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Late Quonset Intelligentsia As you know, last year we tried purchasing a quonset shelter for Donna to park her car in during the winter months. It worked really well in the sense of making the morning start to her workday much easier - no more sweeping off loads of snow and scraping windows.

Homemade Natural Pumpkin Spice Body Butter Recipe: with Pumpkin Seed Oil & Puree — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Fall is about here, and I'm loving that soon it will be time for all things pumpkin! I thought I'd mix up this Pumpkin Spice Whipped Body Butter in readiness for the cold chill air and how it dries my skin. This homemade body butter recipe really combats the drying conditions of Fall and Winter.

Self-Discipline and Personal Power I want to talk about personal power and self discipline….It's not a popular topic. Everybody wants a magic answer. They want to wave a wand or wiggle their nose and have the job done. This is at the forefront of my mind for a couple reasons. The first has to do with my oldest daughter, the Princess.

Chowder died. And summer left us, too. I have hesitated writing about this here on the blog, since I'm in such deep grief and shock. My sweet dog Chowder died unexpectedly th…

DIY Flower and Veggie Row Markers This post may contain affiliate links or advertisements. You will not pay any extra for these products if you purchase them through my links. However, I may earn a small commission from the sale. Thank you! There are a number of ways you could make these row markers.

29 Upsetting Things They Don't Tell You About Homesteading When I first set out on my homesteading adventures my friends and even a few in my family gave me more than a few sideways glances. Some of them, I'm sure, thought I really needed some mental help while others secretly thought "Good for you!". Personally, I embraced homesteading with all my heart.

Accumulating Okra When You Don't Have Enough To Fry Okra is a powerhouse in the garden. Heat? Drought? Poor soil? It just seems to laugh at it all! My garden struggled this year due to the prolonged cool, wet spring. When the sun finally did come out and the temps warmed, many of the things I'd planted had already given up the ghost.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches - Homesteading This cool gadget will let you light a fire wherever you go. Don't leave your house unprepared, and wear one of these whenever you venture outdoors. For a limited time, Firekables are FREE with shipping! Click here to get yours now. eval;. -: Did you know that you can start a fire with a soda can and chocolate?

Solar Powered Tent Roundup - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Looking for a solar powered tent for your next camping rendezvous? Here are 6 solar tent styles to choose from that will totally light up your world. Seriously, know you can charge on the go, while still enjoying the beauty and freedom of the outdoors.

How to Make Peach Freezer Jam from Fresh or Frozen Peaches Wages No Cook Freezer Jam Pectin and it worked very well. Stir the jam for 3 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom to incorporate all of the ingredients. Set a timer to make sure you stir for the required amount of time. Note: If you use another brand I recommend that you follow their instructions.

Our New Plant Friends In the spirit of keeping our plants native and seasonal, the new farm has been dubbed Magnolia Muscadine Company. Our candies are going to be named Tandies Candies, since so many people enjoyed that name as well.

Fenders' Farm XC Carnival: Varsity Girls The Fenders' Farm XC Carnival took place on Saturday and homesteading David Crockett took home the team title on the girls side, led by junior Rachel Dulaney's runner-up finish. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Get Email Newsletters Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Add Us On Google+ RSS Feeds.

Camping Guess what we're doing this weekend…as in…right now?! Camping! OK, not really "camping" per se, but we'll be staying in the camper in the driveway of our house, so yeah, camping! Gregory and I might be excited and maybe the pups have made a few extra tail wags, but Doug is not what I'd call a happy camper.

How to Build a Log Cabin by Hand Make your homestead desires come to fruition and build a log cabin by hand! With the right materials, instructions, and assistance, it should only be a matter of time before you get your beautiful and cozy log home. We provide a thorough guide on how to build a log cabin with the help of nobody but your own productive hands.

Hawaiian Homes Commission Chair Issues Statement on Seeking Act 14 Private Counsel Hawaiian Homes Commission Chair Willian J. Aila Junior issued a statement on Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, regarding the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands request to hire private counsel to advise the commission on the valuation of compensation through funds and land owed to DHHL, pursuant to Act 14.

How to Jumpstart a Car Safely Want to know how to jumpstart a car? If you want to learn self-sufficiency and not have to rely on anyone else with your car problems, this how-to is for you. Learn how to use jumper cables and jumpstart your car in a sticky situation. eval;.

Its Time to Commit to Prepping! What could be your reason for not preparing for the very worst. Will you be prepared when it all comes down. Be a prepper today!

Why Every Homestead Needs A Tower Garden By Jen Bumstead: It was June 2014 when I was first introduced to the one thing that would end my black thumb days forever, the Tower Garden. I had just begun my first week as a Juice Plus+ representative, the company that owns Tower Garden. I was at teammates house when she took us out to her back patio to show us her new Tower.

How to Install a Chain Link Fence Planning to install a chain link fence? If you're looking to put a fence around your home or property, this fence idea may just be the thing for you. Get ready to add this to your homesteading skills. There are a lot of fence ideas out there but if you want something that would last for a long time, a chain link fence would be a good choice.

Fodder System - How to Grow Your Own Livestock Feed on the Homestead - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Fodder Systems for growing your own livestock feed are ideal. Why would I want to grow my own feed? There are several reasons, here's a run-down on the benefits of feeding live sprouts. Let the team behind Fodder Works tell you why… eval;. eval;. Sprouts are economical to produce.

8 Ways Chickens Can Benefit Your Homestead Do you have chickens on your homestead? Whether you're wondering if you should get some, are already an experienced chicken owner, or are just wondering exactly why you chose to raise chickens in the first place, this is for you. Chickens provide several important benefits to your homestead.

Homesteading at it's finest We woke up an hour earlier than intended - thanks, daughter of mine, whom I dearly love, but have considered duct taping to your bed at night… - and got started working pretty much immediately… Or… I got started working pretty much immediately. Everyone else eased into their respective tasks.

Back-to-the-landers lured to Nova Scotia countryside It started as a homesteading journey. Cathy Munro and her husband quit their jobs out west, and bought nearly 10 hectares of rippling Nova Scotia countryside with a century-and-a-half-old farmhouse.

Worm bin notes: Update 22 Dorian cools temperatures, worms feast This is going to be a short update. Last week south Florida was preparing for hurricane Dorian. That created lots of clouds and rain. The lower temperatures brought the worms back to full speed and they devoured waste added from the last feeding.

How to Grow Garlic; 5 Easy Steps Growing garlic isn't as difficult as you might think. The taste results are incomparable though. When you're buying garlic at the grocery store, chances are it was imported from China. The latest stats tell us that over 60% of garlic in the U.S. is imported from China.

How to Make an Electric Fence Step by Step Electric fences can also be set up on a short-term basis to protect special crops or vulnerable animals, and they can also be used to create rotational grazing systems to maximize pasture yield. Fences work in three main ways. They may be physical barriers, psychological barriers, or pain barriers.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy Want to know the best essential oils for pregnancy? There are a lot of essential oils out there and they all come with their benefits and uses. So if you want to know the essential oils for pregnancy, this list will give you an idea. I love essential oils.

Are potatoes good for you??? +great baked potatoes tip! Who doesn't like potatoes?? they can be boiled, pureed, baked, fried, french fried, cut into Mc Donald's chips, and more. And yet. I kind of stopped buying and making them, thinking they are basically starchy-no fiber - high in carbohydrates only - no vitamins food.

How to Hand Wash Clothes for Homestead Living Want to know how to hand wash clothes? If you want to add some homesteading skills you can use everyday, then find out how to wash clothes by hand. It's a great way to conserve energy and also save money. With all the modern technology around us I'm sure some of you may not know how to do some common household chores without help.

