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Treasure in Lone Butte: woman discovers time capsule while metal-detecting A White Rock woman made an exciting discovery in the South Cariboo this summer when she unearthed a time capsule while metal-detecting in Lone Butte. Now, Laurie D'Arcy is eager to complete a unique treasure hunt she didn't realize she had signed up for.

Academy Ring Recovered SCUBA Diving I had a call out to Montrose Virginia to recover an academy ring. The owner saw the ring hit the water and put me very close to the target in about 8 feet of water. I'm so happy to have been able to help a patriot! Personal photos witheld by request. To recover your item, please text or call 703-598-1435.

Clean-up of Replacement Roof Trash From Yard 8/13/18 My neighbors Bob and Karen had their roof replaced, and I offered to clean their yard. I especially wanted to protect their dog, Dillon, who had already gotten into veterinary trouble eating a coin. Compared to other yard clean-ups I've done in the past, this one was quite clean.

Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location Thanks to a recent update to the game, there are now some new Frontier Pursuits for you to follow, and for one in particular you need to find the location of Red Dead Online Madam Nazar.

Gold rush lures new prospectors In the heart of prime station country, the town was used as grazing land before being settled in the early 1890s when gold was discovered there. Even now, more than 100 years later, there is still gold to be found in the region.

Red Dead Online: How Specialty Roles Work In the Frontier Pursuits The brand new update for Red Dead Redemption 2's Online mode is finally here, and with it comes all sorts of brand new jobs for you to take on. Here's exactly how roles work in the Frontier Pursuits.

KUUIPO - Hawaiian for - "My Sweetheart" Ring Lost/Found at: Craigville, MA and returned From Hawaii, 20 years ago, to August of 2018, just after a Cape Cod fishing trip and an afternoon splash in the surf, the Kuuipo ring having been to many places and seeing numerous memorable occasions it decided to take a rest in King Neptune's domain.

Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location: Where to find the travelling saleswoman to start the Collector role If you're trying to track down this travelling saleswoman in Red Dead Online then you've come to the right place, as we've got the information you need to identify the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location and begin your Collector journey.

Red Dead Online: How Specialty Roles Work In Frontier Pursuits PewDiePie Caves to Pressure, Pulls $50k Donation to Charity for Some Reason Death Stranding: Everything We Learned About Gameplay in the Latest Stream Fire and Blood: Next Game of Thrones Prequel Could Be a Targaryen History.

Loch Lomond gold ring sells for £14,000 at auction TREASURE hunters across Britain could have a new hotspot to search - after a gold ring discovered near Loch Lomond sold for £14,000 at an auction. Michelle Vall discovered the 17th-century item on the shore at Duck Bay in January. Experts think the ring may once have belonged to Edward Colman, a courtier of the future James II of England.

Historic 17th century ring, believed to have belonged to Catholic martyr, fetches more than £17,000 at auction A 17th century ring, believed to have belonged to a Catholic martyr, has sold for more than £17,000 at auction. The Catholic Universe previously reported that metal detectorist Michelle Vall from Blackpool, Lancashire, found the jewellery at Duck Bay on Loch Lomond while exploring the area with her husband.

What Virgo Season Means for Your Home Assemble the donation boxes and power up your wood polish: with Virgo energy paving the way, September is a month for aligned aesthetics and ease. This early fall decluttering cleanse offers us the opportunity to be in control of our surroundings, as we select the fabrics that sync with our very souls.

South Carolina Couple Finds Cannonballs on Beach After Hurricane Dorian A bottle of human ashes with a note inside was found on Cumberland Island, Georgia, and more than a dozen bricks of cocaine turned up on two separate beaches along Florida's east coast. Originally, Lattin wanted to get a metal detector to hunt for Dorian treasure.

The Road To Finishing Something - Day 5 - Searching for Buried Treasure In her book Thunder And Lightning, Natalie Goldberg examines writing as a meditative process. We think we know what we're getting into when we sit down for half an hour to let our mind run wild. The truth is that we don't. It's like walking down the shoreline with a metal detector, following your hunch as to where the treasure lies.

Suffolk family ring found at Loch Lomond sells at auction for £17,000 A 17th century ring engraved with the crest of the Colman family from Suffolk and with links to King Charles II has sold for more than £17,000 at auction.

Lost Engagement Ring at the Hilton Hawaiian… Found! Wednesday, February 12, 2014:. I received an email from Evelyn this afternoon. She needed help finding her yellow gold 30yr old diamond engagement ring which was lost in the ocean fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki. She was due to fly back home to Canada on the 13th.

Lost Gold Wedding Band… Found! Monday September 22, 2014: I received an email from Katrina: "Hi Justin, We just found your website and hope that you might be able to help us. My husband lost his wedding ring on Waikiki beach yesterday around 11am.

Lost Engagement Ring at Jordan Lake… Found! Monday June 20, 2015: I received a call from Sarah this morning. Sarah asked if I could help find her white gold diamond engagement ring which was lost on Friday June 17th, in about 4’ of…

Red Dead Online's New Update Is Great - If You Have Enough Gold Today's Red Dead Online update is a big one, adding three new career paths, a battle pass system, improving how combat and movement feel and giving players more ways to earn items, emotes and weapons. This new update gives players more reasons to log in every day, but you might need a lot of gold.

Lost Gold Ring w/ 3 Carat Diamond Sunday, August 12, 2012:. I received a call from Matt who stated that his mother Joan lost her ring in the water off of the Outrigger Waikiki. I met Matt and Joan a couple hours later on the beach fronting Duke's Waikiki, right around 3pm. I was planning on going diving for the ring since it was initially thought to be in 5' of water.

17th Century ring with links to King Charles II found by a metal detectorist sells for £17,000 The signet ring was discovered in six inches of soil by school teacher Michelle Vall when she was on holiday in Loch Lomond, Scotland. The ring belonged to Edward Colman, who was a courtier to King Charles II before he was hung, drawn and quartered in 1678 for treason.

Randomness… The Anticipation is Killing Me… Hmm, well not really…. Detectival is this coming weekend and we should be seeing and hearing about the Minelab Vanquish and the Notka Simplex+. There's also the possibility that an American company will surprise with a new machine though that's just a hunch of mine.

Gold ring found near Loch Lomond makes £14,000 at auction These are external links and will open in a new window. A 17th century gold ring, discovered near Loch Lomond by a metal detectorist, has fetched £14,000 at auction. Michelle Vall from Blackpool literally struck gold when she searched the shore at Duck Bay, near Balloch, in January.

Hurricane Dorian Unearths Civil War Cannonballs at South Carolina Beach Air Force arrived to assess the situation. Although the team deemed the cannonballs safe, Gilreath says the experts will probably destroy them to avoid the possibility of future accidents. As Laura Geggel reported for Live Science in 2016, centuries-old cannonballs still pose a significant safety threat.

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