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Tiny House on Wheels VS on Foundation: Pros & Cons Besides mobility benefits, tiny houses are built on trailers to get around stringent codes and zoning rules. Though now advocates are working towards greater legal acceptance for more placement options. Progress is slow but steady. However, over the past few years, the popularity of tiny houses has grown in leaps and bounds.

He Turned A 4×4 Ambulance Into A Custom Off-Road Motorhome This is the story of Tom's 4×4 Ambulance to Off-Road Motorhome Conversion! How cool is that? It's called the Lost Box. It all started when he bought a 4×4 ambulance with low miles and proceeded to turn it into the incredible off-road tiny home on wheels that you can see for yourself below.

Traveling Nurse Saves Big With Van Life This is Lindsey and Danny. Danny is a traveling nurse and usually gets placements for 3-6 months at a time. They were becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that they were having to pay higher rent prices because they weren't signing a year lease and were living out of boxes from place to place.

1994 Blue Bird School Bus Conversion For 50k This is a 1994 Blue Bird School Bus Conversion for 50k that's for sale out of Redding, California. Don't miss other tiny homes for sale like this - join our FREE Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Our big thanks to Allison of Tiny Home Tours / YouTube for sharing!.

77-year-old moves into main-floor tiny house on wheels This is the story of Penny. She's a 77-year-old who sold half of her stuff to simplify into a tiny home on wheels with a main-floor bedroom. Penny lives in a tiny house community that's on the coast of Oregon.

Couple Convert Retired Fire Bus Into Their Tiny Home This is the story of Ethan and Cassidy and how they live in a retired fire bus that they converted and built into a tiny home themselves. They're @twopupsandus on Instagram. And actually, their bus is currently for sale right now. More info below. The conversion took them only 4 months and they've been living in it with their two dogs.

Nikki and Ben's Van Life This is the story of Nikki and Ben's custom van conversion tiny house. While Nikki was traveling, she met Ben, a professional photographer who was also living in a van. Shortly thereafter, he sold his van, and moved into hers. Nikki originally built her van with the help of her brother and father in Canada.

Minimalist Rulebook: 16 Rules for Living with Less Because minimalism is not an antidote to desire, and because, like most people, Ryan and I still act on impulse, we've created sixteen rules and tactics we use to help stave off the tug of consumerism and get organized-including the No Junk Rule, the Seasonality Rule, and fourteen others-all of which are compiled in our new ebook, Minimalist...

It's time to ban demolition and design for deconstruction Oliver Wainright of the Guardian calls for a rethink of the way we put buildings together and take them apart. "Ban Demolition" is a tag on TreeHugger because we have long argued for renovation and reuse, especially in this era when we worry about the upfront carbon emissions of new construction.

Single Mother / Daughter Tiny House in Lake Dallas Tiny Home Community This is the story of a single mother and her daughter living in a tiny house in a Lake Dallas Tiny Home Community. Their tiny house was built by Indigo River Tiny Homes. Isn't it great how communities like this are continuing to rise all over the country?

5 ideas for a quick living room update: 2020 Fresh Start Today, let's focus on the living room and look at some quick hacks and easy ideas to freshen up the space. In most living rooms, the centerpiece is the sofa. And if you sofa is looking tired, updating it will deliver a huge impact. It'll almost feel like walking into new room.

6'7″ Man's Peaceful, Simple Tiny House Life in Alaska Kevin’s tiny house life in Alaska is centered around his three loves—nature, music, and teaching. It is nestled in a gorgeous mountain landscape with superb wildlife watching opportunities. There he relishes the intimate connection he feels with his surroundings, largely thanks to the many windows in his small space.

Yewnicorn Tiny House Vacation on Salt Spring Island This is the Yewnicorn Tiny House Vacation on Salt Spring Island. It's a beautifully hand-built gooseneck tiny house on wheels with a capsule bedroom over the hitch of the trailer. It's available to book via Airbnb starting at $75/night. Add that to your list of future tiny house vacations!

776-sq.-ft. Cottage in Olympia Cottage in Olympia, Washington that's on the market for $289,900, according to RE/MAX Northwest Realtors via Redfin. It's a rambler-style two-bedroom cottage with a covered front porch, updated kitchen, remodeled bathroom, mudroom, rear alley access, fenced backyard, built in 1925, and on a 7,201-square-foot lot.

Advertising is Making You Unhappy. Here are Some Ways to Avoid It. Shopping is an interesting activity when you think about it. We are marketed to relentlessly outside of stores in order to get us inside. Once inside, we are subjected to even more advertisements and marketing messages. Spend less time at malls and department stores and you'll see fewer advertisements.

Jarid's 32-ft Tiny House w/ Slide-Outs Expands Up To 14-ft Wide! FOR SALE This is to announce Jarid's 32-ft tiny house w/ slide-outs that expands up to 14-ft wide is for sale for $95,000 out of the Tampa, Florida area.

The Capable Carpenter and Tiny House Repairs and Conversions The Capable Carpenter also known as Chris Strathy has moved into all types of tiny house building. He built his first tiny house on wheels called "It's OK To Play" and went on to converting a horse trailer, built a tiny a-frame and has also helped repair damaged tiny homes as well.

Wood architecture meets nature in new community in Copenhagen Henning Larsen's design for Fælledby is "a model for sustainable living." It looks so bucolic and lovely, with such lovely renderings.

Trash Barge Turned to Floating Tiny Home This is the story of a trash barge turned into a floating tiny home with Derek Diedricksen of the RelaxShacksDOTcom YouTube Channel! It's definitely a one-of-a-kind tiny home with all of the necessary amenities, including an ultra-tiny bathroom with flush toilet and shower.

Awesome School Bus Conversion Into Tiny House on Wheels - Full Tour This cozy and colourful school bus conversion was built by Aaron and Lena from Roadside Tales. They wanted a home on wheels that would allow them to explore and adventure with all the comforts of home wherever they parked it. Image Exploring Alternatives.

Military Veteran's 26ft Bradford Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses This is the story and tour of the Bradford 26ft tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. When the financing for one of their customer's build fell through, it was a bummer because they had already built the shell and it felt like a big waste.

Tiny House Magazine And A New Year Last month we published Issue 84 which marked the end of the seventh year of publication of the Tiny House Magazine. We are now getting geared up for the new year. With a new year, we are given a chance to start fresh. A chance to make that tiny house dream a reality.

This GORGEOUS houseboat was built on a 1940s TRASH BARGE! Yes, you read that right, the entire hull of this airbnb houseboat rental once was a trash barge for the Seattle area. Luckily it has now not only been cleaned up, but transformed into a rather elegant and fun "floating tiny house"!

IKEA is building big new store in Vienna with no parking They say it's the new megatrend: customers without cars. Every IKEA store I have seen in North America is a big box in the suburbs, with people lined up to put big boxes in their SUVs. But the world is changing, and more people are living without cars.

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