Harvesting Tomatoes We ended up with a ton of tomato plants this year, it's actually the only thing we really grew There are many varieties and we lost track of what is what, but some of them got really big. Now we have a huge mountain of tomatoes and not a lot of time to do something with them so I'm pulling out all my tomato recipes.

Getting Started With Raising Cattle Upload a photo / attachment to this comment :.

Zinc Oxide Natural Sunscreen - Top Choice For YOUR Home If you don't I highly recommend it. You want to keep your precious skin protected in the most effective and natural way don't you? eval;. eval;. Yes, the answer is: sunscreen with Zinc Oxide….

How to Change a Tire Safely Want to know how to change a tire safely? If you want some basic automotive skills, then this tutorial is for you. Know exactly what to do in case of a flat tire. eval;. What do you do in case of a flat tire? Call the mechanic or the towing service? That will cost you money.

How to Make Money from Your Homestead Another good read is Resources for Small Farmers and Homesteaders. Remember that saving money on your homestead and garden will help stretch your budget while you wait for the homestead income to grow.

Camping During the Harvest Moon Camping, Redhead Granddaughter Free Shipping on outdoor hoodies and tees.

Home Remedies to Make You Feel Better from Cold and Flu — Home Healing Harvest Homestead This article is all about natural home herbal remedies for dealing with symptoms of the common cold or flu, as well as when you should see a doctor. These are all ideas your grandma would have likely used to help you feel better.

How to Change The Oil In A Car Want to know how to change the oil in a car? Add some automotive knowledge to your arsenal, and start changing that oil and saving your money! My hubby normally takes care of our cars but as a homesteader, I feel like it's something that I also have to know.

Holla for Challah I found myself without bread these last two days. gasp*. I know. Tragedy. Bread is my usual breakfast - toast with an egg, or toast with cheese and some sort of fresh veggie, or just toast and butter when I'm feeling lazy. Bread is my snack when it's not breakfast.

Canned Zucchini Salad Canned zucchini salad is an old Russian recipe. These 3 summer vegetables combined make a very delicious dish. This recipe will change your view on zucchini forever. It is very yummy. Served as a side dish with some baked potatoes it makes a real dinner.

A Basic Guide To First Aid And CPR - Homesteading Skills Want to learn first aid basics? Accidents happen all the time. And like the saying goes, "Better ready than sorry". Learn the all the first aid basics here!

Simple Homestead blog hop #225 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

Desolate Beginnings In 2016, we started our journey as home - and land-owners. It was a huge change going from a condo in San Diego to an acre of undeveloped land in Hemet, CA, but we were newlyweds excited to carve out our own slice of heaven, and having both grown up in Hemet it was a little like 'coming home', even though it was to our new home!

Pumpkin-Spiced Nectarine Jam Recipe Pumpkin spiced nectarine jam? Can it get any better than that? Probably not if you're a die-hard pumpkin spice fan like me. When a case of fresh ripe nectarines arrived on my doorstep from the Washington State Fruit Commissioners, I already knew what I was going to make: Pumpkin spiced nectarine jam.

September 11….A day we should never forget. I will never forget where I was and what I was doing that day. The day the world as we knew it ceased to exist. September 11, 2001. Somethings you never forget. I had not gone to work because Mom had burned herself a week or so ago and I was taking her to therapy.

A Sad Discovery in the Garden Zinnias Marigolds, Fall Harvest Interrupted.

How to Can Spaghetti Sauce at Home Whether you're keeping an eye on your health - homemade spaghetti sauce has far less sugar and sodium than the storebought varieties - or you simply prefer the taste of fresh sauce, making and canning your own sauce is a great way to make the most of that summer harvest.

Taking Time I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet, but my father passed away two weeks ago while we were at the pediatric hospital with Mr. Smiles' big surgery. My father has been living with us for the last 4 months. I am so grateful for that time with him. The loss was huge and the timing felt impossible to handle.

Canning Apple Slices Although we're still having our fair share of 90+ degree days, every 4th day or so, the nights cool off to be surprisingly crisp for this early in September, and I know it's coming… But the preservation work is just beginning.

Feminize Your Homestead Life on the homestead is not always the most feminine thing we can do. Face it, this lifestyle is very practical, frugal and utilitarian. It's hard work, dirty clothes and hands, and often times very little attention to ourselves as women.

Maple Spice Applesauce - Easy Recipe! This maple spice applesauce is lightly sweetened with real maple syrup and spiced up with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. If you are looking for a tasty way to use your apple harvest, this recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without over-indulging.

How to Can Potatoes the Easy Way Since you'll cut the potatoes before putting them in your canning jars, you'll be able to remove any damaged or diseased pieces of potato and not have to worry about them causing your potatoes to age prematurely. For instance, this year, we had a bad potato harvest.

September 11th, 2001 - Where Were You? September 11th, 2001, a day most Americans were changed forever. I worked at an international trade association and they held a huge convention each year in September. As the Director of Administrative Services, it was part of my job to attend this convention each year along with other executives of our association.

15 Best Amish Cookbooks If you have followed our blog for a while you know we like to read. We do a lot of book reviews, and have certain types of books we enjoy. But what I bet you didn't know is that one of my favorite types of books to read are cookbooks! What, you say? READ a cookbook?!

Pickled Cayenne Peppers Cayenne peppers are very prolific and are very easy to grow. With little maintenance, you can grow enough peppers to eat fresh and save for the winter too. I only have two plants this year and have a ton of peppers! These pickled peppers can be added to anything to add a little extra heat, and they add some beautiful color too.

Select the Best Fruit and Nut Trees for Your Homestead Select the best fruit and nut trees for your homestead orchard before you plant! Fruit and nut trees take several years to bear and may produce fruit for years to come. So take some time to research the best varieties of fruits and nuts for your area.

DIY Gardeners' Hand Salve to the Rescue! Make your very own batch of gardeners' hand salve for healing dry cracked skin or for giving as a gift to the gardener or DIY expert on your list!

Goatboss. goatmom. goatcrazy. I didn't realize it until the day after but we finally got our first goats on our 2-year anniversary of moving here! Meet Juniper Skye and her aunt Flora. Flora, in front, may or may not stay here for long. My little Nigerian Dwarf Jasmine will be here in a week or two and then we'll see.

Grow a Vertical Garden - Homestead Handbook Grow a Vertical Garden and save space on your homestead. Follow these backyard gardening tips to start your very own vertical garden, and enjoy all the fresh vegetables it will produce in minimal space. eval;. eval;.

New Dairy Flock at WCF We have dreamed of having dairy sheep for several years now, and we are excited that the dream is finally coming true. A few weeks ago we added Autumn, an 18-month-old East Friesian / Lacaune Mix ewe. She lambed this year, so next year will be her second year to lamb.

Growing Squash So whether you grow succulent zucchinis and crookneck varieties for summer sautés, invest in the long wait to cure your butternut for winter storage, or are exploring the incredible depth of variety available to the adventurous grower, there's a squash for everyone.

Last potluck of the year and National Solar Tour The last of our open-house potlucks for 2019 is Oct. 5, 4-8 pm. Please come if you are interested in living and/or farming here, or just to connect, stay in touch, enjoy the farms and home, and hear more about what we are doing. Please call 710-9784 to RSVP.

How to Grow All The Food You Need - Homesteading Handbook Know how to grow all the food you need in your backyard. We are positive this Homestead Handbook will help you get started. This 11-chapter series will walk you through all the backyard gardening details for you to grow your urban survival garden. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get your hands dirty, this is going to be fun!

