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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Flies - Home Remedies Looking for some ways to get rid of flies? If you're fed up with the annoying buzzing of flies all over your house, it's time to get rid of them. eval;. A study shows that there are more than 100,000 species of flies and I'm pretty sure we don't like them.

Time to start planting the fruit and nut trees. Finally! The most common lament I hear among the homestead or small farm circles is wishing they had started their fruit and nut trees sooner. We're in that group, too. I think starting an orchard is easily pushed to the back burner because the time to realize the ROI appears so great that the trees aren't awarded priority.

Company, guests, farm, oh my! The last several weeks have been a blur. Oh, who am I kidding, this entire year has been a blur, especially the last four months! A couple weekends ago my brother and sister-in-law stopped by for a visit on their way down to Florida where they spend the winter.

Nutritious Homemade Dog Food - DIY Recipe Looking for some nutritious homemade dog food to keep your furry friends healthy? Check this list of our chosen homemade dog food and treats. eval;. Dogs can live longer with a healthy diet, so it is very important that you watch what they eat. Homemade dog food is the best thing for dogs' health and of course you can also save money.

Meet the Millennials Who Have Gone Homesteading "It started off as something very personal, but it really ended up being an educational thing for others," says Johnson. "Because I am present on social media and I am available for people to ask me questions, I have been able to inspire and encourage others.

17 Homesteading Tips For The All-Around Homesteader Here, I've compiled a list of 17 homesteading tips that every great homesteader should know. From saving money, to growing crops and raising animals, this comprehensive list of 17 homesteading tips will help you to check off those things you do, and perhaps remind you of some of the homesteading basics that have slipped though the cracks.

Moving at an alarming rate… So much has happened in the past months. Everyone is growing at an astounding, alarming, amazing rate. Our 16-year-old Kai moved out to atte…

17 Camping Hacks To Make Life Easier - Homesteading Camping hacks make your life easier when you're in the woods trying to enjoy the outdoors. Camping is all about reconnecting with the outdoors and being one with nature. Reaffirming your relationship with mother nature doesn't have to be hard, all thanks to our ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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DIY Glass and Window Cleaner As noted in other DIY all-natural cleaner recipes here at New Life On A Homestead, many commercially manufactured cleaning products could contain potentially harmful synthetic ingredients and chemical compounds.

Best Indoor Plants For Your Home Looking for the best indoor plants? If you want to take your gardening inside, then these are the best plants you can care for. eval;. As you probably know by now, I love gardening. If I could take my plants inside I would, actually, I already have. Having plants indoors has so many benefits.

The Surprising Benefits Of A Clean Home Want to learn the surprising benefits of a clean home? If you need more motivation to get your home cleaned up, I'm sure this list will help. eval;. eval;.

Ways To Make Money While Homesteading Thinking of ways to make money while homesteading? If you want to make a profit while homesteading then give these methods a try! eval;. Ever since I started homesteading, I never felt more free. I became so self-sufficient, there's really not a lot of reasons for me to go to the market for anything.

How to Start Homesteading On A Budget Want to start homesteading on a budget? This list has all the budget-friendly tips so you don't spend a fortune trying to be self-sufficient. eval;. Homesteading is all about self-sufficiency. But did you know that some people spend a fortune to start homesteading?

Raising Turkeys This week on KiwiHomesteading;. When Victor and I decided to move to Canterbury we were very interested in finding a place where we could become self-sufficient and build a sustainable life. We started small by raising chickens in the city and growing a veggie patch.

Changing Christmas ~ appreciating simplicity ~Instead of having a huge mess to clean up in January, I am using some of the time that I would have spent decorating, shopping and baking to deep clean spots in my house. While I'm not getting a whole lot done, it's so rewarding to know that I am getting a head start to winter cleaning.

Potato and capsicum… DIY veggies experiment I had some sprouting bought potatoes in my pantry. After some mixed thoughts after googling it I figured they were going in the compost so I had nothing to lose by experimenting. I cut them up into chunks so at least one eye was on each piece. Layered soil into a large pot.

How To Clean A Showerhead: 5 Natural Options That Actually Work Upload a photo / attachment to this comment :.

10 Ways To Eat A More Plant-Based Diet For Healthy Happy Homesteading Want to know how you can live a little more plant based? If you want to get one step closer to being healthier and greener, then these tips will help. eval;. Have you ever considered going on a plant based diet? I have to admit if you would have me choose from a plate of salad and a plate of steak, I think I'll choose the steak.

15 Practical Gardening Ideas On A Budget - Smart Homesteading Tips Find out how to grow trees from twigs here. Why use chemical fertilizers in your garden when it can be hurtful to both your wallet and your plants? Every homesteader knows homemade organic pesticides and companion planting are the way to go. Find out more about managing common garden pests here naturally and on the budget.

Salted Cinnamon Shortbread Cookie Recipe These rich, buttery salted cinnamon shortbread cookies are delicious any time of year. Very easy, and quick to make, with just 5 ingredients!

Off the Grid: Where To Get Free Land Off the grid: Where to get free land? Let's find out! Maybe you've been considering for a while the need to change things up and living "off the grid." A few of these places might be what you're looking for. You'll also notice that most of these locations are in the plains region.

2 Top Things to Keep a Greenhouse From Freezing What if the water freezes? Not to imagine the mess. Well, it never froze, in fact, it kept the greenhouse from freezing. We have had some frost in the greenhouse. It got down to - 5 °C. On a very cold night, we made an interesting observation.

Throwback Thursday: Holiday Cooking Shortcuts The holidays are on the way, y'all! Soon we'll all be making arrangements for cooking up a huge meal, gathering together with our family and giving thanks for our many blessings. If you'll be hosting this year, you may be wondering how you'll get it all done.

Simple Homestead blog hop #234 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening.

The Pitter-Patter No sooner had we hit the publish button on last weeks missive, did things start to get a bit exciting on the Homestead.

Venison Summer Sausage When my husband got a deer a few weeks ago I knew that I wanted to make some venison summer sausage with some of the meat. It's one of my favorite treats and it's a skill I've been meaning to work on and learn more about.

Learning To Live Frugally And Simplify So although just over a thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze about, had I been living with a frugal mindset, this would have been a small speed bump. Instead, it was a devastating road block. I couldn't wait for the next couple of paychecks to scrape together the money.

Free Recipe: Captain's Lasagna He makes huge pots of stew, pre-historic sized chicken parm… and most recently he recreated his mom's 9 LAYER LASAGNA! And it was enormous - even by #trucker standards. FIRST: 2 Boxes Lasagna Noodles; prepare according to instructions. Set Aside. NEXT: Fry in a large sauce pot; Drain excess grease.

Perfect Stargazing Spots From Around The World Looking for the perfect spot to go stargazing? If you want to get the best view, here are the places you must visit! eval;. Living at a farm has its perks. I've always admired the night's sky. And sometimes, I would just lie down in the field with my family and look at the beautiful constellations.

Container Gardening If you've never tried planting your vegetables in a container then you might want to consider this excellent space saving option! eval;. I remember the time when I didn't have acres of land to work with. It was a challenging bit especially if you want to grow vegetables.

3 Home Dairy Myths That Are Holding You Back That bowl of ricotta on my counter that I just made myself? It gives me rockstar status y'all. And I know I'm not the only one. For many folks who dream of homesteading, not much would make them feel like they've "arrived" more than successfully creating delicious dairy products at home.

How Solar Panels Work - The Science Behind Solar Heating - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Want to know how solar panels work? How exactly do they gather all that heat and convert it into energy? Let's find out! eval;. Solar panels are a great way to harness the earth's natural resources to power our man-made machinery. You can use them to be self-sufficient and start living off-grid.

