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Roasted Eggplant and Capsicum Buckwheat Salad I’m not the kind of cook to plan recipes in advance generally unless it’s something that’s really out of my depth. This one certainly wasn’t. I created this one while I was still on the anti-candida diet and I was house and dog sitting a few months ago.

Eye-popping 'maximalist' tiny house suggests that 'more is more' Full of vibrant colors, patterns and eclectic decor, this tiny house is not as minimalist as its exterior might suggest. More often than not, tiny houses tend to lean in toward the more minimalist side of things, in order to maximize space and to fit in a variety of functions.

Two Tiny Houses on Wheels PERMANENTLY Joined Together to Make a Bigger Tiny Home These are two tiny houses on wheels joined together permanently to make one big tiny house! This is pretty cool because I've never really seen it done before, although I would probably prefer to keep the units separate but adjoined by a deck instead, kind of like this one.

A Simple Mindful Method to Deal with Tiredness, Loneliness & Stress A loved one has been going through a hard time, dealing with tiredness, stress, and loneliness, and my heart goes out to them as it does anyone going through such struggles. They can break your heart, these difficult emotions.

Living in a Tiny House Stinks : Tiny Living 4 Years Later with Jenna Spesard I was watching tiny house videos youtube the other day, as one does and youtube kept recommending a video that had well over 2 million views: Living in a tiny house stinks from Tiny House Giant Journey.

5 Struggles of an Aspiring Minimalist I am sharing my story to highlight the obstacles I continue to encounter on my journey toward minimalism-a life I desire, but struggle to embrace. Our family uses unnecessary timelines to justify keeping stuff in our home. Each spring, our neighborhood organizes a yard sale.

The Secret to My Amazing Goodwill Finds? Elbow Grease Walk into a Goodwill thrift store and you can pull a like-new items off the shelf. That’s great, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a project. Something I can mend, glue back together or…

34.5-Foot Affordable Tiny House w/ Up To TWO Main Floor Bedrooms - $36,500 This is an affordable tiny house with a main floor bedroom called the Dragonfly tiny house. It's a 34.5-foot tiny home built on a trailer by Core Housing Solutions. It's built with structurally insulated panels which give you great insulation, a strong build, and lighter overall weight.

Digital Minimalism: Staying Mindful in the Digital Age This is a guest post from freelance writer, Johanna Cider, who is based in beautiful New Zealand. In a world where everybody is glued to digital screens, it's becoming increasingly difficult to live in the moment. We spend so much time on our devices that we become disconnected from our real-life surroundings.

Shellworks creates sustainable packaging with seafood shells This alternative to single-use plastics uses a range of custom-designed machines to create a recyclable and compostable bioplastic, sourced from discarded crustacean shells. In a world drowning in all-too-much plastic over-packaging, alternatives. such as reusable options, edible packaging and even packaging made from kombucha.

The Sonic-X is the first "self-sustainable" RV Bill McDonough has a standard joke about the word sustainable, once telling Andrew Michler at Inhabitat:. That is the root of the problem with this Sonic X. If we keep towing three-ton trailers behind giant pickups, we are all dead. Is this "sustainable" at all?

Meg Berryman on moving beyond wellness I was immediately taken with the work Meg does in helping women move through the process of making changes for themselves, and on to making changes for the collective, because this is something I've felt myself being drawn to more and more over the past year.

Red and White dragons fight under the edifice of Brexit as the end of the ISA year approaches March is still a time to get one's affairs sorted and use the ISA and SIPP allowances by the end of the tax year. It's been hard to get excited about that this year. The rough Beast of Brexit slouches towards whatever it's denouement will be. We seem hell-bent on turning a sackful of Great British Pounds into a sack of Lesser British farthings.

How to Simplify Money If you are curious about how to simplify money, busyness or food, I've got some recommendations for you. How do I simplify my finances?: A shift in how I thought about my finances dramatically simplified them.

Tons of Enthusiasm Around Tiny Towables at Simple Life's Community - The Meadows When referring to "tiny homes" size does matter. As one of the leading developers of tiny home communities, Simple Life understands that homebuyers seeking the tiny home experience vary in what they desire. For that reason, Simple Life developed The Meadows at Flat Rock, North Carolina.

The Not So Thin Line Between Frugality and Sustainability Striking a balance between, frugality and sustainability is not always easy. Sometimes they go hand and hand; sometimes not. I think that one's ability to do both well is influenced by many factors - where and how one lives, availability of sustainable options, personal finances and priorities.

Modern 226 sq. ft. micro-home is hidden in converted garage A derelict garage is transformed into a compact, minimalist living space. From slurry pits, to doorman's residences and cab offices, unconventional residential conversions can appear in the strangest of places.

Passivhaus in the woods is totally TreeHugger It's compact, simple and mostly wood. It's also amazingly airtight for energy efficiency. The cover of the latest issue of my favourite Passivhaus magazine made me smile, and architect Juraj Mikurcic wondered what I would make of it:. It certainly is a Treehugger; Matt continues:.

The Dark Side - THM 75 The media, TV, Instagram, YouTube and blogs can paint a pretty exciting picture of living in tiny houses. They tend to glamorize the life and make it look like the perfect option. However, the reality of it can be quite different. This month Stephanie Kubes shares some real life experiences and emphasizes the reality of maintaining a tiny house.

Charging station organizer to line up your devices It took me about 30 minutes to get it done. And my new charging station organizer costs me $AUD9.99. Cut off basket arms with hacksaw. Related: Multi-device charging station built into an IKEA bench. File rough edges on basket where arms were attached.

Easy 1-Pot Vegan Tom Yum Soup - Minimalist Baker Recipes Let me show you how to make Vegan Tom Yum Soup in 1 pot with ingredients you likely have on hand right now. This recipe is inspired by the lovely folks at Evergreen Kitchen. I was swooning over the recipe but didn't have a number of the ingredients, so I started making swaps and it turned out lovely.

Podcast 172 - Money Problems In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan discuss budgeting, tuition, debt, and other money quagmires with author Rachel Cruze, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3. Joshua and Ryan's pithy, shareable, less-than-140-character responses.

33-Foot Starling Tiny House with Impressive Bathroom, Main Floor Bedroom, And More… This is the 33-foot Starling Tiny House by Rewild Homes. It's a gooseneck-built tiny home that was designed and built for a growing family. So it has a master loft bedroom plus another private bedroom on the main floor.

Beer and pop cans are not being recycled because car and airplane makers don't like recycled aluminum Remember how aluminum cans are "100 percent recyclable into pure aluminum"? They lied. We go on about how recycling is broken, and noted earlier that even aluminum recycling was a mess. Now it turns out that used aluminum cans are piling up in scrapyards because the aluminum producers don't want them.

Cheap but eye-catching DIY baby changing unit This time it's a cheap baby changing unit. We made it out of 4 IKEA LACK side tables in high gloss yellow. Bolt the IKEA LACK tables together with right angle brackets. Then, use more brackets to support the middle shelf. This adds strength to the whole unit.

The Underestimated Importance of Encouragement in Habit Change The two factors are encouragement and discouragement. Let me walk you through an example. Michael wants to change his diet, and so he creates a healthy meal plan for himself and commits to sticking to that plan for a month. Here's are some typical key points within that month of habit change:.

John Berger on Publicity I am struck by the timelessness of simplicity and minimalism. It is not a new practice. Rejecting the empty promise of excess material possessions has been practiced by countless religious and thought leaders for centuries and centuries. Many of whom communicated the danger and foolishness of excess physical possessions far better than me.

Sedona's TinyCamp : Inspirational Homes in a Relaxing Setting The TinyCamp cottages in Sedona, Arizona are not only great examples of tiny homes built in harmony with each other, but they are also excellent examples of how to build and place these homes in a challenging location.

Reflections From Our Minimalist Vegan Wedding – Episode 006 We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary, which triggered some fond and stressful memories of creating our dream minimalist vegan wedding. Would we do it all over again? Heck yes….with a few alterations from lessons learned.

