is it legit

Conversation started by Matthew

Matthew • Nov 2, 2018

Just wondering if anyone has used Is it legit??

Siemenix • Nov 5, 2018

I ask myself the same question...
I have never heard of this website before today.
Look at the screenshot...

Rob Tiles • Nov 5, 2018

Matthew Siemenix I wouldn't trust this site for the following reasons:
1 - The domain name was registered a couple of days ago
2 - The login and checkout pages do not use SSL
3 - They are imitating and trying to come across as an official Lego site
4 - The prices are far too good to be true
5 - None of their social media links on the foot of the page work
6 - No contact info
7 - The terms page is full of typos and bad grammar
8, 9, 10 - etc, etc, etc

If you take the risk there is a very slim chance that you will receive what you have ordered but it is likely to be a poor quiality imitation, chances are the site disappear pretty soon.

Good luck if you've already ordered.

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