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Life with ducklings. A flock of little ducklings has taken up residence in my greenhouse. You think I'd be angry? You'd think I'd mind the noise and the mess? Turns out, life with…

Meringue with Chocolate. The Elliott Homestead Cooking Community is a way for you to get brand new, whole food recipes delivered to your door every month. Every recipe is designed to be simple, nutritious, whole-food centered, price conscious, and delicious. This month on the blog, we're featuring Meringue with Chocolate.

French Lavender Love. Around the farm, summer smells like soft peaches, freshly sliced tomatoes, and bundles of french lavender. Come along for the harvest, won't you? There's a sweet treat if you make…

July Cottage Gardens. A photographic tour through the potager gardens in July.

A Drone & Other Shenanigans I've been a busy little bee lately, and it feels like I get nothing accomplished. That's life right? This year has been a total disaster as far as my food growing plans went, and other stuff I guess too. We had a terribly cold spring with lots of late frost.

Summer Gardens - Dealing with High Temps in the Garden Most summer gardens are in full swing by early July; the plants are growing like crazy and the harvest is finally coming in. The days are wonderful…. and hot. While summer vegetable crops do love heat, there is only so much they can take. Understanding how heat affects you and your crops will make gardening.

Red Wine May Come in Aid of Mars Astronauts A recent Harvard study says that the key to keeping astronauts' muscles strong on Mars could be in red wine. It seems that resveratrol, a compound which can be found in the skin of grapes could help maintain muscle mass and strength, an imperative need in the reduced gravity on Mars.

Summer on the Homestead Our garden is growing well. For once, I was actually able to grow lettuce and spinach!! That empty area is the spinach. We had many harvests from the plants, but they got so spindly that I pulled them up this week and reseeded. The lettuce still looks good and soon I hope our cucumber plants will take over that bed.

Quantum Entanglement Caught On Image For The First Time Albert Einstein was the first to discover a phenomenon dubbed "spooky action at a distance" which has been finally captured by scientists. Its name is quantum entanglement, and it takes place when particles keep their connection in a way that no matter how far they are - even if we talk about miles-, they still get affected by the other.

Quantum Computing Breakthrough - Scientists Created Quantum Gates Using Qudits In quantum computing, a qubit is the fundamental unit of quantum information. Quantum information is the quantum variant of the simple binary bit physically accomplished with two-state equipment. Now, scientists created quantum gates using qudits.

Gardening Without Pain Have a choice between joint pain or enjoying a painfree active life with the help of exercises. Personal experience of reversing my early osteoarthritis.

Phytophotodermatitis - Plants That Cause It, How to Treat It I'm sharing my story here so you don't make the same mistake I did, and end up with Phytophotodermatitis. Phytophotodermatitis is also known as plant and sun dermatitis, parsnip burn, and sometimes lime disease or margarita photodermatitis. You get it from exposure to plant sap or juice and sunlight,.

How To Store Radishes They are edible and tasty! You can eat them raw in salads, sandwiches, and mixed with other greens. Or, you can cook them as you would spinach or collard greens. Related Post: Growing Spinach. Radishes are an amazing root vegetable. You can enjoy them as a snack, add them to hot or cold dishes, and cook them as a side.

Trashy Birdhouses Anywhere I have lived I have always had a few things I need around me to feel "at home" and one of those things is birdhouses. They just make me happier. So today I started getting that itch to put up bird feeders, it's about time, we have been here almost three months now.

Fatal Disease Related to Mad Cow found in a Sheep And Could Mean Dozens Killed to Contain the Disease During an inspection in Alberta, it has been found that a fatal disease, called scrapie, affected one of the sheep, says The Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The disease can destroy entire herds in a short time due to high transmisibility. It has been spotted in two Alberta flocks, states the federal agency's website.

Is the Broken Heart Syndrome Linked to Cancer? Can cancer actually break your heart? There's a new study out there that suggests that there's a link between the broken heart syndrome and cancer. The study was published on Wednesday, and it found that 1 in 6 people with broken heart syndrome also had cancer.

Canning Applesauce Fill up your pantry shelves with this staple and enjoy homemade applesauce any time! Canning applesauce is something that I do on a regular basis so that I can have it on hand for my 4 year old. It happens more often than it might need to for him though, because my husband and I both eat it too!

Episode-2473 - Half Acre Homesteading – Part Two – Livestock Today we continue with part two of this series and discuss small livestock. Join Me Today to Discuss… Resources for today's show… Sponsors of the Day. Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man's opinion, not a lecture or sermon.

How to Repel Mosquitoes and Treat Bites Naturally Repel mosquitoes and stop their bites from itching with this simple homemade spray! Made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients with a great scent!

Shuffling Sheep In my last post, I discussed how we want to be as efficient as possible with our choices for our small-acre homestead. Our goal is to produce as much food for our family of 7 as possible.

Ancient Human DNA Traces Spotted In Modern Human Genome As modern people started to leave Africa and began to move towards Euroasia, they encountered older hominids like Denisovans and Neanderthals across a variety of regions. They interacted with the species, and this can be observed while analyzing our DNA today.

Investing in YOU with New Income Streams There are some very distinct ways you can make money using various tools on the internet. The great thing about these income streams is that they can be built around your passion. They should be! Why start a side business and have it be about something you dont like?

NASA's Space Launch System rocket to be postponed at least 2 more years Bad news for NASA enthusiasts! Unfortunately, even an ultra-modern space agency like them can make misfortunate predictions when it comes to scheduling events and setting a plausible budget. A slight delay or a beautiful lie?

Vegetable Garden Update: July Whelp, we made it to July, y'all! Now in NE Texas the rain taps will typically turn off about now and will stay off for the rest of the summer. So although we may get a little ole 1/4″ inch or so every now and then, we can count on manually irrigating the garden from our Rainwater Catchment Systems from here on out.

Simple Homestead blog hop #217 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. Dash and her family at Bloom Where You're Planted's YouTube channel have now reached over 1,000 subscribers and are celebrating with a giveaway!

How to Create a Kids Capsule Wardrobe Enter the capsule wardrobe. I'm so glad I got to the point where I thought it was worth a try. Because I will never go back to our old way of doing things. I always thought that wardrobes could only be practical and functional or cute. But, capsule wardrobes have changed that for us.

Mid-July State of the Garden Greetings from an early morning stroll through my garden! The last two months have brought unusually cool weather ranging from the mid sixties to low seventies, and plant growth is lagging behind what it should be for this time of year.

Ant Barrier Spray - Recipe I mean who doesn't right? They are tiny little invaders that just come into your house uninvited. And where there is 1… there is 1,000. Ant season has really started to take hold here in the PNW. So I needed to make s new batch of my ant barrier just in case they started snooping around inside.

Growing Horseradish In The Homestead Garden Horseradish is a spicy addition to all sorts of dishes, and deserves a space in your herb garden. Learn more about growing horseradish with our tips.

Canning Cherries with Honey Anyway, I'm home from my fabulous trip to Lehman's and what better post-trip project than canning cherries? These were sweet cherries. And not just the regular kinda mushy, kinda blah sweet cherries I'm accustomed to from the grocery store. These were vibrantly sweet.

Goodbye Rotten Balcony The balcony off the dining room has been in need of repair since we bought the house, but somehow it just never got done. Several years ago we removed part of the railing with the intention of building some kind of storage shed but that never happened either, and the area with no railing is obviously too dangerous for a baby.

Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning When we built our off-grid home, we knew we wouldn't have enough power to run air conditioning for our whole house. We did a lot of research on how to stay cool without air conditioning before we moved in. That said, NOTHING has taught us better than actually living here.

