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Homesteading Round 2! Let me start by saying thank you to those people that have been following my very sporadic Instagram and Facebook posts. I have MUCH to learn about this social media gig. Also y'all, lets be real. The last time I posted on my blog, I was 6 plus months pregnant with my now ALMOST 4 YEAR OLD, and have moved three times since.

The Odd Bits: Fried Testicles Numb-fingered, i still stop to admire the delicate little tracings of frost that adorn so beautifully each arch and deadly needle of the thistles, and crusts the water troughs with long-fingered, jagged patterns; and i pause, billowing foggy breath, to look out on the fragile, magical, frost-wondered scene.

You Want to Live in The Country? Here Are 3 Things You Need Before You Move. You Want to Live in The Country? Here Are 3 Things You Need Before You Move. There's a whole new generation of people looking to get more connected with the world around them.

10 Things Kids Shouldn't Do in the Kitchen Passing down family traditions while teaching skills in the kitchen is all part of the homesteading lifestyle for American families. Children can and should be an integral part of this process. The key to kids in the kitchen success requires parents take into account both the age and the maturity level of the children before assigning a task.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays & How to Plan for the Most Productive Garden In this article, I'd like to share some insight into planning your most productive garden, saving space, reducing pests and disease, rotating crops, mulching, fertilizing, extending your season, and planting in succession. Whew! I know it's a lot to cover, so let's get started.

Thelma's Gone Gardening, hunting, fishing, cooking, recipes and living the simple life with Robin Follette, Chef Robin from On The Fire, Big Wild Radio. Baking. Wild harvest. Eat Wild. Homesteading. Maine.

Our Affordable & Automatic Chicken Coop Heating System The comfort of our laying hens is important to us. After all, if we didn't care about the conditions our birds lived in, it'd be a lot cheaper and a lot less work to just buy a dozen factory farmed eggs for $0.99 at the local store. But we do care.

What Does It Actually Mean to be "Off The Grid"? There are many off-grid living groups on the internet, and invariably at least once a week I'll see someone post a question like this:. "How can you be off the grid and still be posting on the internet????

20 Clever and Free Ideas to Feed Your Chickens Commercially manufactured chicken feeds started hitting the market to not only facilitate year round-egg and chick production by poultry birds, but also to allow folks who lived outside of the shrinking rural regions of America to also keep chickens for personal use and profit.

The High Desert Climate We live in the high desert in Northeast Utah, where the winters are long and cold and the summers are short and hot. It's a continental climate. I first learned about continental climates when I was a student in Finland for a semester. In one of my classes I learned that there are places in Siberia that are 40°C in summer and - 40°C in winter.

Delicious Chewy Granola Bars This recipe is for a chewy granola bar that is versatile, made from common food storage ingredients, is delicious, and is something you'll want to make often. It is hard to get much better than that. When it comes to survival recipes you want to find items you can make from your food stores.

Meet Bath County's New Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources This is part one of my phone interview with Berekely Clark, who will be hosting a free "Meet your new ANR Agent and Intro to Homesteading" Presentation at the Bath County Library at 4:45 pm on Wednesday, February 26th and at the Highland County Library at 6:30 pm on Thursday 2/2February 27th.

Sunday Homestead Update - Planning Time I love the pattern of the seasons on a homestead. Each season has its own particular work. Winter means things outside slow down and gives us time for more indoor projects and to plan for the coming busy seasons. It is hard to believe as we are buried in snow and cold that we need to get going on plans for spring.

Recipe: Buttered Rice With Fresh Sage & Garlic - ~Texas Homesteader~ When we invite my folks to supper, RancherMan often tosses some meat on the grill and I'm left to make a couple of sides and a dessert. The sides can be as simple as opening up a couple of cans of veggies, or I sometimes I Roast Fresh Vegetables.

What the change of season means for your homestead gardener It’s a busy and rewarding time in the season for who practice homesteading. Founder of Seedling Stokvel, Caro Tapson explains what the change of season means for your homestead.

Don't freak out! We're moving downriver. Want to rent our homestead? This is a difficult post to write. Promise me you won't freak out! After 18 years of pouring our sweat, blood and tears into our homestead…

Flyers' rally falls just short in 5-3 loss to Lightning Ivan Provorov, James van Riemsdyk, and Claude Giroux scored for the Flyers, who pulled as close as 4-3 with a handful of minutes left, but Nikita Kucherov sealed the deal to give the Lightning a 5-3 win in the end. The homesteading Lightning would strike first as Alex Killorn beat Carter Hart on an odd sequence in the Flyers zone.

From city backyard to tiny kitchen garden. About 2 years ago we were forced to move, but we weren't going to just settle for anything. Having lost our house in bankruptcy we were once again dependant on the rental market and it hurt.

20 Delicious Green Tomato Recipes You Should Try Here is a great green tomato tartine recipe. Tartines are very much like an open-faced sandwich, and you can use any kind of toast or bread, but I think an everything bagel makes a good choice for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

Reasons to start plants from seeds There are many reasons why you should start your garden plants from seeds - from health reasons to saving money! One reason to start your own seeds is because you then know exactly what you are growing in your garden. Seed packets should tell you if the seeds are organic or not.

How To Do Herbal Decoctions This reason I chose a pot for the post, is because many combine or confuse infusions with decoctions and use the word interchangeably. I believe that herbal infusions are just wonderful and drink them often, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to you, but there is a real difference between the two.

Chicken Buying Guide: Where and How to Find Healthy Chicks for Your Flock Buying chickens comes with a whole suite of precautions. We tell you what they are so you avoid a chick-saster!

How We Cut Our Grocery Budget In Half I shared how we paid off our debt with meal planning last week and now I want to share with you the tips and tricks I used to trim our grocery budget to less than half of what it had been. A quick recap. Because we had accumulated a fair amount of debt we were stuck in a cycle of paying the minimum or just above the minimum due.

Canning Tomatillo Salsa Reduce heat to a simmer and simmer until salsa has reduced about 1/3, about 15 minutes. Stir frequently. Puree. Optional, but if you'd like it pureed as opposed to chunky, use an immersion blender to blend it well. Alternatively, you can add it to a blender and blend it.

15 Natural DIY Perfume Ideas If you liked the idea of vanilla perfume but weren't interested in the solid option above, consider these traditional spray recipes. Related Post: How To Grow The Vanilla Plant. This article includes instructions for a variety of blends including vanilla + ylang ylang, vanilla + sweet orange, and vanilla + coffee.

Ham and Pepperoni Calzone Recipe These calzones, featuring made-from-scratch dough, are large and delicious, and can either be served hot from the oven, or made a day ahead, and heated before serving.

How to Be a Part of the Great Backyard Bird Count The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place every February and helps give ornithologists the big picture of our wild bird populations. Be a part of the project by taking 15 minutes to observe the bird species in your backyard this weekend.

Starting Seeds Indoors This is good information. I'm really enjoying your site. I will be spending more time on it. Thanks for Sharing at Green Thumb Thursday. Hugs,. Valerie. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website.

Throwback Thursday: Easy Chai Tea Mix When it's blustery outside, a cup of hot Chai tea really hits the spot. Silky smooth, sweet and wonderful. Aaaaahhhhh…. My wonderful SIL makes the best Chai tea mix, and I've been the lucky recipient of her gift. She was sweet enough to share her recipe.

Simple Homestead blog hop #247 The bees will buzz so loudly that I will hear it as soon as I open the front door. Swallowtail butterflies will dance in the air, drunk on the heady perfume of plum blossoms. I know we're all chomping at the bit to get back into our gardens. It's time to start seeds indoors and plan what we'll plant where.

How To Do Creams From time immemorial, women have been using some form of perfume or cosmetics, and creams can have used medicinally too, so to add creams to my posts is obvious. So I hope this post is very helpful to those who want try to make their own. The specific purpose of a 'Cream' is to nourish, protect, soothe and heal.

