Privacy Policy

How we collect data and what we do with it.

This policy applies to The Topical Talk Project and all content on and and all subdomains thereof.

Collecting Data

We endeavour to collect as little personal data as possible about our visitors and account holders.

We DO NOT collect personal information for marketing purposes.

Account holders ARE NOT obliged to give their real names and they are allowed to use nicknames or pseudonyms for their username when registering or updating their account.

Account holders ARE obliged to supply and confirm a valid email address to enable account recovery if their password is forgotten.

Account holders ARE NOT obliged to use a picture of themselves for their avatars and may use any picture that complies with our Terms and Conditions regarding acceptable content.

Account holders MAY choose to furnish their profiles with links to other websites they use such as their personal blogs or social media profiles on Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™ etc. that can reveal personal information about the account holder. This is optional and at the account holders own risk.

Account holder's passwords are stored using a Bcrypt password hashing function that uses a random salt. This policy is reviewed frequently to ensure we are using the best possible cryptographic techniques to protect the account holders passwords.

Posting Messages

All messages that are posted are made public and are viewable to any visitor of the website.

Sharing Personal Data

We do not share members personal data with any third party unless compelled to by a court of law.

Cookie Policy and Tracking

Cookies are essential for our website to function correctly. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

We ONLY use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To allow account holders to sign-in and post messages.
  • To acknowledge a user has viewed our cookie notice in accordance with EU law.
  • To rotate advertising and special offers to our visitors.

We DO NOT use cookies to track your browsing habits or follow you around the internet.


Please be aware that some carefully chosen third-party advertising such as Google's Adsense™ program may attempt to set cookies in your browser as part of it's functionality.

Third-party websites that host embedded content such as embedded YouTube™ videos, Twitter™ tweets and Instagram™ posts may also set third-party cookies.

External websites

Topical Talk contains links to news articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, items for sale, and other content on third-party websites. Third-party websites have their own policies so please examine the privacy policies of those websites to understand how they collect and use your data.