Bryan King (exMillwall Keeper) turning 70

Conversation started by Charlie Martin

Charlie Martin • Mar 11, 2017

My name is Charlie, and my dad is Bryan King ex-Millwall goalkeeper - on the 18th April B "Kingy" turns 70 - and I am trying to put together a special present for him.
This time around I am looking to put together a birthday messages DVD with contributions from fans and friends
I have set up a special email, [email protected] and it's sole purpose is to receive the video messages sent by folk - this email address can be shared.
The aim is then to present the video to Dad on the 20th April when he is in the UK next as a surprise.
So I am wondering if - I can get your help in getting the message out there - inviting people that know him, worked with him, or watched him play to submit a short birthday greeting, and of course you yourself sending through your own picture or video - a video no more than 15-20 seconds long. Or a "selfie" holding a message
Deadline 6/4/17
Thank you

James Bradley • Mar 13, 2017

Legend down the Den was Brian. How he didn't play for England I just don't know. A great keeper!! And although I never had the chance to meet him, I have been told he's a blinding geezer as well. Happy birthday Kingy!! Top man

Charlie Dazzle • Mar 14, 2017

@charliemartin True legend of Millwall, our greatest ever keeper, he was the master gatekeeper at the Den with a fantastic record and IS a true great.

He is definitely etched into the minds of our supporters from the 60's and 70's, i remember hurling some abuse towards him from behind the goal when Wolves put one past us in a cup game in '72, sorry Bryan it was freezing and the alcohol took the better of me.

Happy Birthday Kingy!!!!!!!!

Kenneth White • Apr 14, 2019

Hi my name is ken white I went to school with kingy in the fifties at stansted Essex then we moved to Southend on sea and I lost touch but still used to see his father Sid at the airport where I worked . Ken white

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