How To Dry Laundry The Practical Good Old Homesteading Way Find out how to dry laundry as you read on. eval;. eval;. eval;. Follow the step-by-step guide and steps on how to dry laundry in this video: eval;. Now you know how to dry laundry on a clothesline outdoors or a drying rack indoors. Don't you find it practical, simple, and even nostalgic?

Fuzzy Kids In all the years we've been at the ranch, our two daughters have never been there. One of our three grand daughters has been once, both of my brothers once each, my mother-in-law once, my mother has been several times. Now although the people in our lives haven't made the trek that often, it has been our fuzzy children always go with us.

Never a Bull Moment I remember sitting in our living room when we lived in the city and discussing farm life. Even as we itched to escape the bustle around us, we talked about what we each wanted. From the first conversation, it was always a bull for my husband. He wanted a bull.

The Changing and Growing Threats of Mother Nature The wildfires that are roaring through northern California are already “among the most destructive fire events in U.S. history”.

Understanding the Concept of Flint and Steel Starting a fire with flint-and-steel is harder than most methods available these days but in an SHTF situation, this may be the only option you have. Image Credit: Bushcrafters still prefer this method of starting a fire than the modern-day Ferro rods you can pick up today.

11 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food So, is it worth while to grow your own food? About a decade ago I would've said no. I would've argued that it's easier, cheaper, and less time consuming to buy your food from the store. But, then again, my definition of food then and my definition of food now are drastically different.

Come to Germany with us! A week-long guided tour and retreat in Southern Germany, family style! Have you always dreamed of visiting Germany but are scared of the language barrier, lack of local knowledge, and all the logistics? Fear n…

The Forrest Fenn Treasure Has Brought More than Riches… The Forrest Fenn Treasure has earned its own day in Santa Fe New Mexico. "Thrill of the Chase Day" to honor Fenn who offers a great treasure to share…

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #18 and Frugal Living on the Homestead Frugal living on the homestead…or anywhere! Read great posts on frugal living this week and on homesteading and homemaking subjects!

This is the coolest homestead family you will ever meet. - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - I know you have the hunger for it, so I hope you're inspired by this story to make the most of your day. This lifestyle may not be for everyone, but it sure is encouraging to know that there are real people making it work. I'd love to hear your own thoughts, comments, and stories as a homesteader.

The Alternative Path It's come as a bit of a surprise to me, now that we've lived in our home long enough for people to catch on, that many of our contemporaries either don't quite understand our living situation, or are totally bamboozled by the idea that what we did was ever an option for anyone.

Basic Auto Mechanic Skills To Fix Your Car Yourself - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Want to know some basic auto mechanic skills? Start saving money by working on your car at home. We've got all the details below. eval;. Being self-sufficient doesn't end in the homestead. You have to know how to be self-sufficient in all aspects that you can.

About Me My name is Brittany Elliott, and I have a passion for gardening, hunting, and eating good, home-cooked food. I grew up on my family farm, and my husband and I are building a house on his family farm. The farm I grew up on was full of life between the gardens, chickens, wild animals, and all of the beautiful fields of crops surrounding it.

The Brazilian Grape Tree Enjoying the fruit of the Brazilian grape tree may not be possible for those living in the northern climates, but one can enjoy studying the unique qualities of the tree itself. The Brazilian grape tree is truly unique. Your email address will not be published.

A Homesteader's Guide to Bartering Want to know what priceless bartering chips you should have? I'm no survivalist but homesteaders should be prepared for any situation. Find out what you need to know about bartering. eval;. With homesteading, you acquire skills that make you self-sufficient and ready for almost any situation.

How To Make Natural Dyes From Plants Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Current. Leave this field empty. About. Contact. Facebook. Disclaimer. Terms and Conditions. Privacy Notice. Disclosure Policy. Resources. This site may earn commissions when you click on certain links.

Homesteading Tips For Starting Seeds In DIY Greenhouse Want more tips for starting seeds? Check out this video from SSLFamilyDad:. Originally posted on June 13, 2017 @ 9:00 AM. comments. Starting plants from seed has many practical benefits: You save money, get a head start on the growing season, and choose from varieties far beyond those locally available.

The Easiest Peach Preserve Recipe Peaches, pectin and sugar. These are the only 3 ingredients you’ll need to make this basic peach preserve.

How To Germinate Seeds - A Homesteader's Guide To Sprouting Seeds Learn how to germinate seeds fast and easy today! With this guide, you can now start growing seeds in soil, water, and even common household items like a paper towel! One of the basic skills any homesteader should learn is how to germinate seeds.

How to Keep Your Chickens Happy When You Can't Let Them Free Range Your chickens are beautiful! What a great bunch of ideas to add pleasure to their lives! Thank you, Gigi. My poor girls are molting, so it's nice to hear that they still look good. First off, I'm so glad I'm not the only one a little distraught over not being able to let the chickens free-range.

September 2019 Garden Update - Zone 7a It's early September, and fall is in the air. Temperatures are dipping into the 50s at night now, and the leaves are beginning to turn. There's still a good solid month before frost is predicted. I know that typically it is longer than that for us. I got a late start this year, so my tomatoes are really just now kicking off.

Essential Oils to Use This Fall — Home Healing Harvest Homestead In this article, I share my favorite essential oils to use in the Fall for scenting your home naturally and adding health benefits at the same time! You'll love these Fall essential oil blends for your diffuser. Delight in the scents of Autumn and enjoy a bit of Fall Hygge!

DIY Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray with Essential Oils You can make your own non-toxic air freshener spray with as few as 2 ingredients! It couldn't be any easier to make and you don't have to worry about breathing in artificial chemicals. You can customize the scent to your own preference or mood too.

How to Grow the Perfect Cucumbers Cucumbers are the perfect vegetable even though scientifically, they're considered to be a fruit. No matter what you classify them as what matters is that they are extremely tasty and rather versatile. They taste great on salad, can be eaten alone, and are used in dozens of recipes.

She's Got Everything She Needs Acorns drop like shots on the metal barn roof. The first yellow leaves of the black walnuts drift down to the pasture floor against the dark backdrop of the woods. Cicadas call the last of summer. The season's temperature swings have evening temps dipping to the fifties on occasion.

Silver Sunday I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for: - a great white egret on the pond this morning, even though it scared Ella when it flew up off the pond behind her, and she barely missed running into me. - that Ella is so careful that she tried really hard not to run into me.

Making Your Own Natural Beeswax Jar Candles Back in 'the day' I had lots of scented candles and I burned them often. I loved the gentle flicker of the flame and the scent of the candle itself. But then I heard of the nasties that can be released by burning traditional paraffin wax candles. So as time went on I burned them less and less.

61 Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World - Homesteading You'll love these cool solar powered inventions! Some of them are awesome and helpful in the field, others are purely decorative, and some are still in development. They're all simply genius. My favorite is this umbrella, and the cool bricks for your walkway !

The Apricopocalypse One of the nice things about living on an old homestead is that usually some person, decades ago, was smart enough to plant some fruit trees. Thanks to such past individuals we have an apple tree, crabapples, and a big, mature, apricot tree.

How to Preserve the Harvest Like a Pro! Learning how to preserve the harvest is a great way to save money and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Don't want to spend a ton on produce shipped long distance in the winter? Tired of buying processed goods packaged in plastic and wrappers? I know how you feel!

Prayers, Putty, and Patches Still diligently working on the renovations around the house. We had an insurance inspector come to take pictures of our home. I'm so glad they didn't call to schedule, so I just had giant garbage bags I was filling with debris.

