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LEGO Ideas National Museum - Rio de Janeiro Achieves 10,000 Supporters The National Museum - Rio de Janeiro by Maxakalisaurus is the latest project to hit 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. With a sudden surge of supporters the past few days, it actually surprised everyone by hitting the goal in about three weeks.

Alstom Pendolino ED250 PKP Intercity built from LEGO Check out this amazing Alstom Pendolino ED250 PKP-complete with working lights-built by LEGO train master Mateusz Waldowski.

Random set of the day: Polar Copter LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Polar Copter.

The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet Magazine Available January 22 With The LEGO Movie 2 coming out in a few weeks, they will be selling a magazine for kids featuring Emmet. The magazine is similar to the ones found in the UK in which you also get a foil pack with an Emmet minifigure along with some accessories. The magazine itself is packed with comics and activities to get kids ready for the movie.

It's not wings that make the dragon, but the ferocity of his character Leonid An has created a beautiful LEGO dragon, using repetition to achieve an exceedingly organic aesthetic.

70840 Apocalypseburg Leicester Square Signing Report LEGO set database: 70840 Apocalypseburg Leicester Square Signing Report.

Admiral De Thysania According to builder Djorkson Admiral De Thysania here is commander of the Erebidan space fleet, a renowned tactician, swordsman and poet. What is less known is that "Thy" here also invented spanx, and is modeling them at this very moment. Nothing keeps things where they're supposed to be and shapes like form-fitting garments!

I Love Gooooold! Goldfinger, Goldmember and… er, Donald Trump would all appreciate this car. But don't let that put you off, because it's something rather special.

The LEGO Movie 2 sets video-reviews & more! The LEGO Movie 2 sets were released at the beginning of January, and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part film is going to be in theatres soon! In addition, the largest of The LEGO Movie 2 sets just became available to LEGO VIP members yesterday.

A planet-sized Classic Space layout that's overflowing with incredible rovers and spaceships This vast LEGO layout by Dale Harris is crammed full of spacey goodness. From spaceships to rovers and robots, it has it all!

LEGO BrickHeadz 40348 Birthday Clown review Anyway, on with the review… 40348 Birthday Clown must be the most colourful BrickHeadz ever released! I count eleven different coloured elements, and those are just those that are visible. Despite that I don't think he looks too garish! He's also one of the few human BrickHeadz to have a nose.

Review: LEGO 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Join 1,276 other subscribers. Email Address.

Roll in the height of luxury with the LEGO 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K With no chrome expense spared, Firas Abu-Jaber has made a stunning replica of one of the world's most valuable cars.

The Uncanny Corner We've been enjoying everything BricksandTiles has been building since our reawakening, but we've hesitated to poast them: we don't know if they are real. Rendering technology has improved and become ubiquitous, and now lacking the knowledge of which parts are available in which colors we are helpless to determine the veracity of his MOCs.

Tyrannosaurus drives, tyrannosaurus rex! LEGO 7 proves that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can and should build whatever your creativity is capable of!

Random set of the day: Surface Hopper LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Surface Hopper.

Into the Spider-Verse's Most Triumphant Moment Still Rules in Lego Form There are many incredible moments in Into the Spider-Verse. My personal answer? All of it. It's just…all of it. But even among the most incredible bits, the moment Miles takes his leap of faith and swings high is the ultimate-and it's just as good whether it's in the film's incredible animation style or in Lego.

Rumored New LEGO Ghostbusters sets for 2020? Rumors are coming out that LEGO might be releasing more LEGO Ghostbuster sets in 2020, thanks to a report from PromoBricks. Considering a new Ghostbusters movie is set to drop in 2020 there is a possiblity that LEGO might release sets to coincide with the film.

LEGO 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster Engineering, design, and technology are always evolving, but that doesn't necessarily mean they get better. Because I can't see anything to improve upon with Firas Abu-Jaber's latest creation: the 1936 Merc 500K. It may not do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. It probably doesn't have Apple Car Play, either.

The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures series unveiled, available Feb. 1 LEGO has unveiled the complete collection of collectible minifigures from The LEGO Movie 2 including the main characters from the sequel, a subset of figures from the Wizard of Oz, and a few new colorful costumed minifigs, all on new white minifigure stands.

LEGO Wizarding World Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Review Last year, LEGO announced the release of the LEGO Wizarding World Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle that contains 6,020 pieces and retailing for $399.99. It look me a while but I've finally finished building and taking pictures for this review. The contents of the massive box include 37 numbered bags, four sticker sheets, and four instruction booklets.

I've Got The Jam Box, You Got The Cardboard? As I've confessed before on this blog, I used to breakdance, and not to brag but I was pretty good. So clearly I was a kid of the 80's, when the portable stereo, boom box, jam box or whatever you called it was king. And I have to admit I have a soft spot for these little icons, like this one from builder Cha Mi.

LEGO The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! review LEGO set database: LEGO The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 70827 Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy! review.

Bricks & Blooms LEGO modular garden center Check out this lovely garden center built in the style of the LEGO Modular Buildings! Vote for it on LEGO Ideas! Details here!

Custom BrickHeadz Statue of Liberty stands proud Baby LEGO's pint-sized Lady Liberty is ready to welcome minifigure masses to America.

This week at Catawiki This week's Catawiki LEGO auction comes to an end this evening. Here at the lots that caught my eye:. You can view every lot in the auction on our Catawiki page and if you have items to sell, take a look at the guide to selling at Catawiki to find out how to get your items listed.

Kolos Krush The Lego Car Blog Elves have been peaceful in 2019 thus far. Too peaceful. Fear not though avid readers, today the little scumbags were back on form courtesy of this; MajklSpajkl's incredible remote control Tatra T813 KOLOS 8×8 trial truck.

2019 polybags available in ASDA A selection of polybags became available in Tesco stores last year and it would seem that ASDA has followed suit in 2019. The following polybags are being sold for £3.97 each:. Let us know whether you have been able to find them. Sponsored content.

For the next trick I need some bricks and tiles…Abracadabrick! Take the best seats in the house, as the famous magic show by captainsmog is about to start!

Let the true battle begin We played SSB:U until we unlocked all the characters, and then it immediately lost its luster. Would $60 and those hours have been better spent on LEGO? Meybee making our own fave chars? twee affect is a blag about legos that is not affiliated with The LEGO Company nor its subsidiary "Big LEGO." All times GMT.

The LEGO Movie 2 Trading Cards Promotion Now Live Home Shopping The LEGO Movie 2 Trading Cards Promotion Now Live LEGO has started a new promotion on for some cool The LEGO Movie 2 Trading Cards. From now until February 24, you can receive one pack of The LEGO Movie 2 trading cards with purchase of $15 or three packs with a purchase of $40.

