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I wish I could throw out my TV… When I pulled my son out of public school last year to homeschool him, I noticed some troubling things. He had zero attention span. When I was a kid, I could get out the giant box of Barbies and play for HOURS. My son is 9 now and he can't do anything for hours, except watch TV.

Classical Sunday: Wagner's Tannhäuser And Goethe's Faust, incidentally. Tannhäuser, is an 1845 opera in three acts by Richard Wagner,. It's content is based on the two German legends "Tannhäuser" and the tale of the Wartburg Song Contest. The story centers on the struggle between sacred and profane love, and redemption through love.

Water Bottle Crafts Kids Can Make Recycled crafts are so much fun, and these water bottle crafts are no exception! Your kids will love turning old bottles into something fun. This collection of crafts using water bottles includes animals, piggy banks, sensory bottles, and more. All made from recycled water bottles.

Spring Recap - Current Life It's been a long time since you've heard from me, hasn't it?. I've been living the full-on student life. Imagine tests, essays, research, reading, cramming, and barely sleeping. Mostly stress. Lots of stress and deadlines. But it hasn't been a completely horrible time.

The World of Vikings. Book Review I thought we were done with Vikings. Like Done, finished, ticked the box, time to move onto other sections of History. But as it often happens I was WRONG! Yip wrong. My son just really enjoys reading about the Vikings, it is one part of History that excites him and if I am really honest they just seem to keep reappearing.

Everything in this new book is now on my to do list! One of my biggest Ah-ha moments last year from the Discover Conference on process art was how amazing process art is for the early childhood classroom. Everything about process art just works. It is simple to prepare, it captures the interest and attention of young children, and leads to the most beautiful, child - led artwork.

Sometimes It's Peaceful: Consultation on Registration: my reaction and response. Closes 24th June. - on home education, I haven't even looked at the consultation on registration yet. We are busy people. We need to be left alone to home educate our children under the current, perfectly sensible law and not to keep being badgered by time-consuming efforts to tweak it.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Susannah Long Susannah's husband Harvey Hamilton died in 1943, but she lived for another 23 years before she was called home on 11 June 1966. She was laid to rest in Hopewell Cemetery in Madison Township, Ohio. Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Lindsey. The featured family photo was taken in or around 1929, most likely in Fairfield County, Ohio.

She Thrived In School This Year Homeschooling children with dyslexia can be a great option. But it’s nice to know that those children can be successful in a public or private school after they have had the right type of tutoring…

Business Lesson 35 Essay Writing assignment: write 500 words. Topic: "Would I rather start a small business or become a minimum-wage apprentice to a mentor? Why?" I think at some point I would like to try both. As of now though, I would rather be an apprentice.

English Lesson 45 Essay Writing assignment: 500 words on this theme: "Which were the key incidents that led her out of her 'prison.'" Helen Keller was encased in darkness and despair as the results of a terrible illness. She constantly struggled to get free. She felt trapped, alone, and was sure she would never escape her "prison".

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Evaluate Your Homeschool Methods Whatever the benefits your customized homeschool methods bring to your child's education, it's important to know whether your child can compete later on for admission to colleges or for jobs with peers who weren't homeschooled. Make sure your child can achieve at or above expected state or national standards.

Last Day of School! Happy Last Day of School! I know my kids are happy, even though we've slowed down significantly these last few weeks. And me? Another thing to tick off my list - whoop whoop! Homeschooling is hard. I mean, it's easy… but then it's hard. I'm hoping that this next year will be more organized and I'll have a clearer view of goals and work.

36 Katarina Riddle - The Spiritual and Transformational Power of Natural Parenting This week I'm delighted to be joined by Katarina Riddle from London, UK, you can find her on instagram @letthemrise.

This is NOT a box! The wonderful thing about this book is that there are so many fun activities you can do with your students once you've read this book. Today, I want to outline just a few that we've done in the past. To begin the morning, Mrs. Stewart had boxes laid all around the circle time rug.

Strength-Based Homeschooling: 5 Reasons Why It Really Works Working to your child's strengths can improve retention and build a love of learning. Discover the benefits of strength-based homeschooling. Before I was a homeschooling mom, I worked in corporate training and development.

When Time of Day Do Children Learn Best? Homeschooling to Personal Rhythms Children learn most effortlessly when their bodies and minds are in sync. Paying attention to these natural rhythms can help us time the breaks, lessons, and activities of our homeschool day.

In Defense of "School at Home" The prof doesn't hold anyone's hand and remind them when things are due; he hands out the syllabus at the beginning of the semester and shows up for lectures and office hours.

Why I Use Digital Tools in Our Homeschool For the past two weeks I have been sharing how we are using the free Google tools in our homeschool, and how I am going to be using it even more this coming school year. Why not use the tools that are there, already on our devices to our advantage? Especially the free ones.

Pollination I am trying to do more plant biology with the kids but they are not naturally that interested in plants, however I have realized that whenever we look at plants from an animal angle then both kids get involved and absorb the information.

Craft Your Own Unit Study with Hewitt Homeschooling I have been mapping out future unit study ideas with Joy of Discovery w Learning Objectives from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources for my own edification when it comes to Christian history studies. I received a copy as part of the Homeschool Review Crew.

Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parent - HSLDA Senate prepares a resolution calling on Cuba to inject freedom into its society and release jailed homeschoolers, more parents have been imprisoned for homeschooling in the Caribbean nation. Click here to send a message to your senator and the Foreign Relations Committee.

Hewitt Homeschooling The United States of America is a wondrous nation, rich in history, beauty, and variety from East to West coast. With such diverse landscapes, it is truly awe inspiring how this nation can to be. And one of the most amazing states for learning historical timelines is, VIRGINIA.

Cultured Wednesday: Spitzweg's Begegnung im Walde To add to the light and gay atmosphere, the vegetation around the two people is dotted with light, giving the whole scene a beautiful liveliness which is further stressed by the merrily running water. And if you look closely, you can spot a little bird high in the trees behind them.

Forced Learning Isn't Learning I'm often asked for advice regarding homeschooling and I cannot tell you how happy I am when a parent messages me and says they've decided to jump into homeschooling! While I'm not going to say that homeschooling is for all families or all children, I'd be a liar if I didn't say it could be great for most families and most children.

Super simple summer learning If you enjoyed this post, it's not too late to sign up for Jamie's 2019 summer book club! We are just getting started! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website.

Simply Classical Spelling Book One: Step-by-Step Words and Simply Classical Spelling Book Two: Step-by-Step Words Review! As part of an on going quest to find a spelling curriculum for our upcoming school year, we were sent Simply Classical Spelling Book One: Step-by-Step Words and Simply Classical Spelling Book Two: Step-by-Step Words, Skill level about 1st-3rd grade from Memoria Press to review!

Welcome to summer! I can't believe another school year has gone, we have finished our fourth year of homeschooling!! Woo hoo! I didn't think I'd make it through my first let alone my fourth and homeschooling two kids with the third not too far behind. But we did! Now, I got a great idea from my sister in law who is a third grade public school teacher.

Helpful websites and apps we use for homeschooling. These are in no particular order. We use these at random moments. Since we are unschoolers, they are used as we need them and not every day. Each site and application I'm sharing with you is completely free unless of course, you want to upgrade.

Printable Rocks and Minerals Journal If your student is interested in learning about geology, they will love this free printable rocks and minerals journal! Your budding geologist can personalize the cover with their name and combine all the pages together in a notebook for easy use in the outdoors.

My first Bananagrams Do your children love games? How about word games? Mine love them! It is the main way they have learned to spell and work on their reading skills. I highly recommend word games and I cannot say enough about BANANAGRAMS. This game is so versatile, fun and can be an amazing addition to your homeschool resources.

