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Justin Bieber involved in two-vehicle smash up Justin Bieber was involved in a two-car smash in West Hollywood on Friday night. The Sorry hitmaker was driving his Mercedes-Benz G-Class on Sunset Boulevard when he was rear-ended by a Range Rover, according to TMZ.com.

Justin Bieber Digs Hot Blonde Baskin Champion — He’s Respecting Selena’s Wishes To Keep Distance Justin Bieber, 24, has been spending a lot of time with blonde beauty Baskin Champion lately and it turns out he really likes her. The singer has been on a break from on-again, off-again love Selena Gomez, 25, and feels there's nothing wrong with his frequent hangouts with Baskin.

Bill Hader reveals the worst-behaved 'SNL' musical guest during his tenure Take it from two Saturday Night Live alums. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah revealed the "worst-behaved" musical guest they'd ever encountered during their time on the show: Justin Bieber. "He was in a bad place," Hader told Andy Cohen as Pharoah agreed.

Justin Bieber "Worst-Behaved" SNL Guest, Bill Hader & Jay Pharoah Agree Though Drake has hosted SNL twice now, it was actually another Canadian musician that brought his "Worst Behaviour" to the show. According to former cast member Bill Hader and current cast member Jay Pharoah, there's no mistaking who was the most difficult person to work with during their tenures on the show.

Justin Bieber Involved in 'Minor' Car Crash in L.A. Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car accident on Friday night. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirmed to PEOPLE that a "minor two vehicle traffic collision occurred at about 8:49 last night at Sunset and Weathlery." "There were no injuries and there was no report taken.

Justin Bieber doing okay after car accident in Los Angeles A Belieber captured the post-crash scene on video and posted it to their Twitter, captioning, "just watched Justin Bieber get into a car crash. this is the epitome of living in LA. i love u and hope ur ok @justinbieber" - paparazzi were there as well.

Bill Hader says Justin Bieber was the worst-ever SNL guest There's no doubt that Justin Bieber has tons of fans across the globe, but Bill Hader is not among them! Recently, Hader appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen along with Jay Pharaoh. The two were both performers on Saturday Night Live together when Bieber came onto the program as a guest.

Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah Consider Justin Bieber the Worst-Behaved 'SNL' Guest Though SNL looks like all fun and games from the outside, on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah reassured us that it sometimes wasn't all peaches and cream.

Justin Bieber Involved in Minor Car Accident in Los Angeles The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department confirmed to ET that the 24-year-old singer was involved in a "light fender bender" around 9 p.m. on Friday night in West Hollywood, California, and that no report was taken. An eyewitness at the scene said the accident took place across from Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Boulevard.

Bieber's new girl Baskin Champion is seen leaving his house - but who is she? It's only been a week since teenage sweethearts Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez allegedly split. But it looks like the singer has swiftly moved on with new gal Baskin Champion. Already the pair are making headlines as they were spotted out together at a Craig David concert in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber Is OK After Car Crash in West Hollywood Justin Bieber was driving his Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV in West Hollywood on Friday night when he was rear-ended by a driver in a Ranger Rover. No injuries were reported. A police spokesperson said cops were called to the scene of the accident, which took place on Sunset Boulevard, but did not make a report.

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Got Into A Car Accident And The Police Arrived; Was Baskin Champion In The Car As Well? - Check Out The Video Filmed By A Justin Bieber was involved in a car crash in LA, last night, March 23. His Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon was rear-ended by a white Range Rover. This happened on Sunset Blvd, and a fan filmed the aftermath. Justin seems okay, judging by the video and he looks like he was in his car by himself.

Justin Bieber Involved In Car Crash, Police Called To Scene Justin Bieber was involved in a car crash in West Hollywood Friday night, with TMZ reporting the "Purpose" singer's vehicle was rear-ended by a Range Rover. According to TMZ, the crash occurred shortly before 9 p.m. on Sunset Boulevard, with law enforcement arriving on the scene after being alerted by the OnStar system in one of the vehicles.

Justin Bieber "Worries" Fans After Getting Into A Minor Car Accident Justin Bieber was involved in a minor accident on Friday night after a car crashed into his car. Thankfully though, no one was hurt. According to TMZ's reports, the incident happened just before 9pm on Friday night on Sunset Boulevard, LA.

Justin Bieber involved in car accident Justin Bieber's car was rear-ended while he was driving on Sunset Boulevard Friday night. The Biebs, 24, wasn't hurt, but the 9 p.m. fender bender appeared to leave the Range Rover which struck the singer's car with the worst of it - a crumpled hood, according to TMZ, while his G-Class Mercedes suffered a small dent.

Justin Bieber And Baskin Champion Are Still Hanging Out With his on-again, off-again relationship with Selena Gomez currently off, pop star Justin Bieber is continuing to spend time with Instagram model and former Miss Alabama Teen USA Baskin Champion. And yes, that is still her real name. According to E! News, Champion arrived at Casa Bieber on Friday afternoon, where they, get this, hung out.

Cops Respond After Justin Bieber Involved In Car Crash! On Friday night, Justin Bieber was involved in car crash when a Range Rover rear-ended his Mercedes-Benz G-Class on Sunset Blvd. just before 9 p.m. Related: Bieber Is 'Not Finished' With Selena! We're happy to hear there were no injuries, but cops did arrive to the scene after the OnStar system from one of the vehicles alerted them to the crash.

Justin Bieber Gets Into Scary Car Accident & Cops Called — Was Baskin Champion In The Car? One witness took to Twitter to post a short video of Justin walking away from the other vehicle, which appeared to be in pretty bad shape with a dented in front, and back to his own after an exchange. "just watched Justin Bieber get into a car crash. this is the epitome of living in LA.

Justin Bieber involved in LA car crash Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident in LA when a Range Rover smashed into the back of his Mercedes-Benz. The 24-year-old singer was not hurt in the smash on Sunset Boulevard and was seen jogging over to the driver of the other car wearing a pink hoodie and grey shorts.

Justin Bieber's ex forgets her underwear in outrageous pics Now, the Australian swimsuit designer has become a superstar in her own right. It's safe to say the model couldn't be accused of being shy, especially if the official Sahara Ray Instagram account is anything to go by.

Justin Bieber was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles last night According to reports from TMZ, a Range Rover went into the back of Bieber's G-Class causing no damage to Justin's car however, denting the bonnet of the other vehicle significantly. The LA County Sheriffs Department got involved; however, just waited with the two passengers as they exchanged details and did not take any details themselves.

Justin Bieber named the "worst-behaved" 'SNL' guest by show veterans Justin Bieber has been named Saturday Night Live's "worst-behaved guest" by show veterans Bill Hader and Jay Pharaoh.

Justin Bieber's car smashed into by Range Rover in West Hollywood - but this time it isn't his fault! JUSTIN Bieber was involved in a car crash in LA last night after a Range Rover smashed into the back of his Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The singer, 24, seems to have survived the smash up on the famous Sunset Boulevard, which took place around 9pm, unscathed as he was seen outside the other driver's crushed-up vehicle shortly afterwards.

Fans capture the shocking moment Justin Bieber crashes his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon in LA Fans captured on camera the moment Justin Bieber got into a car accident on Friday whilst driving his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. The singer was leaving the studio after recording new music when his car was rear-ended by a white Range Rover.

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