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Under oath, economics professor says that Sprint's future is not so bleak The trial that stands in the way of allowing the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint to close continues and yesterday an economic professor testified tahat the merger will lead to higher prices.

Screen Time Communication Limits Riddled with Bugs, Apple Working on Fix With the iOS 13.3 update, Apple added Communication Limits to Screen Time which allowed parents to limit how much and how many times their kids can talk to someone. If a number is not in their contact list, kids cannot talk to that person.

Apple Acquires U.K. Startup That Uses AI to Improve Image Quality Apple has acquired a U.K. startup Spectral Edge that develops technology to improve smartphone camera performance using AI. It is unclear as to how much money Apple has paid for the U.K. startup. Spectral Edge uses AI to make photos taken from smartphones sharper and more color accurate.

Apple iPhone might have escaped import tax in the nick of time And China have reportedly reached an agreement on "phase one" of the de-escalation of the trade war between the two countries which means that the iPhone might escape an import tax on units shipped from China.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode rolling out to Google Home devices and Smart Displays Update: Google has announced that the interpreter mode is now rolling out for Assistant-enabled Android and iOS phones worldwide that lets you translate across 44 languages. It's integrated with the Assistant on Android phone. To access it on iOS, you can download the latest Google Assistant app.

Remedy unveils first Control DLC at The Game Awards 2019 Remedy unveiled the first of its DLC for the award-winning 2019 hit Control at the Game Awards Thursday night. Control: Expeditions is the first part of the company's previously-announced DLC roadmap to get footage, and luckily for players, it's available now free for anybody with the game.

Galaxy Note 10+: Star Wars Edition unboxing Samsung’s been teasing its limited edition Star Wars variant of the Galaxy Note 10+ for a little while now, and it’s finally here just a week ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets a new trailer at The Game Awards starring Cloud Strife Get another look at Cloud Strife in the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer that just released during The Game Awards. We're so close now to the actual launch of the game that we'd thought would never come.

Pixel 4, other Android devices to get Resume on Reboot feature The Pixel 4 is getting some update that will make future OTA updates more seamless. Other Android phones can also benefit from this. Google has been working on the 'Resume on Reboot' feature that will allow the updates to run when you restart your phone.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold has somehow racked up a million sales already At the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin event today, Samsung Electronics president Young Sohn shared a revelation with the crowd about the company's Galaxy Fold smartphones that might sound shocking to some people.

What Apple did last month could lead to better images from the 2020 iPhone cameras Apple has apparently purchased a U.K. company called Spectral Edge for an undisclosed amount. The firm has a technology that uses infrared to improve the sharpness and color accuracy of a photograph.

Gap between Huawei and Samsung narrows for top phone maker in the world Huawei is just 3.6% behind Samsung in market share compared to a 5.6% gap in 2018.

Pocketnow Daily: OPPO Find X2 Plans Look Kinda HOT?! For those of you looking for laptops in the holidays, B&H has a lot of savings on Macs you should consider. You can save $200 on the MacBook Air starting at $900, as well as $400 on the 15in 2019 MacBook Pro starting at $2000.

Tasker 5.9 update now available for download Tasker regularly receives updates whether minor or major. The last one was released last month and that is the Tasker 5.9.beta.8-a preview of the new version just announced. Tasker 5.9 is now ready and is described to be a game-changer with all the features, bug fixes, and improvements.

Classic Dungeon Crawler 'QuestLord' Brought Back from the Dead with First Update in Six Years One of my favorite mobile originals over the years has been Eric Kinkead's first-person dungeon crawler QuestLord.

IDB Holiday Gift Guide: great gift ideas for gamers For this segment of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide, we put together a thoughtful collection of great gift ideas for the gamers on your list. eval;. If the gamer on your list is of the PC variety, they need a good mouse like the Logitech G Pro. Now I know a lot of purists are going to say wireless isn't the way to go, but hear me out.

Samsung Galaxy W20 5G sold out in minutes, and a new display coming in the Fold 2 The Samsung Galaxy W20 5G or the Chinese version of the Galaxy Fold sold out in minutes today, and we get rumors of the display in its upcoming version.

November 2019 NPD sees Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continue at the top, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order makes second place The November 2019 NPD results have been released, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare once again the best-selling game on the charts. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order managed to make the second place, while the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console.

NVIDIA Shield TV review NVIDIA offers up two new versions of its Android TV-powered Shield TV experience for 2019. Here's what we think of the $150 device.

Google introduces Verified SMS and Spam Protection for Messages As RCS rolls out in major Android markets, Google announces new Messages features to keep information safe.

Apple acquires Spectral Edge to improve iPhone photography Last year, Spectral Edge said it had raised more than $5 million in funding, however, at the time of publication it remains unknown how much Apple spent to acquire the startup. Interestingly, Apple did not supply its typical response to this report, either.

The Apple Card 6% Daily Cash back made me do it As soon as Apple started taking orders for the Mac Pro the other day, I loaded up my virtual shopping cart with a custom-configured model comprising every feature I wanted. It was north of $52,000 at that point. "Get 6% Daily Cash back when you pay with Apple Card until December 31, or get special financing," read a prompt on the screen.

Apple Arcade: 'Rosie's Reality' Review - I, Rosie Family games are not as popular as regular games. Especially because these types of games tend to be easy enough for kids to play. So we the older gamers just watch and get bored by them. I already know there'll be an "okay boomer" in the comments. Rosie's Reality is not a complete exception to this rule.

Google's new Pixel 'Feature Drops' help amazing software make up for lackluster hardware Google's latest strategy to release "meaningful" updates to the Pixel line is a perfect way to showcase the one feature no other Android phone has — fast and consistent feature updates.

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