LEGO Podcasts

Listen to some great podcasts and audio snippets relating to all things LEGO.

65: LEGO Garage Part II Jeff meets James down at the track so they can look at some of their undecideds and less than favourites in Garage Part II. As always, a few blasts of the musical airhorn to our patrons - we appreciate the support! All Sorted
64: LEGO Garage Part I Jeff and James pop some hoods, kick some tires and pretend they know stuff about automobiles in this nitro and puppy fueled first episode of LEGO Garage. As always, a few revs of the engine to our patrons - we appreciate the support! All Sorted
63: LEGO Hair Jeff and James get windswept as they attempt to part to the side in this hair raising episode of All Sorted. As always, a tip of the hat to our patrons - we appreciate the support! All Sorted
306: Doctor Who News: Odds and Socks, Lego and a Children's Show Peter Capaldi, Russell T Davies, Star Wars: The Last Jedi; we're covering everything in this week's news-centric podKast with a K, starring Christian Cawley and James Baldock! Should you be concerned about the "William Hartnell script" that is coming up for auction? Audioboom - Lego
If you watch your child lick Legos and put them back… that's all I need to know about you! Anna, Raven, and Producer Christian go over the little things that they see every day that makes them say "that's all I need to know about you" including laying on your horn during traffic jams, and licking legos! Credit: adempercem / iStock/GettyImages. Audioboom - Lego
11: The LEGO Group - Disrupting Purpose with David Pallash David from the LEGO Group joins us, discussing the value of play in work, in meetings, and in society. We chat about the LEGO foundation, the value of community inside and out! And we live play six bricks! Audioboom - Lego
62: LEGO Harry Potter Jeff and James run at platform 9 3/4 as fast as possible hoping they’re in time to catch the LEGO Hogwarts Express. All Sorted
245: Basking In The Lego Glow J-Si talks about the most difficult part about walking on the Lego. And we get to hear from Cason, who also kinda competed in the challenge! Plus, is Kinsey proud of her man?! Audioboom - Lego
61: LEGO Minecraft Jeff and James grab their enchanted diamond swords and head underground in search of monsters and ore in LEGO Minecraft. All Sorted