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Fish Scales Here's a two color slip-stitch pattern that will look nice in any reversible project. Difficulty level: Medium.

Free Pattern! Crocheted Jar Cosies in Lily Sugar 'n' Cream cotton In Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton. You'll need the following materials for this pattern:. Download the free pattern by clicking here.

Brilliant corners Today I'm introducing a new hat, and a new shade of Milarrochy Tweed. First, the hat, which, just like the yoke of my Land o' Cakes cardigan, is worked in variations of 2×2 corrugated rib and which, just like that pattern, I designed on the hoof, experimenting with shade combinations and rhythms in an improvisatory way.

Small things we're thankful for We thought that this week we would share some of the great things we've been seeing popping up online during these difficult times. We hope that, while our London and online shops are closed, you'll be able to continue your creativity and find some wonderful things to occupy your time.

Rainbows of Hope So I was surprised and delighted to be approached via Instagram by the lovely Debs with a bright idea to bring rainbows of hope across the globe using the Planet Penny Carnival Bunting pattern. People are making rainbows in all sorts of ways to hang in their windows to bring a message of hope in these strange and difficult times,.

Criss-Cross Stitch The Criss-Cross stitch pattern produces a surprisingly dense, rigid and unyielding fabric. It is a great pattern for pillows and washcloths as well as bags, pillows, or scarves.

Broughton mittens tutorial part 1 The Broughton mittens include an optional flip-top opening which allows you to use your fingers without taking your mittens off. The flip-top opening, and the thumbs, are created using an "afterthought" method, although it's not a true afterthought because we're planning for it.

Aster Flowers Hmm… Why is the lady in the video slipping 2 stitches at the beginning of row two, when the patterns only calls for one slipped stitch? :)ReplyDelete You can cast on edge stitches as much as you wish. In the video, I had added 2 edge stitches.

Glenmore: A knitted sweater design for all bodies Modifications: added 1" / 2.5 cm to body length before ribbing. Ravelry project here. Freda. Yarn: Cyrano in Doré. Ease: 8" / 20cm. Modifications: none. Ravelry project here. Yarn: Cyrano in Cypres. Ease: 10" / 25cm. Modifications: none. Yarn: Cyrano in Genet.

Two color Daisy Two color Daisy stitch is a super fun pattern and isn't so hard – you should try it. Pattern includes written instructions and video tutorial on how to knit Two color Daisy stitch.

Mystery Blanket Club 2020: post 3, April And I would like to begin by saying a big thank you to all the messages of support we have had from our members during the past couple of weeks. In this time of global uncertainty, it is uplifting and inspiring to hear about all your lovely knitting projects and see all the marvellous things you've been creating.

Keep On Yarning Thank you, my fine fibrous friends, for your heartwarming comments in response to the self-care post, including the many from people who are new around here. I started replying to each comment, but they number in the hundreds, and I'm not sure I can write a sensible response to every single one without being prosecuted for child neglect.

Hanami at Home When we got married, Mark and I went to Japan for our Honeymoon. We were so lucky to be able to travel to this amazing place, and fell in love with it immediately. Something which especially spoke to me is the beautiful sense of presence and celebration attending daily life.

Monthly Musings - March A slow start and a furiously busy finish. Coronavirus rears it's ugly head and keeping busy at least keeps my mind occupied.

Swatching for Glenmore The yarn featured in the Glenmore Pattern, which will be released on April 8th, is Cyrano from De Rerum Natura. It's listed as an Aran weight yarn by the manufacturer but is closer to many chunky weights.

The Vintage 'V' Blanket Currently I don't have much thinking space or time to be working on complex crochet patterns. My mind wandered last week, remembering the crafters and makers in the Second World War. They used whatever they could find, whatever could be re-purposed to make their creation.

Colour Moves is published! I want to thank everyone for your comments on yesterday's post. Reading them, I was struck very strongly by the feeling of our all facing exactly the same pressing issue in our disparate regions in the world - an unusual sense of connection, but not one to be ignored.

Colourwork Club: Broughton mittens The final pattern in the Colourwork Club, the Broughton mittens, is now available. All three Colourwork Club patterns are now available for a single low price. I designed this pattern to be a small project that would stretch your colourwork skills and I hope you enjoy it.

Free Pattern! Colour Shift Shawl knitted in Cascade 220 Fingering Knitted in Cascade 220 Fingering. This lovely shawl is knitted with two strands of Cascade 220 Fingering held together. The gentle colour changes are achieved by changing 1 strand of colour at a time. You'll need the following materials for this pattern:.

Coofle This is a very cheerful sweater. And to accompany it, I'm wearing the most cheering pair of shoes I own… Yes, even someone with a dropped foot and appalling balance can gad about in these ridiculous ruby slippers! Back to the sweater, whose name is Coofle: an old Scots word for a puzzle, game or challenge.

We'll see you soon! Hello everyone - this week we're very sad to bring you the news that we have had to close our online shop for the time being. We have the details here and a few lovely bright things to share too. For the safety of the Loop staff and their families, the online shop is having a break for several weeks, which we hope to return from soon.

Podcast 85 Cherry Heart Podcast 85: In which I share what I've managed to get done in these strange times and have a little vloggy footage for you.

Strange Times! My plan is to try and continue keeping Cherry Heart ticking over as well if I can, so hopefully I'll still be able to find a way to podcast and post over the next few weeks, but I'll have to see how things go I guess. And of course, I still absolutely love receiving and reading your messages and comments, especially at the moment.

Diamond Quilt Very beautiful pattern and is not difficult as looks. Follow this written instructions and soon you will be knitting without looking at it.

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