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3 Hr Dash To Rescue Wedding Ring From Indian Ocean, Eagle Bay, Dunsborough, South Western Australia. Luke and his wife Genna had been taking a break from life in Perth, with a visit to Eagle Bay in Dunsborough, 3 hrs south of Perth. While there Luke was having a dip in chest deep water when he had felt his cherished white gold wedding ring slip from his finger.

Mans Platinum wedding ring lost in North Spokane WA, Found!!!! This morning I woke up with a lost ring call from a man named Sebastian. His story was short and sweet. Sebastian was walking with his wife along a path behind his apartment. With the snow falling he couldn't resist a small snowball toss at his wife. Promptly the wedding ring he wore, also couldn't resist flying off his cold finger.

It would be a desperate shame to lose the history of Old Bedhampton - Verity Lush My daughter received a metal detector for Christmas and we all set off last weekendon a seven-mile walk in order to find buried treasure and retire off the proceeds.

Destrehan alum unearths history through his hobby For Robert Stringer, what began as a curiosity grew into a passion. The Destrehan High School alumnus recalls his wife asking him last year what he'd like for Father's Day. "A metal detector," Stringer said.

Red Dead Online's bugs are making me bug out I'm not the most dedicated cowboy in Red Dead Online-Buffalo Bill supposedly killed over 4,000 bison and I've personally killed, what, three?

These Amateur Archaeologists Dig Up the Buzz Bombs That Fell on England in WW2 Two brothers scour the English countryside for remnants of Hitler’s vengeance weapons.

WW2 Gold Signet Ring Rescued From The Drink, Port Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Eduardo had been cooling off in waist deep water at Port Beach recently when he felt his cherished signet ring slip from his finger. The ring with his initials on top had been made 75 years ago in a prison of war camp during World War 2.

Old Problem - New Idea Started to work on the book again… Amazingly you get a pretty good feel for what's going on simply by perusing social media, club websites and a few of the major forums.

How metal detecting is helping people find their lost valuables - Gary Penta is a member of the Ringerfinders website, a site where trained metal detectorists locate lost rings and other metal items. "The ring was actually a family heirloom belonged to his mom," Penta said about his first recovery attempt of 2020.

Treasure Fever Meide-a tall, broad-shouldered 48-year-old with a blond ponytail and a sunny smile-led a six-week expedition sponsored by the state and federal governments in 2014 to try to find La Trinité. The ship has fascinated him since he first heard about it in the fourth grade.

Flocking to the Yoders: Recipes for the birds Good morning from the Yoders' quiet house. Ya, all is quiet for once. Silence is something I rarely get to "hear" these days. Too much of it would undoubtedly be boring, but in this season of life, that is not on my list of worries. The opposite is true.

How to Clean Silver Coins Without Devaluing Them The most popular ones being "it's a dug coin, it will never be worth much" or "it's been in the ground, it already has scratches" and my favorite "it's not a valuable coin." That one is my favorite because they didn't know it wasn't valuable until they wiped their fingers across it!

Delicious Panko & Parmesan Crusted Cod I heard somewhere things were supposed to slow down after the holidays. Like many of my readers, it feels a lot more like I was shot out of a cannon right into the New Year. Perhaps it's the energy of a fresh decade and new opportunity, but for many of us the holiday parties carried into the after-holiday parties.

Meet Your Neighbor: Wilsons 'dig' searching for lost treasures This article originally appeared on Fremont News-Messenger: Meet Your Neighbor: Wilsons 'dig' searching for lost treasures.

Spirit of '76 Great kudos to Bracken and Pendleton counties for their actions in support of gun rights. The elites seem to want disarmament of private citizens, the good guys, not the bad guys. That is precisely what the Founders opposed. They did not trust standing armies and had no intention of creating one.

The true value lies within: Christ in you "I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds." Jeremiah 17:10. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Matthew 5:8. Gilded means to be "covered or highlighted with gold having a pleasing or showy appearance that conceals something of little worth.".

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Out Let us take a break from the sabre rattling between the US and Iran, let go of the media's breathless reports of reinstatement of the draft, and tackle a real issue for our time: Star Wars films. With all the sturm und drang going on, this might be just the palate cleanser we need.

Why I love using detectors in games I'm no longer a cowboy in Red Dead Online. I don't ride around with a gun in my hand these days because now I carry a metal detector. At all times. Walking through towns, riding through the wilderness-I even carry it when I enter the saloon to play a bit of poker.

Antiques Roadshow: Geoffrey Munn leaves guest speechless after staggering ring valuation ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is well-known for reconnecting its guests with the past as they bring their items along in the hope they might be worth something substantial. One guest got a huge shock after a ring he found whilst gardening fetched a huge valuation in an unearthed clip from the BBC series.

Treasured tales It all began with a story. An article published in a 1965 edition of Reader's Digest telling the tale of a mysterious island off the southern coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, called Oak Island. It's one of about 350 small, tree-covered islands dotting Mahone Bay.

This Oregon Campground Adventure Park Is A Must Do! Camp Dakota isn't an ordinary Oregon campground. Each campsite or yurt rental includes a package of activities which gives people the chance to try things they might not normally do. Campers can stay in regular tent or RV sites, as well as tee pees, cabin tents, and yurts.

Vero Beach man digs up land mine on beach, Patrick AFB experts remove it Indian River County Sheriff's Office officials called in Patrick Air Force Base explosive ordnance experts to remove the object, after fire officials confirmed it was a land mine. Emlet found the corroded, rusty ordnance buried along the beach in the 600 block of Reef Road off State Road A1A.

Medieval 'love token' ring goes on display after discovery by metal detectorist A medieval gold ring which has gone on display after being found by a metal detectorist is likely to have been a 15th-century love token, an expert has said. The artefact, which is currently being shown at the Yorkshire Museum in York, is believed to have been owned by a "potentially prominent member of society".

Faces in the Crowd: Autumn Mester By Gene Bodnar If you are one of those people who rants about poor restaurant service, I get it. It happens regularly. But I am here today to rave about one particular waitress who really impressed me: Autumn Mester.

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