Minimalism online groups in the Uk

Conversation started by Claire Bibby

Claire Bibby • Aug 3, 2017

I would like to hear from people , who are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle.

The Daisy Pages • Aug 27, 2017

Hi Claire :-) I'm up in Cumbria....where are you?

Maxim Campana • Apr 2, 2018

I am trying to start becoming a minimalist and it is hard. Just start by cleaning any clutter that you have not used in the past month and do not plan on using in the next month. Good luck!

Rob Tiles • Apr 9, 2018

Maxim Campana Well done Maxim, sounds like you have made the right steps to start with and i'm sure it will become a lot easier as you get used to the lifestyle.

Its refreshing to see someone so young try to adopt the minimalism lifestyle, good luck and enjoy your future :)

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