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Gardens of Dreams All around spring is flowering in the branches. The croaking of the Sandhill cranes will now and then fill the blue-clouded skies as they pass along on their long pilgrimage. From out of the earth the green force of life is brimming in a flowery haze, all things stretching forth with new, fresh growth.

High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening: Overcoming Wildlife Challenges This is our 4th post in this series. Click these links to read the previous posts. Introduction. Overcoming the Terrain. Overcoming Soil Challenges. Now we will discuss wildlife. Living in the high-altitude Rockies gives us plenty of beautiful wildlife to view.

The Top 5 Farm Implements List for Homesteading As with any compromise, there is a downside to having your tractor serve double duty as a generator; your tractor can't do two things at once!

Inhibiting A Newly Found Antibiotic Resistance Gene Is Possible, Thanks To New Study VCC-1 is a newly found antibiotic resistance gene in harmless strains of the virulent Vibrio Cholerae which causes cholera. In a recent study, a team of Canadian researchers discovered a method to inhibit the VCC-1 enzyme, blocking the correlated antibiotic resistance gene.

5 Frugal Things This Week To Save Money & The Environment 5 Frugal things we did this week to save some cash and be eco friendly too. It's easy if you just look at things a different way. #TexasHomesteader.

3 Hard Truths About Buying Your Perfect Homesteading Land You can get info here and here. The last and riskiest option is to pursue a land lease or land contract. These are types of seller financing that are advantageous for people who can't pursue traditional financing. BUT there are huge risks if these contracts aren't done carefully.

Homesteading Past to Present Homesteading can mean many things. One person's passion for herbaceous gardens and frolicking pygmy goats can diverge from another's love of everything bovine. Creating a homestead is not dissimilar to creating a home, which you can do no matter if you reside in an urban or rural context.

Heating your Tent with a Wood Stove When does camping season really come to an end? Is it the moment the nights get colder than 50 degrees or is it even before that? For most people the camping season comes to an end when you realize your gear is outclassed and your ability to deal with the cold has reach a tipping point.

22 Psychological & Physical Effects of a Long Term Disaster Situation? Are You Ready? In a recent article, I wrote about 15 Catastrophic Events You Must Prepare For because the likelihood of one or more of them happening again is about 100%. One of my goals is to raise awareness of various disasters, human nature, and potential events in order to encourage and inspire people to take measures, even small ones, to be more prepared.

7 High Tech Tools and Tricks for Modern Homesteading Homesteading is the basic art of living off of the land. Homesteaders get their inspiration from the settlers who moved out west during the 1800s. They had to do things themselves because there were no cities, town, or even villages yet.

5 Little Known Ways to Find Cheap Compost Compost is a beneficial addition to any organic vegetable garden. Discover 5 little known ways you can find cheap compost near you.

Increasing Lifespan Is Possible By Inhibiting "Rubicon" And Boosting Autophagy Increasing lifespan is something that bothered the scientists for a long time, and, thanks to a new study, the researchers are close to solving this puzzle. According to new research, by inhibiting the so-called "Rubicon" protein factor, autophagy boosts, so increasing lifespan is possible.

People Continue To Get "Young Blood" Infusions Despite FDA Warnings Everyone dreams about eternal youth. However, some people are willing to do anything to achieve it, even if the methods used aren't exactly conventional. Recently, a new "trend" has appeared, and people get young blood infusions. Not only that this technique is quite unusual, but no medical benefits have been proved.

The Restoration Series: Jonathan's Walk - review Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Survival Bags Where do you settle when it comes to survival bags? Backpacks, sling packs, messenger bags, commuter bags and so on and so forth. There seems to be no limit to the amount of survival bags that one can have on hand. Thus, we find ourselves talking about stockpiling bags that are just as important as anything else.

8 Tips for Making Amazingly Perfect Hot Process Handmade Soaps in Your Crock Pot I've written a great deal about making handmade hot process soaps, both for personal use and for selling in your own soap making business. Some topics have included, making soap without lye, common soap making mistakes, and complete picture tutorials too.

How to survive Cabin Fever Some of you may not be aware but I was recently snowed in at my cabin for five and a half days. Over a week ago we had a snow storm come through that brought two feet of snow and 50 mph winds. The snow alone would have been manageable but the wind created snow drifts on the road up to 8 feet deep in some locations.

6 Common Mistakes When Meal Planning Forgetting To Check Your Calendar One of the benefits to meal planning is the ability to plan super easy meals on days you know you have very little time. If you forget to check your family calendar when meal planning, well then, that likely won't happen.

3 Gardening Basics It's that time of year to start dreaming up your vegetable garden. If it's your first year growing you'll want to search for that perfect location. The three most important things your garden will need to thrive are the sun, soil, and water.

Simple No Bake Cookies One of my favorite, easy "I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW" snacks is no bake cookies. Super simple, easy and well might I say Delicious. Here is a recipe for No Bake cookies! Ingredients:. Directions:. Note: gather all your ingredients and measure them out before you start cooking, it will make this simple and stress free.

China Plans to Build a Solar Farm in Space The modern lifestyle requires a high amount of energy. Solar power is able to provide this energy in a clean manner but our solar farms are a bit limited. Some researchers theorized that building a solar farm in space is a great idea since it will be able to gather a higher amount of energy in a shorter period of time.

What Size Generator Do I Need for My Farm, Ranch or Off-Grid Home? That's why I've had to consider what size generator do I need before a power outage occurs. Within the last 10 years, New England has seen some brutal winter weather patterns, which is a notable shift from the otherwise expected hurricane damage we used to see on a regular basis.

Plum jam! My scrumptious recipe. My mum gave me even more plums. Grown without chemicals they're just delicious. This time I'm making plum jam. I referred to so many recipes I did my usual and have given up to do my own recipe. Before starting. Pre sterilise 4 or 5 medium jam jars with metal lids.

Chickens: The Gateway Drug My husband likes to joke that our passion for growing things starts with chickens, or, as he likes to say, chickens - the gateway drug. Why?

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