Farm Girl Dreams Every Homesteader Has Dreamed Every farm girl has a dream. If you've determined that you are a farm girl, then I'm sure you have these same dreams. Read on and see how you relate! eval;. Everyone dreams of hitting it big; of winning the lottery, of finding that special someone, of being famous, or of some other permutation of an enchanted life.

How to Make Seed Tape Want to know how to make seed tape? If you want an easy way to space your seeds when you grow them, this is it! eval;. The hardest thing about growing seeds is spacing them apart when sowing.

Terraforming in Real Life - A Homesteading Study Ever heard of terraforming? If you've seen The Martian then you'll be familiar with it. It's the ability to create an ecosystem from the given elements that can support human life. So how can you terraform? Learn more here from an expert! eval;.

What I've Learned From Whole Foods Plant Based Eating I've been eating a strict whole foods plant based diet since the middle of September of this year. I've lost almost 30 pounds in that short period of time and more than that, I feel good. I have a lot more energy. I don't suffer any sinus headaches at all and my immune system feels stronger.

Moving Right Along: The 2019 Winter Edition The final push to get projects completed in 2019.

So, What Do Goats Eat? Alfalfa pellets are basically made up of alfalfa hay that has been ground up and put into pelleted form. This reduces waste and is easy to feed.

Three BEST Essential Oil Blends for Hygge, Health, and Home: Perfect for November — Home Healing Harvest Homestead I love playing around with essential oil blends for scenting my home all year round. Especially in the fall and winter, when a cozy home is a wonderful thing, essential oils are a must! There are many ways to create a beautiful, comforting home atmosphere, and natural, non-toxic fragrance is one of them.

The Mandolorian, First Thoughts Disney + went live today and the show I most wanted to watch was The Mandolorian. At first, I was a bit worried, I couldn't find the app on my iphone, but after a bit of searching it came up. It was easy to find on our smart tv with Roku. The rest of this review will contain spoilers.

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DIY Baking Powder, Cake Flour & Self Rising Flour Or maybe you read the ingredients and think, 'Drat, I don't have cake flour or self-rising flour on hand!' If you keep these basic ingredients on hand, you'll be able to make these common ingredients, saving yourself a trip to the store… and the results will be just as good!

Raising Chickens, Part VIII: Is Organic the Way to Go? I'd hoped to run this essay past Kat Hosinski before posting it. Most of this was written near the end of October. Unfortunately my Compatriot in live homesteading discussions passed away November 1st. I'd seriously like to hear from homesteaders or those hoping to go on a homesteading path - about what you think on these thoughts here.

Container Gardening: Pros and Cons Grow Vegetables On Your Deck Interested in container gardening? Learn how to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables out on your deck with this useful method! If you don't have the space but still want to grow your own produce, this is the solution for you! eval;. eval;.

Raising Geese on The Homestead Thinking of raising a gaggle of geese on your homestead? This will guide you through the decision of why to raising this underused species.

10 Minutes To A Clean House - Homesteading Tips Want to know how to have a clean house in just a couple of minutes? If you need a quick and easy fix to make your house look presentable, follow these tips! eval;. Ever had guests pop by unannounced; to add salt to the injury, this was also a time when your home wasn't clean or tidy.

Everyday Chili I love chili, it is so easy to make and can slow cook for hours while you do something else. If you plan to leave it all day cooking then you do not need to cook the beans ahead of time. Make sure you have broth available for better flavor. Cook or soak your beans before starting the chili.

The Perfect Recipe for Bone Broth Using Antelope Bones or Any Bones — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Note: This article is about how to make the BEST bone broth with your leftover bones. Any bones are fine: beef bones, chicken or turkey bones, even antelope bones like I'm using here! You'll also find out why bone broth is so good for you, its benefits and uses!

Homestead Stories: The Monkey Orchid If you're looking for a unique, eye-catching orchid to add to your collection, check out Dracula simia, or the monkey-face orchid.

Log Cabin Kits & Ideas For Your New Homestead - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Thinking of purchasing a log cabin kit for your new home? Before you go out and buy one, do some research first… Why not check out one of these amazing options? eval;. A lot of my friends have always wanted a log cabin. Even I've dreamed about building one.

Scottish Oxtail Soup Traditional authentic Scottish oxtail soup. Yumm.

Treading Uphill "It is God's privilege to conceal things, and the king's privilege to discover and invent. You cannot understand the height of heaven, the size of the earth, or all that goes on in the king's mind". I keep telling myself, as I continue to face the very real threat of foreclosure on my home, that He has a plan.

Hurricane Preparedness: How to Survive a Hurricane In the event of a hurricane, secure windows, doors and roof, stock up on supplies, shelter in an interior room and retrieve your hurricane preparedness kit.

Not My Mom's Gingerbread Recipe I went hunting for my mother's gingerbread recipe, because the definition of comfort food is the food you remember from your childhood, right? I thumbed through her cookbooks on my bookshelves, finding one book that had "Gingerbread" circled in the index.

Pumpkin Cake with Maple Pecan Icing Who doesn't love fall and all the tastes it brings?! Everything pumpkin seems to be everywhere. This super easy recipe will help you create your own pumpkin dessert that tastes, and looks like, fall!! -White or yellow cake mix - 2 eggs - 1 can pumpkin - 1/4 cup vegetable oil - 1/2 tsp cinnamon - Dash nutmeg.

Holiday Side Hustles for Hometeaders Here's a great list of holiday side hustles for homesteaders! Try a few of these ideas to make money and help cover the expenses during this busy time of year. This post may contain affiliate links or advertisements. Do you have evergreen trees and other decorative plant material growing on your homestead?

Homemade Remedies For Foot Fungus While in extreme cases you'll need to visit your doctor, you should try one of these home remedies for foot fungus as soon as you see signs of it. When a fungal infection occurs on your feet, it can extend and affect the toenails as well. Left untreated, the infection will only progress and increase the risk for complications.

Sunday Homestead - Sheep Breeding Season The update around here this week revolves around the start of sheep breeding season. Breeding season is a fun time full of hope. It feels kind of like planting season to me, we get the seeds in the ground and then dream and hope about what will come in the fall.

Silver Sunday I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for: - answered prayers - the dawn's early light - the scent of lemon balm that hasn't yet succumbed to the frost - plenty of rain - that God is in control, no matter what happens, and His plan is good: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Beautiful Radio Static As we come up on being married for a month, I am sure you noticed the radio static coming from this blog. No, we did not forget about you, and we really haven't been all that busy now that the cold weather has set in.

Easy Pressure-Canning For Bone Broth Now to safely preserve your broth, it really needs to be pressure canned. Water-bath canning won't do here. And food safety is important. But it's simple: Hot broth poured into clean hot jars, canned at 10 lbs pressure for just 20 - 25 minutes. I have a large Presto Pressure Canner that I use when I'm canning.

15 Incredible Self-Sustaining Homes For Your Homesteading Passion Looking for inspirations for self-sustaining homes? If you want to start living off the grid and want a home that can sustain itself, here are great ideas!

Healthy Eating Habits in Your Kids Looking for tips to get those kids eating healthy? These healthy eating ideas can jumpstart your kids into eating healthy now, so they can have a long future of health and happiness. Give it a try now, it's never too late to make the right choice.

Slaves to the Things We Own A lifestyle that we get to enjoy instead of a lifestyle that we strive to afford. As a consumer, it's important to recognize how easy it is to get caught up in advertising and owning more and more stuff. Turn on the television and you'll soon see a compelling commercial on something that is an absolute must-have item.

Soil Testing Want to know how to do soil testing without using any equipment? Test your loam soil with this proven pioneer method. eval;. Testing your garden soil is very important, as it tells you what needs to be added or improved. I test my soil quality every year before transplanting fruits and veggies into my garden beds.