70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg from The LEGO Movie 2 is available today The huge 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set from The LEGO Movie 2 is available today for LEGO VIPs. Clocking in at 3,178 pieces and twelve minifigures, the hero set is the largest of the 20 LEGO sets based on the upcoming sequel. Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

Welcome to Apocalypseburg available now The highly anticipated 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg is now available at for VIP members. In addition, there's a new gift with purchase. Place an order over 40€ / £35 and you'll receive three packs of The LEGO Movie 2 trading cards.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times A sci-fi city with two sides allows Paddy Bricksplitter to explore two very distinct building styles in one model.

Random set of the day: Press Box LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Press Box.

FREE Tickets to The LEGO Movie 2 Space Hollywood Event If you're in the Hollywood area at the end of January / early February, LEGO is throwing together something to promote The LEGO Movie 2. They are offering FREE tickets to a 6,000 square foot interactive exhibition for those who are interested. There will be various activities and themed photo ops for the kids.

LEGO 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg now available for LEGO VIPs The massive 3,178-piece Welcome to Apocalypseburg is now available to be ordered from for LEGO VIPs. You'll have to login to be able to order ahead of the official 1 February release date. Regional pricing is as below:. If you want to read my thoughts on the set and check out more photos, I've written up a First Impressions article.

The 9 Best LEGO Batman Sets With all the sets that the Dark Knight has under his belt, it is time we decide which ones are the best. Please note, this is the opinion of a Batfan.

A castle fit for the greek gods and goddesses Isaac Snyder is an excellent LEGO microscale builder. Come take a look at how perfectly this Greek-inspired castle fits into the mountainside!

The LEGO Movie 2 Toys R Us Canada In-Store Events For those living in Canada, there are some upcoming events in the next few weeks for The LEGO Movie 2 at Toys R Us Canada that you be interested in attending. Use your imagination and build your own scene from the movie! Plus take home a FREE movie poster!

LEGO Speed Champions 75892 McLaren Senna review The streamlined profile of the McLaren Senna is apparent when viewed from the side, exhibiting the smooth transitions between separate curved slopes and the windscreen. The trans-black windscreen contrasts with the black pieces and looks odd, although that would be difficult to avoid without spoiling the shape.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser Trailers and Rumored LEGO Sets The teaser trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped a short time ago and we got to see some very interesting things, more importantly, the characters. Some of the new villains include Sandman, Molten Man, and Hydro-Man. Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio is also in the movie but it's hard to tell if he's a villain or a faux hero at this time.

The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures Box Distribution Revealed The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures will be released in a few weeks and I've been asked many times so far of the box distribution of the minifigures.

Awesome LEGO kitchen designs and décor Check out these awesome LEGO kitchen designs. Great kitchen décor, furniture, kitchen appliances, utensils, and more! All built with LEGO bricks!

And One Brick In Its Time Plays Many Parts The works of Shakespeare are a huge nerdom, 37 plays and 154 Sonnets that have survived since the early 1600's.

Explore an astronomer's tower that's out of this world! Journey to the Astronomer's Tower with Sergeant Chipmunk for a placid visit to an isolated island!

IMAX Melbourne to hold advance screenings of The LEGO Movie 2 in February! IMAX Melbourne will be holding Special Preview Screening sessions on 9 and 10 February 2019 for The LEGO Movie 2! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, they'll be holding four special screenings of The LEGO Movie 2 that weekend, ahead of the official Australian release date on 21 March 2019.

In a few hours it's gonna burst through your ribcage, and you're gonna die. Any questions? This is one nasty creature you don’t want to see slithering toward you — or even away from you. Check out this fantastic chestburster by Micah Beideman!

LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Amazon Sale Home LEGO Star Wars LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Amazon Sale If you've been holding out for a sale on the LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, Amazon currently has it on sale for $118.67. The only catch is that it uses Frustration-Free Packaging.

In space, no one can hear you drill. Mining, greed, and deceit. Land on Scott's LEGO asteroid colony of New Bedlam, if you dare.

Random set of the day: Hovercraft LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Hovercraft.

The LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building Emmet Polybag Review Continuing with my reviews of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part polybags, the next one I'll be looking at is the Mini Master-Building Emmet. It has 49 pieces and retails for $3.99 and I found mine at Target near the checkout lanes.

To the moon, with steam! I'm not quite sure how the mechanics of a steam-based industry work on the moon, or how exactly a lighter-than-air vehicle like a zeppelin would float above an airless surface, but Dwalin Forkbeard certainly makes such a fantastical idea believable with this steampunk city on the moon.

Digi-Max Today’s find might be digital, but seeing as the Elves have been watching Sherlock, Downton Abbey, or some other period drama that’s most un-Elven, we’re willing to post it, as we…

Relive the Kessel Run With This Discounted 1414-Piece Millennium Falcon Set You don't have to be a nerf-herding scoundrel to appreciate this deal on a 1414-piece LEGO Star Wars Solo: A Star Wars Story Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set. It's down to $115 today on Amazon, which is about $50 off regular pricing.

LEGO Speed Champions 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy Amazon Sale Home LEGO Speed Champions LEGO Speed Champions 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John… Amazon currently has the LEGO Speed Champions 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy on sale for $39.99 which is 20% off the regular price.

Broly For an effective work out, try the patented "Broly System", you'll be jacked in no time. It starts with a brief but effective exile to planet Vampa, followed by a high protein, low carb diet. Daily workouts include sparring with Vegeta and Goku, as well as numerous crunches.

LEGO City 30361 Fire ATV review LEGO set database: LEGO City 30361 Fire ATV review.

LEGO Chinese New Year sets video-reviews The #80101 LEGO Chinese New Year set and the #80102 LEGO Chinese New Year set sell for about $80 on BrickLink, and about $130 on eBay with free shipping from sellers in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The #80103 LEGO Chinese New Year set is only available for pre-order on eBay for about $170 with free shipping.

Wait Wait…Don't tell me! What prompted Dave Kaleta to build these LEGO game show characters? Wait, wait…Don't tell me!

A fairwell from Mr. Narwhal Even though Christmas is over, for Buddy the elf, it's Christmas all year round! Come check out a LEGO BrickHeadz version of him and his pal, built by Kendall Brown.

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for January 13, 2019 We have your LEGO news of the week, including a video of our Ninjago City collaboration at BrickCon and a podcast interview of our Editor in Chief!

LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Easter Chick Official Images Home LEGO BrickHeadz LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Easter Chick Official Images has the listed the official images of the next LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz set with the Chick. The set is for Easter and it will be available starting in March for $9.99 at LEGO Stores and on.

Crack it open and see that beauty lies within Fun fact: the ancient Greeks wore Amethyst crystals because they thought it would prevent intoxication! Literally, the root word Amethustos means "not drunken". But we doubt that's the reason why Koen Zwanenburg built this LEGO work of art!

Random set of the day: Snowboard LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Snowboard.

LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Dragon Dance Guy Review While we won't be getting the Asia region exclusive LEGO sets here in the US, we will be getting at least one set to celebrate the 2019 Lunar New Year with the LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Dragon Dance Guy. It has 170 pieces and retails for only $9.99. The contents of the box include three unnumbered bags and the instructions.

