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Still Mowing After All These YearsI was born on a dairy farm in Sauk County, Wisconsin, about 30 miles NW of Madison, in 1940.

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Here's How to Store Sugar Long-Term The Homesteading HippyStoring sugar is not hard, but you do need to use the right containers for the right kind of sugar.

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Robert Mines ObituaryRobert G. Mines TUCSON, Ariz. - Robert George Mines, aka Bob Mines, 76, of Colman, McIntosh, and Hot Springs, SD, Chihuahua, MX, and Bisbee, AZ, passed peacefully last week in Tucson, AZ.

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Home Sweet Home  Evacuation Day 5Our evacuation status was changed from "Mandatory" to "Voluntary."  After talking it over, we decided to come home, just humans and a couple of pets that were with us. The livestock and the pets that are at friends' homes will stay out for now. The fire is not out, and as the snow melts and everything dries up in the next week or two it...

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Underground Well HouseIn spring of 2020 we paid to have a new water line trench and the perimeter around the well to be dug out.

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Letter: Sham of a school boardMaybe ASD should focus its renaming efforts on schools that have been named after some very shady characters.

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Celebrate Harvest SeasonOnce again, it is my favorite time of the year! The leaves change color and fall, and it is time to put the garden to sleep for the long winter.

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Land registry services move online"Without lawful ownership of land - made official by the appointed registrar - there would be very little to attract development and the building of communities - in fact, the entire settlement of Upper and Lower Canada right through to the expansion of the west," James Christison, curator of the Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum, said...

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Winterizing Strawberry PlantsWinterizing strawberry plants is super easy and essential to ensure that your crop returns year after year.

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‘We face adversity:' Despite barriers, Native American voters can swing Montana's elections.The barriers many Indigenous voters face in casting a ballot threaten not only their dignity but the integrity of American democracy.

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Oyster StewNow this could be considered clam chowder, sea food potato soup, you can can call it what you like I however call it oyster stew.

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Potager Soup from the Autumn KitchenThis humble one-pot potager soup that comes from the autumn kitchen still manages to steal the show whenever I serve it to guests.

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From Dinosaurs To Homesteaders: 7 Great Historical Museums In Southeastern MontanaThese historical museums in southeast Montana are worthy of a U-turn, a detour, backtracking, and/or going out of your way to visit because they educate, entertain, and allow visitors to witness the area's storied past.

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Chicken wire nowhere to be found amid surge in DIY food productionCanada is facing an unusual months-long shortage of chicken wire stemming from supply issues and surging demand that suppliers say is slowly easing.

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Chickens On The HomesteadThe month of November is your last chance to prepare your chickens for winter. Here's what you should do.

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Our Beloved Goats Went to New HomesWe said goodbye to our herd of Nubian does last week. I am confident they all went to wonderful, loving homes where they will be properly cared for.

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Chicken wire nowhere to be found amid surge in DIY food productionHALIFAX  After the pandemic prompted the cancellation of most of his concerts for 2020, Dave Gunning decided to raise laying hens on his rural Nova Scotia property.

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Permaculture, Government, and Urban Renewal " New Life On A HomesteadLearn how you can play your part into a brighter future for this planet by becoming a permaculturist.

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Real Estate Matters 10.20.2020Money is always an issue whether you're buying a home are already own one. In this week's Real Estate Matters with Shawn Cunningham, a local realtor offers some insights into ways to reasonably trim your property tax bill.

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DeLoreans on site for downtown shop grand opening weekendOperation: Fandom and Blackbird Records at 31 E. Fourth St. offers movie posters, collectibles, pop-culture merchandise.

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Goblincore's feral coziness will get you through the rest of the yearEnter goblincore. If cottagecore is Snow White singing to the birds while she bakes a pie, Â goblincore is honoring the lives of those birds after they die by turning their carcasses into wall art for Baba Yaga's hut.Â.

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Chicken wire nowhere to be found amid surge in DIY food productionAfter the pandemic prompted the cancellation of most of his concerts for 2020, Dave Gunning decided to raise laying hens on his rural Nova Scotia property. Shared .

DeLoreans on site for downtown shop grand opening weekendOperation: Fandom and Blackbird Records at 31 E. Fourth St. offers movie posters, collectibles, pop-culture merchandise.

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Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!  Evacuation Day 3It started snowing last night and pretty much has not let up since. We went out this morning and ended up driving home in a white-out with very icy roads and a windsheild that wouldn't thaw and wipe despite the blasting defrost hot air. While that was not a very fun experience, it had new meaning because it means that precipitation is...

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How to Make Pumpkin Pie Without Evaporated MilkIf you're like me, you've found yourself in the kitchen on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning at least once, with half the ingredients for pumpkin pie already in a mixing bowl, and realizing you have no evaporated milk in the cupboard.

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Organizing a chest freezer with plant foodGrowing our own food and preserving it for the winter is a big part of what Northern Homestead is about.

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My 50-year Back-to-the-land Journey With The Pages Of Mother Earth NewsIt was 1970 and the first issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS had just been published.

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Solaris RV RenovationThis week has been crazy! No keto post this week because&. I bought an RV!

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Notable ArkansansHe was born in 1834, in Burkes Garden, Va.; his grandfather served under Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812.

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A hello and a smileIn a world that has turned to gray muck-sludge-fog, a hello and a smile is even more* important.

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Believe in the impossible and protect the vulnerableLet's love one another enough to respect personal freedom and make personal decisions that protect the vulnerable.