Tuesday Prayer: Conquered Lord of Hosts, Your might is greater than anything in the heavens above or on earth beneath. You are truly Almighty - powerful beyond measure, capable of all things, able to overcome. There is no person or situation too far for Your reach or too broken for You to use.

17 Essential Items for Living in Your RV Our family of 5 has been living full-time in our 35-foot Winnebago for about 6 months. These are our top 17 essential RV items. Most of the items listed, either smell good, save space or make cooking / cleaning/laundry easier. This is a list of interior items for homemaking, cleaning and organizing.

Recycled art in preschool I don't know about you, but coming across good quality cardboard isn't cheap. Most of the time we use cardboard display boards from the dollar store. But, every once in awhile we come across a piece of cardboard that makes a perfect canvas. This time around, it came from one of those meal delivery services.

Homeschool students get a look inside MCH On Thursday, Monadnock Community Hospital hosted 62 local home-schooled students and their parents on a tour of four different departments of the hospital. The students, ages 2 through 17, were given an inside look into the Birthing Suite, the Radiology Department, Physical Therapy and Monadnock Community Hospital's Surgical Unit.

4 Ways that Dads are Essential in the Lives of our Kids Having a father is essential for kids to reach their full potential. Children who grow up with a father have higher self-esteem, have more academic achievement, and are less likely to become teenage parents. Girls often marry men who are a lot like their fathers and boys try to emulate the behavior of their fathers.

Little House in the Big Woods Since we started homeschooling we've been reading the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Arilyn wasn't as keen on reading before, but she really got into this series. Well, it just so happens that we live in the same state Laura was born!

Fair Deal for Homeschool Grads Seeking Real Estate Careers This favorable testimony, along with Senator Mark Kolterman's praise for homeschool students who've worked at the capitol, and a favorable statement from the Nebraska Real Estate Commission, made a huge difference.

How a Year-round Schedule Lets Me Relax and Enjoy Homeschooling Year-round school doesn't mean we keep the same pace day in and day out. It means we flex our studies based on seasons, weather, and opportunity-stretching out a 36 week program to fill 52 weeks of the year. We get to maximize the flexibility of homeschooling when we adapt a year-round homeschool schedule!

Homeschooling in a Large Family with a Wide Age Spread Home educating in a large family has its challenges, add in several children over a wide age spread and life is never dull, though it certainly is hugely rewarding. My husband and I have ten children; they range from 25 to 5 years. They have always been educated at home, 4 are now graduated.

If You Were the President of the United States of America… On the second-to-last card, one questions was "How old must you be before you can run for the office of President of the United States?" While they did not know the answer to this question, our 2nd daughter stated that it was a terribly scary thought to imagine oneself as president of this country, with all the responsibility involved and such.

Discovery Center of Idaho - Boise We had the pleasure of meeting some of E's family for dinner last week and they gave us a glowing recommendation of the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise. The kiddos were extremely interested in their current special exhibit, "Bricks". We ️ Legos. Legos are one of the very best toys for kiddos living in an RV.

Jamaica Unit Study - Jamaican Dollar As part of our study of Jamaica, we studied the Jamaican Dollar - I found a collection of Jamaican coins on eBay and thought they would be perfect for our unit activity. The Jamaican dollar has been the currency of Jamaica since 1969. It is often abbreviated to J$, the J serving to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies.

Writing for Fun I remember about 3 years ago I was constantly worried that my daughter was not interested in writing. Yes she would write as part of an activity that we did but if I suggested just writing a paragraph, or putting one of her story ideas down onto paper she was just not interested.

Basketry - the art of Basket-making Our next weekly topic on the Home Economics for Homeschool Facebook page and the todkah Yahoo group is Basketry, that is: the art of basket-making. This is a home craft that has been on my wishlist for years, a dying craft that I would love to reclaim, but I have never met anybody local to me who does it and so I put it off.

Our Simple Daily Routine For A Fun Summer Break We made it through the year! This year felt like it was really long, so I'm so happy that we're finally taking a break and really slowing down again! So happy in fact, that we're switching up our school schedule for next year, but I'll tell you more about that on a different day.

Taking on the World, One Argument at a Time So often when I read anti-homeschooling posts or articles, my first inclination is to write back and share "my side" of the story. However, I've come to realize, were I to attempt to respond to every argument I come in contact with, I would quickly become a ball of frustration and more than likely be wasting my time.

A reason to be old fashioned about cash! It suddenly struck me the other day as I was paying for shopping with a contactless card that, with the increased use of contactless payments and credit cards, it is almost unusual for children to see real money being used in exchange for shopping, coffees, fares etc.

Writing Lesson Plans & Selling on A little known but important fact is that you don’t have to be a teacher to create lessons and sell them on, but you have to know how to write lessons. As a curriculu…

Pirate Treasure Chest Counting / Simple Mathematics Activity As part of our Jamaica Unit Study I wanted to incorporate a Pirate themed activity as Port Royal, Jamaica was once a major pirate port centuries ago. I recognize that the romanced version of Pirates is very different than reality, but it is still a fun theme to lightly learn about with my kiddos.

Real Mom Interviews: Meet Tiffany I'm a homeschooling mom so my hobbies include just trying to stay awake. Kidding. Kind of. I love to read, write, knit and I have a long term goal of living off grid in the woods with sheep. I've been involved with dance and acting almost my whole life and it's led me to some really weird jobs and experiences.

Hebrew for Homeschoolers: Perfect Timing! My kids informed me there are three weeks left of school this year. Silly boys. Don’t they know the sun is shining? We’ll be lucky to get that far! In the summer, we always have everyone do some sort of self-study. Physical fitness, daily reading, yard work and friend time are all on the kids’ wishlist for their free time.

Teaching From Rest I've heard of a book within the homeschool community called "Teaching From Rest"…I haven't read it yet But I've been contemplating and meditating as to what that means over the past month. We have come out of a pretty lazy summer. It seems everyone has been able to get the much needed rest from an extremely active school year last year.

Second Semester Mom The beginnings of each semester look so different. The first part of the school year in the fall, First Semester Mom has a perfected plan on how the day will go from rise and shine all the way to scheduled snacks. There's so much to accomplish. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

A Simple Question With A Not So Simple Answer We don't have a big fancy school room. We don't live in the country on land. Mom is not the best photographer to capture every moment. We don't have an endless supply of fun money for field trips or vacations for learning. We don't live in a place with amazing landscapes.

Hours Outdoors That means it's nature study day. We're ridiculously busy this today, coming and going like little bees from our hive, which is a rather fun comparison given that today we were on the hunt for honeybees! I decided to take 3/4 of the crew out to the local nature reserve.

Community rallies for homeschool student not allowed to walk at graduation Timothy Moore is included in the Lake Region High School yearbook with his own picture and quotes even though he's always been homeschooled. The school told him he won't be able to walk during the graduation ceremony because his degree isn't from the school.

What motivates you? Chances are that everything you do is motivated by something. For children, it's no different. Until they connect long-term consequences and rewards to their behavior, simple systems can help them make short-term connections that are current and relevant to their lives.

Teens and exams - 2 June 2019 In my last post I pondered over some of the relational, character and faith building aspects of continuing to homeschool into the teen years. I still believe these were the most foundational for us, but it was also important to continue our boys' academic studies, and in this post I'll chart a little of what that looked like for us.

Spring Studies and Salamanders This spring we have finished most of our "formal" studies and have enjoyed shifting our learning to more relaxed pace of nature exploration and outdoor pursuits. On our walks we have observed orchids, woodpeckers, owl pellets, dragonfly larvae, and one of our favorite, caddisfly larvae.

