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SPIN : On the Wheel Lately What has been on and off your wheel lately?

Nap-fort…. I'm looking particularly adorable today, don't you think? This is my latest nap-fort. I have them all over the house. To make a good one, you must seriously fluff pillows. Sometimes, if there are too many pillows, I have to toss a couple of them off the sofa/chair.

Free Pattern! 'Cobble Hill' Pullover in Lion Brand Mandala This lovely jumper is knitted in the fabulous Lion Brand Mandala, which creates stripes with its colour changes as you knit with it! The pattern covers sizes S to XXL. You'll need the following materials for this pattern:. Download the free pattern by clicking here.

Back to school knits A walk down the high street suggest the Back to School offers are coming thick and fast, which got us thinking about back to school knits.

Following my mojo…. I've come to the conclusion that my mojo has simply moved north. Neither of us wants to knit with cotton. Or linen. Or make sleeveless anything. I've tried to be practical and knit appropriate things for my climate…and I'm not a happy camper knitter.

Memento Mori This post is about a sheep, a very special sheep called HRH or Old Leader. HRH, photo by Nan Bray, used with her permission. In 2016, I had the great fortune to encounter a very lovely fleece from White Gum Wool whilst studying for the Spinning Certificate run by the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria.

Mystery Cushion Club 2018: post 3, August It's been a busy month so far with the launch of the 2019 Mystery Blanket Club applications. Plus I have been looking forward to next year's Mystery Cushion Club design and browsing through the themes for Spring / Summer 2019.

KNITCRATE : August 2018 This month is all about Indigo Glow. Once again, KnitCrate is offering four unique color ways for the original membership.

Ornery Fuzzball Now that you are 16 you are a bit more ornery than you used to be. You have clear feelings on what you do and don't feel like doing. For example, you didn't want your picture taken for this year's birthday post, so you ran off as soon as you saw the camera.

Chapter 5: Efflorescent If you follow me on instagram you'll know I've not been feeling amazing recently. I decided to start this week with a multicoloured post of joy, celebrating flowers in stranded colourwork; I just can't see how a week that starts out like that can fail.

Many Things, Not All Of Them Yarny So on the plus side, I've been designing new crocheted and knitted thingummies and I'm very excited about sharing the patterns with you super-soon. My yarny / designing mojo has well and truly come back and has plonked its ample rear here on the sofa beside me.

Year of Projects 8: Week 09 I'm having a love/hate relationship with the Venetian Blinds pattern…. I had a rocky start, first with the "Magical" cast on for toe-up socks on DPNs. It's just so fiddly. I find a Turkish cast on easier and tidier. So I tried it as written, got annoyed and ripped back to restart.

I need a nap…. I'm E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D!!!!! I had some friends visit for 46 hours the beginning of the week and I've been napping ever since. Phew. I'm not a spring chicken pup any more. Here's one of my friends. Anyway, my friend, whose picture you can't see, brought three sisters and a brother with her….and then invited two cousins to join in the fun.

Free Pattern! 'Ring Bearer' Quilt in Andover Fabrics' 'Something Blue' Collection In Andover Fabrics' 'Something Blue' Collection. This beautiful quilt, designed by Edyta Sitar, is the perfect way to showcase the gorgeous 'Something Blue' fabric collection by Andover Fabrics! The size of the finished quilt is 56 x 72 inches / 142 x 183 cm.

New Patterns Hello from the middle of the school summer holidays! This is a flying visit because free time is currently in short supply for me here but things are generally going well. Toby is being kept busy and the weather has been glorious, though a little hotter than we are used to.

Finding the right needles for you Last week when we were talking about knitting in the heat a number of people mentioned using wooden or bamboo needles, which reminded us of the importance of choosing the right needles for particular circumstances. Having the right tools for a project can make a difference.

Sunset highway As you can see by that big grin on the kid's face, we had a fabulous time at the seashore. Play Eat Repeat. I even squeezed some knitting in and managed to finish my Sunset Highway. I decided to knit short sleeves in keeping with the whole summertime casual easy breezy theme.

For the love of toys I have been thinking about making toys recently. As you know, often I can be beavering away in the background, making something secret I cannot share. You will imagine that it will include toys - toys for babies, toys for toddlers, toys for play, toys to amuse and in some cases toys that adults love.

Find your Correspondent! If you read my post from several weeks ago, or if you have my second book, or if you follow @yumiket and @labistrake on instagram, then you will know all about #knittedcorrespondence!

The Marvel of Japanese Knitting This is a wonderful, fascinating book. The patterns are extraordinary and require lots of gazing upon and wondering at. But this is the bit that truly amazes me. Have a look at these knitting symbols. Now consider these words from the introduction. Crikey bananas!

Year of Projects 8 - Week 06 I'm very late in posting today. What can I say; the day got away from me! Maybe because it's a holiday weekend here in Ontario, I'm all off schedule? My knitting, on the other hand, is right on schedule! I finished my July Paper Bag Project: Gladys in Painted Fleece Merino/Silk/Cashmere.

FO: Prairie Spring 2.0 If you have been following this blog since way way back, these socks will definitely look familiar. In 2014 I knit this pattern for the first time, and they are still one of my most worn pairs! The old pair is nowhere near being worn out yet, but still I've been itching to make a new pair.

Grey: not pregnant Hello, here is my new hair, and my new cardigan. For quite a while it has been obvious that my hair was no longer naturally brown, but grey. I got to a point a few months ago when I was just tired of the continual touching up. What might my hair look like if I just stopped piling on the L'Oreal?

St Catherines In recent months, I've been enjoying developing a small collection of lighter knits in Milarrochy Tweed. I've just published the final design in this collection - St Catherines. I seem to be exploring dolman and batwing-esque sleeves a lot in my design work at the moment.

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