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Historical Lessons of Successful Conservation MovementsWe do not want those whose first impulse is to compromise. We want no straddlers, for, in the past, they have surrendered too much good wilderness and primeval areas which should never have...

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The Sumac HarvestThe sumac berries ripened in mid August of 2019. This year they waited until September 7th to turn shiny and bright red.

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My Neighbor's Great PieMix flour, salt and Crisco together until you get a cornmeal type of texture. Slowly add the “very” cold water until everything sticks together.

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In the Easy Chair with Jayne Merner SenicalHarold Hanka, The Westerly Sun.

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EvacuatedFor the second time in 7 years, we have had to evacuate our little homestead. It is heartbreaking and oh-so-difficult. Thank the Lord, all the humans are safe, and we were able to get almost all the animals out , except for the two barn cats. Minley is too skittish to be caught, and Midnight was avoiding us as well. We left a ton of food...

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How We Found Low-Income Hawaiians Were Left Behind by the Homesteading ProgramProPublica's first-of-its-kind analysis showed that a Native Hawaiian housing program left behind much of the community it was supposed to help.

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To Reclaim Ancestral Land, All Native Hawaiians Need Is a $300,000 Mortgage and to Wait in Line for DecadesBy Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and Agnel Philip, ProPublica ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power.

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Exclusive 'Alaska The Last Frontier' Preview: Welcome To Jane and Atz Lee's Downton ShantyDiscovery's hit reality series Alaska: The Last Frontier has hit a milestone moment. The series stars the colorful Kilcher clan who have participated in their do-it-yourself homesteading lifestyle on camera for ten years, and the action is far from over.

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Year of the Goat documentary celebrates bond between animal and humanFilmmakers Michael McNamara and Aaron Hancox follow families on the road to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Shared .

GroundedReal Roots Food Systems works to promote community-based agriculture. Shared .

Geese 101 PodcastHank Will shares his experience with raising geese and unpacks what you need to know to successfully raise your own gaggle.

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Tyler Perrys Role Model: Pioneering Black Filmmaker Oscar MicheauxTyler 2020 Showman of the Year. For the full cover story, click here. Oscar Micheaux, the pioneering Black filmmaker who wrote, directed and produced movies from 1919 through 1948, was a one-man studio - the Tyler Perry of his day.

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Old Farmers AlmanacIt’s one of the traditional signs that the year is coming to an end, the latest edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac is now hitting shelves across the country, and on-line.

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A local food diet can make you and your community healthier during COVID-19This turn to local food has been recommended by health professionals, climate scientists and community resilience builders alike.

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Esplanade archives elaborate on historical human remains found last monthMEDICINE HAT, AB – The Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre has a follow up on the history of historical human remains that was found last month in Medicine Hat.

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Missoula County moves to preserve 19th century ranch and LaLonde family story ~ Missoula CurrentCalling it a cultural treasure that highlights the evolution of the Missoula Valley, the county on Thursday took the first step in a plan to preserve and interpret the LaLonde Ranch and list it on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Who are these Cranbrook homesteaders?The people known to be in this photo are. Lily Watts with young Lily Watts, who was born in Cranbrook, on her knee; Agnes Watts ; unknown lady with child; Ernest Charles Watts with William Watts on knee.

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A high tolerance for suck.As a homesteading family, we have to work on building a high tolerance for suck.

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10 Pros and 10 Cons of Raising Ducks " New Life On A HomesteadIf you're thinking about raising your own ducks, here are a few pros and cons.

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Changing The Face Of PreppingAccording to the National Park Service, as early as 1866, when the law stated that Blacks were allowed to benefit from the Homestead Act signed by Abraham Lincoln, homesteading became the entry way for Blacks to build their own self-sufficient communities in the Great Plains.

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But first, r-e-a-d thisThe issue actually isn't* social media, and the real issue can be solved by taking just a few.

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Let's Give Um SomethingSpiral lined journal Shopping lists, school notes or poems - 118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper is a perfect companion in everyday life.

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The PERFECT wish list for the first time cannerMy pantry is not quite all home canned goods but each year we replace more of the store bought with more home canned I have been canning for as long as I can remember.

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Local historian recounts story of battle involving Chief Plenty CoupsJames O. Southworth is sharp and fit. At age 91, he still works construction, is an active member of Laurel's American Legion and spends time volunteering and compiling stories of his pioneering family.

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5 Simple Ways To Repurpose An Old SockKitchen Scrubber, cast-iron care, ponytail holder, and MORE! #TexasHomesteader.

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Oak Hill Homestead: Simple Homestead blog hop #281Visit us every Thursday for our weekly blog hop featuring homesteading, gardening, DIY and more.

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Magnolia, Tyler To Square OffNEW MARTINSVILLE — It hasn't been an easy season to this point for Tyler Consolidated and Magnolia. Shared .

Dennis Cassinelli: Plenty of history in FallonMy first memory of Fallon was when my parents took me there to see the Nevada State Fair when it was being held at Fallon in the 1940s. Shared .

How NOT to Start HomesteadingDo NOT purchase only two acres. That’s 300 feet by 300 feet. You can do some things with that size acreage, but not much.

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The RebuildingAgain, I apologize for the lack of posts recently as we try to put our homestead back together in this new place.

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How Many Pigs Should You Have per Acre of Land?Broadly speaking, you can keep up to 30 pigs per acre, but this number greatly varies on a number of factors - we tell you what these are.

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Lady Hounds to host playoffs after big winThe Lady Greyhounds are moving on in the state playoffs, and they'll continue the journey at home.

