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Rebooting a De-Motivated Team - Techniques and Strategies There could be a lot of reasons that de-motivate a perfectly enthusiastic team. Rumors of a shut down, mass layoffs, lack of appreciation and losing a key team member are just some of the many reasons that can lower the morale and performance of your team.

Willis Towers Watson launches SkillsVue, a skill-based pay analytics platform "SkillsVue equips organisations with key information needed to make skill-related compensation decisions efficiently and effectively." It will be introduced to clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States this year, with expansion to additional countries globally in 2020.

The inflation of employer quality seals: A curse or a blessing? The key message: Relying on just one aspect is not enough. A company's reputation or a brand's prominence alone are usually not a comprehensive benchmark for debating the actual quality of an employer.

Leading brands in HR excellence kick on with distinction DHL Express Hong Kong, Singapore-founded bank DBS, venerable Hong Kong condiments company Lee Kum Kee, and MGM China are, but a few of the big players who have taken their game to another level after being recognised for their outstanding achievements in a particular aspect of HR.

Digitising HR records: the first steps towards intelligent automation This Personnel Today webinar, in association with business process automation experts Data Capture Solutions, looks at what it takes to transform HR from a technological standpoint and how to implement change at scale.

The Role of HR in Reputation Management Most people think of recruiting and hiring when it comes to the HR department of any given company. But HR needs to be involved in much more than just interviewing potential employees. In fact, one of the most important aspects of HR work is reputation management.

17 Essential Human Resources Poster Templates Start with a unique Human Resources poster template and then customize it using our drag and drop poster maker tool. It's free to sign up and use our online editor. Just to let you know, some of our HR poster templates are free and some cost a small monthly fee to use.

Half of staff believe they are invulnerable to serious health conditions More than half of workers are living in a state of "illness denial", a health insurer has said, because they believe they are unlikely to suffer from major health conditions including cancer, stroke or heart disease.

Small Business Payroll Made Easy: A First-Timer's Guide to Processing Payroll Think about the exciting parts of having a growing business. I bet the idea of setting up a small business payroll system isn't leaping to mind. But just because it's not the most exhilarating part of running a business doesn't mean it's not important.

Human Resource Management Services Market : Latest Technology Innovations, Size, Growth by 2019 Furthermore, the report encompasses the key strategic developments of the market comprising new product launch, research and development, partnerships, acquisitions and mergers, collaborations and joint ventures agreements, and regional growth of main players in the market on the global and regional basis.

Deputy mayor for Health and Human Services to step down The city's deputy mayor for health and human services will step down next month to run a research and policy think tank.

Post-Brexit regional salary thresholds for migrants to be considered The Migration Advisory Committee is to consider how salary thresholds should be calculated under a future immigration system - including whether there is a case for regional salary thresholds to be set.

JK Drug Control Deptt faces dearth of funds, human resources, infrastructure JK Drug Control Deptt faces dearth of funds, human resources, infrastructure.

Top jobs dominated by privately educated and Oxbridge graduates Employers should collect and monitor data on the socio-economic background of their staff, it has been recommended, after a report found top executives and politicians are five-times more likely to have been privately educated than the general population.

Data analysis with Pivot Tables: take your knowledge to the next level Learning how to create Pivot Tables in Excel is one of the must-have skills for anyone who needs to use Excel to build business reports and summaries. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to quickly and easily build reports and charts that help in spotting trends and making crucial business decisions.

Monitoring Employee Conversations: How Far is Too Far? As a business leader, monitoring employee conversations can be a tricky landscape to maneuver. Employee monitoring laws can be complicated, leaving plenty of scope for interpretation and allowing business owners to make their own decisions when it comes to just how far they'll go.

Why You Need Proper Worker Classification in Your Business There are a number of reasons which make worker classification an important concern for businesses. To properly take care of the subjects like employment laws, taxes and employment benefits, it's important that those working for you are categorized in the proper manner.

The obstacles of data-informed decision-making I recently welcomed Eric Knudsen to my podcast, Let's Fix Work. Eric is the Manager of People Analytics at Namely, the all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Together we talked all about using data for informed decision-making.

For the record, June 25, 2019 Email your For the Record information to: [email protected] Please include a high-resolution, colour headshot where possible. Photos appear in the print edition only. Cannabis. Colin Kinsley and Richard Lee have been appointed to Invictus MD Strategies Corp.'s board of directors as independent directors.

Restaurant worker unfairly dismissed after whistleblowing An employment tribunal has ruled that the sacking of an assistant restaurant manager after he had blown the whistle over ingredients was unfair, although he was already set to be made redundant.

Human Resources Management Consulting Services Market is Thriving worldwide with A.T. Kearney, Inc., Accenture PLC, Delloite, Bain & Company, Ernst & Kearney, Inc., Accenture PLC,. Delloite, Bain and Company,. Ernst and Young Ltd.,. KPMG, McKinsey and Company,. Mercer LLC,. The Boston Consulting Group,. The analytical studies are carried out making sure purchaser desires with a radical expertise of Market capacities in the real - time scenario.

Business Networking - An Absolute Necessity For Success Business networking can be fun and profitable at the same time. Networking is always an essential requisite of reaching business goals, be it any kind of business. And, in this internet driven world where every business needs an online presence to succeed, business networking has become even easier and beneficial.

Corporate power and human destiny It is a slow and difficult but indispensable process. Current conditions are unsustainable. A change of course is urgently needed. There are laudable initiatives by many civil society organizations that undoubtedly need to be more massive in order to have a real impact on the course of events.

Two-thirds of tech workers would leave over poor work-life balance At the same time, tech workers want the opportunity to grow as professionals, with over half willing to leave their jobs over a lack of career progression, while a third would move elsewhere for more learning and development opportunities. Meanwhile, micromanagement would drive four in 10 workers out of the door.

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