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Catch up with latest episodes of the 'Paddle Pod' podcast.

Episode #22 Chatting Junior World Medals with the Lilley Osende Twins We chat with Adriana and Julia about their performances at the Junior World Champs, motivation going forward, what they learned, how they push each other, and what's next at Nationals. Special thanks to partners Lululemon and Made With Local. Paddle Pod
Episode #21 Power Rankings??!!… and More. Pssst… we are releasing power rankings! We also talk JPI, Eskasoni, Pride, and the U16 - Open regatta tomorrow! Quick listening. Special thanks, Made With Local and Saltwire Network. Paddle Pod
Episode #20 with World Champion Laurence Vincent LaPointe When 4th place in the world makes you reconsider your goals and why you are competing in the sport, you know you are truly one of the best. Laurence shares her path in canoe, her excitement for the future, the Olympics, and dishes some info on how she gets pumped up for races… **spoiler alert*** it involves dancing. Paddle Pod
Episode #19 - Pre National Team Trials #2 Podcast In this quick update episode we chat about all kinds current events in paddling. We recap the June 16th 2000m and 5000m races, Trials #2, top athletes here training on Lake Banook with 3 National Teams presently training on site, Just Paddle It Series National Indigenous Peoples Day, NAIG 2020, and efforts beyond to grow the ADCKC in a positive... Paddle Pod