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Struck gold!’ How archaeologists made ‘extremely rare royal find’ in Suffolk ARCHAEOLOGISTS made a stunning find in Suffolk that could reveal what life was like more than 1,400 years ago for the highest members of society.

'The Curse of Oak Island': Rick and Marty Lagina Get Taste of Treasure as Centuries-Old Ring Unearthed? The Curse of Oak Island stars Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina have come a long way in their quest for the treasure as pieces fall into place. When the next episode, "Lords of the Ring" rolls out Tuesday night fans will find an enthusiastic team led by the brother Lagina.

3,000-year-old bronze spearhead found in East Yorkshire by metal detectorist Part of a bronze spearhead, found by a metal detectorist in East Yorkshire, and more than 3,000-years-old, has gone on “virtual display”.

Top 10 Best Metal Detectors For Beginners 2020 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A hacker has hijacked all of Microsoft's official YouTube accounts and is broadcasting a cryptocurrency Ponzi rip-off to the corporate's subscribers, ZDNet has discovered from one in all our readers.

Going Zonkers… Well here I sit, trying to figure out what to do that might be useful, entertaining or fulfilling and that won't result in my getting the coronavirus. Initially I was one of those adventurous shoppers scouting the neighborhood markets for toilet paper but I gave that up when I remembered I had a few archaeological periodicals in the garage.

Wedding Band Lost 16 Years Ago Found and Returned. Chatham, MA 16 years ago a young sea-goer's wedding band was pulled off his finger while trying to secure a friend's boat to a buoy. Searching the surrounding seaweed covered area was unsuccessful in locating the ring. It was to remain hidden for the next 16 years.

Tesoro Metal Detectors Still Outperform Newer Detectors. Don't Overlook a Used Tesoro. Although many in the metal detecting hobby don't care, Tesoro Metal Detectors closed their doors. Actually, this is old news and we are coming up on a year and a half since the company stopped selling metal detectors. So why am I bringing this up now?

Lucara's Eira Thomas has a knack for finding huge diamond reserves. Now she want to disrupt the industry The staking rush has moved south. Thomas's exploration budget is down to its final pennies. The project is days away from being shelved. But she is still sampling the remnants of old volcanic eruptions, called kimberlites, under that lake, reading the chemistry that tells her they must contain diamonds, determined not to give up.

Diving Ring Rescue In A Freak Lightning Storm, Hillary's Boat Harbour, Perth, Western Australia. When called out to Hillary's Boat Harbour to dive detect for a sentimental wedding ring recently I got to roll onto my back and observe a powerful lightning show from 4 meters underwater! Weren't you scared Sean? mmm. yeah. um. well yes. quite a lot actually.

Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recoverd By SRARC SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service - Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County and Sarasota County. Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted. We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location.

Wedding Ring Found In Car, Perth, Western Australia. Lauren was fiddling with her wedding ring in her car when she lost her grip on it and heard it hit something in the front of the car. When she looked for it later she could not find it anywhere and spent over an hour checking every nook and cranny she could.

XP Backpack 280 review We have all used backpacks or rucksacks to transport our detectors in the past and we all have our favourites, when it comes down to practicality I have found they all fall slightly short of the mark. They may be to big, to small, the wrong colour, uncomfortable…the list goes on.

Lost Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set…Recovered from Lake in Tuskegee, AL! I received a call last night from Alexandria. She sounded very distraught as she told me that she lost her engagement ring and wedding band set just hours earlier while wading in knee deep water at a lake. Alex asked if I'd be willing to drive to Tuskegee, Alabama to look for her ring.

XP Deus Gold in the forrest We went to a spot near Bucharest, known to be littered with garbage from grills and camping, we decided to test our nerves and once more the XP Deus and High frequency coils to the test. On arrival the weather was warm and had a good Spring vibe.

"Priceless" Medieval Brooch Found Using Metal Detector The landowner of the site, Justin Owens, was engaged in an archaeological dig when he found the brooch using a metal detector. The piece was found only about 4 inches under the surface and Owens at first thought it would turn out to be a coin or a bottle cap when his metal detector went off.

How to Listen to the All Metal Mode Metal Detecting Podcast Many times people have asked me how to listen to the All Metal Mode Metal Detecting Podcast and it can be a little confusing. I figured an article is long overdue on explaining all the ways you can tune into the Podcast. First, for now at least the Podcast is every Monday and Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

New Information Has Been Released On The Riftbreaker, New Gameplay Trailer Along With Tons Of Updates The Riftbreaker puts you in a thrilling base-building survival game. A new gameplay trailer has been released along with a brand new expanded preview of the Alpha 2 version of the game. If you want to get involved in the closed alpha testing, you can apply through EXOR Studio's official Discord server.

Be Smart, Be Careful… Where we're at - March 18, 2020. Well what a difference a few days make. Things have gotten crazy and we're all now preoccupied with stockpiling toilet paper for a rainy day. As a result I sit here on my ass with a large glass of Cabernet and wonder how I'm ever going to make it through the week with only 20 rolls?

The 10 Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors 2020 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

British bucket for guzzling alcohol part of record ancient treasure haul An Iron Age drinking kit unearthed by metal detectorists has been celebrated by the British Museum as treasure finds reach a record high. The bucket and bowls were the 2000-year-old equivalents of "best crystal" and would have been filled for rowdy ancient feasting where "rap battles" and "carousing" were rife.

British Museum says metal detectorists found 1,311 treasures last year An astonishingly well-preserved medieval brooch featuring what could be dragon and dog decorations is among a record number of objects discovered last year by the nation's army of metal detectorists.

Unearthed ancient treasures worth up to £5m in value, metal detectorists are reaping the rewards of a rich history Are metal detectorists enjoying a golden age of discovery? Detectorists have been seeing a lot of action lately.

Treasure island: metal detectorists enjoy bumper year A 1,100-year-old brooch wrenched from history by a tipper truck and dumped as part of a landscaping scheme is one of the highlights of a year of British metal detecting. The early medieval silver brooch decorated with zoomorphic beasts was discovered by a metal detectorist near Great Dunham in Norfolk during 2019.

Franco and Steve discover Roman Gold and Silver Back in November 2019 on a local metal detecting club dig in West Sussex, Steve and myself stumbled upon a treasure find of a lifetime. We were both using our XP Deus detectors with X35 coils on a pasture field when we started getting some concentrated signals over a 10m x 10m area.

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