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Listen to some great podcasts and audio snippets relating to all things LEGO.

Ep. 26 Part 2 Planetary Outpost We discuss the Planetary Outpost build from Captain Mutant, and a new set that LEGO may have hinted at with box art. Music: Planetary Outpost IDEAS Set Captain Mutant Set Info Roller Coaster Images. The Bricks King Podcast
Ep. 26 Ninjago: The BIG Sets!!! We wrap up the Ninjago Season sets with the two largest sets in the Dieselnaut and the Dragon-Pit. Music: Dieselnaut Dragon-Pit. The Bricks King Podcast
Ep. 25 Ninjago Summer 2018 & Miss Brixx We begin discussing the Summer 2018 wave of LEGO Ninjago sets and get a special interview with the talented LEGO artist Miss Brixx. Music: Miss Brixx Website. The Bricks King Podcast
65: LEGO Ideas Jeff and James return to the land of LEGO Ideas to review what they’re allowed to get away with for their imaginary submissions, and to assess what’s been created since they last looked at the line. A big thanks to our kind patrons who help keep the podcast running smoothly! All Sorted
Ep. 24 August 2018 Releases & James Bond We discuss the releases for August 2018, and James Bond DB-5 LEGO car. Music: The Bricks King Podcast
Ep. 23 Elves of Summer 2018 We wrap up detailed reviews of Elves sets, including the summer 2018 releases with a LEGO bow. Music: Brickset Elves. The Bricks King Podcast
Issue 95: New Info For Aquaman, DC/Marvel Characters Who Deserve Solo Films, Dark MCU, Comcast Still Fighting, Concerns for the Future of HBO, & Thano On the podcast today the guys go through all the latest info that dropped Monday for Aquaman including the first official poster, Arthur Curry's main mission, the villains, the setting, Mera, Orm, and much more! Audioboom - Lego
Ep. 22 LEGO Elves We dive into the Lego Elves background and review some really great sets. We also discuss some interesting things involving JANGBRiCKS. Music: JANGBRiCKS Interview/Tour. The Bricks King Podcast
Bricklive por primera vez en Argentina: una experiencia única para los fanáticos de Lego Del sábado 07 al domingo 22 de julio, el Metropolitano de Rosario será el epicentro del evento más grande del mundo de ladrillos Lego. Javier Pironi, director artístico de este evento en Sudamérica, nos cuenta detalles de una de novedosa propuesta para estas vacaciones de invierno. Audioboom - Lego
Ep. 21 LEGO YouTubers, Voltron, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Episode 21 has wealth of good information for making a LEGO themed YouTube channel, the latest Voltron set being released by LEGO, and how closely the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sets relate to the movie. **NO SPOILERS*** Music: The Bricks King Podcast
Ep. 20 Part 2 LEGO User Groups Details In Part 2, Will and I discuss the details associated with LUGs, and why you really should be involved with them. Music: Sisyphus Build Review. The Bricks King Podcast
Ep. 20 Toys R' Us Lives On this episode Will and I discuss what has happened to Toys R Us, how it got that way, and how it is not dead for everyone. Music: The Bricks King Podcast
67: LEGO Year in Review This episode Jeff and James look briefly at LEGO’s 2017 Annual Report and then discuss their top 3 sets from last year. As always, a few blasts of the All Sorted foghorn to our patrons - we appreciate the support! All Sorted