35 Easy Ways to Lower your Grocery Bill by 50% or More If you don't store food correctly, it will go bad and you'll lose all of the money you were trying to save. Create the proper food storage - a deep freeze in your garage or basement is invaluable for stocking up on meat and breads. Create extra pantry shelves in a spare closet or anywhere that is cool and dry.

Dementia Could Be Linked To Vision And Hearing Loss A team of researchers from the University of Washington School of Public Health recently conducted a study providing proof that vision or hearing loss might be linked to an increased risk of developing dementia. The research was presented on July 14 at Alzheimer's Association International Conference.

Human Microbiome Has An Essential Role In Our Lives Any type of life on Earth has formed from bacteria, and without it, our planet would not have been full of living organisms. Basically, we can call bacteria the base on which life formed, even though it sounds like an enemy, but there are good bacteria and harmful bacteria.

Which Herbs Should I Avoid During Pregnancy? I've been meaning to write about this topic for some time because as an herbalist, I keep getting asked this question by women, primarily. It's a pretty important question, too: Are herbs safe to use during pregnancy, and if so, which ones are ok? Also, and more important, especially in the first trimester, are the herbs to completely avoid.

Harvest Delays Our weather has been more than strange. Typically by this time of year, we are already crouching into 100-degree weather. We are receiving a regular rainstorm almost every Wednesday and the heat has been kept at bay. I am by no means complaining having comfortable days with cool windy evenings.

20 Types Of Succulents For Your Desktop Or Rock Garden Whether you're interested in adding a few succulents to your houseplant collection or you're looking for a few drought-tolerant plants for your outdoor rock garden, there's a succulent to match your needs. Read on to discover 20 types of succulents to consider for your garden.

New Immune Cell Able to Heal Human Heart Found First in Mice The University of Calgary identified a new fact that one day could be a good 'ally' against the second most common cause of death in Canada, heart diseases. The scientists found that we have something in common with mice with a sick heart. It surrounds the heart and is classified as an immune cell with healing properties.

Creating Shade with Plants Our lot is south facing and on a slope so it gets pelted with sun all day long, and it is hot. This year it has even felt almost tropical out there, which is lovely and allows us to grow some neat plants, but also kinda too much for my delicate vampire skin.

Efficiency on the Small Backyard Farm Today I am re-posting a previous post about how we make the most of the space on our small homestead…. Our farm is 3 acres and is located on a mountain side. Due to the terrain and layout, we have about 1/2 acre that can be used for livestock and housing.

Why Is It so Hard to Go to the Moon? As you probably know, India was supposed to launch a rocket today. That rocket was supposed to send a craft to the Moon's surface, which would make India the fourth country ever to do this in a successful way. With only 56 minutes left in the countdown, something happened, because of a technical snag.

This Is What Can Make Mars Habitable Scientists have dreamed about re-shaping the Martian climate in order to make it livable for humans. Carl Sagan was the first one outside this imaginative world to propose the idea of terraforming.

Worm bin notes: Brutal Heat, They Live! Not much to note for the bins. The heat wave continues with late night temperatures in the 80's along with high humidity. The photo below was taken shortly before writing these notes at about 3:00am. Doesn't look like it cools down much at night. The bin temperatures were 86.7 F with an ambient temp of 92, 55% humidity.

New Autism Diagnosis Method Discovered By Scientists Young children suffering from autism can get their disease diagnosed in a more delicate way created by a group of researchers at the University of Waterloo. the new autism diagnosis method uses infrared technology to read the way a child's eyes move as they process the features of a person's face when showed a picture.

Healthy Lifestyle Might Decrease The Risks Of Dementia Why are we so attracted to a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever asked yourself why do you keep exercising, eat healthy foods, drink water, and other liquids that are healthy for our bodies and mind? All the good habits increase your wellbeing, even though, at first, it might seem hard to keep a healthy lifestyle.

How to Declutter Your Kids Clothes Kids clothing can take over so easily! But, you can learn how to declutter your kids clothes and make your life simpler with these easy steps!

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #10 and Sweet & Hot Peppers Stop by and share or read articles on homesteading, homemaking, diy, and natural living! Check out my posts on sweet peppers!

2019 Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders I found everything from a manual pasta maker to a stainless steel chicken plucker! Yep, that's right. There are plenty Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders! Prime day actually lasts for two days July 15th - 16th. These exclusive deals are for those people who pay for that Prime membership.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders This benchtop router from Bosch attaches to your existing workbench and offers a 27-inch by 18-inch work surface. Regular price: $229.00. Prime Day Deal: $149.00. Dethatch your lawn like a pro with this handy tool from Yard Butler. Regular price: $24.88.

How to Can Crunchy Dill Pickles WITHOUT Pickle Crisp! Get crunchy dill pickles without pickle crisp by using this secret ingredients! Having a few dozen jars of home canning dill pickles in my pantry is one of my favorite sights. And canning them myself with this easy dill pickle recipe is even better!

Women More Likely to Have Summertime Sadness Everybody knows about experiencing the blues in winter. Caused by the absence of sunlight, the cold, and spending more time indoors. It turns out summer has its own issues that people suffer from and it's called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. People tend to experience SAD in the hotter months of summer.

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Cake Recipes: How to Bake with Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients Lisa at The Self-Sufficient HomeAcre turned her wild apples into applesauce, then used the applesauce to make this delicious homemade applesauce cake with maple cream cheese frosting.

Mid July Update 2019 Zone 7 The busy bustle in the garden continues. Since the last update I got my melons in the ground, as well as more cucumber, purple hull cowpeas, okra, sunflowers, some purple beauty bell peppers, and a couple fordhook tomatoes.

Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques: Tips To Relax Your Mind And Body Relaxation and stress management are definitely our MVPs these days in the chaotic world that we're living and considering our hectic daily schedules. These are essential for our emotional and physical health as well in order to prevent chronic stress.

Living with Summertime Sadness 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' I got that summertime, summertime sadness. If you're feeling out of wack as the weather heats up, you may be one of the many that deals with SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. You experience summer as a humid, sweaty hellscape, while everyone seems to have the time of their lives.

We All Scream! Because I have a big girl job that yields big girl pay, I sometimes allow myself seemingly guilt free shopping. I will choose an item I have had my eye on and buy it. They are never big purchases, but little ones that bring me a tad amount of joy or an upgrade to something that I've had, but of better quality.

HOME "Pale shafts of early morning sunlight filtered through the pines, tickling my eyelids ever so slightly and causing me just enough discomfort to rouse myself from the mattress where we had fallen in an exhausted heap the night before.

Melatonin Supplements Are Indeed Effective, A New Study Revealed We are sure that you too suffered from loss of sleep at some point in your life. No matter how hard you tried to fall asleep, you always failed, even though you were exhausted, and you ever asked yourself: why is this happening? You may think that all you need to sleep is to feel tired.

Enjoying A Cold, Sugar-Free Minty Beverage When it's summertime in NE Texas, it's hot, hot, HOT! RancherMan used to drink way too many colas as his beverage of choice. But it was so unhealthy. And expensive. And produced lots of trash. So I started brewing him Sun Tea. It was a good change! RancherMan got to enjoy a much lower-cost beverage that was healthier for him.

Smart / Stupid These people always know what to do in any situation. I am maybe not so much one of those people. I don't really know what to do in any situation ever. Some people are stupid. Those people go into politics and make you want to drive a pencil into your ear so you don't have to listen to their empty promises anymore.

All-Time High Incidence of Rabies In Ontario - How to Stay Safe The beautiful weather brings us outside. But it is also a great appeal to insects and wild animals. The sunny days can pose the risk of bites, rabies, West Nile virus, and Lyme disease. See below how to protect yourself and your family while enjoying the time in nature.

