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All you cash belong to Zuck Say what you like about Mark Zuck, but the fellow doesn't lack ambition. There's a bit of the Terminator in him, or one of those mediaeval giants that takes quivers full of arrows but keeps on coming. It not just your innermost secrets, your lives, your loves and of course what consumer goods you buy he wants to know.

How much noise should you accept in your home? "People should not be forced to choose between intolerable noise or poor indoor air quality in their homes." Architect Mark Siddall points to a study he was on the team for, How loud is too loud?

Funky washstand with drawer from IKEA cart A neat little washstand hack that evolved from our remodeling the downstairs bathroom. We quite fancied getting a wash basin instead of the traditional sink and vanity but couldn't source a suitable washstand. It just so happened that we had two BEKVÄM kitchen carts lying around unused.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 78 I look forward every month to each new issue of the Tiny House Magazine. Some stand out more than others and this is one of my favorite. Below is a taste of what you get in this months issue. Plus we have decided to run a special that ends this weekend.

Two off-grid tiny cabins on one property in Tahuya, Washington This is a real estate listing in Tahuya, Washington with two off-grid tiny cabins on the 1.61-acre property. Don't miss other interesting tiny house real estate - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Image via Zillow. Highlights. You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below.

Podcast 185 - Sustainable Living In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan talk about sustainability, overconsumption, environmental concerns, health and beauty products, and shopping with co-founder and CEO of, AmyAnn Cadwell, and they answer the following questions:.

TINY HOMES make BIG IMPACT at Washington DC housing event This is the story of how tiny homes made a big impact at the recent Innovative Housing Showcase event in Washington, D.C. which showcased several affordable housing options. And also, how our government may be opening up to legalizing tiny.

Couple turn old ambulance into their traveling home This is the story of Carl and Maddie's converted ambulance. Yes, they bought a retired ambulance and turned it into their traveling home. The great part is, they really didn't have to modify the vehicle all that much and it already provides loads of storage.

British engineer builds a house with no heating Max Fordham's house is "simple and practical" and mostly all natural. There has long been skepticism about Passive House, or Passivhaus in the original German.

Mindfully Shifting Your Approach to a Task Can Shift Everything Let's say you're about to start a difficult task, and there's something about it that's causing you to dislike the task and want to put it off. The task is difficult, overwhelming, full of uncertainty for you. So you either run to distraction and procrastinate, or you do it but really don't enjoy doing it.

Rental friendly outdoor storage bench and wall panel Having always admired the look and functionality of the ÄPPLARÖ wall panel and storage bench combination, I was almost dissuaded when I learned the panel would require fixing to a wall and is not actually fixed to the storage bench itself. Being in a rented apartment I did not want to drill holes in walls.

An urbanist's question: where is the best place to have a parade? Do you plan it where there is lots of room, or do you put it where there is good transit accessibility? Urban thinker Matthew Blackett raises some interesting questions about the upcoming victory parade for the Toronto Raptors.

San Diego's First Tiny House Village Also Has Rental Sites Most people living in Southern California know about the effect of housing sprawl in this land of sun and sea. What many of them may not know is that there are new options popping up in the mountains above the city. Tiny House Block is located 6,000 feet up in Mount Laguna.

The ABC's of Minimalism Experiences over possessions. Forge your own path. Give to local charities. Healthy habits. Include your family. Joyful decluttering. Keep only the best. Live intentionally. Make room for what matters. Never organize what you can discard. Own less, live more.

Tiny house community for veterans in Phoenix This is the story of a tiny house community for veterans in Phoenix that was opened in late 2018 to benefit working homeless veterans. The project is called The Village on 13th and it's being developed thanks to the efforts of Build Us Hope, an Arizona non-profit.

The Boxcar Tiny House Cedar Edition This is the Boxcar Tiny House on Wheels in cedar. It's built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes on a gooseneck / fifth wheel trailer with triple-axles. One of the first things you might notice is the custom wood front door, it's beautiful. Don't miss other super cool tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

Not Utopia Minimalism will not solve all our problems. Unfortunately, we often believe that the goal of simple living is to own as few things as possible-to declutter our homes, organize our lives, and clear our minds. Once we do this, we'll each find our own private utopia and bask in the glory of our newfound happiness, right?

Colorado's Tiny House Movement Continues to Grow: Latest News Colorado is one of the top states for tiny house activity, from a booming industry to a quickly growing number of placement options. It is home to over ten tiny home communities, both RV/THOW parks and planned unit developments. Like the much-anticipated Escalante Village in Durango, scheduled to open at the end of the summer….

Bryce Langston reveals his tiny home in New Zealand This is Bryce Langston's tiny home in New Zealand. If you're a fan of Bryce and his hit YouTube series, Living Big in a Tiny House, you've probably been waiting years for this. And the moment is finally here, hehe. Yup, this project started almost five years ago.

Bryce Langston's North American tiny house on wheels… The Campulance ambulance conversion! This is Bryce and Rasa's North American tiny house on wheels. It's the vehicle that they use to travel the country to create many of the amazing episodes on their popular Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube channel. And, it's actually a converted ambulance called the Campulance!

Tiny Cabin #60 at Mill Creek Ranch: Are Park Models Better Than THOWs? You don't like it as much when I show you vacation cabins, but I think you'll like this one. It's a classic timber-frame tiny cabin in Canton, Texas. Well, if you like the idea of tiny homes, but you know it just wouldn't work, maybe you can consider something like this instead?

The Ultimate Shared To-Do List App For Couples The problem in most households is getting things done where everyone feels involved and appreciated-in other words, being a productive couple. It's easy to get caught up in how much you do versus how much he or she does. It's like everyone is secretly keeping score.

Stackt, an Instant shipping container shopping and entertainment spot is built in Toronto Sometimes shipping container architecture makes perfect sense. Shipping containers may not make much sense for permanent housing, but they are terrific for temporary uses - they were designed to move, to be cheap to transport, to be stacked up to 16 high.

Make a Garden Obelisk in 3 easy steps But then there was a problem. The plant had a huge pile of climbing branches. In its original spot, the branches were hanging on ropes tied to the strong curtain rails of the bow window. On the second floor the windows are completely different and the curtain rails are quite flimsy.

Closed or open kitchen? Charlotte Perriand's design is the best of both worlds Lessons from the kitchens at Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation in Marseille. Unlike the Frankfurt kitchen, which was totally separated, the Perriand design had a low wall of cabinets, accessible from either side, which gave some visual privacy but didn't cut the kitchen off completely.

Secret barn tiny house on 1-acre for $49,000! This is a secret barn tiny house on a 1-acre lot in Williams, Arizona. From the outside, you would just think it's a barn shed for storage! It's always nice to find and enjoy some tiny house-friendly real estate, isn't it? But the moment you step inside, you realize it's quite the wonderful studio tiny home offered at $49,000 via Zillow.

How this tiny brick house in Australia was legally built This is a tiny house built out of bricks! It's quite nice, isn't it? Being in the United States, it's actually kind of rare to see something like this… A seemingly new structure that's, well, pretty small of a house.

950-square-foot small house in Harbor Beach, Michigan for sale This is a 950-square-foot two-story small house in Harbor Beach, Michigan that's on the market for $50,000. There's an interesting story behind this house because it was originally in Detroit but made its way to Harbor Beach more than fifty years ago, according to the listing on Zillow.

Rainbow Falafel Salad I love it when recipes come together out of a spontaneous mix of ingredients to make a quick lunch. I had the grated carrot and purple cabbage chopped in the fridge from dinner the night before. There were some falafels in the fridge and some other random vegetables that needed to be used up.

How to Have More Focused Hours in Your Day I was talking to someone today and he said that with all the time he spends putzing around on the internet, he gets maybe 2 hours of focused time a day. I actually think that's higher than average! But if he does incredible work in those 2 hours a day, think of the good he could do if he doubled or even tripled that amount of focused time.

Tiny house-friendly lot in Port Hope, Michigan This is a tiny house-friendly lot in Port Hope, Michigan that's on the market for $18,900. It's an 8,276 square-foot lot according to the Zillow listing. Don't miss other tiny houses and real estate for sale - join our FREE Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more!

