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A selection of the latest LEGO news and blog posts.

Which Baby Yoda Toy Is Right for You? The world was so different last November. People were shaking hands, going to the movies, and there were zero toys of The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda. Of course, it's a whole new world now. There are lots of Baby Yoda toys, and while only the first few have begun to make their way home, you still may be thinking: Which Baby Yoda is for me?

LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay review 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay celebrates this splendid legacy, updating certain popular sets and paying homage to the range through copious enjoyable references. Modern variants of some interesting minifigures are provided too.

LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest Official Box Images Home LEGO Star Wars LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest Official Box Images There are now official images of the box art for the LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest from the hit Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. It looks alright and it has the Mandalorian on the top right corner but with same backdrop as the other 2020 LEGO Star Wars sets.

Featured set of the day: Police Pontoon Plane 7723 Police Pontoon Plane was the random set of the day a little while back and the comments weren't as positive as I expected them to be. A wave of joy went through me because, not only was it my first RSotD that I owned, but also the first LEGO set that I actually ever owned.

The brightest of battles amongst the stars The scene, a collaborative effort from Tim Goddard, Mansur Soeleman, and inthert is an absolute cracker - massive in scope despite the micro scale employed on the individual models.

A trio of classic cars It seems hard to believe that 10242 Mini Cooper MK VII was released 6 years ago in 2014, and 10252 Volkswagen Beetle in 2016, so there's been many advancements in building techniques and a myriad of new parts, in particular small curved ones, released since then.

Super Scania This spectacular classic Scania 143E 450 8×4 truck was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr today. They've sure earned their red Smartie!

Meet a member: Carbohydrates My profile says I've been a member since 'Before November 2010.' What's your favourite/most used feature of the site? Definitely the incredible databases. Being able to look up sets by year or by theme, what sets a certain part came in, and all the various official IDs is incredibly helpful.

Corridor Battle There was much commotion in the corridor today. Two Elves had returned to TLCB Towers, each had found a bright yellow remotely controlled Technic loader, and each was using its find to try to obliterate the other. Which - to be fair - is probably what anyone would do.

Professional Star Wars Post With the writers at Bricknerd seemingly now working as often as MOCpages' servers, it falls to the stupidest Lego site of them all to blog this Star Wars creation. Don't worry Star Wars fans, we've got this!

It's Just Not Cricket The mind of Vince_Toulouse is a magical place. After his Walking Bus featured here last month - a creation that should be rather terrifying yet appears utterly delightful - he's back with another steampunky insectoid.

Hispabrick Magazine March 2020, Issue 34 now available for free download The latest issue of Hispabrick is out and filled with great content. Download your copy today if you haven't done so!!

LEGOLAND Exclusive Sets Available for Purchase Over on the LEGOLAND California shop, you can purchase some of the exclusive sets that have been released in the past few years. Last year's exclusive flagship set is even on sale for $64.99 which is 27% off the retail price of $89.99. Also available for purchase are:.

Ugly never looked so cute Take a look at the most adorable Orc you'll ever see, created by Jme Wheeler.

Random set of the day: AT-AT LEGO set database: Random set of the day: AT-AT.

Watch me shoot this bazooka! JakTheMad has found a clever use for the new DOTS watchbands and accessories and we're smitten.

New LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Battle Pack to hit stores August 2020 Here is the first look at the new LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Battle Pack which will be available this August.

75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers LEGO has unveiled 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers on Twitter! This set includes 280 pieces and results from an extensive social media campaign last year. It will be released on the 1st of August and costs £24.99, $29.99 or €29.99. Are you looking forward to this set and are you surprised that LEGO responded positively to the campaign?

LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Officially Revealed Home LEGO Star Wars LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Officially Revealed LEGO has announced a brand new LEGO Star Wars set that many fans have been wanting for years and it is the 501st Legion Clone Troopers.

Leaving LEGO Masters: An interview with the seventh team to leave For me, the hardest part of adjusting to maybe being on LEGO Masters had nothing to do with taking on that huge amount of building and more to do with the idea of building with somebody else as a team and leaning on them. Those are not things I'm used to doing in my own work.

LEGO Masters week 8 exit interview Each week we'll be bringing you an exit interview but to avoid spoilers for those of you watching on catch-up or via some illicit website in other countries we won't reveal their names above the fold. Catch up on episode 8, see the contestant builds, and read the exit interview of the eliminated team after the break.

LEGO April Fool's Day 2020 Roundup As you may have known, yesterday was April Fool's Day and we continued the tradition of putting out light-hearted jokes on the LEGO community with the LEGO Star Wars Statues. Some of you may have picked it up early when you saw there was an Admiral Ackbar statue for some reason.

Featured set of the day: William Furno The only problem with the set was that the sockets that were easily broken, but that was a problem most of the late Bionicle and early Hero Factory sets suffered from. Thankfully it was solved a year later in 2011 with the introduction of the new CCBS.

Thatch the way, a-ha a-ha, I like it Take a trip to a corner of Middle Earth in Mountain Hobbit and Cole Blood's LEGO version of Beorn's cottage.

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