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How to Use Company Reviews to Enhance Your Employer Brand A number of important factors affect employer branding. For example, as far as employees are concerned, a company should be a great place to work, have a positive mission, vision, and culture, and provide opportunities for development. Having a strong employer brand ensures great benefits, including:.

How to Check a Potential Candidate's Social Media Account​ Make an excellent plan to entice him or her to join you if the candidate sounds like an ideal employee to you.

Disproportionate criminal records disclosure regime reaches Supreme Court The Supreme Court will hear the Government's appeal in a long running case about the disclosure of criminal records. Contributor Christopher Stacey, Co-director of Unlock.

Modern problems and lessons from the past How today's modern business crises could be avoided using a model pioneered 60 years ago. Successful businesses embed their customers' needs and desires so deeply within their corporate culture that they are felt and acknowledged by every single one of their employees, a new whitepaper claims.

13 Key Takeaways from 13 Sessions at #SHRM18 They stood out, they made me think, they affirmed or challenged what I know, or they presented a theme that I think helped tie my #SHRM18 experience together. I often joke that this conference spawns a thousand blog posts. There remains plenty to say and write about and all of that will play out here and on the SHRM Blog over time.

Young Fathers need support from their Employers Mother gets the world of attention when a baby is born and assumes a new world of responsibilities. Employer organizations are statutorily required to offer 26 weeks' of paid maternity leave. What about the young father who is increasingly bearing a fair share of responsibility in rearing the child?

Global growth momentum gathers pace as companies race to embrace AI EY survey shows 85 percent of middle market companies plan revenue growth of more than 6 percent in the next 12 months. Embracing cognitive technologies and hiring diverse full-time talent are top priorities for global middle market executives.

Guide to minimising security risks posed by wearable tech With the international market for wearables having reached a new high in 2017 with 16.9 percent growth year on year, what impact this trend will have on the workplace as we know it. Contributor John Williams, Head of Marketing - Instant Offices.

City of Gainesville Human Resources Director fired after violating contract Eugenia Allen-Mercado was given more than $18,000 to move within city limits for the job but she didn't. The City Auditor released a report on the investigation saying Allen never became a permanent resident of the City of Gainesville even though it was required for the job.

SHRM18, In Gratitude So for everyone who helped bring #SHRM18 to fruition, as part of their job, as part of a volunteer effort, officially, unofficially, in presence and in spirit, I am also grateful. You made this experience possible, and I'm certain that sentiment is shared thousands of times over.

Are the big brands doing e-commerce or eCommerce? - conclusions from the Online Marketing Manager recruitment process I recently had the opportunity to recruit an Online Marketing Manager for a global brand, very much recognisable in the traditional world of retail.

Sainsbury's employee dismissed for Facebook post wins case A former Sainsbury's employee was unfairly dismissed after an investigation into whether he had committed an act of gross misconduct was not approached with an open mind, an employment tribunal has found.

Mikal Bridge and mom have dream NBA Draft scenario ruined by 76ers According to Villanova product Mikal Bridges, it was 'a blessing' when his hometown Philadelphia 76ers made him the 10th-overall pick of Thursday's NBA Draft. Not only was he born in Philadelphia, but his own mother, Tyneeha Rivers, serves as the team's vice president of human resources.

The 1 Question That Will Blow Up Your Employee Engagement Scores Well, you'll probably still question your investment. It is a simple post. It includes the ONE question most managers never ask their employees and it is the one question most employees NEED to be asked in order to feel engaged at work. If you start doing this you will be heralded as a genius manager.

Better access to lung exercise classes could help tackle sedentary lives The British Lung Foundation has called for access to specialist lung exercise classes to be improved, as around half of people who aren't active regularly feel weekly exercise would pose a risk to their health.

Overwhelmed. Overloaded. Overjoyed. A #SHRM18 Recap The 2018 Society of Human Resource Management annual conference is over. 24 hours later and I'm still letting the whole experience sink in. I'm usually not at a loss for words, but this conference has me searching for the right things to say.

Fruit industry calls for seasonal permit to avoid post-Brexit labour shortage The soft fruit industry could be "crushed" by Brexit if it loses access to the thousands of seasonal workers it relies upon from EU countries, a trade body has claimed.

Board members: Internal audit finds more inappropriate raises in PGCPS human resources department WASHINGTON - There are new allegations that funds were misused in Prince George's County Public Schools after an internal audit found excessive and inappropriate pay in the human resources department. The report shows mistakes add up to several hundred thousand dollars.

How-to: Effectively set and communicate performance expectations Thiveanathan, chief human resource officer, UTAC Group, shares his key takeaways on how to set performance expectations that will drive both the business and employee development. First things first, what are the key elements when it comes to setting performance expectations?

Potential productivity boost from working at home and telecommuting At least 54% of employees with the option to telework, say they are most productive when they work outside a traditional office environment and 26% of employees who have telework flexibility say a better work-life balance is the top benefit of working outside the office.

HR job moves from Facebook, DHL, Airbus, Qatar Airways and more If you've been promoted or if you've moved to a new company, let us know and we willl announce your news here - just email [email protected] And for the pick of HR job opportunities in Asia check out HRjobs.

Is the ability to engage & motivate Millennials the elusive unicorn? Also known as Gen Y, when generalised Millennials are extremely focused on developing themselves and thrive on learning new job skills, always setting new challenges to achieve. They are also the "can do" generation, never worrying about failure, for they see themselves as running the world and work environments.

HR job moves from JP Morgan, Samsung, Starbucks and more Your weekly update on job movements in HR - featuring changes from Hong Kong Disneyland, TAL Apparel, Sentient HR Group and more…

5 percent Club welcomes 300th MEMBER Amey commits to 5 percent of its workforce in "earn and learn" positions by 2023 and encourages industry peers to do the same. Contributor Andy Milner, Chief Executive - Amy.

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