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Prudential Singapore removes retirement age, benefitting 1,100 staff With the lifting of the retirement age, employees approaching the statutory retirement age of 62 can stay on in their jobs and be entitled to the same benefits, including medical, as all employees while drawing the same salary as before. They will still receive a retirement payout any time they choose to leave their jobs.

Autumn Budget: IR35 changes should be delayed to April 2020 Philip Hammond is expected to announce a further crackdown on people claiming self-employed status in the Budget, targeting people who've set up private companies in order to pay lower levels of national insurance. Contributor Nigel Morris, Tax Director - MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

The beautiful gain Print - Issue 168 - Article of the Week Being perceived as strategic and 'always in control' may have been the holy grail for leaders of the past, but increasingly, they need to be inspiring coaches and communicators, not hiding behind statistics and data. Lest we lose sight of the obvious fact, people science is the science of people.

HR Generalist Needed at ALC HQ Non-ExemptLa Canada, CA, US. The primary responsibilities are maintaining employee data and processing timekeeping records each pay period. Will also take the lead in processing Multi-State Company-wide semi-monthly payroll for 500+ employees, supporting and overseeing the company HRIS, and other responsibilities as time permits.

CNH Weekly Service Behaviors - Week 11 of 12: Value Others and Embrace Diversity It is easy to hear respect in a person's tone of voice, see it in their body language, and understand it in the words they use to address you. Our patients, their family members and co-workers carefully observe how we all speak to them and how we treat each other.

Your Next Recruiting Goal Should be to Make Candidates Feel "Seen, Heard, and Remembered" Earlier this month, I joined hundreds of talent acquisition pros in downtown San Francisco for Jobvite's annual Recruiter Nation Live event. In addition to exchanging some new stories, the best recruiting practices, and winning strategies with our peers, I also had the great pleasure of speaking on-stage with the incredible Molly Bloom.

Equal pay strike hits Glasgow schools and services Hundreds of schools and nurseries are closed in Glasgow after around 8,000 workers began a two-day strike over a long-running dispute about equal pay. The GMB and Unison unions, which have coordinated the industrial action, said it was called amid a lack of progress on the equal pay claims of thousands of women.

Public sector workers could face variable pay rises Public sector workers could have wage increases based on their performance or where in the country they work, the chancellor has hinted. Philip Hammond told the Daily Telegraph that he would like greater "flexibility" over public sector pay awards and an end to blanket deals.

8 Ways to Improve Hiring and Retention Almost every piece of research covering the priorities of business leaders and senior HR professionals will conclude that recruiting and retaining the people they need is the top priority and main challenge.

Gallbladder Surgery Isn't So Bad Hi, everybody, I'm on medical leave. Nobody get any big ideas about asking me for anything. I'm milking this time off for every stinkin' minute away from PR pitches and email messages about machine learning and cryptocurrency.

Recruitment process in printing Industry Printing and Print – Packaging industry in India is growing; people are taking keen interest in this key industry now. There are more than 36 printing institutes some of these giving even post-grad…

Microbusiness: Huge concerns Some businesses declared spending up to 90 per cent of turnover on rents, salaries and other overhead costs - as a result many microbusinesses in London are struggling to keep afloat. Contributor Susan Hal AM,, Chairman - Economy Committee. There are 1 million microbusinesses across London, which make up 96 per cent of companies in London.

Employers need support around whistleblowing argues charity Whistleblowing support charity Protect celebrates its 25th anniversary with a benchmarking tool that aims to help organisations build trust and improve employees' ability to air public interest concerns. Adam McCulloch reports.

What challenges does HR face when implementing HR Analytics and what actions have been taken to solve these challenges? Kotter listed 8 steps within a process of leading change, which contains:. While implementing HR Analytics, HR may face many challenges. Some of them are:. To solve these challenges every HR has to adopt these important points:.

The HR leader's wishlist from Malaysia budget 2019 Malaysia Budget 2019 is all set to be announced on 2 November 2018 by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and ahead of the tabling, Human Resources spoke to HR leaders and managers across industries to learn what's on their wishlist from this year's edition.

What Impact will prescribed cannabis have in the workplace? After a long-running set of campaigns from cannabis supporters, it will finally be legal for doctors to prescribe cannabis-based drugs in the UK, for sufferers of several medical conditions. Contributor Pam Rogerson, HR Director at ELAS.

YouTube invests US$20 million in the YouTube Learning initiative A new Learning Fund will be created to support creators who make some of the best learning content on YouTube. Such content include videos covering a wide range of topics from career skills, like interviewing and resume building, to computer science, like coding for game development and JavaScript basics.

Ethnicity pay equality - gender pay gap-style reporting won't work The Government says it is "time to move to mandatory ethnicity pay reporting" in its new Race at Work Charter announced in October 2018. The consultation on the proposed new law requests feedback on the sort of information that employers should be required to publish and whether this should follow current gender pay gap reporting rules.

Why hasn't IT embraced remote working? However, businesses will still struggle to recruit the most skilled software and infrastructure engineers if the IT industry doesn't move away from a legacy system that relies on office-based working.

Morrisons payroll data breach judgment a "wake-up call" for business The Court of Appeal has upheld the judgment finding Morrisons vicariously liable for the leak of payroll data by a disgruntled employee, but the supermarket says it will take the case to the Supreme Court. Legal commentators have said that employers will be panicking in light of today's "bewildering" judgment.

Directors must pay £2m in landmark whistleblowing case Two individual directors have been held liable for the unfair sacking of a whistleblower for the first time, in a case that will reverberate loudly through boardrooms.

Royal Opera House to appeal against musician's hearing loss ruling The Royal Opera House has been granted permission to challenge a landmark High Court ruling in favour of a musician who suffered hearing loss at a rehearsal.

Let's Fix Work Episode 34 - The Vast Social Experiment of Virtual Communication with Dr. Nick Morgan Hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Nick Morgan of Public Words about virtual communication at work and in the real world.

The Implications of Having No HR in Your Small Business Ignoring the need for HR support often leads to ignoring employee needs. If no one is driving that focus, employees first and later the workplace will suffer. It is certainly true that not all businesses need full-time HR support or even onsite HR support.

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