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'A Painter Not Human' In October 1608, the fractious painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio made a daring escape from a Maltese prison and set sail for the Sicilian port of Messina.

Know Your Why-Gut Decisions and Your Career Do you want to have the next conversation? The one you need to really have with your boss to surface and address those issues? Go to HR to escalate? Or do you want to run into a new opportunity with things unsaid? Office politics are a challenge to manage.

'Give women a fair chance to lead' urge psychology experts The low number of women in senior positions in organisations could be down to a lack of understanding in business of leadership styles, psychological assessments have shown. Women who do gain promotion to the top jobs exhibit a decision-making style that mirrors that more often associated with men the data reveals.

Thursday in the Trenches - Acacia HR Solutions Anniversary Edition For April, we didn't have any takers so I thought, since our normal publishing date falls one day before our 8th anniversary as a business, I would use it to introduce readers to us or reintroduce as the case may be. I officially started this business on April 19, 2011.

Women underrepresented on accountancy firm boards An online employee referral recruitment platform has analysed the data from the top 25 accountancy firms in the UK and found that women make up just a quarter of the executive boards, however statistics show that in 2014 women made up 44 percent of full-time accountants in the UK.

Three essentials for effective communication with prospective investors What are investors actually looking for? How do you create an investment deck? What's the most appropriate language and terminology? Thankfully, there are some rules when it comes to developing an investor comms strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Techniques to Design and Deliver an Innovative & Interactive D/I Community In today's TNT - Time-Numbers-Technology - driven and distracted world, organizations and professionals must bring their most complex and creative ideas, skills, insights and strategies to the world of hi-tech and human touch. Learn seven key questions to determine the authenticity of a D/I workplace culture.

Half of staff fear Brexit redundancies within a year Almost half of employees think their employer will make redundancies over the next year, fearing Brexit will result in financial instability.

Labour Market in India According to the Planning Commission of India, Over 94 percent of India's working population is working in the unorganized sector. By 2012 itself there were around 487 million workers in India, The second largest after China.

BS in Human Resource Management The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management program at Colorado Christian University is designed to provide students with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed in the HR field. Read more about what this program entails and the possible opportunities it can offer.

8 Golden Rules for Giving Positive & Productive Feedback at Work Learn how to give meaningful, positive and productive feedback at workplace! According to Gallup's research, giving an effective positive feedback at workplace leads to higher employee engagement, productivity, improved retention and greater profitability.

PGT Innovations Appoints Rachel Evans Vice President of Human Resources PGT Innovations, a national leader in the premium window and door category, recently appointed Rachel Evans as vice president of Human Resources, where she will be responsible for the company's human resources activities across the southeast region.

Streamlinevents Names Shelly Sutton to Lead Human Resources In her role, Sutton will provide strategic leadership for human resources, working collaboratively across the organization to recruit and retain staff of the highest caliber. She will also support members of the employee community on everything from benefits and compensation to employee relations, wellness and professional development.

Where's your flexible working policy? Almost all organisations will have a flexible working policy, even if all it's doing is stating the minimum requirements of the legislation. But where is it? Where on your intranet, where in your managers guidance, your welcome booklet or your induction material?

Dressing for success still matters: consultants Legislature recently bent to social media pressure and changed its dress code to allow women to wear sleeveless blouses or dresses to work.

Outsourcing: How the IWGB nearly overturned collective bargaining rules Last month the High Court dismissed a case which claimed outsourced workers should be able to negotiate pay and conditions for the organisations they work for. Tom Long looks at what impact the case could have had, had it been successful.

Keeping New School Hires Engaged It’s important to onboard and engage your new school hires quickly. In this article, we explain 13 important steps to engage new hires before they start.

Why HR Should Be Mindful of Employees' Mental Health With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, more people are becoming mindful of mental health. People are discovering that we have a mental health problem that we need to tackle. However, one group of people who have not seemed to catch up is the workforce, and that's a problem.

New study: Human Resources Software Market Astonishing Growth, Technology and Recruiting - applicant tracking, Talent Management, Workforce Management Human Resources Software Market: Overview The report provides a global analysis of Human Resources S.

Feeding Wildlife or Feeding Conflict: How Human Subsidy Affects Urban Wildlife The urban environment dramatically restricts wildlife to smaller areas compared to their natural habitats. For instance, a species thriving on food from a landfill multiplies rapidly, increasing the density but radically reducing the habitat space.

33% of Singaporeans believe robots could replace them at work Of the respondents, those working in accountancy, banking and finance are the most concerned about this, with 50% thinking it is possible. On the contrary, just 13% of those working in business and consulting believe so.

Hong Kong tops Asia for cost of business travel Hong Kong’s expense of business travel is largely due to the high cost of four-star hotels.

Human Resource: Stakeholders harp on training and re-training Stakeholders in the Human Resources Management have called on employers of labour at all levels to cultivate the culture of training and retraining workers as well as create equal access for workers in order to improve productivity and profitability.

What inclusion in the workplace is So in this month's column, I pooled anecdotes and actionable advice on what are the things we can do as leaders in order to build a truly inclusive culture. In many companies, inclusion simply means having an equal employment policy tacked to the door or as a section in the staff policy dossier.

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