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Gig economy drivers on collision course with GDPR Some of the major names in the development of the gig economy − such as Deliveroo, Pimlico Plumbers and Uber − may be about to find that the General Data Protection Regulation interferes with core operations within their businesses, writes Seddons solicitor Harry Abrams.

Why parenting team members can be so detrimental Parenting-type behaviours assume that others are unable to know and understand as much about the world as the parent does. So, parents must advise and teach, and ensure their 'offspring' remain safe in a world they know less about. So, what is wrong with this?

How to mitigate the hidden dangers of flexible working While flexible working is a common solution to help staff achieve a work-life balance, Becker cautioned that 'flexible work boundaries' often turn into 'work without boundaries,' compromising an employee's and their family's health and well-being.

An essential cog in the HR machinery The search was on for the right HR technology platform that would reduce the time and effort of HR to manage repetitive transactional activities and enhance HR's bandwidth to manage more strategic deliverables up the value chain.

Singapore's best employers revealed DBS Bank, American Express International, Baxter Healthcare Asia, and McDonald's Singapore have been named as one of the seven best employers in Singapore for 2018. According to Aon's Best Employers study, these employers have achieved an engagement score of 81%, compared to a market average of 61%.

Have you ever wondered what are the questions to ask an interviewer? Have you ever wondered what are the questions to ask an interviewer? An interview is a two-way street, your employer is seeking to find the best employee and you are seeking the best employer. Usually, you are the person who is being asked most of the questions in an interview.

Don't ditch the LISA - it could be a great addition to the benefits package! In fact, what many employees don't realise is that saving into a LISA can actually help them to save for a deposit faster than using a savings account, and that by getting into the savings habit, it may also actually increase their pension pot." To help with this, WEALTH at work has illustrated how this could work in practice in the example below.

Is your marketing strategy aligned with your business goals? With all this in mind, now is a great time to consider whether your marketing strategy is aligned with your goals according to Instant Offices.

CEO pay rises by 11% creating 'substantial' pay gap The average FTSE 100 CEO pay package increased by 11% between 2016 and 2017, while full-time workers saw only a 2% rise in median earnings, analysis by the CIPD and the High Pay Centre has revealed.

Are You One of the 52 Million People Who Work At Home? Do It Right With These 3 Tips Since a whopping 52 million* people work from home it makes sense to learn how to do it right. This article provides three tips on maximizing your remote work including one that may surprise you. Why are there so many remote workers? Remote work means more flexibility and happier employees.

Don't Celebrate Great Places to Work I don't believe in patting adults on the back for being adults, and I don't believe in celebrating great places to work. Are you a great place to work? Fabulous. Congratulations for doing the bare minimum. You're not a great place to work? Close your doors.

Why executives derail Research from Centre for Creative Leadership. Sometimes we focus a lot on working behind the scenes and achieving, doing. Interestingly, the Centre for Creative Leadership lists relationships as major make or break. : Photo credit: Himself taken on streets of Bangkok.

CHART OF THE DAY: ETFs, Active Managers, and Human Specialization Today's Chart of the Day comes to us from the world of Finance and our pals at Bloomberg and shows just how once type of job, the "active", mutual fund manager is being disrupted by another kind of manager - a 'passive' one, modeled against the market more broadly, and dominated by algorithms and sophisticated computers.

Record fall in EU nationals employed in UK The number of EU nationals working in the UK has fallen by a record amount, with 86,000 fewer EU workers in the second quarter of 2018 than in the same period in 2017.

Employers prefer apprenticeship experience over university degrees As thousands of students receive their A-level results this week, employers have revealed that the experience gained in an apprenticeship is more important than qualifications when hiring young members of staff.

Too much collaboration kills creativity Researchers in the US have found that collaboration among teams is welcome but that it should be limited to achieve the best results.

Talent management: why annual HR practice won't cut it in today's real-time world Important HR strategies such as performance and talent management, employee engagement, rewards and recognition, and compensation plans are traditionally annual approaches that must shift to be more in-the-moment. Why?

Senior management are the least trusted in the workplace A new study of 2,000 UK employees has revealed that senior management are in fact the least trusted in the workplace - with only 16 percent trusting this group. 'Better communication' and 'regular catch ups' were factors considered key for management to improve trust.

Understanding your remote workers better You can't put an age on today's remote worker. Per the survey, more than 90% of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers take advantage of their company's remote work policy. There are two distinct camps within the active mobile workforce: Those who use all of the remote work time that's available to them and those who only use some of it.

The top 10 employers chosen by Hong Kong graduates Hong Kong government, which was placed third in last year's ranking by business graduates, beat long-time chart-topper Google this year as the most attractive employer, while retaining the top spot among engineering graduates as well. Top 10 employers for business graduates:: 1.

UK firms struggling to recruit staff after fall in EU migrants There are plenty of red flags that the UK is facing a major labour shortage challenge, from the declining number of EU workers coming to Britain, through to employers finding it harder to fill vacancies. Contributor Dean Forbes, CEO - CoreHR.

Supporting mental health of expat employees New research* commissioned by The Health Insurance Group reveals organisations with employees working overseas are falling short when it comes to providing dedicated mental health support. Contributor Sarah Dennis, Head of International - The Health Insurance Group. Offers Employers New Tool to Support Downsized Employees Digital platform connects recruiters, candidates in unique way for faster placements. Chandler, AZ - Layoffs are part of doing business and while the number of job cuts changes year to year and different industries are affected, no matter what company or who is being laid-off, the process is never easy.

Tales from the Git Keeper: It's My Party and I Can Uninvite You If I Want To I had told my manager and his manager that I was quitting. I gave them a date and they told me to sit tight while they hash out the details with HR. I gave them a date 1 month out and described the work I intended to complete during that time. I was anxiously awaiting their verdict.

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