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Country Living Guide for The City Person Looking to Change Country Living Guide for The City Person Looking to Change will help you understand the big picture before you make the big jump in lifestyle. This article was designed to introduce the reader to the major differences between country living and city living.

Art Yarn As I get closer to the opening day of our local farmers market I am working my tail off to get as much fiber from my rabbits as possible. Since my females are anticipating litters any day now I have refrained from collecting their fiber. Their fiber will be pulled by them to build up comfy little nests for their babies.

New additions! Last week I went shopping for some new Belgian hare breeding does. I couldn't find any private sellers who had mature does available, so I went to the 'konijnenmarkt' in Mol, which is a small town on the Belgian / Dutch border.

80 Awesome Earth Day Tips #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #earthday #everyday #kindergartenteacher #kindergarten #iteachtoo #iteachk #earthdaypledge. A post shared by j o l i e on Apr 24, 2017 at 2:29pm PDT. Yesterday we had a guest speaker and learned all about bees.

Simple living tip: time is not money This tip applies equally to multiple aspects of life: from spiritual practice, to homesteading, to mental health, to pushing back against the harms of capitalism. Living in a capitalist society as an hourly wage worker, I've been conditioned to connect time spent doing anything to the idea of money.

How to Freeze Eggs in 2 Easy Steps Freezing eggs for later is easier than you think. Just 2 steps and you can keep them in the freezer for up to one year.

Did rising rents kill the Bay Area's urban homesteading movement? The Bay Area was ground zero for urban homesteading fever. A dedicated cadre of serious urban homesteaders were hard at work here, bringing visibility to urban agriculture.

Earliest Molecule In The Universe Was Found After many studies and discoveries around those years, some things are still suspicious. That is the case of the Universe's earliest molecule. After the Big Bang, more than 13 billion years ago, some substances like helium and hydrogen have combined and formed the first molecule - helium hydride.

Brain Functions Could Be Restored After Death, New Experiments Show A professor of neuroscience, comparative medicine, genetics, and psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT, Nenad Sestan, and his team have restored some brain functions like circulation and cellular activity in a pig, 4 hours after its death.

Dandelion Pesto - Wild Harvesting - On The Fire If you wait until the flowers are open the greens are likely to be too bitter to use. In that case, pick the flowers and make Dandelion Flower Fritters. There's a lot you can do with dandelions! Always wild harvest in safe areas. If you have pets be sure they aren't using the area as a bathroom.

Childhood Unplugged Wondering what my kids do all day while I’m gardening? Here’s how they live childhood unplugged. Make sure to follow us on YouTube for weekly videos from the cottage.

Gardener Hand Salve Recipe Gardener Hand Salve Recipe. My hands have spent the better part of each day these past few weeks sunken deep down into the warming soil.

NASA-made Sensor Withstood the Destruction of the Beresheet Lunar Lander Beresheet, the first Israeli-built lander, crashed on the moon and the mission was deemed a failure, but a glimmer of hope has surfaced. The spacecraft carried several devices, which would have been used to measure the conditions encountered on the lunar surface.

Typically temperamental - but the garden is going in! In typical April fashion, she is being temperamental. One day, she's shining the sun down on us and makes the plants shoot up in front of ou…

When to Plant What - And Why Not To Follow the General Rule - The answer to that question in our area seems to be very simple: on the May long weekend. This has to do with our last frost day, which is around May 25, and the Canadian Victoria day, a holiday that happens to be around the last frost day. Many gardeners here have followed this rule for many years more or less successfully.

Simple Doesn't Mean Easy I have heard of many people saying they want to return to the simple way of life. They set out to begin farming and in a short period of time, often a year or less, they throw in the towel and give up.

Homesteading Ways to Make Money When Homestead Is Small Homesteading Ways to Make Money When Your Homestead Is Small will help you contemplate the different way to create a cash flow, expand your skill set and closer to your land.

Why Getting Mental Help as a Young Person isn't Something to Be Ashamed Of May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It's a month where the population looks at the growing mental health crisis and the lack of funding that surrounds it. Mental health comes in many forms. Some people don't have any mental health problems, but should still try to keep their health up for the future.

Return From Hibernation On this unsurpassable, sunny, snow-melting April afternoon, I prop open the library door and stand on the walk. My patrons - a teenage boy, a near retirement age woman - stand there with me, the three of us collectively thinking, what the fuck?! about this winter - as if a months-long temper tantrum has just passed by.

Mars Base On Earth Is Available For Teens in China A Mars base simulator was created and designed in the middle of China's Gobi desert, not for astronauts preparing to land on the Red Planet, but for teenagers. The facility is located in the northwest of Gansu Province and is surrounded by arid hills.

New Phonon Laser Could Lead to Major Breakthroughs Since it was first invented in 1960 and has led to Nobel prizes for Art Ashkin for developing optical tweezing, Gerard Marou and Donna Strickland for performance with pulsed lasers, the optical laser has developed to a $10 billion worldwide technology market.

April Vegetable Garden Planting Update In Zone 8 Y'all know I have to have my hands in the dirt. I don't have any control over it - that's just something buried into my DNA. But do you wanna know a secret? I don't really enjoy gardening. But it's true. I don't enjoy the planting, weeding, watering, maintenance, etc.

The Great Permian Extinction, or The Great Dying, Gave Rise to the Dinosaurs​ The forgotten world of the Permian epoch, of the supercontinent of Pangaea, changed during the so-called the Great Dying or Great Permian Extinction, as it created a series of mass deaths of mammal precursors as well as that of our ancestors. However, it gave rise to the dinosaurs.

Self-Directed Homeschooling As part of our routine of homeschooling, on so-called "regular day"s, Kenny usually cracks open a lesson book at or above his contemporaries' grade level. Yesterday he was exempted from any lessons as I had to do computer calls that took up the entire morning.

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