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Lil Nas X says he 'planned to die with the secret' of his sexuality - then Old Town Road happened Lil Nas X has admitted that he planned to remain in the closet for the rest of his life, until 'Old Town Road' made him a star at the age of 19. The country rap star was catapulted into fame early last year when his hit song went viral on TikTok.

The last Chick-fil-A in the UK just closed for good In a statement, Reading Pride Executive Director Martin Copper said that they opposed the Chick-fil-A because of it was "funding organizations that advocate anti-LGBT+ activities." He said the group "engaged with the Oracle general manager," which agreed not renew the restaurant's lease.

This gay grandson caring for his grandmother with dementia during the coronavirus crisis is unbelievably wholesome A gay grandson caring for his 81-year-old grandmother with dementia has documented his time spent in lockdown as Britain comes to grips with the coronavirus.

Yet another attendee to the infamous Miami beach Winter Party – this time a gay nurse – is seriously ill from coronavirus Yet another person who attended the the annual LGBT+ fundraiser Winter Party Festival has been hospitalised for coronavirus. The event in Miami, Florida, took place from March 4-10 and was packed with more than 10,000 people. Shortly after the event, organisers confirmed that an attendee was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Gay sports announcer is narrating everyday activities & it's gone viral With sporting events getting canceled, announcer Nick Heath has taken to announcing dogs playing in the park and people crossing the street…

Trans groups push for urgent government funding to support their communities through the pandemic Multiple transgender organisations have joined calls for the US government to provide urgent funding to support trans people through the coronavirus pandemic.

LGBT charity tells young people to ‘hit pause’ on coming out while in lockdown with parents An LGBT+ charity has advised young people to "hit pause" on coming out while self-isolating with their families during the coronavirus pandemic. The Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that cares for the LGBT+ homeless, has warned young people to "think hard" before coming out at this time.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is giving the gays everything they want by streaming his musicals during coronavirus crisis Andrew Lloyd Webber has decided to give the gays everything they want by streaming some of his most famous musicals for free during coronavirus lockdown. The acclaimed British composer will be allowing people to stream one of his musicals each week for free during the coronavirus pandemic through YouTube.

Elton John vows ‘we will not leave anyone behind’ as his AIDS foundation launches $1m emergency coronavirus fund Sir Elton John has stepped up once again in the battle against coronavirus by launching a $1m emergency fund for HIV patients during the pandemic. With HIV care becoming more complicated in the face of COVID-19, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has pledged £815,000 towards HIV medicines, testing and preventive treatment in marginalised communities.

Timothée Chalamet And Armie Hammer Have Reportedly Signed On For The "Call Me By Your Name" Sequel Sounds like Elio and Oliver are coming back to the big screen.

Newsom talks LGBT needs, statewide testing lapses So ah the answer is absolutely yes - point of pride for me as a former mayor of San Francisco who's deeply attached to the needs and desires and aspirations and the health of our LGBTQ community," he added. "We are always grateful for Governor Newsom's leadership, but perhaps never more than during this public health crisis.

During Lockdown, LGBTQ People Are Finding New Ways To Help, Support, And Entertain Others "No LGBT person should feel that they're alone." As lockdowns kick in, queer groups, celebrities and charities have stepped up to offer a virtual community like never before.

"Portrait Of A Lady On Fire" Is The Perfect Quarantine Watch Céline Sciamma's remarkable lesbian love story offers up some poignant - and timely - lessons about loving your hardest despite the future's uncertainties.

LGBT Migrants Are Vulnerable to Coronavirus, But Our Community Can Help Our LGBT communities are impacted in various ways by the global Coronavirus pandemic. Some of us are lucky enough to have a safe place to stay, while others must put themselves at risk by going to work in hospitals, grocery stores and delivery companies.

College Basketball Coach Matthew Lynch Comes Out Gay In an op-ed published Thursday, college basketball coach Matthew Lynch announced that he's gay. Lynch has been coaching basketball for 10 years, most recently at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Winners of the week in LGBT sports stay at home, losers don’t Every day, Outsports’ managing editor stays in her house, like she’s supposed to, and today she’s chosen big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage during the coronavirus crisis.

Amid Covid-19 lockdown, Ugandan officials let LGBT activist distribute meds In a rare change of heart, Ugandan local government and security officials have issued an official travel permit to an LGBT organisation to distribute antiretroviral drugs during the countrywide COVID-19 lockdown. By Kikonyogo Kivumbi.

12 fascinating works of LGBTQ nonfiction to help pass the time For the past few weeks, people from around the country have been practicing social distancing by hunkering down at home. Many have found alternative ways of getting physical exercise while cooped up at home, whether it's through doing exercise videos or practicing yoga in their living rooms.

Artwork for Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica has reportedly leaked online The artwork for Lady Gaga's feverishly-anticipated new album, Chromatica, appears to have leaked online ahead of its release. Gaga's sixth studio album was due to be released on April 10 but has now been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To the surprise of nobody, anti-LGBT hate preacher Franklin Graham is backing two of the most transphobic laws in American history The evangelical hate preacher Franklin Graham has unsurprisingly praised two horrific anti-trans bills that have just passed in Idaho. The first bill, HB509, bans trans people from changing the gender on their birth certificates, flouting a previous a federal court ruling on the issue.

LGBT is the hardest hit group in these coronavirus times Hyderabad: The one group of people which is always gets excluded from discussion on any subject of national importance is LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The impact of coronavirus has not left any section of the society unaffected. And so are LGBTs.

Laganja Estranja admits coronavirus has ‘greatly impacted her career’ – but she won’t be defeated by lockdown Drag Race star Laganja Estranja says that although coronavirus has hurt her and other drag queens financially, she won't be defeated by the lockdown.

Gigi Goode just came out as gender fluid on Drag Race Gigi Goode opened up about her gender fluidity in the Drag Race season 12 werk room, explaining that she feels like "both and neither". Gigi spoke candidly about her gender identity while reviewing her Snatch Game performance.

Not content with saving pop music, Dua Lipa is now rallying behind sex workers Dua Lipa – who released Future Nostalgia early to help people stuck at home during coronavirus lockdown – has spoken out about sex workers' rights.

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