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Egg-shaped Escape Pod is a flexible small space for work & play Whether it's a guest cabin, an office shed or a backyard studio, we love tiny structures that are flexible and can be used to work from home or host a guest comfortably, without too much fuss.

The Minimalist's Guide to Weddings A way of thinking about yourself in the world and the fact that, with fewer things, you'll be more at peace in it. So what better way could there be to demonstrate your commitment to this lifestyle than planning a minimalist wedding? By following these tips, you'll be well on your way.

TROFAST: Using IKEA storage boxes without the frame We built a Murphy bed, wardrobes and cupboards with shelves and the IKEA storage boxes integrated into the design. Materials:. Tools:. As the whole floor is open plan we hung a sliding wall which is also built into the cupboards creating a whole neat wall of doors.

5 Ways Nature Shows Us There's More To Life Than Minimalism But nature shows us there's a lot more to life than minimalism. I live in the Pacific Northwest. There's a lot of natural beauty in this region. And there's also a lot of variety. As one who's lived in the desert of Eastern Washington for years, it's easy to see the connection between nature and minimalism.

An Introduction to Frugal Hedonism Let's stop denying ourselves the full benefits of a materially-modest, sensually indulgent lifestyle. Let's get Frugally Hedonistic. Artist turned permaculturalist, forager, and writer, Annie is the co-author of The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More and The Weed Forager's Handbook.

Our Custom DIY Van High Top - Design, Method and Cost We looked into standard aftermarket fiberglass high tops too, and they're a totally legit way to go, but we just wanted something different. There isn't much information out there about custom van high tops or DIY van high tops at this point, so we wanted to share how this thing is made.

Five Decidedly Un-frugal Things I think you did quite well. New York can be sooooo expensive and 99% of your choices were frugal. I have been trying to get a cold this week. I have been fighting it off. Since I have been under the weather, I have not made the most frugal choices. 1) I went to the store to by Zicam.

Six Types of Minimalists Earlier this week I found an article on the Apartment Therapy website titled These Are The 6 Types of Minimalists. Which One Are You? The six types they discuss are: aesthetic, essential, experiential, sustainable, thrifty, and mindful.

Slow by name, slow by nature I remember feeling so incredibly frustrated that I couldn't do it all, be it all, slow it all down right now and I recall just how much that challenged my idea of success. Which was kind of the point. Which, really, is kind of the point of slow. In today's poggie Ben and I talk about this idea of "slow" being, well, slow.

28ft Pacific Getaway Tiny House with Transforming Bedroom / Dining Room: Built by Handcrafted Movement! When you step inside, the area to your left transforms between a bedroom and dining room but it can also be used as a hobby room since both the bed and the dining table can be stored up into the walls. Pretty cool feature, right? Please enjoy and learn more below!

Foldable Prefab A-frame Cabin by MADI in Italy Our big thanks to Wiz Zard for the tip and Lloyd Alter of Tree Hugger for originally sharing! Share this with your friends / family using the e-mail / social re-share buttons below. Thanks! If you liked this you'll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with more!

How You Can Finally Stay in a Tiny House! 33 Tiny House Vacations You Can Book Now! If you liked this you'll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with more! Thank you! You can also try our NEW Small House Newsletter! More Like This: Explore our Tiny House Vacations Section. See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses.

Playa Viva Beachfront Treehouse in Zihuatanejo, Mexico This is the Playa Viva Beachfront Treehouse by Artist Tree Homes located at the Playa Viva Resort in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Although I can see something like this being built inexpensively, especially if you build it yourself, this is a luxury vacation unit that's pricey to stay in.

Great Canadian Tiny House A tiny house built by two empty nesters, John and Val Berkenpas in British Columbia, Canada. More info. here.

Living Tiny Legally : A Look Into How Tiny Homes Are Becoming Legal! Living Tiny Legally is a documentary by Tiny House Expedition. It's a 3 part series. And if you'd like, you can help fund Part 3 right here. Leave a Comment. Name. Email. Website. Comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

How These Two Women Are Trying to Legalize Tiny House Living in BC VIDEO: These Two Women Are Trying to Legalize Tiny House Living in BC. Additional Resources:. Related Articles:. Leave a Comment. Name. Email. Website. Comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Cash wrap counter to die for. It's massive! We used IKEA components to build a massive cash wrap counter for our petstore. Materials:. We used 2 of the KALLAX, on their sides. Then a 2×4 frame was attached to the back of them. Then, two additional units were placed on the back. We used 4″ ABS pipes for the legs.

A Halved Subway Train Car becomes a TINY HOUSE on wheels If you're ever in the Taunton, MA area, right by the town green, you just may spot something rather unusual - what looks like a tri-axle tiny house on wheels! While I've asked around, the owner, and the eventual purpose of this structure seems rather elusive, as even the locals themselves seem to have quite a few questions of their own.

The Rise Of Vertical Farming As A Solution To Feed The World… To produce sufficient food for the estimated - nine billion people in 20 years, experiments with vertical farming, rooftop gardening and even sea-farming are being conducted. Food is inefficiently hauled around the world to feed cities and to provide people who live in places where no food can be grown.

Swimming pool in London is built out of wooden portal frames and Cross Laminated Timber Jack Hobhouse/ Hawkins\Brown via Dezeen Their depth does wonders for the quality of light, as does the white stain on the wood on the columns, rafters and the CLT roof Adam Cossey of Hawkins\Brown tells Alyn Griffiths of Dezeen:. Book lovers will want to adopt this lovely holiday tradition, which melds literary… by Katherine Martinko in Culture.

Mad for MADI, the folding wooden prefab A-Frame This brilliant design brings the A-frame into the 21st century. MADI model at Milan Furniture Fair. But they may be back with a vengeance thanks to Renato Vidal and his totally brilliant design for a folding modular living unit. The M.A.D.I, short for modulo abitativo dispiegabile or unfordable housing module.

Practice Minimalism This Christmas Will you be practicing minimalism this Christmas? What might be holding you back? And what the heck does practising minimalism during Christmas even mean?

How my friend Krissy traded her grief for love after losing her parents I've shared this story during live events and I can never get through it without a few tears. Krissy's simplicity story. My friend Krissy, a development leader for big nonprofits, has saved every birthday card, wedding invitation, Christmas card, and birth announcement she has ever received.

Treating The Farm As An Ecosystem - The 5 Tenets Of Soil Health… Gabe Brown of Brown's Ranch in Bismarck, ND, shares his transformative journey of cultivating his farm from modern conventional use to a thriving living ecosystem.

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