burst of creativity and started making replacement Five in a Row ornaments. This is the first of several instructional posts. Nothing like poorly timed creativity. Why didn't this hit me in November? Oh well, I'll enjoy these on the tree next year!

The Word for 2020 is… The word for 2020 for our family is: Joy! I haven't ever really done a word of the year before, but this year I have two. One for my family, which is 'Joy!', and one for me, personally, which is 'Gentleness'. The idea of having a word of the year came to me over the holidays.

Need Work Experience Insurance? One of the big challenges for non school based work experience in Australia, some internships or voluntary work, is the need for insurance cover to participate in the work place to see what job type may fit.

Winter Pre-Writing Activity Help young learners work on Pre-Writing skills with this simple, no prep winter activity perfect for prek and kindergarten age kids. Learning to write is a very important part of a child learning. It's an important form of communication that children need to learn, but it can be difficult.

Take my Life and Let it Be - January 2020 Well, Happy New Year friends! 2020 began with a fever, chills and nausea for me, hence the super late intro to January's hymn. I just haven't been able to find the wherewithal or words to say to properly introduce this beautiful hymn. But, a quick stroll through FB memories landed me on the first time we sang this song together in 2016.

What We Do Daily - Cross Curricular Teaching As home educators, it is almost impossible not to be teaching our children in a cross curricular way naturally throughout our daily lives together making the learning stick.

How I'm teaching letters Some of y'all may know I've been having a time teaching R his letters he's just not grasping it. I stumbled onto Montessori I've heard about them years before becoming a mom and I've used some aspects of it. I was intrigued by the way they teach letters.

How Should We Regulate Homeschooling? People choose to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want their child to focus on a certain part of the curriculum. Maybe their child has special needs. Maybe their child has a hard time learning in a classroom environment. But whatever the reason, there are still guidelines for how a child can be homeschooled.

Federal Government Funding Initiatives 2020 Blog Series #1 Over a few posts Ed Consult will list a series of Federal Government policy changes that may be of use to home educators if we ask. It is also worth noting what is denied to the home educated student compared to their schooled peers.

Herbal Household Remedies: The Humble Tuber Again Did you know that you can lose weight eating potatoes?

Reason Behind The Madness We began our homeschooling journey in August 2019. This journey has been a learning process for myself, in figuring our how my children learn best. When I decided to begin this process, we financially could not afford a curriculum set. Those things start at $200!!

Bloom Where You Are Planted Assalamu alaykum dear sisters,. I will soon be coming to Riyadh to deliver BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED course InshaAllah. A lot of sisters have asked me to explain and share more information about the course. So I decided to explain the program overview and course outline here.

Don’t Homeschool Your Kids They need to have plenty of time to run, jump, slide, swing, lay, laugh, build, and rest. Give them time to be bored, time to think, time to day dream. Don't give them workbooks, worksheets, and hours of assignments. Instead, give them LESS. With that extra space in their day, give them MORE.

Is Home Education Legal In Australia? Here is a list of all the legislation and regulations that determine your rights as a home educator. There is an academic resource by Glenda Jackson and Sonia Allan, published 2010 which discusses issues of registration and legislation in Australia on home education.

January Activities for Kids 31 FUN January Activities for Kids of all ages from toddlers, to preschoolers and kindergartners for a fun winter activity.

Happy New Year 2020: Priorities "A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

Most Asked Questions of 2019 As 2020 begins, I am listing and answering some of the most asked homeschool questions of 2019. My answers are geared to those living in Florida so check your state statutes as well in case they differ from Florida's laws. Do I have to use the same calendar as my local public schools?

Easy Preschool Crafts and Activities Moms know there’ quiet. And then there’s “TOO QUIET”. One mom shared, “My son siphoned chocolate milk from his sippy cup and put it into a squirt gun and sprayed the entire house!”🤣. I know it’s only funny if you don’t have to clean up the mess!

Intentional Family Changes for the New Year As parents, we oftentimes get swept up in the day to day, and in teaching and telling our kids what they need to do. A list of tasks, where we lose our patience and cool if they arent completed, or completed to our standards. This year, I plan to change this, and here's why I think you should consider it, too.

Homeschool Math: Grab your Roadmap to Success I have some great news for you: You can teach your kids math successfully. You may even use a bought curriculum if you need the extra help. But here’s a secret:. You may not even need a fancy curriculum! Homeschooling with Confidence. Your email address will not be published.

Egypt Unit Study: Montessori-Inspired Foam Map As in past units, I included a foam map. Most of the major cities of Egypt are along the Nile river, as most of the county is desert. It's a great visual to see the land mass shape these countries include as well as see where the different towns / cities are in relationship to each other.

