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LEGO Technic 2019 Sets Found in Canada On the heels of the reveals of the 2019 LEGO City and Creator sets from yesterday, there are also images of the 2019 LEGO Technic sets also coming out of Mastermind Toys. Power Boat. Getaway Truck. Police Pursuit. Rescue Helicopter. **Via Reddit**.

The name's Jack…Union Jack Victor builds us a lovable version of Royal Doulton's ceramic dog that appeared on-screen with 007.

Random set of the day: Blackmobile LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Blackmobile.

2019 Technic set images! Images of several new Technic sets have emerged from Mastermind Toys in Canada, following the first batch of City and Creator images a couple of days ago. You can view large images of each set after the break… 42089 Power Boat. 42090 Getaway Truck. 42091 Police Pursuit.

Chris Pratt Shows Off The LEGO Movie 2 Rex Dangervest Minifigure Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Chris Pratt Shows Off The LEGO Movie 2 Rex Dangervest Minifigure A few weeks ago, we got our first look at Chris Pratt's other character in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part named Rex Dangervest and today we have a better look at the character.

The LEGO Movie 2 Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi Revealed and New Trailer Tomorrow Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi Revealed and New Trailer Tomorrow Tiffany Haddish has revealed her character in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part which is a new one to the franchise named Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi.

LEGO City Magazine - Issue 9 The latest issue, released on 7th November, comes with a Garbageman Gary minifigure and his Clean Up Kit - which consists of a wheelbarrow, brush and spade. You also get a blue and green trash can combo, and some rubbish to go into them.

Review: LEGO Newt´s Case of Magical Creatures (75952) LEGO has surprisingly been producing Fantastic Beasts products since 2016. These coincided with the release of the first film in the Fantastic Beasts pentalogy: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Lamborghini Centanario: a car with killer curves This superb LEGO Technic take on the Lamborghini Centanario by Lachlan Cameron captures the fluid beauty of the supercars design.

Tin TinTin Toy cars aren't made of tin anymore, so they'll be played with for a few years and then take another 10,000 to degrade. Still, we suppose LEGO's no different being plastic too. Back from an era when toy cars were made from tin though, Tintin was the Belgian hero of the moment.

Local Dog Faithful To Terrible Owner A local dog, who goes by the name of Max, is being celebrated for his loyalty and patience with local Grinch. "He's a terrible guy, like a black banana y'know?" said a local girl when recalling the events of last Christmas. "But that Max, you really have to admire him".

Street Rat Built by Flickr's Manuel Nascimento this gorgeous Model Team Ford Model A rat rod is surely one of the most beautiful Lego creations of 2018. Packed with incredible detailing, Manuel's Ford features opening doors, brilliant brick-built wheels, and Power Functions remotely controlled drive, steering and adjustable suspension.

Cambridge Castle Check out this lovely micro scale castle by builder soccerkid6, his fifth entry in CCC XVI. Castles like these existed in real life, taking advantage of a mountainous terrain to gain a high ground against enemies.

Nock, Draw… Have I ever talked about being into archery on this blog? Not so much any more, I've since sold my bow, but I was into it several years ago. I still have my trap target and a small bow, should the notion strike. I don't think my form was ever as nice as this stunning creation by Pate-keetongu though, she's gorgeous.

CoRob: An ingenius construction aid, or a creepy robot menace? Check out his motorized Bucyrus mining shovel replica. How about weird builds? Perhaps his dapper dragon or giant space fish is right up your alley.

21315 Pop-Up Book Review Of all the sets to come out this year, 21315 Pop-Up Book is my standalone highlight. Ever since JK Brickworks and Grant Davis released the original LEGO Ideas submission in mid 2017, I've been pretty obsessed with it, going as far as modifying them to be bigger and making three of my own.

F1 of Ages The 2018 Formula 1 season is all but over, so we're heading back in time to some of the sport's greatest racing cars. TLCB regular Angka Utama is the builder behind them and he's done a simply spectacular job of recreating three of F1's most iconic entries.

Come with me and you'll be in a rainbow world of pure imagination Every colour you can imagine has been utilised by Nick Sweetman to bring this crazy rainbow nightmare scene to life.

Random set of the day: Boba Fett's Slave I Today's random set is 6964 Boba Fett's Slave I, released in 2004. It's one of 15 Star Wars sets produced that year. It contains 25 pieces. It's owned by 1322 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

More Than 200 LEGO Sets Retiring Soon The European LEGO sites have listed over 200 LEGO sets that are set to be retired soon. I've listed some of these sets a few days ago but there are a ton more sets that we've just found out about including the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store, LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder, and the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters.

MBriks update: reduced shipping charges Evan, the project's creator, has been in touch to say that he's worked out a deal with a fulfillment service, Fulfillrite, which will reduce the shipping charges outside of the US by 50%. Everyone who has paid already will receive a refund and of course any new backers will be charged the new rate.

Shipwreck Island This is what I call making the best of a bad situation. When you wreck your ship you can think of it as "broken", or you can think of it as "building materials". As you can see these industrious pirates went full Bob Villa and have themselves a pretty spiffy little island.

2019 sets now available in Canada LEGO set database: 2019 sets now available in Canada.

LEGO City and Creator 2019 Sets Available in Canada Mastermind Toys in Canada has already put some LEGO 2019 sets on store shelves including LEGO City and Creator. It looks like the subtheme for this wave will be fire rescue again. Barbecue Burn Out. Dock Side Fire. Downtown Fire Brigade. Desert Rally Racer.

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