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The Single Most Important Factor in Leading a Happy, Fulfilling Life-According to Science Note: This is a guest post from Jay Harrington of Life and Whim. Working out at the gym got a lot easier the day I realized the sweat served a higher purpose. I'm 43, and have three kids under eight years old, so if I want to be around-healthy and active-for my grandkids, I better put the work in now or face regret later.

28-Foot Blue Heron Tiny House by Blue Sky Tiny Homes This is the 28-foot Blue Heron tiny house from Blue Sky Tiny Homes. They are based out of Evansville, Indiana and offer a variety of models to choose from. This Blue Heron tiny house features a shed-style roof and an open floor plan with 10-foot ceilings that help make it feel spacious inside.

10k Tiny House Built in 3 Months This is an $11k tiny house built in 3 months. It's the 69-square-feet Magenta Tiny House by Joshua Woodsman of Pin-Up Houses. It features a living area, kitchenette, dining nook, and a chemical toilet. It's very small, lightweight, affordable to build, and easy to tow.

Improved IKEA bed with easy DIY tufted headboard I wanted nice interiors for all of them, but at the same time we could not spend too much. Also I dislike wasting things that could be used or reused if slightly changed. So this IKEA hack merged the best of my abilities. I bought IKEA bedframe FJELLSE, second hand, so it was half price.

Architects propose turning Buckingham Palace into affordable housing It's time to end restrictive single family zoning, intensify an underdeveloped, underutilized urban resource. Times are tough in the UK, not knowing whether it is in or out of Europe and the economy under stress.

How to Legalize Tiny Houses in Your City through Advocacy with Will Johnston Will Johnston is a thought leader and innovator in the micro-living world. Over the past four years, his organization has enabled policy change and brought acceptance of microstructures in the Southeast through events, projects, and advocacy. His philosophy is allowing people to think outside the box by putting them in one.

Be the Priority of Your Own Life Be the priority of your own life by pausing a few times a day and asking, "How can I take really good care of myself right now?" Don't wait until you think you deserve it, or until you have time or money or space or whatever else you think needs to happen before you start putting yourself first.

Why our building materials should be almost edible Cork, straw and mushrooms can keep you warm and can be a healthy, high fiber part of a balanced building diet. Years ago I was called a Luddite for suggesting that we should have a version of Michael Pollan's food rules for buildings; that we should use building materials that are almost edible if by cows if not by people.

An Interview with Ben Recently we hit the mind-blowing number of 5 million downloads of The Slow Home Podcast! This is all thanks to your lovely self and the community of people who listen to the show every week, send in your questions and offer your feedback.

650 sq. ft. Urban Micro Home is a small house for outdoorsy couple Outfitted with smart home tech and lots of storage space for outdoor gear, this small home feels 'just right'.

The Perfect Retirement Tiny House That's Simple, Affordable, and Wheelchair-Friendly This is a retirement tiny house that's in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The house offers a 23.5′ by 8′ living area and a 23.5′ by 10.5′ veranda area that more-than doubles living space. It's very well done. Outside you have a wheelchair-friendly ramp that leads directly to the motorized entryway.

Hot Off the ePress - Tiny House Magazine Issue 73 Available as a PDF to read on your computer or other devices. Also an iOS app version for your iPad or iPhone. Coming soon to your Android device. Many people will tell you the tiny house movement is just a fad…that eventually people will get sick of their small space and come to their senses.

20-Foot Tiny House You Can Order on Amazon with Main Floor Bedroom This is a 20-foot tiny house that you can order on Amazon. It's an RVIA-certified tiny home on wheels by Bantam Built Homes. The home is their 20-foot long Everest Model that you may remember. It's unique because it's a 20-foot tiny house with a main floor bedroom.

Ovoid cabin offers day hikers shelter in Norway In collaboration with Format Engineers and the Norwegian Trekking Association, SPINN Arkitekter recently constructed this fantastic egg-shaped cabin for day hikers near Hammerfest, Norway. Measuring about 150 square feet, the Dagsturhytter cabin is intended to accommodate hikers travelling through the area.

Plenty of Room to Ride with the RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike When in our process of significantly downsizing to our tiny house we had many moments of questioning which items we would keep, sell, or donate. We knew we would have to make sacrifices and had many items we enjoyed but just wouldn't have space to store.

Podcast 167 - Collectibles In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan talk about their personal collections, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3. Joshua and Ryan's pithy, shareable, less-than-140-character responses.

MVRDV's Taipei Twin Towers are wrapped in "interactive media façades" This is what happens when LEDs get cheaper and better: designers use more of them. Someone predicted this once. We are really not supposed to talk about the rebound effect, which is often confused with Jevons' Paradox. That's where as energy efficiency increases, people use more of it rather than taking the savings.

Create a delightful and cozy kid's reading corner I wanted to make my boy a room that he would love and reflect his love of reading and my nostalgia. The seat in the reading corner was made so he could have a snugly corner. First, I built two PAX wardrobes in the space. Second, I measured and cut a board that was strong enough to hold a small boy and all the books he reads!

The Margarita Tiny House Vacation in Matlacha This is the Margarita Tiny House Vacation in Matlacha, Florida. It's right on the water, too! The contemporary tiny house rents for around $149.99 per night. It sleeps up to six people and features a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and two sleeping lofts.

Plús Hús ADU Made from Recycled Panels Iceland doesn't just export excellent music and beautiful people. The island is also an inspiration for a brand new ADU made from recycled steel panels. Built by the architectural firm, Minarc, but constructed in Los Angeles, the Plús Hús is a contemporary and customizable structure for simple living, working or extra income.

6 Ways to Apply Decluttering Principles to Your Finances The good news is the same strategies that can help an overwhelmed newbie minimalist declutter can also help a financially struggling minimalist get a better handle on her money. Many of the same principles apply. Here are some decluttering strategies that can double as tips for money management:.

Not Busy, Focused Take a look around: everyone is multitasking. We're doing more than we've ever done, attempting to fill every interstitial zone with more work. Every downtown scene is the same: heads tilted downward, faces lost in glowing screens, technology turning people into zombies.

Don't Let Your Insecurities Demand Unnecessary Attention As humans, advertisers pray on our insecurities - the beauty industry is a prime example of this. They market to us to make us feel like we want to be someone else. Like what we have right now is not enough, and we need that anti-wrinkle cream to make all our lines magically disappear or hair colour to hide our natural grey tones.

Contemporary guesthouse combines rammed earth and bamboo structure Built as part of a community training project, this multifunctional structure acts as a place for visitors to stay, as well as an extra office or a place for the kids to play.

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