National Donut Day Happy National Donut Day! The following except is from, Wikipedia:. They fried the donuts in a soldier's helmet. Talk about resourceful cooking techniques! Today we learned that donuts were first invented in New York. They were originally made by wrapping dough around a nut and then frying it.

Review of the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner from The Old Schoolhouse So if you are looking for a tool for a planner to help with your homeschool organization that comes with encouragement for the homeschooling mama, then I recommend you check out the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year with devotions written by Gena Suarez and published by The Old Schoolhouse.

Summer Reading Basket Earlier this week I shared our summer schooling plans with our Summer Learning Basket. You can read all about it HERE. To go along with that we also do a lot of reading! My daughter just started learning to read this year so I want to encourage her to keep reading this summer.

3 Benefits of Using Math Fundamentals Grade 1 by Evan-Moor As a busy, working, homeschooling mother of three I am always looking for inexpensive but effective ways to homeschool my three children. This year my youngest, who is 6 years old, has finally made it to the "big leagues"!

Plural words Someone spotted part of a plural spelling rules page that I had handwritten and stuck up in our kitchen for my son. He has been learning the plural spelling rules and needed a visual reminder to help him. It really was something super quick that I made for him.

Archive Post: Firecrest I thought I would share what we've learnt this morning. We were reading about the 'firecrest', which is apparently one of the UK's smallest bird, though I had never heard of it before now. I checked it out on the RSPB's website, and was pleased to find that they have a sample of its song together with lots of information:.

Archive Post: Dagens Nyheter - Flodhäst Archive post from the Svengelska Hemskolan blog. I got a notice from telling me that I hadn't posted in 30 days. Wow, 30 days! I knew I hadn't posted recently, but I didn't realise it had been so long. Well, apparently, that's because I haven't had anything Sweden-related to relate.

Google Classroom in Your Homeschool Have you heard of it and thought it was only for public school? I did, but the again, when I first heard of it, it was only for "teachers", but they have since opened it up and homeschoolers are able to use it easily now as well. It is making lesson planning easier, and keeping track of everything a breeze.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Rebecca Ellen Longstreth Rebecca and William had five children together, in 11 years. And here they all are:. Rebecca died on 27 January 1928, in Trimble, Ohio, at the age of 69. She rests in Glouster, Ohio, twelve years before her husband. Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Rebecca.

Jamaica Unit Study: Dyed Rice Jamaican Flag Craft The Jamaican flag is such a bold dramatic color combination and has such amazing meaning behind it. "The sun shineth, the land is green and the people are strong and creative" is the symbolism of the colors of the flag.

Counting Jellyfish - Hands on Learning Activity When I think of Jamaica, I unfortunately think of jellyfish. My husband and I visited Jamaica in 2013, and one afternoon I got stung by one of these creatures. I never saw the animal, but I sure felt it. I had burning lines across my back for days as a sad reminder of my encounter.

Pre-K Curriculum 2019/2020 I recently my homeschool curriculum choices for my first grade son, and today I am sharing with you the curriculum I have chosen for my pre-k daughter. Follow us for an email each time I post, and remember to check us out on YouTube for more homeschooling help.

I Have A Secret Okay, here goes: I hate working out. I detest it. It disrupts my day and there's so many other things I could be doing. If I could, I'd throw all my workout stuff in the trash and enjoy my life.

Hello hello! Everything went upside down for a bit - Pygmy turned five and Bonus graduated high school. It was wonderful to be able to be there to watch Bonus cross the stage and accept their diploma, and the weather in Michigan was amazing! We came back to the DMV and humidity and I'm already done.

An outdoor game inspired Father's Day Every school year, I have the pleasure of choosing the "theme" for our Father's Day celebration. Usually, I will go by the interests of the current class and what they enjoy the most, especially when they are outside. This year it just so happened to be digging for bugs!

Mom's Rhythm & Theme For Each Day Many of you may know Emily P Freeman and her wonderful podcast "The Next Right Thing". I have loved listening to her gentle, wise counsel she shares in her weekly short 15 minute podcasts.

How to Find Homeschool Community and Support Homeschooling can be lonely without a strong support system. That's why it's so important to find your homeschool community. If you've ever struggled to find your tribe, you'll appreciate the tips Erin shares. Have you had trouble finding a supportive homeschool community?

Everest Book Review Last month I was searching for some new interesting books for my son, I wanted something with a bit of an adventure, an expedition of sorts but a real-life story for him. While I was searching for options I came across - Everest.

Homeschooling Every so often my mom, a former public school teacher, gets on me because my daughter is not doing "preschool " meaning using curriculum which I have more than enough for her at this point but I'm not going to force her or fight her to do school. Why some might ask?

3 Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Learning in Your Homeschool Has your child's motivation to learn vanished completely? You need these effective strategies to motivate learning in your homeschool.

How Can Homeschoolers Do Enough School in a 4-day Week? How can a homeschooler achieve in a fraction of the time what takes a professional teacher in a classroom a much longer part of the day? Is this all just wishful-and maybe a bit arrogant-thinking? No! Here are three reasons homeschoolers are hyper-efficient learners.

What is the best age to start Homeschooling? Okay, so there are two ways to answer this depending on what your views are on schooling altogether. If you picture homeschool like public schooling, you have it all wrong. I really wished I had learned that sooner.

Guest Post - Making a Royal Crown My oldest is going through a slight historical British monarchs obsession. She is reading any book she can find about any of the past kings and queens and is constantly talking about some of the more unique things that happened during their individual reigns.

More Women's World Cup Fun We've added a second batch of activities for the Women's World Cup - now only a few days away - including our very popular kit printables and kit worksheets!

A Visual History of the United States Today I wanted to share something with you that we've been doing. It's a big project that both my 4th grader and 7th grader have been working on together. This is a great way to cover history in an engaging way that introduces your kids to big events without going too in-depth and losing their attention.

Homeschool Organization with the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner I'm starting on next schoolyear's organization with the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year written by Gena Suarez and printed by The Old Schoolhouse. I received a copy as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. As always, all opinions are our own and links may net us a small commission when you purchase through them.

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids This is my 100th article at, so here are 100 reasons to homeschool your kids! This article was originally published on Read the original article.

Homeschooling High School by Design + Powerful Group Coaching And, that's what I want to provide to my Homeschooling High School by Design students - an opportunity for me to be your trusted guide for this part of your homeschooling journey. The group coaching session will be June 25-July 31, 2019. That's six weeks to give some summer grace and allow for Independence Day travel.

Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner Summer is a great time for reevaluating what works and what does not in home education. And a fantastic resource for keeping schedules, children, and busy life organized is Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year published by The Old Schoolhouse and devotionals written by Gena Suarez.

Google Drive for Homeschool I started using Google drive this year for keeping track of our homeschool periodic logs and work samples. I also used it to keep track of what I liked or didn't like about curriculum we were using so I could remember or not I want to use it again in the future.

Cultured Wednesday: Hans Dahl's Norwegian Ladies Hans Dahl’s paintings in vibrant colors and with charming portrayals of young Norwegian girls in their national costume have always been very popular.

Elements of a Story Worksheets This printable set includes two elements of a story worksheets. Use one for your younger students and the other for older students. This worksheet is a great activity for your students to complete as part of your story lesson. It can be used for any book.

Why You Should Keep Reading Aloud to Older Children Reading aloud is likely a cornerstone to your teaching when it comes to little learners, but do you keep it up after they've mastered reading on their own? You definitely should! The value and benefits of reading aloud is well supported by research - and not just for younger kids.