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In the Bubble: Fashion's Cocooning Shapes Stage a Spring 2021 ComebackCocooning shapes from Comme des Garçons, Simone Rocha, and Loewe call to mind Cristobal Balenciaga's wraps and Romeo Gigli's bubble blouses.

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Tote Bags ArchivesTote Bags for farmers, moms, homeschoolers, gardeners, goats, chickens, cows, bees all included in the themes of these quality tote bags.

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Off To The Field I Go To Lose My Mind and Gain My SoulPerfect gift for the gardener in your life!

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A big ol' sighWe got a pretty early snowstorm yesterday, which has us tossin' out all the big ol' sighs.

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Water Bath CanningWater bath canning is a skill every homesteader should have up their sleeves if you are looking to enjoy an year-round supply of juicy homemade jams.

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Home improvement business is booming amid COVID-19 pandemicThe pandemic has had a curious side effect for businesses related to home improvement. Homeowners stuck at home want to update and enhance their surroundings, and with more savings in the bank due to the lack of overall spending, they've got the money to do it.

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Crockpot Dinner IdeaWho loves crockpot dinners? I know during the fall/winter and start of spring my family loves anything cooked in the crockpot!

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Final Touch To Bedroom RemodelI find it hard to believe that my master bedroom looked like this for 18 years: My mater bedroom was a mish mash of leftover furniture from all different eras in my lifetime!

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Sinus Essential Oil Blend Recipes: One That's Safe for Kids Plus Another for Adults  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadOh, the time is has come this Fall! Sinus congestion, whether from allergies or a bad cold, are just no fun.

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A local food diet can make you and your community healthier during COVID-19Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased interest in local food.

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Petition for a new American Girl doll asks popular toy company to tell the modern refugee storyCHICAGO — ‘I think by inviting the American Girl Company to pay attention to the importance of refugee stories and people, we are showing God's love to the world and to refugees,' said Laura Laurie, petition creator.

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Hand-crank appliances are timeless and reliableAt the end of the day, you can always rely on simple, hand-crank appliances and that they're one important component of being more self sufficient.

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In-betweenIn a world of extremes, where is the in-between? My itty bitty thoughts brought about by about snow covered pumpkins and a Buddha statue.

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A local food diet can make you and your community healthier during COVID-19This past summer, many students were not able to fill the suggested 700 farming jobs funded by the federal government due to geographical or transportation barriers, limited positions or career irrelevance.

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Panoramic views await atop Juniper ButtePanoramic views await atop Juniper Butte, Local Sports, Prineville local Sports, Breaking Sports alerts for Prineville city.

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Why Independent Bookstores Want You To Do Your Holiday Shopping In OctoberAs part of a new campaign by the American Booksellers Association, bookstores are posting on social media and stressing the importance of buying doing holiday shopping in October, both to ensure that customers receive the titles they want without having to wait and to keep stores' cash flow steady.

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Goodbye pond, first frost and moving forwardWednesday, October 14 Its been a productive day for both CountryBoy here at the farm and for me at the B&B job.

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16 Ways to Prevent or Alleviate Assassin Bug BitesAsassin bug bites aren't dangerous, but they are annoying. Here's how to keep these insects at bay, and what to do if one of them bit you.

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Getting through your first winter off gridThe cabin we built in northern Ontario Are you sure it won’t be too cold way out there in the north?

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'Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch' Exclusive Preview: Matt Raney Passes On Gold Panning TraditionsHomestead Rescue: Raney Ranch sees Matt Raney passing down a fun tradition of gold sluicing a nearby stream with his son.

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How Many Hours a Week Should You Homeschool?Typically you'll be doing 15 hours of homeschooling per week - academic teachings alone, not including outdoor learning and skill-building.

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How to Make Elderberry Syrup for Colds and CoughsElderberry syrup is said to be an effective immunity booster. Read how we make it in this post.

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5 Biggest Mistakes When Going GreenLiving the green life takes some adjustments, but you already knew that! Thats why youve got your compost bin set up and your reusable grocery bags on standby.

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Vegetable ChowderPerfect for a fall or winter day, this vegetable chowder is creamy, cheesy and delicious.

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Straw Box Cooking with a homemade non-electric slow cookerThis post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here. On our homestead, storms come through in the spring and fall that can knock out our electric power for hours, days, and sometimes even for weeks.

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Sunday Homestead Update  Wildfires and EvacuatingThe wildfire that was threatening us a few weeks ago is flared back up again. We have had very high winds and warm-ish weather and it has caused the fire to spread very quickly and it has now become the largest fire in the history of Colorado. it is currently just over 200,000 acres.

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Update on the Field GardenThree years into a no-till converting a hay field into garden trial. We learned a lot.

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This week in Loveland history for Oct. 18-24, 2020Heres a look at this week in history around Loveland from the pages of the Reporter-Herald 10, 25, 50 and 120 years ago.

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One man's misfortune becomes my family's good fortuneWithout his misfortune, almost everything changes for me.

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It's Concrete&.So our kitchen remains a work in progress, we recently bought a lovely new sink and a cupboard to go beneath it but we were quoted the best part of $5k for countertops and we would need to have the complete redesign of our kitchen done as they would all need to be fitted at the same time.

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25 of the Best Ways to Use a PumpkinMusquee De Provence makes tasty 'pumpkin' puree. Some of the Best Ways to Use a Pumpkin!

