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Don's School Bus Conversion This is a low mileage 1992 Thomas Built School Bus Conversion that's FOR SALE. It's Don Miller's school bus conversion. It's a wonderful motorhome that's completely custom and remodeled. And it's great for boondocking too because it's set up to be completely off-grid functional.

Vancouver Island Tiny House, A Comfortable Retirement Home In preparation for retirement and to live more sustainably, Patricia moved into a custom 22’ tiny house on wheels. Her parking spot is in a wooded mobile home park, on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There her outdoor living space features a spacious deck.

Antenna Holder hacked from IKEA curtain rod I run an ADS-B receiver to track airplanes! I decided to place an antenna outside using an IKEA hacked antenna holder to improve my range.

Photos from The Minimalist Home Book Tour If you weren't able to join us live in person, here is a quick recap. Essex, VT, July 1. My journey into minimalism began in Essex and I couldn't think of a better place to begin the tour. We even stopped at my former neighbor's house who first introduced me to minimalism and got to spend time catching up.

Cabin #4 at Antone Creek Lodge in North Powder, Oregon - Rich's Portable Cabin Vacations This is Cabin #4 at Antone Creek Lodge, another one of Rich's Portable Cabins you can vacation in. Over the last few days, we showed you Cabin #1, Cabin #2, and Cabin #3. So here's the finale… Cabin #4. This unit features a main floor bedroom plus additional sleeping loft space.

A home is not a house, and a Polydrop is not a typical teardrop It's not a trailer, it's a portable private space. The British engineer and critic Reyner Banham wasn't fond of American architecture, calling houses "notoriously inefficient hollow shells" in his article, A home is not a house. Kyung-Hyun Lew, a graduate of architecture from SCI-Arc, knows his Banham.

IKEA SCHOTTIS hacks and quick fixes that make it better Now, there are a few quick fixes if you do run into problems with it. Here are two of the most common:. You're supposed to stick the double sided tape on the top edge of the shade onto the intended surface. But at times it just doesn't stick well or it will peel off after some time.

Building A Shelter One Page At A Time Becoming newly single in my 40's flattened me financially, but the sacrifice was well worth it, to be safe and free. A whole world of possibilities opened before me, and I was thinking about ways I could live super-cheap and super-simple so that I could get my feet back under me.

Cabin #3 at Antone Creek Lodge in North Powder, Oregon - Rich's Portable Cabin Vacations This is Cabin #3 at Antone Creek Lodge. It's one of four of Rich's Portable Cabins that you can book and it's called the "Camp Cabin". You can order this cabin from Rich's Portable Cabins for around $35,000.

More praise for dumb cities Smart cities are not a panacea, and the New York Times is on it. Doctor Shoshana Saxe is known to TreeHugger readers for her work on the carbon footprint of big transit projects.

Rambling along the English Coastal Path There's also something meditative and calming about walking outdoors; the steady, rhythmic aspect of trekking - coupled with clean, fresh air - blows the cobwebs away and allows you to get a different perspective on life.

Embodied Carbon called "The Blindspot of the Buildings Industry" But some people are beginning to take the issue seriously. Anthony Pak writes a good article about it for Canadian Architect.

Tiny Home Updates to Prioritize this Summer Summer is full of adventure, picnics, and pool parties, but it's also an excellent time to take inventory of your tiny home and create a home renovation plan for any pressing issues. You might be considering expanding your outdoor space, adding in more storage, or updating the exterior of your home.

Cabin #2 at Antone Creek Lodge in North Powder, Oregon - Rich's Portable Cabin Vacations This is Cabin #2 at Antone Creek Lodge. It's one of Rich's Portable Cabins that you can stay in on their wonderful property. Yesterday we showed you Cabin #1 and introduced you to Antone Creek Lodge and we hope to see you tomorrow for Cabin #3. Enjoy!

Tiny House Magazine Issue 79 Who says living in a tiny house solves all your problems? In this issue, we have several stories of just the opposite as well as a few dedicated problem-solvers.

How to Stop Shopping: 8 ideas to save you time and money Before you consider how to stop shopping, it will help to understand why you want to stop shopping or to decide if you need to stop shopping at all. Buying things isn't bad or wrong, but shopping to feel a certain way, or to prove yourself to others or because you think something will make you feel happier or more successful doesn't work.

Dog cage cover that looks good and works even better I saw some dog cage covers online but nothing gave me the look I was going for so I was going to opt to build a table. Like so many things why build when there is IKEA. I found this affordable table with metal legs and knew I could jazz it up. I found the lattice pieces on clearance at for $15 each.

Mayor of London kills the Tulip We can't keep building useless things like this. When some of the biggest firms in the UK announced Architects Declare, promising to meet "the needs of our society without breaching the earth's ecological boundaries" I wondered if that meant Norman Foster would give up on his silly Tulip.

Minimalism at Seventy Minimalism may help you discover what's really important to you and how you'd prefer to live your life. And then, it will give you the time and money to do those things. We've learned that to be true in our life-and it can be true in yours as well. Your email address will not be published.

Now You Can Stay In Rich's Portable Cabins: Cabin #1 Tour at Antone Creek Lodge in North Powder This is to let you know that you can now stay in Rich's Portable Cabins! Remember his park model tiny homes that I introduced to you a while back? Well after many, many years, they have finally opened the doors to Antone Creek Lodge, which is a place where you can stay in some of Rich's Portable Cabins.

Is vegan design the Next Big Trend? It's a nice idea, but it needs a bit more rigor. We do go on about building a healthy house, about a low-carbon house, about a plastic-free house, but a vegan house? That's now a big thing, according to Nicola Davidson in the Financial Times.

Back-lit world map for most popular IKEA coffee table - IKEA Hackers Plus I had seen a back-lit world map wall mounted in an office and thought it was a good first subject to put under the glass. Here's the finished result. And with lights! I found an outline world map on the web, and printed it to the proper scale, and taped the sheets together.

Smart phones have replaced entire rooms worth of stuff It's what we have called dematerialization, as all that is solid melts into apps. In 2014 we wrote Why Radio Shack is dying: Nobody needs what it sells anymore. and noted that every device in a 1991 Radio Shack ad found by Buffalo's Steve Cichon could be done on an iPhone.

CABN: South Australia's First Off-Grid, Sustainable Tiny House Escaping the city life and becoming more intimate with nature seems to be a hot topic these days. It's also not exclusive to the overworked American. Australia now also has a way for urban dwellers to experience tiny living off-grid. CABN is South Australia's first off-grid, sustainable tiny house on wheels.

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