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Episode 190: Picture Study Charlotte Mason included the study of great works of art in her regular school curriculum. This episode explores the many options for making picture study and picture talk more robust, richer, and engaging for your children with examples and ideas straight from the P.N.E.U. A Delectable Education
Matthew Gioia on Sudbury Ideals vs. Reality After teaching 6th grade reading at a tough school in Mississippi, Matthew Gioia discovered the Sudbury Valley School literature and quickly became enamored. Like many people Sudbury represents an idyllic philosophy that leaves behind the baggage of conventional education. Off-Trail Learning
EU211: Learning in the Real World When we first decide our children aren't going to go to school, it can be daunting to envision how they're going to learn instead. The great thing is, we don't need to re-create the ethos of school in our homes to help our children's learning thrive in the real world. Exploring Unschooling
YMB #65 Remembrance and Grammar: A Conversation with Cindy Rollins Listen for: The idea of anchoring or tethering our children to a cultural heritage. What are some Morning Time elements that help to convey this cultural heritage. How Cindy handles the aspects of our heritage that are not positive or admirable. The connection between language and memory and how language helps form relationships with ideas. Your Morning Basket
EU210: Unschooling Stories with Michelle Conaway Michelle Conaway joins me this week. Michelle is an unschooling mother of three and grandmother to one! She also runs the Texas Unschoolers group, coordinates their annual conference, and was gracious enough to share her journey and some wonderful stories and insights from their unschooling lives. Exploring Unschooling
Episode 189: Time to Talk Charlotte Mason insisted the teacher not take a "front and center" role, warned against the "talky-talky" teacher, etc. This episode addresses when it is appropriate for the teacher to explain, question, and even present the "oral lesson." A Delectable Education
EU209: The Lovely Chaos of Unschooling with Shan Burton Shan Burton is a writer, an unschooling mom and a recent widow. She kindly joins me this week to talk about her unschooling life, how the idea of Lovely Chaos came about and how embracing unschooling healed her relationships and helped her family through the loss of their beloved husband and father. Exploring Unschooling
Kerry McDonald on Entrepreneurial Education Kerry McDonald is the author of the 2019 book, Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom, as well as a regular contributor to Forbes, the Cato Institute, and the Foundation for Economic Education. Off-Trail Learning
HS 193: Troubles in the Homeschool, Wendy Speake Sonlight Curriculum - Complete homeschool curriculum, you’re guaranteed to love. Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses - Purchase Wendy's book HERE. Medi-Share - An affordable and Biblical healthcare alternative. The Homeschool Solutions Show
HS 192: Passing the Baton with Wendy Speake All good things must come to an end and this is one of those cases. I have decided to turn my focus to Morning Baskets in 2020 and beyond and therefore am stepping down as host of the Homeschool Solutions show. But never fear, I am leaving you in great hands. The Homeschool Solutions Show
YMB #64 Memory Work from a Mom's Perspective: A Conversation with Amy Sloan Today on the podcast I am joined by Amy Sloan from and mom of five kids ages 4 to 14. For about the past five years Amy has made memory work a central part of her homeschool day. Your Morning Basket
EU208: Don't Aim for Perfect with Sue Patterson Sue Patterson joins me to talk about how the idea of "perfect" can get in the way of living our best unschooling life. We touch on comparisons, tough times, the personal work involved, the gifts that these choices bring, and lots more! Discussion Points Let's start with the genuine excitement that bubbles up when we. Exploring Unschooling
Episode 188: Short Topics #2 This Charlotte Mason episode is a brief look into some important, but less talked of subjects. Nicole briefly discusses the natural history lists, what kind, why, and how they are kept; Emily shares about the scope of this curriculum - is it broad or deep; and Liz discusses the importance of the preschool years and what we must guard for the... A Delectable Education
EU207: Advice from Grown Unschoolers It's compilation episode time again! In many of my conversations with grown unschoolers, I ask what advice they'd like to share with newer unschooling parents who are starting out on this journey. In this episode, I've woven together answers from eleven episodes and twelve grown unschoolers. Exploring Unschooling
HS 191 : Why I'm No Longer Behind in Homeschooling by Jamie Erickson A Little behind My sweet mother-in-love used to have this little ceramic doll that sat on a shelf in her living room. I remember seeing it long before I ever made the decision to homeschool. The Homeschool Solutions Show