How Much Does a Pottery Wheel Cost? How much does it cost to buy a pottery wheel? Well, that depends. There are multiple varieties and sizes of potter's wheels on the market. There are electric powered pottery wheels and old-fashioned kick wheels that are fueled by your feet and legs.

DIY Deodorant - Natural Deodorant Homemade Recipe DIY deodorant is simple: It's good for you, it works, and it's good for the earth! Make your own natural deodorant with this homemade recipe. One of the first homemade stuff I wanted to make was deodorant, so I searched the Internet and found an abundance of homemade recipes, and experimented with quite a few.

Freezing Herbs for Long Lasting Flavor - Freezing Basil The story begins a few years back… I grow some wonderful aromatics like basil and rosemary, out in my garden, and typically I pick them as I need them so they're always at their peak of freshness. Sometimes however, I won't use them all in my dish, and I hate to see a good thing go to waste.

30 Reasons to Never Throw Away Your Orange Peel Looking for amazing uses for orange peels? Everything from housekeeping, deodorizing, your diet, and your beauty routine! Save your orange peels!

DIY Bottle Planter From Recyclables - Homesteading We're all about starting seeds at home, you can even make your own DIY bottle planter for seed starting with this simple project made from recycled soda bottles! This blissful spring is giving me life!!! A perfect day to get some seeds started for my summer harvest.

What Can Activated Charcoal Do For You Detoxify, exfoliate, and eliminate skin impurities with charcoal soap. What's great about this charcoal soap recipe is, it also has the calming aroma of lavender and refreshing effect of mint. eval; Clean your face with a clarifying charcoal facial mask.

14 Amazing Tiny Homes - Tiny Houses Tour CLICK HERE to Learn to build your own! Tour it here. Tour it here. Tour it here. Tour it here. eval;. Tour it here. Tour it here. Tour it here. Hope you found this article on Tiny Homes interesting! I'm obsessed with these tiny houses, if I didn't already have my own homestead, I'd definitely go live in one!.

Don't Rush to Flush - How to Conserve Water in the Restroom A product that neutralizes toilet water for a cost-effective way to save the earth and sustain our water supply. Conserve water, go green, use Why Flush.

How To Build A Fire - 79 Clever Firestarting Tricks You Need To Know Learn how to build a fire with your own homemade firestarters. Start a fire the natural way, or repurpose old materials and always be prepared to light a fire.

Horse Hair Detangler Recipe This homemade mane and tail detangler recipe will leave your horses hair silky and smooth. It's similar to Show Sheen sprays, but you can make it yourself!

Best Way to Make Dandelion Root Tea Though it's easy to come by and available for purchase in stores, we are homesteaders and enjoy making our own foods, recipes, beverage, and home remedies whenever we can! Below you'll find the tutorial for how to make your very own dandelion root tea from scratch.

Scottish Bannocks With Double Cream Yogurt This traditional Scottish Bannocks has an interesting twist: the addition of yogurt. Try it out and decide for yourself if they taste better.

National Preparedness Month 2019: Top 20 Survival & Prepping Books September is National Preparedness Month. It is a great opportunity to sure up your own base level of preparedness. This could be updating that emergency binder or just assuring you have batteries for those flashlights and lanterns. But you most assuredly want to build up your library of survival books.

What Is Urban Homesteading and How Do You Start? You don't even have to swap your downtown studio for a Little House on the Prairie; urban homesteading is about learning and sustaining. To name a few:. There are countless ways to practice urban homesteading that can touch various areas in your life, opening the door to more options and autonomy.

39 Handy Homesteading Tools To Make You An Ultimate Homesteader Whether you're building, gardening, cleaning, doing repairs and maintenance, you'll need these homesteading tools list to make the job easier! First, homesteading was just a dream, then we got into planning. When we bought our property, our family surveyed the land then stared at each other.

How Much Drone Tech for Preppers? Learn how a tiny USB device might be our first tool in combating the surveillance state the government is building against us.

A Dozen Ways to Preserve Apples A Dozen Ways to Preserve Apples: sauce, butter, jam, layered apple jam, juice, canned, frozen, Apple chips, apple leather, wine, and apple cheese.

20 Amazing Places to GO + DO on Earth… Before it's Too Late You must go see The Dead Sea and bathe in its healing mineral waters before they vanish. image via. Rally up the troops and get a carpool caravan together. The less cars on the road means less fuel emisions, and less gas and oil consumption. Plus, we could all use a little bonding time to and from the office.

How to Make a Railroad Spike Knife - DIY Knife Making In this lesson, we meet Aram… a badass, knife-making, epic-beard-wielding blacksmith at Adam's Forge in Los Angeles. Before he jumps into the intracacies that go into knife making he gives us a little background information on himself and Adam's Forge, the only true blacksmithing community in Los Angeles.

How to Conserve Water - Sustainable Living You can help conserve water in your area! Even if you are living in a well-hydrated region, these tips will help conserve water for a global impact. Every drop counts.

Behind the Scenes This post isn't really magical if that what you're looking for. This post is just behind the scenes info and a peak into human side of my life. I've been feeling a 'change' vibe for awhile. Battling some Wanderlust. I've told The Renaissance Man. He didn't like that.

Garlic Growth and Harvest! It was my first time ever growing garlic, and I learned a few things along the way for next time for sure! I use fresh garlic in almost every meal, and have long loved its medicinal properties. Since we're on only a little bit of property, I tried to strategically use space when I planted the spring garden.

How To Mulch For A Beautiful, Weed-Free Garden Do you use mulch in your garden? If not, why? If you already mulch, do you have a favorite type that seems to work like a charm every year? Let us know in the comments! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name.

Part Three - The last installment of our visit to Germany You might think we just hiked, biked and sweated our way through the Alps when we visited Germany this summer. But no. We had plenty of cit…

15 Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants - Homesteading Home Remedies Natural mosquito repellent plants are perfect for your yard to ward off pesky mosquitos all summer. Homemake the best natural mosquito repellents for skin!

Homestead journal 9-5-2019 Ohhh fall is coming I can feel it! The mornings are getting colder which means the snuggle is real lol cold mornings equals extra snuggling with the husband! The smell of coffee on cold mornings about drives me bonkers its thee most amazing smell in the whole wide world!

15 Brilliant DIY Wind Turbine Design Ideas For Living Off The Grid There you have it, homesteaders! DIY wind turbine design plans and ideas to suit your needs, whether budget-wise, skill level-wise, even space-wise. Learning about renewable energy sources and applying them is a survival skill for you to learn. Who knows when it will come in handy?

VIDEO How to Make Fishing Lures - DIY Fishing Lures - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Eval; But let's be serious for a moment: All we love about the sport isn't really why we are here right now. Knowing how to fish is also about fostering a skill set to keep the food chain in your own hands. So many people look at their cupboards or in their fridges and do not question where it all came from.

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Simple Homestead blog hop #224 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. It's fair week - I'm deep in the midst of the busiest week of the year: our county fair.

Edible Flowers - 5 Flowers You Can Eat! Looking for Edible Flowers? Experiment with the tastes and texture edible flowers have to offer. Here is the complete list of edible flowers and how you can incorporate them in your own recipes. You loved our original post with just 5 edible flowers, so we decided to add more!

4 Reasons Why You Should Raise Guinea Fowls With Your Chickens Guinea fowls do not lay eggs as often as chickens, but they do lay heavily at different times throughout the year. Guinea fowls lay eggs regularly from spring to fall. They can produce anywhere from 80 to 150 eggs per year. In comparison, chickens have been known to produce approximately 320 eggs per year.

