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SEpp 72; Prep now for Spring Soil, Winterizing the Farm, & OUR Skunk story Soil building is the 'secret sauce' to a thriving and productive garden. In this episode we share with you a simple 3 step process that you can do RIGHT NOW to prep your soil for spring. In the farm update we discuss getting the farm ready for winter including this handy checklist I made just for you!) and OUR first skunk story. Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast
The Mighty Oak Episode 31: Journey into the world of Quercus, the amazing Oak. Horticulturalist Byron Joel is an avid Oak fan and shares his knowledge about Oaks from tiny acorn to robust tree. You'll learn about what Oaks need to grow well, the beauty of Oak as… Sustainable World Radio
Baking Hacks & Tips for Busy Nights: How to Freeze Dough These baking hacks and tips show you how to freeze dough for delicious and easy homemade baked goods during busy nights and times without sacrificing any time or flavor! It can be a struggle to always get homemade food served, but these tips come in handy year round but especially during the holidays. Pioneering Today
Building a Farm Following Online and In-Person with Josh Sattin Farmer Josh Sattin from Sattin Hill Farm joins me to talk about how he built up a farm following for his new farm pretty quickly - both online and in-person with local chefs. He shares strategies for how he did that and how it has helped with sales. Permaculture Voices
Raising American Guinea Hogs, The Homestead Pig with Cathy Payne They thrive where ranging and grazing is a constant activity giving them plenty of exercise. They are minimal rooters when good grazing and adequate feed is available. Permaculture Voices
Grass Fed Beef - What You Need to Know on Butcher Day When raising grass fed beef there are key things you need to know on butcher day to get the most out of your cow. What to do before the butcher arrives and what cuts to ask for, and some are going to surprise you. How to get the best flavor on your meat and our favorite ways to prepare these lesser heard of cuts. Pioneering Today
How to Grow Vegetables All Year: Plant Covers for Cold Weather Gardening How to have vegetables growing all year long, including which plants will still grow during frosts and hard freezes, which ones can be left in the ground, and for those more tender veggies, how to use plant covers to extend the growing season. Pioneering Today
Tackling Challenges on a Small Farm This week’s interview on FSFS features a season’s end reflection on a timeless topic; the challenges of farming. More specifically, the challenges unique to a small scale farm with Benny and Courtney Pino of Loblolly Farm. Specifically, we discuss caterpillar tunnels, weed pressure, and irrigation. Permaculture Voices
6 Tips for Hygge Style Living on the Homestead Learn what hygge means and 6 tips for implementing it on the homestead. Melissa talks with Kathie from seasonal homespun living on why embracing hygge during the winter months is good for both the body and soul and practical tips for this Danish tradition. Pioneering Today
Bread Baking Tips for the Perfect Loaf Snag these tips for bread baking to help you get the perfect homemade loaf. If you've ever had bread turn out too dense and heavy or your sandwich loaves are crumbly or too dry, these tips will help you turn them into delicious perfectly textured loaves, especially if you're using sourdough and are having trouble getting your bread recipes to... Pioneering Today
20 Years of Building Soil with Cover Crops - The Real Results Nicolas Donck of Crystal Organic farm joins me to talk about how growing cover crops for the past 20 years have impacted his soil. How have trace minerals and compost teas helped with his soil and crops. Why he grows so much under high tunnels and what are some of the big challenges to growing crops in the south. Permaculture Voices
SEpp 071; A Story of Perseverance with Tamara from the Roo Apron Today we chat with Tamara from the Roo Apron about how the Roo Apron came to be, what it’s like to create and distribute a product, and how the company has grown over the years. For all of you that are working hard to live your dream, you will love this story of perseverance! Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast
Cheap Garden Ideas for Your Homestead that Make a Big Impact These cheap garden ideas will save you money and have a big impact on your garden and homestead success. Melissa dives in with Amy from the Sow Edible Podcast on how to improve red clay soil, an easy cheap way to fertilize and feed your plants, along with a few small but very important things to track to help your garden in a big way. Pioneering Today
How to Improve Soil Health - the single BIGGEST factor on garden success Almost all of your garden success comes back to the health of your soil and learning how to improve soil health is the answer to virtually every gardening issue. Plants not producing food, stunted growth, lots of green growth but your carrot is tiny, blossom end rot, yellowing leaves, all signs of poor or imbalanced soil health. Pioneering Today
75 Chicks to 10000 - No Experience to Full Time Farmer with Ronan Byrne This BEST OF episode is a replay of a previous episode. This is a real story from a real person. Starting with 75 chicks eight years ago and growing that to over 10,000 today. Going from the corporate world to full-time farmer; Ronan didn't start as a farmer, he became a farmer. Permaculture Voices
The Many Reasons Why Microgreens Might NOT Be a Fit For You Microgreen Grower Chris Thoreau and I discuss a variety of reasons why microgreens might not be a fit for you. This is a realistic look at what growing microgreens as a business is really like. Permaculture Voices
Podcast 458 - Book Party The Better World Book signing party at Wheaton labs. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast on this thread at Permies. This post comes from the Permaculture Blog. Homesteading and Permaculture
