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Modern Life FatigueI've got modern life fatigue and I've got it bad. From the constant demands of inboxes to harsh artificial lighting, I find the wiring of my brain needing.

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Love when a plan comes togetherWas so excited about how well the GF pizza crust yesterday came out; how nicely the dough rose, decided to try making english style muffins today.

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Reconstruction of historic stagecoach hotel begins MondayYears before US Highway 40 would become the main route winding through Grand County, the Georgetown Stagecoach Line was the path travelers took to get over Berthoud Pass. Shared .

Drying HydrangeasYears ago I fell in love with Hydrangeas. My mother in law had a beautiful huge bush.

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Sunday Homestead UpdateOne of my favorite places to relax, when I get the chance, is sitting in the shade by the barnyard, knitting and watching the animals in the barnyard. Last week I was able to take a couple of hours to just sit and rest and enjoy the barnyard and the beautiful mountain weather. While sitting there, Blue came over and I got this photo of her...

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Newest Member of the FamilyMeet Lou. Lou, or Lupercus, is the Roman protector of flocks. Excellent, since we want him to protect the chickens.

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Creating a First Aid Kit for LivestockHaving some basic items always available in your emergency kit means you're better prepared for problems that might arise, whether it's a dairy goat that's been bitten by a dog and has deep wounds, or a chicken struggling with bumblefoot.

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How To Make An Arrowhead CollageThis is the second one I've done with my brother's arrowheads. It turned out beautifully.

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Backyard Farming: Homesteading: The Complete Guide to Self-SufficiencyGoodreads information about this book can be found here. To be honest, this is a very rudimentary and introductory book about homesteading. There is a nice focus on how to start; finding a property or working with the property you already have. And then there is the introduction about growing plants and keeping animals. Compared to&.

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I think I've got it! !As previously stated, had given up on making GF sourdough bread, but we like the pizza crust.

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Sightseeing and something new  Flashback FridayThursday, August 6 Another nice cool morning and beautiful day. LizzieBelle likes to join us for coffee and this morning I took her blankie out with me to the greenhouse because I didnt want...

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Everything is fine.Sooo& our thermostat tried to kill us. We are fine. The house is fine. The animals are fine.

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Community Futures awarding loans to small businesses unable to qualify for government funds during COVID-19The check relates to a loan program called the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund, and more funds will become available in the fall for businesses who didn't qualify for government subsidies during the COVID-19 pandemic, like the Canada Emergency Benefit Account or the Emergency Loan program through Aboriginal Financial Institutions.

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Homeschooling on the HomesteadThis week I have been preparing for our upcoming school year. We have been homeschooling for 14 years now, but many people across the nation are finding themselves homeschooling for the first time due to COVID.

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Growing and Preserving BasilBasil is a great culinary and medicinal herb. Fresh and dry basil are both great to use.

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About Town: August 8, 2020"In this time of immense need, we are grateful that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs has made it possible for community-based organizations across our state to increase food security efforts and also perpetuate Native Hawaiian practices that will ensure our state's resiliency for the future," said Micah Kane, CEO and president of HCF.

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Learning to Homeschool on the HomesteadHaving a homestead offers so many opportunities for kids to learn in real-life, hands-on ways, while building the family unity.

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In the Tvorog Test KitchenNot cottage cheese, not ricotta, not quark... tvorog is similar to all but utterly, deliciously unique.

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Blister Beetles: How To Fight These Pests In The Organic GardenBlister beetles are my most-dreaded garden pest. Here's what they are, what they can do, and how to fight them in the organic garden.

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Forthcoming Reasons: Throwing a Spanner in The Chickens' ElectionThe chickens were just starting to sort themselves out when I threw a spanner in their election.


Homemade Flavored SaltsHomemade flavored salts, especially this tuscan herb blend, is the easiest way to preserve the herbs of summer and bring some excitment into your cooking.

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Can we do it? Yes, we can!The last few weeks have been busy. All our hard work is beginning to pay off and we have moved into happy harvest mode!

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Homestead records can be a valuable source of informationRESEARCHING HISTORY FROM THOSE HOMESTEAD RECORDSFor those people with an interest in local history or that of their own family, homestead records often can be one of the most valuable sources for unearthing intriguing information about the past.

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Lauren ArcuriLauren Arcuri is a freelance writer and an experienced small farmer based in rural Vermont.

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Chicken ReportSo people ask how many chickens I have. I usually say around 40, which is as it turns out is low.

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The Mad ChickenWe have had a very busy weekend this past week on our homestead. I swear each time we go through the steps of processing our animals it gets a little easier each time.

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Odd Old News: The Bug Catcher LadyNuggets of old news served up once a week by David Heller, one of our local historians.

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Discovery's New '100 Days Wild' Goes Off Grid In Alaska, Details On The Twist And PreviewNew series 100 Days Wild for Discovery shows how a disparate community of unlikely townspeople work together to survive.

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How to Build a Root CellarLearn which vegetables you can store in a root cellar and how to build your own root cellar with this helpful guide.

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'100 Days Wild': New Discovery Series On Nomadic LivingThe Real World on MTV? Well, Discovery is doing something like it, but there's no petty drama.

