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Current Issues In HR In today's fast-paced working environment. Where mobility of personnel is very easy a person from one country can be made to work in another. Online connectivity, on the other hand, has made things simpler and efficient for every organization to run its business operations smoothly.

Onboard new employees with Gleebeam using manual notification triggers Gleebeam can help you announce new hires to the team on TV dashboards around the office to ensure the warmest possible onboarding for all new employees. Let's say that every time an employee joins you would like to display their name, role, a fun fact about them along with a photo.

Happy Deepavali to you and your loved ones from Human Resources Online May the radiance from the festival of lights bring you joy, success, good health and happiness for the year ahead. Happy Deepavali to you and your loved ones, from the Human Resources Online team!

Wanted: Emotional Beings to Plug the AI Gaps I've been watching the debate around Artificial Intelligence for some time. We are seeing it pushed heavily into our lives, from the raft of circular devices that are capable of holding conversations with us, through to the emerging tools that businesses are using to deliver core processes.

Frameworks for trainers and employers launched in Malaysia Malaysia's Human Resources Development Fund yesterday launched two frameworks for trainers and employers - Trainer Development Framework and the Training Effectiveness Evaluation Framework. According to the press release, this is part of the efforts to ensure on the training conducted under HRDF meets certain minimum standard.

Google's 10 traits of a good boss For more than 10 years, researchers at the world's biggest search engine have been looking closely at the behaviours of their top-rated leaders, as well as feedback from employee satisfaction surveys, to put together a list of what defines a good boss.

How to Plan a Successful Networking Event Building your company's profile can be a challenge. The marketing department only has so much control, but the overall image of your business can impact how well you attract and retain top talent. Fortunately, you can make a big splash without having to run a significant PR campaign.

Appalachian Regional Healthcare names Sonya Bergman VP of human resources Lexington, Ky.-based Appalachian Regional Healthcare has tapped Sonya Bergman as vice president of human resources. Ms. Bergman most recently served as the health system's director of human resources for the past 13 years and led Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center's HR department for the last seven.

Manufacturing headcount falls at fastest rate since 2010 The CBI's quarterly industrial trends survey has seen the fastest fall in headcount since April 2010, with firms anticipating an even sharper decline and expectations at their lowest since the financial crisis.

HSMAI Foundation Hosts First-Ever Human Resources Roundtable During 2019 Lodging Conference - The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Foundation recently hosted its first-ever Chief Human Resources Officer Executive Roundtable during The Lodging Conference, held in Phoenix, AZ last month.

Greenwich Harbor Partners Recruits Chief Human Capital Officer for Capital Partners October 22, 2019 - Talent acquisition strategies at many large companies have become as complex as their balance sheets. At most companies the chief human resource officer plays a vital role in overseeing an organization's broad-based workforce.

Human resources ministry tells Utusan to pay outstanding wages, VSS compensation The ministry, through its Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia, has told the companies to pay the September and October salaries of all employees who are still in service until Oct 30, it said in a statement today.

Advanced Negotiation Skills for Managers Negotiation is a core competency of the modern manager. In today's diverse and complex world many factors affect negotiation. While going into a negotiation, a manager must be aware of the impact of gender and culture. Managers are often called on to build coalitions in negotiations.

Swiss├┤tel Al Ghurair partners with SOS Children's villages Property aims to raise funds for children in the MENA region.

Major global payroll compliance risks lay ahead The 2019 Global Payroll Complexity Index is published today by NGA Human Resources. The report compiles the feedback of nearly 2,500 payroll professionals from around the world. Contributor Mike Eralie, Chief Operating Office - NGA Human Resources.

How to manage employees with 'side hustles' More and more people are taking on "side hustles" in addition to their main job. But while supporting side hustles can be good for engagement, there are a number of legal considerations for employers, write Adam Penman and Nickie Pickernell.

How Leaders Can Use Coaching Style Conversations to Engage Employees Effective leaders use coaching skills as part of their leadership style. Leaders who use coaching skills have more successful careers and improved business results. Coaching is the key component to enhance direct reports' and team's performances.

How can HR re-energise the diversity agenda? There's plenty of evidence that having a diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business, but why are many organisations barely going beyond compliance with equality legislation? Ashleigh Webber meets a group of senior HR professionals who explore how the profession can make a difference.

Guide to Landmark case in collective bargaining arrangement "This is a helpful decision for employers who may be trying to settle a dispute with unions or circumvent an impasse in negotiations. This case makes it clear that a one-off agreement with employees will not be sufficient to amount to a breach of section 145B.

Giving false reason for dismissing black employee justified inferring race discrimination In Base Childrenswear Ltd v Otshudi, O is of black African ethnicity. The Manging Director, G, dismissed O telling her it was for redundancy. After O lodged a race discrimination claim, the employer subsequently admitted that redundancy was not the real reason.

What recruiters should look for in a video resume While a digital PDF remains the most popular resume format, many tech-savvy younger workers, especially those who are working in the creative or media industry, are turning their attention to video format. Glassdoor recently shed light on the four factors recruiters should look for in a video resume:.

HR Excellence Awards 2019: Indonesia finalists announced Organised by Human Resources Online, and produced by Priya Veeriah for the first time this year, we are excited to launch the HR Excellence Awards in Indonesia following great successes in both Singapore and Malaysia for over 5 years now.

The hidden epidemic: Mental health at the workplace Depression and anxiety, albeit the more common mental illnesses, are often neglected by the people around the affected and even the person themselves. The main reason is due to the nature of the illness - it is not easily noticeable to others and we always resort to attributing it as our own responsibility or simply 'sadness'.

Human Capital Management: A Different School of Thought in HR In the traditional approach to managing human resources, employees are viewed as resources that the company can put into place to carry out tasks and achieve objectives.

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