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EP 49: The Sisters on Sayers - Not the Podcast You Expected This is the first of two episodes in which the Sisters say things about Dorothy Sayers - specifically, they say things about her famous essay, The Lost Tools of Learning. What sort of things, you ask? Today, we're talking good stuff: the good, the true, the beautiful. The Scholé Sisters Podcast
Episode 164: Charlotte Mason in Our Homes, Jenny Schreiner Charlotte Mason's method works in all kinds of homes and with every kind of child. This podcast interview with Jenny Schreiner demonstrates this perfectly. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, just imagine seven children under 11, special needs children, adopted children, being new to and trying to implement Charlotte Mason. A Delectable Education
EU167: Unschooling Dads with Ben Lovejoy Ben Lovejoy, a long-time unschooling dad, joins me this week. I met Ben and his family at the first unschooling conference we ever attended. His boys are grown now and we have a lovely chat reflecting on his family's journey, including the influence of his military background, the idea of rules versus principles, the value. Exploring Unschooling
HSHSP Ep 152: How to Get Your Homeschool High School Organized, Interview with Melanie Wilson This week on HSHSP Ep 152: How to Get Your Homeschool High School Organized, Interview with Melanie Wilson. HSHSP Ep 152: How to Get Your Homeschool High School Organized, Interview with Melanie Wilson We were so excited to have this interview with Melanie Wilson of the Homeschool Sanity Podcast. The Homeschool High Podcast
How to Help Your Homeschooler Transition to Middle and High School The homeschooling parents I talk with are most likely to get panicky when the middle and high school years aren't far off. My discussion today will put your minds at ease. Let's Connect But first, I would love to have you follow me on Instagram at Psychowith6. The Homeschool Sanity Show
Episode 63: Q & A: Strewing 101 The sisters are chatting strewing. What is it? How do you do it? What if your kids hate what you strew? And do you need to start with a book? Cait + Kara are tackling your strewing questions and queries, and sharing lots of examples of how they use strewing in their homeschools. The Homeschool Sisters
HS 150 Manners in Morning Time: A Conversation with Jamie Erickson On today's episode of the podcast we are joined by Jamie Erickson from The Unlikely Homeschool to talk about how she uses Morning Time as a forum to teach her kids manners. In the show we get a glimpse into Jamie's Morning Time including: What makes Morning Time a good setting for teaching manners. The Homeschool Solutions Show
Episode 163: A Math Teacher's Thoughts on CM Math Charlotte Mason grounded her educational method on definite principles and practices - and the subject of mathematics is no exception. Today's guest, Emily Al-Khatib is a math teacher herself and shares her perspective on the beauty and truth of using Miss Mason's methods in this part of the feast. A Delectable Education
EU166: Unschooling and the Teen Years with Sue Patterson: Part 2 This week is Part 2 of my wonderful conversation with Sue Patterson about unschooling and the teen years. In this episode we talk about the later teen years, transitioning into adulthood, is there preparation needed, should we be defining success for someone else, connection and how relationships evolve and change. Exploring Unschooling
Get Dressed for Homeschool Success I am so excited about this episode. We aren't going to talk parenting or academics. We're going to talk about you. You are so important to your homeschool. You may think I'm going to talk about you getting enough sleep, the right nutrition, and exercise - and all those things are important. The Homeschool Sanity Show
Episode 62: Foreign Language in Your Homeschool with Anne Guarnera Sisters - so many of you have asked for this one, and Cait + Kara are thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. The Homeschool Sisters
HSHSP EP 151: Approaches to Teaching Literature in Homeschool High School This week on HSHSP EP 151: Approaches to Teaching Literature in Homeschool High School. HSHSP EP 151: Approaches to Teaching Literature in Homeschool High School Is there ONE right way to homeschool high school Literature? Of course not! Sabrina and Vicki want to encourage you to have fun with right way for your homeschool high schoolers! The Homeschool High Podcast