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Washington Co. Food Bank opens "Farmers Market for a Cause"The Greater Washington County Food Bank launched an outdoor farmers market this week with plans to host the market every Tuesday into the late fall.

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200 Years of Farming: A Bicentennial Celebration opens at Maine Farmland Trust GalleryThe virtual exhibit will be on display through Oct. 2 via Zoom.

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Backyard Garden Produces a Very Varied HarvestNan Reinert's long, narrow backyard is a place of pure joy. Growing there are artichokes, strawberries, grapes, asparagus, eggplants, potatoes, spaghetti squash, lettuces, New Zealand melon, Japanese pink celery, two varieties of mushrooms, tatsoi, 39 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 36 types of peppers and much, much more, all of which she...

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Zone 8 NE Texas Vegetable Garden Update: AugustAugust is usually so hot and dry the garden goes dormant. But this year we've had some successes too.

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Oak Hill Homestead: Simple Homestead blog hop #270Join us every Thursday for our simple living blog hop where you'll find gardening, homemaking, homesteading and homeschooling bloggers sharing their posts!

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Am I the Only "Dirty Liberal" Who Wants to Homestead?Kind of a downer, sorry. Dog pic at bottom. :) Ever since I was young, my picture of my ideal future has been living in a small cottage, alone, with a garden and some animals.

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More Homemaking TidbitsNotice I didnt say, housekeeping, this time. Im casting my net a little wider today, although I dont think Ill be able to help talking about housekeeping...

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Mango-Avocado Anti-Aging Super Moisture Soap Recipe  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadI'm loving that I can share this amazing recipe for moisturizing handmade, natural soap made with mango butter and avocado oil—two of the best anti-aging oils around!

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Sanctuary"Home is where the heart is No matter how the heart lives Inside your heart where love is That's where you've got to make yourself At home" - Sally Fingerett On the first day of this month, I moved into a new home, a quiet sanctuary surrounded by tall evergreens nestled in the foothills of&.

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Century Farms recognizedCentury Farm Whetstine.jpg. MU Extension The 2020 Texas County Century Farm recipients were recognized Saturday, Aug.

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The Crazy Hail Protection We Built for Our GardenOur garden kept getting ruined by hail, so we decided to build the most epic hail protection ever - here's how we did it!

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Spiced Cherry JamThe season for fresh cherries at the market is absurdly brief. When they appear, I buy a few extra pounds for a big batch of Spiced Cherry Jam.

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28 Herbs for Your Chickens to Keep Them HealthyThese herbs keep your chickens healthy by helping them fight bacteria, stimulate digestion, and provide valuable nutrients.

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Rain for DinnerIn a steady rain, my daughter sets the table for dinner. For months, weve eaten on our deck.

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Mora CampgroundWith Local Tribes closing their lands to visitors because of COVID-19 and several Forest Service campgrounds shut down Mora and Rialto beach are taking a real hit this summer.

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Baby CheepersWinston Cheepers is now a father. There are baby cheepers running around. Batch #1 The first batch of eggs were in the incubator until lockdown , when they were given to broody hen Frodo.


How to Make Fall Spice Natural Handmade Soap…A Recipe with Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove Essential Oils  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis handmade hot process soap recipe tutorial is for a fall spiced soap. Scented with mandarin orange and spice essential oils, it's perfect for the fall season and to have ready for holiday gift giving time!

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Slow Cooker Apple Butter for CanningThis easy crockpot apple butter recipe is a wonderful treat during the fall! Also includes instructions for how to can apple butter to enjoy it all year!

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Super Simple Low-Sugar JellyForest fruits on the European continent mean red currants, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and wild strawberries.

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Prepping to Sell or Donate Home Grown Chicken EggsThis is the full and complete version of this blog post. It was uploaded as incomplete this past Tuesday by accident.) These are my personal guidelines that I follow for donation or sale of extra chicken eggs from my back yard, with reference to USDA guidelines.

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The rise of the homesteading philosophy among millennialsA growing number of young people are returning to the land. The appeal of the homesteading lifestyle has attracted millennials to live differently, growing their own food and living a bit lighter on the earth.  Even as a generation raised in a technology-focused time, these young people are seeking out ways to live more connected to their...

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Modern Homesteading Becoming the New NormalWith a local increase in the desire to garden and become self-sufficient in 2020, local businesses such as B.F. Long and Co.

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How the coronavirus pandemic helps explain WWOOF's recent successWhen the coronavirus pandemic disrupted their original plans, some students sought out new adventures on organic farms.

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Invasion!Rather than continue the almost endless saga of rebuilding and fixing walls , I havent written anything for a while.

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20 Soothing DIY Wind ChimesWind chimes are a beautiful garden decoration that add a soothing, relaxing sound to your backyard space.

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Welcome to the Covid aid waiting gameBiden camp ramps up ag racial equity talks  Your post-weekend refresher.


The Hard Things and Exciting NewsToday has been a bit more of a reality check for us as we are reminded that we are not in control.

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WildernessOn a humid Sunday, we walk into Peacham Bog. When I suggest this, my youngest clarifies, A bog?

