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EP59: The Minimalist Bathroom We are continuing our series: A Minimalist Home. Today we’ll be discussing the space where most of us begin and end our day: the bathroom. We’ll discuss what’s in our bathrooms and how to give them a minimalist makeover. Minimalist Moms
150 - City Joshua and Ryan talk about how the city in which you live affects the rest of your life, and they answer the following questions: How do I decide where it’s best for me to reside? How will I know when I’ve simplified enough? How do I choose a more affordable location for my family without sacrificing neighborhood amenities? The Minimalists
Ep 071: Simplifying Your Budget with Sami Womack Budgeting, debt, and all the other financial-terms can make you shrink back and bring up a swell of negative, overwhelming emotions. Let me encourage you, it doesn’t have to be that way! We have the power to take control of our finances and our mindset towards it. The Purposeful Home Podcast
226: Understand This Tricky Paradox of Control In Order to Improve Your Life The Simple Sophisticate, episode #226 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes - Stitcher - iHeartRadio - YouTube - Spotify Imagine you are walking upon a balance beam in a gymnastics center. Imagine your core is tight, your shoulders are back, your chin is parallel with the beam and your legs are engaged. The Simple Sophisticate
Mindful Moment - A Slow Experiment In this week's episode Brooke and Ben continue their month of Mindful Moments for the Slow Experiment, looking at the technique of mindful attention or observation. This is something that Brooke has been practicing for a few years now, and is an excellent example of just how simple mindfulness can be. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 070: 6 Things I No Longer Purchase Since Becoming A Minimalist As you know, I am all about simplifying things and making things better and lighter, making things work better for me and the season that I'm in right now. And through that, I have been getting really intentional with the things that I'm buying. The Purposeful Home Podcast
EP58: Slow Down The Minimalist Mantra of the Week is a quick, 5-minute episode with a phrase you can think on throughout the week. This week's mantra is: Slow Down For a complete transcript of the show click here: Show Notes for EP58: Slow Down. Or, click here to get the show notes emailed to your inbox each week. Minimalist Moms
149 - Sex Joshua and Ryan sit down with Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, to discuss sex, couples, and nontraditional relationships, and they answer the following questions: If I consider the physical characteristics I find attractive when choosing a partner, am I being intentional or shallow? The Minimalists
EP 069: The Benefits of Early Mornings For Parents with Lindsay McCarthy I wasn’t always a morning person. In fact, it wasn’t until I discovered The Miracle Morning that I decided to ditch my night owl tendencies and start to wake up earlier. Morning routines really just set the tone for the rest of the day. The Purposeful Home Podcast
225: Trust the Transition: How to Step Through and Embrace the Change You Seek Times of transition are strenuous but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. The Simple Sophisticate
Bonus 004: How I Planned + Organized Our Homeschool This Year Our homeschool year has officially started! Since it is the beginning of the school year, I wanted to share this bonus episode to help any of your homeschoolers who are trying to figure it out. Maybe this is your first year; maybe it's not, and this will still help you. The Purposeful Home Podcast
TPM - Episode #74 - Heather's Summer Favorites It's just me, Heather today and I'm sharing all of my summer favorites! So many of you love the recommendations portion of our show, so think of this as an extended version of that; a mini "solo-side" if you will with fun book, podcast, show and other miscellaneous things that have added value in some way to my life over this past summer. The Practical Minimalists
Mindful Moments - A Slow Experiment It's a new month, and a new Slow Experiment. Hooray! For September, Brooke and Ben are playing with Mindful Moments, and invite you to do the same. This is probably the most accessible experiment of all time, and in this episode they share their intentions for the month and explain how you can start to bring more mindfulness into your daily life. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 068: Ask Brian + Allie Anything! Anniversary Edition Welcome to this month’s Coffee and Questions segment here on The Purpose Show! In this version, I have Brian with me because we are celebrating 11 years of marriage this month! We get asked a lot of questions about our relationship and we thought this was a fun way to answer some of them. The Purposeful Home Podcast
EP57: The Minimalist Children's Room We're kicking off a new series: A Minimalist Home. We're walking through each room of the house and discussing how to keep each space minimal and working hard for your family. First up: kid's bedrooms. Minimalist Moms
148 - Breakups Joshua and Ryan sit down with Nate Green to discuss how he's moving forward after exiting a ten-year relationship, and they answer the following questions: How do I move on from a relationship but still remain friends with my former partner? How do I rid myself of the remnants of a relationship that ended badly? The Minimalists
224: How to Welcome Simplicity Into Your Life: Live Differently for One Month "One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find a happy balance between the opportunities that are available to us, the media-implanted urge to have them all, and our own desire to keep focused on the things that really matter." —Elaine St. The Simple Sophisticate
