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A selection of the latest LEGO news and blog posts.

Recreating the classic era of pirates A teeny-tiny blast of LEGO pirate nostalgia from Letranger Absurde.

Random set of the day: Hockey LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Hockey.

Creations for Charity 2018 Creations for Charity, the amazing annual fundraiser that provides thousands of LEGO toys to underprivileged children is back for another year! Many of the world's best builders will be donating creations to the Creations for Charity online store, raising money to purchase LEGO toys for children in need around the world.

Maschinen Krieger "CAMEL" walker stomps onto the post-apocalyptic battlefield Chris Perron steps into the Ma.Ktober fray with this gorgeous walker in sand green.

Volvos in Space You wait all day for an autonomous Volvo concept loader, and then two come along at once. Or so the saying goes. Following the 42081 Volvo Concept set, LEGO and Volvo have teamed up to run a competition to design the Volvo construction vehicle of the future.

Wolverine goes toe to claw with three sentinels in this gigantic LEGO creation Lower the lights and the menace-factor increases, the glowing eyes and chest plates setting the mood; looking to the entire world like the very best comic book illustration.

Which Overwatch hero should appear next? On that basis, our question for Brickset readers is: which Overwatch character would you most like to see in minifigure form next? Cast your vote after the break… Clicking on the name of each character will take you to their respective page on the Overwatch website.

A ship of LEGO odds and ends When life gives you useless LEGO parts, you build a boring model. When life gives Vince Toulouse useless LEGO parts, he builds an awesome space tug.

Aggressive, Ironic, and Trollish Space Glove claims that they were inspired by Zoroastrian symbolism, but we know what's up. twee affect is a blag about legos that is not affiliated with The LEGO Company nor its subsidiary "Big LEGO." All times GMT.

Overwatch sets revealed! You can view images of these sets after the break… I have been looking forward to these sets very much and am quite impressed with them, although a few more different characters would have been welcome. Are you looking forward to the LEGO Overwatch sets?

Full lineup of LEGO Blizzard Overwatch sets revealed All six of the new LEGO Overwatch sets have been revealed by Target. Read the full article to see pricing, minifigs, and part counts.

Random set of the day: Plesiosaur LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Plesiosaur.

LEGO Overwatch Official Images Found at Target Huge news has come out of Target as they have uploaded the official images of the upcoming LEGO Overwatch sets. They were actually fairly hard to get I had to jump through several hoops to get them but they are public and can be easily found through the Target Registry App.

LEGO Seasonal 2018 Reindeer Head Christmas Ornament Revealed The new 2018 LEGO Seasonal Reindeer Head Christmas Ornament has been uploaded to the servers and that means more than likely the exclusive ornament will be a gift-with-purchase set this holiday season. There are no details on the availability at this time it's nice to see it return after taking a year off last year.

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Signing Event This Saturday Home LEGO Ideas LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book Signing Event This Saturday LEGO will be holding a signing event for the upcoming release of the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book this Saturday. On October 27 from 11am-3pm at the LEGO Brand Store at the Washington Square Shopping Center in Tigard, Oregon.

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? Feel free to sing if you know the rest of the words to the song! The "House of Mouse" is very much alive with this LEGO Mickey by Shawn Snyder.

Review: 30614 Lex Luthor LEGO set database: Review: 30614 Lex Luthor.

Oliphaunt from Lord of the Rings comes to life in kinetic LEGO sculpture Impressive as they may have been in the books and movies, this LEGO sculpture by Marcin Otreba adds movement to his bricks and brings the creature to life. Marcin's LEGO Oliphaunt wears red war paint and carries a war tower on its back. All of the legs move when Marcin winds a crank in the base.

70656 garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! Review Themes that come from a LEGO movie's subject matter are, in my opinion, at a higher level of awesome. I think it may come from the fact that when you watch the movie, you're already seeing the play factor on the big screen!

This week's offers at IWOOT LEGO set database: This week's offers at IWOOT.

And Now for Something… We're not sure what's got into The Lego Car Blog Elves today, but they've brought back some properly weird creations over the weekend. Of course we're a car blog, so we'll only be blogging those that closely match our title subject. First up, here's a giant hovering airport tug thingumy!

The Hagia Sophia is a monument to the ages This model of the Hagia Sophia by George Panteleon makes it look as magnificent as the day Emporer Justinian had it constructed.

Random set of the day: Crane Wagon LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Crane Wagon.

LEGO Overwatch Blizzard Exclusive Omnic Bastion Review A short while ago, Blizzard revealed the first official LEGO Overwatch set with the Omnic Bastion. It is a Blizzard exclusive that will also be available at Blizzcon 2018 next month but you can now purchase it online at the Blizzard Gear Store.

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