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T'was the night before voting and just for you, here's a message from Stop HS2 The first thing to point out is that nationally the Green and Brexit Parties are against HS2, Labour and the Liberal-Democrats are for HS2 and as for the Conservatives, well know knows? But of course "who knows" is a lot better from our point of view than it has been at any other point in the last decade!

Johnson casts doubt on HS2 Prime minister Boris Johnson has said the government will have to consider the rising cost of the High Speed 2 project, but appears to be sending mixed messages as to whether he will give the rail line the green light following an independent review.

Whoever wins on Friday, the losers are StopHs2. Despite all their bluster it's clear that one group are having a lousy election and that's what's left of the StopHs2 'campaign'. For years they've tried to pretend they have the support of the majority of the public and that HS2 is an election issue.

Campaigners claim HS2 contractors tried to run them over with a wood chipper as they tried to protect ancient trees HS2 campaigners claim contractors tried to run them over with a wood chipper as they tried to protect trees. Police were called to the junction of Welsh Road and Fosse Way near Cubbington at around 10am on Monday.

Boris Johnson secretly briefed on £100bn HS2 cost The prime minister was given a briefing on the true cost of the project by Oxford University's Said Business School academic Bent Flyvbjerg this autumn, senior transport sources have revealed. New Civil Engineer understands that Flyvbjerg informed Johnson that costs would rise higher than the £88bn price tag which has been publicly disclosed.

HS2 work starts at Calvert Jubilee nature reserve In February this year after receiving notice of the work they objected to the proposals due to the destruction of breeding and feeding habitats for a range of species. Then in May they denied contractors access to start the work. Where do Aylesbury's candidates stand on HS2?

General election 2019: Your questions on HS2 answered These are external links and will open in a new window. The future of HS2 is a key election issue for some voters who asked us which parties would scrap the high-speed rail network and which would save it.

Standoff at the not-okay canal: HS2 commences habitat decimation at DCP Protected wildlife, established woodlands and rare wetlands in Denham Country Park and surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire are being decimated by HS2 Ltd as the government rushes to 'get HS2 done' while threatening peaceful protesters with arrest.

West Midlands mayor: 'Don't lose sight of HS2's grand vision' The high-speed line, if it goes ahead, could have a transformational impact on Birmingham. But are the station designs and the line’s bigger dreams ambitious enough? asks West Midlands mayor Andy Street.

Boris Johnson throws HS2 and Heathrow Airport plans into doubt Boris Johnson cast doubt on two big transport projects as he entered the final leg of the election campaign, saying he still wanted to lie down in front of the bulldozers at Heathrow and that the case for HS2 deserved further scrutiny.

Roadworks for HS2 on the A38 in Lichfield to be extended Overnight closures on the A38 in Lichfield to allow for HS2 works to take place are being extended. HS2 Ltd has informed residents that "recent adverse weather" meant the works would now not be completed until February 2020.

Buckingham's candidates talk HS2 "Against those two fundamental changes, it seems right that this project be examined anew without any pre-existing conditions." "It's going to have a big environmental impact, but to what benefit? "To take people off the planes, to take people off cars.

Flailing Boris Johnson struggles to explain his 'made up' crime and HS2 figures The Prime Minister was grilled over Home Secretary Priti Patel's claims that a Labour win in this week's general election would spark a violent crimewave. She said there would be 4,000 more violent assaults, 150 extra sex assaults and 52 more murders each year under Labour - because of the party's opposition to police stop-and-search powers.

Election 2019: Boris Johnson raises red flag over Heathrow and HS2 Boris Johnson appeared to raise a red flag over major infrastructure projects including the expansion of Heathrow and HS2. Read more: Former Ofcom boss to advise on Heathrow terminal monopoly probe.

Where do Aylesbury's candidates stand on HS2? We asked all of them what their views are on this big issue.

Boris Johnson casts fresh doubt on '£100billion' HS2 rail project The PM hinted at a rethink on the massive scheme - which would affect his own Uxbridge constituency - saying the government would review whether funding could be 'better spent'. Interviewed on LBC radio, Mr Johnson insisted he is not 'temperamentally hostile to big infrastructure projects'.

Boris Johnson casts doubt over Heathrow expansion and HS2 Boris Johnson has cast doubt over whether a third runway will be built at Heathrow Airport - and questioned whether the money spent on HS2 could be used better. The plan for expansion has been approved by parliament but there are a number of ongoing legal challenges.

'If HS2 doesn't come to Crewe, what then?' But the demise of the industry the town was literally built for is a harsh reality its people have had to come to terms with, along with the changing landscape. "It's lost its heritage. All the old buildings have gone. They've knocked a lot of the wrong buildings down as well," says Neil Jones, who runs a double glazing firm.

North doubts that HS2 will boost region The over-budget HS2 rail link will bring fewer benefits to northern England than cheaper plans to improve rail links between key cities in the region, a survey of so-called "red wall" voters has found. Only 32 per cent of those questioned believed that the HS2 link from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds would "benefit their area".

Build HS2 and there's no need for third Heathrow runway, says Andy Burnham Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says there's "no need" to build Heathrow's third runway, with the money better spent connecting the airport with the rest of the country.

HS2 protests in the Chilterns Local residents and Stopping HS2 campaigners have been out en masse to protest against the proposed access road between the HS2 site in Chalfont St Peter and the A413.

Sadiq Khan lobbies for slower HS2 trains to reduce cost Sadiq Khan is lobbying for the speed of HS2 trains to be reduced in order to cut the costs of building the line. The Mayor of London has told an official review of the scheme that a "lower-speed" model could "deliver many of the benefits at a lower cost".

Felling this forest would be like knocking down a cathedral’ The Woodland Trust, one of the four groups we are supporting in the 2019 charity appeal, provides natural solutions to the climate emergency - Please donate to our appeal here.

HS2 campaigner urges residents to vote Green in bid to stop controversial line While members of different political parties have visited to show their support, Cubbington camp founder Matt Bishop believes the only chance to stop the line is by voting Green. After a leaked review into HS2 recommended it should still go ahead, Matt said members of the party were now needed in parliament to influence government.

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