Only Rats Win the Rat Race In this four-minute "Quickie" video, Joshua and Ryan are joined by comedian Andrew Schulz to discuss the folly of chasing the elusive corporate grail…

New Boho XL Tiny House with Private Bedroom or Open-Concept This is a new Boho XL Tiny House Floor Plan from ESCAPE with a private bedroom on the main floor, or you could choose to go with the other option which is more of an open-concept design. Kind of like a studio. It's pretty cool because they're constantly coming up with new customizations and add-ons for their customers.

Mid-Century Modern Signature Boho Tiny House by ESCAPE This is the Signature Boho Tiny House from ESCAPE. It has that minimalist / mid-century look and feel with the specially treated siding and trim. This tiny home features a kitchen, a washer / dryer, ample storage, a closet, a queen bed on the main floor, flip table, air conditioning, TV, fold flat couch, and more.

The problem with storage. Maša and I recently made the tough decision to move in with her parents so we could save money for our move to Slovenia. We had been renting a two bedroom townhouse in a central location for three years. We were in a relatively new area, with the property itself being about six years old.

1-Bowl Chocolate Banana Baked Oatmeal - Minimalist Baker Recipes Hearty, banana-infused baked oatmeal that’s naturally sweetened, satisfying, and requires just 1 bowl and 10 ingredients to prepare.

Hosting Your Own Boxing Party and Eliminating Excess Then you store them in your basement or your garage for a few months. In time, you discover the things that you really need. You also discover that you don't need much of what you own. A few weeks ago, I announced that I was highly considering selling my house.

Elegant furniture made with discarded cables from Golden Gate Bridge These old, thick cable ropes have done their job: now it's time to reuse them in a beautiful way. Where do bridges go when they die? Or more specifically, where do the pieces of large infrastructure go when they get demolished or repaired?

No Sidebar: Inspiration to Design a Simple Life We can design a simple life. It takes intention and hard work, but the result is always worth it. One reason I am excited to take over No Sidebar is because it features a wide range of contributors from every walk of life. While I feature guest writers from time-to-time, the Becoming Minimalist blog is my primary outlet for communication.

Just Park It: an Orlando Tiny Home Community Orlando Lakefront at College Park pioneered the RV/Tiny House community idea back in 2015. The owner has slowly transformed it from a run-down 1950’s RV park to a lush modern tiny home community. It has an invigorating vibe, thanks to the active lifestyle of many of the diverse residents.

It's the Ides of March, a good day for a bath But he put those famous words into the mouth of a soothsayer, warning Caesar: "Beware the Ides of March." And so on or about March 15, 44 BCE, Julius Caesar was stabbed in the rotunda, which as Canadian comic Johnny Wayne noted, has gotta hurt.

Blue Steel Shipping Container Tiny House in Dallas This is the Blue Steel Shipping Container Tiny House in Dallas. It's available to rent on Airbnb. From the outside, it looks like your average shipping container. But when you step inside, you feel like you're in a cozy cabin. Please don't miss other tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

28-Foot Scandinavian Tiny House w/ Murphy Bed For Sale This is a Scandinavian-inspired 28-foot tiny house with a Murphy bed so you can sleep on the main level. It features 202 sq. ft. on the main floor plus an additional 81 sq. ft. of loft space and is for sale out of Denman Island, BC, Canada for $85,000 CAD.

Beautiful Tiny House Built by Shibui Woodworking For Sale - Price Lowered This is a beautiful tiny house on wheels built by Shibui Woodworking that's for sale still available in Orcas Island, Washington by the current owner. Tiny home, deck, and shed included. Located on Orcas Island, Pacific North-West, Washington State. Price just lowered!

3D Printed Tiny House by Icon Build This is a 3D printed tiny house on a foundation built by Icon Build in 2018. According to their website, it's actually the first permitted 3D printed home in America! Pretty cool, right? Here is a tour of the tiny home they built using 3D-printing construction technology.

Apple, Blueberry and Vanilla Oat Bran Porridge This apple, blueberry and vanilla oat bran porridge has been my go-to breakfast for a couple of months now. I love it! So easy to make and some of it can be prepped the night before if you’re short on time in the mornings. You can even batch stew the apples and have them ready in a jar in the fridge.

32-Foot Lupine Tiny House with Amazing Kitchen - Built on Gooseneck Trailer This is the 32-foot Lupine Tiny House on Wheels by Wind River Tiny Homes. One side of this tiny house has plenty of windows plus a sliding glass door while the other side features just one window and the front door. This sort of design could come in handy for a passive solar positioning on your property, don't you think?

How to Build an Affordable Tiny House with Andrew Bennett The average tiny house is 24 ft long, 10-11k lbs in weight, and 50-60k in price on average. Andrews goal is go cut that all in half. And so Core Housing Solutions was born. The goal? A truly affordable tiny house on wheels. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

How to make an Upholstered Bed Frame on a Budget I knew I wanted to do an upholstered bed frame for my son's first "big boy bed," but definitely didn't want to fork over the cash for an expensive bed for a three year old. So I decided to use the cheapest, basic IKEA Bed Frame, the NEIDEN Frame, and DIY the upholstery.

Laura's Amazing 10-Ft Wide Tiny House w/ Mudroom Entry This is Laura's amazing 10-foot wide tiny house on wheels by MitchCraft Tiny Homes. Could this be your new favorite tiny house? I thought you might like the mudroom entryway - especially if you have children and pets. Super smart!

Man builds $1,500 tiny house, forages & grows his own food Aiming to live a lighter-impact lifestyle, this green lifestyle activist lives in a self-built tiny house and experiments with growing and foraging his own food. Living in a smaller, more energy-efficient home is but one of many possible steps that one can take toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Christine Liu on how to green up your workplace This episode feature Christine Liu, a zero-waste YouTuber who talks about how to bring sustainability to your workplace, zero-waste weddings, and more.

Le Jardinier by ADHOC architects is a great example of "missing middle" housing They do this so well in Montreal. We have often admired the housing in Montreal, where they build three storey multifamily housing at densities comparable to high-rises, up to 11,000 people per square kilometre.

UK Committee on Climate change calls for ban on gas stoves, furnaces by 2025 CCC report notes that UK homes are "unfit for the challenges of climate change." The message in it is universal. A new report from the UK Committee on Climate Change, which advised the government on reducing greenhouse emissions and preparing for climate change, has some things to say about the state of the British housing industry.

Why You Should Invest in Wood Stoves Rather Than Regular Heaters With so many heaters to choose from in the market, finding the right one that fits your needs is becoming more and more confusing. Often times, people don't sweat about researching the specifications of heaters and ultimately end up buying a product that doesn't fully serve their requirements.

Easy Vegan Lasagna Flavorful, hearty vegan lasagna made with 10 ingredients! Tender lasagna noodles layered with Macadamia Nut Ricotta and tempeh-infused Marinara Sauce!

How to Do Your Scariest Tasks of the Day, with Joy In my Fearless Training Program, one of our members talked about how she gets a lot done during the day, but inevitably puts off her two scariest tasks, and doesn't get them done. Does that sound familiar to you? Putting off the hardest tasks of the day is a common affliction for most of us.

Stair of the week floats in modernized 538 sq. ft. apartment Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, this small apartment features a minimalist stair, sleeping loft, and a view out onto the city's Renaissance treasures.

To tumble, or not to tumble I grew up without a tumble dryer. And, as this was in Poland, so did all of my friends and the majority of the rest of Europe. Although dryers have become more prevalent, especially since the rise of combined washer-dryer solutions, they are still a treat.

Tallest modular hotel is built in New York City Pirogies and borscht aren't the only thing that came from Poland to the Bowery. There are many virtues and advantages to modular construction, especially in a crowded place like New York City.

28-Foot Dandelion Tiny House Built by Incredible Tiny Homes This is the 28-Foot Dandelion Tiny House on Wheels by Incredible Tiny Homes. It features a wood clad exterior siding, lots of windows, exterior storage, and it sits on a sturdy triple-axle trailer. The inside features an elevated living room with built-in storage underneath plus a cozy upstairs sleeping loft.

Minimalist Closet Challenge: a spring cleaning solution This minimalist closet challenge might be your solution to spring cleaning. Instead of using spring cleaning to get organized or as an excuse to buy more stuff for your stuff, consider this alternative. I don't meet many people who are happy with their closet.