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Free RabbitsIts no secret were in the market for meat rabbits. I mean, who isnt, right?

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The 4th annual Doug and Stacy Homestead Convention arrives in HannibalFor the past four years the Doug and Stacy Homesteading life conference has taken place in Hannibal on the first Sunday of August.

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Over-Wintering Tomato Plants: Successes and FailuresHere are my notes, my successes and failures on keeping tomato plants alive over the winter.

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You can live in this historic Calais house for free, if you're willing to fix itThe National Park Service is holding an open house on Thursday at the McGlashan-Nickerson House in Calais.

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The start of our new adventureMy fiance and I bought our house on a beautiful plot of land outside of the Adirondacks a little over a year ago.

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A Sunday Walkabout 8-2-2020A quiet life in the country... It's a lie, I tell you. Before the sun even rises, it begins.

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Summer Update: Big ChangesIt's been a while since I have written to our many followers. I wasn't sure what to say after some major life changes have altered our farm's plans.

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From London life to off-grid Yukon: How one couple took a chance and didn't look backA decade ago, Neil Fletcher and Louise Dumayne were city folks, in London, U.K. Then they chucked it all to become homesteaders in the Yukon bush.

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Silver SundayI am thankful to the Lord, my God, for: - being in the right place at the right time to help out - a change in outlook - praise music - my coworkers - coming home : Silver Sunday.

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Beyer's Byways: Goffs, a true railroad townAccording to Laura Hammonds, executive director of the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association , nearly 3,000 people visit the center each year in Goffs.

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Easier Homemade Peach ice Cream RecipeHomemade peach ice cream can go from start to finish in only about 25 minutes.

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Build a Better Uncapping TankUse this simple guide to build a practical, inexpensive uncapping tank that will make harvesting beeswax a breeze.

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Using Brix to Test Colostrum QualityI got a Brix meter for my birthday a few years ago in order to test the sugar content of our apple cider.

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The Surprising Side of RoostersSome of the amazing things roosters do that most people dont know about.

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Kelly J. Bullis: Senior tax helpAs I get older, I appreciate any help I can get. For our senior citizens, it only makes sense that we do everything we can to make life as easy and comfortable as possible. Shared .

Ardill Ranch celebrates 100 yearsThe Ardill family is celebrating 100 years of ranching in British Columbia in 2020 and will receive a Century Farm Award for its contribution and dedication to B.C. agriculture.

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Urban homesteaders share tips for sustainable living in southeast MinnesotaA group of urban homesteaders comes together to share tips for sustainable living in Southeast Minnesota.

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Ardill family ranch celebrates 100 yearsThe Ardill family is celebrating 100 years of ranching in British Columbia in 2020 and will receive a Century Farm Award for its contribution an. Shared .

Urban homesteaders share tips for sustainable living in southeast MinnesotaA group of urban homesteaders comes together to share tips for sustainable living in Southeast Minnesota.

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This Month On The Farm: July 2020Green beans are coming in by the bushel. I know that many people don't enjoy frozen green beans but we do, so I grow enough to enjoy fresh weekly as well as enough to put up in the freezer for winter and springtime eating.

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Watch These Cacti Bloom Bright, Mesmerizing FlowersIf you have a cactus at home, chances are it will flower at some point!

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Retiring economic development leader honored for long-term impactOn Friday afternoon, July 31, 2020 after 18 years, Marsha Gaylard stepped down as president of the Pike County Economic Development Corporation.

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Daphne Bramham: It's summer, get out of town on a road less travelledThere is no consistency in the safety precautions being taken, regardless of whether you stay in B.C. or travel east through Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Easy Gourmet Lard-Free Handmade Sourdough Tortillas with Rosemary and Thyme  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadHere is one of my favorite recipes for homemade tortillas! I make these from sourdough discard, although you could use your starter as well.

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Chickens a€“ Weeks 18-22Easter Egger introductions and and drum roll and eggs.

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Growing FoodGrowing Cucumbers in the Northern Climate, using cucumbers in yummy recipes, and preserving them for winter.

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Freezer Vegetable PotsEveryone who grows veg in their garden hates to see it go to waste after all their hard work, but sometimes there is only so many times in a week you can eat runner beans!

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Survivalist or Homesteader: What kind of off-grid'er do you want to be?Survivalist pepper family Image source NYtimes. The Survivalist / Prepper - Hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, preserving., smoking, canning, freezing building with nature, medicine from nature, completely off the grid, no ties to main grid, remote location, jack of all trades, homeschooled kids, Might raise animals and grow food.

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Kids on the HomesteadWhen we first bought our homestead, I was 8 1/2 month pregnant with my fifth kid.

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ReStore ReUse Contest opens Aug. 1Asheville and Western North Carolina News - Local Matters - Arts, Food, Music and Movies.

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Lafleche in the RM of Wood River was once known as the village of Buffalo HeadSome historians said the area in present-day Lafleche was occupied by squatters, a reference sometimes used when referring to parts of Western Canada before the largely European homesteaders...

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Tips for line drying your laundry from Maine's homesteadersMaine may not seem like an ideal place to line dry clothing because of the humidity and the icy winters, but Mainers have found a way.

