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The 12 days of Christmas… My Christmas making is often done right in the middle of summer. This causes absolute hilarity if I am caught designing by my friends. The simple fact is that in order to be photographed for magazines I need to finish the actual items in about July. Over the years I have made stockings, angels and mug cozies…all in the warmest weather.

Day 6: Happy Independece Day Finland! In the middle of the darkest time of the year, we celebrate our independence. There are a few traditions, but one of them is that all over Finland, from 1800-1900 candles are being lit on the windowsills. And of course, my silly little creatures, follow this tradition and have candles lit.

Christmas Presents 6th December 🎄 Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents 🎄Picture Perfect FramesSpecial Christmas Offer✨ Free download! ✨ You don't need to rush for this one, it's going to stay completely free!

Christmas gifts for darning, embroidery and haberdashery lovers Well, December is upon us! This gift giving season we want to help you pick out thoughtful and beautiful gifts for your loved ones, so over the next few weeks we'll be posting some great gift round-ups.

Episode 40: The Sweater Experience If you were ever interested in my older knitting projects, this is the episode for you. Your hunger for details will now be satiated to the point of turning into gluttonous nausea. 117 sweaters / upper body garments may be overkill. This is my sweater knitting history.

Day 5: my Advent Calendar Early already, drove off to town and spent most of the day there. I had a list of things to do and it took longer than I anticipated, but most of it got done. What a joy to return home, meet the furry ones, put up feet, drink good tea, enjoy the twinkle of the fairy lights in this otherwise dark night.

Hello, my name is Shira I think you met me earlier in the week. My mom is indisposed at the moment, so I thought I'd jump in here and really introduce myself. Getting here today wasn't easy. Our password went kafluzzy. Our blog site is all messed up. And I don't really know what I'm doing.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts Little Hen sent me a copy of her Nordic Christmas Mice knitting pattern to try out. They are deceptively easy and quick to knit, perfect for last minute gifts. The pattern gives detailed instructions for three mice, each has a different Nordic inspired jumper.

Christmas Knitting: Qing Glitter Sock Yarn We are delighted to announce that we have finally extended our range of hand-dyed yarn to its former glory. Our stocks were low for a while and needed to be replenished giving us the opportunity to introduce new brands and bases to the shop. Earlier this month it was the Walk Cottage Merino and the Black Elephant Sock.

Granny Blanket This Granny Blanket, a free pattern by Purl Soho, is my first ever crochet project. I found the instructions to be beginner friendly. While the colors and materials of the original blanket are gorgeous, the over $140 USD in yarn for my first crochet project didn't seem right at first.

Day 4: Crochet and cross stitch Thank you for being here for the day 4 th. Little more about the blankets… I love Sandra of the Cherry Heart blog and podcast….

Day 3: old blankets Last December and January for a while I was at a loss what to do… Lots of yarns and fabrics and pens and paper, and really all kinds of stuff to do, to make something, and not a clue just what to make.

It's all OK. It's been more than a while. Weeks? Months? Long enough, I'm sure, to find that there is no longer anyone in this space but me. That's OK. I talk to myself a lot. For anyone who trips into this space by mistake, let me fill you in. It used to be a knitting blog.

Christmas Presents - 3rd December If you are having trouble, you can leave your comment here instead. Labels: #cherryheartschristmaspresents Baby Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents Crochet Patterns Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment! I read and appreciate every single one and if you leave your details, I'll try to reply too!

Day 2: blanket I tried to prepare myself well for December and for the days leading up to the celebration… but when I looked at the date in the morning, 2nd of December, I felt choked for a bit. November seems such a long month, it drags along and never seems to end, and once December begins to roll, it seems to fly by.

Ivana Headband You can watch the vlog that relates to this by clicking here. Materials: Corona with a 5mm hook. Or, a mix of plies to around 22 plies with a 6mm hook. Gauge: Genuinely doesn't matter. It needs to be a little stiff to hold it's shape. But around 3 stitches and 2.5 rows in 1 inch in half treble.

Pattern Round Up - November 2019 Autumn and especially November is always a highlight for pattern releases. Not only is it the season for getting all you knitwear out to wear with pride but also the evenings are drawing in and the pull towards your needles is strong.

December! "The quiet transition from autumn to winter is not a bad time at all. It's a time for protecting and securing things and for making sure you've got in as many supplies as you can.

Mystery Baby Blanket Club 2019: post 4, December We are now embarking on the fourth instalment of the project, which means we are over halfway through, with just three instalments to come after this. You can most probably see from the piecing diagrams where the design is going now.

Podcast 79 - with Betsy Makes! Cherry Heart Podcast 89: In which I'm joined by my beautiful friend Sam of Betsy Makes and we share what we've been making and our Nottingham Yarn Expo Haul.

Garter Tab Cast-on Tutorial With the re-release of Halimede, a classic top-down shallow triangular shawl with pretty panels of feather and fan, we thought it would be a good time for a tutorial on the garter tab cast-on.

Autumnal beauty from Sophie Digard New Autumn Winter scarves and wraps from Sophie Digard are arriving at Loop. We are so in love with these new designs and colour palettes; this week we are highlighting their beauty. We have loved Sophie's work for a long time, and are proud of the large collection that we receive each year.

Repetition Hello and sorry to have been absent for most of November. Things with Toby have been a bit intense and we're not quite sure why he's finding life hard at the moment, but it is taking lots of energy to keep him happy, relaxed and occupied.

Presents are coming! I'm calling it Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents and the idea is I'll be giving you some lovely discounts and offers on a few new patterns that I'll have coming out over December. There are going to be 6 different offers available in the lead up to Christmas.

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Knitting Gathering Hosting a knitting meet-up can be an excellent excuse to spend a evening / afternoon together with your knitting pals. As professional Knit Night hosts here are our top tips for a successful evening. First and maybe most important of all: food and drinks.

November Things… I've also left some of the mini pumpkins dotted about out the back as they seem to be holding up nicely and add a bit more colour and decoration to the place. It also feels a bit like I haven't made much progress on anything lately. At least, I'm plugging away at things and yet nothing seems to actually get finished.

Morrone is out Just to let you know that the Morrone pattern is now available on Ravelry: and kits in both colourways are now available in the shop. This fun hat has really reignited my knitting. I feel another project coming on. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Planet Penny Road Trip Planet Penny goes to Yorkshire. Needlefelting workshop at the Frank and Olive Crochet Christmas Retreat making alternative decorations for the tree and home.

Morrone #2 If you asked me my preference in winter weather, I'd always say cold, crisp and bright. But still and misty is lovely too, sometimes. I knit a second version of my Morrone hat this week, to test the pattern and try out a different palette. I'm pleased with how it turned out,.

How to Fail at Knitting I knew I wanted to make the aran cardigan the minute I saw it. In January, following my fashion fast, we made a plan to have a bit of shopping fun in London. Visiting the 'mothership' of Liberty is a must. The shop is always in my heart. The mad, unique and eclectic collection of fashion, stationary, crockery… it goes on.

New Crochet Pattern! Marrakech Lantern Bunting Here at Twisted Towers, we like to help you prepare for all sorts of predicaments. Possibly, this urge is the result of my upbringing by the Twisted Seniors, who insisted that I master two life skills before my childhood could be considered complete.

Moss DK and Moss Light - New Yarns from our Dye Studio Our latest Ysolda brand yarn is Moss, available as Moss DK and Moss Light. We chose the name because this 2-ply blend of British Blue Faced Leicester and Masham is soft, pillowy, and lustrous; it truly reminds me of walking on a mossy forest floor.

