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EU159: Growing Up Unschooling with Max VerNooy Max VerNooy grew up unschooling. I've known Max's family for many years, online and through unschooling gatherings, and I'm so happy he agreed to chat with me about his experience growing up unschooling. We talk about the ebb and flow of his interests through the years, his time mentoring at an unschooling summer camp, and. Exploring Unschooling
CES 2019 Round-Up This year at CES, there were a number of themes amid all the tech that was on display. This is the third year in a row I've covered CES from afar and each year things get more and more interesting. Last year, I had reports from people at CES but I was unable to coordinate The post CES 2019 Round-Up WHS - 240 appeared first on The Wired Homeschool. The Wired homeschool
HSHSP Ep 144: Writing Research Papers, Interview with Kat Patrick This week on HSHSP Ep 144: Writing Research Papers, Interview with Kat Patrick. HSHSP Ep 144: Writing Research Papers, Interview with Kat Patrick Our friend, Dr. Kat Patrick, joins us for this episode to help guide through the important task of writing research papers. The Homeschool High Podcast
HS 142: Heather Woodie Morning Time with Teens Today we are joined on the podcast by Heather Woodie of Blog She Wrote, mom of four young adults. Heather has been practicing Morning Time in her family for a number of years, and has seen a shift in the practice as she has graduated two kids and is now left home with two more teens to go. The Homeschool Solutions Show
Episode 155: Solfa Charlotte Mason considered musical training an essential, including Solfa in her curriculum. This interview with Heidi Buschbach reveals the purpose of this method of music training, how Miss Mason employed it in her curriculum, and how untrained teachers can take advantage of resources to include this subject in their own lessons. A Delectable Education
EU158: Unschooling Book Clubs with Tracy and Erika Tracy Talavera and Erika Ellis are unschooling moms who also host an unschooling book club! We dive into the flow of a typical meeting, going about choosing books, figuring out membership, what they've personally gotten out of being part of the book club, and lots more. Exploring Unschooling
HSHSP Ep 143: Financial Literacy for Homeschool High Schoolers This week on HSHSP Ep 143: Financial Literacy for Homeschool High schoolers. HSHSP Ep 143: Financial Literacy for Homeschool High Schoolers How do you go about preparing homeschool high schoolers for managing money throughout their lives? The Homeschool High Podcast
HS 141 Welcome to the NEW Homeschool Solutions Show Welcome to the NEW Homeschool Solutions Show. In this episode of the podcast I chat about the changes to the show. Instead of just being an audio blog, the show will now alternate between audio blog and interview formats. I am super-excited about the changes and hope you are too. The Homeschool Solutions Show
145: Taking the Unschooling Yeti for a Test Drive This week, my teenager Sophie joins me to test drive my new Yeti mic! Hopefully, our conversation sounds good! Stories of an Unschooling Family
Episode 154: Charlotte Mason's Life and Work We begin a new year with Charlotte Mason's birthday by celebrating her life. This podcast episode reviews the timeline of Charlotte Mason's life, her accomplishments and the progression of her career, and reveals in part the beautiful influence her generous life offers us today. A Delectable Education
EU157: Unschooling Intentions with Sue Patterson Sue Patterson, a long-time unschooling mom with three now-adult children, joins me to talk about unschooling intentions. I love the energy of a new year, but I'm not so keen on making resolutions. For lasting change, I need something meatier. I've found that when I think about the kinds of changes I'd like to see in. Exploring Unschooling
Kate Friedman on Promoting Self-Direction in Public Education If you're in love with the principles of self-directed learning but don't want to abandon the public school system, how can you still make an impact? Kate Friedman has figured out one way to do this. Off-Trail Learning
HSHSP Ep 142: Homeschool Coaching with Vicki Bentley of HSLDA This week on HSHSP Ep 142: Homeschool Coaching with Vicki Bentley of HSLDA. HSHSP Ep 142: Homeschool Coaching with Vicki Bentley of HSLDA Ever felt stuck, confused or intimidated in your homeschooling adventures? It might be time for some homeschool coaching! The Homeschool High Podcast
Top 5 Blog Posts & Podcasts of 2018 Throughout 2018, there were a number of blog posts and podcasts that readers and listeners found helpful. Some of them were published this year, and some are more popular now than they have been in the past. Here are the top five blog posts and podcasts for 2018. The Wired homeschool
Episode 153: Listener Q&A #30 What would Charlotte Mason say about children coming into the feast late or mid-year, when children refuse to cooperate, or how to get them to be more independent in their school lessons? This month's Q&A addresses these questions from listeners. A Delectable Education
HS 140: How You Are The Enemy of Your Best Morning by Pam Barnhill I wrote last week about how your quiet time could be sabotaging your homeschool morning. This is so true for moms in particular seasons of life — especially when you are still waking multiple times each night or you have small children still. But what about the mom whose kids are pretty much school age. The Homeschool Solutions Show
EU156: Surprises on the Unschooling Journey It's time for another compilation episode! Let's dive into how twelve unschooling parents answer the question, "What has surprised you most so far about how unschooling has unfolded in your lives?" I hope you enjoy hearing what these unschooling parents had to share! Exploring Unschooling