This company is turning avocado pits into biodegradable cutlery Mexico-based company Biofase has another idea: transforming discarded avocado seeds into biodegradable cutlery.

Couple Lives in Tiny House for 2 Years While Building their Main Home This cozy tiny house is 24 feet long and it has a sleeping loft with a staircase, two heat sources, lots of natural light, and a rustic cottagey interior design. The current owner, John, bought the tiny house from a couple who lived in it off-grid for 2 years while they built their permanent home.

How AI Can Help You Live Your Best Life in a Tiny Home Artificial intelligence is becoming a staple of the new technological landscape. Technology is constantly evolving and making life easier in practically every capacity, and AI is taking that a step further so that new advancements are more accessible and user-friendly than ever.

Podcast 171 - Rejection In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan talk about independence, rejection, and creating meaningful work without gatekeepers with comedian Andrew Schulz, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3.

Yardstix delivers modern, compact, Passivehaus 'backyard architecture' This company creates modern, energy-efficient versions of the backyard 'granny flat'. The tiny house movement isn't just about building your own small dwelling and living alone out in the woods; it is also about finding ways to make under-utilized urban spaces like back yards and laneways useful and habitable.

OSBlock is an interesting inside-out building system It's like a cookie with the filling on the outside. While wandering among the hot tubs and Vita-Mixers at the National Home Show in Toronto, I came upon Philippe Paul and OSBlock, a really interesting structural system invented and manufactured in Quebec.

Minecraft Villager Costume in simple Swedish style My daughter wanted a Minecraft villager costume for a party, which meant we needed an elongated cubic head. We did not have lots of time, so we decided to look for an off-the-shelf box to start with. Off we went to IKEA and the PAPPIS box had a perfect size for an 11 year old.

In praise of the dumb home: A Passivhaus 25 years later There is not much that can go wrong in such a simple concept. That's really smart. A few years ago I wrote In praise of the dumb home, a paean to Passivhaus and a rejection of fancy complicated smart technologies. I wrote:. Unlike the fancy solar houses of the seventies, a Passivhaus design is pretty simple, dependable, and durable.

Compact Cottages Park Models Have 9 Floor Plans From consultation and design to financing and delivery, Compact Cottages is a different kind of company that offers both contemporary and rustic style park model homes. They can even help you find a place to park your new tiny home at RV parks or private lots.

5 Concrete Steps to Take When You Hit a Slump on Your Decluttering Journey We all run out of steam sometime. But the difference between someone whose home never really changes and someone whose home does is that the second person takes the following steps, in one form or another:. Believe that losing motivation doesn't have to mean giving up.

Society’s Obsession With Animals – Episode 005 This is the topic of discussion in this week’s podcast episode. We go back to how animals have played a role in our lives from the day that we are born and all the ways that they have been integrated amongst cultures and communities. We share our personal story on having a gorgeous dog and what he has taught us.

Joshua Tree/29 Palms - DIY-Salvage-Tiny House-Building Workshop in MAY! Hands-on! We loved it so much out there that we bought a 5 acre chunk of land, and we're going back for an intimate, yet awesome workshop! JUST added too - Steven Harrell of Tiny House Listings to talk solar and build with us, and Chris Strathy.

Changing Seasons, Changing Themes At the end of 2018, I was done posting regularly at Hip Diggs. And I am. However, I am going to continue to post, but only when I have something new to say about my own journey to live more simply. I won't be scheduling any posts out in advance as I used to.

Potato Cauliflower Red Lentil Curry - Minimalist Baker Recipes A rich and hearty curry of potato, cauliflower, and red lentil made in just 30 minutes! Hearty, comforting, and incredibly satisfying.

Side Project: Minimalism Life Alongside our friends from Minimalissimo and 5 Style, we're curating the best of minimalism in design, travel, and well-being. Over the last few months, we've been working on Minimalism Life's new website design, now we're ready to share its fresh interface with you.

Is Alcohol Vegan? This is a question I'm getting asked more than usual. I don't know if it's because I'm about to turn 31 and I'm at that age, or if it's because I've been a little more social recently. It's probably a combination.

Adventurous couple's van conversion packs in a lot of outdoor gear This winter-proofed van is now home to two engineers who love the outdoors. Living in a converted vehicle might seem like a radical step to take, but for some people, it's the means toward more financial freedom, allowing them to do some of the things that mean most: traveling and immersing themselves into their favourite outdoor hobbies.

Why Wheels? A Case for Movable Tiny Houses The term "tiny house on wheels" can be a source of considerable misunderstanding. Ease of mobility is all too closely related to transiency, bringing up creepy connotations for many the traditional home dweller. Also, any structure on wheels is often seen as only temporary.

Hang your hobs on the wall when you aren't cooking with them Adriano Studio shows the future of induction cooking with Ordine. When TreeHugger founder Graham Hill designed his LifeEdited Apartment back in 2012, he didn't include a kitchen stove; instead he used three Fagor induction cooktops, or hobs as they are called in the UK.

14 Years Later: My Old Filson Coat In 2005, shortly after my daughter was born, I decided to buy myself a nice coat. I drove to the Filson flagship store in Seattle and bought a Weekender. 14 years later it's still going strong. But it was starting to wear in a few places. This post describes my recent experience with Filson in giving my old coat new life.

Size matters: Studies find that operating and embodied energy increases with building height High density may be a good thing in cities, but tall buildings are not. It is a standard environmental argument that high densities and tall buildings are greener; it is an excused used in cities like Toronto to approve tall condo towers everywhere.

Infinitely Stoked Tiny House with Butterfly Roof by RMTH This is the Infinitely Stoked Tiny House on Wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It's a gooseneck trailer tiny home that was custom-built for a customer who, unfortunately, financing fell through for. So now, it's for sale. Don't miss other amazing tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

Corn Fritters with Tomato Salsa There are so many exciting things that have been happening here at TMV over the last few months. First, we shared with you that we’re moving to Europe later this year, then that we are going full-time with TMV, also that we are launching a podcast, writing another book or two and starting a YouTube channel at some point as well.

The Two Most Powerful Ways to Create a Healthy Eating Pattern While most people want to find a way to eat healthier, they are up against forces stronger than they understand. Sure, we'd like to eat healthier - but then why do we keep failing? Why are most of us getting heavier over time, despite our best efforts?

How to Find a Tiny House Community or Start Your Own with Jill Kanto Today's episode is all about tiny house communities: How to find them, what to look for, and how to start one of your own. In 2012, Jill was newly divorced with two small children, and limited child support. Struggling to reduce her expenses, Jill found the tiny house movement.

1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Banana Bread Let me show you how it's done! This 1 bowl recipe starts with a flax egg and mashed ripe banana - 3 ripe bananas to be exact. Then it's naturally sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar, moistened with a small amount of avocado or coconut oil, and gets a boost of healthy fats and protein from almond butter!

Dealing with the weight of the world Much can be said about what we recognise as very modern afflictions or diseases of civilization. These include a variety of chronic medical conditions including diabetes, obesity, sleep disorders, and depression.

Rebecca Sullivan on eating local and the power of simple observation In this episode I chat with Rebecca Sullivan about the transformative power of introducing indigenous foods to our pantries.

How Social Media Influences Us to Buy, Buy, Buy And, according to a recent article in The Washington Post, our friends' posts are also compelling us to buy more and more. There are a number of factors that compel us to consume in the society we live in. Social media is certainly one of the leading causes and it's worthwhile to point out why.

How to Simplify Paper and Photos Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Electrify Everything: Why our thinking has to be as flexible and resilient as our buildings. It is hard, keeping up with the latest ideas in green building. But things are changing fast. Energy consultant Doctor Steve Fawkes repeats a quote attributed to economist John Maynard Keynes: "When the facts change, I change my mind.

Rob Greenfield's Tiny House Welcome to my tiny house in Orlando, Florida where I live simply and sustainably! I built this tiny house along with friends for under $1,500, with nearly 100% secondhand and repurposed materials and while creating near zero waste - just 30 pounds of trash!