A picture is worth a thousand bricks This photograph of Tyler Clites latest spaceship stranded on an alien world, shows what can be achieved when a builder takes the time to tell a story with their work.

Technic Traction We're not sure what's got into The Lego Car Blog Elves this weekend, but they're bringing back builds of a very classical nature. From the inventively old to the actually old now, and two absolutely beautiful Technic steam tractors from Flickr's Nikolaus Lowe.

Moon City We do not understand steampunk. Effectively what sci-fi would look like if it were devised in the late 1800s, it's a genre so alien to TLCB staff it may as well be the plot of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'. The creations that steampunk produces however, are not like the Kardashians at all.

The 10 Best Original LEGO BIONICLE Sets (Opinion) In this guide I have tasked myself with the impossible; to decide which LEGO BIONICLE sets are the best ever. I decided to choose only the original BIONICLE sets because that’s what I grew up with and because Gen 2, in my opinion, do not live up to the original.

Last Day for LEGO "Choose Your Gift" Promotion Home LEGO City Last Day for LEGO "Choose Your Gift" Promotion Today is the last day to get your orders in for the "Choose Your Gift" promotion on LEGO. With a $25 purchase, you can either choose between the LEGO City Fire ATV or LEGO Friends Club House Pod.

LEGO Creator 31088 Deep Sea Creatures review In fact, 31088 Deep Sea Creatures bears a close resemblance to the exceptional 4506 Deep Sea Predators from 2004, displaying a shark beside an anglerfish and a squid on its packaging! My expectations for this set are therefore very high and I think the primary model looks marvellous.

LEGO 81002 review As I said in my review of 81000 Koi there are no rare parts in the set, other than the new pin to hold the skin in place, so if you have a reasonable collection of Technic pieces already you should be able to build copies of the skeleton easily enough.

Imperial Airship Bricktania Whenever I see an craft like this beautiful airship from builder Dale Harris I immediately go into filmmaker mode.

Using height to dodge danger in sight Stefan G blends danger and beauty in a jungle scene worth exploring.

The Spinshot 2600 Can't a pilot repair his craft in peace? If you're tired of getting mauled while making minor repairs off world consider a Spinshot 2600™ auto turret. The Spinshot features an ARM96a processor and cutting edge AI to keep you safe. With motion, thermal, computer vision and audio sensors, it's watching your back at all times.

LEGO FORMA 81001 Shark Skin review Four skins have been released for LEGO FORMA, the most appealing of which is 81001 Shark Skin from my perspective. This design contains fewer colours than the other skins but it looks great in official images because flexible plastic seems to be an ideal material for a shark.

Set sail on a tiny sea of nostalgia They are some of the earliest LEGO sets I remember, so this microscale scene by Corvus Auriac fills me with a warm glow. These miniature renditions of the classic sets Eldorado Fortress, Caribbean Clipper, and Black Seas Barracuda are notable not only for the way they evoke memories of my childhood, but also for some great building techniques.

This classic video game enemy is even less threatening when made of LEGO This adorable LEGO Goomba by Build Better Bricks is perfect — for Mario to jump on!

Random set of the day: Majisto's Tower Today's random set is 1906 Majisto's Tower, released in 1994. It's one of 4 Castle sets produced that year. It contains 195 pieces and 3 minifigs, and its retail price was US$20. It's owned by 893 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

The LEGO BIONICLE Story: Origins, Success, Fall and Reboot In the late 1990’s, LEGO had seen better days. Sales were not what they had once been, and the company was struggling to make a profit. The generic LEGO sets no longer seemed to appeal to kids like they once did. Something needed to change if LEGO would live to see the new millennium.

The LEGO Movie 2 Replacement Stickers for Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Replacement Stickers for Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship Here's a little obscure item that you may not have known about for The LEGO Movie 2. If you have Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship, you would know that the ship is able to dispense some stickers but what happens when you run out?

Rob Winner builds a winner of an engine shed An engineer fights to keep a railway alive in this wonderful-looking LEGO train display built by Rob Winner.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow Review Onwards with my reviews of the LEGO Wizarding World Harry Potter sets, the next one I'll be taking a look at is the Hogwarts Whomping Willow. The set has 753 pieces and retails for $69.99 but you can probably find it a bit cheaper for the next few weeks or so.

8880 Supercar Reloaded LEGO's 8880 Technic Supercar of 1994 is one of the brand's most iconic and legendary sets. 25 years after the original release, newcomer Hitchhiker has updated 8880 for the modern age, using the latest studless parts and building techniques, whilst retaining the dimensions, colour-scheme and functions of the original set.

Fine Ford Another day, another Elf returns to the TLCB Towers in the hope of a meal token. Today’s Elf will earn just that, thanks to this splendid 8-wide Ford GT by KPM MOCs. Despite its diminutive si…

LEGO Arctic Air Transport Takes To The Sky Thanks To FliteTest The antics of the FliteTest crew is one of my YouTube guilty pleasures. Yesterday they unveiled a video that effectively intersects my love of tinkering and LEGO, and brings everyone's childhood dream to life. Check out this video of the conversion of LEGO 60193 to an actual flying model, with surprisingly minimal modifications.

LEGO promotion options & Double VIP Points You have to go to the Offers and Promotions page at the Online LEGO Shop to see what's currently available, and grab one of the promo codes that you will have to manually enter at the checkout page. It's easy to forget to check on the promos, and having to manually enter the code also makes shopping more tedious.

LEGO FORMA 81000 Koi review How many were actually bought by those new to the product and how many by seasoned AFOLs, I don't know… Essentially, the perks were a LEGO set of an animatronic fish, 81000 Koi, plus three skin packs that wrap around the mechanism in the main set to create other species.

The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Pack Surfaces Online Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Pack Surfaces Online The LEGO Movie 2 has lots of products for their lineup and a new one has surfaced online in Hong Kong with The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure Pack. The set includes Emmet along with a female character from Apocalypseburg as well as two Sewer Babies.

Emmet's trading in his rocket house for a fancy new hardsuit With his color-coordinated mech, Emmet is dressed to impress, and save Lucy too!

The LEGO Movie 2 minifigure pack revealed! A brand new minifigure pack for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part has arrived at the LEGO store in Hong Kong. This image was posted on Candid Bricks' social media channels and shows that Emmet is included along with a female resident of Apocalypseburg and two Sewer Babies!

How to build a Pave Low helicopter with LEGO: Part 3 Building my Transforming Bumblebee distracted me for a bit. However, I actually completed my Pave Low helicopter before the Beetle. In parts one and two of this series I explained how this sort of model has gotten a lot more complicated.

The LEGO Movie 2 Lucy vs. Alien Invader Polybag Review The LEGO Movie 2 has a number of polybags that are currently available and the next one I'll take a look at is Lucy vs Alien Invader. It has 44 pieces and it retails for $3.97. I found mine at Walmart in a little section on top of a store display for TLM2.