Planting Tips For Spring: Cold-Hardy, Heat-Seeking, and Seedlings In need of some planting tips for spring? Our homesteading guide will help you know what to plant now and what to plant later. eval;. By Kathy Bernier eval;. There is something special about raising your own food when you live in the north. Up here, growing vegetables amounts to a delightful amalgamation of art, science, and luck.

20 DIY Wall Art Ideas To Give Your Home Some Personality Here is a variation of the constellation night light. The piece is beautiful and only costs about $25 to make. I agree with the artist. It would be great in a hallway to add a little light at night. Change the pattern and design if you wish to make it suitable for another room you choose.

Laura's Living Prairie A visit to Laura's Living Prairie in De Smet, South Dakota offers guests a glance into one family's experience as pioneers in the late 1800's. Laura Ingalls Wilder offered a fresh perspective into life in a pioneering family through her nine children's books.

GOING DUTCH - The Art Of Cooking In A Dutch Oven Want to know the art of cooking in a dutch oven? If you want to know how to get started, then continue reading. This will get you started! eval;. Part of being a Prepper is having alternative means of doing things.

Locke vs. Cohen vs. Rothbard on Homesteading Last week in my article The Power of Self-Ownership, I discussed how uncomfortable self-ownership made the great Marxist political philosopher G.A. Cohen. Cohen saw that self-ownership leads to libertarianism, but he rejected libertarianism while he found self-ownership plausible.

Atlanta Going Into Homesteading According to Curbed-Atlanta, a handful of properties that have been designated as surplus in Atlanta are going to market in an attempt to help allay affordability issues in the city. At least two vacant lots and a cottage dating back to the 1940's will soon be up for grabs by way of a proposal process.

Tree Care Guide If you want to know how to choose and care for the trees you plant, this infographic will give you all the information that you need. This infographic is specific to the mid-Atlantic region, but the tips given can relate to any region at all, so long as there is a tree to plant and soil to tend!

What to Grow in an Indoor Edible Window Garden Over the years we have grown a lot of plants indoors at a window: Microgreens, herbs, Aloe Vera, strawberries, lettuce, winter greens like kale, root vegetables like carrots, winter vegetables like broccoli, summer vegetables like tomatoes and even watermelons.

Understanding USDA Egg Grades, Labels & Common Terms A guide on understanding USDA egg grades, labels and common terms. Grade AA. eval; Grade AA is the freshest egg, most commonly used in prepared foods and bakeries. When broken, the yolk and white will not spread out much, covering a small areal. The white is firm and thick, while the yolk is round and stands up.

Natural Organic Pesticides Looking for natural organic pesticides? Stop the pests in their tracks without adding any harmful toxic chemicals to the earth. These natural organic pest removing remedies will work wonders in your yard, and make the world a greener place. eval;. Any homesteader will tell you that one constant enemy in the garden are pests.

Growing Peas If your recollection of peas is limited to the pasty, nasty things that squish out of a can and offer little else than a rank smell, let me introduce you to peas as they really are - sweet, delectable, preservable, and truly easy to grow, no matter where you are.

Small Livestock with Big Benefits Do you raise any small livestock? What is your favorite small farm animal for the modern homestead? Sources:. Modern Farmer - The Miniature Animal Farm. Hobby Farms - Go Small with Miniature Livestock. The Livestock Conservancy. Shared on these Linky Parties.

Seven Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Congestion FAST! — Home Healing Harvest Homestead NOTE: I'm sharing my seven best home remedies we use to get rid of congestion from allergies, cold, and flu. These are easy, natural, and they work fast! Some you can make ahead, and others are ready to go right away. When all you want is some blessed relief from nasal congestion, here are some strategies to try.

Our All-Time Favorite Books for Homesteaders Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I'm Emily! Together with my husband Mark and our son we built a cordwood house totally off the grid with our own hands. Our goal is to help others learn how to live a simpler, more self-sufficient life.

13 Survival Tips We Learned From The Great Depression The Great Depression has happened ages ago and I'm sure we're all hoping it doesn't happen again. But in case it does, better be prepared, here are some helpful survival tips! eval;. What Can We Learn From One of America's Darkest Eras? eval;. I've often heard my grandmother tell stories about growing up during the Great Depression.

15 Ways a Knife Can Save Your Life in a Survival Situation Want to know how a knife can save your life in a survival situation? If all you have in the wilderness is a knife and you know what to do, you'll make it if you know the ways a knife can save your life! Imagine yourself in a situation where you're in the wilderness and all you have is a knife to survive.

Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes - Homesteading Tips In need of some food storage ideas for tight spaces? If you're worried about your lack of food storage, this list is sure to help open your mind to all the possibilities! Here's how you can store all the food you need in such close quarters. I can still remember back when we didn't have our farm.

Care Tips For Outdoor Furniture So It Lasts Longer Want to know how to care for your outdoor furniture? Here's how you can keep them clean and looking their best for years to come! If you have a deck outside your home, you should feel truly lucky.

Low-Waste Storage Idea To Neatly Display Boots In my closet are several different styles of women's boots. I have mid-calf boots and higher-calf boots. There are boots that go with leggings and boots that go with blue jeans. I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. But c'mon, a girl's gotta have fashionable footwear!

Simple Homestead blog hop #233 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger - just check out our simple rules below. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening.

Worm bin notes: Update 24, All is well! Ambient temperature of 86°F, 70% humidity, bin temperature 82.5°F. The bin temp is a little higher than I'd like but there is no where else to keep them. No foul odors. Nothing out of the ordinary. There were few or no spiders. That makes me think there has been a lizard or two dropping by for a few snacks.

The Ethics Behind Unconditional Guarantees Ever heard of unconditional guarantees? It's the great promise some retailers offer to buyers. Learn the real truth behind unconditional guarantees. eval;. We have all heard of those unconditional guarantees. They promise us 100% satisfaction, a perfect fit, flawless quality, and textbook results.

Calendula-Rose Handmade Lotion and Body Cream Recipe — Home Healing Harvest Homestead In this tutorial for real handmade lotion made with rose hydrosol and calendula infused oil, we are going a step beyond butters and hard lotion bars. You're going to really love this recipe, especially if like me, you are tired of feeling like a greased pig.

Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Homestead Looking for some energy saving tips for spring? If you want to save on your electricity bill, then here are some tips that will come in handy while spring cleaning your homestead. Spring is here! It's the season of allergies, so you're probably out to do a lot of cleaning.

17 DIY Dishwasher Detergent Recipes Thankfully, making your own detergent at home is really easy. Below you'll find a total of 17 DIY dishwasher detergents that will leave your dishes with a sparkly shine. Ingredients. This DIY recipe from HuffPost has just three simple ingredients including a few drops of dish soap.

Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding The trick is to make this just before you plan to serve it - if you leave it standing around for a couple of hours the pudding will absorb the sauce - so don't plan on baking it and taking along with you to a function, or preparing well in advance, or you will be disappointed with the result.

Precarious Pork So I'm a sucker for a good deal at the grocery store. When Pork Butt roasts were on sale for.99/lb I nabbed a 9 pounder. I like to cook off big hunks of meat and prep it in meal portions for the week. I soon realized it had a HUGE fatcap that I needed to trim.

DIY Natural Eye Shadow Making your own cosmetics allows you to still look your very best without exposing your body to artificial dyes, pigments, and chemical compounds.

How to Grill Vegetables Like a Pro Want to know how to grill vegetables like a pro? Get them perfect every time with these tips. Make a fresh dish for Labor Day this Monday! You'll love biting into the colorful variety of rich vitamins and nutrients offered by these flavor-packed grilled veggies.

