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Conversation started by Rain Evergarden

Rain Evergarden • Jun 25, 2018

I have started the Minimalist life for some time now. My wardrobe consists of navy blue, black, grey, and white simple clothing. My only concern is how to step away from the judgments of others because of the little fashion clothing I wear. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Ben • Aug 1, 2018

You've done the hard part, deciding what you want & then taking action to achieve it.

When I slimmed down my wardrobe to mainly plain black t-shirts I used the inspiration of people like Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg. It's important to note that I didn't want to be these people or act like them however I did want to focus on important things in my life like these people did/do.

My mindset was that rather than thinking what others thought about me I would just focus on how I feel about myself. The amazing thing is that the less clutter you have the more clear thinking you can do & over time what others think about you becomes less relevant.

When others did start to notice my black t shirt trend it actually made for some interesting conversations, as it is not the "norm" people were interested especially when I noted some of the most important people keep life simple including Barack Obama, Warren Buffett etc

Good luck!

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