British architects declare climate and biodiversity emergency Architects all over the world should be doing this too. The Stirling Prize is awarded every year to the best building in the UK, and its recipients are considered among the most important architects in the country. So when 17 of them announced Architects Declare, it was a very big deal.

5 thrifted dining table takes on the elliptical shape IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. We have 5,000 hacks from all over the globe. You're bound to find something to inspire you. Here's a quick start guide. Happy hacking!

Touring the toilets of Le Corbusier There are many lessons about health and hygiene to be learned from the great French architect. This sink in the hall of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye has been a fixture on TreeHugger for years. I have been a bit obsessed with it, and even put the sink in the hall in my own house.

Surviving the Home Inspection When you sell your house, chances are high that the buyer will be getting a home inspection. After all, a bank doesn't want to loan money for a house that is in complete disrepair. I've made a lot of updates to my house over the last 6 years.

Couple refurbish 1980 Mercedes 307D van into their tiny home This is the story of Ody, a 39-year-old Mercedes 307D van conversion that the couple originally bought in Germany. The couple, Dana and Lou, taught themselves how to convert the van thanks to videos on YouTube. It took them 6 months to complete, and now they're traveling Europe and living out their van life dream.

Granny flat tiny house in Australia… The perfect legal tiny? This is a granny flat tiny house on a foundation in Australia. It's called the Smithfield and it's designed by 5 Star Granny Flats and built by 5 Star Builders. It's one of their 1-bedroom designs, but they also offer 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and even completely custom designs.

A real tiny house community in Florida… This is the story of a real tiny house community in Florida. It's called Circle Pond Tiny Home Community and it's located in Ruskin, Florida and today we can have a peek inside thanks to Andrew Bennett of Core Housing Solutions.

One-bedroom tiny cottage with a garage This is a one-bedroom tiny cottage with a garage. It's a granny flat in Australia called the Northmead by 5 Star Granny Flats. It's a one bedroom house design with a full kitchen, bathroom, and one-car garage. It's perfect, isn't it? What would you pay for a house like this in your area?

Decluttering is Great. Minimalism is Even Better. And while decluttering is great, minimalism is even better. Decluttering is the act of removing clutter from a room, an area, etc. Removing items from our home that we know are no longer needed and are creating crowded messes or confusion. Minimalism, on the other hand, accomplishes that and takes an additional step.

Toongabbie granny flat cottage with rainwater collection If you're looking for a tiny house, but find the ones on wheels are just too small and clunky to you, well, there's still hope. That's why I'm showing you this tiny cottage on a foundation with rainwater collection by 5 Star Granny Flats in Australia.

PodCast - Musician's Modular Tiny House Combines Foundation and Trailer Asha is an electric violinist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra. She has toured with Gnarls Barkley, Dee Snider of Twisted sister and performed regularly on the American Idol show. In 2016 she built her dream "Amplified" tiny house in Fayetteville Arkansas where she hosts tiny deck concerts.

Easy Homemade Falafels They would have to be one of my favourite foods when combined with the right condiments. Soft but crispy, they are a little ball of goodness. I’ve created a recipe that uses them in this beautiful colourful salad, and will soon create a recipe that shows off my favourite way to have it in a wrap.

UK study says public washrooms are "as essential as streetlights." Public washrooms really are just as important as public roads, because in both cases, people gotta go.

In the face of a changing climate, our buildings need thermal resilience. The Thermal Resilience Design Guide from Ted Kesik could be a new standard. Doctor Ted Kesik, Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto, with Doctor Liam O'Brien of Carleton University and Doctor Aylin Ozkan of U of T, have just released a Thermal Resilience Design Guide.

2017 Ram Promaster 1500 Van Conversion For Sale This is to let you know about this 2017 Ram Promaster 1500 Van Conversion that's for sale out of Boerne, Texas. It's listed over at Conversion Trader for $49,000.

Tiny House Designs Taos Mesa Plans My friend Michael Janzen from Tiny House Designs has been playing with some new ideas of homes being built of adobe. Here is his smallest of the last three he has been working on. It is a small home on a foundation. Here are more of the details:. This third home is only 376 square feet and should be easy to build.

Simplify Your Life by Diving into the Most Important Thing We may be able to do it all, but we can't do it all at once. Everything can't matter at the same time. It can't all have your attention. Seth Godin wrote that only ten words of the 1000 we write will get attention. I've already written more than 70. Are you still reading?

The K2 Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes This is the K2 Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes. It's a 26-foot THOW that starts at $48,950. Get the full tour and learn more below. Enjoy! Don't miss other awesome tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Images Tiny Idahomes. Images Tiny Idahomes.

Tiny house water park hotel in Wisconsin Dells This is an announcement from Bob Clarizio of Bantam Built Homes where he just delivered a tiny house on wheels to what he calls the "world's first tiny house water park hotel" in the heart of Wisconsin Dells called Dells Resorts.

Would you live in an apartment without an oven? It is evidently big news in Toronto that condos are being sold without ovens, but it shouldn't surprise anyone. In New York City, at least according to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City, people use their ovens as closets.

Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman Did you know about the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman? I wasn't sure if you did! Well, if you're interested in learning more about living tiny, this is one of the best podcasts you can listen to.

How she turned her van into an 80-square-foot rolling tiny home This is the story of Lindsey's 80-square-foot rolling tiny home. It's a 2011 Sprinter Van that she and her dad converted into a stealthy motorhome. They did it together, while she worked part-time, in just under 6 months using about $8,000 in materials.

IKEA introduces foldable furniture for the modern mobile lifestyle This is, whether we like it or not, the future of furniture design. When my daughter was in university I was appalled by the mountains of IKEA furniture put out on the street at the end of term by people who didn't even think it worthwhile to take home.

The Doghouse Red School Bus Conversion by Paved to Pines This is the Doghouse Red School Bus Conversion by Paved to Pines. Don't miss other super cool tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Paved to Pines - Rentals - More Builds - Story - Small Spaces Addiction. You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below.

Podcast 184 - Minimalist Diets In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua discusses simple diets, optimal health, strategies for healing, and the gut microbiome with author and podcaster Rich Roll, Doctor Paul Saladino, and Doctor Tommy Wood, and they answer the following questions:.

Lessons from Le Corbusier in sustainable design Really, there is a lot to love about his work that applies to green building. Really. Writing in Citylab, Anthony Flint describes why people hate Le Corbusier:. He wouldn't chop a tree down if he could build around it, as he did at the Swiss Pavilion in 1930.

Frame a fresh inspirational quote of the day, every day I was listening to Dale Carnegie's "How to stop worrying and start living" and thought I needed to be reminded once in a while of his good advice. But I did not want the wall to have a bunch of framed quotations. So I made this daily inspirational quotes frame, and placed it near my coffee machine.

The Discipline of Mastering Mental States I'm far from mastering this skill, but one thing I've been playing around with is how important mental states are to our productivity, happiness, focus, health habits and more. For example, if you're tired or feeling down, there's a good chance you're not going to focus on your meaningful tasks, and instead will look for distractions and comfort.

What is home? Musings on the tiny life, family, and adventure with Andrew and Gabriella Morrison - Tiny House Blog My guests Andrew and Gabriella Morrison tried the 2200sf American Dream only to realize that they were the happiest and most available to their children when they were living with the least. Aside from being awesome people, Andrew and Gabriella are some of the most faces in the tiny house movement.

Unyolked Offers Rural Hideaway Cabins Down Under Harried workers all over the world need to get away sometimes and what better way than in a tiny, unplugged cabin in the woods? The overworked people of New York or Boston escape to places such as Getaway, but now there is a new escape tactic for people Down Under.

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Simplify Your Summer To enjoy summer and avoid becoming a slave to stress and obligation, this is the one thing to accomplish today before things heat up:. Define your happy ending. A simple way to pinpoint your happy ending is to choose a word to epitomize that which you seek.