Carmine This project was completed on November 2018. Back then I didn't know what eventful months laid ahead. Oh, 2019…never a dull moment. I am taking one day at a time. Going back to activities that bring me joy. Hello again sweet purls. I have missed you dearly.

Free Pattern! 'On the Dot' Christmas Stocking crocheted in Caron Simply Soft 'On the Dot' Christmas Stocking. crocheted in Caron Simply Soft. You'll need the following materials for this pattern:.

New kits and little treasures This week we're taking a look at some of our fantastic new kits that launched last week, as well as some new treasures that are in the shop now. Some of our kits are available to pre-order rather than purchase straight away; they were so popular they sold out over last weekend, but they will be replenished very soon!

Stashbusting Christmas decoration patterns Have you ever knitted or crocheted your own Christmas decorations? These can be great stash busting projects as a lot of decorations are small items so don't take much yarn to make. The larger projects on this list still don't require a lot of single colours so again they can be a good way to use up your small left over quantities.

A Q&A with Nichola McGuire of Eclectic Gift Following on from yesterday's post, and celebrating the launch of my new greeting cards, we are joined today on the KNITSONIK blog by Nichola McGuire of Eclectic Gift. This post discusses mental health issues openly and is dedicated to anyone else who - like me, like Nichola - needs support in this area.

Podcast 78 Cherry Heart Podcast Episode 78: In which I make a return to the sewing machine, share some exciting goodies to come and all the usual makes.

People To Follow Feeling over-saturated while scrolling down your Insta feed is pretty easily done. Every now and then however we are stopped in our tracks by some amazing accounts. Here follows a small selection of our favourite ones. We recently came across the fabulous account of Shiny Super Hero and like everyone else we absolutely fell in love with her work.

KNITSONIK & Eclectic Gift: A Collaboration Hello, today I want to introduce a collaborative project between myself and Nichola McGuire - the artist behind Eclectic Gift. Nichola has designed a new range of KNITSONIK greeting cards which will launch in my shop tomorrow.

A hat and a hill You may remember that I mentioned I fancied designing and knitting myself a new hat as part of the It's on Your Heid knit-along, currently running in our Ravelry group. I wanted to create a hat with deep, folded ribbing to cover my chilly ears; which sat on the back of my head ; and which perhaps featured an interesting colourwork crown.

Exactly Yarned On Wednesday, after I got out of bed at 4am to go to the airport for the of three planes to take me to Port Ludlow I stood in my living room drinking a huge cup of coffee and looked at the pile of knitting I'd amassed for the week, and tried to decide what to take and where to pack it.

Crepe Myrtle shawl Our beautiful new Crepe Myrtle shawl has launched today! Designed for us by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, we now have kits in two different colour ways, and individual printed patterns, available online, in store and at our NYC pop-up, which is open this weekend.

Daniel's Hat, a free pattern Our gift to you today is a free pattern for a simple hat in super squishy brioche rib that that'll look great on everyone! It's named after our team member Daniel, who recently left to pursue a career in music production - we made this as a leaving gift for him.

Christmas plans Winter came early this year. Usually November is gray, icy and slippery, but not this year. All is white, the trees are snow coated and everything is perfect and beautiful. It has been cold too, until now… today the climate changed, the temperature is around zero, it is misty and wet.

How to work Brioche Stitch in the round Brioche stitch is stretchy, squishy, fun to knit and oh so warm! Here are some helpful video tutorials to demonstrate how to knit brioche stitch in the round. The set-up round is worked as to end. This set-up round will not be repeated.

Classes at Vogue Knitting Live, Austin, Texas If you follow me on Instagram you may know that last weekend I was at Vogue Knitting Live Intensive, held in Austin, Texas. I did two classes while there and thought you might like to hear about them. The first was Dive Into Dipped Stitches with Jeanette Sloan.

International Women's Day best practice award We are thrilled and honoured to announce that our collaborative blanket celebrating 30 diverse creative women has received a "best practice award" from International Women's Day. We are especially proud, because such awards are usually conferred on much larger companies, groups and organisations.

Departures Thank you for your comments on my last post visible mending. I read them all but did not manage to reply…the last couple of weeks have been rather fulsome and I've been needing to rest more. Normally, I am a utilitarian maker, I make things to be worn or used, I make practical, durable things.

A Festive Fair The 7thTwo Rivers Trail Festive Fair at the New Victory Hall, Neatishead, NR12 8AD textiles, ceramics, painting, printmaking, weaving, photography and more.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 8 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 8 Hello Nature's Walkers! Today I'm here to share the very last part of the pattern with you and I can't quite believe how quickly this CAL has flown by.

Love your needle stash as much as your yarn We were asking on social media recently about how many hooks and needles people have and how they store them. The answer to the first part seemed to generally be "a lot" while the storage options included jam jars, pringle tubes, Tupperware boxes and biscuit tins as well as handmade needle rolls and special cases.

Knitting and Crochet Christmas Makes 2019 Overwhelmed with the amount of patterns that are available? Don't worry, we have put together a list of knitted and crocheted patterns that would make perfect Christmas presents! This adorable crocheted drum will make the perfect addition to your festive decor.

Breiwick - Jane's first colourwork And since Autumn is most definitely here I'm on to the next instalment of my first year of knitting. Kate's been talking about knitting hats for a few weeks, so I decided to join her. Could I contend with colourwork? What pattern should I start with?

Pattern Round Up - October 2019 Some amazing patterns in this month Round Up ranging from statement jumpers to cozy winter accessories. Starting strong here with the beautiful Unity jumper. Designed by our beloved teacher Dani Sunshine, this statement piece is knitted seamlessly from the top down.

Bleideag: an easy yoke sweater that beginners can tackle Ysolda and Bex teamed up to create Bleideag, a super cozy circular yoke pullover worked in classic Létt Lopi wool with details in Einrúm L+2, a unique yarn made up of Icelandic wool and Thai silk. Get your kit here!

It's on your heid At this time of year - when the wind picks up and the first dusting of snow appears on the hills - I'm generally filled with an urge to whip up a hat to keep my heid warm. This November is no different.

Free Pattern! Urban Autumn Scarf knitted in Drops Air Save 30% on Drops Air until 31st December 2019 in our Drops Alpaca Party Sale! We can't get enough of autumn accessories at the moment, and this fabulous scarf knitted in Drops Air is one of our favourites! You'll need the following materials for this pattern:.

Loop in NYC - a preview of our holiday pop-up! This time next week our 'Loop in NYC' pop-up shop will be opening! We are so excited about going back to the West Village and partnering with Paola of mYak at the Here Now space. This week we are sharing previews of some of the amazing yarns, kits and haberdashery we will have with us next week.

Home comforts It was the school half term break here last week and we had a fun time keeping Toby active and busy: lots of wood walks, tandem trike rides, swimming and rides on the mini steam train that he loves.

Same old, same old Voila, finished Jaywalkers. My October Self-Imposed-Sock-of-the-Month-Club, which brings me smartly up to date. Yarn: Must Stash Yarn in a one-off colorway called "Bete" that's almost like her Beauty and Beast skeins, but with one missing set of stripes, which I quite like.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 7 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 7 For the past six weeks we've been working on the squares for the blanket. Each one a small little project of it's own, but now it's time to start bringing things together and you can see just how much you have achieved so far.