YMB #63 Transitioning to Morning Time with Older Kids with Cindy West What happens to your morning time as your kids get older? Does it change or do we stop requiring them to attend? Can your teen outgrow Morning Time? These are the questions that Cindy West from Our Journey Westward joins me to answer today. Your Morning Basket
RECAST: Unschooling the Holidays Anna Brown joins Pam to talk about navigating the holiday season through the lens of unschooling. As we move into the holiday season, things can get challenging. Maybe you're deep into deschooling and questioning everything-including holiday traditions-to see how well they really fit your family. Exploring Unschooling
HS 190 Saying Goodbye to Comparison and Loving the Homeschool You Have by Emily Copeland It’s no secret that comparison is a thief of joy. That’s true in all of areas of life, including homeschooling. The Homeschool Solutions Show
EU206: Deschooling with Kinsey Norris Kinsey Norris is an unschooling mom with two kids and we had a wonderful chat about her journey! She has a background in Early Childhood Education and it was fascinating to see how many seeds were planted along the way that ultimately grew into the amazing unschooling life they are living as a family today. Exploring Unschooling
YMB #62 Personal and Communal Prayer: A Conversation with Christopher and Christine Perrin Today we welcome Christopher and Christine Perrin to the podcast to chat about prayer in your homeschool, Morning Time, and personal time. It is a fascinating conversation. Join us as we discuss: How prayer can be both personal discipline and corporate practice. Your Morning Basket
Gina Riley on Self-Determination Theory Gina Riley, Ph.D., is an educational psychologist and Clinical Professor of Adolescent Special Education at Hunter College in New York City. She's also the leading researcher on the connection between unschooling and Self-Determination Theory. Off-Trail Learning
HS 189 : Why Bother? What's the point of a great education if your children can't seem to remember most of it? by Amy Sloan Tell me I’m not the only one… You spend hours crafting the Ultimate Book List… You incorporate hands-on-projects… You basically make learning awesome and fun… And a few years later, your children don’t seem to remember any of it. It’s tempting to get a little grumpy about the perceived waste of time and effort. The Homeschool Solutions Show
EP #64: How Christmas is Like a Funeral Today, we present our annual Christmas episode! We’re using Josef Pieper’s book In Tune with the World to discuss festivity, Christmas, and, of course, FUNERALS. That’s right. You don’t want to miss this one! Topical discussion begins at 15:04. The Scholé Sisters Podcast
EU205: Unschooling Dads with Lucas Land Lucas Land is an unschooling dad with three kids, and we have a wonderful conversation about deschooling, living in another country, trusting our kids, and lots more! He also recently started a podcast, We Don't Talk About That with Lucas Land. Questions for Lucas Can you share with us a bit about you and your. Exploring Unschooling
HS 188 : The Eraser by Aby Rinella Each day as we wrap up school I take a moment to return our table from desk back to gathering place. I stack books, collect papers and brush up the eraser dust from the day’s lessons. Eraser dust. Everywhere. The Homeschool Solutions Show
Episode 86: An Invitation to Slow Down with Katrina Kenison In this final episode of Season 7, Cait and Kara are talking to the author of one of their favorite books - Katrina Kenison. The sisters and Katrina discuss her book Mitten Strings for God, and how it impacted Cait and Kara as young moms. The Homeschool Sisters
165: Stories About Connection from Radical Unschool Love This week, I'm sharing a few stories from my book, Radical Unschool Love: A Teenager’s Thoughts Learning Right from Wrong Developing a Sense of Right and Wrong Can We Be Both Parent and Friend? Stories of an Unschooling Family
EU204: Q&A with Anna and Pam Anna Brown joins me this week to dive into listener questions. Question Summaries The first question is about deschooling and moving to unschooling. She has two boys and they have always homeschooled. They've been looking at moving to unschooling. She's been reading and researching and she's feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Exploring Unschooling
YMB #61 Morning Time with Teens: A Conversation with Heather Woodie Today we are joined on the podcast by Heather Woodie of Blog She Wrote, mom of four young adults. Heather has been practicing Morning Time in her family for a number of years, and has seen a shift in the practice as she has graduated two kids and is now left home with two more teens to go. Your Morning Basket
HS 187 How to Take the Stress Out of December by Cindy West I never like to admit when I’m barely treading water, but it happens almost every year as Thanksgiving approaches. The moment the leftover turkey is put in the fridge, it seems that December and its giant to-do list overwhelm me. Besides the regular crazy that we call our day-to-day around here, December kicks it up more than a notch or two. The Homeschool Solutions Show