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Kitchen Extension Update - Part 1. It's been a wee while since the extension work started, and I had hoped to have an update before now… but there really hasn't been too much to update. See my first post here. One of the downsides to starting an extension in winter is the weather. It's not that it has been cold, nor has it snowed, it just hasn't stopped bloody raining.

Breathtaking video of Boeing 777X VIP interior A breathtaking video of the Boeing 777X VIP interior concept has been released. It is a showcase of a BBJ 777X VIP interior designed by Jet Aviation Design Studio visualised by ACA. The Boeing 777X is due to fly his month. SEE our fabulous photo galleries.

Don't let small spaces intimidate you. A small space can still be your dream place! I remember when I moved into a relatively small apartment and was faced with the challenge of making it feel like home. I wanted to make the place seem bigger and brighter without making any structural transformations. Usually, it is difficult to make major structural improvements if it is a rented property.

Q&A With Brett Boydell, Head Of Interior Design Of Bentley We sit down with Brett Boydell to discuss the design and craftsmanship that goes into the making of a Bentley, whose headquarters in Crewe, England, is a British center of excellence for wood and leather. How do you help owners pick a combination that reflects their personality?

Irish interior designer Sara Cosgrove injects a New York vibe At Sara Cosgrove Design's offices, piles of samples fill the shelves. There are beaded chair backs, lacquered tiles, silk-backed wall coverings, wrapped leather panels and, among them, a framed Oscar Wilde quote: "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." The offices are a revelation.

Space Fitting Furniture is Providing Expert Furniture and Interior Design Solutions in and around Cardiff and South Wales Interior designing is a tricky thing. And it goes hand in hand with picking out the right furniture to match your decor. But Space Fitting Furniture makes your job a whole lot easier by doing both the things for you. It provides you with beautiful and smart furniture.

Black and White Bathroom The mirror is an inset medicine cabinet which allows for a lot of storage in this bathroom, a 4 light vanity light and we trimmed out the windows and doors with a craftsman style dimensional white casing. The walls are painted light gray. Throughout this project we had a lot of help from our little friends.

Interior Design's Executive Editor Annie Block Moderates IFDA Panel: "The Future is Here" The International Furnishings and Design Association hosted a panel discussion last night called "The Future is Here: How We Live and Work Today," which touched on strategies for staying ahead of unforeseeable disruptions in the industry.

Big And Small Changes You Can Make At Home To Go Green Are you thinking about going green at home? This is a great choice because it will mean that you can save energy while also ensuring that you are able to reduce your carbon footprint. There are a lot of steps that you can take here. However, in this guide, I'm going to explore different options for every budget.

2020's hottest interior design trends Watch 2020’s hottest interior design trends Video Online, on

Interior refurbishment part of Embraer Lineage inspection by Ruag Ruag MRO International has completed an M4 inspection on an Embraer Lineage at its Embraer authorised service centre in Munich-Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. The work included avionics upgrades focused on ADS-B Out and FANS compliance, full exterior painting to implement a new livery, as well as a cabin refurbishment.

CenturyLink lands $1.6B U.S. Department of Interior contract CenturyLink has landed a $1.6 billion contract with the U.S. Department of Interior through the General Services Administration's Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions program.

Interior Department Turns to CenturyLink for Secure Network Services and IT Modernization Department of the Interior selected Monroe, Louisiana-based CenturyLink, Inc. to provide secure network services and IT modernization solutions through the the General Services Administration's Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions program.

How to Choose the Right TYPES of Window Shutters When it comes to picking the right type of window shutter for your home, there are several things that you have to take into account. Window designs vary considerably of course and not every window shutter is suitable for particular styles of window.

AIA highlights American interior design excellence The prestigious American Institute of Architects has declared the winners of its annual Interior Architecture Awards, which celebrate the finest interior design by US-licensed firms. This year's selection includes a Google office, a museum extension, and an accessible renovation of a modernist office building.

Crystallized 'rice noodle' sculpture adorns catanian's restaurant interior in china The client's love of his grandmother and fortunate inheritance of her recipe inspired the centerpiece of the crystallized bowl of rice noodles. the dramatic sculpture illuminates the space and cascades over the guests during dinner. the light and ephemeral structure creates spatial effects in the restaurant, taking up most of the ceiling.

A Modern But Characterful Bathroom - Dear Designer Mixing styles and periods is also a good trick to keep a bathroom looking warm and inviting. So for example if the rest of the house has period details, by all means go for a modern bathtub, but keep some of the traditional features in the room too. This post does contain affiliate links.

Interior Styling: Post-Production & Evaluation The group was really pleased with the final outcome, the colours represented our ideas really well, and they worked to present our ideas of Miami colour blocking as well as featuring each of ideas about pattern, texture and form.

Interior Styling: The Shoot Day On the day of the shoot the whole set began to come together. The wall fixtures were up on the walls and we began fiddling with the layout as the camera and bounce boards were set up. The finishing touches were added and we began to shoot.

Interior Styling: Set Build The week of the set build was very hands on and presented us with lots of physical work to undertake. This started with the build of the walls which needed to be constructed in the wood workshop using MDF boards and wooden panels which needed to be assembled and fitted to the boards to create a frame.

Interior Styling: Scheme Design Our choices with our wall design will dictate what we can do with the foreground of our set using all of our furniture and props. With one of our largest inspirations being the use of maximalist techniques we wanted to create a design simple enough to make the rest of the design stand out against it.

Interior Styling My first field project of second year is interior styling, a area which links very closely to my subject of interior design. I was very excited to start this as this is a one-off opportunity to create my designs that are otherwise left as CAD designs.

Tara Engelberg: Interior Designer Crush Tara Engelberg's interior design career has an unexpected beginning, but she is on her way to finding success in the Memphis design world. Meet our latest Memphis interior designer crush!

Nicki Clendening: Interior Designer Crush Old is just as good as new — and sometimes it's better. Meet Nicki Clendening, an interior designer with a lifelong appreciation of antique and vintage pieces who brings flea market finds into stunning interiors.

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