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Most LGBTQ Americans Fear They’ll Be Attacked For Holding Hands In Public The Pride Month poll found that despite winning incremental rights, 9 out of 10 LGBTQ people in the United States think discrimination endures - particularly against transgender people - and many report personally facing bias in housing, restaurants, workplaces, and stores.

NYC releases 'The L-Word' limited-edition collector's item for World Pride But there are only 50,000 cards and they're only available at 10 select subway stations - so super fans better hustle to get their hot little hands on one. Here's what the card looks like:. In addition to the cards, New York is also commemorating World Pride by renaming Greenwich Village's iconic Gay Street to be more inclusive.

Pride in Pictures: Madrid Pride is one of the biggest in Europe Every year, over two million people show up for Pride week in Madrid, Spain. The annual event is held in the center of the city at Chueca Square. Popularly known as MADO, the event celebrates the progress that Spain has made in the last century regarding queer rights.

Stonewall sparked much more than the gay rights movement & you probably had no idea From the Affordable Care Act to marriage equality, the fight for justice that sprang out of Stonewall is wide ranging and interconnected…

MP Angela Eagle's emotional plea for LGBT lessons: 'We won't go back in the closet' Labour MP Angela Eagle broke down in Parliament today as she defiantly told those protesting LGBT-inclusive lessons: "We aren't going to get back in the closet." In a debate on Tuesday, MPs discussed parental involvement in teaching following an ongoing controversy over LGBT-inclusive lessons in schools.

It’s 2019, and your boss can still fire you for being gay in these states But when it comes to workplace protections for LGBTQ employees, things have not progressed as quickly as you might think. Notably, there is no federal law that explicitly protects workers for being fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

A Jesuit high school is creating a new way for Catholics to respond to teachings about LGBTQ people Now, I am an openly gay professor of religion and LGBTQ politics. I never imagined when I was a teenager that Brebeuf Jesuit would make national news for supporting a gay teacher.

HRC announces Alphonso David as first person of color to helm the veteran LGBTQ organization "I could not be more proud," David says in a video introduction, "to take the helm and lead the Human Rights Campaign as President. I don't have to tell anyone that this is a perilous time.

Birmingham LGBT school row: Labour MP makes emotional plea A clearly emotional Angela Eagle urges fellow MPs to take action over protests outside a Birmingham school at LGBT teaching.

Trump administration gives away public land so they won't have to fly a rainbow flag for LGBTQ pride "The feds were washing their hands of the whole project - it was crazy town; it was shocking," he said. "The communication just changed completely and dramatically," he said.

Bellingcat: A tough weekend for Ukraine's anti-LGBT 'excremists' 23, the day of the annual KyivPride March of Equality, was a bit of a crappy day for many anti-LGBT extremists in Ukraine. Read more here. Found a spelling error? Let us know – highlight it and press Ctrl + Enter.

LGBT DIY Popstar Softee Premieres "Oh No" - Wonderland Magazine LGBT self-proclaimed "DIY popstar" Softee has made her own "queer prom fantasy" come to life in a new music video for her first single "Oh No". The Minnesotan NY-based artist's new track is an 80s-inspired synth bop - drawing influences from Charli XCX, Gwen Stefani, Kate Bush and Robyn.

A Tough Weekend For Ukraine's Anti-LGBT "Excremists" Sunday, the day of the annual KyivPride March of Equality, was a bit of a crappy day for many anti-LGBT extremists in Ukraine.

AP-NORC poll: Still some extra hurdles for LGBT candidates Voters say they'd have some hesitancy about supporting an LGBT candidate for president, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. In fact it's an issue for many more than a candidate's race or gender.

JK Rowling under fire for following a 'proud transphobe' on Twitter The Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been heavily criticised for following the "self-professed transphobe" YouTuber Magdalen Berns on Twitter.

These guys found the best way to scare off a Christian Pride protestor. They kissed. Twitter user Bi Nguyen posted a video of a Christian conservative protestor this past weekend at Twin Cities Pride in Minneapolis.

Women's rights groups defend trans-inclusive student athletics policy A "united front" of 16 women's rights and gender justice organisations in Connecticut have released a collective statement in support of transgender students competing in high-school athletics according to their gender identity.

"The Deceased Can't Speak for Herself:" Violence Against LGBT People in Malaysia The New Year rang in little cheer for transgender women in Malaysia. On January 1, a trans woman was killed in Klang, a Kuala Lumpur suburb, the third such killing in Malaysia in fewer than two months. Her death remains under police investigation.

LGBT Observance Day at Keesler Air Force Base As Pride Month nears its end, Keesler Air Force Base wanted to commemorate the LGBT community. Local equality groups and a panel of experts were all on hand to promote equality and diversity. Every year, Keesler Air Force Base holds different observance days, celebrating diversity in the military and across the country.

Gay teen couple leading new telenovela makes history in Mexico A new Mexican telenovela is the first in the country's history to feature a gay couple as leading characters. Juntos, El Corazon Nunca se Equivoca, which translates "Together, the Heart is Never Wrong", premiered on Sunday is about teen couple Aristóteles "Aris" Córcega and Cuauhtémoc "Temo" López moving to Mexico City to start university.

Hinds' guidance won't stop LGBT protests, warns head Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, the headteacher of Anderton Park Primary, in Birmingham, told Tes that the education secretary Damian Hinds is still leaving it up to schools to decide when they should teach children about LGBT families.

Evangelicals are pledging to spend tens of millions to reelect Donald Trump The American Taliban is going to spend money that could be used for the sick and poor to re-elect the nation's most decidedly sinful president…

LGBTQ prom canceled for safety reasons after Christians bombard event space with threatening calls A far right religious extremist posted the phone number online and all hell broke loose…

Trump officials 'tried to pull down' Pride flag at Stonewall monument Emails have revealed that a flag pole at the national Stonewall monument was quietly offloaded to New York, after Trump administration officials raised objections to a rainbow flag being flown.

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