HS 149 : Homeschooling - Are You Doing It Right? by Kelly George It’s the question that haunts many homeschooling parents – how do I know that I’m doing it right? I’m responsible for the education of my children and there’s no-one and nothing to tell me WHAT to do and WHEN to do it and HOW to do it and argh! The Homeschool Solutions Show
Jerry Mintz on AERO Jerry Mintz founded the Alternative Education Resource Organization over 30 years ago and has since helped start over 50 learner-centered schools. In this special episode, Jerry and I interview each other about the state of alternative education in the world and what makes us hopeful that the movement is making progress. Off-Trail Learning
Rob Jensen and Art for Kids Hub Rob Jensen graduated from BYU with a BFA in Industrial Design. After graduating, he moved to Michigan to work for Ford Motor Company where he designed future cars for 7 years. After moving back to Utah and starting a business, Rob began drawing with my kids and realized it would be fun to share their art-time with other families. The Wired homeschool
EP 48: Someone Stole My Socrates! This episode, Brandy and Mystie discuss the Socratic Method. Is it really classical? Is it progressive? Does it have anything to do with Socrates? Has Socrates been kidnapped and, if so, it is right to hunt him down and steal him back?? ** This episode is sponsored by the Scholé Sisters newsletter! The Scholé Sisters Podcast
Episode 162: Creating Your Own CM Curriculum Charlotte Mason sent her programmes out to thousands, but what would she say about families striking out on their own to determine their own course? It is an era of independent-minded homeschoolers; is it possible to come close to her standards for the feast and the right living books to offer? A Delectable Education
EU165: Unschooling and the Teen Years with Sue Patterson: Part 1 Sue Patterson returns to talk about unschooling and the teen years. We are both rather passionate about the topic and our conversation ended up lasting almost two hours! I decided to split it into two, and it actually worked out quite well, with Part 1 covering the transition into the teen years, and Part 2. Exploring Unschooling
Episode 61: Q & A: What Led Us to Homeschooling Cait + Kara are both unexpected homeschoolers. In fact, it's one of the things that bonded them. Listen in as they share how they ended up homeschooling their kiddos AFTER sending their kids to preschool programs. In fact, one of them even quit homeschooling for a short time and sent a child back to school before giving homeschooling another shot. The Homeschool Sisters
HSHSP Ep 150: Why All the Language Arts Credits in Homeschool? Interview with Katie Glennon This week HSHSP Ep 150: Why All the Language Arts Credits in Homeschool? Interview with Katie Glennon. HSHSP Ep 150: Why All the Language Arts Credits in Homeschool? Interview with Katie Glennon Homeschool high schoolers need 4 Language Arts credits on their transcripts. The Homeschool High Podcast
HS 148: Homeschool Convention 411 with Dawn Garrett Today I am joined by Homeschool Solutions Community Manager and fellow convention fan Dawn Garrett to talk all about the homeschool convention. Dawn and I are both long-time attendees of Great Homeschool Conventions and are looking forward to meeting many of you there this year. The Homeschool Solutions Show
148: Our Writing Unrules for Unschoolers This week, my daughter Imogen and I are chatting about unschool writing. How do unschoolers learn to write? We share my writing unrules which are based on my observations of my children who all love writing. Stories of an Unschooling Family
Episode 161: Listener Q&A #32 Charlotte Mason valued time and recognized its limitations. This Q&A episode considers three questions regarding time: use of scheduling cards to develop a timetable for multiple ages, how to handle a child who cannot tolerate book work for much time, and, last but not least, how a mother can possibly manage all her responsibilities in the time... A Delectable Education
EU164: Q&A with Anna and Pam This week Anna Brown joins me to answer some questions from listeners. We talk about finding friends, letting go of worry and fear of the future, the teen years, and more. I think you'll find some helpful nuggets no matter where you are on your unschooling journey. Exploring Unschooling
Episode 60: Q&A: Best Books for the Early Years The sisters are sharing their favorite books that inspired them in the early years of parenting and homeschooling. They each tried to pick 5 without too much overlap… and ended up with books that helped them gain confidence and learn about topics like nature, play, child development and more. The Homeschool Sisters
