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Souness: Game can be more LGBT-inclusive The Rainbow Laces campaign and the challenges faced by gay and bisexual male professional footballers were discussed by Graeme Souness and Matt Murray on Super Sunday.

Is Black homophobia really the reason for Buttigieg's poor poll numbers? The real problem for the candidate is that he never built the relationships with African-American voters that he needed even though he's had national ambitions for years…

Homophobe Alan Keyes is peddling 'miracle' cures for disabilities & STDs - with bleach in them The one-time MSNBC host and Obama senatorial challenger barely gets 5 views on videos - now, he's begun promoting drinking bleach here and in Uganda…

Majority of Scots back reducing the length of time trans people must live in their ‘acquired gender’ before getting a GRC Scots back reducing the time that trans people must wait to change their legal gender from two years to six months, according to a new poll.

These two women kissed in front of a ‘homophobic Trump supporter’ and it will make your day A video has gone viral on Twitter of two women who decided to shut down a "homophobic Trump supporter" in the best way possible. The man was demonstrating on campus at the University of California San Diego wearing a red Trump t-shirt and holding a rainbow striped sign that defined marriage as "traditional, one man and one woman".

LGBT couples make up more than 70% of Tumblr’s top 100 ships of 2019 but TV execs still won’t give the fans what they want Over 70 percent of Tumblr's top 100 ships of 2019 are LGBT+, leaving fans wondering just why TV executives are still so reluctant to show same-sex romances on screen. For those who aren't in the know, 'shipping' refers to imagined romantic pairings between characters in TV shows, movies, books, or any other fandom.

College student finds being gay and managing a hockey team are 'not mutually exclusive' It's nice to see two teams play each other that both have accepting, close ties to the LGBTQ community." "Being gay and being a member of a hockey team are not mutually exclusive, and I am proof of that," Parker concludes. "Not only do I love my job but I am a better person for having it and my life is more complete for being around the guys.

More and more daters are identifying their gender as something other than “man” or “woman”, study finds Research by Tinder has shown that more daters than ever are this year identifying with a gender other than "man" or "woman" on the app. The dating app's annual "Year in Swipe" showed that use of its "more genders" function was up 30 percent compared to last year.

We asked Hallmark for a gay Christmas movie. Conservatives were scared and created a fake petition. The mere idea of LGBT people being seen during the holidays has Christian and alt-right publications "begging for help" and running from "the homosexual mafia…

Film buffs name the gay-themed movies they hated We've covered 10 films that depict the struggle for LGBT equality, 10 gay films that you Queerty names as must-sees, and even 9 gay films that are perfect for date night… but what about the gay-themed movies that queer folks hated? Yep, there's a Reddit threadfor that.

Homophobic Australian rugby player allegedly gets millions in settlement from league Israel Folau says 'hell awaits' gay people. After facing accountability, he sued his ex-employer - now he gets an undisclosed sum of money and public apology…

Adam Lambert's 'holiday gift' to fans is a Cher cover and it's amazing Adam Lambert has released a cover of 'Believe' by Cher as a "holiday gift" to fans, a year after he first performed the song and made Cher herself cry. In December 2018, Lambert performed an acoustic version of the iconic song 'Believe' at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Richard E. Grant wants to see LGBT roles given to LGBT actors Grant says Hollywood should be casting LGBT actors for LGBT roles. The 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' star has said that Hollywood is in a ''historic moment'' when it comes to the acceptance of actors in the LGBT community, and believes those stars should be cast in LGBT roles over heterosexual actors.

This woman is the first openly gay contestant in Miss Universe history This year's Miss Universe pageant will include the first openly gay contestant in the competition's 67-year history, who bravely came out despite homosexuality being illegal in her home country.

Gareth Thomas left in floods of tears after emotional surprise from his parents Gay former rugby player Gareth Thomas was left in floods of tears after he was surprised by his parents presenting him with an award. Thomas received an accolade for being a sporting inspiration and for breaking down stereotypes and stigma around HIV at the Mirror Pride of Sports Awards on Thursday.

This week’s… oh, wow, winners and… um… sorry, got distracted Each week, Outsports’ managing editor selects big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage.

Inmate who murdered the trans woman he was forced to room with is sentenced to death Correction officers removed Carmen Guerrero's friendly bunkmate, and bought in one that promised to kill her if roomed with her. He followed through…

Why are these supposed pro-LGBTQ big businesses partnering with a hate group? Many members of ALEC tout their pro-LGBTQ policies, but don’t seem to have a problem with its new partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom…

New blood donation rules for gay and bi men in the UK has not changed rates of infected blood New blood donation rules that allow gay and bisexual men to give blood if they have abstained from sex for three months have not changed rates of infected blood.

Caitlyn Jenner not met by any friends or family after leaving the ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ jungle Fans of Caitlyn Jenner were heartbroken for her when none of her friends or family showed up to greet her as she left the jungle after being eliminated from I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

From Alaska Thunderfluff to Mama Ru, people keep naming their dogs after Drag Race royalty This pawsome information has been dug up by - a pet sitting and dog walking company that collected data from more than two million pet owners around the world. Their research found that RuPaul's Drag Race queens were inspiring increasing numbers of dog names.

Mum threatened for allowing her non-binary child to dress up in drag The mother of a non-binary child who loves dressing up in drag has revealed the threats she received from other parents for allowing the 11-year-old to be themself. Jemma Lovell, from Shrewsbury, said her child Oz found out about drag when they saw snippets of her watching Ru Paul's Drag Race and was immediately interested.

Champion cyclist Rachel McKinnon opens up about challenges of being a transgender competitor "Trans women are women. We are female. And we are not taking over." Allowing trans women athletes to compete against cisgender women, she concludes, "is not the beginning of the end of women's sports."

Viral’ Catholic petition against a gay Hallmark Christmas movie turns out to be fake A Catholic news site launched a petition against a hypothetical Hallmark Christmas movie featuring a same-sex couple and claimed it had gone "viral" with 25,000 signatures. This turned out to not be the case.

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