13 Child-Friendly Chicken Breeds Get your chickens as baby chicks. Encourage your children to handle them often, which will acquaint them with each other. It's important that you introduce your children to the proper techniques of handling chickens so that they don't injure them, but it's also important that your chicks become acclimated to being held.

Radiation Treatment Given to Millions of Babies without Making Aware of Cancer Risks Nancy Riva suffered the loss of her two brothers for the same reason. She also received cancer diagnosis as an adult due to the radiations inflicted by the treatment in her childhood.

Back At It! I've been on the Instagram scene, but have forgot about the blogging front due to personal changes. Sometimes, life is chaotic to do all the necessary things we want to accomplish. Oh mother - where have we left off?! Is this one of those relationships that we rekindle instantly after being distant for 10 months?!

12 Tips To Survive Summer on Your Homestead What are your favorite tips for surviving summer on the homestead? Did you read something helpful here? Share in the comments! This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate advertising program allows me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Disney World Theme Park Under Rabies Alert Caused By Feral Cat Health authorities identified a case of rabies in the proximity of Disney 'World's Epcot theme park in Florida due to a feral feline that was the carrier of the viral disease.

Travel Journal 6: The Magic House We wake up the next morning and hear roosters crowing in the yard. I have missed animals. There are chickens, a friendly barn cat, a playful dog with beautiful ice-blue eyes, two cows, a donkey that trumpets loudly from time to time, and a draft horse.

How to Get Farm Chores Done When You Have Small Children The truth is you can get your kids involved. Kids love being outside and getting dirty. It's good for them. And you'll find this journey to be much more rewarding with them participating at your side. You'll also find it easier to manage your time when you stop treating homesteader and mom as two separate jobs.

Wheat Allergy: Foods and Ingredients to Avoid Today, more than ever before, wheat allergies are becoming more common. Whether it's GMOs causing more sensitivity, celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity, or some other culprit, having a wheat allergy on the homestead can be challenging. My own personal discovery of having a wheat allergy came on suddenly without warning.

Hubble Space Telescope Spotted a Peculiar Black Hole ​ Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a mysterious black hole that scientists claim it should not exist. The powerful instrument is managed by ESA and NASA, and it does an impressive job at finding objects laying in the distant regions of space.

5 Tips for a Bee Friendly Yard - Help Save the Bees What can you do to help the bees? We'll share how to help save the bees and create a bee friendly yard for honey bees, bumble bees and native bees without spending a ton of money. Whether it's honey bees, bumblebees, mason bees or other native bees, we need our bees.

Fox in Leaves Fall Cross Stitch Pattern This simple counted cross stitch pattern features a sitting fox looking up at the floating fall leaves. It can be used on its own, or turned into a gorgeous Christmas ornament! I love making DIY Christmas gifts! Whether it's a hand-knitted sweater, or a fast and easy gift that only takes a few minutes.

Homesteading in Paradise June 2019 Highlights Do you want to see what a real garden and orchard look like in the glory of summer? Well, here ya go: June is incredible on our homestead.

Canadians with Chornic Pain Can't Get Proper Treatments Once a paralegal, she had to endure pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, and migraines since teenager years. She has seen many doctors, but none of them could come with a definitive solution, saying there's not much to be done on her type of pain.

Don't Stop Posting to Social Media This garden doesn't look like much right now but it will be beautiful. The orchard looks very nice right now. There aren't going to be any plums and probably not a single pear but the apples and cherries are loaded. Steve's mowed about half of the grass and let the center, filled with white clover, for the bees.

How to Can Peaches in Light Syrup or Honey Learning how to can peaches at home is a delicious and easy way to preserve peaches for later. Canning peaches is a water bath canning process, and this recipe for canned peaches can be made with honey or sugar!

Kielbasa Pan Fry This Polish sausage adds flavor to everything else in the dish so you don't need to add a lot of seasoning. Onions, peppers, fresh thyme, garlic and mushrooms - seasonal eating is a great way to put meals on the table.

Europe Witnesses 70% Higher Syphilis Rates due to Riskier Male Sex Health specialists concluded on Friday that the rate of syphilis exploded in the recent decade and outnumbered the new cases of AIDS in many countries. The disease became a public concern as only last month have been around a million people catching the infection, says the World Health Organization.

Chimichurri Sauce - On The Fire Gardening, hunting, fishing, cooking, recipes and living the simple life with Robin Follette, Chef Robin from On The Fire, Big Wild Radio. Baking. Wild harvest. Eat Wild. Homesteading. Maine.

Strawberry Balsamic Syrup - On The Fire You might already know me as Chef Robin from On The Fire, my cooking segment on Big Wild Radio. I'm a wife to a wonderful man and mom to lovely daughters. Award-winning writer and photographer, outdoorswoman, and more. Life is good! I homestead in a tiny town in the remote woods of Maine.

Same, Same The weeds lining the pathway beginning my evening walk are shoulder-high now, wet last night after the afternoon and evening downpour. We chatter this year about ticks, ticks, and Lyme disease, and at soccer games, the parents wonder when did we become afraid to sit on the grass?

Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work Mosquitoes can ruin time outside and transmit disease. In this post, we'll discuss what attracts mosquitoes, natural mosquito repellents, plants that repel mosquitoes, mosquito control tips for your yard, and ways to avoid getting bit. Why bother with mosquito control?

Can Humans Evolve Again If We Are to Rewind Time? We all know that our species has appeared as a result of many random events and mutations. However, we also know that, if we are to take into account all the factors, it may have been inevitable that humans walk the Earth. We are all asking ourselves what would happen if we would rewind time from a certain point in history.

Did NASA Fake the Moon Landing Footages? It has been half a century since the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and there are so many people out there that still believe that it didn't happen. Many conspiracy theories are present since the 1970s, and they are more popular than ever.

Tips for frugal simple vegan homesteading Why not share my wisdom I asked myself one day. So I am sharing my valuable great simple yet useful, frugal and vegan tips. I am probably not the only person to have opened a can of coconut cream and use only a little of it -. We all know what happens to a can of anything that is stashed in the fridge.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Garden Update We have been growing a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse garden since 2011, it's time for an update on what we like most on this greenhouse. Our first GeoDome was an 18-foot all wood structure with windows and a door. It had a water tank and passive heating and cooling using a car radiator.

Feeding the Pigs This morning The Pastor and I were supposed to feed the pigs. Our pigs are pasture raised. They eat a LOT of vegetation. However, they are pigs. As good as all of those vitamins and minerals are for them, they need a few more calories than straight pasture can provide.

How Concerned are the Astronomers about Black Holes For astronomers any chance to discover something is fully appreciated, but what they can do if the received information it's just, well…too much or there are too many questions? A close observation about a new discovery will show us a sneak peak of what could it be dangerous or not for our universe.

5 Goat Fencing Options And Details To Consider If they know there's a time when the fence is off, they may figure out how to use it to their advantage. And even if you have a fence at lightning-bolt strength, you may find that it's not a strong enough deterrent to a determined, stubborn animal.

Farm Therapy What is it about a homestead that is so therapeutic? Fresh air, sunshine, livestock, edible vegetation, providing for your own food needs, baby animal cuteness…? All of those things, and more. As we head into our youngest son's 12th surgery in less than 4 years my heart is heavy.

The Sound of Depression Captured By Mobile App Thanks to a new research coming from the University of Alberta, depression can now be spotted by artificial intelligence that identifies the characteristic sounds of grief in a person's voice accurately. The research started from a past trial, which involved that the timbre of voice carries valuable information regarding the holder's mental state.

9-Years Study Shows Cancer Is Tied with Sugary Beverages New research states that sugary beverages are a leading cancer factor, next to elevated risks of obesity - although it was not established a direct cause-effect link, scientists said on Thursday. The research proves that limiting our sugar intake could have a huge impact on cancer rates around the world.