Woolpes Woolpes Today is the first very cold day up here… when I woke up in the morning, it was - 25ºC and it did feel quite brisk. And since we last talked, we have got lots of new snow. Snow always does wonders to the scenery, and one does not get tired of looking at it and admiring the peace and quiet that come with it.

Timeline Recently, I was reading something about why it is that time seems to speed up as you get older. I remember reading one explanation a few years ago that essentially said that this is a real phenomenon, and that it is because we're not laying down a lot of new stuff.

Alternating cable cast on tutorial An alternating cable cast on is a useful, stretchy cast on for ribbing that's less fussy to work than a tubular cast on. It's worked like a regular cable cast on, but instead of casting on each stitch knitwise stitches are alternately cast on knitwise and purlwise.

Completed Project - Kate's Love Note When Caroline, the wonderful dyer behind Life in the Long Grass sent me photos of their newest base, Hinterland, I had already knit myself a jumper in it in my mind before I had finished placing my order.

Mystery Baby Blanket Club, post 3, November And as Autumn takes a firm hold, it's the perfect time to cuddle up on the sofa with your knitting and get stuck into the next five squares of your Baby Blanket!

Hidden in Plain Sight - in honour of Black History Month This week we are sharing an article written for us by Lorna Hamilton-Brown, in honour of Black History Month here in the UK. We are extremely thankful to Lorna for her work on the subject of documenting and exploring the experiences of black knitters.

Mystery Blanket 2019: post 10, November, the final blog! The last piece of the 'mystery' has finally been revealed with the last four squares and the edging pattern to knit in the November instalment.

Designer Spotlight - Christine of Winwick Mum What is your favourite piece you've done so far? There really isn't just one but as everything that I've done has been as a result of the Sockalong tutorials, then I guess that must be my very favourite! When I first wrote the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials, it was as a reaction to people telling me that sock knitting was "too hard".

Podcast 77 Cherry Heart Podcast 77: In which I talk pumpkins and mushrooms, share a bit of Halloween prep and show you all my current makes.

Ysolda Club - 2020 plans This post was originally in our newsletter last week and since then several subscribers have reached out with incredible kindness to say that they'll miss the club but want to keep supporting us. We appreciate that so much, and, although we obviously need purchases to keep the business going there are lots of other ways that you can support us.

Visible mending I profess to loving the ideas behind visible mending much more than the actual look. Whilst I have been known to sew a colourful patch on a child's worn out trouser knees, I certainly don't want my own clothes to look patched, even creatively, even to draw attention to the political act of mending.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 6 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 6 I hope everyone is enjoying the crocheting so far and hopefully by now you'll have some nice piles of completed squares to admire. This week sees the final square designs that we will be adding to the blankets.

A square for Bobby Baker I so enjoyed reading Kate's account of designing a square for Adrienne Rich for our blanket. The poem she describes - An Atlas of The Difficult World - is one of many amazing works to which Kate introduced me through this project.

Comfort Knitting Thank goodness for yarn, eh? No matter what you're dealing with, there's a knit or crochet project that'll help you through. Feeling so stressed that you just gnawed your own leg off through sheer nervous energy? Allow me to recommend a simple ripple blanket.

Knit How - Trunk Show + Beginner Kits Another month another Pom pom trunk show. This time we will be exhibiting the Knit How collection for only just two weeks! Since its release in November last year Knit How has established itself as the reference book for beginner knitters.

Trendwatch: Knit big this winter Winter sweaters are getting bigger and bigger. Looking at catwalk pictures and magazine articles about winter fashion trends, we have seen lots of large textured sweaters with scarves or even belts. Big and bold is definitely the way to go which is good news for knitters because that means quick knits in chunky yarns.

Free Pattern! Crocheted Baby Penguin by Laura Sutcliffe Brett Chinchilla and James C. Brett Chunky with Merino. By Laura Sutcliffe from Laura Loves Crochet. We have such a treat for you this week! This week's exclusive free pattern has been designed for us by the fantastic designer Laura Sutcliffe from Laura Loves Crochet.

Yummy Yama Yarn at Loop We are so happy to be adding another new yarn to the lovely selection we already stock at Loop! Yama Yarn is brand new to us, and it is available to buy in store and online from today.

If you ever doubted When I headed out the door for Rhinebeck last Thursday, things were tense with the sweaters though I felt pretty hopeful. I was pretty sure I could finish, but I'd also made a commitment to myself to remember that knitting is fun, and Rhinebeck is fun and not to let anything get too crazy in the knitting department.

Bleideag - coming November 1st This is the pullover Bex has been dreaming of since we first decided to order Einrúm, after we visited Iceland together for 24 hours on our way home from the 2017 Women's march in Washington DC. We found Einrúm in lots of little boutiques in Reykjavik and fell in love with its subtle shimmer.

Square Share Towards the end of last summer my friend Kate of KDD and Co. visited me here in Reading so we could plan a collaborative project. Our idea was to design something together which would speak to our shared interests in the creative possibilities of stranded colourwork, and the textures of womens' lives, history, and creativity.

Starflake Snowflake I was almost done with the third clue, when I spotted three extra stitches… They were there neatly tucked amongst the rest of the pattern stitches, they were born quite suddenly, unexpectedly, and they were so sneaky, that they were very hard to see… so hard that it was very tempting to leave them there, but alas!

YAK Trove Kal - Colours Troves are slowly taking shape and it is so nice to see the various colour combinations you have all came up with. We've been having a lot of fun here at the shop trying to create as many variations as possible. With 38 different colours of Ulysse available picking your own palette can definitely feel a bit overwhelming.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 5 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 5 We are progressing nicely through the CAL now, and have been introducing new elements along the way. This week, we'll be doing something a little different we'll be closing up the gaps in some of the corners to help create the patterns in these squares.

Raiment of the Tortoise Some projects seem to take forever. This one I began in January 2018 as a summer make. Two summers past before it was finished and a third is on its way as I am just sharing it with you now. This linen and wool blend top is knit from Yoko Johnston's Ginga Top design in the smallest size.

Episode 39: A Very My-So Called Handmade Life Camping Trip This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. On the blog: On ravelry as mamatronic:…

An autumn funghi walk Firstly thank you all so very much for your kind and thoughtful comments, emails and direct messages wishing Toby a happy birthday.

Designing with Nightshades, a guest post by Whitney Hayward We love the new nightshades pattern collection that Harrisville Designs launched last week, so we asked Whitey Hayward from Harrisville to tell us about the collection and how she approached designing with Nightshades.

Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 02: Forbes is here! This week marks the launch of the newest yarn from Brooklyn Tweed - Ranch 02: Forbes. We're so excited to have this yarn at Loop, with its warm earthy colour palette and springy softness. We just found out we are lucky enough to be the only stockist in Europe of this beautiful yarn, and we couldn't be more proud!

Long, dark winter ahead New, white, soft coating. The forest looks magical. When you step into it, it is like crossing a threshold into the fairy land. Days are short, and they become little shorter every day. When autumn turns into winter and new snow arrives, it is a new beginning to me.

Completed Project - Elodie's Party Top It was the middle of summer and for my next project I wanted to knit something for summer! We got some exciting summer yarn in the shop and one of them was the Moya 100% Cotton in the DK. With lovely colours in, I wanted to knit something with it next!

Gansey Bundle and Channel Island Cast On Tutorial We love Gansey patterning and decided to go into our archive and reknit two old favourites. These were originally made in Blend no.1 and have now been reknit in Neighborhood Fiber Company Capital Luxury Sport. The cowl is made in Hollins Market and the hat in Reservoir Hill.