Looking Past The Aesthetics of Minimalism – Episode 018 The feeling of having to start from scratch because you don’t have “the look” of how minimalist aesthetics have been portrayed on social media is what we talk a lot about in this episode.

Addressing Pressure from Family Members In this five-minute “Quickie” video, Joshua and Ryan discuss how to handle pressure from family members with author and podcaster Denaye Barahona…

My Struggles With Meditation How many of us have heard that we should be meditating? Most of us, right? The scientific evidence for the benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again, but still, many of us seem to ignore this fact. I know this all too well. I struggle with anxiety.

Why Wheels? A Case for Movable Tiny Houses - Tiny House Blog The term "tiny house on wheels" can be a source of considerable misunderstanding. Ease of mobility is all too closely related to transiency, bringing up creepy connotations for many the traditional home dweller. Also, any structure on wheels is often seen as only temporary.

UPDATE: Oregon Reach Code for Tiny Houses - Tiny House Blog Posted by SquareOne Villages on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Why Wheels? A Case for Movable Tiny Houses. Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Groundbreaking. Urban Tiny House Living and Community Building with Lee Pera. How to Start a Business From Your Tiny House.

Woodland Tiny House Nashville - Tiny House Blog Coque iphone 8 tiny house, Woodland Tiny House Nashville. coque iphone My husband and I spent the last 8.5 months building it ourselves in our back yard, but the rest was us!

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Groundbreaking - Tiny House Blog Saturday, February 9, 2019 11:00 a.m. Ceremony 10:00 a.m. Media Hour with City Officials and Future Residents 206 Gotcher Avenue, Lake Dallas Parking: 212 Main Street The long-awaited groundbreaking for the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village will take place at 11 a.m.

Urban Tiny House Living and Community Building with Lee Pera Sailboat Living: the Tiny House of the Sea. Jay Shafer's Tiny Houses, An Efficiency Evolution. Fly Fisherman's DIY Tiny House Built with Recycled Materials. Washington State Congress Passes Tiny House Bill. Just Park It: an Orlando Tiny Home Community.

This family home is two tiny houses connected by a sunroom When one tiny home isn't quite enough, how about adding another? There's some real magic in the idea of a courtyard house; a house in which the main rooms surround a secret open space. Of course for anyone living tiny, there wouldn't be enough house to enclose a courtyard - but The Ohana might be the next best thing.

Quirky industrial-style tiny house with built-in outhouse w/ outdoor shower! This is a quirky industrial-style tiny house on wheels with a built-in outdoor shower in Atlanta, Georgia. It happens to be a vacation unit located on an urban farm in the area. It's a one-of-a-kind tiny house with 93-square-feet of space inside.

Rainforest tiny house with outdoor kitchen This is a rainforest tiny house with a screened-in outdoor kitchen in Pepeekeo, Hawaii. When you first step in through the screen door, you're in the outdoor kitchen / porch area. Pretty cool, don't you think? Step inside this simple little cabin to find a table, bunk beds, a sink, a toilet, and a shower.

Act Fast: Sometimes It's Important to Make Quick Decisions If selling my house has taught me one thing, it's that sometimes we have to act fast. When the offers started coming in, I had to quickly review and decide if it was something I wanted to consider. Fortunately, in the current sellers market, the second offer was a winner.

Meditation: Sitting with Your Basic Goodness There is a part of us, in all of us, that worries that we're not good enough. Not good enough to succeed, to handle the chaos of life, to be loved. It's the reason we get anxiety and stress - if we're not good enough, what will happen when everything collapses and we can't handle it?

One-Pot French Lentil, Mushroom and Sage Stew I grew up eating stews like this one all the time. I love them dearly. The perfect time to have them is when it’s cold or raining inside, and you make a big pot of lentil stew to share with your loved ones over by the fireplace with a glass of red and some fresh, soft and fluffy Italian bread.

The Bermuda Tiny House at Orlando Lakefront This is the Bermuda Tiny House at Orlando Lakefront. It's a beautiful tiny house on wheels with lots of fun design features. From the colorful steps and yellow accents, the creative way they decorated underneath the trailer, this tiny house can really show us a lot.

The Galaxy Tiny House at Orlando Lakefront This is the Galaxy Tiny House over at Orlando Lakefront. It's a gooseneck tiny home on wheels for space lovers. From the outside, you get a hint of the theme with the purple and grey color scheme. But it isn't until you enter the house that you see the galactical design features, which I'll let you discover on your own.

The Ritz tiny house experience in Orlando, Florida This is The Ritz tiny house experience in Orlando, Florida. It's a beautiful tiny home on wheels that you can book for vacation on Airbnb. If you've ever wanted to try out a tiny house for the first time, this one seems like it would leave you with a pretty good impression.

Natural wood coffee table hacked from 2 benches And after a lot of searching we did not find any matching natural wood coffee table so my wife wanted to use two SKOGSTA benches next to each other. I was a bit of meh that it was also not an ideal solution. So I decided to hack the two 120cm SKOGSTA benches into one coffee table.

How to Prepare for a Full Time Mobile Lifestyle with Macy Miller After over 40,000 miles of traveling in her homemade travel trailer with her two kids partner and a dog, Macy Miller has created an online course to help others learn how to live the mobile lifestyle.

Please Stop Buying Plastic Crap for Kids Our relationship is the gift. The minute I start stuffing my suitcase full of trinkets is the minute she starts running to my suitcase instead of my arms. Call me selfish, but I'm not willing to share my affection with a plastic unicorn headband.

Five Frugal Things Totally agree Katie everyday in every way I am becoming more aware, better, smarter, thoughtful less of a consumer through your blog and others - over the years my evolution has become my personal Viva non-consumer revolution! Reply. On Sunday I made black beans and veggie soup with fridge odds and ends.

Folk school in Norway teaches tiny house construction This is the Fosen Folk School, an organic folk school in Norway that teaches unique and useful skills like construction. If you've ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, build a tiny house, learn how to build a traditional boat, and other useful skills, please continue.

How tiny homes can offer you an extraordinary lifestyle This is a speech that's actually titled, Tiny Houses Make for an Extraordinary Life with Andrew Bennett at TEDxEustis. He's the man behind Core Housing Solutions and he's been designing and building tiny houses for many years now. In this talk, Andrew shares how going tiny can create space in your life for new experiences in your life.

How tiny homes impacted the HUD IHS event in Washington, DC If you're curious about how the Innovative Housing Showcase in Washington, D.C. is going, you've landed in the right place. Learn how tiny homes and other alternatives are having an impact in Washington and beyond thanks to Andrew Bennett of Core Housing Solutions.

Family builds tiny house to start new way of life This is the story of the Mejia family and how they ended up to downsize into a tiny house that they built themselves. Before they were living tiny, they were super busy, and would hardly really get to spend very much quality time with each other and with their son.

From Pro Snowboarder to Tiny House VAN CONVERSION builder! Having worked professionally in the snowboarding industry for years, JJ decided that a move into the world of tiny housing was to be his next move and he has now been working solo on van dwellings for the past couple of years. More specifically his specialty is in the world of van conversion builds that are fully off grid.

Layla Rustic Cabin Plans Not everyone wants a tiny house on wheels. If you have land or are thinking about an ADU where you already have a large home. The Layla cabin plan may be for you. The Layla has a 373 square foot main floor and a 98 square foot loft area. An important element for many people is that there is a bedroom on the main floor.

Lakefront tiny house with modern amenities in Orlando community This is a lakefront tiny house with modern amenities in an Orlando, Florida tiny house community/RV park. What do you think of this tiny house? Is it a design that you can see yourself living in? Please don't miss other super cool tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

An Offer on the Table: Selling My House This is just a short update post in regard to selling my home. I accepted an offer on my house today. I'm not going to go into detail about the numbers at this point because we still have to get through the appraisal and the inspection. Things could change.

7 Things Standing Between You and Joy If you want more joy and delight in your life, do these two things:. Notice joy. When you are in joy; when you see it and feel it, notice it. Give joy your time and attention and it will fill your heart. Let go of the things that stand between you and joy.