Book Review - An Amish Christmas Gift - Three Novellas This collection of three novellas, An Amish Christmas Gift, by Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid, and Kelly Irvin bring to life the hope, faith, family and community that makes the Amish culture so unique.

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Homesteaders - Homesteading Spring cleaning can go a bit differently when you're a homesteader. Check off these spring tasks from your list to ensure you're ready for homesteading this season! As a homesteader, I am always really excited to plow through in the spring clean up and chore list.

10 Tips For Growing Perfect Tomatoes Looking for some tips for growing tomatoes? If you want to have a better harvest for your when you plant your next batch, this will help. eval;. I've been growing tomatoes on my homestead for a long time now and I'd have to say, my harvest isn't always the same.

Vintage Thanksgiving Gift Tags & Cards - Free Printables! By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Do you want to be more self-reliant? Me too! Do you like getting dirt under your fingernails? So do I! If you want to learn homesteading skills, like raising chickens and preserving the harvest for winter, you've come to the right place.

Not Sure About Running A Homestead? Try Renting One! If you have always fancied running a homestead but have never had the guts to take the plunge; then renting one instead could be an excellent alternative. A few months of renting will give you a taste of what is needed to live a truly off-grid lifestyle.

Atlanta City Council initiative to create three new affordable housing options near MARTA stops On Monday, the Atlanta City Council green-lit legislation that will pave the way for some new affordable housing options in Southwest Atlanta.

Farm-Raised Turkey For Thanksgiving - The Secrets To Raising Poultry Want farm-raised turkey for Thanksgiving? Keep reading and learn some simple tips for raising a delicious turkey for the big holiday! RELATED: Raising Chicks On The Homestead - Springtime Farming eval;. In this article: eval;.

Uncommon First Aid Items To Use In An Emergency - Homesteading Use these uncommon first aid items in case your handy dandy first aid kit is nowhere in sight. You'll be prepared for any emergency! Having a first aid kit is important in every home. We can't really avoid the scrapes and bumps, especially if you have kids around.

Stitches in Time - review Stitches in Time is the second book in The Deacon's Family series. And just like the first book, Mending Fences, it does not disappoint! Reading about the ongoing story of Izzy and Luke was so much fun. Their lives are developing and they are growing up.

Creation Nation Energy Bites Review: A Great Healthy Snack Option Looking for a healthy snack that's easy to grab on the go? Make Creation Nation's Energy bites! They taste great, satisfy cravings, are quick to make, and they're healthy. They're also made from all natural raw organic ingredients. Keep reading to find out why I will always keep a bag stocked in my pantry.

Growing Radishes I see these spicy little roots as a gardener's "encouragement plant" with a seed that is quick to sprout, easy to grow, and lightning-fast to harvest. While you patiently wait for parsnips to mature and tomatoes to redden, radishes are there every step of the way, and offering harvest well before much of anything else is even close to ready.

Make Your Own Natural, Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte with Homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer Recipe — Home Healing Harvest Homestead This article is my best recipe for homemade pumpkin pie spice AND my pumpkin spice latte mix…so you can make your own PSL at the drop of a hat! Save money, be healthier, and save time….what's not to love? It's Fall, Ya'll! And that means tons of pumpkin everywhere, including the notoriously loved or loathed PSL in all the major coffee shops.

How to Butcher a Rabbit The Humane Way - Homesteading Want to know how to butcher a rabbit humanely? Whether you're raising them for food or planning to go off the grid, it's an important skill any homesteader who is keen on harvesting their own protein should know. In my last article, I wrote about the costs and benefits of raising rabbits for food.

Fall on the Farm November is that time of year when you can finally relax a bit on your homestead. It's not too hot and not too cold, a little extra wind some days, and of course, the rain and mud are always around as soon as the ground starts to dry out a bit.

Make a Cowboy Bedroll For Comfort While Camping Want to know how to make a cowboy bedroll? If you're planning to go camping and would like to do it comfortably, then this is something you should learn. eval;. -: eval;. The basic idea of a cowboy roll is a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag all rolled up in a big piece of canvas.

Mint Preservation I cannot keep plants alive indoors to save my life. Recently, I attempted to transplant a mint plant indoors so I could have fresh mint throughout the winter. It's fantastic in teas, aids in digestion, helps with an upset stomach, reduces a fever, combats common cold and flu, prevents nausea, promotes healthy skin and hair, and more.

Tapping Maple Trees Want to know more about tapping maple trees? If you want to have fresh maple syrup all the time, then this is something you should learn. It's also a fun and unique skill that I think every homesteader should add to their arsenal! eval;. By Kathy Bernier.

Atlanta cuts bait with surplus properties to help ‘acute and growing’ affordability problem As part of Atlanta's Affordable Housing Homesteading Program created by the city council two years ago, officials will field ideas from developers to create affordable housing on all three lots, which were selected based on several criteria, such as size and proximity to public transit.

Storm Windows Again Whelp, this year now that the cabin framing has been completed, I decided that even if they are scratched and dirty, I'll put the acrylic storm windows back up and see how well they work. I put some of the thin film on the patio door, and it bulged in like a balloon right away!

Off Grid Homes For Sale - Jake's Old West Properties Interested in some off-grid homes? If you want to start living off the grid but aren't really sure where to look, here's the solution you've been waiting for! eval;. Hey, I'm Bryan from Jake's Old West Properties. I have been in the real estate for 18 years, most of it in off grid 40 acre properties.

Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her yolk. I research how to enhance your hens’ egg yolk color and have started a photo journal of our experiments.

How to Stay Warm for Winter Homestead Chores It is the bane of my existence. It's not even the end of December and we're already bundling up to brave the biting wind and thawing out water. This girl is not a fan of winter. While I enjoy having time to plan my attack come spring, this bitter cold we've had the past few years, it can go.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #26 & Beat the Holiday Rush! Do you like getting dirt under your fingernails? So do I! If you want to learn homesteading skills, like raising chickens and preserving the harvest for winter, you've come to the right place. I'm Lisa Lynn and this is The Self Sufficient HomeAcre. I started this blog to share my adventures in homesteading and self-sufficiency.

40 Ways to Use Lemons on the Homestead Homesteaders have found many ways to use lemons on the homestead, whether it's through the actual fruits, the essential oils, or preservation methods. More parts of the citrus fruits are wasted than used. For example, you might squeeze a slice of lemon into your water then toss it out later.

Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Fabulous Gifts for the Tea Lover in Your Life — Home Healing Harvest Homestead This gift guide is specifically for the tea lover in your life! Get some great ideas to make and give your tea-loving friend or family member. There's even a Tea Lover's course for pleasure and health! It is SO cold here, today! I am sitting here cuddled up by the wood stove with my cup of herbal tea.

Life Lessons in Golden Milk Tea An anti inflammatory tea drink full of beneficial turmeric and ginger, in a delicious tea! Enjoy, with One Ash Homestead!

Are You Ready For Winter? Prepare Now! Brrrrr, it's COLD!….that doesn't sound anything like what I am hearing around One Ash these days, but we know that winter will hit us eventually, and from what we are reading it's forecast to be a cold one for South Carolina. Last year we had one of the biggest ice storms in history, and we have seen snow regularly for several years now.

Garden in Review 2019 The latest garden tasks have included clean up and seed saving. The season is over for me and I'm busy drying herbs, pulling spent plants, and saving seeds for next year's garden. Half of the garden is now animal space for chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

How To Grow Vegetables Indoors - The Ultimate Guide This site may earn commissions when you click on certain links. You should assume any link is an affiliate link. We are enrolled in the Amazon Associates program, so we may earn a commission if you purchase something from Amazon after clicking one of our links.