Pine cone cloth & puffs A pattern for a beautifully pine cone textured crochet cloth for you or for the dishes and a soft puffy face wipe to cleanse make up and freshen up.

Technically not sweaters There is a tiny, little, itsy-bitsy chance that I overshot a little on this plan. I can say that because I'm supposed to get on a plane for Rhinebeck in the morning, and I am not finished two sweaters. I'm actually not even finished one sweater, though it's a near thing.

Pre-Brexit update With less than two weeks to go, we still don't know what Brexit will look like, or whether it's happening at all on October 31st. Like every other small business in the UK we've been trying to plan, without having much idea of what we're planning for.

Granny is Square! After that little joining session, the blanket laid dormant for quite a while, until recently when I got the urge to make all of the remaining square centres in one go. It suddenly seemed necessary to get that job out of the way for some reason. Somehow this blanket isn't quite so enjoyable to just pick up as the Battenberg.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 4 NaturesWalkCAL24th September - 12th November🍂 Part 4 Hello everyone, I'm so glad that you are all enjoying the pattern parts that have been released so far. I've also had some really lovely feedback about the crochet charts that are included for the squares.

Mystery Cushion Club 2019: the final instalment! - post 5, October And after five months of mystery knitting, we are finally here at the end of my ninth Cushion Club with the final part of the puzzle and title of the cushion revealed. We have not had many correct guesses for the title this year.

Cowls Against Brexit Who invoked that ancient curse, 'May you live in interesting times'? Because if it was you, please understand that by this point some of us have had quite enough interestingness, thanks very much, and could really do with a bit of tedious, safe, predictable, stability.

Fun With Power Tools Never, ever, in the history of everything, has a woman waited with such excitement for a mountain of well-rotted compost to be plonked on her doorstep. Oh hang on, perhaps I need to rewind this a teensy bit. Shall we knit/crochet a little whilst I explain?

Six Days Well, six days to go, and the state of the sweaters is… well, it's not terrible, but it's not great. I try not to panic because I can't see how it helps speed anyone up, but the urge to lose my scene entirely is starting to be a little bit tempting.

How to assemble Wardie The Wardie cardigan is worked in pieces from the bottom up. When the front and back are complete they're joined at the shoulders and then the sleeves are worked from stitches picked up around the armhole.

Let Glasgow Flourish Today we released a new pattern - the Let Glasgow Flourish blanket. Inspired by the work of textile artist, educator, and suffragette, Ann Macbeth, the blanket echoes a civic banner Macbeth created in 1910. The pared-back colourwork and abstracted motifs I've used speak to Macbeth's own Glasgow Style and makes a wonderful showpiece!

Eighteen He may not be able to speak a word, dress himself, understand dangers or resist custard creams. He may be awake each and every night, badly bite himself when stressed, strip all the beds 5 times a day and put everything he finds on the floor in his mouth.

MYak Tibetan Cloud + a giveaway! We are so excited to welcome the newest mYak yarn to Loop! All of mYak's yarns are exceptionally soft, with beautiful stories behind them. This week we're sharing the story behind Tibetan Cloud, which launched a few days ago! mYak Tibetan Cloud is 100% Tibetan sheep wool, in a sport / light DK weight.

YAK Trove KAL: Style Your Trove Following on from the launch of our Knitalong here are some styling suggestions that we hope will get you inspired to cast on your own Trove. We kept our first outfit super simple because less is more right? With light wash straight jeans and a pair of sandals Trove is the star of the show.

Podcast 76 This version is shown in lace weight yarn, however the original is in DK weight. I love your comments, but if your browser does not have 'third party cookies' enabled you may not be able to leave one. If you are having trouble, you can leave your comment here instead.

Love it or List it? Do you know what is in your yarn stash? Is every ball and skein something you love - or, perhaps more importantly, yarn that you will use? Really, even the purple eyelash yarn? Every now and again it is worth taking a look through your yarn stash and ask the love it or list it question.

A Petter Palette Sarah has a plan for her autumn's knitting, which involves combining these 5 colours of Petter in different ways to make 4 children's sweaters to meet differing tastes and needs.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 3 Nature's Walk CAL - Part 3: This week's squares are the lovely Buds and Sunshine.

Ten I write to you now from the airport in Saint John, New Brunswick, as I try to make my way home from Knit East, which was very lovely, as always. Great students, the venue is so pretty - the sea and Passamaquoddy Bay beckoning to me through the windows.

Ursus Lanarctos I don't know how many times I started over to get the back right - there is the opening, the button band underneath, button holes, short rows and then the hole for the tail…After all that done, I closed the piece to knit few rounds in the round and then separated for the pants.

Mystery Blanket 2019: post 9, October WELCOME TO THE NINTH INSTALMENT OF THE 2019 MYSTERY BLANKET CLUB BLOG - which means that we are a step away from completing the blanket! This month you have five squares to knit up which will complete six strips of the blanket.

Bruntsfield in Finull and some suggested colour combinations Autumn is vest time and we decided to go into Ysolda's back catalogue and pull out a great autumnal classic. The Bruntsfield vest was originally worked in five undyed colours to make the most of the amazing variety of Shetland fleece, but it is also a great canvas to play with colour.

Embellishments As summer draws to a close, and autumn arrives, we're pulling out our knitwear, and those almost-completed projects, in need of a few finishing touches.

Mystery Baby Blanket Club 2019: post 2, October And as the second instalment gets underway, the guesses are beginning to come in thick and fast for the title of the blanket. Most of you have been correct with your answers so far, but some of the members are still not quite sure what it is.

Sixteen Days While I cannot state unequivocally at this moment that my two-sweaters-for-Rhinebeck plan is a good one, I can tell you that today is a good day to continue entertaining the concept of this particularly bit of knitterly daring-do.

Pattern Round Up - September 2019 Weirdly this year the change of season feels pretty good. We spent a lot of time yesterday planning ahead for Christmas and the holiday season and we feel completely ready to tackle the new term. I know it might seems a tad early but as Elodie recently pointed out there's only 12 Mondays left before Christmas.

Shawls This month we can expect snow and ice, sometimes the lake freezes in October, and the winter will soon surround us. By the end of the month, there is so little daylight left that I will hang up my seasonal lights. It is not bad, but this time October came sooner than never before.

Doughnuts! A new free pattern for tiny doughnuts :) link to download is here. The original idea for this doughnut pattern was to make something small enough to fit into the pocket of my dungarees pattern, and although it is a little tight, it does just fit.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 2 Nature's Walk CAL - Part 2: Featuring this week's square designs Berries and Wheat.

Seventeen Days There is a moment in every set of grand plans when it all seem so possible, isn't there? Some spectacular moment where there is just enough time that it seems reasonable to hope for it, and you're far enough along in your thinking or your knitting or your writing or whatever, that you can see it all finished on time, and it's going to be glorious.

New in the Store - Finull PT2 Heathers Of all the yarns we stock, one of our favourites is Finull PT2. It's 100% Norwegian Wool fingering weight in an range of more than 100 colours. It is great value and will make garments you can wear for years, mend, and hand-down. It is versatile - Wardie, Ravelston, Joy and Mīlēt are all made from Finull PT2.

Quince & Co. Core Wool Collection 2019 Throughout the month of September we have been excitedly waiting each week for the newest patterns from the Quince and Co. Core Collection. We're doing a round up of all these lovely patterns this week! Loop is so proud to be a flagship store for Quince and Co.'s beautiful yarns.