25 Screen-Free Indoor Activities for Littles I'm not sure about where you live, but here in our parts winters can feel long and gloomy! We try to get outside when we can, but often the weather makes this a little tricky. We usually get our fair share of snow and ice and some years January feels like 3 months instead of just one.

End of Year Lessons It's tricky starting your homeschool journey right at the beginning of the holiday season. It makes it hard to know when to actually start official curriculum and lesson plans. On the one hand you want to make sure there is a good break for enjoying the holidays.

How to Trim the Fat out of Your Homeschool Lessons You thought this was a homeschooling article? Well, it is. When I saw that I had gained about 30 unwanted pounds, I stopped immediately and made effective changes. Quite a bit. As the years go by I tend to glean advice and curriculum from others around me.

The "S" Word One of the main reservations that parents have about homeschooling is that their children will not have an opportunity to "socialize".

So God Made a HOMESCHOOL Mom, Like YOU But they also should know how to organize their closet,. …So God made a homeschool mom. God said, “My children should learn to ALWAYS replace the empty toilet paper roll.”. …So God made a homeschool mom. God said, “My kids will LOVE nature. But they should also learn how to grow plants, and keep my gardens beautiful.

2020 Calendar After a bit of an unscheduled break over the past month I am trying to catch up on some planning so I thought I would share the link for my Calendar pages that I print out and keep on my desk as my personal reminder of what is going on. I am using the 2020 Planning Pages from Activity Village.

FREE Printable Thank You Notes Grab these FREE Printable Thank You Notes to help teach kids to be grateful. These work for any occasion for kids to say thank you! We all make resolutions to enter the new year with new positive habits. Perhaps that is why January is National Thank You Month.

High School Electives for Homeschoolers Like chocolate and vanilla ice cream; teenagers and electives are meant for one another! What better way to take the reins of their learning, than to allow our teenagers to have a little bit of creative control over their future and learning.

Teachers that every student should have This holiday season, I was chatting with some long-time family friends including a third-grader. I asked her the standard questions about school and what she had been doing lately. She described a power point slide that she had made about animal adaptation as her mother listened.

You Don’t Need to Apologize for Raising Kids In a Greenhouse When you dedicate your life to raising your kids and personally stay at home to make sure their needs are met, you are like a master gardener inside a greenhouse. Greenhouses are safe and controlled environments which provide optimum conditions for seeds to grow.

97+ Ideas for Making Math FUN Don't overcomplicate math with fancy curriculum, stop-watches, and tests. Here are 97 activities, printables, and games to help make teaching math fun!

Classical Sunday: Neujahrskonzert 1991 On to the next: 2020 is on our doorstep!

22 Simple Manners Every Kids Should Know By High School I hadn't learned the lesson of prepping kids ahead of time for situations like this. I hadn't given him the skills to succeed. He didn't even know he was set to fail and worse, let down a good friend… Our son tore into his presents like a lion who had taken down a gazelle.

'Steven Universe Future' Recap 'Little Graduation' Steven Universe Future Recap Little Graduation - Steven hosts a graduation for Little Homeschool, and discovers it's more than just his students moving on. Can he control his emotions? Steven heads to Lars' new shop to pick up a cake for the Little Homeworld graduation ceremony.

A Winter Craft // Paper Bag Stars + Waldorf Stars Today I want to share a two simple and charming crafts to do this winter season. Whether you enjoy crafting alone or you have kiddos, grand babies, nieces, nephews…its fun for everyone! These stars are just a sweet little way I like to bring some happiness and warmth inside during the cold winter months.

My Top 2019 Finds For the past 2 years I have written a Top 5 finds of the Year post and everyone seems to really like reading those posts so I thought I would continue.

January Themed Activities for Kids Welcome to my calendar of January themed activities for kids… and to my monthly calendar observances and themed activities series. I have monthly themed activities for each month of the year. I update the upcoming month's themed activities post before the new month starts.

Homeschool Hub - Skin 'n' Skulls Learn about different mammals native to Alabama. Registration required.

Homeschool Resources - January Read Alouds We are excited to start our winter themed learning. The best way to keep my littles engaged and spark their interest is through books! We love starting our learning for the day with a picture book.

No-Knead Whole-Wheat Bread Easy to make and very tasty!

Teaching The Old Man and the Sea: Part Two When teaching a work of literature in class or with your homeschooled child, it helps to have a work that is approachable in terms of length, plot, vocabulary, and sentence structure-a challenge is good, but it's best not to scare away shy readers!