Unopened - Star Wars Lego - Ultimate Collectors Edition x 2

Conversation started by Scott

Scott • Sep 27, 2018

Unopened - Star Wars Lego - Ultimate Collectors Edition X-Wing Fighter and TIE Fighter


I'm looking to sell some Star Wars Lego and wondered if anyone could offer advice on the best place to sell it? I have put some info below -

One box (the x wing fighter) has two seals - one seal is still completely intact and the other has half peeled off. It’s never been completely opened and everything is still intact.
The second box (the TIE fighter) is open, but everything is there and it has never been touched.
Both boxes are in great shape!
Any help or knowledge would be amazing.

Thank you!

Garrett • Nov 14, 2019

Scott hey i don't know if you are still trying to sell these but i could give you some info. Also if want to sell i am very interested! Thanks.

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