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Scooter Braun Names Allison Kaye Partner at Ithaca Holdings On the back of a history-making debut by Ariana Grande, who claims the top three songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week, Scooter Braun has appointed his longtime deputy Allison Kaye to partner at Ithaca Holdings LLC, which houses SB Projects.

Justin Bieber's struggle with depression brings to light the realities of the struggles with mental health The most talked about pop star of the contemporary world, Justin Bieber, is being reported to receive medical treatment for depression. According to the sources collected, it is noted that the acclaimed singer has been feeling emotional and tired and struggling with the idea of fame for a long time.

NEW VIDEO: 150's Mayhem & Grizzy Join Forces on "Justin Bieber" Currently, South London's 150 are one of the front-running flag bearers of UK Drill music, both altogether and individually as members. Case in point: Mayhem Uptop and Grizzy just delivered their own new banger titled "Justin Bieber," which features production from MK The Plug and sees the collaborators balancing steel bars and rhythmic flows.

Daniel Radcliffe says he feels for Justin Bieber when the singer is embroiled in controversy, because they both grew up in the spotlight Both stars faced public scrutiny growing up. Radcliffe rose to fame as a child thanks to his role as Harry Potter and Bieber entered the music industry as a teenager.

As Justin Bieber museum exhibit expands, fans recall first hearing him I said, 'Oh my gosh, I love his voice.' "Then felt free and released to pursue her enjoyment of his music, so that's how it started." The pair visited the museum on the first day of the exhibit in February 2018 and came back for the revamped version a year later.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's Honest, Raw Take On Marriage: Why They Feel It's Worth the Struggle People love me, I'm the s. t-that's honestly what I thought. I got very arrogant and cocky. It was a habit he kicked in 2014 thanks to a weeks-long detox at Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz's New Jersey home, but some of the mental struggles still remain. "He doesn't know why he feels the way he does and it's frustrating," an insider told E!

Justin Bieber Is Onboard With The Whole 'Euro Hiker' Trend After being a leading proponent of last year's summer of sleaze, Justin Bieber has embraced another emerging trend in menswear: the Euro hiker look. But unlike Frank Ocean's high fashion take, the Bieb's approach to technical outwear is very much 'carrying a six-pack to an illegal rave in Crewe circa 1998'.

Lady Gaga and Her Fiancé Christian Carino Have Reportedly Broken Up "People" reported that Grammy-winning singer Lady Gaga and her fiancé Christian Carino have allegedly split up.

Justin Bieber Takes a Tumble While Skateboarding in New Jersey Justin Bieber found skateboarding to be a little tougher than basketball. A day after a solo bball session at a park in New York City, the Biebs hit up a skate park in Hoboken, New Jersey. Unlike the basketball trip, his wife Hailey Baldwin was along for the ride this time.

Justin Bieber's discovery Madison Beer speaks up on being an internet sensation and her future as a pop star Madison Beer is the first independent female artist to have her song Home With You included among the top 25 songs in the US charts history.

Justin Bieber spotted in winter sleazy style during the weekend in New York Justin Bieber was snapped on three consecutive days rocking a questionable range of attire.

Celebrities in Calvin Klein ads: Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Kardashians and more! From Marky Mark to Justin Bieber and the Kardashians, Calvin Klein has enlisted a slew of famous faces to rock its underwear in ad campaigns.

Justin Bieber's details of his FIGHT with depression revealed ALSO READ: Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin enjoy spa day as they are spotted 'making out in warm relaxation bath' Talking about Bieber and his issues, he has been grappling with fame from an early age. "I started really feeling myself too much. People love me, I'm the shit-that's honestly what I thought.

Justin Bieber Talks About Taking A Break From Music Singing sensation Justin Bieber has opened up about why he has decided to take a break from music. Aside from a small amount of featured appearances on songs by DJ Khaled and Poo Bear, Justin Bieber hasn't released a full-length album since "Purpose" dropped in 2015.

February 18, 2019 Justin Bieber chowing down at the Ainsworth in Hoboken before heading to the gym. . .

Justin Bieber Brought Cold-Weather Sleazy Style to NYC This Weekend Justin Bieber, for giving us a trifecta of cold-weather fits oozing with the essence of Sleaze on this President's Day Weekend. I don't know why our P.O.S.S. was out here skateboarding in The Big Apple. I don't know where he was going so fully* equipped for safety.

Justin Bieber Reportedly Getting Treatment For Depression He seems confident he will feel better soon." Bieber's grappling with fame from an early age manifested in his acting out, the singer said in a recent interview in Vogue. "I started really feeling myself too much. People love me, I'm the shit-that's honestly what I thought.

Justin Bieber's Weekend Wardrobe Is A Terrifying Look At What Happens After Marriage One week is all it takes to convince the world that your personal style has taken a turn for the worst. During his first public sighting of 2019 as a married man, Justin Bieber was snapped on three consecutive days rocking a questionable range of attire.

Love Yourself - Today's classic song with versions by each of the main collaborators. #MusicisLife #TedTocksCovers #EdSheeran #JustinBieber Happy Birthday to the multi-talented Ed Sheeran. He turns 28 today and he has definitely packed a lot of success into a relatively short period of time. Today's song is 'Love Yourself' which is technically a Justin Bieber song that was co-written by Sheeran, Bieber and American record producer Benny Blanco.

Justin Bieber & Pastor Carl Lentz Spend the Day Together in NYC Justin Bieber arrives at a restaurant for lunch alongside Pastor Carl Lentz on Saturday afternoon in New York City. The 24-year-old singer bundled up in an oversized red, black, and white winter jacket and a black beanie as he stepped out for the day with his pastor.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spend time in New Jersey Justin Bieber and model wife Hailey Baldwin were spotted at a UFC gym in Hoboken on Friday. "They were here working out," an employee told Page Six. "They didn't take a class or anything just worked out together for about an hour." The couple, who got married at a Manhattan courthouse in September, also stopped by a nearby skate park.

Hailey Baldwin describes being married to Justin Bieber at 22 as 'scary' Hailey Baldwin has opened up about her relationship with Justin Bieber, describing being married at such a young age as "scary". The 22-year-old model married the 24-year-old singer in a private civil ceremony in New York in September 2018, almost a decade after first being introduced by Baldwin's father, actor Stephen Baldwin.

YouTube star Madison Beer on being discovered by Justin Bieber - and why she's the future of pop Madison Beer does what she wants these days, and what she wants right now is to please not sit in the tiny, iron-barred former strongroom set aside for our interview at the back of a pub in south London. 'It's like a prison cell,' the New Yorker mutters, refusing to even set foot in the space.

Justin Bieber song slowed down 800% and pitch corrected Justin Bieber song slowed down 800% and pitch corrected.

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