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It's LEGO Nerf or nothing Drawing inspiration specifically from the Nerf Elite line of foam dart blasters, Pistash has created his own LEGO Nerf gun. His model doesn’t appear to fire, but with its Elite color scheme and lines of texture breaking up bold shapes, it looks the part.

Review: 70918 The Bat-Dune Buggy This includes 70918 The Bat-Dune Buggy which is designed for off-road pursuit where larger and more heavily armoured vehicles might not suit the terrain. The dune buggy looks marvellous in official images and I have been looking forward to building it.

Design a Gift with Purchase LEGO Ideas is holding another competition this month with the prize being, among other things, the opportunity to have your submission turned into a gift with purchase set:. "We're looking for the next exclusive LEGO Gift with Purchase set, for our LEGO Stores, LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Discovery Centers as well as

Japan Offers Light - And Dark-side Themed Movie Going Experiences For The Last Jedi Moviegoers in Japan have a unique experience that us Westerners won't be able to enjoy. Those seeing The Last Jedi in 4DX theaters in Japan can choose either the light side or dark side. Each side has a unique experience tailored to their chose side.

Tiny T-47 snowspeeders that pack a punch! I love me a good micro build, especially from the Star Wars franchise. This microscale T-47 speeder is one build that seems like it was transformed by a magical miniaturisation ray-gun that hit the 75144 UCS Snowspeeder. This makes me feel like building a bunch of these just to take down an AT-AT.

Something new, something blue: Animated backdrop for real LEGO 15, 2018 I've wrapped my existing backdrop drapery around the back to preserve a clean backdrop for the adjacent Nexo Knights display, and I've started using some thick weatherstripping to create baffles to eliminate reflections from my colored light strips.

Lego Ideas Moments In Space Competition Looks like the team over at LEGO Ideas are on the hunt for some cool fan based ideas to take up the mantle of the next space themed gift with purchase set. Letting my mind drift in the heavens above I wonder if this is a hint of a new yet to be announced and much wanted space theme?

Amazon Has LEGO's Incredible 1,969 Piece Saturn V Apollo Kit In Stock LEGO’s 1969 piece Saturn V Apollo kit is usually out of stock at major retailers, but Amazon has it for its $120 MSRP right now, which is honestly a great price for a kit that size, let alone such a coveted one. The set lets you build and simulate an entire Apollo mission, from launch, to orbit, to moon landing, to splashdown.

LEGO Proto Man, Mega Man's cooler older brother Proto Man is the anti-hero brother to Mega Man in the classic Mega Man series, rocking a red helmet with shades, scarf, and an arm cannon of his own. Bruce Lowell uses slick shaping to capture the cartoony vibe of characters in the Mega Man series with his LEGO Proto Man figure.

What would farm animals do, if they could do anything they wanted? Paul Hetherington thinks that the average farm animal would want to cruise around the country roads, partying in a dilapidated, old, rotten Model T salvaged from the barn. Initially Paul set out to only construct the splendid animal heads and started with the googly eyed horse's head.

It takes only 6,500 pieces to build a perfect LEGO empire chess set There are dozens of ways one can decorate their home with LEGO, either mounting Star Wars battleships on the walls, placing LEGO sculptures all over the place or even hanging huge LEGO mosaics in a guest room.

LEGO Creator Cute Pug at Target Valentine's Section Home » LEGO Creator » LEGO Creator Cute Pug at Target Valentine's Section If you've had trouble finding the new LEGO Creator Cute Pug polybag at Target, you may want to head over to the Valentine's section of the store.

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Gas Flow Large, old, and full of a flammable liquid. Nope, it's not your Mom, but this absolutely wonderful art deco gas tanker from Flickr's Redfern1950s. Based on a real Dodge Airflow used by Texaco in the 1930s, Redfern's beautiful model captures the spirit of the original brilliantly in Lego form.

LEGO Ideas of the Week: The Snowdog In this section we help promote LEGO Idea projects to help them reach the 10,000 likes needed for their idea to get created! This week we feature the idea called The Snowdog created by benlouisa. Here's what the creator had to say about the idea:. The Snowdog is from the ever popular animated short film The Snowman and the Snowdog.

Out-of-this-world LEGO Space hangar We've featured some of Jon Blackford's Neo-Classic LEGO Space creations before, but his latest model - a huge maintenace hangar - takes things to a whole new level.

The LEGO Group Announces Partnership with Tencent The two companies today announced a partnership to collaborate across a broad range of digital content and digital platforms to provide Chinese children with fun, creative and most importantly safe digital LEGO experiences.

LEGO Ideas Moments in Space Building Contest Remember back in September of last year when LEGO asked the community on ideas for future Gift-with-Purchase items? It looks like LEGO Ideas is doing the same thing with a building contest called LEGO Moments in Space. In this contest, they want you to create some small to mid-sided space designs with the size smaller than 16×16 studs.

Review: 75197 First Order Specialists Battle Pack Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduced a few of these specialised units within the First Order army, some of whom appear in 75197 First Order Specialists Battle Pack. Only a couple of years have passed since the Sequel Trilogy began and we have already seen two Battle Packs focused upon the First Order.

Stylish jungle living Tropical living has never looked more appealing than in Sarah Beyer's stylish LEGO creation - Cocoa Jungle Cottage. This house manages to look completely at home amongst the surrounding foliage with a colour scheme of natural tones - simple enough to let the striking striped wall stand out as a signature design feature.

LEGO Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon available again UK/EU LEGO online store is showing that 75192 Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon is back in stock and available to order once more for UK and EU customers, but expect the set to be gone quickly. Stock of the UCS Millennium Falcon has been limited since its launch last year, sadly it is still showing as out of stock online for our US and Canadian readers.

A Space Classic We don't often publish sci-fi builds here at The Lego Car Blog. This is mostly because we're a Car Blog, but partly because we understand sci-fi about as well as Kim Kardashian understands plumbing. Today though, we are posting about sci-fi - and we do understand it - because this kids, is Classic Space!

Millennium Falcon back in stock I think there are enough people who still wish to acquire a 75192 Millennium Falcon to warrant posting a news article every time it comes back into stock, so… It's back in stock in UK and Europe, but who knows how long for! Please use these links to place your order:.

A Close Shave This beautiful vintage motorcycle and sidecar combination is a Danish Nimbus with ACAP, and it's one of the finest two-wheeled builds that our Elves have ever found. It's the work of previous bloggee Henrik Jensen, and whilst there aren't many working features beyond functioning steering, just look at the detail!

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