Yarn ideas for some Bristol Ivy patterns We've started taking pre-orders for Bristol Ivy's new book, Knitting Outside the Box, Drape and Fold. This is a follow on to her first book, Knitting Outside the Box and I thought it was a good excuse to have a look at that first book and come up with some suggested yarn/project combinations.

YAK Trove Knit Along - with PRIZES! There's been a bit of a Trove craze here at YAK. Earlier this month we received the Sea Change trunk show giving us the opportunity to look closely at all the amazing samples from Pom Pom Issue 30. Trove has been on our minds ever since the preview of the collection was released but seeing it in real life definitely sealed the deal.

Lots of crafting, but nothing finished I was so happy to see you all here. I thought that since I was away for such a long time, no one would find me anymore, but here you are! This is wonderful! I am aiming to write once a week, it would be great to be here more often but once a week is good and I should be able to manage it.

Nature's Walk CAL, Part 1 Nature's Walk CAL - Part 1: Kicking off CAL with this week's squares Gates and Butterfly.

Soldotna Crop I finally knitted a cropped winter sweater and managed to actually make it cropped. In the past, every attempt at a cropped sweater is thwarted by one of two things: 1) I like what I'm knitting and don't want to stop or 2)I'm hesitant because I don't not know if I'll like the cropped style on me.

Hello, I missed you! Summer will be over by the end of the day, I couldn't think of a better time to return to a regular blogging schedule than the beginning of Fall. Hello and how have you been? How was your Summer? Are you ready for the knitting frenzy that Fall brings, I know I am?

Nobody throws away buttons After the debacle of knitting the wrong size on that baby sweater, I ripped it back and re-did it. I know that probably seems a little like madness, I was so close to done, but I had really wanted to use that ridiculously soft merino for a newborn sweater, and what the heck, I like knitting.

A few random notes on sustainability Today we're seeing huge, and vitally important, global youth led protests for action on climate change. There's so much of the narrative around sustainability that focuses on small individual changes, in a way that I can't help feeling is engineered to detract from the level of major change required from big business and government.

Skystone Hat In my last post I shared the Skystone Armwarmers I was knitting in August. These armwarmers were knit using the pattern I produced for Arnall-Culliford's well thought out book, Boost Your Knitting: Another Year of Techniques.

Misty Morning Jacket It's the very earliest time in the morning, the sun is just peaking very, very tentatively above the trees. There is a chill in the air - but the promise of a bright crisp day. I've been awake for long enough to know that I will not drift back into slumber.

Laine Magazine - new Autumn / Winter knits Today brings us something we've all been very excited about - the launch of Laine Magazine issue 9! We love Laine Magazine and the women who create it; this week we're looking at all the wonderful projects in the newest issue, and picking out the perfect yarns to go with them.

Podcast Episode 75 Cherry Heart Podcast 75: In which I share the latest #NaturesWalkCAL news, have a lot of Bertie interruptions and show you my latest makes.

Shop Update - Scheepjes Whirl Over the next couple of months we're going to introduce a bunch of new yarns into the shop. We haven't decided on everything yet but it will include some hand-dyed bases in 4ply and DK, potentially some new mohair as well as some heavier weight yarns.

Nature's Walk CAL, Getting Ready… As you'll know by now I'm sure, we won't start work on the blanket itself until the first pattern part comes out next week, but I thought it might be nice to pass the time while we wait for the start with a little CAL preparation and everyone's favourite thing….

Crochet It is such a long time since we talked… I have missed you. I have written these letters for such a long time that it almost feels like all my makes are unfinished because they have not appeared here. There are many reasons why I have been absent, but we are about even keel now and I am hoping for smooth sailing for a bit.

Stashbusting for Commit To Knit This year as part of Commit to Knit we are asking people to make and donate hats for homelessness and refugee charities. We have a number of free hat patterns on our website including our basic beanie pattern.

Routines It's nicely quiet and calm here and I've just finished my favourite breakfast of poached egg on hot buttered toast with a pot of tea - a good start to any day. I had planned to be back here on the blog sooner but it has taken a little longer than expected to get Toby settled back at school and Amy moved into her new uni digs.

TWiP: Cozy Feelings Knit, work, go outside, repeat.

Mystery Cushion Club 2019: post 4, September This month you have been given the final three squares for the Front Panel to knit, which means that if you are up to date you can get this whole block completed. You could also make a start on sewing them together, leaving just the Lower Back Panel to knit and the rest of the finishing to do next month.

Making 8 pre-orders and some suggested yarns 8 / Forest is now available to pre-order. Moose! In a sweater! With trees on it! Need to make this? Of course you do. The pattern is by Susan B. Anderson and it would be so softly squishable in Gilliatt. How stunning is this Growth Rings shawl by Ashley Yousling?

The Border Mill North Coast Tweed A wonderful new yarn has arrived at Loop for the Autumn. The Border Mill North Coast Tweed is a beautiful 100% Shetland Wool in a true 4ply weight. Best of all, there are 40 colours to choose from! We're very excited to show this to you this week. The Border Mill is a small fibre processing mill nestled in the Scottish Borders.

A Quick Pattern To Prevent Your Circular Needles From Misbehaving The twinnage returned to school last week, with all the swagger that a matching pair of eight-year-olds in a small village school can muster. The days are cooler, and no evening is complete until somebody has said "I can't believe it's dark already. Look!

The Skystone Tank Top Looking out of my window here at Castle Codd, it is plainly obvious in the breezy golden light that Autumn is here. The crunch through the first few crisp leaves has been a feature of our walks to nursery on this first week back. These past two days I have worn an extra layer to acknowledge that slight chill.

He's good at sharing First things first - I posted this on instagram, but here is home - so once more with feeling,. Guess who's going to be a big brother? We're all terrifically excited, except for maybe Elliot who talks a good game and generally seems in favour, but definitely has no idea what's headed his way.

Know Your Sheep - Gotland Fleece - or wool - varies from one breed of sheep to another, carrying specific structural elements that impact the softness, strength and drape of the yarn. Knowing about the fleece produced by different breeds of sheep is a good way to understand what to look for when buying wool for a new project.

Ringle We released another pattern with our friends at Shilasdair today - Ringle. Based on the very first, very simple, yoked pullover that I ever designed and knit, Ringle features Shilasdair's Coara Worsted - a springy blend of Blue Faced Leicester and Shetland fleeces that's now available in some beautiful naturally-dyed shades.

Autumn Sweater ideas round up Here in the studio, we are definitely feeling like it is sweater time. Some of us are still finishing up accessories from our holiday knitting, but we are excited about making sweaters and the workplace chat is full of links to Ravelry and other pattern sources with riffs on what yarn we could use and how we could adapt them.

Hello, Fenella Knitting Season is back today with the release of one of my confirmed collection favourites - Grèis. Grèis is a simple tunic dress with a colourwork yoke that features 9 different shades of Milarrochy Tweed. Our friend Fenella kindly modelled Grèis for us.

Stitched Together - an important discussion from Squam We wanted to share this incredibly insightful and joyful discussion, hosted by Squam this past July, that centred around issues of non-inclusion and racism that are ingrained in the maker community. We watched the panel discussion and were very moved by it and therefore felt it was important to share with our audience.

Chaos Years ago I heard someone say that they had to do something about their home because it was suffering from Chaos. That sounded about right to me, but it really resonated when they said it was actually CHAOS, an acronym for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

Podcast Episode 73 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment! I read and appreciate every single one and if you leave your details, I'll try to reply too!