Episode 152: CM In Our Homes, Cheryl Torku This podcast episode of Charlotte Mason in Our Homes features an interview with a mother of six children. A Delectable Education
HS 139: How Your Morning Quiet Time Is Sabotaging Your Day by Pam Barnhill It was dark and rainy outside. I slowly peeled back the covers and eased away from the warm little body bedside me and into the cold. If I woke him, all bets were off. I fumbled around in the dark for my glasses and slippers as I eased quietly from the room to make a cup of coffee. The Homeschool Solutions Show
EU155: Let 'Em Go Barefoot with Missy Willis Missy Willis is an unschooling mom of two children and host of the website, Let 'Em Go Barefoot, where she shares her personal experiences, thoughts, and research around unschooling. We dive into her journey from getting her master's in Special Ed to unschooling, what she means by the phrase "ego-schooling," how jumping in to help our children. Exploring Unschooling
HSHSP Ep 141: Handling Difficult People During the Holidays This week on HSHSP Ep 141: Handling Difficult People During the Holidays! HSHSP Ep 141: Handling Difficult People During the Holidays Dreading those tough moments at holiday gatherings when someone makes everyone tense, irritated or embarrassed? It's not just you. The Homeschool High Podcast
How to Include STEM in Your Homeschooling Every Day Looking for practical ways to teach your kids STEM topics? Today I share some suggestions for teaching your kids about STEM topics through everyday things like visiting the gas pump or watching sports. Briefly, the three examples I give in this podcast are: * At the gas pump - How is fuel made? The Wired homeschool
Episode 151: Mapping Charlotte Mason thought geography a vital subject in the feast, but where do maps fit into the lessons and what are the most effective ways to use them? Emily unpacks her most recent research and dispels some popular myths about map work. A Delectable Education
144: Reading Out Loud and a Generous Christmas This week, I'm answering some questions about reading out loud: What is our reading out loud process? Should we have a time built into the flow ? What if this time crowds out other projects our children are working on individually? How do we choose books? Stories of an Unschooling Family
EU154: Unschooling Dads and Documentaries with Jeremy Stuart Jeremy Stuart joins Pam for an engaging conversation about unschooling, documentaries, and life. Jeremy is an unschooling dad and video editor who also directed and co-produced the documentary film, Class Dismissed, which was released in 2015. Since then, it has been screened in more than 60 countries and translated into five languages. Exploring Unschooling
How to Follow Through on Your Plans and Goals This Year In the last episode, I gave three reasons we don't follow through with our plans and goals. You'll want to listen to that episode first if you haven't already. I had a mom tell me she hoped I could help her get past those three obstacles. I hope I can too. The Homeschool Sanity Show
HSHSP Ep 140: Homeschooler Becomes Podcaster, Interview with Vikings Podcaster Noah Tetzner This week on HSHSP Ep 140: Homeschooler Becomes Podcaster, Interview with Vikings Podcaster Noah Tetzner. HSHSP Ep 140: Homeschooler Becomes Podcaster, Interview with Vikings Podcaster Noah Tetzner We love to chat with homeschoolers who are making the most of homeschooling high school! The Homeschool High Podcast
Episode 18: Geography The scope of the subject of geography matches the size of the world it covers and Charlotte Mason's approach to this subject is likewise vast and multifaceted. This podcast episode discusses the purpose of geography study, the variety of resources used for learning, and gives a broad overview of the progression throughout forms I to VI. A Delectable Education
HSP 074 Emily Cook: A Structured Approach to Interest-Led Learning When Emily Cook couldn't find the homeschool curriculum she wanted, she made her own! Emily shares how Build Your Library, her literature-based secular curriculum, got started and how it helps families provide a structured approach to interest-led learning using unit studies and more. Homeschooling
143: Respecting Kids and Christmas Presents This week, I'm sharing some news about my unschooling book. I'm also sharing two stories, one about respecting children, and the other about perfect Christmas presents and love. And I'm discussing the following questions: Is it the right of every child to be respected? Stories of an Unschooling Family
HS 138: Symptoms of a Homeschool Mom I saw a photo the other day of a worn out, exhausted mother collapsed onto a chair, hand to forehead. The caption under the picture read “I put my symptoms into Web MD and it turns out I just have kids.” I couldn’t help but giggle. I knew exactly how she felt. The Homeschool Solutions Show
EP 46: What the Dickens? Today’s episode features a discussion of Charles Dickens’ famous story A Christmas Carol, which is Brandy's FAVORITE Christmas story. Naturally, Mystie and Pam tried to ruin it for her, but she was undaunted, and thinks you will be, too. ** This episode is sponsored by Mystie’s Brain Dump Guide. The Scholé Sisters Podcast
Episode 150: Leisure Reading Living ideas flow from the living books Charlotte Mason assigned for school lessons and life lessons. This episode examines the purpose for the selection of literature for those after-school hours, and how to encourage this life-giving reading habit. A Delectable Education
