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Would My Daughter Have Come Out To Me If I Still Believed It Was Wrong To Be Gay? Conservative Christians are the religious group most likely to adopt, but also the group most likely to oppose homosexuality. Many Christian adopters are licensed by faith-based agencies like the one I adopted through. These agencies, which historically do not work with LGBTQ couples, are the cornerstone of the child welfare system in the US.

Man tells his brother not to come out of the closet at his wedding - and the internet has thoughts An anonymous Redditor has questioned whether he can ask his brother not to bring his boyfriend to his wedding - but the story's not what you think. The question was posed in Reddit's 'Am I The Asshole" subreddit, in which 1.2 million followers discuss ethical and social dilemmas.

Trump claims 'some of my biggest supporters' are gay & support his plan to legalize discrimination Trump used the Log Cabin Republicans' controversial endorsement as a shield against his administration's recent argument that LGBTQ people don't deserve employment nondiscrimination protections…

21 Things From The '00s That Made Me Realise I Was Gay And life was forever gay from then.

Tom Ford texted Chasten Buttigieg an offer to personally style Mayor Pete. The campaign declined. It made the man look smaller than he actually is, Ford thought, and it was a problem he could easily fix. Related: Watch Pete Buttigieg explain to an 11-year-old girl why bullies try to make you feel bad. Ford told the magazine that he texted Buttigieg's husband, Chasten, with an offer to personally style the candidate.

Cuban officials 'humiliate' LGBT activist and block him from travelling to US The Cuban government has blocked a LGBT+ activist from leaving the country and travelling to the US, despite travel restrictions being lifted in 2013. Leandro Rodríguez García, director of the Cuban Foundation for LGBTI Rights and a 'vocal critic' of the Cuban government, was due to fly to Miami from Havana on August 15.

Almost half of Americans don't change their undies daily. It gets even worse when we talk about men. Clothing manufacturer Tommy John uncovered a dirty secret when they polled people about their underwear: it turns out that 45% of Americans wear their undies for two days or longer before tossing them in the wash.

Man reports vile 'homophobic' abuse after hanging Pride flag from window A man has told of the 'homophobic' abuse he received from two men after hanging a rainbow flag from his window. Alex Hancock, 31, lives in Manchester and hung the flag on Monday in celebration of Manchester Pride this weekend. Just hours later he was reportedly harassed outside his house by two men who threatened to kill him.

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Gender pronouns part of LGBT fight WASHINGTON - Dozens of legal briefs supporting fired funeral director Aimee Stephens at the Supreme Court use "she" and "her" to refer to the transgender woman. So does the appeals court ruling in favor of Stephens that held that workplace discrimination against transgender people is illegal under federal civil rights law.

How two gay guys sold everything, left home to travel the world & lived happily ever after In 2016, we owned a nice house in Seattle with a good circle of friends, but we weren't especially happy. It was partly our writing careers, which had both seen their share of ups and downs. It was partly the political situation in the United States, which seemed to be rapidly careening out of control.

Caster Semenya called a "biological man" by Spain's former athletics head South African female athlete Caster Semenya has been called "biologically male" by a member of the International Association of Athletics Federations board of directors. José María Odriozola, a professor of biochemistry who is also the former president of Spain's athletics body, made the comments in an interview with Sport magazine.

Board member resigns from Republican LGBT group over Trump endorsement Jennifer Horn announced the decision in a letter to the group's chair and vice chair, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. Log Cabin Republicans Chairman Robert Kabel and Vice Chairwoman Jill Homan announced the endorsement in a Washington Post opinion piece on Friday.

Federal judge rules Wisconsin's Medicaid program must cover transgender healthcare The judge said that transgender health care is medically necessary and a state law forbidding the use of Medicaid money for "transsexual surgery" has been overturned…

Hollyoaks actor calls out viewers who complain about LGBT storylines In the advert, 33-year-old Hollyoaks actor Richardson is shown kissing his real-life husband Carl Hyland before saying, "I'm not homophobic, but do we have to have gay kissing at dinnertime?" and then chomping a turkey leg.

'VeggieTales' creator blasts children's television shows for including LGBTQ characters He said that "Arthur" should have portrayed the "negative" of same-sex marriage…

Australia's only openly gay male professional footballer says coming out has been 'amazing' Andy Brennan, the first openly gay male professional footballer in Australia's A-League, has opened up about the reaction he's had since coming out earlier. Brennan said that since he first spoke publicly about his sexuality in May, the response has been "amazing".

Harry Styles sends fans wild with topless Rolling Stone cover Harry Styles has sent fans wild by going topless for the cover of Rolling Stone. The magazine released the preview of their September edition to their 4 million followers on Instagram, Monday evening.

These two gay conversion therapy survivors have a powerful message Two conversion therapy survivors have spoken out about their experiences, which one described as 'psychological torture', to call for a law to protect LGBT+ youth from the practice in Canada. Thomas Argue grew up in Victoria County and his family were part of the Pentecostal Family Worship Centre.

Former Log Cabin head quits group after Trump endorsement Robert Turner, the former head of DC's Log Cabin Republicans chapter, has left the organization after the group gave an extremely controversial endorsement to President Donald Trump's reelection campaign. Jordan Evans, the only openly transgender elected official within the Republican Party, has also left the group.

Award-winning director wants to see more older lesbians on screen The director of an award-winning short film about two elderly lesbians has called for more older LGBT+ women as characters on screen.

Owen Jones is using his suspected hate attack to platform minorities Journalist and activist Owen Jones said he was the victim of premeditated assault by "far-right thugs". Now, he's using the attack to platform others. The Guardian columnist was celebrating his 35th birthday with friends early Saturday morning when a group of men charged at him "with military precision".

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib respond to Palestinian LGBT ban Democratic congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have responded to the Palestinian Authority banning all LGBT+ groups from carrying out activities in the West Bank.

White nationalists found guilty of beating up a man & calling him a 'fa t' Hare's and Kinsman's lawyers argued that they were just defending themselves, even as video showed them as part of a group beating a man who was on the ground. They also insisted at the trial that the Proud Boys, which the SPLC has described a hate group that rewards its members' violence, is about "national pride and brotherhood," not racism.

Woman's vile 'homophobic' rant at pub landlord caught on camera A 52-year-old woman was arrested after hitting a gay pub landlord and shouting 'homophobic' slurs at him. A shocking video shows how landlord Ryan Carrington was slapped, shoved and called a "fat f*****" outside of the Black Friar pub in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, on Friday August 16.

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