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Beer and pop cans are not being recycled because car and airplane makers don't like recycled aluminum Remember how aluminum cans are "100 percent recyclable into pure aluminum"? They lied. We go on about how recycling is broken, and noted earlier that even aluminum recycling was a mess. Now it turns out that used aluminum cans are piling up in scrapyards because the aluminum producers don't want them.

Cheap but eye-catching DIY baby changing unit This time it's a cheap baby changing unit. We made it out of 4 IKEA LACK side tables in high gloss yellow. Bolt the IKEA LACK tables together with right angle brackets. Then, use more brackets to support the middle shelf. This adds strength to the whole unit.

John Berger on Publicity I am struck by the timelessness of simplicity and minimalism. It is not a new practice. Rejecting the empty promise of excess material possessions has been practiced by countless religious and thought leaders for centuries and centuries. Many of whom communicated the danger and foolishness of excess physical possessions far better than me.

Sedona's TinyCamp : Inspirational Homes in a Relaxing Setting The TinyCamp cottages in Sedona, Arizona are not only great examples of tiny homes built in harmony with each other, but they are also excellent examples of how to build and place these homes in a challenging location.

Only Rats Win the Rat Race In this four-minute "Quickie" video, Joshua and Ryan are joined by comedian Andrew Schulz to discuss the folly of chasing the elusive corporate grail…

New Boho XL Tiny House with Private Bedroom or Open-Concept This is a new Boho XL Tiny House Floor Plan from ESCAPE with a private bedroom on the main floor, or you could choose to go with the other option which is more of an open-concept design. Kind of like a studio. It's pretty cool because they're constantly coming up with new customizations and add-ons for their customers.

Mid-Century Modern Signature Boho Tiny House by ESCAPE This is the Signature Boho Tiny House from ESCAPE. It has that minimalist / mid-century look and feel with the specially treated siding and trim. This tiny home features a kitchen, a washer / dryer, ample storage, a closet, a queen bed on the main floor, flip table, air conditioning, TV, fold flat couch, and more.

1-Bowl Chocolate Banana Baked Oatmeal - Minimalist Baker Recipes Hearty, banana-infused baked oatmeal that’s naturally sweetened, satisfying, and requires just 1 bowl and 10 ingredients to prepare.

Elegant furniture made with discarded cables from Golden Gate Bridge These old, thick cable ropes have done their job: now it's time to reuse them in a beautiful way. Where do bridges go when they die? Or more specifically, where do the pieces of large infrastructure go when they get demolished or repaired?

No Sidebar: Inspiration to Design a Simple Life We can design a simple life. It takes intention and hard work, but the result is always worth it. One reason I am excited to take over No Sidebar is because it features a wide range of contributors from every walk of life. While I feature guest writers from time-to-time, the Becoming Minimalist blog is my primary outlet for communication.

Just Park It: an Orlando Tiny Home Community Orlando Lakefront at College Park pioneered the RV/Tiny House community idea back in 2015. The owner has slowly transformed it from a run-down 1950’s RV park to a lush modern tiny home community. It has an invigorating vibe, thanks to the active lifestyle of many of the diverse residents.

It's the Ides of March, a good day for a bath But he put those famous words into the mouth of a soothsayer, warning Caesar: "Beware the Ides of March." And so on or about March 15, 44 BCE, Julius Caesar was stabbed in the rotunda, which as Canadian comic Johnny Wayne noted, has gotta hurt.

Blue Steel Shipping Container Tiny House in Dallas This is the Blue Steel Shipping Container Tiny House in Dallas. It's available to rent on Airbnb. From the outside, it looks like your average shipping container. But when you step inside, you feel like you're in a cozy cabin. Please don't miss other tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

28-Foot Scandinavian Tiny House w/ Murphy Bed For Sale This is a Scandinavian-inspired 28-foot tiny house with a Murphy bed so you can sleep on the main level. It features 202 sq. ft. on the main floor plus an additional 81 sq. ft. of loft space and is for sale out of Denman Island, BC, Canada for $85,000 CAD.

Beautiful Tiny House Built by Shibui Woodworking For Sale - Price Lowered This is a beautiful tiny house on wheels built by Shibui Woodworking that's for sale still available in Orcas Island, Washington by the current owner. Tiny home, deck, and shed included. Located on Orcas Island, Pacific North-West, Washington State. Price just lowered!

3D Printed Tiny House by Icon Build This is a 3D printed tiny house on a foundation built by Icon Build in 2018. According to their website, it's actually the first permitted 3D printed home in America! Pretty cool, right? Here is a tour of the tiny home they built using 3D-printing construction technology.

32-Foot Lupine Tiny House with Amazing Kitchen - Built on Gooseneck Trailer This is the 32-foot Lupine Tiny House on Wheels by Wind River Tiny Homes. One side of this tiny house has plenty of windows plus a sliding glass door while the other side features just one window and the front door. This sort of design could come in handy for a passive solar positioning on your property, don't you think?

How to Build an Affordable Tiny House with Andrew Bennett The average tiny house is 24 ft long, 10-11k lbs in weight, and 50-60k in price on average. Andrews goal is go cut that all in half. And so Core Housing Solutions was born. The goal? A truly affordable tiny house on wheels. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

How to make an Upholstered Bed Frame on a Budget I knew I wanted to do an upholstered bed frame for my son's first "big boy bed," but definitely didn't want to fork over the cash for an expensive bed for a three year old. So I decided to use the cheapest, basic IKEA Bed Frame, the NEIDEN Frame, and DIY the upholstery.

Laura's Amazing 10-Ft Wide Tiny House w/ Mudroom Entry This is Laura's amazing 10-foot wide tiny house on wheels by MitchCraft Tiny Homes. Could this be your new favorite tiny house? I thought you might like the mudroom entryway - especially if you have children and pets. Super smart!

Man builds $1,500 tiny house, forages & grows his own food Aiming to live a lighter-impact lifestyle, this green lifestyle activist lives in a self-built tiny house and experiments with growing and foraging his own food. Living in a smaller, more energy-efficient home is but one of many possible steps that one can take toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Christine Liu on how to green up your workplace This episode feature Christine Liu, a zero-waste YouTuber who talks about how to bring sustainability to your workplace, zero-waste weddings, and more.

Le Jardinier by ADHOC architects is a great example of "missing middle" housing They do this so well in Montreal. We have often admired the housing in Montreal, where they build three storey multifamily housing at densities comparable to high-rises, up to 11,000 people per square kilometre.

UK Committee on Climate change calls for ban on gas stoves, furnaces by 2025 CCC report notes that UK homes are "unfit for the challenges of climate change." The message in it is universal. A new report from the UK Committee on Climate Change, which advised the government on reducing greenhouse emissions and preparing for climate change, has some things to say about the state of the British housing industry.

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