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Half-term Plans I love this time of year when the leaves are at their most vibrant but I also feel a little bit sad that British Summer Time is about to end. So, these last days of longer daylight hours are precious. I've decided I need a list and I need to be accountable.

Investing for Brexit The Ermine has two retirement resources. One is my DB pension, which is easily enough to live on at the moment - it is deferred for only a couple more years, because the Ermine is grizzled of fur and will reach normal retirement age for most of that pension accrual, some time after Brexit, sadly.

Couple transform van into a traveling home, using IKEA & small bag of tools Tiny House Tours / Video screen capture. Under the sink are two 4-gallon tanks, one for freshwater and one for greywater. Though it's not a lot of water storage, these were chosen because their size makes them easy to refill almost anywhere. gas stations, drinking fountains and so on.

Do you know the difference between pleasure and happiness? Do you understand the difference between pleasure and happiness? Can you explain how reward differs from contentment? Robert Lustig certainly can and his latest book, The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science behind the Corporate Takeover of our Bodies and Brains, has something powerful to say about happiness and wellbeing.

Young Man Builds Epic School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500 VIDEO: Young Man Builds Epic School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500. Additional Resources:. Leave a Comment. Name. Email. Website. Comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Slow Cooker Five Bean Vegetarian Chilli Recipe On the bright side it is perfect weather for us to have our spirits lifted with a simple Slow Cooker Five Bean Vegetarian Chilli Recipe. Checking out my fridge I could see a handful of homegrown tomatoes with no determined destination in mind.

Why Families Need Minimalism The chaos is leading to an epidemic of stress and anxiety in childhood." Becoming a minimalist family gives you the tools to filter out the clutter and chaos causing stress and anxiety in your child's life. Isn't that a worthwhile cause? "If time is money, then I'm broke.

Taking Responsibility For Our Own Journey We need to start taking responsibility for our own journey. That means we need to move from an external, to an internal locus of control. You've probably seen the documentaries about baby turtles. Out of the thousands that are hatched, only a small percentage survive and reach the ocean.

6 Reasons Oregon is a Epicenter of the Tiny House Movement The deep roots of the tiny house movement here can be traced back to 1997 when Portland debuted a progressive ADU regulation, allowing homeowners to build them by right. This move helped create a sustainable and small space design culture.

50. Happy Friday Links Back on track with my blogging and thrilled to bring you some delightful links. Short Blonde Hair Care by This Mom's Gonna Snap. I'm on the same page as Jaana when it comes to loving short cropped hair but I think I can learn from her how to vary how I wear it.

We Must Start Using The Ocean As Farmers Instead Of Hunters - The Case For Fish Farming… We're headed towards a global food crisis: Nearly 3 billion people depend on the ocean for food, and at our current rate we already take more fish from the ocean than it can naturally replace. In this fact-packed, eye-opening talk, entrepreneur and conservationist Mike Velings proposes a solution: Aquaculture, or fish farming.

How Trees Talk To Each Other Over Vast Distances… A professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia's Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences in Vancouver, Suzanne Simard studies the surprising and delicate complexity in nature. Her main focus is on the below-ground fungal networks that connect trees and facilitate underground inter-tree communication and interaction.

Tiny Log Cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains This is a little cabin in the Smoky Mountain area in Townsend, Tennessee. It features an open floor plan with 572 square feet and two hot tubs! One near the bedroom and bathroom and the other one is outside in the back porch. What do you think? Our big thanks to Candace Ramirez for sharing!

Tesla tiny house integrates solar with Powerwall, towed by Model X It's a whole Tesla-branded package, from the 2kW photovoltaic system of 6 solar panels on the roof, which is connected to the USD $5,500 Powerwall, a lithium-ion battery pack which can store energy for later use. The interior is pretty minimal, as it's more of a showcase kind of space for Tesla's products then a fully built-out home.

The Magical Fortune Cookie Tiny House This is the story behind the now famous and magical Fortune Cookie Tiny House on Wheels built by Abel Zyl for one of his very first tiny house clients. It all started at a coffee shop with a sketch of the design to which Abel's client immediately accepted.

330 Sq. Ft. Henderson Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots Henderson Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots in Melbourne, Florida. Follow This Builder on Instagram - Facebook - YouTube. Our big thanks to Michael Cheatham of Movable Roots for sharing! Share this with your friends / family using the e-mail / social re-share buttons below.

Realwood Tiny Homes Builds an Amazing Treehouse! This is an amazing treehouse built by Realwood Tiny Homes in Washington nicknamed 'The Nut House'. Anytime I think of treehouse, I think of how cool and useful this custom bicycle-powered 'elevator' lift is! Would you seriously consider living in a little cabin up in the trees like this one?

Scaffolding: the ultimate flexible, modular and ephemeral building material A show at the New York Center for Architecture looks at the usually ignored but omnipresent scaffold. One of the big problems with traditional building is that it is fixed, often inflexible and expensive. That's one of the reasons shipping container architecture has been so popular.

The paper in this notebook is made from stone An innovative stationery company has figured out a way to make paper from crushed stone, using no trees or water in the process. Did you know it's possible to make paper out of stone? A company called Karst Stone Paper, from Australia, is doing precisely this.

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Music, Travel, and Tiny Houses with Coles Whalen For so many, tiny houses are more than just a home; they're a tool that allows their occupants to live a fulfilled and creative life. This week we're chatting with Coles Whalen, who is instead using her love of tiny houses to support her true passion; music.

Naked Sacher Torte The twists to this are that it's vegan, gluten free and naked. I've made the cake itself quite sweet and married with the apricot jam I find that a ganache would make it too sweet. If you prefer to have the ganache, just opt out the dark chocolate and use that to make the ganache.

Disconnected In The Age Of Too Many Connections We live in such a great era of communication. We have multiple ways of connecting with others. But what if we're actually becoming more disconnected by connecting with hundreds, even thousands of others? I'm old. I remember the days before the World Wide Web.

Tour homes on wheels, backyard cottages and tiny homes for the houseless! Want to tour some tiny houses on wheels, a shipping container home, small backyard cottage homes, or real tiny home villages for the houseless? Then head to Portland, Oregon on November 3-5 for the Build Small Live Large Summit! This multi-day event has something for everyone!

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