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Finding clarity - A Weekend on the North Fork of the Lewis This spring I have paddled the least of any spring in the last 8 years. Not by choice, just work, snow, love, geography and it makes me a little sad. It has also made me consider a little bit my identity as a paddler. How can I be a "good boater" if its already June and I'm embarrassed to admit how little I have been in a kayak?

NEW Junior Fleet, Sea Pinks & Coasteering Goats Spectacular conditions as Nigel Dennis hand delivers the NEW Junior Paddlesport sea kayak fleet, pics from Sea Kayaking beneath Sea Pinks, Coasteering Goats off Laxey… "We're extremely excited to receive the much anticipated NEW Junior Paddlesport fleet!" says Keirron Tastagh, owner of Adventurous Experiences, based near St Johns.

World-Renowned Kayaking Championship In Idaho Opens Womens' Division Nearly 200 of the world's best kayakers will compete this weekend on the North Fork of the Payette River for the annual North Fork Championship. This year, the event is the host of the world championship, which means one athlete will take home a world title by the end of the day Saturday.

TT Week - Isle of Man Sea Kayaking, Coasteering and Unforgettable Adventurous Experiences Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Keirron is a British Canoeing Level 5 Coach, whose passion and profession is development through adventure sports.

Archive Hour: Kayaking boom? You haven't got a canoe! Thursday, June 10, 2004, the Post reported that… IT MAY be more Colorado than Clydebank, but adventurous Bankies have been flocking to brave the river rapids in a kayak.

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things The rivers are high the weather is good, and we are ready to go kayaking. After a long winter in the Sierra Nevada's, the mountains are coated in a thick layer of snow. Slowly by surely, as the blanket is melting off, rivers and creeks are emerging and so are the boaters.

Pittsburgh Police Grab Their Paddles, Host Kayak With Cops PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Police hosted Kayak With Cops last night on the North Shore. The event saw cops from Zone 1 and Zone 6 hit the rivers to connect with local kids and families. On Twitter, Police Chief Scott Schubert said the event was part of an effort to engage with the community.

Gear List & Packing My Kayak The larger volume of the Tsunami 145 allows me to put almost everything inside of the kayak, which is a big advantage over carrying equipment on the deck of the kayak. Too much gear on the deck of a kayak can make the kayak hard to balance and/or more difficult to roll back up after a capsize.

Where to go kayaking in Racine My favorite way to de-stress is kayaking on the Root River. Kayaking is relaxing for me because you can go at your own pace through the winding river. You can stop to ogle at the beautiful trees and foliage, partake in fishing, or my favorite is to pick up every piece of trash I encounter.

Two Chilean in Valsesia Kayaking Published on juin 13th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Follow two Chileans, running the best whitewater that Valsesia have to offer!!!Rivers featured: Sesia, Sermenza, Sermenzino, Egua, Artogna, Cervo, upper and Lower Sorba.By: Guillermo Walsen / Yerba Mate Prod.

Beater on Molia Rapid Sesia, Italy Published on juin 13th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Watch Guillermo Walsen getting beat in the bottom sticky pocket hole of the Molia Rapid on the Sesia river. Luckily Guillermo is getting roped out as this one can keep for a long time…By: Guilermo Walsen>>>Watch more Carnage Kayaking Videos>>>Enter the 2019 HF° Carnage for All.

Black Bass Diversity: What Does It All Mean? If I were to ask how many species of bass there are currently, what would you answer? Most people would answer three: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass. The truth is, there are around 19 taxonomic forms of black bass out there.

Road to the Worlds Name: Ben Higson What country are you competing for? Great Britain Favorite place to train? Nottingham and Cardiff. If I am lucky enough to go abroad Millau How many World Championships have you competed in before? None, this will be my first one. I think I will be the youngest there as I only make the age cut off by 13 days.

Kayaking the Beautiful Lido Key Kayaking Lido Key is a beautiful experience, it's fun, it's adventurous and so exciting! With all the beauty and wildlife around there's so much to enjoy, and we can't forget to mention the scenery! Florida boasts some of the most beautiful scenery around, there's a Kodak moment waiting for you around every corner!

Boofs & Pizzas Published on juin 12th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Quick trip to the Southern Alps of Italy and Switzerland for the Portage TV crew which turned out to be epic.

"BC Class III" - Thompson River The Thompson River in British Columbia is the largest tributary of the Fraser River. It is frequently paddled at flows of 250-600 cms. That's a lot of water! It's important to make this flow conversion from cubic meters per second to cubic feet per second if you're not used to cms.

Kayaking classes offered this summer at New Melle Lakes, Broemmelsiek Parks If learning to kayak is on your bucket list, check out classes offered this summer through the Saint Charles County Parks Department!

A small berg is still a berg I knew there was an iceberg by Kellys Island because I could see it riding my bike long the coastal trail; finding the time was the issue. Today I found it so I went to the harbour at Long Pond. It didn't take long to get underway passing the "industrial complex" as a ship was unloading something I know not what.

You can go on a kayaking excursion on the Delaware River this summer The Independence Seaport Museum is offering kayaking excursions on the Delaware River this summer. On one of the outings, participants will paddle six miles to view the Instagrammable Graffiti Pier from the water, then will travel to another photogenic location, Penn Treaty Park.

Diary Entry: Kayaking! I never thought I would see so many creatures as I have in the past week! I went kayaking with my friends. I was a kayak newbie, so I was a little nervous, but once I found how easy it was to go, I fell in love with it. The first journey, we found a poor baby bird who looked almost dead in the water.

Rio Fuy, Chile Published on juin 10th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Follow a Belgian Crew having fun discovering the pure beauty of the Rio Fuy in Chile. Featuring Andi Bormann, Braam Peeters and Servaes Timmerman by: Servaes Timmerman From: Belgium>>>Enter the 2019 Short film awards: >>> View all the 2019 Short Film Entries.

Werner Powerhouse - The Power House of Whitewater Paddles Werner Powerhouse - The Power House of Whitewater PaddlesWritten by: Jared Nosal. As kayakers, over the years we seem to discover what works best for us in our own niches of the sport of whitewater paddling.

River Park Will Soon Offer Boat Rentals, Kayaking, Canoe Trips And More As North Branch River Activities Head Northwest Money to convert the boathouse to a museum is being sought. "We're going to try and make this happen, ” a park district planner said.

First Descent of Tongue Bomb Published on juin 10th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Watch Nouria Newman run Tongue Bomb during a first descent in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains along with Ben Stookesberry and Erik Boomer. Boomer ran that drop first.« Ben « Are you hundred percent ? Because you guys better be hundred percent !

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