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How to Choose a Water Softener If your home has a water softener, chances are good that it's performing reliably and dependably. After all, water softeners don't see a whole lot of rough and tumble action…. READ MORE How to Choose a Water Softener. The post How to Choose a Water Softener appeared first on Direct Energy.

House Renovation: Step-by-Step Planner Sometimes it is possible to sell the salvage rights of large-scale demolition projects in which case some of the removal work may be undertaken by the reclamation yard - saving time and effort and potentially raising some cash, too. It is more common than not to find signs of a damp problem in renovation projects - active, historical or both.

4 Great Reasons to Choose a Roof Lantern Home improvers can often forget to consider bringing in light from above when planning to extend their homes, yet it can completely transform your property. Here are some great reasons you should consider a roof lantern.

Monday Inspiration: 8 Beautiful Rooms Some weeks ago I wrote about The Red Thread - used by the Swedish to describe something that follows a theme. The idea of the red thread isn't new; Theseus followed a red thread given to him by Ariadne to find his way out of the Minotaur's cave in Greek mythology, and it has been used in various ways ever since.

134: Where Have All The Family Photos Gone? Today we're sharing how to find the right balance when you're choosing between artwork or family photos for certain walls - and we're revealing where we've subconsciously gravitated towards putting personal photos in our own home. We also have tips for how to personalize your walls beyond the usual smiling-at-the-camera snapshot.

How to Remove Foam from a Garden Fountain Here are some ways to reduce the formation of foam in your garden fountain:. Name. Email.

New Jersey Transplants Get a New Kitchen They wanted a more modern look. Also, they wanted their kitchen to include a large island with seating. See how we updated their new home to meet their needs. Scope of Work: Kitchen Remodel. Location: Chester, NJ. There are always things new homeowners want to change about their newly acquired homes.

How to Plant Trees and Shrubs on a Slope Keep an eye on the tree or shrub for a few months to make sure the soil is settling properly, water is being captured, and the roots are staying in place. Make sure the roots aren't being buried by falling debris, and the berm stays in place for at least a year or two, until the plant is well established.

How to Install Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Installing low-voltage landscape lighting in your yard isn't hard and makes a good DIY project.

Exposed Brick Wall in Bathroom Remodel Scope of Work: Full Bathroom Remodel. Location: Basking Ridge, NJ. Firstly, the homeowner worked with a Monk's designer to create the altered bathroom layout and select all the finish materials. Designers in our showrooms will help you select cabinetry or vanities, design your tile pattern, choose countertops, faucets and hardware.

Internal Doors: How to Choose It is tempting in today's world of online shopping and easy, fuss-free delivery to buy all furnishings online and while internal door suppliers often have great online brochures and beautiful inspirational imagery, it's very important to view the doors in person before purchasing.

House Extensions: 25 Things to Know - Homebuilding & Renovating To the best of our knowledge, minimum room sizes are not legal requirements and are simply guidelines, to encourage the designing of rooms that are actually 'liveable'. If in doubt though, or to see your Local Authority's guidelines, it might be worth you contacting your LA's planning department.

How to Correct a Crooked Board The table saw is a perfect tool to rip a straight edge on a board that has one crooked edge. But what do you do when a board has two crooked edges?

How to Build a Window Seat Bookcase Here's how to build a bookcase around a window to make a space more functional.

How to Choose a Roof for Your Home There are more types and styles than ever — it can be overwhelming! But our guide will help.

Cedar Hill School Mural Gets Assist from Monk's Olmsted designed the mural to reflect life at Cedar Hill Elementary. This included lots of owls, including Goldie the Owl, the school mascot. Once her drawing was complete, the students painted in the mural and added their handprints which were incorporated throughout the design.

How to Make a Crosscut Guide for a Circular Saw Want to make perfectly square crosscuts? Use this guide — works every time!

Loft Conversion Ideas for Your Home A stylish master suite or new location for your kitchen, if you are looking for loft conversion ideas, check out these great projects for some inspiration.

How to Build a House for Under £150,000 If you want to build your own house on a budget, heed these top tips to help keep your build costs low and under control. Skip to:. If you want to build a house for under £150,000, you're going to have to build a relatively small one. The bigger the house, the more bricks, blocks, flooring, roof tiles will be required.

Five Ways To ReVamp Your Sitting Room Today I wanted to show you five ways to revamp a room starting with the sitting room for when you want to make a few changes but can't afford to change the.

How to Hire a Roofer for Your Home Unfortunately, roofing is an easy-entry business that requires little more than a pickup, a ladder and some basic tools to get started. Gather at least two prospects, and make sure each has been in business at least five years - roofers who do shoddy work usually don't last that long.

DIY Copper & Wood Bar Cart Sign me up for the newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Tools & Tricks For Installing An Ikea Kitchen Yourself - Young House Love They are smartly made, very durable, and they have a great 25-year warranty and a great price tag. They also come with many thoughtful features like soft close drawers that come standard and tons of customization options.

The Evolution of Composite Windows Windows is one area where self builders and renovators can see the most technological advancement, not only meet efficiency standards that all new homes have to meet, but also to ensure that there is a window solution flexible enough to meet requirements and tastes of homeowners.

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