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Xiaomi Mi A2 vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: It all comes down to the battery There's no question that the Redmi Note 5 Pro continues to be one of the best-selling phones in India. Let's see how Xiaomi's other budget phone fares next to it. There's a lot in common on the design front, but the aluminum unibody chassis - with the antenna lines seamlessly merging into the body - gives the Mi A2 a slight edge in this area.

YouTube TV adds 100th new service location YouTube TV isn't as big yet as other video streaming services but that's also because its availability is kind of limited for now. They launched it last year and is still slowly rolling it out to various locations in the US.

Ming-Chi Kuo sees Apple's push to a $2 trillion valuation led by Apple Glasses, services, and the Apple Car Ming Chi-Kuo no longer works for KGI Securities, but he still is following Apple. In a note to clients at his new firm, Kuo says that Apple's AR enabled Apple Glasses will be released in 2020. This dovetails with the original prediction made by Loup Ventures' analyst Gene Munster, who said last year that the Glasses would launch in 2020.

Verizon 5G broadband coming to Indianapolis, customers get free YouTube TV or Apple TV 4K Verizon has so far named three cities that'll get its 5G service in 2018, and today it added a fourth. Indianapolis will get Verizon's 5G residential broadband in the second half of 2018. Other cities slated to get access to this service includ Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Houston.

Verizon to bundle Apple TV 4K or YouTube TV subscription to future 5G broadband service Today, Verizon announced the first few markets that will get the carrier’s future 5G in-home broadband service including Indianapolis, Houston, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. Verizon says it will deploy the service to these four markets this year.

Analyst Predicts Apple's AR Glasses Arrive in 2020; Apple Car 3 to 5 Years Later The rumor mill has been trying to sell us on the idea that Apple is working on its own pair of dedicated augmented reality glasses, as well as a car for years now.

Google says it will soon send out update to exterminate bug that prevents Pixel XL from using quick chargers Two different Issue Tracker pages were created, with Google dismissing the first one stating that the problem could not be fixed. However, the second page created did result in a Googler asking for more information about the problem.

Defense budget passes with ban on Huawei, ZTE phones for workers While it's acknowledged that many companies and workflows have some sort of Huawei and ZTE components involved, there will also be a program helping contractors with projects worth more than $50 million to replace such equipment. The funds will last to the beginning of 2021.

Update to older Fire TV devices brings prompt for ADB connections While Amazon would probably just want you to buy their newer Fire TV devices, there are of course a lot of people who would want to stick to the older models since they're still working anyway.

Grab a cheap Honor 7X with a back to school promotion! Need a new phone before you head back to school? There's a pretty great back to school promo for the Honor 7X that you might be interested in. And hey, even if you're not going back to school, you can still buy one, too. We won't tell.

U.S. Cellular subscribers with an unlimited data plan will receive a kickback if they use less than 3GB of data a month Cellular to hike prices, but will "bribe" subscribers who use less than 3GB data monthly? Cellular to hike prices, but will "bribe" subscribers who use less than 3GB data monthly? Quick, which wireless carrier is the fifth largest in the U.S.? Well, you know that ranked by subscribers Verizon is on top followed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

'Madden NFL Overdrive' Guide: Get Charged Up to Win More and Play Longer for Free Tired of Madden Mobile just getting new players, some new events and making you start over with your team every year? You're in luck, because Madden NFL Overdrive is something akin to a brand new game, one that goes further away from being just a mobile Madden Ultimate Team and branches off in a heavily PvP-oriented new direction.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders come with two free accessories As far as the price goes, you can pick up the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $1,000 in either Ocean Blue or Lavender Purple. Sadly, for the 512GB variant, you'll have to come up with no less than $1,250, but that's exactly the price announced by Samsung.

Motorola P30 leaks, and it's basically another iPhone X clone running Android Remember the Motorola One Power that leaked a few months back with an iPhone X-like notch and a vertical dual camera array? It turns out that phone might be going by a different name, the Motorola P30. According to leaked press renders from AndroidPure, the Motorola P30 looks almost indistinguishable from the iPhone X in most angles.

Verizon says Indy is its fourth residential 5G city, 'partners' with YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K Details are scarce, other than Verizon 5G is coming to Indianapolis. Verizon today announced that Indianapolis will be its fourth city to receive residential 5G service. And to sweeten the deal, it's pairing up with Google and Apple for some sort of deal for YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K for subscribers.

Apple's looking to create custom chips for healthcare purposes Apple hopes to develop a custom processor that it will use for health tracking purposes. In doing so, the company expects to add new features and improve the efficiency of its hardware while also protecting its intellectual property, according to CNBC.

Nokia Android Pie plans reportedly covering all of its portfolio Every Nokia phone created and sold by HMD Global will reportedly receive Android Pie, though some phones will come before others. For what we know, we already have the Nokia 7 Plus that's undergoing the Android P beta process right now and could have another round of updates before the final version is published.

Verizon brings the LG G7's Super Bright Camera mode to the G6 One of the cool party tricks employed by the LG G7's camera system is the Super Bright mode, which only pops up when ambient lighting levels are really low. And now, through the latest software update, Verizon and LG are bringing this to the G6 units sold by Big Red.

How to completely disable Bixby Ever since Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 with its onboard assistant, Bixby, people have been asking for ways to disable it and forget the button ever existed in the first place. With the Galaxy S9, that chorus is even louder. While the hardware's not going anywhere, we can definitely do something about the software.

Oppo R17 official, may offer peek at OnePlus 6T design In the past, we've seen OnePlus borrow designs from Oppo for its smartphones, like the Oppo R15 looking similar to the OnePlus 6. Now a new Oppo phone has debuted that could give us a preview of OnePlus's next phone. The Oppo R17 is now official.

SwitchArcade Roundup: 'Dark Souls Remastered', 'Undertale', and New Releases & Sales Welcome to your SwitchArcade Roundup for August 14th, 2018. I am Phil, your humble guide through the world of Nintendo Switch news, releases, and sales.

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitbit Charge 3 will also come with the Quick Reply feature so that you can send quick messages when you receive a text message or a call from someone. Now, the only thing that remains to determine is how much the Fitbit Charge 3 will actually cost.

Apple said to be designing a dedicated health data chip that would analyze information obtained by sensors Apple is working on dedicated health data chip to analyze information from sensors? Apple is working on dedicated health data chip to analyze information from sensors? According to a report broadcast today by CNBC, Apple is working on a dedicated chip that will analyze health data collected by sensors inside Apple devices.

Samsung Galaxy J3 starts receiving Android 8.0 Oreo update However, this seems rather a limited deployment since the update has only been spotted in Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Even so, if nothing wrong happens or no major issues are discovered during the testing, we expect Samsung to start rolling out the update to more countries in the coming weeks.

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