27 Poisonous Plants for Dogs You Absolutely Need to Know Castor bean isn't one of the most common plants that you might find in a garden, but it can cause a variety of problems for dogs if yours happen to encounter it. This plant can produce serious symptoms like excessive drooling, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

Can Chickens Fly It's a common question I get when people learn that I raise chickens. If you're raising chickens it's important to understand the limits of a chicken's wings. Backyard chickens are descendants of jungle fowl. Which can still be found in various places such as, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.

FOMO - The Rabbit Show I'm so sad to have to report this. My Fear of Missing Out is coming true. We can't attend Arizona State this year. Our very first state show our son was less than one year old and I carried him in a sling on my back while putting champagne d'argent up on the show table.

Pantry Shelves I had a bee in my bonnet about more storage space in the kitchen. I mentally planned out several options before deciding that the entire wall could become shelving. It took some time to convince my husband that it indeed was possible and what's more that it wouldn't be a huge undertaking.

Why sheep? We have recently decided to raise and possibly breed heritage Shetland sheep. We brought home two adult wethers to add to small fiber flock, which until now only consisted of Eleanor, our Shetland cross ewe, and Pacha, our Suri alpaca.

How To Do Herbal Oils When considering creams, salves, rubs and chest rubs, ointments, bath and massage oils, liniments and some sprays, for home use, one of the best places to start is herbal oils. The reason for this is that often a herbal oil is the primary component of them, or you can just use it straight.

20 Medicinal Herbs to Grow in Your Healing Garden — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Have you ever wondered which medicinal herbs are the best ones to start growing, but felt overwhelmed and just didn't know where to begin? There are SO many great herbs with useful properties that you can grow to create your own medicinal herb garden.

Spring Preparation and Waving Goodbye to Winter We are slowly encroaching on one of my favorite times of year. The snow and ice is receding up the mountains and eventually daffodils will be sticking their noses up out of the soil to welcome the warmth of the sun onto their faces. Days are noticeably getting longer.

Growing Tomatillos: A Complete Guide Your tomatillos should be about 5-6″ tall when you transplant them into the garden, make sure that your nighttime temps are not dipping below 55˚F, if they are, the plants will need protected with a tunnel or other means. Tomatillos are really very easy to grow.

How Often Should You Collect Chicken Eggs? Ideally, you should collect chicken eggs at least twice a day, if not three times a day. There are plenty of reasons why you'd want to do that.

How to Make Natural Foaming Hand Soap If the foaming all-natural liquid soap is too runny for your liking, slowly add in a pinch or two more of the carrier oil or vitamin E. If the soap is too thick and is clogging up the pump in the dispenser top, simply pour out a little bit of the recipe mixture and add in a bit more water.

10 Types Of Moss For Your Garden Whether you want to grow it in a peaceful rock garden, use it as a lawn replacement, a green roof, or as a homegrown crafting material, this odd little rootless plant can bring a bit of shade-growing joy to your space.

What Vegetables Can You Grow in a Tiny Garden? I can move the tomato plants around in the hot ga sun and out of it if I need to :D Hello! Thanks for sharing. I want to grow a garden so badly but have a horrible black thumb. lol This is the year I make it happen though. Good for you, Gabrielle, for not giving up!

A Mild Winter This winter has been so mild here in NC it makes me want to start Spring early but if living here has taught me anything as soon as I start to plant we will have 3 days of freezing temperatures followed by snow! So I sit and plan for actual Spring and make mild adjustments to the layout of the homestead in preparation of good things to come.

Sunday Homestead Update - Snow, Snow, and Some More Snow We had a completely dry January, and it is now making up for it in just the first week of February! We had two different snow storms this week, dropping about a foot and a half total on us throughout the week, and there is apparently more on the way. Today it is gently and quietly snowing.

Getting It Done Self-worth and ability: I obtained heavy doses of the two yesterday. One of "our" wedding gifts several years back was a gas chainsaw for use on The Property.

Living Life With NO REGRETS! Most mornings RancherMan and I engage in what I consider to be an intense conversation about any number of hot-button social topics. In the past these topics have included religion, law, politics, elections, etc. Thankfully most of the other's thoughts are met with an energetic nod and the words "Exactly!".

Designing a Garden for a Toddler Our son is a little over a year old now, and we've been trying to think of ways to expose him to raising his own food. Of course, he went out with me last summer to tend the laying hens and the meat chickens, but this summer we really want to show him gardening.

3 MORE Questions People Ask Homeschoolers, And Why You Should Never Ask Them So, I did a post of 5 Questions People Ask Homeschoolers, And Why You Should Never Ask Them, and I wanted to add a few more to the list that I had thought of. This is normally asked with genuine fear as people wonder if we are breaking the law by not going to 'normal' school, and instead, being homeschooled.

Chick Days Survival Tips and the Dangers of 'Chicken Math' Class Whatever you do in the chicken feed aisle, do NOT make eye contact with the chicks, or you end up buying them!

Exciting Things! It has been a while since I've posted here! I took up a second job, have been doing a ton around the house, and making plans for shaping my future. I also have other exciting news…Magic Man and I got officially hitched on December 23, 2019! It was a very simple courthouse ceremony in the small town where my parents live.

Raising Tennessee Fainting Goats These goats are like the proverbial box of chocolates - "you never know what you're gonna get." Fainting goats may have long hair, short hair, or even cashmere to offer the home spinner. They can come in any color or pattern. You may have a goat with small horns, no horns, or long and curly horns.

"Infinitely more" If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed our new addition to the homestead this past week. We added two livestock guardian dogs to our herd. Leroy and Lacy are 6 1/2 and 1 year old maremmas. My wife found them on Craigslist after what felt like forever looking.

Concow family is back at their homestead and wants to pay it forward CONCOW - A Concow family got a helping hand from the Discovery Channel TV show "Homestead Rescue" to get their land looking more like a home after the Camp fire. The show pairs homesteaders with Marty, Matt and Misty Raney, a father, son and daughter team with experience homesteading and living primitively.

The Storm The whole world seems to be swallowed by a wild sea as i sit here in my kitchen, listening to the wind of the storm crashing in the rocking trees, the leaves and branches rattling in the claps of ominiusly swirling hot wind, and then suddenly the quiet and the stillness.

78 Kitchen Hacks from Our Homestead Kitchen Rinse fresh chicken, pat it dry, salt it generously, and let it sit in the refrigerator, uncovered, for a few hours before cooking. The dry skin will cook up to a nice golden brown. Here is a different butter tip for perfect biscuits. Try freezing your butter then grate it.

Rainwater Using and Collecting - Easy 2-5-2020 Rainwater - We are having one heck of a storm front move in here in Barrow County, Ga. with flood warnings. So, I put out my clean big aluminum roasting pans on the deck to catch rainwater. But you can put them out on a driveway or walkway, but not where it comes off a roof or plants.

Getting Seeds for the New Growing Season Getting seeds for the new growing season is best by saving them. Only open-pollinated seeds can be saved. The second best is to buy heirloom, open-pollinated, naturally, or organically grown seeds from local growers or seed companies - or from a seed company that is in an environment similar to yours.

How to Prevent and Treat Sour Crop and Impacted Crop in Chickens If any members of the flock look like they have already eaten and have a full crop, or acts dull or listless, you'll need to inspect more closely. Pick up the bird and hold it under one arm with the head pointing forward. Gently stroke the neck and chest.

MYO Baked Pita Chips - Quick & Easy! - ~Texas Homesteader~ We were recently invited to a family gathering. Now in my family invitations to a shared meal are very common. Since it's so common and also so that the burden doesn't fall on the hosting family, each family in attendance brings something to contribute to the meal.