TPM - Episode #73 - Season 4 Premiere - Catching Up + Thoughts on a Black Cardigan We are back and so pumped to catch up with you guys and let you know what you can expect in season 5 of The Practical Minimalists. Listen in as we discuss what happened over our summer break, how we're growing, what to expect in season 5 and a roundup of summer favorites from each of us! The Practical Minimalists
Slow Book Tour Live - with Jess Davis The Slow book tour rolls on this week, and in this poggie Brooke sits down to chat with her irrerepressible and inspiring mate Jess Davis - a Brooklyn-dwelling tech ethicist, slow living advocate and founder of Folk Rebellion. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 067: How I Simplified Meal Planning + Grocery Shopping Just being honest, this is not my favorite topic. I have an adult-long-life struggle with the whole shebang of preparing food and planning to eat. But, something I have learned is that there's so much power in your thoughts and the way you look at something. The Purposeful Home Podcast
EP56: Collect Memories, Not Things The Minimalist Mantra of the Week is a quick, 5-minute episode with a phrase you can think on throughout the week. This week's mantra is: Collect Memories, Not Things For a complete transcript of the show click here: Show Notes for EP56: Collect Memories, Not Things Or, click here to get the show notes emailed to your inbox each week. Minimalist Moms
147 - Retire Joshua and Ryan sit down with Chris Hogan, author of Retire Inspired, to discuss financial freedom, getting out of debt, and retirement planning, and they answer the following questions: How do I retire and still ensure I can leave a legacy? The Minimalists
Ep 066: How To Raise Minimalist Kids Minimalist kids are kids who are content. Kids who know how to play, kids who know how to talk and have relationships. They’re not glued to screens all day. They spend a lot of time playing outside using their imaginations, conversing with their friends or siblings if they have them. The Purposeful Home Podcast
Season 5 Schedule of The Simple Sophisticate podcast Next Monday, on September 3rd, the fifth season of The Simple Sophisticate podcast will begin. The first four seasons have covered topics on living your best life, whether that was about self-care, lifestyle, health, decor, travel, relationships, or anything that involves living the simply luxurious life, bien sûr! The Simple Sophisticate
Ep 065: The Beginner's Guide to A Minimalist Home How do you feel when you walk your home? Do you feel happy? Calm? Overwhelmed? Angry? Depressed? Resentful? Blessed? Do you feel like you just don't even have time to care about how you feel? Because I've been there. And now I want you to answer this: How do you want to feel when you walk into your home? The Purposeful Home Podcast
EP55: What We Learned This Summer We are delighted to be back in your earbuds after taking the summer off. Today we’ll be talking about all the minimalist lessons we learned from taking this intentional break. Minimalist Moms
146 - Curation Joshua and Ryan talk about the difference between curating and collecting, and they answer the following questions: Are museum collections considered intentional curations? Shouldn’t I save items I acquired on vacation that are exclusive to the areas I visited? The Minimalists
Ep 064: Teaching Kids Kindness with The Ruth Experience We all desire for our kids to be kind. We want them to know what respect is and understand how to genuinely treat others with that respect. And that can be a tough thing to teach our kids, especially when we look at society today and see all the bullying and disrespect in the world. The Purposeful Home Podcast
223: 23 Ways to Have a Great Start This Fall The French have a special word for it, La Rentrée; in English it is simply referred to as ‘Back to school’. The Simple Sophisticate
222: Oliver Gee of The Earful Tower Podcast The Simple Sophisticate, episode #222 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes - Stitcher - iHeartRadio - YouTube - Spotify The Earful Tower podcast is hosted by Australian journalist Oliver Gee. The Simple Sophisticate
46: Back to Fall Routines Homeschooling, planners, and fall routines for the win! Kate and Melissa are back fun and informative episode about how they are working the homeschooling in a small space life. Melissa shares about their transition to apartment living and Kate gives the lowdown on homeschooling in her home on wheels. Cohesive Home Podcast
Slow Book Tour Live - with Tsh Oxenreider This week we're coming to you live from Austin, where Brooke sat down with longtime friend of the show Tsh Oxenreider as part of the Slow Book Tour. It was their second ever IRL meeting, and they dive into all things slow, values, balance and more, as well as answering some thoughtful questions from the readers and listeners at BookPeople. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 063: Life Hacks for Moms of Littles Motherhood is chaotic, no matter which way you slice it. We could all use a helping hand from someone a few steps ahead of us. I’ve been a mom for nine years now. I had all four of my kids within five years and I rocked the stay-at-home mom thing for about seven years before I started my business from home and added that to the mix. The Purposeful Home Podcast
145 - Challenges Joshua and Ryan talk about their personal challenges, and they answer the following questions: What aspects of minimalism have you found particularly challenging, and how have you overcome those challenges? How do I return to challenging myself in my discomfort zone after an extended period of time spent in my comfort zone? The Minimalists