Spring Cleaning & Upgrade Tips for Tiny House Owners Living a minimalist life has brought you more joy than you could have expected. Returning home to your small, intimate space each night feels peaceful and supportive of the life you want to live. While you may have trimmed down to just the necessities and the items that bring you happiness, small spaces can quickly get cluttered.

Podcast 183 - Creativity In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan chat about creativity, creating more and consuming less, and the difference between "creating content" and "producing meaningful creations" with filmmaker and YouTuber Matt D'Avella, and they answer the following questions:.

The Simplify Your Life Challenge Our lives naturally get busy, complicated, stressful, hectic, overwhelming. It's the nature of things: we say yes to too much and overcommit ourselves; we fill in all the spaces with possessions, things to do, distractions; we give in to urges to do more, read more, watch more, buy more, want more.

An engineering cameo at the Royal Bath & West show There's no finance angle - it's a snapshot of an early retiree going along for the ride at a trade show, something I used to do at work. It was good just being a grunt, rather than the organ grinder. One of the odd things about retirement is doing something that reminds me of my working life, but in a different context.

Concrete hut tiny house in Tokyo This is the story of a concrete hut tiny house in Tokyo, Japan. The home, nicknamed the Love2 House, was designed by Takeshi Hosaka for a couple. And has just 18-square-meters of space inside, which is approximately 200-square-feet.

Lakeside tiny house in Orlando, Florida This is a lakeside tiny house in Orlando, Florida that you can actually book and stay for vacation in. It could be a pretty fun way to try out living tiny, don't you think?

Summer Getaway: The Beach Hut The traditional beach hut is not a common site on the beaches of the United States. However, on shores of Great Britain, Europe, South Africa, and Australia, these tiny huts are the epitome of summertime living.

Becoming Minimalist East Coast Book Tour In July, I will be touring the East Coast, stopping in 6 cities, to celebrate and discuss my newest book, The Minimalist Home. The book released in December-and this is my first opportunity to get out and hold events with the Becoming Minimalist Community.

Purple Monster Shipping Container Tiny House by Kountry Containers This is a purple monster shipping container tiny house by Kountry Containers somewhere near Austin, Texas. From the outside, it's purple, hence its nickname, purple monster. And of course, you can tell it's more than just a shipping container, right? Because it has beautiful windows and modern french doors that blend right in with the container.

Let’s Talk About Waste – Episode 017 Before we became vegans and minimalists, we used to throw things away without thinking twice about it. But what we never considered is, where exactly is away? What we’ve come to realise now is that there’s really no such thing. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Easy Vegan Frittata - Minimalist Baker Recipes Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list.

Buy This Thing We tend to use things to fill perceived gaps in ourselves and in our lives. Feeling unhappy? Buy a thing. Feeling incompetent? Buy a thing. Feeling incomplete in some currently unnamed way? This thing will complete you; buy one. We use new acquisitions, new things, to introduce change into our lives.

After living in it for two years, her off-grid tiny house is now for sale This is the story of Megan's tiny house which is now for sale. She lived in it for two years, but now that she's getting serious with her dog training business, she's basically outgrown it. So now it's for sale. Do you want it? Do you like it? Think you could live in it happily?

6 Life-Changing Benefits of Blogging Today I want to talk about blogging. I know it's not a topic you've come to expect from The Minimalist Vegan-but my journey into minimalism and veganism started because courageous bloggers chose to publish their experiences on the internet.

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads. So fix yourself a nice warm cup of coffee or tea. Find a quiet moment this weekend. And enjoy some encouraging words to inspire more simplicity in your life today. There Is Too Much Stuff - The Atlantic by Amanda Mull. The human brain can't contend with the vastness of online shopping.

7 Tips To Declutter And Organize Your Pantry This post originally appeared on the Project Juice blog, Ritual Wellness.

Tiny Houses Get National Exposure at Innovative Housing Summit National Association of Home Builders and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are co-hosting the inaugural Innovative Housing Showcase. Importantly, tiny houses are represented! It's a free 5-day event featuring new building technologies and housing solutions.

Immune Boosting Herbal Tea Every time I start to get sick, feel flat, have a sore throat, a cough or anything where I may end up in bed, I make myself this drink. My mum is a naturopath and created the simple mix of sage, lemon and thyme for when I’ve got a cold. I sip on it throughout the day and let is soothe my throat.

Enchanting off-grid floating home can be yours for around $200,000 This inviting, one-bedroom canal boat is in the 600-square-foot range and has all the comforts of home. The more people get pushed out of the market in some of the world's loveliest cities, the more alternative options look increasingly dreamy.

Eero Saarinen's TWA terminal is restored, repurposed and reborn as the TWA Hotel Did we say we hate concrete? Just the new stuff. This kind of concrete should be buffed, polished and treasured. I complain a lot about concrete, about the amount of CO2 generated in its manufacture, about all the aggregate and all of the trucks carrying it all.

Living Off-Grid in Hawaii: Zeena's DIY Gooseneck Tiny Home for Three What do you do when you can't afford to buy a house in the place you grew up? My guest Zeena Fontanilla and her husband built a DIY Gooseneck Tiny House and now live completely off-grid and mortgage free. Zeena, her husband Shane and 17 month old son Maverick live in a 360 square foot tiny house.

Lemon Baked Salmon With Garlic Dill Sauce Plus, it requires just 20 minutes and 7 ingredients to prepare. Let's do this! This recipe starts with seasoning the salmon. I like to keep things simple with a little oil, salt, pepper, and fresh dill. Thinly sliced lemon adds a pop of color, which enhances the visual presentation while adding a bit of citrus flavor to the fish.

Stick to Decluttering with The Becker Method This is the exact process hundreds of thousands of people have used in their own homes to own less and live more.

Join Zack Giffin to represent tiny houses in DC - June 1 - The National Mall in DC This is to announce and invite you to represent the tiny house movement this June 1, 2019, at the National Mall near the U.S. Capitol alongside Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation, Andrew Bennett of Core Housing Solutions, Ben Carson, secretary of the U.S.

Declaring email bankruptcy There's something distinctly unfunny about writing a whole blog post on managing emails, only to make a monumental error and lose the whole post. That just happened to me! So, this feels a bit like having to re-do a piece of homework, but I hope that - on reading this post - you'll feel it was worthwhile topic of conversation.

Declutter Your Life: Quotes that Will Help You Let Go As you let go, you'll begin to really understand what matters to you. You will likely notice that the stuff that surrounds you, and demands your attention and energy isn't as important or meaningful as you think. That's exactly what happened to me.

How Tiny Homes Promote Sustainability and Minimalism Tiny homes are defined as living spaces between 200 and 400 square feet. These miniature dwellings have been popular for many years now, but have recently been gaining favor with the Millennial generation.

Why can't we have woonerven in North America? Streetfilms shows how a road can in fact be many things, not just a place for cars. When our kids were small, we used to close off the street every June at the end of school for a street party. It was wonderful, we got to know everyone on the street, and the kids all got to play together in the roadway.

Fred's Tiny Houses win big sustainability award There is more to the tiny house movement than just living with less. It can also be a story about resilience, sustainability and adaptablility. Tiny houses have evolved over the years, from a barely legal form of low-cost living under the radar, to an established alternative to traditional and expensive housing.

3D Printer Workbench with fold away desk I have a small room, but want to be able to do various project work, including working on my 3D printer. And I really wanted a desk where I can have things organized or I spend all my time looking for my tools and pieces. So, I used an IKEA HEMNES console table, two HEMNES night stands, and the top part of the two-part HEMNES writing desk.

Small Bungalow House Plans Mila The 345 square foot Mila a small bungalow house is next in our look at some tiny house plans available on the internet. With a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area, this small footprint has everything you need for a tiny house on a foundation.

Podcast 182 - Simple Families In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan discuss simple families, minimalist parenting, and traveling with a family with author and podcaster Denaye Barahona, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3.

11 Better Places to Find Pride in Life If most of the world is looking for pride in their assets and the square footage of their home, minimalism has prompted me to begin looking elsewhere. Many will consider the pursuit and accumulation of material possessions as a badge of honor. But they are mistaken.

