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How to Make This Season the Best Season of Your Life Other seasons of life may be short. Regardless of their length or how a particular change in season came about, as Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, "Every age is an undiscovered country." Each season brings unique joys and challenges.

Refinishing Goodwill Furniture - My Before & After This blog post is sponsored by Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette. I’m super picky about the stuff that gets to live in my home. It needs to be the utmost of quality, but also cos…

That's no stack of rocks, it's an osmosis between man and nature Quebec architects propose a 48 storey tower in a forest, "a new relationship between humans and their natural habitat." There are many ways of defining sustainability and it has always been a moving target, but this new project by MU Architecture called PEKULIARI is particularly peculiar.

IKEA TROFAST children's desk and chairs! This DIY IKEA children's desk has an additional table that lets kids play opposite one another. I built this hack because my kids often want to use our kitchen table to spread out, play or draw. However they insist that no grown up is in the room when this is happening, which is an issue at dinner time.

Sugarloaf Tiny House by Humble Houses This is the Sugarloaf Tiny House by Humble Houses out of Germantown, MD. It's built on a triple-axle trailer and features a really nice bathroom, full kitchen, living area, and sleeping loft. Don't miss other incredible tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

Wigwam Hot Tub Tiny House in Rural England This is another beautiful wagon tiny house in rural England with outdoor amenities like a barrel hot tub, outdoor dining area, and more. It's a lot like this Wagon Tiny House that we featured the other day. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Freshly-built 8×16 Tiny House for 10k This is a freshly-built 8×16 tiny house for 10k. It's out of Montrose, Minnesota, custom-built, queen loft, mahogany floors, Anderson windows, spray foam insulation, road-ready, interior just needs a little bit of finishes. Could be a great deal and one could add their own finishing touches, what do you think?

Crafty Klarna card bites savvy student Fintech is a jazzy name for innovation in ways of providing you with financial services. It usually involves a mobile phone, which should never be involved in anything valuable to you, because of the ease with which ne'er-do-wells can run off with your phone number via a SIM swap.

Nicole Young, Tiny Houseboats and Airbnb What does purchasing a used houseboat, fixing it up and turning it into a successful Airbnb sound like? Nicole Young has done just that and shares the process with Ethan in this week's podcast. Having gone through the process twice Nicole has gained lots of experience and is sharing it today.

Can you live slow in your 20s, or is burnout inevitable? She's intentional and thoughtful and willing to do a lot of self-reflection. In short: nothing like I was in my twenties.

New Frontier Tiny House That Literally Runs On Dunkin' This is the New Frontier Tiny House that literally runs on Dunkin'. Yes, New Frontier Tiny Homes and Blue Marble Energy partnered with Dunkin' Donuts to design and build a tiny house that is powered by a biofuel blend made using 80% used Dunkin' Donuts coffee grounds.2 That's pretty awesome, right?

40-Ft. Container Turned Modern Cabin in Australia This is a modern cabin located in Rakula, Australia. It's a 40-foot shipping container that's been converted into this lovely cabin that you see here and it's available to book via Glamping Hub. The home features a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with floor to ceiling windows, an open deck, and spectacular views of nature.

Tiny Forest Cabin on Mount Glorious in Queensland This is a tiny forest cabin on Mount Glorious in Queensland, Australia. It's a one-bedroom, one-bathroom tree-cabin with nearby hiking available via Glamping Hub. Don't miss other exciting tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Highlights. Forest Cabin near D'aguilar National Park in Queensland.

Rural Adventures in Tiny Home Construction Living in a tiny home enables a lifestyle of peace, simplicity, responsibility, and good stewardship.

Homemade Vegan Eggnog For all the coffee-lovers out there, you can make a really good vegan eggnog latte by adding a shot of coffee to the cup before pouring the thick creamy eggnog on top, give it a quick stir to combine. And don't forget to add the whipped cream on top!

It's time for a revolution in the way we look at buildings We have to reconsider what is "acceptable for how houses should look and feel." I wrote recently about the UK Labour Party's campaign slogan Warm houses for all!

Kangaroo Valley Tiny House in New South Wales This is the Kangaroo Valley Tiny House in New South Wales near Wollongong and available to book through Glamping Hub. Don't miss other incredible tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Kangaroo Valley Tiny House Rental / Vacation via Glamping Hub.

Modern Tiny House in Tasmania This is a modern tiny house in Tasmania with a slanted roof design, classic fireplace, and solar panels. It's located on the beautiful Bruny Island of Tasmania, Australia and is available to book over at Glamping Hub. Don't miss other exciting tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

RIP Ted Cullinan, "an architect who made the world better" It turned out to be the John Hope Gateway, designed by the Cullinan Studio in 2009, years before architects were using mass timber in such a sophisticated way.

New South Wales Off-Grid Tiny House This is an off-grid tiny house vacation in New South Wales at Jindabyne which is near Thredbo and Perisher available to book via Glamping Hub. Don't miss other incredible tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Off-Grid Tiny House in New South Wales - Glamping Hub.

The PierShare Story: How One Startup Founder Wants To Help More People Live Aboard Their Boats If you asked most people what they would do if they could drop everything and leave the pains of daily life behind, I venture a good majority would want to grab a sailboat or catamaran and sail the world. I certainly would want to do that myself.

Podcast 206 - Raising Kids In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan talk about raising kids, the data behind good parenting, and how parents can be more confident in their parenting decisions with professor and author Emily Oster, and they answer the following questions:.

8 Notes of Encouragement for Introverts These notes of encouragement aren't just for introverts. Introverts may need more quiet time, more alone time, or room to create a happy heart, but extroverts need some heart soothing too. Instead of working to the point of burn-out, build time each day to be still, quiet and thoughtful.

Five Frugal Things I'd never thought to use the variations of the names we use before. I checked my own name/nicknames, but no such surprises popped up for me. Received a coupon in the mail for free shaving cream. No idea why, but free is free - and free is my favorite price.

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