Sunday Homestead Update - November? That one really snuck up on me. The winter storm hit us hard last week, bringing our temps down to - 3F at night and single digits during the day. The animals did great and everything went fine. It was fun to be snuggled up indoors for a few days. Goat.

Apple Jam Canning Recipe with Printable Gift Tags! How to Make Jam from Frozen Fruit. For more information about canning and preserving, visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation. What is your favorite jam? Do you make jams and jellies from scratch? As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The Absolute Hardest Time, and What I Plan to do in Order to Lessen It At our home parish, before Mass starts we are invited to stand up, introduce ourselves to those around us, and ask for prayer intentions. As the body of Christ we are called to pray for each other so I love this practice.

Pizza Topology So we had a late Thanksgiving Dinner this year. It was awesome. Mummu and Grandpa and E! visited us, and we made mashed potatoes, turkey roll with stuffing, gravy, roasted turnip, rice, and rolls, and our guests brought cake and cheesecake for dessert.

NASA's Guide to Air Purifying Plants Want to know what air purifying plants you can put in your home? The rocket scientists at NASA recommend these fine plant specimens for your care and comfort. eval;. Air pollution is every where. That's one of the reasons why I seldom leave the comforts of my homestead.

The best face wash! Start each day with a clean slate. If you are anything like me you have literally tried everything for the best face wash, the expensive, the home made, the apothecary brand, organic, this that and the other. My go to use to be my homemade goats milk face wash which I still love but I just feel like it doesn't get in there if ya know what I mean!

St. Paul man's catch-22 shows impact of 'accelerated foreclosure' on the poor "And so you're in a Catch-22 situation." What began as a $1,541 unpaid property tax bill in mid-2018 had blossomed - in just more than a year - to Pettiford's house being seized. Which - when he and his family tried to pay the taxes and repurchase it - prompted a damning city inspection.

All About Tomatoes: Your Spring Growing Guide - Homesteading Tips Learn more about tomatoes in time for planting season. Know how to preserve and extract seeds and how to plant fully grown seedlings! eval;. It's that time of year again!

Cheese Acres Chili The weather has cooled off some so I made a pot of chili today. The problem was I didn't have my usual ingredients. I had already browned a pound of hamburger meat and chili sounded good so I searched the cabinet. I had 1 can of chili beans and 1 can of kidney beans.

Counting our blessings. Sorry it's been a minute since I have been on here! Alot has been going on, I deleted Facebook thank God, but then found tiktok and that app is so dang addictive! I finally had to just stop and walk away from it for a minute! So its snowed here in the Rockies a few times!

Ginger Snaps Looking for a dessert that tastes like fall but doesn't take the entire season to create? These delicious Ginger Snaps are the answer!

No Hem Hem So I wake up at midnight. Bummer - can't get back to sleep. It's still almost four am and here I am blogging.

61 Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World - Homesteading Want to see some incredible solar powered inventions? We've come a long way in the solar powered industry. See if any of these cool solar powered inventions are ideal for you. This list is now updated with 61 solar powered inventions that will amaze you!

Mighty Mint! Is there anything more refreshing than the smell of fresh mint? Peppermint, Spearmint, Chocolate Mint…it smells so wonderful no matter where you plant it. My love for mint blossomed out of my mutual love for Mint Juleps and Mojitos.

These past few days… I have had a crazy few days. I have been to the therapist recently. While I was waiting to be picked up I found out about a greenhouse for sale. I gave them my contact info. Today I made a deal to buy it. If this works out, I get 2 big commercial greenhouses.

AC Trojans take down the Bears, 32-8 A 2-0 first half lead by West Lincoln over Amite County turned into a 14-2 halftime deficit that the homesteading Bears never recovered from on Friday night at Perry Miller Field. With the win, Amite County locked up second place in Region 7-2A and will host Collins in the playoffs next…

Insteading Giveaway For November 2019 Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Upload a photo / attachment to this comment :.

How to Make Powdered Eggs Step by Step If you're a homesteader, preserving the foods you grow and harvest is extremely important. Preserved foods enable you to ensure you have enough supplies on hand during the winter, when your homestead will likely be less productive.

Fall Hygge: How to Make Your Home Cozy and Inviting This Fall for All the Senses — Home Healing Harvest Homestead And how can you get this elusive, joyful, cozy feeling in your own home? Does it really make you more content and happy? Here are your answers, as well as how you can create a hygge home this Fall…or any season of the year!

Baby goats… doo. doo. doo. doo…. You so just sang that title didn't you? Me too.Every time I see a baby goat! It's kidding season around here and we have had 5 kids born. 4 girls and a boy. Last season we were over run with boys so this is an awesome start. There are at least 2-3 more pregnant so fingers crossed for girls!

Homestead Series VI-Income Opportunities and Finances I've mentioned the importance of having some cash reserves for medical needs, emergencies, car trouble, even disasters; or maybe just to buy something you're unable to produce yourself. But maybe you're retired or would like to be in a few years, or perhaps you're ready to quit the day job and homestead full-time.

Growing Figs in Cold Climate We get asked a lot about how we grow figs in our cold climate and short growing season, so I want to share our first experiences and as usual, we will add more information as we go. We have had our fig tree now for two summers and have really enjoyed it.

25 Hacks To Be a Better Baker - Kitchen Hacks Grate the bottom of your burnt cookies or muffins for a brand-new look! You can also use a grater to soften refrigerated butter if you didn't have time to let it sit out. eval;. Does this make you feel more like a pro-baker? Let us know below in the comments!

Trump Not The Only One Moving Out; New Yorkers Matching Foreign Buyers In South Florida Trump is the biggest name to leave New York for tax purposes. Who's next?

27 Cooking Hacks To Make Your Life Easier - Homesteading Want cooking hacks that will make your time in the kitchen easier, better and more fun? We've rounded up some awesome culinary hacks that will turn you into a master cook in no time! Hacks are huge right now and with good reason! More people are finding new creative solutions to age-old problems like tear-jerker onions and easy homemade bread.

The Real Reason You Should Shop Local Want to know the importance of shop local? If you're still not convinced why you should ditch the chain stores and shop local instead, consider these key points. eval;. Buying Local has become a buzzword.

Early retirement cleaning projects, naturally…. Major cleaning assignments, that up until my early retirement were classified as : "when I have the time". Well, I never really had the time. I mean I had the time to clean, but not to tackle those nasty hidden spots nobody sees unless you make a point of talking about them.

Guide to Recycling On Your Homestead Need a guide to recycling? If you want to be a good recycler and nurturer of the environment, then here are some things that you should know. Keep it green y'all! eval;. I always try to keep it green around our homestead. Not only do I make sure to upcycle, but we also recycle almost everything that we have.

Dressmaking sundress Part 2 This is the pattern I'm using. I've used many brands of patterns over the years and overall I'd say the best results have been Simplicity and Butterick branded ones. While I often like the Burda patterns I was put off by having to add my own seam allowances and that different parts of the pattern have different allowances.

Striking Facts You Didn't Know About Lightning Well good news, you'll find out more facts than you ever did. eval; You can thank Daily Infographic for this added knowledge. October 31, 2005 - 68 cows were killed by a single lightning strike at a farm near Dorrigo, New South Wales. 3 cows were paralyzed but made a full recovery.

20 Pumpkins You Should Have Planted This Year The skin is thin and edible. The classic orange pumpkin. Originally grown for its edible seeds. Best for decorating. Takes 100 days to grow. Great for making pie, soups, canning or freezing. Sweet, bright orange flesh. Easy to grow, takes about 100 days.

