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How I Travel: Interior Designer Katharine Pooley - Hong Kong Tatler Favourite travel companion? Favourite travel companion is my father. We are both intrepid explorers and always see eye to eye on the agenda. Aisle or window seat? Always a window seat. I need to see where I'm going. Favourite travel app? Google Translate, Google Maps and Uber.

Electric Pickup Truck Weekly News: Tesla-Ram Interior, Rivian Gets $$$ The Tesla electric pickup truck interior sketch, which mashes a Model 3 and a Ram 1500, is the star of the show in this week's top trucking news.

Tesla Pickup Truck Interior With Ram 1500 Styling Looks Striking This is what happens when you combine elements of the Tesla Truck with the Ram 1500. See the interior of this Tesla-Ram mashup come to life right before your eyes here. Last week, we presented the first interior sketches of the Tesla Truck. Those sketches used the Tesla Model 3 and Ford F-150 pickup for inspiration.

Contemporary Garden Lighting Ideas with Lights4fun Today's post looks at some garden lighting from Lights4fun which I've used in the newly redesigned garden. Lights4fun kindly gifted me a selection of sets to use in the outdoor space and I feel like they've given it a completely different atmosphere. We've spent some time and money on updating part of the garden this summer season.

The praise of imperfection My social media use is basically two things: murderino* crossover groups on Facebook and Instagram. In both of those spheres, people often share their private lives: wins, losses, good stuff, and bad stuff. Sometimes those digital communities are as valid and give as much support as the more traditional ones.

Modern Interior Design by Perla Lichi Combines Technology and Glamour to Create a Universal and Spiritual Statement at Chabad of Parkland The ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for September 19, 2019. Perla Lichi has been lauded for creating spaces that have "serene spiritual energy which radiates the holiness of the Torah." Chabad Creations by Perla Lichi is on the leading edge of contemporary Chabad design.

The Wolds lodges transformed by Interior Design Masters and owners' verdict on visit by Fearne Cotton BBC show Show hosted by Fearne Cotton took on challenge at Wold View Fisheries and here's what happened after the BBC left.

Decorating Small Spaces Just started a new year at college? Stuck in a dorm or tiny off-campus apartment? It may seem like there isn't much to be done with a tiny space when it comes to decorating and furniture, but that's actually incorrect. Small spaces don't necessarily equal flat and simple; there's a world of decorating you can do.

It's My 1 Year Anniversary! September 9th is a very special day. Not only was it the day I made my very first blog post, but it also marks the one-year anniversary of me moving into my DC apartment. In honor of my one-year, I wanted to give you all a little tour of the place I call home.

Gallery Walls: 101 You may be thinking… "she knows I live in a rented house, right? I can't be hammering nails into the walls willy-nilly!" Well just bear with me on this one. Gallery walls, or wall art in general is one of my most favourite of ways to add flair and personality into my home.

Short Film Documentary: "Achille Salvagni" Is An Artistic Look At The Renowned Designer Achille Salvagni is recognised as one of the most sophisticated and innovative creatives working today. His influences range from the rich heritage of generations of master designers before him, to cutting-edge contemporary design tendencies.

Tips To Get The Best Online Interior Design Services Often, we see that people are clueless about how to go about their interior decorating services. The easiest thing you can do right now is to get online help. It may sound dicey, but there are many reliable sites that offer the best online interior design services.

Gain Expertise and Become Industry-Ready through Interior Design Programs Learning the craft of designing internal spaces can be the medium to enter the gateway of better opportunities for the legion of passionate aspirants. One can undergo undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in interior design at one of the best or finest institutes, schools, or colleges.

Colorado Home Show in Denver focuses on home remodeling trends, sustainability, interior design The Colorado Home Show aims to stay on top of home remodeling industry trends. It's Friday through Sunday at Denver's Colorado Convention Center.

8 Things To Consider Before Starting A Deep Clean Although most people believe a deep clean should be saved for springtime, the more often you're deep cleaning the better.

The Reveal - Master Bedroom I wanted so many things for our home when we moved in. Life takes over, and time gets away from us. So here I am four and a half years later, FINALLY getting some of the rooms exactly how I dreamed they would be. My husband owned this home before we were even together.

Nicky Haslam goes from celebrity interior designer to selling off his furniture as he turns 80 Nicky Haslam had a good summer, which is what one expects, darling. He was with friends on the Turquoise Coast in Turkey; he was on an Italian beach in Sicily; he was partying in the South of France in his white Primark jeans and dip-dyed goatee beard.

Instagram Versus Reality at Failed Interior-Design Start-up Homepolish This week, CEO Noa Santos told designers it's all gone. "We frankly don't have the funding left to run the business on an ongoing basis," Santos said in a video conference call on Wednesday with the company's remaining employees, according to a recording provided to Intelligencer.

2020 Aston Martin DBX Gives Us A Better Look At Its Interior Series production is on track to begin in the second quarter of 2020 at Aston Martin's new St Athan plant in Wales, with the DBX going on sale in the first half of next year.

What to expect when attending SBID Meet the Buyer With the up and coming SBID Meet the Buyer event approaching next month, and spaces continuing to fill, we approached the SBID Accredited manufacturers and designers to share their perspective on attending the event. Which supplier did you make contact with after attending the Meet The Buyer event?

São Paulo's Piracaia Residence Takes the Interior Outdoors Located in Piracaia, São Paulo, Brazil, the Piracaia Residence was built into the sloped terrain allowing a concrete basement to be mostly hidden underground with access to the garage and service areas.

Making Duvets & Pillows with Herbert Parkinson, John Lewis Partners We begun our visit at herbert parkinson with a pillow and duvet masterclass, where we were shown samples of the natural fillings herbert parkinson use for their products, including grey, siberian, hungarian and mountain goose feathers, the latter being possibly the softest, lightest material i've ever felt.

BRISTOL Paint by PPG: Win Designer Interior Styling Session As Western US Iron Oxide Pigment Distributor Evonik Expands Capacity for Specialty Alcohol ITDA Lomon Billions Showcasing TiO2 Pigments at ABRAFATI 2019 Oxea Achieves Gold Status in EcoVadis Sustainability Rating Vink Chemicals Acquires Technical Biocides Range, Additives from schülke International Buyers Guide Companies Active Minerals...

My Favorite Rooms at MaArte Fair 2019 When my mom told me that this year's MaArte Fair is inspired by the open-house parties of the North Syquia apartments, I was very curious to see how the exhibitors' rooms would be styled. So on a Saturday afternoon, my mom and I had a shopping date and braved the crowd starting by a long queue at Manila Peninsula's elevator.

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