Help with starting a minimalist life

Conversation started by Maxim Campana

Maxim Campana • Apr 2, 2018

I am ten but I feel trapped with all of the things I own. The minimalist life seems very intriguing. I live in an apartment so is there any tips that anyone might have?

Rain Evergarden • Jun 25, 2018

Maxim Campana Because you live in an apartment it might be better because of the small space you have to store stuff. What one should do when starting the minimalist journey is to start small because of the big change. Start with your closet. Try on the clothes and if it doesn't fit, isn't good quality and doesn't look good on you by your means donate it. Then move to your sentimental stuff and if it doesn't bring you happiness or if you feel you wouldn't miss it throw it away or donate it. The important thing to remember when starting is that you can take however long you want, it can be a month journey, a weekend journey, or a year. Also remember that your memories will not disappear with the objects.

StoicDan • Sep 28, 2018

Also know that being a Minimalist is more than reducing possessions... it's also about your time and money. Since you're ten years old, talking about the money part comes later when you get your first job. However, you can start managing your time and attention. Try to have time every day to spend with your family, friends, and for learning. Examples: build a good relationship with your parents and show them you appreciate the house you live in. For learning, you can ask them to start you in reading classic books, ie. Tom Sawyer. This will improve your mind... this leads to another Minimalist's goal of better attention and focus.

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