More Cricket Resources Perfect for a summer's afternoon when rain stops play, or perhaps to keep the kids busy during the Cricket World Cup… here are our newest cricket resources. And we've got plenty more to explore, too. Find them here: Cricket. And don't forget: Cricket World Cup.

Topic Essay 12 This topic essay is regarding the story In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, which is why it may not make sense for those who haven't read the book. I will be posting a summary of this book soon, but until then, you can review the plot of this book here and read it here.

Why A Bucket List? Moms and kids don't always get along. We were looking for a way to continue our project-based learning style peacefully through the summer, Without me driving her nuts, and mixing in a lot of old-fashioned fun. We have a wonderful summer trip to Washington planned, but there will be a lot of home-time too.

Art gallery boards for graduation This art is then collected, fixed up and organized into some sort of gallery. The gallery is displayed at our preschool graduation and end of the year celebration for all the parents and students to enjoy. The process of choosing which art to save and which art to send home can be tricky!

First day Yesterday was our first day of first grade / kindergarten. Initially the plan was to start in July, but since we'll be road-tripping during the second week of that month I decided it was better to start school early rather than trying to start-stop-start again.

Summer Learning Basket It is officially summer break here and we are loving the slower days. We like to take a nice, long break through the summer so we do not homeschool year round. However, we are always constantly learning through my kids interests and adventures.

Make Summer Math Practice Fun With Splash Math Looking for fun ways to fit math practice into your day? Splash Math is a great option whether it's summer or during the school year. Try their FREE Trial!

Yes we watch Documentaries Yes we do use documentaries as a form of learning. And please before I go further it is ONE of many forms of learning. If you read the blog you will know we LOVE our books and I think have quite a BOOK RICH learning style with the kids. But documentaries can also be a powerful tool.

A Different Way to Practice Letters Simply pour some salt onto a tray or plate. I prefer using a brightly colored plate for better visualization. It helps the letters stand out more to the child. Using some sort of reference such as a book or some flash cards proves extremely helpful to my child during this activity.

Homeschool Confessions: Two of My Kids Go to Public School I don't homeschool all of my children. In fact, I don't homeschool most of my children. Pause for pearl-clutching. Of my three kids, one is homeschooled and two attend public schools. My husband and I do what works best for each child, and right now this is what works.

4-H as High School Elective Credit Sometimes the scariest thing about homeschooling through high school is giving credit to classes. I solved elective credits with 4-H. I loved using 4-H as our high school elective credit and it's not as hard as you might think! Before you can choose any elective class, you need to know how to determine a high school credit.

Google Slides for Homeschool Lessons & Projects Why not let them create something that they can use to showcase their knowledge? Google Slides lets us this easily. *This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy for more information.*. Did you grow up on PowerPoint like I did? I remember using it in school for creating class projects.

D-Day's 75th Anniversary The incredible achievements of the Allied forces on D-Day and the weeks that followed make for fascinating reading, and we've provided a slideshow as well as a fact-sheet packed full of interesting photos to engage the kids.

Coming Soon: Tolstoy's War and Peace for teens - Winter / Spring 2020 Designed for teens who love literature and writing, this online course will introduce students to the amazing world of Russian fiction of the 19th century and Tolstoy's War and Peace.

First Grade Curriculum 2019/2020 Today, I am sharing my first grade curriculum choices for 2019/2020. With one year of homeschooling under my belt, I have learned more about Joel and how he learns best. So, I have carefully chosen the following curriculum to suit his needs, his learning level, and his learning style.

A Look Back on Our 2018/2019 Homeschool Year We have just finished our homeschool year for 2018/2019, and I must say that it was so much fun! My children and I learned so much together. I am proud of all that we accomplished and am looking forward to or next school year. We have grown so much as a family and we have overcome many obstacles together this year.

2: Tie-Dye Celebration For Pride Month! Rainbows are just one of the greatest things ever, and being a recognized symbol for LGBT Pride month of June makes them even sweeter. Color, science, and fun in a big arc across the sky, representing equal rights and love for people. Love rainbows! It was a rainy, mountain start to summer.

IEW Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Premium Membership ~ Win It! IEW stands for The Institute for Excellence in Writing, and today I'd like to tell you about the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Premium Membership, and give you a chance to win it! I have now graduated my two oldest children. As I have said before, I only have one regret in homeschooling.

School's In Session Today is our first day of school for all three kids! We'll be getting started soon, but I wanted to share a little bit about what it's going to look like to homeschool three kids ages 5-10. That's Kindergarten, third grade and fifth grade. And we've got about six subjects a day.

A Simplified Life, Series Review! Before summer gets away from me and life once again becomes crowded with too many homeschooling resources, parent-taxi responsibilities, and an overburdened calendar, it's time to take a moment to breathe and simplify life. Perhaps you're feeling like me and could use a little encouragement.

Tips for Homeschool Moms Tips for Homeschool Moms - need encouragement for homeschool moms? Find amazing resources right here - huge list from amazing bloggers.

Feel the green I find it hard to stay in and work when it's so glorious outside. Not having young children here any more I don't even have them as an excuse to get outdoors every day! But I still do - I know how it affects me, or rather how I am affected by its absence.

E.4 The Overwhelming Task Of Choosing A Curriculum Part Two In today's episode, we will be looking at types / styles of homeschool curriculum. You can listen to the episode here:. I referenced an article on The Best for most of the episode's content. You can find that article here… titled Homeschooling: Which Model Is Right For You?

Sunday Even when I have a list in front of me, a schedule to keep, it never gets completed, even if it's short. I just can't seem to stay on a schedule. School was the worst! The same classes, the same days, over and over and over. My work was awesome! When I worked at Knott's or Disney, the show or venue changed seasonally.

Connections Sometimes I think we make things too hard. That statement covers a lot of ground; it's one of the reasons I've been so focused on simplifying things in our home. What I'm specifically thinking about right now, though, is finding connection with our kids.

Borrowing Vs. Buying Books It's a chicken and the egg scenario at best. There isn't one right answer. I find that it depends on the type of book. I buy textbooks because I have a slew of kids and odds are someone else will use it. If not, I can re-sell it and recoup the money quickly.

If You Could Craft It During a discussion with a friend, this phrase came through especially clear. I actually thought about it all day. If you could craft it… When I hear craft, I don't think Hobby Lobby. I think manifesting. Calling in. Making so. So then, if I believe in the power to manifest - to craft - what would I do with it?

Looking Backwards Looking Backwards is a book, focusing on main character Julian West's blast to the future… and past too, I guess. Julian West is a guy who was born into an aristocratic family in the 19th Century. The gap between the rich and the poor was far too big to ever hope of closing.

June Free Family Events The spring rains have brought the green of life to northeast Ohio. The birds are chirping, squirrels are scampering and I saw my first Monarch butterfly a few days ago. What a wonderful time to just get out for a walk, a run, a ride, or a sit and soak up the beauty and freshness of God's creation!

Saturday Thoughts: Lead by Example Today's Saturday Thought quote is from a wonderful book in my collection: "Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul" by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. If we expect our kids to behave a certain way or develop certain habits or skills, we need to lead by example.

Dolphins! Animal Chapter book for Kids Earlier this year my son read and thoroughly enjoyed the Sharks animal chapter book so I bought him the dolphin one as well. This is now our fourth animal planet chapter book and we have enjoyed every one and are actually feeling a bit sad that there are not more of them.

Are You Ready to Homeschool High School with Peace and Confidence? Are you ready to homeschool high school with peace and confidence? Let's get started! This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support! Do you ever have a project going that you are super excited about? Maybe you've got a teen in your house who is over the moon about something he or she is working on?