Ep 062: My Battle with Emotional Eating + Food Addiction Emotional eating and food addiction are just like any other addictions. But the biggest difference is that food is placed in front of us multiple times a day, because our body needs food as fuel. I admit I struggled with emotional eating, emotional bingeing and food addiction. The Purposeful Home Podcast
221: Waking Up in Paris Author Sonia Choquette - A Conversation on Reinvention The Simple Sophisticate, episode #221 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes - Stitcher - iHeartRadio - YouTube - Spotify "The endless challenge no matter where any of us lives is to choose what we take from all that our surroundings have to offer and put it together in a way that creates our own happiness. The Simple Sophisticate
Slow Book Tour Live - with Courtney Carver It's the first live episode from the Slow Book Tour! This week we're listening to Brooke's chat with the one and only Courtney Carver, from the King's English bookstore in Salt Lake City. Brooke and Courtney have been working together for many years, and while they've exchanged countless emails and Skype chats, this was their first meeting IRL. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 061: 10 Ways Minimalism Helps the Super Busy Family Motherhood is a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. As my kids get older, we get into schooling, and realize the activities that interest them, I find that my life just gets fuller and fuller. I really enjoy having a full schedule. The Purposeful Home Podcast
144 - Simpleliving Joshua and Ryan answer an assortment of difficult questions about simple living, including: How do you define simple living? How do I incorporate simple eating practices into my simple living practices? How do I maintain my minimalist lifestyle with a non-minimalist roommate? The Minimalists
220: Traveling Alone Well The Simple Sophisticate, episode #220 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes - Stitcher - iHeartRadio - YouTube - Spotify “It seemed an advantage to be traveling alone. The Simple Sophisticate
EP 060: Prayer + Soul Care as a Busy Mom with Valerie Woerner As moms, it is easy to make excuses when it comes to taking care of our soul. However, when we have little kids or are in a super busy season, that's the time that we honestly need it the most. We are constantly pouring out and don’t realize that we need poured into. The Purposeful Home Podcast
45: For the Love of Homemaking Has homemaking gotten a bad rap? In Episode 45 Melissa and Kate tackle the meaning of the word "homemaker" and update it for today's home creators. They share their own personal experiences with homemaking and their top tips for creating a home of your own, whether you live in a physical home, an apartment, or even a home on wheel; it all counts! Cohesive Home Podcast
An update from the road Welcome to this week's fast'n'loose hostful episode. Brooke and Ben get through what must be a record number of your questions, on everything from slow living in fast cities to travelling on a budget. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 059: Coffee + Questions with Allie Welcome to this month’s Coffee and Questions segment here on The Purpose Show! The Coffee and Questions segment is a time when I sit down with 2-4 questions from you. You guys ask questions in many different places – email, Instagram Messages, Instagram Comments, Facebook, all of that. The Purposeful Home Podcast
143 - Indebted Joshua and Ryan sit down with Anthony ONeal, author of 5 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make in College, to discuss school debt, consumer debt, scholarships, credit scores, and credit cards, and they answer the following questions: How do I strike a balance between paying off my student loan debt and building my dreams? The Minimalists
219: How to Cultivate Surroundings for Everyday Contentment First of all, that is perfectly human, and partially correct. Can I trust my neighbor? Tolerance. Can I live out my values? Community. Do I have strong social connections? Healthy life expectancy. Money does matter…up to a certain point. Freedom. Do I have the freedom to do the work that is right for me? The Simple Sophisticate
EP 058: You Can Stay Home With Your Kids with Erin Odom Do you desire to stay at home with your kids? I think we all do, at some point. But often, we are held back by this fear of finances. I want to encourage you that just because you stay home with your kids doesn’t mean you have to lack financially. There are plenty of ways you can stay at home with your kids while making an income. The Purposeful Home Podcast
Slow Friendships - A Deep Dive in to Slow Relationships We're onto the last of our slow relationships episodes, and this week is all about new friends: where to find them and how to get from barely know each other to BFF, slowly. The Slow Home Podcast
Ep 057: Communication in Marriage with Brian Casazza Communication is something Brian and I get asked about a lot. We don’t have it down, we are far from perfect at it, and we certainly are not experts. But we have learned and grown a lot over the years. One of the biggest areas our communication has evolved is understanding one another’s personality type and the way we communicate best. The Purposeful Home Podcast
142 - Anxiety Joshua and Ryan discuss anxiety, worry, and stress, and how they personally deal with these negative emotions, and they answer the following questions: How do I reduce my priorities to reduce my anxiety? How do I minimize my worry and indecisiveness to minimize my anxiety? The Minimalists