Simple Homestead blog hop #246 If you love simple living, frugal tips, gardening, preserving food, cooking from scratch and maybe a few chicken stories thrown in, you're sure to find something that will entertain and inspire you each week! Add your posts to the party if you're a blogger.

What We Run on Our Small 1.14 kW Off-Grid Solar System I often get questions about our small off-grid solar power system. If you're looking to go off-grid at some point and are curious about how much you really need, I hope our experience will help you figure it out. I'll be breaking down our experience using our most frequently asked questions.

30 Easy Road Trip Foods Thankfully, we've got you covered with a list of clever and easy road trip foods for your next jaunt on-the-road. Yum, yum, yum! Meat sticks and jerky are a satisfying snack option for carnivores. These salty, filling snacks are easy road trip foods to grab, pack, and eat.

Chick Growth Pictures: Hatch - 3 weeks Many years ago, for the kids' science, we took pictures of them holding the same chick each week as the chicks grew to see the growth that chicks do from birth to 6 weeks of age. I posted the pics on my blog. The kids were younger and my photography skills were not so great, but the posts have always been very popular on my blog.

5 Gardening Tips to Make the Most of Your Harvest - Homesteading Protect your crops from harsh weather conditons! Click here to find out the best gardening tips on how to use season extenders and maximize your harvest.

10 Things Only Homestead Kids Will Know and Do Homesteading children who do not help take care of the family garden until they at least hit double digits will feel forced into the activity and look at it as a chore instead of a cherished skill, and an important part of their lives.

We're getting Chickens!! It's February, and that means Spring is right around the corner! Spring means new growth, new flowers and new babies! This year we've decided that we want to raise chicks and I couldn't be more thrilled.Before we can bring the little chickies home, we need to get a few things in order.

Bugs in Your Flour & Grains? And, a Removable Label Idea Not going to be-labor this post. If you live where winter is a thing - with degree days below freezing - here's a handy hint:. Collect your flour and rice and meal.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #38 & How to Make the Most Luxurious Vanilla Salve Welcome to Farm Fresh Tuesdays Blog Hop! Congratulations to Tamara for being my featured blogger this week! Remember to visit my co-hosts to see if you were featured on their posts! Wendie and WT Abernathy from Unexplained Underfoot Objects: Facebook ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Twitter.

Growing our own veg When we initially bought our home 3 years ago, we bought an acreage because we wanted to become self-sufficient. When I told my friend it's so we can survive the armageddon when it comes she thought I was joking but considering the state of the climate I really don't think it's too far-fetched a prediction.

Raising Boer Goats Either way, Boers aren't easily forgotten. If you have the space for them, these buff caprines can be a fantastic way to secure a source of meat for your homestead, and even a little side income.

Permaculture Zones - Everything You Need to Know We tell you exactly what you should plant in each permaculture zone, as well as what you shouldn't.

How to Make Dandelion Salve to Soothe Sore Muscles and Joints Let cool, and add the lids. Massagethe salve into your skin. Dandelion salve soothes achy, tired muscles, chapped skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties that will help ease the pain of sore joints and arthritis. How do you feel about dandelions? Do you love 'em or hate 'em?

Full Circle We have learned that life is circular in many ways, the Wheel of the year, the seasons, Karma, the Earth on its axis. Patterns that bring things and people back to begin again, to start over, to try once more, to see things in a different light.

Show and tell - part 1 What does this fantastic land look like? This amazing place to which Joe could not find objections? I think it's extraordinarily beautiful. I'm actually glad Joe held my feet to the fire and pushed me to find a place that ticked all the boxes rather than settling on good enough.

Sunday Homestead Update - Medical Week The last couple of days have been pretty warm, so we utilized the time to do a property clean-up. We still have snow leftover from November, but haven't really had any more fall since then. A lot has melted, but the piles in the shadows remain, all covered with dirt.

Silver Sunday - February Live simply no matter where you live, because a "homestead" is a place in your heart, not a dot on a map.

EcoBricks. What Are They? How I Use Them In The Garden. Several months ago I found a very used 100-gallon galvanized trough at our metal recycling place. It had interior rust, a few small holes and was missing the plug. So wasn't being used to water livestock anymore. But it would be perfect for my vegetable garden.

Homemade Natural Toothpaste I have heard a lot of people talk about buying natural toothpaste so they can avoid the added flouride and other additives that aren't so good for us. But there's no need to go to the store and buy something made by a big corporation when you can make your own homemade natural toothpaste!

Homemade French Bread Homemade French Bread is easy to make with this recipe from One Ash Homestead!

Pancetta 3 Ways - and how to make it! Here at Beloved Farms, we're definitely fan of the home-butchered piggy, and with that, there's always something curing.

5 Frugal Gardening Tips That Will Save You A Ton Of Money We're always looking for new ways to save money and we've found that gardening is just one of the many ways that we can save a lot of money on our budget. Using grandmas tips and tricks has taught me even more on frugality and saving money on the homestead so I want to share a few of them today.

A New Beginning For A Long Neglected Domain I started this blog with the intention of using it to document our idyllic life in rural Croatia, starting our family, and all the hard but satisfying work that goes into homesteading. Turns out, that's not what happened. We ran into endless bureaucratic problems, residency problems, health problems and money problems.

How to Grow Your Best Garden with Companion Planting Have you experimented with Companion Planting? Leave a comment! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Sources:. Companion Planting and Botanical Pesticides: Concepts and Resources - by Justin Duncan, NCAT Agriculture Specialist. Karavina, Charles and Mandumbu, Ronald and Zivenge, Emmanuel and Munetsi, Tonderai.

Growing Everywhere you look at on the Homestead the moment stuff is growing. Miss a day feeding out and it's like the lambs have gained another couple of centimetres on their Mums. and in Goatopia, Leia's kids are practically independent, only needing the reassurance of Mum when subjected to close attention.

DIY Stairwell Window Seat Everyone has one of those Pinterest photos that they have had for so long that they almost forget it's supposed to lead to actually DOING something about it and starting that project, right? This stairwell / landing window seat has definitely been mine!

How To Hatch Eggs With Your Hens It is fascinating to watch. Related Post: Raising Baby Chicks: A Guide For First-Time "Parents" Also make sure the water dish isn't so deep that a chick could drown. I use a very flat waterer for a couple of weeks.

Full version Honey Bunny Funnybunny Review - video dailymotion Https://'s not easy being Honey Bunny Funnybunny - P.J. Funnybunny's little sister. Like most big brothers, P.J. loves to tease and play jokes on his little sister. Poor patient Honey Bunny puts up with almost everything.

Chocolate Pudding Cake Recipe Mostly because it was the only dessert I knew how to make back in my "Jill hates cooking" days. But I digress. This chocolate pudding cake is rustic, sturdy, and no-nonsense. And I haven't shared it with you before mostly because it's just not beautiful… aka, it doesn't photograph well.

Learning About Self-Sufficiency Over the course of my life, I've changed. A lot. I never would have guessed that I would be who I am now. But looking back, I see the fingerprints of the Father all over my life. I have never been very self-sufficient. Growing up, I was totally immersed in the fast food, big box store culture.

How to Create an Effective Homesteading Checklist For each color, go through and decide the best month to do that project. Let's say, for example, you have "build a new raised bed" highlighted in yellow. If the spring months are April, May, and June, you will want to write the most reasonable month next to this project.

How to Choose the Best Chickens for Your Homestead Are you planning to add chickens to your homestead? Not sure what breeds are best? Here is all the information you need to choose the best chickens for your homestead! Before you start ordering baby chicks from a hatchery, here's a wonderful guide for choosing the best breeds to fill your needs.

Log Milling Today - Big Log - Pretty Day At The Farm Today was an incredibly productive day at the farm here in the Smokies. We had to take down several huge trees that were near structures on the farm and so today was milling day with our log mill. The tree we milled today was a monster. He is working on the engine here and getting it ready and tuned up to mill this big oak.

