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Corryvreckan This week's release from Bold Beginner Knits was born of the need to swatch. The Corryvreckan is the third largest whirlpool in the world. Lying in the strait between the isles of Jura and Scarba, powerful Atlantic currents pour over an unusual underwater topography in the narrow channel to create the whirlpool and standing waves.

Mystery Cushion Club 2019: post 1, June And for those of you who are new to my 'mystery' clubs, this is the place to come to on the 15th of every month for all your Mystery Cushion news and advice. It's a good idea to read my blog before you make a start on each month's patterns as it has lots of helpful hints and tips which will guide you through the project.

La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk We are so incredibly excited to have La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk at Loop! This week we're diving into beautiful colour palettes in this silky soft yarn. Aimee's Mohair Silk has 70% mohair and 30% silk, making it incredibly shiny and fluffy, without it shedding while you knit.

Wrangling your yarn stash part 2 - tracking We recently posted about ways to store your yarn but if you have a large stash it can be difficult to remember what is in it or where you have safely placed that particularly beautiful purchase. Regardless of whether you have gone down the ziplock bag, shelving or storage unit option, you need a tracking system.

Need needles Do you have any knitting needles to spare? KDD is currently supporting some local community groups who use craft as a tool to tackle social isolation and mental health and we need needles!

Podcast Episode 69 PS - I'm so sorry but commenting on Blogger has been a bit hit and miss lately. Please be aware that unless you see 'your comment will be visible after approval' after you press publish, I won't get your lovely message, which is sad. If you are having trouble, you can leave your comment here instead.

Waterside Please excuse this ridiculous, hacking cough, but I've had a chest infection for the past week, and I sound like I got lost in a cigarette factory as it caught fire. The second-worst thing about this has been not being able to go running, and the worst thing has been not being able to do much of anything else, either, NOT EVEN KNITTING!

An Open Letter to White Makers & Designers Who are Inspired by the Kimono and Japanese Culture Introducing the first in an ongoing series of guest posts. I'm honoured that we're beginning with this vital letter from Emi Ito.

Bus knitting fun the last week or two. My Stashbusting Helix Hat pattern, it's free on @hi.ravelry. #rosekimknits #helixstripes4eva #helixstripes 10 Shawls in 2010 Advertising Am Kamin Apologies Auburn Camp Shirt Babette Baby Surprise Jacket Back Burner Baking Bay Pullover Birthday Blue Star Quilt Books BSG Bumbershoot Candles Carding Carnivorous Poncho Charity Commerce Contest Cooking Couch to 5k Crochet Cuteness Dalarna Dear Jane Designing Donors Choose Challenge Doubleknit Dulaan dye...

"join body and sleeves into yoke" A Bold Beginner Knits tutorial for the Upstream pullover. When you are knitting your first sweater an instruction to "join body and sleeves into yoke" might appear especially bamboozling. You have, on your needles, one body and two sleeves. How on earth do you combine these three separate tubes so that they magically become one yoke-shaped tube?

Float upstream It's time for another release from the Bold Beginner Knits collection - the Upstream pullover. Seamless yoked pullovers are a great first sweater project for a beginner knitter to tackle, and I knew I wanted to include one in this collection. And loving the muted marl-y palette of Àrd-Thìr, I was keen for the yoke to combine a few shades.

Pick your summer projects from Laine and Pom Pom June has arrived and summer is finally upon us! With June comes the recent release of two great new issues of independent publications - Laine Magazine issue 8 and Pom Pom Quarterly issue 29. We're dipping into these magazines this week, to bring you lots of ideas for summer knitting.

Introducing DK versions of Ravelston and Stockbridge We've just released DK gauge versions of my popular Stockbridge and Ravelston patterns, which were originally published for a fingering weight yarn. They're essentially designed around the same basic construction and with a similar fit; Stockbridge is a cardigan and Ravelston a pullover.

SOS :: soldotna & pavement Today I wanted to highlight some techniques that I used to cobble together enough stash yarn to make two very different sweaters. The first one is my most recent finish: It's the Soldotna Crop which is a super fun all over colorwork sweater knit with dk weight yarn.

Episode 32: Doing Nothing This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. Also, any knitting project ideas for someone post carpal tunnel surgery? Powered by Blogger.

Mystery Blanket Club 2019: post 5, June I am a little late in writing to you this month as I have just returned from a wonderful week knitting at The Watermill in Italy. I was accompanied on the trip by ten knitters - seven of whom were Mystery Blanket Club members - and Steve and Seth.

FO: Winters Frost Socks Nothing works better as travel knitting for me than a nice and simple pair of socks. Last week I got to spend a few days in Iceland for a conference, and a last minute sock cast on was made to keep me company. Pattern: Winters Frost socks by This Handmade Life: Yarn: Superwash merino sock yarn by Samelin Dyeworks.

Wrangling your yarn stash part 1 Yarn stashes can creep up on you. You don't mean to have a large collection of yarn but a number of things happen such as:. Each on their own is an innocent, small piece of yarn acquisition but suddenly you have a skein mountain that has apparently grown when you weren't looking.

On being bold She has designed a series of patterns with me, as a bold beginner knitter, in mind. I don't think I had ever considered myself bold. I guess, for some, it can take friends / family/community - someone looking on to let you know you are bold.

Super soft Snefnug from CaMaRose As you may know, we love CaMaRose yarns at Loop! With wonderful fibre blends, a wide range of great colours, and organic bases, there's no wonder we can't get enough of them! We have recently added a new CaMaRose base to the selection we have at Loop; Snefnug, meaning snowflake in Danish, is super soft, super versatile and affordable!

Lightweight cowls I ride my bike to work every day, no matter what the weather. Most mornings I drop our daughter off at school and continue past the sea and along old railway paths to the studio.

SOS I can't believe that the end of school is coming up soon. In just a few more weeks the kid will be graduating from junior high. Right now we are busy with field trips and other end of school celebrations, plus transition meetings for high school. High school!!!

Cacti Spikes When I started designing the projects for my book; Crocheted Succulents: Cacti and Succulent Projects to Make. I scouted around my local yarn store for the perfect yarn. It was a happy accident that I came across a new 'tinsel' yarn by Rico. The minute I picked it up I knew how brilliant it would look attached to a yarn crochet base.

A little haven of peace and calm In the depths of winter, when dusk arrives just after 3pm, my favourite place to sit and knit is snuggled up by the fire. But once the days start to lengthen and warm I'm itching to get outside and sit in the shade of the tree, with the touch of a warm breeze on my skin and the spring song of small birds in the tree above.

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