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Living off the land: the new sisterhood of Black female homesteadersFrom the South Side of Chicago to tiny Carolina farms, a growing number of Black women are reclaiming the land - and their wellbeing.

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Why?Tour of my Homestead Why am I living in a 28ft 5th wheel trailer on a farm?

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How about 100 chickens and zero eggsI've entered this weird phase of farming, slash homesteading, slash perpetual chaos, where I have over 100 chickens, but no eggs.

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CicadaThe molted skin of the cicada nearby I had been known to fry grasshopper occasionally when i wasn’t feeding it to the chickens.

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Los Alamos Historical Society's Annual Membership Campaign Is UnderwayBY WENDY HOFFMAN Secretary LAHS Board of Directors Los Alamos Historical Society’s annual membership campaign is under way.

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Hudson Valley Alpaca FarmsOnce marketed as "the investment you can hug," alpacas are both highly lucrative fiber animals and undeniably adorable.

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Spiced Chicken Thighs with Salsa FrescaThis twenty-minute entree of spiced chicken thighs with salsa fresca is about as perfect as the summer sun on hot, bare shoulders.

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Treasure HuntingI had dreamed of raising chickens all my life. Even as a little girl in the city i knew that some day i wanted to have chickens.

Homesteading On 2 Acres - A Girl And Her Dogs Shared .

A NEET's Homestead PlanI just wanted to share some practical and pragmatic thinking I have been doing about how I will be able to live a life completely free from being subjugated by having to work most of my life in indignant conditions to make enough to survive and consoom while the boss who rules over me gets rich off of my exploitation.

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Long time comingMy, its been along time since Ive written here! Â Â and what has happened since June 2018?

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J&R provides local meat amid nationwide shortagesAs the times dictate, meat is scarce; it's all over the news. Finding good local meat right now makes one feel like a pirate searching for pieces of eight and buried treasure.

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WVa Agriculture Department webinars set for AugustThe West Virginia Department of Agriculture is continuing its live webinars on agricultural subjects next week.

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Saute and Freeze Onions For Kitchen ConvenienceSaute and freeze onions for your own convenience food right in your own freezer. I scored them to make it easier to break off pieces.

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Summer 2020: Our Urban HomesteadSummer 2020 is in full swing and after a very strange, long and wet spring, the sun has finally started to shine!

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Helpful Tips For Planting And Growing Tea In Your Own BackyardIf you love a hot cup of tea in the morning or evening, why not try growing your own at home?

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Is Raw Milk Good or Bad for You?There is a growing number of people who are moving over to drinking raw milk in the US - the figure varies between 3.2% to 5%  as they believe it is good for you.

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Emergency Preparedness: First Aid KitMy head weighs a thousand pounds with all the doom I can conjure. My mom calls it "borrowing worry" and although I try not to, I've found the only way I can quiet the constant "but this" and "what if", is to just be a good girl scout and be overly prepared.

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Hi There!Thanks for taking a second to stop in and read my blog! Here I plan to share with you our journey into homesteading here in Nova Scotia!

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Preserving Peppermint Tea from your GardenOne of the simplest things you can grow and enjoy in your garden, is peppermint tea!

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Historic Anglican church near provincial park one of oldest in areaSt. Columba Anglican Church is a municipal heritage property situated on a 0.8-hectare parcel of rural land roughly six kilometres east of the Village of Tuxford, in the Rural Municipality of Marquis. Shared .

Pet show hugely popular in 2020 return to PC FairDog groomer Alex Blake of Tuxedo Paws brought the pet show back to Phillips County Fair this year, and it was a wildly popular event.

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The 31 Best Snacks That You Should Order Right NowWriter Ali Francis rounds up some of the best snacks to get you through the day, from the savory to the sweet: including crackers, cookies, jerky, and nuts.

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Wednesday Brain DumpOne that Ive sorely missed. There is something about jotting down all my woes that makes me feel substantially more together.

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As riots continue, Fox Nation recalls the late Jack Kemp's unifying ethosIn this era of astonishing divisiveness in politics and the general culture, Fox Nation graces us with a 78-minute documentary on a late politician of a far more generous spirit, the conservative congressman and idea man Jack Kemp.

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Urban homesteading builds resilience in the cityOn paper, Heidi Kass’s Rochester home and property look like any other city lot. Her single-family house sits on a plot of land of about 15,300 total square feet between two other residential plots on the city’s Northeast side.

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Farmhouse Kitchen TourJoin me for a farmhouse kitchen tour four years in the making. You won't believe the before and after.

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Homestead HappeningsJust a wee update on the wee homestead during our current Sweltering Season—that runs from about mid-July to October here, where you thank Man every damn day, and especially every night, for inventing A/C, and refrigeration.

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Grab a drink  six days to catch up on!Some very much needed rain not only for everyones gardens but to cool it off a bit.

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Cozy CockerelsCW: harvesting animals This spring we hatched out a few dozen chicks. And when you hatch out a few dozen chicks, it is inevitable you will get some roosters.

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Outlander Herbal SalveIf you haven't read Outlander... and thus the concept of a Outlander herbal salve makes no sense to you, I apologize.

