The Boro players who've left today & who may not return in July

Conversation started by Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell • May 22, 2017

What was the outcome for their final meeting

Leslie Rodgers • May 29, 2019

Football wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the fans. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see when it went wrong, how is it that the players don't get sacked yet the manager does!!!! The players should be more in the firing line, example, play bad and get fined, you take a dive then your gone, remenstrate to the the reffere, when you are told not to, get fined. Tell them that every game you play, you are playing for a place in the next game. We need a manager that is in tune with today's game, some one of a good name that can attract player's to the club, and start bringing the academy lads in, which saves money. I believe that this season we will go up, remember we were 2nd then it went all wrong, WHY,??

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