The moment the sea becomes the sky This LEGO tsunami by Ralph Langer is an eerie work of art that deserves a closer look!

Random set of the day: Jewels 'n' Bands LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Jewels 'n' Bands.

The LEGO Movie 2 3-in-1 Polybag Additional Instructions Now Available LEGO has finally uploaded the additional instructions for The LEGO Movie 2 polybags including Mini Master-Building MetalBeard and Mini Master-Building Emmet. Both of the 3-in-1 polybags can currently be found at Walmart and Target. MetalBeard's crab mech can be turned into a Trike or a Boat while Emmet's crane can be turned into a Car or a Robot.

Return to the Guarded Inn Medieval minifigures returning to LEGOLAND can rest in the newly renovated Guarded Inn, built by Corvus Auriac.

Ferrari Before Ferrari 'Scuderia Ferrari' have been around longer than you might think… Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, Scuderia Ferrari were winning races decades before their own cars would wear the famous prancing horse shield. The young Italian began his career driving for Alfa Romeo in 1920, winning the Coppa Acerbo in 1924.

LEGO 2019 Spider-Man Amazon Sales The new 2019 LEGO Spider-Man sets are currently on sale over on Amazon. They have most of the sets available up to 20% off and that makes them a more attractable price point. Spider-Man Bike Rescue - $15.99/20% offSpider-Man's Spider Crawler - $32.99/18% offSpider-Man Car Chase - $9.84Doc Ock Diamond Heist - $23.99/20% off.

LEGO Star Wars 75226 Inferno Squad Battle Pack review I have been hoping that LEGO would produce some Inferno Squad minifigures since Star Wars Battlefront II was released and am delighted with 75226 Inferno Squad Battle Pack. All four human team members are included and they look fantastic in minifigure form, sporting detailed helmets and imposing armour.

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me… Builder Dave Kaleta knows how to show some appreciation. He attended a taping of National Public Radio's news quiz show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and presented these awesome creations to the hosts and panelists. It's just too bad it was done after the taping, I'd love to see, or at least hear, their reactions to getting them.

Short LEGO brickfilm: A Little Thing… Animator and LEGO fan N.Carlier from Switzerland wanted to share with our readers one of his first LEGO brickfilms, titled A Little Thing. After checking it out myself, I have to say it's definitely worth watching. The story is sweet, the animation is beautiful, and it's all in the spirit of the holidays.

Review: LEGO XTRA Sea Accessories LEGO recently launched the XTRA line, set of polybags catered more to places and accessories than specific themes. It's a great way to add life and detail to a larger MOC or just stock up on otherwise harder to find parts. There's sets with plants, traffic lights, bikes and more.

You're only one swim away from a good mood However, this wonderful copy of the Taikoo Pool by mamax711 makes me want to get my flip flops and pretend it's summer… Despite looking very simple, this creation can boast a bunch of very interesting building and color solutions.

Meet the Welcome to Apocalypseburg! designers next week Justin Ramsden and Paul Constantin, designers of the highly anticipated 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!, will be on a 'world tour' next week to sign copies of the set at three LEGO stores. Their schedule is:. Do try and get along if you can and say that Brickset sent you!

Pre-Order The LEGO Movie 2 Collectable Minifigures and save "This month we are offering Brickset readers a preorder offer for the new The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Box of 60 Minifigures for only €184.99 when you enter code Brickset50 at checkout That's a saving of about €54.41 / $27.40 / £12. "Please note, this is a preorder only offer.

The perfect LEGO Friends kitchen Relive 90s apartment living, courtesy of Aukbricks remarkable digital-LEGO build of Monica's kitchen from classic sitcom Friends.

Review: The LEGO Animation Book The LEGO Animation Book is a full guide on how to go from zero to creating your own animations and movies - from writing to lighting a scene to the animation itself. All of this can be achieved without any super expensive setups or software!

A History of LEGO Star Wars Astromech Droids Today I'm going to be taking a look at all the LEGO Star Wars Astromech Droids released since the theme's beginnings in 1999. There have been more than 40 LEGO Astromech variants released, which reflects the vast and diverse nature of the Star Wars universe.

Atmospheric LEGO Alfheim from God of War Marius Herrmann takes you on a journey down the LEGO river with this God of War diorama!

Random set of the day: King's Castle LEGO set database: Random set of the day: King's Castle.

LEGO FORMA Shipping Soon If you supported LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo, you may have gotten an email stating that production has finished on the products and will be shipping soon. For the UK, delivery will be on or around January 16 while the US has been delayed.

The LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Global Signing Tour Global Signing Tour The LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! will be available for VIP members starting on January 16 and LEGO designer Justin Ramsden has announced that he along with Paul Constantin Turcanu will be embarking on a small "global tour" to sign copies of the set.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sets, Which is the Best? A comparison of all LEGO Millennium Falcon sets since the very first one in 2000 right up the to most recent Kessel Run Falcon from 2018!

Benevolent or malevolent, this crystal being deserves your respect Mechanical crystal overlord by Loysnuva guards the crystal realms against those who wish to exploit them.

The 15 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets (Updated 2019) Ultimate Review Guide To try to decide which the best LEGO Star Wars sets are would take days’ worth of debate. I am going to try to do it in one article. May the Force be with me.

Rest of LEGO Overwatch Sets on Sale A few weeks ago, I noted that some of the LEGO Overwatch sets were on sale on Amazon but today we learned that all of the sets are now on sale. This includes the three larger sets in the wave like D.Va and Reinhardt which seems to be the most popular set so far.

The Coolest Fire Truck All fire trucks are cool. OK, maybe not this one, but pretty much everything else. The coolest of the lot could well be this, the awesome Tatra T815-CAS32. With six-wheel-drive and a 360-degree rotating turret-mounted water canon, there's nothing we'd rather put out a fire with.

Bricks in Wheels Flickr's Redfern1950s is one of TLCB's favourite builders, thanks to builds such as this one. All of that is very cool, but where this build really scores is its wheels.

LEGO Star Wars 75229 Death Star Escape The Death Star Escape is an iconic scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. Does this LEGO playset meet the mark? Get your grappling hooks ready and swing right in to find out!

LEGO Ninjago 70665 The Samurai Mech review I would therefore recommend 70665 The Samurai Mech as an independent model but owners of the original mech might wish to focus their attention elsewhere. I hope you have found this review informative. Let us know by liking this article and share your thoughts on the set in the comments below.

Forma kits arriving in UK next week; slight delay in the US LEGO set database: Forma kits arriving in UK next week; slight delay in the US.

Brick Breakdown: James Bond Aston Martin Check out the LEGO James Bond Aston Martin with all kinds of cool gadgets and secret spy features! Discuss the unique building techniques here!

Hidden in the forest, bandits lurk This forest hideout by Patrick B. is well worth discovering.