Modern / minimalist tiny cabin vacation… The Dashi Cabin from Cabinscape This is a modern / minimalist tiny cabin vacation… It's the Dashi Cabin from Cabinscape. An off-grid tiny house on wheels with a permanent deck with views of the forest in Bayfield, Ontario.

VW Microbus is officially coming back to the United States Did you know that the VW Microbus is scheduled to come back to the United States? According to, "It's official: The VW Bus is back, and it's electric." It's called the ID Buzz and it's fully electric. Don't miss other interesting news and announcements - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

There's more to being comfortable and productive than just temperature A study suggests we should turn up the heat; it's not so simple. But I have more fundamental problems with this study.

Zen Habits Coaching Here's a testimonial from one of my recent clients:.

Escape to A Tiny House Resort Near Woodstock If you live in the urban areas of the eastern seaboard and need an escape, a new tiny house resort is open in the Catskills in the small town of South Cairo, New York. This vacation resort features nine tiny houses on a creek, a swimming hole, and waterfalls.

1-Bowl Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes Gluten-free protein pancakes requiring only 20 minutes and 1 bowl. Fluffy, light, and packed with fiber, they're the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

Challenging The Stigma of Animal Activism – Episode 016 Chris and Bronwyn have been doing animal activism for a couple of years now. And they have made a change in our local community through their activist work. The work these two have done for the animals in such a short amount of time is incredible.

Get the Carrack 1042 & 836 Tiny House Plans Ends May 27, 2019 This is to announce the Carrack 1042 and 836 tiny house plans by Michael Janzen are currently on a limited time buy one, get one sale which ends May 27th so I thought you should know. You might remember both of these plans because I've posted about both the 1042 and the 836.

36-foot tiny home you can build using these affordable tiny house plans This is a 36-foot tiny home you can build using these affordable tiny house plans by Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design. It's the Carrack 836, which is a smaller version of the Carrack 1042, aka, the 420-square-foot 'big tiny house' you can build using these $39 downloadable plans.

5 Decluttering Tips Despite our allergic reaction, the media frequently asks for "The Minimalists top decluttering tips." Although we don't hand them a list, we usually answer with the following advice. Question.

The Link Between Consumerism and Toxic Chemicals When you shop for body wash, what do you look for in a brand? What’s the first thing that catches your eye? Is it the colour of the product? What about the shape? How about the scent? Typically, the products that we buy have a way of catching our attention.

Yikes! I'm Putting the For-Sale Sign Up this Week The moment of truth is now very, very close. I've signed the contract with my real-estate agent, she's taken the photos, and the house will be listed this week. It's both exciting and a little scary. Yikes! Selling my house is something I've been contemplating for a couple of years.

She's off in her stealth camper van conversion with her two scotties! This is the story of Gretchen's stealth camper van conversion. She bought a van, moved in with her two Scotties, and then eventually had it insulated and converted by purchasing a kit from a company in Colorado that specializes in van conversions! So here's how it all went down.

TV series on Canadians living in tiny homes and other alternative houses This is to announce a new TV series on Canadians living in tiny homes and other alternative houses too called HomeMade: Dwelling Differently. It's a new four-part series premiering online and on TELUS Optik TV. It already started so you can already start catching up on episodes if you'd like.

Sailboat Living: the Tiny House of the Sea There’s much learn from sailboats about the efficient use of space. In fact, you can clearly see the direct design inspiration in many modern tiny house designs, from the sleek carpentry, multifunctional features to the compact appliances. If you love the water, you may want to consider life aboard.

Folding outdoor table: ÄPPLARÖ switcheroo We modified the ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table into a folding outdoor table for our balcony. The original ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table has a drop leaf table on the left and right. We lift the table top and push the gateleg out from the middle into position to support the table.

Surprise! Study finds that gas heating is cheaper than electric That doesn't mean we shouldn't still be trying to electrify everything. Engineers from NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, have just published a study titled Gas vs electric: Heating system fuel source implications on low-energy single-family dwelling sustainability performance.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Waffles - Minimalist Baker Recipes Made these waffles with oat flour. VERY yummy. Also, another tip is that certain waffle makers don't necessarily need* "cooking spray". Most are non-stick so there is no need. I have the Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker, 7-inch and I've never used any cooking spray and my waffles always come out SO easliy.

Vegan Smokey Baked Mac & Cheese Sometimes I’m just in the mood for something a little more carb heavy and creamy. If this doesn’t hit the spot, then I don’t know what does!

1971 Airstream Overlander Conversion in Kansas City - $47k This is a 1971 Airstream Overlander Conversion in Kansas City that's for sale for $47,000, according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders. Please don't miss other interesting tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter with more! See more photos of it and learn more here.

Cross-Laminated Timber used in Portland's B76 building Everybody is talking about tall wood these days, but here is a bit of short wood, a nice little building by Skylab Architects, on a funny little site created when some roads were reworked in Portland, Oregon. B76 Timelapse from Skylab Architecture on Vimeo.

FREITAG stores are full of cardboard and chopped up old tarps. How do they look so good? Every bag they make is different, which creates a real marketing and display problem. FREITAG has been making bags out of used vinyl fabric from the sides of European trucks since 1993, and I suspect that almost every single one is still in service. The fabric is tough and the straps are old seat belts, all materials that last almost forever.

Here's how to make your walls seriously high end, on a budget But in Italy, getting a craftsman to make a real wainscot is very expensive. So she turned to IKEA to create picture frame wainscoting, at a very much lower price. With some DIY gungho, she got the luxurious boiserie she was aiming for. Just feast your eyes on the end result of her picture frame wainscoting.

A Mindful Method for When You're Tired My family and I flew back to California after nine months of being in Guam, and boy are our arms tired! OK, our entire bodies are tired, and our brains - we're suffering from jet lag and feeling tired during the day. This isn't necessarily a problem - jet lag is to be expected, after all - but tiredness can affect everything in your life.

Tiny House Blog For about $4,000 in materials, you can build a 1000 square foot home with 4? thick walls, including the foundation slab, walls, arches, doorways, windows, and window frames. Think it's impossible? Think again: Welcome to building with AirCrete. In This Episode:.

The Case Against Extravagant Weddings It is helpful, I think, to consider some of the negative ramifications of an expensive and extravagant wedding. Ever-increasing wedding costs are not necessary and may actually do more harm than good. Consider the reasons:. Extravagant weddings result in increased stress and distraction.

Amazon After is a concept to help you get rid of all that stuff you buy online Design engineer Scott Amron envisages a new way to help you sell, donate, rent or revive stuff you no longer need. We at TreeHugger are not alone in bemoaning the influence of Amazon on people's buying habits, that patented single click, that instant gratification of knowing that the next day your purchase will arrive.

Glavel could replace plastic foam below grade Going foam-free is getting easier and more affordable. We often talk about how problematic plastic foam insulation is, being made from fossil fuels, foamed with greenhouse gases, and treated with flame retardants. But for use below grade, affordable alternatives are hard to find.

Cowboy Coffee a Solo Stove and a Gaston Luga Classic Pack A few weeks ago my son and I hiked out to a place he calls the "Fort." A friend of his has built this wonderful place to camp out in the forest here in Central Oregon. I had recently received a pack from Gaston Luga and wanted to try it out. The pack is a very classic looking pack and I wanted to test it out in the woods.

Montalba Architects' Bex & Arts pavilion is an evocative little box This portable pavilion has a clever lightweight structure where the bookshelves hold up the roof. Montalba Architects have designed a gem of a little portable building, the Bex and Arts Pavilion. It's described on V2com:.

30-foot high-end tiny house by Finished Right Contracting This is 30-foot high-end tiny house by Finished Right Contracting that's for sale and the story behind it. Please don't miss other super cool tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter with more! By the way, $110,000 CAD is approximately $81,940 USD as of May 21, 2019.

My Minimalist Approach to Books I love reading books, sharing books and giving books away. What don't I like about books is storing them, moving them and forcing myself to read them when I don't really feel like it just because I own them. Here is my minimalist approach to books.

