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AI adoption in HR - Lessons from Unilever AI-centric organizations design algorithms that work, after that, system delivers values on its own. This is how new age departments are scaling their operations and sparing time for more value-driven decision making. And the HR industry is not far behind!

Effective Communication Strategies: Using DISC as Your Powerful Leadership Guide This course is designed to provide you with an enlightening overview of the DISC behavioral assessment that measures individuals' natural, hard-wired behavioral style. This style remains quite stable over our adult lifetime.

IR35 should be delayed for urgent review A delay would allow the government to regulate umbrella companies, something which it has long promised. Without this regulation we risk non-compliant umbrellas prospering, facilitated by IR35 changes. This would be bad for workers and runs counter to the government's Good Work Plan.

View that it is impossible to change from one sex to another is not a protected 'philosophical belief' In Forstater v CGD, F claimed she had been subjected to direct discrimination when CGD allegedly refused to continue with her consultancy agreement because of her "gender critical" opinions which she argued constituted a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010.

Navigating the Wuhan coronavirus: A guide for office-goers and employers With Singapore's first case detected, here's a guide on the necessary precautions; flexible work, leave and salary arrangements to manage absences, and more.

Stretching the truth: Do candidates sugarcoat or outright lie on resumes? Just 2% admitted to lying about their certifications. According to the survey, men lie more often than women on their resume. When it comes to age, 38% of youngsters confess to lying more often than older people. Breaking the data down by industry, it was found that:.

'We Have Noticed the Condition of Your Vehicle' Viral Human Resources Letter A purported letter from the human resources department at an unnamed company about the condition of an employee's older model vehicle has gone viral on several platforms, but its veracity is unknown.

Cost of poor mental health to employers up 16% in three years, argues report The cost of poor mental health to employers has risen by 16% over the past three years, research by Deloitte has found. It has estimated that employees' mental ill health now costs the UK economy between £42bn and £45bn a year, compared to £33bn to £42bn in 2017.

UI utility system employees engage with ENGIE and UI Human Resources University of Iowa utilities system employees have actively engaged with ENGIE representatives regarding employment opportunities and benefits of the new partnership. Iowa is one of the first universities in the country to enter into a 50-year public-private partnership involving its utility system.

Nashville public schools' troubled human resources department gets new director Interim Nashville schools Director Adrienne Battle plans for another change in her administration with the appointment of a new human resources director.

5 Steps to Building a Leadership Culture in the Organization Developing a leadership culture in the organization takes time. It cannot be implemented overnight and requires efforts and resources to create effective leaders at every level of the organization.

Coronavirus: employers urged to avoid business travel Employers should postpone or cancel business travel to the region of China that has been hit by an outbreak of the coronavirus, experts have warned. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all but essential travel to Wuhan, a city in the country's Hubei province, which has seen a wave of people diagnosed with virus.

Three changes to UK employment law due in April you need to know about Read on to find out what the law currently states, what changes will come into effect on Monday 6th April 2020 and what these changes will ultimately mean for UK businesses. At present, UK employment law states that an employer must give employees a written statement of employment particulars within the first two months of their employment.

Employee Recognition & Rewards: A Tool for Attracting and Retaining Talent, and Improving Organizational Performance An engaged workforce is a major competitive advantage for any business. It is clear that engaged workers work harder, produce more, generate greater profits, have more satisfied customers, have fewer attendance issues, and are better in almost every regard.

Sky engineer dismissed for safety issue was discriminated against A Sky engineer who breached health and safety rules while experiencing a mental health condition was discriminated against and unfairly dismissed, an employment tribunal has ruled. It found the decision to dismiss Mr Plowright had been "tainted by discrimination" and was an unreasonable response to the safety issue.

Twelve CEOs from the UK, US and Canada's biggest listed companies are from ethnic minorities "The EMpower Role Model Lists exist to showcase the incredible work being done by ethnic minority leaders, future leaders and their advocates in business, who are leading the charge for more inclusive workplaces.

Employee Engagement Leads to Organization Success If you ask one of your friends who quit her company in the recent past, the most likely reason would be 'My work did not get valued', or 'office-politics', or 'career growth', or 'no increment' or 'team-lead or manager problem', or 'gender parity', or, 'toxic environment', etc.

Preparing Your Organization for the Coming AI Wave From driverless cars, trucks, and delivery drones, from kiosks to chatbots, the impact of AI continues to grow. And it's not just limited to the technology sector. Traditional industries such as banking and finance, law, medicine, training and education, even government and non-profits are feeling increased pressure to adopt.

Human Resources Coordinator Girls on the Run International is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Malaysia expansion plans: PRecious Communications, Double Eleven, and UST Global PR agency, PRecious, has set up operations in Bangsar South, which is also the location favoured by game developer, Double Eleven, for its first office outside of the UK.

How your office setup affects work productivity in 2020 Walking around for just 5 minutes every hour can boost your mood and reduce tiredness, so do try and allocate some rest areas in your office layout.

Hong Kong is crowned as the fanciest city in the world A total of 28 cities around the world and six in the Americas) were surveyed. DSC boss Hui Ming-shun was placed in police custody last night over alleged involvement in a conspiracy to defraud… Hongkongers share their bad experiences giving and receiving red packets from colleagues and bosses… Apart from the 0.5 month bonus, civil servants...

Elumelu: Africa needs massive investment in power, human resources The Chairman, United Bank for Africa and Founder, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Mr. Tony Elumelu, has advocated massive private capital investment as well as increased support to youth development as catalysts for driving economic growth on the continent. Elumelu said this while speaking on a panel at the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020, in London.

Jack's Law: Statutory parental bereavement leave rules to start in April 2020 Parents who suffer stillbirth or the loss of a child will be entitled to two weeks' statutory parental bereavement leave from 6 April 2020, the government confirmed today, while those with six months' service will also be entitled to statutory pay.

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