HSHSP Ep 149: Got-to-Have Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript This week on HSHSP Ep 149: Got-to-Have Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript. HSHSP Ep 149: Got-to-Have Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript What kinds of courses do homeschool high schoolers need for graduation? That is one of our FAVORITE topics! The Homeschool High Podcast
HS 147 A Day in the Life: Homeschooling Multiple Children by Deana Wood Have you seen the video where someone is trying to line up a litter of cute, cuddly kittens? If you haven’t, let me spoil it for you: it doesn’t work very well! As you can imagine, it’s a full thirty seconds of constant redirection, repositioning, and mayhem. The Homeschool Solutions Show
Scratch That Coding Itch with Ryan Swanstrom Scratch 3.0 was released in January 2019 and includes a number of great new features including the ability to create and play projects on a tablet. Ryan Swanstrom joins me today to discuss Scratch 3.0 and how homeschoolers can use it to teach their kids how to code, for free! The Wired homeschool
EP 47: Rightly Dividing Mystie and Brandy are glad to have Karen Glass back on the show to help us kick off Season 8. Karen is the author of Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition and Know and Tell: The Art of Narration and a member of the Advisory of AmblesideOnline. The Scholé Sisters Podcast
Episode 160: Charlotte Mason in Our Homes: Amy Fields Charlotte Mason believed children are born persons and this podcast honors a very special person and her family. Liz Cottrill interviews Amy Fields, mother of a "full care child," whose handicaps seem insurmountable but whose spirit is indomitable. A Delectable Education
EU163: Growing Up Unschooling with Adrian Peace-Williams Adrian Peace-Williams joins me this week! A companion conversation to last week's episode with her mom, Adrian and I have a wonderful conversation, diving into her childhood unschooling, her choice to go to high school, her years of traveling the world after high school, where she is now in her journey, and lots more. Exploring Unschooling
Episode 59: Audacious Writing, Homeschooling and Parenting with Julie Bogart The sisters are joined by Julie Bogart of Brave Writer! In this episode, Julie shares about her new book, The Brave Learner, which is packed full of from-the-trenches wisdom, experience and so many gems that Cait literally ran out of book darts. The Homeschool Sisters
HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake This week on HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake. HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake Paul Drake of Code Apprentice joins Vicki for a discussion on ways to introduce your homeschool high schoolers to coding, and to bring them to expertise level. The Homeschool High Podcast
HS 146 Julie Bogart: The Homeschool Experiment Today on the show I am joined by homeschool veteran and writing guru Julie Bogart. In this conversation we chat about Julie's fond memories of homeschooling, what she did well, her biggest homeschool regrets, and she shares tons of wisdom on how to be true to yourself in your homeschool. The Homeschool Solutions Show
147: A Big Chat About Unschooling Teenagers My daughters Imogen and Sophie join me to talk about unschooling teenagers: What do teenagers need? Should parents introduce more structured learning during the high school years? Or do teenagers need to be free to continue to explore their passions? What should we do if a teenager doesn't appear to have any particular passions? Stories of an Unschooling Family
Episode 159: Composition Instruction The subject of composition perplexes because Charlotte Mason required it and yet discouraged its instruction. How does a teacher abide by her principles and fulfill these requirements? This episode analyzes her principles of writing skill and instruction and traces its development through the forms. A Delectable Education
EU162: Ten Questions with Alex Peace Alex Peace has been one of my unschooling inspirations for many years! She has three adult children and I'm so excited that she agreed to come on the podcast to talk about her family's unschooling experiences. We dive into what she found to be the most challenging aspect of deschooling, building trust, stretching comfort zones,. Exploring Unschooling