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Pandemic inspires new hunters to take to woodsEven before coronavirus, Savannah Vallier, 26, was starting to become interested in hunting. She was looking for a more ethical and healthy meat option, and wanted to be a more mindful consumer of meat products, she said.

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50+ DIY Easy, Natural Gifts for Kids and Adults  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadHere are over 50 natural, homemade, green gifts you can make yourself that your friends and family will love this holiday season!

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20 BEST Oils and Butters for Your Homemade Skin Care Products: All About Carrier Oils  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadWhen I first started making my own salves, butters, balms, and ointments for our family's skincare needs, I often asked the question, "How much oil or butter should I buy..."

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One Season Ends, a New One BeginsAll summer with the hustle and bustle of family life and a big household Ive been dreaming of a quiet place to get away where I could be alone with God and pray.

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Shizz is getting real!So Im watching farm videos, fully well knowing that its not a glamorous job and that its going be dirty and messy, and a lot of work.

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Should I Kill Hammerhead Worms?All gardens have pests; snails, termites, and worms are a few common ones. With that said, some pests are worse than others.

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Reality TV and HomesteadingLet’s talk about homesteading shows on TV and YouTube. Now, I rarely watch the latter, because I don’t have a lot of patience with boring or amateurish productions; reminds me of when I was a little girl just learning to jump rope and I kept telling the grown-ups to “wait, ” while I continued my attempts.&.

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Life Changes and BabiesMuch like the rest of 2020, there have been a lot of changes take place that have led our little family in one direction or another.

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Bringing an old homestead to life: Wagner couple creates bed and breakfast, brewery on family siteWAGNER — Paul and Lisa Schoenfelder are building their life out in the country. And they're sharing it, one bed and breakfast stay and glass of beer at a time.

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Column: Valuing our hunting cultureFor the health of the environment and posterity of all outdoor recreation, we need more hunters.

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Patriots rally for victory over VolunteersAfter four quarters, the homesteading Patriots left the field with a 27-18 victory over the Volunteers and 27-26 lead on the all-time series.

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All the BuzzWe have bees. Not really sure how best to do an intro but there you go.

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Timberwolves rebound with dominant win over Oak HillThe Timberwolves defense held the Red Devils offense to just 20 yards of total offense on the night, only allowing three first downs in the contest.

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Beauty of the In-BetweenI'm Jonathan Baker, a writer from Canyon, Texas, and I've been asked to talk a little about this month's Radio Readers Book Club selection, which is called Border Radio: Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Psychics, and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the American Airwaves.

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Growing healthy food, sense of communityGroup looks to garden to provide more than produce By Eileen Persike Editor It was a meeting of the minds, a confluence of ideas and opportunity, a common love of growing, sharing and eating homegrown produce that has led to the development of the Northwoods Community Garden.

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Retirement Spending StrategyThis blog is about our retirement under a pandemic crisis. How are we doing? How are we coping?

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Freezer Shredded PotatoesPotatoes can be found easily this time of year. The other day, I posted about cubing and freezing potatoes, but this is another way of preserve potatoes.

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Pandemic inspires new hunters to take to the woodsEven before coronavirus, Savannah Vallier, 26, was starting to become interested in hunting. She was looking for a more ethical and healthy meat option, and wanted to be a more mindful consumer of meat products, she said.

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Thinking AheadI woke up before dawn this morning. With the sunrise being later now, this is typical for me.

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Two truths and a lieToday we get to play "Two Truths and a Lie" about a stray dog that showed up at our farm a few days ago.

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Dehydrating Honey Step by Step " New Life On A HomesteadI'd never really considered dehydrating honey on the homestead, however, the other day I was gifted a lot of honey and I really wanted to use the five-gallon buckets that it came in for another project on the homestead.

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Art-Oberfest returns Saturday, features 37 artists set up in historic neighborhoodKelly Franklins mosaic folk art, Blue Chicken will be for sale at Art-Oberfest on Saturday, Oct.

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Single mom of 3 embraces new lifestyle on rural farm with tribe of goatsGoats seem to be just a little more in touch with humans than some other types of livestock,' says Kristen Holyoake.

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How to Protect Plants from FrostFrost can be devastating to the garden. But, with these tips on how to protect plants from frost you can rest assured that your plants can survive cold snaps.

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2020 B.C. election: Langford-Juan de Fuca candidates and riding profileThe riding NDP Leader John Horgan was first elected in 2005 and dominated the Juan de Fuca riding in 2009, 2013 and 2017.

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When Everything's Gone to ***Just take my word on it. I could explain it but we’d be here all day.

Homesteading On 2 Acres - A Girl And Her Dogs Shared .

Peachleaf Pirates is a pixel-art relaxing island farming RPG coming to PC in 2021Publisher Digerati and developer Dog Kiss Studio have announced Peachleaf Pirates, a pixel-art 'relaxing island RPG' that combines farming mechanics and action-based combat.

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Making a Cheese Cave From a RefrigeratorMy latest post over at Mother Earth News is up, and it is all about how we converted a used mini-fridge into a cheese cave to age our homemade cheese in. Go check it out by clicking here!

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The Burning WestI knew that moving back to California this summer would be a funeral, but living the funeral is another thing entirely.

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Researchers seeking bison skulls on HalloweenPersonnel from the Meeteetse Museums will visit the Homesteader Museum on Saturday, Oct. 31, to measure bison skulls and crania.

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67 Things You Can Repurpose to Save TrashThere are dozens upon dozens of ways to save your trash, and repurpose things in useful and creative ways.

