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12 Hidden "Treasures" That Were Actually Worth Nothing Imagine searching for some elusive hidden treasure and finding it only to discover…it's utterly worthless?

Metal detecting on the River Thames I am so pleased XP gave me the opportunity to write some articles about my metal detecting experiences, however every good story requires an introduction.

Newlyweds who lost wedding ring on East Lothian beach have metal detectorist to thank for finding it Toby Binnian and Holly Clement-Binnian had almost given up hope before founder of local metal detecting club saved the day.

On the beach in Ocean City, a widow's treasured bracelet is lost in the sand. Will she get it back? And now, the bracelet, too?

Gold ring unearthed near Loch Lomond could fetch £10,000 These are external links and will open in a new window. A 17th century gold ring discovered by a metal detectorist near Loch Lomond could fetch about £10,000 at auction. Michelle Vall from Blackpool made the discovery when she searched the shore near Duck Bay near Balloch in West Dunbartonshire in January.

Metal detecting ignites passion for community history Finding relics of centuries-old Prairie du Chien area history by the means of metal detecting has ignited a love of the community's past in Ryan Koresh like he never imagined. "Any free time I get," he said he spends searching for treasures underground.

Florida man finds an old wedding ring at beach. It has a unique date and inscription MIAMI - A Florida man is asking for help in finding the owner of a 64-year-old wedding ring he found at a beach. Treasure hunter Mark DesErmia was using his metal detector on Longboat Key late last month when he found a golden ring in the water. Inscribed inside was the name "Oldulia" and 12-25-55.

Loch Lomond ring unearthed by metal detectorist to fetch £10,000 IT is the kind of find that would have had Andy and Lance from BBC's The Detectorists series foaming at the mouth.

Brian's Model Money Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Fascinating story John. One that I have never heard of before. Are those coins valuable in terms of monetary value. Especially the Penney one. Micheal.

Going to the Dogs! Tell me… when you are in the field hunting are you sure your detector is set exactly where you want it? Did you push those touchpads in the right sequence? Did you push the ones on the right side or the left side? Did you push the arrows up, down, right or left?

REGIONAL Metal detectorist's amazing find Ian Hughes, who lives in Carlisle, found the coin while out with his metal detector in a field just outside the city more than a year and a half ago. Initially underestimating the value of his find, Ian decided to take the coin to be viewed and documented at Tullie House shortly after tracing it in November 2017.

'Passport in Time' Volunteers Scan for History in Lincoln National Forest In the Lincoln National Forest, amateur archaeologists are on a treasure hunt-and they're finding historical gold in the form of clothing, shell casings and even license plates. It's part of a heritage tourism program the U.S. Forest Service runs called Passport in Time.

Confessions of an Expert Oxen Shoe Finder: I'm going to get this out of the way first-technically the title should be Confessions of an expert ox shoe finder. Ox is singular, oxen is plural.

Nantucket's sand could not hide a ring for long. Rain, thunder, lightening and other commitments started Friday off as a non-detecting day. But for an out of state phone call… A request for help in finding a very sentimental engagement ring which belonged to the caller's mother had been lost in the ocean.

Beach-goers not stalled by remnants of Hurricane Barry - Now that the bulk of the impact from Hurricane Barry is behind us, the aftermath of the storm's wind is now a chief concern. Highway 90 is once again covered in sand in many places in Harrison County.

'Treasure buddies' scour Saint John for interesting finds From 17th-century musket balls to 18th-century coins, Sean Goguen and Scott Osborne say they have found some interesting treasures in the backyards of Saint Johners. The pair call themselves "treasure buddies" and use metal detectors to look for buried treasure in and around the city.

Appeal launched to find the family of a 19th century farmer after an 130-year-old medal was found A METAL detector has launched an appeal to find the family of a 19th century farmer after unearthing a medal he won as a young man. Martin Smith, 67, found the 130-year-old medal on farmland between Greenock and Kilmacolm Road.

What It Means If You're Dreading Your Therapy Sessions Here are the most typical reasons why therapy dread happens, plus how to know when it's a sign you should break up with your therapist-and when you might want to just stick it out.

Irreplaceable family heirloom returned to owner This man thought he had lost his ring forever until he went online and found The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Directory. It was one of those searches where the Ring could have been lost in a few different locations and I had been on a similar hunt recently where I couldn't find the Ring and it turned up in the home owners house a few weeks later.

Permission a must on private beach. Ready, Set, Find, & Return Ring. Ah, but don't you just love all of our electronic gadgets? Cell phones, computers, e-mail, texting, the information available on the internet, yes these sure can help when help is needed. Communications for help in finding a lost wedding band started via e-mail through TheRingFinders website and was followed by phone conversations.

Stand-in Wedding Ring - what a story! Well, it was a typical 4th of July weekend. The first call for help came with a story about the ring tagging along. The easiest way to tell this is to copy the Thank You note for finding and returning James' claddagh ring. Rick,. My father bought me this ring 10 years ago.

Underwater Metal Detector Market : Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2019-2027 In 2019, the market size of Underwater Metal Detector Market is million US$ and it will reach million US$ in 2025, growing at a CAGR of from 2019; while in China, the market size is valued at xx million US$ and will increase to xx million US$ in 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during forecast period.

Top Spot of the Week: Tom Kuntz Directs "Beach x Bear" For Duracell Optimum, W+K NY In this kickoff to Duracell Optimum batteries' "Two Characters" campaign, we meet a man with a metal detector looking to find hidden treasure on a beach, and another guy with a power screwdriver trying to fortify a cabin door against a hard charging bear.

When A Diver Unearthed A Ring In A Muddy Pond, His Discovery Pieced Together A 60-Year-Old Mystery Sometimes in life, you can find certain items in the most unexpected of places. Whether it be a misplaced set of keys or bits of loose change, people are often surprised when they make the discovery. As for Luke Berube, though, he found something quite unique in a somewhat murky location.

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