How to Avoid a Skunk Problem Before It Happens You'll smell your neighborhood skunk before you see it. No matter how hard they try not to, these critters give off a pungent odor. Although skunks do just want to be left alone, they can cause a number of issues around your home, particularly if you have pets that spend time outdoors.

Classic Recipe for Dehydrating Eggplant This dehydrated eggplant recipe is as simple as it gets, it only requires eggplant and some salt. It works with a dehydrator on in the oven.

How To Read Weather - Weather Forecasting Without A Gadget Learn to read the weather. Want to know how to do a weather forecast without gadgets? If you're relying too much on modern technology to tell the weather, it's time to go back to basics. eval;. Gadgets have revolutionized a lot of things that we do in our everyday lives.

National Parks Vacation: More Fun & Less Money Ever considered a National Parks vacation? If you're thinking about where to go for your next vacation, why not do it in a National Park. You'll be surprised with what they have to offer! eval;. I always love a good vacation. Every year, we do our best to go out of state somewhere we can relax and forget the busy schedule we have on the homestead.

A Halloween Story Something really awful happened yesterday. Our cats are great ratters, and one of them had dragged a fairly large but scrawny rat out of the barn and left it on the patio. Because of the stored animal feed, we have a constant supply of rats and squirrels around the barn.

How to Remove Cactus Spines From Skin Want to know how to remove cactus spines from the skin? Using a tweezer and glue is the best proven method, here is how you can do it painlessly as possible.

Revenant Survival Guide - How To Survive Like A Leo You just saw "The Revenant," your mind is blown. How did that poor Oscar-less Leonardo Dicaprio survive the harshness of winter? The maul of a bear?? The betrayal of mankind??? Is there a revenant survival guide? I could tell this was a good movie after I slept on it, because I woke up still thinking about the outcome; I was involved.

151 Types of Flowers Common In The U.S. & Their Characteristics Check out 151 Types of Flowers common in the US. This guide is great for picking and choosing your very own garden, or custom bouquet! Scroll through to find your perfect bloom. eval;. Spring is coming! Why not grow your own garden this year? Picking the right flowers can be overwhelming with hundreds of thousands to choose from.

Halloween Decorating - Homestead Style! We don't typically decorate for Halloween, but the weaning calves weren't hearing of it. They did their own rendition of 'Spooky Hay Bale'. Good job, kids! ~TxH~. Save. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Recipe Rating.

Simple Homestead blog hop #232 Add your homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling posts to the party if you're a blogger, just see our simple rules below. The hop begins at 12:01 am on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening. Do you garden for your chickens? Or would you like to give it a try?

Homemade Christmas Jam This Christmas Jam is a delicious, sweet-tart blend of cranberries, strawberries, oranges and seasonal spices that are sure to please your palate. Perfect for canning up and giving away as a thoughtful, homemade gift this season! I love the flavors associated with the Christmas season.

You Know You're A Farm Girl When… Want to know if you're a real farm girl? You've been living in the farm for years but do you really consider yourself as one? Check these signs and find out for yourself! eval;. Sometimes you just know.

How To Identify Poison Ivy - Homesteading Safety Tips Want to know how to identify poison ivy effectively? If you want to avoid the aggravation of the dreaded poison ivy, this infographic with relevant tips and ideas that will certainly help you! Poison ivy is unfortunately well-known for very nasty reasons.

How To Make a Kitchen Compost Bin - Homesteading Tips Want to know how to compost in your apartment? This DIY Kitchen Compost Bin is easy to make, and this tutorial is easy to follow! If you don't have the luxury of doing your compost outdoors, no worries, I'll show you how! What do you envision when you think about composting?

How to Make a Survival Seed Bank If you are putting together a survival seed bank for your emergency preparedness plans, but can't use it right away, follow the directions for storage above, using the mylar bag option with a silica gel packet and an oxygen absorber. If possible, put together a new survival seed bank every three to five years to ensure better germination rates.

The Greenest Ways To Get Around Want to know the greenest ways to get around? Learn how your commute impacts your carbon footprint, and seek the greenest solutions for going out and about. With the population growing, the number of people who need to go to work, school, and other places also increases.

Stumble - make a mistake or repeated mistakes We stumble on our words, we stumble in life, and then we stumble upon something that guides us to what may be right for us. A few months ago, all I wanted to do was to get out of where our life was at the current moment. We weren't doing things right.

Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered - Homesteading The poop might not be a topic anyone would like to talk about but did you know the stool can reveal so much about people's overall health? You can actually identify the types of stool and what they mean by its shape and color. Being aware of these things can help you track what's going on inside your body.

Easy Wooden Furniture Repair Tips and Tricks Need some easy wooden furniture repair ideas? Give your old wood an update with these tips and tricks. If you don't want to spend time, money and a whole lot of effort taking care of your furniture, this is for you. eval;. eval;.

Homestead Series V-Living on Your Homestead You could look up many fun facts about the original homesteaders, but did you also know that half of them failed? Half packed up and went back East or moved into a nearby town or maybe kept going further west, chasing an elusive dream. Ever wonder why?

Survival Seeds Storing Techniques For Homesteading Want to know some survival seeds storing techniques? If you haven't started your seed collection for the rainy days, then this is something you have to learn. eval;. Interested in survival seeds? Want to learn how to gather, dry and store survival seeds for the long term?

8 Survival Tactics For Off Grid Living Find out what survival tactics you need to master now. If you're planning to go out in the wild, it's always better to be prepared for anything. eval;. Think you know how to survive in the wilderness? Sorry to break it to you, but going camping or hunting a few times, or getting some badges in the Boy Scouts doesn't mean you are ready to SURVIVE.

Edible Wild Plants Survival Guide This edible wild plants survival guide can help keep you alive and sustained if you're ever caught unprepared. Keep reading to find out how. Believe it or not, the wild has a lot of sustenance to offer the human body if no immediate food is available or around.

A $30 DIY Wind Turbine You Can Build For Your Homestead Want to know how to build a DIY wind turbine with as low as $30? If you want a source of renewable energy in your homestead, this wind turbine for the home project is for you! There are different types and designs for wind turbine but we will take on the more common vertical wind turbine.

50+ DIY Easy, Natural Gifts for Kids and Adults — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Here are over 50 natural, homemade, green gifts you can make yourself that your friends and family will love this holiday season! They are inexpensive and fit perfectly into your budget, no matter what it is! The holidays are quickly approaching! That means it's gift-giving time!

A post that is complicated and rambling… So there are some things I want, things that are good for me and my family, and good for the land I live on. I have a substantial spreadsheet and I'm going to post it all here to show the sheer scope of my Food Forest plans. But why is it so important?

Flavoring Kombucha When You're Making it at Home When Jill asked me to share some details with you last week about how to make your own kombucha, I was all in, because I'm pretty passionate about this amazing fermented drink. Of course, why wouldn't I be? It's a delicious way to improve gut health, and making it yourself saves a ginormous amount of money!

Sheet Mulching 101 Sheet mulching is a simple way to begin a garden bed on top of soil, grass, or weeds. It is inexpensive, simple to build, and usable in a wide variety of situations. Sheet mulching means to grow plants, seedlings, and seeds in multiple, ordered layers of different soil and plant material, all stacked on top of a cardboard sheet.

Homesteading Preparedness: Prepsteading Need some tips on homesteading preparedness? If you want to know what "prepsteading" is and how to be a "prepsteader", then keep reading! You'll find these tips undeniably useful. eval;. You might not know what a prepsteader is. That's okay. The only reason I know is because I made the word up to describe myself and what I do.

A before and happily ever after I've been meaning to share the before and afters of our home renovation but I have been so terrible at organizing pictures that it would take an entire day to get them in order. For that I apologize! I do want to show you what our wood stove area and living room looks like, because right now I am so smitten with it!