Are White Pumpkins Edible and Healthy? Yes, white pumpkins are edible. Even though white pumpkins may look quite a bit different from the typical orange Jack-o-Lantern, they are actually quite similar. White pumpkins taste almost exactly like their orange counterparts, and they are also grown in exactly the same manner.

Hepatitis A in Airdrie Restaurant Requests Clients Immunization PUBLIC WARNING: Anyone that had a meal at Zenbu Japanese Restaurant in Airdrie, Alta., between June 15 and 29 may have contracted hepatitis A, says Alberta Health Services. The restaurant location is 5104 35 MacKenzie Way S.W. A worker suffering from the infection was identified amongst the kitchen staff.

Flu Vaccines Are Good For Pregnant Women And Infants, And There's No Reason To Worry Flu vaccines don't interact with pregnancies in any way and children are not likely to suffer any post-birth consequences. Also, they are more of a health necessity than a reason to worry, the study concludes.

Blessing Basket - A Gardener's Joy of Sharing With Others We've all done it - that zucchini is relished when it first starts producing in the garden. But after a while you find yourself growing tired of the excess. Even your zucchini-loving family moans when they hear it's on the menu tonight… yet again! But you hate to waste it.

Simple Homestead blog hop #216 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. We're roasting in this heat, but I know we aren't the only ones! I hope you all stay cool, and please stay safe in the heat.

How To Start Homesteading Today! Learn how to start homesteading today with this clever cheat sheet! Are you craving a simpler life, filled with homemade goodness, adorable animals, and more time in your garden? Then some modern homesteading may be just the thing you're looking for! When it comes to homesteading, you can do as much or as little as you want.

10 Simple Ways to Be More Mindful Every Day While those activities are important and should be an integral part of our daily lives, they aren't necessary to be mindful. Mindfulness is something you can practice any time. And you should. Mindfulness can help you handle difficult situations. It is key to allowing you to live in the present moment.

Poop-eating Slugs Are Infecting Hawaiians with Brain Parasites These days has been reported an invasion of poop-eating slugs, a mixed-species mollusks, that can spread a horrifying neurological disease. The condition called rat lung-worm is caused by parasitic nematodes from animal feces.

Young Liflin Note: If you'd like to learn more about how and why I keep dairy goats, I've had a couple of guest posts published recently on Practical Self Reliance, and Nourishing Days. These blogs have a lot of other good stuff to read about too. Liflin was born here, he's the son of Snowy and Ned, and the cute baby goat you can see in my midsummer post.

New Type Of Overdose Caught E.R. Off Guards Records a growing number of overdoses with opioids mixed with benzodiazepines, a class of psychoactive drugs used in anxiety medications. Last weekend emergency departments were notified of 16 overdoses in 24 hours.

Bringing Home Chicks Last night brought an exciting, new adventure to our homestead - baby chicks! Phill and I have talked about raising backyard chickens for years, but prior to our recent move to our homestead, we previously lived in one of the few counties that prohibited chickens.

Cleaning the Basement Even with a mask on, I spent maybe 30-45 minutes cleaning in our basement and my allergies went nuts. Yikes. I had asked my husband what it would take to get that space useable, and about how much time… He said, "whenever you can go spend time down there and come back upstairs without allergy face." …helpful… At least he's funny.

Osage Orange Trees: Durable Hardwood With Alien-Like Fruit Across the mid-western United States, Osage orange trees flourish along neglected and overgrown edges of fields, pastures, and old homesteads as scrub vegetation forgotten in the "far corners of the back-40." Osage orange is also an excellent source of firewood.

Home Is Where The Heart Is I'm not sure if apartment-steading is a word or not but I decided midway through putting a patch on a tiny pair of children's undies that if it isn't, it should be.

How to Grow Parsley in Containers This site may earn commissions when you click on certain links. You should assume any link is an affiliate link. We are enrolled in the Amazon Associates program, so we may earn a commission if you purchase something from Amazon after clicking one of our links.

Working Days At my desk this morning, I realized all three of us are working this week - myself and my older daughter, and the younger sister now, too. At 14, she's a junior counselor in a camp for a week - a take-it-seriously kind of kid, paired up with a friend she's known her entire life.

Episode-2466 - Half Acre Homesteading – Part One – The Garden Send me a written message.

15 Trellis Plants For Your Wall, Pergola, And Arbor The plant is sensitive to temperature fluctuations which can affect the resulting taste of the fruit. Related Post: Companion Planting For Melons. Watering should be done in the morning, and care should be taken not to over water melon plants, as this can lead to bland tasting fruit.

The Controversy Around Editing Human Embryos Called 'Totally Irresponsible' The plans of Denis Rebrikov, the Russian molecular biologist that wants to alter human embryos to help parents with genetic deafness have a healthy child, are accompanied by a firestorm of controversy. Below are the pros and cons. The arguments against the gene-editing technology are on a broad palette.

Half acre homesteading Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don't.

Homemade Hamburger Buns If you're like me, you're usually pretty disappointed, at best, with store-bought hamburger buns - they have a weird sweetness to them, they squish like marshmallows, and they just don't taste very good. If you want decent tasting buns, you have to shell out a good amount for them or go to a bakery.

Nanowire: How Can We Easily Harvest Solar Energy There is a new research about nanowires that can make the entire process of harvesting solar energy easier. The study has been published by a team of researchers from the Stony Brook University. In order to study nanowires, they performed x-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments.

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There's a New Theory of Gravity That Explains Galaxies Some simulations of galaxies demonstrate how Einstein's general theory of relativity is not really the only one to explain how gravity works and how galaxies are formed. There is this new theory, the Chameleon Theory, that represents an alternative. From this new study, we see a computer-simulated image of a galaxy from above.

Did Scientists Just Find Spinning Black Holes? It is quite challenging to measure the spin of a black hole, especially when it is hard to see them. However, astronomers have found a way to do it. They have measured the spins of 5 supermassive black holes by using a combination of data from gravitational lensing and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Moving - Part 6: Affairs Out of Order Hope amidst home buying snafus.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #9 and Zucchini Recipes I'm dreaming of zucchinis! Lol. I'd love to make some of my favorite recipes but will have to wait a while longer for the squash to start coming in. But I know that there are many other people looking for ways to use up their extra squashes. So here are some of my favorite zucchini recipes!

Raising Muscovy Ducks And Why You Probably Want Them Muscovy ducks are lovable, easy-going homestead animals that love to free-range and produce huge eggs. Learn more about how to raise them with our tips!

How to Make Hot Process Tangerine-Cocoa & Oatmeal Calendula Soap When I wrote my popular eBook, Hot Process Soap Making, I decided to share the perfect handmade soap recipe! Indeed, it's still tried and true. It always turns out, and never, ever once has failed me. It's easily convertible from hot to cold process.

Rabbitry Upgrades! With all the baby bunnies finding new homes and Summer in full swing it was time to make some adjustments to the rabbitry. My 8 kennel rabbit hutch is on its way to completion and all of the adult rabbits have been shaved down for the heat. To decrease the temperatures in the rabbitry I purchased and installed two shade sails.

Canadian Woman Took Cave Disease Due to Common Fungus Last month a woman traveled to Cuba and returned with an unwanted 'souvenir.' She contracted a 'common' disease that changed her life. Read on. She said she entered a cave exposing herself accidentally to the fungal infection that altered her life afterward.

Moving Part 4: Small Town Possibilities? Farmhouse in a small town.

DIY Natural Kitchen Scrub Just because your need a quality scouring powder you can depend on to clean up and disinfect life's messes, that does not mean you have to allow chemicals to invade your kitchen. Cleaning your kitchen properly does not require bringing Comet or similarly harsh scouring powders into your home.

