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Beginner's Guide to Building Permits and the Code for Owner-Builders If your county has neither, try finding your county government's central office phone number and work from there. Find the phone number for the offices that pop up and CALL THEM to speak to an actual human being. Then ask them:. You will undoubtedly come up with additional questions depending on the answers you get.

The 2 Easy Ways to Start Seeds Indoors If your seedlings are leggy, you'll need to make sure they are getting enough light. Move them to a sunnier window, a cold frame, or under a grow light. If they get too spindly, they may not recover well. If your seeds are molding instead of sprouting, you may need to use less water in your baggies.

Leather Care Tips - How to Prevent Cracks in Leather Furniture In need of leather care tips to avoid cracks in leather furniture? Check out these leather furniture hacks for long-lasting furniture at home!

Our Amazing Bees After you have grown all of your own veggies, and after you have mastered raising chickens, your next challenge will almost certainly be beekeeping. Maybe it's the homesteading magazines that push us toward this very zen pursuit. Maybe it's the endless internet articles about the bees decline.

Cold Sore Salve Recipe with Lemon Balm and L-Lysine: Relieve Pain and Help Them Go Away FAST! — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Note: This recipe is for an incredibly effective home remedy for cold sores on the lips or elsewhere. Made with lemon balm and L-Lysine, it is easy to make and speeds recovery! You should have this salve in your home first aid kit all the time, and get those pesky blisters to go away fast!

Reaching the End of the Road I have that type of personality that has to be go-go-go, I tend to always look ahead and find new projects. I find new topics of fascination that hold my interest and I love to learn. The issue with this is I never know how to slow down and I never take time to enjoy the moment in time.

About Me My husband and I grew up in Washington State and recently moved up to Alaska with all our belongings and 3 dogs in tow. It was a road trip like nothing I have ever experienced before. It was trying both mentally and physically. On the last home stretch we even got caught in a snow storm just 90 miles before our new home.

How to Can Carrots Step by Step Not only are canned carrots great to have in the pantry for stews, soups, and sides, but I've also been known to go after a can with a fork and some salt, too! Like most vegetables, carrots need to be processed in a pressure canner.

A sip of peace In The Princess Bride, there's this scene where inebriated Indigo Montoya is discovered by Fezzik in the forest, drunk off his gourd shouting, "you said to go back to the beginning!" And ends with him sobering up. Well, all, I went "back to the beginning" of this blog and re-read my very first entry.

Jazz Up Your Flock With Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs The American Aurcana has slate-blue legs, is bearded and muffed, has a tail, and quite notably, no ear tufts - again, lacking the associated gene. Ameraucanas can be kept as egg-producing birds or as exhibition stock. They do well as both.

How To Save Energy In Winter - 11 Savvy Energy-Saving Tips Find out how to save energy in winter and take these smart energy-saving tips and hacks. Keep your home cozy without going broke and learn how to save energy in winter here! It's safe to say that winter isn't exactly the season for frugality.

Winter Walking - Safety Walking Tips In A Winter Wonderland It's slippery and pretty much just unpredictable. But we have to consider the reality, there are times when you still have to go out, regardless of the pavement being covered by snow or not. Being a homesteader, you have to be prepared for anything and know how to handle winter walking a.k.a.

Cooking Outdoors Like a Pro Plan on cooking outdoors. If you are going to have an outdoor adventure you should plan on having a few good meals. Images: Peter via There is no reason to rough it and eat acorns these days. There are great technologies that can pack food in easily and effectively.

The Art of Hiding your Preps in Plain Sight Preppers value a place to hide things. This is a characteristic that we value more than most. If only we all could have a Batcave of our own. There are many ways to hide things in walls or in furniture really it comes down to the creativity of the person who is doing the hiding.

How to Become an Urban Homesteader: Some Tips and Some Skills You Can Develop Now — Home Healing Harvest Homestead This article is about homesteading: specifically, urban homesteading! What is it? How can you get started? What kinds of things do you need to know and do? Let's talk about homesteading anywhere you live…even in a big city. Someone made a comment to me a few years ago.

Refrigerator Pickles - A Homesteading Guide To Pickling Want to know the art of refrigerator pickles? It's really not that complicated it's so simple you'll want to start pickling every vegetable that you see. eval;. Pickling has been one of my go-to method in food preservation. It's easy and doesn't really require a lot of tools or supplies.

12 Driveway Ideas to Transform Your Home's Exterior Your driveway is the first thing that your guests see when they come over to your house. Make a good impression with some of our favorite driveway ideas.

Microgreens Growing Guide Want to know more about microgreens? If you're planning to add some green in your homestead, try growing these. eval;. eval;. I've always wanted to have fresh greens on my homestead all year round. This can sometimes be a challenge, but if you're dealing with microgreens you'll find out that it's no problem at all!

Seed Catalogs: A Homesteader's Guidebook Have you been reading up on seed catalogs? If you haven't, here are a few reasons on why you should. Keep reading to find out why reading and buying from seed catalogs is always a good idea. eval;. It is winter up north. Snow is falling and the wind is blowing a gale outside your window.

A decade in the West Bank: a recap When I was a bride on the point of my wedding, my future husband and I were looking for a quiet rural place where we could raise our children close to nature and away from busy roads and packed streets. There are such places in Israel, but they are either remote or hugely expensive.

Allium - A Homesteading Guide to Onions, Garlics, Chives, and Allium Flowers Ever considered planting allium on your homestead? What is allium and what are the best ways to grow it? Keep reading to find out! eval;. Allium has been a part of my homestead for as long as I can remember. They're so versatile, you could plant one type into your flower garden and the other in your vegetable garden.

DIY Stain Pre-Soak Solution Recipe You do not have to use harsh or potentially toxic chemicals found in a plethora of manufactured stain pre-soak products to get that stain out. Natural DIY stain pre-soak solution recipes can combat even tough set-in stains just as well as those that contain synthetic ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

My First Real Weaving Project We have had a loom in the family for a few years now. Little Miss and Young Man have been the resident weavers. I wanted to learn, but have been too busy. We recently sold the old, large floor loom and bought a smaller floor room that easily fits in the corner of the living room.

Keeping a Farmers Journal Ever heard of a farmers journal? If you're running a farm, there are times when it's hard to keep track of everything. Get things sorted with a little journaling. eval;.

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