7 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup & Ways to Use It Learn the surprising health benefits of maple syrup, an old-fashioned sweetener with wonderful properties beyond the flavor, that no other sweetener has, from antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, immune boosting, prebiotic and more. Pioneering Today
How to Treat Fruit Trees Organically: When to Spray for Disease 6 tips on how to treat fruit trees organically and when to spray for disease and pests. Learn what steps to take now in the fall for your fruit trees to decrease pest and disease load, what times of year to spray your fruit trees organically, and options for naturally keeping bugs off your fruit trees that damage the tree or fruit. Pioneering Today
How to Hire the Right Person for Your Farm - Advice From a 20 Year Hiring Specialist Then this is the episode for you. I am joined by Farmer and HR Specialist Jeremy Tolley of Red Thread Farm. Jeremy has spent the past 20 years of his career in HR, recruiting and training. He's hired literally thousands of people. Permaculture Voices
THE FARM ONE-PAGE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE Okay, so it's strategy week here on the Small Farm Nation podcast. And nothing says "strategy" more than business planning, so that's the focus this week. Now, the first thing you're told to do when starting a business is to write a business plan. Small Farm Nation: Farming & Homesteading
Self Sufficient Homesteading Tips for the Long Haul Self sufficient homesteading tips for the long haul from beginning your homestead journey to more experienced. Melissa talks with Anna who started her homesteading journey in a city apartment and in just four years has moved out of the city to their homestead. Pioneering Today
How to Care for Berry Plants in the Fall Learn what to do with your berry plants in the fall to increase your harvest next year. How to evaluate overall health and location of the plants, when to move the plants if need be, fertilize and mulching, and more so you have the best berry production next year. Pioneering Today
Healing Earth: A Diversity of Solutions Episode 151: What if we could heal broken ecosystems, toxic landscapes, and poisoned water? My guest today is Dr. John Todd, ecological designer and author of the new book, Healing Earth - An Ecologist's Journey of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship. Sustainable World Radio
Growing A Farm with The Resources You Have with Loblolly Flower Farm Benny and Courtney Pino from Loblolly Farm join me to talk about some of the challenges they face with the scale they are at. They aren't quite big enough to be where they want, but growing has its own set of challenges. How are they approaching this growth wall, and what lies ahead for them? Permaculture Voices
8 Logo design mistakes What do most people think of when they think of branding? They think of logos. In fact, many people think that their logo is their brand. And you can't have a great brand without a super cool logo design, can you? Today, I'm gonna tell you the mistakes you're making with your farm logo design and what you really should be doing, instead. Small Farm Nation: Farming & Homesteading
Raised Bed Gardening Tips - 9 Things You Need to Know Raised bed gardening tips, we'll discuss the pros and cons of raised beds, which type of soil and crops are best for raised beds, what you need to consider before constructing, weed management and pest/animal solutions with raised beds with Melissa and Jill from the Beginner Gardeners Podcast. Pioneering Today
5 Tips for Organic Pest Control for Vegetable Gardens Learn organic pest control for vegetable gardens. Melissa shares how to identify which organic options is the right one, preventative vs infestation use, plus her two favorite options, one is a powder and one is a spray that are like a swiss army knife and what you need to look out for when purchasing these to ensure it truly is all natural. Pioneering Today
Sepp 070; Behind the Scenes of a Conference with Amy from Homesteaders of America Ever wonder what it takes to put on a big conference? How long does it take to plan and how much money do these things cost anyways? Join us in this episode as we discuss all this and more with Amy from Homesteaders of America. Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast
Building Soils with Min-Till, Biochar and Compost Farmer and Soil Consultant James Hutchinson joins me to talk about his method for building soils on his Tasmanian farm. He utilizes minimum tillage alongside composting, cover cropping and biochar to build soil in his permabeds. He will give advice on getting soils tests and making hot and cold compost. Permaculture Voices
Learn to become a farm entrepreneur What can you do if you have a business but you're not a natural entrepreneur? Today, I'm gonna show you how to stop working ON your business rather than being a slave to it so you can avoid burnout and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Small Farm Nation: Farming & Homesteading
Best Herbal Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Learn how to choose the best herbal home remedies during the cold and flu season for your body. Melissa interviews clinical herbalist Rosalee De La Foret on how to use the 4 components of energetics when you're not feeling well to determine which herb will serve you best. Pioneering Today
Ep 48 Hedges and Hunts The Original Transplants Podcast Episode #48 "Hedges and Hunts" finds Will hedging his bets in the bee yard and chickens hedging their bets in the roadway. The edible landscape offers up homestead firsts hardy kiwiberries and brown turkey figs. Original Transplants
What is Organic Gardening & How to Start Using Organic Practices at Home What is organic gardening and how to incorporate these practices into a home garden. Learn what organic gardening actually means, tips on how identify if your soil is organic and steps to take if it's not to get it there. What organic certification requires and why it's not important for backyard gardeners but how we can adapt it for our use. Pioneering Today