Seasons "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot." - Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2. It seems so long ago that my family set out on our journey, our dream of being a self sustaining homestead.

How to Grow, Store & Cook Spaghetti Squash Note: This recipe may be increased to serve as many people as you like. Just multiply all ingredients by the number of people you wish to serve. Learn How to Preserve Garlic! Spaghetti squash is a versatile vegetable that requires little care. You may grow a few vines each year for a wheat and gluten-free alternative to pasta.

Refinishing / Refurbishing Old Wrought Iron Lawn Furniture Yes, it's October here in the north-east states of the US, and winter is indeed coming. You may even have a few autumnal days where you can enjoy your work, relaxing outdoors. Here's a finished photo… Drizzly out right now - later today I'll have the chair cushions out for photography.

Homemade BBQ Sauce Want to make some homemade BBQ sauce? Impress the folks at your next family barbecue with this simple and tasty homemade bbq sauce recipe. eval;. I always love a good barbecue. It's something that we do every summer with friends and family.

Land and Farm For Sale - How to Buy Property For Homesteading Looking for land and farm for sale? If you want to start homesteading on your very own property, get started with some of these excellent homesteading tips. So you have the dream - now all your need is the farmstead! Having gone through the search for my 'final home' only a few years ago, I know how hard it is to locate that perfect place.

A Lantern For Families - Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 - A Review Anyone in need of a solar powered, rechargeable lantern? Maybe that's why you've stopped in? Look no further. This beauty came into our lives when we were in the market for a new lantern to take camping and have as part of our emergency gear. I was tired of the huge, overly heavy lanterns that took massive batteries.

My New Old 1952 Ford 8N Tractor The nice lady I bought my land from had an old 1942 tractor sitting in the back yard behind her garage. It hadn't moved in at least four years since her husband passed away. I've done some jobs for her and she gave me the old tractor. Yesterday I finally got the chance to go dig it out of the mud and bring it home on a trailer.

Farm Fresh Tuesdays #25 & Chicken Garden Giveaway! Enter the Chicken Garden Giveaway and share homesteading and homemaking posts, or read up on your favorite homesteading topics!

Farmer's Market Rise - Growing & Homesteading in America Curious about the farmer's market rise in America? Learn about how growing and homesteading has increased the popularity of farmers' markets in America. Here are some statistics and benefits they have to offer. eval;. The farmers' markets have gone a long way.

The Agricultural & Water Conservation Conversation Want to know some interesting facts about farm water conservation? If you're curious how much water farm lands and produce are using up, check this out.

Pumpkin Coconut Curry The time of hauling 5-gallon buckets here or there, full of this or that, tucking in the tender starts, securing seeds in the soil, and wandering the edges of the garden gesturing and muttering to myself…: I'm not just communicating with the unseen, this is actually how I plan my garden.

DIY Carpet Stain Spray Recipe While you can simply and effectively use the natural DIY base recipe to treat all carpet, throw rugs, pet bedding, and related upholstered furniture stain treatments, adding in other natural, and common household ingredients to treat specific types of stains will generally yield greater success.

Homestead Series IV-What to do Next You planned, purchased, built, and are living on your homestead. What's next? Homesteading can be summed up in one word: self-sufficiency. Decide what you need to become self-sufficient. Shelter-you're living in it; water-done, as you have your infrastructure in place; and food.

Salsa Recipe - Perfect Use For Fresh Garden Tomatoes Looking for an easy salsa recipe. This fresh pico de gallo is a great healthy, fresh and delicious, option. Fresh salsa in minutes that everyone will enjoy.

36 PVC DIY Projects for Your Homestead There are so many projects that you can do on your homestead. Have you considered DIY projects with PVC pipes? There are a number of things that you can do from animal care to garden hacks. The projects can be very simple to more complicated depending on what you are going for.

Upcycling a too short T-shirt This time of the year is often disappointing for children. Beloved summer clothing no longer fits as they've grown. Miss Bee is taller but still lean. She was not giving up this favourite "cheapo" T-shirt. Even though it was showing her belly button. I'm no expert with sewing but know enough to extend it using another too small T-shirt.

October 2019 Walkabout Poison ivy creates a spot of color October is generally the time o…

Back in the Saddle As the world continues to move in lockstep with the oligarchs of control toward their Global Gulag, we here on the wee homestead move from damage control after the spring manufactured weather terror toward our next steps in resistance.

Scottish Rock Cake Recipe - Absolutely Delicious In the Harry Potter series Scottish rock cakes baked by Hagrid were definitely rocklike - genuine tooth breakers, but the series did make rock cakes famous again and kids the world over were keen to try them, not as Hagrid made them but according to popular recipes.

Powerful Plant Remedies You Can Use Today Learning about the uses and benefits of medicinal plants and herbs will help keep your family safe in trying times. Here are some powerful plant remedies.

Dutch Oven Artisan Bread If you're in a hurry and don't have a lot of time for kneading bread, you may prefer this Artisan bread recipe. I like it because it has only 4 ingredients and I don't have to take the time to knead the dough. We use it often when we need some bread and perhaps don' t have everything for our other recipe.

Sunday Homestead Update - Preparing for the Storm We have what is predicted to be a big storm arriving today and lasting through Wednesday. There is expected to be quite a bit of snow, and more importantly to the homestead - temperatures down to 0 ! Brrrr! This is very early in the season for us to get that cold, so we were caught of guard and have been scrambling to prepare the farm for it.

How to Make Jam Want to know how to make jam? If you want to put your fruits to good use, try to make jams out of them. This tutorial will show you how. eval;. I love jam. Who doesn't, right? You can put it in your bread, pancake, or even eat it as it is. We have a lot of fruits from the homestead, sometimes more than what we know what to do with them.

Winter Season - Finding Joy In Winter - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Want to feel the joy of winter season? Don't bore yourself by staying indoors all throughout winter, go out, have fun, enjoy! eval;. I feel sorry for winter. Always the brunt of jokes, poems, and social media memes.

Plant Leaves Turning Yellow? - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Are your plant leaves turning yellow? Keep reading for the reason and how to fix it. eval;. eval;. How does your garden look like? Is it lusciously green or are the leaves of your plants a little bit yellow? If it's green, well good for you! It only means that your plants are in great shape.

What is a Homestead Dog? Dogs are great companions. Homestead dogs are more than that. They serve many functions around the farm, from taking care of predators to herding your cows. A homestead dog really does do it all and then some. Once you have one, you'll wonder why you didn't get a homestead dog sooner.

What is Homesteading? If you have a home, you can homestead. That's my philosophy anyway. If you're a city girl like me, homesteading in apartment living was a lifestyle that I thought was out of reach-so I never even tried. What a shame! It's time to redefine what it means to homestead, particularly for all you city dwellers in tight spaces and small places!

Chronic Illness and Changes to the Farm Plan I battle with my illness every day. Lately I have been unable to work on the farm every day. I discussed it in depth on the permies forum, and ultimately came up with a new farm plan. The new plan is pretty different. You will notice that it eliminates all animals except grandma's egg chickens.

Gold Mining - Homesteading Skills - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Want to know more about gold mining? If you want to know the some facts about gold you can find in the United States and some basics, you're in for a treat! eval;. The hard cash you need to pay for your homesteading dreams can be picked up off of the ground!.

From homestead to small farm: Boneyard Farm grows in Bakersfield hills BAKERSFIELD – Boneyard Farm doesn’t look like a farm from the side of the road.

Love Letters For A Thoughtful Valentine's Day Want to write some good love letters this Valentine's Day? Here on Homesteading, we're getting a little sentimental. This is how you can get back to your roots with thoughtful handwritten love letters for the various loves in your life. eval;. Love. Few words convey more meaning than that single syllable.

