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A selection of the latest Minecraft news and blog posts.

It looks like Minecraft's "Better Together" cross-platform update is finally coming to PlayStation 4 Last year, Mojang released the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Based on the code from the Pocket Edition, Bedrock unified the code for the game across all platforms, even allowing for cross platform play.

Best seeds of Minecraft PS3 - Gameranx Minecraft randomly generates its worlds. Basically, the almost unlimited game world is created from intricate algorithms. A little known fact is that the basic code in the world is based on something called seed, which has only a few characters.

Rumor: Minecraft Bedrock Edition Releasing on PS4 After much delay, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition appears to be launching onto the PlayStation 4, according to a recent leak on BestBuy's website. This implies that we will be required to sign into an Xbox Account on our Sony consoles in order to play with the cross-console function the game provides.

PewDiePie almost quits Minecraft series after his base catches fire YouTube king Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg was devastated when his Minecraft house went up in flames, and "almost quit" the sandbox title.

Minecraft Remains Far and Ahead YouTube's Most Viewed Game with 100+ Billion Views Minecraft completely thrashed the competition for YouTube's most viewed game of 2019 with 100.2 billion views, almost 40 more than Fortnite.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition PS4 Discs Spotted at Retailer Minecraft Bedrock Edition will finally release on the PlayStation 4 digitally and physically on Tuesday, December 10th, if multiple retailer listings are anything to go by. First reported by Twitter user eckoxsoldier, a now-removed Best Buy listing outed the release date.

'Minecraft' Is YouTube's Most-Watched Video Game in 2019 Followed not-so-closely by 'Fortnite.'

Minecraft brings the block party to life For a game with no discernible storyline and graphics that look like they belong in the 1980s, Minecraft's success makes a mockery of the notion of what a blockbuster should be. Having sold nearly 200m copies and made its creator a billionaire, the game's iconic blocks are now available in the real world.

Minecraft Guide to Pillagers: Raids, outposts, defenses and more A pillager's only goal in life is to eradicate that poor innocent village you just discovered. Here's what they are and why they do what they do. We'll also throw in how you can stop them.

Minecraft players create a sprawling, futuristic in-game city inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 Today, the apparently-endless ingenuity of Minecraft's players has been put on display yet again, courtesy of one particularly-impressive in-game build: a massive, sprawling city with a decidedly cyberpunk aesthetic. You'll see hover cars, neon-lit skyscrapers, complex streets, "holographic" figures, and plenty of other fun little touches.

Rumour: Minecraft Bedrock coming to PlayStation 4 The Bedrock version of Minecraft could soon be heading to PlayStation 4 consoles, according to a now-removed listing on the Best Buy website. While PlayStation 4 players can currently enjoy Minecraft thanks to the Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition, it's not the same as the Bedrock version.

Rumor: Minecraft Bedrock Edition with cross-play is coming to PlayStation 4 very soon Another huge wall is about to drop between PlayStation 4 and other networks, with the Minecraft Bedrock Edition looking virtually confirmed for PS4 complete with Xbox Live cross-play in the near future.

Gamers champion sustainable towns: designed in Minecraft, 3D printed by Mimaki Minecraft, the popular sandbox video game created by Swedish developer Mojang, is using 3D printing to bring the most innovative and sustainable creations of its younger player base to life.

Report: Minecraft PS4 Crossplay Coming Next Week Minecraft PS4 crossplay may be finally happening as multiple retailers have begun listings new Minecraft edition that comes packed with the Bedrock update. Retailers Bestbuy, Target, and Amazon all recently had listings up for a new SKU version of Minecraft for the PlayStation 4.

The Vatican is spinning up a Minecraft server For a little over a decade, Minecraft, the 64-bit sandbox video game where players are given free rein to mine, hunt, construct buildings, and change the environment in any way they see fit, has be…

Minecraft Is The Top YouTube Game Of 2019, Thanks To A Boost From PewDiePie It's not like Minecraft ever really went anywhere. But it definitely spent the past handful of years less firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist than in the first half of the decade. Not so in 2019. The blocky game about digging holes and punching the ever-loving shit out of trees is back on top of YouTube, leaving even Fortnite in its dust.

Minecraft is still the king of YouTube Some things never change. When it comes to Minecraft, the 2010s are leaving the exact same way they entered: With Mojang's sandbox builder as hot as blocky lava. Time has not yet begun to carve away at the phenomenon of Minecraft. YouTube has just released a year in review-style video for 2019, and Minecraft was the most-watched video game.

Minecraft tops YouTube list of most-watched video games in 2019 Minecraft is, by far and away, the most popular video game on YouTube, according to new figures released by the video platform as part of its end-of-year round-up.

Minecraft Bedrock for PS4 leaked by Best Buy The first leak came from Twitter user @ITZZ_AgentH14, who posted a screenshot of the game on Best Buy's online store accompanied by a link to the page. The games page on Best Buy was taken down shortly after the images surfaced. Fans of the game began to doubt the validity of the leak without being able to see the page for themselves.

Minecraft is the most watched game on YouTube in 2019 - MSPoweruser YouTube has released its most watched video games list for the year of 2019 and, to nobody's surprise, Minecraft and Fortnite dominate the top spots. Minecraft took home the #1 spot with over 100 billion total views while Fortnite came in second with 60.9 billion views.

Minecraft and 6 months of Spotify free in this Nintendo Switch Lite bundle You can pick up the latest console from Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch Lite, and enjoy a free copy of Minecraft and six months of Spotify Premium.

YouTube Rewind 2019 includes PewDiePie and Minecraft in attempt to avoid another disaster - but post hit by backlash again YouTube has released its Rewind video, looking back at 2019 - and it has already been hit by intense backlash. Every year, the company releases a video that rounds up all the biggest things that happened on the site that year.

How To Make An Ender Chest In Minecraft In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make an ender chest in Minecraft! A Minecraft ender chest is used by players to store items that can be accessed anywhere in the world. First, let's open your crafting table in Minecraft. You should see the same grid as in the image below.

How To Make A Torch In Minecraft In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a torch in Minecraft! Minecraft torches are non-solid blocks that give off light. They can also be used as a crafting ingredient to make a lantern, a jack o' lantern, an underwater torch, and different color torches.

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