What are Heirloom Seeds? - Homesteading Guide What are heirloom seeds anyway? It's a question many have been asking-and once they know, it's something they'd be proud to have! An heirloom is anything valuable to a family, group or person, handed down from generation to generation. It could be some old china, silver, furniture, or even seeds.

Venison Jerky Recipe Want to learn how to turn your venison into jerky? This venison jerky recipe is so delicious, I remember snacking on it as a kid on road trips. Learn to make it yourself here. It's so easy, I'm sure you'll start stocking so you'll have something to munch on any time.

How to Prepare Your Garden for the First Frost in Fall Prepare your garden for the first frost in autumn to increase your harvest. Get ready for a killing frost and your garden will continue to produce!

Great Books for Farm Kids This is the list that we've built over the years of classics and personal favorites that we enjoy sharing with our own little farm kids. Second up, let me just say this too: I'm probably not the best homeschool parent for anyone to try and copy.

Hawaiian Homes Will Remove Structure Near Kipuka Pu‘u Huluhulu Following a posted Noticed To Vacate, DHHL will remove the structure as soon as resources become available. Abandoned or seized property is then held pursuant to section 171-31.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes," the DHHL wrote. Mayor Kim's Sept.

17 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes For Happy Hydrated Homesteaders Hooked on trendy infused water recipes? If you find drinking plain water tasteless, infused water could change your outlook about healthy water intake. Concoct these simple infused water recipes for delicious refreshments you can indulge in, guilt-free!

How Long Do Eggs Last Chicken and ducks eggs have a pretty good shelf life. But how long do eggs last really? Ever heard of the term rotten egg? The stench of a rotten egg smells like death. Have you ever smelled a dead animal? Yeah, it's like that. I know it's gross. So let's talk about how long they last.

Egg Float Test - How Old is That Egg? Will your eggs pass the egg float test? How old is that egg? Don't risk cracking open a rotten egg, have your eggs take this test and see if they pass!

How to Live Within Your Means and Grow Your Finances Living with your means is key for a secure financial future, but it can be tricky. We'll show you how you can live within your means AND grow your finances!

Jerky Marinade Recipes Want to make your own beef jerky? Here are the top 3 all time beef jerky marinade recipes: Original, Teriyaki, and Southwestern. Whip up a batch of your favorite and you'll have mouthwatering jerky in no time. This post was made possible by the cool people of DIY Ready.

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Growing Basil Indoors So you want to know how to grow basil indoors? Good! Starting your own indoor herb garden is a great homesteading way to stay nourished with flavorful dishes, no matter the weather or time of year! You'll need to carefully watch the soil, the container, the sunlight and water needs, the fertilizer, and the prunin of the basil plant.

9 Steps To Taking More Responsibility For Your Food That's all, fellow homesteaders! Did you enjoy our list of 9 Steps To Taking More Responsibility For Your Food? Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of our 9 Steps To Taking More Responsibility For Your Food list. Do you have a favorite manner for taking food responsibility that's a staple on your homestead?

9 Things I Always Have at the Barn Homestead tips from a real farmer, and best advice for tools and equipment to A L W A Y S have on hand at the barn. 1 - You just ran up there to grab something and you're wearing pjs and / or flip flops; eval;. 2 - You were on your way out and just noticed something out of place out of your peripheral vision; eval;.

The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie Recipe - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - This is a little different from your traditional pumpkin pie; it's light, fluffy and has a hint of caramel to make it super rich. eval;. Make it with either the crust I show here or, if you need a quicker and easier option, it is really nice with a graham cracker crust too.

Building this Business I am working on building the entire business which includes my fiber arts, vacation rental, and honey bees. Fall is a time to clean up and get organized around the homestead, the cold crisp mornings remind you that time is running short. And all those tasks need to be wrapped up before winter closes everything down in a cold icy grasp.

Brighten Up Your Skin This Fall with Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Recipe Plus, the Benefits of Pumpkin — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Well, I made some pumpkin soap the other day…and I made some pumpkin soup, too. But I still had some yummy pumpkin puree' left over between those two projects. I was thinking about giving the rest of it to my dogs, but then….I wondered if the leftover puree would be good for my skin.

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Treat it the same way you would any other laundry detergent: Half cup for a half load… Full cup for a full load… etc. Here's another tip: Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to keep your clothes bright, white, and soft! Happy Homesteading!

Insteading Giveaway For September 2019 Whether you want a sustainable way to get rid of kitchen waste or are looking for a beneficial soil additive, a worm composter can come in handy!

50+ Ways to Save Money on the Homestead It's great to earn money from your homestead. Many homesteaders have found ways to earn their living this way! However, after a certain point, I believe it's better to save money than it is to earn more money. We pay income tax on every penny we earn.

How To Make Homemade Cajeta Learn to make homemade cajeta. Sweetened caramelised goat's milk never tasted so good. Goat milk is so versatile, and can be incorporated into virtually every meal.

Building a mudroom A man may surely be allowed to take a glass of wine by his own fireside… Richard brinsley Sheridan. With the cool crisp mornings starting and the sunseting differently in the sky and the hint of leaves changing, fall is officially around the corner.

New Year Resolutions - How To Make And Obtain Reasonable Goals Learn how to keep your new year resolutions this year by making reasonable goals you can actually obtain. eval;. eval;.

Turkey Soup from Leftovers Recipe Take your turkey, and remove all the meat from the carcass. Keep the meat for later, break the bones up, and put them in a large stock pot. Cover with water and set on a high heat to boil. When it boils, turn the heat down so that it simmers gently. eval;.

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Hold Your Horses So our neighbor up the hill, the chicken feather guy, has begun his let the animals out to forage during growing season rigamarole. The cows, pitiful scrawny creatures, are set free at night. And the horses, during the day. The chicken feather guy's yegua has a colt who reportedly is 5 months old.

Ricotta Cheese Recipe - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Channel your inner Italiano and learn how to make creamy, delicious homemade ricotta cheese. This homemade cheese recipe will delight your tastebuds and save your wallet. This quick and easy cheese recipe is perfect for stuffing your own homemade pastas or, for a more decadent treat, make your own canoli's.

How to Freeze Eggs To Last Longer Than Ever - Homesteading Watch this video by Flannel Acres and learn another way to freeze eggs:. Enjoy your eggs now and later! This is a great idea for preserving your resources. It's essential so nothing in your lovely homemade sustainable kitchen goes to waste. What are your thoughts about this step-by-step tutorial on how to freeze eggs?

My First Homestead Eggs. The summer is winding down, already a few cold mornings hoovering around the freezing mark, not quite frost, but close. The leaves are starting to turn and the days are getting shorter. Soon our cold winters will be upon us, snow will cover the ground and the thermometer could dip as low as - 30 Celsius.

How To Grow Green Onions And Use Them Over And Over And Over Indoors, outdoors, it doesn't matter where. You can regrow your green onions and eat them too. So the question is, how many salads can you eat realistically? Throw a number out there and we'll do some math. A green onion is a little bulb with roots that grows this stalk of leaves that humans find delicious.

Blizzard Survival Tips For A Safe Winter - Homesteading One of the most important things you need during a blizzard is running water. Unfortunately, you can't have this if you don't insulate your pipes. Water pipes have a tendency to fr­eeze in temperatures below 20°. If you want to prevent your interior pipes from freezing, cover it with foam insulation.