Episode 58: Hyggeschooling 2: Electric Light Boogaloo The sisters are back with Season 6, and they're talking one of their very favorite topics - Hyggeschooling! Listen as the sisters talk cozy homeschooling, building atmosphere, and adding twinkle lights everywhere! This episode will inspire you to put on your warmest socks, pour everyone some hot chocolate and actually enjoy February. The Homeschool Sisters
Homeschool Gone Wild: A Fresh Look at Unschooling I've done a lot of reading on unschooling and I've experimented with it in the afternoons with my kids over the years. But I was forced to take a fresh look at unschooling when I read the book, Homeschool Gone Wild. I invited the author, Karla Marie Williams, to be a guest on the podcast and I posed some challenging questions to her. The Homeschool Sanity Show
HS 145: How to Homeschool with Confidence by Dawn Garrett I’ve noticed that my attitudes get passed along to my children with pretty much zero effort on my part. When I am happy, things mostly flow along happily. When I worry, their worry amps up. When I am frantic, so are they. When I am calm… well, there’s always an exception to prove the rule. The Homeschool Solutions Show
HSHSP Ep 147: Soft Skills for Teens: Teaching a Welcoming Culture This week on HSHSP Ep 147: Soft Skills for Teens: Teaching a Welcoming Culture. HSHSP Ep 147: Soft Skills for Teens: Teaching a Welcoming Culture We've all had the experience of being the new person in a group and NO ONE talking to you or welcoming you in. The Homeschool High Podcast
Ned Johnson on The Self-Driven Child What's the sense and science behind giving kids more control over their lives? Why do they deserve autonomy? Ned Johnson answers these questions in his wonderful 2018 book, The Self-Driven Child. In the interview Ned discusses his life as a Washington D.C. Off-Trail Learning
146: Finding Unschooling in Unexpected Places and Other Things Read Imogen's novel The Crystal Tree Instagram Write. Rewrite. Read Website Write. Rewrite. Read Sophie Elvis Instagram thetechnomaid tough.turtle Youtube Sophie Elvis My Instagram stories_ofan_unschoolingfamily Thank you for listening to this episode. Stories of an Unschooling Family
Episode 158: The Charlotte Mason Digital Collection Charlotte Mason left us her wisdom in her extensive writings, but this podcast episode specifically addresses the further wealth of information available through the CMDC - The Charlotte Mason Digital Collection. A Delectable Education
EU161: What is Unschooling? This week, please enjoy the audiobook edition of my intro book, What is Unschooling? Written and read by me, Pam Laricchia. Here's the description: Life in the real world is much bigger and more exciting than a school can contain within its four walls. Exploring Unschooling
Homeschooling With Hulu? 10 Documentaries You Can Watch Now Educational content is available all over the Internet. As streaming services become more popular, more educational documentaries become available to homeschoolers. Previously, I've shared YouTube channels and documentaries on Netflix that are educational. The Wired homeschool
Homeschooling a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder I always want this podcast to serve you in your homeschooling. One area that I haven't devoted as much attention to is special needs. I want to change that. In today's episode, we'll hear from Colleen Kessler about homeschooling a child with sensory processing disorder. The Homeschool Sanity Show
HS 144: Personal and Communal Prayer: A Conversation with Christopher and Christine Perrin Today we welcome Christopher and Christine Perrin to the podcast to chat about prayer in your homeschool, Morning Time, and personal time. It is a fascinating conversation. Join us as we discuss: How prayer can be both a personal discipline and a corporate practice What are the best ways to teach and model practice of prayer. The Homeschool Solutions Show
HSHSP Ep 146: Helping Teens Find Their Passions, Interview with Cindy West This week on HSHSP Ep 146: Helping Teens Find Their Passions, Interview with Cindy West. HSHSP Ep 146: Helping Teens Find Their Passions, Interview with Cindy West Join Vicki and our friend, Cindy West, of Our Journey Westward, NaturExplorers, and Homeschooling Gifted Kids. The Homeschool High Podcast
Episode 157: Listener Q&A #31 Charlotte Mason's method is no exception: wherever truth is sown, misconceptions and myths are sure to proliferate alongside it. This month's Q&A episode addresses some common questions arising from some of the myths that surround her. A Delectable Education