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Nature's Walk CAL, Part 5 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 5 We are progressing nicely through the CAL now, and have been introducing new elements along the way. This week, we'll be doing something a little different we'll be closing up the gaps in some of the corners to help create the patterns in these squares.

Raiment of the Tortoise Some projects seem to take forever. This one I began in January 2018 as a summer make. Two summers past before it was finished and a third is on its way as I am just sharing it with you now. This linen and wool blend top is knit from Yoko Johnston's Ginga Top design in the smallest size.

Episode 39: A Very My-So Called Handmade Life Camping Trip This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. On the blog: On ravelry as mamatronic:…

An autumn funghi walk Firstly thank you all so very much for your kind and thoughtful comments, emails and direct messages wishing Toby a happy birthday.

Designing with Nightshades, a guest post by Whitney Hayward We love the new nightshades pattern collection that Harrisville Designs launched last week, so we asked Whitey Hayward from Harrisville to tell us about the collection and how she approached designing with Nightshades.

Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 02: Forbes is here! This week marks the launch of the newest yarn from Brooklyn Tweed - Ranch 02: Forbes. We're so excited to have this yarn at Loop, with its warm earthy colour palette and springy softness. We just found out we are lucky enough to be the only stockist in Europe of this beautiful yarn, and we couldn't be more proud!

Long, dark winter ahead New, white, soft coating. The forest looks magical. When you step into it, it is like crossing a threshold into the fairy land. Days are short, and they become little shorter every day. When autumn turns into winter and new snow arrives, it is a new beginning to me.

Gansey Bundle and Channel Island Cast On Tutorial We love Gansey patterning and decided to go into our archive and reknit two old favourites. These were originally made in Blend no.1 and have now been reknit in Neighborhood Fiber Company Capital Luxury Sport. The cowl is made in Hollins Market and the hat in Reservoir Hill.

Pine cone cloth & puffs A pattern for a beautifully pine cone textured crochet cloth for you or for the dishes and a soft puffy face wipe to cleanse make up and freshen up.

Pre-Brexit update With less than two weeks to go, we still don't know what Brexit will look like, or whether it's happening at all on October 31st. Like every other small business in the UK we've been trying to plan, without having much idea of what we're planning for.

Granny is Square! After that little joining session, the blanket laid dormant for quite a while, until recently when I got the urge to make all of the remaining square centres in one go. It suddenly seemed necessary to get that job out of the way for some reason. Somehow this blanket isn't quite so enjoyable to just pick up as the Battenberg.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 4 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 4 Hello everyone, I'm so glad that you are all enjoying the pattern parts that have been released so far. I've also had some really lovely feedback about the crochet charts that are included for the squares.

Mystery Cushion Club 2019: the final instalment! - post 5, October And after five months of mystery knitting, we are finally here at the end of my ninth Cushion Club with the final part of the puzzle and title of the cushion revealed. We have not had many correct guesses for the title this year.

Cowls Against Brexit Who invoked that ancient curse, 'May you live in interesting times'? Because if it was you, please understand that by this point some of us have had quite enough interestingness, thanks very much, and could really do with a bit of tedious, safe, predictable, stability.

Fun With Power Tools Never, ever, in the history of everything, has a woman waited with such excitement for a mountain of well-rotted compost to be plonked on her doorstep. Oh hang on, perhaps I need to rewind this a teensy bit. Shall we knit/crochet a little whilst I explain?

How to assemble Wardie The Wardie cardigan is worked in pieces from the bottom up. When the front and back are complete they're joined at the shoulders and then the sleeves are worked from stitches picked up around the armhole.

Let Glasgow Flourish Today we released a new pattern - the Let Glasgow Flourish blanket. Inspired by the work of textile artist, educator, and suffragette, Ann Macbeth, the blanket echoes a civic banner Macbeth created in 1910. The pared-back colourwork and abstracted motifs I've used speak to Macbeth's own Glasgow Style and makes a wonderful showpiece!

Eighteen He may not be able to speak a word, dress himself, understand dangers or resist custard creams. He may be awake each and every night, badly bite himself when stressed, strip all the beds 5 times a day and put everything he finds on the floor in his mouth.

MYak Tibetan Cloud + a giveaway! We are so excited to welcome the newest mYak yarn to Loop! All of mYak's yarns are exceptionally soft, with beautiful stories behind them. This week we're sharing the story behind Tibetan Cloud, which launched a few days ago! mYak Tibetan Cloud is 100% Tibetan sheep wool, in a sport / light DK weight.

Podcast 76 This version is shown in lace weight yarn, however the original is in DK weight. I love your comments, but if your browser does not have 'third party cookies' enabled you may not be able to leave one. If you are having trouble, you can leave your comment here instead.

Love it or List it? Do you know what is in your yarn stash? Is every ball and skein something you love - or, perhaps more importantly, yarn that you will use? Really, even the purple eyelash yarn? Every now and again it is worth taking a look through your yarn stash and ask the love it or list it question.

A Petter Palette Sarah has a plan for her autumn's knitting, which involves combining these 5 colours of Petter in different ways to make 4 children's sweaters to meet differing tastes and needs.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 3 Nature's Walk CAL - Part 3: This week's squares are the lovely Buds and Sunshine.

Ursus Lanarctos I don't know how many times I started over to get the back right - there is the opening, the button band underneath, button holes, short rows and then the hole for the tail…After all that done, I closed the piece to knit few rounds in the round and then separated for the pants.

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