Chum Creek wine country tiny house getaway: solar-powered micro-cottage on wheels This is the Chum Creek wine country tiny house getaway. It's a tiny house vacation near Healesville, Victoria, Australia featuring a covered front porch, mounted rooftop solar panels, and incredible views. If you like, you can book a stay over at Glamping Hub.

Riding the Turbulence of Life Like a Wave We're in the middle of a big move back to California from Guam, and things are in great flux. Saying goodby to everyone, packing and shipping stuff, not having a home yet, traveling with kids on a couple long flights, moving our old stuff from storage in a U-Haul, finding our way in a new city.

Easy Bibimbap with Gochujang Sauce A Korean-inspired dish that's simple, healthy, and customizable. An affordable meal with make-ahead sauce and 10 ingredients required!

Unique Tips For Saving Energy in Your House If you're a tiny homeowner, you might be more worried about using space efficiently and fitting all your belongings into a small area than saving energy. But saving energy doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, it can even help simplify and declutter your life, better aligning it with tiny home living.

Podcast 181 - Mindful In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan talk about the most precious kind of freedom-awareness-as well as intentional living, mindfulness, meditation, and purpose with neuroscientist, author, and podcaster Sam Harris, and they answer the following questions:.

Great bathroom reading: Essential composting toilets Gord Baird and Ann Baird have written the definitive guide. The first thing I have to say is that if you are even thinking about getting a composting toilet, you should read this book cover to cover before you start.

Escaping the "Hustle" in an Airstream in Baja For much of her life, Milena Regos was hustling. Working long hours as a marketing executive and entrepreneur and burning the candle at both ends seemed like the only way to be successful. This all changed when Milena and her husband took a trip to Baja California and fell in love with the lifestyle, land, and kitesurfing.

What is Rational Minimalism? It's about living with what you need. And that is always going to look different from one person to another and one household to another. If you were to walk into my home today, you would probably not immediately assume that a minimalist family lives there.

What Is Minimalist Money? – Episode 015 Minimalism isn't just about our possessions. We've been talking about other things like choosing the friends that you keep, the work that you do, and how you choose to spend your time overall. But something that we are yet to talk about in more detail, besides this great post that Michael wrote, is money.

A Minimalist Approach to Technology Our tools are only as good as the person using them. A chainsaw can cut down a rotting backyard tree, preventing it from impaling a neighbor's house. Or, that same chainsaw can be used to hurt our neighbor, to chop him up into tiny pieces. A can of paint can beautify a home's facade.

A Beginners Guide To A Zero-Waste Kitchen I consider the term zero-waste to be a buzzword. The reason I say that is because zero-waste in most households is unattainable, but it’s a word that is thrown around a lot lately. It’s something that most of us strive to achieve; however, it is an unrealistic goal for anyone to be completely zero-waste.

Chickpea Caesar Salad Behold: The 30-Minute Chickpea Caesar Salad with vibrant kale, tangy 5-minute Caesar dressing, crispy baked chickpeas, and so much flavor we can hardly contain ourselves. Let me show you how it's done!

15k travel trailer tiny house for sale in Naples, Florida This is a 27-foot travel trailer tiny house conversion that's for sale for $15,000, or best offer. It's a 2018 Forest River Wildwood RKSS Model located in Naples, Florida.

FOR SALE - 20ft Ozark Tiny House with a Dinette Slide Out, Main Floor Bedroom, Very Nice Kitchen, And More! If you enjoyed this you'll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! Thank you! More Like This: Explore our Tiny Houses For Sale Section. See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses. comments. Leave a Comment. Name. Email.

New Tiny Home Community Approved in Georgia One week ago Clarkston became the first city in Georgia to approve a tiny house neighborhood. The Cottages on Vaughan is the brainchild of the MicroLife Institute nonprofit. Their mission is centered around enabling developments of walkable, sustainable “micro-hood” communities.

The Future of Hip Diggs and a Warning to Bloggers I operate a few websites. My main site is I have a poetry site called Cowboy Zen. And of course, there's this site, Hip Diggs. There have been several other blogs I've created and deleted over the years. Last year, I was going to phase Hip Diggs out and focus on my main site.

Tiny House Magazine Issue #77 Tiny House Magazine Issue 77 * is now available with 98 pages of tiny house goodness. Here's a little bit of what you'll find inside:. …and many more! Images Tiny House Magazine. Images Tiny House Magazine. This issue also covers topics like:. Get yours here.

Spiced Coconut Chai My mum has been making and selling her own tea blends for many years, and I’ve gotten used to having great tea around the house. Having worked for her for three years in her naturopathic clinic, I was drinking, making, selling and serving tea almost every day.

How Tiny House Living Sparked a Life of Entrepreneurship with Jess Sullivan Today's episode is all about how tiny house living can spark a life of entrepreneurship… whether you were planning to or not.

Rich people in San Francisco mad that they have to look at people living on boats The Wall Street Journal calls them "homeless" but they look "landless" to me. Years ago I bicycled over the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito, Mill Valley and Tiburon, and decided that I wanted to live on a boat. In Sausalito. I thought the same thing in Vancouver, where houseboats are intermixed with regular boats.

Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves, they're larger than life In our bedroom, we wanted a good amount of open storage with built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves. But on a budget! So we turned to the IKEA BILLY. The project was completed with all the work done on weekends over a period of 4 months. First things first, I designed the layout in Adobe Illustrator.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 77 As I browse through this month's issue of the Tiny House Magazine, I see a recurring theme that I wish to point out in my short letter. Let's start with our cover, which shows beautiful homes being constructed from old shipping containers. Not just one home but a community of homes.

Yves Béhar and New Story are planning to 3D-print an entire community in Latin America I am not a total skeptic about 3D printed houses, I think there is a place for them - on the moon, for example. Everybody is so excited about the community 3D-printed homes being built by New Story somewhere in Latin America. I'm excited that they have brought one of our favourite designers, Yves Béhar of Fuseproject, on board.

Buying Too Much Stuff is Driven By Uncertainty Eva and I and our two younger kids are in the process of moving back to California from Guam, where we've been living with family for the last 9 months. As we pack our stuff, get some stuff ready to ship to California, and donate other things to charity… it is a great time to reflect.

Smoky 1-Pot Refried Lentils Say hello to these Smoky, 1-Pot Refried Lentils! They're ready in less than 30 minutes, made in 1 pot, and incredibly creamy and delicious. Let's do this! The base for this recipe is lentils. We tested this recipe with green, black, and canned lentils and they all worked well.

One Simple Way to Declutter Your Mind Here's one simple way to declutter your mind and heart. It's not the only way but it is a good place to start. Try this right before you go to sleep. Write down what's on your mind and heart. It can be happy things, sad things, heavy things or light things.

Foam insulation made from cellulose nanocrystals works better than XPS If this gets into mass production we may be able to go plastic foam free. We often complain about plastic foam insulation, noting that it is made with fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, is full of flame retardants, and puts out toxic fumes when it burns.

Odd shaped Pantry Shelving? Hejne to the rescue I was unable to find suitable adjustable wall mounted pantry shelving for my odd shaped space. I realized the HEJNE shelving could be 'inverted', if you will, from outside to inside support. Basically the posts are fixed to the wall of the pantry. Shelves are adjustable and support is perpendicular to the IKEA plan.

32-foot Farmhouse tiny house with a main-floor bedroom for $88k by Liberation Tiny Homes This is a 32-foot Farmhouse tiny house on wheels with a main-floor bedroom for $88,000. It's built by Liberation Tiny Homes. It features a beautiful barn wood accent wall and many other upgrades to make it unique. What do you think of it? Please don't miss other super beautiful tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

The latest 28-foot, 360-square-foot tiny house on wheels by Liberation Tiny Homes This is the latest 28-foot, 360-square-foot tiny house on wheels by Liberation Tiny Homes. It features a galvanized metal roof, metal and stained pine siding, Andersen 100 Series windows, RV hookups, an LG 9000 BTU mini-split heating and cooling system, and more.