1966 Greyhound Bus Turned Tiny House Vacation in Yucca Valley This is a 1966 Greyhound Bus turned Tiny House in Yucca Valley, California. The interior has been completely redone as well as the mechanics of the bus and now it's an incredible bus conversion vacation that you can book a stay in if you want to. So what do you think, is a bus conversion something that might be on your horizon?

The Albatross tiny house combines ground-floor bedroom with big kitchen This three-bedroom tiny house incorporates a huge kitchen and one bedroom on the main floor. perfect for those with mobility issues. The conundrum of having to climb up and down a ladder or set of stairs just to go to the bathroom in a tiny house can give many people with mobility issues second thoughts about living in one of these compact homes.

British architects put women in the kitchen, British women architects get mad More proof that some things never change. A few years ago I took a lot of abuse from readers for writing about kitchens:. At least fifty architects, both men and women, were outraged:. The RIBA responded: "'This event has been cancelled in light of the valid concerns that have been raised.

Outer Order, Inner Calm - A Giveaway! Just read "The Happiness Project" and loved it! Can't wait to read this one, too! Anne T. Reply. Christine Danner. Thanks for the review. Even if I don't win, now I can see if my library owns it! Reply. Name. E-mail. Website. Current [email protected] Leave this field empty.

Solutions For Those Who Are Sold Out for Simple Living But Don't Know Where to Start For years, my husband and I lived paycheck to paycheck, working multiple jobs to make ends meet. We were young and naive, living beyond our means. Fast-forward a decade or so and we are married with two kids and made a decision to drastically downsize our lives so we could begin to enjoy life again.

Podcast 170 - Subtract In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan discuss subtracting the superfluous from our lives in order to make room for the valuable, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3.

Make it a double sink vanity I tried to repair it, but nothing was working, so I decided to start from scratch and build a double sink vanity from IKEA kitchen cabinets. Because kitchen cabinets are too deep for the space, I used a table saw to cut off about 4" from the sides and bottoms.

The Incredible Hiatus Tiny House Built for Tiny Cottage Community in Bend, Oregon This is to announce that the first model tiny home is en route to the Hiatus Tiny House Community in Bend, Oregon by Tongue and Groove Homes, according to a recent email from Tiny SMART House. Please don't miss other tiny house stories like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

The WelPod is a modern, healthy reinvention of the sauna We have been saying for some time that Wellness is the new green, and now it comes to the backyard in the form of the Welpod, "an immersive and multi-sensory room designed to promote physical and emotional well-being." We have shown backyard sheds used as offices and yoga studios, but this is very different.

How we painted kitchen cabinets for our new kitchen nook I prepared to paint doors and side panels by first sanding all BODBYN doors slightly to remove the sheen and give some profile for adhesion. Do not sand too much or you will penetrate lacquer coating and expose MDF below. Sanding is critical for primer adhesion.

Why The New American Home should be a condo We know the kind of housing we should be building, but the industry is still in love with sprawl.

The March Healthy Eating Challenge There are very few people among us who doesn't want his or her diet to get healthier. So I'm issuing a challenge for March: the Healthy Eating Challenge! This challenge is meant to be doable and promote small, gradual change… but also help push us a little out of our comfort zone so that we can have a powerful change within a month.

Buck's Tiny Houses Include Appliances and Furniture Built in a protected 300,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, Buck's Tiny Houses is not your typical tiny house builder or company. When purchasing one of these homes, you will also receive full-size black or white appliances to go along with it and built-in or included furniture.

How to Make Pour-Over Coffee Our favorite way to make pour-over coffee at home that's perfect every time. Step-by-step instructions plus product recommendations!

Our Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media – Episode 004 In this episode, we talk about our love-hate relationship with social media. We dissect the history of social media in our lives and how connection through online platforms came about for us. We also discuss how as minimalists, there is this unwritten rule about being off social media and what we think about it.

Techochamber From the comfort of our couches, we erected plexiglass walls around our ideologies and identities, creating an echochamber to protect us from our own insecurities. As the tribes grew larger, the walls grew taller and thicker, and the technology that once connected us now divided us.

Young Family's Mortgage-free Small House on a Foundation This is the story of the Ruthardt family's mortgage-free small house on a foundation. Over four years ago, they built this beautiful 700 sq. ft. cottage on 8 acres in Oklahoma. It took them a total of 9 months to design and build it. It wasn't long before they were living debt free and eating healthy.

Tin Can Airstream Homestead - Vintage Airstream with Scandinavian Remodel If you enjoyed this you'll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! You can also join our Small House Newsletter! Also, try our Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter! Thank you! More Like This: Airstreams - Travel Trailers - Tiny Houses. See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses.

Dealing With Sales As a Minimalist - Episode 003 In this podcast episode, we break down the power of sales and some actionable strategies to overcome the urge to spend without a reason.

What's Your Vegan Origin Story? - Episode 002 Why did you become vegan? Everyone has their vegan origin story, much like the superheroes. We reflect on our past and how it all started for us. We discuss what life was like before we became vegan, as most people aren't born vegan, we can relate to others very easily.

Why We Started a Podcast - Episode 001 Welcome to The Minimalist Vegan Podcast! We're very excited to share with you Episode 1 and talk about how we first came across podcasts, where we typically listen to them, the podcasts that have inspired us to live a more conscious lifestyle, and why it's so important to surround yourself with the right type of content.

Just Park It: Tiny Living in Central Oregon We feel entirely secure here. If there's ever an issue, we have several fall-back parking options. After settling into our new parking spot and completing our tiny house winterizing prep, we kicked into gear with our winter work/play lifestyle. Our schedule: work, hang with friends, snowboard.

There's Always a Reason to Wait Until Tomorrow. Reconcile a relationship? There's always a reason to wait until tomorrow-which is why you should make the change today. Take losing weight, for example. We know we have a few pounds to lose, but it's easy to find a reason to wait.

Vegan Palak Paneer with Curried Tofu Also check out our 1-Pot Golden Lentil Curry Soup, 1-Pot Chickpea Cauliflower Yellow Curry, or 1-Pot Pumpkin Yellow Curry. If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don't forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Cheers, friends!

This loft storage hack is anything but ordinary This is my loft storage hack for the awkward space, where the sloping ceiling meets the wall. I can't put anything there, but I wanted to find a way to add in more under-eaves storage. I'll let the pictures tell the story. I wanted to show how I refurbished my loft bedroom using IKEA elements in the process.

Small apartment renovation features clever 10 degree rotation Seen over at Designboom, the apartment features a number of "function boxes" that hide the existing structural walls and visually punctuate the space, serving functions like sleeping, cooking and bathing in discrete zones.

Why you shouldn't choose spray foam insulation over fiberglass There are some wonderful things about spray foam insulation, but the price in health and embodied carbon is just too high. A well-known website for home handypeople recently ran a post titled "Here's Why You Should Use Spray Foam over Fiberglass." Even though it was far more expensive, they noted that it performs much better.

IKEA corner table in beautiful beech: A DIY In total, we spent $325, which was far cheaper than buying a custom made L-shaped desk to fit the space. The first thing I did was decide how big I wanted the desk. I used the 29.5 x 61″ table top from IKEA whole, and cut the 2nd piece for the "L" with the circular saw with a guide to create a straight cut.

What you see is what you get in the Dodged House How to do more with less. It is the bathroom photo that got me. The slab of marble spanning between exposed block walls, under poured concrete ceilings - absolutely minimal. Architects Daniel Zamarbide and Leopold Banchini have really done as little as possible here.

After Five Years of Tiny Living, What's Broken and What's Changed? Since completing my tiny house, I've changed my heater, hot water heater, and refrigerator. Find out what went wrong and why I decided to make the changes on today's episode. It's easy to write a review of your tiny house appliances when they are brand new.

Taking Action: If Not Now, When? Last night the wind blew hard outside of my house. In the middle of the night I heard a crash. I figured it was the icicles falling from the roof. But when I woke up this morning, I found that a small picture that had hung on my back porch had broken on the ground.

How to Create Reality So a funny thing happened on Twitter this week, which almost changed the world a little bit. Someone sent me a beautiful 3-D mockup of a fictional, car-free city of 50,000 people, set in the scenic nook of land* between Boulder, Colorado and Longmont, where I live.

