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How to Grow Your Own Duck Feed But, cultivating food plots for ducks, especially aquatic ones, is just as simple and inexpensive as growing the feed that sustains the other animals on the homestead or courts in deer and turkey. While having a large pond is ideal, you can grow at least a portion of the feed in buckets or in baby pools.

'This could be our victory garden moment': Gardening, homesteading sees a resurgence in the East Bay "But now, with coronavirus, we're extra busy because people are staying home and homesteading." By "homesteading" Howard means being more self-sufficient, doing things like raising chickens, setting up beehives, baking sourdough bread, preserving, mixing up kombucha and gardening.

April, First Blossoms Day by day, the weather warms in Vermont, gradually brights in the tiniest drops of green from last year's brown. On my walk, I pass by a house with a whole garden bed of purple crocuses. Brilliant gardening, I think. The kids have reappeared in yards and on porches.

Learn To Recognize Stress In Your Family In our area, shelter-at-home has been ordered for all but essential reasons. Many people are feeling the pressure of being stuck at home for an extended length of time. You're not stuck at home - you're STAYING SAFE at home! If shelter-at-home is ordered in your area, it's an effort to stem the tide of new infections.

Double yolks and more plants It was a little on the warm side with temps reaching almost 80 degrees. We had a few sprinkles of rain this morning but that was it. I can't believe I'm about to say this but we could use a little bit of rain. I know, I know, but I said a little rain.

20 Helpful Tips on Pandemic Survival Homesteaders Need to Know What is your pandemic survival strategy? If you're prepping for long-term quarantine by hoarding an insane amount of toilet paper and alcohol, then you're already making a grave mistake. The spread of COVID-19 is far from being a minor local outbreak.

The Basics of Drip Irrigation Do you have a drip irrigation system? Did it make a different to the yield your garden produces? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to pin this for later! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name.

How to Prune a Blackberry Bush The erect blackberry bush will stand tall on its own, while the trailing one grows long canes and requires being tied to a trellis of some sort. The thornless are great because you don't get all scratched up while you are harvesting. However, to me they seem to be a little more difficult to grow.

How to Make Farmer's Cheese If you like a drier cheese, just drain it longer. We like it a little creamier. I've used it like cream cheese and as a substitute for ricotta cheese. Creamy farmer's cheese with added herbs makes a great dip for crackers or chips.

Checking in. Four or five half-days of fence building after the daily COVID-related telecommute and I felt alright. Good, even. Yesterday, maybe the day before, I reminded myself how nice it felt working until dusk. My grandfather spent his life holding down jobs that let him keep his farm, his passion.

The Best Beginner Sourdough Bread Recipe If you're a sourdough bread beginner, this is the recipe you need! With four simple ingredients and BASIC technique, kick sourdough frustration to the curb!

The Beginning Back before COVID-19 hit the US my spouse and I were planning to create a home garden, after the virus struck; and shelves were cleared by panic buying, we decided to expand our plans in case of future emergencies. So, we created a plan to create a small urban homestead in our backyard.

So, How Long Do Seeds Last? Typically, seeds will last between 1 and 5 years if stored properly, with certain heirloom seeds lasting up to 10 years. To prolong shelf life, store them in a cool, dry, dark place, in an envelope placed inside a plastic or metal storage tub.

Seeds Sold Out! Should You be Worried? Should we really be worried? To add the madness, I went to my favorite seed supplier Baker Creek aka to find a message that they are restocking and will be back online on 4/13/2020. This is just one of many examples around the web that are sold out or almost sold out.

10 Cheap Chicken Feed Ideas For Feeding Your Flock On A Budget This is my favorite cheap chicken feed option. Our chickens are let out in the mornings and put back into the coop at night. They've done this so much that they put themselves up at dusk, and we simply close the coop door after a quick headcount.

Growing Your Farm: Its harder than you think This week is an exciting week here on the farm. My goats will be arriving Thursday, the garden was tilled last night, and plants should be arriving for planting soon! The Scoop on Peachy Keen Hollows New Goats:. Peach - Our namesake and what has inspired me to try to grow our hobby farm into a small business.

1888 Homesteading Essays The Manitoba Agricultural Museum obtained digital copies of the Nor-West Farmer and Miller for the year 1888 from the Manitoba Cooperator which is the successor to the Nor-West Farmer. The Museum has found this material to be great assistance on various topics as some of the articles have provided useful detail on various topics.

Where We Are One week into April, golden coltsfoot flowers - dime-sized - push up through roadside gravel. Every day and then again in the evening, we walk and explore, searching for frog eggs, for ribbons of green shoots pushing up through the forest floor.

Putting on a Dust Mask For a Different Reason – Project Time! For the first time this year I've gotten time to start a building project, outside of the quick shelves we did in The Little Fulla's cabin.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #46 & Homestead Groceries I've been preparing for emergencies for many years. I think growing up on a small farm made me more aware of the need for preparedness and sheltering in place like we are faced with these days. My family raised a garden, chickens, pigs, and cattle for years.

26 Ways to Remove Weeds from Your Garden Whether you're a commercial grower with large areas of land growing vast quantities of produce, or a weekend gardener that has a few planters and a tiny border, the satisfaction of seeing plants grow from minute beginnings to bud and produce tasty vegetables or beautiful flowers is immense.

Shout Out: Higher Ground I mentioned how excited I am about getting things prepared for our dairy goats this year. So, I decided it's a great time to do a shout out for the farm we've decided to get our goats from. April, at Higher Ground Herbs and Homestead is fast becoming one of my role models.

25 Clever And Functional Toy Storage Ideas Whether you're blessed with a spacious playroom, or you need to stow toys in a cramped, multi-purpose space, read on to discover our favorite toy storage ideas to suit a variety of needs. Dump everything in a basket. What's easier than that? Slide them into cubbyhole furniture and keep the mess hidden from view.

A Return to American Self Reliance? American Self - Reliance 2.0? Let's start this post off by giving prayers and words of encouragement to everyone out in the world fighting, mourning, and going through this pandemic. Eventually, we will all head back out into the world. God willing some of us will return to our jobs, but some of us will be unemployed, mourning, and in debt.

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