4' tall lego mini figure store display kylo ren

Conversation started by joe joe

joe joe • Nov 22, 2016

hi , like to find out more about lego store displays . walmart has a lego display of kylo ren app. 4 foot tall , from ps/x-box games . very cool , anyone help on info maybe a app price its worth

joe joe • Dec 2, 2016

i got this from a walmart the figure is app. 46" tall , from bottom of base to tip of lightsaber is78"

joe joe • Dec 2, 2016

this is the base

Andrew Burger • Dec 7, 2017

Wow, that is impressive. I don't know much about store displays, however, I do know that they can sell for quite a bit. Just need to find the right person ; ) Anyways, best of luck!

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