There's No Time Like Today To Become Frugal & Pay Off Debt There's actually no time like today to start whatever you're considering, not just becoming frugal and paying off debt. Starting new things and making changes can be very very hard, but I'm here to tell you my friend, now is the perfect time to do it.

5 DIY Natural Shower Cleaner Easy Recipes Use these natural shower cleaning recipes alone or in conjunction with each other to keep the bathtub and wall surround of shower stall both looking and feeling clean. They are super easy and cheap to make - and honestly do not require much elbow grease to use.

Fence Post Memoirs Of A Farm Life Old and worn she stands,. Wearing old man's beard and spiders. Great protector of the flock, standing guard, drawing lines. Sculpting the contour of our farm. Sturdy and steady she persists,. Under harsh winds, battering rains and winter's relentless snow.

Growing Up Country Back roads bending left and right. Swerving like our Friday nights. Gravel flying, dust trails, lights,. All us country kids living up a Saturday right. Swimming holes, porch swing, the local lemonade stand. Horse back, bare back….we are the "keeping it country" brand.

Annual Vegetable Varieties for a Short Growing Season Annual vegetable varieties for a short growing season have to be quick maturing. Growing a productive garden takes time. Seeds need to be planted, germinate, established, the plants have to mature and produce fruit. In most parts of the world, there is plenty of time for this.

Homestead Rescue exclusive: Misty, Matt and Marty build walls and give 'header hack 101' On tonight's Homestead Rescue, Matt, Msty and Marty Raney give us a crash course in building walls and making headers for a new build.

Homemade elderberry syrup recipe I love elderberries and this year, the scientists have declared that elderberry syrup will bind on your cells and PREVENT the flu virus from entering. no side effects and yummy syrup. i will have to admit that i take it daily. it prevents me from getting sick and makes me feel healthy.

10 Delicious Hot & Hearty Soup Recipes - ~Texas Homesteader~ The cold winter months typically mean we're enjoying some pretty soup-heavy meals in our home. Although we eat soup all year long there's nothing like a hot, nourishing bowl of soup when the weather's blustery outside. But y'all know I don't enjoy being in the kitchen.

Simple Homestead blog hop #245 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. Are you stressed out trying to get dinner on the table after work? Or you worked on a project all day and now you're too tired to stand in front of the stove?

17 Treats For Chickens Upload a photo / attachment to this comment :.

Winter Seed Catalogs and Garden Planning My spirits tend to get low during the winter - the post-holiday blues, gloomy weather, and reduced outdoors time always get to me. Winter here in NE Utah is long, but I have something to cheer me up and carry me through: seed catalogs and garden planning.

How To Do a Herbal Compress From the Herbalists' understanding, a herbal compress or fomentation is where a person has taken a piece of cloth, flannel, cotton or similar material and infuses it with 'herbal solution', which can be either a tea infusion or decoction, diluted tincture, or an infused herbal oil, or a diluted essential / volatile oil, or just castor oil.

Zero Waste Journey It starts…I've contemplating a zero waste lifestyle for a while now and I am finally well on my way!I've always been on the minimalist side in some respects. I don't wear make up, I don't use a lot of hair products or other beauty stuff. I don't use straws, I own no fragrances or fragrance dispensers like diffusers or scented candles.

Everything's A Mess What do you do when every fiber of your being wants something so badly it feels like it's tearing you apart? Especially when that something is a life you fear you'll never be able to afford despite it's ultimate simplicity? It's no secret that my Husband and I have talked extensively about homesteading eventually.

Gorgeous Frost Covered Morn @ The Farm - Camera In Hand Today was so pretty as I headed out to do chores. I had to bring my camera and capture the frost that covered our farm. It was truly a stunning morning. Here is a photo tour of the farm this am. We hope you enjoyed our photo journey of the farm this morning.

Farm and Garden Get the latest in plants and produce from rural America. Plus, gardenings tips and tricks!

The best bolognese. A basic bolognese is built on just a few basic principles: time and good ingredients. Left for a day in the refrigerator, it becomes even more delicious, as the flavors melt together. Though it takes a few hours to prepare, the amount of effort is minimal.

We almost lost our home to a fire. Just last week we left the farm for a work trip. Our farmsitter had some unexpected surprises while we were gone… Make sure to follow us on YouTube for weekly…

"What's the scoop on chicken coops?" The beloved, original, 11th street chicken first spotted back in 2008. "Dear PoPville,. I'm a first time house owner and now have a back yard big enough to fulfil my Millennial dreams of urban homesteading. What are the regulations in DC around having chicken coops?

Going Zero-Waste I recently had a few friends ask variations of this same question: "How do you get your partner on board with being more zero-waste?

Duo Residence After work, while my daughter memorizes French for an exam, I head out for a walk. A slight snow is falling, just a few lazy flakes as if nothing much is going to happen, just that little bit of snow.

Simple Living We love our simple rural, tied-to-the-land way of life. It's a life where nature pairs well with the farmer. Rural living, rustic elegance, the common man. All applying common sense to real problems. Where seasons, not schedules, shape work style. Where weather, not email, calls attention.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #37 How to Make an Easy No Sew Fleece Throw Do you like getting dirt under your fingernails? So do I! If you want to learn homesteading skills, like raising chickens and preserving the harvest for winter, you've come to the right place. I'm Lisa Lynn and this is The Self Sufficient HomeAcre. I started this blog to share my adventures in homesteading and self-sufficiency.

The Last Vestiges Of Rural America Subtle beauty are the views across rural America,. Like a canvas of dynamic paint, always changing. Rustic elegance of a time long gone,. Slipping away through our fingers, like sand. Restless barnyards full of sounds,. Baby lambs, little kids and chirping chicks.

Restoring This Old Homestead - Starting from Scratch I never dreamed I’d be restoring an old homestead, but here we are jumping into this DIY project. Looking forward to bringing this homestead back to life.

19 Chicken Coop Must-Haves for a Happy Flock If you work away from your homestead and cannot go out to the chicken coop several times a day - up to five if the weather gets really bad, and break up the ice in a waterer, you definitely should use a rubber waterer or invest in a heated waterer that can be connected to a solar generator or to an outdoor extension cord.

Weak Lamb Doing Better - Farm Updates So far this lambing and kidding season all has gone quite well. I had to briefly bring one baby kid goat into the house but she is back out with her mom and also taking a bottle.

The Crones Well, Laura and I have known each other since the 3rd grade. I think her parents called us "the girls", so it started there. But that duality nickname has continued through our partnership. Horse friends and dog friends alike refer to us as one unit, being "the girls".

A New Start "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.". Today I start a new position as town librarian / librarian clerk. It's only a part-time endeavor but what better place for a writer than in a house of books? Granted, I will need to supplement somehow but, it's a tad more secure than a temporary position.

Kidding of yesteryears In 2013 we bought our first goats. Two $75 spanish cashmere crosses we named Murielle and Estelle. They were brought home in dog kennels in the back of our Ford Fusion, and hubby learned then to tarp the back seat any time we brought something home, cage or not!

Litter Box Material for Angora Rabbits Litter box material for angoras needs to accomplish a few things. It needs to be super absorbent. It needs to be safe and not cause impaction. It needs to stay out of the fiber. And if it can be composted, well that's just gravy. I did the stupidest thing the other day.

How to Make a Fast Pot of Chili & Chili Seasoning Line up your little jars on the counter with the lids off. Use a funnel to pour the measured spices into the jars without mess or waste. Start on the left end of the line of jars and add the cayenne pepper to each one, then go back to the first jar and add the paprika, repeating for each spice.

Country Living is Awesome! Today was community band practice day. I drive around 20 miles from my house in the country to another small town nearby for a three-hour rehearsal. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the drive along country roads with no assholes in front of me and no bastards behind me.

