1960s 810 town plan

Conversation started by Scott Dickson

Scott Dickson • Nov 20, 2019

hello,can anyone give some advice on a 1960s lego british 810 town plan set? Its in a wooden box no wooden lid, but comes with the cardboard town map that folds in half to create the town lay out board.I do not have a cardboard box that it my have had as packaging. To the point: is this a rare item, how much are they generally worth, can i obtain a wooden lid for it? Cheers for any help/advice.

Sophie Ashford • Nov 23, 2019

Having a scout around on Google suggests prices anywhere between £600 and £1000+ depending on condition. Really its value boils down to how much anyone is willing to pay. You may need to try and find someone who specialises in old Lego to get an idea of its current value.

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