Grow Ten Tons of Organic Vegetables for your Survival Garden If you’re homesteading or have a farm, you are probably always looking for ways to maximize your produce yield.

Awaiting the Harvest As you may recall I was very excited to put in my garden this year. My old garden was 30'x30′. To be honest I had a hard time keeping up with it. This year was going to be my year though. This year I was going to grow all of the vegetables.

Trellising Tomatoes Did y'all enjoy your holiday weekend? We had our first "farm warming" party, which lit the fire under us to get our house and property in tip-top shape. Or, at least, in decent enough shape to welcome our extended family and friends.

Harvesting and Curing Onions Well, either these onions were ready to harvest or some animal was walking through the raised bed at night and stomping on my beautiful onions. For several mornings I thought "I'll have to research when to harvest onions when I get back in the house," but by the time I went inside I'd forgotten.

Deadlines So Jeremy decided a while ago that he wanted the mudroom done by the 4th so that we could buy a washer and dryer on sale. Well, it didn't get done. A little bit, here and there, but not anything to brag about.Then Jeremy went ahead and ordered the washer and dryer in order to give us a deadline and work like mad until it was done.

Fresh Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe This fresh cherry bourbon BBQ sauce recipe is delicious and simple to make. The most time-consuming part is pitting the cherries. When the Northwest Cherry growers asked me if I'd like 20 pounds of cherries to experiment with, I didn't hesitate to say YES PLEASE!

Eating Disorders at Old Age It's a fact that people, as they get older, tend to eat less and less. Weight loss and undernutrition take hold due to the "feeling full" hormone. See how to remediate this. In this picture, the hormone called PYY is the one to blame, especially at seniors over 80.

Sunday Homestead Update I can't get my computer to upload photos this week. So it will be a brief SHU without any photos. Goat. Pansy is starting to show a difference in her coat from the copper bolus we gave her a few weeks ago. The goat is Little Miss' "niche" on the farm.

A Guide To Baby-Proofing Your Homestead Raising children on a homestead helps them learn so much. However, safety is a major concern for homesteaders and we've got some ideas for you.

Silver Sunday I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for: - the first tomatoes from the garden - cool, breezy evenings - summer bugs to feed to the chickens - flowers on the zucchini plants - volunteer tomato plants ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.Leviticus 26:4 NIV Thank you for stopping by.

Tomatoes We have tried growing a number of different varieties of tomatoes in the garden, but have only had marginal success with the 'Black Russian' variety. The beefsteak and other varieties that could be grown successfully in Rockhampton during the winter months do not survive the humid conditions of summer on the Hinterland.

How to Bottle Honey: Beehive to Jar Last week we talked about Preparing The Hive For Harvest. And in my Beginning Beekeeper's Series we've talked about everything from becoming NewBEES, obtaining your bees, caring for them and more. Links to all of those articles are below for your convenience.

Duck! Okay, so here's the thing about ducks. I feel like it is very important to have ducks on my farm. This is not because ducks eat slugs and bugs and are good garden weeders. We do not have a pond and I am not particularly fond of duck eggs. The reason I need to have ducks on the farm is that I like the way they laugh.

Should I keep doing this? Please tell me. You could also consider using one or two types of social media if you don't want to lose contact with your subscribers. You could do as you are able and as you desire. You certainly don't have to do 'all the things.' You have options, and it doesn't have to be an either-or scenario.

Who Wants to Help us Name The Chicken Coop? Guys, it is time to give our main chicken coop a name. It isn't very exciting calling it 'The Main Coop' or 'The Big Coop', so it's time to have some fun with it. Once we have a name I intend to either paint it on the coop or paint a sign to hang on there.

Harvest Right Dome Greenhouse Review In 2018, we purchased a 16′ Harvest Right geodesic dome greenhouse to review. We were having work done in the yard, so we had to wait for the fill to be brought in to the greenhouse location before we could set it up. It's now been up and tested for over a year.

Review: Welcome to the Farm: How to Wisdom from the Elliot Homestead Welcome to the Farm: How to Wisdom from the Elliot Homestead. This is an easy to read, fun how-to book perhaps written for those of us who are looking to backyard farm…or not. Full on farm dreams? This book also has helpful how-tos. To be honest I don't know if reading this book was a mistake or not.

Music Festivals May Come With Rape, Overdose - Warns Fraser Health Unpleasant experiences might occur in large crowds even all you want is to listen to your favorite music and have fun. Some of the dangers are having bad trips, sexual assaults, overdose, and others. Read below to stay safe. Fraser Health issued a basic guideline on how to stay away from unwanted experiences at music festivals.

Weightlifting Loses Grounds to Aerobic In Heart Fat Reduction Those fighting with heart fat, and prone to cardiovascular disease, are advised to lift weights rather than aerobic for fastened effects.

Fig Season Please share your ideas in any of the comment sections! Here is a link to some good ideas on how to use Figs - FIG RECIPE BOOKS on Amazon. ~this post contains links to Amazon - as affiliates we earn a tiny commission from anything purchased through these links, so thank you!

6 Easy Steps for Organic Pest Control You want to grow organic vegetables in your home garden, but pests leave you feeling defeated. Take control with these methods for organic pest control.

Baby Bird Shuffle One Boy's Efforts to Correct Nature's Shortcomings. Finding herself an impoverished widow at the beginning of the Great Depression, Maida Knowles moved back to the old homestead her grandparents had established on the banks of the St Lawrence River. This abandoned farm had a large apple orchard, but the trees had been neglected for years.

Scientists to Find a New Method to Use for Studying Early Life in Ancient Rocks Researchers have come up with a new method to track traces of primordial life in the ancient rock formations. They do it by using potassium. This method stands in the search for high concentrations of potassium from the old sedimentary rocks. It does not stand in the traditional methods that use carbon, nitrogen, or sulfur.

Is the Search for Alien Life Worth It? Scientists Want to Know Our Opinion A team of researchers is looking for any kind of intelligent alien life. They have asked the public if the search is actually worth it through an online survey. They think this quiz can be the most extensive survey ever to access the public's opinion towards alien contact.

Chive Blossom Vinegar Recipe Our growing season is short. It starts late and ends early…. which means while everyone else is bragging about their first harvests of greens and radishes, I'm still looking at snow on the ground. And even when the first pictures of ruby red strawberries and cucumbers start flooding social media, my harvest baskets are still empty.

Is Sunscreen Dangerous? The Truth About Sunscreens and Sunblocks…Plus a DIY Recipe This article will help you know which chemicals are completely unsafe in sunscreens. You'll find out how to choose a good sunscreen that contains safe ingredients. I also share my recipe for diy sunscreen, if you are interested in making your own! Sunscreens / sunblocks.

What Causes Bad Trips for Marijuana Users? The Science Behind A research coming from the Western University puts in light the reason why cannabis effects may be pleasant to some and a living nightmare to others. Read below.

What Does It Take To Grow Your Own Food In Connecticut? Where does your food come from? Most of us go to the grocery store to buy produce, dairy, and meat. And these items aren't necessarily local; they may come from hundreds or thousands of miles away. This hour we hear how more people are getting involved in producing the food they eat.

When the Power Grid Fails - 12 Things You Need to Prepare In this post, we'll discuss why the power grid fails, and how to prepare for a power outage that disrupts electricity and basic services such as communications, water and trash pickup. If the power grid goes down, water and natural gas will fail soon thereafter, so planning is critical.

34 + Foods That Freeze Well To Save Time AND Money! Onions / Peppers / Carrots double bag onions to avoid having your entire freezer smelling like onion* Berries will get mushy, use for smoothies, baking, oatmeal addition, etc.* You are going to have the best luck with foods that are properly packaged.