How to Grow Blackberries Step by Step Blackberries are some of the easiest plants you can grow on your homestead or in your backyard, and they're also some of the most productive. Once you get these plants going, you'll have an abundant harvest that will give you more berries than you know what to do with!

Sunday Homestead Update - First Taste of Aged Cheese The chicks are all doing well and growing so fast. Adorable! Sheep. I got Fergus' fleece skirted and in the mill to be made into yarn by Mtn Man. Looking forward to this yarn! Maggie surprised us. She is one of the younger ewes, the only one that hadn't come into heat and been bred this year.

What I did on my summer vacation - part 1 So how did we come to buy this land? The dream turned into a search at least a year prior to finding our place. For starters, we identified a general location. We knew that anywhere that's more than about a 3 hour drive from our home in Allentown PA, was doomed to failure due to the distance.

New Calf Needs Our Help! - ~Texas Homesteader~ I usually make plans for the day and work towards implementing them to keep things running smoothly. And then things change. Wanna see what a day on our Texas Homestead is like? I'd already made all the preparations for my homemade Chicken and Dumplings supper.

10 Tips for Growing Eternal Salad Let's be real, buying greens from the supermarket is like tossing money into the trash. Unless you use your greens right away, they wilt, lose flavor, and spoil. When I started to grow greens in my garden, I was amazed at how easy it was and tasty my salads had become.

Curing Meat at Home: Chapter Two My husband and I have gone down the road of curing meat for almost five years now, and the lessons abound. We started out with bacon, the "gateway meat" when it comes to curing, and then went crazy from there - lonzino, prosciutto, salami, pancetta, lardo, sausages from seemingly everywhere around the world, even Canadian bacon…and more.

Cutest Babies Ever In The Barn This Morn! I love going into our barn this time of year. The babies couldn't be any cuter. We have nine babies now, seven baby goats and two baby lambs. Here are some great video clips of them this morning @ HiBar Ranch. Some cute photos are also below. Below is a video of our beautiful twin girls Lilly and Rose from our Boer Greta.

All Hail the First Egg There comes a time when you expect your chickens, at least one, to lay an egg. Based on our research, we estimated that our chickens should begin laying around September 27. I had the date circled on the calendar.

Do-it-Yourself Chalkboard Planter Need a simple and easy craft for this weekend? This DIY Chalkboard Planter is super easy and oh so cute! It's perfect for indoor herb gardens to cheer up your home during the long cold garden-free winter. Has winter been sticking around too long, where you live?

The Baby Goats! They Are FROLICKING! We now have seven baby goats jumping around the barn. I let them run in the middle of the barn so that they have lots of room, get used to being around humans and are comfortable around a lot of activity. It really never gets any better than this at the farm.

Powdery Mildew: What It Is, How To Identify It, And Treatment Methods Diseases can be tough to battle in the garden. You can't tell a plant to take an aspirin and put up its feet until it feels better. The ultimate step to fight powdery mildew is to take away the welcome mat that would allow it to enter in the first place.

Top 33 Winter Homesteading Activities To Stay Productive This Winter Looking for some winter homesteading activities to stay productive during the cold winter months? Whether you are a neophyte or a homesteader with experience, you'll be glad you found my post because it will inspire you to boost your homesteading skills.

Shearing Time 2020 - Fergus We haven't quite started shearing season yet, but since we had to kill Fergus early, and we sheared him before we butchered him to save his fleece, we are ready to share about that fleece already. He was only at 8 months of growth, instead of his usual 12 months, so the fleece was shorter, and weighed less than last year because of that.

Snow Dust Farm Morning Snow dusts my farm as I awaken this morn. Trees resting deep in slumber,. Animals, not moving, still resting. The chill, it gets us all. White brush strokes on everything. Soft and white all around. This farm, she wonders, shall I wake yet? Or, shall I curl up and sleep for a while?

Grow What You Eat and Eat What You Grow Gardening also allows you to grow what you eat and eat what you grow. If you put into it some thoughts, it can replace your grocery shopping altogether. Wow! Do you want to grow what you eat and eat what you grow? I bet you want to! Let's get started.

Thai Soup: Tom Kha Gai, for Asian Lunar New Year - Whole 30 Contains: Fish sauce, coconut, optional nightshade. Is: Whole 30, Paleo, gluten-free. Prepared for the start of the Asian Lunar Calendar, Year of the Rat. I absolutely LOVE Tom Kha style soups. I've finally made one that I'm happy to bring HOME with me!

Hayin' Time So we're back where we dropped off the blogging radar last year: It's Hayin' Time. On a big, proper, grown up farm, we're thinking this is probably no big deal; Just another chore on the calendar that requires a bit of forward planning, a few longer-than-normal days, and the dusting off of some purpose-built kit.

English Roses you should grow in your garden. You should know right away that this is not an unbiased post on what english roses you should grow in your garden. In my ten years spent as a florist, bride after bride would bring a torn page from Martha Stewart magazine of a bouquet featuring english roses.

Living With Less Lately I've been trying to recenter the framework for this blog. One of the things that keeps coming up is that life here on the homestead is so often about making do and accepting a humble lifestyle.

Homesteading 2.0Shrinking states offer perks for new residents To forestall further depopulation, Vermont's Republican governor, Phil Scott, signed a bill that went into effect on January 1st offering to pay people $7,500 to cover their moving costs if they relocate and work for local employers. This follows the programme that lured the Dows to Vermont, intended for remote workers.

The Most DELICIOUS No-Knead Artisan Bread In this case, because you want the dough to rise and develop slowly, allowing for more flavor and air pockets, it calls for room temp water.The Plastic Wrap You don't have to use plastic wrap to cover the bowl but if you have it, it helps with retaining the warmth in the bowl.

My Pregnant Doe Asiago Tired and achy she stretches and yawns, she rubs her head on the stall wall. The bah of the sheep sound so far away, as she drifts in and out, she's preparing. Her udder is filling, her hips displacing, as the dip in her hind tells time's near. Pawing the ground, a bed she makes, only to hop up moments later.

Shrinking states offer perks for new residents Around 80% of counties across the country-largely those clustered in the north-east and Midwest-lost working-age adults from 2007 to 2017, according to the Economic Innovation Group, a think-tank. Some 65% will lose working-age adults over the next decade.

Just Plum Crazy If there's one word that sums up my life right now, it's 'plums'. Harvesting plums, buckets of plums, sinks of bathing plums, chopping plums, trying to use and preserve ALL the plums. Well, the ones we haven't given away. And sometimes in 30degC weather too.

5 Frugal Things: Food Waste, Garden, Coupons, Decluttering RancherMan and I are able to live and work right here in a place we love. We hated city life, long commutes, office politics and the daily grind. But now living this life in the country means we need to be extra mindful of our financial resources. The good news?

Tetanus Prevention - To Get The Shot or Not 1-22-2020 Recently a post came out on Facebook about whether to get a Tetanus shot or not after stepping on a nail or glass. I was asked by another FB friend if I would post my response on my blog because they thought it was valuable information and had printed it out for their own use.

How To Make Yogurt Glance at the ingredients label of most yogurts, and you'll be assaulted by a dizzying array of multi-syllabic materials, a shocking amount of sugar, and the rising suspicion that something is not quite right. And you would be absolutely correct considering the original yogurt recipe was simply milk + culture + time to ferment.

A Week of Farm Meals We homeschool, we farm, and we EAT! Here's exactly what a week of farm meals looks like from the winter kitchen - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some are simple and some are more elaborate. A lot of the recipes are on the blog and many more are available through our Cooking Community.

The Winter Kitchen: Pipian Verde My recent Mexican cooking binge began with darker richer flavors but a spell of warmer weather got me thinking about pipian verde, which is complex but fresher and more spring-like in flavor. I became determined to develop a paste for it so that I could have it on short notice.

