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10 travel-worthy festivals to look forward to in 2020 Most of us have heard about the world's biggest Pride festivals, like Sydney Mardi Gras or São Paulo Pride. However, many countries offer smaller or more unique LGBTQ gatherings that are worth visiting. Check out just a short selection below. This is a unique gathering at Austria's Wörthersee Lake - a scenic mountain town and holiday spot.

Chicago's lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot rebukes city council for anti-gay remarks One city councilmember said people will pretend to be gay to get all the benefits. She shut him down…

California just tabled a bill that would've banned surgeries on intersex infants & children "Today's vote was a setback," Sen. Weiner said, "but this is only the beginning. We aren't giving up on protecting intersex people from non-consensual, invasive, dangerous surgery. As with many civil rights struggles, it sometimes takes multiple tries to prevail.

New play tells story of African-American lesbian who draws her inspiration from Natalie Portman Natalie Portman's iconic film roles have provided the inspiration for a new play about a 16-year-old African-American lesbian set to debut off-Broadway in February. All The Natalie Portmans tells the story of lesbian Keyonna.

New Jersey Public Schools Begin Teaching Children LGBT History New Jersey Public Schools Begin Teaching Children LGBT History by Michael Foust - Christian breaking news commentary.

Owen Jones attacker found guilty of assault motivated by homophobia and anti-Left views A man has been found guilty of the aggravated assault of Guardian columnist Owen Jones due to homophobia and his aversion to left-wing political views. James Healy, 40, was one of three men who violently attacked Jones last August outside a London pub.

A gay man got himself sent to prison twice to be with his partner. They just got a civil union. They met at a prison bingo night and fell in love…

Owen Jones' attacker targeted columnist over 'LGBT and left-wing beliefs', judge rules A football hooligan attacked Guardian columnist Owen Jones in August last year because of his political beliefs and his sexuality, a judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court has ruled. James Healy, 40, had previously admitted to launching a "frenzied" attack on the writer outside the Lexington pub in Islington, north London last year.

Gay writer Larry Kramer wants more people to write about gay history for an important reason Legendary gay writer Larry Kramer has said he wants more authors to consider writing about gay history, claiming that most respected historians are straight. "They wouldn't know a gay person if they took him to lunch," Kramer told The New York Times.

Gay couple attacked with tear gas in their home after being blackmailed When they refused to give the blackmailer any more money, they were attacked with tear gas by four masked men…

Kanye West's new religious fanatic friend joins anti-LGBTQ "freedom march" He helped fan the flames of hate in Uganda at a time when this nation was debating whether to enact the infamous "Kill the Gays" bill. West, whose erratic behavior has seen him suddenly becoming a rightwing Christian and devout worshipper of Donald Trump, has been pushing his new gospel album.

California just failed to pass a ban on unnecessary genital surgeries for intersex babies A bill that would have banned unnecessary cosmetic surgeries on intersex babies has failed a key vote in California, despite the state being the first to condemn the surgeries. Intersex is an umbrella term encompassing those who are born with sex characteristics outside of the binary 'female' and 'male' definitions.

Gay couple get married behind bars after meeting during a bingo game in prison A gay couple in Cyprus have gotten married while behind bars after they met during a bingo game in prison. Kevork Tontian and Wemson Gabral da Costa have become the second same-sex couple to get married in a European Union prison.

Antigay lawmaker muses on going "elbow deep" with gay people to "plant a seed… oozing with love" Paul Gazelka makes a number of outdated and, frankly, ludicrous claims about LGBTQ people. Gazelka, who once sent his own daughter to a "pray the gay away" clinic, gave the hour-long interview back in November, but it only recently came to light after the Minnesota Reformer published a story about it.

Stripper sentenced to life in prison for murdering his boyfriend with two gunshots to the head A stripper from Atlanta, Georgia, has been sentenced to life in prison for murder after he shot his boyfriend in the head when he feared the relationship was ending. William Morgan, 37, was sentenced on Monday, January 13, to life without parole by Fulton Superior Court judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua.

Gay rapper Mr Strange explains why Stormzy's apology for homophobic slurs was a game-changer Gay rapper Mr Strange has spoken about why Stormzy's apology for his historic use of anti-gay slurs changed the game for LGBT+ rappers.

New exhibit at The Center on Colfax champions LGBT pioneers of women’s music Its new exhibit, "Breaking the Sound Barrier: The Women's Music Movement 1970s through 1990s," opened on Wednesday with a free performance from Take Note!, an a cappella ensemble from the Denver Women's Chorus.

High school baseball players caught harassing a local gay couple & calling them slurs Robby Parker, the superintendent of Madison City Schools in Alabama, has apologized to local gay resident Colin Tomblin and his partner Jason after Tomblin publicly posted home security footage of several James Clemens High School baseball players driving by their house in a truck and shouting, "Fuck the f****ts!

Vegetarian food company’s new ad condemned for suggesting being queer is a ‘lifestyle choice’ A vegetarian food company has been skewered for a tone-deaf advert that parodies the coming out experience with a son telling his family he's a flexitarian. The ad from Gosh!

Malaysia, where gay sex is illegal, used to be home to a community of gender non-conforming shamans Malaysia is known as having harsh and archaic laws that repress LGBT+ people, but an expert is shedding light on the fact that the country used to be home to a community of gender non-conforming shamans.

Dolly Parton’s Jolene is actually a queer love story and this in-depth analysis proves it A Twitter thread about someone's first listen of "Jolene" by Dolly Parton and the queer subtext of it is deserving of a Pulitzer prize. Well, the internet thinks so, at least.

Republican leader who sent their child to conversion therapy says child abuse makes people gay Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka spoke at length in an interview about the importance of keeping conversion therapy legal, arguing that people turn gay because of bad parenting or sexual abuse.

South Korea to decide whether trans soldier will be allowed to serve her country in landmark ruling South Korea will decide in the coming days if a transgender soldier who transitioned last year will be allowed to continue serving. Transgender people are currently not allowed to sign up to serve in the South Korean military, but a loophole means that there is no regulation around current soldiers who transition.

Pro-Trump Republican wants to jail librarians who promote LGBT equality and it all sounds eerily familiar A Republican lawmaker in Missouri has proposed a bill that would jail librarians who allow children to access LGBT+ content. Missouri state representative Ben Baker, a Trump supporter, filed HB 2044 - which would ban libraries from allowing minors to access "any description or representation" of sexuality.

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