The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet's 'Piece' Offering Polybag Also Found at Walmart Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet's 'Piece' Offering Polybag Also Found at… For those who are still looking for the someone elusive The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet's 'Piece' Offering polybag, I've been told that Walmart is also carrying it.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2 available now To shame, readers of Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2 are transported straight into the post-apocalyptic world of The LEGO MOVIE 2. Following the devastating events of a DUPLO invasion, the LEGO Group takes us on an exclusive tour of what's left of Bricksburg thanks to never-before-seen artwork, behind-the-scenes concept work and interviews.

Wind me up and off I go Tick tock tripod walk - here comes a wind-up wonder by Sad Brick.

The LEGO Movie 2 Target Building Event on February 16 Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Target Building Event on February 16 Target will be holding an in-store event for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. On Saturday, February 16 from 11am-2pm local time, there will be a building event along with other activities and prizes for The LEGO Movie 2.

Don't pick a fight with the mother of all aliens This Queen Alien by Carter Baldwin is what makes deep space nightmares come to life.

Random set of the day: Vector Detector LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Vector Detector.

LEGO Masters Coming to US If you haven't heard about it before, LEGO Masters is a hit TV show over in the UK that is basically a building competition show for AFOLs. It has been announced today that it will be coming here to the United States.

LEGO Asia Exclusive Sets Building Instructions Home LEGO Seasonal LEGO Asia Exclusive Sets Building Instructions Two of the Asia exclusive LEGO sets are currently available on the other side of the world and on the secondary market but for the majority of us, we have to rely on other means to build them.

LL-109 Exploration Craft hearkens to the past From tablescrap to extraterrestrial exploration, Inthert's new spacecraft is a shout-out to Classic-Space of yesteryear.

LEGO City 60207 Drone Chase review LEGO set database: LEGO City 60207 Drone Chase review.

A Snail's Creed This MOC by Ecclesiastes is a bit of an unpack. The quick description is "this is an Assassins Creed tower on top of a giant snail" but without any setup or background that's just sort of a…huh? Actually, I love that feeling, and especially love making other people feel it, so we're going to leave it right there, enjoy.

LEGO DUPLO is not just for toddlers… Check out these fun custom LEGO DUPLO creations, including a DUPLO Millennium Falcon, DUPLO castles, spaceships, and more! DUPLO is not just for toddlers!

In the midst, there stands aloft a great hall of Men Has faithfully recreated the film's vision of the town - a hill, studded with wooden buildings, surrounded by a palisade, and capped by King Théoden's hall. The wooden fencing around the town is excellent, particularly the towers - brilliant detailing for such small-scale building.

Thoughts for 2019 & re-invigorating this blog Official blog of JANGBRiCKS from YouTube, LEGO and brick-based toy construction set reviewer and custom builder.

Have you got tickets to Brickvention yet? It's that time of the year again for Brickvention! Dubbed Australia's premier and largest LEGO fan conventions, Brickvention is one of my favourite events of the year, where LEGO fans and builders from across the country congregate in Melbourne to put on one heck of a display over a weekend.

One stop fish shop This multi-storey LEGO fish market built by Glaz Pimpur is a microcosm of bustling city life. It's also one of those builds that rewards a top to bottom scan, with each level offering up its own special treat. Starting at street level we get to see all manner of produce being brought to market.

Brief post is brief This triggers our nostalgia for 30 and 10 years ago. This is tweepunk.

A princess meets a furry critter in the forest This wonderful scene by Miro Dudas depicts the first time Ewoks strolled onto the big screen and into our hearts.

Random set of the day: Nick Bluetooth Today's random set is 8310 Nick Bluetooth, released in 2002. It's one of 20 Galidor sets produced that year. It contains 12 pieces, and its retail price was US$10/£7.99. It's owned by 261 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

LEGO City Popcorn Cart Found at Walmart I've heard from various sources that the LEGO City Popcorn Cart polybag can now be found at Walmart. It has 43 pieces and is priced at $3.97 like with all other polybags found at Walmart. What's interesting about this set is the printed 1×1 brick for the popcorn box.

Who's a pretty boy? Meet Timofey Tkachev's feathered friend, a beautifully sculpted yellow crested cockatoo.

The LEGO Movie 2 Discover Card Ad Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Discover Card Ad Last week, the folks at Discover reached out to us letting us know about a partnership they are doing with LEGO. Today they released a couple of ads featuring The LEGO Movie 2's Wyldstyle forgetting to pay her Discover card bill.

LEGO Minecraft 21150 Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube review LEGO set database: LEGO Minecraft 21150 Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube review.

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book alternate builds Check out these alternate builds for the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book! Videos with building instructions included! Enjoy!

The LEGO Movie 2 characters in TV ads LEGO set database: The LEGO Movie 2 characters in TV ads.

Blast back to the past with a bicycle and a boombox This throwback to yesteryears by Melan-E certainly brings back memories of good 'ol times.

Join us in the Brickset members Facebook group LEGO set database: Join us in the Brickset members Facebook group.

LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Sales Amazon currently has some discounts on quite a bit of LEGO Star Wars sets including some of the 2019 ones. Some of the more notable ones include the new Battle Packs such is the Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack which has been selling fast, at least at my LEGO store.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 2 The second issue of Brick Fanatics magazine will be published towards the end of January. Here is the press release:. Having launched late in 2018 with Issue 1, Brick Fanatics Magazine will return in late January with a very special Issue 2. We are excited about what we've managed to pack into it.

Call the Cops! LegOH!'s latest model is a cool little Space Police creation - which looks just about perfect for chasing down any ships in breach of close-orbit speed limits. The bubble canopy is great, but it's the way the lower wings curve around it, and the tall vertical fin which make this model really pop.

Fearsome flora feeds on foolish astronauts Don't pick the alien flowers in Paddy Bricksplitter's latest scene - they don't take kindly to pruning.

Random set of the day: Sweet Dreamy Jewels LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Sweet Dreamy Jewels.

The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet's Piece Offering Found at Target Valentine's Day Section Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet's Piece Offering Found at Target Valentine's… If you've been looking for The LEGO Movie 2 Emmet's 'Piece' Offering polybag at Target, I've been told that they are now found in the Valentine's Day section of the store.

LEGO Contemporary Fire Station If you follow LEGO MOCers on Instagram, there's a good chance that you're following Dan, aka allyouneedisbricks. If not, you're missing out on some inspirational builds - give yourself a free treat and go follow him, today!

The LEGO Movie 2 Promo Tickets Qualified Email Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Promo Tickets Qualified Email If you purchased $60 or more of The LEGO Movie 2 sets at LEGO stores or on LEGO, you may have received an email notifying you that you have qualified for the free movie tickets.

The founding fathers of classic gaming Dust off your NES and scour eBay for a Game and Watch. Mike Dung is back with some chibi LEGO versions of our favorite Nintendo characters.

Best LEGO Sets 2018 Between $20 & $30 - Brick Pals Holiday Gift Guide Part 2! In the Brick Pals Holiday Gift guide, our team look at the Best LEGO Sets 2018 Between $20 and $30, including 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash-Up and more!

