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The 18 BEST Herbs to Use in Your Homemade Body Products One of the first herbal preparations I ever tried to make was a salve. At first, I was a bit intimidated, but then I realized it's really quite simple. In fact, it's kind of hard to mess it up. But what REALLY intimidated me most was choosing which herbs to infuse in the oils I used to create the salve.

Weekending We love enjoying winter squash used in bread, made into a galette, used in ravioli, and, of course, eaten as plain old roasted squash. One of the other successes of the pantry challenge is that I know we will be ok getting through winter.

Adventures in Homesteading, a not-so-country girl's perspective Often when we blog, it's a joint effort, we both share our thoughts collectively. But, in this particular blog, I am going to give you the perspective of some of the adventures in homesteading from a girl who in no way, shape or form, grew up country or as a farm girl.

Ramblings: Heart Attack Farming Style I was working from home, minding my own business when I suddenly heard a loud commotion coming from the goat pasture out behind the house. I went to the window and took a peek out. The goats had all run for the safety of their barn and the dogs were frantically running back and forth on the perimeter fence in that area.

RV Storage Ideas for Your Homestead Items Finding space for your things in an RV doesn't have to be too difficult. When we first downsized and moved into our RV it took some getting used to, but we adjusted pretty quick. Here are a few RV storage ideas for your homestead items that you can start working on today.

Working hard or hardly working? Fall is in full swing here as the colors begin to pop in vibrant yellows, passionate reds, and spicy oranges. After several days of fall rains, the well decided to quit working and I had five days without outdoor running water. What luck.

Can You Grow Fruit Trees From Seed? Is it possible to grow fruit trees from seed? Or will the fruit be totally different from the parent plant? Years ago, I saw a tv program that tried - and succeeded - making so-called "preppers" look as crazy as possible.

20 Pumpkins You Should Have Planted This Year The skin is thin and edible. The classic orange pumpkin. Originally grown for its edible seeds. Best for decorating. Takes 100 days to grow. Great for making pie, soups, canning or freezing. Sweet, bright orange flesh. Easy to grow, takes about 100 days.

Cost of Setting up a Homestead I wish I could say that self-sufficient homesteading was an inexpensive way to live, but in all reality, the initial start-up cost of setting up a homestead can be very expensive, and the learning curve can be steep at times. We had a dream to move to the country and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle for many years before it actually happened.

NASA Still Hopes The Opportunity Mars Rover Would Revive Eventually A few months have passed since the Opportunity Mars rover went silent after a massive dust storm rose on the surface of the Red Planet. Since Opportunity is solar-powered, the rover has gone into sleep mode after its batteries depleted due to the lack of sunlight, in the middle of the storm.

How To Make Your Own Gas In 7 Easy Steps With A Biogas Generator How To Make Your Own Gas In 7 Easy Steps With A Biogas Generator.

Cattle Shed Design for a Small Herd The lure of the wide open range and the romance of ranching may entice you to search cattle breeds and cattle shed design ideas. You live on the east coast or some other busy area of the world. You don't have a thousand acres. But can you still build some sort of cattle shed design and appropriate fencing for cattle on a smaller parcel?

Ancestry DNA Databases can be Used to Find You There are approximately 10 million people all over the world who had their DNA analyzed by 23andMe, or MyHeritage, which are direct-to-consumer genetics companies.

My Quest for the Best Survival Water Filter We are all on the quest for the best survival water filter. The author does a great job profiling water filters. There is a lot of honesty on what the filters offer and what they need to improve on. I like an honest article especially when it has to do with how people spend their money.

Winter Food Prep: Preserving and Using an Abundance of Squash for Cold-Weather Comfort Food Five ways to preserve and use an over-abundance of both summer and winter squash.

Choosing The Right Boiler For Your Home If you are in need of a new boiler for your home this month, you will need to carry out your research to find out which type of boiler is the right one for you and your home. There are a few main types of boilers you can choose from combi boiler, system boiler, and conventional boiler.

How To Grow Food Even When You Have Poor Soil Gardening is easy when you start out with great soil. But what do you do when all you get is a layer of hard packed dirt with rock underneath? What if you have sandy soil, acid soil, or straight clay? How can you grow your own food, even when you have poor soil?

Podcast #174: Defined & Molded I encourage you to allow yourself to be "Defined and Molded" to your true potential. I share how my family and are are being defined and molded individually and together as a family.

How to Start Living a Simple Life We have learned that living simple really isn't simple at all. It took some time for us to learn how to start living a simple life, slow down and find ways to simplify our life. We had to dig deep and figure out what was important to us. It took changing our mindset on how we wanted to live.

How to Make and Can Vegetable Soup Step by Step With the fall months quickly nipping at my heels, I am beyond ready to start canning up my favorite winter soups. A family favorite is homemade vegetable. My kids and husband love reaching for a jar off the pantry shelves during the blusteriest parts of winter.

Sunday Walkabout 10-14 After a week of wild, historic weather that devastated parts of Florida and surprised our own state with its flooding fury, it seems more than a little trite to write about the week that included a field-trip, a birthday party and very little farm work.

NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory Has Gone Into "Safe Mode" It's certain that space programs are going through a very dark period right now. First, the Soyuz rocket carrying two ISS astronauts failed during its launch and forced crew members to make an emergency landing.

Raising Meat Birds: Two Methods Raising meat birds is a great way to feed your family more sustainably. Here are two methods for raising meat birds and their results. As small farmers, we do our best to be conscious of where all of our food comes from. We aim to get as much as we can from local neighboring farms.

Tiny Tylosaurus Fossils Shed More Light On This Dinosaur Species The scientists discovered the smallest Tylosaurus fossils ever found and learned more about this dinosaur species. The findings were presented in a new study published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

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