Things you should never do… There are a few things that you should never attempt if you knit or crochet as they will end in tears. Combining both crafts in one blanket. Ok, I realise this is a 'crafty problem' not a 'real world problem' - but these are important thoughts when planning your next project.

Commit to Knit 2019 events If you are taking part in Commit to Knit month and planning to knit or crochet something for charity during September, here are some events organised by retailers that might be of interest to you. Shed Load of Crafts, Enfield, Every Wednesday and Thursday in September.

That one got away from me Hello all, and thanks for waiting for me. I know it's been a long time, and thank you for the emails and comments of concern - I got hit by some sort of combination crap train. When I left for the Rally everything was on fire, and then about halfway through the Rally the Blog broke, and you wouldn't believe how hard it was to fix.

A little more than a cardigan One of the most useful cardigans I ever knitted was this one here. Knit from yarn I found at an op shop it served me well for six years, so well, I wore it down. I darned and redarned the elbows but eventually there was little left to work with and so I decided to replace it.

Nature's Walk Crochet Along This is our third CAL together. We previously worked on two blankets, the Spice of Life and it's follow up, A Spicier Life, and this time around we wanted to bring you something a little different. The process of designing it came together naturally and I think it has quite a different feel than the others, so I hope we succeeded.

Scottish knitwear, Irish yarn It's a very busy week here at KDD! On top of our usual work on a new book and collection, we are launching our seasonal product range before the recommencement of Knitting Season on September 6th. Whew! You may remember that last year we began producing new pullovers using fantastic Shetland yarns spun by Scotland's JC Rennie.

Pattern Round Up - August 2019 Is it very bad to admit that although the sun is shining outside we are already planning for our Autumn knitting? Far from wishing for the summer to end yet we are just getting carried away by all the great winter patterns recently released.

Mystery Blanket Club 2019: post 8, September And this month it's time for a bit of revision as four out of the five squares you are knitting are repeats of what you have knitted previously. After this there is still one new square to come, but that will be the centre one in the final mail out in November.

Episode 36: Ends Shmends This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. On my blog : On Instagram as @mysocalle…

Baby Mystery Blanket Club 2019: post 1, September And what better way to start the Autumn season than with a brand new knitting adventure! We have over three-hundred members in this Club - many of whom are also knitting this year's Mystery Blanket and/or the Mystery Cushion as well.

TWiP: Colorful Days This has been a particularly colorful week. Between the red of the cardigan I'm knitting, and the beautiful blue skies, there hasn't been a single drab-looking day. It's a roundup of the microblogging I've done on Flickr and Instagram all week. This includes photos I shot for Project 365 and any other extra images I may have posted.

Summer's last hurrah! We've been having a last blast of wonderful weather, so we wanted to give a last hurrah to some gorgeous summer shawls, knitted in lovely plant-based yarns! The Tokyo Shawl pattern from Isager is a favourite at Loop; several of our Loopettes have knitted their own versions, and many of our Knit Night regulars have too!

Soon We're starting to see the odd teaser for Season Three of 2019. It's surprisingly cool here this morning, and I'm wearing an actual jumper. Confession: I bought rather than knitted it, and one of the twinnage would like me to make him one, but I'm puzzled by what the stitch might be.

Completed Project - Elodie's Winterfell Cardigan I want to first let you all know, I love this cardigan, and it makes me very happy. This cardigan is designed by Katrin Schneider it is the Winterfell in Aran, she also has the pattern for a sport weight. I chose to do in Aran because I wanted the slip stitch pattern to be thicker.

Lovely yarns for autumn There are lots of lovely new yarns appearing on the shelves at the moment but if you are not quite ready to tackle a chunky project just yet, what should you choose for some early autumn knitting? We have been looking at yarns out right now and choosing some to take us into slightly cooler weather.

Well, hello there! It feels good to be back here in this space. It has been sometime between posts. In my last post, I told you about the Spinal Twist Cowl that published in their 2018 Winter edition.

Ester Meet Ester, the new hat I've designed with Shilasdair. Ester is a comfortable, slouchy beanie, designed to make the most of three beautiful shades of plant-dyed Coara - a springy blend of BFL and Shetland.

Affordable sweater quantities for Autumn With Autumn around the corner, we're bringing you a little round up of some yarns at a good price point for your new Autumn / Winter sweaters and cardigans. Buying enough yarn for a garment can often feel pricey, so we've put together this list with some great yarns, all natural fibres, that are well priced and loved by us at Loop!

Natural Dyes Explained As time goes on natural dyes have grown more and more in popularity. They offer a environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic pigments. They give dyers the possibility to create beautiful colours using readily available ingredients and age-old recipes.

Inspiring projects, inspiring patterns As the summer draws to a close, I thought I'd round up some of the many inspiring projects that have been knitted in recent months from KDD patterns, and show you a couple of new designs in our yarns.

France Home is where the yarn is. Also, the third set of 4mm circular knitting needles, just in case a freak tidal wave washes away the other two sets. Home is also the last known location of the Stoic Spouse's secret chocolate stash, but he keeps moving it and I'm struggling to figure out its latest hiding place.

Nesting - the significant baby blanket Like so many people of my generation, I returned to knitting when the patter of little feet began to be heard. When my good friend was pregnant with her first child - my glorious godson - I became weirdly interested in the haberdashery department of our local John Lewis.

Under the Himalayan White Pine The KNITSONIK System emerged, in part, out of my continually picking things up, or being in places, and thinking I WANT TO KNIT THIS… but then having no clear way to action that vague, common impulse.

Darners in Conversation We want to tell you all about an exciting new event we have coming up at Loop this Autumn! Loop is hosting another 'Darners in Conversation' talk - we ran a similar event last year and it was wonderful! Last year we had Celia Pym and Hikaru Noguchi come and discuss all things visible mending and it was fabulous!

Mystery Cushion Club 2019: post 3, August And at this point we are just over halfway through this year's project, so if you've kept up to date with your knitting you will be well on the way to completing the front panel! And if you haven't, then panic not as you can knit it at your own leisure and catch up when you have time.

Attack of the baby knits! More rare than UFO sightings in these parts but super fun to knit! I have a good friend who is expecting her first baby in September so I wanted to welcome the little tike with some special hand knits. For the sweater I chose the owlets pattern by Kate Davies mainly because I have always wanted to knit the owls pattern for myself.

Scenes of Summer And sorry it's been so long. I just wanted to pop in briefly and say I am still here - it's just that here the school summer break is full on Toby time, and he remains my focus until school starts up again on September 4th.

Travelling with your knitting needles - My almost horror story Unfortunately, you do hear terrible stories from knitters who have had their needles taken away or they had to show the security they actually could knit when going through the airport.

Hard Things I believe in doing hard things. I think that if you are privileged enough to be able to choose to do a hard thing or not, choosing to do it has real rewards that can change the way you see the world, the way your brain works, and the kind of happiness you have.

Interview - Christine: The Story Behind Rauwerk The story behind Rauwerk is one of a kind. From a career in Haute Couture to starting her own yarn label Christine has managed to reinvent herself while creating a unique product. Her passion for high quality fibres and her commitment to sustainability emanate from her work.

Inverleith KAL prizes We've loved seeing your Inverleith projects take shape in the Ravelry thread and on Instagram, to provide a little extra encouragement we thought we'd let you know about the prizes! If you haven't already joined us it's not to late, Sarah cast on this week.

On Our Needles - Carole This week we're continuing our new blog feature 'On Our Needles' with another one of our Loopettes, Carole, our store manager. Carole is known for her incredible colour work sweaters, her quirky colour combinations and her love for matching her knits to her handmade dresses!