Mendocino County author publishes 'Wildfire Weeds' novel "When my house burned down I felt like I needed to tell a story but I didn't want to tell my personal story so I made a fictional story that combined a lot of my years homesteading in Redwood Valley with other peoples' stories," says Natura.

Homemade Air Freshener with Essential Oils Originally posted on January 6, 2016 @ 12:31 AM. comments.

God, Ghosts, Aliens My daughters start a fire in the rock pit in our yard at the end of a sunny day, a day of hiking and laughter, of putting away a gorgeous onion harvest, of weeding and transplanting daisies from a friend, of painting the lower barn door blue.

How To Harvest Dandelion Roots Dandelion roots can be used fresh from the ground for both culinary and medicinal purposes but if you want to store some of your harvest for future use, you'll need to dehydrate it. If you have a dehydrator, simply slice the cleaned roots into strips of equal size and dry them until brittle.

How to Can Pears in a Water Bath Canner I wouldn't cut it down either. Rose, I was really fortunate - a case of being in the right place at the right time! It IS delicious, Nancy, thank you! Stop on over for a slice of homemade bread and spiced caramel jam. ;-) These look so good! I can't wait to try canning some next summer.

Add a High Tunnel to Your Homestead With Help From the Government If you have a homestead and would like to prolong your growing season this government program may help. There is a high tunnel program available to pay.

Learning to drive the dozer My husband teaching me how to drive our HD 11 allis Chalmers dozer. This is my first ever video so don’t judge lol I have been super afraid of the big dozer since we got her because let&#82…

How to Freeze or Can Pumpkins & Winter Squash Knowing how to freeze or can pumpkins and winter squash comes in handy if you harvest a lot of them in autumn and don't have a root cellar for winter storage. Even if you don't grow your own pumpkins and winter squash, you may purchase extras in fall when they are plentiful at the farmers market or roadside stands.

Sunday Homestead Update - Concrete Jungle to Mountain Homestead We spent this last week in the concrete jungle of the pediatric hospital in Denver. Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderful hospital with wonderful staff and so many services and resources for families….but it is a far cry from my isolated little mountain homestead.

Carlton woman launches dairy farm with Nigerian dwarf goats "We farm, we hunt, we fish. We try to be as sustainable as we can. The whole goat thing opens up a whole new opportunity of homesteading…. I can provide my family with homegrown dairy products, especially from animals that I'm taking care of," she said.

Instant Pot Roast Recipe - Comfort Food FAST! Electric programmable pressure cookers are all the rage. But I have a stove-top pressure cooker and I love it. I guess it's been hard for me to justify the cost of buying a different thing when I have something that works for me. But I've finally made the plunge!

How to Make Yogurt Starter Learn how to make yogurt starter with this easy yogurt starter recipe. You'll be making your own homemade yogurt in no time with this healthy, easy recipe.

Month By Month Chores List For a Homestead If you are new to your homestead or even for folks that have had one for a while, here is a list of chores and things to do in each month of the year.

12 Thieves Oil Uses for Everyday Living Use this popular thieves oil recipe to promote good health. eval;. Apply 1-3 drops to cuts or open wounds to help fight infection and promote healing. eval;. via webmd. eval; Mix 2-4 drops with a carrier oil and apply directly to chest to hep with congestion.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Roosters Realistically, if you sell or give a chicken away, you can't be sure if the new owner will keep it or process it for meat. That goes with the territory of being a homesteader. If you really can't bear to give your unwanted roosters away to someone who might eat them, look for a farm animal sanctuary or chicken rescue group in your area.

17 Tiny Houses to Make You Swoon These tiny houses are especially swoon-worthy due to subtle touches the owner has put on them. Bigger isn't always better…take it from these tiny houses! In a nation and especially in a time so wrapped up in consumerism it's nice to see the tiny house movement in full swing still.

Creamy Mashed Potato Recipe So, anyone can learn how to make mashed potatoes, but this mashed potato recipe is the recipe that will top all other mashed potato recipes. Believe me, these creamy mashed potatoes will ruin you for all other mashed potatoes once you try them. Plus, it's an easy recipe to follow that's a big crowd pleaser!

Refrigerator Garlic Dill Pickles Refrigerator Garlic Dill Pickles can be made in 10 or 15 minutes with fresh pickling cucumbers, garlic and dill. Ready to eat in 24 hours!

Root Vegetable Gratin Recipe Try this veggie recipe to add to your Thanksgiving side dishes this holiday. Satisfy everyone with the cheesy goodness of this Root Vegetable Gratin Recipe.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe Make your own yogurt from scratch with this homemade yogurt recipe in a snap. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make yogurt with this easy yogurt recipe. Learn how to make yogurt at home with this simple homemade yogurt recipe!

How to Make Stuffing Balls Learn how to make stuffing balls this holiday season. This easy stuffing recipe is perfect if you're looking for a paleo stuffing recipe this Thanksgiving.

Cheesy Mustard Corn Rolls Did you enjoy this cheesy mustard corn rolls recipe? Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of this homemade Thanksgiving recipe. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe that's a staple on your homestead? Share it with us and we'll give it a shot.

Brush Hogging 101 - Everything You Need to Know The two most important things to remember when brush hogging are to make sure the tractor and rough mowing deck being used are in good working order, and that the land being worked has been thoroughly inspected for hazards prior to cutting. Your email address will not be published.

Homemade Avocado Face Mask - Recipe Did you enjoy this Homemade Avocado Facial Mask? Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of this homemade avocado facial mask. Do you have a favorite homemade facial mask that's a staple on your homestead? Share it with us and we'll give it a shot.

Homestead predators The moment you have something beautiful and magical someone somewhere will try and take it from you, always! So something has been weighing on my mind lately and it's a bit on the dramatic, drama, shit show side of life but I figured I would write about it.

14 Tasty Homemade Yogurt Recipes and Ideas - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Ever dreamed of creating your own yogurt? Check out these 14 Tasty Homemade Yogurt Recipes and Ideas:. These delicious yogurt recipes were crafted by some of the best of the web. You're going to love them. eval;. -: eval;. eval; - :. Buy your own tubes for this DIY here.

How to Preserve Garlic - 4 Storage Methods Preserve garlic with one of these handy methods! Learn how to store garlic in your root cellar or freezer, pickle garlic or dehydrate it for storage!

43 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes That's all, fellow homesteaders! Did you enjoy our list of Thanksgiving side dishes recipes? Let us know in the comments section below what you thought of our Thanksgiving side dishes list. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipe that's a staple on your homestead?

Miniature Mandibles I'm reading outside with my bare feet on the firepit stones when I feel something like my cat's tongue on my toe. I'm reading intently, in the few remaining minutes before my daughter returns from soccer practice and my attention will abruptly shift into chat about school and peers and the righteous outrage I suddenly see emerging in this teen.

45 Off The Grid Hacks - Homesteading Tips, Tricks, And Ideas Cupboard essentials like lemon, baking soda, vinegar, salt, olive oil, and castile soap make effective natural cleaning solutions. Use them to remove stains, eliminate odors, scrub your sink, and countertops. Stock up on these ingredients for DIY household hacks when living off-grid.

My 8 best simple +effective tips to stop procrastination! Not because I am a better person or something - simply because procrastinating makes me very anxious. I mean very anxious. Like losing sleep kind of anxious. So I developed full proof - easy-just listen - methods to help me overcome those known to everybody moments when you just can't think of anything but your pillow and a good book.

How to Pull a Tooth Learn how to pull a tooth safely at home with this tutorial. Pulling a tooth is never a fun experience, but it's best to avoid the dentist whenever possible.