A Huge Collection of Summer Reading Ideas and Information - Updated Yearly Are you looking for summer reading programs for your children? We have some great ideas to share with you! You'll also find book lists, free printable tracking sheets, and more! This article is updated each spring with new summer reading program information.

How to Make and Use Alphabet Story Stones These DIY Alphabet Story Stones are easy to make and a fabulous resources to have on hand when teaching the alphabet to young kids. There really is no wrong way to make story stones. I'm going to show you how to draw/paint images on your stones. But, I'll also share some less-artistic ways to make a set of story stones for your kiddos.

Frozen in Time: Rewriting Characters Created in My Teen Years When I was a teenager I wanted desperately to go to high school. My mother began homeschooling me at the age of eleven and continued to do so until I went to college. My daydreams consisted of things like lockers, football games, and parties on beaches with concealed alcohol and forbidden kisses.

Homeschool Day at the Dallas Holocaust Museum Join the Education Staff of the Dallas Holocaust Museum for a special day of learning for homeschool students! There are two ticket levels available: Admission Only or Admission Box Lunch. Box lunches will be provided for all participants who purchase at the Admission Lunch level.

Last Quarter of the 2018-19 School Year We completed the third quarter of the 2018-19 school year last Friday. We learned so much this quarter. In history, we learned about the Boston Tea Party, the founding fathers, 1776, and the American Revolution. In Geography, we learned about Japan, Iran, Samoa, Tonga, and South Africa.

"swiss family robinson sequel" by courben Dear Father, a storm has been raging and the ship isn't doing so well; the captain says that we're two days journey away from an island called Oahu to get repairs. Then we'll set sail for England again. kaboom!!!!!!!! Uh oh! Looks like we ran into some pirates.

Guest Post - Making a Sunflower Life Cycle Poster and Booklet We have been spending quite a bit of time in our garden sorting out our little growing areas and we naturally started talking about plant life cycles. So I thought it would be good to reinforce our garden chats with an activity. I suggested we make a plant life cycle poster and both kids liked the idea.

The 75th Anniversary of D-Day 6th June will be the 75th anniversary of D-Day, that remarkable operation by Allied forces into mainland Europe which is often referred to as the beginning of the end of World War 2. We know that there are many events planned to mark the occasion.

Promoting family involvement in preschool Various times throughout the school year we hold special events that allow the families of our students to become involved. These events usually revolve around holidays and significant dates on the calendar. They are always a joy to put together. Seeing the happy hearts of the students and their loved ones makes all the prep work worth it!

Kicking Off Soon - the Women's World Cup! Football fans will be getting excited about the fact that the 8th FIFA Women's World Cup kicks off soon - on 7th June. We're ready for it! Explore our fun collection of specific Women's World Cup activities and non-specific soccer activities too - something for all ages!

Free Preschool Printable: Counting Flowers Clip Cards Set 2 Check out these FREE Counting Flowers Clip Cards.

Topping Up Our Cricket Activities We've been topping up our cricket resources with these new maths worksheets and challenging puzzles. Together with our existing content we've now got something for all ages.

Weekend homeschool links A round-up of inspiring weekend homeschool links to keep you and yours inspired all week long. Grab your cup of tea or coffee and come for a read!

Understanding Maths Series. Fraction Workbook I have already written a few posts about the Understanding maths series by Schofield and Sims. It is a set of workbooks that I started using with my oldest just over a year ago and am now using the whole set with for my youngest. They are Key Stage 2 books.

End of the Homeschool Year Must Dos If you follow the traditional school year as we do, then the homeschool year is coming to an end soon. May is the worst month for our homeschool, the weather is beautiful and we are ready to just spend the days outside, not be stuck in the house, or anywhere doing school work.

Homeschool information session at Dansville GCC campus DANSVILLE - On Wednesday, June 5, from 4-6 p.m. GCC's Dansville Campus Center will host a special Information Session focused on the opportunities available to students who are homeschooled.

June Science Calendar 2019 Each day on the calendar contains a link to a fun science activity or fascinating science information that your students will love digging into. Many use the science calendar as a fun kick-start to the school day. Others use it as a reward for getting school work completed.

The Advantages of Homeschooling: More Than Academic Advantage Remember, none of us are perfect. We’ve all failed at one point or another. Thank goodness for grace.

Introducing Young Children to Classic Literature - Feast on What is Good One thing we are real big on in our home is literature. I'm ashamed to say I wasn't really into the classics as a child - I loved reading, but I read mostly twaddle. You know, horse books and the like. It wasn't until my college years did I start getting into the classics.

The Start of Zev's Summer Tuesday Zev and I spent the day hanging out and it really was a fun way to kick off my Summer break. We did a 3 mile hike with our every day carry bags. After every mile we did burpees. Then we practiced using the gear, played some pretend survival games, and went fishing.

Seaford Homeschool Tutor Sentenced For For Attempted Child Enticement A Long Island homeschool tutor is heading to prison after attempting to entice an undercover police officer posing as a teenage girl. Jeffrey Weber, of Seaford, has been sentenced in Manhattan federal court to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty last December to attempted child enticement, U.S.

Minimalist Homeschool My kids both just finished up their homeschooling year, and it seemed like a great time for me to tell you a little bit about how we homeschool. This year marked my tenth year as a home educator, and I've learned a thing or two. I'm definitely not an expert in all things, but I guess I've become an expert in what works for us.

Our 8th Grade Plan I'm about to teach Eighth Grade for the 5th time! This time around I'm using old favorites and brand new resources. Textbooks:. Literature List:. Science List:. Extra Stuff:. You can see just about everything on one page: here. You'll support this blog with a few cents that I'll earn on commission from Amazon.

New Printable Outline Maps A while back we decided it would be useful to have lots of printable maps on the website, and discovered that breaking down the world into A4 pieces of paper is a very hard job! But here are the results.

Training Up Sons to Be GREAT Dads and Husbands in the FUTURE I looked at my 20 year old and asked, “Hey! Can you braid my hair really fast?”. The color drained out of his face and he fumbled like someone who is fumbling. We were getting ready to go on a hike and I decided to throw him off balance a bit and asked him to braid my waist length hair.

Hearing on TCAPS homeschool funds scheduled for June 12 The hearing will determine if Traverse City Area Public Schools has to pay back over $700,000 to the state. The Michigan Department of Education planned to take back the money last year because TCAPS allegedly misreported student enrollment at the Northern Michigan Partnership, a homeschool program in Interlochen.

Fun Resources for the 2019 Cricket World Cup! If you are settling down this afternoon to watch the opening of the 2019 Cricket World Cup at the Oval in London - why not print out some of these fun new resources and get the kids interested and involved too? We also have a great collection of cricket printables for younger kids, not specific to the Cricket World Cup.

Time To Pull The Anchor Up Defeat, a hard term to use personally. Defeat. How long does it take someone to admit it. When they reach rock bottom? Or are some of us stronger then we think and admit it before we reach the cold dark recesses of the bottom. This year has been a hard year.

5 Aladdin-Inspired Learning Ideas for Summer If you love the Aladdin movie and want to extend the fun, we have some Aladdin-inspired learning ideas for summer to share with you!

Best Homeschool Tool: Google Search While Google search is the best homeschool tool and you want to make sure you are using it to your full benefit. *This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy for more information.*. Have you heard of Kiddle? I am surprised that more parents haven't.

Homeschool tutor tells 13-year-old online 'girlfriend' he wants to meet for sex A homeschool tutor in New York has been sentenced to prison after admitting to trying to meet an underage girl for sex. The U.S. Attorney's Office's Southern District of New York announced that Jeffrey Weber, 59, was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in prison for attempted child enticement.