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CARES Act grant provides COVID relief to Homesteader MuseumThe two main fundraisers of the year for Homesteader Museum were canceled during the COVID-19 in 2020, but the museum has received $8,957 from a Wyoming Business Council relief program for.

Powell Tribune Shared .

Museum receives memorial giftA $5,000 memorial gift was received by Homesteader Museum of Powell from Ann Ries, in memory of her late husband, Ron Ries, who died Sept.

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20 yearsWhy pizza, pumpkin pie, and your ability to walk barefoot are important in 20 years of marriage.

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Silvopasture ExplainedSilvopasture, also known as agroforestry, is a farming method that includes the use of timber, livestock, and forage together in the same section of land.

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Throwback ThursdayBy Texas Homesteader~ Do you have a stack of empty coffee canisters and wonder what to do with them all?

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A sweet tradition at Shelby Iron WorksThe folks of South Shelby County have been attending the Fall Festival at the Shelby Iron Works for years.

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Throwback ThursdayAccording to the Humboldt Times on that day, George Jensen, a local high school principal, took a stance against a new school and instead appealed for expansion of the existing college.

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Foraging Western Red Cedar, and Its Benefits and Uses  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadI have so grown to love walking in the forests of Northern Idaho. We moved here quite recently, and I am in awe of all of the species of plants here to forage.

Healing Harvest Homestead Shared .

Opinion: Longtime local seeking re-electionI am a fourth generation Routt County native with great-grandparents homesteading at the confluence of the Elk and Yampa rivers in 1885. Shared .

6 Tips To Get More Heat From Your Wood StoveAs homesteaders surpassing year five, we know a thing or two about heating with wood.

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"Seasonal Dissonance"Related to the psychological term ‘cognitive dissonance’ this new term describes the thermometer and related mechanical device-reading temperatures that refuse to align with the visual and sensory data which would otherwise assure a concerned individual that the season is indeed changing.

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Maine CDC reports increase of 36 coronavirus cases, 46 new recoveriesAUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported an increase of 36 coronavirus cases on Wednesday and no new deaths.

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Molokai slow internet causing problems for education, workHONOLULU — Slow internet service has become an increasing problem for Molokai residents on Hawaiian Home Lands properties.

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The Changing Meaning of the American Flag Under TrumpPaige Williams writes about a Colorado veterans who flies flags on the highway, the history of the politics of the flag, and how the symbol has come to be associated with militias and other extra-governmental groups during the Trump Administration.

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Freezer Cubed PotatoesPotatoes can be found easily this time of year. If youve already harvested, or know a local farmer, you too may also be facing a surplus of potatoes.

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Sous Vide Venison RoastRubbed in a delicious, peppery rub and slow cooked to medium rare this sous vide venison roast is simple to make without special equipment and perfect for french dip sandwiches or simply dipped in the au jus.

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A New Kind of Nostalgia for the Cowboy BourgeoisieThe Western art market is small but thriving, and cast with diverse artists who are working to renew the generic themes of the imagery of the Old West.

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How To Decide Which Chicken Breed Is Best For Your Homestead&When you first come to the decision of bringing in chickens to your growing homestead one thing you may not think of right off is what breed of chickens youre going to want.

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Morning mist and reclaiming the craft roomSaturday, October 10 The rain arrived shortly after we got up this morning and it has been raining ever since.

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Houlton Parks and Recreation Department Reopens its DoorsWith the gentle opening, the rec center is taking sanitizing and mask precautions to ensure safety of visitors and staff.

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Dozens gather to protest Maine's mask mandateThey say it's unconstitutional to enforce such restrictions and are worried about the effects it will have on children moving forward.

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Little Free LibraryOur little free library is up and running! I’ve wanted one of these forever, I have so many books I’d love to pass on and this is such a fun way to share.

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Amendment 5, vote yes or no on 2020 election? Here's what 5 Florida newspapers recommendAmendment 5: There are 6 constitutional amendments on Nov. 3, 2020, ballot. Are you still unsure how you're going to vote?

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Just compost alreadyOut here in my rural patch there are no residential recycling services. So the heartbreak I feel every time we throw away recyclables gets to me and I've done more repurposing projects in the past few years than any other time in my life.

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Molokai slow internet causing problems for education, workSlow internet service has become an increasing problem for Molokai residents on Hawaiian Home Lands properties.

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Maine CDC reports increase of 28 cases, total recoveries top 5,000The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported an increase of 28 coronavirus cases on Tuesday and no new deaths.

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Molokai slow internet causing problems for education, workSlow internet service has become an increasing problem for Molokai residents on Hawaiian Home Lands properties.

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Frenchville woman still at large after high speed chaseIf anyone has information on this incident or knowledge of the whereabouts of Finley they are asked to contact the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office at 532-3471 or the Aroostook County Crime Stoppers at.

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UN: Climate change means more weather disasters every yearIn the wake of heat waves, global warming, forest fires, storms, droughts and a rising number of hurricanes, the U.N. weather agency is warning that the number of people who need international humanitarian help could rise 50% by 2030 compared to the 108 million who needed it worldwide in 2018.

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Chicago police: Pregnant woman fatally shot, baby survivesPolice say officers responding to a report of gunfire about 12:05 a.m. Tuesday found the 35-year-old woman unresponsive on a porch on the city's South Side with two gunshot wounds to the back.

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Real Estate Matters 10.6.2020Homesteading dreams can quickly turn to nightmares if you discover you can't build your dream home on the land you love—and now own.