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Norma J. BishopNorma J. Bishop died on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in the Vista Terrace Skilled Nursing Home in Belmont, Calif., after a two-year struggle with congestive heart failure.

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Easy Zucchini BoatsDelicious, very easy to prepare, and uses up a few famously prolific garden zucchini  whats not to love about Zucchini Boats?

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5 Off Grid Homesteading Challenges to Plan For NowDo you dream of homesteading off the grid? I did. And while the rewards are many, so are the challenges.

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Atlanta-Based Grubbly Farms Raises Almost $3 Million From Overline VC To Help You Feed Your New Backyard ChickensThis Atlanta-based AgTech company turns insects into backyard chicken feed, and just raised almost $3 million in seed funding from an Atlanta-based VC firm.

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Alice E. BrightAlice Bright, 93, homesteader and farming wife, passed away, Wednesday, July 22, at the Powell Valley Care Center.

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WVDA continues Homesteading SeriesThe West Virginia Department of Agriculture will continue its series of live webinars on agricultural topics starting Tuesday, Au.

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Homesteading in the cityA group of urban homesteaders comes together to share tips for sustainable living in Southeast Minnesota.

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Dairy DayWith all this milk being produced at the farm, we have had to come up with a schedule to be sure that nothing goes to waste and all the dairy products get made and used. Back in May, when all the sheep and goats freshened, we decided that two days a week would be our dairy days. On those days we gather all the jars of milk that have been put...

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Canning 101: Many using preserving method due to abundance of fresh, local produceWith the abundance of fresh, local produce available these days, many are turning to canning as a way of preserving it.

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MichiganWell we made it. We are now in our new home in Michigan. This home has been in the family for 18 years now, but this is our first time living here.

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10 Functional And Productive Vegetable Garden PlansWhether you have a small yard or a large farm, planning is key to a productive garden.

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5 Myths about PreppersIn this article we are going to explore 5 myths about preppers and why they are just not true. Shared .

A Tour of my Cold RoomMy cold room and root cellar are probably one of the most appreciated and valued parts of our entire farm.

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SolitudeThe solitude fed my soul. The sound of the wind, the changing light, the chittering of sneaky coons, the hum and buzz of the cicadas, the soft footsteps of rabbits and squirrels in the fallen leaves, the clicking and snapping flight of the ever present grasshopper, the whistling song of birds, the rustle of leaves, the crunch of dry withering...

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Schriever conducts first archaeological survey in 30 yearsSCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The 50th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Element organized Schriever’s first archaeological survey in more than 30 years, July 6-24 here.

Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group Shared .

Our First Year Growing WatermelonsThis year we decided to grow watermelons. You talk about excited, because around here we loooove watermelons!

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2 Ways to Over-Winter Tomato Plants Without a GreenhouseHere's how you can over-winter your tomato plants and have a headstart in the spring.

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Silver SundaysA homestead blog, encouraging you to live a simple, joyful life, no matter where you are!

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What is the difference between white and yellow beeswax?Beeswax is a substance produced by worker bees, which is secreted by glands on the bee’s abdomen.

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WeekendingIf you have an air fryer and have Fried Mozzarella Stick fans in your household, this is a recipe that is super simple and my husband adores!

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HomesteadingFor some time now, Ive been thinking about loosening my veil of anonymity, but I havent done it yet because its  well  scary.

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3. Granite and GardensIn our free time we loved to explore the property. There was a sauna building by the water, a few different short trails to hike around the quarry, stand-up paddle boards to use, a small library and musical instrument shack, a huge fire pit, and of course stone sculptures throughout it all.

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Afi Movie Club: BirthrightPioneering Black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux’s BIRTHRIGHT is safeguarded for preservation and posterity in the AFI Collection at the Library of Congress.Â.

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Foraging on the HomesteadForaging has become a part of our relationship with the land here on the homestead.

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Hello, and Welcome!What an extraordinary year. Â In March, my life, along with yours, I imagine, took a bit of a u-turn.

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1. The Gypsy WagonHow our vacation to Maine led us into tour first WWOOFing experience.

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A Day On Our NE Texas HomesteadA day on the homestead includes chicken care, garden, calves - and more! Come with me to see what a day on our Texas homestead looks like #TexasHomesteader.

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How to Make Cocoa-Orange Calendula Lotion Bars  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadIn this article, I share one of my favorite recipes for hard lotion bars. Step-by-step directions and soothing ingredients will get your dry skin softened in no time!

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30 Easy Recipes and Tips for Using Your Tomato Harvest This Summer  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThe tomatoes are finally ripening in the garden this summer. And if you've ever grown tomatoes, you know how they all ripen at once!

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Small Victories and Future Goal's. Homestead HopefulOur flock all grown up When you think about your future what do you see?

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COVID-19 pandemic has affected food security and sustainabilityThe United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation says that COVID-19 could seriously impact the world's food security as it affects both supply and demand.

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How to Plant and Grow LettuceThis easy beginner's guide will help you grow your own lettuce in your garden this season.

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African Blue BasilI have a lot of plants in my garden that are bee magnets, but few will be carpeted in the buzzy little critters like my African Blue Basil. And then theres pesto!

