Bernie Slaven: Middlesbrough FC have been given tough start with the Premier League fixtures

Conversation started by Peter

Peter • Jun 18, 2016

By saying we have a tough start, does this imply there are easier teams than Stoke city and Sunlan?
Sometimes I despair as a Boro fan at this way of thinking. Despite going to Boro games for over 40 years and all our successes (and failures) our fans (including Bernie) still say this sort of thing.
I am massively confident going into next season, not naivety but confidence about our prospects. Our nemesis Leicester have shown that we have a chance to compete.
So let's do this by having a positive mind set instead of "typical Boro " and expectations of defeat, let's enjoy the show.
Come on Boro. #UTB

Ian • Jun 22, 2016

I also think we will have a half decent season coming up. I don't think we will break any records although I certain don't think we have anything to fear by any team in the EPL. We can certainly hold our own imo

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