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Google Files Go has term search, duplicate locating and Google Photos tie-in Google's first real attempt at a file management app has been more obsessed with autopiloting the process rather than making it easy to actually manage files. Still, Files Go is from Google and it's pretty darn official. Well, seeing as how it's from Google, perhaps Google can make it more Google.

Telegram has 200 million monthly users, major update gets released The Russian company behind the chat app has just announced that within the last 30 days, Telegram was used by no less than 200 million people. Above all, we at Telegram believe in people.

YouTube to "force" users to upgrade to paid through annoying ads YouTube will not be subtle about it: they really, really want you to subscribe to their paid music service.

Motorola Moto Z starts getting Android 8.0 Oreo update The Chinese company stated that customers who own the US and European versions of the Moto Z will have to wait a bit more for the update to arrive. The update contains the March security patch and weighs in at around 1.4GB, but that's not surprising since it brings the Moto Z to a brand new version of Android OS.

UMIDIGI's new A1 Pro looks to redefine the entry-level market Running 3GB of RAM and a MediaTek 6739 processor, the UMIDIGI A1 Pro packs some punch for a sub-$100 phone. The 13+5MP rear camera brings the Bokeh feature to the masses. It'll come in three colors: Moonlight Silver, Icy Blue, or Pitch Dark.

Tapas Media aims to turn digital comics into the next big entertainment franchise Tapas Media has its own platform for digital comics - but like a lot of publishers, CEO Chang Kim has ambitions beyond the comics world. Comixology is the big name in digital comics. The company, which was acquired by Amazon in 2014, is focused on selling print comics from major publishers in web - and mobile-friendly formats.

Files Go by Google brings search capabilities, Google Photos integration Google's Files Go has seen plenty of improvements since its initial release and today, Google has added a bunch more which they say was based on user feedback.

Google Pay functionality infused into Google Assistant One thing Google is bringing along today is Google Pay functionality through the Google Assistant. Users will be able to use the Assistant on their Android or iOS device to send and request money from contacts. Over the next few months, they'll be able to use their Google Home or other voice-activated speaker with Google Assistant to do the same.

ZTE Nubia V18 launches in China, now ready for pre-order ZTE is one prolific phone maker. We just saw the Nubia N3 in the wild after the Tempo Go was launched as the first Android Go device with Snapdragon. Over at MWC 2018, the Blade V9 and Blade V9 Vita were introduced. There's also the ZTE Blade X2 Max and some of the Oreo updates for previous models.

Get 'Fortnite' Mobile Invite Codes for Free on our 'Fortnite' Discord Server Do you want Fortnite mobile invite codes? Hit up our Discord server. Why? Because TouchArcade is no more. The former rulers have been deposed. Welcome to an exciting new era in the website's history, as Carter and I officially cut the red tape for FortniteArcade, where we'll be keeping you in touch with the latest in Fortnite mobile gaming.

Here is what's new in Apple Store app version 5.0 First off, the new version of Apple Store is meant to turn the app into a more personal and relevant experience for iOS users who like to shop directly from their handsets.

GDC 2018: 'Disco Road' is a Multi-Lane Musical Runner Ever since I first fiddled around with Audio Surf ages ago, I've been fascinated by the potential of using music to generate content inside of games. Despite having access to the music library on the iOS device for years now, very few developers have used this functionality to do anything that cool.

GDC 2018: Another Look at 'Seldom Falls', a Super Clever Puzzler Last GDC, we took a long look at Randy O'Connor's Seldom Falls. As an indie developer, he comes up with some super clever game concepts but he is sort of notorious for taking his time building his games. Seldom Falls is a really cool blend of town building and a block stacking puzzler which we're really looking forward to:.

GDC 2018: 'Bendy in Nightmare Run' Brings the Ultra-Popular World of Bendy to Mobile If you're not super tuned into what kids these days are into, chances are you've never heard of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Basically, it's the new Five Nights at Freddy's. Bendy in Nightmare Run is a cartoony horror game that's perfect for all sorts of reaction videos and other similar things - Much like FNAF.

GDC 2018: Three Years Later We Take a Fresh Look at 'Zero Sum', a "Math Game for Stupid People" from the Maker of 'One Player Pong' We came to know Sean Kearney and his studio Squeezebox Software by way of the extremely catchy trailer for One Player Pong back in early 2015, and then again with another amazing trailer for the Apple TV version called Super One Player Pong in November of the same year.

SwitchArcade Roundup: 'SteamWorld' Sales, Hori Joy-Con, Weird Arcade Games, and More Our latest SwitchArcade Roundup is jam-packed with new Nintendo Switch releases, sales, and news. While North America isn't seeing the kinds of sales that Europe has right now, there's still a whole lot of discounts going on with the US/Canada eShop. And there's some…eclectic new releases, that's for sure.

Hublot's first luxury smartwatch has a ridiculous name The smartwatch is made out of light titanium and its bezel is decorated with 6 H-shaped screws and features Kevlar insert. The AMOLED display sports an analog mode dial and supports 400 x 400 pixels resolution. You won't be getting more than a day of battery life out of Hublot's luxury smartwatch, but you'll benefit from 5 ATM water resistance.

Qualcomm doesn't see foldable Galaxy X happening soon According to one Qualcomm executive, it's because the diodes likely can't last more than the length of a trade show. Speaking with TechRadar, product manager of display technology Salman Saeed that display transistors have yet to withstand an acceptable level of bending activity.

GDC 2018: 'Project Spin' is the Next Game from the Developers of 'Steppy Pants' By now I'm sure everyone reading TouchArcade has played Steppy Pants, and if you haven't, you need to fix that problem. Super Entertainment had their new game to show off at GDC, and it's called Project Spin. Basically, Project Spin is a rhythm game that you control by spinning a wheel around to hit notes and other musical obstacles.

Nexus Player won't receive Android P update We already know that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P won't be updated to Android P, and now we can add another Nexus device to that list. The Nexus Player will not be updated to Android P. Google confirmed the news to Android Police today, meaning that the Nexus Player will forever remain on Android Oreo.

Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications Earlier today, we told you about the Siri-based security flaw discovered in Brazil that allows Siri to read your notifications, even if they are hidden from the lock screen. The notifications that are most vulnerable come from third party apps including Facebook and Gmail.

GDC 2018: A Look at 'Oddmar', An Upcoming Platformer from the 'Leo's Fortune' Devs Last week we posted about Oddmar, if it looks particularly awesome that's because it's from the same developers as Leo's Fortune, Dark Nebula, and loads of other ultra-high production value games. We got a look at it in action this GDC, and, well, the game plays just as awesome as it looks:.

Huawei planning on a full bezel-less display, notch part of transition only Much has been said about the upcoming Huawei P20 phones. We've spent a number of pages on leaks, speculations, and rumors. We've probably seen the real thing already. One thing we're very sure of, the P20 will have a notch just like Essential Phone, iPhone X, ASUS ZenFone 5, and the upcoming OPPO R15.

GDC 2018: 'Defend the Cake' is a Cool Spin on Tower Defense There was a time when the tower defense aisle of the App Store was so jammed packed that it was hard to get that interested in any new ones. Now that it's 2018, the App Store has shifted significantly and all these old genres feel fresh again just because everyone else is making super derivative freemium junk.

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