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Ducks on the HomesteadI love walking out onto the back porch and being greeted by the ducks. Sitting with my cup of coffee in the mornings watching them splash in their swimming pools and quacking at the goats and wagging their tail feathers just makes me happy.

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The No-Plan Meal Planning Method for GardenersThe no-plan meal planning method for gardeners is a great approach to meal planning in order to use what grows in the garden and is in season.

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Where We AreOn a gorgeous Friday afternoon, my 15-year-old and I are outside the Vermont Department of Libraries, to pick up a sneeze guard and hand sanitizer for my library.

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Why I Love FarmingFirst off, I am, by no means, a professional farmer. Im not sure I can even call myself an amateur farmer yet.

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Chocolate Chip Zucchini BreadIf you don’t like zucchini, well, I’m not sure we can be friends. 😉 In all seriousness, zucchini is one of the most versatile vegetables available.

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Harrowing HarlequinsIve been, for some time now, slowly working toward tricolor standard rex rabbits. The trick to this is for some time there were no breeders in Ohio.

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Quack!Yes indeed, there is new poultry living at Willow Creek Farm. Meet Mr. Penderwick, Daffodil, and Violet.

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The 10 Best Growing Tips for Thriving Pepper PlantsPeppers are great for beginner gardeners and with these expert tips, are easy to grow too.

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Homestead Stories: Creeping AvensCreeping avens are yellow flowers that are reminiscent of cotton candy when they bloom. Learn about these flowers and why you should add them to the garden.

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Tractor Supply Company announces plans to open 75 to 80 new stores, expecting the home renovation sales spike to stay as consumers continue to ditch cTractor Supply Company recorded unprecedented sales this spring. Net sales grew approximately 35%. The home improvement retailer expects this sales trend to.

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What Is Digital Marketing in a Virtual Gaming World?Virtual gaming has created a new digital marketing frontier for advertisers. Discover 3 ways your company can effectively connect in a virtual space.

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The Complicated CarrotCarrots are a delicious nutrient and fiber dense root vegetable that come in many different varieties and colors.

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Here's How to Get Rid of Mice Without Killing Your Pets The Homesteading HippyWhen you have pets, getting rid of mice using conventional methods could spell disaster. Here's what you should be doing instead.

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Tractor Supply Company announces plans to open 75 to 80 new stores, expecting the home renovation sales spike to stay as consumers continue to ditch cTractor Supply Company saw unprecedented sales growth of 35% this spring, and expects consumers to continue spending on home renovations this fall.

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Bread with Orange Blossom HoneyBread is one of my favorite gifts to make for others, and this recipe has been a huge hit.

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10 things I didn't expect when going off the gridMy family and i moved to the middle of now where to build and off the grid home, here are the top 10 things i didnt expect.

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Road to Recovery: Homesteader adjusts business to overcome challenges created by pandemicSTEAMBOAT SPRINGS — In 20 years as business owners, Steve Kennedy and his wife, Daniela, have overcome a number of challenges at their downtown Steamboat Springs store, The Homesteader, which specializes in quality kitchenware and gourmet foods. Shared .

Warwick education committees, parents developing home-schooling cooperativeWARWICK — Parents of elementary-age students are developing a proposal for a home-schooling cooperative that would gather part time in the coming school year.

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Raising Goslings in a Danger ZoneMy last trip to see my grandmother shortly before her death in 2008 also involved geese.

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Not breadWhile I’ve given up on the idea of making a good gluten free bread , along the way discovered the recipe made a great pizza crust.

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13 Creative DIY Screen Door Ideas and Important Details to ConsiderWhether you want to keep bugs out, keep pets in, or both, a screen door is a great solution.

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The Amish, Pioneers, and the New HomesteaderRuth and Joel's house was cozy and warm. The sun shone through the large windows looking out on the cold mountains just yonder, the wood stove stood guard against the chill, in front of a wood cabin wall.

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Fermentation 101: lesson 1Here in Colorado, fermentation is everywhere. Ive given it the side eye the entire time but have decided to test my doubts.

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Peach Season at One AshIn early spring we love to drive through the country and look at the pink-purple blossoms on all of the peach trees.

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What To Do When You Run Out Of MoneyIn these pandemic times, its going to be quite easy for some people to completely run out of money.

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Raising Miniature Goats, Cows, Chickens, and SheepChoosing to raise miniature goats or cows and other livestock allows the family to fit more production into the family homestead.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Buying a HomesteadIt's a dream held by many: buying a homestead and getting back to the land, raising children in a wholesome environment or retiring with a slower, simpler life.

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Using An Empty Coffee Canister For HarvestEmpty coffee canisters are handy. I've found many ways to repurpose them on the homestead.

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Lemonade Bundt CakeHave extra summer squash lurking in your garden? Here’s a fun, summery way to enjoy this plentiful veggie.

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Hot tamalesSaturday, July 18 And I dont mean the food! Im hearing from friends and guests from all over that their weather is hot and some are stating that the humidity is higher than normal in...

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10 Ways to Homestead on a Tight BudgetOur homesteading journey started over 6 years ago as a dream from a tiny Chinese apartment surrounded by concrete and coal dust.