6 Life Lessons from a Retired Homeschool Mom After all, my original plan was just to make sure that they had a good foundation with reading, writing, and arithmetic, and then I was going to put them in traditional school. Well, one year lead to another, and four kids, and 4,860 days later, here I am.

It Was Easier To Do Without Him. It's so much easier to do it without him. Washing dishes. Picking up toys. Definitely making dinner. Doing these things WITH a three year slows the process down quite substantially. But I noticed his eyes shine when I ask him for his help. The excitement he shows at that little request you'd have thought I asked if he wanted to go to Disneyland.

Adventure Academy Review! On May 1st Age of Learning launched a new platform for kids ages 8-13 years old called Adventure Academy. I instantly jumped on the 30 day free trial to check it out for my 6.5 year old. All I can say is WOW!! Adventure Academy is like nothing I have ever seen before, the campus is beautiful and it immediately reminded me of my old college campus!

Got Talent? Thee Treehouse Christian Homeschool Students Do ! For the past two years, Creative Writing teacher Sharon Feldt has been sharing the talents of students who attend Thee Treehouse Christian Homeschool of Yantis, Texas with KSST listeners and Channel 18 Tv viewers. We met two more interesting youngsters on Thursday May 30, 2019 during a Good Morning Show interview.

We are back, for now Our adventure into public school has ended. My son is still going strong, has quite a few friends, and has learned how to handle bullies in his own way. He is enthusiastic about continuing on at his school after the summer. However, my daughter, my sweet little Moon, has had a difficult time with the bullies in her class.

"hatchet alternate ending" by judah "My name is Brian Robeson," he said. Then he saw that his stew was done, the peach whip almost done, and he waved to it with his hand. "Would you like something to eat?" he asked the Pilot. "Yes,"said the Pilot, I wood like an apple. "Heer you go," said Brian, giving the Pilot an apple.

Robinson Crusoe Notebooking Page You can use this free Robinson Crusoe notebooking page to write a short summary of the book, write a book report, or another analysis of the book. You can also color the drawing depicting Crusoe after the shipwreck. As you are studying the novel, you might also find our foreshadowing worksheet and plot summary worksheet to be helpful.

End of School Year Project This is our last week of school and we are so excited for summer!! We don't homeschool year round, but are always learning and adventuring together. I will be sharing more soon about our summer plans for keeping concepts and reading fresh.

Supercharged Science: Easily Bring STEM to Your Homeschool We are using e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum from Supercharged Science in our home. We received a one-year subscription for all levels, K-12, as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. As always, all opinions are our own. Science is a subject that my husband and I adore.

The enemy of homeschooling: Guilt It's all enough to paralyze me if I let it, and yet, I know I am trying. I know my heart is in the right place for these kids. I want to give them everything, it's just that life keeps getting in the way. Earlier this year we moved. It shifted everything.

How to Thrive as Your Homeschool Shrinks Whatever your senior is doing post high school there is a LOT of planning, preparing, and executing. And, let's face it, some of it may not go smoothly. So, there's a lot going on. The list is long:. It's exhausting. for everyone. It's also consuming.

Five Frugal Things - homeschool books, taco truck sauce, and more She finished school last week and I listed, sold, and shipped her non-consumable textbooks. Yay! I'm not super motivated re-seller, but books don't feel super overwhelming to list and sell. And that's why this was so prompt. I used eBay for both of these sales; I tried Facebook but got no bites.

Why the Virginia Supreme Court Needs to Protect Homeschoolers If local school boards are free to impose their own requirements on parents who wish to homeschool, the result will be confusion and chaos in school districts across the state. Today, the homeschool "requirements" in Franklin County differ from those in neighboring counties, which follow the homeschool statute.

How to Know What A Homeschooled Child Should Learn Yearly? After 20+ years of teaching, I have found easy ways to guide my kids to graduation. Look at these 3 quick planning tips you need now and I rounded up some resources for you. Skill subjects are the backbone of ALL years from Prek to High School. Skill subjects are math and language arts.

Layers of color in one piece of art When you see the finished artwork, you might be tempted to try and do something like this in one day but let me encourage you to read on and see how the magic in this process is about giving the children time, materials, and the freedom to make their own choices.

The Missing Piece of Childhood For the summer, my girls and I have decided to set a goal for ourselves: to find the missing piece of childhood. Well, I call it that. They know it to be a summer of handicrafts. These are things that we wish we would've had time for throughout the year, but we were so busy that learning these skills got pushed off of the list.

Life after homeschool A common route in education for many of us starts with kindergarten before attending primary school, followed by secondary school. Another route gaining popularity is homeschooling, which is seen as going against the grain.

Plant Roots Notebooking This free notebooking page can be added to your student's nature journal when they learn about plant roots. Have them label the two types of roots in the diagram. On the lines, they can describe the different types of root systems and the functions of roots.

Should You Homeschool Over the Summer? The Pros And Cons Whether or not to homeschool over the summer is a decision many homeschooling parents face. Some families love the flexibility and consistency of going year round. Others find a longer break works best for them. While there are no "right or wrong" answers, here are some of the pros and cons to homeschooling over the summer months.

Food Chain Lesson and Food Chain Coloring Book Learn about how energy is passed from one organism to another in this food chain lesson. Plus, download a FREE pond food chain coloring book for your younger learners. All living things, no matter how big or small or where they live, need energy to survive.

Summer School for Fun Ah summer… That season when all our work is done and delicious idleness sets in… And, let's be real: endless sibling squabbles, the "I'm bored" refrain, requests for TV time, and yes, even destruction and mayhem! If I were honest, I would have to admit that keeping five active little people entertained is no easy task.

Homeschool int. w JiaEn 🥰 I'm here again with Jia En, my best penpal and a good friend! She was the second one who agreed to do ^^^this^^^ interview with me! Let's carry on with our interview! twt. okayyy… that is the endddd of both int. Thank you so much, JiaEn! It's great to have so many AwEsOmE friends in the homeschool circle!

4 Homeschooling Pros and Cons from a Recent Graduate I was saved when I was four and I've never seriously doubted that faith. But I also discovered along the way that I'm very susceptible to peer pressure. I care far too much about trying to fit in and be accepted. Because of this, I do not think I would have remained a Christian if I went to public schools.

5 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Homeschool Supplies At the end of the school year, your homeschool space may be a chaotic mess, littered with broken crayons, nubby pencils, and partially-used notebooks. Check out these tips for culling through the leftover homeschool supplies. At the end of the school year, our learning spaces can look like the aftermath of some kind of school supply tornado.

8 Ways to Say No to Pointless Busy Work in Your Homeschool Busy work in education is like the fillers in our food. We can pretend something labeled natural is automatically nutritious. But when we analyze the ingredients label, we see the truth. And at times, we tell ourselves our children are learning when children are merely doing something school-like.

5 Hands-on Hobbies for Your Sons That Will Make Your Heart Race He had no idea how to part the hair, how hard to tug, or what to do. I thought it was funny. But then it hit me. I haven’t fully prepared him to be a great hands-on dad someday… I better get busy. Related: Training Boys to NOT fumble with their future daughter / wife’s hair.

Butterfly Week "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is so amazing! This week we continued our caterpillar study into the transformation of becoming a butterfly. We learned all about the butterfly life cycle.

Roadschooling - The Ultimate Homeschool Adventure One of our favorite ways of learning is through roadschooling. Taking our kids on the road gives us so many real world experiences. "But, I don't live in an RV!", you say. Well, I don't think this is a problem at all. In fact, I believe that any one who homeschools can roadschool their kids!