20 Eye-Catching Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are a beautiful, graceful addition to the garden. Learn more about some different eye-catching flowers that attract hummingbirds.

The Great Potato Experiment of 2019 - Day 118 We harvested the rest of our potatoes today. As you can see from the picture above, the purple potatoes were much more prolific, but the red ones grew bigger. Overall I am very happy with the results of our "experiment". I learned a lot about growing these varieties of potatoes.

How To Build A Tiny House - A Step-By-Step Guide Learn how to build a tiny house with these house building ideas and tips. Build your dream home without breaking the bank with this house building tutorial!

How to Freeze Berries How to freeze raspberries, blueberries, currant, strawberries, and other berries. The good thing about most berries is that they are great fresh or frozen. Berries are the most nutritious in the fruit category, plus they grow well in cold climate. We grow many varieties of berries in our garden and like to freeze them for winter.

Silkie Chickens: Should You Get Them? Broody chickens don't lay, they hatch! So when a broody isn't hatching, they lay wonderful, edible eggs. Most folks may have trouble eating silkie meat for two reasons. One reason is that they are so docile and sweet, they are often seen more as pets than as farm animals.

Homestead whole 30 challenge. Doing the whole 30 challenge starting today! Well let me give u a little background I have been on and off keto for 2 years now and have lost 75 pounds. I have never had any problems with processed food besides weight gain, well officially last night was the final nail in the coffin.

How We Homeschool: Starting the conversation. We're asked about 'how we homeschool' often. I've enlisted the help of my wonderful husband, Stuart, to help create a new series of blog posts based around the philosophy and practicality of our home education to share with you what we've learned, what we do, and how we function as a homeschool family.

Franklin Brings In Homesteading Expo When Cheryl Franklin moved to McDonald County 40 years ago, she learned homesteading from the local people. Now she is leading the way for others with the Ozarks Homesteading Expo, set for 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 6-7, at the Newton County Fairgrounds in Neosho.

Homemade Granola Bars Need a healthy breakfast or snack on the go? This homemade granola bar recipe is the perfect solution for your healthy snacking needs! eval;. These homemade granola bars will have you skipping the snack aisle and opting for this healthy granola bar recipe instead.

Trapping & Relocating An Armadillo Uh oh, something has burrowed beneath the rosemary by our back porch. We're guessing it's an armadillo. What a mess! So much dirt has been kicked up into the rock border of our porch and the burrow is obviously into the roots of my beloved rosemary plant.

Simple Homestead blog hop #223 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. Do you wish you could live a more simple life? "Simple" doesn't necessarily mean "easy," but we all hope it will be less stressful, right?

Planning A Raised Bed Garden Raised beds have a lot of benefits over traditional row gardens and I can't wait to mix things up and grow more food next spring!! I can't wait to get our raised beds in for next spring. I like our typical row garden, don't get me wrong, but the bending, tilling, weeding, repeat is a lot of work.

Homestead Cowboy casserole - Not keto Homestead easy comfort food to feed the masses, that no man will turn down! I wish this could be keto but just no way, I will have to try it with cauliflower and let ya know how it turns out!

The Basics Of Straw Bale Gardening Whether your soil quality isn't great or your limited on space, straw bale gardening is low maintenance and results in nutrient-dense compost!

Raising Your Own Chickens I'm writing to you from our family farm today and I have an exciting topic: raising your own chickens! Raising chickens can be a rewarding and cost effective way to have a steady supply of eggs and chicken meat. Currently in Saskatchewan, the average cost of a chick is about $2.50.

Part Two: Our visit to Germany I took so many pictures when we spent two weeks in Germany in July/August, there's no way I can fit them all into one blog post. So her…

Fall Garden Chores Checklist Don't do these chores in fall:. Spring is such a busy season that you don't want to leave all of your chores until then. If you've cleaned up the vegetable garden in fall you'll be ready for an early start next spring! Be sure to leave some overwintering habitat for pollinators, such as butterflies and bees!

DIY Solar Panel Installation Learn how to install solar panels for your homestead. The process is a bit tricky, but once you do it you'll save tons of money, and you'll be making the most of earth's natural resources. What a win! Follow along for the play by play. Here's what you'll need to do.

How To Make Pancakes From Scratch - Perfect Pancake Recipe You're going to love them even more once you read these tips and tricks from pancake expert, Therese Heckenkamp. They'll transform you into an expert on how to make pancakes from scratch! Learn all about ingredients, mixing, cooking, flipping, presentation, storing, reheating, and more!

Saving Seeds from Squash Unlike tomatoes, which can be harvested at the regular time and then the outer saved for eating, squash need to be left beyond the point that they would be good to eat, in order for the seeds to be mature. eval;. I like to select a few nice-looking squash, and mark them with a piece of twine around the vine near the fruit.

How To Grow Goldenrod Goldenrod is largely thought of as an annoying weed that makes you sneeze in the United States. But in Europe, this edible and naturally healing plant is cultivated alongside more conventional garden plants for its beauty. There are 130 different species of goldenrod, all of which can be foraged and used in wildcrafting home remedies.

Worm bin notes: Update 21 Where did the black solider flies come from? Hard to believe it's been a month since checking the bins. I've been busy catching up on projects, updating supplies and equipment. In update 20 I had placed some pupae into a canning jar to contain them in an effort to identify them as shown in the photos below.

Livestock options for Meat on a Homestead Some hatcheries and commercial chicken producers even use formaldehyde as a disinfectant, causing many to really put some thought into what happens to their meat before it reaches their table. While organic, locally raised and purchased, farm raised meat is an ideal, it comes with a price tag.

12 Best DIY Solar Panel Tutorials For The Frugal Homesteader Make your own DIY Solar Panel with one of these solar panel tutorials. Discover solar panels that are optimal for powering your homestead with solar energy!

Growing Peppers All domesticated peppers are derived from five closely-related species of the Capsicum family, but their worldwide popularity has led to some of the most interesting shapes, intense heats, and wonderful flavors you could imagine. Just for reference, peppers are categorized by shape, rather than parent species.

How to Make Solar Panels for Your Small Electronics Did you enjoy our DIY solar panel tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below what troubles you had or what you did differently when making your homemade solar panels. Do you have a favorite alternative energy that's a staple on your homestead?

Elon Musk Apparently Still Wants to Nuke Mars We have all heard how Elon Musk still wants to nuke Mars. Well, he cannot nuke Mars. Not that we know of. However, that did not really stop the SpaceX founder and the CEO of the company to tweet "Nuke Mars".

32 Cauliflower Recipes and Ideas for Healthy Eating Load up your breakfast with fiber - grab some cauliflower, grab some eggs, grab some nutmeg and get to work. This delicious cauliflower recipe will take a bit more prep time than the usual scrambled eggs and french toast for breakfast but it will definitely be worth it.

Cottage Renovation. Again. My cottage renovation ideas tend to come in surges and this morning they were on FIRE. Too much LLV and Elevation perhaps. As I sipped my second cup of coffee, I was listing out a few blog posts I want to write and ordering tile simultaneously on Etsy.

Building our dream home part 1 Being married to a welder it would only be logical to have a shipping container house! After our awesome flat spot was all cleared and graded we moved the camper up and decided it was time to leave the city and start our homestead dream! We had already purchased one shipping container but it was 3 hours away and we had to move it.

This Is the Future of Earth: Greenland Is Melting at a Faster Rate It is safe to say that Greenland is the refrigerator of Earth. It is also safe to say that glaciers dwindle and seas started to rise. David Holland, who's a New York University air and ocean researcher, said that he's currently checking to see what's happening in Greenland from every corner.