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They come, relentlessThe cruel things come in the night on hungry feet, prodding shadowed fence lines with incandescent eyes for gates not closed.

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Fig SeasonIt's Fig Season at One Ash Homestead! How do you use your figs? Here's a link to some great ideas.

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Ways To Preserve The HarvestOne of the most rewarding things is growing your own food. But how can you continue enjoying food when the growing season ends?

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Reflections on 'Gunsmoke,' the myth of the lawman and the police reform protestsUsing protests in the streets to displace the standing of the lawman in American culture will be a tall order.

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Canned TomatoesWe had a large tomato harvest in our backyard garden this summer. There were so many that a quick decision had to be made on what to do with the tomatoes before they spoiled.

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Welcome to the jungle!For those of you who started following my bread making journey, this was originally intended to be an online gardening journal and just gets sidetracked now and then...

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What to Do When You're Bored of Homemade SourdoughWith no end in sight for the coronavirus pandemic, Rachel Sugar writes about her attempt to find a new time-filling project now that the novelty of homemade sourdough has worn off.

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Homemade Ginger AleThis homemade Ginger Ale will help perk you up on these hot, dog days of summer.

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Off-grid LightingOne of the questions I am asked often is how we light our home without electricity.

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It's our storyTorrington was founded in 1889. It was carved out of W.G. Curtis' farm, and he named it after his hometown in Connecticut.

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Jackson Briggs Connolly, 72Jackson Briggs Connolly went to heaven on July 14, 2020, at home in Post Falls, Idaho, after a long and courageous battle with liver failure caused by primary sclerosing cholangitis.

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Are you tired of bread yet?This is a mix of sourdough and yeast bread with rye and white flour.  the longer you let a sourdough rise, the sourer it gets.

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How to Make Your Very Own Clay Pot HeaterMaking your own clay pot heater won't heat the entire house, but it can keep your body temperature up in an emergency.

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The Chickens and their Independent Ventures in Nocturnal Farming ¸People were constantly telling me that chickens were very smart birds. They could be taught tricks.

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The Birthday PresentMy mother informed me one day that she and my grandmother had gotten together and sent me an early birthday present in the mail.

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Schriever conducts first archaeological survey in 30 years > Schriever Air Force Base > Article DisplayThe 50th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Element organized Schriever's first archaeological survey in more than 30 years, July 6-24 here.

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Garden IssuesIt is always a hard thing to see your vegetable garden fail. Early spring, we had a very wet season that delayed planting.

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Daisy the Therapy ChickenI worried that the hens would feel vulnerable to predators or miss their rooster following ira’s death but some sort of transformation was already underway in the chicken pen.

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July #5The west side of the wetland amphibian ponds was set to dry out Sunday afternoon.

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Welcome to the Flerd!We have two new additions to the flerd this week.Â. Freya Freya is a purebred Wensleydale ewe. Wensleydale is a breed of long-wool sheep that originates from the Teeswater breed in North Yorkshire. Their fleece are very heavy, with lustrous locks of wool that&.

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The Quail Have Started to Lay! Plus, How Quail Differ from ChickensNew Homestead Developments! As of this morning, July 21st, I have a total of 4 quail eggs. Produced by my in-house Coturnix!

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Local honey wins two golds at London awardsA locally produced brand, Natura Honey, has been awarded two gold medals at the prestigious London Honey Awards 2020 for its entries in the category Honey Quality, it was announced on Tuesday.

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Sourdough Starter for Frugal HomemakersSourdough starter is one of the oldest forms of leavening in the history of bread.

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5 Books to Build a New Homesteading LibraryThere are millions of books that a home library should not be without. Tolkien takes pride of place in mine, obviously, as does Chesterton.

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The Problem With LibertariansWhile speaking at the Libertarian National Convention, Joel stirred things up with his ideas about personal freedom.

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Schriever conducts first archaeological survey in 30 yearsThe 50th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Element organized Schriever's first archaeological survey in more than 30 years, July 6-24 here.

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20 Ducks and 42 Chickens in My Backyard! How Did I Get Here?Its really so funny how I ended up taking this journey in my life. I never even saw it coming, never knew how much I would want it, never thought Id become so passionate about it.

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It's our storyTorrington was founded in 1889. It was carved out of W.G. Curtis' farm, and he named it after his hometown in Connecticut.

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The Homicidal Rooster has To GoIt was a hot day. I knew that but i didn’t yet realize how hot.

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Labor Saving Tractor ImplementsWe went for years doing jobs manually and finally discovered there were implements that made the work much easier that quickly attached to our Kubota tractor.

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How to Make Homemade Low Sugar Cherry Jam with No Pectin  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadI wrote this article to share this low sugar, no pectin, simple cherry jam recipe.

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Book excerpt: Quatsino's tiny old church began as schoolhousePioneer Churches of Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea: An Explorers Guide by Liz Bryan, Heritage House.

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The 10 most popular US states for off-the-grid living, according to HomeAdvisorNeed to get away from it all? A 2020 HomeAdvisor report identified where Americans choose to pursue independent and autonomous lifestyles.

