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Kerb87 • Jan 2, 2016

I found some old Lego pieces today and just wondering if anyone could give me some information about them.
These are the cars

Kerb87 • Jan 2, 2016

The bottom of the car

Kerb87 • Jan 2, 2016

The trucks

Kerb87 • Jan 2, 2016


Kerb87 • Jan 2, 2016

Fuel bowser

keane69 • Feb 6, 2016

If you search google for Lego ho scale,you will find all the info you need,as far as I'm aware they are from the 50/60s and the cars are worth an average of £30 each,hope this helps??

DHC2LegoBeaver • Apr 2, 2016

I think this article might give you the information you seek:

Quote: In this article Gary Istok discusses the HO scale (1:87) cars produced by LEGO in the 1950s and 60s which are now worth a fortune: ...


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