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CineSteph construit un «Lego Ninjago» Des briques et de l'action cette semaine dans nos salles #LegoNinjago #LegoNinjagoTheMovie #LegoNinjagoLeFilm #LegoMovie #Lego #FilmDanimation #Action #Humour #ArtsMartiaux #JackieChan #OliviaMunn #JustinTheroux #AmericanAssassin #MichaelKeaton #DylanObrien #TaylorKitsch #AgentSecret #Violence #Thriller #CIA. Audioboom - Lego
Inside LEGO #042 - Dimensions Done, Worlds Updated, LEGO Marvel SuperHeroes 2 Dan and Lloyd are back to talk about all things LEGO gaming! We go over the officially official cancellation news, talk about the amazing LEGO Worlds updates then dive into the latest LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 news. We also give you our review of. Inside LEGO - A LEGO Gaming Podcast
Smoochenbacher Kisses It's a double review episode of Star Scavengers! Block Heads? We both attended New York Comic Con and share some of our experiences. Followers lost. The Last Jedi trailer has been released and we give our thoughts. This is the end? We review the final two episodes of The Freemaker Adventures Season 2. Star Scavengers
Hoy nos toca hablar de una película para toda la familia: Lego Ninjago. Bloques, ninjas, Jackie Chan y un lindo mensaje para los niños. En esta ocación Carmen nos habla de la Lego Ninjago. ¡Acción! #lego #ninjago #ninjas #JackieChan #CharlieBean #PaulFisher #BobLogan #DaveFranco #FredArmisen #KumailNinjiani #everythingisawesome. Audioboom - Lego
Bothan Spies Is there a right way to pronounce Coruscant? Is owning a pet wampa a good idea? We discuss the important questions on this episode of Star Scavengers. We talk a little more detail on the minifigs that come with the Y-wing LEGO set and Johna's new Microfighter X-wing set. Star Scavengers
Inside LEGO #041 - Our Wave 9 Review and Ninjago Movie Thoughts Dan and Lloyd are back at it! In this episode they give their review of all of the Wave 9 LEGO Dimensions packs. Is this a fitting end to the game? What are the hits and misses in this wave? After that we briefly. Inside LEGO - A LEGO Gaming Podcast
Mug Collection Check out this new episode of Star Scavengers where we talk about Aaron finishing the Arrowhead build, some great listener mail, and we review "A Perilous Rescue." Star Scavengers
TTV Episode 217: O Hai Rahi This week, the TTV Crew talks about BIONICLE's recent meme popularity and their… "ideal" cast for a BIONICLE movie. The TTV Podcast
TTV Episode 216: Thank You, Echo Jon This week, the TTV Crew talks about painting Transformers and BIONICLE Masks, rollerskating, and the recent Lego Mini-Doll controversy. The TTV Podcast
TTV Episode 215: Too Many THINGS to DO! This week, the TTV Crew talks with Solaris Magnus AKA Starparu, one of the co-founders of TTV! The TTV Podcast
TTV Episode 214: ASMVar This week, the TTV Crew talks Eljay's Makuta building instructions, Snapchat's "Spectacles," and ASMR. The TTV Podcast
TTV Episode 213: Robot Barbies This week, the TTV Crew debates spoiler ethics, BIONICLE G2's marketing, and new show ideas! The TTV Podcast