It is So Hard Having a baby with chronic medical conditions has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The roller coaster of emotions, mixed with all the unknowns has stretched me far beyond myself and my own strength.

Common Cold Virus Eliminates Cancer in just a Week Usually, viruses are a sign of illness, and catching flu have never been of any use until now. The common cold virus can wipe out the cancer cells in a week. Read on to find out how. A recent experiment that focussed on bladder cancer proved to be successful.The unexpected discovery revealed that a simple cold could be the worst enemy of tumors.

Seven Ways it Pays to Be Frugal on Your Homestead This article is about seven ways it pays to be frugal on your homestead, whether you are in a city, the suburbs, or living off-grid in the country. Frugal living has a bit of a bad rap, but there are some positive things about living well within your means, no matter how much or little you make.

Mead - 5 Things You Need to Know Mead may be the world's oldest alcoholic beverage. Many modern versions are just for enjoyment, but we'll show you why to brew old school mead. Why naturally fermented? Beyond the unique flavor possibilities of wild ferments, they also have probiotic and potential medicinal qualities.

In Which a New Animal Joins The Homestead Winter has bitten us here. We've been having some family 'togetherness' the last few weeks in the form of sickness. This means everything has slowed down. However, in the middle of the sickness we found ourselves in a heartwarming little animal story.

Where have the insects gone? Don't know about anyone else, but suddenly we have no insects - AND - no birds. Not that both have totally disappeared, but say a good 90-95% of them have! had sort of noticed that there were fewer insects around the garden plants, and then realized the neighborhood mulberry tree still had plenty of fruit on it.

The Stress Hormone in Breast Milk Impacts Baby Growth The latest study, carried out as a small experiment, discovered the direct link between relaxation therapy during breastfeeding and an increased amount of sleep and food that babies want to receive every time.

More sun baking Got the oven good and hot, kept it well aligned, did not fasten down the glass. let these cook for about 75 minutes. tops lightly browned. bottoms not. Last time let them go for 2 full hours and it was too much. looks like another 15 minutes might have been perfect, but not worth taking it all back out there for some more.

How to Make Hot Process Bastille Honey Soap - Great for Babies! What on earth is Bastille soap? I wondered the same thing when I heard that name. Bastille soap is a close relative of Castille soap, which is the traditional pure olive oil soap. no other oils are used at all.

Secret Ingredient Potato Salad The key is ensuring you are adding the white vinegar while the potatoes are still warm and then letting them sit 15 minutes or so in order to allow them to soak in the deliciousness. We actually like to eat our potato salad slightly warm but the flavors meld even better if allowed to sit for a few hours in the refrigerator once pulled together.

Homestead: soil building I've been in a state of soil building the moment I stepped onto the raw mountain land that I considered purchasing. Land watching. I paid attention to where the thimbleberries grew in a grove. That would be my garden. There was enough sunlight to grow something on this rocky mountain.

Making Progress on One Thing a Day Making progress on one thing a day does exactly that. As a result, to focus on one thing a day is empowering. We all accomplish a lot more than just one thing in a day, but often those are things that are routine and do not make us feel like doing anything.

Human Evolution might be Connected to Bonobos Diet After observing bonobos in the Congo basin looting in marshes for aquatic herbs abundant in iodine, a vital nutrient for brain development and higher in cognitive capabilities, researchers think this may clarify how the nutritional needs of ancient herbs in the area were met.

Nasa's TESS Mission New Planets Findings Nasa's TESS mission was created to discover exoplanets using the transit method, that comes with the novelty of having a bigger area of accessibility - 400 times larger than the one that was covered in the Kepler mission. The hunt for new planets revealed the tiniest one found to date, named L98-59b.

Happy Birthday AMERICA! We realize that freedom isn't free - It's with the humblest of gratitude that we say THANK YOU to our brave men and women out there walkin' the walk to keep our beloved country free. ~TxH~. Save. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

What you Need to Know About the Flesh-eating Bacteria? A few cases of flesh-eating bacteria, contaminated in the waters of Florida has left people shocked as their loved ones were infected with the microbe. Especially an incident of a Florida woman in her 70s traumatized her family. The 77-year-old woman died a week and a half after she nicked her leg in the water while on Coquina Beach.

How To Can Vegetables Canning vegetables begins by choosing HOW you'll preserve the vegetables. Will you use a traditional water bath OR will you use the more modern, much faster steam canner?

Worm bin notes: Heat Wave! They're going to cook if something doesn't change! The weather over the last week or so has been hot. High 80's into the 90's during the day, in the low 80's at night. Last update the bin temperature inside the bins read in the 80 degree range. I thought there was something wrong with the compost thermometer I was using.

12 Vegetables That Can Grow In Shade Upload a photo / attachment to this comment :.

On the Homestead - July 3, 2019 We have a rule in our house that we only turn it on when the temperatures are over 85 degrees Fahrenheit and it's excessively humid. Well, it's been on for about a week and there are no signs of us being able to turn it off during the day anytime soon.

How To Dye Raw Wool Step 1: Pour the distilled white vinegar and the salt in the glass measuring cup or microwave safe bowl. Step 2: Stir to combine. Step 3: Open the Kool-Aid packets, and pour them into the measuring cup or bowl. Step 4: Stir to combine thoroughly. Step 5: Place the still damp wool into the mixture.

Irregular Bedtime Schedule Causes Metabolic Deviations A recent study warns 'night owls' that a regular bedtime schedule is as important as getting enough hours of sleep. Read on to see the main reasons. It is long known that those who deprive themselves of a healthy amount of sleep are prone to develop many conditions.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe I created this recipe for stuffed poblano peppers as an inexpensive and healthier version of the Chiles Rellenos we enjoy from a local Mexican restaurant. It's one of my favorite places to eat and the meals aren't expensive, but we don't eat out very often.

Garden update and Rosh Chodesh I know I just published my first post, and I'm certainly not expecting to publish multiple posts in one week - there's just so much happening in the gardens right now!

Equipment That You'll Need for Beekeeping Thinking about beekeeping? Beekeeping is an excellent way to help the environment and your garden, not to mention the fact that you'll be able to harvest your own honey soon! Beekeeping is an enjoyable hobby, but you'll need some pretty specific equipment to get started.

Front Yard Food Garden Now "Legal" in Florida. Short Rant! I was not aware of this until I read the link below. Food gardens are now legal in Florida. Never knew there was an issue with them because there shouldn't be. During World War 2 gardening was encouraged. I'd like to know what kind of idiot would vote to make front yard food gardens illegal.

A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader. 6:50 - Wake up late and hurry to get ready for the day. 7:00 - Feed the inside cats that had been nice enough NOT to wake me up this morning. 7:03 - Work on my blog. Post 'Day 1' of 'A week in the Life of a Young Homesteader'.

The Best Canning Jars This post will share the best, most versatile canning jars for a new or experienced canner, that will double as food and drink containers in your home, and will help simplify your pantry and your canning process. Read on for the best canning jars!

6 Steam Canning Resources I've had a lot of readers express that they think that steam canning is next level, harder, 2.0, or otherwise more difficult than traditional water bath canning and that simply isn't so. I'm here to tell you that canning is a piece of cake in a steam canner and in many ways, much easier than traditional water bath canning.

So the Dog is Bi-Polar too First vet visit Training your new puppy. Fleas.

What's wrong with my tomato plants? One of the best parts about a summer garden is the beautiful tomatoes that you can grow. Nothing beats a home grown tomato. It's disappointing and frustrating when your tomato plants are sick and you don't know what's wrong with them. In this guide, learn the 10 most common tomato plant problems and learn how to treat them.