Games can be more effective for teaching skills than traditional teaching methods An article published by Frontiers in Psychology investigated the effectiveness of educational games in terms of learning. It includ…

Mary had a Little Lamb and we are Trying to Grow Her a Garden. So there's this medieval garden thing built on legends formed by the medieval people who, rather than stare at phones, stared at flowers. And rather than zone out on T V they let their minds wander and imagine and wove legends based on the beauty around them, connecting nature to Our Lady, passing the stories down orally and then to written form.

Science Explorations: Butterflies & Ants Our last day of co-op was in late April and I'm just NOW starting to feel like we are settling in to our new routine. Probably because as soon as I finished my last day of teaching, I came down with a rotten head cold, followed by K and my husband both falling ill with a flu-like virus.

Homeschool int. w abigail So I asked some of my homeschool friends if they would like to join me in an interview regarding homeschooling for my blog, and two of my good friends agreed to! I'm so happy to have this going! xd. Now I'm here with Abigail! Let's see what see has to say about homeschooling!

Museum of Life and Science plans Homeschool Day this week During the day, participants can pick one of three classroom programs, which will be led by museum educators. The topics are Animal Encounter, Chemical Reactions and Lego Robotics. Then, you can explore the rest of the museum. More information and registration details are on the museum's website.

A Comprehensive Curriculum Review! The end of the year is here. Who's breathing a sigh of relief? Who, maybe, just maybe, is a tad sorry to see yet another year flown by and are excited to launch a new adventure? Truthfully, I'm experiencing a little of both.

Read the real truth about home educating There are still so many misconceptions about home education so I thought it was worth another airing as some might find it reassuring. And often over school holidays there's renewed interest in this alternative educational option:. You can feel people's resistance come up like a prickly shield when you mention home education.

And so the adventure begins… There is always a reason not to. There are always barriers. There are always nay sayers. Sometimes, just sometimes, not doing 'it' is worse / scarier/more daunting than actually taking the plunge.

Lapbook Gallery - Plant 1 When we came back home with some bean seeds after learning about plants in CC, we tried germinating our bean seeds and made a visual record of our seeds' growth. My daughter enjoyed observing and drawing how the seeds changed each day before her eyes.

Road to Home The life I dreamt of years ago is not the life I'm currently living. Maneuvering the bustling streets of New York City en route to cover stories for the New York Times or a high profile magazine was my plan. I wasn't entirely sure which route to take but it took me to NYC none the less.

End of the year recap! It's the end of May and the school year is complete! And just like that G's kindergarten year is over. Next up 1st grade and Pre-K for E! I am so thankful to have these years to spend so much time with my children. I would not change it for the world, truly.

Tara Binns - STEM jobs for young girls The Tara Binns books are a new series by Collins and when they asked if we would like to review them I immediately said yes. These books have a female character learning about interesting careers and over the years this has become something that my daughter has constantly been asking me for.

The Link - Students share the benefits of homeschool Home school students speak up today as they share how they spend their time away from traditional campus life. From the youngest to the oldest, these students are on a good track. I chose to do home school so that I could work part time in the afternoons.

Is Homeschooling Right for You? If you are thinking about homeschooling and have told just about anyone odds are you have dealt with people trying to put doubts in your mind.

Homeschool ZION FamilyzionUncategorized May 26, 2019 10 Minutes. From the time that I could understand the words my mother was teaching and the explanations of the events of the last days, my burning heart's desire was to be part of the remnant spoken of in 2 Nephi 20:20-21.

Robinson Curriculum Review: The Ultimate Minimalist Curriculum Finding a good curriculum can be super stressful. The cost can be even more so. If you have been homeschooling for any length of time, you probably know that there is no such thing as a perfect curriculum. It just doesn't exist.

Making the most of outdoor play, rain or shine! I can't begin to tell you all the times we've spent preparing the outdoor classroom and play yard and the weather ends up not cooperating. On top of that, sometimes we will have days on end of nothing but rain! I don't know about you, but after a few days of zero outdoor play my students start to lose their marbles…and so do I!

Homeschool co-op sees increase in class enrollment The West Texas Homeschool Co-Op held its high school graduation on Tuesday. The Midland-based co-op is seeing a steady increase in the amount of families and students enrolling in classes. Homeschool co-ops offer various classes that students can attend every semester.

High School Electives for Homeschoolers Like chocolate and vanilla ice cream; teenagers and electives are meant for one another! What better way to take the reins of their learning, than to allow our teenagers to have a little bit of creative control over their future and learning.

Week 35 We slowed way down this week to allow ample time for the boys to work on their final projects. Both of them finished their chosen books this week and began work on the writing portion. We decided against the traditional book report format and went with more of a creative writing approach.

Letter B We are absolutely loving our Peaceful Preschool I need to find a way to combine it with the stuff I have from timberdoodle maybe on fridays? This program is four days because you're supposed to do a field trip fridays. Sometimes we can probably do it others maybe not.

The Science Packing List For Vacation Take science supplies on vacation! Vacations give kids the opportunity to learn about science outside of the textbook and without even realizing it! Plus, exploring and learning as a family makes great memories, too. I always search for ways to make our family vacations an educational experience while still having fun.

Free Preschool Printable: Counting Flowers Clip Cards Set 1 These blue and red counting flowers clip cards are perfect for your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener who is learning number recognition. This set includes:. If you have read any of my previous posts you know just how much I love clip cards! They are an amazing tool for learning, reinforcing, AND review!

Teens Magic Project Applications are now open to take part in the Wellcome Collection's free magic project for 14 to 19-year-olds. The aim is to learn the trade of conjurers and magicians, then step into the spotlight and perform. Not only is the project free to participate in, food and travel expenses will be covered!

Remembering Our Ancestors: Anna Margareta Aschauer Around 1735, the couple and their many children decided to immigrate to the New World, crossed the ocean and settled in Broadfording, Maryland, but Anna was not to live long in their new home. In 1737, apparently while or shortly after giving birth to her 20th child and 8th daughter, she passed away.

Weather Unit: Rain We have had some crazy weather lately, so we decided to do a unit on weather. Today was no exception. Sunny and warm 1 minute, then dark and bad storms the next. And then not even 10 minutes later back to sunny and clear like nothing happened. So we took these moments of rain to come in and start our unit.

Learning to Advocate Nicole has always been amazing at advocating for herself. She will tell you she can't touch/eat/be near. Today she had to advocate for her horse. He's been having some pain and stiffness for a while and we are finally getting to the bottom of it. I tried really hard to put my head in the sand on it but that's another story!

Day 5: Homeschool Curriculum Sale! Welcome to day 5 of my annual Homeschool Curriculum Sale!! Today is the LAST DAY to get sale prices!! AND…I've been doing a different giveaway each day, so if you missed my previous posts for this week, you may want to go back and enter to win! How do I get the discount?

No Excuses! I've never been a fan of excuses, which is probably the result of constantly being on some type of sports team growing up.

Fix It! Grammar It took me such a long time to find a way to teach you! I remember early in my homeschooling journey I asked a fellow homeschooling mom what she used to teach grammar. She responded, "Oh, I don't. As a matter of fact, many homeschoolers don't really teach grammar anymore." Dear reader, no.

Teaching With A New Perspective Most of us, myself included, were educated in a public school setting. We are used to learning in a traditional classroom with textbooks, worksheets, and scantron tests.

Fractal Kitty begins! I sometimes feel like a broken record. I repeat so much in conversation with parents, educators, and students when I consult with them on learning math that finally I sat down and brainstormed a website to share my ideas and best practices that I have used through the years.

Kinder Gardening to Celebrate Nature and Science I wished I had started gardening earlier with my kids, but your littles will love these kinder gardening resources to celebrate nature and science. Look at this adorable Radio Flyer big-kid wheelbarrow. Your kids will love to haul their own plants or just dirt.