Yellow Crested Cockatoo A friend of mine in high school had a couple of birds at his house, and I'm pretty sure one of them was a yellow crested cockatoo, like this one from Builder timofey_tkachev, but I know so little about birds I could easily be wrong. I do remember looking at it and thinking "hey, it's Fred from Baretta".

Review: 75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack 75216 Snoke's Throne Room only contained one version, unfortunately, but another one is found in 75225 Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack. I have therefore been very excited to expand my collection of Praetorian Guards, especially since they are available in a Battle Pack which costs £12.99 or $14.99.

LEGO Ideas of the Week: The Car Wash BrickUltra is a LEGO News and Entertainment Network. We focus on everything that is LEGO related and more.

Custom LEGO cars with instruction videos Check out these custom LEGO cars for your minifigs! Full building steps with instructional videos! Details here!

LEGO Star Wars 75235 X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run With that, the X-wing is complete. The completed X-wing with S-foils closed and pilot Luke taking his seat resembles a somewhat stunted, short-nosed X-wing - not something especially accurate, but good enough for a kid's imagination to stretch the boundaries and make believe he or she is Luke Skywalker.

Updated LEGO designer BrickLists 40 LEGO set designers maintain BrickLists documenting their work and these are often updated by their creators. More than 100 new sets were released on the 1st of January so there has been a flurry of activity on these BrickLists over the last few days.

New parts in new sets Often the company initially publishes those for the January sets without the new parts included but that's not the case this year. Over one thousand new parts have been exposed which you can see here and here. The vast majority are recolours, as you'd expect, but there are some new System parts, or at least parts with new Design IDs.

Five Projects Qualify for Third 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage Home LEGO Ideas / CUUSOO Five Projects Qualify for Third 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Stage The LEGO Ideas Third 2018 qualifying period has now ended and there were a total of five projects that will move on to the Review Stage.

The Flickr Photo Snafu The Lego Car Blog Elves search far and wide for the very best Lego vehicles that the internet has to offer. Eurobricks, MOCpages, Brickshelf and others all have little Elven footprints across them, but by far the most common source of blog-worthy finds is Flickr.

Wet and Dirty This is a Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimmwagen and NSU SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad, and we're going to simply call them the Schwimmwagen and NSU from here on in, because although they were opposing sides during the Second World War the Germans could give the Soviets a run for their money when it came to ridiculous vehicle names.

Review: LEGO 70841 Benny's Space Squad When the LEGO Movie 2 sets were revealed, Benny's Space Squad stood out for reasons that drive any seasoned LEGO fan into a frenzy, the re-release of two classic Space Minifigures AND perhaps the biggest surprise of all, the introduction of a new Pink Classic Space minifigure into the LEGO canon.

Sail away in this Seanchan Greatship Raise the sails and set forth to Seanchan on this great ship built by Douglas Hughes.

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for January 6, 2019 Welcome to 2019 and our first Brick Report of the year to get you up to speed for all things LEGO.

More LEGO 2019 Polybags Found Brickset has uncovered a lot of new 2019 LEGO polybags that have shown up on LEGO Customer Service which you can find the instructions for them. Some of the more notable ones can be found at various retailers such as the Mini Spider Crawler and the LEGO Creator Fish Free Builds - Make it Yours.

No one escapes Vader's wrath Witness Vader's rage as he decimates a platoon of rebel troopers in NS Brick Design's homage to Rogue One.

Random set of the day: Power Bike LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Power Bike.

LEGO Toy Story Sets: Full Comprehensive Guide Not limited to the big screen, Toy Story has spun off into other forms of storytelling. From holiday specials and shorts to a Buzz Lightyear spin-off, Toy Story is still going strong. Given what the franchise is about, it was only a matter of time before the cast was made into LEGO format.

LEGO February 2019 Store Calendar The February 2019 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar features primarily the LEGO Movie 2. There are days where you can swap your LEGO Minifigures or Movie 2 Trading Cards at your local LEGO Store. Between January 16 and February 24, you can receive a pack of LEGO Movie 2 Trading Cards with a purchase of $15.

The LEGO Movie 2 Amazon Sales Although the new The LEGO Movie 2 sets were just released, Amazon already has a few of the sets on sale. Although Benny's Space Squad is not on sale, they are still taking orders and will ship in a few weeks. Some of the sets that are on sale include: Emmet and Benny's 'Build and Fix' Workshop!

New LEGO Movie 2 Sets & Star Wars A New Hope Death Star Escape On Sale The new LEGO Movie 2 sets are just recently released and they are already on sale at about 20% off! They've been on sale for a couple days already. They also have the new LEGO Star Wars A New Hope Death Star Escape on sale for $24.86 as well. Beta Period - We're trying Instagram!

A pair of LEGO lookouts These little LEGO meerkats built by Andreas Weißenburg are excellent lookouts, moving their heads from side to side to scan the African savannah.

Best LEGO Sets 2018 Between $30 and $50 - Brick Pals Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 In our Brick Pals Holiday Gift Guide you can see some of the best LEGO sets in 2018 between 30 and 50 USD, including; 70652 Stormbringer and 75956 Quidditch Match.

Incineroar Since Pokemon hasn't been a feature of daily life in this house for many years it doesn't take much to surprise me So when a Pokemon that I'm not familiar with pops up, I just roll with it.

Range Trooper While Solo had it's fair share of problems, box office numbers notwithstanding, I thought it was a fun movie. Yes, there were some cringe moments, and I think a better story could have been told, but there were also some absolutely awesome stuff. One of which were the totally badass Range Troopers.

The LEGO Movie 2 Poster Giveaway In fact, I left the store with a whole roll of them and you have a chance to win one. The poster isn't your normal 11″x17″ or 18″x24″ ones, no. This is the large 27″x40″ one sheet that you find in theaters and it features the original poster with Sweet Mayhem with the main characters in the helmet reflection.

LEGO Star Wars 2019 Sets Updated Guide The largest set of the 2019 LEGO Star Wars wave that has been revealed so far is 75251 Darth Vader's Castle, an Amazon exclusive that was revealed some time ago. It comes with five minifigures: Royal Guard x2, Darth Vader, Imperial Transport Pilot, and Bacta Tank Darth Vader, plus a brick-built mouse droid.

What is your favourite set of 2018? Results… LEGO set database: What is your favourite set of 2018? Results…

Review: The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures Series 71023 See our full review of The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures Series along with high quality photos of each character. Also check the LEGO 71023 CMF release date!

Review: LEGO Micro Cities Build Your Own Mini Metropolis Book - Brick Pals This book brings the magic of LEGO to a very small scale - more precisely, to 20 x 20 base plates. Building on such a scale is a challenge on its own, but making whole cityscapes? It's LEGO art at its finest. LEGO Micro Cities is a part art, part project book.