Yes, normal weather IS a crisis We have become so used to abnormal weather that we can't cope anymore. Because the city no longer wants to pay for removing snow, they just push it off the sidewalks and the pavement into the parking lane, and the cars take over the bike lane. The assumption is that the snow will melt, so why bother paying to shovel it up?

Fuselage is a flat pack cabin inspired by airplane design Sleek and easy to assemble, this portable cabin offers a comfortable place to stay even in remote places. From furniture to habitable structures, we know that flat pack design has a number of advantages: not only is it more efficient in the way materials are used, it's also easier to transport, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

April Hepokoski on creating a zero-waste, nature-based classroom How can we bring the philosophies of zero-waste and nature-based play into modern classrooms? April Hepokoski is an early-childhood educator doing just that.

12 Things to Remember When You are Feeling Overwhelmed Be picky about what gets your energy and attention. When everything is important, nothing is. Feeling overwhelmed is a sign. It's a signal to shift something from your mindset to your schedule. You have the power to cancel something or to say no thank you.

Anglerfish Sauna This sauna asks the audience to unsheathe their material mask upon entrance. It is a building like no other. Inspired by boat building concepts and natural shape of the female Anglerfish, a deep sea, bioluminescent creature.

150 year old wood used to build Riverwood Acoustics' sound system of tomorrow Canadian birch hauled out of Canada's Ottawa river adds resonance and tone. I was intrigued by the idea of their Hudson speaker; since I renovated and downsized I no longer have a decent stereo system and have been looking at small units to connect to my phone.

He built a $1,500 tiny house in Orlando This is the story of a man who recently built a shed tiny house for only $1,500 in Orlando, Florida. If you're tired of seeing $20k+ tiny homes, this is a relief, isn't it? Rob Greenfield built his tiny house using 99% recycled / reclaimed materials. And in building his tiny house, he only created about 30 pounds worth of waste.

Bike-powered 'bread gym' for kids combines 'Bread & Brawn' Built by campers, this structure uses pedal power to produce flour for bread, enough to feed a camp full of kids. It's an unfortunate symptom of our dysfunctional food system that most of us aren't fully aware of where our food comes from and how it's made; we often don't know concretely the effort that's required to produce our food.

Box shelves: Make them really quick and easily I hacked the IVAR shelving system, because I wanted to have stackable box shelves which are more flexible and easier to moving around. They also save space. The hack wasn't very hard to do and it took me just half a day, approximately 4 hours.

3 Ways You Can Prepare for an Emergency I'm a 20-something year old who got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 a year, using my handy budgeting tool. This is more of a lifestyle blog with hint of money management talk and how it applies to our lives, like a moneythropologist.

1-Pan Tempeh Vegan Bolognese - Minimalist Baker Recipes This hearty, 1-pan tempeh bolognese is a plant-based take on a classic that pairs perfectly with pastas, eggplant parmesan, lasagna, and more! Plus, it comes together in just 30 minutes. Let me show you how it's done. This bolognese starts with sautéed onion, mushrooms, and garlic for a flavorful base.

Why You Need Workout Space in Your Tiny Home When you decided to downsize in a big way and move into a tiny house, did you plan for a workout space? Regular exercise is critical to living a happy, healthy life. Carving out a workout space within your tiny home is a priority often missed by owners.

Lightly Publication Day! Today, Lightly goes on sale everywhere and my heart is full of sparkles and rainbows. :) You can find it at Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Hudson, Indiebound, Target, Walmart, 800-CEO-Read, HMH and more. Many thanks and lots of love to all of you who preordered it-I am deeply grateful for your support.️.

Multigenerational 453 sq. ft. apartment is home to couple, mother & two pets A couple, their parrot, plus one mother-in-law and her cat have their own private and communal spaces in this renovated apartment in Hong Kong.

Is concrete "the most destructive material on Earth"? Concrete Week at the Guardian produces some hard truths. The first paragraph is scary:. There is silicosis from breathing concrete dust. There are the killer trucks delivering concrete through cities.

Terrarium lamp: An easy hack for your miniature garden I've just finished an IKEA hack to transform my terrarium into a terrarium lamp. My terrariums needed light, specially during winter. So I decided to create a terrarium with lamp attached. Cost: 2.50€ + 2€ + 2€. First, cut the 3 legs of the TVÄRS Lamp with scissors.

Meditating in the Middle of Chaos The wind and rain were swirling around me powerfully, as I sat in my mom's tropical flower garden in Guam and meditated. A tropical storm was passing close to Guam, where I'm living at the moment, and I decided to go out into the strong winds and torrential rain to meditate for at least a few minutes.

T or C's Southwest Tiny Homes and RV Park Located near the small hot springs town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Southwest Tiny Homes is owned by Steve Villines. The company builds steel frame tiny homes on wheels in a variety of styles including contemporary and desert. Southwest Tiny Homes was featured on Tiny House Nation several years ago and currently offers 12 floor plans.

Choose to Pursue Success. Don't Confuse It with Excess. Our hearts and souls long for greater accomplishments than the accumulation of material possessions. Think about it. Nobody sits across the table from another human being and declares their greatest goal in life is to own as much stuff as possible. We dream much bigger dream for our lives.

Clutter is costly My other half has just received a copy of Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism. This is interesting and timely for a number of reasons, not least because my next post will cover this very topic. Plus, wait…., my husband has bought a book with minimalism in the title!

Tiny House on a Farm in Corbett, Oregon This is a tiny house on a farm in Corbett, Oregon which is just east of Portland near the Columbia River. It's a tiny home on wheels with an interesting design - it features a small bump-out just over the wheels of the trailer. Do you see that? Don't miss other tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

The best 14 IKEA BILLY hacks for every room in your home We made a list of the best IKEA BILLY hacks to celebrate the world's most beloved bookcase. It's been around for an incredible 40 years and have undergone new colours and accessories, doors and add-ons. For this birthday, BILLY gets three new skins - yellow, dark red and beige.

Accessible tiny home helps elderly woman age in place gracefully This lovely little home was built for a woman who wants to be closer to her loved ones, without losing her autonomy. It's no secret that mortgage-free tiny houses are offering a growing number of people greater financial and psychological freedom. whether they are living by themselves, or as couples or even families.

Downsizing Can Lead You to a Life of Adventure Tiny Homes To The Rescue For Home Challenged Students. Lessons Learned from Traveling 54,000 Miles with Our Tiny House. Woodland Tiny House Nashville. Just Park It: Tiny House Village in the Land of Enchantment. Preparing for the New Year: Become the Ant.

The Story of a Skirt Today, I'm going to tell you the story of a skirt-in particular, the gray tulle number in the photo above. It doesn't look like it has any business being in a minimalist wardrobe, does it? I didn't think so, either. So why do I own it?

Obama Presidential Center faces legal challenge from park preservationists The TreeHugger view is that hey, we like trees, and parks are precious, especially when they are designed by the likes of Frederick Law Olmsted. Parks are among our most important civic assets.

Could wool fibers replace glass fibers in FRP? In New Zealand, surfboard maker Paul Barron has developed a new wild and wooly composite. A few years ago, New Zealand surfboard maker Paul Barron spilled a bit of resin on his jersey, or maybe it was his jumper or his sweater, depending on which source you read.

Vast Mind: 3 Ways to Open Beyond the Self-Concern of Our Small Mind The antidote is Vast Mind - growing bigger than the small mind we have habitually become stuck in. What is Vast Mind? It's opening to something bigger than our self-concern, opening to the freshness of the moment. Let's imagine that there's someone whose family member has said something insulting to them.

Build a Tiny House in the Trees with Treehouse Masters' Daryl McDonald Have you ever considered building a tiny treehouse? Daryl McDonald is a Project Manager and Designer with Nelson Treehouse and Supply, based in Fall City, WA. Daryl has been a professional treehouse builder for over 18 years.

Solutions to Simplify Your Life Paying debt is a priority so I don't have the funds to replace or purchase clothing for a capsule wardrobe. Would you still reduce to 33 items and then when you can, slowly replace some of those 33 items? : Yes. Even if you had the funds, I wouldn't recommend buying new items until you spend three months with a small capsule wardrobe.