How We Reduced the Environmental Impact of Everything We Buy The stuff we humans buy is a disaster for the planet we love. Livestock intended for human food now make up 60% of the total weight of mammals on Earth, while wild mammals make up only 4%. The global clothing industry is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the emissions from entire European Union.

What is a Ginger Bug? Find out how to make a traditional fermented base for making homemade natural sodas and more by making a ginger bug at home. A little ginger, a little honey or sugar, and a little time…. And you've got a ginger bug! Complete directions and how to use your bug included in this tutorial!

Snow flurries and sunshine We had snow flurries this morning! Yay!!! It didn't amount to anything but our school of thought is if it's going to be this cold we might as well see some pretty snow. We've actually had a pretty decent winter so far.

How to Eat Cattails In fact, they may be the ultimate survival plant. Who knew? When I was doing my research for edible weeds I came across cattails as a possibility. I was going to include them in the list, but they're not really a garden weed and the information I found on them was vast and interesting.

10 Kitchen Chores That Children Should NOT Do It is important to remember that some kitchen chore can be extremely dangerous, considerable thought as to what chores are safe for children to undertake should always be taken.

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Episode-2585 - A New Look at the Home to Homestead Concept That would have been Episode 20 recorded on July 22, 2008. This concept so resonated with people it became not just a common discussion topic, it actually inspired one couple to run an entire podcast for a number of years on the concept.

How to Can Homemade Apricot Jam Learn how to can homemade apricot jam. Apricot jam pairs well with many meals including breakfast and dinner. Whether you want to sweeten your morning toast, add it to your chicken recipe, or make a better pork chop, this homemade apricot jam recipe will do the trick!

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #36 & How to Buy the Best Fabric For a Tight Budget I love visiting fabric stores and checking out the lovely material, but I rarely buy unless there's a deep discount. Instead, I look for fabric in more unusual places! Oh, Joanne fabrics still gets a slice of my pie, but I save a lot with these tips! Before you head to the fabric store, read through the instructions for your project.

Survival Food to Forage: Lambsquarters — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Here's how to identify and use Lambsquarters, a delicious, edible wild plant to know about for your emergency prepping and survival skillset. Lambsquarters are actually delicious, with a taste and consistency similar to spinach. In addition, it's said they are highly nutritious….even more so than spinach!

Homestead Stories: The Poison Garden In other words, admire but only look, and don't touch. With a collection of over 100 of the deadliest plants in the world, the poison section is secured and separated from the rest of the garden with strong iron fencing and iron gates bearing the symbols of lethal and hazardous material: a skull and crossbones sign.

How to Build a Waldorf Village for Under $30 I love Waldorf-style toys. I just cannot stop marveling at the simplistic beauty of them, be it dolls, play table toys, or doll houses. And neither can my grandchildren. If you are not familiar with Waldorf toys, they are all made of natural materials wood, cotton, wool, and the like.

Eggs Here, There and Everywhere Aside from being little fluff balls of happiness and providing endless hours of entertainment chickens are also kept for their eggs. Anyone will tell you when it comes to the topic of poultry Jessi's mouth runs like a duck's ass. See what I did there?

Babies In The House ~ Keys To Successful Lambing & Kidding It's 21 degrees this morning at the farm. The clouds are hanging low and frost covers our farm. I am sitting by our wood cook stove warming, along with our new little critter, Princess Nicketti, whom our daughter has renamed "Lil Bean". She is one of our newborn Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat babies.

Why It's Okay to Think about Downsizing Your Homestead But that's life, and we might as well embrace those changes instead of letting ourselves become bitter and unhappy. I choose joy over bitterness, and I hope you will too. It's okay to downsize. It's okay to scale back or to change direction, for whatever reason.

I want you to write………… a theme. I've been challenged to start blogging. I've dipped my toes in a few times in the past. The last time was as a way to share photos of my efforts in a one month online group project. But my intention was never to "Blog." Now I have something compelling to write about, because in July 2017, we bought a small farm.

This Old Rocking Chair This old rocking chair of yester-year,. Reminding us all of people held dear. Of forefathers before who worked through blood, sweat and tears;. Of loving grandmothers mending clothes and tending to steers. This piece of wood, a cornerstone, to any farmstead.

My Rustic Hideaway In The Mountains My Rustic Hideaway In The Mountains. You call me at odd times in the morn in daylight. You beckon me to come in the middle of the night. When things are so quiet you stir a restlessness in me. I am pulled into your warm arms like being swept out to sea.

Disk Harrow Test We got a little rain over the last few days. Maybe just enough to loosen up the rock-hard soil. It seemed like a good day to test out my disk harrow and see if it works. There's not a lot to it and it appeared to be in good shape so I hooked it up and took it for a test drive.

Garden Beds On A Budget! Have you ever wished you could start a garden, but a multitude of factors keep you from it? Bad dirt, no tiller, no gardening experience? No worries, with garden beds, gardening can be a pleasant experience for even the freshest gardener! I tried my hand at gardening the "normal" way, you know tilling, amending, etc.

Cast Iron Cooking: This Ain't No Yankee Corn Bread Modified To Get Best Results We love corn bread down here in the south. We also love our cast iron cookware as Lodge is the the oldest cookware company in the United States making cast iron. Since it's our home state, well, we're big fans. We do a lot of cast iron cooking here at the ranch here in the smokies.

Sunday Homestead Update - Cheep, Cheep, Cheep It has been an uneventful week as far as the homestead goes because we have been busy dealing with illnesses and other non-homesteading related life. But we do have adorable chicken news… Chickens. The chicks in the incubator started hatching a day early - on Monday.

Experience Gift Idea: Escape Room - ~ Texas Homesteader ~ Several years ago our children requested no new toys for our grandbabies. They already had way too many toys! So RancherMan and I opted to gift them Experience Gifts instead. The experience gift option has been an absolutely wonderful solution for several years now.

Two More Baby Goats Born Today ~ Blessed Day I love heading down to the barn this time of year. I was out at the barn at 2am this morning as I was convinced our ewes were going to deliver. They appeared to be starting labor last night. But, as of 2am there were no lambs.

24 Edible Weeds Right In Your Garden The leaves and seed pods can be eaten raw. However, it's a bit stringy and the seedpods are a little on the tough side, so most people opt to cook it. You can sautee the leaves or boil them until they're tender. The seedpods can be used like you would eat green beans.

Foggy mornings, Christmas party, picker finds & just one of 'em days We woke to the sound of rain on the metal roof. It's such a pleasant sound when it's a nice, soft rain. It rained throughout the night with the occasional heavy downpour. The fog started showing itself across the hills and mountains as night gave way to day… As I drove into work I couldn't help but stop to take some photos.

How to Choose the Best Plants to Attract Pollinators Choose the best plants to attract pollinators to your garden! Check out this plant list and handy tips for helping pollinators!

Prayers Answered: She Took The Bottle! It got down to 36 degrees last night and I was worried with her low immune system and very little body fat, she'd suffer in the cold of the night though we do have a great barn. Still, it's not worth risking the loss of a baby due to poor nursing, low colostrum intake and a cold night.

The Winter Kitchen: Salsa Macha When I'm on a Mexican cooking binge I have to make some condiments to serve with meals and Salsa Macha is among my favorites. I love the name, which could be translated roughly as "bold sassy woman sauce," and I love the flavor, which manages to be very hot and very delicious.

Late Night Rendezvous With My Loves The needle's dipping low. 36 degrees,. It's time for me to go. I hop out of bed,. My husband's in a worry. Honey, it's cold outside,. Don't be in such a hurry. I have to go,. I quickly say. It's baby time,. Let me just check. Dont worry I won't stay. I huff on my overalls.

15 Canned Chicken Recipes When it comes to creative ways of incorporating canned chicken into your family's meal plans, use canned chicken for most any recipe that calls for boneless baked or broiled chicken meat as a primary ingredient.