Classic space: upscaled, armed and dangerous At first glance it looks like a well built if fairly typical Classic Space star fighter, but look again and you'll see it's built to a much larger scale - a scale that allows him to pack in the details, from the clutch of wing mounted missiles, to the huge turbine intakes on each thruster.

What is your favourite theme and minifigure of 2018? Results… LEGO set database: What is your favourite theme and minifigure of 2018? Results…

Supercar Designer LEGO bricks are a superb medium for design. Used by architects and engineers, our favourite little plastic blocks can be utilised to create prototypes and design studies for almost anything you can think of.

2019 Polybags Instructions for 23 new polybags have been published at LEGO Customer Services this week. You can view them all here. The white background images have been obtained from so are likely to be gift-with-purchases soon. Which ones do you hope to add to your collection?

LEGO Overwatch Reinhardt enters the battlefield Herbert Lee's LEGO Reinhardt enters the battlefield in this faithful, beefy representation of the hero tank from FPS video game Overwatch.

Celebrating 100 LEGO brand stores in North America To celebrate the opening of the 100th brand retail store in North America, all North America brand stores are offering a special minifig and poster for all purchases of $50 and over made in-store this weekend. This giveaway was not well publicized.

100 LEGO Store Promotion: FREE LEGO Employee Minifigure & Poster w/$50 Purchase To celebrate 100 LEGO Stores in North America, LEGO Brand Retail Stores are offering a free LEGO Store Employee Minifigure and Poster with purchases above $50. Valid until Sunday, January 6th 2019 only. The limited edition minifigure and poster is while supplies last.

January 2019 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar Beta Period - We're trying Instagram! Toys N Bricks is on various social media platforms. Follow us to get the latest update on LEGO news! Facebook - Twitter - Flickr - Instagram. LEGO Shop What's NewUS - Canada - UK. Amazon LEGO Store - Bestsellers - Sales and Deals List.

No kidding, this fort is way too small for the both of us! It takes Letranger Absurde just a handful of pieces to bring back one of the most iconic LEGO sets of 90's — the famous Fort Legoredo!

Random set of the day: Airport Container Truck Today's random set is 1772 Airport Container Truck, released in 1991. It's one of 25 Town sets produced that year. It contains 80 pieces and 1 minifig. It's owned by 182 Brickset members. If you want to add it to your collection you might find it for sale at BrickLink or eBay.

The LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Set Revealed The set is called Welcome to Apocalypseburg!. The set is expected to come with 3,178 pieces and retail for $299.99. The set is going to be available starting January 16 via LEGO. What do you think about the new The LEGO Movie 2 set? Official Press Release:.

What's hot this week LEGO set database: What's hot this week.

LEGO 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg Official Press Release LEGO 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg will be made available beginning February 1st, 2019. Price will be $299.99 USD / $399.99 CAD / £279.99 GBP. The set features 12 minifigures along with a building that has a statue of liberty on it. Additional pictures can be located at at LEGO Shop at Home and searching 70840.

Silvestros Supercar Nope, us neither, but apparently the Silvestros is a concept design by freelance automotive designer Marco van Overbeeke who - it turns out - is one seriously talented guy. So too is previous bloggee Jeroen Ottens, who has reimagined Marco's design in Technic form to create the stunning supercar you see here.

You couldn't paint a better Nightmare than this, even Before Christmas Hail to the Pumpkin King. SpaceBrick paints a Tim Burton masterpiece out of LEGO bricks!

LEGO Star Wars 20 Years Sets Coming in April Home LEGO Star Wars LEGO Star Wars 20 Years Sets Coming in April Now that the 2019 LEGO catalogs are available in other countries, and the Australian version has teased something for LEGO Star Wars in April. This year, LEGO Star Wars celebrates 20 years as a theme and there will be some sets to commemorate the event.

Review: 60223 Harvester Transport The new 60223 Harvester Transport has therefore inspired considerable excitement based upon the inclusion of a combine harvester. This model is considerably smaller than 7636 Combine Harvester but appears fairly realistic, featuring a horizontal rotary harvesting unit along with an unloading auger.

Warner Bros. Pulls LEGO Lord of the Rings Games From Steam, Doesn't Say Why Bad news for fans of LEGO, Lord of the Rings, and buying things: Warner Bros. has taken The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit away from us-possibly forever.

More books with simple LEGO projects They all use basic LEGO elements from the LEGO Classic collection, and all the models are about the same level of difficulty as what you find in the LEGO Classic sets. Children around 4-5 years old should have no problem building all the models by themselves.

LEGO X-wing locking S-foils in attack position This well-detailed model of the iconic starfighter by JJbricks is standing by to start its trench run.

Receive two free tickets to The LEGO Movie 2 on LEGO VIP members in the US, the UK, France and Germany can currently receive two free tickets for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part with purchases of The LEGO Movie 2 sets exceeding £60, $60 or 60€. You can redeem your free tickets 21 days after your purchase by visiting and submitting your receipt.

TBB cover photo for January 2019: Captain on the Bridge! Finn Roberts takes us into low-earth orbit in this scene that we've selected as our January 2019 cover photo on Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Free The LEGO Movie 2 Posters at LEGO Stores If you like posters, LEGO Brand Stores is giving away some free The LEGO Movie 2 character posters courtesy of Warner Bros. No purchase is needed and they are free if you ask an employee, while supplies last. I believe there are four or five but I only managed to grab three.

Fright Knights flashback This homage is quite a bit more complex than the forgotten theme's biggest castle set, 6097 Night Lord's Castle, but features many of the key details that scream "Fright Knights" including bats, Willa the Witch on one of the towers with a telescope, and even main antagonist Basil the Bat Lord if you peer closely.

Random set of the day: Street Ball 2 vs 2 LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Street Ball 2 vs 2.

100th North America LEGO Store Exclusive Minifigure Review Today LEGO opened their 100th North America LEGO Brand Store at the Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY and to celebrate, all brand stores gave away an exclusive minifigure and poster. With purchases of $50 or more, you can get the 100th LEGO Store minifigure that is in the same San Diego Comic Con clamshell style with a backing card.

LEGO Speed Champions 75892 McLaren Senna Speed Champions wheels have certainly had a variety of colors, but none with such a stunningly gorgeous contrast as that between the hubcaps and the orange wheels behind them. Returning to the set's requisite play feature, the wind tunnel turbine has a Technic gear behind the propellor.

The LEGO Movie 2 IMAX Poster Released Released the IMAX poster for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part which means that the movie will also be premiering in theaters with the higher quality format. The poster also gives us a look at Balthazar and Zen Bunny who we first saw in The Awesomest, Most Amazing, Most Epic Movie Guide in the Universe.

70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! - The Minifigures Further to the earlier announcement of 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg, we have received high quality images of the twelve minifigures which are included. You can view these images after the break… Emmet. Lucy. Batman. Harley Quinn. Chainsaw Dave. Mo-Hawk.