What it's like to live in an off-grid yurt for 2 years In wanting to live closer to nature, this woman has been living in a yurt for the last two years, growing her own herbs and food.

It's curtains for indoor air pollution with IKEA's new GUNRID fabric They cleaned up their act by phasing out hazardous chemicals and reducing emissions, and now are proposing to actually clean up our homes with their new GUNRID curtains. From the press release:.

ISA builds a tiny tower in Philadelphia A great demonstration of how to develop tiny lots. In Bologna, Italy, rich families built hundreds of towers all over town so that it looked like Manhattan today.

Sidewalk Labs releases its vision for Toronto's waterfront It is a wonderful wooden and digital world, but will it ever happen? It is hard to write about architecture without understanding context, and with the Sidewalk Labs proposal for Toronto's waterfront, it is fraught with context and complexity. There are complex politics, questions about privacy and so much more.

Magenta Tiny House by Pin-Up Houses We have just finished building a new mobile home named Magenta. It is a manifesto of temporary independent housing, against debt and mortgages.? The house is built on a flat trailer. It is a heat-insulated wooden structure on all sides. The house features a sofa bed, heating stoves, a chemical toilet and a small kitchenette.

Will the kitchen get Ubered out of existence? Uber founder Travis Kalanick's new company runs "CloudKitchens" for cooks without restaurants. This will be big. Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, is now building a worldwide network of commercial kitchens designed for food delivery services.

Jojo Hogan on why the Slow Post-Partum Movement is so important Is it possible to live slow as a new parent? Jojo Hogan is the founder of the Slow Postpartum movement and believes it's not only possible, but vital.

The Textile Monster hiding in your closet I don't know about you, but my digital media bubble is currently full of news and editorials about sustainable clothing and fast fashion. Neither of these subjects is particularly new, but the sharp increase in more mindful, shoppers shows that opinions about what we should be wearing are changing.

House in ski country is built of CLT and is almost plastic-free Great use of recycled and repurposed materials, too. We love cross-laminated timber because building with wood stores carbon. But there is more to it than that - there is an elegance and simplicity to the way CLT panels go together. That's one of the reasons to love this new house in Fernie, BC, built by Jake Christiansen.

Computer hutch hidden away in BILLY Bookshelf My goal was to build a computer hutch that looks clean and uncluttered for a room that doubles as my home office and guest bedroom. I use a Mac Mini but a larger computer would probably fit in the bottom space of the cabinet. I built my slide out keyboard piece first.

Rare Bambi Airstream Turned into 80 Sq. Ft. Mobile Office This is the story of a tech entrepreneur who hired Edmonds + Lee Architects in San Francisco to turn this 1960s Airstream Bambi II into a beautifully renovated 80-square-foot stylish mobile office. The result is stunning. According to Inhabitat, it's been renamed Kugelschiff which is German for "Bullet Ship".

Freitag moves beyond vinyl truck tarps They add a new material made from recycled PET bottles. We have shown Freitag bags on TreeHugger since we started, because they repurpose the colorful vinyl tarps used on the sides of European trucks. They are solid bags that will last a lifetime, but the fabric is heavy and not very flexible, with no stretch at all.

20-ft Shipping Containers Turned into Epic Off-Grid Cabin This is the story of how three used 20-foot shipping containers were turned into an epic waterfront off-grid tiny cabin in Portugal. David from T-Rex Eco Container is an IT person with a passion for surfing.

Woman Living Fully Off-Grid for 2 Years in a Tiny Yurt Beige has been living fully off-grid in this tiny Mongolian yurt from Groovy Yurts for over 2 years now. She doesn't have electricity so she uses candles for light, she has a woodstove for heating and cooking, and she hauls in water from a nearby spring.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 74 This month romance is in the air and Laura LaVoie's story on how to stay in love, even in a tiny house, is appropriate to anyone who has had to share their small home with another human.

Warming Winter Smoothie Do you ever miss smoothies in the wintertime? I do. I love the nutrition smoothies provide, but often find they're too cooling and can even slow my digestion down when colder weather arrives.

"Maximal" Episodes But we recorded four experimental "Maximal" episodes for The Minimalist Private Podcast, including discussions about happiness and depression, products and branding, and "The Life-Tidying Magic of Gentrification," in which we present our thoughts on Marie Kondo's Tidying Up and, um, gentrification.

How The Convenience Fallacy Contributes to Clutter in Our Home There are many different factors that contribute to the clutter in our home. The "convenience fallacy" is one of the them. Now that you are aware of it, notice it in your own home and I'll work to notice it in mine. And together, we'll live more focused, intentional lives, focused on the things that matter.

Nanopad is a 236 sq. ft. micro-apartment in historic building This redesigned space in a 1920s Art Deco building features a new layout that better maximizes space and light. Making a small space more livable often means creating multifunctional spaces with multifunctional furniture, as well as redesigning the layout.

Is it time to rethink green building standards? Standards are supposed to make things easier and more consistent, but they keep proliferating. Ever since I first got an Apple computer ten years ago, I have been at the mercy of their idea of standards; Most of these shown here are just to connect to external video.

Tiny house with ground floor bedroom and large kitchen This is a tiny house with a ground floor bedroom, a large kitchen, and two loft spaces. It's built by Rewild Homes. The kitchen seems good enough for a chef, doesn't it? Don't miss other amazing tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Images Rewild Homes.

1967 VW Microbus Renovated by Zenbox Design This is a 1967 VW Microbus renovated by Zenbox Design. Before the renovation, the VW Bus was in pretty bad shape. Don't miss other great tiny homes - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Images Zenbox Design. Images Zenbox Design. You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below.

Extremely Tiny 100 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Micro Cabin - Full Tour! Off-grid micro cabin on a foundation in Portugal. Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives recently had the chance to spend a few nights in this extremely tiny off-grid micro pod in Portugal. They filmed a full video tour and you might be surprised at how comfortable the space is considering it's only 100 square feet.

42 EKETs make a unique IKEA Cube Bookcase As we did not find anything we like, I came with an idea to build an IKEA cube bookcase. In this case, I went with the EKET shelves. It is not a tough hack, but the final look is really amazing and beautifully replaces our EXPEDIT shelf. I measured our wall and very easily made a first sketch of the design on paper.

Cooking Healthful Joyful Meals with a Picky Family Shifting from a convenient but unhealthy diet to one of healthful, delicious joy can be a challenge when you're living alone - but there's a whole new level of challenge if you are part of a family. The problem: while you might want to change to a new style of eating, picky eaters can disagree with the change.

Camp Under Canvas in 8 Stunning Locations Luxury and camping never used to go together, but with the increased interest and awareness of glamping, the two terms are now not always mutually exclusive. The company Under Canvas has actually gone a few extra miles with the concept.

Can You Imagine a Minimalist President? Recently, a reader asked whether we could imagine electing a minimalist president. Yes, but we don't have to imagine: his name was Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States of America.

Real Life Minimalists: Jonathan Every Monday I post Real Life Minimalists, a profile of one of my readers in their own words. If you'd like to participate, click here for details. This week we hear from Jonathan, who explains how minimalism helped him find his dream job. His story is a wonderful example of how minimalism applies to so many aspects of life-not just our stuff.

Where is Away? The Epidemic of Plastic Have you ever considered that all the plastic that has ever been created on this planet since its existence in the 50s is still here today? Let that sink in for a minute… The idea of throwing something away is a puzzling concept. Julia Lorraine Hill, an environmental activist raises some interesting concepts.

How To Finally Overcome Your Resistance To Declutter But multiply those minutes, daily over a lifetime, and I was losing hours upon hours of productivity because of clutter. Beyond productivity, clutter comes with a huge emotional burden. And this is perhaps a little harder to explain without experiencing directly.

523 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin with Land in Spur, TX - $60k Tiny cabin with land in Spur, Texas for $60,000. According to the Zillow listing, it's a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home on a.32 acre lot. Learn more below. Don't miss other tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Images via Zillow. Images via Zillow.

Professional's Workshop with Shira Gill is back! The Professionals’ Workshop with New Minimalism + Shira Gill is back by popular demand! ️.