Watch These Worms Devour A Pumpkin in This 100-Second Compost Timelapse Do you ever wonder what your compost looks like over time? Check out this timelapse of worms composting this full pumpkin in only 100 seconds!

How to Make Motherhood Easier & Be More Present But, I've found ways to be more present and make motherhood less like a chore and more like what I had envisioned it to be. Wait… adding to the list of things to do is going to help?? How?? Yep. It is. I have been intentionally exercising a minimum of 5 days a week for about two and a half months.

Are Your Tomato Leaves Curling Up? Have my tomatoes been poisoned? Have they developed some kind of disease? Not sure why your tomato leaves are curling up? They are curled up, and a couple of them are looking like leather. They are not turning colors though, so what is happening? What does it mean when your tomato plant leaves curl up?

Is Marijuana a Replacement for Painkillers? Cannabis becomes gradually a better alternative to manage pain and insomnia than prescribed and non-prescription drugs, according to recent studies. The survey involved 1,000 people that consumed legalized marijuana in an American state, and most of them found it to be a great help in relieving physical pain.

The Healing Homestead… This here homestead has been a long time a' comin', its been a complete miracle from the get go! We found our home after searching for quite sometime for a place. We were literally heading back to my parents house after searching all Thanksgiving week for a possible home with no such luck when we came upon what is now our home!

An Interview with a Hunter Hunting is something that has pretty well horrified me since childhood. Throughout history the entire world has subsisted on wild foods and hunting, and then agriculture. I understand this, and I know that the taking of one life to feed a family for most of a year compared to the life of a factory farmed animal is a much more humane option.

Vegan Diet Could Help Us and the Environment. Here's How There is a new study out there that suggests that avoiding animal products from diets can help you save lives in the world - more than a hundred thousand only in the UK. The food-related emissions could actually get down from an annual number of nearly 14 billion tones - and that only in 2018 - to 4 billion tones.

7 Ways to Fight Rising Food Costs Comment below, and we can brainstorm some ideas.

How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Rosemary This perennial is fairly hardy and will reward you with aromatic leaves to use in your cuisine ranging from roast lamb to soups, poultry and casseroles. Keep cutting off small twigs - a little goes a long way as the flavor is quite intense - to add to dishes and it will simply grow bushier!

Pork Butchery: What We Did and Why We are experienced butcher, but processing our first pork gave us the opportunity to develop some new skills. Here are some of the things we learned, and the cuts we tried out for our first pig. Also, watch a stop-motion video as we break down an entire side.

Smoking Is Bad for your Eyes not only Lungs Specialists state that smoking is damaging sight as well as lungs, imposing additional risks on people with eye conditions. A poll for the Association of Optometrists reveals that only one in five people are aware that smoking can cause blindness.

Homemade Quick Mascarpone! This week I tried my hand at a few goats milk treats like yogurt, whey, and mascarpone! All of them turned out delightful and I am hooked on this fresh goats milk life. Quick mascarpone takes about 30 minutes to make and then can sit in the fridge overnight to firm up.

Worm bin notes: Time Lapse Part of the Vermicompost Experiment includes managing all the videos and still images that accumulate for the project. I don't have enough digital storage to keep most of the files so they get deleted forever. I had planned on making a video of each bin over a 6 to 12 month period.

The Mystery Behind the Methane from Mars NASA is revealing a hot discovery from Mars. The Space Agency says that the vehicle that is exploring Mars is recording high levels of methane gas. Whit this discovery can lead is the key to life support on Mars. The mission on Mars is t high levels of methane by NASA's Curiosity rover, which is doing this for the last seven years on the planet.

Black Holes Were Not Formed from Star Remnants: Study Scientists found out that the formation of black holes does not really require the forming of a star. The team behind this study says that their findings can account for the presence of massive black holes at the earliest stages of our universe.

Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse from July 2nd Online We are getting another total solar eclipse. However, for those of you who are in North America, it is not going to be easy to see it, as the last one. This solar eclipse is mostly over the South Pacific Ocean, and also central Chile and western Argentina.

Vinyl Polymer Breaks down into Aspirin. Is This Helpful for Our Recycling Problem? Take some time to see your surroundings, and ask yourself how much of your stuff is made out of plastic? Many of them, probably. Even your clothes have some kind of plastic. If you get outside, you will see that there are also many things made out of plastic.

21 Easy and Delicious Recipes Using Sauerkraut No matter your specific diet - Keto, Vegan, or simple from scratch cooking. If you love homemade sauerkraut you'll love this! Learn not only how to make your own homemade sauerkraut but get 21 easy and delicious recipes using it. Did you know you can make cupcakes using sauerkraut?

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #8 and Summer Vacations One of my favorite summer activities is going to botanical gardens and other natural points of interest. We've been to the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin and really enjoyed our visit. A Japanese garden is another wonderful place to visit!

When Should I Pick Yellow Squash? How do I know when my squash are ready to be picked? I've been asked this question before. Timing when to harvest your yellow squash makes a big difference in the flavor and tenderness of the squash. Leave the squash on the plant too long and you'll end up with tough skin and squash with tough seeds.

Weekending We've had quite a bit of rain but the temps are up! This is the time of year that it feels like there is way more to do than time to do it. Outdoor projects must be completed before fall sets in. It's a super busy time of the year for our soap and skincare business, there are indoor projects pulling at us, and of course, the garden.

Artificial Intelligence to Simulate Dark Matter in Universe With the appearance of Artificial Intelligence in the last years, researchers started to make the most out of it in trying to understand how dark matter and the universe actually function. For many years, scientists have used Artificial Intelligence to create a 3D simulation of the universe.

How to Make a Salve - with Plantain Salve Recipe The simplest way to begin making herbal medicine is to dry herbs and use them in teas or decoctions. Another easy method of making traditional plant medicine is to create a salve - a sort of medicinal lotion.

Why Is Canada Setting a Pollution Price? We all pay for Canada's pollution in a way or another - sick days, lost wages, increased home insurances costs, and more expensive health care. And we don't know what comes next for our children and nephews. Edward Xie, an Emergency physician, noticed a climbing number of thick bites with Lyme in the last ten years of working in Toronto.

Insteading Giveaway For July 2019 It's never too late to get started with canning. Preserve your garden for the long winter ahead with our July contest giveaway!

50+ Recipes for Summer Squash Homestead Bloggers Network participates in affiliate programs and links may be affiliate links. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Easy To Make Sauerkraut One of the easiest foods to ferment is homemade sauerkraut. Learn how simple it is to make your own homemade sauerkraut with only 2 ingredients. No canning supplies is required, its so simple you'll be amazed! It might take a couple practice runs, but you'll have the "knack" for it in no time.

Can You Use An Instant Pot for Canning? This post will explain whether or not you can use an instant pot for canning, and why, using scientific information you can trust from the USDA. Read on for the scoop on using an instant pot for canning! Instant pots are the modernized version of a pressure cooker.

Mealworms: The Perfect Treat for Your Flock Should you be feeding mealworms to chickens? Mealworms are an excellent treat for your chickens. The only downside to feeding mealworms to chickens is having to buy mealworms. Since I don't really provide feed to my chickens after the leave the brooder, I'm always a little reluctant to buy feed for them.

Canning Curious This post will help demystify the process of preserving food in jars, clarify what you need in the kitchen to can, whether or not you need to simmer your canning lids as Grandma used to, if you need to sterilize your jars, what the deal is with pickling salt, how you can preserve way faster with modern technology, and more.

6 Reasons to Become More Self Sufficient I'm not even sure I'd call it a simple life. But it is a rewarding life. It's benefits have far reaching implications to your own life as well as your community and our environment.

How to Freeze Corn Sweet corn is best when cooked and eaten or processed within a few hours of picking, so when we buy corn we don't stop until it's all canned, in the freezer, or on the grill for dinner.

