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Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles concert evacuated over bomb threat A bomb threat forced the evacuation of a Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles concert - that was set to star Will and Grace's Beverley Leslie. The popular gay men's choral group had been set to perform a concert at the Alex Theatre in Glendale on Saturday to a crowd of 600 people.

Mexico fans refrain from homophobic chants at World Cup match after team's pleas However, the fines have been criticised for making little impact. Mexico has been fined no less than eight times over homophobic chanting with no real change. The size of the fine is also smaller than that handed out to the English football association after players flouted rules to wear Armistice Day poppies.

Emma Middlebrook is not your typical bodybuilding cover model "I've never seen anyone identify as the way I identify and be on a magazine cover like that." But that may be giving her an edge in what's described as the world's largest online fitness competition. At this point, Middlebrook is the top vote-getter in this round for her division.

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski is opening his own restaurant Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has revealed he is set to open his own restaurant. The Fab Five's resident food expert revealed the news at a panel at New York's 92nd Street Y.

Rugby players have emotional reunion after putting their relationship 'on hold' to play on opposing sides I bet not." As well as being partners, Brown and Foiaki are used to being teammates on the Australia women's national rugby league team, the Jillaroos, but have also competed against each other on several occasions.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is fine with discrimination against gay people, but not against Trump officials Trump's Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has backed discrimination against gay couples, is upset that she was discriminated against in a restaurant. Sanders, President Trump's White House Press Secretary, spoke out yesterday after she was asked to leave a restaurant.

Harrison Browne on coming out trans in hockey and what Pride really means this season Browne talked to Queerty about the symbolism of his career and the role of courage in unlocking the potential of the LGBTQ sports community. So, Harrison, the question on everyone's mind today: How's retired life? It doesn't feel any different. It feels the same because it's technically still the offseason.

Pride in Pictures 2010: British Pride The discriminatory legislation sparked growing crowds at Pride, but Section 28 also prompted actor and activist Sir Ian McKellen to come out publicly and lobby against it. The much-honored actor said that when he visited the nation's environment secretary, who responsible for local government, the secretary refused to change his position.

Trump's point person on handling immigrant children is an anti-abortion activist Take the case of Scott Lloyd, who heads the Office of Refugee Settlement, the agency that is in charge of all the children separated from their parents at the Mexican border. Lloyd is best known for his anti-abortion activism. He has personally intervened in the cases of teenage refugees seeking abortions, trying to convince them otherwise.

Pink Triangle a haunting reminder of LGBT persecution during Pride weekend A huge pink triangle overlooking San Francisco from Twin Peaks served as the backdrop Saturday for the 23-year tradition of remembering a symbol that once served as a tool to persecute gay people thrust into Nazi concentration camps.

Why is Facebook opening a data center in one of the most antigay states? In fact, Alabama has recently passed anti-LGBTQ legislation. Governor Ivey signed a law to allow faith-based organizations to refuse to place children with LGBTQ parents on religious grounds. The state Senate passed a bill doing away with marriage licenses, to spite LGBTQ couples.

Republican bill would force teachers to 'report' boys to their parents if they aren't manly enough "The notice shall describe the total circumstances with reasonable specificity." Although apparently targeted at transgender youth, the provision on "manner" is so loosely worded that campaigners have warned it could even be deployed against boys who don't want to play football.

Mum says primary schools shouldn't give LGBT lessons without parents consent The woman explained she found it astonishing that pupils would be taught what lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender mean before the children had been given general sex education lessons.

State Senate Dems say LGBT bills routinely killed State Senate Democrats blasted the Republican majority for prioritizing such issues as the official state sport and amphibian over LGBT causes in the latest legislative session.

World Cup: Egypt's Mohamed Salah accepts honorary Chechnya citizenship from 'purge the gays' leader Ramzan Kadyrov Footballer Mohamed Salah is facing anger after he accepted a gift of honorary Chechen citizenship from anti-gay leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Human rights monitors reported last year that authorities in Chechnya - an autonomous region of Russia - were carrying out a homophobic purge, which the Kremlin failed to intervene to prevent.

Remember to obey the subway rules as you travel to NYC pride Pride Train, a New York-based guerrilla art collective, has taken to the subway for their second year, adding their own pro-LGBTQ message to the transit system.

New LGBT support group launched in Keighley and Craven A NEW LGBT support group has been launched in Keighley and Craven. It has been set-up as a community group specifically for the area after being part of the Bradford organisation for five years. Its membership is drawn from a district stretching from Keighley to Settle.

UK slams Russian government's 'unacceptable' response to Chechnya gay purge "I'm sure that in that area that work is being done, just as there are investigations being done into crimes that have been committed." But the UK has warned that the government's response does not stack up with the evidence.

Review decision to restrict access to LGBT books in libraries What is so harmful about a handful of children's books that Hong Kong libraries must hide them away? The answer is simple yet absurd - the books contain LGBT themes and drew complaints from an anti-gay group. The outcome is hardly surprising for a government known for being conservative about gay rights.

20 spectacular photos of cities celebrating LGBTQ Pride around the world The US is far from the only country to recognize pride. Queer people in nations around the world face their own unique challenges, and cities aim to highlight them through their Pride celebrations throughout the year. Here's how 19 cities around the world have celebrated Pride in 2018 so far.

United Nations LGBT expert says gay 'cure' therapy must be outlawed to tackle homophobic 'scourge' The UN's top LGBT expert has said that gay 'cure' therapy must be outlawed globally as part of a bid to tackle the "scourge" of homophobia, biphobia and transphobic violence. Independent expert Victor Madrigal-Borloz delivered findings from his work at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week.

LGBTQ teens who aren't out engage with social media less A recent study has explored the relationship between LGBTQ identified youths and how they use Facebook and other social media sites.

Demands for public inquiry into police failings over serial killer who 'preyed on gay men' The family of one of the alleged victims of suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur have called for a public inquiry into police failings. Toronto landscaper Bruce McArthur has been charged with eight counts of murder over killings of men linked to the city's LGBT community.

Gay rights pioneer Dick Leitsch dies aged 83 Early gay rights activist Richard 'Dick' Leitsch had died, aged 83. Leitsch was New York Chapter of the Mattachine Society, an early gay rights group that was active in the 1960s prior to the Stonewall riots.

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