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What a Week It's been!! Well there is ALWAYS something going on around here, that is true. Should be no surprise to any of you that know me or read any of my posts…. But this week??!! It started last weekend. Storm, the horse was limping, badly. Horse Daughter put him in a smaller area and decided that he had an abscess in his foot.

Building the Pig Pen With a short break in the weather, I finally got the pig pen done. I used six foot posts buried two feet. I packed the post holes with alternating stones and tamped dirt. The stones I used were mostly the size of a deck of cards. They keep the post level, and help with stability.

How to Sell Your Farm Fresh Eggs But before you invest in extra chickens and a gross of cartons, let's get all your 'ducks' in a row.

Life Lessons in Golden Milk Tea Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

8 Amazing Uses for Tea Tree Oil Contrary to its name, tea tree oil is not remotely related to the tea plant. It is actually native to and only grown in Australia. Which is probably why its benefits have gone largely unspoken of until recently. It is important to note that tea tree oil is very toxic if swallowed.

Today on the Homestead - Pearl Is On The Mend And New Homeschooling Adventure I am relieved and thrilled to report that Pearl seems to be on the mend. She is not out of the woods yet after being the victim of a dog attack, but is a whole lot better. Two days ago, Pearl bolted out of her stall when my husband and I opened the door to initiate the morning care routine.

Nissan Targets 1 Million Electric Cars In Sales By The End Of 2023 Nissan, the Japanese automaker, said earlier that it wants to multiply by more than six times its annual sales of electric cars by 2023. Thus, Nissan aims to sell 1 million electric cars units. Nissan goes with the environmental standards.

The Arctic Region Has Undergone Unprecedented Changes In The Last 60 Years Massive Western Arctic winds pattern and ice movements changes have been recorded in the winter of 2017. According to a new study, the Arctic region has undergone unprecedented changes in the last 60 years. Anomalous change in the patterns of the Western Arctic winds and unusual ice movements.

TD Bank Group Offered $180 K To Support The Montreal Urban Ecology Center On the occasion of World Water Day, celebrated yesterday on March 22nd, the TD Bank Group announced they give $180,000 in funding support to the Montreal Urban Ecology Center for its project to transform asphalt into communal spaces under the cobblestones.

Welcome to Mud Season As we enter Spring, I am reminded that on the Blue Mouse Ranch there are five seasons. Six or seven if you want to include the different type of insects and when they happen. Aside from the usual suspects; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. There is Mud.

Getting Ready for Spring - Seed sorting So, I know I just got done complaining in my last blog that March in Maine is NOT SPRING, but that led me to wanting more spring like activities in my life, because ugh. Enough is enough winter.

Egg Bound Chicken~what it is and how to help When a hen lays an egg, it can sometimes be too big for their pelvis and the egg gets stuck inside the hen. Other reasons for becoming egg bound are:. When you have an egg bound chicken, it can be life threatening, and may need specialized vet care for the hen to survive.

Hatching Magic I tried something different this year. I tried hatching eggs. You might remember that I tried a hatching experiment in the past, where I put an incubator up against a broody hen and a momma duck to hatch duck eggs. You can read about that here, or I can just sum it up for you and tell you that the momma duck won.

Don't Panic! Recognize and Treat Lyme Disease Symptoms With approximately 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. each year, the search for knowledge about Lyme disease symptoms is increasing. Although several different types of ticks can carry Lyme disease, the blacklegged tick is the biggest carrier.

Chickeny Capulets and Montagues I have to admit to being distressed by our chickens. I am pleased to report that although I enjoy their ridiculously pompous feathery strutting and posturing, I am still able to see them as the livestock they are rather than pets. We named this first six and so they'll be parent hens to our meat broods rather than destined for the plate.

Homemade Wine Ya'll! J and I enjoy an occasional glass of wine together, so naturally I wondered "can I make wine myself?" - YEP! It's not difficult at all. A nice Google search of "How to make homemade wine" and I was off to the races/ Any type of wine can be made virtually the same way; white, red, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry etc.

Starting Vegetable Transplants at Home You know that you have farmer friends when they want to start transplants for their birthday. My friend Labria had a birthday earlier this month. When we talked about how to celebrate, she said "it's nice outside, let's start our transplants". You see, early march in Michigan usually consists of a lot of cold, some snow, and a lot of rain.

A Honey-Do List for Upstairs The kids need to move upstairs, y'all. Not only do they need their own rooms, but I need my own room! We need the space too. We're all tired of being cramped downstairs. So we've been working upstairs and it's progressing quickly on Jeremy's side of things and slowly on my side.

Purslane: Weed Or Delicacy? Purslane isn't just an interesting flavor. It's also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical for good health. We recommend eating purslane, first and foremost, but if it's not to your taste, you should try these steps. All you'll need is a trowel and gloves.

Happy Spring So it would seem that to celebrate Spring, we ended up getting some snow. Hope all of you are enjoying your Spring. Your email address will not be published. Author. Email. Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

DELICIOUS Slow-Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast 2 lbs carrots, cleaned and chopped into roughly 1 1/2" chunks 4-6 pepperoncini peppers + 2 teaspoons of the juicehomemade au jus seasoning : 1/2 teaspoon black pepper1/2 teaspoon salt Add the carrots to the slow-cooker and then put the roast on top.

Cadillac Unveils The Future CT6 V-Sport 2019 Model With 550 Horsepower Just a few days before the opening of the New York International Auto Show, Cadillac kicked off the unveiling series, in advance, with a completely crazy version of the luxurious CT6 sedan, the future Cadillac CT6 V-Sport 2019 model.

Spanish 'Gas Natural' SDG Agreed With Canadian Solar Co. For The Purchase Of Two Photovoltaic Plants In Brazil The Spanish company 'Gas Natural' SDG, through its subsidiary Global Power Generation, has agreed with the Canadian Solar company for the purchase of two photovoltaic projects in Brazil, in which it will invest around $115 million, for an estimated production of 165 GWh per year.

The Extreme Climatic Phenomena Of 2017 Caused The Highest Economic Losses In History A very active hurricane season in the North Atlantic, large floods caused by monsoons in the Indian subcontinent, and continuous and strong droughts in areas of East Africa were the extreme climatic phenomena of 2017 which caused the highest economic losses related to weather phenomena and extreme climatic change.

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