Simple and Natural Homemade Toothpaste Recipe It was a long time before I made my own homemade Toothpaste, but I'm never going back. For a long time it remained one of the stubborn hold-on products that I was buying for our bathroom routine.

Inspirations The idea of becoming a homesteader has been with me for awhile, and tracing where it came out of has been an interesting stroll down memory lane. When I entered college in 2004 my first exposure to the ideas of peak oil was through the documentary The End of Suburbia.

The Atomic Coop tour As promised, here are the pics of our coop that we built for our little flock. We decided to go big to make sure all the chickens had sufficient room to stretch their legs during the day before we let them out in the afternoon. We chose a spot away from the house this time for several reasons.

Common Sense Homestead Open House - October 5, 2019 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. We'll be hosting our next annual Common Sense Homestead Open House on Saturday, October 5, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. until 4 p.m. Our family will be giving tours of the home and grounds during this time. You're welcome to take a quick look or stay for a longer visit during the open house hours.

How To Earn a Passive Income for Self-Sufficient Living Passive income is nothing but an income that you earn regularly, without having to do anything to get it. The best way to earn a passive income is to invest your money safely and earn a regular interest out of your investment: "Passive Interest Income".

The North Pole Is Going Fast Towards Siberia It seems that the magnetic north pole is going fastly to Siberia. People are asking themselves why is this happening. It is actually a mystery, and in order to know what is going on, scientists have started to build an explosive model of the core of the planet.

1 Year Post IVF: 32 Weeks Pregnant. Life on the Homestead. So I've fallen off the wagon with writing in my blog. Life has a way of getting busy, and for someone who previously wrote a lot about infertility, it's hard to think of subjects when you're pregnant that can relate. On the Homestead side things are in full swing, of course there have been a few hiccups.

Sunday Walkabout June 2019 The brilliant blue skies and gorgeous days of early summer nearly take my breath away on occasion. It is on those days that I recall a snatch of a line from one of the poems my grandmother had memorized as a child and was always ready to recite at an appropriate moment.

Garden Update 3 Our garden is definitely growing. Thanks, summer! Our cucumbers are flowering! And taking over, as cucumbers do. Yay! Peppers are lookin’ mighty fine so far! Well, I thought this…

NASA to Send Dragonfly on Titan NASA will be sending a flying robot to Titan. As you probably already know, Titan is the largest moon of Saturn, and, apparently, organic molecules rain down from the sky, then they go to lakes made out of liquid methane. The mission is named Dragonfly and takes part of NASA's New Frontiers program.

A Homesteading Necessity: The Neighborhood Workbench But our longer plan, to be realized at some time unknown, was to treat the house as a base camp and homestead-a home in which we might raise our family near the sea, and from where we might also grow and catch a portion of our food from habitats we chose to call our own.

How to Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Use St. John's Wort This hardy perennial makes an attractive ground cover with its low green shrubbery and cheery yellow flowers that bloom from mid-summer and into the fall, when berries begin to form. Its root system makes it useful in places where soil erosion is a problem, such as riverbanks.

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Raising Ducks It's a never ending cycle of babying chickens and catering to their long list of sensitivities. Meanwhile, the ducks are happily splashing in their muddy kiddie pool without a care in the world. I've never needed to deworm my ducks. I've never seen lice or mites on them.

Psoriasis on My Hands - My Experience with Home Remedies for Psoriasis For the last several months, I've been dealing with psoriasis on my hands. It's some sort of pustular psoriasis, possibly PPP. At its most active, there are small blisters filled with white fluid in the affected areas, combined with flaking skin, oozing and itching.

How To Prepare A Hive For Honey Harvest We have several hives in our small apiary. Here in NE Texas, we typically harvest our honey around the first week of July. It's hot, sticky work that's for sure. But there's much more to getting that honey harvest than just strolling out to the hives.

Welcome to The Homesteading Hen The term homesteading can conjure up romantic images of rolling fields, quaint farm houses with wrap around porches, the distant mooing of cows and the clucking of chickens. Of freshly baked loaves of bread hot out of the oven, of preserving and canning, of traditions that have long passed out of memory.

The most amazing thing This morning as CountryBoy and I were enjoying our coffee on the front porch we were privy to watch the most amazing thing. First, let me back up to the evening before. As we were sitting on the porch we watched a spider build his web near the newest hummingbird feeder.

B.C. Government Requires Compulsory Child Vaccination Children will be vaccinated in order to attend the next academic school, states the B.C. Government. Children from kindergarten to high school will be part of an immunization movement starting with 1 July to tame future outbreaks, like measles, mumps, and rubella.

NASA's Spitzer Telescope Presents: Whirlpool 'Warhol' The Whirlpool galaxy is also known as Messier 51. It is a pair of galaxies that distort each other by using their mutual gravitational attraction. It is placed about 23 million light years away, in the constellation Canes Venatici. Images show the Whirlpool galaxy as seen through a powerful telescope.

Make pretty choices I first heard the term "make pretty choices" form Landyn at Living With Landyn, which has become my mantra since moving into our new home at the end of last summer. I've made it a priority in all projects in + around the new homestead. I've been channelling my girl's advice while designing each item off our to-do list here.

5 Things You Can Do NOW To Plan Your Vegetable Garden As you begin your gardening journey, you'll learn that planning is half the battle. You can double your chances for success before you put your first seed in the ground. So what are some decisions you can make now, even if you aren't ready to start gardening yet?

Beekeeping for Beginners - Natural Backyard Beekeeping Beekeeping for Beginners by Amber Bradshaw shares tips and ideas to help you create a backyard bee haven. From beehive selection to honey harvest, and everything in between, Amber walks you through step by step. You'll have all the information you need to decide if beekeeping is right for you.

What Simplifying My Life Has Taught Me But I am so incredibly happy and grateful that this is what I learned, from listening to my heart, would be fulfilling to me.

Ontario Overdose Deaths With Carfentanil Multiplied Carfentanil has no taste and smell and can be easily mixed with prescription pills. The number of deaths related to Carfentanil is in the rise in Ontario. Read on to see how you can protect yourself. There is no easy way to know if it was mixed with your medicine or not.

An 11-Foot Bird Was Discovered in Europe. What Kind of Bird Was It? When it comes to birds, it is safe to say that Pachystruthio dmanisensis was a huge deal. It is estimated to have weight nearly 450 kilograms - that's almost half a tone. It was like a 150-kilogram adult ostrich. And it looked like a canary.

How to Grow and Harvest Cilantro Cilantro, a fast growing annual has a lifespan of between 2 months to 3 months and provides a pop of brilliant green to various dishes, and the flavor is one often associated with many Asian, Indian, Mediterranean and Mexican dishes.

Marvelous Milkweed - Answers to 21 Common Questions Milkweed is a "must have" for butterfly gardening, but the right milkweed plants are good for people, too. We'll share answers to some of the most common questions about growing and using these beautiful native plants. What is a milkweed plant good for?

How to Freeze Herbs However, the time frame when fresh herbs like parsley, basil, cilantro, and dill are at its best is short. To preserve the freshness for longer, herbs can be frozen. Here is how to freeze herbs. All herbs can be frozen, however, some are better dry then frozen.

The Atomic Coop They were a motley little crew of tiny raptors. One had a crossed beak and one had a paralyzed leg and one had stopped laying. Out of the four there was only one "normal" hen. We knew they belonged here and we wasted no time getting them.

First homesteading, then yogurt Amy Klippenstein and Paul Lacinski of Sidehill Farm in Hawley didn't set out to be the largest local yogurt producers in western Massachusetts. Instead, "The idea was to homestead," Klippenstein said. "But there's this pesky matter of making a living," Lacinski added.