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Family discovers airplane part in backyardA family said they found a white piece of metal in their backyard. It turns out it was a piece of an airplane that broke off and crashed onto their property.

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Maine begins Stage Four of its reopening to planStage Four also expands the face covering mandate to include additional entities, such as private schools.

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Kanye West promises faith-based approach in 1st presidential campaign videoWest is on the ballot in 12 states, some of them battleground states, but mathematically speaking, he cannot win the presidency.

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Real Estate Matters 10.6.2020Gisele Fetterman: White woman calls the wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor the n-word while grocery shopping.

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2nd COVID-19 vaccine trial paused over unexplained illnessJohnson and Johnson was aiming to enroll 60,000 volunteers to prove if its single-dose approach is safe and protects against the coronavirus.

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Town council informed on aquatic centre reopening protocolsCouncil was updated on the reopening protocols for the Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre. Mayor Gordon MacLeod reported on a...

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Carolyn A. Tudor, 84Our beautiful and loving mother and grandmother, Carolyn A. Tudor, of Kalispell, passed away on Sunday, Oct.

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Are You Prepared for a Chicken Emergency?Chickens are prone to injury and illness just like all other livestock. With chickens, its not a matter of if theyll need medical care, but when.

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Calving a CowHelping your cow give birth shouldn't be necessary, but there are exceptions. In these cases, your help could prove to be critical.

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Letter: In support of school renamingOn Sept. 28, the Anchorage Daily News ran an article on a current school naming effort: "Effort to rename Anchorage's East High after Betty Davis complicated by pushback from some in the school community." I hope that this "pushback" does not prevail.

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Frustration Rising On Moloka'i Homesteads Over Slow Internet For Distance Learning, Working At HomeEven before the pandemic, internet service on Molokaʻi was rarely ideal - spotty coverage, slow speeds and constant buffering.

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15 Ways To Make Homeschooling Fun " New Life On A HomesteadIt's no secret kids often get bored when studying. Here are 15 ways to make things more fun, and improve retention rate.

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How to Prune RaspberriesLearning how to prune raspberries properly is essential to their productive growth and disease free development.

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Out of the Attic: Sheep ShearsMade of metal, the simple design has changed little over the past 2,000 years or so, and variations of our artifact have\u00a0existed for as long as sheep have been domesticated.

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12 Favorites to Grow in the GardenThe list is not exhausted, but this are the top plant favorites to have in the vegetable garden.

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How to Care for Your Chickens in WinterNo matter where you live, in the north or further south, your chickens need different care in the winter than they need in the summer.

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Sunday Homestead Update  Front Yard/Back YardWe prefer to not walk around town smelling like the barn in clothes that have holes and stains. So, long ago, before we even had a real farm, we implemented the front yard/back yard clothing system. We each have some clothes that are considered "back yard clothes," which we wear for barn chores, working outside and getting dirty, painting,...

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10 Child-Guided Activities To Try With The Family To Get Them Outdoors This FallThere's no question that being outdoors is good for kids. It helps keep them active, healthy, and happy.

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Cooperation Humboldt to Take on Local Food Guide PublicationLocally Delicious, a nonprofit organization that works to support a sustainable local food system, has produced the Local Food Guide since 2017.

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COVID is turning Americans into hipsteadersWhen COVID-19 arrived this winter, Chase Beathard worried so much about meat shortages that he took advantage of a Craigslist ad offering a free boar.

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Easiest Texas-Style Spanish Rice RecipeLong-grain rice, chunky picante salsa, onions, garlic and broth. #TexasHomesteader.

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Adding Ducks to Your HomesteadFlora is my little snuggler While chickens were our gateway into this homesteading life, ducks have had my heart since I could walk basically.

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Ranch along Verde River added to Prescott National ForestAn 84-acre ranch is being added to the Prescott National Forest to help protect the natural state of the Upper Verde River and eventually enhance public access to the river's scenic course in north-central Arizona.

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Work woes and chatterDuring morning coffee we figured out how we wanted to do the downstairs bathroom. Now that there's a hole in the ceiling and we've had some recent cabin guests ask if they could take a shower we've decided we really shouldn't put it off much longer.

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Won't You Help Me, Girl, Just As Soon As You CanFall, fall, beautiful autumn! These are the best days of the season. Yesterday, I was very happy to harvest hazelnuts in the late afternoon sunshine.

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How to Build Your Own Rabbit HutchI recently saw a letter in Countryside and Small Stock Journal from a lady who was seeking plans for a rabbit hutch.

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Kenneth C. TwisselmanWell known Kern and San Luis Obispo County cattle rancher and farmer Kenneth C. Twisselman passed away peacefully at 89 years of age on September 14, 2020, at his daughter's ranch home in the mountains above Maricopa, surrounded by his loving wife and family.

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Kenneth C. Twisselman 1931-2020 " Atascadero NewsThe Paso Robles Press is the No. 1 online news source for Paso Robles and North San Luis Obispo County, serving the community since 1889.

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Pickles and PumpkinsMe dressed for a chilly fall morning! Aside from the rustic jars you find at a cute farmer's market or treats you might buy at a fall fair, pickles are obviously not what comes to mind when you think of October and the Halloween season.

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How to Make Delicious Elderberry and Echinacea Syrup and Cordial: A Healing Tonic Liqueur to Sip and Relax With  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadNote: This article is how you can make your own elderberry cordial. You can use the elderberry syrup you've already made, or you can make it as a stand alone cocktail drink to sip and enjoy while getting all the health benefits!

