Wishing to sell Lego

Conversation started by Jo W

Jo W • Nov 7, 2018

I’m clearing out all of my sons Lego. Unfortunately most of it is in pieces, however I do still have a lot of the manuals. Also I have a partly made Death Star!! Two boxes still have unopened bags, but the rest of it will be loose in the boxes. I have the manual for that too. I’m wanting to know how best I can sell this. I must have about 20kgs of it. Any advice would be welcome

Sophie Ashford • Dec 2, 2018

Bit surprised no-one has made any suggestions. The current used value of the Death Star is £216. You could try and sort out the Death Star set as one lot, it has 3803 pieces. Alternatively sell the whole lot as a job lot of Lego showing photos of the manuals and Death Star and let the buyer sort it all out. The most obvious place to sell all the Lego would be Ebay. Some Death Stars have sold for prices between £185 and £345.

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