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Kayaking Goose Pond with ORFS Tuesday, August 14: Outdoor Recreation for Seniors met at Goose Pond on Wednesday, having been rained out on Tuesday. It was a glorious day. There were two sets of loons and chicks. We went to the home of one couple after kayaking for lunch - with homemade ice cream for dessert.

Coasteering : ) He runs Adventurous Experiences, an adventure sports centre: sea kayaking, coasteering and unforgettable experiences in the Isle of Man. His brother Kelvin is a keen fishermen and runs a fishing tackle shop Kelvin's Tackle, in St Johns. Keirron also enjoys rock climbing, winter missions, expeditions of any description, woodturning and Judo.

Kayaking with Koreans at Waterbury Reservoir Sunday, August 11: Having driven part way north after dinner with friends in Plainfield, New Hampshire Saturday, I parked the Roadtrek in the driveway of Plainfield Friends Meeting. After worship Sunday morning, I went up to join sister, brother-in-law and Korean friends at the state park at Waterbury Reservoir.

Antix Final Thoughts When I first saw the Antix at Gauley Fest when it was being prototyped I was a little shocked by its looks. I mean, it wasn't exactly sleek looking. It wasn't slicey. The hull was flat but with weird rocker. It didn't look fast. It looked way playful and was supposed to creek.

Salt Springs Kayak Camping For the past few years I've planned a kayak camping trip for my Dad and a few family friends. This years trip was quite the adventure! We got an early start Sunday morning so we could stop and fuel up on a big breakfast before driving up the hill.

Whitewater Kayaking Through Angola Once the war ended, in 2002, the country began rebuilding itself, and visitors started to trickle in, and what they found was a place with all the makings of a major adventure destination, full of towering mountains, untouched wilderness, and big rivers.

What is Team Long Hair Don't Care? Team Long Hair Don’t Care is all about having a good time shredding around with your friends in some incredible pieces of plastic designed by the masterminds at Pyranha. The ring leader of…

A Look Ahead: Kayaking with Manresa The annual Manresa kayaking excursion provides Scholars with the opportunity to step outside of the Bronx, connect with new friends, and explore the city! During your first weekend as a Fordham Ram, the Manresa community travels to the Hudson River Pier to take in the views of the Upper West Side from the river itself.

Kayaking the Lower Columbia River near Skamokawa, Washington In late July we flew from DE to the west coast to the small town of Skamokawa, Washington for three days of kayaking and a day of Lewis and Clark history. We were participating in the Road Scholar Program, Kayaking the Lower Columbia River. Coordinators of this program are Columbia River Kayaking.

Teaching kids under 12 years how to paddle: TIP #3 In the recent years, there has been an increasing amount of young paddlers. Teaching them to paddle requires a very different approach than teaching teenagers or adults. Here is a gathering of my top tips to anyone wanting to teach young kids how to paddle.

Guess what OKC? We're back! We are heading to town for the Paddle Sports Retailer show, but we have had so many good times paddling with the OKC community that we had to come back a few days early to do it again on Saturday 8/24/19.

RushSouth Whitewater Park: Keys To A Successful Day On The River Sharing the Love of a River Adventure. Hello, we are the Hargrove Crew. Our family of six loves sharing the JOY of just being together, seeking adventures that turn into lasting memories, and inspiring others to join in on the fun of the outdoors.

Blue-Green Invaders With late/high summer upon us we seem to be dealing with an out break of Blue Green Algae all over the country. Lake Erie is dealing with a large coating of the stuff. But lately, everyone seems to be going crazy over it down south because it killed 3 dogs in Mississippi.

New in JK Little Shreders Team We're @theKULbrothers, new in JK Little Shredders Team. I'm Mati. My bro Konrad is 7. We live in Krakow Poland. The first half of 2019 is behind us. It was a time of new experiences and small successes. Actually, we don't take a winter break of paddling, because in Krakow we have good conditions to train the whole year.

Adventure Kaleidoscope Sea Kayaking and Coasteering Experiences from unforgettable locations in the Isle of Man. He runs Adventurous Experiences, an adventure sports centre: sea kayaking, coasteering and unforgettable experiences in the Isle of Man. His brother Kelvin is a keen fishermen and runs a fishing tackle shop Kelvin's Tackle, in St Johns.

Whistler 10 years later. When I first moved to Canada a group of buddies from the Ottawa river put me in their station wagon and carted me across the country to see what it had to offer. This is one of the main reasons I decided to call this country home.

Could kayaking come to city canals? LOWELL - Nearly 200 years ago, the city's canals were built to generate power. This week, City Councilor Karen Cirillo asked to add a new use for the nearly 5.6-mile waterway network: kayaking. Cirillo submitted a motion Tuesday requesting the city look into introducing summer weekend kayaking on the canals.

Love the water but not whitewater? Try L.A.'s coolest paddling places Closer to home, there are lots of lazy water places - the Back Bay estuary in Newport Beach and Marina del Rey's canals - where you can stand-up paddleboard, kayak or canoe - and just relax. Here's a roundup of where to go.

What will be the future scenario of Canoeing and Kayaking Equipment industry? The information has been gathered by means of various sources and afterwards the information is arranged, processed, and represented through different methodological techniques as well as analytical tools like the SWOT analysis to generate an entirely new set of trade-based study regarding the Canoeing and Kayaking Equipment Market.

A Look Back Into Living A Dream The 2019 ICF Canoe World Championships was an experience that I will never forget. It has been a journey that I started four years ago, when I first put on my dad's gear and jumped into his whitewater kayak. Flash back to 2016, I took my first freestyle clinic with Jez Jezz, on the Nantahala River, a birthday gift from a local kayaking friend.

Snow Hill - Kayaking, Goat and Future Adventure Kathy and I had previously gone kayaking on the Pocomoke at Snow Hill's southwest side, below Rte 12. This day we headed to the northeast side, at the Pocomoke River Canoe Company. I called beforehand to see if they had a public launch and they do. It is more of a floating dock, of which I have never jumped in my kayak from before.

Kayakers pelted by explosive glacial bridge collapse Two kayakers at Spencer Glacier in Alaska are lucky they weren't any closer to a glacial bridge that collapsed or it could have been catastrophic. As it was, Josh Bastyr and Andrew Hooper were pelted pretty good from the explosive fallout, as captured in Bastyr's Steering South video :.

10-year-old Boise boy dies after kayaking accident on Payette River A Boise 10-year-old died Wednesday after a kayaking accident on the Payette River. Ada County Coroner identified the boy as Maximus Hansen. He was transported to St. Luke's Wednesday after a kayaking accident that occurred while on the South Fork of the Payette River near Lowman, Idaho.

10-year-old Boise boy dies after kayaking accident LOWMAN, Idaho - A 10-year-old boy is dead after a kayaking accident on the South Fork of the Payette River near Lowman. The Ada County Coroner says Maximus Samuel Hansen of Boise was taken to the hospital on August 14, where he later died. The coroner has ruled drowning as the cause of death.

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