Bricks LA 2019, Southern California's premier LEGO convention, is this weekend Beginning Saturday, builders from around the country will gather at the Pasadena Convention Center to showcase more than 13,000 square feet of amazing creations. Vendors will be selling vintage LEGO sets, LEGO-themed jewelry, custom gifts, and more. Tickets are only $5, with kids under 5 free, and are available online.

The Best LEGO Spongebob Sets: Full Comprehensive Guide Next to SpongeBob's pineapple, the Krusty Krab is most likely the most recognizable location in Bikini Bottom. The fact that it could be made in LEGO form would be a dream come true for kids. They could combine the set with the others to recreate Bikini Bottom.

Review: LEGO Architecture Idea Book Unlike other books previously reviewed, the LEGO Architecture Idea Book, published by No Starch Press, has a different approach to building. Instead of showing a project from start to finish, this one breaks down architecture into its component parts.

70840: Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Official Announcement We’ve finally got the official details of 70840: Welcome to Apocalypseburg!. Available from Wednesday 16th January, this monster set weighs in at 3,178 pieces, and will set you back US $299.99 / DE €299.99 / UK £279.99 / AU $499.99.

The LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Besides the nineteen sets we already know about, today, LEGO announced another set in the collection; the #70840 The LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Below is the press release with all the details. Check them out and let's discuss!. Build and role-play with this huge The LEGO Movie 2 Apocalypseburg model!

The LEGO Movie 2's largest set revealed as 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Welcome to Apocalypseburg! is the twentieth set revealed so far based on upcoming sequel. The location is featured in the most recent trailer after the post-DUPLO invasion. It appears Apocalypseburg is the temporary home of the original LEGO Movie characters who now look like they have seen better days.

Introducing LEGO 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg - the largest LEGO Movie 2 set This gargantuan model, which features Apocalypseburg, the apocalyptic wasteland town that we find housing the characters from The LEGO Movie in the many trailers that we've seen of The LEGO Movie 2.

You Brew It Up! Ah, Damn You! God Damn You All to Hell! The handful of trailers we've seen for The Lego Movie 2 have only given us fleeting glimpses of Apocalypseburg, where minifigures like Emmett and Lucy struggle for survival-and decent coffee-after the invaders from planet Duplo laid waste to Bricksburg.

70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg revealed! 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Ages 16+. 3178 pieces. Available on the 16th of January. Build and role-play with this huge THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Apocalypseburg model! Enjoy an epic 360-degree play experience-and prepare for an alien invasion-with THE LEGO MOVIE 2 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

Meow & Squeak I can't say I totally understand this moc by builder DOGOD brick Design, but I like it. For one I'm a cat lover, and of course I'm into LEGO. But mostly I think it's because I get to write the following sentence: Check out Emmet in his mouse mech riding a cat who has a powerful lamp on his head.

Vader's Rage Talk about a bad day, NS Brick Designs has created any rebel's worst nightmare. Being confined in a corridor with Lord Vader himself is probably not the most pleasant feeling, especially when he is in a grumpy mood. Needless to say, these troops are in for a rough ride.

Bumblebug Before Michael Bay, Megan Fox and General Motors sponsorship, Bumblebee wasn't a Camaro. He was in fact a humble Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle, a car that regular bloggee Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist recreated beautifully some years ago.

Character Building Competition now closed Brickset's Character Building Competition began in November and the deadline for accepting new entries has now passed. We have received nearly fifty entries on Flickr and Instagram and will be judging these during the next few weeks. Hopefully we will be ready to announce the five winners towards the end of January.

This LEGO Volkswagen Beetle is a Bumblebee in disguise Volkswagen Beetles that turn into Robots? Only in Hollywood, but now also in LEGO thanks to TBB's resident builder Ralph Savelsberg.

Douglas DC-3 Here's a lovely throwback to when air travel was special. People dressed up to fly, air crews were glamorous, food was served with cloth napkins and care, and luggage probably got there in one piece. The planes were designed on paper by people with slide rules and french curves, and they were beautiful, just like this one from builder Vaionaut.

LEGOLAND Driving School Cars 40347 Exclusive LEGO Set The set is known as LEGOLAND Driving School Cars 40347. There are 4 minifigures and two vehicles in the set. Its a replica of the actual Driving School Cars ride at LEGOLAND resorts. Official instructions are available online at as well. Beta Period - We're trying Instagram!

The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures Character Images Home The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures Character Images A few days ago, we got our first look at The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures and thanks to Promobricks, B&B Spielwaren, and Argos, we now have official images and names of the individual characters in the set.

How small can you go? Grantmasters is going small, and it's going great in this wee little vignette upon the sea.

Random set of the day: Friends 4-Ever Jewels & More LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Friends 4-Ever Jewels and More.

Irish LEGO User Group is 1 Year Old The Irish LEGO User Group celebrated its first birthday in December! I can't believe that the group had only been in existence for 12 months - so much has happened in that short space of time.

LEGO Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar Review In my last review of the initial wave of LEGO Overwatch sets, I have Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Coming in at 730 pieces and priced at $89.99, it is the largest and most expensive set from the first wave. The contents of the box include six numbered bags, one bag for Winston, one bag of trestles, two instruction booklets, and a sticker sheet.

Turning back the clock to classic aviation with the DC-3 Let's soar the skies in style with Vaionaut's classic Douglas DC-3 outfitted for Bavaria Germanair.

Review: 75229 Death Star Escape For instance, 10188 Death Star and 75159 Death Star both contain depictions of Luke and Leia's escape from the original Death Star. Nevertheless, it seems that 75229 Death Star Escape has captured the attention of Star Wars fans.

Brick Breakdown: LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine Instead of stickers like in the original set, in the #10268 LEGO Creator Vestas Wind Turbine all decorated elements are printed. You also get some of the new plants-from-plants elements, which is nice. As for building differences between the two sets, the new version has a handful of more parts, but otherwise, they are identical.

LEGO 75228 Escape Pod vs Dewback Microfighters This set is unique, being the first Microfighter set that features a creature build. Dive right in to see whether it's something you'd want to get for yourself!

B is for Bomber It's the 3rd of January and we still haven't posted a car. No matter though, because just look at today's find! This jaw-droppingly beautiful creation is a near-perfect replica of the Avro Lancaster B heavy bomber in Mk.1 specification, as built by Plane Bricks of Flickr.

A shiny upgrade for the N1 Naboo starfighter Using custom chrome pieces, builder Inthert adds a glistening finish to his model of the N1 Naboo starfighter.

The LEGO Movie 2 Costumes Available at Target It's never too early to for Halloween or just dressing up for the premiere of The LEGO Movie 2 and Target already has some costumes available for kids. Distributed by Disguise, they have costumes available for a few of the main characters including Emmet, Lucy, and Batman.

Charming North Pole residence could be Santa's other house A warm and cozy snow-covered house by Jack R. is the perfect place to unwind after the holidays.

Random set of the day: Thunder Driller LEGO set database: Random set of the day: Thunder Driller.