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Oct 9, 2020  Hurricane DeltaToday everything is closed to give everyone time to fill gas tanks, pick up loose items in the yard, and move anything that may flood.

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Fruit: why black sapote is 'utterly unexpected and delightful'Creamy and very pleasing, black sapote is a treat on its own  and makes a very successful fruit loaf too.

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Meet our newest additions!We officially have a pair of barn cats. Lets just go ahead and set the record straight - Im not a cat person.

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Whole Grain Sourdough BreadThe seasons have shifted here on our little farm in the high desert of Washington State and that means whole grain sourdough bread baking is on the rise here on the farm.Â.

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The Stones of Lewis, Portals in TimeIf, as many archaeologists believe, Calanais was the center of the Hebrides and of a seagoing northern Neolithic world that encompassed Orkney, the Boyne Valley in Ireland, and Carnac in Brittany, perhaps Cnoc an Tursa—this rocky outcrop a hundred feet above where my sister used to live—was the sacred center of Calanais.

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What they don't tell you about perfectA little something I learned once about "perfection". It hurt to hear, but it changed my life.

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Ree Drummond's Favorite Childhood Books Were the Little House on the Prairie Series, Of CourseDrummond shares her love for the Laura Ingalls Wilder classics.

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Caring for Ducks in WinterCaring for ducks in the winter doesn't take a lot of fuss. Just a few considerations to keep your flock happy and healthy on those cold winter days.

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The cheapest "renovation" ever!2 cans of paint 20 door knobs. Cest tout. Before - After - A A great trick for lazy bums that the mere thought of taping endless duct tape and spreading old sheets all over the place.

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Is Prepping a Negative Word?Ive spent years labeling my self a prepper, and each time I discussed my lifestyle with someone I was normally met with the same response.

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Canada announces changes to border restrictionsThe Canada-U.S. border was closed in March due to COVID-19.

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Tomatoes, turnips rule in big year for veggie gardeningIn the year of the new coronavirus, when new gardeners came out in droves to try growing their own vegetables, tomatoes were still king.

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There's a Mason jar shortage and rustic barn weddings somehow aren't to blameWould that we all purchased stock in Mason jars long ago. Is there any storm that this simple product can't weather?

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What To Do With Leftover Chili-cheese Friesa A A A A A A A A AWhat can you do with leftover chili-cheese fries? I make them into a delicious frittata.

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Peggy Mullen honored for service in SoldotnaSoldotna's Peggy Mullen will be inducted into the Alaska Women's Hall of Fame at a virtual ceremony Oct.

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Rotational crops benefit home gardensRotational crops aren't just for commercial farms, they can also benefit smaller home gardens.

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Should We Stay? Or Should We Go? Moving In Retirement.Almost all of our neighbors have retired, sold their homes and have moved away. In their place, young families with young children, middle aged families with college age children and top notch, highly successful people have moved here in their place.

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Fired UpIn this game, fire represents your life. And when your fire is gone, so are you.Jeff Probst Fire, water, shelter, food.

The Chronicles Of Jere Shared .

A Root Cellar TourCome along on my root cellar tour - here's what our years worth of food looks like!

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Easy Baked Scotch EggsMy children's most beloved breakfast, they're always glad when I take the effort to prepare baked Scotch eggs.

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Homesteaders Life announces new solutions group subsidiary, taps seasoned leaderHomesteaders Life Co. announced that it has selected Jill Muenich to head a new subsidiary, Homesteaders Solutions Group.

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Q&A: Meet Montgomery County Precinct 3 commissioner candidatesMontgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner candidate answer top questions ahead of 2020 elections.

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Choose The Right RoosterHow many roosters should you have in your flock, and how to choose the right one?

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McGruder, Blair families recognized with historic marker at Sully County CourthouseAn historic marker recognizing the contributions of the first African American Homesteaders in Sully County - and the Great Plains - was unveiled at the county courthouse in Onida yesterday.

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Primary Primers: For Republicans, the Trump presidency has always been a marriage of convenience to advance a conservative agenda.Why do many Republicans tolerate and even support Donald Trump when many of his past actions and current behaviors fly in the face of traditional conservatism?

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WhatcomTalk's Tony Moceri Takes You Along As He Paddleboards From Bloedel to Blue CanyonLake Whatcom is one of many pieces of equipment that make up the outdoor playground that is Whatcom County.

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Historic marker recognizing first African American settlers dedicated in Sully CountyPostal worker charged after nearly 2,000 pieces of mail, including ballots, found in trash.

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Plastic Mulching: All You Need to KnowWhen used the right way, plastic can be used as mulch to reduce weeds, keep moisture into the soil, and many other benefits.

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DIY Dayton field trips the whole family will lovePostal worker charged after nearly 2,000 pieces of mail, including ballots, found in trash.

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Creamy Garlic ChickenChicken breasts are seared and then smothered in a pan full of creamy, garlic sauce to make this creamy garlic chicken.

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Best non-financial skills and mindset traits which pay off in everyday lifeIll be honest with you  my childhood was a good one, but also a pretty rough one.

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Tri-Cities woman takes pandemic sourdough craze to the next levelAdel Cotichini has long fancied herself a home chef, but it wasnt until the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up that she was finally afforded the time and motivation to start experimenting.

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Staying Productive and Avoiding Burnout on the HomesteadFor many lifestyles there is always work to be done, but building or running a homestead this is especially true.