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Somewhere in JulySummer mugginess has settled in. Besides pleasing the garden, this offers the kids a chance to complain a little more — as if anyone needs that opportunity.

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The Best Farms in Every StateIncluding our favorite farm stands, CSAs, dairies, pick-your-own fruit orchards, and ranches.

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How to Save Tomato Seeds from Your GardenHere's the best method to save seeds from your own tomatoes. By saving seeds from your garden and planting them again, after several years those seeds have adapted to your own climate and soil.

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Homestead UpdateJuly has been a real scorcher this year. I mean, to quote my husband, Blue blazes could take a lesson from East Tennessees July.

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Chickens a€“ Weeks 15-17This week: rooster soap opera and how to tell if your Easter Egger chick is a rooster.

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Sunday Homestead Update  Livestock ShuffleIt has been a cooler week this week, which has been very nice. We have had a busy week getting all our livestock changes lined up for a short period of time to reduce stress on the animals, and streamline it for us too since we have more medical stuff with Mr.

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Sunday Walkabout 7-12-2020I know, I know... the date is wrong. I got waylaid, side-tracked and distracted. You know.

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What is Going on in The Birdhive?Human Todd has resigned as opposition leader, which is disappointing, as he really ought to have done that before I named my young rooster after him.


Now I can recognize my white privilegeAm I racist? The question comes up as evidence of systemic racism surfaces and protests by Black Lives Matter groups persist.

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Meat-Stuffed Zucchini Boats Make Use Of All That Zucchini!Zucchini boats are a hearty way to make use of all that garden zucchini. Fill with a hearty meat and cheese mixture and bake until tendercrisp #TexasHomesteader.

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Top 5 Reasons Raising Country Kids is the BestGrowing up in the country was a big influence on who I am today. I truly believe that experience is everything and makes you who you are.

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Busy Summer DaysWe finally got some rain! Having dry weather is great for making hay everyday, but not great for growing second cut!

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Use Free Mulch to Build Soil FertilityLiving your best life on a Catholic homestead means dropping whatever you meant to do that day to be the first person to show up and get free mulch.

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BC SPCA seeing 'surge' of interest in backyard chickensWith British Columbians self-isolating at home in 2020 due to COVID-19, communities across B.C. have seen a surge of interest in homesteading activities, such as baking, gardening and preserving....

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Holy GuacamoleHoly Guacamole will have you laughing, crying and relating as you discover your undeniable worth.

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The Case Of The Luxury 'Kiddie' PoolThe pandemic has made it virtually impossible this summer to find and buy an above ground pool.

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The sisterhood of Black female homesteadersOfficial site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip, and political cartoons.

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Processing KuneKune Pigs at HomeA reflection on how killing and processing KuneKune's pigs at home affected one homesteader's connection and appreciation for the breed.

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Family Recalls Memories Of Last Private Inlet On Homesteading Area Within Grand Teton National ParkOn an overcast morning, the former owners walked through the gate of what was their home for 20 years.

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Brandied CherriesBrandied cherries are a quick, simple way to preserve your cherry harvest to use on cocktails or to dress up your ice cream sundae.

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Failure and Fear in the GardenWith the current state of the world and the country, which has only worsened as the year has progressed, I found myself finding joy in my ability to provide and "prepare" for my family in the form of sustaining nutrients.

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Eggs, eggs, eggs.Eggs are an amazing thing. About 24 hours time, some good food and a positive environment is all a chicken needs to make this incredible nutrient dense, protein packed and delicious food.

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Back from the brink, still much unknown about trumpeter swansResearchers are heading into the field this month to fit 75 more swans with GPS tracking collars.

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Know Your Grower: Cold Climate FarmsLocation: Southern Door County Acreage: 60 acres total; three acres cultivated in vegetables Meet your growers: Benjamin Blohoweak, Sarah McCarty and their 30 laying chickens that produce farm-fresh eggs Blohoweak and McCarty had been working in the farm-to-table industry in Madison before moving to Door County in 2014.

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What To Do if Plants Fail to GrowIf you have been gardening for a while, you know things do not always go well.

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So you want to build a Catholic Homestead?Homesteading. Its become such a loaded word. It means different things to different people, but most of us seem drawn to it as a more sustainable, free way of life.

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Drying your Own HerbsHello dear readers, Im sorry its been so long since my last post. From Coronavirus to Black Lives Matter to finding out Im pregnant, writing took a back seat.

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Project: Cold FrameI think the hardest part of the last twelve days has been trying to balance innumerable competing priorities.

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Becoming a milkmaid.I've been milking cows by hand for seven years and in that time, have become quite the milkmaid.

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Garden SurpriseOne of things I love about having two kids who are getting older is that, as their different strengths emerge, I am ending up with two very different and wonderful partners in crime.

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Back from the brink, still much unknown about trumpeter swansResearchers are heading into the field this month to fit 75 more swans with GPS tracking collars.

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Free lunch program sees record number this summerIn its third year, the Powell Summer Food Service Program is serving more meals than ever before.

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How Rage Gardening Is Bringing Me ComfortYou've heard of rage baking, thanks to Tangerine Jones. Now it's time to take that energy to another element of food—rage gardening.

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