Juniper And Friends Proof that the universe has a fine sense of humour: just as my yarnthusiasm returns, I damage my hand by over-eager wool-tugging between DPNs. Yeah thanks, universe - feel free to stop chuckling now. It's quite ouchy, but I've switched to knitting continental-style in order to give my right hand a break.

Mystery Blanket Club 2019: post 7, August And first I would like to apologise for the delay in getting this on the website, but I have been busy working away at an Inspired Minds workshop, straight after which I was struck down by a nasty cold. However, I am now back on my feet again and raring to go!

Podcast Episode 72 Cherry Heart Podcast 71: In which I share the haul from this year's Fibre East Festival and all the latest makes.

Commit To Knit 2019 - Wherever I Lay My Hat We have launched this year's Commit To Knit campaign. As in previous years we will be asking all knitters and crocheters in the UK to commit to make at least one item for charity in September. The focus for this year's campaign is to support yarn shops nationwide.

Happy Sunday knitting… Well hello there… Yarn-Nomadic Yarns in the colorway, Honeydukes. I can honestly say, I am trying to do better about getting back into blogging. That being said, I give myself permission to forgive myself if I miss a Sunday here or there. It is not like I am not thinking of chatting with you all, it is just sometimes time gets away from me.

Can you ever really bust the stash? The long answer is N-O-O-O-O. Believe me, I've tried. We all know the famous sock yarn blanket. This is actually the second one I made. A very dear friend and probably the most knit-worthy person I've ever known had a house fire and lost all her precious handknit things.

Neighbourhood Fiber Co. is Now Available At Karida Collins and I started in the yarn industry around the same time, and we've been following each other for years. I've been a huge admirer of how Karida has grown her business over the years in a way that celebrates her community and values.

Honeybee Hexagons! It started out as something tiny, but my itty bitty little hexagons have grown… I was never quite sure what these little hexies were going to be, but for some reason I got that urge to play with little scraps of pretty yarn and this is what appeared.

Skystone Armwarmers Do you know about Boost Your Knitting? It's an empowering and thoughtful knitting programme devised and co-ordinated by my friends at Arnall-Culliford Knitwear. Boost Your Knitting is a year of techniques taught through monthly knitalongs; video tutorials; and a specially-curated set of patterns by different designers.

Vintage Flower Hangers, updated! I was rather bitten by the coat hanger covering bug, so my intention at the time was to get some more hangers to update and update the pattern with any new designs I came up with. I've got four lovely designs to share with you now and you'll find details for each one in the pattern, which I've linked below.

The Knowth Shawl: Making & Marking Time I have just released the Knowth shawl as a single pattern on Ravelry, and wanted to take a moment to write about my thoughts behind it.

Pattern Round Up - July 2019 There are Round Ups that are tricky to put together. Ravelry gets so over saturated, good patterns gets lost in the daily flow of new releases. This one wasn't one of them. If anything we really had to make an effort to narrow them down to 'only' 8 picks.

Heartgyle: A Tale Of Two Socks I thought pretty assuredly that I was going to be the first person to complete my Heartgyle Socks. I was on course to finish them in five days, despite the fact that I had changed the cast on and restarted the toes more than once. But, that did not happen.

Classes for Autumn - mending and stitching This week we're dropping in with a little post to let you know that we have some wonderful classes lined up for Autumn 2019, and into Spring 2020. We'll be welcoming Hikaru Noguchi and Celia Pym back to Loop, and will be greeting a brand new teacher, artist Richard McVetis!

Knitworthy Favourites When we launched the first Knitworthy collection I wrote:. "And what better way to celebrate knitting season than with a new collection?

Birthday Sale and The End to This Blog! Welp - it's been a year since I posted here! You may be wondering why? I started a Newsletter last year and found it to be a much more intimate way to connect with all of you! So from here on out the content I would typically share here will be sent out in the DRK Newsletter 1-4 times monthly.

August Mystery Blanket blog delayed I am currently teaching at a knitting retreat at Losehill House in Derbyshire so the August Mystery Blanket blog won't be live until a few days after the 1st August. See you later!…

Summer It's a controversial opinion, but I think long hot summer days are the best. When you've spent 99% of your life shivering into your knitwear, it's a marvellous luxury to be able to go outdoors - or even indoors - in short sleeves.

Collaboration Request I'm Ruby from Chinabrands, I just found your site, and I love the content you wrote. So actually, we are finding some awesome websites just like yours, that doing such a brilliant job on content writing. I'm here to request, to see if we have any opportunities, to insert a link to any of your posts.

Saying goodbye - for now I couldn't not come into this space at least one last time. Last time I wrote…a long long time ago…I said I had so much to tell that I could write forever and ever and ever. Well, THAT didn't happen!!, did it?? It was just that all I had to say wasn't much fun to talk about.

Brand new La Bien Aimée Kumo and a giveaway We are so thrilled to have received this amazing new yarn from La Bien Aimée! Kumo is their newest, and softest and squishiest, base. It is incredibly lightweight, and the blend of Suri alpaca and silk makes it soft enough to wear next to your skin.

Party! I'm back home, after the best - the absolute best - of yarny weekends. If you read this in a breathless, overexcited voice, then you're getting the tone just about right, OK? The weekend was a combination of our usual twice-yearly Stylecraft Blogstars meetup at the mill, and Stylecraft's 30th birthday - aka 'Purl Anniversary' event.

Yarn in Review - Rauwerk Last month we've had the pleasure to welcome Rauwerk Sport into the shop. Having known Christine - creator of the brand - for a few years and seen the inception of Rauwerk, it feels great to now be able to share it with the rest of the Brighton knitting community.

Top tips for warm weather knitting Summer knitting or crochet is a big area for debate. Some people put aside their yarnie projects for the summer, for others of us that just isn't something we'd contemplate. The UK Hand Knitting team definitely falls in to the latter camp, so we've been gathering tips of warm weather crafting.

Charming Sunday knitting… The weekend is almost over, actually over for those of you outside the U.S. I hope your days were great ones filled with calm and knitting. Mine was for sure a lovely relaxing time. As you can see above I am starting on my second Harry Potter sock in the pattern, Vanilla Latte Socks with the yarn from Loft twenty-Two in Love Potions, Eh?

Back to Back I was up early this morning - I hadn't really planned on blogging today, but I'm trying to be more connected and less siloed in this work, so when anxiety got me up a bit earlier than I planned, I came to you. I've been waking up really early the last little bit.

Briefly in a Lake I am trudging along here - still looking forward to the day from now when the Bike Rally is finished and things shift around here. I am not even sure what I will do that day, though I've reached a phase of hopefulness where I start piling knitting projects up around the house so I can look at them as I walk by.

Inverleith Kal - Right and Left Lifted Increase Tutorial Welcome to the Inverleith KAL! We're knitting Inverleith, a boxy tee with beautiful drape and a novel construction, between July 15 and September 16, 2019. Jump in anytime and join us on the Ravelry forums for discussion, questions, and chat. Tag your Ravelry project with #inverleithkal to be entered for prize drawing in September!

Summer colours from Qing Fibre One of our very favourite yarns at Loop is Qing Fibre. Hand dyed in London by Layla and her expert team, Qing Fibre yarns are a dream to knit and crochet with, and they come in a gorgeous rainbow of colour.

Fireside Cardigan Show-andTell⋆ Polka Dot Cottage Learn a little about my newest knitting pattern: the Fireside Cardigan! See the samples that I've already knit, and download the pattern for yourself.

