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Alien Covenant Lifter I haven't seen Alien Covenant yet, but I have seen lots of the designs from the film. The first time I saw this lifter by legendary designer Steve Berg I knew it was only a matter of time before we saw them in bricks. This one practically looks like LEGO in the film, it's just it's natural state.

Lego Ideas Women Of Nasa 21312 Official Images A few days back we had some pictures surface of the next LEGO Ideas set to hit our shelves - LEGO Ideas Women of NASA 21312. It seems they were surfacing due to a potential early release in East Europe. Well now I can officially share the newest addition to the LEGO Ideas family after LEGO uploaded its press release today.

Oh, how the tables have turned! There are millions of galaxies far, far away. And while some of them include droids and wookiees playing holochess with holographic alien pieces, others may hide, well, hideous aliens playing the same game making small figures of wookiees attack defenseless protocol droids.

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA Officially Announced LEGO has officially revealed the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA set. There were images of it that showed up online a few days ago but we now get the details of it.

LEGO Ideas Reveals 21312 Women of NASA LEGO Ideas officially reveals 21312 Women of NASA just days after it was found in the wild by flickr user /zux. While /zux didn't provide more than just the box shots, we can finally get a glimpse of the final approved model. There are four minifigs included: Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison.

LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA unveiled Back in February, we shared the news that LEGO Ideas chose Maia Weinstock's Women of NASA project as one of their newest additions to the LEGO family. Today, LEGO is unveiling 21312 Women of NASA, available November 1. The primarily minifigure set has 231 pieces, and will retail for $24.99 USD.

Lego Forced to Exclude Hidden Figures Heroine From Cool Women of NASA Set Back in February, Lego revealed it would be turning Maia Weinstock's Women of NASA Lego Ideas submission into an official set, and this morning we have our first look at the production versions of the tiny dioramas and minifigures that will be available starting on November 1 for $25.

Ultimate LEGO Star Wars book by DK In an uncharacteristic move, I bought a LEGO-related book with no bundled physical LEGO parts, but oh, was it worth it. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest LEGOÂis a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Amazon Lists New DK Book And Censors New Flash Minifigure Amazon listed this activity book and decided to censor the Flash minifigure freebie. They and/or DK only usually do that when it's an exclusive. The book is officially called Faster than Lightning! and is pre-orderable at just $8.99. These activity books tend to be pretty cheap and an easy way to get a cool, unique fig.

Another LEGO Marvel Comic Cover TTGames' LEGO Marvel Game twitter account posted another great comic cover by Dan Veesenmeyer pictured above. It recreates Avengers #87:. It doesn't seem like we're going to get a month of LEGO-versions of variant covers. Instead, these LEGO-ized covers are homages to older comics.

LEGO Ideas Jaguar E-Type Roadster Achieves 10,000 Supporters Home » LEGO Ideas » LEGO Ideas Jaguar E-Type Roadster Achieves 10,000 Supporters The Jaguar E-Type Roadster by Ozzyeatingbats is the latest project to get 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The project is a 1:10 scale representation of the iconic car and consists of about 1,664 pieces.

Mankind's gift to the seas from which life arose It's easy for LEGO builders to focus on the happy, shiny world of little plastic people surrounded by fake plastic trees, but builder Emil Lidé doesn't shy away from making a powerful statement with his latest LEGO creation. Did you know that every piece of plastic ever produced will continue to exist indefinitely in the environment?

Amazon 100 Hottest Holiday Toys LEGO Picks Home » Shopping » Amazon 100 Hottest Holiday Toys LEGO Picks The holiday shopping season is just around the corner and Amazon has released their list of the 100 hottest holiday toys which, of course, includes some LEGO sets. Below are what the online giant recommends for this year.

I'll take that Falcon with a splash of bricks Most people may not think so, but LEGO builders really are artists in their own right. The medium that they choose to express themselves in is simply tiny bricks instead of the traditional tools of oil and canvas that we see more often.

LEGO Named Top Brand in 2017 Power List Home » Community » LEGO Named Top Brand in 2017 Power List has released their Power List for 2017 which is their list of the top 100 most influential brands in various categories. There was a couple of categories that The LEGO Group ranked in for this year.

BrickHeadz competition winners It was a very difficult competition to judge: we had around one thousand imaginative and creative entries featuring characters from films, TV, video games, history, music, cartoons and much more. To make it harder there were two categories, physical builds and digital entries.

Drive with reckless abandon in the LEGO Technic Halo Warthog YouTuber Nico71 presents a LEGO Technic model of the iconic Warthog light recon vehicle from the Halo games. With working quad-wheel steering, RC controlled driving, rotating machine gun turret barrels, and suspension, his Hog truly is beauty and the beast.

Bring Home Spider-Man: Homecoming Today Today is Tuesday, also known as new-movies-on-disc day and the big title coming out today is Spider-Man: Homecoming. Assuming you haven't bought the digital version already, you have a slew of choices as to which version you want to add to your collection.

Have I seen this spaceship somewhere before? YT-1740 is designed to be a fast and agile light freighter, only half the size of the Millennium Falcon and shaped like an arrowhead. Builder ZiO Chao has supplied her with three powerful engines and two pairs of long-range antenna on its sides.

LEGO Spider-Man Sets On Sale Since Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out this week, I thought I'd take a look at Amazon to see if they had any LEGO Spider-Man sets on sale. And wouldn't you know it, they did! It's almost as if it's more than just a coincidence… I plan on reviewing the two sets directly tied to the movie really soon, hopefully this week.

F is for friends who do stuff together While many lament the fact that LEGO no longer holds the SpongeBob SquarePants licence, it does open the door for builders to make up the difference. George Panteleon has done just that with a rather unusual build.

Marvel Black Panther Trailer and LEGO Set Speculation The new trailer for Marvel Studio's Black Panther dropped earlier today there was a lot of cool new things that were shown off. It is rumored that there will be two LEGO sets coming out in conjunction with the movie next year as I reported back in July.

Creations for Charity 2017 sale starts now The annual Creations for Charity sale has just started, and from now until the end of November you can buy a custom Lego creation to raise money to provide Lego sets for underprivileged children. Visit to learn more about the organization and find out how you can donate a creation.

The future of details is now There are times when a LEGO creation is futuristic because it is a spaceship, robot or another sci-fi element. There are other times, when the build itself is futuristic in its construction techniques and concepts. This spaceship by Nick Trotta is one of the cases when these two aspects intersect.

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