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The best home makeovers – it's not all big windows and knocking through The Don’t Move, Improve! awards celebrate the most innovative home improvement projects, from twisting walls to chequerboard floors.

Easy Cabinet Organizer Plastic magazine holders are perfect for storing and organizing items in the kitchen, including cutting boards, cookie sheets, pot lids and boxes of foil and plastic wrap. The holders typically measure about 4 x 10 x 12 inches, so they'll fit into cabinets without taking up too much space.

Try This! Fix Loose Laminate the Easy and Affordable Way The laminate on Marj's backsplash is beginning to peel off. The few options she can try to repair it! The particle board swelled up due to moisture. If Marj used a thin putty knife, she might be able to push the backsplash back in. Unfortunately a replacement backsplash is enevitable.

Extra Storage Space and Style Wire closet shelving is an efficient way to create extra storage space, but it's not great to look at. So, if you ever needed a reason to ditch those wire shelves - here you go. "Closet-Maid's Style Plus Coastal Closet System" offers several versatile designs to fit any closet in your home.

Creating Storage From a Water Heater Closet Anne decided to remove her existing water heater and go tankless. Now she has an extra closet to use but needs help deciding what to do with the drain hole. We tell Anne pull the drain down since it's not going to be used.

3 Super Bowl Watch Party Ideas Perfect for Kids The Super Bowl is right around the corner! Whether you're in it for the game, commercials or the food, it's likely the little ones may not be as into the whole super bowl experience as you are. Don't leave them hanging, instead why, not give them some other games to focus on.

Work Commences on Development Site Hosting 25 Self Build Plots Phase one of the project will include the planning and sale of the first 25 plots, while the Derwent Forest masterplan states that phase two of the project will consist of a further sale of 125 serviced self build plots. Work will be carried out in stages and it is hoped delivery of the full vision will take around 15-20 years to complete.

How to Build a House for Under £150,000 Want to know how to build a house on a budget? For many of us, buying a home is the single largest expenditure of our lives, and its the same story for those building their own homes from scratch. While self building will be a large expenditure, it need not be prohibitively expensive.

Self Build Homes for Every Budget Self build homes come in all shapes and sizes. Weve organised these great self build homes by build cost so you can see what's achievable on your budget.

How to Transform a Brick Fireplace with Limewash Applying a limewash is a quick, easy way to update a fireplace. Ready to go? Then read on! If the bricks have soot on them, clean them with a stiff bristle brush. Mix the limewash solution until it's smooth and free of lumps. Then use a spray bottle to dampen the bricks one section at a time.

4 Key Principles to Adopt During an Energy Efficient Retrofit It can be difficult to improve the energy efficiency of an existing home, but there are four key principles that you should follow to ensure project success.

Free-to-Attend Event This Weekend Showcases Custom Build Opportunities Graven Hill's 'New Year, New Home' event on Saturday 18 January is a perfect opportunity to discover the range of self build opportunities and custom build homes available. Independent experts will be on hand to offer advice on everything from Help to Buy and mortgages, as well as legal considerations.

Building a House: The Step-by-Step Guide If you are planning on building a house on a DIY basis, or acting as your own project manager, in order to effectively manage the project you need to understand the stages of building a house - from preparing the site and laying the foundations all the way to decorating and snagging right at the end.

News: Colours and new releases for 2020 Now I know I posted about my interior trend predictions for 2020 last week, but at this time of year, the inbox is flooded with emails from brands talking what they are actually selling and launching in the months ahead so I thought we would have a look at a couple of them today.

A Home Addition 25 Years In The Making - Today's Homeowner A couple gets a long-awaited home addition — watch us tie a new roof into the main house and learn the pros and cons of a ventless gas fireplace.

How to Clean Soot from a Brick Fireplace Surround Watch this video to learn more. Danny Lipford: Joanna writes to us: "How can I clean the soot and smoke off the face of my fireplace?" You know, I don't think I've ever seen a fireplace surround that didn't have at least a little bit of smoke and soot somewhere on the face of the fireplace.

Costa Rica With Kids: The Details Of Our First International Family Trip Have you seen any sloths yet?!" So overall speaking a different language wasn't an issue AT ALL and there were actually plenty of instances of signage or menus being printed in both Spanish and English, or simply just English.

How to Quickly Beef Up Crown Molding and Baseboards Easiest finishing carpentry project ever. No demo and it's super inexpensive to do. And now that we've "beefed up" the crown molding in the master bedroom, I'm ready for us to do it in every room of the house. I hope it helps! If you want to see any other carpentry type projects to add character to your home, you can find them all here:.

New Year, New Project? Get Inspired at the Homebuilding Show This Weekend A new year for many means a new project, and the Farnborough Homebuilding and Renovating Show marks a golden opportunity to seek expert advice on your project, and see in action the latest home products from a range of exhibitors.

Almost Nine out of Ten Homeowners Granted Planning Permission in the UK, Research Finds While regional disparities affected applicants' success rate, the findings are positive for self builders and renovators planning 2020 projects.

How Much Does an Extension Cost? Wondering how much does an extension cost? Whether you want a single or two-storey extension, these tips will help you set a budget before your build begins.

How to Collect Dust with a Miter Saw and Wet-Dry Vacuum Sawdust flies in the workshop, but here's how to collect it quickly with just a wet-dry vacuum, a miter saw and a bicycle inner tube.

Free Stuck Nuts and Bolts with Husky's Extraction Set Find the Husky 7-Piece Bolt Extraction Socket Set at The Home Depot. Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

How to Make a Child's Chair from a Milk Crate Old milk crates are used for storing all kinds of things, including children's toys. Here's how to transform one into a kid's seat.

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