SEpp 069; Fall Plantings, Meat Birds, & Why Plant Varieties Matter Plant and Seed Varieties Matter and are one of the keys to simplifying your garden experience. In this episode, we discuss choosing strong genetics in your seeds and plants, seed saving tips, and why we choose the types of seeds that we do when planting out our gardens. Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast
Podcast 457 - Fred and the Boots A short podcast with Fred and the Boots. Support the podcast on Patreon Show notes and discussion More information and discussion of this podcast on this thread at Permies. This post comes from the Permaculture Blog. Homesteading and Permaculture
Your First Cow - Basics, Safety and Where to Start Karin grew up on a mixed family farm in Alberta, Canada, raising and selling backgrounding stocker steers. Her main passion since she was little was with the cattle, from handling to pasture management. Homesteady
How to Create an Email List for your Farm One of the challenges I hear most often expressed from small farmers, is how difficult it is to create an email list of potential customers. In this episode, we'll discuss three keys to putting your list-building efforts on autopilot so you can grow your email list. Small Farm Nation: Farming & Homesteading
How to Improve Soil for Gardening Win my families 100-year-old strain of bean seed Healthy garden soil is the foundation of your entire garden. If you get this right, you'll drastically improve your harvest and health of your plants. These tips break down what you need to look at in your soil, where to improve it, and how to improve sandy and clay soil. Pioneering Today
Plant these Herbal Flowers from Seed Now for Spring A few quick time saving tips on getting your medicinal herbal flowers ready now for next spring. What to do with the flowers you have in the garden this year and how to get a jump start on next spring's herbal flowers, especially those that require seed stratification. Pioneering Today
Chatting About Elderberry With Guest John Moody The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 124 – June 23, 2019 – Chatting About Elderberry With Guest John Moody. On today's podcast episode I have a chat with author, speaker and homesteader John Moody about growing and using Elderberry and his new book on the subject. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Spring 2019 State Of The Homestead On this podcast episode I chat all about the progress and plans as well as the successes and failures at our little Small Town Homestead. I will also go beyond the homestead and talk about the Modern Homesteading Podcast and the Homestead Front Porch Facebook Group and the Membership Community. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Homesteading and Market Gardening With Guest Jason Smith The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 122 – May 12, 2019 - Homesteading and Market Gardening With Guest Jason Smith On this podcast episode I'm joined by Homesteader and Market Gardener Jason Smith to talk about his homesteading journey and a little about the ins and outs of establishing and running a market garden. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Townhouse Homesteading With Guest Ashley Dempster The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 119 – April 7, 2019 - Townhouse Homesteading with Guest Ashley Dempster. On this podcast episode I'm joined by homesteader and blogger Ashley Dempster of Townhouse Homestead as we discuss the many things she is doing to homestead even though she has very little space. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Homesteading and Heritage Cooking With Guest Jill Winger Homestead Updates: * Finally got all the trees pruned. * Helped my homesteading friends finish up their cattle panel greenhouse. * Planting even more tomatoes. * Replacing deck boards, building another garden bed and general repair and maintenance. * Just purchased another compost bin. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Homesteading and Chicken Chat With Guest Alyssa Olson The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 117 – March 17, 2019 - Homesteading and Chicken Chat With Guest Alyssa Olson On this podcast episode i'm joined by homesteader and blogger Alyssa Olson from as we talk about her homestead and starting a chicken flock. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Heating Your Home With Firewood With Guest Kerry Brown The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 116 – March 02, 2019 - Heating Your Home With Firewood With Guest Kerry Brown On this podcast episode I'm joined by guest Kerry Brown to discuss the basics of getting started heating your home with firewood even if your home doesn't currently have a woodstove. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
All The Dirt On Living The Good Life With Guest Kirsten Lie-Nielsen On this podcast episode I have a chat with homesteader and author Kirsten Lie-Nielsen from about her homesteading journey and her book "So You Want To Be A Modern Homesteader: All The Dirt On Living The Good Life" The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Family Homesteading With Guest Teri Page On today's podcast episode I'm joined by Teri Page to discuss her new book "Family Homesteading: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Sufficiency for the Whole Family" and her family's journey into homesteading and what that has been like with and for her kids. The Modern Homesteading Podcast
Building Your Own Organic Garden Oasis With Guest Jackie Beyer On today's podcast episode I have a chat with Jackie Beyer of the Organic Gardener Podcast about her journey into organic gardening, her podcast and building an organic gardening oasis. The Modern Homesteading Podcast