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Gaming: Minecraft swings into the Spider-Verse, Destiny 2 DLC goodies, God of War creator eyes VR, more Spidey's always been endearingly square - but now he's about to get positively cubic, thanks to a series of new competitive Minecraft events themed around the web slinger's New York City haunts.

Microsoft Ends Support for Minecraft on Apple TV Updates and support quietly ended for Minecraft on Apple TV back on Sept. 24, but it doesn't mean the game will stop working on Apple's device. You can continue to build your world and use the Marketplace and Minecoins.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Esports Challenges Coming to ‘Minecraft’ Amateur esports company Super League Gaming announced three distinct challenges for its Minecraft community all centered around the upcoming "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" movie on Monday. Super League is gearing up for the Dec. 14 release of the animated film in style, with three competitions held between Oct.

Minecraft on Apple TV loses future support Microsoft, via Mojang, has ceased further support for the Apple TV version of Minecraft. The move actually came September 24, but wasn’t widely circulated until last week when it started doing the rounds over on Twitter. A splash screen from the Apple TV version informs players it will no longer be updated or supported.

Random: Mojang Wants Your Cat In Minecraft Mojang and Microsoft are running a cat contest in Minecraft. Basically, it's a chance for one lucky player to have their very own feline added to the game. Here's how the competition came about:. Submissions can be made until 12th November.

'Pokemon' Anime Teases A 'Minecraft' Crossover in New Teaser Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon has just kick started its newest arc, and it means that Ash and the others are about to go on brand new and fun adventures. One of those adventures teases a hilarious Minecraft crossover.

'Minecraft' Contest Adds One Player's Cat to the Game Minecraft is holding a contest right now that gives one lucky player the chance to have their cat featured in the building game. There's already a collection of animals in Minecraft that players can breed, tame, and use for various resources, but the newest Minecraft contest will add a cat that's quite familiar to at least one person.

Minecraft - How to Join The current mod pack being used is All the Mods 3 with some modifications. If you already know how to install and run mod pack, please skip ahead to the modifications section. I recommend that you use the Twitch desktop app for this process as it makes it all a lot simpler.

Minefaire isn't just for those obsessed with Minecraft. It's for their parents, too. Sweden gave you the game, but the Philly area gave the country the fair.

VR Dinosaurs and Minecraft Helps Make Medicine Less Scary - Digital Trends Heck, there's even a painstaking replica of the entire hospital, built in Minecraft, so that kids can look around it to make the whole experience less daunting.

No Minecraft for Apple TV Microsoft is pulling back support for its popular game Minecraft from Apple TV given the small number of people who accessed the game via Apple TV. The decision went into effect on September 24, but no one really seemed to notice until this week.

Minecraft axes support for Apple TV because of low playerbase Minecraft for Apple TV is being cut loose roughly two years after Microsoft and Apple first announced it was coming to the platform.

Minecraft for Apple TV is dead, so where does tvOS gaming go from here? The Apple TV hasn't quite become the living room gaming hub Apple pitched when it launched the App Store on tvOS a few years back. While a number of the best iPhone and iPad games have successfully migrated to the Apple TV set-top box, but there's not much in the way of momentum and excitement surrounding the platform.

Block Lesnar vs The Block: WWE 2K19 goes Minecraft mad Upon their announcement in August, block-headed characters in WWE 2K19 appeared to be one of the most dismal, unoriginal ideas the series has ever seen. Then the game emerged last week, fans started getting creative - and the end result is… Block Lesnar vs The Block.

New Minecraft Aquatic Update is Here! Right now I am going to go through every new thing and feature of the new amazing Minecraft aquatic update! I have been wanting to write a post about this all month long, I just didn't have the time. But now my fellow viewers, is the time I am going to write about Minecraft 1.13.

'Minecraft' for Apple TV is No More Apple TV's version of "Minecraft" will no longer receive updates or support, The Verge reported Thursday. Sadly, Microsoft pulled support on Sept.

The Impossible Minecraft Quiz: How Well Will You Do? Somehow, a simple game that originated from just placing blocks around managed to turn itself into the mainstream juggernaut, pulling in thousands of new eyes on the daily. Recent reports show that Minecraft averages around 91 million players monthly, and even Microsoft have literally incorporated it into Windows 10.

Minecraft will be making two of its libraries open source Mojang have announced that they'll be making two of Minecraft's libraries open source soon, which means they're free for anyone to improve, mess around with or use in their own projects free of charge, with proper attribution of course.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Minecraft for Apple TV Microsoft is pulling back support for its popular game "Minecraft" from Apple TV given the small number of people who accessed the game via Apple TV. The decision went into effect on September 24, but no one really seemed to notice until this week, The Verge reported on Wednesday.

Microsoft has killed Minecraft for Apple TV Microsoft is no longer supporting the Apple TV version of Minecraft. The app has has been pulled from the App Store, and an in-game message notes that it won't receive any further updates, though it'll continue to be playable. Refunds will be issued for any purchases made up to 90 days before the announcement comes into effect.

Minecraft pulled from Apple TV App Store due to a lack of players However, we know that this experience isn't in-line with the experience on other platforms, so we will be issuing full refunds on all purchases made within the last 90 days." The news is disheartening for those of us who remember Tim Cook's announcement for Apple TV support for the game back in 2016.

Popular virtual game Minecraft no longer on the Apple TV Microsoft pulled the plug on the Apple TV version of Minecraft, meaning there's one less place to play the popular creative virtual game, which attracts tens of millions of people every month everywhere else.

Living Tree This is a dream I had on 10 October 2018. It's a long enough story, actually it was more like some movie, so buckle in! It began in a sports shop, I was shopping for new football boots. These all blacked out Adidas F50s caught my eyes. The cost for them, €150 but they were defiantly worth it.

Microsoft axes Minecraft for Apple TV, no one notices Microsoft is throwing in the towel on the Apple TV permutation of Minecraft due to low user numbers, according to a splash screen that - ironically - has been displayed in-game for weeks without mention from mainstream media. Microsoft ceased support for Minecraft on the Apple TV on Sept.

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