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Common Fertilization Mistakes How much do you know about plant fertilizer? While your level of knowledge depends on your gardening experience, as well as how much research you've done on the topic, this doesn't mean that you don't make mistakes when applying yours. It's very easy to use the wrong type of fertilizer, not mix it correctly, or even apply too much of it.

Customizable Strawberry Jam Canning Recipe Strawberry jam is a fast and fun recipe that a beginner can make and this recipe explains how you can round up a selection of optional add-ins to add just before canning to customize your jam and make it your own. One way to tell which jar is which is to use these fun, colored lids.

Happy Father's Day From Texas Homesteader! Our 'Big Boy' would like to wish all you dads out there a very. Save. Save. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Recipe Rating. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Giant Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern This post will explain how to create a giant yarn throw using the super thick wool yarn that is so popular right now. This is the giant yarn crochet blanket pattern you need! I'll share the best places to get giant yarn and explain what you need to know to create a gorgeous knitted or crocheted blanket of your own.

Spiced Pear Butter Spiced pear butter is easy, grown up in taste, and flavored with maple syrup, whiskey if you please, and spices. It's delicious in your lunch box, in between the layers of a cake, and more. Read on for this simple spiced pear butter recipe! First, if you clicked on to this recipe and are worried about the canning part, don't worry.

Monstera Growth Three years ago I bought a monstera deliciosa plant while working in Victoria and just recently looked at it and realized how huge it has gotten. I got it from Rook and Rose where they sell out so quickly that I had to put my name on a waiting list to get the chance to buy one.

DIY Natural Wax Melt Air Fresheners Making your own natural wax melt air fresheners is easy, fun, cheap, and keeps potentially harmful artificial ingredients out of your home. Commercially manufactured wax melts are made with a paraffin wax.

Handmade Gift Guide Small batch canning is a canning recipe book that is devoted to smaller sized recipes which are perfect for smaller sized families, kitchens, appetites, and jars.

My book is now published! For over two years I was deeply immersed in writing about goats. I dreamed of the goat book I wish I'd had when I first started, and began to create it. I wrote all about keeping dairy goats on a small scale, and making natural cheeses from their milk.

Welcome To My Blog A few years back I became fascinated with John Casey's book Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell about the Grand Solar Minimum. I have been a prepper since I was in 3rd grade.

ISRO Plans To Launch The First Indian Space Station India's space ambitions continue to grow as the country plans to launch its space station after the first crewed mission takes place in 2022. The statement comes from the chief of the Indian Space Research Organization.

Mid June Garden Update 2019 - Zone 7a So much has happened this past month! I got a plastic greenhouse. It's one of those 10 x 11 ones that wayfair sells for about 100 bucks. Friends put it together and ran the frame through cinder blocks for stability.

Help Your Chickens Survive Buffalo Gnats Do you have buffalo gnats irritating your chickens? Buffalo gnats and chickens are a horrible combination. Several weeks in the late spring and early summer bring buffalo gnats. If you have chickens, this could be a real problem. Learn what buffalo gnats are and how they can affect your chickens.

'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Reveals New Video Showing 'Homesteading Lives' Jenelle Evans is doing her best to put her recent personal drama behind her, returning to life's simple pleasures in the wake of her exit from Teen Mom 2 and her custody issues.

Flett Tunnel A peaceful, idyllic trip planned to an abandoned railway line. A group of enthusiastic young homeschoolers, eager for a romp through nature, exploring and seeking out fun and interesting geocaches. The entire group of us either trotting briskly with dignity or running screaming from the tunnel as a lumbering behemoth approaches.

NASA Will Launch Mars 2020 Mission To Learn More About The Red Planet Before reaching the goal of sending humans to Mars, NASA will be launching its 2024 Moon mission that will see the first female astronaut land on the surface. With Mars 2020 having the goal of assisting astronauts by coping with the environment, even before they arrive.

Mango-Lime & Spearmint Natural Deodorant This article is an easy and fabulous recipe for the perfect natural deodorant for summer, with mango butter, spearmint, and lime scents….Smells delicious! AND, it works! I hate to admit this….but I have been out of my handmade deodorant for about two months now.

So, You Want to Become an Herbalist? Here are Eight Simple Steps You'll Need to Start Learning About Herbalism Now Find out how you can become an herbalist: Be confident in your ability to use herbs for health and wellness, safely and effectively, in your daily life! Learning herbalism changed my life! When I started learning about using herbs and essential oils for health, becoming an actual herbalist was not in my mind at all.

An Herbal Glossary: A Dictionary of Actions, Preparations, and More When I took my very first herbal course long ago, Rosemary Gladstar mentioned in the study materials that as students, we should make flash cards for all the strange, sometimes archaic herbal words we would be encountering on our learning journey. Well, I did take her advice, and it made my learning about herbs MUCH easier.

Wine for Beginners This post will explain how to get into wines for the enjoyment and social benefit for all involved and will motivate the reader to start quaffing wine with educated enthusiasm. Is anyone else a bit embarrassed to admit that they know, like, nothing about wine?

How Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids They've learned how to do so many things from not giving in or giving up in the past year it's been amazing. And I know that these skills of perseverance and determination will follow them their entire lives so that they rarely, if ever, give up before giving it a true shot again.

Sun Trials There's lots I could update you on since the months that Mona has been born; since the farming season has started in earnest; since my season of full-time parenting has started in earnest. But for now I'll just leave it at the weather.

How to Preserve Your Garden Harvest Learn how to preserve the garden harvest this year! Having produce from your garden helps saves you money. Preserve the extras to save even more!

Homestead hacks: weeds and what to do As a born and raised urbanite, pesky weeds interfere with a carpet lush lawn. Spray them, pull them, curse them, but there is no use to them: a bane on suburban perfection. I still bend to pull weeds. I still swipe them with my heavy garden clogs. But now I've also found a new use for them.

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