The First Rule You Break In Farming Is To Never Bring Your Babies In The House As we've been blogging, it's lambing and kidding time. This morning we arrived to the barn with another baby kid goat; a little girl. This is the time of year when the babies throw you unexpected curve balls. Our first doe this year stayed in labor and wasn't delivering.

Decadent Triple Chocolate Brownie Recipe This triple chocolate brownie recipe works up really fast. 30 minutes tops! It's really no harder than box mix, but it tastes SO MUCH better than anything you're going to find in a box.

How To Gain Financial Freedom While Homesteading Want to know how to gain financial freedom while homesteading? Be free emotionally and financially with these tips and tricks. This can help anyone today!

Top 10 Homesteading Tips I Have Learned Over the Years This was hard to narrow down, because in each area of homesteading, there are many great tips available. I wanted the most useful tips for this article; the ones that I use all the time. Steaming Eggs - even following a plant based diet, we have happy chickens that lay a lot of eggs.

Covering the GeoDome Greenhouse Covering the GeoDome Greenhouse can be challenging. We explain how to cover a GeoDome with greenhouse plastic, polycarbonate panels, and shrink wrapping.

Planter Box Compost Worm Tower I love a garden that's user friendly and any idea that makes gardening a little easier and more efficient gets an A+ in my book. My mum first heard about an in-built worm tower from a colleague at work and we thought it would be a great practice to implement in her newly built raised planter boxes.

Foraging & Cooking With Sheep Sorrel Join our facebook group, where we learn about growing a garden, cooking a meal, and living life like our grandparents did. You'll be glad you did. Join The Self Sufficient Life group here. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

Chick Growth Pictures: 24 Hours Old Many years ago, for the kids science, we took pictures of them holding the same chick each week as the chicks grew to see the growth that chicks do from birth to 6 weeks of age. I posted the pics on my blog. The kids were younger and my photography skills were not so great, but the posts have always been very popular on my blog.

How To Successfully Ditch Meal Planning For Good Have you lost your mind????? These are likely your first thoughts when reading the title. I adore meal planning. I've even used it to pay off our credit card debt. So why in the world am I suggesting you ditch it? The reality is, meal planning is not for everyone.

How to DIY a Bathroom Vanity Out of Reclaimed Wood Building a bathroom vanity out of barnwood and making a sink from a galvanized tub yourself can turn out just like the ones showcased on Pinterest. The only cost we had in our new bathroom vanity stemmed from a few pieces of pipe and the nozzles to make the faucet.

50 Ways to Make Your House Energy Efficient Saving money on electricity is always a hot topic. We found no less than 50 different ways to do it.

An Early Morning Start To My Farm Life The chickens are crowing and have been for about 20 minutes. It's another busy day at the farm. The lambing and kidding barn is active with two kids born so far. I know I must hustle out at sunrise. But, this morning I sit here writing first, as I plan my day.

Swedish wood-fired stock tank hot tub FAIL They're everywhere-Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, you name it. Swedish wood-fired hot tubs are some of the most popular DIY projects on the internet. They're the reigning #off-grid, #homesteading, #glamping #stocktank trend of the moment.

Throwback Thursday: Simple, Homemade, Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Solution So you say you've had lots of company over the past few weeks? Like most of us I'm guessing between Christmas, New Year's and other gatherings you've really had some foot traffic on your carpets, huh? I hear ya. So what now, do you need to call a carpet cleaning company?

Simple Homestead blog hop #243 Join us every Thursday for our weekly homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling blog hop, featuring gardening, simple living, frugal tips, real food and more!

Moving Right Along Five years ago I made the decision to walk away from the life I knew and towards a path unknown. The steps that needed taking had been understood by me for awhile, but numerous things kept me where I was.

Farm Life Is Always Better With My Husband Helping With The Critters We have a fairly diversified farm. As retirees it's pretty nice as my husband can go one way and I can drift off into my own hobbies, all while still being together. My husband Mike tends to spend a lot of his time in his wood shop and milling lumber on his mill.

How to Grow Gooseberries: a Complete Guide Once you pick the varieties that you want to grow, it's time to figure out how to grow gooseberries in your backyard. Remember that gooseberries are hardy plants that can survive plenty of frosts. Some varieties are hardy up to - 40℉. If the temperatures reach over 90℉, so they won't produce well in warmer climates.

Our Farm Fiber And Wool Is Back From The Fiber Mill! One of the greatest parts of running a farm is raising sheep and alpaca and finally reaping the benefit of the "full lifecycle" I call it, of production. You start with a few sheep and or alpaca on your farm and it takes you years to breed out a reasonable sized herd.

10 Common Soap Making Mistakes — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Here are ten common mistakes people often make in their soap making endeavors. Find out what they are and how to fix the problem! Sometimes you can even save a batch of soap! I decided I'd better write this post because in the past week alone, I have had two different friends call me asking why their soap isn't turning out.

Belly Balm: Plant Based Skin Repair Cream for New Mamas — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Here is a recipe for belly balm stretch mark treatment I made for a friend who recently had a baby. She is dealing with those all-too-common stretch marks, which many of us have. This homemade cream may just help your skin heal faster, as it supports your body's natural processes.

30 Meal Prep Dinner Ideas You have several dinners ready. With a scrumptious recipe like this one, you won't have to throw away money on takeout. I think meatballs are one of the most meal-prep friendly foods. They're super easy to make, customizable, and they taste great even when prepped in advance.

Massachusetts Winter Conference, Northeast Organic Farmer's Association Worchester State University is about an hour and forty minutes from here, and was the host on Saturday to the 2020 Winter Conference of the Northeast Organic Farmer's Association, Massachusetts' chapter. This is the first year I've attended this specific winter conference.

How to Make Quiche with a Super Easy Crust Who doesn't love a delicious quiche with fresh veggies and cheese? It's one of my favorite meals to eat… but making it? Not so much. Traditional quiche recipes just take too long for this busy homesteader. However, I've come up with my very own recipe for a quiche with a super easy crust that I can put together quickly!

Tips for Heating with a Wood Stove It was thirty-five degrees in the little homestead. It was a particularly cold winter and the wood cookstove in the 1890's kitchen was our only source of heat. Hands freezing, seeing through my breath, I fumbled with the kindling and the wood pieces trying to get a fire going.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #35 & How to Clean Your Pantry in Winter for the Best Results Winter is one of the best times of the year to clean your pantry! Once the spring season gets underway, it can be difficult to find time to do a deep cleaning in your pantry. So why not get your pantry cleaned out in winter? You'll have the 'out of sight, out of mind' area of your home cleaned before the real spring cleaning season begins!

Fence Post They shared pictures of recent projects on their phones and offered different options for materials and designs. We talked gate sizes and post depths. After meeting with all of them, we understood a lot more about fencing. Prices were harder to understand.

Calendula, an Herb for Your Medicinal and Tea Garden Plus Everything You Need to Know About It — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Calendula, sometimes known as the "sunshine herb," is one that every home apothecary needs to include because of its many and astounding uses and benefits for health and remedies! Its sunny blooms brighten the summer landscape well into fall, or first frost, and in some fortunate places can bloom all year round!

The Winter Kitchen: Posole During the growing season I'm generally too busy planting, tending, and processing to fool around much with ingredients from elsewhere. In winter, there's more leeway. I'm giving myself more personal leeway with food choices, too: I no longer stick to strict keto.

Our New Page Happy New Year, Everyone! Allan and I are ready to go to work now. We seem to have a sort of "dark cloud" hanging over us at the moment but we are going to just work through it. Perhaps the planets, stars and moon are slightly misaligned but things will get back on track at some point.

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What Vegetarian Chickens Are All About Eating the eggs or meat from vegetarian-fed chickens isn't necessarily better for you, and the term is often used as an overarching marketing machine that often falls short of its promises. Remember, chickens are designed to eat insects, plants, and animals.