Homeschooling kids isn't bad for their health "In other words, staying in homeschool longer isn't related to increased health benefits or deficits." Earlier this year Kabiri and her team reported that homeschooled students who depended on maintaining physical fitness through outside activities were often falling short.

Summer school…. Yes, you read that right Now, before you guys start thinking that I failed all my classes and I have to do summer school to make everything up… Please do not let that thought even enter your head, LOL!!! We decided to switch our homeschool curriculum to Abeka when we sold our old house in the fall of last year.

Transition Update for May and June This week has been a long one, with lots of ups and downs, for both the guys in Virginia as well as here in Florida with me and the kids. We received an offer.

What I Learned in My First 3 Years of Homeschooling I am now 3 and a half years into my homeschool journey. I started by pulling one kid out of public school because she was miserable, and ended up pulling the other kid too, simply because I fell in love with homeschooling and wanted both of my children to experience it.

More Frogs and little Toad Both my kids are currently tadpole obsessed. We have a number of them in a local pond near our house, our neighbour has some in his garden pond and we now have a few in our garden. And when I say obsessed I am honestly not exaggerating.

Time Off We start homeschooling - for the summer at the very least - in less than two weeks. I'm feeling the crunch to get everything ready and some sort of rhythm established… . Couple that with the insane amount of things going on next week, and I've decided to take some time "off".

Jenna Jameson declares she will homeschool daughter Batel Lu The 45-year-old retired porn star has declared she won't enroll her daughter Batel Lu in pre-school, and also plans to homeschool the two-year-old, along with help from tutors. But in an inauspicious sign of education to come, the mother-of-three misspelled the word tutors, referring instead to 'tudors'.

Reviewing colors through process art On the table, the children found good quality paper, red tape, and scissors. The instructions were simple. Cut pieces of red tape and stick them to your paper. For young children, the process of pulling out the tape, cutting off a strip, then sticking it to the paper is a huge challenge.

Homeschool Summer Reading Program Ideas - iHomeschool Network A summer reading program is a great way to cultivate a love of books as you can make quality time for the endeavor and keep the learning continuing throughout the school break. Starting a summer reading program at home is so simple. There are so many free resources out there to make reading and tracking your progress fun and enjoyable!

Wrapping up the school year We've had a sort of bizarre wrap up to our school year. We still have a few things to finish before I can officially say we're on summer break, but we've definitely lowered the intensity of our workload already. We had to hit it pretty hard in April, so May has been a slower pace.

Free Printable Spelling Dictionary for Students This free printable spelling dictionary is perfect for students who are just learning how to read and spell words. The cover has a place to personalize the downloadable book. It also has some fun graphics your student can color. There are pages for all of the letters of the alphabet.

Homeschool science: apologia & beyond In this house, we love science. Discovering how things work, how they function, playing with ingredients, memorizing the elements of the Periodic Table, assembling boxes of physics activities, and performing chemistry experiments, reading on plate tectonics or atomic theory, we've done a little bit of everything over the years.

Homeschool conference set for Fredericksburg Hallie Lord, host of Catholic Channel's Hallie Weekly, is the keynote speaker at the 17th annual IHM National Catholic Homeschool Conference at the Fredericksburg Expo and Convention Center June 21-22. Lord, a homeschool parent, is the author of "On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace," and co-founder of the Edel Gathering.

Lapbook planning tips My children loved doing lapbooks and we quickly figured out some practical tips to prevent overwhelm and to maximise our studies with other activities. Here are some of my tried- and -tested practical lapbook planning tips ~.

Homeschool Field Trip - Homeschool Days - Outdoor Education Searching for an educational Homeschool Field Trip? Homeschool Days at the Outdoor Education Center at Black Rock Retreat in Lancaster, PA are just for you.

Homeschool Field Trip Programs at Black Rock Retreat in Lancaster County, PA Black Rock Retreat offers hands-on learning programs for homeschool individuals and co-ops in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Click to learn more!

How to Use the End of Summer to Ease Into a Homeschool Routine One of the biggest, most jolting changes that comes with back to school is transitioning from having the total freedom to do whatever you want with your time to suddenly finding yourself confined by the structure of an organized homeschool day full of lessons.

Homeschool Program Online Registration Thanks to your suggestions, you can now register for Fall Homeschool Days the same way you register for Black Rock Summer Camp! Once you have created an account it will only take a few clicks to sign up and pay for upcoming Homeschool programs. To get started click the link below or continue reading below…Read More.

Cultured Wednesday: Lilly Martin Spencer's "We Both Must Fade" This is a favorite painting of our oldest daughter, and the third portrait of a girl in a row, albeit the model is a bit older this time. Have a look at this pretty, pensive young lady:. It is the first time that we have a painting of a female painter on here, we just realized.

Homeschooled North Texas Teen Graduates College At 16 Years Old At only 16, Hayley Taylor Schlitz is already a college graduate, the youngest ever at Texas Woman's University.

How to Dissolve a Seashell - Beach Hands-on Fun Activity With summer quickly approaching I thought a fun beach themed activity would be just the thing to keep kids interested and learning even with the end of the year burnout that we often face. I put together a fun activity - how to dissolve a seashell.

GCC Lima to host session for homeschool families LIMA - Genesee Community College invites homeschooled students and their parents to the Lima Campus Center, 7285 Gale Rd., on May 22 from 4 to 6 p.m. to learn about GCC's exciting opportunities for students who are homeschooled.

When a mum-of-boys has a baby girl. Obviously, the most important thing is that the baby arrives safely. I have never believed that I had a preference for sons or daughters. But, when I found out that, after three boys, I was expecting a baby girl, I was surprised, and a little bit nervous.

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7 Super Fun Staycation Ideas for Families Who Homeschool Looking for some fun things you can do as a family this year without breaking the bank? Check out these fun staycation ideas + FREE Scavenger Hunt!!

Fun Math Resources To Keep Sharp Over Summer Break Math typically isn't the first thing people think of when it's summer. For our family, summer is all about sun, fun, and friends. Mention learning anything around here and get ready for the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Even More Maths Facts Colouring Pages We've added another batch of maths facts colouring pages to the website - themed around summer and minibeasts.

Summer Preschool Math & Literacy Activities Summer is just about here! While schools are letting out, we're gearing up for a round of Summer homeschool preschool! I'll go more into why we're continuing with our school time throughout the Summer in a new post soon, so stay tuned! For now, I'm sharing some of the resources we'll be practicing with this Summer!

Fun Summer Learning Ideas for Homeschoolers If you are looking for fun ways to keep your kids busy and learning over the summer you'll love these easy to do activity ideas. One of the easiest ways to keep learning fun over the summer is to help your kids start their own garden!

Shifting gears: home education and "having it all" I've been doing a lot of multi-tasking recently. Anyone who knows me well, knows that this just means there's even more background noise than usual. On paper it looks like I'm attempting to have it all.

Attempts to Catch Up I have apparently lagged WAY behind in my posting. I'll have to do a broad sweep of a few post updates so that we can get caught up again! Kiwi Crates :. We had our dear missionary friends over for dinner while they were in town. You'll recognize them as friends we stayed with when we were in Germany.

7 Generation Games As a Homeschool Resource to Teach Math Looking for math resources for your homeschool curriculum? You should check out 7 Generation Games. 7 Generation Games makes games and apps to teach math. Games are available for all devices and easy-to-use.

How Mountains Are Made After watching a Planet Earth episode my son decided he wanted to relook at how mountains are formed. So while we were at the library picking up reserved books we quickly went to search for a mountain book and he selected this one How Mountains Are Made.