Family Goes from 2500 Sq. Ft. to a Tiny House My husband and I were living in KCMO with our 2 kids and 2 pups. Over-whelmed and not so happy with our high cost of living expenses we decided to look into different solutions. We considered yurts and earth ships, yurts on earth ships, schoolies, and pretty much any other alternative living solution.

Just Park It: Fields, Ranches and Casinos of NorCal Have you ever heard of that? Definitely worth a Google. The casino offers free boondocking for RVers and truckers, up to two nights. And they have FREE WiFi. The only requirement is to check in when you arrive; the casino security officers were super friendly.

Minimalist Home Tour When Bex, Ella, and I moved to Los Angeles in 2017, we didn't own much. This video shows how we slowly populated our home with only the things that add value to our lives…

The Men Who Made Me Jim Rohn once famously said, "We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with." There is wisdom in this statement. It is true that the people we spend time with influence who we are and who we become. And it is important to choose wisely the community we keep.

Anti-Minimalist Tiny House: A Tiny Home Built for a Maximalist? This is the anti-minimalism tiny house on wheels, or, in other words, a maximalist tiny house. This one has recently been featured on TeeHugger, Curbed, Apartment Threapy, etc. It's a 190-square-foot tiny home with interior design by the Galeana Group, LLC.

The Magnolia is an extra-wide 'park model' tiny house Coming in at 425 square feet, this extra-wide, modernist tiny house actually feels quite roomy. Due to the constraints of building on a wheeled trailer base, most tiny homes measure about 8.5 feet wide, which often means that designers have to make some tough decisions about where to put things so that there's still space to walk around.

How to Get Your Kids to Unload the Dishwasher My resolutions for 2019 are to have more fun outside and do less housework. This might sound a bit odd: housework isn't really optional. I feel like we've streamlined a lot of things: we aim to do less laundry by wearing things a few times before washing them.

Dutch Brexit humour from outside the nuthouse Note: If you think we are conducting Brexit in a competent manner and it's all a great idea, let me save you the time; don't bother with the rest of this, OK? Once upon a time, when that Jacob Rees-Mogg were a nipper, he sat on the knee of Daddy Rees-Mogg in charge of the Thunderer.

Easy tweak for a new dining buffet with hutch I turned an old IKEA LEKSVIK cabinet into a dining buffet with hutch. To make my dining buffet with hutch, all I need to do was to apply a simple coat of flat black paint to make it match my dining room furniture. I painted the inside of the glass cabinet too.

Tips for Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur If you are just starting a business, do a business that is based online. Online businesses are ideal for a minimalistic approach since they require less,, and can be managed from anywhere more easily. Hire remote employees.

Another reason to avoid concrete: silica dust Contractors are having trouble meeting the new safety standard. The concrete industry likes to say that concrete is recyclable at the end of its life, although almost 80 percent of recycled concrete ends up as fill and road bases. But there is another problem; as the UK concrete centre notes, it is strong stuff that lasts a long time.

Why We Struggle to Make Time for Solitude How often do you take time to go out for an hourlong walk? To just sit out in nature doing nothing but contemplating and enjoying the silence? I'm sure there are a few of you who indulge in this luxury regularly, but most of us don't make time for solitude on a daily basis.

Exploring Alternative Lifestyles with Youtubers Mat and Danielle Mat and Danielle are the couple behind the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel. They're interested in sharing videos about how and why more and more people are choosing to live in vans, tiny houses, and green buildings. They sold their house and their stuff back in 2012 and have been been exploring ever since.

3 Common Decluttering Mistakes Then, you keep the very best of it-the items that are your favorite, that inspire and delight you, and that are useful to you right now-and donate the rest. But just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. Our relationship with stuff can be complicated!

Tiny Modern Pod Cabin with Wood-Burning Stove in Falun, Sweden This is a tiny modern pod cabin with a wood-burning stove in Falun, Sweden. It's located in the woods and can sleep up to four guests and features a small kitchen and dining area inside. Don't miss other interesting tiny homes and structures - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

Tiny House Plumbing Explained This is how typical tiny house plumbing works. In this case, it's for a tiny house on wheels that's on-grid and off-grid. So it's set up for both scenarios. Learn more about tiny homes with our FREE 10-Day E-Course when you join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

Former piano studio converted into modern 189 sq. ft. micro-apartment Once a centrally located piano practice space, it's been converted into a comfortable little apartment with the help of some smart space-saving strategies. Many cities all over the world are experiencing a shortage of housing affordability as more people are moving in to be closer proximity to work and other amenities.

Garden Bridge fiasco wasted £53m An object lesson in how not to do city-building. Remember the Garden Bridge? It was where the Absolutely Fabulous actor and green activist Joanna Lumley teamed up with the pretty terrific designer Thomas Heatherwick to imagine a gorgeous pedestrian bridge across the Thames in London.

Setting Boundaries and what to do if You Feel Guilty About Saying No If you need to set boundaries for your own mental and/or physical wellbeing, do it. Don't worry about who you might upset. That part isn't up to you. Eventually, everyone will benefit from you taking really good care of yourself. Your email address will not be published.

Moving Out Hi Tiny House Blog readers! I'm Ella Dawn Jenkins, a musician and tiny house alumni who built 2011-12 and transplanted from SoCal to the Bay Area. I taught 40+ tiny house workshops all over the country with Tumbleweed and lived in my tiny in a horse field for 5.5 wonderful years before moving to a small house late 2017.

100k tiny house with two main floor sleeping areas This is a gorgeous $100k tiny house with two main floor sleeping areas. Walmart's Allswell brand, which sells bedding, hired Modern Tiny Living to custom-build it.

How Going Undercover Reminded Me to Appreciate My Privilege Enter your email address:. Delivered by FeedBurner.

John and Fin's Tiny House Love Affair: One Couple's Journey to Tiny They're the Kernohans - a tiny house couple with a very inspiring story. When John was diagnosed with a health condition, they quickly began re-prioritizing their life to make it their purpose to be of service to others. So they left their big city lifestyles and went to the woods of Georgia over seven years ago.

Elevated treetop cabins are inspired by A-frames, firetowers & Moomins Seen over at Designboom, the PAN Treetop Cabins are inspired by three things in particular: traditional North American A-frame cabins; elevated firetowers for surveilling the forest; and the work of Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson, best known as the creator of the Moomins.

A Listener Chat with Xan Holyoak The listener chat returns with a lovely conversation between Brooke and Xan Holyoak. They talk single parenting, time in nature, journalling and boundaries.

A fabulous Earring Holder for your giant earring collection I chose to hack the MACKAPÄR into an earring holder because I have a very large earring collection. I wanted something minimalist and removable. The cost was under $20. Use the shoe plates in the MACKAPÄR, legs are not necessary. I mounted them horizontally and used the small holes on the side.

Snøhetta recycles a classic chair design and a lot of old fishing nets A square chair for a circular economy.

Tiny Homes To The Rescue For Home Challenged Students The San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School had a problem. One in three of their members - 18-27 year old opportunity youth - did not have stable housing. Many others were on the bubble, working two or three jobs to afford the ever escalating housing prices of Silicon Valley.

My Go-To Guacamole Incredibly creamy, flavorful guacamole ready in just 1 bowl, 10 minutes, and with 8 ingredients! The perfect dip for Mexican night!

FEMA Trailers For Sale: Auction at Texas Airport Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Couple Build 33-Foot Shipping Container Tiny House in their Backyard This is the story of a couple who built a shipping container tiny house in their backyard in Denver, Colorado. They did for Airbnb income and so they could have a cozy, private space for guests. Don't miss other amazing tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

Woodworkers' mobile workshop is powered by recycled electric car batteries A van conversion for woodworking professionals and craftspeople, powered by a 'second-life' power pack that uses recycled electric car batteries. The idea of being able to travel while working is a tantalizing one. For some, that might mean becoming a digital nomad, travelling slowly and plugging into various coworking spaces around the world.

Five Frugal Things FFT, Bracing for Another Big Storm Edition:. Greetings from Upstate NY, where we know how to live with snow: Get the heck out and run necessary errands beforehand, and stay in when it arrives. Tomorrow's winter storm warning is for 6-10″ of snow with a layer of ice on top of that.