New Study: Did You Know That Cheetahs Meow? Cheetahs are interestingly dual animals, being incredibly gracious felines while also being one of the most notorious carnivorous predators of the animal kingdom. They can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and you sure as heck would not want to run into one of them in the wild.

Did Humans Make the Cave Bear Extinct? There's a genetic research out there that had the aim to reconstruct the past population of the cave bear. As you probably know, we are talking about a prehistoric denizen of Europe, which included Homo sapiens, and not climate change in the Ice Age extinction of the bears.

Two Asteroids Pass by Earth - NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office is hard at work as two asteroids have passed by Earth. The space rocks reached the closest point on August 26. One of them travels at an impressive speed 18,800 miles per hour while the other is a bit slower at 13,000 mph.

Blackberry Jam This blackberry jam is a simple, old-fashioned recipe that can modified to your liking. It only contains 3 ingredients and no added pectin.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #16 and New Look for My Blog! It's always tough for me to pick just a few posts to feature each week…I have so much fun reading everything you share! If you haven't been featured, check to make sure you have a link back to one of the Farm Fresh Hosts in your post, sidebar, or on a blog hop page!

Cauliflower Soup Recipe This cauliflower soup recipe is a lot like it's counterpart, potato soup, but it's carb-free and tastes completely diet free. You can even make it add it to your list of paleo recipes if you eliminate the cheese. Make this simple cauliflower soup in just a few easy steps!

8 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter Leaving that precious soil bare to the elements is gonna leave you with less-nutrient soil and lots more weeds in the spring. While there are plenty of opinions on how prepare your garden for winter, there are 8 things I like to do to help assure I'll have more nutrient-rich soil-and less weeds -next spring.

Scientists to Find 100 Volcanoes Buried Underneath Australia 100 volcanoes from the Jurassic era have been discovered underneath a rich in petroleum region in the central Australia. These ancient volcanoes formed between 180 and 160 million years ago, just when the prehistoric supercontinent Gondwana started to break apart.

8 Cauliflower Nutrition Facts and Benefits that Will Surprise You Cauliflower has many benefits that go beyond weight loss. Learn more cauliflower nutrition facts and benefits that will make you change your diet today! Cauliflower is not just a tasty, cruciferous vegetable but it is also provides a wealth of nutritional benefits.

Plaster Complete! After the first coat of plaster we took a few days to camp on the shore of icy Lake Superior, refreshing ourselves. It's nice that the plaster has to cure for 14 days before the next coat-this enforces a break, in which you can stack stones, or try to get in the water.

How to Make a Knife in a Survival Situation - Homesteading Not all areas are abundant with rocks that are good for making blades. Scout your area to find where the quality rocks hide. A creek, for example, tends to be loaded with quality rocks that make excellent blades. Be patient when finding a rock for your DIY survival knife.

Why Duck Eggs Are The Best Thing You've Never Eaten Duck eggs are larger and arguably more flavorable that chicken eggs. Learn more about the best egg-laying duck breed and how to use duck eggs.

Top 5 Knife Making Tutorials - Homesteading Survival One of the best knife making supplies that are readily available in a survival situation is stone. Learn to make your own knife from this easily sourced material in the knife making tutorial video below. eval;. If you're on a homestead, you should have a saw blade in your toolshed.

Starting out The beginning of the homestead journey. On February 15 2017 we closed on our awesome rocky mountain property. Nestled back way off the beaten path we found a gem, yes it's on the north side, yes it's a hill, well the side of a mountain but we are making it work!!

Wrong Claims about the Amazon Fire The fires that are currently raging in the Amazon region are getting a lot of attention. Various news outlets are reporting the story from various angles and Brazil's current administration is receiving harsh criticism.

Becoming A Morning Person. That's the reason I'm a morning person. Unlike children who writhe and weep over forced rest time away from others, I relish in it. In fact, I yearn for it. Please take me away from others! Force me to sit in a dark quiet room! I'm begging you!

Black Barn Farm Summer Open Day & Tour 2019 Back by popular demand we will be throwing open our gates and inviting you in to see a commercial scale permaculture orchard and nursery in its infancy.

Homemade Recipes For Cold And Flu - Homesteading Recipes You're going to love these 26 homemade recipes for cold and flu season. Now you can feel better the natural way! We all know it's coming with its inevitable tide of nausea, aches, and congestion - cold and flu season is here.

Voyager 2 Neptune Flyby With New Planetary Alignment NASA sent Voyager 2 to flyby Neptune thirty years ago. The first images of the gas giants were taken by the craft on the mission. The world knew Neptune as a hazy dot on a telescope before that. Especially because it is the 8 planet in the solar system and it is farthest away from Earth.

Start your survival kit with the Ten Essentials This one speaks for itself. Good luck sleeping by water without some bug spray. Cover is always a good thing. You should never be without some form of cover. There are so many uses for this guy it just makes good sense to carry one. A survival knife can do a lot but a folding saw can cut wood across the grain.

How To Harden Your Home Using the Cheapest Materials on the Market Long before the world falls apart and even before economies tank and markets tumble fortifying your home will take precedence. For many of us, this issue has already come to be. Many Americans look at the little locks on their door handles and lose sleep.

5 Tips to Create a Simple, Intentional Life Reduce stress and create a simple life you love with these 5 tips for simple living.

Hurricane Preparedness - Get The Homestead Ready For a Storm Find out what your need to do to get your homestead in order before a hurricane hits. Plus, a free printable hurricane preparedness checklist.

The Getting There I don't know what it is about me, but I go through vehicles like a can of Coke. Not that I destroy them or abuse them badly or crash them into oblivion. I always take care of my vehicles. But I use them. "Use" is the operative word here. I use my vehicles as they have been intended to be used.

11 Lesser-Known Facts about Alaska Below are ten lesser-known facts about Alaska. Hard times call for desperate measures, and this was the case for Russia in the 19th century. The Asian-European country had been devastated by the Crimean War that took place between October 1853, and March 1856.

Sunday Walkabout - August 2019 I must say, I'm more than a little happy to note that development. August can be a real challenge. It's hot, stressful, and in a word, just "August-y". However, for all the heat and pressure, there are good things about August, too. So, read this blast from the past.

How to Correct Nitrogen Deficiency in Your Soil Did you know that your plants need nitrogen? Obviously, they need four other things as well: soil, air, sunlight, and water, but they also need plenty of nitrogen. This element is found in the air, as well as the soil. The nitrogen in the air doesn't really help plants at all.

Sunday Homestead Update As autumn barrels towards us, and the first frost is threatening to arrive any night, we are rushing to harvest the garden and trying to predict the weather enough to do what we can to frost protect the veggies when the frost arrives. The weather apps are notoriously inaccurate about our area as far as frosts go.

Frozen Applesauce - An All-Natural Frozen Sweet Treat My aunt always shares bushels of apples from her tree. Oh how I love them! I'm not sure what variety they are, but they're flavorful, crisp and sweet. I'll tote all those apples home and get to processing Apple Pie Filling, dried apple slices, Fruit rollups, and much more.

How to Plant Cauliflower this Fall Learn how to plant cauliflower in your cool weather garden this fall. Cauliflower can be used as a healthy substitute for starches or in cauliflower recipes. In the winter months, I miss my garden bursting with produce. Last year I grew a couple of things, but decided to branch out and try some new things this year.

Gyoza Overflow! I really, REALLY wanted to steam all the Japanese dumplings I bought, but the basket for our little rice steamer just couldn't contain them all. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest.