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Kayaking the Susquehanna River-Falls to Plymouth This summer I had the chance to kayak the Susquehanna River from Falls to Plymouth, a distance of about 22 miles. As I don't kayak as much as I used to, it was great to get on the water for an extended period of time. The water level was a little higher than normal and at first we made very good time.

Paying it Forward: The Importance of Learning how to Teach I was recently lucky enough to participate in the 2019 Instructor Course put on by the University of Puget Sound kayak club. The 3-day course offers students the opportunity to progress not only their personal skill as a paddler, but also their skill and comfort instructing a wide range of skill levels on the water.

Suwannee Sidequest There are about nine species belonging to the black bass genus, with one of the most remote species being the Suwannee Bass or Micropterus notius. The Suwannee bass is one of the more unique black bass species to chase.

2019 Pinball World Championships Published on octobre 22nd, 2019 - by Kayak Session. The Pinball World Championships for 2019 took place on the Upper Cheakamus River with roughly 60 competitors.' Triple drop' was the rapid to watch with one great swim by a truly hearty racer.

Oetz in the Fall Published on octobre 22nd, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Follow the SEND crew training on the Oetz river in Austria for their upcoming trip to India. The Oetz remain one of the best European paddling destination in the fall. Tags: Adrian Mattern, austria, bren orton, india, oetz, SEND:.

Kayaks Since the very first time I met him I have known that MP enjoys the outdoors, specifically camping, hiking and kayaking. One of our first over-nighters was a run to Stanley where we spent both mornings on the water and both evenings near the camp fire.

Father-Daughter Rescued Sunday While Kayaking Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department Swift Water Rescue team along with Rutherford County Special Operations Dive Rescue safely rescues a father and daughter who became stranded after dark while kayaking on the Stones River Sunday, Oct. 20.

Paddling in the lun Sunday the forecast was windy; 17 knots west gusting to 23 knots. We are blessed with outstanding ocean scenery but cursed by topography. The prevailing winds are SW and W and with many of the bays facing east, it leaves few options. One I considered was a paddle along the east side of Bell Island.

Legend on The Slave River Back in a day's fur trade was a huge thing. With increasing demand in fur in Europe the export demand kept growing - Northern Canada being a great source of it. To pass fur from the North people had to cross the Slave River. In winter despite its size it all freezes making solid winter road.

Soča for All, Sign the Petition & Join the Demonstration on Oct 26th This fall, instead of enjoying fire roasted chestnuts, the majors and municipal councilors of Upper Soča Valley gave us a sour apple to chew on when they presented their new suggestion to add to Soča River Boating Regulation Plan. The suggested changes clearly show they look at the river as the money-making machine that they own.

Kayaking Long Pond, Croydon, NH Tuesday, October 15: Another perfect day! And maybe the last of the t-shirt / barefoot kayaking days in New England, at least for this year. Having errands to run in that direction, I headed to a new…

Favorite Recent Purchase: Inflatable Kayaks Inflatable Kayaks: a game changer for travelers, adventurers, and people small on space.

Kayaking and waterfalls Holly, Jack, Robert, Mike and I. They had this great plan to meet at Bear Creek Lake and kayak and hike 2 waterfalls. I got invited late but so glad I did. Mike and I decided to join them. We are supposed to meet at 9:30 Saturday morning. In comes a tropical storm.

Susan's kayaking for a top cause, to raise funds for wig library Susan Cheevers is competing in the Massive Murray Paddle in a kayak, and will cover 404km in just five days, to raise money for the Daffodil Wig Library.

Sullivan Falls - Great Anytime Between August and October, I spent more time paddling at Sullivan Falls than anywhere else. What a treat, but it was extra special because I was able to share this incredible place with people I love to paddle with. Somehow, all the planets aligned so that there were great tides and plenty of visitors - really an awesome combo!

9 Seasons of Bomber Reliability Location: Chuya River, Russia Photo Credit: Don Beveridge Words by Max Kniewasser. After 9 seasons, it's time to retire my trusted Werner Paddles Sho-Gun paddle and replace it with a new one. Not because it's broken or not performing well. it's still the best paddle I have ever used.

Alaskan Paradise, Solo on the Tebay River Published on octobre 18th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. With his season in Alaska coming to a close, Brendan takes advantage of the unusually warm and dry October weather to embark on a final solo adventure. Flying into the heart of the Wrangell Mountains, Brendan had been interested in paddling the Tebay River for years.

The Swedish neighbor Norway is a whitewater paradise but there is still some days a need to go somewhere else, escape home, go exotic, have a mini break, cross the border. On such days I drive to Sweden. The swedish roads cruises through endless forests and lakes.

Summer Fun 2019 has been the best year in my short kayaking experience. I'm 14 and this year has been the one where I finally started to push myself to try new disciplines and develop my white water skills. First off was the National Boater X series.

Kansas sisters discover ancient bear skull while kayaking Two Kansas sisters are making headlines this week for their discovery of an ancient bear skull that was partially buried in a sandbar on the Arkansas River. The remarkable discovery, perhaps providing the first physical evidence of grizzly bears' former existence in Kansas, was made by Ashley and Erin Watt during a kayaking adventure in August.

The Homies Published on octobre 17th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Every fall as the water levels drop, boaters make the migration to a river in the northwest corner of Maryland. The Upper Youghiogheny comes to life every year as it releases for a week straight.

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High Tension Sahalie Falls Published on octobre 17th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Sweet edit from the Mountain Media crew. They got Ari De Lashmutt on a highline over Sahalie Falls while Galen Volkhausen runs the 80+ ft beast. Quality.By: Mountain Mind media. Tags: Brendan Wells, Galen F Volckhausen, mountain mind media, sahalie, todd wells:.

Montreal - the Autumn Wave Capital It's fall on the east coast of the US. Leaves are starting to turn, there's a briskness in the air, and all sorts of fall river releases are happening. Now is the classic time to break out the creek boat and get a few runs on those couple-weekend-a-year rivers, adding more and more layers as fall progresses.

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