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Chasten Buttigieg responds to Rush Limbaugh in a way befitting the potential First Gentleman Chasten Buttigieg has responded to the repeated homophobic critique from Rush Limbaugh in a manner perfectly befitting the potential first gentleman of the United States.

Parents threaten to sue their own children’s school for hanging a Pride flag in the cafeteria. Yes, really Residents and parents in a small town in Minnesota are threatening to sue a public middle school for simply hanging a Pride flag in its cafeteria. Around 30 people waited their turn to speak at the Public Schools Board Meeting in Marshall, Minnesota, last week.

Elizabeth Warren condemns cruel law that would stop trans kids competing in sports as their true gender Elizabeth Warren has spoken out after an Arizona Republican introduced a bill to ban trans kids from competing in competitions correlating to their true gender.

US Supreme Court takes up a gay parenting case and it could be extremely bad news for LGBT+ people The US Supreme Court has announced it will decide whether states can deny taxpayer funding to adoption and foster agencies that discriminate against same-sex couples - and the case could have a chilling impact on LGBT+ rights.

Supreme Court will decide if foster agencies can discriminate against gay couples The Supreme Court has announced it will take a case brought by a Catholic adoption agency suing for the right to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples. The agency alleges that their religious freedom should allow them to refuse service to same-sex couples.

Proud transphobe and lesbian YouTuber Arielle Scarcella is ‘leaving the insane progressive left’ Lesbian and transphobic YouTuber Arielle Scarcella has announced, to the surprise of literally no one, that she is "leaving the insane progressive left" and "coming out" as conservative.

This photo of Kristen Stewart and Margot Robbie has infinite queer energy and belongs in the Sistine Chapel Kristen Stewart and Margot Robbie posing in what looks like an industrial kitchen is the internet's latest obsession. Everybody's favourite LGBT+ Charlie's Angel, Kristen, joined forces with everybody's favourite bisexual DC villain, Margot, for a crossover so ambitious it's queered the entire internet.

Dad goes viral for tweeting about trans son's party to celebrate transition The Canadian father of two has gone viral after tweeting about his trans son's party to celebrate starting testosterone treatment. The casual way he tells followers about the teen's night - and the love that shines through it all - have captured the heart of social media.

Anti-trans ‘concerns’ over ‘experimental’ puberty blockers have reached Sweden Anti-trans claims over puberty blockers have reached Sweden, with a week of TV episodes about the rise in gender dysphoria diagnoses.

Mostly top’ guy learns the hard way why you should never cancel on your bottom A guy who identifies as "mostly top" found the shoe on the other foot after he spent hours preparing for bottoming, only to receive nothing but excuses. Andy, a marketing consultant from Philadelphia, had been travelling for work for three weeks when he started "to feel a little pent up".

Arena full of basketball fans bursts into applause when Zaya Wade is shown on the jumbotron NBA star Dwyane Wade helped his young daughter come out to the world and basketball fans have embraced her…

Judge Judy vows to fight Bernie Sanders ‘to the death’ because America is ‘perfect’ Judge Judy stood shoulder to shoulder with billionaire Mike Bloomberg as she pledged to fight Bernie Sanders' bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. The TV judge - and idol to one RuPaul Andre Charles - argued that America is "perfect" just as it is, and doesn't need the sweeping changes that Sanders is proposing.

Ayrshire group celebrate LGBT History Month and welcome those of all ages "Councils hang up the rainbow flag and we hold events celebrating this." The group support all ages but say many of their members are older and have come-out later in life. Siobhan said: "The group was set up because of the need for a social group in Ayrshire.

BBC pelted with complaints after Graham Linehan compared doctors treating trans kids to Nazi experiments British broadcaster BBC has been pelted with viewer complaints after Graham Linehan appeared on Newsnight and compared doctors treating trans youth to Nazis experimenting on children in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Watch Pete Buttigieg help a 9-year-old boy come out Out Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had a response when a 9-year-old boy asked for his help coming out. Standing on stage with the mayor, the touching moment has moved the nation. "It was exciting, and I felt really happy," Zachary Ro told the Colorado Sun after the rally ended.

Growing up in the 50s and 60s, being gay was not an option’ Every month until Hitchin Pride, the Comet will feature members of the LGBQT+ community - who will share their personal experiences with the wider world.

Frenzied mob cheers on as effigy of kissing gay couple and their child is burned to a cinder An effigy of a same-sex couple carrying a child has been burned at a carnival in Croatia as crowds looked on and cheered. The town of Imotski literally put its homophobia on display on Sunday - painstakingly decorating the effigy, parading it through the streets, and then burning it.

Polish husband and wife who took homemade explosives to Pride sentenced to just one year in prison A married couple have each been sentenced to just one year in prison for bringing three homemade explosive devices to a Pride parade in Lubin, Poland, last year. The couple, whose surnames have not been disclosed under Polish law, are known as Karolina S, 21, and Arkadiusz S, 27.

Drag Race UK star Divina de Campo reveals where her friendship is with The Vivienne after their public falling out Drag Race UK finalist Divina de Campo addressed the remarks that led The Vivienne to publicly cut ties with her. The Vivienne said she was bored of entertaining her "fake friendship" with Divina after the runner-up suggested you had to be "cut-throat" to win Drag Race UK.

Homophobic’ boxer Tyson Fury carried on golden throne and handed invitation to the White House, and we’re so very tired "Homophobic" boxer Tyson Fury, who has repeatedly compared being gay to paedophilia, has become a world champion again and walked away with at least £20million and an invitation to the White House.

Drag Race icon Miss Fame announces they/them pronouns while telling people ‘stop starving gender non-conforming artists’ Drag Race legend Miss Fame said they "identify as they/them" while calling out the fashion industry for not paying queer and gender non-confirming artists properly. Miss Fame told the world to "wake up" and start treating queer artists equally.

Cardi B channels Lady Gaga as she defends Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya from transphobes Cardi B quoted Lady Gaga as she stood up for Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya Wade. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper jumped to Zaya's defence after a number of celebrities made anti-trans comments about the 12-year-old.

Zionist Left Campaign Lures Arab LGBT Voters LGBT citizens generally have limited or highly restrictive rights in most parts of the Middle East, and are targets of violence in others. Homosexuality is illegal in 10 of the 18 countries in the region. It is punishable by death in six of these 10 countries.

Grimes will let her baby discover their own gender identity Grimes has been dubbed "an icon" after revealing that she and her partner Elon Musk will allow their baby to discover their own gender identity. The 31-year-old singer announced that she was expecting a baby in January, and has said that she is now seven months pregnant.

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