Buy the Dusky Parakeet, an tiny house that floats Currently moored in London's Saint Katharine Docks, this lovely modern houseboat is on the market for £290,000. There are homes "on" the water, and then there are homes that are really, on the water. The Dusky Parakeet is one of the latter, and it's currently listed for sale at Aucoot.

Tiny House Designs 10×42 Tiny House Plans the Carrack My good friend Michael at Tiny House Designs recently retired his original tiny house plans and just now started releasing his new plans. This first one is huge by tiny house standards but may just be what some of you are looking for.

Podcast 180 - Stopped Buying In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan talk about the things they stopped buying as minimalists and why they stopped buying them with YouTuber Shelbizleee, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3.

The Impact You Can Have From a Small Space There is a temptation to believe we need a lofty standing in the world before we can accomplish impressive deeds. If we had "this much" in our bank account, we could start doing big things. If we had "that job," we could accomplish so much good. If we had "that skill," "this talent," or "that degree," we could make such a difference in the world.

School bus conversion for sale… Hank's famous skoolie for $12k This is Hank's famous skoolie! It's a widely-shared bus conversion that he built back in 2013. Because he no longer really uses it, he can't justify continuing to hold on to it. So he's making it available at a seemingly very reasonable price, but it does need some repairs.

420-square-foot 'big tiny house' you can build using these $39 downloadable tiny house plans This is a larger than usual tiny house you can build using these $39 downloadable tiny house plans from Michael Janzen. It's called the 10×42 Carrack because, well, it's 10-feet by 42-feet. It's a big tiny house on wheels, technically would be classified as a park model.

Tiny house movement timeline: A brief history of tiny homes This is a tiny house movement timeline… A brief history of tiny homes. How far back does the tiny house movement go? Some could argue that tiny homes have been here since the dawn of man. And it's true, isn't it?

Giant tiny house… Is it stuck? This is the story of a giant tiny house built by Bantam Built Homes that they couldn't quite get to fit out of the door to their shop! Yikes! Can you imagine building a tiny house in your garage, or a warehouse, only to find out that it wouldn't be able to roll out?

The Midcentury Kitchen is a riot of color, from avocado green to harvest gold Sarah Archer shows how the kitchen became the colorful nerve center of the modern house. I was so excited when I learned about Sarah Archer's new book, The Midcentury Kitchen. I usually buy e-books these days, but wanted this as a keeper because this was the book I have always wanted to write, the story about how our modern kitchen came to be.

Recreational Resort Cottages and Dream Seeker THOW If you are in the market for a park model home, but want to see a ton of options at once, visit the Recreational Resort Cottages in Athens, Texas. This company not only offers over 45 models on display in their location south of Dallas, but they also have their own tiny house on wheels named the Dream Seeker.

Minimalist Vegans Moving To Slovenia – Episode 014 In mid-2018, we made the decision to close our online store and start making plans to move to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Those plans involved us going full-time with The Minimalist Vegan in April of this year. We have done that and now are working hard towards making our dreams come true and moving to a city that has been calling us for many years.

Rare 29-foot Airstream Ambassador converted into vintage tiny home This is the Vintage Glamper at the farm at Perch and Nest. It's an Airstream to tiny house conversion that's currently being used as an Airbnb vacation rental but it's also for sale. So if you happen to be interested in it, you can book a vacation in it, try it out, and then buy it if you like it.

14×14 A-frame tiny cabin built from one of LaMar Alexander’s plans This is a 14×14 A-frame tiny cabin built by one of LaMar Alexander's plans clients. You can see most of it below, where it is about 70% finished. What do you think, could you see yourself building something like this? Please don't miss other tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

New York Boho ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in Queens This is the New York Boho ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in Queens. If you love New York, and you've ever wanted to try out the new Boho tiny house from ESCAPE, this could be the perfect experience for you. When you step inside, it's like you're in a tiny studio cabin / apartment.

5-Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes Fluffy grain-free pancakes that are rich in fiber + protein. Made with 5 simple ingredients, these pancakes require only 15 minutes and 1 bowl!

11 Ways to Write Better No matter your preferred medium, here are a few tips to help you write more effectively. Treat text messages like prose. Before hitting the send button, review your text: spelling, content, punctuation. Ask yourself: What am I attempting to communicate?

Getting Rid of “Clutter On The Go” When we think of clutter, we often link it back to the excess of things in our fixed environment, whether it's our home, business or office. And even our stationary environments present the challenge of not only clearing surfaces but also having the presence of mind to address what we keep in storage.

Chill Out! Nothing Is Written in Stone, but Our Own Death I was simply excited that some longstanding neighbors that I've known personally for eight years showed an interest in helping if needed. And I think it could be a solution for me and a comfort to them as they just lost their own dog of 15 years. How inhumane of me!

One Dollar a Day Can Provide a Family for a Child We know that children belong in families. That's why we are working tirelessly to bring family-based solutions to orphans around the world. Our model of care mimics the family unit, with two parents and no more than 6-8 children in a household.

Creamy Vegan White Sauce One thing that I was worried about when I changed to a vegan diet was that I wouldn’t be able to have a white sauce in anything ever again. The smooth, rich texture of cheese melting in my mouth with whatever I was eating it with was a feeling I thought wouldn’t be part of my future.

The 11 Life Lessons It Turns Out I've Taught My Six Kids On my 46th birthday recently, my kids wrote out a list of lessons I'd taught each of them in their lives so far. Each wrote their own list, and my wife Eva sweetly put them together in a notebook. As I read through them, I felt like crying.

Rehoming Our Good Ol' Dog, Shep I'm getting closer to taking a big step. A few months ago I announced that I was going to sell my house. I've hesitated a little, but the plan is still to sell. The moment of truth is coming soon now that rehoming Shep has a good outlook. One of the biggest setbacks to selling my home has been my dog, Shep.

Green Pea Curry Hummus Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Hi! I love the idea of this recipe but I have a food intolerance to sesame. Is there anything else i could subsitute in place of the tahini?

Living the Vanlife for the Long Haul: How to Build a Sustainable Lifestyle with Kathleen Morton Are you interested in a mobile lifestyle? Traveling while you work? Living tiny? The #vanlife might be the life for you. My guest Kathleen Morton is the cofounder of Vanlife Diaries and is here to share stories and wisdom from her own vanlife, and from others she's met along the way.

Our Shared Ongoing Battle To Not Buy A Tesla Like you, I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm going to have to buy a Tesla at some point. I can tell because I have read every last scrap of Tesla news and inadvertently memorized every last technical detail about the company and their cars and energy storage systems that has ever been printed or YouTubed.

Tiny cottage w/ adorable Thoreau-style tiny house in Grapeview, WA - $250k This is a tiny cottage w/ an adorable Thoreau-style tiny house in Grapeview, Washington that's on the market for $249,950 as of 5/8/2019, according to Zillow / NWMLS. It's totally secluded, built in 2014, and the property features RV parking, extra building site for an additional home, a camping area, and more.

Spiral observation tower rises out of Danish forest But no, we're not going to compare to that other tower. It is inevitable that comparisons will be made between a certain tower in the Hudson Yards in New York City and the Camp Adventure Forest Tower designed by Copenhagen's EFFEKT Architects. Jesus Diaz of Fast Company does a hilarious job of it.

When to Make a Personal Promise to Pause If you want to align your actions with your values, consider a personal promise to pause. Choose the one pause below that most deeply resonates and promise to incorporate it into your day-to-day life. Do it for 30-90 days until it becomes a habit.

Should your toilet be on the floor or in the wall? There are very good reasons for using them, especially in smaller spaces. When visiting Europe, it seems that almost every toilet you see is an in-wall style with two buttons on the wall and a wall-hung toilet bowl.

After living tiny for years she's selling her Harmony House tiny house This is to let you know that Dawn's tiny house, called the Harmony House, built by Full Moon Tiny Shelters, is now available/for sale. My friend Danielle Chabassol from the Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel sent me the fliers with all of the info which you can download below.