Your best knitting advice We recently asked on social media for the best knitting advice you've ever been given. Here is a selection of your replies that we think other people might find useful. If you can knit and purl, you can complete any pattern. Rebecca Field. Always plan to learn from your mistakes.

Summer Fibres: Cotton and Linen You have to be practical with your summer knitwear. A good summer fibre should be light weight and breathable. Something sturdy that you can throw in your washing machine with no risk of major damage. You are more likely to sweat in your summer clothes so picking up a yarn that can easily be washed is essential.

Here Be Dragons Every time, EVERY TIME I go outdoors to take a yarn-related picture, some bit of the natural world shows up and diverts my attention. This is M. Dragonfly, who was loitering in the reeds beside the pond, hoping to find a mate… M. Dragonfly WLTM a fellow Common Darter Dragonfly, GSOH and own pond preferred.

Delayed post~ Sorry there will be no post this weekend. I am neck deep in a couple sample knits that are on a very tight deadline. So many fun things are going on and I can't wait to share them with you this Sunday! xo. Andi. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image.

Introducing the Inverleith Knitalong We're thrilled to release the single pattern for Inverleith, the pattern from Ysolda's first sweater club kit! The pattern is now available for purchase on its own, and we're hosting a knitalong through the end of the summer to help you work through the pattern with lots of tutorials and tips.

Mystery Cushion Club: post 2, July There's lots of hooking-in beads to get stuck into this month and just one panel to knit, so if you're off on your holidays it's the perfect project to pack in your suitcase.

Where have you been, Old Bean? I'm so sorry dear Friends, I have been absent for far too long. It's appalling. Never before have I had such a gap in my little updates. But then 'life' has been rather busy. Whilst I have been away there has been lots and lots of real work. That is important to me and it's vital that I dedicate time and energy to it.

TWiP: of Berries and Knitting My mind and my photography have been on two tracks this week: berries and knitting. The wineberries have come in, and I think I'm doubly interested in them this year because I pretty much ignored wineberry season last year. I'm making up for lost time.

Episode 34: A Beach Tee, minus the flesh-eating virus. What have you neglected to weave ends in on? I'm using #EndWeaving Party as my hashtag for my bazillion of projects. Powered by Blogger.

Designing Inverleith On Monday my latest garment design, Inverleith, goes on sale as an individual pattern. Inverleith was initially launched as our first Ysolda Sweater Club pattern, and next week we'll be launching a knitalong that's open to everyone, whether you're using the club yarn or substituting.

Free Pattern! Beginner's Crocheted Bunting in Red Heart Super Saver Wool Warehouse - buy all of your yarn wool, needles, and other knitting supplies online today with FAST delivery!

Loop in NYC - pop-up shop and events! We are so happy to announce that Loop will be back in New York this November for our second pre-Holiday pop-up shop. We will be there from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November for a full weekend of shopping, workshops and social events. We'll be returning to the Here Now space in the West Village and we're so excited!

My Needlefelt Mojo - Found! If you remember, my last post was all about Malamander, Herbert Lemon and the making of his Lost and Founder Cap and I'm happy to report that Herbie worked his magic, and found my needlefelt Mojo for me!

Fluttering By Shawl I think it looks lovely on, it really tops off an outfit beautifully and it's so delicate and airy that I've been able to keep wearing it right through spring and into the summer.

An early morning encounter Some mornings I wake early and can't get back to sleep. Sometimes I read, sometimes I knit and sometimes I open the blind and watch the sunrise sky. A couple of weeks back I was leaning out of the bedroom window just after the sun had risen and was sleepily daydreaming as I looked around our garden below.

A chat with Zoe from Junebug and Darlin We recently started stocking cross stitch kits from Junebug and Darlin both because we love them and also because we recognise that in parts of the world that aren't Scotland, there are months when knitting is not that enjoyable and it is good to have other craft options.

All about Bold Beginner Knits I've just about recovered from all our Xpo north fun, and am now back at my desk, finishing work on our latest book project Bold Beginner Knits - a collection of 6 intriguing, wearable, and simply knit-able designs in our beautiful aran-weight yarn Àrd-Thìr - which I created for my friend, and KDD colleague, Jane Hunter.

Completed Project - Netherton Jumper Admittedly I haven't been the most proficient knitter lately. In the first year and an half of my knitting journey I have made a whole bunch of stuff that I ended up not wearing as much as I expected. Now I am trying to choose my projects a bit more carefully.

Crocheted Art It's never a good idea to leave me unsupervised in a bookshop. Actually, I probably shouldn't be left unsupervised at all, but that's a separate blog post. Yarn shops are OK because I'm that weirdo who isn't into stash, but bookshops are another matter.

Podcast Episode 71 Cherry Heart Podcast 71: In which I have problems with gauge - again! Answer some more of your Podmail Questions and share my latest makes.

A knitterly chat… Did you get some time off for the 4th of July? I did and while I could not bear to go out into the scalding sun to celebrate, it was nice to just relax. Of course knitting happened, maybe a little too much knitting, is that possible?

Downstream As I've progressed through the Bold Beginner Knits patterns, I find my confidence in my knitting has grown to a point where, rather than being excited just about the making aspect of starting a new project I'm also excited by imagining and planning how I will wear the finished garment.

TWiP: Easy July Summertime, and the livin' is easy. If I didn't have to work, it would be even easier. As it was, though, I packed plenty of Good into this week. Time with both sides of the family, knitting, swimming, picture-taking… Good stuff. It's a roundup of the microblogging I've done on Flickr and Instagram all week.

'Floralies' - stunning summery embroideries Cécile Franconie's new book, 'Floralies', has us swooning, so this week we want to show you how beautiful it is. Cécile is an incredibly talented embroiderer from France, with a unique and very decorative style, with lots of beautiful floral motifs.

Casting On: Heartgyle Socks In the list of words that strike fear into a good number of knitters, intarsia comes not too far after moths. Despite the dread, here we intrepid band of Boost Your Knitting adventurers go, headlong into knitting intarsia in the round. So far, so easy, as I have only managed to knit the toes of this project.

Yarn Along Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me each month and share what you are knitting and reading too! Post your photo on your blog or on Instagram and then share a link below to either your blog or Instagram post!~.

Pattern Round Up - June 2019 A special Round Up this month as we're featuring no less than 8 knitting patterns. Enjoy! Lariat by Yamagara is a lovely 4ply top worked flat from the bottom up. It features a v-neck and a lace panel at the back. A twisted cable runs along the centre front and back as well as the neckline.

Pause Have you ever had way too much coffee on a day when you are very tired, and gotten that funny feeling? It's like the start of panic - not fear, or dread or worry, but the smallest little seed of a feeling that's trying to make you run and paradoxically trying to keep you from taking a deep breath at the same time?

The Apple Swizzle Hat June's Boost Your Knitting project and accompanying technique was a beanie-style hat in DK weight yarn, simple in form other than the dip stitches that this month's accompanying tutorial and learning materials teach.

Addendum for Square 29, Winter Solstice The error is on Rows 20 and 38 of the written instructions and it is the same error on both of these rows. They should read as: K2, twice, P7, K2. I have written the addendum for the previous reported error in the July blog:. P2, twice, K3, mb, K3, P2.

Sunday evening knitterly chat… So it would seem the day got away from me a bit, as I meant to post earlier. But I am here and can I just say that it was so lovely to hear from all of you and catch up. Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and kind words. I truly adore each and every one of you.