HS 137: How to Have the Perfect Christmas with Visiting Family by Dachelle McVey Everyone wants a perfect holiday. Christmas is the holiday of holidays. Between the presents, the food, the crazy relatives – it can be super stressful to try to make Christmas perfect. How do you manage your visiting family and enjoy the most stressful holiday of the year? The Homeschool Solutions Show
EU153: Unschooling the Holidays with Pam and Anna Anna Brown joins Pam to talk about navigating the holiday season through the lens of unschooling. As we move into the holiday season, things can get challenging. Maybe you're deep into deschooling and questioning everything-including holiday traditions-to see how well they really fit your family. Exploring Unschooling
A Brief Introduction to North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens North Star is an alternative to middle school and high school in Western Massachusetts, and it's a highly inspiring model of supporting self-directed learning at the teenage level. In Fall 2018, I took a break from my speaking tour to spend 9 days at North Star and immerse myself in the model and its community. Off-Trail Learning
Why You're Not Following Through on Your Plans and Goals Are you great at making plans for the new school year but you never seem to do what you've planned? Or are you great at setting goals for the new year that you struggle to achieve? If that's you, I'm going to put my psychologist hat on and explain why your follow-through fails. The Homeschool Sanity Show
Episode 57: Exploring Subscription Boxes Subscription boxes are so much fun! And they make great holiday gifts. So in this week's episode Cait + Kara are exploring tons of boxes. The Homeschool Sisters
HSHSP Ep 139: How Homeschoolers Find Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe This week on HSHSP Ep 139: How Homeschoolers Find Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe. HSHSP Ep 139: How Homeschoolers Find Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe Got a homeschool high schooler headed to college? The Homeschool High Podcast
YMB #60 The Truth About Myth: A Conversation with Angelina Stanford One of my favorite guests ever is back again on the Your Morning Basket podcast. Last fall when we had Angelina Stanford on the show to talk to us about why fairy tales are important reading for your kids, you let us know how much you loved the episode and Angelina's enthusiasm for the topic. Your Morning Basket
Getting Devices Ready for Giving with Michael Prince Michael Prince from BecauseFamily joins me again to discuss safe digital parenting. With the holidays just around the corner, you'll want to make sure any gifts you're giving to your kids are safe and ready to use when they're unwrapped. The Wired homeschool
Episode 149: God in the Laboratory Charlotte Mason has given us a method of education. What does this imply? Was it based on tradition? science? natural or divine law? And, what in all practical use, do these questions have to do with the day-in and day-out teaching of our children. A Delectable Education
HS 136: My Reflections As a Homeschooled Daughter by Christine Fulmer I am often asked a lot of things when out and about with my family. Are all those kids yours? Do you know what causes that? You Homeschool, Aren’t you tired all the time? Not only are they all mine and yes we are very aware of how it happens, we like having a big family and I love being at home and educating them. The Homeschool Solutions Show
142: An Unschooler Talks About Life, Work and Dreams If you enjoy my podcast, please consider sharing the link so we can spread the word about unschooling. A quick review or rating would help too! Please feel welcome to visit my blog Stories of an Unschooling Family to leave a comment about anything we talked about in this episode. Stories of an Unschooling Family
EU152: Ten Questions with Vicky Bennison Vicky Bennison and her husband always unschooled their two children-now young adults. I met Vicky years ago and we've stayed connected online ever since. Exploring Unschooling
HSHSP Ep 138: Teens and Depression This week on HSHSP Ep 138: Teens and Depression. HSHSP Ep 138: Teens and Depression We wish it wasn't true but it is. Many teens experience depression at one time or another. Even homeschool high schoolers in a nurturing environment may have a depressive bout. The Homeschool High Podcast
How To Train Character Into Your Kids It's the holidays as I'm recording and there's nothing like the holidays to make your kids' character clear. If you'd like to see a little more love, gratitude, and diligence in them, you'll love this week's episode on training character into your kids. The Homeschool Sanity Show
Episode 56: You Don't Have to Do All the Things, A Special Holiday Episode with Melissa Camara Wilkins The holidays are here, sisters, and if like us, you're feeling just a tiny* bit overwhelmed, join us for this replay episode with the fantastic Melissa Camara Wilkins. Melissa is a mama of 6, a writer, homeschooler and Cait + Kara's very favorite resource for living simply and authentically. The Homeschool Sisters
HSP 73 Virginia Lee Rogers: Charlotte Mason IRL Virginia Lee Rogers, a contributor to Charlotte Mason IRL, shares the story of this lovely Instagram account. Discover the purpose behind these practical, inspirational, and authentic glimpses into real life CM families. And find out how Virginia Lee strives to apply these practices in her homeschool. Homeschooling
Episode 148: Listener Q&A #29 Charlotte Mason had children feasting on books, which means we teachers have questions about them. This month's Q&A podcast episode addresses questions about children who are sensitive to certain books, how to find great living books, and, when they come home, how to organize those books. A Delectable Education