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Making News in BusinessChrzanowski joinsBacon Wilson Attorney Erin R. Chrzanowski has joined the firm of Bacon Wilson, with locations including Northampton, Amherst and Hadley.

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Sun+Earth Certified opens urban farm in DetroitSun+Earth Certified, a leading non-profit certification for regenerative organic cannabis and hemp, recently announced the launch of its first urban farm, located in Detriot's Palmer Park area.

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North Lincoln County Historical Museum reopening7, while closely following Oregon's COVID-19 guidelines for phase two. The museum will have a limited capacity, will require physical distancing and face coverings, and the children's room will be temporarily closed.

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2 or 3 Bedroom 1 Bath Home on 5.5 acres For Sale in Sulphur SpringsSingle Family Detached - Come see this 2 or 3 bedroom 1 bath home on 5.5 acres!

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Local cookbooks and chefs provide inspiration for cooler temperatures aheadSpicy soups, baked apples, buckwheat pancakes and cheesy dips are some of the recipes Asheville chefs and cookbook authors lean into as cold weather approaches.

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Little ThingsThe day is made of little things. We just have to know which little things to focus on.

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Butterfly BoxThe faith focused Christian subscription Butterfly Box is sure to inspire and delight!

One Ash Homestead Shared .

The Homesteader's Guide to GreywaterGray water is basically water that's alrady been used on the homestead, that you can re-use in various ways.

The Homesteading Hippy Shared .

10 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for WinterIt's time to put the garden to bed. These tips will help you start preparing your garden for winter so you can enjoy a bountiful spring next year without all the added work.

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Dark Skies  an Ominous Economic Forecast for Typical Small FarmsI worried that the pandemic would cause more farms to go under , and that faceless corporate Frankenfarms would buy them concentrating the wealth further.

Rural Ruminations Shared .

'The Good Lord Bird' Paints a Different Portrait of Abolitionist John BrownIn a year of anti-racism protests, the new Showtime series focuses on the polarizing abolitionist who led a raid on Harpers Ferry.

Smithsonian Magazine Shared .

Winter is Here and So Are the PestsYou can feel it. You can smell it. You can taste it. Winter has arrived.

Farm Animal Blog Shared .

24 "super-habitable" exoplanets potentially better than Earth identifiedA team of scientists led by Washington State University geobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch has identified two dozen exoplanets that could be more favorable to life than the Earth.

New Atlas Shared .

Green PartyAmanda was born in Edmonton. Her mother's family were employed in the oil and gas industry and her father's family immigrated from Hong Kong.

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Shrimp StockShrimp stock is easy to make and versatile in many recipes. Shrimp stock can be used in soups, sauces, and additional flavoring in many recipes.

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Preventing Soil Erosion: 18 Helpful Tips " New Life On A HomesteadSoil erosion literally means you'll have less land on your homestead or farm. Here's how to stop it rom happening, and how to prevent it in the future.

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Doing Farm Work on Vacation and Listening to Farm Work BooksIm on vacation. That means farm work dawn to dusk. Last night was first frost and so that means the sweet potatoes are to get dug today.

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Preparing the Garden for WinterPreparing the garden for winter is easy, but still very important. Harvest the garden, cover the soil and tender perennial plants and water trees.

Northern Homestead Shared .

Where is Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch Filmed? Where is the Cabin Located?Homesteading is synonymous with self-sustainability, provided the people living off-the-grid have the proficient skill set needed to lead a life in the wilderness.

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Bear Hunting on an Old Skidder TrailBlack bear hunting season over bait involves pre-season work. We set up a new site on an old skidder trail and sat back to watch cameras.

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Memory-Building on a Family FarmIt's possible to build a unique sensory connection to the land we each call home with the help of rain, flowers, brooks, woodlots, hard work, and a lucky bucket.

Mother Earth News Shared .

11 INSANE Things You MUST Know About MARJORAM Essential Oil  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article is all about the surprising benefits and uses of marjoram essential oil. It's truly amazing what this aromatic oil can do for you!

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Fall Hygge: How to Make Your Home Cozy and Inviting This Fall for All the Senses  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadWhat is hygge? And how can you get this elusive, joyful, cozy feeling in your own home?

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140+ Emergency Supplies Every Home Should Have Just in Case  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article is a very comprehensive list of emergency supplies you need to start stocking up on in your home so you are prepared for emergencies!

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8 Herbs for Your Heart! Herbs that You Can Use Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article explains the benefits and uses of eight plants that are wonderful for helping support your heart health.

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Mark In Texas History: Killough Massacre Historical MarkerMonday will mark 182 years since 18 people disappeared in the Killough.

Mark Scirto, KLTV Digital Media Staff Shared .

My Interview with Bellamy Fitzpatrick:Green Anarchy and Self-Sufficiency So last week I introduced the concepts of the Green Anarchy movement and Bellamy Fitzgerald’s, founder of the journal Backwoods, opinion of how the essence of Green Anarchy can be achieved in today’s world.

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Silver SundayA homestead blog, encouraging you to live a simple, joyful life, no matter where you are!

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How can I use that?  TomatoPart of our self-sufficiency goals is to grow as much of our own food as possible.

Purple Wellies Homestead Shared .

New ideas and a white ceilingSaturday, September 26 Were taking it easy today. No major projects. Just enjoying a beautiful day.

Dream Valley Farmstead Shared .

Sunday WalkaboutJack Daniels I distinctly smelled Jack Daniels. There was no mistaking that smoky, boozy scent.

Homestead Hill Farm Shared .