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Booked There's something that I've been desperately excited to tell you about, and now - at long last - I can. Next year, Dover Press are publishing a very colourful new book about stranded knitting. And the author is, erm, me. You could possibly make a case that I'm biased on the matter, but I think it's going to be a cool book.

A Little Women Inspiration 'Have you seen Little Women?' said one of my best friends. 'You just have to! I watched it and just kept thinking of you. If you want to go Emma, I'll see it again?' With such a ringing endorsement and an invitation for a jolly trip out, the arrangements were made immediately.

Designer Spotlight - Cheryl Lowe Wool Warehouse - buy all of your yarn wool, needles, and other knitting supplies online today with FAST delivery!

Baby yarns and cutie patterns for baby knits from PetiteKnit We received a box of lovely PetiteKnit patterns at the end of last week - how exciting! The PetiteKnit patterns, designed by Mette, who lives in Denmark, are very modern and very on-trend! This week we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the new PetiteKnit baby patterns we now have in print at Loop - they're just adorable!

Holding my own… Two weeks into the new year….and I'm still attacking the stash. 'My cup of tea' socks are finished. The leftover ball of yarn got tossed into the bag holding the sock yarn blanket. One skein out of the yarn closet. Next… Joji Locatelli's Three Color Cashmere Cowl…out of stashed yarn, not cashmere.

More Pondlife When the world finally sees sense and appoints me President For Life, there are going to be some big changes around here. Obviously high on the list will be the introduction of paid knitting / crochet leave for all workers, and free access to yarn for the under-paid.

Let's get Snug - the Zesty Scarf You have just got to find the joy of yarn in the Winter. Perhaps being a winter baby I don't really mind the colder months. I'll be honest I actually prefer wearing lots of layers and get a bit stressed by the idea of summer holiday clothes. My husband says I have a two degree tolerance level.

Free Pattern! Crocheted Cardigan Wrap in Lion Brand Vanna's Choice In Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. This lovely crocheted cardigan wrap by Lion Band is the perfect extra layer for chilly days! The pattern covers two sizes: S-L and XL-XXL. You'll need the following materials for this pattern:. 6 x 100g balls for size S-L.

Deep winter knitting & an exciting giveaway! Welcome back to the Loop blog! We hope you all had a lovely holiday season, and we want to wish you a happy new year! January is often very grey and cold for those in the northern hemisphere, so this week we wanted to look at the fabulous book Knits About Winter by Emily Foden, which was published just over a year ago.

Podcast 81 Cherry Heart Podcast 81: In which I finally release the Nature's Walk Bonus Squares, talk about my plans for next year and share all the usual crafty makes.

New year, new pattern :) Hello and a belated happy New Year! I do hope that this new year has been kind and gentle to you so far. I'm still getting back into the swing of things after the wildly out-of-routine Christmas break and I have some pictures to show you of the knitting that I did manage to work on in the quiet moments.

Some Thoughts on Size Inclusivity in Knitting The knitting industry is finally talking size inclusivity. While some designers and magazines have long worked with a large range of sizing, it is unfortunately not rare to come across patterns that operate within a narrow small / medium/large perimeter.

Princessoftheworld…. ShiraPrincessoftheWorldDogYoung. I think I know you all well enough to tell you my story. Sit down. It's not a pleasant one. See that lumpy thing on my right paw? Well, I have them all over myself. They are some of my souvenirs from some horrible skin problems someone allowed to fester all over my body.

Nature's Walk - The Bonus Squares A craft blog about a Mummy who loves to crochet, knit, quilt, sew, weave and podcast about it too. Includes my crochet tutorials and patterns.

Mudra Today's Warm Hands design is one I'm particularly excited to introduce: the Mudra mitts, which are the work of Lana Jois. Lana is an experienced and prolific designer, whose speciality is creating really beautiful lace accessories.

Dreaming in the new year…. ShiraPrincessoftheWorldDogYoung. Look at my Christmas present!!!! I love it so much. It almost covers the bald spot on my neck. Of course, it doesn't do a thing for the bald spots on my legs and back and hiney, but who cares?. Don't I look beautiful? When I was adopted, I came with a red collar.

A Splash of Winter Colour I've been revisiting some of my previously published patterns and knitting them in new colour ways. A splash of winter colour is what I wanted for this hat. This is Pathfinder, inspired by maps and fair isle motifs. Grid lines and squares represent the distance measures on a map and diagonal directions on a compass.

New Year Knitting Resolutions Instead of going on a diet or setting yourself some extreme exercise challenges, have you thought about making some knitting or crochet new year resolutions. We have a few ideas:. Learn a new technique. Choose a technique that would allow you to tackle a pattern you've always admired but didn't feel you had the skills for.

Strip knitting…. No relation to strip poker. It's actually pretty simple…you make a strip, then attach a second strip as you knit, and a third, etc. A wonderful way to use up bits and pieces of leftovers… I made this blanket years ago from leftover sock yarn…left over from a mitered square sock blanket.

Mitered Square Blanket Sometimes you just have to finish a project…3 years sat in a basket…moved from room to room, is too long for a bunch of yarn to sit about in my house.

Free Pattern! Dog Sweater crocheted in Cygnet Utopia Chunky Crocheted in Cygnet Utopia Chunky. You'll need the following materials for this pattern:. 1 x 100g ball for sizes Small and Medium. 2 x 100g balls for size Large. 1 x 100g ball for all sizes. Please note that the pattern lists Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky, which we do not stock.

Happy New Year - Happy New Decade! A quick hello from Higgins and me to wish you all the very best for the coming months. The end of the last decade has not been easy for those of us living in the UK, barraged by a seemingly never ending stream of politics, bad temper and lies. Globally many of us feel vulnerable, both from climate change and those who are in power.

A Tiny Love Story Happy new year, my friends: may your yarn never tangle and may nobody interrupt you when you're counting stitches. How's your 2020 going so far? Here at Twisted Towers, I've knitted a few rounds of sock and cleaned out the water-butt. And a few days ago, something magical happened, involving this beauty:.

Twisting the cast on for a two-color brioche hat is an inauspicious start to 2020. #rosekimknits Twisting the cast on for a two-color brioche hat is an inauspicious start to 2020. 😢 #rosekimknits 10 Shawls in 2010 Advertising Am Kamin Apologies Auburn Camp Shirt Babette Baby Surprise Jacket Back Burner Baking Bay Pullover Birthday Blue Star Quilt Books BSG Bumbershoot Candles Carding Carnivorous Poncho Charity Commerce Contest...

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