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5 Reasons Rosemary Should Grow In Your Garden "What's your favorite herb?" This is probably the question I am asked most often. I couldn't pick a favorite herb - possibly a Top 10 list, but never a favorite. Rosemary is an herb that would ALWAYS be on this list and very likely in the #1 spot.

Fermented Cinnamon Peach Recipe: Spicy, Easy, and Delicious! — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Wondering if or how you can ferment fruits? In this tutorial, I'm sharing my fruit fermentation experiment with peaches and a spicy peach lacto-fermentation recipe for a delicious chutney, plus how to ferment fruits in general. My parents came to visit last weekend, and they brought us a huge box of fresh peaches from their orchard!

Rodgers Flower: A Shady Perennial I held onto the Rodgers flower name. It was less of a tongue twister - though I did like the Featherleaf description. It suited the plant. "Oh! Very impressive!" I had to have it. I was so excited, I forgot to ask if it was deer resistant. I purchased a potted Rodgers flower and kept it between my feet as my husband drove.

Best Summer Blog Posts Summertime is a fun time and these summer blog posts will take you from homemade crafts to the kitchen, to identifying wildflowers to the right way to cut off shorts, and to making delicious homemade drinks. There are a few tricks to making perfect cutoffs that I will share with you here.

A Guide to Quick Pickled Vegetables Transform almost any veggie into quick pickled vegetables in less than 20 minutes! No special equipment or hot kitchens required!

Chicken Breeds for Colorful Eggs When you have your own backyard flock, you don't have to settle for boring white and brown eggs. To get a colorful, varied egg basket you will need a variety of chicken breeds. Chickens can lay a variety of egg colors, depending on their breed, but each individual hen will only lay one color of egg.

How to Get Started With Caning Food - FREE Printable Guide Not sure how to get started canning food? Canning food can be intimidating if you've never tried it. But following some simple canning instructions, you can preserve your spring harvest for long-term storage. Get your free printable guide and learn the basics of canning food for long shelf storage.

How To Dry Herbs - Herb Garden Tips - Homesteading Ever wanted to dry your own herbs? If you want to know how to dry herbs, this DIY tutorial will show you how. This will be a useful homesteading skill.

A Slice of My Life You just never know what you'll see when you turn down a country road. Sometimes a roadrunner crosses the road in front of us, a white-tailed deer jumps over the roadside fence, or a young bobcat disappears into the weeds.

Dutch Oven Bread With Chia and Flaxseed The smell was incredible. My daughter and I recreated her recipe and we've adapted it to our liking. She didn't give us measurements but did tell us what was in it. It's delicious and our favorite go-to bread. Your email address will not be published.

CRISPR Can Now Edit Many Genes at Once We have seen a lot of uses for the CRISPR gene edit - the cutting and pasting of specific genes in the DNA. Scientists have found a way to improve the process that allows hundreds of genes to be edited at the same time. As per the team, this could mean everything for us.

How to Perform Beehive Inspections A good beehive inspection will let you know how your bees are doing. Honey bees are very competent and can take care of themselves for the most part. Taking a peep into the hive will make sure that they are healthy and don't need any outside help from you.

Astronomers found a Massive Super-Jupiter Screening around Nearby Star A monster-sized planet revolves around its host star close enough for researchers to approximate that it is located about 63 light-years away from our planet. Over the past decade, astronomers have labeled Beta Pictoris as a lonely exoplanet orbiting around a huge, dusty disk around the star Beta Pictoris.

New Source Of Green Energy Is Explored By Scientists A team of researchers has developed a new extraction method which facilitates the recovery of hydrogen from natural bitumen and oil feeds. The gas is used to fuel hydrogen-powered vehicles which are already available in select countries and for producing electricity.

How to Deal with the Police, the Injured and an Active Shooter If you find yourself in the middle of an active shooting, you should remember these three words: Run, Hide, Fight.

Terrorists are Not Finished Though we go spans of time without attacks or terror-related threats it doesn't mean that that lion has been finally silenced. When America is quiet I am always wondering, "What is being schemed up." As everything else evolves so too will the abilities and the tactics of our enemy.

The use of E-cigarettes might be the cause of some Mysterious Illnesses We have written this article to tell you about some investigations made by the Center for Disease Control in order to determine if the use of e-cigarettes is the cause of some mysterious illnesses. Keep reading if you want to find out more about it. More and more such cases are beginning to appear in America.

DIY Rainwater Collection System For Homesteaders Looking to collect rain water? Build your own DIY Rainwater collection system and harvest earth's natural resource whenever rain comes to your homestead. Rainwater collection is a great way to reduce your water usage. Did you know the average person wastes about 30 gallons of water per day?

Cave Bears Extinction Happened Due To Homo Sapiens Recently, a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports reveal the circumstances of the extinction of cave bears. A team of researchers got together to conduct genetic research that reconstructed the now-extinct population of cave bears, a prehistoric species that roamed Europe.

Chandrayaan-2 Succeeded To Enter Lunar Orbit A new milestone has been set for the Indian Moon mission. The praised spacecraft, Chandrayaan-2, makes history with its incredible record, days after its launch. More about the fantastic news, we are going to discuss up next! For India, a new star has been born.

8 Winter Vegetables You Should Plant In Your Garden If you're used to letting the garden go as summer wears thin, try something new this year with eight winter vegetables you can grow during the gardening "off" season. Did your spring planting of spinach leave you as disappointed as mine did? Our harvest was cut short by a wave of hot Ozark weather that sent many of my plants into bolting oblivion.

How To Make Easy Sun Dried Tomatoes In A Dehydrator Do you love the flavor of sun dried tomatoes but hate paying the crazy prices for them in the grocery store? Well now, you can make your own in a dehydrator. They will cost of only pennies to make and you can enjoy the flavor all winter long. Your favorite recipes will taste even better and you can make them more often too.

DIY All Natural After Sun Salve Despite my best efforts with sunblock and my family, it seems like every summer we usually end up with at least a minor sunburn or two. We used to slather on the green jelly like aloe gel to help relieve the dry, tight, itchy, and painful aftermath of too much sun.

Emergency Food Storage Fails - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Unfortunately, many people waste both their time and money on avoidable mistakes in their emergency food storage. eval;. And nothing will piss you off quicker than finding that your hard work has gone to waste due to some stupid, preventable error. eval;.

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