A Death Well Lived My sweet old hen Cordelia is dieing. She has a fatal chicken condition know as water belly. Basically, her liver is shutting down coupled with congestion heart failure. She's an indoor hen now that her mate Kang is gone. She has no one to protect her while roaming the farm.

Homesteader survives frigid Alaska weather for weeks after cabin burns down Tyson Steele, whose dog died in the fire, built a snow cave and later a makeshift structure at the site in a remote portion of the Susitna Valley.

12 Soup Recipes That Will Keep You Warm This Winter These delicious, homemade soup recipes will warm you up this winter. From variations on old favorites to new ingredient combinations, you're sure to find new winter traditions for your family.

The Winter Kitchen: Colorado Seasoning Sauce Lately I have been on a Mexican kick. Not the light, bright, tropical flavors that are so refreshing in the summer, but the darker and earthier ones that are so warming in the winter. In my last post I wrote about the darkest and richest of my home-composed seasoning sauces, and this time I'll give the recipe for my Colorado sauce.

Sunday Homestead Update - Escape! Always an adventure when keeping a little homestead! Sheep. We had an escape incident this week. It was very stressful on all of us. Thankfully, it ended well and all animals are accounted for and back home. The entire flock of sheep, plus Anya the LGD, all got out of the barnyard and took off on an adventure into the woods.

A Sinkhole Story After big rains, the bigger problem was that the creek flooded the driveway, so our first big excavation project included adding a culvert to divert the creek under the driveway.

Faster, Easier Homemade Broth In An Instant Pot It took me a long time to jump into the Instant Pot scene. I mean, I already had slow cookers, and I had a high-end stainless steel stove-top pressure cooker too. Why would I spend more money to buy something else I had to store? What was the breaking point for me to decide to jump in?

Jan 11, 2020 - A Dirty Day As we begin to prepare for the upcoming livestock shows, we must clean and pack everything that is required to bring a load of animals to a different place. Today we cleaned the pig barn, moved the grooming chute out into the center aisle, cleaned out old shavings, and began clipping both cows and pigs.

Silver Sunday - A Thankful Life I'm Kathi, follower of Jesus Christ, gardener, horse-lover, and goat-keeper. My mission is to inspire and encourage you to live a simple, joyful life, no matter where you live.

Pygmy Goats - A Great Livestock Choice for Homesteads of Any Size Pygmy goats are a miniature breed that is closely related to the Nigerian Dwarf goat. In fact, when this small stature meat goat arrived in the United States, it took quite a while for zookeepers to realize they actually possessed a herd comprised of two distinct breeds instead of just one.

The Winter Kitchen: Earth and Fire Sauce In the past, when I traveled in Oaxaca, I fell in love with the moles, as nearly every traveler there does.

How to Start With the Best Baby Chicks If you don't have chickens and you want to start a new flock, you will need to acquire fertile eggs and hatch them yourself, purchase them at your feed store, or order them from a hatchery. If you already have chickens, you can bring in new chicks to try a different breed, or you can hatch fertile eggs from your own flock.

7 Surprisingly Great Tools for Landowners The wheel is indispensable for jobs that require measuring long, exterior distances, like making sure fruit trees are planted the same distance apart. We reach for this thing more than we ever expected. A Good Generator: We're on grid power, but our generator is still one of our most valued tools.

In the Waiting We have had a few guests recently at our little cabin in the woods. Christmas was spent with a young family who came to get away from it all and see our small place on this earth. We had a wonderful time with great conversation, deep fellowship, and of course terrific food and fun.

Cowboy Stew with Beef Forequarter Chunks This is one of the many stew variations that cowboys used to eat back in the day. The stew is easy to make, and uses basic ingredients and spices from your pantry. Cowboys would have eaten their stew with sourdough bread or hard tack, but if you prefer serve yours with rice, couscous or quinoa.

DIY Natural Make-Up - Liquid Foundation and Face Powder Not wanting my loved ones to be slathering goo filled with artificial ingredients and chemicals onto their faces, I launched into an epic trial and error mixing session of ingredients to come up with affordable, natural, and long-lasting foundation that actually looks good on - no fading, cracking, or streaking.

Cunning Dried Beans Beans are a big part of a whole-food plant-based diet. The easiest way to have them available is by canning dried beans. Since we have a glass cooktop, we do all our canning on it. Here is how we pressure can dried beans on a glass cooktop. It works great for us, take what you like and leave what you don't, but do it at your own risk.

How To Make Mesquite Bean Coffee Next time you pass by a mesquite tree, consider taking a few bean pods home and trying out this recipe for mesquite bean coffee!

Basic Sourdough Starter You only need two ingredients, water and flour… but you do have to wait at least a week for it to finish fermenting. Sourdough works for most people on a gluten free diet regardless of the type of flour used. Unless you're more sensitive than most, or if you have celiac disease, you can usually eat sourdough bread.

Oil-Free Oven Roasted Vegetables We cook from scratch, grow much of what we eat, hang our laundry on a line, and try to live an intentional and slower paced life.

Plum Rising Or it might have been just a pet. Or a cup. Or someone you didn't even know that well. Why do these losses sometimes crack us open so deeply? If Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet and songwriter, had heard the crack of the plum tree's trunk as the wind took her down, he may have said this:.

In the Kitchen: My Postpartum Recovery Process It hit me the 3rd day postpartum that I actually love being in the kitchen barefoot pregnancy and hot spills on my toes notwithstanding.

Homemade Coconut Milk And another quick post brought to you by traveling! Need something to cool that hot sauce fire in your mouth? Don't want to spend oodles of money on canned coconut milk?Yep, it's homemade coconut milk! This was posted in the Improv Cooking Basics: Thai Vegetable Curry recipe, so now it's here for your convenience.

How To Save Money - Homesteading Basics Learn some tips and tricks you can do to stretch your money as far as you can take it. RELATED: How to Start Homesteading On A Budget. In this article:. Before you learn how to save money, you need to do some prep work first. This comes in the form of your budget.

How To Get Your Family To Eat More Veggies - ~Texas Homesteader~ I've always tried to make sure my family ate a well-balanced diet. Of course I don't feel there's anything wrong with eating some less-healthy foods… as long as it's in moderation. Fried foods, sweets, salty snacks - all were ok as long as they were enjoyed in proper moderation.

Simple Homestead blog hop #242 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. Have you ever noticed that nearly everything on a homestead is connected to and interwoven with something else?

Off the Grid Thursdays: Discovery Channel's new block of homesteading reality TV The Discovery Channel is launching a new night of themed reality TV, which includes Homestead Rescue season 6, Reclaimed, and Building Off the Grid.

Black Pudding While it has been said that you can utilize cows blood or lamb in black pudding, it is traditionally made with pork blood. Pork blood will stay moist in your pudding while cows blood kind of dries out and crumbles. Pork blood can be found in just about any Asian market if you have one nearby….

Closer to Home "After you have suffered a little while, our God, who is full of kindness through Christ, will give you His eternal glory. He personally will come and pick you up, and set you firmly in place, and make you stronger than ever. To Him be all power over all things forever and ever.

Athens Books to Prisoners Explains How They Provide Reading Materials to Incarcerated People Fick and Crabb cofounded Athens Books to Prisoners in 2011, fulfilling orders that pre-existing organizations Cleveland Books to Prisoners and Midwest Books to Prisoners were struggling to meet due to high demand and low funding.

The 7 Best Ways To Store Potatoes On The Homestead Some researchers are now recommending that storing potatoes are a lower temperature, like in the refrigerator, will further prevent sprouting and rotting. Those who subscribe to this line of thought often feel that lower temperature storage may decrease a loss of nutrients in the potatoes, as well as inhibit shrinkage over time.