He built a 512-square-foot tiny house for his sister in 3 months and 28 days for $16,318 in materials This is the story of a man who built a 512-square-foot tiny house for his sister in 3 months and 28 days for $16,318 in materials. It's located in the Florida panhandle and he even stayed in it after hurricane Michael. Now he is considering using it for Airbnb, too.

Why it's important to let our teens fail Being unprepared or disorganised not only puts the individual concerned under pressure; it can also place a burden on others. If your child is late for school and you're driving her, you're going to risk being late yourself.

Is your dumb building making you dumber too? Poor air quality make for poor working conditions, and the New York Times is on it. The New York Times asks Is conference room air making you dumber? Veronique Greenwood writes:. Given that I write about how much I like dumb houses and dumb boxes and dumb cities, I was not crazy about dumb building syndrome.

"Direct Vision" requirement approved for London Trucks New trucks will all have much greater visibility for the drivers, saving lives of people who walk and cycle. Everything about trucks is different in the UK. Even the names; they are lorries or HGVs, or Heavy Goods Vehicles.

How Tiny Homes Help Highly Creative People The tiny house phenomenon is transforming the lives of people seeking a minimalist lifestyle. People are building their own miniature living spaces and moving out of the city to the woods, suburbs, or even their friends' backyards.

Podcast 179 - Sadness In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan discuss whether success leads to sadness, whether sadness leads to success, and how to deal with both with singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3.

He bought an oversized bendy bus and turned it into his tiny house! This is the story of Nick Jordan's bendy bus conversion. It's an oversized bendy bus that he bought and turned into his custom tiny house / motorhome. You may remember the first time we featured his bus in early 2018, but he has since updated it. Have you ever considered converting a bus into a motorhome for yourself?

Adorable Abodes, "Bigger and better than tiny houses" Introducing… Adorable Abodes out of Northumberland Cty which is just north of Brighton, Ontario, Canada. They design and build "adorable abodes" that are "bigger and better than tiny homes" from as little as 350-square-feet up to 505-square-feet. They are also drawing up plans for a community of these beautiful tiny/small homes.

Truckitechture: On the rise of the nomad A graphic novel about how we will live in 2030.

Heat pumps may soon be charged with propane instead of greenhouse gases Not just for barbecues, some companies are switching over completely. The reviews of the new report from the UK's Committee on Climate Change have been mixed; I complained about its reliance on hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and electric cars, but I seem to be more negative than most.

TARVA Dresser hack inspired by this expensive one Part of Jessica's Reading Room transformation for the One Room Challenge includes a Tarva Dresser hack. Right up our alley. Her inspiration piece is this classy unit from West Elm, called Gemini. The distinctive feature of the Gemini unit are the routed circular overlays.

Deep Focus: Training to Open in the Middle of Shakiness There's nothing wrong with feeling shaky and groundless, but our minds don't really like it. In fact, we've trained our minds to run from this uncertainty and shakiness, to go to distraction, procrastination, busywork, trying to get control, or going to a host of other habitual patterns.

Sierra Meadows: Tiny Cabin Village Near Yosemite If you have summer plans to visit the beautiful Yosemite area, you might want to look into living for part of your time in a tiny village. Sierra Meadows takes a unique spin on the typical resort or camping area near this popular national park. Photos by Sierra Meadows.

Minimalism on the Path to Financial Independence To look rich, with all the square footage, clothes closet bursting at the seams, and every gadget, there would be a real trade-off. Plus, I still wanted to adopt children. When I was 17, I got to know one of my coworkers who was a foster parent. It touched my heart.

Does Being Vegan Automatically Make You Healthy? – Episode 013 I am vegetarian but i will use the terms vegetarism / veganism interchangeably as both apply to this topic. I agree that veganism doesn’t equal healthy food. My vegetarian housemate is Quornivore out of convenience, as he doesn’t have either the time or the motivation to cook.

The Minimalists' Favorite Coffee A list of The Minimalists favorite coffeehouses. Plus, The Minimalists now have their own coffee…

A Minimalists Guide To Debt-Free Living I've always had an on and off relationship with money. I've gone through phases of embracing money as a vehicle for financial wealth, and I've also had moments where I've questioned the concept of monetary exchange and the trance-like control it has over all of us.

Brexit - not in my name, thanks It's a day after last night's drubbing for the tosspots who thought it was a clever idea to hold the 2016 EU referendum in the first place. So what is the conclusion they came to? Take it away, Jacob Rees-Mogg. What did you learn? Eh?

Jay Shafer's Tiny Houses, An Efficiency Evolution It cost less than $25,000. The design is featured in his 2013 book, Jay Shafer's DIY Book of Backyard Sheds and Tiny Houses. Fast forward to present day, he's now living in a tiny home less than half the size. From stylistic fortress feel to a light and airy, Japanese-style micro adobe.

Something Beyond Our Own Understanding Since focusing on primarily writing over at my other blog,, I've been continuing to write a bunch of new minimalist music under the name Anderhill. It was my hope that the traffic at my Dan Erickson blog would increase and surpass Hip Diggs.

Cashew-Crusted Cauliflower "Steak" Just a light drizzle of oil before baking, and we're practically there! We hope you LOVE these cauliflower "steaks"! They're:. Crispy on the outside Tender on the inside INCREDIBLY flavorful Colorful Versatile and SO Delicious.

Vegan Gluten-Free Lumberjack Cake I remember when I first had this cake. It was near a nursery in a cafe that is surrounded by a beautiful park. This was before I became vegan. I recall noting down the name of the cake mentally as I fell in love with it. I wanted to have it again if I came across it next time I was out in a cafe.

It's time for another look at modern modular Resolution:4 Architecture demonstrates why we loved this so much. There are a lot of now-famous architects that we used to write about a lot on TreeHugger before they got big, along with their projects.

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Enough with the Smart Home and Smart City already Has anything really changed since 1939? In 1939, the President of Westinghouse described the Electric Home of the Future, which had microwave ovens, air cleaners, heat pumps, indoor mini-farms and even video recording. George Bucher wrote:. The Electric House of the Future is also built around small appliances.

Need more storage in the kitchen? Add suspended shelves I made these suspended shelves from two IVAR side units and some Plexiglas sheets. First, I painted them the same colour as the walls. Then I glued pieces of Plexiglas I had in the shed to it with Tec7. I drilled through the Plexiglas in all four corners on each piece, before screwing hooks into them.

Simplify Your Day to Have a Greater Impact Our society is obsessed with productivity and optimizing our lives - having the perfect routine, perfect diet, perfect productivity system, perfect todo app, and more. It's an ideal that not only doesn't exist, it's harmful to our health and happiness.

Macy Miller releases course on how to RV travel full-time Have you ever wanted to RV travel full-time, even if only for summer? Or maybe for even longer than that?

5 Harps in a Tiny House with Ella Dawn Jenkins Ella is a Harpist, artist and singer / songwriter in the Bay Area who lived in 120 sq feet with 2 people and a big floppy dog for over 5 years. Ella was an early blogger in the tiny house movement, and was an early inspiration for me while I was building my own house.

He built a Sci-Fi tiny house that's a Lunar lander replica This is the story of Naval architect Kurt Hughes and the incredible sci-fi tiny house that he built which is a replica of a Lunar Lander spacecraft designed to for a Moon landing.

William Morris & Bubble Wrap I sold a Starbucks travel mug for $30, which necessitated a fresh acquisition of bubble wrap. Luckily, there’s a musical instrument store in the neighbo…

Katrina Rodabaugh on why mending matters In this episode I chat with slow fashion expert and advocate, fibre artist, writer and crafter Katrina Rodabaugh, who is so passionate about opening the door wide for all to access slow fashion and who's enthusiasm for mending has me trying my hand at mending my own beaten-up jeans.

Gas stoves are unhealthy and polluting, and the New York Times is on it The message "Electrify Everything!" is beginning to spread. There is a parody twitter account I follow, The Times is on it! "Because sometimes stories in newspapers are just that* obvious" - writing about stuff long after everyone knows about it.