Why every garden needs a compost bin One of the first things I did made after moving into my house this year was source and set up a compost bin. I believe that every property that has the available space should have one too: read on to discover the benefits of recylcing your waste on your own doorstep and how to start your own compost pile.

Survival Tips for Winter Day Trips In need of some survival tips for your next winter day trip? If you want to be prepared wherever you go this winter, then this guide is for you! eval;. Snow has never been a problem for me and the family when going on trips. We still spend time outdoors camping and doing other recreational activities.

Newborn Mimicry: Persuading Farm Mothers to Adopt Orphans An unavoidable problem for animal husbandry is the management of orphans, or of mothers who have lost young but are still in milk. In both cases, animal health, profits, and time management improve when a newborn can be bonded to an unrelated lactating mother.

8+ Ways to Save Money on Chicken Feed - Plus a Giveaway This made me realize that I've been lazy lately: I've been relying on the feed store to feed my chickens instead of using the resources we have here on the homestead. So, after facing the fact that I've been lazy, I looked up the notes I'd made in past years and reinstalled some practices that I'd let drop by the wayside.

The Real Poop I love, love, love fall but living where we do, about 70 miles south of the Canadian border in rural eastern Washington, fall has the amazing added bonus of being the start of MOOSE SEASON! It's that time of year where the amazing, epic creature returns to roam the land and freak us the fuck out every single time we see one.

Modern Farmer's Tools & Tactics Are you of the many Modern Farmers? If so, then you should be aware of these tools and tactics that every modern farmer must possess, read up on them here. eval;. I've been a farmer for years and I have to say, a lot has changed over that time period.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule To Keep Your Homestead Clean Struggling with your cleaning schedule? If you're overwhelmed by what to clean and when to do it, this infographic might help. Cleaning hasn't always been my forte. Sure, let me loose around the homestead and I can get tons of things done. But cleaning our home is another thing altogether for me.

How To Make Irish Soda Bread Made out of only 4 basic ingredients, Irish soda bread is a tasty, totally customizable bread you should try making at home with our recipe!

Extreme Weather Emergency Essentials Want to know the emergency essentials for extreme weather conditions? If you want to be prepared for any kind of emergency, know what you need here! With global warming and everything that's going on in our environment, I'm sure you may have noticed the drastic change in our weather.

Eliminate Musty Smell in Basement Does your homestead have a musty smell in basement? Here's how you can eliminate it. If your basement is starting to smell, I have a few DIY solutions that will do the trick! eval;. When you think of a basement, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

How to Make Your Own Natural Tooth Powder; Remineralizing, Freshening, & Whitening! — Home Healing Harvest Homestead NOTE: This article is about how to make your own natural remineralizing tooth powder! It contains clays, salt, and herbs from the earth that have properties that aid your mouth, gum, and tooth health! It's easy and inexpensive to make, and I know you'll just love this toothpaste recipe!

Worm Castings - Everything You Need to Know If you want to learn more about this organic fertilizer and soil amendment, then you'll want to keep reading about everything you need to know about worm castings. To be completely blunt, worm castings are basically worm poo. Yep, I said it. Worm poo.

We Bought an ENDY Mattress It finally happened, we bought a new mattress. Fun fact, neither of us has ever bought a new mattress before! I'm kind of surprised actually, but thinking back to when I moved out of my parents house I took the double mattress they had bought me as a teenager.

Candy Corn Stacking Game Have fun with the Candy Corn Stacking Game.

Homestead Series III-What to Do First Last time, I talked about land and the characteristics you might be looking for, how to purchase, how to narrow down the possibilities, and the importance of knowing why and for what reasons you want to homestead. I spoke briefly about housing, and noted that we put in over 3,600 even before we moved to our farm.

Snowshoes Guide - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Planning on buying some snowshoes? If you're confused with what factors you have to consider when you make the purchase, these tips will help. eval;. I love winter.

Flushing Sheep I know that "flushing sheep" probably sounds strange and confusing, but it is actually a term for something quite normal and not involving a toilet. Flushing, in this case, is a term for feeding ewes grain in order to "flush" out more eggs during breeding season.

End Of Season - Garden Update 2019 The growing season of 2019 has come to an end, at least in the outside garden and greenhouse, time to do an end of season garden update to review our annual garden. What worked well in this year's garden, and what we will be looking into doing differently in the future.

Backup Power Solutions with Solar Esily and cheaply by using old garden solar lights. Easy to construct. Get off the grid in no time.

How to Can Parsnips Most people harvest and enjoy parsnips in the fall and winter - like carrots, the cold and even a light frost can enhance their sweetness. Although these vegetables can grow to an immense size - we had some that were nearly as large as my arm - it's best to harvest them young as large parsnips have a harsh, woody-testing core.

Homemade Baby Products To Make Naturally - Homesteading Start saving money by making these yourself, you and your baby can thank me later! eval;. eval;. Protect your baby's sensitive skin from harsh chemicals or fragrances with this easy homemade recipe. It's all natural, non-toxic, and has some soothing and healing qualities from plantain leaf and the other easy to find ingredients of this recipe.

Harvesting Mammoth Sunflowers We grew our first this year and had a blast. The kids loved it so much that we've decided to do our best to make a tradition out of it every single year from here on out. It was a joy to see them grow taller and taller, thicker and thicker at the base until they were over ten feet tall and hovering above us.

Self-Sustaining Ideas For Living The Homesteader's Dream Are you in need of some self-sustaining ideas? If you want to be self-sufficient in your homestead, then these ideas will help you get there! eval;. Living in a homestead can almost always mean that you are miles away from a neighbor and most likely a couple of hours away from the city.

How to Make Smoked Venison Jerky It is one of those things that justifies a smoker on the homestead whether it's a homemade smokehouse one, an electric one, a regular charcoal one or a propane one. You'll be so glad to have one. I can't wait to roast one of these roasts in the freezer here soon and make some delicious summer sausage… mmmm.

Homestead Stories: A Colorful Mosaic Of Nasturtiums If you're looking for a quick growing flower vine that comes in all sorts of colors, consider growing Nasturtiums in your garden this year!

Would you Eat Rat Meat in SHTF? These little furry friends may be the only source of protein apart from squirrels you will be getting.

Finding the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle This little beast would give you excellent miles to the gallon and be super cheap to fill the tank up. Camp in style and cheaply with this RV.

What do Chickens Eat? From baby chicks, to laying hens and roosters, today we will answer the question What do Chickens Eat? We're also going to explore what chickens shouldn't eat, fun snack ideas, what chickens eat when they forage, and what they can eat straight out of the garden!

Off Grid With Doug And Stacy Follow along with OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY on Youtube for the best self-sufficiency and homesteading tips from real life experts.

Protecting Mama's Car So this year we set up a much large quonset shelter for Mama to park her car in during the winter. Of course, on one of her test parks with Kenny in the back seat, someone opened their door a bit too vigourously and banged it against the steel support posts of the shelter.

How to Stay Warm in Sleeping Bags While You're Outdoors Want to know how to stay warm in sleeping bags while you're outdoors? It can get cold when you're out camping with friends or family, stay warm while you sleep with these tips. eval;. I've been out camping on more occasions than I can remember and it has always been fun.

Bitters - A History - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Ever wonder where bitters came from? What is the story behind this beverage enhancer? Keep reading to see. eval;. Have you ever had bitters in your drink?

Foods to Eat While Pregnant Want to know the foods to eat while pregnant? If you're expecting then these are the kind of food you should be eating for a healthy baby and mommy. eval;. Oh, the joy of pregnancy! It's an exciting chapter in any woman's life but many may not know that it requires a lot of work.