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Learning to knit in the round My circular needles have arrived! PomPom's Knit How book gives an introduction to knitting in the round, explaining that this technique is effectively making a spiral to form a tube of knitting, rather than seaming flat pieces of fabric together.

Scandi cool with PetiteKnit patterns We're proud to say that Loop now stocks printed patterns from PetiteKnit! Mette is the wonderful woman and entrepreneur behind the brand of PetiteKnit. Mette channels her creativity into her passion for knitting, and we are so glad! These are really beautiful knitting patterns.

Knit Stars! Hi, Knitters, I hope you are all having a good spring season so far. It's been going well around here and we are all plugging along….

Springy As seasons go - and man, do they go fast for those of us on the less popular side of 40 - spring has a lot to recommend it. The very best thing is that nature stops hiding its colourful light under a damp, grey, bushel, and comes out to frolic. Look at these beautiful snakeshead fritillaries!

My "planned pooling" cowl is done. The pooling didn't go quite as planned. I don't know if it's the knitter's fault or the dyer's. Either way it's me! My "planned pooling" cowl is done. The pooling didn't go quite as planned. I don't know if it's the knitter's fault or the dyer's. Either way it's me!

Adding Anti-Racism Books to With the recent overhaul of the website, the team got together to start really thinking about what having an online store meant. is something that's grown organically. First, we supported Ysolda knitting pattern sales before yarns, notions, books and wholesale distribution naturally followed.

Scientific Swatching and a Como Cowl Another purchase, blocking mats and pins, came in useful to make the cowl nice and square after a quick wash. I seem to have had a breakthrough with being able to read my knitting during this project. Maybe down to the chunky yarn, meaning the stitches are easier to see.

New kits for Mabel's Sister in beautiful Eden Cottage We are excited to announce that new kits for Mabel's Sister are now available! Our newest kit uses Eden Cottage Bowland DK. This is a favourite yarn at Loop, so it was our first choice for another version of Mabel's Sister. This special yarn is hand dyed in England and is 100% Blue Faced Leicester.

Sweater swagger I don’t know how it’s happened but I am on a sweater finishing roll right now. The Weekender was such a joy to knit. Although…

Alice Bunny Alice Bunny is a sweet little rabbit knitted flat on straight needles with double knitting yarn. She has a cute dress and matching shawl. One lucky winner will receive a Hand Knitted Things digital pattern. Along with this, Stylecraft are giving away the yarn to make the bunny.

To The Mill, Again. Twice a year, the Stylecraft Blogstars meet at Stylecraft's beautiful old mill in West Yorkshire for a weekend of yarn, chatter, food, wine, friendship, scenery, and news. Yeah, the experience really is exactly as gruelling as it sounds. Our scheduled meetup in February was postponed due to snow.

Another chapter begins Hello my wonderful knitting friends. The last time you saw a post from me it appeared that I was riding off into the sunset with the man whom I had chosen to share my life with. Well, life as we know has good bits and bad bits, and it turned out that 2018 ended on one of the most horrible notes I have ever experienced.

Mini bunnies and bears, two new patterns Earlier this year I started playing around with the idea of a mini version of my knitted bunnies. I wanted a pattern that was a little simpler to knit and construct than my regular sized animals, and I also wanted the little toy to be suitable for a baby or small child, so the clothes are all knitted on with no removable parts or buttons.

My first knit project In last week's post I wrote about getting started with knitting; casting on for the first time since I was a child, my first few rows of knit and purl, and creating my first piece of fabric. I must thank everyone for the warm, woolly welcome to the knitting community.

Naturally dyed loveliness from Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. We have a brand new yarn! Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. was debuted at Loop during Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and we now have it in our London store as well as online. We have two different yarns from Woolly Mammoth, and we're so happy to welcome them to the selection of wonderful naturally dyed yarns we already have in stock at Loop.

Time to support your local yarn shop A good yarn shop is a fabulous thing. Some of us seek them out wherever we go in the UK or abroad. Beautifully displayed yarn, informed and informative staff a chance to see new patterns that might otherwise pass us by, and other knitters and crocheters - what could be better.

March finishes Hooray I actually finished a sweater!!! So incredibly excited to cast off my Edith Cardigan while it is still chilly enough to wear. Good thing that it is extremely cozy because every year when the calendar turns to March, the hubby dials down the heat to sub-zero temps.

Mystery Blanket Club 2019: post 3, April And with the sun shining brightly here in Nottingham, it feels as if Spring is finally in the air. It's been a very busy month with lots of designing going on in the studio.

Episode 29: True to Ourselves This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. On the blog: www.myso-calledhandmadelife.comOn Instagram as @mysocalledhandmadelife:On Ravelry as mamatronic:My question for you: What are your thoughts on when an inspiration becomes creative theft?

I wish I could knit You're proudly displaying your beautiful finished object to the world when a friend, swooning over your latest make, laments - "oh this is stunning, I wish I could knit". How often do you hear that refrain? We hear this many times a week, and not just online.

Free Pattern! 'Afternoon Walk' Stole crocheted in Drops Delight Crocheted in Drops Delight. Save 30% on Drops Delight until the end of March 2019 in our Drops Sockalicious Sale! This lovely crocheted stole showcases Drops Delight's colour changes beautifully! You'll need the following materials for this pattern:. Download the free pattern by clicking here.

Stunning 'Stitches' from Helga Isager This week we want to spend some time with the newest book from Helga Isager, 'Stitches'. The book launched on our stand at EYF last weekend, and we are so thrilled to have hosted Helga Isager on our stand.

Mystery Blanket Club 2019 correct guesses! We have been so overwhelmed by correct guesses of the 2019 Mystery Blanket Club title that we decided it was best if the list of winners had its own dedicated blog. So here goes! - and be prepared, it's a very long list… Caroline Evans. Catherine. Toni Leonard.

Nuts And Bolts Do come and sit here beside the fire. I have much yarnery to share with you. Meanwhile in response to a dozen or so requests, I promised a post about how I went about designing this thing:. So here goes. I've written before about designing stranded motifs.

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