Kadima Tiny House Giveaway - You Can Win This THOW! This is a Tiny House Giveaway to benefit the Kadima Animal Sanctuary. One lucky winner gets to take ownership of the Sushi Tiny House you can see below. Don't miss other amazing tiny house stories - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Learn more and enter to win here if you want to.

Four Ways We Can Hang Out Don't get too excited, this isn't a real blog post. But there were enough things worth sharing that I thought it would be worth sending a little mid-month Hello. Life has been busy around here, drunkenly walking that fine line between the zones of. "Exciting and stimulating and action packed!" and.

Disneyland ESCAPE Tiny House - The Vista Boho in Stanton, California This is the Disneyland ESCAPE Tiny House in Stanton, California just minutes away from Disneyland. This is the Vista Boho tiny house featuring a comfortable and beautiful one-level design with a kitchen and bath. Don't miss other amazing tiny homes and vacations like this - join our free Tiny House Newsletter!

The Manteo Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living This is the Manteo Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living. It's a 20-foot THOW that sleeps up to four people and is headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to serve as a tiny house hotel at the River and Twine Tiny House Hotel in Rocky Mount. To discover more tiny homes, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

Built-in Home Bar Cabinet with IKEA BILLY I wanted to create a place to house all the wires and components of a home theatre. And I wanted to create a home bar cabinet to store wine glasses, etc. We already owned the BILLY bookcases and they looked great in the room they were in. It took about five hours to build our BILLY home bar cabinet.

Connecting Your Work Tasks to Meaning I'm really good at getting a lot of things done, taking action, piling up a buttload of completed tasks. Action isn't my problem - it's making the tasks themselves feel more meaningful. Do any of you have that problem, that your work just feels like busywork, not super meaningful?

Tour the Allswell Mattress and Bedding Tiny House Tiny houses as mobile billboards have been used for everything from paint and building supplies to donuts. Now a tiny house has been built to showcase Allswell, a mattress and bedding brand created by Walmart. While many diehard tiny housers will see this as only a marketing ploy, you have to admit that the Allswell House is quite the looker.

Everything Could Change Tomorrow Everything could change tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow isn't necessarily worse than today. It may change for the better. In early December 2001, my wife walked into our living room to share important news with me, she was pregnant with our first child.

Wellbeing week and the menopause Following my last post, which started a bit of a 'wellbeing' theme, I recently attended a seminar on Menopause, Stress and Nutrition. This session was part of a series of events for Wellbeing Week at the university where I work; it proved to be extremely popular.

Tax Return Season: What to Do with Extra Cash If you want to live more simply, what you do with extra money is important. In my own journey, I'm working toward working less and paying down debt… simultaneously. Soon, I'll be receiving a $7200 tax return check. I file zero exemptions, have a little extra withheld, and as a single parent, file head-of-household status.

Vegan Chocolate Brownies These vegan chocolate brownies that also happen to be gluten and sugar-free as well as candida diet friendly, were an absolute hit! I served it with vanilla coconut milk based ice cream to Michael and our friends and I just had it with some coconut cream.

Devasa tiny house can raise its roof to gain an extra floor This tiny house has a system that allows it to vertically expand up, rather than out. A tiny house comes as a small package, typically smaller than 400 square feet.

Stunning Cherry Wood Closet with Secret Passage to Walk-in This is our hack of a cherry wood closet, with PAX frames at its core. What's surprising is it has a secret passage to a hidden existing walk-in closet.

UPDATE: Oregon Reach Code for Tiny Houses Two years ago, Oregon tiny house advocates were embroiled in a fight with the Oregon Building Codes Division. The BCD director was actively working to stymie the governor’s directive to create a building code for tiny houses, drawing from the International Residential Code Appendix Q.

Analog Video: Screenless Saturdays After four months experimenting with Screenless Saturdays, we created a video that highlights the three ways to participate. To honor the spirit of Screenless Saturdays, we filmed this video on a Saturday using only analog audio and video equipment, which gave it a nice throwback feel.

The Zen Habits Guide to Spending Your Time Intentionally Yesterday I was on a call with an active member of my Fearless Training Program, and she asked a question about how to spend her time more intentionally. Her key insight for me was that a lot of people in the program would like to do the same thing. How do we spend our days with more intentionality?

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Groundbreaking Saturday, February 9, 2019. 11:00 a.m. Ceremony. 10:00 a.m. Media Hour with City Officials and Future Residents. 206 Gotcher Avenue, Lake Dallas Parking: 212 Main Street. The long-awaited groundbreaking for the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village will take place at 11 a.m.

Bright apartment renovation modernizes a 1920s attic This former pigeon roost is transformed into a light-filled family home. Living in the attic can have a number of advantages: there's more natural light, and plenty of privacy and quiet at the topmost level of a building.

IKEA Shoe Shelf for Big Feet and Big Collection I love how the shoes are displayed now, and how easy it is to take apart this DIY IKEA shoe shelf. We're renters, so I wanted something that we could move to a new home one day without having it fall apart. Follow the IKEA instructions to assemble one shelf unit.

Tiny House Wood Stoves: Installation, Maintenance, and Lifestyle with Nick Peterson Are you considering heating your tiny house with wood? My guest today is Nick Peterson from We'll talk about what the common installation mistakes Nick sees with tiny house wood stoves, how do you handle keeping your house warm when the stove goes out, installation tips, and more.

21 Ways to Simplify Your Life in Five Minutes You can simplify in five minutes. Life is busy and uncertain. You are short on time and energy. It's hard to start something new. Decluttering your house or paying down debt could take years. Downsizing and relocating, or changing careers seems out of reach.

Product Service Systems are back with Fernish subscription furniture This might be a model for how to live lightly in a circular economy. Longtime readers will remember the Product Service System or PSS, which Collin described as:. That's why a startup, Fernish, is so interesting.

Hackers Help: Seeking discontinued IKEA fabric For several years, I have been trying to find a few meters or yards of a discontinued IKEA fabric that was sold here in the US sometime around 2010 or 2012. It was one of several called "Kajsastina", in dark grey with a large sunburst or dandelion design.

How to Start a Business From Your Tiny House While advertisers would have you believe that we all want bigger, better, and more, more, more, there is a growing segment of the population that's more interested in downsizing. These people live by one philosophy: Less is more! There's another trend - one that's been trending upward much longer than tiny-house living: home-based businesses.

Jacki Carr on redefining balance Season 2 kicks off with the wonderful Jacki Carr, who talks balance, failure, goals and mindful tech use.

Exquisite Pinecone treehouse floats among the redwood trees Designed to be easily disassembled, this magnificent treehouse offers panoramic views out into the forest. Treehouses have 'grown up' in recent years. at least, in our popular perception of them.

Waugh Thistleton takes on One Planet Living "Squeezed middle" affordable co-housing, wood prefabricated construction and Bioregional: how many buttons can one project push? There are many green building concepts and certification systems out there, but One Planet Living has always been one of the most interesting.

24-Foot Tiny House with Bay Windows This is a 24-foot tiny house on wheels with bay windows. The house is built on a double-axle trailer and is listed in the Nashville Craigslist for $72,000. More info below. Don't miss other awesome tiny homes like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

How to make a West Elm inspired upholstered headboard So, I was searching for a new bed and came across this fabulous one from West Elm, with an oatmeal linen upholstered headboard. But at £1200 it was way above my price range. I wondered if I could create a similar look with a much cheaper product and ended up buying the TARVA king size bed frame for £125.

Living The Tiny Life In Ocala, Florida Ocala, Florida in central Florida is now offering a simple life for tiny housers and those looking for slightly more room than the average THOW. A new development is officially underway in the Wildwood area by the same team that created Simple Life in Flat Rock, NC.

13-Foot Stealth Cargo Trailer Conversion for $5950 This is a 13-foot stealth cargo trailer conversion tiny house for $5950. It's ready to go off-grid with a solar system, full kitchen, bathroom, bunks, and more. Pretty impressive for its size. This cargo-like travel trailer is listed in the Nashville Craigslist.