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A religious right group is using Chick-fil-A to push for legal discrimination against LGBTQ people Members of the conservative Christian group Texas Values held a "Save Chick-fil-A Day" to advocate for legal discrimination against LGBTQ people.

A DC beer company will be honoring Marsha P. Johnson for Pride this year A beer company will be honoring Marsha P. Johnson for D.C.'s pride this year. The Washington Blade announced that DC Brau would be making 28,000 limited edition cans of Brau Pils with artwork by Maggie Dougherty. The art shows Marsha "Pay it no mind" Johnson, a prominent New York City transgender, AIDS, and homelessness activist.

Someone tore down & burned a southern couple's rainbow flag. Now everyone is putting them up. Dozens of rainbow flags are sprouting up all over the city now as residents take a stand against hate. Police say the flag was "blackened and charred" in the driveway of the family's home. Now they're trying to decide if it was a simple case of vandalism or a hate crime.

Michelle Obama gives Beyoncé's 'Homecoming' the perfect review Even if it's just the head nod when you are the only two Black people in the room of white folk. Create home where you are. We are the culture. - George M Johnson April 17, 2019.

This famous male model died of AIDS, but his family told the media he had a skiing accident Albert Delègue was a fashion model who reportedly died in a skiing accident. The real story was far different…

Russian LGBT activists arrested in St.Petersburg Day of Silence protest A group of Russian LGBT+ activists have been arrested in Saint Petersburg during an annual "Day of Silence" protest for sex and gender equality. Some 11 people were detained by police on April 17, including Daniel Maksimenko, who spoke to reporters at local news site OVD-Info.

Anti-queer Texans launch "Save Chick-fil-A" day after San Antonio airport ban The group also rallied to support bills that would allow discrimination against LGBTQ people under the guise of religious freedom…

Today is Give OUT Day. So where should you send your donation to help LGBTQ people the most? Here are five organizations that can take your $10 and turn it into help for thousands of people…

Two-thirds support trans people using bathrooms matching gender identity A survey conducted by the City of London has found that two-thirds of people support trans people using bathrooms that match their gender identity. The City of London Corporation, which governs inside London's Square Mile, undertook an online public survey on trans inclusion in public services in 2018.

The Washington Post said Mike Pence doesn't support conversion therapy. No one's having it. That, taken with Pence's long history of anti-LGBTQ statements and actions, is enough evidence that if Pence really does oppose conversion therapy, he should come out and say so. But Kessler had a different take, arguing that since this is Pence's campaign website, there's no proof that Pence actually supported it.

No New York venue wants to host an event honoring Brazil's failing anti-gay president Brazil's anti-LGBTQ president Jair Bolsonaro, a man whose long history of homophobia includes tweeting out an NSFW video of gay watersports, had an event honoring him kicked out of Manhattan's Museum of Natural History after numerous people pointed out his plans to actively destroy Brazil's rainforests.

Thai trans woman fined by police for see-through dress Police have charged the Thai trans woman with being a "public nuisance" after an image of her outfit to a water festival went viral on Facebook.

Donald Trump says he would like to run against Pete Buttigieg Donald Trump said that he would like to run against South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. "But it'll be interesting to see it unfold." According to The Hill, this is the first time that Trump has mentioned Buttigieg in public. Related: Donald Trump is fighting HIV by cutting funding for global AIDS initiatives.

Gay couple who were denied marriage licence given $25,000 in damages The town clerk reportedly turned the gay couple away last year when they went to the office to apply for a marriage licence.

Cricketers Hayley Jensen and Nicola Hancock just got married Nicola Hancock, 23, who plays for the Melbourne Stars, and her partner Hayley Jensen, 26, are pictured wearing long white dresses at what appears to be an outdoor wedding. The pair both played for the Melbourne Stars before Jensen made the cross-town move to the Melbourne Renegades.

The Mueller report isn't going to be a deciding factor in next year's presidential race Most Americans have already made up their minds about Trump's behavior. As a campaign issue, the Mueller report is pretty much a non-starter, at most another example in an endless litany of Trump's dishonesty and corruption. Related: Alex Jones offers to execute 'scum' Rachel Maddow for treason over Mueller reporting.

European Parliament backs calls for Brunei 'asset freezes and visa bans' The body passed a resolution on Thursday condemning the new Brunei penal code, which introduces the death penalty for gay sex and adultery, while lesbian sex is punished with whipping. Brunei has sought to defend the law, claiming in a letter that there had been "misconceptions" around the penal code.

This town's Confederate flag was taken down. So they 'vandalized' the flagpole with a rainbow flag. "Let's someone in this area get their ass out there and haul down that fag flag," Hubert Cash wrote in the comments. "That slap on Jesus they should take it down," wrote Janie Guice. This past Tuesday, the flag was brought up for discussion at a meeting of the Mills County Commissioners Court.

Woman hit in head by glass in Dublin gay bar A woman threw a glass at a man in Dublin gay bar The George after he made fun of her for being straight-however, she missed her target and mistakenly hit another woman in the head. Paula Flood "lashed out" at the man in The George when he insulted her for being straight in a gay bar, according to the Irish Independent.

Russian LGBT Activists Detained At St. Petersburg Protest Russian police detained 11 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights activists taking part in an annual Day of Silence protest in St. Petersburg on April 17.

Same-sex couples in Colombia stage kiss-a-thon The demonstration, which has been dubbed a "kiss-a-thon" by the media, was held at Andino shopping centre, the same place where two gay men were harassed only days before. The gay couple called the police to report the perpetrator only to find themselves fined with indecent exposure instead.

Brunei defends death to gays law, claiming executions will be rare Brunei has issued a letter defending its new policy imposing the death penalty for gay sex, claiming executions will be rare. The country issued a formal letter ahead of a European Union debate on whether the country's harsh new penal code violates human rights standards.

Joint Responsibility: LGBT Rights in a Polarized World Countries in the 21st century cannot stand idly by while other countries persecute their sexual minorities. In this bipolar world of some countries celebrating individuality and difference while others appeal to traditionalism, nationalism, and collective identity, the approach to protecting LGBT rights must be multi-layered and global.

Broadway cast of The Boys in the Band reunite for film adaptation "This summer, The Boys In The Band will be filming a Netflix movie event." "The Broadway cast of BOYS was so important to me, and as equally groundbreaking as Mart Crowley's seminal work.

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